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Wife Takes Charge Forever

Part 1

Wife Takes Charge Forever!

by PuppyGirl


The story you are about to hear is true. The names have been changed to protect my Mistress, lol. My name use to be plain ole Stan, but it has now been changed to Alana, as my Mistress prefers this and it better suits my so called "new status". Please allow me to explain what happened to me and to advise any guys out there that enjoy Femdom and feminization to be very careful it you ask your wife to participate. I have learned the hard way that just because a woman seems to have a laid back relaxed personality it does not mean that once she has tasted the power of sexual Domination and feminization she will not change, apparently, overnight into a full fledged natural born Femdom Mistress that will control every aspect of your life. I have been and had submissive tendencies since my first sexual thoughts began to stir in my adolescent brain. From that point until I met my wife and married, I had acted upon these feelings with several girlfriends and ladies I met over the internet on alternative sites dealing with Femdom and she male sissy maids. I was constantly dissatisfied and craved a more stern and committed relationship dealing with my submission. Until I met my wife I had never found this relationship and never thought we would have it either.

My wife and I are in our middle thirties and have been married for two years. Neither of us had been married previously and fell quickly and tremendously in love with one another almost from the first time we met. I work out of my home, as I am a writer and well published and needless to say have a very nice income. If some movie deals would come through, I would have a great income and could really be considered wealthy. I live in a small town and most of the time after writing in the mornings would run down to a little bistro I enjoyed for lunch. That is where I met Sarafina. She was a waitress at the bistro and waited in me that fateful day. I am six feet tall, weigh in at 180 lbs, and am considered handsome with dark brown hair and a well-sculpted body due to regular workouts with a trainer and I keep a year round tan. I take pride in being muscular and one would never guess of my submissive tendencies by looking at me. It was a cold November day when I first spotted Sarafina coming over to m table. She was absolutely gorgeous to me but would probably be considered somewhat average in appearance to other males. Let me explain, I have a thing for black haired, petite females that are Greek looking in appearance or truly Greek. As Sarafina approached my table, I saw that she was extremely short, at five feet tall, and she was wearing tight fitting black pants the bistro provided, that showed off her small but extremely fit backside. I almost came as I saw her stop and fill an iced tea for a customer and bend down to get her pen that she dropped on the floor. She was wearing a white tight t-shirt that had the bistro logo and her jet-black raven hair fell down her back in a tight braid. Her lips were so were a little to big for her face but I love that anyway. They were so naturally red that I did not hear her as she asked for my order. I could not take my eyes off her beautiful face, lips, and breasts that had to be 38 DD's on her small frame. As she looked up for the first time, she seemed to be as taken with me as I was with her. We both ended up laughing and feeling somewhat embarrassed at our predicament. Needless to say, I asked her out that day and we started dating immediately and fell deeply in love with one another very quickly. She had the most agreeable personality I had ever met and did not seem to have a Dominant bone in her body. After three months of dating, I asked her to move in with me and after another three months and her decorating my house as she preferred the house to be, we were married by the local justice of the peace and went to Greece on a month long honeymoon. We constantly told one another how much we loved each other and it was so special for me to give Sarafina gifts and vacations that she had never experienced before. It turns out she came from a very poor family and had worked hard all her life so it was with great pride and love that I begged her to quit working and just enjoy life. This she did and we were together twenty four seven making love and just being with one another. I had to force myself to write and meet deadlines as I was totally taken with Sara's body and my love for her. I had never felt this way before and it was consuming me. We really started experimenting with different sexual activities and reveled in our ability to pleasure one another. I was already giving her foot massages with hands and my tongue, performing oral whenever and however she desired it. Then one day as I was out at the grocery store, she found on the computer all the websites I visited for Femdom, sissification, chastity belts, she male stories, and toilet games. I apologize that this paragraph has been so long but I needed to get across the love we had for each other in order for you, Dear Reader, to see the change in Sara after she found out my deepest secrets. I had always realized that during sex, or sucking my wife's toes or painting said toes, that she had a way of leading me in to doing whatever she pleased. She even had this ability when it was not sexual between us in things like what movie we would see, what restaurant we would eat in. She was so sweet and demure that I could deny her nothing. The moment I stepped in the house that day and saw her face, with that wicked smile on her ruby lips, I knew somewhere deep inside that my life was about to change.

