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Life on the Farm

Part 5

Part 5

After she had swallowed the sperm, and burped up the air that accompanied the
fluid down into her stomach, Mr. Jones was asked to return the pair to their
respective kennel cages.  Cow Cunt crawled into hers and sat with her arm across
her knee.  She began to weep softly and lowered her head onto her forearm.  The
big alpha leaped up and clawed at the cage bars, trying to get at his bitch
again.  He yapped and whined, sensing her sadness.  He wanted to crawl up with
her and sleep.

Cow Cunt cried and bemoaned what she had fallen into becoming.  She was a slave
not simply to this horrible animal, but to the Owner, and anyone the Owner chose
to loan her to.  She could smell the dog's odor on her again.  She could also
smell the dog's sperm, and her own scent of sexual arousal as well.

Thankfully, Mr. Jones had not replaced the o-ring gag in her mouth.  He had also
removed the mitts that had prevented her from using her fingers.  He had
strongly warned her not to tamper with her butt plug, her Foley catheter, or her
feeding tube, which was promptly re-inflated after her "snack" of dog sperm. 
His ominous tone of voice indicated that she would be severely punished for
doing so.  She had grown some-what accustomed to the intrusive devices anyway.

Finally, after about ten minutes, she stretched out on the pad and closed her
eyes.  She realized that whatever they had planned for her would probably occur
during her next feeding.  That was only a few hours away and she knew she would
need her strength for whatever lay ahead.

The Owner had given instructions to Carl and Rod to prepare all for Cow Cunt's
first session with the sensory deprivation tank.  They immediately went to the
tank room and began to start up and test the various devices that controlled the
entire system.  They next went and readied the special wet suit that (they
suspected) Cow Cunt would wear.

The neoprene suit would cover her body except for her chest, which left her
breasts fully exposed, and her crotch and ass crack.  A flap of neo-prene hung
down from the rear, ready to be snapped to the front once the pants were put on. 
There were two holes in the flap; one was located where the hoses would attach
to her butt plug and the other to where her soon to be installed dildo would be

There was specialized facemask that would fit entirely over her face.  The
various tubes (breathing and feeding) would run through the front of the mask. 
The breathing tubes would run down her nose and into her lungs and the feeding
tube would be attached to the one running down her throat.  The glass of the
mask was painted black and no light would penetrate at all.

Mr. Jones roused cow Cunt from her slumber.  It took but a moment for her to
recognize her situation and she instantly got on all fours in her cage.  Mr.
Jones opened the cage door and motioned, with his hands, for her to get up on
the ever-present gyn table.  She got onto the table and placed her feet into the
stirrups.  Mr. Jones secured her feet, and her wrists, to the table and awaited
the arrival of the Owner and guests.

The forty-eight hours Cow Cunt had thus far spent at the farm seemed to be an
eternity.  There was a never-ending regimen established for her and in was
constantly being executed.  She wept softly with the know-ledge that she no
longer had any control over her life.  She was merely a toy, some one else's
toy, to be played with and then put away till the next play session.

Rod and Carl soon joined Mr. Jones in the prep room.  They wheeled in a cart the
teemed with the apparatus that she would be wearing while in the tank.  Mr.
Jones readied the various devices that would be her only life support while
submerged.  Cow Cunt viewed the items, not really knowing their purpose, but
guessing that all this was expressly gathered for her.

The Owner soon walked into the prep room with the husband and Mist-ress' Em and
Anne.  They gathered around the splayed whore with hun-ger in their eyes.  The
dog whore stared back at them knowing that whatever their hunger was for; she
certainly would represent the main course.

"I think it is time to remove all of her hair Mr. Jones," said Mistress Em. 
Start with her head please."  Cow Cunt groaned as she heard these words.  Her
hair had been one of her more beautiful physical aspects and now they were
taking it from her.  Mr. Jones brought over his grooming clippers and began to
remove her hair.  He ran the clippers from the back of her hair to the front,
letting the hair drop off in front of her eyes.  Each lock of hair was exhibited
to her after it's cutting.

After shearing her hair down to stubble, Mr. Jones then took and elect-ric razor
and completed the job of total hair removal.  He finished the job by lathering
up her scalp and shaving what little remained.  He then repeated to operation on
her pubic hair.  Cow Cunt felt the coolness of the air passing over her bald
head and mourned the loss her last person-al possession. 

Mr. Jones then wiped her scalp with alcohol to close the pores on her head.  He
was about to wipe her crotch down with a soothing cream to prevent any razor
burn from arising when Mistress Anne intervened. "Please allow me," she said in
a tone that was more a command than a request.

Mr. Jones stepped back from the prone whore to allow Mistress Anne access. 
Mistress Anne, in true to form fashion, grabbed for some cotton and the alcohol. 
She wet the cotton and swiftly wiped the newly shaved area with the alcohol. 
Within a second or two, Cow Cunt screamed and arched her back.  Her entire
crotch area exploded into a burning, sear-ing pain, as the alcohol attacked the
opened pores and the soft sensitive skin of her crotch.  Mistress Anne simply
closed her eyes and smiled the smile of a woman on the verge of great pleasure. 

After wiping the dog whore down several times with the alcohol, Mist-ress Anne
was satisfied that Cow Cunt's pores were closed and would no longer provide her
with the music she so longed to hear.  The Owner than had the three men proceed
to put the wet suit on Cow Cunt.  They loosened her ankles and slipped the long
legged pants up the whore's body.  The pants were large in the waist to allow
ample room for her belly to expand during the feedings she would receive.

Once the pants were on, Cow Cunt felt the coolness of her exposed, and now
hairless, pussy.  Her ankles were refastened to the table and now her wrists
were freed to allow the jacket to be placed on her.  This was done and the
zipper was pulled up to the top of her collar.  Neoprene mitts were placed on
her hands and booties on her feet. 

The last piece of the suit to be put on was the hood.  This slipped on quite
easily with-out having to deal with her hair.  The hood collar overlapped the
collar of her jacket forming a fairly good seal.  There were earphones inside
the hood that were placed over the whore's ears.  Now she would only be able to
hear what her captors wanted her to hear.  Her wrists were re-secured to the

The Owner now let Mistress Em, with the help of Mr. Jones, complete the
installation of the devices that would complete Cow Cunt's attire for at least
the next twenty-four hours.  Mistress Em put on a pair of latex gloves and then
deflated the butt plug in the dog whore's ass, removing it with an unceremonious
plopping sound.  She tossed it across the room and into the sink.  Mr. Jones
handed her a new plug, one that was cap-able of expanding to a far greater
diameter.  She inserted the plug, but did not inflate it.

Next came the inflatable dildo.  This device was capable of expanding to nearly
six inches in diameter.  Mistress Em lubricated the eight-inch long device and
inserted in into the whore, making sure that the clitoris stimulator was
properly placed atop of her clit and clit hood.  Cow Cunt groaned as she felt
the huge dildo slide into her cunt, which was already cramped by the butt plug
being in place.

