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Part 2

The Days Of Exhaustion

       The ride home seemed a lot longer than it really was.  The bumps became torture on several pressure points throughout my body, perhaps even bruising.  I was doomed.  I was finished.  I could slowly feel my mind fade away and begin to accept the torture my life was going to encounter forever.  The trunk opened finally as I got a quick refreshing breath of air.

“Unload this shit in the den, shithole, and then strip.”  He stormed off into the house.  It took several trips to fully unload the car.  Tears were running down my face in fear and the terrible mix of emotions that were overcoming my soul.  Finally, when it was all done, I stripped and knelt beside Master and waited for his next command.  He handed me a cup with 3 pills and a large bottle of water.  Thank god I was dying of thirst.  What the pills were, I didnt know, but I took them anyway in my desperation for water.  I actually downed the entire bottle in a matter of seconds. 

       Master took my leash and led me out the door again for my walk.  This time I managed to get a little more pee to come out at my designated bush. Master made me smell the wet bush like a dog would.

       “Get familiar with that smell shithole.”  He said casually and in a soft tone.  “because some nights, I may bring you out blindfolded for you to find your spot by smell like the real bitches.”

       At the corner I laid out my handkerchief and tried to shit.  I managed to push out a ping pong sized turd.  I could hear master giggling behind me as cars passed by honking.  A loud older truck passed by as I heard a man call out, “Wooohooo dirty whore!!”  I just wiped with my hand, folded up the handkerchief and placed it in my mouth forced to smell it a half block back to the house.  The heat was intensifying the smell and I could feel blood start to trickle on my knees, but for some reason every time I would feel a sharp pain run through them, I would get a tingle in my lower belly and the pain would fade away.  Perhaps something was in those pills I was given.

       Back at the house I was taken to the back yard where I was to dump my shit in the trash but save the towel.  I was to tuck the filthy towel inside my collar until next time.

       “Im hungry, I want a sandwich and chips.”  He walked into the den and opened a book titled “Slave Training.”

       I made the sandwich to his liking as hard as it was to find food in the fridge that wasnt rotten.  Ham and cheese, no veggies, and heavy mayo, just the way he likes it.  A beer to drink.  I entered the room and knelt toward him with plate in hand.  He snatched it away and checked the sandwich.

       “Not perfect, but it will do.”

       “Thank you, Master, for allowing me the pleasure to serve your lunch.”

       A smile formed on his ugly-ass face which I wasnt allowed to look at.  I got a slap across the face for catching a glimpse.  “Suck my dick whore.”  I did as I was told, making sure that I massaged his shaft with my tongue and poking the rear end of my throat from time to time.  When he was finished with his sandwich, he pushed my head down hard on his cock blocking my wind and gagging me savagely.  Tears rolling down my face and stars forming in my eyes as I felt his foul tasting seed slither down my throat.  He pulled out and I immediately tried to gasp for air which was a giant mistake.  The seed was inhaled making me cough and choke to the point of pure blackout but I didnt pass out.   After my coughing fit, and my hearing returned and my eyesight came back to me, I was able to see and hear Master laughing uncontrollably.  I started crying like a baby.  Was this what I was going to have to live with?  I would rather die.  I should just try to run and if he kills me, at least I wont be living this hell.  But the fear of death still overclouded my mind and held me back.

       “Thank you Master for allowing me to please you with my cunt.”

       “Sweet shithole is learning so fast.”  He gave me a swift kick on my sex forcing me to bend over a little. Hmmmfff.

       “You have all the shit, now I want this room spotless.”  I looked around and I couldnt believe it.  I didnt even know where to start.

       I started with the trash and laundry.  I was ordered to throw away everything.  I wont bore you with all the details of the cleaning, but it was absolutely rank.  Food on plates that I couldnt even recognize what it was.  Foul smelling socks and stained underwear.  The floor was covered in grime when it was finally exposed with splotches of discoloration and thick slime all over the hard wood floor.  I filled 15 extra large trash bags full of trash and laundry.  I carried the bags out the dumpster out back feeling the collar tighten around my throat as I got further and further away from Master.  I realized by this point that I couldnt linger too far from him without this collar choking me. 

       It was 1pm by the time I picked up the trash.  It took me over 2 hours to get it all.  By this time I was already getting tired but I knew I better not stop. Master interrupted.

“I need to take a shit.  Come shithole.”

       I followed and did my ritual.  I knelt in front of the toilet and placed my lips around his shaft as he farted and shitted and moaned and groaned.  Having my mouth around his shaft forced me to smell his foulness and waste.  I couldnt hold it any longer.  I barfed up the piece of sandwich and dog biscuit he let me eat for lunch.  It dripped all over the shaft and onto the front part of the toilet.

       “FUCK!”  He yelled.  “you disgusting little bitch!”