"Well, hello there Dear, I am glad you are home. We need to have a talk", Sara said as I entered carrying the bags of groceries. "And I want you to come to the bedroom and strip naked before we chat too", she said as she turned without further ado and left the room. I noticed she was wearing the black lingerie' I loved along with stiletto heels, black gloves, and her face was made up exquisitely in dark red lipstick and blush. She truly looked the part of a Mistress and I immediately got hard. I had never, never, shared my submissive fantasies with Sara but had eluded to them only in things like tongue massages on her feet and tongue massages on her beautiful ass that I craved everyday. I loved her so much that I never wanted her to see my as a sissy fag or sissy maid that I was in my fantasies but as the real man she fell in love with. I should have covered my steps on the computer much, much better. I quickly stripped naked, and rushed up the stairs prepared for some great sex when as I entered the room, I saw Sara sitting in a chair at the foot of the bed with all these pages spread over the bed and in her hand. "Well, my pretty husband, I have been doing a little computer work of my own and have found some very interesting things about you" she said in a dead pan but authoritative voice. "Kneel here at my feet my little sissy and let's talk". I was shocked at what she said and just did as she ordered. "My sweetness, I have found all of your sissy fag stories, she male stories, and even the toilet site you are a member of", she stated with a cruel smile on her face. "I never knew you were such a pervert, My Darling, so very, very, perverted and a cocksucker too" she said!

"But you do not understand, Sara, those were only stories I used to aid me in writing my novels", I practically screamed at her. The smile she had immediately disappeared and she quickly reached out and slapped my face hard leaving a true stinging all across the left side of my cheek. "Never raise your voice to me or lie to me again, husband, do you understand that", she yelled? "OK, OK," I screamed back only to get another slap across my face. "What did I just tell you, slut. And refer to me as Mistress until I tell you differently," she said calmly. "Kneel there and listen to me carefully, my soon to be slut, for I have a few things to say that will definitely have an impact on your life and out relationship" she said. I could not believe my five- foot tall wife, 95 pounds of pure femininity, had me on my knees scared and submissive to her every word. " I have run off the stories that truly turn me on, and also, the comments and stories you have submitted to these sites. I now know every dark, deep, perverted desire you have, my pretty slut. Every one of them and I will take the others you have deep inside you as well. I have known about this for over a month and have prepared for this day since I found out what you really are and desire to be. Please, my pretty Darling, do not say anything, as I can see you want to speak. But do not do this. Only listen to your beautiful wife and all will be well," she said as she laughed quietly to herself. She took my head in her hands and kissed me passionately and aggressively before uttering the words that would strip me of my masculinity forever although I did not know it at the time "My beautiful husband, Stan, I love you with all my heart. And I always will. You are the only love I have ever truly had in my life and I will never let you go. Therefore, as you have done with me, I want to make all your dreams and fantasies come true. You were a rich and powerful man that fell in love with me, a waitress, that most people in this world would consider below your social level, and you married me because you love and cherish me. You have given me a life of luxury I would never have had if I had not fallen in love with and married you. I will be forever grateful that we met and that you are mine." I actually had tears in my eyes as she said this, and she did too. "Therefore, my sweetness, I want you to live out all of your fantasies and desires too. And I want to be the one that makes them all come true for you no matter how perverted they may be. As with you, Darling, I am quite the pervert too, as you shall soon see" she said lovingly. "I have read everything I can get my hands on and know exactly what you need and crave now, my Darling, and I am going to give it to you in spades," she laughingly said. "I now you wish to speak and voice your opinions on this matter but I am not interested in hearing a bunch of excuses from you trying to save your pride and masculinity because you think I will feel less love for you because of your desires, on the contrary, now that I have read and understand what it is you desire, My Sweetest Love of all time, I want it as badly as you. When I am finished with you, My pretty slut, you will be the epitome of a sissy fag maid and under the complete control of your Wife/Mistress. Do not speak and try to explain yourself, if this is what you are willing to commit to, simply stand and go into the bathroom and obey the orders I have typed out for you and left on the toilet seat. I know this is what you desire and it makes my pussy so wet thinking about this that I can hardly stand it. Now go to the bathroom and seal your fate, my love", she said. I could not believe that I stood without so much as saying a word, looked down at my beautiful wife, now my Mistress, all dressed in black and looking so stunningly beautiful that I knew at that moment that I would do anything that she asked of me. I saw her smiling quite broadly as I quietly went into the bathroom and began my sissy training and emasculation for real and not as a masturbatory fantasy.