Mistress Em now asked for the glass vacuum tube for the whore's clit.  She
placed the tube over the dog whore's clit and attached the vacuum pump's hose to
the glass.  She turned on the pump and watched through delighted eyes as the
nubbin of flesh was sucked up into the glass tube. 

Cow Cunt moaned as the stimulation of her clit being sucked hit her like a high
voltage electrical current.  Mistress Em then closed the outlet valve when the
dog whore's clit and hood was full sucked up into the tube.  She then placed the
tube under the dildo's clit stimulator and attached the electrical wire to the
tube, which had a silver band around the base.

She could feel the butt plug rubbing against the dildo through her perineum. 
She hadn't felt this stuffed since she fucked two roommates at a local college
and they decided to sandwich her between them.  She remembered that the
sensations of her orgasm, with the two strong cocks in her, was unbelievable. 
Both her ass hole and her cunt spasmed so greatly that she didn't even need to
move to bring them both to a screaming orgasm at the same time.

The dog whore knew that today this was certainly not being done for her
pleasure, but for that of these monsters.  The one-half inch in flow and out
flow hoses were run through the flap on the back of her suit and attached to the
butt plug.  Also attached to the plug were the electrical connections for the
built in vibrator and the silver shock strip around the neck of the plug.  These
connections were sealed with rubber ce-ment.  The inflator hose was also
attached to the plug and bound together with the other hoses and wirings with
duct tape.

The same was done for the dildo.  The inflation hose, the current wiring, and
the vibrator wiring were passed through the flap hole and attached to the huge
rubber device in her cunt.  The last device to be put on her was the electrode
harness.  Mistress Em unzipped the jacket and rolled down the top portion of the
pants that the dog whore now had on to reveal her entire abdomen. 

The electrodes were placed on, and around, her belly and pubic mound after
having adhesive put onto the cups.  The wiring was harnessed using duct tape and
run through the hole in the flap alongside the dildo attachments, and the Foley
catheter.  Now the jacket was re-zipped and the flap pulled up and snapped into
place to retain the butt plug and dildo.

The suit was heavy and our poor Cow Cunt began to sweat.  She felt herself being
constricted by the apparel and had no idea of what was yet to come.  Mistress Em
wasted no time in readying the next set of devices to be placed into the dog
whore.  The facemask, and it's various tubing was next to be put on.

The feed tubing that ran through the mask was first.  The gag ring was replaced
and the feed tube connected through it.  Next cam the air hoses.  These were fed
up the dog whore's sinuses and back down her throat alongside the feed tube.  In
the event that her crying swelled her sinuses closed, she could still breath
through her nose.  She could also still take air down her throat.  The mask
would be placed on the whore's face just before being put into the tank.

The last items to be attached to the dog whore were now brought out and placed
on the cart next to the table.  These were the vacuum devices for Cow Cunt's
nipples and breasts.  Once again the nipple tubes were attached and set tightly
by the vacuum pump.  The electrical wires ran up through the top of the breast
cups.  Her nipples were sucked up an inch and one-half into the tubes before the
valves were closed.

Next the breast cups were placed on her chest and they too were attach-ed to the
vacuum pump.  Mistress Anne smiled as the flesh of each breast suddenly began to
fill out to the sides of the cups, and began to creep up the sides to completely
stretch out her fleshy orbs.  Once her teats were fully stretched, the valves
were closed off, the tubing det-ached, and the wiring lay out to her sides.

Mistress Em then looked at the Owner and said; "I think we should first test the
various systems before we place her."  The Owner nodded his approval.  He
realized that his wisdom in retaining Mistress Em for a year would handsomely
pay off for she could show the others how to properly ready a slave for the

Carl and Rod began to attach the various wires and hoses to their pro-per
connections on the transformer and air pump.  Once all the conn-ections were
made, the testing began.  Mistress Em would turn a dial and flip a switch and
watch to see whether the dog whore would react. She certainly reacted as sharply
as she could within her bondage as the butt plug and the dildo were inflated. 
She quaked again when the various electrodes were activated. And she nearly came
when the dildo's built in vibrator was set off.  The clit stimulator vibrated
against the glass tube containing her clit nearly causing her to shit out her
plug. "I do believe that all systems are a go", she pronounced upon testing
everything.  "Time for the tank."

"I assume you will give the whore her hormone injections prior to being placed
in the tank", asked Mistress Anne.  "Absolutely", responded Mistress Em.  "Then
I do believe that a special cocktail might be in order", Mistress Anne said with
her characteristic evil smile.

"Whatever do you have in mind", the Owner asked.

"I do believe that if she is placed in the tank in a sleeping state, her arousal
into nothingness will be a great deal of fun to observe.  It will take some time
before panic sets in if she goes in conscious."

"Indeed Mistress Anne.  It can take up to twelve hours for that to occur."  The
Owner had a gleam in his eye.  He knew how this evil woman's mind worked.

"Why not have the good Doctor give her a sodium penthanol and morphine cocktail. 
Put the bitch to sleep for a few hours, even more than a few hours.  Let her
awaken totally disoriented.  I also think that in lieu of her scheduled hourly
feedings, we should make this one cont-inuous feeding.  With her asleep, it
should all go to her body."

"Mistress Anne, you are a genius", laughed the Owner.  "We can also see if any
of the stimulation we apply to her produces a reaction while she is in
never-never land."

"The thing of it is, George, that we shouldn't put her to sleep.  Simply give
her enough to get her to a semi-conscious state.  After all, we wouldn't want
her to miss too much of the fun."

The Doctor was called for.  He entered the prep room rubbing his hands together
as though he were about to sit down for a fine meal.  "I see our little whore is
nearly ready for her trip", he said.

"Mistress Anne suggested giving her a special cocktail of sodium penth-anol and
morphine along with the hormones", whispered the Owner to the Doctor.

"That should be quite a bit of fun.  She'll wake up not knowing that she's even
awake.  Consider it done." The Doctor went to his cabinet and removed the
appropriate syringes.  He then went to his refrigerator and, after unlocking it,
removed vials of prolactin, estrogen, sodium penthanol, and morphine.  The
Doctor, out of the line of sight of Cow Cunt, mixed both injections and placed
the hypodermics on a tray.  He then covered the tray with a cloth and brought it
over to the cart by the dog whore's side.

"Hello again dear.  Doctor Feelgood is here with your vitamins."  Cow Cunt
learned one thing for sure; if the Doctor was around, she was in trouble.  She
began to quake as fear filled her heart and mind.  "Don't worry baby.  Here's a
little something that will help you on to your new life."

The Doctor raised up the hypodermic full of the hormone concoction and, after
expelling the air inside, injected her in the base of each breast just where the
glass vacuum jar ended and her flesh began.  "There, that wasn't so bad now, was
it?"  He then dabbed the spot with an alcohol swab.  The Doctor then raised up
the second hypodermic and, with a broad smile, said; "Enjoy your trip Dorothy
cause Kansas is going bye bye."

