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Dog Pound

Part 1

It was a ridiculously hot night.  She needed to escape her tiny, airless apartment as she was beginning to feel like a rat in a cage.  Rubbing the back of her neck she quickly realized that being outside was not going to find her any sort of relief.  It was like stepping into an oven.

The humidity was toying with her, people went insane in heat like this didnt they?  A soft sigh from two plump lips as she can feel her thin pink tank top sticking to her skin already.  She tugs at it impatiently as she walks towards the park.  11pm, maybe its cooler in the trees.  Her thumbs hooked into the belt loops of her cut off jean shorts she has just a moment of hesitation before she remembers that this is an extremely safe neighbourhood- its not like shes going to meet any drug dealers in this park.

It was cooler in the trees.  She smiles slightly as there is the tiniest breeze- the barest breath of fresh air.  Theres a picnic table up ahead and she climbs on it, kicking off her purple flip flops.  Long pale legs almost glow in the dim light.  Shes not had much luck getting any colour this summer but thats nothing new; being a redhead generally prohibits golden tans.  She has a smattering of freckles over her face and some more dotting her cleavage.  

Each freckle is a kiss from a fairy”.

Her mother used to tell her that.  An old boyfriend had scoffed at her and remarked “That makes you quite a whore doesnt it?” Hed earned a slap across the face for that- with a frown she shivers as she remembers the repercussions of that slap.  Chewing on that fat bottom lip again she scans the open area of the park as she tries to shove the memories from her mind.

Leaning back on her hands and widening her legs just a bit so that that cool air can nip at her mid drift and maybe steal into the frayed bottoms of her shorts she notes that the park is almost completely deserted save for a man and his dog a few hundred feet away.  She looks them over with out much interest- the dog seems very interested in a flower bed and the man is patiently waiting.  He doesnt even seem to be looking her way so she shifts her attention to the sky and leans back to lay on the top of the table, absently popping the top button of her jean shorts open.

After a few minutes she hears the panting.  While shes been trying to find the big dipper the dog has run up and made its way under her table.  It whimpers a bit and gives her a good sniff.. its nose straining for a second to poke her through the slats on the table.  Hes a large reddish dog.. a bull mastiff if she had to guess.  Barely fitting under the table he soon comes out and puts his paws up on the bench and has another sniff at her arm.

With a grin she props herself up on her side and reaches out to let him sniff her hand before leaning to scratch his ears.  Not particularly frightened she looks back towards where she last saw his owner and sees him moving slowly towards them with the leash in his hands and an apologetic wince on his face.

Hey.. sorry, hes pretty friendly, wont bite.  Dont worry.  Sorry to bug you.  Crazy hot huh?”
She grins and nods, sitting up, her ponytail swings as she moves her head- all that red hair almost glowing in the moonlight. His easy going and non-threatening demeanour as well as his well pressed khaki shorts put her instantly at ease. “Fuck yeah... I had to get out for a walk or something.  Its ridiculous.  Hes nice, whats his name?”

The man stiffens a bit at the profanity and then just gives her a charming smile and responds evenly “Elijah, hes a good dog.  Arent you Elijah? Good dog..”

Now off the bench, she can see that the dog has to be at least 120lb.. its a pretty huge animal.. but it reacts happily to the mans praise, taking the petting with some excitement before putting its front paws up on the seat of the table again and giving her leg another sniff and long lick.

She giggles and starts to push him back, smiling at the man as she does.  But her hands dont even begin to move him off and a low growl starts in the back of its throat as she attempts it.   Snatching back her hand she blinks and looks up at the man again, growing alarmed.

He shrugs and gives her another smile.  “Guess he likes you.  Dont blame him.  Youre pretty hot.  Youre not wearing a bra are you?  Fantastic tits.. I can see those nipples under that cotton..  and Im pretty sure he can smell that wet little cunt under those slutty ripped, up shorts”. He relates all this as if hes complementing her on her Sunday hat- a kind, polite voice with an educated inflection.

It takes her a few beats to realize that she did indeed hear him right.  Green eyes huge she just blinks as her pretty little mouth opens in shock.  Hes just watching her face with the very slightest of smirks and he does not seem at all surprised as she throws herself off the other side of the picnic table and starts to run towards the tree line and back to the street.

