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Bound And Chained

Chapter 15


The room watched as Tallin led Miri and Gabe out. "Okay, now that we have the children out of the way. Trin, love, could you talk your man there into helping Steff out of here. We have some rather uncomfortable things to talk about, and he's frightened enough of me as is." Kaj pushed her plate away.

"I don't know if that would be a good idea Kaj." Trinna looked to where Jerrick was watching everything with concern written all over his face. "Send Steff out, yes, but I think Jerrick should stay."

A man from where the slaves sat pushed his chair away from the table. "Don't worry about it Kaj, Jerrick knows me well enough that he knows I am not going to hurt the boy." The man dressed like every other man in Kaj's house, the only thing that separated him from the rest, was where his collar had once been, was a thin gold chain.

"Thank you Papa." Trinna smiled at him as he approached.

"Don't worry about it Trin. You and Kaj are both, right; I know some of what is going to be discussed. Kaj is correct, the boy don't need to be here, but your man does."

"Kerfan, are you sure? As a FreeMan of my house, your input is welcome."

"I'm sure. You know my input. I don't care if we have to spread the little ones out twenty to a house. You have got to do something. Your son just walked out of here as the father of the next heir. You owe him you help and aid." He stood by Steffon's chair. "Tell him I won't hurt him Jerrick. You named him your Lover. And he does seem to trust you."

"Yes, Master." Jerrick lay a hand on Steffon's arm. "You don't have to be afraid of Kerfan Steff, he is my mistresses father. And he won't hurt you. But you really don't need to be here for the next part of the talks. You're upset enough already."

"It's because I'm blind, isn't it." Steffon wasn't letting go of Jerrick's arm. "I'm almost nineteen. Have lived through things you can't even imagine. You don't have to send me away like I was too young to understand what is going on."

Jerrick sighed. "You remember when you told me that the only time anyone used your full name was if you were in trouble?"

The boy nodded.

"If I have to use your full name, you will be. Now, go on. Kerfan won't hurt you. I stand for you and as long as I do, no one can hurt you."

"You do know Jerrick, when I got home and found out that my daughter had up and mated with a man only three cycles my junior, I was a little concerned. But every time I turn around, I am seeing what she saw in you."

It took another couple of minutes to finally get Steffon to leave. "Good Goddess, Jerrick." Caytin shook his head amazed. "I turn that boy over to you to see to it that he is welcomed among the men. And what is the first thing you do? You up and take him as your Lover."

Jerrick shrugged. "You have no one to blame but yourself Master, look who I have to work with as an example. I at least slept with the boy before I did."

* * *

Gabe watched Tallin as his friend wooed his new mistress. On one hand he was happy for his friend and longtime bedmate, but knowing that he would be leaving when his mistress did, bothered him. He had always knew that eventually, Tallin would be leaving his mother's house, and that they would only be allowed to visit each other every now and then. But where he was going to go when he left, was much farther away than either man could hope to reach. 'Oh well, it's what I get for being foolish enough to fall in love with him. I should have known better.' He berated himself. "Slow down Tal." He thought it best if he interrupted them, if only for a moment. Miri was beginning to make noises like she was becoming distressed. And with as new to womanhood as she was, it would be a mistake to let her get upset.

Miri looked from one to the other, trying hard not to blush. "I don't know exactly what is expected of me here. If it were my wedding night in my homeland, then I would, but here?"

Tallin laughed at that. "Mistress, you act as if you were still just an untried girl. I'm the one that should be a stammer. Not you."

"Umm, Tal, love. Why is it, do you think, I was with your mistress at dinner?" ' Come on Tal. Don't be dense. I worked too hard to get her to this point. Be bright, love. ' Gabe prayed silently.

Tallin took Miri's hand. A, look of concern on his face, and fear in his eyes. "I'm sorry Mistress. I, I didn't know. I, thought, perhaps my mother had asked for Gabe because he is known to be the most in control of the younger bedwarmers. I swear, I didn't know you were still a maid before him." He didn't know this woman well. Oh, he was happy at the thought of being her consort. Even, if she had a temper. He knew of a few in other houses that had learned to deal with mistresses that were many times more short tempered than any of those that lived in his home. If she was like that, he would learn not to push her, and what was the best way to appease her when her temper was roused. But not tonight, not with as untried as he was. Later, if she wanted to whip him, as long as she didn't draw blood, he would learn to live with it, but not tonight.