He walked toward her feet and unsnapped the crotch flap of her suit. The Doctor
then pierced a vein in the dog whore's leg and slowly, so very slowly, depressed
the plunger of the hypodermic.  Almost immed-iately Cow Cunt felt a warm glowing
throughout her body.  She felt a slight nausea begin to rise from the pit of her
stomach.  And then she began to float as if she were a boat at sea.  She closed
her eyes and gave herself over to the drugs.

Now the last piece of Cow Cunt's garb could be affixed to her person.  The mask
was raised up and slowly the tubing was pulled through the watertight washers. 
Once the mask was tight against her face, the re-taining strap was slipped back
over her head.  The mask covered all of her exposed face and overlapped the wet
suit hood by one-half an inch. The rubber cement was used to create a final
barrier against any water entering the mask and drowning the dog whore. 

Now poor Cow Cunt was completely sealed off from the world, and any stimulation
not provided by her tormenters.  Her crotch flap was snapped back into place and
her ankles and wrists were released from their bondage.  Carl and Rod then began
to wheel the cart to the tank room.  The dog whore made quite a sight as she was
pushed through the doors leading out of the prep room and kennel area.  She was
comp-letely covered in black neoprene except for the two glass vacuum jars
affixed to her chest.

As she was wheeled through the area where the cows resided, followed by the
Doctor, the two Mistresses, and the Owner, the cows stared with the knowledge of
what was about to happen to the dog whore.  Some of them smiled and others had
tears in their eyes.  Still others looked the other way and tried to disappear
from the view of the party lest they be selected next. 

Each of the resident cows had been subjected to the tank.  And each had
experienced a different programming depending upon what their Own-ers had
requested.  Some had been turned into the most depraved of sex slaves and others
felt they would die if they weren't perpetually preg-nant.  Some had even had
their former personalities completely destroy-ed and replaced by a new one.  All
of them had nightmares for some time after being subjected to the tank.

The procession moved on through the cow stall area and again through a set of
double doors.  Once inside the double doors, the lock was set.  They would not
be disturbed by anything until the whore was placed in the tank.  One last door
was opened and they all now stood in the dimly lighted tank room. 

The tank itself occupied most of the area in the room.  Along one side of the
tank was a table upon which rested the electronic monitoring, and device
activating, equipment.  Two people were required to operate the tank and its
equipment.  One would monitor the systems and the other would activate the
devices as needed.  Two people present also cut down on the possibility of an
"accident" occurring.

Cow Cunt was wheeled to the side of the tank opposite the table.  There was a
winch and pulley system affixed to the wall and ceiling to hoist the subject
into the tank.  Along the base of the tank lay the various harness connections
to mate with the ones that were already in place on Cow Cunt. 

Two one-gallon, closable top, plastic feed cans were brought into the room by
Carl.  Each contained the high caloric mixture and their hoses were hooked up to
the feeding tube in Cow Cunt's mouth, and the one in her butt plug.  The valves
remained, for the moment, closed.

The hooking up took several minutes and once it was accomplished, the semi
conscious, dreaming pleasantly, Cow Cunt was hoisted up, turned over to face the
bottom of the tank, and suspended.  Carl and Rod went up on the walkway
surrounding the tank and secured the dog whore's wrists and ankles to rubber
lines that were secured to plastic rings on poles that ran inside the tank to
the bottom. 

The rubber would have very limited stretch so that her arms and legs could move,
but not very much at all.  And should she try to move, her arms and legs would
return to their original position once her strength waned. 

Now she was lowered into the tank.  As she began to sink below the level of the
water, the plastic rings submerged as well.  She would remain splayed out for
her duration in the tank.  She sank down to the halfway mark.  In this position,
no matter how hard she might try, she would not be able to feel the sides, the
bottom, or the water's surface.

Mistress Em and the Doctor, overseen by the Owner and Mistress Anne, began the
hook-up and telemetry tests on the splayed out dog whore.  Once they were
assured that all the systems were working properly, they placed the final piece
of their performance art piece into place.  The urine collection bag, a
collapsed one-gallon container, was weighted and dropped into the tank after the
valve was opened.  Instantly, urine began to color the clear plastic tubing as
it flowed into the bag.

The feeding cans were next on the list of to-dos.  Their valves were opened and
two quarts were allowed to freely flow into the dog whore.  As her belly began
to fill out the wet suit, she again started to sink down into the water.  Once
the two quarts were in her, the bags were lowered in their position so that
equilibrium was reached where only a slow trickle of fluid would continuously
flow.  The height of the bag and the external water pressure would assure that
the flow would be very slow.

Cow Cunt was to be continuous feed for her duration in the tank.  As each can
would empty, more of either the calorie mixture or the animal sperm mixture
would be added.  Along with the initiation of the feeding, the electrical
current was turned onto a level that would not only stimu-late her sexually, but
also ease any cramping and assist in the digestion process.

They assembled group watched Cow Cunt's performance as she flowed and bloated. 
Her belly would be stretched for the next full day as she was fed.  Anabolic
steroids would also be added to the mix every twelve hours.  The steroids,
combined with the inactivity of the dog whore, would assure a solid weight gain.

Whenever the flow of "food" halted, the bags could be raised just enough to
restart the flow.  The electricity's flow would also be altered to increase and
cause spasming of the muscles affected, or to cause even greater sexual
stimulation to all of the wired points.  Or the current could be decreased to
where it would simply cause a "tickle".

After observing Cow Cunt for some time, and reaping pleasure from watching
various parts of her body twitch as current was applied, the group dispersed. 
Only Carl and Rod, the first watch, remained to monitor and attend the dog

Cow Cunt had been floating in the tank for six hours.  There had been very
little movement from her.  Only an occasional spasm indicating a probable
orgasm, and the slight breathing movements in between her orgasms, indicated
that she was alive at all. 

The urine collection bag had been retrieved and emptied once.  This would be
added to the food given to the other cows.  Her feed cans had been refilled
several times each and her rectum and intestines "cleaned" out once.

Her insides had been stretched to the point where she could now easily handle
six quarts of food.  She appeared to be in her middle to late tri-semester of
pregnancy as she continued to float submerged.  Although there had been some
movement to stretch her arms and legs several times, she spent most of her time
thus far almost totally physically inactive.

On occasion, and usually due to a change in electrical stimulation, she would
rock her pelvis as though desperately trying to orgasm atop the cock of some
invisible lover.  But essentially, the drugs were still having their effect, and
she floated motionless in the tank. All remained quiet until the ninth hour of
Cow Cunt's submersion.  Suddenly, the two assistants watching the dog whore
noted a rise in the pulse rate, blood pressure ad breathing.  "Looks like
sleeping beauty has woken up", said Rod.  "Time to get the boss."

