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The Entrapment of Susan Andrews:

Part 4

           The Entrapment of Susan Andrews

                                   By Masterofm


                              Part Four


                                Jasons Story

Watching the old bitch Mrs. Andrews getting out of her motor my dick was soon getting hard again to the memory of having it buried so far inside Mrs. Andrews I thought it would surely come out of her mouth if I pushed any harder.

Jeez had I ever fucked the bitch, and even after that staying hard and coming in her mouth then shooting my lot all over her face and tits, Christ was that good, a chip of the old block the old man had said, but today was to be all about watching and learning and, as the old man had said, more importantly, recording the whole deal with his selection of digital video filming devices and cameras to ensure a good record of the bitchs initiation as a  Pony Girl

So I stayed where I was upstairs in the barn waiting for the action to begin, determined to do a good job of filming it all, knowing that not only would Mrs. Andrews get to see a well edited complete DVD thus, as before, ensuring her future compliance, but that the old mans bunch of cronies would also be given free access to the finished article, together, I knew, with eventual access to, and use of ,my pony girl head teacher, Susan Andrews herself.

Old Mrs. Andrews was about to discover a world she probably never new even existed until now, all because of her continually having a go at me at school until I got so hacked off I went home and told the old man they could stuff school, Id had enough of it.

Then the old man had surprised me by telling me he knew a lot about my head teacher and that maybe, if I wanted to get even with her, I should carry on getting under her skin enough for her to take some action against me.

How would you like to have your dick in her mouth? he had asked me!  My dick had sprung to attention at the very thought of it and truth to tell most guys in the school would have reacted the same way.

But I suppose I wasnt at all shocked to hear my old man talking this way because a year or so beforehand I had wandered into the barn one night to find the old man and a couple of other guys in there and what really grabbed my attention was that my Mum Annie was naked and strung upside down from one of the wooden beams with her legs  spread wide apart. So for the first time I saw my Mums nipple rings, from which hung some weights hanging from a metal chain attached to her rings.

More than that though one of the guys also had his dick in her mouth whilst another was slapping her hairless pussy with a short leather crop and, shocked as I was to see my mum strung up and being used that way, I couldnt stop my dick from almost bursting my pants, but even when the old man finally noticed my presence all he did was wink at me and tell me.

Its okay son I think youre old enough now to know that your mum is my slave

Instead of running off in disgust and embarrassment I wanted only to stand there and watch these guys playing with my mother and as I stood there stroking my rock hard dick trough my pants she suddenly made eye contact with me, but instead of looking horrified at seeing me there, all she did was to suck even harder on the guys dick and I stood there, looking on in amazement when the guy eventually emptied his dick and balls into my Mums mouth before taking it out and shooting over her face and neck.

That was when I really did have to go, but only because I had to jerk myself off in my room to the amazing scenes I had just witnessed.

Of course I had seen the magazines my parents never bothered to hide, the bondage ones showing women, and some guys, in all sorts of bondage situations and plenty of times I had sneaked one into my room to jerk off to, but that was the first time I had actually seen my Mother and father doing it and what made it all the more dick busting for me was to watch those other two guys with my Mum although I was later to discover those guys had there own shared slaves and that it was my Mums turn that night.

So It was easy enough for me to guess just what the old man was thinking of when he explained what he had in mind for Mrs. Andrews and from where some heavy duty help would come.

Of course I was all for it, I already got a big kick out of goading my bitch Head Teacher and so, with a few absences, some choice words and best of all, some unashamed staring at her big tits and curvy ass she eventually got so hacked off with me she went right ahead and excluded me, just as the old man said she would.

Then another massive stroke of luck came our way when she silly bitch came along to the barn all on her own, meaning that for the time being the old man wouldnt need to call upon his heavy duty help……………

  So, with me  beginning to film her, Mrs. Andrews got out of her car and things started easy enough with the old man coming out from the barn and being his other self, that of a courteous host, helping the old bitch from her motor, kissing her on both cheeks and then leading her into the barn.

She certainly looked confused by the old mans politeness  toward her but as I looked down from my perch up in the hay loft Mrs. Andrews demeanour very quickly changed when she saw Annie.

Oh my god the bitch had cried when she saw Annie all dressed up in her pony girl outfit and harnessed to the little one seat pony cart.

I suppose it must have been one hell of a shock for Ms. Andrews because all Annie was wearing a leather collar, her favourite thigh length patent leather boots and matching leather thong.

But what stunned her most was a set of leather reins clipped to the metal rings set into a triangular head harness. This consisting of leather straps running down either side of her face to form a leather bit gag fastened around the back of her neck and, oh yes, the little bells attached to Annies nipple rings and I suppose the rings must also have been quite a shock to Mrs. Andrews.