"You're afraid of me?" The idea that a 'man' would be afraid of her, was not one that Miri had ever faced. She had spent her life, trying not to be seen by any man other than her father and brothers. Terrified that if she was seen that she would face the same fate her sister had. And the memories of what was done to Emily haunted her dreams, and even the barest threat of them happening to her gave her nightmares for weeks on end.

"I didn't mean to upset you Mistress, truly, I didn't know you were such an innocent. The idea of a woman, being a maid at your age, forgive me Mistress, but . . ."

It was all just too much for Miri. She just began to giggle. The idea that he wasn't worried about her lack of virginity, no, that wasn't what was so funny. But that he couldn't believe that she had kept it for so long. And the more she thought about it the funnier it got, until she as having a hard time breathing as she fell back on her bed, holding her stomach laughing.

Both men looked at her in confusion. "Mistress?" Tallin's light blue eyes went from fear to worry as he watched his mistress struggle to breath and laugh at the same time.

"Miri?" Gabe was as concerned as Tallin was at her behavior.

"Wait," she struggled to catch her breath, trying to come up with the words to explain herself to them. "It's just that," she stopped talking, laughing again. "That after Gabe and I. I was worried that you wouldn't understand what had happened. I wasn't sure if you would be willing to have me like I am now. But then, you." The laughing fit passed as she sat there, blushing as she looked down. "I'm sorry, Tallin. I have never dealt with anyone like you before. You have to understand. If you were one of my people, Gabe is your friend. He would never have touched me. It would be considered the last word in betrayal. His sterility wouldn't matter either. Only that he and I had been together. That I was not coming to my marriage bed a virgin."

Tallin still didn't understand what had been so funny. But he wasn't going to push the point. "It would have been nice, if I could have done like my father did with my mother, and be your first as you are mine. But, life isn't like that for many. And knowing, that, your first and only was Gabe, he's more than just my friend. We have been bedmates for going on three cycles, and friends even before I moved into the Men's Quarter's. I would have taken him as my Lover, but being my mother's firstborn, I knew that eventually I would be taken from this house, and sent to another. And there who ever the lead of the men in her house was would take me as his. If it couldn't have been me, I can't tell you how happy I am it was him." He reached for her hand again. "Believe me Mistress, I know him and have shared more time with him that anyone other than my father, and other than my father, there is not a finer man I know of.'

"Your father?" This was something she hadn't expected. "You have been with your father, like that?"

"Caytin is the head consort of the men, and lead of my house. I am as entitled to his time and affections as, any, of the others. Even more so as I am his son."

"There is no separation between the men, Mistress." Gabe's voice was soft.

"But he is your father." The, thought, of her own father touching her was frightening. "Are you telling me that no one cares if a father seeks his children's bed here?"

They both looked at her, confused. "No, not at all Mistress. Cay welcomed me into the Men's Quarter's, and would have done the same, for Remmy, if he had lived. But my sister's, Great Mother, no. That is sacrilege. Only a sick and deranged thing would try to share time with his, own, daughter. And my, father, might be many things. But he is neither sick, nor deranged."

"But, you can't expect to be able to do that in my homeland. Men might be like Mer and Fain were, but a father doesn't do that with his son."

Tallin looked down. "I wish I had known that your people were so repressed before I said yes. Not that I wouldn't have said yes in the end, but I wish I had known. So that I at least had the chance to accept that when I leave here, I will be forever without anyone's affections but yours."

"Hush, Tal." Gabe fussed. "You would have said yes, no matter what, so why should knowing this be so important? Trust me love. You are worrying about nothing. You might be bound to only her from this point on, but I was with her first. And believe me. You won't feel as if you are missing anything." 'Goddess, was I ever this young?' To think, he would give anything to be fertile. And Tallin was worried about having to cleave only to his mistress. He loved the man, almost more than life itself, but there were times, he was such a child. Now being one of them.

* * *

Kaj patiently waited for the humor of Jerrick's last comment to die down. "Okay, Thalin, my son is now wedded to your daughter. So I am going to have to stick my nose into the affairs that go on in your Kingdom. If for nothing more than to see, that the Dark Mother has no call to visit your children.