By the time that Mistress Em and the Owner walked into the room, Cow Cunt was
visibly agitated.  Her arms and legs were struggling against their bindings as
she tried to move.  Her agitation was so great that the surface of the water in
the tank was actually rippling to her movements.

Cow Cunt awoke with a scream that nobody could hear.  She opened her eyes and
saw nothing but the darkness.  She couldn't feel anything at all.  No floor, no
walls, nothing at all.  She could not even touch her-self to feel her body.  She
felt full though, very full.  She shouted again and tried to move her arms and
legs.  "Am I asleep?  Where am I?  What is going on?"  She shouted various
things, all of which went unheard.

She began to panic and thinking herself still asleep, and in the midst of some
horrible nightmare, call out for her mother, her (former) husband, and anyone
else she could think of.  She felt as though she was being crushed on all sides
(from the water pressure) and could do nothing to relieve the sensation.

"Look dearest", Mistress Em said to the Owner, "our little darling has arisen
from her sleep.  I think it is time we took over."  From past experience,
Mistress Em knew that this stage would not last more than an hour or two.  "And
look how big her belly has gotten!  I believe that she has significantly
stretched out during her slumber."

Rod and Carl exited the tank room leaving the two dominants in charge of their
latest project.  "Let's start with the dog whore tape.  I think that if we can
show an almost instant success at the re-programming of this whore, we can
certainly opened up a new avenue of revenue."  Mistress Em always was watching
for new ways to turn a dollar.

The Owner and Mistress Anne then took their respective seats and waited.  They
waited for the deprivation overload to shut down the dog whore's mind and leave
it ready for the tape.  Poor Cow Cunt continued her struggle for some time.  She
began to have 'nightmares'.  She was being blown up with food until she
exploded.  Then the various parts strewn about would come back together and the
process would start again.

Then she dreamed that she was being beaten people with straps.  As they beat
her, pieces of her flesh would fall away until there was nothing left of her
body.  As soon as her body parts fell completely apart, the people would then
beat the parts until they were reunited.  This dream repeated over and over

Other horrors besieged Cow Cunt as she suffered from the lack of mental
stimulation.  This went on and on for almost three hours.  Then, as suddenly as
they began, the dreams stopped.  All of her gyrations and attempts at movement
stopped as well.  Her mind had shut down.  She could no longer tolerate the
absence of stimulation and the onslaught of the horrid dreams.  She had been in
the tank a total of eleven and one-half hours.

Mistress Em got up and went to a stainless steel cabinet against the wall behind
their chairs.  She removed her set of keys from her white lab jacket and opened
the cabinet.  She sought out the dog whore tape and relocked the cabinet after
removing the tape.  She then went back to her seat and input the tape into the
cassette player.

The dog whore tape was actually a one and one-half minute tape loop.  The loop
would play and repeat itself as long as the play button re-mained depressed. 
Mistress Em had used her most seductive and sooth-ing bedroom voice to record
the tape.

"When I begin the tape, we must up the electrical current to all of her
stimulators.  I also want the vibrators turned on, not fully, but about half
way, to stimulate her while the message plays.  She must associate the actions
described with having an orgasm", she said to the Owner.

Mistress Em then picked up the microphone and turned on its switch.  In her
sternest voice, she said, "Listen and repeat!"  She then turned on the tape.

"My name is dog whore.  I am a dog whore.  I am not complete without a dog cock
in my mouth.  I am not complete without a dog cock in my ass.  I am not complete
without a dog cock in my cunt.  I love the taste and feel of dog cum.  I cannot
live without the taste and feel of dog cum. My whole life is to service all
dogs, any dogs.  I hate myself and detest what I do with them.  But I cannot
resist their cocks.  I want to bear their litters of pups.  I am a dog whore."

This was said slowly and distinctly and repeatedly.  And as it was being said,
the two dominants began to adjust all the settings to the various parts of her
body, and the various devices within.  In short order, Cow Cunt was beginning to
feel the effects of the physical stimulation.  As the message played, slowly and
inexorably, she began to chant the mantra.

"A few hours of this and she will have the message ingrained in her psyche
forever, or at least until we remove it or change it."  Mistress Em smiled at
the thought.  She has seen this technique work time and time again.

Mistress Em could see from the telemetry that her latest project was becoming
very stimulated indeed.  All of Cow Cunt's vital signs were up.  "Let's increase
the vacuum pressure", she said to the Owner.  They both started up the pumps
and, after opening the valves to her nipples, breasts, clit, and labia, watched
as even more flesh was sucked up the various glass jars.

Once a maximum of flesh in the jars was reached, the valves were closed and the
pumps shut off.  In the interim, a slave came in to refill the feeding cans to a
new equilibrium and to empty the once again filled urine collection bag.

"I think we're finished for the moment.  Let's get the next monitoring team in
here.  When she reaches her limits and passes out from the stimulation, we can
stop the tape and think about what comes next", said Mistress Em.

The husband and another visiting Master entered the room to observe and monitor
the festivities.  Mistress Em gave them a full briefing of what was happening
and advised them at what point she should be summons again.  The husband, with a
wicked smile on his face, had a difficult time listening for the sight of his
wife, and her condition, fascinated him.

He watched her food-bloated form twitch and undulate as the tape play-ed on and
on.  He could see her try and rock her pelvis toward some unseen cock as the
various stimuli attacked her senses, which had been under utilized for so many

Mistress Em, noticing his total absorption with the sight of his wife, offered
to let him give the dildo and the butt plug several more pumps to expand them to
even a greater size.  He did so rapidly and happily as a child given permission
to play with another's toy might.

Cow Cunt heard the familiar voice of Mistress Em.  But this time it was pleasing
and not at all ominous.  Thank god somebody finally was speaking to her.  She
may be asleep and dreaming, but at least she finally heard something other than
the sounds of her own moans and screams in the silence.

She also felt the tingling in her body begin.  It was most pleasant.  At least
she could concentrate of the very pleasant tingling that she had come to
associate with sexual release.  Dogs...she liked dogs.  She began to repeat the
message without even thinking about it.  Why did she want to taste the dog
cocks?  She remembered doing that before.  Was it last week?  She really didn't

Cow Cunt remembered that their sperm did taste good to her.  She thought she
might want to taste it again.  "Oh my god!  I'm having an orgasm", she thought
to herself.  They were very satisfying animals as she recalled.  The tape played
on and on and she began to have orgasm after orgasm.

After another three hours in the tank, she finally passed out from exhaustion
brought about by the many orgasms she sustained.  She floated limply in the tank
as her vital signs once again dropped off to a normal rest pattern.  The husband
notified Mistress Em of the current state of the dog whore and awaited her entry
into the tank room.

While the two waited, a slave entered the tank room and once again flushed out
Cow Cunt's ass with salted water.  What little waste did exist and build up
quickly flowed out of the outlet tube in her butt plug. Once this flushing was
completed, the slave then washed out her blad-der, which had been filling and
emptying non-stop since she entered the tank.