Her heart pounding in her chest as she concentrates on getting as far away as fast as she can.  She doesnt hear anything behind her and she prays that hes just going to let her go.  The second that thought seems like it might actually be true she hears it:

Alright, go get her Elijah, GO”

And she can hear the massive animal flicking through the taller grass.  After a moment the barking starts, the savage, growling, rage filled barking as he gains on her fleeing form. The terrified tears just start to pour from her as she tries to keep running, knowing the dog is gaining on her and will have her so, so shortly.  She screams so loudly, the sound splits the darkness but it almost seems to cause her to stumble and she goes down.

Elijah is on her in a second, snarling and barking as she lands on her stomach, scraping her hands and knees raw.  The two front paws come down, between her shoulder blades, knocking the air out of her.  The barking and snarling is right up close to her ear- she even feels a drop of drool hit the back of her neck.  Screaming and crying she thrashes, trying for a second to pull herself up and try to tear herself away.

But then she feels the teeth on the back of her shoulder and a low, warning growl.  The teeth break the skin, but not much more then that.  That jaw could snap her in half in a second, but it just keeps to the surface, pinning her there, forcing her to be immobile.  

Again, the man strolls up in an almost leisurely fashion. Hes still carrying that leash she notes as it dangles in front of her face for a second.  Shes sobbing, face full of gravel mud and her hands and knees scraped raw, frantic noises but he only leans down and tussles her hair.  His voice is soft and almost kind.

shhh now.  Lets get you home and cleaned up... theres a good girl.  Easy girl...”

She never sees the other hand that eases in front of her mouth with the chloroformed rag.  A cough and then she just fades to black.

She wakes slowly... groggy and cold.  Her brain relishes this though because the heat wave has been going on for weeks- this is either a wonderful dream or the heat has broken.  She can feel her nipples tight with the chill and eyes still closed she smiles slightly.  Or she tries to anyway.  

Her mouth doesnt seem to be working right- lodged open, lips forced around something plastic she opens her eyes and brings her hands to her face quickly.  She grunts as she finds her hand wrapped tightly in some sort of taped up mitt.  Red duct tape circles both her hands rendering them useless- a little squawk escapes those held open lips as she wakes up fully and realizes that there is something wedged in her mouth, tied around her head- a plastic gag thats making her drool.  Its not a ball, its open in the centre to allow...  Her brain starts screaming at her in panic as she looks around.

Shes in some sort of plastic box or... crate- she tries to move to the wired opening in the front and finds that besides her hands, something else is restrained- she can't seem to move her legs.  Her head snapping down quickly she notes that there is some sort of leather belt around her naked waist with a chain on each side running down to each ankle.  Combined with a spreader bar keeping her legs pushed apart, this would also make her unable to straighten her legs- crawling would be her only option if she was given any room to move.

A low wine of raw terror escapes as she is now completely awake.  She can't breath suddenly, too much saliva in her throat from the gag and too much fear slamming into her brain.  She starts coughing violently, her whole body shaking with tears as all her nerves just explode.  A second later the crate is rocked by something impacting the side- something large.  A growled, warning bark accompanies the move then the dull but insistent sound of nails on plastic- Elijah is trying to shred the crate and get at her! 

She starts to sob and then finally scream even louder at this but the almost frenzied scratching and snarling just continues and in fact even gets more intent.  She almost blacks out in fear when it suddenly stops.  There are foot steps and then the dog is yanked back and away from the side of her kennel.  She hears a few clicks of chain and rocks herself towards one of the slats to try and peek out.

What she sees is alarming in it's simplicity.  A white washed room- floors and walls painted a sparkling white.  Tied to the wall now is the massive dog- he's straining at his lead to get back to her crate though, drool falling in puddles as he snaps and snarls.  Finally he lays down and starts to lick himself intently.  She switches her attention to the pair of legs that are moving towards her crate.

Hands reach down and unlock the door.  She instinctively shrinks towards the back of the cage but his hand finds her hair and he takes a good handful and yanks her forward to dump her unceremoniously in the bright, glaring florescent light.  She blinks and tries in vain to cover her juicy breasts with those taped up hands and to some how shift her legs together to hide that spread, pink pussy.