"I am trying to figure out how I am going to pay you for what you have done for me so far, Kaj. You're telling me now that you plan to do more? This war has rendered even the most prosperous in my Kingdom near paupers. What more can you ask from me. I have lost half the men of my world for the mistake I made. So what else am I going to lose?"

Kaj shook her head. "Nothing more than allow me to send the Temple to collect the children that are dying in the street's. Them, and any woman that is defenseless and is willing to come here. Consider it the consort price for my son."

"And the help with the Catimine's?"

"That will be no cost to you. My son and your daughter are now lady and consort. Do you think I would allow the war to continue, with my son and grandchildren at risk? Besides, they owe me much. Fain is my second consort. He, was, held captive by them for over six cycles. Trust me Thalin. It will be much more than just my duty to grind them into dust. It will be my pleasure. Now, before I will let you leave with my son. I will stand in the Temple and witness his vows with her. But the sooner we get the children here, the sooner we can begin to give them a second chance. So, Kaylin, I don't mean to throw you out. But you have a job ahead of you. The sooner you are gone. The sooner you can get back with them."

"I do believe, that the Mother will understand the use of the Over World, this time. I'll see to it that we are a day or so ride from our lands. Give me a three weeks, maybe a moon. And I should be back with all the children and women that would come with us." She nodded to Kaj as other priestesses at the table stood.

"I would come with you Mother, but for now, I am grounded to my house." Trinna smiled at Jerrick. "Pregnancy, you know, does that to us."

"I know that Healer. I would have had your hide if you had decided to come. That man of yours needs to start worrying over you a bit more."

"Mother, if I worried about her anymore than I do already. I would be turning gray." Jerrick squeezed her fingers. "For the next eight moons I'm going to be worse than Caytin ever thought to be."

* * *

Steffon sat on one of the couches in the Men's Quarter's. He wasn't at all sure what to do. This man, Jerrick had said he could trust him. That he was safe. But this afternoon still had him a little spooked.

And he didn't understand what Jerrick had meant about him being his lover. Yes, he had lost his virginity to the man today, but he didn't know that with that loss, he would automatically belong to him. And with his mistress busy with three of her own, he would end up with Jerrick often.

"What's wrong boy? You have the strangest look on your face."

Steffon looked up at him. "What do you mean, sir?"

"Like you are almost, but not quite, a lot of things. You look almost afraid, but not quite. Almost worried, but not quite and even almost happy, but not quite. So talk to me. What's going on in that head of yours?"

Steffon looked up at where he knew by the sound of Kerfan's voice the man sat. "Would I be out of line, Sir, if I asked you a question?"

"You can ask any number of questions. I've been here for almost twenty cycles. So, I can answer any of them with certainty."

"When Jerrick called me his lover, what did that mean?"

Kerfan chuckled. "Best not ever let your master hear you say that word like that. It's not lover, but "Lover" . Hear the difference?

Steffon nodded. "Okay, what did he mean when he said I was his Lover?"

"Precisely what it sounded like? Out side of Cay, and any other consort that he takes with his mistress. You are the only man he will share time with. There are exceptions to that rule. He is Caytin's Lover, and as, such, second, only to his master. There might be times, when Cay has his hands full with one, and there is still another, like it was today. Jerrick will have to do his duty to his men. But other than that, he is yours, and only yours. It is the closest thing to the wedded state that a consort shares with his mistress. The only real difference is that we do not go to the Temple to say vows, and a mistress has to ask if a man is willing to be hers. But a man takes his Lover. Like Caytin took him, so he took you. Outside of Cay, and I, he is the only man you call master. You respect, all those older than, you are. But you do not have to bend to them. You can't bend to them. Cay took Jerrick and has gone out of his way to get him accepted in the Men's Quarter's, being as new as he is. He has now taken you as his, so you are going to have an uphill battle for a while, so you have to keep your head up, and even if you need to apologize for something, don't look down, or shamed."

Steffon shook his head. "I'm not sure if I can do that right away. I mean, I'll try, but what happens if I mess up?"

"He'll probably do you like Cay did him. Give you three try's and then punish you, then two before punishing you again. After the fifth whipping Jerrick got, he learned not to grovel to anyone, even Cay outside of, their room. Sometimes I wonder about that man. For someone who, is, so refreshingly bright. There are times he can be so foolishly stubborn." He patted Steffon on the leg. "But I don't see us having that kind of problem with you. Believe it or not, but maybe being blind is going to help you with something for the first time in your life."