Butter Ball knelt on her hands and knees at her milking station.  Tears flowed
freely from her eyes in spite of the vigorous fucking she was receiving as she
gave forth her milk.  Not only were her feet still swollen from the beating they
had received, but her lips and tongue were in pain as well.  She had just
received five piercings in her upper and lower lips.  The holes now bore gold
locking rings.  Her tongue now had a gold barbell stud in place.

Mistress Em had decided that Butter Ball's ego had become too big to befit a cow
slave and new duties were in order.  Now Butter Ball would become a service cow
to be used by all of the others.  Although the tongue piercing would preclude
her from eating the feces of others without a thorough cleansing afterward, it
surely would provide amusement as now, rings locked to the piercings of a huge
old cow called Elsie.

Elsie belonged to another Owner but was being boarded and worked at the farm. 
She was the second oldest cow on the farm at forty-two years. She had come to
the farm late in her life (for a cow) and so far has only given birth four
times.  She was, however, the heaviest cow on the farm weighing in at nearly
five hundred and fifty pounds.

Elsie was also on her hands and knees, but she knelt on four blocks.  Her belly
and breasts were so huge that if she were only on the pad, her entire weight
would crush those parts into the ground making milking an impossibly.  As it was
now, her breasts hung so low, even whilst on the blocks, that her nipples were a
merely three inches from the floor.

Fortunately for Butter Ball, having Elsie up on the blocks was a god- send.  Her
face was tightly affixed to Elsie's cunt lips by her new rings. Her tongue was
linked to the huge cow's ring in her clit hood.  One could barely see the little
cow whore's head for it was nearly crushed, and mostly hidden in between the
huge cow's ass cheeks.  At least with the huge fat cow up on the blocks, Butter
Ball's head was not in too un-comfortable a position.

However, the huge fat cow did not have her butt plug in and a steady stream of
liquefied feces dribbled, and sometimes flooded, out of her ass.  Within only
several minutes of the commencement of the milking, Butter Balls blond haired
head was covered in the putrid fluid.  To make matters even worst, the huge cow
whore's Foley had been re-moved so that a steady trickle of urine flowed into
Butter Ball's mouth.

Elsie had also not been washed in several days and one could smell her cunt from
quite some distance.  She was constantly been fucked, or at the least, fucking
herself.  The accumulation of sperm and other bodily fluids built up around the
folds of the fat layers and stank as it aerated.

Elsie had not been continent in many years, for longer than she had been at the
farm, and the only way she could evacuate her bowels and bladder was from the
pressure build up of being fed.  A huge two-gallon feedbag hung at her head and
flowed freely into her now quite cavern-ous stomach.  The pressure of the
expanding stomach continuously forced the stream of shit onto Butter Ball's
head, and the urine into her mouth.

Poor Butter Ball cried almost continuously as she was giving her milk. She was
so deeply imbedded into Elsie's ass cheeks that the flesh cover-ed her ears. 
She actually vomited twice but had to immediately swallow what came up.  Her
mouth was so close to the huge cow's cunt, and her nose spent a good deal of
time in the maw of Elsie's ass hole leaving her with a severe breathing problem. 

And every time that Elsie shifted or moved, poor Butter Balls lips and tongue
were pulled along.  When Elsie would near orgasm from the stimulation, she would
try to back up further on Butter Ball, as if she was going to envelope the
little cow whore's head with her cavernous, putrid cunt.

To make matters even worst for poor Butter Ball, this cow whore was known as a
'flooder'.  Upon achieving an orgasm, she would forcefully squirt a stream of
vaginal fluid as far as two feet!  At the moment, Elsie was completely lost in
her favorite past times.  She was being feed via her nasal-gastric tubes and she
did love the feeling of her belly filling with whatever Mistress Em had decided
upon.  She was being milked, a process that could take up to one half-hour,
which provided her with immense sexual stimulation and relief from the pressure
in her massive breasts.

And she could definitely feel the forced ministrations of Butter Ball.  Every
time she jiggles her body, even slightly, she could feel Butter Ball's tongue
ring tug at her clit hood.  Elsie simply could not get enough of that tugging so
she jiggled and rocked as much as she could.

With her very distended cunt lips being locked to Butter Ball's mouth by their
respective rings, she certainly didn't have to worry about hurting herself.  And
with her clit and hood so distended as well, a good tugging is just what was
needed to get her off.

Every once in a while she would rear up and off of her hands.  Elsie loved to
run her hands over her belly as it slowly filled to capacity.  And if she
pleased her Owner, sometimes she would be filled to beyond capacity.  She loved
this the most of all.  She loved to be able to feel through all of her fat to
her massively bloated belly and massage it.

This did not do Butter Ball any good because each time Elsie reared upward her
head would be forced down and into an odd and painful position.  But there was
absolutely nothing that Butter Ball could do, and certainly nothing she could
say to waylay the movement from occurring.

When the huge cow whore finally did achieve her anxiously sought orgasm, she
flooded poor Butter Ball's mouth with her discharges. The force of the flow was
so great that the first initial squirt powered it's way down the little cow
whore's throat causing her to begin to choke.  She coughed several times which
forced several mini orgasms from Elsie.  The little cow whore also coughed some
of the fluid up and out of her nose, clearing some of the liquefied shit out of
her nostrils.

Elsie squirted several more times and managed to wash some of the putrid feces
off of Butter Ball's face and hair.  It was not enough to fully clean her off,
but it certainly helped change the horrible aroma that permeated Butter Ball's
senses, as well as the senses of the others being milked along side them in the
adjoining stalls. 

Also not helping the poor little cow whore was one of Mistress Anne's slaves. 
He was happily pounding his enormous cock into her cunt at lightening speed. 
Mistress Anne had one quarter-inch silver beads imbedded beneath the surface of
the skin on his cock. As he banged his cock in and out of her cunt, bashing her
cervix with each plunge, the imbedded beads, although normally stimulating, did
nothing to really distract her from this current hell.

In fact, these beads caused her more pain because they did bump against the butt
plug in her ass hole through which she was being fed.  His great length also
pushed her face further into the canyon of Elsie's rear end.  He pounded her so
vibrantly that she thought her face from her nose to her fore head would be
pushed completely up Elsie's ass hole (which could probably accommodate the

The slave was having a good time.  Between the friction created by the butt
plug, the sloshing of the little cow whore's food in her bowels, and the
shortening of her vagina because of the plug and her rapidly filling bowel, he
was having the ride of his week.  Of course he was wearing his cock ring and
ball spreader that helped prolonged his ability to put off his climax.

As he rode her ass, he slapped the fleshy cheeks and squeezed her thighs with
all of his considerable hand strength.  He did massage her belly and breasts
though.  After all, Mistress Anne had told him not to dam-age the product in any
way.  He also gave her clit a thorough working out with his pulling and pinching
of the elongated organ.