That earns her a swift slap across the face.  His hand is strong and not at all hesitant.  The pink print spreading over her cheek in an instant as she screams- tears still pouring down her face and splattering against her breasts.  She tries to talk, to plead with him to let her go, to reassure him that she won't tell anyone probably but the plastic gag muffles all her words, her tongue not working and all she's able to do is choke out some weird sounding noises.  That earns her another slap across the face and finally he speaks in a low, firm, dangerous voice, emphasizing each sentence by landing a slap somewhere else- on her breast, her stomach, inner thigh and her face again.

“Little bitches don't talk. Little bitches don't know how.  Little bitches don't cover themselves in front of their master.  Little bitches don't bite.  Little bitches do exactly what they are told to do when they are told to do it- that means eating, pissing and fucking.  If little bitches do not behave, they get put down.”

She's choking and screaming each time a slap lands thrashing and trying to evade the blows that always find her anyway.  Finally his hands stop and pick her up to put her properly on her hands and knees.  Hands smoothing over her thighs, gentle and soft- then over the curve of her tummy and to that pussy.  Very gently he starts to pet her, rubbing slowly, two fingers finding her clit and stroking it so softly as he whispers

“You can be a good girl though can't you?  I know you can be a good girl for me and I'm going to do my very best to train you properly and give you all the guidance I can.  I am a patient man.  Who's my good girl?  Who's my good girl?”

Maddeningly her body starts to betray her mind as his fingers just keep rubbing at such a languid, easy pace- the pressure mixing with all that red heat on her skin where he's slapped causing all her nerve endings to scream and she finds herself rolling her hips lewdly and whimpering as she pushes against his fingers.  Horrified, just when she thinks she might actually cum on his hand, he pulls it away and gives her head a little pat.  Grinning he pops two of those fingers into the centre of the plastic ring in her mouth and says in his kind voice:

“That a girl.. we'll just save that I think hmm?  Very special treat for you when you've been extra good.”

He muses as he plays with the red gold waves, letting them slip through his fingers as he coos to her

“good little bitches don't have to get their coat shaved off, we wouldn't want you to have to loose your hair would we?  Now you need a name don't you?  Let's see... all those pretty freckles.. I think I'm going to call you Spot.  I think it's a good name.  Don't you agree Elijah?”

Elijah looks up and gives a small “woof” at the mention of his name and then puts his head back down on his massive haunches eyes going back to her, tracking her movements closely.

She starts to cry softly again, huge tears rolling down her cheeks and shaking hard- the frustration and the realization of the extent of this wreaking havoc with her senses.  His hands are on her again, smoothing over her shoulders and neck and then cupping and squeezing those heavy tits.. pinching those nipples.  He's kneeling just in front of her face now and it's impossible not to notice the force of his interest in her.  He murmurs as he fondles her:

“Look at that... what a hot little bitch- I was right, fantastic tits.  Should we see how tight you are Spot? Would you like that girl?  I wonder if my little bitch has ever been fucked in the ass.  Hmm? How would you like me to fuck you in the ass?”

He could have been asking her if she wanted a cookie- his tone horrific and cloying.  She scrambles, trying to move back, to back away from him and his hands.  Panting loudly, too afraid to scream now she looks back and forth to find the door and starts to crawl as quickly as she can to it.

He just laughs and walks up behind her.  One hand grabs the back of the collar around her neck and pulls up.  She starts to sputter and cough, her airway restricted and he clips a hook into her leash ring on the back of her collar.  It's attached to the ceiling and rather taunt- prevents her from being able to move more then a few feet in any direction.  He lands a swift, painful slap between her legs- stinging her clit before giving it a little rub.  Still behind her he leans over her whole body to whisper in her ear as he grabs her hips:

“You can't get away Spot.  You belong to me and Elijah now.  You're our little bitch.  The sooner you realize this, the easier it will go for you.  I'm going to fuck your little ass now puppy.  I'm going to do it without lube and it's going to hurt a lot.  Just this once I'm going to let you struggle and carry on- I know you've got some aggression to work out.  But after this, I'm going to expect you to take cock like a proper fuckslut puppy.  You're going to whimper and beg for it like a good girl.  How does that sound hmm?”