Annies other equipment consisted of her padded leather wrist cuffs and were clipped to the carts handles and as the old bitch stood there gawking at Annie the old man took her by the shoulders and told her.

As Annie won the wrestling match between the pair of you today you can gain your revenge by beating her in a pony girl race!

If Mrs. Andrews had thought Annie was putting on show she  realised  her mistake when the old man placed a matching collar around her neck and began removing her blouse and only then did she finally find her voice.

The old bitch was looking across at Annie but addressing the old man.

Oh dear god no……..surely you dont expect me to. To…, please no. this is madness! she pleaded to the old man. Strangely though the bitch didnt try to run away, maybe she was just too shocked to try it but for whatever reason the old man soon had her stripped down to her black bra a little thong, one of the sets Annie had shown me when she got them for Mrs. Andrews.

Anyway the bitchs tits looked even better in that half cup bra, Pushed together and upward at the same time they were just massive, you couldnt see her nipples but I was sure they would soon be on show when she had to start jogging, almost as good was her tight ass in that little black thong Annie had given her. I couldnt see her cunt yet but guessed the little triangle of black wouldnt go anywhere near to hiding her hair and cunt lips and together with the gold slave chain the old bitch looked fantastic!

Never in a million years would she have guessed she would have ended up as a pony girl slave just for taking me on and she hadnt yet even been introduced to the guy who would be her eventual trainer and owner!

Mrs. Andrews was still complaining about the old mans treatment of her even after  he had clipped her wrist cuffs together behind her back and only when he put her in the same headgear as Annie did Mrs. Andrews Finally realise all the grousing in the world wasnt going to change things so she shut up and stood still, giving me the opportunity to look down and see those fantastic tis heaving up and down in her nervous apprehension , but as the old man  placed  leather mask over her eyes and clipped her cuffs to the cart handles, Mrs. Andrews was protesting  again, but gagged as she was it was pretty pointless as her moaning came out only as grunts,.

With me still filming with the Digital video camera the old man took hold of the reins attached to Mrs. Andrews head harness and give them a quick tug.

Okay Pony Girl Suzie, lets get things going with a quick lesson, when I pull on your reins and say giddy up! you start  walking, for now Ill walk in front of you so you get the idea, but if you are too slow starting off then you get this across your shoulders

With that that old man demonstrated this statement by slapping the carriage whip over her shoulders and just I loved the way her tits jiggled when she cringed to the whip.

Then, Giddy up!  Said the old man and Mrs. Andrews began walking along the barn floor pulling in her hands the specially made lightweight one seat buggy, its two large wheelchair wheels stabilised by a much smaller bogy wheel that enabled the buggy to turn along with its pony.

So with little choice but to obey him my bitch Head Teacher followed the old mans instructions as he led her humiliatingly around the large interior of the barn, then, when he was satisfied she had got the idea  he called out. Shes ready now and a leather clad guy in a full leather face mask suddenly appeared in the barn

Mrs. Andrews gave a good impression of a real agitated filly when seeing this guy and the old man, gripping hard on her reins told her.

Hes Annies driver whilst I train you Suzie, but after the race hell take over and try you out for himself!

Of course I knew the guy, but my Head Teacher wasnt yet ready to discover his identity, so when walking up to Mrs. Andrews he said nothing but simply reached down and put his hand straight inside her black thong. Her gasp and the look on her face told me he must have slid his fingers inside the bitchs cunt, even better was her horrific facial reaction to having him then take those big tits out from her bra cups and squeeze both huge nipples in turn.

Then the old man was telling the guy We can have them ringed if you wish. And whilst the masked guy nodded his assent and continued his probing of her cunt and squeezing of her nipples, Mrs. Andrews quickly began to helplessly protest into her gag and shaking her head in fear and denial 

Eventually satisfied with his exploration of my Head Teacher the guy took his seat on the carriage my Mum had been harnessed to earlier, and as if as a lesson for Mrs. Andrews, he then harshly slapped the carriage whip across her shoulders.

Giddy up bitch!  The guy told Mum, and straight away she began a slow and to my mind my, graceful trot across the Barn toward the large double doors to be followed by the old man, still leading the now bare breasted Mrs. Andrews from the front but by now a little faster, causing her to break into a trot similar to that of Annie.

A smallish corral outside the Barn was used for the old mans Pony girl racing and zooming out the Camera gave me a good view of this from the upstairs barn doorway.

It was here that Mrs. Andrews, with the old man finally aboard the carriage and his carriage whip landing regularly upon her shoulders, resentfully learned the techniques of Pony Girl Racing, trotting around the circular wooden  interior of the corral, her big tits bobbing and down and her all but naked ass begging to be fucked, she trotted beside the experienced duo of my Mum Annie and her handler until the old man was at last satisfied my bitch Head Teacher was ready to race.

