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Complete Submission: How Annabelle became a sex slave

Part 1

Complete Submission: How Annabelle became a sex slave

This story is completely fictional. It is a fantasy, not a reality.

Chapter 1: First Meeting

       My name is annabelle, although my Master calls me slave or slut most of the time. This is the story of how i came to serve my Master, and how He has trained me to be the nympho-sex slave that i am now. Master says that when referring to myself i am only allowed to use lowercase letters, or call myself by my given titles like slave, slut or whore. That was the first rule He ever gave me. Master and i met online. At the time i was going through some troubles with my boyfriend and started thinking about how much i would have loved for him to dominate me once in a while. At the time i was a graduate student, and school took up a lot of my time and energy. Schooling meant that i had to be in control of things like my classes, studying and my research project, and every once in a while i just wanted someone else to make some decisions and tell me what to do. After expressing my desires to my boyfriend, and telling him that i thought it could be really hot if, one night when we got together, he told me to shut up, pinned me up against the wall and used me as his fuck toy all night. The reasons for my desires were also explained and he agreed. We decided that the night would be his choice, thus making it so i had no control over when or where or how it would happen. My hope was that if things could get hot and heated between us that it would help us work through some of our issues. We broke up before he decided to dominate me, and i was left thinking about how much i wanted to experience a dominant/submissive relationship for the first time.

After the break up i started researching about D/s relationships and ended up placing an ad on an online dating sight with the headline “submissive girl needing to be dominated”. Within the ad i had said that i wanted to hear about what the Dom would expect, and that if it enticed me i would respond. There were many people that replied; however, Master was the only one who set rules out right away. He immediately put me in my place, and told me that it was not the responsibility of the Master to entice anyone; it was the job of the slave to serve and please Master. He was very kind to me but very strict also. We started our relationship by chatting online and determining what each of us wanted out of this potential D/s relation. We discussed how i really wanted to be able to get out of my head once in a while and have someone use me for whatever it was they wanted. We discussed about setting ground rules, as i function much better within a set of boundaries. If i was to stray outside the barriers i would be punished, and we would work through my controlling nature by using reward and consequences.  We talked online a lot at first, and this is how rule numbers 1 and 2 came into place. Rule 1 was that i was to refer to Him as Master, Sir or Mister at all times and rule 2 was that when referring to myself i used slave, slut or whore and that i must only use lowercase letters for things like i, me or even annabelle. At no point was i to allow myself the privilege of using uppercase letters. At first this was hard to do, and i had to apologize to Master many times for slipups. Being a submissive was very new to me, but Master was patient but firm and strict with me, allowing me to grow in my role as his servant.

Master told me about a few of his basic rules. These included things like regular meetings, that He would decide on my outfits for our meetings, and that He did not want to hear the word no without a very good reason. Master told me that if He asked me to do something, it was to be done without complaint. If for some reason i could not complete the assignment, i would have to ask to be excused from it. He said He would evaluate if my reasoning was valid and make the final decision in all cases. Master allowed me to live my life normally, except when we were either talking online or getting together. Neither of us wanted this to interfere with my schooling at the time.

After conversing online for about a week, we had our first meeting. It was winter, and about 20 degrees Celsius below zero at the time. Master told me i was to wear knee-highs, a skirt and a shirt that showed my chest. We met in a mall right before closing. Master had told me i was allowed to wear a jacket since it was so cold out, but that once we were alone it was to come off so He could inspect me as best as possible. He took me to the underground parking lot and we sat in His car, not the best place for a first meeting, but we both lived with roommates which made meetings at either of our houses difficult most days. In the car i was told to remove my jacket. Master began to run his hand along my bare thigh. He could see that i was obviously nervous having never done anything like this in my life, so He was kind enough to go slow. He pulled my shirt and bra down, exposing my size 36C breasts. He began to play with them, squeezing and pinching my tender nipples. It wasnt long before He was sucking on one breast and running his teeth around my nipple, playing with the other breast with one hand and using His other hand to move up under my skirt towards my soaking wet pussy. He began to massage my throbbing, swollen pussy lips through my lace thong, and then slipped His fingers underneath where He was able to grasp and massage my clit. He began to work His fingers into my tight hole, and before long was finger fucking me, His fingers pushing deeper and harder inside of me with His knuckles banging my swollen vulva over and over. At the same time He continued to massage my clit, bringing me right up to the point of climax when He immediately stopped everything. Using one hand He firmly grasped my face around my chin, stared straight at me, and said “you will only be rewarded when you are a good slave girl”. He instructed me to take off my thong and give it to him, which i did immediately. He spread my legs apart and shoved it deep up into my soaking pussy which was screaming for release.