       He punched me dead and hard on my left breast making me squeal in agony and pain.  He pulled my head back and ordered me to lick up the vomit from the toilet and from his shaft and balls.  I did as told, gagging the whole time and getting a hard kick in the pussy every time I gagged.  He stood up and forced my face on the part of the toilet I threw up on making me lick it as he wiped his ass with my hair.  I could feel the chunks of shit hit my upper back as he released my hair.

       “Now finish wiping my ass with your hands bitch!”  I did as I was commanded and then kissed his sphinter again to prove its true cleanliness.  When it was all done, I was given another big bottle of water and a dog biscuit.

       “Thank you Master for allowing me to serve you on your toilet.”  I was slapped hard as he left back into the den to continue his reading.  I followed to start on the ceiling.  I pulled a latter out from the outside and managed to get the true white color to come back out.  This took me close to 2 hours.  My arms were heavy and in extreme pain.  My arms were finished right as I was finishing the final corner. The walls were next.  I had been on the walls maybe a half hour when Master stood up and tugged on my leash.

       “Its 5pm shithole, time for your walk.  Turn around and present your ass.”  I turned and pressed my face on the floor and arched my back with my ass high up in the air.  He pulled out of a drawer a small butt plug with a long tail at the end of it.  He spit on my asshole and forced it hard into my asshole making me hmmmmfffff and immediately cry in pain and discomfort. 

       “Display your pleasure bags, slut.”  I knelt up crying and pushed my breasts out as far as I could as I put my hands behind my head.  He pulled out a pair of alligator nipple clamps and attached them to my already sensitive nipples.  The pain make me squeal even though I tried as hard as I could to hold back any possible noises. 

       “Lets go shithole, cmon girl.”  he said as though he were calling his puppy.  The plug meant that I wasnt going to get to shit I supposed.  I was wrong.  I peed a full pee in front of the full 5 oclock traffic at my bush and I smelt it once again trying to get familiar with the stench of my own waste.  At my shitting corner, I pulled out my dirty towel and splayed it out on the floor.  I was told to pull out my butt plug and place it in my mouth while I took a shit in front of hundreds of passersby.  This time I actually pushed out a small log.  Not a strong smell from this one as I wiped with my hand and put the plug back in.  The sun was setting by the time I got back home.  I threw my shit in the trash and tucked the towel in my collar and went back to work.  By this time, I was disgusted with my own self.  I stunk, I was filthy and hungry and I hadnt bathed in about a week or so.  My hair was full of shit and I had cum, vomit and piss dried all over me.

       Master ordered some takeout while I continued to clean the walls.  He ate and stared at me the whole time, throwing a piece of food at my feet and at the dirty floor making me eat it.  All I could do was thank god that this house was small and not as big as the damn mansion I lived in.  Master fell asleep while I stayed cleaning with the clamps and plug remaining.

       After I finally finished with the walls, I was able to get a clean look at the man which will be controlling my every move for the rest of my life.  He lied there with his mouth wide open, brown and yellow rotted teeth filled the open crevice and I could just swear that I could see little yellow smoke coming out indicating a foul smell.  Some drewel dripped down his mouth and his cheek.  I was able to see the large pores on his oily face and it was obvious that he had a bad case of acne as a teen.  Altogether, he was a disgusting looking man. This is probably the only way he could get a piece of ass. To force someone to do it.  I quickly turned away as he gave a quick twitch and loud snort.  He shifted in his chair.

       I was able to finish the floors by the time Master woke up.  It was 8 pm.  My body was broken and my soul and spirit were ruined and diminished.  I felt like I couldnt move anymore. 

       I was given water and two dog biscuits as treats for doing a good job.  I had been cleaning now for 9 hours and serving Master the whole time and I still had the windows and furniture to do.  I cried at the thought.  The only thing that got me through it was thinking to just do one thing at a  time and not to worry about how far I still have to go. 

       Master took me for my final walk.  Now I was already used to people making comments and staring at me as I pissed and shitted like a bitch.  I didnt need to shit this time.  The old man across the street jerked off to me every night while his wife was in bed.  The thought made me feel sick and dirty, but what choices did I have?

       We returned home and I finished cleaning the house.  It was 11:30pm.  I crawled behind Master to give him his bath.  After I dried him and sucked him clean, I thanked him.  He pulled out the plug and took off the clamps which hurt more when they were released.  He chained me to the toilet and turned off the light leaving me to the filth of the floor. 

       “Sleep well, my sweet shithole, tomorrow you have the kitchen.”  I slept in pain and exhaustion the few hours I had.  Of course I was woken up at 5 am the next day.  4 hours of sleep was hardly enough.

       The rest of the week went similarly the same, I cleaned and served master and thanked him and prayed every night that I might get saved some day.  Each day the pills made me feel weird.  I had urges to touch myself.  I had sexual desires I had never had before.  I had pain and exhaustion, working nonstop to make that filthy place the cleanest house on the block.  Next week, I start school.  Wonder what that is going to be like?

Review This Story || Author: Eugene Chavez
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