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Life on the Farm

Part 4

Part 4

We wish to announce a new member of our team.  Her name is Siobhan and she will
be assisting us with this continuing tale.  As usual, we wish to thank our
kinsman Conaire for his help.


"Just a moment, if you please", was suddenly heard coming from off on the side,
and behind, those anxiously gathered to observe, and hopefully partake, of the
festivities about to occur.  All heads turned toward the personage of the
commanding female voice that froze all in their tracks. "I wish to speak to the
whore before you begin."

The Mistress stepped back for a moment with a quite surprised look on her face. 
She recognized the steel cold quality of the voice, and sensed that all were
being told that She would speak to whomever She chose to regardless of what the
answer might be.  "Of course Mistress Anne, be my guest", she responded with a
polite smile.

A path cleared for the silver haired woman dressed, unlike the others, in a
floor length black silk gown.  Mistress Anne, sometimes referred to as the Lady
Anne, was the most senior member of the circle of people in-vited for the
weekend.  She was a tall, thin, woman of sixty years of age. Her features belied
her age and were it not for her silver gray hair, one could easily take her for
at least fifteen years younger.

It was quite apparent to all that she wore nothing beneath her silken sheath and
though high heels adorned her feet, she wore no stockings. Her features were of
a chiseled nature and people described her as being handsome, rather than
beautiful.  Her steel blue eyes were nearly always devoid of emotion and offset
by a high cheekbone structure. 

Her lips were thin, but well arched, and painted the darkest red.  Other than
mascara and a bit of lip color, she was completely devoid of decoration.  She
wore no jewelry, carried no purse, and did not paint her nails.

Yet all present knew, or had heard, of her.  She abject cruelty knew no limits,
and was totally without mercy.  Yet she rarely raised her hand, or her voice. 
As she walked forward toward the poor dog whore and Em, with Butter Ball
kneeling at her side, those she past took a step back.  She was not beyond
turning upon a fellow dominant for enter-tainment and her two ever present,
burly, footmen attended her every wish.

She strode up to the dog whore and stared into her terrified eyes.  "The object
of this lesson is to learn not to move.  The more you struggle, the greater your
pain.  If you dance about, you will not only suffer greatly, but you might tear
some muscle tissue and that would be most unfort-unate."  She laughed as she
backed away and returned to her vantage point.

All were somewhat mystified at her statements to the whore because Mistress Anne
was truly a sadist.  Her only pleasure came from the pain of others and her
constant search for "fresh meat" was never ending. Only Mistress Em knew the
true meaning of she statement.  This was a challenge to Em.  "Get the whore to
dance, or I will" was the implied test.

With that, Mistress Em kicked the stool out from under Cow Cunt.  She instantly
dropped about two inches as her skin stretched and, in spite of the feed tube
going down her throat, managed to scream a steady howl that went on for what
seemed like ages.  Her eyes were opened wide as the pain surged through the core
of her being.

She gently swung to and fro as she voiced her pain.  Her eyes bulged wide as she
watched her purple breasts become even deeper in color-ation.  Her areolas and
nipples began to melt into the exposed portion of her teats as the bindings ever
so slightly edged toward the bulging ends of her breasts.

Cow Cunt tried to study herself as she gently swung, remembering, through her
pain clouded mind, what Mistress Anne had said.  She felt as though her teats
were being pulled from her chest, and she couldn't even begin to realize what
they might look like upon completion of this punishment.  They were still
bruised from the strapping, and swollen and on fire from the saline, from the
treatment she was served only a few hours previously.

She finally managed to halt the swinging motion when Mistress Em opened the
valves to the feedbag and the tubing in her mouth.  The animal sperm began to
flow into her.  She moaned as she felt the ice cold mixture hit her stomach and
chill her belly.  Only her toes, and her moaning told of the severe nature of
her portion this evening.  They spread wide and curled and wiggled slightly as
she hung.

Mistress Em then began to distribute the straps she had on the cart.  The Owner,
the dog whore's husband, another male guest, and Mistress Em then positioned
themselves; two at the hanging whore's rear, and the Owner and Mistress Em in
the front.

"Let the games begin", said Mistress Em and they began to swing, arms fully
extended, at the helpless suffering Cow Cunt.  The Owner swung wildly at her
ever filling belly and breasts, Mistress Em swung at her lower belly, thighs,
and legs, the husband swung at her ass and the rear of her legs, and the guest
swung madly at her back.

Instantly poor Cow Cunt began to dance and bob, and swing, from the force of the
blows hitting her already bruised skin.  Her moaning be-came a stifled wailing
and tears flowed freely down her cheeks and onto the floor beneath her feet. 
Her body began to quake and tremble and, had her nether holes not been plugged,
she would have shit and peed on the floor.

There were very few patches of pink skin to discolor, but what did remain not
bruised from the first strapping was now bright red.  The dog whore was swinging
in a circular motion at this point giving the four strappers and chance to mark
all sides of her body.  Sweat flew off of the bodies of the four as they beat
her and the wildness, and near out of control exertions of their bodies, created
an almost electrically charged atmosphere in the room. 

The strapping continued for ten minutes.  There were rivulets of blood where the
straps had cut the skin and patches of rawness in many areas. Her belly was huge
from the meal she was forced to consume and she appeared to be pregnant from the
great distention.  She stopped her crying about seven minutes into the strapping
and now merely hung moaning softly, and totally motionless. 

Only her eyes moved about, trying vainly to discern what would be served up
next.  She had given into the pain and somehow transcended it.  Toward the end
of the strapping, she simply hung loosely and only winched with each heated
kiss.  In spite of the pain and the whipping, She found herself to be turned on. 
There was no place else for her mind to go except to concentrate on the straps
hitting her nipples and clit.

"This is quite boring", Mistress Anne stated flatly.  "Can't we move on to the
feast?  I think that enough of an appetizer has been served up." With that,
Mistress Em, sensing a challenge, turned back toward the cart and picked up the
hypodermic syringe.  Upon the dog whore's seeing the cursed implement, she
became quite agitated and began to struggle, in spite of her swinging by her

"Bring down the feedbag and place another two quarts of sperm in it.  Then raise
it to equilibrium", said Mistress Em.  Let's see whether we can get her to take
the rest over time." 

Mistress Em was grinning from ear to ear as she filled the one thousand cubic
millimeter syringe with the dreaded saline solution.  She turned to the
terrified Cow Cunt and approached her breasts with the spike of a needle.

Cow Cunt began to try and swing herself away from the pointed tip.  This played
directly into Mistress Em's hand as she placed the point at the half point of
the swing and let the dog whore impale herself as she swung back into it.  Each
time the needle pierced the skin of her breast, Mistress Em depressed the
plunger and delivered some saline into the already swollen and pained flesh.

Within minutes, Cow Cunt's breasts where again on fire with the fury of a
hellish burning damnation.  She cursed the very existence of her teats as they
swelled to even a greater extent.  She cursed her own very existence and she
cursed her beauty body that had provided so well for her since she was fifteen. 
She prayed for a surgical amputation of her glorious mounds as the needle
penetrated her flesh again and again.