Sara sat on the bed smiling to herself completely blown away by how easy her husband had allowed her to take complete control. Oh, she had manipulated him sexually before to get him to do what she desired for her orgasms, but this was completely different. He had just agreed to give her complete control not of just his sex life but his entire life as well. She could almost cumm thinking how much further she was going to take his domination than any fantasy he had ever had. He so loved to pose in the mirror and admire himself after his workouts as he looked at the pumped muscles on that manly body of his. I wonder is he will admire the tits, the smaller waist, and the chastised cock once she was through with him. The completely shaven head, the lingerie he/she would wear at all times, the fuller lips, the liposuction, Botox injections he/she would have, the completely feminized slut he/she would be when Sara finished with him. Sara thought of all the abuse she had taken at the hands of her Father that had driven her to seek the relationships with women she so adored. They were so much more intimate and loving. She could never explain how she had been so attracted to Stan when they met but knew somewhere deep down that she could have her true desire with him. And that desire was one she had never shared with anyone. She smiled and played with her pussy lips as she thought of how little Stan really knew about her. She had moved to this town to get away from a seven- year relationship she had with Janet before it went bad due to Sara's possessiveness of her lover. Yes, she was definitely possessive of her lovers, Sara thought to herself, as she played with her pussy lips and smiled. But with Stan she was going to have it all. Sara absolutely adored cocks, just not the men they were attached to. She still after considering herself a true lesbian, would at times crave a real huge cock so bad that she had profiles on different sites for that purpose only. To get banged by huge cocks with no commitments at all. Janet never knew about this but Stan would. Hell, Sara smiled, when she was through with her husband, he would suck the cock hard for her and place it in her cunt with his full feminine lips. Sara looked down at her body as she fingered her pussy and smiled again as she realized how easy it was going to be to take everything from her husband. She did not need to worry about ruining his writing career by transforming him and thereby ruining his image with his fans because he had already signed the fifteen million dollar movie right contract that set them, actually it set her, she laughed out loud, as she would take control of all finances when the time was right, and that would be very soon. Right after her sissy hubby fucked and sucked a real huge cock and could no longer deny what he was. With that last thought Sara headed into the bathroom to begin her shemale sissy hubby's first day of training.

