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Sex Slave Mother

Chapter 5 Mother's toilet training

Chapter 5 Mother's toilet training

Next morning, Susan stood by the kitchen table, topless, she only wore
the bottom half of a sexy thong bikini that barely covered her ass
crack. The tiny stripe of the bikini seemed to be holding some object
in her asshole. With hands behind her back, subservient as she looked
at the floor like a shy little girl, a faint flush on her beautiful
face as she waited for her sons to finish their breakfast. A slow grin
spread over her lovely face as she recalled the powerful thrusts of
her young sons' cocks as they double fucked her cunt and asshole at
the same time last night. Mark and Tommy fucked their mother very late
into the night almost nonstop until they were too exhausted to go on
any further. The three incestuous lovers engaged in all kinds of
position imaginable for three people to have sex in the young mother's
huge bed.

Mark inserted a dildo with an inflatable head into his mother's semen
and cunt juice filled pussy to seal the opening of her vagina tightly
shut in order to prevent any leakage of his sperm. He wanted to keep
his potent seeds in his mother's birth chamber and canal through out
the night to insure maximum chance that his sperm cells could do their
work to fertilize his mother's eggs, there by made his own beautiful
mother pregnant with his child. The thirteen-year-old boy wanted to
procreate with his own sexy mother.

Although Mark's younger brother Tommy had agreed not to come in their
mother's cunt, however he was not too unhappy about the promise he
made to his older brother these days. Tommy had developed a strong
craving for anal sex. He rarely fucked his mother's cunt now; he would
fancy his own mother's most delicate and tight rosy asshole. Followed
Mark's example, he inserted a huge butt plug into his mother's
well-fucked asshole to keep the huge quantity of their combined sperm
(mostly his) inside their mother's rectum.

Mark and Tommy fitted the dog collar with two leashes attached to it
around their mother's slim neck and than fastened each leash to a
bedpost at the top of her four poster-bed. Mark and Tommy lay on
either side of their tied up naked mother. They each put a hand on one
of their mother's creamy soft full breasts possessively before they
fell to a deep slumber.

Susan lost count of the number of times last night they came in her
mouth, cunt and asshole, let alone the numerous multiple orgasms she
achieved herself. Even now, her blonde pussy still filled to capacity
with her thirteen-year-old son Mark's baby making sperm, and her
asshole also full with both her sons' come juice. Every step she took
she could fell the sex juices sloshing inside her two nether holes.
She could still recall the taste of her young sons' thick creamy semen
as it gushed into her mouth and throat had been tasted like honey to

Susan screamed, Mark slapped her cunt with a stinging force bought her
back from her daydreams. The hand came down directly upon her thinly
bikini-covered pouching cunt very hard, sending excruciating pain
throughout her very tender pussy lips and her extended blood fill
"Mom, pay attention! We are finished, clean up the mass." Mark

After Susan cleaned the table and washed the dirty dishes, she walked
to the middle of the room. Susan stood with hands at her back, she
stuck her ample breasts way out from her chest and her long slime legs
spread wide open as instructed by her sons. She waited for their

"Get me a clean bowl, Mom." Mark ordered.

When Susan walked back to where Mark sat and handed him a glass bowl
with the capacity for at least holding two cups of water. Mark ordered
his mother to step right between his open thighs. Then he closed them
around her legs thus trapped his almost naked mother with his thighs.

"Mom, move your hips a bit forward, than arch your back and stick your
cunt out to me."  Mark ordered.

"I'm going to remove Mom's thong bikini Tommy. If you don't want any
accident, you better make sure Mom's butt plug stays in her asshole!"
Mark cautioned his brother.

Tommy moved behind his mother and got ready. As Mark slowly peeled the
scanty thong bikini down from his mother's slim hips, her golden
triangle was revealed. The huge inflated head of the dildo just barely
visible inside the entrance to her vagina. Mark kept tucking and
pulling the thong bikini until it slipped all the way down to his
mother's ankles. Tommy was enjoying the sight of his mother's creamy
ass cheeks and couldn't resist from creasing and squeezing her soft
flesh with his hands. When the butt plug was revealed, he pushed it
even deeper into his mother's asshole. He kept playing with his
mother's soft bouncy ass cheeks like flour dough while made sure the
huge butt plug stay inserted in her asshole.

"Mom, sucking in the dildo with your cunt really hard now! I'm going
to deflate the dildo, and I don't want any juices to leak all over

Susan started to squeeze her cunt muscle really tight while Mark
released the air from the ream of the huge dildo head, which sealed
the opening of her vagina. As the dildo was deflating, Susan's cunt
closed tighter and tighter around the dildo replacing the air pressure
that was sealing her cunt. Mark grabbed the dildo and started to pull
it slowly from his mother's cunt tunnel until the very tip remained in
her. He put the bowl just below her cunt and cautioned his mother.