Next, Master then asked me if i had ever been face fucked, to which i replied “no Sir”. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his throbbing, rock hard cock, grasped the back of my head and gently but forcefully pushed my head down to His crotch. He told me if i was a good sub and brought Him to climax and swallowed all of His juice without spilling a drop He would consider rewarding me. I parted my lips and took His cock like the good little slut that i am, and as i worked my tongue up and down His throbbing dick He began to push my head farther and farther down. Soon i had His entire cock in my mouth, the head banging over and over into the back of my throat. Gently, i began to massage His ball sack and before long He began to swell, and shot His juicy goodness down the back of my throat. Cautiously i liked His dick clean as He began to pull out of my mouth, being careful not to spill a drop of cum; i did not want to waste any of His juices and i did not want to disappoint Him in any way. After this, Master told me that He was pleased with his new sub for being obedient during our first meeting, and told me to lay back in the passenger seat for my reward. He lifted my skirt and began again to massage my clit. He removed the thong from my pussy, which was now soaked, and finger fucked me until i squirted. He informed me that the thong was now His, a reminder of our first meeting, and to get out of His car. He left me with one rule, i was not allowed to play with myself until He specifically gave me permission, and thus i remained horny for the rest of the night.

Chapter 2: The Rules

       The following day i was sitting at my desk studying when Master came online to chat with me. Whenever i was near my computer i was expected to have it on in case He desired to talk with me. After talking for about 5 minutes i asked to be excused for a short time so i could use the bathroom. Master had told me that i when i was with Him (in person or online) i must ask permission for everything i wanted to do.  His response to my question was no. At that point i pleaded with Him as i had drunk a lot of coffee and desperately needed to use the toilet. He again said no, and that i was not allowed to ask again. He explained that He would inform me when He had changed his mind. Master told me that he had reserved a hotel room for us for the night. He had enjoyed our initial meeting, and explained that He believed i had the potential to become His slave, and that He wanted a full night of training with me in order for us both to decide if we wanted to continue with this new relationship. He gave me the location of the hotel and the room number, and told me to be there at 6:00 pm sharp. He told me to wear nothing but a pair of thigh-highs with heals, a thong and a bra covered by a jacket (keep in mind that it was winter, and very very cold out). The entire time we were conversing online my bladder grew more and more painful, until eventually i decided that he would never know if i went to use the bathroom as long as i was quick, so that is what i did. Our conversation continued and he began to explain to me that once we were together for the night i was required to do my best at letting go of my controlling side and that He was going to be in charge. We said goodbye after a while, leaving me both very excited and very nervous for our first official training session.

       As the time of our meeting grew closer i decided i had better start getting ready. The first thing i did was take a long, hot shower during which i shaved every inch of my body clean of any stubble. I did my hair and began to dress in my required outfit. First i put on a black lacy thong with a matching bra which was great for pushing up my breasts and showing a lot of cleavage. Next i pulled on a pair of black thigh-high stockings and a pair of black heels. Finally, i put on a long coat to cover myself up and headed out to my car. The hotel Master had chosen was located about a 15 minute drive from my house and i set out 20 minutes before our scheduled meeting. There was just one problem, on the way to the hotel i got stuck at a train crossing for a good 10 minutes, which made me late. I was not too concerned about this figuring that Master would realize there was not much i could do to fix this problem. Boy was i wrong.

When i knocked on the door and He opened it, He grabbed my arm and pulled me inside and slammed the door closed. He pushed me onto my knees, slapped my face hard enough to turn my cheek red, and pushed my face down into the floor. Master asked me to explain why i felt it was ok to leave Him waiting, and i made an effort to explain about the train and that it was out of my control. He asked why i did not leave early enough to account for the fact that i might have gotten delayed in traffic, and to this i could not respond. Master was very disappointed with me, and said that this was not a good way to start our first training session. He walked away from me to get Himself a drink, and i stood back up, straightened out my jacket and tried to collect myself. Master turned around and noticed that i had picked myself up off the ground. He quickly strode over to me, pulled off my jacket and pushed me back down onto the ground, laying face down, using a firm grip on the back of my neck. “You know slut, I never gave you permission to stand up” He said. “That is now two strikes against you and you have only been here for about 2 minutes. This is going to be a long night”. With that i began to apologize “im sorry Sir, i didnt realize, this whole thing is new to me, i am trying, please dont be mad with me Sir”. “Shut up and dont move slut, I need to think about the best way to make you understand how this Master/slave thing works”.  With that i began to shake, laying face down on the floor of a hotel room practically naked, my ass fully exposed from my skimpy thong and my face buried in the carpet. Master stood over me, looking at my sexy legs and ass with a big grin on His face, this is going to be fun He thought to Himself.