Finally the syringe was emptied into each breast, and nipple, and all that
remained was the pain.  She had almost gotten to that special place where the
pain no longer mattered, but this new insult to the body had ripped her away
from that place and brought her back to this hell. 

To her great horror, Mistress Em refilled the syringe and now bent to re-inject
her labia and clit.  Cow Cunt began to swing her legs in a vain attempt to keep
what was inevitable from occurring.  She couldn't swing very well because of her
knees being bound apart by the spreader bar between them. Mistress Anne again
left her vantage point and walked right up to the swinging whore and said, in a
very low voice, as if she were relating the secret to all life, "Give into it
whore.  This will happen anyway and if you rip a muscle in your teats, you will
suffer for weeks."  She smiled as she saw the resignation in Cow Cunt's eyes.

Cow Cunt stopped her movements and began to feel the pricking of the needle as
it deposited it's burning poison into the most tender of all exposed flesh.  The
nether lips of the dog whore where still quite swollen providing a large and
convenient target for Mistress Em.  She felt twelve pricks in to her labia and
three to her clit and hood.

The initial stinging soon burst into blinding pain, exploding in the dog whore's
head like an atomic bomb.  The swelling of her lips and clit now completely
concealed her pussy and appeared to be a massive, mis-haped, blooming orchid
from hell.  She could no longer control her body for the pain had totally
separated her mind from her body.  She twitch-ed, kicked, twisted, and screamed
(as best she could).  Her tears had long since ceased and even the re-hydration
of her body from the feed-ing could not affect her tear ducts because she now
sweated profusely.

Mistress Em, looking quite self-satisfied, turned her head toward Mis-tress Anne
and said, "How's that for entertainment dear?"  Mistress Anne now settled back
in her armchair, looked at someone's slave standing nearby, and motioned toward
her crotch.  The slave immed-iately got down between Mistress Anne's shapely
legs, fearing what might evolve from a moment's hesitation. 

Mistress Anne lifted her dress just enough for the slave to bring her head
toward that sacred pussy, and let the hem go, enveloping the slave's head. 
"That is so much better dear", she smiled as she closed her eyes for a moment,
savoring the muted screams from Cow Cunt.

Mistress Em now began to run her fingernails very lightly over the bruised and
discolored skin of poor Cow Cunt.  The dog whore's entire body was a screaming
mass of raw and enflamed flesh and the trailing of Mistress Em's fingernails
felt as though her very flesh was being rip-ped from her, strip by agonizing

Mistress Em was smiling and aglow from the heating up of her own passions.  She
was very close to having an orgasm without even touching, or having someone else
touch, her body.  But close was not enough.  Everyone in the solarium was
engaged in some form of sexual activity with the sight, and sounds, of the dog
whore providing a very strong stimulus. 

Mistress Anne used the slave for only a few moments.  Her orgasm was quite
shattering as the slave busily used her tongue to please the woman. It was
rumored that Mistress Anne, not pleased with a particular slave's use of the
tongue, had that slave's tongue cut out right there on the spot and came with
the screams of the mutilation. 

Mistress Anne kicked the slave out from beneath her dress and rose to her feet. 
She whispered to one of her male slaves and walked over to the ever-present
supply of latex gloves.  She donned a pair of the gloves and then covered her
fingers with a water-based lubricant.

She then walked up to Mistress Em and said; "Dear Em, you have done quite well
with this worthless whore and provided us with a lovely symphony of sight and
sound."  Mistress Em smiled and blushed with the compliment paid her.  "Allow me
to return the favor."

"That would be quite an accomplishment."  Mistress Em said this as she looked at
the totally drained Cow Cunt.  The poor whore was hanging limply.  She was
bathed in her own sweat.  But even the stinging from her sweat failed to elicit
any movement from her.  Her eyes were closed as she once again began to give
into the pain and travel to that special place where she could cross over into
another world:  That of pleasure.

Mistress Anne stepped up to the dog whore and gazed at her as though she were
some nearly finished work of art that only needed a stoke or two from the brush
for completion.  The male slave she had spoken to came to her side and kneeled,
head down, and holding forth a small dish.

Mistress Anne reached out toward the dog whore's greatly swollen pussy, and with
her gloved and lubricated fingers, began to trace a line up the center of the
vastly puffed up lips.  Her eyes never left Cow Cunt's face as she continued to
gently trace that line, over and over again.  Cow Cunt stirred from where ever
her mind had gone.  This felt good.  The lubrication was cool and soothing and
the movement across her misshaped genitalia brought great relief. 

"You like this, don't you whore."  Mistress Anne said, more than asked, to Cow
Cunt.  Cow Cunt merely hung there, trying, concentrating, to get every last drop
of soothing and pleasure from this interlude from the never-ending pain. 
Mistress Anne grasped the dog whore's clit between her two fingers and gave it a
sound squeeze.  Cow Cunt's eyes bulged open and a scream tried to exit her now
very hoarse throat.

"I asked you a question whore, answer it."  Mistress Anne had very little
patience with untrained whores.  Cow Cunt nodded in the affirmative.  Mistress
Anne once again grasped the greatly swollen nubbin and squeezed even harder this
time.  After a longer stifled scream, Cow Cunt managed to say, "Yes Mistress.  I
do love this." Tears once again began to flow.

Mistress Anne continued to gently stroke the swollen areas and even managed to
raise a moan of pleasure from the tortured whore.  "Let's try to cool off that
burning cunt, shall we?"  She then gently parted the swollen lips with one hand
while reaching into the bowl with the other.

She then found the hidden, and moist entrance to Cow Cunt's vagina and began to
coax it open with two fingers.  Now Cow Cunt was be-ginning to lubricate from
the stimulation she was receiving.  "Yesssss.  You do like what I am doing.  And
you will like what I am about to do even more I assure you."  Mistress Anne
laughed as she spoke.

Now Mistress Anne spread the dog whore's cunt open with three fingers and
swiftly brought a wad of cotton up to the orifice with her other hand.  The
cotton was dripping with a clear fluid.  She swiftly jammed the cotton up into
Cow Cunt's vagina and pushed it up toward her cervix. 

Mistress Anne swiftly repeated this procedure several times until the dog
whore's entire vaginal cavity was stuffed with the dripping cotton.  She then,
as a finally to her ministrations, wiped Cow Cunt's swollen labia and clit with
the clear fluid soaked cotton and stood back for a moment. Cow Cunt felt the
cooling effects of the cotton jammed into her vagina. Then suddenly, her entire
being exploded into the worst pain she had felt yet.  The cotton was soaked in
grain alcohol and now the alcohol began to sting and burn her very sensitive
inner tissues.

She screamed and bucked against her bindings yet again.  But this time, her
screams emanated from a new place, the very last place to resort in her being. 
She bucked frantically trying to void herself of the cotton as she danced in the

Mistress Anne laughed with glee as she stroked Cow Cunt's vagina with her gloved
hands.  She then had her slave re-lubricate her fingers and she attacked Cow
Cunt's clit.  Mistress Anne then gently, at least as gently as she could with a
bucking body in front of her, began to stroke the dog whore's clit.  Mistress
Anne was not just waiting for Mistress Em to orgasm; in fact this was an excuse
to work her evil magic upon the helpless form hanging before her.