"Mom, I'm going to pull it out of you now, so suck in your cunt even
harder!" Mark told his mother.

Susan took a deep breath and squeezed her cunt muscle as hard as she
could. Her vagina opening rapidly closed up after the dildo was pulled
out. Only a few drops of juice were dripping out of her cunt hole and
all of it has fallen into the bowl below. Mark bought the glass bowl
closer to his mother's cunt touching her pink pussy lips.
"Mom, open your pussy with your fingers and release all the juices
into the bowl now." Mark ordered.
Susan placed her hands on either side of her blonde pussy; she opened
her pouching outer cunt lips with her fingertips slowly revealing her
glistering deliciously moist red cunt meat. Her vagina opened like a
delicate flower as Susan gradually released her cunt muscle. A slow
trickle of mixed cunt juice and sperm were leaking out of her vagina
into the glass bowl. The trickles then turn into a small river was
continuously spilling juices out of her ever-widening cunt hole.
Finally, when her cunt was slowly emptying of all the juices within, a
thick white gelatinous strand of sperm was connecting her cunt to the
now almost full glass bowl. Susan's cunt lips were pulled apart by her
own hands, and her vagina stretched wide open now. Mark could almost
see all the way deep inside his own mother's moist pink cunt tunnel.
It was indeed a very erotic sight. 
When Mark shown the glass bowl full of his sperm and her cunt juice to
his mother, Susan's face turned all red when she saw how much of their
combined juices was collected from her cunt.

"Look Mom, I think most of my millions of sperm cells are quite dead
now, I hope at least one of their fellows did its job right last night
in your cunt. Do you know Mom, it only takes one sperm out of the
millions of sperms to fertilize your egg and make you pregnant with my
baby? I leaned that in sex education in school." Mark said
knowledgeably while looking at his mother's beautiful face.

"I hope so too, my love, my darling son! This mother-cunt wants to
impregnate by you. This mother-cunt wants to have my own son's baby!"
Susan worshipfully looked at her thirteen-year-old son with both love
and lust in her beautiful blue eyes.

"Did I gave you permission to speak?" Mark asked as he looked at his
mother sternly.

"This mother-cunt's sorry." Susan said in a very soft and sexy voice.
She just felt a little nervous but her heart is beating faster with

"I'm not going to punish you this time Mom." Mark said. 

Susan was disappointed and it showed on her beautiful face. She loved
the spankings and other forms of punishments at the hands of her young

"Did you mean it when you said about having my baby?" Mark asked.

"Yes! This mother cunt meant every word she said, I want you boys to
breed me like a brood mare, my love." Susan looked at his oldest son
with sincerely and said it in a firm voice full of conviction.

"Just a few days ago, you didn't even want me to come in your cunt!
You were afraid I would get you pregnant."
"I have changed in the last few days, I mean this mother cunt had
changed. Thanks to you and Tommy, I discover who I am!"
"Who are you mother?" Mark asked.

Susan turned her head back to look at her youngest preteen son behind
her tenderly for a moment, then turned back and looked directly into
her thirteen-year-old son's eyes with both motherly love and lust in
her beautiful blue eyes.
"I am you and Tommy's sex slave.  I am my handsome sons' mother-cunt.
This is my destiny. I know now that I was born to serve both of you. I
even want to be your breed slave. I want to mate with you and your
brother and bear children for my own sons!" Susan declared in a voice
full of pride and joy.

"You like what we are doing to you Mom?" Asked Mark hopefully.

"Yes, This mother-cunt not only like but love what ever you and your
brother's doing to me." Susan said it a little shamefully as her
beautiful face flush all over with a very becoming pink color.

"Even when we tie you up and beat the shit out of you Mom?" Questioned
Mark uncertainly.

"Yes! This mother-cunt loves it when you and Tommy punish her. This
mother cunt knows that you and Tommy will never really hurt her too
much! I am your mother aren't I, I watched you both grow up from
birth, I know there is no meanness and cruelty in either one of you. I
think I know all there to know about my own sons! Anyway, I love both
of you very very much, no matter how you are going to treat me. I'll
away love my two handsome boys until the day I die!" Susan said and
her face was full of love and tenderness.

Susan's beautiful face suddenly turned painful.

"You guess wrong Mom! I'm bad and mean as I want to be!" Tommy said as
he grabbed his mothers' soft breasts in both hands from behind and
squeezed as hard as he could.

Susan yelled out in pain. When Tommy used his thumb and forefingers to
pinch and pull at his mother's very tender enlarged pink nipples to
extreme lengths. Susan felt like the pain in her chest increased ten
folds and her stretched pebble hard nipples seem about to be ripped
out of her breasts! Her body was shaking violently with orgasms. She
came again and again. Great big teardrops started to fall down from
her smooth cheeks as her cunt juice spilled out of her blonde pussy
lips and rolled down her creamy thighs at the same time.

"Stop fooling around, Tommy!" Mark barked at his younger brother.