Mistress Anne had left him explicit instructions not to come before the milking
was finished.  She had also left instruction for the slave to notify the
attending assistant when the milking of both cows was completed, and before he
was permitted to spew his sperm up into the womb of the little cow whore. 

What the slave didn't know was that Mistress Anne also left instruct-ions with
the attendant to shove a cattle prod up the male slave's ass and to jolt him as
he came.  After all, why miss an opportunity to inflict pain in absentia. 

Finally, after twenty-five minutes and numerous orgasms later, Elsie had given
all of her milk.  When the swelling of her teats was relieved, they hung limply
and deflated, almost like a long balloon with only a little bit of air inside. 
And, as ordered, the slave called the attendant to the stall. 

As he concentrated on his long awaited and earned orgasm, the attendant
unsnapped the cock ring the slave wore.  As he started to cum, the attendant
shoved the pre-lubricated cattle prod up the slave's ass with one swift powerful
motion and hit the button.  The intrusion of the prod triggered the orgasm when
the slave's prostate was nudged.

The electrical charge sent out caused the slave to bang heavily into the little
cow whore.  This in turn sent her nose, eyes, and forehead up into Elsie's
gaping maw of an ass hole.  The slave screamed in pain as he came, which, in
turn, caused Butter Ball to scream into the huge cow's cunt.  This in turn
caused Elsie to experience one final orgasm and fall forward off of the blocks
nearly breaking Butter Ball's neck in the process.

The slave was pulled off of the prostrate Butter Ball and she and Elsie were
rounded onto their sides to release the silver chains linking their rings
together.  The huge old cow arose and went to the cleaning station in an
adjoining room to be washed down, re-plugged and cathetered, and sent on her way
back to her stall.

Butter Ball remained on her side huddled into a fetal position (as much as she
could with her huge belly in the way) and wept bitterly.  She had never been
treated in such a vile and humiliating manner by her Mistress (Em).  Her entire
face and breasts were coated in the various fluids given out by Elsie and she
was sure that she would never get the smells off of her body.

Mistress Anne walked into the milking room, just having left the tank room where
Cow Cunt was now engrossed in listening to the breeding tape.  She walked up to
Butter Ball and, looking down at the unrecog-nizable figure covered in drying
shit, piss, and vaginal secretions, laughed quite heartily.  "It would seem that
we now have found another use for you in this life whore.  I must made the
suggestion to your new Owner and Em that this be your job every day, all day,
for the rest of your miserable life."

Butter Ball barely noticed her appearance.  She had to keep her eyes closed
because they stung from the vicious assault of the fluids.  But she did hear the
words Mistress Anne uttered and let out a wail of despair at what was said.

"You are property whore.  You are here to produce product and pay for all the
trouble your Owner goes through to keep you in working order.  I will recommend
to Em that she forget you, get a new whore, and start from scratch.  Maybe I
will buy you.  Then you will learn how easy you have had it so far.  Then you
will learn how ungrateful a whore you really are."

With those chilling words, Mistress Anne turned on her heel and walked out of
the room laughing a cruel, evil, chilling laugh.  Poor Butter Ball gave up all
hope of ever having her life be what it once was, and of ever being owned solely
by Mistress Em.

The attendant left Butter Ball where she was, laying in a puddle of the filth
that had come out of the huge old cow.  Every time he passed her prone body, he
snickered at the sight she made.  After some time, he relented and brought over
a hose.  He first washed the pad and the area around Butter Ball and, almost as
an after thought, washed her as well.
In spite of the wash down, she still stank.  He then prodded her with the toe of
his shoe and told her to return to her stall.

Cow Cunt had spent the last three hours listening to the virtues of breeding, an
act, and state of being, that she would accustomed to over the years to come. 
She learned that her only true purpose in life was to breed and produce litter
after litter of young.  She learned that if her belly wasn't full of developing
embryos, she wouldn't feel complete as a female. 

She had once again falling into unconsciousness from the exertion of having
another number of orgasms ripped from her body.  During this rest period, she
once again had her breasts, clit, and labia sucked even further into the glass
enclosures.  Her dildo and butt plug were now pumped up to their maximum
thickness causing her ass hole and vaginal openings to be expanded to three
inches in diameter.

After eighteen hours in the tank, the Owner and Mistress Em decided that the dog
whore should be given another sodium penthanol and mor-phine cocktail.  Once the
drug had worn off, and she was again cons-cious, she would have no real
knowledge of what had happened and assume that whatever happened was indeed a
dream, a very bad dream. "What am I to do with you?  You embarrassed me in front
of all the other Masters, and especially the Owner.  How am I to trust you and
rely upon you to do what I ask?"  Mistress Em was looking down at Butter Ball,
who was prostrated at her feet, kissing her toes.

"And now, because of Mistress Anne, who I let deal with you out of curtsey, you
are to be trained as a toilet slave.  If you though drinking piss was no big
deal, just you wait till you have to do your turn at the toilet this evening in
the cow shed.  I have been too lenient with you and now you must pay." 

Mistress Em raised her toe lifting the little cow whore's face upward so that
their eyes met.  "I am considering an offer from Mistress Anne to purchase you
once my year here is finished.  If the Owner consents, I just might agree to
sell you to her before then."

Tears filled Butter Balls eyes as she began to realize the implications of
belonging to Mistress Anne.  Mistress Anne derived her pleasure strictly from
the pain and screaming of her slaves.  She has been known to orgasm from only
that kind of stimulation.  It was known that most of Mistress Anne's slaves
eventually wound up in either hospitals or mental institutions by the time she
had her fill of their bodies and minds.

"Your ONLY chance of redemption is to become the most obedient whore the world
has ever seen.  And you must be everyone's whore, at any time, any place, and
whenever you are ordered.  Do you understand me whore?"

Butter Ball answered yes and once again began to kiss Mistress Em's shoe.  "Now
get away from my foot.  You stink."  Mistress Em then turned and left Butter
Ball to ponder what she was just told, and to pray that she not be left in the
hands of Mistress Anne.

Cow Cunt had just finished listening to the feeding tape.  Imbedded deep within
her psyche, along with the other poisonous messages, was the dictum that she
would forever need to be full of food.  The dog whore would forever be hungry
and need to feel her belly hard from being stuffed.

When she once again passed out from the continuous sexual stimulation, she was
once again injected with the drug 'cocktail' and left along for the final two
hours of her twenty-six hour stay in the tank.  When the attending viewers were
sure that she was in her drug induced dream-state, she was hauled out of the
tank and the job of detaching the many wires and tubes began.

Once the suit was removed, and all the electrode patches, all present were
greatly surprised at what they saw.  Cow Cunt had put on weight at an
unprecedented rate.  She had the beginnings of a potbelly as well as additional
flesh on her thighs.  But the biggest surprise was her teats.  They had
undoubtedly grown at least one and one half cup sizes and, between the early
effects of the prolactin/estrogen and the vacuum treatments, were quite
stretched out of shape.