The stroking of her clit, in spite of it's swollen, enflamed, and very ten-der,
condition felt good to Cow Cunt.  Amidst all the pain in her well- racked body,
this stimulation was something to dwell upon, envelope and rush toward for some
minor relief. 

And in spite of the fire in her vagina that burned ever inch of tender flesh,
she felt herself actually rushing toward an orgasm.  But this was not just any
orgasm; this would be one that would free her completely from the hell she was
presently in.  She knew that if she could simply realize it... 

Than suddenly Mistress Anne stopped the stroking of Cow Cunt's clit. "You must
beg me for it whore!  You must promise me all that you are for this one."  Cow
Cunt was beside herself in agony and sexual need.  Her body was ablaze with both
the fire of pain and that of passion.  And this evil, wicked woman with the
ice-cold smile and the piercing gaze held the key.

Cow Cunt began to beg as best she could.  Her words were unintelli-gable and
garbled because of the tubing in her throat, but there was no doubt that she
indeed was frantically begging, complete with tears.  She would have done
whatever was necessary to end this all. After several minutes of begging and
pleading, now in a hushed, and whispered voice, egged on by an occasional stroke
to her bloated clit, Mistress Anne commenced her attentions.  It did not take
very long at all for the explosion to occur.  Cow Cunt began to curl her legs up
and under herself.  Her neck arched back and her entire body undulated as the
massive orgasm hit her. 

This was the strongest orgasm she ever experienced.  Her entire body tensed with
such strong muscle contractions that amidst the silence of this obscene
exhibition the participants could hear her animal scum meal partially force it's
way back into the feedbag in spite of the equal-ibrium reached.

As our dog whore quaked and spasmed in the throws of her orgasm, Mistress Anne
continued to stroke the swollen finger of a clit.  Mistress Em then looked
toward Butter Ball who was still prostrate on the floor. "Go over there and
drain the whore."

With that, the little cow whore crawled over to rest in front of the still
convulsing dog whore and, after placing the shut Foley into her mouth, opened
the valve and sucked the accumulated urine out of Cow Cunt as quickly as she
could, collapsing the bladder.  Cow Cunt screamed her mighty aria one last time
and fainted dead away.

"There...I think we've gotten it all."  Mistress Anne looked at the enthralled
group with a smirk.  "Waste not, want not says I."  She removed her gloves and
tossed them onto Butter Balls back. 

The room exploded in a round of applause for Mistress Anne.  Mistress Anne, in
turn, made an open waving motion toward Mistress Em and politely applauded as
though saying, "At least you warmed her up for me."

The Owner stepped forward applauding the excellent entertainment and then held
up his hands to quiet the group.  "Thank you both for a most enjoyable display
of your respective talents."  He then ordered that Cow Cunt, and her feedbag, be
lowered and the restraints removed from the now unconscious whore.

Once on a gurney that a slave brought in, the spreader bar was removed from
between her knees.  Her wrists were detached from her silver col-lar and her
breasts were freed from the ropes that bound them.  The Doctor stepped over to
quickly examine her.  "Hold that bag at equil-ibrium!  We don't want to burst
her stomach...yet."

Cow Cunt was a mess.  Her entire body, save her face, was bruised deep purple
and black.  She was swollen with all the fluids that accumulate when one
receives a bruising.  Her breasts were especially swollen and bruised from not
simply the beating, but also from the saline injected into them and the effects
of being hung by the ropes.  Her nipples appeared as though they were about to

Her nether areas faired no better.  Her vaginal lips were swollen tightly ˇhut
together.  During her powerful orgasm, her vagina had contracted enough to force
out some of the cotton wadding with a surge of vaginal fluid that sprayed onto
Butter Ball, as well as the floor.  Her clitoris now stood a proud guard over
the swollen lips and was painted a deep blood red.

Topping the entire picture off was her now massively bloated stomach; full of
the animal sperm fed her.  Her belly was tight and multi-stripped with the
effects of the strapping.  It barely moved as she breathed.  "Let's get her
slightly raised", said the Doctor.  "We don't want her to suffocate from her
feeding", he laughed.  The feedbag was hung from the intravenous pole and she
was wheeled off to the kennel area.

"Will she survive?"  The husband asked the Owner, genuinely con-cerned that he
would not get his money's worth.  "Of course she will survive", answered the
Doctor.  "With a few days rest, and some minor first aid attention, she will be
ready for this, and much, much more."

"Now", said the Owner, "it's time to deal with the cow whore."  Butter Ball
shuttered.  She had hoped that the torturous punishment of Cow Cunt had
distracted the group into forgetting about her, but such was not the case.  "How
are we to deal with you, whore?"

Being pregnant had its advantages in that most of the extreme pract-ices of the
group could not be used for fear of ruining her "litter".  Her breasts could not
be tortured because blood in her milk would render that batch worthless, and the
hemorrhaging might continue for several days if the beating was severe.

Saline was out as well.  So was teat hanging the cow whore.  She couldn't be
force fed, or given unusually large enemas at this stage, because she was too
far along.  Eating or drinking waste was no longer unpleasant to her.  "I have a
solution to your problem", Mistress Anne said to the Owner as he discussed
options with his guests.  "But it will cost you dear", she added with a chilling

"And what is your price Anne?"  The Owner was quite aware that agreeing with
Anne without prior knowledge of the cost could be very dangerous.  Mistress Anne
was quite accustomed to play without limits.

"Well, at the moment I have no need for anyone's soul..."  This brought a laugh
from the other guests, most of who were acquainted with how extreme Mistress
Anne could become.  "When the proper time comes, I wish to assist the good
Doctor with enlarging the opening of the whore's urethra.  I could use the

This procedure was quite painful and was normally done with the cow heavily
sedated.  With the urethra enlarged, the amount of sperm getting to the
fallopian tubes was greatly increased, therefore increasing the chance of a
successful impregnation.

The Owner, realizing that this was a relatively small price for Mistress Anne to
be asking, and having a group of guests growing bored, the Owner gave his assent
after a quick look at the Doctor.  "You've got a deal Anne."

Mistress Anne then stepped up to the kneeling Butter Ball and, looking down at
the cow whore, said, "Get on the footstool whore and lay on your back."  Butter
Ball instantly complied with the request.  "Now raise your legs so that the
soles of your feet are facing out."  Again the little bloated cow whore

Mistress Anne then had her ankles tied to a three-foot wide spreader bar and had
the bar secured in position to the same block that they had hung Cow Cunt from. 
Now her ass and the soles of her feet were exposed.  Next, the cow whore's
wrists were secured to the collar around her neck.  Mistress Anne then picked up
one of the straps used on Cow Cunt, drew back her arm, and swung the strap to
fall squarely on the sole of one of Butter Balls little feet.

Her shriek pierced the air totally uninhibited by any obstructions in her
throat.  Mistress Anne then struck out at the other foot.  Another shriek from
the very depths of her soul came out.  "I think I've given you the idea.  Why
not spread the wealth so that I am enjoy this", said Mistress Anne to the Owner.