"How so?"

"Being blind, has enabled you to acquire a hide thicker than a herd beasts. You have fallen down, bumped into things and been able to walk away, head up, at others who laughed at you. Now you might have went home and cried at the injustices of life, but you were able to maintain your dignity around others."

Steffon sat there silent for a moment. "Do I know you? Have you ever been to the poorer section of Merican?"

"No, Steff, I haven't. But that is not what gives me an understanding of how you think. My daughter is a Temple journeyman Healer. It is in my family. And though I am not, by any means a Healer. I don't even have the meager skills that Donnel does. My family still has the Healing gift, and all of us are touched in one way or the other."

"What about if my mistress summons me? She has three consorts, Jerrick told me about them. If he owns me, what do I do?"

"If Kaj has time to look upon you kindly. You go. Caytin is head consort, and lead in this house. Outside of me, only to him and his consorts can your faithfulness be put aside. But I have a feeling that if she doesn't act quickly, with as much as my daughter's man is going to fuss over you. Trinna might take you as her toy at the least, and second consort, more likely. Just to shut him up."

"That would make her my mistress, right?"

"Every Woman in Danes is your mistress, Steff. But yes that would make her the one that owned you, and you would answer to full time."

Steffon shook his head. "I don't understand, Master. I'm blind, why would she want me? I can't even get a grip on why Jerrick took me, but why would she?"

"Because you are a pretty boy, and you have her man's attention. And knowing her, she is going to have to see what it is about you that caught it."

"And my mistress won't get ticked at me?"

Kerfan snorted, taking his hands into his. "Steff, you are a fertile man in her home, and at this moment anyong the ranks of the breeders. So no, she won't get 'ticked' with you. It is your duty. And with as many of the new ones as we have in this house, the ladies are all going out of their way to conceive. So even if you become Trinna's toy, you will be spending a lot of time with the other mistresses in your home."

"But not the other men, right?"

Again Kerfan patted his leg. "No boy, again, other than him, Cay, his consorts, or me you are spared any of the others attentions."

"You, Master? Do you want to take me, like he did?" Again, he was torn between fear and interest.

Kerfan chuckled. "If I don't frighten you too much. I'll confess. I would like to see what Jerrick saw in you. So I will know if I should feel jealous or not."

"Are you planning on drugging me too?" Steffon started. "Please Master, you don't have too, I won't fight. I knew what I was getting into when I decided to come. I don't have to be drugged to give you what you want." He blindly reached out for Kerfan's hand. "Please Master, I'll do it, just don't drug me."

"What you didn't like what you felt after you had some of the oil soak into your skin? I won't use quite as much as I am sure Jerrick did, but I am going to have to use some. Not too, as new to us, as you are. That would be cruel, and I promised Jerrick that I wouldn't hurt you. And believe me Steff, if I tried to love you like that, dry, it would hurt you."

Steffon looked down. "But when I'm drugged, I can't focus on anything but what I'm feeling. I can't see anything, and as caught up in it as I get," he lifted his head. "Please, Master use any other oil you have, but not that one. I want to know what is going on. I won't fight you, I promise, but if this is going to happen, I want to know what I'm doing with a clear head." He reached out, seeking Kerfan's face. Finding it, he pulled the man's head to his, kissing him, not at all shyly. "See Master, I won't fight you."

"I just hope my daughter can get you healed soon. I happen to like the oil, myself. It's just a little addictive." This time it was Kerfan that brought his lips down on Steffon's. "Oh, and Steff."

"Yes, Master?"

"My name is Kerfan. Just because I am a FreeMan in your new home, does not take away from the fact that I was once a slave. The word, 'master', irritates the hell out of me. So much so, that unless we are out of the Men's Quarter's, I don't want to hear it." Again he kissed the boy. "And sugar, we are in the Men's Quarter's."

"Okay, Kerfan, I'll try to remember that." He smiled.

"See that you do. I will do like Cay does, and give you three tries, after that I'll spank you. And as, Jerrick has put you behind him. It will be him that takes the spanking's."

"I won't forget Kerfan. I promise. I won't forget." He didn't resist as Kerfan pulled him close. The memory of Jerrick's touch was still very sharp in him. He had loved it, and if he could feel it again, free of drugs, he was all for it.

