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My Daughter Slave

Part 6

~~My daughters slave~~


First we just stood there and tried to find a fairly good, not all to strenuous position. Which actually was quite difficult, when I stood fairly good, she didnt and vice versa. But at long last we found a satisfactory compromise, so it wasnt to strenuous for any of us.

But gosh it really turned from bad to worse, when we began to try to move. It took god know how long, before we just were able to move out of the place. Then we had to practice in walking. I can assure that Ive never tried anything as difficult and trying before. We reeled round as a couple of drunks. When we at long last had to move fairly normal! We had to learn to run, to get down on our knees and up again and what strangely enough, showed to be the most difficult, to crawl. 

There was a cubby-hole, with 2 naked figures showing Charlene and Yvette, holding a sign between them, saying water and 2 arrows, pointing towards their pussies. As we both were very thirsty, we knelt down, leant forwards to lick... With a seconds interval me both cried out in pain and shock, as we got heavy electrical shocks on our tongues. Horrified we looked at each other. Was this some new way to torment us? I thought like crazy, as I was sure that it had a purpose, besides giving us an electrical shock. From the quite uncontrolled shaking, I could tell that she was close to a breakdown. Which probably only would get us in ever bigger trouble. Yes of course, but could it really be that simple. “We have to do it at the exactly same time” I burst out. So we tried again, we got several shocks but at long last we got it right and was able to satisfy our thirst. 

Even though we both felt that were very good at it, we continued to walk, run and crawl back and forth in the room, as we obviously didnt dare not to.

Our Mistresses returned, together with some maidens who brought a table and a bench we looked nervously at each other, as the bench was equipped with 4 big strategically placed dildos its simply impossible for us to sit down, without sitting on them. But we sort of forgot all our worries and concerns as we saw that theyve brought food too. When everything was placed to the girls satisfaction, they yelled and screamed and hit the hapless maidens a lot during the process, they quite obviously were equal temperamental too.

“You better get those ready” Charlene said and nodded towards the dildos. I of course knew what she wanted! Its simply the most humiliating of all for me, even worse than being used as toilet or ashtray, to suck and lick the dildo to get it wet enough.

I gave sis the little squeeze and together we moved over, knelt down and sucked the dildos, till our Mistress were satisfied and then we were ordered to sit down. Unable to see or guide the dildos in place, we very carefully and insecure we felt our way and hoped for the best. The girls had of course not the patience for that and simply pressed us down and forced the huge dildos into us. Laughing of our suffering.

We looked quite silly at the table, one plate, one fork and one knife. “Remember youre one” Laughing they left again. This time sis took control, took the fork, stuck it into a piece of meat and said cut. I took the knife; cut of the piece and giggling she fed me with it. Then I cut a piece of for her and so on, until the plate was empty.

Once again our mistresses timing were perfect and they entered the room, just as we laid down the cutlery, and ordered us to follow them. With some difficulties we got up and hurried to follow them. Quite ashamed we found out that we actually should do everything and anything together even going to the bathroom. Which really were very difficult for the both of us. But if we had to, we had to do it together and simultaneous.

I still dont know how, but somehow we managed to do that too.

Back in the dungeon, we were allowed to get out of those very uncomfortable and quite torturous boots and they even removed the corsets. Even though we werent tied together we still stood as close together as if we still were.

They opened another door, into an, except from a big black box, empty room. Yvette pressed a button and the upper ½ of the box slid up, revealing a very bizarre inside. There simply were cutouts for 2 figures, undoubtedly us. I looked very nervous on the enormous black dildos, which only could be intended for our butts. Id never had anything that big up there before.

Were ordered to get into the box and place ourselves on the big black monsters. I cried, moaned and groaned as the big thing relentless forced its way into me. When it at long last was disappeared totally into me, I was ordered to lie down. It really was a tight fit, as I couldnt move at all.

Then its sis turn, babbling she placed herself on the huge thing and begged for mercy as it relentless slid into her. In vain of course and shortly after she laid, crying next to me.   

Yvette placed a stopper in my one nostril and a rubber tube in the other, making it very difficult for me to breathe. Then she turned a switch and merciless something extremely big was forced into my pussy. Rather our pussies, as I from her groaning that it happened to her too.

I couldnt help whining either, as I was totally and painfully filled up.

The top of this awful box slowly began to slide down again. Frightened I stared up in it; its cut out just like the bottom, with yet another huge dildo, which quite obviously was meant for our mouth. Horrified I realised that we should spend the night, locked into that dreadful box. It scared me so much, that I for once began to complain. I expected that either Charlene or Yvette would hit me, but instead it began to tickle inside my pussy, not quite unpleasant, but slowly it began to become quite painful and I realised that the dildo in my pussy was electrical. As I surely didnt want to know how paifully the could do it, I began to babble away, begging for forgiveness, I even ended pleading them to shut it, to our cruel mistress big amusement. I realised that sis reaction had been semilar to mine and that we both actually pleaded them to shut it.

The breathing tube, disapeared up in the top, where some kind of mechanism kept it straight. As the top came closer and closer. The dildo pressed towards my lipps and even though I opened my mouth ad wide as I possibly could. It forced my jaws even further apart. I ckoked as it forced its way down into my throat. ”Forgot to mention” Yvette yelled just before it shut tight ”If you waste anything during the night, its gathred in a tank and when the tank is full, its pumped up, into the others mouth.” In other words, if any of us peed, the other would have to drink it.

The lid shut tight and we laid in total darness and silence. I hardly could breathe through the tube and all my holes hurt as theyre totally blocked out. Having to spend the nigt in this coffin, scared the wits out of me. I found comfort feeling her arm pressing against mine. I dont know how, but somehow I manged to turn my hand and grab hers. 

Review This Story || Author: Oak
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