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Review This Story || Author: Harry Berg

Field Trial No. 11

Part 13 Christine

Part 13 - Christine

This is my account of the third day.

I would have to say that this was the worst day of my life. I thought that
yesterday was beyond comparison but looking back on it, it was nothing compared
to what happened to Joanne and me on the third day.

It started off pretty much the same as the day before. They gave us breakfast
and allowed us to shower and use the bathroom. Then they put us back in what I
refer to as the "bed and box".

Someone grabbed my legs and pulled them straight up and back so I was almost
bent double. Yesterday, that was the prelude to anal rape but today it turned
out differently. They lubricated my rectum and started pushing fingers inside. I
was sore from yesterday and my butt hurt when he had several fingers inside me.
Then I felt him squirt what I think was more lubricant straight into my rectum.
I told myself to relax that I had survived yesterday's anal rape and I would
somehow live through today's. Joanne kept asking me what was going on. They were
leaving her alone at the moment.

I felt a blunt object at my backdoor. He gave it a hard shove and it slipped
past my anal ring. It felt huge inside me. I started to get scared, real scared.
I felt a lot of pressure and then the object began to move inside my colon. It
went in further and further. I felt my guts churn, as it must have moved things
around in there. I started crying that it was going to kill me. When it stopped,
it felt like the blunt end of a baseball bat had been shoved inside my body. The
pressure was tremendous. I started to beg them to take it out of me. Joanne
started to panic. She was crying and begging them to leave me alone. She started
calling out "leave my mommy alone, fuck me but don't hurt her."

I felt a couple of fingers enter my vagina and feel the thing in my ass through
that thin membrane that lines my vagina. He explored me with his fingers. I
heard him tell the other one to come over and feel it. I felt one set of fingers
slide out and other one slide in. I heard one of them say, "Man, that's going to
be a tight fuck. Let's get our little princess tightened up."

Joanne told me they were lubricating her ass. I told her she was going to have
to be very brave because they were going to do to her what they had done to me.
Joanne started screaming for them to take it out of her. She was in a lot of
pain. She told me they had shoved something huge up her ass and she could feel
it deep inside her bowels. It was horrible.

A cock penetrated my vagina. The pain was unbearable. I thought something inside
me was going to rupture. Joanne was getting fucked too. She was begging them to
stop. They kept at it until I didn't have the strength to yell anymore. They
swapped between us a number of times. They started biting my breasts. I mean
sinking their teeth into the flesh. I heard Joanne yell, "Don't bite my
titties." My vagina was so tight from what was in my butt that every stroke was
purge agony. One of them almost bite my nipple off. I felt like the walls of my
vagina were being pulled apart. After a while, they must have cum because they
got off us and left for a while.

Joanne asked me if they had left that thing in my butt. I said yes and she said
it was still inside her. She asked me what it was and I said it was probably
some kind of big dildo or anal probe. I'm not sure how but I knew it was made
out of rubber. God it felt strange to have something that big inside your body.
Joanne said she felt her vaginal walls tearing while the one with the bigger
cock was fucking her. I hope there is no permanent damage. I was also horrified
that the dildos would have to be removed by a doctor. They felt lodged inside
me. As it turned out, I was wrong about that.

The men announced they were going to use "tit presses" on us next and that
Joanne was going to go first. I had never seen a tit press but I had a good idea
what one was. It was a simple device. There were two boards connected with four
bolts and tightened using wing nuts. One of them explained it that way. I
shuddered at the thought of Joanne's beautiful young breasts being tortured that
way. They wanted me to listen to Joanne screaming and then I would get the same
treatment. Joanne started to cry. She was afraid they would disfigure her
breasts and no boy would be interested in a girl with ugly breasts. I told her
that while it would be painful, it would not cause permanent damage. I did not
know that for sure but I had to say something. To a fifteen-year-old girl,
appearance is about the most important thing on earth.

Joanne started screaming they were lifting her by her nipples. Later they did
the same thing to me using pliers. She told me they had put wooden boards on top
and bottom of her boobs and they were slowly closing the boards together. Joanne
started screaming and begging them to stop. She said her boobs were being
flattened. Joanne was just howling. All of a sudden she lifted her head up and
screamed. They had driven a needle straight into her nipple. They did the same
to the other nipple. She passed out.