"I think, I just might be jealous." He chuckled into Steffon's throat as he bit at it lightly. "Hold on to me Steff, I think we need to seek a bed, the couch is nice for sitting, but not for what I have in mind." He stood, and bent to lift the boy in his arms. "Damn Steff, you weigh less than Tam."

"Not being able to see, meant that there were a lot of things I couldn't do, so I was careful about how much I weighed. Bad enough that I'm blind, but it would be worse if I was fat too."

"Well, I guess, we are just going to have to see how your master fattens you up a little. Because right now, you could be knocked down by a stiff breeze." Kerfan stood him on his feet just long enough to help him out of his clothes. "Yes, I can see, on a purely visual point what Jerrick saw in you."

"Do you really think I look good?" He made himself comfortable on the bed as Kerfan lay him on it.

"You are going to make many of the bedwarmers very envious of your sweet looks boy. And what is more, they are all going to be jealous of Jerrick for taking you as his Lover, before they even had a chance to get a good look at you. It is going to be amusing as hell." Kerfan's clothes joined Steffon's on the floor, as he moved towards the door. "Just lay back and relax, Steff. I'm going to slip into Donnel's room and see what kind of oils he's made for us. I will try very hard not to get the one that you are afraid of."

"Thank you."

Kerfan bumped into Donnel as he came from his room. "Ah, just the one I am looking for."

"Yes, Maser?"

Kerfan was in too good a mood to even acknowledge that the boy had used a name he hated. "I have Jerrick's new Lover in my room, he's blind and well the oil Jerrick used on him earlier, it bothered him. He is something of a control freak. And what with him being blind, I can't say I blame him. So I am looking for oil, that does nothing more than lubricate. Do you have any?"

"Believe it or not, but he isn't the only one who has complained about that oil. For some reason, some of the breeders aren't happy with losing their focus to that point. So yes, I do. It still has a slight drugging effect, but nothing like the blue oil."

"Wonderful. I am sure that Steff is going to be ever so grateful to you. He's touchy as hell right now, and I would just as soon prove to him that he had nothing to fear. With, different oil that is taking steps in the right direction."

"Did Jerrick really agree to take a whipping for him?"

"He had too. The fool woman would not listen to him as he tried to explain why Steff couldn't obey as fast as they demanded. The silly bitch was going to whip a boy, because he was blind. And well you know Jerrick, he'd rather bleed than let anyone get hurt that didn't deserve it."

"But to turn around, and before the man have a chance to get his bearings, and take him as his Lover?"

Kerfan laughed, taking the gold colored oil from Donnel. "And how better to protect him?"

Steffon sat up, wary at the sound of the door opening. "Kerfan?"

"Yes, sugar, it's me. We were in luck. Donnel say's that this oil has some drugging properties, but nothing like the blue does. It would seem that you are not the only breeder in Cay's Men's Quarter's that are a little leery of it." He moved to sit on the side of the bed.

"It's not that I don't like it, exactly. Just that because I can't see, I don't want to be quite so lost as it makes me feel." Steffon gladly went into his arms. He had understood and had seen to it that he didn't end up so drugged, like he was last time.

Kerfan chuckled at Steffon's almost hedonistic response to him and his touch. "I'll make sure that I give this bottle to your master. So that he knows how you feel."

"Thank you." He pressed his head against Kerfan's chest. "Master."

Kerfan held him. Stroking his hair as the younger man eagerly pressed against him. "That's one Steff."

"No, I didn't forget." He looked up, blindly reaching for his mouth. "That is what I want you to be. For right now, you've been so good to me. Jerrick has been so good to me. I never realized that anyone would or could be as good to me, as the both of you have been so far. So, please, for now, be my master." His head moved down Kerfan's body, trying, with his limited understanding to bring him pleasure. Before Jerrick, no one had ever found him worth the effort to even touch, much-less do what Jerrick had done to him.

Kerfan just laughed softly, as he felt the younger man in is attempt to please him. "Yes, I do believe that I am going to be very jealous of Jerrick." He lifted Steffon's head, to his, lips meeting. "For now, sugar, you can call me anything you feel most comfortable."

Steffon looked up at him, smiling. "Lay back, Master. I don't need my eyes to give us what we both want.

Kerfan's laughter rang out in the small room as he did just what Steffon asked.

* * *

After the discussions were finished Kaj was ready to call it a night. It had been a very hard day. "So Thalin, before I end this for the night, should I send for one of the prisoners to come and keep you company for the night? They are after all, for the remainder of their sentence slaves to your people."

