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Tammie's Training

Chapter 4 Back Home

          Chapter Four.....Back Home

  She was so sore that she couldn't sit upright on his car seat. So, he had her
lay on her side, her dress again bunched up around her waist, her head facing
the car door and her ass facing him. He alternately rubbed her ass and
finger-fucked her cum lubricated asshole with a leather gloved finger on the
drive back to her house. Before she got out of the car, he slipped a gloved
finger up her hot slit and made her thank him for the training he gave her that
afternoon. She was getting hot again, so he made her take his cock out, and made
her suck it, right there in front of her house, while he rubbed his leather
gloved hand over the welts on her ass. He told her to take it all, and as he
came she sucked it all down and held his cock in her mouth until he was soft

  "Go see your mother. I will be seeing you shortly," he said.

  She winced as she slid her welted ass from the car, and heard him drive away
as she made her way to the front door.

  Her father was snoring on the couch as she passed through the living room and
up the stairs. Her mother's door was ajar, so she went in, and closed the door
behind her.

   "Ok, Tammy, baby come here. What did he do to you, baby?"

    Her mother was naked and sitting on the edge of the bed. Her eyes had a
strange gleam in them as Tammy took her mother's outstretched hand.

   "Kneel down here, baby," she said. "What did he do to you, baby?"

   Tammy knelt between her mother's knees, and she began to sob,

   "He beat me, momma, he beat me," and she was sobbing.

   "Shh, it's ok honey. Let me just see," said her mom. And as Tammy knelt with
her head on her mother's thigh, her mother gently lifted the dress off of her
and pulled it free, and she was naked.

   "Come up here, hon, come up on the bed," said her mom.

   Tammy obediently lay face down on the bed, crying into a pillow. Her mother
got up and got some cream, and began to gently rub it into the welts on her
daughter's backside.

   "Oh, baby, the welts on your ass, they're so hot baby, oh, look what he has
done to my baby girl."

    Her mother was now kneeling between Tammy's thighs and gently spreading
Tammys legs apart as she rubbed the soothing cream into the red welts on her
daughters ass.

   "Did he fuck you honey?" she asked, and her hand went down to Tammy's slit,
and began to massage her there.

   "Yes," was the reply.

   "Did he fuck my baby's little ass too?" and her hand parted Tammy's welted
ass cheeks, and a finger wormed it's way into her recently fucked asshole.

   "Oh baby, I can feel his cum," her mother said, as she worked her finger in
and out of her daughters ass.

   "Are you his slut Tammy?" her mother said, her voice growing husky.

   "Yes momma, I have to be, or he will beat me," she replied, crying into the
pillow again.

   Tammy's mother lay down between her daughters spread legs, pulled her ass
cheeks apart, and put her mouth on her daughter's little asshole. She probed
with her tongue, and slipped it down to the hot slit below. Then back up to the
little brown orifice, now putting a seal around the hole, she began to suck. Now
sucking and probing and sucking, she began to get some of the cum that had been
there since her Master had fucked her daughter. She fingered her daughters clit
while she sucked the cum-shit mixture from her baby's ass. Tammy's mother was
now fingering her own drooling slit while she sucked the man-cum from her
daughter's ass, and soon mother and daughter were squirming in orgasm on the bed
that the mother shared with Tammy's father.

  Tammy's mother said,

  "Ok baby, go to your room now, baby, we'll talk tomorrow."

  "But mom, what about school? I can't go to school like this," she wailed.

  "Oh, you won't be going to school any more, honey. You're old enough now to
drop out if you want, and that's what you'll do. It's already been arranged. Our
Master says that you need lots of training."

  If Tammy would have looked at the computer screen on her way by, she would
have noticed this message.

  "Hello, slut. Your daughter will be coming home with my cum in her ass. This
is where you will get the cum from me that you so desperately want. Each time I
send her home, you will suck the cum from her holes. Sometimes there will be the
cum from many other men besides myself, but that is how you will feed, from the
holes of your daughter."

Review This Story || Author: J.
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