Her clit and labia were also greatly enlarged from the vacuum treat-ments.  Now
all that needed to be done was to continue with the injections over the next few
days and the repeated vacuum attacks on the organs.  After giving her another
injection of anabolic steroids, she was once again connected to two feedbags and
placed in her cage alongside that of the alpha dog.

She would continue to dream for at least another six hours or so but her hands
were none the less left in the fingerless mitts.  As her belly once again began
to bloat with the high caloric concoction at one end and the sperm concoction at
the other.  She moaned as her body once again be-gan to swell, but this time her
moan was one of pleasure.

Mistress Anne sat in the armchair with her long dress pulled up over her knees,
and her legs draped over the arms.  Her hairy cunt was exposed and glistening as
she gently ran her fingertips over her labia and clit.  Her eyes were tightly
shut and her expression was grim.  If she were not so exposed, one might think
that she was concentrating on some important decision. 

But such was not the case.  Her male slave, the one that had serviced Butter
Ball earlier, was bent over a chair.  His arms were tied to the front legs on
the chair and his legs were tied to the rear legs.  His scrotum, sporting its
usual ball spreader and stretcher, had a fifteen- pound weight hanging from it.

His ringed nipples had five-pound weights hanging from them as well.  And the
stretched out nipple flesh was bound tightly with Dacron.  A line of blood
trickled from his exposed ass hole and ran down the inside of his thigh onto the
floor.  His ass hole was stretched wide by a rectal speculum and capped shut
with a massive cork.

Mistress Anne had felt a bit randy after viewing Cow Cunt several times over the
course of her submersion.  And after her brief visit with Butter Ball, she knew
she needed to get off.  So she had the other slaves present tie her slave to the

After being tied, and the weights being attached to the appropriate appendages,
she had her other male slave insert the speculum and begin to ratchet the device
open.  While all of her slaves were quite accustom-ed to having a fist up their
orifices, they still all had their limits and this slave was no exception. 

Once the slave began to scream in earnest, she told the attending slave to
ratchet the device three more times, causing tears to begin to flow. At this
point Mistress Anne threw her legs over the arms of the chair exposing herself
to those present.  As any Mistress or Domme knows, their cunt truly is the seat
of all power and a slave will do anything to be able to simply see or smell the
sacred organ, let alone touch it in any way.

As she began to touch herself, she asked that a steel brush, a box of salt, and
a wide cork or plug to be brought to the room.  The slaves present swiftly went
in search of the object re-quested.  One slave returned quickly with a steel
scrub brush used in the dairy to clean the collection jars.  The bristles
encompassed a steel rod in the center and extended out three inches making a
most formidable weapon. 

Mistress Anne smiled at the enterprising slave and told him to insert the brush
up the bound slave's ass hole a scrub until the brush was coated with blood,
which he promptly did.  The screams were absolute music to her ears as they
echoed off of the wood paneled walls.  The others pre-sent, and kneeling,
watched the horrible torture of one of their fellow slaves and thanked an unseen
god for it not being one of them bound to the chair.

Once the brush was dripping with the bright red blood of the poor wretch,
Mistress Anne then commanded that the slave's ass be packed with the salt until
no more could be forced in and plugged with the speculum still in place.

As the slave's ass was being packed with the salt, his screams resumed with a
new found vigor.  Handful after handful or course salt was shov-ed between the
speculum's jaws and up into the slave's rectum.  His eyes bulged and the weights
attached to his nipples and balls swung wildly as the substance continued to be

"Make sure that his nipples remain tightly coiled.  Use more Dacron if there are
any gapes where you can see flesh.  I want those fuckers to stretch out at least
two inches today", she said to the one female slave present.  She promptly went
to the poor slave and upon seeing that indeed his nipples had stretched from the
wildly swinging weights, bound more Dacron around them where the flesh showed

"You!"  Mistress Anne was now looking at another male slave on loan from another
Mistress.  "Get over there and start sucking his cock.  I want to see him cum,
and not to quickly either."  Knowing this slave to be basically heterosexual,
Mistress Anne knew that upon seeing the treatment of her personal property, he
better do what was requested. "Just remember that you can take his place if you
do not perform to my satisfaction whore."

The slave jumped up off of his knees and ran to the chair bound slave. He got to
his knees and squeezed his head between the bent over body of the bound slave
and the seat of the chair.  The poor bound slave could not get an erection on
his own in his present state of extreme pain if he wanted to.  The slave took
the other's flaccid cock into his mouth and gently sucked the organ while
running his tongue around its head.

Once the salt had been shoved into the slaves ass hole till only white shone out
between the speculum's jaws, Mistress Anne commanded that one more additional
handful of salt be placed upon the jaws and that the slave punch it up into the
other's ass.  The slave complied and with one strong punch, forced this one last
handful up into the distended ass.

The slave howled again and again as the salt burned into his tender raw flesh. 
The tightly packed in salt had stemmed the blood flow from his rectum. 
Thankfully, the salt also acted to sanitize the wounds.  How-ever, the pain was
absolutely over whelming.  The slave howled and screamed and cried as he twisted
and shook.  This, of course, only caused the weights to swing even more wildly. 

The only way out of this woman made hell was to lose consciousness and that was
not likely to happen until Mistress Anne had achieved her own sexual release. 
The slave sucking the cock of the poor devil tied to the chair was having his
problems as well.  No matter how hard he tried, the tied slave just wouldn't
become aroused.  The slave thought of every mouth motion used on him, as well as
what he knew felt good.  But nothing would work.  He knew that Mistress Anne
could, and would, make them switch places if he failed to perform his duty to
her liking.

The tied slave was certainly leaking pre-cum into the sucking slave's mouth and
after ten minutes or so, began to become turgid.  But the pain was still to
overwhelming for the tied slave to break through.  He simply couldn't get past
it and into that special place where pain dis-solved into pleasure and pleasure
exploded into release.

Mistress Anne now looked at the other female slave and pointed toward her chair. 
The female immediately raced the few paces to the chair and fell to her knees,
assuming the position.  Mistress Anne then pointed toward her cunt and the
female dove between Mistress Anne's outstretched thighs and began to gently run
her tongue over the swollen lips before her.

Mistress Anne handed her leather strap to the last remaining un-utilized slave
and ordered him to beat the ass and thighs of the tied up slave.  With the
knowledge that Mistress Anne could have him take the tied up slave's place, the
huge male began to whip the salt packed slave's ass with all of his strength. 

The poor slave, already nearly hoarse from the terrible punishment being dealt
him (for no other reason then to provide Mistress Anne with pleasure), screamed
and cried with renewed vigor.  He even was so bold as to begin to beg for mercy. 
Mistress Anne merely smiled and pulled her dress over the head of the female
licking her cunt, completely tenting the whore.