His hand still around the collar keeping her head pulled up and her back arched he is rubbing her ass cheeks with his other hand.  His voice has a strange, soothing cadence to it and her tears start to abate despite the subject matter... she's so tired and he's lulling her with the stroking and melody of his speech.  A thumb against her tiny puckered asshole makes her gasp though and she bares down instinctively as he starts to try and push it in.  Bucking her hips to try and shake his hand off her she struggles to breath.

His hand tightens again on the collar and he eases her head back as she struggles.  Not able to breath the bucking stops and she gasps for air as his thumb pops in easily.  He makes some appreciative noises and then pushes it farther in and then out to stretch her.  A warbled little bleat from her and her eyes bulge open- it's just this thumb and she can tell he's no where near ready to stop with that.  Her eyes and on Elijah who's focused intently on the whole situation- he's still and his muscles coiled.

The man tugs at his belt, she can feel him adjusting himself behind her.  Then a knee on the spreader bar, trapping any real movements.  She feels the cold air against that wet little pussy and she just sobs softly.  He's leaning over her now, hot whisper in her ear, his breath hitting her skin and she can feel his  mounting excitement.

“That's it Spot... good girl.. cry for me puppy... cry for me.  This is going to hurt you bad little bitch.. this is what you get for running around the park without a leash on at night.. this is what you get..”

And then, he just pops his head into her tight little ass.  A burst of red pain and she squeezes those wet eyes shut instantly and starts to scream- muscles clamping down so tightly around him, desperate to try and force his cock out of her, trying to buck him off once more.

But he just laughs and jerks her head up, arching her back again as he starts to push farther and farther into her, feeling her muscles quiver and loosen as he forces his way in.  A grunt as she starts squeezing his cock so fiercely, little red headed puppies are always good for a fight. 

Bit by bit he conquers that ass, stretching it and spreading it out and then he starts to thrust.  Holding her hair and shoulder for leverage, he starts to pound into her- getting lost in the feeling as she just screams and sobs and tries futilely to squirm away from each slap of his hips against her skin.

Finally she tires and gives in, sobbing hot little tears she remains still, exhausted as he holds her up and keeps on fucking her destroyed little hole.  As he feels her break he eases her shoulders down to the ground and though not stopping, he slows his pace slightly.  His free hand reaches around and starts to gently rub her- rewarding her for giving in, teasing that soaked little clit, pinching it softly.

She starts as little waves of pleasure start to hit her through the furious pain in her stretched out ass.  Her cheeks covered with tears and the gag keeping her drooling and her mouth wide open she just whimpers a bit in response.  That seems to set him over the edge and he pulls his cock out of her ass with a little pop and shudders before unloading all over her ass and back with a loud groan.

Spot just freezes in terror, sputtering and trying to breath as the cum starts to slide over her skin and down her legs she just pants and keeps as still as she can.  After a few seconds he wipes his cock off on her thigh and gives her a pat.  “That's a good girl, didn't that feel good?”

He comes around to her front and picks up a water bottle.  Taking her hair again he eases back her head and starts to trickle water into her open mouth, slowly so that she can swallow.  She sputters a bit but then gratefully starts swallowing as fast as he pours.  He sets her down again and gives her cheek another soft pat and her head a little rub before turning and walking over to where Elijah is chained up.

The dog is up on it's feet in a second, nails dragging against the painted concrete.  He's straining against the choke chain, almost lunging for Spot, mouth open, drooling and starting to growl and bark.  The smell of sex in the air driving him half mad.  Spot's eyes almost pop out of her skull as she catches sight of two extremely large testicles and what appears to be an erect dog penis pushing and jabbing at the air in a near frenzy.

She starts to scream again and try to back away as the two approach.  Her own leash presents this and she starts coming up on the chain, yanking and jerking against it frantically as she sobs- the noises bounce off the walls quite audibly but the man doesn't seem at all concerned.

He stands between her and the dog and then picks up her head, yanking it back by the hair and hissing at her.