Master left me on the floor, trembling nervously, for about 5 minutes. During this time i could hear him moving around but could not see what he was up to. Occasionally i would hear him mumble something which sounded an awful lot like stupid slut, making me wait, disobeying my orders already. After what seemed like an eternity i heard Him say “get up on your hands and knees slave, and crawl over here now”. I rose to my knees and looked at him sitting on a chair located on the other side of the room. Slowly, i crawled my way over to his feet. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head up so i was looking at his face. “You have disappointed me slut. I had high hopes for you after our first meeting, but now I am not so sure. If you want to be my slave you had better start acting like it starting right now” He said. “Yes Sir, of course Sir” i replied. With that He grabbed a hold of my arm and pulled me to a standing position. “Take off your panties and bra slut”. Hesitantly, i complied with his request. My whole body was shaking, this entire evening was unlike anything i had ever experienced before. My controlling side of my mind was screaming at me to just stop and walk away, after all, why would anyone want to put themselves into this situation.  Slowly i unclasped my bra and let it slide to the floor, and then reached under the waistband of my thong and pushed them down around my ankles, gingerly stepping out of them and moving them slightly to the side. My head hung low in shame, and i noticed a growing bulge in Masters pants as He sat there staring at me. He reached out for my arm and pulled me towards Him. He was quick and forceful and before i knew it i was laying across His lap, my ass fully exposed. He instructed me to grasp the chair leg firmly with my left hand and to use my right hand to grasp his ankle. “How many smacks do you deserve for your errors thus far girl?” He asked. Surprised at this question, i did not know how to respond. If i said too few he would be angry, but i had never been spanked like this before and i did not want too many either. “I asked you how many slut, answer me”. Trembling, i responded “it is at your discretion Sir, i am only a slut here to serve You and i do not have the privilege of making decisions while in your presence Sir”, i hoped my response wasnt going to get me into more trouble. “As you wish my little whore. You will receive 10 smacks for being late and an additional 5 for standing before being told to do so. You will count as we go so I can hear you nice and clearly. Do you understand?” “Yes Sir” i replied.

The spanking was short lived but my behind was bright red and very sore when Master had finished. At one point i had released Masters ankle with my right hand and tried to block one of his blows to my poor, tender ass. He growled under His breath and using His free hand He grasped my wrist with extreme force and pulled it behind my back so it could not move. “Dont you dare try that again bitch” He said. Once the 15 hard blows had been given He said “Now you have been punished, and you have taken your punishment without complaint, this pleases me. It is now time for us to begin your training. We will start with the slave pose. Get off my lap and get on your knees in front of me”. I complied quickly to His order, not wanting to displease Him again. “Do not look at me, hang your head in shame and stare at the floor. Cross your arms behind your back, that way your breasts sick out nice and far for me and spread those legs so I can see your slit and your tight ass hole”. Again, i complied. “Thats a good girl slave, thats the position I want you in whenever you are not in use, or whenever I motion for you to get down on the ground. Do you understand me?” Quickly i responded “yes Sir, i am your slave and i am to always be on my knees waiting for your next command”.

       While i knelt in the slave pose, Master began to run down His list of basic slave rules. He had a list of 15 general ones that He felt covered most things, and that if i could grasp these then we would be on our way to having a successful D/s relationship. After each rule was given i was ordered to repeat it back so He knew that i was paying attention. The following are the list of rules for which i am to follow at all times:

Rule 1 - Obedience toward and pleasing my Master shall be my number one concern

Rule 2 - i shall address my Master as Master or Sir at all times

Rule 3 - i will give my undivided attention to my Master when He is speaking to me

Rule 4 - i will not hesitate to respond to my Master as He shall not be kept waiting in any form

Rule 5 - i will ask Master for permission before satisfying any need i may have

Rule 6 - i will always thank my Master for whatever He may give me, as these are gifts or privileges granted to me

Rule 7 - i will endure whatever punishment and discipline is given to me without complaining, as they will only be given when deserved

Rule 8 - i will thank my Master for the discipline and punishments i receive, as they are designed to improve my obedience to my Master

Rule 9 - Pleasure is something that i must earn

Rule 10 - my place is on my knees, ready to serve my Master

Rule 11 - i will present myself to my Master in whatever position he desires

Rule 12 - when going to meet my Master i will wear what he has chosen for me

Rule 13 - i will remain silent unless given permission by my Master to speak, or directly asked a question by Master for which a response is required