The salt began to dissolve in the slave's ass from the seepage of blood, and
from drawing the water out of the slave's body.  He soon went completely hoarse
and whispered his mantra of pain.  He was now begging for death as the big male
behind him began to flail away at the thighs.

This pleading brought Mistress Anne closer to her climax.  She grasp the female
under her dress by the back of her head and pulled her closer to her cunt.  She
could feel the sweat on the female's head from the heat building up under the
dress.  Mistress Anne's eyes were closed as she carefully listened to the
repeated begging and pleading of the tied slave.

Suddenly the mantra halted and the slave merely moaned.  He was get-ting past
the pain and becoming aroused by the actions of the male sucking on his cock. 
He actually became hard.  Now the sucking male slave could feel the beads
implanted under the tied slave's penis skin on the roof of his mouth and on his
tongue.  The cock was expanding till it completely filled his mouth.  He began
to gag.

This was all that Mistress Anne needed.  She now removed her legs from the arm
of the chair and wrapped them around the female under her dress, pulling her as
tightly as possible into her cunt.  Mistress Anne rocked her pelvis and hips as
she came.  She cried out her pleasure while trying to force the female's entire
face up into her juicing cunt.

The tied male was deeply seeking his own release as the strapping began to draw
blood from his thighs and ass cheeks.  The slave sucking his cock managed to
withdraw most of the length from his mouth and be-gan to manipulate the long
bumpy shaft with his hands.  He wanted this slave to cum so that he might avoid
a later session with the she-devil that orchestrated this terrible situation.

Mistress Anne was suffocating the whore between her thighs as she rub herself to
several additional orgasms.  Finally, just as the whore was going limp from the
lack of air, Mistress Anne released the death grip of her thighs and kicked the
female back onto her ass.

"What?  You haven't made him cum yet?  Release my whore from the chair and take
him up your ass!"  Mistress Anne was in mock anger.  She laughed as she spoke to
the slave.  The poor slave was released from his position and he tried to stand
but couldn't.  He was in too much pain and when his cock came out of the other
slave's mouth, he was ripped from his place in that other world.

As he continued to try and straighten enough to push is cock up the ass of the
other, the weights, still linked to his balls and nipples, once again danced and
further pulled the already terribly stretched flesh.  Tears once again began to
flow from his eyes as he found that he had not the strength to force himself
into the slave.

"Well?  Back up onto him.  Hurry up", said Mistress Anne, now begin-ning to
display impatience.  The slave to be impaled immediately grasped the huge bumped
cock and, knowing that he was not in the least prepared for what was about to
occur, guided the member toward his ass.

Not being one of Mistress Anne's possessions, he was unaccustomed to having such
a large object thrust up his ass, even when it was lubri-cated.  But he realized
that whatever pain he encountered from the enormous cock, it was a mere tickle
compared to what Mistress Anne was capable of inflicting.

Fortunately, the slave had done a good job in wetting the other's huge cock with
saliva because as soon as the tortured slave felt the other's  anus at his cock
head, he lunged into it with a vengeance.  The impaled slave screamed with all
of his might and tears quickly came to his eyes as a white-hot bolt of pain shot
completely through his body.

As Mistress Anne's slave began to withdraw his awesome, bumpy, weapon from the
ass hole of the other slave, the female behind him began to beat his ass cheeks
with the strap.  She could hold nothing back for fear of punishment from
Mistress Anne and she struck his ass cheeks with total abandon. 

As the slave's cock withdrew from the torn and battered ass hole of the other,
one could see, amidst the liberal covering of blood, bits of feces.  As soon as
the very tip of his cock reached the ruptured sphincter, he suddenly, and with
greater force than his first lunge, rocketed his cock back into the poor soul in
front of him.

The poor slave was not only in tears, but was wailing quite loudly as thrust
after thrust was inflicted upon him.  He was completely unpre-pared for the
assault he now was subject to.  None-the-less, each time the mammoth cock hit,
and then passed, his prostate, his limp cock would leak some pre-cum fluid.

And so the trio began to develop a rhythm as their unholy act continued
unabated.  After several minutes Mistress Anne motioned toward the female slave. 
She told the slave to begin to suck on the leaking limp cock of the poor devil
whose ass hole would never be the same again. "Suck his cock whore.  I want him
to cum for me, and you'd better do it properly."

Again, after several minutes, a rhythm was established as the trio per-formed
their "dance" for Mistress Anne.  Calling to her slave, Mistress Anne said; "I
want you to cum now slut.  And I want the other slut to cum as well".  Under the
best of circumstances, this would have been possible, but as her slave began to
cum, he reinforced the strength of his plunging and the poor slave being sucked
by the female simply could not achieve his orgasm.

Mistress Anne smiled at his failure, and that of the female to help him along. 
"I see more training is in order for you both.  Obviously, you need to have that
ass hole of yours stretched so that you can accommo-date any cock, or object,
put in it.  And you, you filthy whore, need to learn how to properly get an
orgasm out of a male."

Mistress Anne's slave finally withdrew his cock from the ass of the other, and
the female slave removed her mouth from the slave's cock. The torn slave feel to
his knees, and then onto his side.  He curled up into a fetal position and wept
silently.  "You had better make sure none of my slave's cum reaches these lovely
wooden floors whore or your punishment will be most fearsome!"

The female dove toward the slave's ruptured ass hole and began to lick and clean
the wounded tissue.  "And when you're done with him, make sure my slave's cock
is clean as well.  And help him wash all the salt out of his ass."  Mistress
Anne arose from her chair and on her way out of the room; she stopped for a
moment alongside of her slave, and with one swift motion, tore the anal speculum
out of his ass eliciting merely a closed mouthed moan.  "Good slut", she said as
she left the room.

Cow Cunt awoke with her usual scream.  She looked about and realized that she
was still in her dog cage.  Then it truly was all a bad nightmare. Her head
hurt, her mouth was dry, and the light hurt her eyes.  She began to inspect
herself and noticed that her breasts and belly were hugely inflated as though
someone had pumped her full of air.  Much of the bruising and inflammation had
disappeared.  "Nothing like a bad night's sleep", she thought.

She began to move about a bit, testing to see how she was bound.  To her
surprise, her bindings had been loosened during the night.  She rolled onto her
side and felt the butt plug in its place.  She also ob-served the Foley still in
its place.  She felt the inflated dildo in her cunt and noticed that her hands
were still gloved in the mitts.  Still, thank-fully, she was relatively free to
move about in the limited space of her cage.

She looked at her body again and noticed that her belly actually flowed away
from her body and onto the mat in her cage.  They must have just fed her she
thought.  Then he caught her eye.  The big alpha dog was in his cage alongside
of hers.  He was wide-awake and glazing at her in-tently.  And then she saw his
long cock sheath and thought about the huge cock it contained.  She smiled and
thought about how wicked it would be to taste it.

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