Stan was sitting on the toilet with the Nair hair remover smeared everywhere from head to toe Sara noticed as she entered the bathroom. "You silly girl that is really going to burn. How long have you had it on", she asked? "Tem minutes so far Mistress", Stan said meekly. "Good lord girl get in the shower and rinse off, you are going to be redder than a sunburn. But at least you will be suffering for your new Mistress", Sara said and laughed at her husband. Stan could not believe he was doing this. Something inside of him screamed to bring it to stop but when he saw Sara dressed and acting so dominant he was helpless to stop. Besides, he was fixing to live a long time fantasy so why stop. Sara seemed really cool with the idea. Besides he was harder than he had ever been. Some thing about his real wife taking so much control of him drove his cock to want to spurt its' cumm all over his stomach. As the hair washed from his body like water down a fall and he suddenly realized he would not be able to hide his naked legs and body at the gym locker room he started to panick. "Calm down, my sweet, you will get use to the hairless look soon enough". "But what will the guys at the gym say, Sara", Stan meekly asked as he watched now all the hair on his body slide down the drain. "You will not be going to the gym Darling, I have hired a trainer to come here and work you out. He will not mind in the least that you are hairless. I have chatted with him online and met him a few times when I decided we were going down this path. There will be no need for you to hide anything from Gregg or be embarrassed by anything he and I tell you to wear or do during your workouts. Welcome to my world, Darling", Sara laughed mockingly in stans' face. She pulled him out of the shower and dried him off. "Kneel Bitch and eat my cunt. Starting your transformation has gotten me wet and I need to cum" Sara said. Stan knelt and looked up at his small wife who barely stood over him even though he was on his knees and quickly began to nibble her clit like she liked and then found himself burying his entire face in her pussy, as he had never done before. Sara screamed out in pleasure astonished at the desire that stan was showing and grabbed his head and pulled his face deeper into her cunt. "Yes, bitch, yes, eat my Superior cunt. Suck my clit like it is a small cock you nasty little slut". Stan could feel Sara's' juices running from her pussy as he had never seen them run before and tripled his effort on making his Mistress cum. "Yes, oh god yes oh god I am cummmmmmiiiiinnnnngggggg", Sara screamed, as she came all over stans' face and down his mouth. Her body shaking with the orgasm she ordered stan to hold her as she came yet again from his tongue ministrations. "MMMM, that was good Dear, very good. But then again, you have always been a good pussy licker. It is your cock sucking that we will have to improve upon," Sara said wickedly as she grabbed stans' face and pulled it deep into her cunt. "Here is a little token of my appreciation for your cunt lapping, Dear, drink up", Sara said as she let go with a stream of urine directly into her slut husbands' mouth and face. "MMM, is that good bitch, you should thank me for giving you the privilege of drinking my piss. You will drink it any and every time I need to go from this point forward", Sara said as she watched her husband redden with humiliation from what she had just made him drink. "Yes, you are my toilet now, ALANA, by the way, that is your new name. Alana is my favorite female name. Now, clean yourself up, brush your teeth and come to the bedroom. You need to be powdered, made up, and dressed you little slut," with that said, Sara turned around, and placed her ass directly in front of stans' face. "Kiss my ass and thank me for the privilege of eating me and drinking my Golden piss", Sara said, "and do it now stan. From this moment forward you will never hesitate when I give you an order." As if I was in a trance, I knelt and kissed my wife's beautiful, feminine backside. Not only did I kiss it, I stuck my submissive tongue as far up her behind as I could in order for her to know how much I wanted her to completely dominate me.