Rule 14 Honesty is required at all times

Rule 15 - i will confess to my Master whenever i have not followed the rules (in his presence or not), and present myself for punishment as my Master sees fit

       Once we had gone through all of the rules Master asked “do you think these rules are reasonable annabelle?” This was the first time He had used my name during a meeting. i felt a small flutter in my heart although i do not know why. “Yes Sir, the rules are fair and reasonable Sir. I will try my hardest not to break any of them, i do not want to disappoint you Sir.” He smiled, although i could not see that since my head was hung down and my eyes on the floor during this initial component to my training. “Good girl, if you keep that attitude up then you wont have anything to worry about. I never hesitate to reward my slave girls when they have been good; however, I also never hesitate to punish them when they have been disobedient. Do I make myself clear annabelle?” I felt myself starting to relax. Knowing that punishment could be avoided was sure helpful in my mind. “Very clear Sir” i responded.

       “Now, I have a question for you annabelle, and I want you to be completely honest with me and look into my face while you answer.” I looked up at him as he asked “this afternoon when we were talking online, I told you that you could not use the bathroom when you asked to do so. I believe that you may have disobeyed me and used the toilet anyways. Am I correct in this assumption?” My heart started pounding fast, the beating getting louder in my ears. How did He know? i wondered to myself. I could see Him trying to hide a grin, he knew that i had disobeyed the order and there was no use in trying to lie about it. “Yes Sir” i said with a shaky voice. “Sir, i am very sorry, its no excuse but i just couldnt hold it any longer, and i did not believe you would find out Sir.” I hung my head and continued to say “now i know that there is no use in trying to hide things from you Sir, it wont happen again Sir, i promise. Please dont punish me Sir, i have learned my lesson and will not do it again.” Master gently placed a finger under my chin and raised my head up so i was looking at Him. “Well perhaps we can figure out a compromise. You will have to be punished for your disobedience; however, I do believe that you are trying to please me now as best as possible so perhaps we can avoid a spanking this time. I think that perhaps a simple removal of a privilege may be sufficient in this case. What do you think about that anabelle?” My head was racing trying to figure out what he meant. No spanking, that was great, my butt was still sore from the last one and i did not want to go through that humiliation again anytime soon. “Sir, i would be very grateful if You decided not to spank me this time. i will be  a good girl for you Sir, i promise”. Smiling, Master said “very well girl, we will not spank you but we will choose a privilege which will be completely removed until further notice, agreed?” Nervously i nodded. “As of this point forward, you are not allowed to use the toilet until further notice. It is only appropriate since that was the order you disobeyed earlier today”. Oh crap, i should have agreed to a spanking was all i could think. Immediately i became aware of a small but growing urge to have to pee.

Chapter 3:

       “Its time for the next part of your training I want to assess how good of a sex slave you will be.” Master stood up and walked behind me, i could hear him rummaging through a bag. “You will do everything you are told to do, and you will not speak until further notice. Understood slave?” I nodded. Master grabbed a hold of my arms which were crossed behind my back, and using a rope tied them into place. Next he placed a blindfold over my eyes. I heard him walk around to the front of me again and i could hear him remove his pants. Master had a very large penis, 9” long and 3” diameter, which i could now feel rubbing up against my cheek. I opened my mouth and waited for him to plunge deep into my throat, but instead He continued to tease me. He slapped my face with his rock hard cock and said “do you want to taste my cock slave? Do you want me to put it deep into that slut face of yours?” Remembering that i was not allowed to speak i nodded in response. “Not yet slave” he said as he grabbed my arms and pulled me to my feet. He pushed me forward until i hit the edge of a table and he pushed me down so i was bent over it. “Spread your legs girl, I want to test out that tight ass hole of yours.” Immediately i tensed up, i had never had anal sex before and the thought of it scared me. “Please Sir, not in my ass Sir. Use my pussy or my mouth but not my ass Sir” i said. “Shut up and spread those legs slut, all of your holes belong to me now, including your ass. If you relax it wont hurt as much. And I told you no talking, keep your mouth shut.” I could feel Masters giant erection rubbing up and down my ass crack spreading lube as He went. He placed His hand between my legs and pushed on the inside of my thighs, motioning for me to spread my legs. I complied, seeing no other option if i wanted to avoid punishment. “That better slut” he said as he began to insert himself into me. His penis was huge and my ass was tight, i had no choice but to try and remain as relaxed as possible to help relieve some of the pain of Him entering me. Master was very kind and went slow at first, but once He was inside He began to ram His cock deeper and deeper inside. It took every ounce of strength in me not to scream out, but i managed to remain silent the entire time he violated my ass. He reached forward and grabbed a hold of each of my breasts, squeezing and twisting my nipples while he continued to ram Himself deeper into me. He was groaning in pleasure and i could feel his penis begin to swell before he shot is load deep inside of me. My nipples were tender and red from him forcefully playing with them. He slowly pulled out and smacked me hard on the ass causing me to flinch. He pulled me up off of the table and began to guide me across the room. After stopping he pushed me down onto my knees again and told me to keep my nose against the corner of the wall. “Dont move an inch slave”.