"That was truly wonderful what you just said Mom! I'm really happy and
even a little amazed the change in you. We have certainly come a long
way in such a shot time. However, we think you still need more
training mother and there're lots more things Tommy and I are going to
do to you."

"This Mother-cunt can't wait, I'm looking forward to all the training
you and Tommy are going to give to me. This Mother-cunt wanted to be
the best sex slave to my own darling sons!" Susan declared.

"That's my girl!" Mark kissed his mother's lips passionately while
creased her cheeks tenderly with love. Susan's heart was almost
busting with joy and happiness.

"Mom, you are the most beautiful and sexiest mother in the whole wide
world. We are the envy of every boy in school. Nobody's mother even
come close to your beauty and shapely figure! Although you hardly
date, we don't intent to lose you to some sweet-talking bastard,
that's why Tommy and I decided to make you ours. Mom, you belong to us
now. Ahhh...what I really mean is that Tommy and I both are the owners
of your beautiful and sexy body, we certainly don't want to ruin or
damage our sex toy in anyway! Mother, you know how much we both love
to whipping your lovely sexy body and spanking your flawless creamy
bounce asscheeks. However mother, even thought you will be punished
and sometimes quite severely but I assure you my lovely mother it will
never to the point of leaving permanent scars on your creamy smooth
soft skin! Mom, sometimes it sure don't look like we care for you
particularly when we are beating the crap out of you, but Tommy and I
really still love you very much! We love you even more now than
before!" Mark fingers creased his mother's beautiful tear striking
face tenderly and look at his mother with lustful young eyes that also
show some genuine innocent love of a young boy for his own mother.

Instead of hurting his mothers' soft supple large breasts, Tommy's
fingers was creasing and massaging their fullness gently now. His lips
was planting soft butterfly kisses on his mother smooth naked shoulder
and slowly up her sensitive white long neck.

"I love you Mommy." Tommy said softly and lovingly into his mother's
delicate soft shell-like ears while licked and sucked her delicate
earlobe with his mouth and tongue, then tucked ever so gently at her
earring with his teeth.

Susan hadn't heard her twelve years old call her Mommy since the
memorable day in the garage. Was it only the day before yesterday? It
was only two days ago, but it sure seemed like a lifetime had passed
to her already. She thought she'd never hear her boys call her Mommy
again. The endearing words and the actions of the preteen were both
innocent loving and erotic stimulating to his mother at the same time.
Susan was overcome with love for her two young sons. Her big beautiful
blue eyes once again flooded with fresh tears, only this time it was
tears of joy and happiness instead of pain and suffering. She vowed
she would do anything and perform any lewd acts for them from now on.
"Mom, why are you crying again?"  Mark asked as he saw more tears felt
down from his mother's cheeks.

"I'm not crying, I mean this mother-cunt cried because she's very
happy. This mother-cunt has never been happier than right now, knowing
that both of my darling sons still love me even though I'm just your
sex slave now!"  Susan said it with a beautiful smile on her tear
streaking face.

"Mom, you're most precious to us, you belong to us completely now and
we'll love you even more from now on!" Mark promised and kissed his
mother's mouth tenderly.
 Mark brought the glass bowl to his mother's mouth.

"Mom, this is your breakfast juice, it's getting cold. Now, be a good
girl and drink it all up, it's very nutritious and I believe it's
quite good for you Mom!" Mark said.

Susan obeyed immediately and opened her mouth really wide. Her son
started to pour their combined sperm and cunt juices from the bowl
into her mouth slowly. When his mother's mouth was full of their
gooey, creamy sex fluid mixture, Mark stopped pouring. He watched his
mother's throat muscle working as her swallowed the content in her
mouth all the way into her stomach. These sex fluid cocktails of both
mother and son has been stored in Susan's own cunt over night. It
tasted like ambrosia to her although it has a strong favor to it.
Susan smacked her lips together to savory the delicious, wonderful
cream. She opened her empty mouth wide again eagerly for more of her
cunt-aged incestuous sex cream. Mark refilled his mother's mouth with
more of this gooey, white sex cream from the glass bowl. Susan
swallowed a total of four mouthfuls of this delightful incestuous
creamy sex fluid mixture before the bowl was empty. 

"Lick the bowl clean Mom."  Mark said while he handed the now empty
glass bowl to his mother.

Susan licked the bowl with her sexy pink tongue like a cat until it's
spotless. She handed the bowl back to her son for inspection with
anticipation and eagerness. She couldn't wait to taste the stored
juices from her asshole.

"Let me have the glass bowl Mark. I want to feed Mom this time." Tommy

"Mom put your hands on the edge of the table. Now spread your thighs
wide apart then stick your ass way up in the air." Tommy directed his
mother after he got the bowl from Mark.

Susan's round and beautiful ass cheeks, so flawless, so white and
creamy were on exhibition like some magnificent offerings. In the
middle of her ass crack was this huge black dildo inserted into her
asshole displayed so obscenely to her sons' lustful eyes was a
wonderful sight to behold.