"Sit on the chair in front of the mirror pretty one" Sara said as I entered the bedroom. "There are a list of rules you will follow from this point forward if you are going to be my sissy fag maid. And I know from what you have been reading that you want to be. Read them while I apply your wig and make up". As I began to read the rules I could not believe my eyes! She had lost her mind if she thought I would agree to the things that she had proposed. As I read Sara knelt and took my hard cock into her mouth and started slowly sucking me. I found it hard to concentrate on reading but she was going so slow that I managed to read all of her conditions and out loud as she ordered me to do. My cock felt like it would explode as I began to read her rules but she would stop just when I could not hold back and let the sensation die down and then start again. It was torture but I read like the sissy fag she was obviously turning me into. She purposely did not number them but let them run like a paragraph, as it would be harder to single them out. I started to read as she sucked my rock hard cock deep into her mouth. "Mistress, I will read this as you ordered but I will never agree to this at all", I said as she looked up from my cock. "Just read them little slut, out loud as I have ordered. Then we will see what you will and will not do". "I , alana, sissy slut to Mistress Sarafina, do hereby give my body, mind, and freedom to Mistress Sarafina. I want to and will become her sissy fag cock-sucking slut, and she can manipulate my body in any way she deems necessary. I will obey her every command and not hesitate in following out her orders. I will keep my body clean shaven and workout daily with Gregg to force my body to make the changes that Mistress desires and will wear any and all clothing, instruments, piercing, and corrective clothing and lingerie as Mistress sees fit". I was so close to cumming that I was actually crying as I read this only to have Mistress shock my cock with ice she had hidden under the cabinet. "Further, I am my wife's'/Mistress' toilet and will gladly drink her waste regardless of where we are and any time she desires me to. I can only cum when Mistress allows it and is there to watch me. My cock is not my own but belongs to her explicitly to do with as she wills". By this time I was almost screaming to cum again as she slowly and torturously licked and sucked my cock while sliding her hand up and down the shaft keeping me on the very edge of orgasm only to be denied every time. I was putty in her hands and feeling any and all resistance to her fading the longer she worked my cock against me. "Read the last of it alana", she said as she started sucking me again. "Also, I will willingly beg Mistress to lock my cock up in a CB3000 so that only she has a key and only she can release me and give me the orgasms that she knows I will do anything she asks me to do in order to cum. And last but not least of these rules, and knowing that Mistress can add, delete, or change the rules at her whim, I agree to all of the above and wish only to live to please my WIFE and MISTRESS" I said as I finished the rules and was about to lose my mind with the expert manipulation of my cock by my beautiful wife. "Agree to all the rules now and I will let you cum, my love, but you must agree to them again, right now, while looking me in the ye and begging to live these rules as your new way of life," Sara said as she stroked my cock to the verge of orgasm. Something in me snapped as my cock swelled in the impending orgasm that was rapidly shooting cum out of my explosive cock. "Yes YES YES Mistress Sara, I will obey all the rules you have given me. Please let me be your sissy fag husband. I will do anything for you and agree to anything that pleases my beautiful and dominant wife. Oh Please, please, please, let me cum and I will be forever your sissy fag slut maid husband". I screamed as the cum shot out of my cock and into Sara's mouth never realizing that she had kept me on the verge of orgasm for close to an hour. It had seemed like only minutes. She stood up as I fell to my knees and pulled my mouth close to hers as she kissed me and passed every bit of cum I had given her into my waiting mouth. "Drink that Darling and get use to it, you will be drinking gallons of it from their very source sooner than you think". With that said, she grabbed me by the balls and raised me to the standing position. "Stand still, slut, I have a gift for you. One that you will love and hate for the rest of your life." With that said, she placed the Chastity belt on me and lead me to the bedroom. There she dressed my in pink hose, pink garters, pink 6 inch high heel shoes, pink bra, a pink corset that she pulled so tight I could barely breath and collared me in a pink collar that read across the front Sissy fag cock sucker to Mistress Sarafina. Now my nasty little slut there is a few things left we must do to celebrate your new life tonight. First of all, I have thrown away all of your male clothes completely. Do not fret, as you will not leave the house until you are properly trained any way. From this moment forward, you will only speak when spoken to or given permission and this will last until you have sucked a cock ten times to the complete satisfaction of the REAL MAN you are servicing. You no longer have a social life, I never liked your stuck up friends any way, and you will serve me and whomever I desire from this moment forward. All credit cards and checking accounts have been put in my name only and I have thrown your driving license away. And yes, My Love, I forged your signature on all the documents but they are quite legal now and witnessed by a lawyer I had to sleep with twice in order to act as a witness. So you see, you are completely dependant on me for money and travel. Now sign these papers Deary, and do it now. They are power of attorney transferring everything in to my name and all future income you may have into my name. Good, thank you for signing. Now this one, power of medical attorney, Good, thank you for signing. And this one, it is a legal transfer of power from you to me. In essence what it states is that you are my property and legal slave, and Yes Dear, it is legal and binding, and states that you can never legally or otherwise change these documents or contest them in any way. Good, thanks for signing. I know you think that this is a game and that I have written these papers up myself but you have really just given me everything you have as well as yourself", Sara said as she switched on the television and a tape played showing her fucking this huge black man with a cock that was truly twice if not three times as big as mine. "You can't do this to me" I screamed and she held me close to her and shushed me. "I know you are scared but you know I will take great care of you Baby. You know you can trust me. I love you and always will. You will get use to your feminine ways and being nothing more than a maid, slut, and sex toy for me. Do not worry honey, all will be well. I know this is a lot to swallow right now but you will just have to grin and bare it. Hell, I own you now,slut, and whether you want it or not, you will do as I ask", she mockingly laughed at me. "Remember, you were so rich and powerful before you met me and I saw the sub in you. Now you will learn what true service and humiliation is like and perhaps I will have you suck the cock of those rich friends of yours. Little Sarafina, barely five feet tall owns your slutty little ass now husband. Accept it and life will be much easier". With that said, my wife, the woman I had loved and cherished for two straight years, loved more than anything in the world and thought we would spend the rest of our years making love and pleasing one another, tied me spread eagle face up on our bed and fucked me with a strap on until once again I was screaming that I was her sissy fag slave and begging her to abuse, use, and humiliate me forever!

End of part one.

Review This Story || Author: puppygirl.
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