They left her and started on me. Someone stood on the bed, reached down with
pliers and grabbed my nipples and pulled upward.  They actually picked me up by
my nipples. The other one put my breasts in the press and started closing it up.
I have large breasts and several inches of my boobs stuck out the front of the
press. They tightened and tightened it until I passed out from the pain. They
brought me around with smelling salts. They started tightening again. I passed
out again. They brought me back with the smelling salts once more. Joanne was
screaming for them to stop sticking pins in her boobs. She told me they were
going in one side and out the other.

I felt a hand grab my nipple. It was fat and swollen from the press. I felt a
needle being pushed through it, just the nipple itself. Then another needle was
pressed directly in from the front. It was a long needle and it went deep inside
my breast. When the needle was all the way in he worked it around and I felt it
scrape against my sternum. You cannot imagine the agony of having a needle
scrape against a bone inside your body.

I felt them both standing on each side of the twin bed. They begin to stick
needles into the ballooned parts of the breasts that stuck out in front of the
tit press. Each was puncturing a breast. Then I felt something blunter that a
needle being forced into my flesh. All the time I was pleading with them to

One of them said "Christine, That was a meat skewer, like you cook shish-kebob
with. Here, feel what happens when I give it a little twist."

I passed out. They brought me back with a whiff of ammonia. I could feel blood
oozing out of my breasts. They went back to sticking needles in my tits. I kept
screaming. Then they started sticking them in my vaginal lips. They pulled my
clitoris out and stuck several needles in it.

I heard one of them say, "Let's try a hot needle." I felt heat and then a
searing pain as they pushed that in my clitoris. Poor Joanne was suffering too.
They had put needles in her pussy lips and clitoris. When one of us passed out,
they would switch to the other. The torture with the tit press and needles went
on for what seemed like hours. Finally I guess they got tired of it and stopped.
We were too hoarse to scream anymore.

They started pulling the needles out. When the needles were removed, one of them
mounted me and fucked me once again. He put his cock in me and then started
tightening the tit press. I really lost it and became hysterical.  There is only
so much pain a body can stand. I think they were fucking Joanne as the same
time. I started shaking all over. He would slide his cock in me and then tighten
the press some more.

After several repetitions of fucking and tightening, he climaxed and rolled off
me. My breasts were in agony. Joanne said her were flat and she was crying that
they were ruined and scarred and no one would be interested in a girl with boobs
with scars all over them. I thought for a minute how Ron would react when he saw
what these men had done to me.  I decided then that I was not going to allow him
to see my body until it had healed up.

They announced that they were through playing with us. The removed the tit
press. I started screaming and passed out when the blood started flowing back
into my breasts. When I came to, they had removed the dildo from my ass.

The next part totally amazed me. One of them sat down beside me on the bed and
told us that we were going to have to sit in separate rooms for the next four
hours and write a detailed three-part account of each day including how we were
raped and tortured. They wanted at least 2,000 words about each day.  Joanne
said she did not think she could do it. The guy reached down and grabbed my very
sore clitoris and said to me. "You tell Joanne that if she does not write it all
down as instructed, we are going to cut your clitoris off and then we are going
to cut her ears off. He said we were four or five hours from going home. I told
Joanne to listen to me. I told her that she could do this. I told her about the
ears and how she would be disfigured. Joanne agreed to write her part.

They took me to the bathroom. I showered. I was almost afraid to look at my
breasts in the mirror. They were black and blue with dozens of red puncture
wounds. Both my nipples were split apart. I felt better after my shower. I could
even hobble along on my feet although it hurt like hell. They walked me with a
sack over my head into a small room that contained a table, desk chair, lamp and
computer. There were two bottles of water and another turkey sandwich. There was
a template for me to follow already set up on the word processor.

Below are my responses to questions on the template that I do not think I
covered in the narrative of the day's events.

1. Were you surprised by your daughter's behavior and if so, in what way?

I was surprised that Joanne was able to endure so much pain and still be
concerned for my welfare. Joanne proved to be a survivor who met the challenges
that the continual rape and torture posed.

2. How will your relationship to your daughter be affected by fact that you
engaged in mutual oral intercourse?

This is something the two of us are going to have to work out. It would be
highly embarrassing if it became known within our community that we had engaged
in such activity even if we were forced by circumstances. I think we will put
this behind us and get on with our lives.

Review This Story || Author: Harry Berg
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