"Mark, give me a hand and open Mom's asscheeks for me please."

Mark grabbed the two half moons of his mother's soft round creamy ass
cheeks and spread them wide apart. While he held the glass bowl
underneath his mother's buttocks, Tommy slowly pulled the butt plug
from of his mother's anus.
"Mom, lowers your ass, and bends your knees a little. Now, suck you
asshole in as hard as you can Mom. I'm about to pull the plug out of
your ass hole now." Tommy ordered.

When the huge butt plug was out of her anus, Susan's asshole was
gaping wide open showing the dark red ass meat of her rectum to her
young sons for just a moment before her sphincter muscle close it
completely. A small amount of thick gooey fluid has fallen into the
bowl. Now, gelatinous creamy and brown stringy strands of sperm and
her ass juice were obscenely connecting Susan's closed rosy web-like
asshole to the glass bowl.

Tommy positioned the bowl closer to his mother's shitter. "Mom, push
all the juices out of your asshole now!" Ordered Tommy.

Susan released her sphincter muscle and pushed her anus outward. Her
flower-like pink asshole gradually opened and released more and more
of her ass juice and her sons' sperm into the bowl just underneath her
asshole. When there was hardly any more fluid falling out of her anus,
the glass bowl was only just about half full. The sex fluid collected
from her rectum so far was much less than from her cunt. Tommy wasn't
satisfied with the result, and ordered his mother to push harder. When
Susan pushed her ass as hard as she could, a small amount shit was
dripping from her asshole into the bowl.
"Wow, did you see that Mark? Our mother just shit into the bowl!"
Tommy exclaimed excitedly, his young face registered total amazement.
It was a most erotic sight to see shit coming out of their very own
mother's asshole.

Susan was so embarrassed she wanted to sink in a hole somewhere. She
dropped her red face onto her ample chest until her chin touched her
large breast with shame and humiliation. She couldn't believe that she
just shitted in front of her two boys. She didn't wanted to shit in
front of anybody let alone her own young sons! However, her cunt
started to contract and pulsate strongly. She came repeatedly, spilled
out sticky cunt juice down her thighs. It's bewildering to Susan how
could she have an orgasm just by shitting in front of her sons. Yet
nothing surprised her anymore!

"Mark please gets me some tissues." Tommy requested.

"Mom, I'm going to wipe your shitty ass for you." Tommy said.

Susan has never been more embarrassed and humiliated at this moment.
Having her twelve-year-old son wipe her ass clean for her was like
their role has been reversed, she is the child and her young sons are
the adults now. Yes, she love the idea of being a little girl again
and depending on her young but manly sons for everything, even the
most degrading task of cleaning her ass. Her cunt produced more cunt
juice when she experienced yet another orgasm.

"Imagine, I'm wiping my own mother's ass. I love doing this for you
mother! You big beautiful baby. I'm going to clean your ass every time
after you shit, and you can return the favor by licking my ass clean
after I shit from now on Mom!" Tommy promised.

A shudder went though Susan's body.  A tingling sensation went up and
down her spine. She came, her pussy spilled out more cunt cream when
she envisioned the future prospect of what her twelve-year-old son
just said.
"Go get me a soupspoon, Mom." Tommy commanded while siting by the
dinning table with the glass bowl in his hand.

Susan compiled quickly and eagerly with anticipation.

"Mom, knee down in front of me, and open your mouth, I'm going to feed
you this yummy stuff." Tommy commanded while stirred and mixed the
contents in the glass bowl with the spoon until the mixture of sperm,
ass juice and shit became a very thick creamy brown substance.

When she tasted the first spoonful of this unholy concoction from her
own asshole, she almost gagged and vomited. The thick stringy sauce
mix had a very strong musty and stinky favor. It had a bitter and
nasty shitty tasted to it. Nevertheless, Susan wanted to please her
sons, so she forced herself to swallow it down her throat.  She then
opened her now empty mouth to show her sons that she indeed has
ingested the entire spoonful of this foul tasting sperm and ass fluid
mixed in with a little bit of her own flesh shit down her stomach.
"Taste good Mom?" Tommy asked.

When he saw the distasteful expression on his mother's beautiful face,
he and Mark laughed aloud. Still, he kept on feeding his mother
spoonful after spoonful of this stinking thick shitty sauce mix. He
kept asking his mother how did it tasted between each spoonful to make
fun of her. Yet after half a dozen spoonfuls of this stuff, it didn't
seem so bad to her anymore. The thought that this stringy thick shitty
tasting sauce not only has been aged in her own asshole over night but
were the combinations of her young sons' sperm and her ass juice plus
her fleshly produced shit almost blow her mind. Her taste buds seen to
switch to another level, she started to ingest each subsequent
spoonful with relish and eagerness as if this stuff that just came out
of her own asshole was the most delicious meal in the world.
Tommy and Mark were both astonished from the blissful looks on their
mothers face that she really started to enjoy the taste of this nasty
and smelly stuff from her ass.