We race  Five circuits around the corral, the loosing pony gets hosed down and then hung upside down in the barn for a couple of hours while we play with her said the old man, knowing full well this would be all the incentive Mrs. Roberts would need to make a proper race of it and even try to win but I knew full well just how good a pony girl my Mum is and that that she was longing another opportunity to toy with my Head Teachers body.

Finally both handlers lined their carriages beside one another and as the old Man began the count down from ten downward zero both guys readied their carriage whips for the off.

Eventually came the old mans voice shouting, ZERO and both guys

Shouted Giddy Up then landed their carriage whips across the shoulders of both Pony Girls who in turn began their task of pulling the carriages around the corral as fast as they could.

Now my Mother is a very fit woman but Ill give my Head Teacher her due for she was pretty fit herself and I guess it was that, together with her fear of being hung upside down in the barn, that made her keep up with Annie stride for stride around the corral, first for one lap, then another and another until both women were noticeably sweating and panting heavily, noticeably slowing even though both drivers were giving the pony girls plenty of whip until, a good ten minutes after the race started both Carriages began their final laps side by side.

Even from a distance it was obvious Mrs. Andrews was by now almost out of breath andsweating heavily, she was almost done for but still none the less matching Mum, herself less obviously out of breath,  stride for stride around the final lap.

GIDDY UP BITCH shouted the old man, slashing his carriage whip over the already reddened bitches shoulders, his natural competitiveness extolling Mrs. Andrews to even greater efforts and, to my astonishment my Pony Girl Head Teacher responded by pulling her carriage over the finish line a good foot clear of Mums own carriage and driver to be declared the winner by both drivers who were quick to dismount and attend to their exhausted breathless and heavily sweating Pony Girls, removing them from the carriage, unclipped the reins from their head harnesses before clipping the cuffs of both women behind their backs.

Then each handler began liberally sponging each others naked charges down with plenty of cold cooling water.

Perhaps she was just too exhausted to complain but to my surprise  as I zoomed in on her Mrs. Andrews simply stood there besides the fencing whilst the masked Driver rubbed every inch of her all but naked body down with his cold sponge and even when having her little thong pulled aside, the bitch  made some protest noises into her gag, but by none the less stood obediently still and kept her legs spread as the guy rubbed the wet sponge around her crotch and Ass.

I continued my filming after both Ponies were cleaned and sufficiently rested and Mrs. Andrews, obviously relieved to have won the race and thereby save herself from being strung upside down, made no protest as she was led by her masked handler back into the Barn alongside my Mother who I guessed, would herself be looking forward to some attention from both men but, if Mrs. Andrews was thinking she would be getting away from there pretty soon I knew she was sadly mistaken.

And so it proved to be, for after clipping her wrist cuffs to a convenient wooden post, my Head teacher bitch stood there, looking on helplessly as, after helping the old Man to attach a pair of strong padded ankle leather cuffs to my Mums ankles and then haul her upside down via a strong rope and winch until her head was a good two feet from the floor,  the masked guy turned his attention back toward Mrs. Andrews.

Seconds later he had silently ripped away  her tiny thong  then unclipped and removed the half cup bra, completely exposing to my Camera her horror-struck expression as the guy hands roamed freely over  her huge but firm tits and delved into  the well trimmed pubic hair and her cunt.

Then his fingers were not only once again inside her but this time staying there as the old man wandered over toward them and I was zooming my camera into her stunned expression as the old man was telling Mrs. Andrews just what she was expected to do next.

Soon afterward, with my cock was almost at busting point I was filming the naked Mrs. Andrews, her wrists still clipped together behind her back and with the masked man repeatedly catching her naked buttocks with his horse crop,  lowering her head over the widely spread and completely exposed upside down crotch of my Mum.

Now get that tongue into Annies cunt and give her the best head job shes ever had said the old man before reinforcing his command by giving my head teacher a vicious blow on the back of her thighs with his own horse crop, causing her, with her gag now removed, to scream in painful anguish, yet absorbing the lesson and even though it surely must have been a new and probably revolting experience for her, Susan Andrews dropped her head a little and with her mouth hovering over my Mothers crotch, snacked out her tongue until the reddish wet member hesitantly begin caressing its exposed cunt lips as the masked guy, more gently now, continued to punish my head teachers buttocks with his crop.

Thats it, now push your tongue down, much deeper, get it right inside her cunt, wriggle it around for a couple of minutes, then take her clit between your teeth, give it a little bite and then get that tongue deep in her cunt again, said the old man, after watching the bitches initial efforts on my Moms cunt.

Then after ensuring her compliance by giving my Head teacher another reminder of his crop upon her reddened thighs, it wasnt long before I could hear my mom making groaning noises as Mrs. Andrews, either willingly or more likely to avoid any further hellish pain to her thighs, began warming to her task.