       Master walked away leaving me on my knees in the corner of the room. He used the bathroom and then i could hear him shuffling around the room again. It sounded like he was getting something ready for whatever was to come next. Oh boy, i am really starting to have to pee i thought to myself.  After what seemed like an eternity He approached me, still kneeling in the corner with my nose against the wall. He grabbed hold of my bound arms and pulled me up. He walked me over to the bed and told me to kneel on the edge of it. Slowly he pushed my upper body down. He had placed a few pillows to help hold my up slightly since my arms were completely immobilized behind my back. Using his hand between my legs he motioned for me to spread apart my legs again, which i did without hesitation. He began to run His skilled hand around my pussy lips, using one finger He pushed them apart and began to stroke up and down the inside of them, occasionally brushing over my clit hood. It felt good, and it didnt take long before my juices started flowing. “You really are a dirty little sex slave arent you annabelle? Look at how wet you are you little slut.” Knowing that this was a rhetorical question i made no effort to respond. Masters fingers began to rub harder and faster. He used his thumb to apply pressure on my now exposed and sensitive clit and He pushed a finger deep inside my pussy. He found my g-spot quickly and i began to moan with pleasure as He worked His magic hands. As i became close to climaxing He backed right off, teasing me. He did this several times, bringing me up and right back down again, which began to get very frustrating. By now all i could think about was how much i wanted His huge dick deep inside of my pussy, ramming harder and faster until we both climaxed. Knowing that i was not supposed to speak i decided to be brave. Master seemed caught up in the moment anyways so i figured he wouldnt really mind. “Please fuck your slave Sir, i want to feel your cock inside of me, i want you to use the holes which now belong to you Sir.” Instantly he rammed his rock hard penis into my pussy, pumping back and forth, back and forth, over and over. Like before He was grasping onto my breasts, twisting and pinching my nipples as He fucked me harder and harder. Using one hand he grabbed my hair, pulling my head back while he continued to fuck me like there was going to be no tomorrow. By this point i was moaning and begging for more.  “Yes Sir, you feel great Sir, fuck your slave Sir.” My whole body began to tense up and shake as i came to climax, squirting my juices all over. Master shot his load at the same time, and collapsed on top of me. We both laid there for a few minutes trying to catch our breath.

       Master slowly got to his feet and pulled me up with him. He turned me around to face him and pushed me down onto my knees with a hand on the top of my head. Stupid blindfold i thought to myself. i wish i could see His face right now, to see what His reactions are. “Ok slut” He said “lick me clean”. He pushed the tip of his cock into my mouth. Knowing that He had been pleased that last time i had given Him head, i began to relax and got to work. First i ran my tongue all around his cock and ball sac, cleaning Him off and using my saliva to lube Him up. My mouth opened nice and wide as i took all of his cock into my mouth. He was thrusting forward, pushing the head of his penis against the back of my throat. My tongue was working like crazy and it wasnt long before He emptied himself into my mouth. Carefully i swallowed everything and continued to lick Him clean as He pulled out, being sure not to have spilt a drop of his manhood in the process. Immediately i lowered my head and waited patiently in the slave pose for his next instructions. After a few minutes Master removed my blindfold and the rope holding my arms behind my back. He told me i could put my arms at my side to rest them for a while. “Did you enjoy that slave? Do you think you would be a good sex slave for me girl?” he asked. “Yes Sir” i replied, “i enjoyed that very much and i would like for you to take ownership of my slut holes Sir. They are there for your pleasure Sir”. Master lifted my head so our eyes met and said “well girl, its a start. I will take ownership of your holes but there is still a lot of work to be done. I can see that you are trying to be obedient; however, you are still falling short in some areas. We have a lot to work on but eventually you will be my perfect little slave.” Out of the corner of my eye i noticed a video camera had been set up at some point which was still running. Everything had been caught on camera.

To be continued...

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