"You really like it Mom?" Tommy asked.

"This mother-cunt loves it!" Susan said shamefully, her face brushing

"Well, there is no more, lick the bowl clean Mom." Tommy said and
handed the empty glass bowl to his mother.

After Susan licked the bowl with her tongue, and then she handed it
back to her son for his inspection.

"Wow, it's so clean, you don't need to wash it any more Mom!" Tommy

Susan was embarrassed and her beautiful face turned red once again.

"Mom, Seems to me you really like the stuff, I will feed it to you
every morning for breakfast. How is that sound to you?" Tommy asked.

"This mother-cunt will love every spoonful of it." Susan said it

"Come to me, and turn around Mom."  Mark order.
When she felt her thirteen-year-old son tying her hands behind her
back, she shivered. A thrill went through her stomach, her cunt
pulsating as her nipples became harder and bigger jutting upward from
her creamy full breasts. A leather collar was placed around her neck,
with two leash-like chains on each side. Mark and Tommy each took the
end of the chains dangling from the leather collar around their
mother's swan-like elegant neck.

"To the garage Mom!"  Mark ordered.

Susan turned toward the garage while her two young sons were holding
her two leashes walked behind her. She walked the way she had been
told by her boys. Her hips were rolling and her asschecks was bunching
outrageously. Susan felt her sons' eyes on her sexy rolling ass, she
felt like a whore, making her ass do this. Nevertheless, she thought,
that's exactly what I am. A whore for my young sons, a whore they can
fuck and beat and do anything they want with. And I love it!

In the garage, she was told to sit on an old kitchen chair with the
bottom cut out of it. Susan felt her ass sink in the hole as she sat,
her legs spread on either side. Her ankles were tied to the legs of
the chair. The bottom of the chair cut into her flesh, her ass and her
cunt were hanging through.

Mark and Tommy unzipped their shorts. They took their hard cocks out
and started waving their pricks at their mother's face. Susan licked
her lips, wished they would let her suck them. She wasn't prepared
when both her sons' suddenly began pissing down on her. The two hot,
golden streams of piss struck her in the face made her gasp in
"Oh, God!" she moaned, feeling their hot piss spraying all over her
naked sexy body. A shudder went through her; Susan started to come,
holding her face up toward the spewing piss.

"You wanna be pissed in the mouth, Mother." Mark laughed.

"Yes!" Susan screamed, trying to turn her mouth in toward the streams
of piss. "Piss in this mother-cunt's mouth! Ohhh, god, piss in my
cocksucking mouth!"

"Are you sure you want us to piss in your mouth, Mom."

"Yes, yes, please piss in this mother-cunt's mouth. Ohhhh, I want to
drink your piss, swallow your piss! Hurry my darling sons, please piss
in this mother-cunt's fucking mouth! Ohhhhh, shit I'm going to come!"

Susan opened her mouth wide, thrusting her tongue far out. Mark and
Tommy aimed their cocks, and Susan moaned as both her sons pissed
directly into her mouth. The hot piss flowed from the corners of her
mouth as it filled, running down her stretched neck and onto her naked
tits. She began to swallow with greedy, wet sounds. The taste of her
sons' piss sent her body into shivering ecstasy. Her beautiful face
drenched in piss, her hair soaked. Susan's blonde cunt was convulsing
with orgasm.
Susan was disappointed when they finally stopped pissing. Looking at
her sons, with a smile of dreamy pleasure on her beautiful piss soaked
face. She licked her piss-wet lips.

 "That was wonderful," She whispered shyly, her beautiful face flushed
in pink. "This mother-cunt love being pissed on this way, in my mouth.
God, I'll be your fucking toilet anytime you two have to piss!"

"Did you come Mom?" Tommy asked.

"Did I! Piss in my cocksucking mouth again, and this mother-cunt will
explode! Please, This mother-cunt would like to ask you something."
she said.

"What is it?" Mark asked.

"This Mother-cunt has to piss, please," she said, her face red with
shame and excitement.
"Piss, then." Mark said.

The golden piss streamed from her blonde pussy, splashing on the floor
beneath. She felt it spatter her feet. Her eyes remained on their
cocks as she pissed and she was overwhelmed with erotic feelings in
her body.

Mark stepped forward, cupping his hands under the hot golden stream.
He brought his cupped hands, filled with her hot, golden piss, to his
mother's face and washed it. Again and again he washed his mother's
beautiful face in her own piss and finally cupping a puddle and
lifting it to her lips.

"Drink it, Mom, " he said. "Drink your own piss."