The Owner selected two of his other guests to administer the punishment.  Both
were large strong men quite capable of delivering "good parsons" to the cow
whore's feet.  The shrieking was absolute music to Mistress Anne's ears as she
squatted over Butter Ball's mouth and settled down to feel the screams' effect
on her cunt.  In spite of Mistress Anne resting on her face, Butter Ball managed
to scream loud enough to be heard.

After a short time, the two men began to deliver the blows to the cow whore's
ass.  They continued for several minutes and then returned to her feet.  This
strapping went on for fifteen minutes before the Owner called a halt to the
display.  There was no sense in traumatizing the whore enough to risk her

By the time they were done, poor Butter Balls feet and ass were a mass of anger
red and purple stripes.  Her soles were definitely swollen and several small
rivulets of blood seeped from her battered plump ass.  Mistress Anne, having
achieved her several climaxes at the expense to the cow whore, finally arose
from Butter Ball's now frosted face and said;  "Do not let her stand on her
feet.  Keep her down and the pain will last for several days.  There is little
sense in these lessons if the punishment does not make the proper impression."

The Owner knew that Butter Ball would be on her hands and knees for several days
once the swelling had reached it's maximum.  It would be quite the abject lesson
for disobedience and it would encourage the others cows to remember their place
in this life.

The prone form of Cow Cunt was back in the prep room.  Two young cows were
attending her.  Both were in their second trimester of preg-nancy and had
developed quite nice fat bellies.  That is the lovely thing about multiple
fetuses.  They were quite well padded to begin with and this paid off in the
quality of their fat heavy milk.  Both were just out of their teens and had been
through pregnancy before.

They bathed her beaten body with sponges and warm water.  They applied
antiseptic ointment to the wounds.  As one of the cows, the young blond the
multiple piercings in her ears, nose, lips, and tongue, gently parted Cow Cunt's
labia to retrieve what cotton wadding still remained jammed up her vagina, the
other cow attached a collection bag to the Foley catheter. 

Once the tending of Cow Cunt was completed, Rod and Carl entered the prep room
and wheeled the gurney into the kennel.  The dogs were out roaming the grounds
at the moment, which allowed Cow Cunt to sleep as they placed her into her cage. 
A bedding mat had been placed into the cage for comfort and the men laid her
onto her back.

Cow Cunt's wrists and ankles were securely bound to the cage bars.  She had
enough slack to modestly change her position, but not enough to detach the
feedbag that still hung from the intravenous stand.  There was still a fair
amount of sperm left in the bag so that her belly would stay full while she

Dawn broke over the expanse of lawn to find all the dogs back in their
respective kennels.  They were more than interested in their new kennel mate. 
Her smell was familiar to them and they yapped repeatedly till they managed to
rouse Cow Cunt.  As was to be the case for many days, and weeks, to come, she
woke up screaming.

Cow Cunt began to take stock of her condition.  Everything hurt!  There wasn't a
single part of her that didn't throb, or sting, or ache. She raised her head
slightly to observe her still massively swollen breasts.  She began to wail upon
seeing the vast blotches of discolor-ation that covered both for as much as she
could see.  Her nipples resembled huge red hard candies and appeared as though
they were about to split like overly ripe fruit.

She saw the bruises on her arms and legs and what she couldn't see, she felt. 
She saw her still sperm stuffed belly covered with welts and purple strips.  The
dog whore then laid her head back down on the mat and wept bitterly, damning
herself for her stupidity and deception.

Her self-recriminations were interrupted when she heard someone say; "So you're
the new bitch."  Cow Cunt looked up to see a tall, sinewy black man about fifty
years of age.  In a soft, well-articulated manner, he explained who he was.  "My
name is Mr. Jones.  I tend to the animals on the farm:  The horses, dogs,
non-human cattle, and any game on the property.  I will be tending you as well. 
I don't want any shit from you.  A white bitch is still just a bitch.  I don't
want to hear you're yapping or jawing at me."

He looked down at her with emotionless eyes as he spoke and she merely nodded
her head, signaling that she understood him.  He removed her feedbag, which was
now empty, and plugged the feeding tube.  He then released her wrists and ankles
from their bonds and opened the gate of the kennel cage.

He instructed her to get out and stand up.  As she did so, she doubled over with
a massive cramp that stuck her lower intestines.  "You gotta shit, don't you
bitch?  Well, come over this way", he said as he handed her the urine collection
bag.  Because her hands were still mitted, she couldn't grasp the bag so she
held it under her arm.

As she did so, the urine within the bag began to drain back into her but there
was nothing to be done for that now.  It felt very uncomfortable, but not
painful.  She held the lower part of her stomach with her other hand and tried
to massage the cramping away.

Mr. Jones walked into the prep room and motioned for her to follow.  "You'd
better listen to every word I say and do exactly what I tell you or the Owner
will hear about it."  Not wanting to incur the wrath of the Owner, or anybody
else at this point, she meekly, and quickly followed him.

He motioned for her to get up on the table and lay on her back.  She swiftly
complied.  He secured her ankles to the stirrups and her wrists to the side
rails of the table.  He then relieved her of the urine bag and removed the bag
from it's tubing.  He threw the bag into the stainless steel sink against the
wall and put the end of the tubing into the floor drain.  Mr. Jones then
prepared the hosing to clean the dog whore out. "They sure did a good job on you
bitch.  I haven't seen such coloration in several months.  You must've fucked
with the wrong dude."

She nodded her head in the affirmative as several tears left the corner of her
eyes.  "That shit don't play here so quit your crying whore."  He then connected
the inlet hose to the faucet of the sink and ran the hose to connect to her butt
plug.  He then ran the outlet hose from the other butt plug connection to the
drain in the floor.  He then turned the levels for the hot and cold water to a
warm gentle flow and opened the valve on her butt plug.

She had totally forgotten about the plug in her ass.  Her preoccupation with her
pain had made that fact disappear from her mind.  At first, she felt nothing
happening at all as she clenched her sphincter around the plug, awaiting the
surge of the water.  The dog whore wondered why she didn't feel anything.

"You must have shit clogging the inlet", said Mr. Jones as he increased the
water pressure slightly.  Suddenly, she felt the spurt of water enter-ing her
ass.  It was pleasantly warm and somehow soothing (though after last evening,
anything would be soothing to her just as long as it didn't hurt terribly). 

Mr. Jones watched and waited for the water to build up enough back-pressure to
start flowing out the other hose and into the drain.  Her belly began to rise
from the gentle flow of the water and she did begin to feel some cramping, but
no water flowed out. 

"You must've clogged the outlet as well.  That's okay bitch.  Mr. Jones got the
cure for that."  Mr. Jones then waited for the cramping to become unbearable for
Cow Cunt and when he felt her stomach was big enough, he placed his hands on
both sides of her belly and began to press down and slide his hands toward her

Cow Cunt's eyes opened wide from this additional pressure and she moaned as the
cramps increased their force.  Suddenly, Mr. Jones watched a two-inch long plug
of feces shoot out of the hosing and into the drain, quickly followed by a
stream to brownish water. "There we go whore.  Now we'll clean you out really
good."  Mr. Jones smiled for the first time as he watched the water exist from
her distend-ed belly.  Cow Cunt felt a sudden great relief, both from the cramps
dis-sipating and from the flow of water into and out of her belly.  She laid her
head back down and closed her eyes. 