“If you struggle too much he IS going to tear you. He WILL bite out your throat and then fuck your bleeding body. I suggest you keep as still as you can Spot.  Let him enjoy you.  You're his play toy after all.  You belong to him now and if he's not happy.. “

The man just lets that sentence hang there and then releases her head.  A strangled little scream escapes from behind the gag but the man lets go of Elijah's leash anyway.  The dog pads around her, growling, and wuffing... head and nose bashing into her arm, then her belly, then ass cheeks.  Huge, wet, slobbering tongue starts to lick at her- it takes her a second to realize that he is cleaning her- licking up the man's cum and preparing her for himself.

That tongue drags over her spasming and bruised asshole and she finds herself groaning softly, it's warmth some how soothing.  He starts between her thighs and she jerks away with a gasp but a low growl from him stops her and she starts to sob quietly again, barely able to keep her arms straight and up.

He starts lapping at her again and he finally finds her clit with that sloppy, huge tongue- she squeals and squeezes her eyes shut.  This seems to fuel the dog even more and he starts to mount her.  Spot can feel the huge cum loaded balls drag against her ass for a second a Elijah pants and struggles to find a good angle.  She looks up at the man in horror, knowing that any second she's will be entered by that foreign, crazy cock.

There's no help there for her, the man just smirks down at her, one of his hands stroking his own cock again- god help her it's getting harder by the second.  Finally, he reaches down and help's his dog with the positioning.  And there it is.  Pushed up against her pink little pussy.  She can feel it starting to come forward, that black, bulbous cock.  She squeezes her eyes shut tightly and takes a breath.

And he's inside her.  The paws on her back starting to scratch against her skin as dog dick just jams into her.  He's hotter then a man, she can feel him almost searing her skin.  Not really able to believe it's happening she refuses to open her eyes.  Elijah starts to fuck her in earnest and there's a sickening wet sound and pain and she realizes that that huge, knot has forced its way inside her slick pussy, plugging her up, locking him, latching him inside her.

She screams bloody murder but the dog just keeps on wiggling, drool dripping on her back and then a hand in her hair and the man shoves his own cock into the round gag, filling her mouth and bouncing off the back of her throat.  This drives the dog into another round of snarling and wuffing, his jaw snapping as he nips at Spots shoulder again, driving further into that cunt.

The man starts to pump at her face, looking down at the huge eyes, soaked with tears, mascara ruined, red hair frizzing.  Gagging noises and drool come out of that gag as he takes her throat against and again, pounding her harder and harder. 

There's no where to struggle, no way to move- she's pinned on two cocks and so she just cries and lets them fill her and take her... soon she just gets lost in it.. eyes glazing over.  The man sees this and he eases up his grip on her hair, petting her head a bit before his eyes roll back and he starts filling her mouth with cum.

She sputters but manages to swallow most of it, taking the last stream on her cheeks and in her red hair.  She whimpers, Elijah still filling her pussy, his claws still dragging on her back.  The man leans down and starts to rub her clit again as well as feeling how much Elijah is stretching her out with that huge knot.  He smiles and coos at her, his thumb stroking her fairly hard and insistently.

“That's my good girl, taking his huge cock so well, do you want to cum puppy? All filled up like this? It makes you hot doesn't it... look at you, soaking wet.  A soaking wet slut, you'll let anything fuck you won't you?”

Over and over again his fingers and thumb pinching and stroking that clit.  His other hand pinches at her nipple and she groans, twisting a bit till Elijah's warning growl reminds her to be still.  She can't evade the man's fingers and she tightens up and gives over that orgasm, her body spasming and shaking against his hand, her pussy squeezing that dog cock over and over again till Elijah yowls himself and then slips out of her with an oozing pop, a trail of dog cum all over her thighs.

The dog whuffles her with his nose then pads off to the corner with a yawn.  Spot is just a shaking mess of sobbing and shame.  The man looks down at her with a grin and then starts to drag her back to the crate. 

“You can be taught Spot.  Good girl.  Tomorrow we will work on paper training.  Hopefully we'll be able to take that gag out soon, I know Elijah would love you to suck him off.”

And with that he tosses her back into the crate and locks the door.  Dripping with their cum, as well as her's she crawls into the corner and starts to sob and shake.  But it was all too much for her and she falls asleep fairly quickly. 

Review This Story || Author: torrid girl
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