Susan lapped her tongue into her own piss like a dog drinking from a
bowl. Her piss was a little salty, but not unpalatable. In fact, it
was quite tasty and delicious to her. Mark repeated the offering as
she continued to piss a strong stream, bringing it to her mouth so she
could lap it up. Tommy slipped a tall glass into the stream of his
mother's piss. By the time the flow of her hot piss began to trickle,
he was holding a tall glass almost overflow with his mother's golden
Susan cracked her eyes into small slits, too ashamed to look fully at
her sons. The floor of the garage was drenched in her piss. The curls
of her blonde cunt hair along each cuntlip were wet with piss. 

"Wanna have another drink, Mom?" Tommy asked.

"Please," Susan whispered shyly.

Tommy tipped the glass to her lips, and Susan drank deeply, gulping as
she swallowed her own hot golden piss, until the glass was empty. The
delicious taste of her own piss lingered inside her mouth. Her cunt
leaked out more cunt juice as she came.

Tommy and Mark untied their naked and piss wetted mother from the
chair and led her by the leash into the bathroom.

"Mom, sit on the toilet, this time we want you to really shit for us."
Mark said.

Susan felt her heart sink. Tears started to fall from her beautiful
blue eyes. She looked at Mark and than at Tommy's with a pitiful
glance and pleaded with her sons.

"Please don't make mother do this nasty and shameful thing. I beg

"You just shitted in front of us a moment ago Mom. I didn't hear you
complaining." Mark said.

"That was just an accident, I didn't mean to shit when you guys were
watching." Susan explained. When she saw their lustful eyes full of
excitement in anticipation what their mother was about to do, she
realized how much it would turn her on to do something filthy like
that, performing for her two boys.

When Susan started to sat down on the toilet slowly, simultaneously
both her sons were jerking on her leashes so strongly they almost
pulled they mother up by the neck.

"Oh no mother! Turn around on the toilet with you ass toward us, we
want to see everything coming out of your asshole!" Mark ordered his

"Tommy, untie Mom's hands."

"Mom, I want you to put your hands on your ass cheeks and spread them
as wide apart as you can for us!"  Mark ordered.

Susan moved her arms behind her back and placed a hand on each of her
creamy round ass cheek with shaking fingers, she started to spread her
own beautiful ass for her sons viewing pleasures. When her ass crack
was totally revealed, in the center was her slightly puckered
flower-like pink asshole. Susan knew her sons' eyes were zeroing onto
her most delicate and private opening in anticipation of what was
about to come out of their own mother's anus. Susan's entire smooth
creamy skin of her naked body seemed to blush with embarrassing pink

When there was nothing happen for a while, her creamy soft ass cheeks
received a stinging slap from her oldest son, leaving a painful red
palm print.

"Do your business now mother!" Mark demanded.

"I can't, not with my ass cheeks open so wide by my own hands, and you
guys watching and all!" Susan reasoned quite embarrassingly.

"You better push really hard, or I'll beat the shit out of you Mom. Ha
ha, Tommy, you hear that, I'm going to beat the shit out of Mom!" They
both laugh at what Mark said.

Susan groaned and pushed really hard this time, her rosy pink asshole
started to pucker outward slowly and her starry bunhole opened up
slowly like a rosebud. It took her a while to squeeze out the
beginning of the first yellow turd from her expanding rectum. Her
asshole was gaping wide open for a second after the three inches long
turd came out. She felt herself approaching orgasm as the soft long
shit escaped from her rectum. The first turd dropped into the toilet
with an embarrassing heavy splash, and then after that there was two
more that came out of her asshole more easily. Her boys' young eyes
were glued to their mother's asshole. The sight and smell of watching
their own mother's shit coming out of her rosy asshole transfixed
them. Normally, they would never have consider watch anyone shit, it
would surely be the most disgusting and nasty thing to see. However,
when the shit was coming out of a beautiful woman's asshole, and not
just any young woman, but their very own gorgeous sexy mother's
exquisite flower-like rosy pink asshole, it was the most erotic, and
the sexiest sight to behold. At the same time, it was also the
filthiest and nastiest thing they ever saw. They were both excited
beyond believed.
Susan kept her eyes closed as the spasms of one orgasm after another
ripped through her cunt. Her love juices were flowing like waterfalls
out of her cunt. The aroma of her sweet feminine come juices from her
front opening and her noxious smelling shit from her backdoor were
filling the small bathroom. The mixed smell that is coming out of
their beautiful voluptuous mother's nether openings was both
disgusting and intoxicating at the same time to her two young sons.

When there was no more shit coming out of his mother's asshole, his
cock throbbing and dripping, Tommy got behind his mother's wide spread
ass. He pressed the swollen head of his cock forward against her
puckered anus. His mother's shit made good lubricant; it went in so
easily as he plunged his cock deep into her tight asshole. He pumped
in and out of his mother's shithole and reached around and played with
her enlarged blood fill sensitive clit. He pinched it really hard
until his mother scream in pain and pleasure. 

"Fuck Mom's shitty asshole, Tommy!" Encourage his older brother.

