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The LAW Student

Part 5

(Mandy a third year law student at an Eastern School meets Mike a local guy at a bar.  She begins a foot massage and then blows him as they head over to his house.  Very forward she tells him she cant get enough sex.  After a three way including two of Mikes friends, Jake, Mikes dad comes home.  He fucks her while the boys piss on her head in toilet.  Her head is pushed in the toilet.  Then she is made to lube up her ass getting ready for the next step)

(Jake continues his attack which turns into a brutal ass rape.  Jake tells his son Mike that this reminds him of Mikes Mom.  Jake then forced Mandy to blow him on the John where she almost choked to death. They took Mandy for a ride in their car trunk threatening to drown her only to dump her in an alley puddle and leave her.  Mandy heard two cars of Gangbangers arrive in the alley, fearing she will be found)

(Mandy dreams she is captured by the Gangbangers but wakes up to find she had somehow made her way home after witnessing a gang execution.  Jake and his son hang out after their bonding experience fucking Mandy.  Jake shares a tape of him fucking his wife, Mikes Mom which clearly excites Mike.

Mandy get ready for a morning at school by dumpster diving and then endures a morning of classes.

Mandy goes to a popular coffee shop and gets screwed in the mens room before going to work at a womans crisis center.  Mike calls his Mom to set up a VISIT.)

(Mandy goes to work at the crisis center where she meets Sarah who found her daughter fucking

her father.  Mandy finds the story so hot she pleasurers herself in the John.  Later she goes to a

Mexican Restaurant for a fuck and a Burritto.


Life has changed for Mike since he met Mandy at the bar. After sharing the violent gangbang of Mandy with his Father he learned of his fathers secrets with his mother.  Now he found himself obsessed with MOM.

Mikes heart was racing as he rang the door bell.   It was the house of his childhood that his Mom had retained.   A big smile and a hug from Mom greeted Mike.  Seeing her, it was all Mike could do to contain himself. He was hard as a rock and would like to take her right now.  

Mikey, so good to see you, made you some of your favorite sandwiches.

I am ready for your lunch in the kitchen.

Janice, MOM, was wearing a loose fitting house dress slightly translucent showing her shape.

45 and HOT thought Mike.

Watching her ahead of him he kept flashing back to the video of her with his dad.

As she walked her long dark pony tail swayed in rhythm with her hips.

He watched her hips and ass.  At 59” she was a perfect MILF.  Well shaped, full figured but not fat.

A real MILF, my MILF. LOL thought Mike.

Ok Mike, here is your sandwich and chips.

Janice did a little bend over action and showed a little Cleve.

Thanks Mom.  gulped Mike, red in the face.

Nice Titties Bitch, thought Mike.

Mike, you OK, you are flushed. 

Sure Mom. Sure.

Mike you should come over more often.

I think I will.

Janice went on with the small talk drivel.

Mikey, you hear what I am saying.

Sure Mom, sure.

Mike had this terrible boner.  All he could think of was making his move.

He didnt really hear what she had to say.  He wanted to fuck her.  The urge was overwhelming.

It was all he could think off since he saw his dads video.

He tried not to stare at her titties across the table.

Mike finished and Janice cleaned up the dishes.

She slipped him a little view again and brushed up against him.

This BITCH is driving me nuts, thought Mike.

As she stood at the sink, Mike couldnt wait any longer.

Mike edged next to her, very close, touching and then put his hand on her neck dropping it down toward her butt.

Mike! What are you doing??? 

Janice started to pull away but Mike grabbed her pony tail and the same time grabbed an arm and twisted it behind her back.

Mike!!!!!  Janice screamed.

Shut the fuck up!!! 

Mike took physical control.  Janice struggled but Mike held her tightly.

Pull up your dress and pull off your panties.

Mike, please NO Please.

Mom was crying now, pleading.

Mike yanked the pony tail. 

Feeling his overwhelming strength and not knowing what to do, Janice complied.

Mike had his pants down and pinned his Mom up against the counter.

Oh No, this cant be happening.

Shut up, you want it Mom, you know you do.

Mike ripped the front of her dress and in a moment her bra was gone.

He took her pony tail and yanked her head toward him.

He kissed her hard as he could see her eyes reddened and face streaked with tears.

Seeing her crying made him more excited.

Mike realized now his Mom didnt want it or at least she didnt know she wanted it.

So he was going to have to rape her. Rape his own mother.

The thought excited him even more.  Her pleadings and tears drove him wild.

Her breasts were in his hands. 

AHHHHHH.  Mike stop you are hurting me.

Mike smile as he pinched her nipples.  The nipples he had sucked on once and would again.

Mom, nice titties.  Nice ASS. 