It had been cycle's since last he had felt a woman under him or over him for that matter. Reba had almost died with the birth of the twins, and the doctor had warned him, that if she ever conceived again, and tried to carry the child to term. It would kill her. "And the women you are sending with me, they are not violent criminal's? I personally would appreciate a chance to actually sleep with a woman again, but not so much that I am willing to come away from my time with her dead."

Kaj nodded. "None of those that I am sending, have ever been accused of anything more criminal than theft, and or fraud. I would not send those that would kill another with you. So am I to take it that that is a yes?"

"I have a wife, that has been at me to put her aside ever since Miri's and Rook's birth almost killed her. But I will not do that. Forget that if I did, I would lose my crown, I would gladly throw it from the highest tower of my castle. I love her, and will not put aside, not for something that is not her fault."

"Well, when my son comes home to visit me, when he brings his first born. The Catimine's should be a thing of the past, so she can come with him, and Trinna will see to it that what ever the problem is, is healed. But enough worry for now. Trinna and Jerrick are eager to hurry to get to where his Lover is waiting, and I have three consorts to deal with. So I will see to it that one is sent over for you."

* * *

Gabe had offered to leave the two for Tallin's first, but both he and Miri had begged him to stay. Why he didn't know, but he would never disobey a mistress, particularly not the one that was now his closest friends. So he lay back, watching as they explored each other. Hand reaching down, to masturbate. As he smiled at the beauty of it.

Miri had been as wonderfully vocal with Tallin as she had been with him. He had to admit, again, for such a timid woman. She was just full of surprises.

"Enough, merciful God." She pulled him up. How many times did he think she could be taken down that wonderful road that he had led her? She had only came five times already. And only the first was a single trip. The other four had been one right after the other. The cresting waves never fully ceasing before it started over again.

Tallin wrapped his arms around her as he pressed his body against her, mouth hot and hungry on hers. To roll over on his back, pulling her up and over him. "Please Mistress. If I have pleased you, make me yours."

This was something Miri had learned with Gabe. How to take a man the way they expected to be taken here. She positioned herself over him and slowly lowered herself down.

She wasn't a virgin anymore, but for a second as the feelings ripped through her, she felt like she had been. And then all thought left her.

'Great Mother!' Tallin almost lost consciousness as he felt her soul merge with his and knew what was happening. He was more like his parents than he had ever hoped.

It was happening again, the heat and bliss, but this time it hit her much harder than it had before. She didn't cry out her joy, but screamed it.

"Please, Mistress, can I cum, please." He was begging, never before had he ever wanted to lose himself in anything as much as he wanted to lose himself in her right now. "Please Mistress, please." He was sobbing.

"Yes, oh, oh, yes." She screamed. Clawing at his chest as again her body was taken to that hazy place of pleasure. "Cum, now."

Miri collapsed on Tallin, trying to breathe. "Oh, wow."

"Do you know what just happened Mistress?" Tallin was beside himself with joy.

She shook her head. "Other than that had to be the most wonderful thing that could ever happen to me, no."

"What they don't have Soul-Matches in your land?" That didn't make any sense at all. Any child who had been even a little alert in her or his lessons knew that originally, they were all the same people. True races like the Catimine's and a few others were different, but the Danes and the Merican's were from the same stock.

"Oh, I have heard of it, but it's been more cycle's than I can' count since last we had one." She stopped. "You and me, we are Soul-matched?"

*Can you hear me, Mistress? * He tried to reach her without words.

Miri squealed. "We are, I heard you." She was stunned.

"My parent's have to feel this. It will put my father to ease in a way nothing else can." He rolled off the bed to reach for his clothes. "It will also make living with you, much easier."

"How so?" She was quick to start dressing again herself.

"I'm not like my father in many ways. One of them is, when he and my mother matched souls, he resubmitted to her. She didn't have a choice but collar him again. She had to do that, or kill him. And you don't kill your Soul-Match, unless you have a death wish of your own." He looked up at Gabe. "You are coming aren't you? You were here when it happened."

Gabe smiled. "You couldn't stop me with anything short of a direct order from 'my' mistress."

"Well, my lady isn't going to try to stop you, so come on." He threw Gabe's pants to him. 'And hurry up. I'm about to pop."

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