"This almost feels good", she thought to herself.  She then shed several more
tears at her situation.  How could she have come to this point so quickly?  This
abuse was beginning to feel good!  She let her mind drift and suddenly found
herself becoming aroused as the water flowed into, and out of, her.

Mr. Jones had gone into the kennel area for a few minutes as Cow Cunt gave into
the sensations.  When he returned, he firstly noticed that the water was finally
draining out totally devoid of feces.  He went to the levels and turned the
water off.  He then went over to Cow Cunt and began to deeply massage her belly
as the remaining water drained from her.

It was then that he noticed the trace of vaginal lubrication that dewed itself
along her still swollen pussy lips.  He smiled and said; "I see you like this,
don't you whore!"  Remembering her lesson from the previous evening, Cow Cunt
didn't even try to pretend she didn't.  She simply closed her eyes and nodded

Mr. Jones laughed as he continued to massage her belly, now letting his hands
work lower as the water drained.  "I bet you'd just love for me to touch that
big throbbing clitty of yours, wouldn't you?"  Again, she nodded; yes.  Mr.
Jones then moved his skilled fingers lower on her belly towards her pubic mound. 

He began to concentrate his ministrations on the area over her bladder. His
fingers were beginning to drive her wild with sexual sensations that rivaled any
that she had experienced willingly.  Mr. Jones could now smell her scent as her
dewing moisture began to leak from her badly served labia. 

Mr. Jones suddenly stopped his massaging and went over to a small stainless
steel refrigerator.  He opened the door and peered inside.  He retrieved a
sterile saline bladder wash contained in a soft plastic bag and returned of Cow
Cunt.  He then affixed the five hundred c.c. bag to her Foley and, after closing
the valve on her tubing, placed it on the stand next to the table.  He then
placed a clip on the tubing running from the bag to the Foley and re-opened the

Mr. Jones then began to massage Cow Cunt again, this time concent-rating
exclusively on her bladder area.  "You gonna love this bitch", he said as he
opened the clamp, allowing the chilled saline to enter her bladder.  Cow Cunt
nearly broke her wrists as the water entered her bladder.  She was so taken by
surprise that her entire body jerked with a massive spasm.

She was not prepared for this sensation.  Nor was she prepared for the sensation
coupled with Mr. Jones skilled fingers.  The dog whore closed her eyes and
concentrated on all the feelings that were traveling to and from her nerve
centers located in her lower belly and crotch.

The bag rapidly emptied and Mr. Jones removed it from the stand and placed it
onto the floor.  As the saline flowed back into the bag, he pressed down on her
bladder forcing it to rocket back into the bag.  He then picked the bag up with
one hand, while still rubbing her pubic mound with the other, and squeezed the
bag with a good deal of force.  This caused the fluid to race back into Cow

Mr. Jones did this several times, laughing as she became more and more turned
on.  Poor dog whore:  So turned on, but not enough to force her over the edge
into the abyss of orgasm.  She was now rocking her pelvis up and down, trying to
receive her lover that only existed in her imagin-ation.  Her frustration, as
well as her vaginal follow, was building to a peak level.

Suddenly, Mr. Jones pulled the hosing from the bag and let the fluid run out
into the drain.  He also ceased his massaging and watched her wither about in
her bonds, on the edge of climax, but denied any satis-faction.  "Sorry whore. 
The Owner left very detailed instructions and giving you a cum was not one of
them", he said with a laugh.  She lay there and cried.

Mr. Jones left her on the table with both outlet hoses, the one from her plug
and the one from her Foley, open to drain.  He noticed that her pleasure had
turned into bitter frustration and at this point he once again massaged her
belly to assure that all the fluid had drained from her.  "You'd best rest while
you can bitch.  The Owner has plans for you today.  And anyway, it's getting on
toward your feeding time."

Cow Cunt groaned at the thought of being stuffed yet again.  Why were they doing
this?  The strappings she could understand, but this feeding thing totally
escape her ability to reason.  She continued to lay on the table and finally
finished draining.  Mr. Jones then released her from her bonds, removed the
hosing, and motioned for her to get back into her kennel cage in the next room.

As she kneeled down, she felt her stomach against the top of her thighs.  She
never noticed that before.  She began to crawl into her cage when Mr. Jones
spoke;  "Aren't you going to thank me for cleaning you out whore?"  She turned
her head toward him to thank him, but he sudden-ly pointed at the tips of his
shoes.  "Kiss them you white whore!"  With tears beginning to fill her eyes, she
bent low to reach his shoe tops and, pursing her lips, kissed the tops of both

"Now lick them bitch!"  She complied without a moment's hesitation.  "Now kiss
my ass whore."  Again she complied amidst his laughter.  She hated him for this
humiliation, but was totally powerless to even voice her disgust.  "That's my
good bitch", he said patting her on the head, "now into your cage whore."  She
crawled in and settled herself onto the pad.  She fell asleep.

The Owner was having his brunch accompanied by Mistress Em.  They talked as they
dined and the topic of discussion was their new dog bitch. "The whore will take
at least two or three days to work all the saline out of her system and the
swelling won't dissipate till then", said Mistress Em.

"Yes.  Well, we can certainly start her on hormones and we can also begin the
sensory deprivation sessions.  I think that doing this, coupled with a few extra
high calorie meals will make the time spent worth while."  The Owner hated to
have a property out of action for more than two days, but the treatment of the
dog whore last evening war-ranted additional rest. 

"Your man Mr. Jones has just informed me that she is certainly quite docile and
compliant this morning", laughed Mistress Em.  "I think that we should hold a
demonstration for the others when they do arise."

"I agree with you my dear.  A lesson goes wasted unless there is some sort of
reinforcement, or at least a performance of the act not done." The Owner sipped
his coffee and furled his brow.  At this point in time, the husband walked into
the solarium.  "Coffee? Something to eat my friend", asked the Owner.

"Just some juice and coffee please.  Quite a night's entertainment."  The
husband smiled as he briefly relived the strapping he had administered. "I never
thought that could appeal so much to me."

"I guess venting one's displeasure with another via a strap is somewhat
empowering?"  The husband smiled at Mistress Em's statement.  "Not to mention
the physical benefits of a good aerobic workout", she added. "I think you'll
find today's activities most interesting.  We are going to start the dog whore
on hormones..."

"And steroids", added the Owner.

"And increase the high caloric feedings from one per day to two.  She will also
be spending some time in our sensory deprivation tank so we can implant some
very strong subconscious suggestions.  Any ideas for us?  What are her fears,
her hates, and her loves.  What new buttons can we put into her psyche?" 