OK Mom, time to fuck your pussy.  Mike backed away from Janice.

“Ok, move back, keep your hands on the sink.  Mike wanted her bent over for fucking.

Instead Janice twisted and tried to get away.  Mike was outraged.

Fucking Bitch.  Ungrateful cunt.  He was livid that his own Mom would reject him.

Mike grabbed his Mom by her pony tail and pushed her head down into the sink.

He turned on the hot water holding his Moms head down.

Janice sputtered, pulled gagging but Mike held her down.

The struggle of the Bitch made him more excited.

Finally Mike pulled her head away, her face now red, gasping for air.

Mike, stop this. You cant………..   Janice got a slap to the head.

Shut the fuck up Bitch. 

Mike pulled his Mom away from the sink and pushed her down so she was bent over, her hands on the end of the sink.  Mike knew he was in control.  Janice was fully exposed standing bent over leaning against the sink. 

Dont you move an Inch.

Mike, what is going on?  What are you doing?

Whats happenin Mom is I am going to fuck You.

Janice sobbed, trembling but afraid to move.   Afraid of her own son.

Mike walked around her admiring her body while Mom, stood bent over hugging the sink.  Her breasts hung down.  Mike fondled them, squeezed them.  He slapped them and watched them swing back and forth. 

Mike was humiliating her before he would screw her. Janice cried as her head was pulled back by the pony tail.  Mike kissed her hard.  Like to kiss your boy Mom? 

Mike walked behind her. 

Shake your ass Mom.  Shake your booty Bitch.  Watching her shake he slapped her ass.

Mom you ready?  Tell me you want to fuck me.


Mike please fuck me.  Janice said in a quaking quivering voice.

Hang onto the sink Mom, get ready for the fucking of your life.

Janices mind was in a fog as she almost passed out.  Her mind slipped into the past.

Mike dont go too far ahead.  Janice was so happy.  Her little boy was riding his bike without training wheels.  He was weaving back and forth but he was riding on his own. Her cute little boy.  Mike is the love of her life.

Seeing Janice woozy, Mike slapped her on the side of the head. Snapped back to the present:  Janice felt Mikes hands on her ass, he was spreading her cheeks and running his fingers along her pussy lips. This is unreal, how did this happen. 


Janice felt like passing out as she felt Mikes dick head on her pussy.  Her son!!! No! No!

Janice braced herself against the sink as she felt Mikes cock begin to penetrate her.  Her son is a Bastard, just like his father.  


Her sons cock penetrated her.  His hands wrapped around her hips.  He had pushed in deep and started up a hard rhythm.  Janice felt his size and hardness.  She begged him to stop .  Slowly she felt the feeling begin. 

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Janice cried.  No No No Janice cried but she couldnt stop the tremors throughout her body.  AHHHHHHHHHHHH , Janice was moaning.  Mike hearing his mother and feeling her orgasm building.

Yea Mom, thats it you Bitch, You like it like, fucked by your own son and you love it.

FUCKING WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Take it in your cunt!!!

He kept it up, harder and harder,  faster and faster as deep as he could.

He slapped her ass as hard as he could.

Janice was screaming in pain and pleasure.

Mike stopped, holding his hard cock deep inside her.  His dick was trembling, he could feel her throbbing.  He wrapped his hand in her hair, twisted and pulled hard.

MIKE DONT STOP Janice cried not believing what she said.

Again he started, then holding back.  He wanted it to last.

Finally he could not hold back and began to thrust as fast as he could grabbing his Moms ass  tight as he could.

Screaming he unloaded inside his Mom.  As he continued he could feel his cum inside her.

He could tell she like it, the fucking whore liked it!!!!!

Janice sat on the floor crying after Mike had finally left. After he had fucker her against the counter top

she had to get on her knees and suck him off.   He could see him looking down at her, laughing and smiling.   His cum taste was still in her mouth.  He drooled on her and called her names.  Whore Bitch, cunt.  Then he left her, Ill be back for some more

The orgasm she had when he fucked her was so intense but she hated him for it.  She wanted to get to shower to get rid of all sense of him.   She couldnt move.

Mike drove thinking of his fuck time with Mom. He could stop thinking of her on her knees sucking him clean after he fucked her.  He cleaned the cum off his dick.  She must have tasted her own pussy juice on him.  Then he got hard again and she had to suck him off.  The best blowjob of his life.  Hard, he watched her suck his dick, lick his balls and finally take his cum in her mouth and swallow.

He could see her kneeling in front of him sucking his cock, swallowing his cum..  She was a fucking whore. Just a piece of fuck meat like his Dad had said.  He couldnt wait to tell Dad.


To Be Continued

Review This Story || Author: bigbobby.
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