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My Daughter Slave

Part 2

~~My daughters slave~~


My enslavement surely wasnt just another of Charlenes whims. As I after the morning toilette got the butt plug up again and was ordered to throw all of my clothes out. Well not all, as I was allowed to wear a T-shirt that was so short. That it hardly could cover my yet hairy pussy, not that that little blonde bush covered much. Before she left for school, she took all my money, papers and even the car. Even though she hadnt a driver license. The worst was that she ordered me to meet her at school. Horrified I understood that I had to walk the whole way, wearing that embarrassing short T-shirt. “But Charlene! I cannot go outside like this” I argued weakly. Before I even realized what happened she had placed herself on a chair, pulled me down over her lap and began to spank me furiously. As my poor butt, still was very raw from the spanking I got the day before. It didnt take long before I was crying, begging for mercy and babbling like a child. She showed no mercy though and didnt stop spanking me, until I apologized for being disobedient. Laughing she raised so sudden that I didnt have a chance to get up first and I fell to the floor.

She left and crying I got up and fell down on the nearest chair. Forgetting all about the butt plug, so I got up even faster than I sat down and sat down again very slowly and cautious. I sat there crying, feeling sorry for myself and simply couldnt understand what was happening to me. I considered disobeying her, not to throw my clothes out, not to walk to her school and to remove that very uncomfortable butt plug. But the same butt plug and the pain in my butt did that I didnt dare. I really was such a wimp. Slowly I got up and began to follow orders.

It took quite some time, but at long last my entire wardrobe was empty and Id filled several sacks, I never realized that I had so much clothes. Sniffling, I saw despairing at my empty wardrobe. Then I had to leave to be at Charlenes school. I didnt even consider wearing a skirt or something long enough to cover my nudeness. I really was an easy victim.

Somehow I managed to get to the school relatively unnoticed. So even though I had to run I can assure you that its very unpleasant to run, with something up your butt I was there in the right time. Charlene was of course nowhere to be seen. First I waited for her, by the car, but she didnt show up. So very reluctant I had to go into the school to look for her.  Luckily enough there only was a few students left. Some of them noticed my clothes, or rather lack of same and did of course point out to the others. I got a lot of nasty jeers and some even took photos I really hate cam phones.

I found Charlene in the canteen again, surrounded by several of her friends. From her malicious and arrogant expression, I knew that I was in big trouble again. Even though I couldnt understand why, as I did as she ordered and even was at the school in the right time. But I was soon to learn that she really didnt need any reason to be malicious towards me.

She didnt say a word to me, but just pointed at the floor next to her. Puzzled I stood, wondering what she meant, and looked foolish at her. Annoyed she reached out grabbed a fistful of my hair, fling me to the floor and pulled me around till I was kneeling next to her. My cries of pain and fear only made her friends laugh of me. They surely liked to see me, an adult, being treated like that. I managed to place myself, somehow comfortable, on my knees next to her. This had, at least, one good thing, because, when I kept my legs together and kept my hand on my lap, I didnt show my pussy to the world.

It only was a brief respite though, be cause as soon as Charlene noticed, she ordered me to, to stand on my knees, lean back and rest my hands on the floor and spread my leg as far apart as possible. Realising that it would expose my pussy completely. I didnt want to do it and begged her not to do this to me. Well! It didnt help at all and I just got several slaps in the face, until I crying assumed the humiliating pose. My already very short T-shirt slid up, so I was fully exposed from the waist and down. The few remaining students gaped reckless and sniggering at me. I never felt so humiliated and embarrassed before.

A teacher came into the canteen and I thought that Charlene would order me to cover up, to avoid trouble. But she didnt, instead she waved friendly to the teacher. Who came over and looked haughty at me and said to Charlene “Youre right, it surely looks like a horny slut, who loves to show herself up like this.”