Mistress Em's face was aglow with the thought of playing with the dog whore's
mental make-up.  She had been using "the tank" for several years with great
success.  She had originally heard about the tank from another Mistress who had
seen it in practice at a university out in California.  In fact, smaller forms
of the tank had been manufactured and sold as a form of relaxation.  Go into the
tank for an hour or two and clear one's mind of all thought and simply relax in
the warm, chest deep water.

The tank on the farm was a much more serious affair that rivaled the one's used
for research at various institutions studying the mind.  Her tank, or shall we
say the Owner's tank, was seven feet cubed.  A computer operated its controlling
system.  The water was kept at a constant temperature of ninety-two degrees. 
The saline content was carefully monitored to prevent over, or under, hydration
of the subject. The room was very dimly lighted and completely sound proofed. 
Once placed into the tank, and wired up with the appropriate telemetry, the
subject would be totally cut off from any stimuli.

Mistress Em had used it on all of the cows at one time or another.  She was able
to instill the proper degree of docility and the proper attitude toward child
bearing.  She had her cows thinking (?) like real cows might.  Their only
concern was to produce milk, and spawn young.  On occasion, the tank was used to
program slaves in various ways.  And today, it would be used to program Cow

The deprivation process generally takes twenty-four hours to begin.  There are
definitive stages that the subject passes through before any programming can be
attempted.  The first major stage is characterized by total boredom and
restlessness.  The second stage is filled with the terror of being forgotten and
the nightmares created by a mind in short circuit because of the lack of
stimulus.  The third stage is a nearly coma-tose like state in which the mind
finally shuts down.  At this point, one can begin to make the suggestions.

"I wish I had known about this prior to taking the vows", said the husband.  "I
really didn't know her long enough to determine what her likes or dislikes are. 
I know she loves money, and the things money provides her with.  She is
extremely vain about her appearance.  She obviously didn't want to deal with
children and perhaps didn't care for them.  And she does hate all ethnic types,
and anyone not physically perfect, or rich.  Is this of any help?"

Mistress Em sat silent of a while as she mulled over what the husband had just
related.  "You've been of some help.  Actually, not knowing too much about the
whore is an advantage to us.  There is an old saying that a blank wall is the
Devil's playground.  We can put in whatever we want now.  We can certainly
change it later."

"Indeed", said the Owner.  "I can assure you that what ever Mistress Em has in
mind will be devilishly delightful."  The Owner then picked up the nearby phone
and called the kennel.  When Mr. Jones picked up the phone, the Owner asked that
Cow Cunt and the big alpha dog be brought over to the solarium in one hour, and
that they both be on lead.  "I think we need to examine the whore's learning
capabilities as soon as possible."

With the exception of Mistress Anne, the other guests gathered in the solarium
over the course of the next hour.  There was some discussion of the prior
night's activities and some suggested planning of the day's final events.  With
the exception of the slaves situated nearby to attend their Owners, the group
might have been mistaken for a typical Sunday, late morning, brunch club
discussing their gardens.

At this juncture, Mr. Jones entered the room with Cow Cunt and the large alpha. 
The alpha was to Mr. Jones' left and the dog whore to his right.  Both had leads
attached to their respective collars and upon halting before the gathered group,
the dog sat and Cow Cunt kneeled, eyes downcast, and hands gingerly cupping her
discolored and still swollen breasts.  She was holding them away from her
bruised and battered chest as though offering them to be sampled by the esteemed

"Have the whore stand Mr. Jones", said the Owner.  Mr. Jones gave a sharp tug on
the lead and the dog whore stood, still cupping her breasts and with her eyes
still downcast.  Cow Cunt's body had continued to change hues.  Now yellows and
greens had appeared in various places to augment the blacks, blues, purples,
reds and oranges.

"Walk the whore Mr. Jones.  Let's let our guests review the wok of our Mistress
Em."  Mr. Jones gave the alpha the hand signal to the alpha to remain in place. 
He then dropped the animal's lead and began to walk the dog whore around the
table at which the group sat.  He would occasional tug the lead toward himself
to pull her in, or back to keep her a step behind his pace.  He exhibited her as
he would a dog.

Cow Cunt managed to keep his pace and understood in short order what she needed
to do.  She kept her eyes focused on Mr. Jones' feet and tried, with some good
success, to anticipate his movements.  Her mouth was still held open by the "o"
ring and the feeding tube was still in place.  She continued to hold her breasts
out as an offering as she walked.

Mr. Jones made one complete circuit of the table and then halted.  Cow Cunt
started to kneel and Mr. Jones tugged smartly on her lead, signal-ing her to
remain standing.  She arose and awaited the next order from him.  "You seem to
have a way with the dogs Mr. Jones.  Especially the bitch dogs", stated the

"She is a bit stupid, but she seems to learn with the proper incentives." Mr.
Jones then gave the signal to sit by tugging downward on the lead. Cow Cunt
squatted on her haunches and sat as best she could.  Mr. Jones patted her on her
head, as he would do to any dog that had obey-ed a command in a proper fashion.

"I see that I'm just in time for the festivities."  Mistress Anne entered the
room and walked up to the seated group.  "Have the bitch roll over Jones."  Mr.
Jones stared at her for a moment and then turned toward the Owner who nodded his
consent.  But before he could turn his head completely toward the Owner, the dog
whore rolled over.  "You are quite right Jones, as usual.  She is very stupid."

Cow Cunt shuttered at the realization of her error.  She was to play the dog
bitch and had to await the command from Mr. Jones.  She remem-bered the
treatment served by Mistress Anne and the ungodly pain she felt.  She began to
tremble and roll back again when Mistress Anne once again spoke to the group. 
"Look at this stupid whore."  Turning to look down at the quaking dog whore, she
said flatly; "No one told you to roll back over."

Cow Cunt ceased her rolling and settled on her back again.  "Spread your cunt
open whore", ordered Mistress Anne.  Cow Cunt carefully traced her finger down
the center of her swollen, abused, lips and started to carefully spread them
apart.  "I DON"T HAVE ALL DAY WHORE", Mistress Anne shouted at poor Cow Cunt.

The dog whore was so startled at her change of voice that she quickly grasped
the lips with her hands and, with a grimace, and a slight groan, opened up the
entrance to her cunt.  "Wider!  I want to see your tonsils through that filthy
hole."  Cow Cunt tried to comply as best she could but her lips were still so
swollen, and her vaginal cavity as well from the alcohol, that she simply
couldn't get more than two fingers of each hand inside. "Really George", she
said to the Owner, "you simply must do something about this whore.  She is
absolutely useless."  The Owner stared at Mist-ress Anne for a moment, thinking
how impossibly arrogant she was.  "Well Anne", said the Owner purposely leaving
off the Mistress title, "she has only been here two days.  We will begin the
intensive training later today, if you would care to remain."

"But let's see how really far she has come."  The Owner looked at Cow Cunt lying
on the floor with her fingers jammed up her cunt.  He could see the
embarrassment written on her face, and in her eyes, which had already begun to
water with the fear of what these monsters held in store for her.  "Mr. Jones,
take charge of your bitch, if you please."