With one hand pulling the leash attached to his mother's neck collar
really hard, Tommy grabbed a handful of his mother's long blond hair
with the other and jerked his mothers head backward.
"Mom, turn your head around and open your mouth really wide, I want to
come in your mouth!" Ordered Tommy.

Tommy yanked his shit covered thick cock from his mother's asshole
with a loud pop, and aimed his cock head inches away from her open
mouth. He came powerfully, sending squirt after squirt of incestuous
sperm into her mouth. Susan's wide open mouth was filled up
repeatedly, she swallowed as fast as she could, try not to spill and
waste a single precious drop of her twelve-year-old son's delicious
live giving sperm. She figured if it's not shooting in her womb where
it will do the most good, the next logical place was of cause in her
mouth, from where she could ingested into her stomach.

Tommy inserted his still squirting shitty cock in his mother's sperm
fill mouth slowly, her mouth overflowed. Sperm flowed down the corners
of her mouth and chin. His thick cock was totally immerse and
surrounded by his own sperm and his mother's saliva. Tommy was in
haven. It was most exquisite feeling when his mother's tongue started
to lick around his shaft and wash his pick clean of her own shit with
his sperm and her saliva within her oral cavity. 
After a through cleaning with her tongue, satisfied that her son's
cock was now clean within her mouth, Susan started to swallowing the
mixture of her son's sperm and her own shit that was coated on his
cock when he pulled out of her asshole. When her mouth was just about
empty of all the mixed fluid, Tommy began to piss directly in her
mouth. Susan could taste Her own son's piss mixed in with little bit
of his sperm and traces of her own shit now. She wanted to scream in
ecstasy if her mouth wasn't so full. She couldn't believed that she
actually loved the nasty taste of shit, piss and sperm mix. Tommy kept
pissing in his mother's mouth. His cock plunged so far down her
throat, he practically pissing directly down his own mother's stomach!
It got her so hot and turn on; Susan's whole sexy body was shaking as
she came again and again!
Using the bathroom these days was always a humiliating and
embarrassing situation to Susan. Having her two young sons watched her
piss and shit made her face burned with shame and excitement. Ever
since the first day when she loosed control of her bladder and pissed
in front of her sons, her piss fascinated them. They enjoyed watching
their mother urinating. They love to see their mother's hot and steamy
golden liquid squirting out of her tiny piss hole. 

At first, shitting in front of her sons was even more humiliating than
pissing. It was no longer degrading to her. She had shitted in front
of them so many times now; it didn't make her feel so shameful as it
had at first. On the contrary, she loved it when her twelve and
thirteen-year-old sons watched her shitting now. Susan loved to
putting on such a lewd and nasty show and performance for her two
young sons, it made her feel deliciously wicked and depraved. 
Besides letting their mother used the toilet in the bathroom to piss
and shit, Mark and Tommy really loved to lead their mother by the
leashes totally naked on her hands and knees and crawled through the
back door and into the backyard. As her sons each held a leash
attached to the collar around her neck and walked alongside her, Susan
crawled around the back yard like a bitch dog. Her full tits were
dangling heavily bouncing and swing under her, her naked firm creamy
round ass cheeks stuck up in the air, her blonde hair was hanging past
her cheeks. Their mother looked more beautiful and sexy to Tommy and
Mark than ever in her current position. They felt their proprietary
and ownership of their beautiful mother even more secured and
completed. Susan hesitated when her sons told her to sniff at plants,
and at the fence. She didn't want to act like a dog! But after they
slapped her bare ass a few times, she obeyed. 

"Mom, lift your leg and piss like a bitch!" ordered Tommy.

Susan obeyed immediately and pissed like a female dog with one leg
extended and lifted up exposing her rosy asshole and pink cunt lips
while she pissed on the edge of the patio. Her piss was running down
the backs of her thighs like hot cider. Mark got so excited watching
their mother piss like a dog that he got down behind her and lapped at
her crotch from behind as the piss ran from between her pussylips
directly into his mouth. Mark swallowed mouthfuls of his mother's
golden secretions. As she squeezed the last few drops out, Susan's
cunt started to come, she blasted a load of female come juice into her
son's sucking mouth. Mark drunk and drunk; swallow mouths after
mouthfuls of his mother's delicious liquid, quenching his thirst from
his mother's cunt hole. Mark reared up behind his mother, her piss and
come juice was dripping from his chin, and he plunged his ten-inch
cock up her cunt from behind. He fucked his mother like a bitch-dog.
Tommy pulled on the leash really hard which made his mother lift her
beautiful face up so he could stick his hard cock into her mouth. Her
two young boys impaled Susan at both ends. She wiggled her sexy ass,
and was grinding her cunt on her oldest son's thick cock. Degraded as
she felt, she still couldn't deny the pleasure throbbing in her loins.
Her groans were muffled; absorbed by her youngest son's cock deep
throated her mouth. Her ass cheeks smacked back against Mark's
stomach. Her large tits swung wildly and erotically.
"Mom, you're the best" 

Mark growled as he yanked on her leash, choking her, forcing her to
snap her head back and arch her back.