Charlene smiled snug and replied “Oh yes! Its such a horny, exhibionistic slut… Arent you bitch?” Once again I was dumbfounded and didnt know either what to say or do. I still hadnt got used to my new role and her language towards me. My hesitating to reply, cased me yet another slap in the face. It took me by surprise and was so hard that I tumbled. “Well! Are you horny bitch?” Charlene repeated. I didnt want to be beaten again, so I hurried to get up and replied “I dont know Cha… Mistress” I almost forgot that I wasnt allowed to use her name, but should call her Mistress. “I dont know” she sneered. “Well! Then reach down and feel if your cunt is wet! Dumb bitch.”

Blushing deeply which caused a scornful laughter I reached down between my legs and felt my exposed and to my amazement very wet pussy. How could I possible be horny in this humiliating situation? But I surely was and I simply couldnt understand why.

“Well?” Charlene never was especially patient. I was in a big dilemma! I surely didnt want to announce for everyone that I was wet, but I surely didnt want to be beaten again. So I heaved a deep sigh and admitted, whispering though “Yes Mistress Im wet.” Do I need to say that Charlene wasnt satisfied with that and forced me to repeat it, loud enough for all to hear.

All laughed at me, making me blush even deeper, which I really thought was impossible. “It really is a quite cute slave, can I borrow it sometime?” The teacher asked smirking. “Yes of course. Ill just have to train it further” Charlene replied. Further training? I wondered what she meant by that. By I was sure that I would learn soon.

Charlene placed a collar and leash around my neck and meekly I crawled behind her out to the car. It was so humiliating, but better being humiliated than beaten and I still was very shaken over my wet pussy. We were accompanied by Charlenes 3 best friends, whom I of course had to address as Miss. Out by the car Charlene opened the trunk and made it clear that I should get into it I surely was glad that I hadnt bought a pickup once again I gave in to her and submissively climbed into the trunk. I could hear the girls get into the car and we drove off. After several hours, we stopped and Charlene opened the trunk. We were in a car park, but I hadnt the slightest clue about where we were.

We took the elevator and entered a strange shop. With leather, latex and all kinds of bdsm gear. Nobody raised an eyebrow as we entered the room. We were met by a huge woman, who greeted the girls warmly and ignored me completely. It sounded like the girls had been regular visitors there so its, just as I figured out, been planed for some time.

Charlene ordered me to get up and to take the T-shirt off. I did as ordered and stood naked in front of them. I was placed and securely strapped to a gynaecologist chair. “Well!” The huge woman said “First well have to get rid of this” and pulled slightly in my little blonde bush. “Yeah such a slave slut, havent hair there” Charlene replied. Her 3 friends sounded very enthusiastic too. “We can it the nice way or the fun way… … Thats fun for us of course” The woman said. “Whats the fun way?” Charlene asked curious. The woman grabbed a tuft hair and tore it of. Causing me to cry out in pain. As soon as the other people in the store heard me, they crowed round us. Laughing the girls and the woman took turns tearing the hairs out, accompanied by my cries of pain and the crowds shouts of joy, until my pussy was completely bald. The woman found a needle and prepared to prick me with it. Alarmed I begged her not to, in vain of course. I feared that it was some kind of drug. But shortly after I got the injection I fell asleep. 

Slowly I woke up, trying to remember what had happened. A little dizzy I got up and looked surprised on the young girl in front of me. Then I realized that I was looking at a mirror and the girl was me. My hair was arranged in pigtail which together with my hairless, but quite reddish pussy, and my tininess had changed me from a woman in her thirties to a girl in her early teens. Charlene entered the room, carrying a pile of clothes, which she handed me ordering me to get dressed. Shocked I realised that it was clothes suitable for a young girl and surely not to an adult woman. As I was very reluctant, she just pointed at a wall, where several whips and canes were hanging side by side. Just the threats were enough to make me dress.

We walked out to the shop again. Where Charlenes friends and the woman waited. The praised Charlene for her cute baby sister.

Review This Story || Author: Oak
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