Mr. Jones took hold of her lead again and tugged her collar, signaling her to
return to her former position.  Her eyes returned to his shoes, and her hands to
cup the undersides of her breasts, presenting them again.  He bent over and
grasped her hands, pulling them away from her teats.  He then balled her hands
into fists and planted them on the floor in front of her knees matching her
position to that of the alpha dog as best he could.  "This is the way you will
sit when you are on lead."

Mr. Jones straightened up and took the lead of the alpha.  He then turned toward
the Owner.  "Mr. Jones, let them mate."  Mr. Jones looked down at his dog whore
and said, "Suck him hard whore, and be good and gentle with him.  If you're nice
to him, he just may give you a cum, and a belly full of pups as well." 

This time Cow Cunt did not hesitate very long at all.  She crawled around Mr.
Jones' legs and taking hold of the animal's flanks, lowered her head toward his
cock, which was still shielded by his sheath.  "Grab hold of the sheath and
gently massage it till the one eyed monster pokes his head out."

She did as he instructed, nearly vomiting at what she was now doing. The dog
whore could smell the animal and she was nauseated.  Within short order, the
dog's cock began to exit its hiding place.  This was her worst nightmare, and
she knew it would only end with her death.  She also knew that these monsters
would do everything in their power to see that she lived a very long time. Cow
Cunt once again bowed toward the tip of the animals cock and touched her tongue
to its tip.  It felt slimy and had a strong pungent scent.  She nearly gagged as
her tongue swirled about the bulberous head.  As she licked, the cock grew and

"Feel for his knot whore", instructed Mr. Jones.  "When you feel it, grab him
firmly, but gently, behind his knot."  He smiled as she traced her fingers along
the sheath until she felt the protrusion.  She then did as instructed, thinking
that at least they weren't hurting her.

The animal's cock continued to grow and it grew into her mouth.  But his cock
couldn't penetrate further then the ring gag in her mouth.  Noticing that fact
prompted Mr. Jones to request that the gag be re-moved.  "I don't want to
frustrate the dog", he commented. 

The Owner nodded toward Mistress Em and she rose to undo the feeding tube from
the gag, and the gag from the dog whore's mouth. Mr. Jones jerked up on the lead
and Cow Cunt brought her head out from beneath the dog.  She resumed the stance
learned from Mr. Jones.

When Mistress Em had finished undoing the device, she raised her gaze to look at
Cow Cunt's eyes.  "Look at me whore."  Cow Cunt looked up at her.  Mistress Em
stared deeply into her eyes for several long mo-ments, searching for the further
debasement of her soul, and, having found it, smiled like a Cheshire cat.  Then
she rose up and returned to her chair.

"Continue bitch."  She was brought back to the present situation by the sound of
Mr. Jones' voice.  She bowed back down and once again took the dog's cock into
her mouth, this time with the ability to take him deeply.  The dog began to stir
and he rolled over onto his back.  This brought several chuckles from the
assembled group.

Tears began once again to fall from her eyes.  She tasted something salty and
slightly noxious in her mouth.  It was the pre-cum fluid seeping from the cock. 
The appendage had finally grown to its full length of nine inches long and
several in circumference.  She couldn't take the entire thing in her mouth (blow
jobs were never her forte).

But she did use her lips, hoping to end this nightmare by making the animal
climax.  Cow Cunt worked harder on the dog's cock then on any she ever sucked. 
She even began to rub the animal's belly, as she held the knot firmly and
sucked, her head bobbing up and down.  She suddenly swung her hips over the
animal's head, hoping that the scent of her cunt would create the
over-stimulation that would make the dog squirt his seed into her mouth.

Just as the huge alpha dog swiped his tongue across her swollen labia, the Owner
said; "Mr. Jones, please have her service the animal..." Mr. Jones then tugged
firmly on the lead and Cow Cunt raised her head from the dog, letting the cock
slide from her mouth.  She realized what they wanted and she let Mr. Jones again
tug on her lead before getting on her hands and knees.

She sobbed knowing that if they let him mount, and penetrate, her swollen and
dry vaginal, she would probably cry out and move from  her position.  She simply
couldn't let them punish her again.  She suddenly felt something cool and
soothing being rubbed on her nether lips.  It was the mating scent! 

The dog literally attacked her with his tongue.  She nearly bolted when that
tongue whipped her lips, sending a shiver up her spine to explode in her brain
with a starburst of sexual sensation.  The next several tongue lashes slapped
she clit with nearly the force of the strap.  She yelped at each one. 

The gathered group left the table and settled on the love seats and chairs that
lined the room.  They all had a slightly glazed look in their eyes.  They were
partaking in their particular drug and the high was quite exhilarating.  This
bitch would get turned on in spite of her revulsion to what she was doing. 

As the dog continued his attack she raised her rear to give the animal better
access.  She then dropped to her elbows and rested her forehead on her hands. 
"Raise your head bitch", said Mr. Jones.  "Let the people see your face.  Keep
your eyes open whore.  And your mouth."

It took a moment for her to conform to Mr. Jones' commands.  She had become lost
in her own sexual arousal as the dog assaulted her cunt.  As the animal hit it's
next mark and parted her now dewy labia, she yelped and gasped as her eyes
rolled up into her lids.  She was breathing hard through her mouth and moaning
as she exhaled.  When the dog shot his tongue up into her pussy, she groaned and
nearly fell forward on her face.

The dog finally felt that he had gotten his bitch wet enough so he raised his
front paws onto her back and, letting his paws slide down around her waist,
scratching her sides as he slid.  He began to pump out at her and she felt him
striking the butt plug.  She tried raising her rear a bit more and within three
thrusts, he sank six inches of his cock's length into her.

She nearly screamed as the dog's cock stretched the sides of her swollen, and
raw, vaginal canal.  He gripped her tightly as he rapidly thrust into her.  Her
mouth was open and her tongue extended as though she was screaming, but no sound
came out.  Her eyes shut tightly as she was overwhelmed with the incredible
sensation on the dog's cock in her.  It was very warm; in fact it felt red hot,
as it rammed its way in and out of her at an eye blurring speed. 

Suddenly, she felt the dog's knot slam up against her cunt lips.  It was as
though someone was smacking her lips with a bristled brush.  It actually stung
her raw flesh but this only added to the sensory overload that was rapidly
building up within her.  She was nearly completely lost in her passion when she
heard Mistress Anne say; "He'll never get his knot in that tight cunt with the
butt plug up the whore's ass.  She turned toward the Owner and said; "George, if
you would...".  As she turned her attention back to the dog whore.

"Mr. Jones, please remove the whore's plug."  Cow Cunt was ripped from the
safety of her passion as the dog was pulled from her and his cock slid out of
her cunt.  Mr. Jones got between the dog and the dog whore.  He held his hand in
front of the dog's face and the animal sat anxiously watching his trainer, and
his bitch.

Mr. Jones released the valve and with a hiss on compressed air being released,
the plug deflated.  Mr. Jones had no trouble pulling the device from her for it
was now smaller than her stretched ass hole.  She stayed down in her position
with Mr. Jones' hand pressing into her back bet-ween her shoulder blades.  Her
sphincter remained opened even though the plug was no longer in place.  It would
soon begin to return to its original tightness although the muscle would remain
loose and pliable for a while.