"What a bitch!" Mark yelled. 

He cock swelled larger inside her, turning harder and harder. He
humped in frenzy, and was grunting with each ramming thrust. He worked
his cock into his mother so deep he felt that his cock's dripping head
had penetrated his mother's cervix into her womb.
"Ahhhh!" Mark bellowed.

He was bucking and grinding rapidly, he couldn't hold it off any
longer. Finally Mark fired his scalding baby making sperm up Susan's
clutching cunt, he was sending spurt after molten spurts into the
depths of his mother's quivering womb. Susan churned her cunt on her
oldest son's spasm cock, jerked with each powerful ejaculation of his
come into her pussy, feeling his freshly shot baby making sperm run
out onto his balls as it overflowed her pussy.

Tommy grabbed his mother's blonde hair in one hand and yanked on her
leash with the other, choking her, forcing her head down and stuck his
hard cock back in her mouth. She was helpless to pull away as he
pissed into her mouth directly.
"Swallow it! Bitch." He yanked mercilessly on her hair.

Susan swallowed as much as she could, but her twelve-year-old son
pissed so much urine, there was an equal amount of his piss ran down
her neck and tits as down her throat, and he kept shouting at her to
swallow. The fluid was hot and delicious. It burned her throat and
gullet going down, then pooled in her stomach.

"You're a good bitch dog! Mom". Tommy said.

Susan was very pleased by her twelve-year-olds praise, even when he
was humiliating her by calling her a bitch. She lived for her sons'
praise and pleasures now.

One morning, Susan was leaded by the leashes total naked once again on
all fours to the backyard. She noticed there was a large rectangular
wooden box in the middle of the patio. After her sons made her pissed
like a dog at the edge of the patio, they led her to the box by the
leash while her golden piss was still dripping from her blond pussy
lips. When Susan noticed the wooden box was filled with cat litter,
her beautiful face turned beet-red with embarrassment when the
realization sunk in. She knew her young sons wanted their mother to
shit into the litter box!  Pissing in the outdoors was one thing; now,
it looks like they wanted her to shit in the open air of their
backyard as well and in the daytime too! 

"Mom, when you're not shitting in the toilet, you'll do your business
in this litter box from now on. See, Mom, it even has your name on
it!" Mark said.

Sure enough, her name, 'SUSAN KING' was painted on the shorter sides
of the wooden rectangular box. And the words 'Mom's Litter Box' were
painted on the longer sides. Susan almost cried with shame and
humiliation. Her sons wanted her to shit like a dog into the litter
box. Nevertheless, she was excited beyond believed. Just the though of
what she was about to do gave her a strong orgasm. Susan's cunt was
spilling out lots more of sticky aromatic cunt juices down to her
smooth thighs to mix in with her piss already there.

"Mom, shit into the litter box for us like a bitch now!" Mark order.

Susan obeyed immediately. She changed from her crawling position and
proceeded to squat down on the side of the litter box. She moved her
beautiful round ass center over the litter box. Tommy and Mark stood
behind their mother watched her asshole intently, each holding a leash
attached to the collar around their mother's neck. Susan felt like an
animal more than ever at this moment. Well, that's exactly what I'm,
Susan though, I even got my own litter box! I'm my own thirteen and
twelve-year-old sons' pet bitch dog. And I love it!
Her boys enjoyed seeing turd after turd of yellow shit slipped out of
their mother's beautiful expended rosebud. The experience of shitting
into the litter box like a dog so overwhelmed Susan; she yelled out
with excitement and had a most intensive orgasm. Huge amounts of
female come juices spilled out of her pussy lips while shit continued
to come out of her asshole. After Susan finished shitting, Tommy who
could never resist his mother's shitty anus, ploughed his cock all the
way into her rectum, burred his entire shift to the roots inside his
mother's tight moist, warm shit coated asshole. Just a few strokes, he
shot all the sperm in his young balls inside his mother's back
entrance mixed with her fresh shit. When she felt her son's hot
lava-like sperm was filling her ass tunnel, coating and burning her
innards she came again simultaneously with her son. After she cleaned
Tommy's shit-covered cock with her tongue and mouth, her young sons
washed their mother's shitty asshole with a garden hose!
From now on, when her boys were home, Susan was never to be by herself
in the house. Even in the bathroom, she wasn't allowed to be alone. No
matter what she was doing in the bathroom, one or both of her sons had
to be with her. When she sat on the toilet, her knees had to remain
wide open at all times, whether she was pissing or shitting. Susan was
not allowed to piss or shit by herself. When her boys went to school
or gone out, she had to save her piss and shit until they came home.
She could only shit and piss in front of her two young sons. 

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