Whatever, it made for great filming and with mom moaning more and more I zoomed in on my moms crotch.  It was obvious Mrs. Andrews had obeyed the old man when I saw her teeth pulling biting into and then gently pull upon what must have been Moms clitty, making her squeal a little before her tongue again delved deep inside moms cunt.

I guess all this continued for a good half hour, during which I knew mom must have come half a dozen time such was the noise she was making and I suppose the bitches tongue must by then have ached like hell but although unknown to her I knew she had more than that to worry about when unseen by her  the masked guy took out a huge boner from his leather trousers and with what was well accomplished and obviously practised manoeuvre grabbed Susan Andrews hips and pulled her back onto him and when the masked guy slipped his dick into her even to me in the hayloft, the Head Teachers gasp was very audible.

Get that tongue back down there! ordered the old man of her as the other guy rammed his huge dick deep inside the bitch and amazingly, once again, whether through fear or pleasure Mrs. Andrews did just that, pushing her tongue back into moms cunt and coupling the three of them together.

Eagerly and trying to ignore my own rampant needs, I looked down and captured the whole incredible scenario on film, knowing the finished article would be a blockbuster, my own Head Teacher being fucked silly by a masked stranger whilst she herself sucked upon and greedily devoured my own moms juices whilst by now pushing herself back onto the cock  inside her and so obviously enjoying the fucking of a lifetime she was herself getting right then.

Trapped as she was and with the old man now holding her mouth down upon moms crutch there was no escape or rest bite for the bitch and the guys brutal fucking of Mrs. Andrews in this position continued for another fifteen minutes, relentlessly gripping and pulling back on her hips each time he violently thrust into her until on one occasion whilst pulling her back by the hips, he continued pulling her  onto his cock before  lifting her away from my moms crotch and, placing his arms around her stomach bent his own body over, thereby forcing Mrs. Andrews to do likewise,  gradually forcing both bodies down until both were in a kneeling position with her head pressing onto the rubber matting beside the still suspended naked body of my mom with Mrs. Andrews still impaled upon his cock.

In this new position the masked guy continued his brutal fucking of my groaning, moaning head teacher and then suddenly he had pulled out of her and now crouching over her with legs astride her naked body, the guy was pushing and bending Mrs. Andrews until, with her face buried in the matting her ass was now pointing upward and, taking his cock in one hand, the guy plunged into her once more, only this time straight into the bitchs anus!.

After a short shocked silence when her mind was still taking in what the guy had just done to her, her sudden screaming must have been heard for miles around, and then, with his huge hard cock buried to the hilt in her obviously virgin asshole Susan Andrews began alternately screaming and begging for mercy, so much so that for one moment I almost felt sorry for my bitch head teacher as the masked guy brutally speared his huge cock in and out of her Ass, withdrawing almost completely before time after time plunging back into her, his cock disappearing until only a pair of heavy balls were visible to my camera lens, just what that was doing to her insides I didnt know or care, all I knew was that as one hand pushed her head ever deeper into the rubber matting whilst now spanking her ass with the other, the masked guy seemed to be taking more than just his pleasure from Mrs. Andrews, he was hell bent on leaving his mark upon her by giving her a lesson in sexual brutality she would never ever forget until, with  my bitch head teachers shrieks and pleading ever more desperate, the guys grunting became more and more urgent until, suddenly, he broke his silence and in a grunting, horse voice, growled.

Here it comes you bitch, your going to take it all up that classy arse! and abruptly he became static upon the matting, his dick buried to the hilt inside Mrs.  Andrews anus, obviously emptying himself, shooting his load deep inside her rectum whilst she herself was repeating over again, No…oh please god no! until finally he was spent, but even then he had not finished with her and as the sobbing pained head teacher curled up into a self protective terrified ball on the rug her masked abuser had one last indignity in store for her when, grasping her long hair he lifted her face toward his slimy spent cock growling Clean it bitch as he pushed his cum and dirt soaked cock inside of the sobbing, defeated and utterly spent Susan Andrews mouth.

The Old Man then took mum down from her suspension so that she could cuddle, console and then clean the bitch after she had completed her gut retching task of cleaning her abusers cock and then looking up at me gave me the thumbs up, the sign that I could pack up the recording equipment and then begin the task of editing and producing the eventual DVD.

How though I would have loved to have been part of the action down there, sure as far as the old man was concerned Mom was out of bounds to me, I was going to change that soon enough though but for now my bitch head teacher was as sure as hell not because soon I would be back in school and although she would in fact be shared property the bitch would be mine more or less any time I wanted her!



                                   End of Part Four





Review This Story || Author: masterofm
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