Mr. Jones then raised himself from his knees and as soon as he cleared her rear
end, the alpha swiftly sprang at Cow Cunt and put his paws up onto her back.  He
jabbed twice in rapid secession and buried his cock and knot completely into the
dilated hole.  "That's my boy.  Any port in a storm", said Mr. Jones to the
laughs of those gathered.

Cow Cunt's eyes opened wide as she felt the massive organ ram into her ass.  She
yelped as the dog instantly began to pound into her.  The first several times
the animal entered and rapidly withdrew, his knot did the same, exiting with
almost a plopping sound as it began to enlarge.  Soon, his knot grew too large
to exit easily and, as he withdrew, the pain of it trying to exit elicited yelps
from the dog bitch.

Now the animal was fucking Cow Cunt at a blazing speed.  Although the thrusts
were not long, they were frantic, and impossibly deep.  "Play with her clit",
Mistress Anne said to nobody in particular.  One of her slaves immediately left
his knees and went over to the coupled pair and knelt along side of Cow Cunt. 
He began to rub and pinch her still swoll-en clit as the dog jackhammered her

Cow Cunt's eyes rolled upward into her head as the sensation of having her clit
stroked flooded her body like a flash flood rushing through a canyon.  She began
to instinctively rock back against the animal as though she would be able to
force the dog's cock even deeper.  The animal suddenly grasped her waist with
even a greater strength as he started to cum.  Cow Cunt could feel the sperm
start to shoot deeply into her ass as the huge dog emitted spurt after spurt. 

She was very close to cumming herself when she heard Mistress Anne tell her
slave to stop.  She groaned with frustration knowing that if she attempted to
touch herself, she would be severely punished.  Tears rolled down her eyes as
she continued to rock her pelvis back against the animal. The dog had finally
finished his ejaculation into the dog whore and now began to step over her back
to rest ass to ass with his bitch.  As he did so, the turning of his organ
within Cow Cunt's dog sperm filled ass hole triggered a mighty orgasm within
her.  She cried out her pleasure as her body fell slightly forward.  This action
caused the dog's knot to bump up against the inside of her sphincter triggering
another orgasm in her.

She now rested with her fore head resting on her fore arms.  She was covered in
sweat and was breathing heavily.  The dog tried to move away nearly dragging the
tied dog bitch with him.  Each time he did this, she had another mini-orgasm.

The guests, including Mistress Anne, applauded her little show.  Mr. Jones took
hold of the dog's collar and kept him in place.  Cow Cunt, still on all fours,
kept feeling the after shocks of her orgasm as her tears dripped down her cheeks
and onto the floor.  Mr. Jones gave her collar a tug indicating that she should
resume her prior position.  She lifted her head and raised herself up onto her
hands.  "Let them see your face bitch."

Finally, the dog's knot shrunk enough for him to break loose, causing Cow Cunt
to squeal.  Immediately, Mr. Jones replaced the dog's cock with the butt plug,
thus preventing the dog cum from leaking out.  He pumped the plug back up to its
original size, and then gave the squeeze bulb two more pumps causing the dog
whore to groan.

The dog was led a few feet away where he proceeded to roll onto his side and
start to lick himself clean of this human bitch.  "Let her do it" said her
husband.  "Now that is getting into the spirit of the thing," count-ered the

Mr. Jones tugged at Cow Cunt's lead and she crawled over to the ani-mal.  She
could smell her scent on the dog.  With tear filled eyes, she bent her head down
and took the dog's cock into her mouth.  She could smell, and taste, her ass
hole on him as she began to lick and suck the beast clean.

The animal, in turn, smelled her scent emanating from her pussy and began to try
and move around to taste her.  Mr. Jones told her to move her body around so
that the dog could get a good taste of her "white trash" cunt.  Cow Cunt now
placed her cunt over the head of the huge dog who began to lash her cunt with
his tongue.  "Isn't this simply adorable.  We should take pictures of these two
lover pleasuring each other", said Mistress Em.

"But we are dear Em", said the Owner.  Cow Cunt began to moan as the dog's
attentions were beginning to turn her on.  In spite of her revoltion at her
actions, and her seemingly never ending tears, the dog whore felt the tingling
of an impending orgasm building as she continued to suck on the dog's huge
dripping penis.

The gathered group observed the perverse show, making comments as to her
technique and her seemingly passionate response to the dog's attentions. 
"Look," said the husband, "he's becoming fully erect again! Bless his stamina."

"This animal is quite strong and capable of achieving an erection very quickly
after first mating," said the Owner.  "We do look for the strong-est animals to
train and I do know that this whore will be more that up to the task."

Mr. Jones kept his well trained eye on the mating pair, making sure that the
animal didn't become to frustrated at not being able to couple with his bitch. 
He certainly didn't want the dog to began to nip at the dog whore's flowering

Cow Cunt began to taste a healthy discharge of the dog's pre-ejacul-ation fluids
as they leaked into her mouth.  The bitter saltiness of the fluid made her quite
aware of the possibility that the animal cumming in her mouth.

When the animal began to softly whine and growl, he knew that the dog was ready
for the "main event".  He bent his head toward Cow Cunt and softly said in her
ear;  "Grasp his knot from the rear and hold it firmly.  And you'd better not
spill a single drop when he shoots his load into your mouth whore.  Don't'
swallow it either.  They are going to want to see what present your lover has
given you before you swallow it all."

Cow Cunt felt his knot really begin to swell as she gently, but firmly grasped
it and held it.  His cock also began to swell in her mouth as she continued to
assault the organ with her lips and tongue.  She had to concentrate deeply on
what was occurring because she was nearly driven to total distraction by the dog
as he lapped not just the folds of her blossomed lips and clit, but as he strove
to shove his tongue as far up her cunt has he could.

As the dog whore began to moan again, she was stopped in the midst by the animal
suddenly beginning to unload his sperm into her mouth.  Al-though he had cum
just a short while ago, the animal still emptied a volume of sperm into her
mouth.  She began to choke with the volume of the dog's sperm but remembered Mr.
Jones' warning.

Fortunately, the dog didn't quite emit the volume of sperm that his first orgasm
spurted into her.  But none-the-less, it was a goodly amount.  As she coughed
with her mouth closed, sperm began to trickle out her nose.  It took all of her
concentration to keep her mouth closed and the volume of fluid in. 

Mr. Jones then tugged on her collar indicating that she should rise off the
animal and stand.  He led her over to where the group sat and then signaled her
to kneel by his side.  "Open your mouth whore," he order-ed.  She did so to
expose the milky viscous fluid in her mouth.  The group applauded and laughed as
she sat there, tears streaming down her cheeks, and mouth full of dog cum. 

Mr. Jones looked at the Owner, who then nodded his head.  "Swallow it whore," he
commanded.  And she did.  After swallowing, she gave out a loud burp and a small
bit of sperm came up and trickled down the side of her mouth.  "There is nothing
like the sight of a sperm burping whore," commented the Owner.  "Lick it off
whore."  And she did.

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