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Part 1

Chosen Part 1

She wasnt sure what woke her first, the pain or the cold. Even though she was extremely groggy she knew right off that something was massively wrong.

She opened her eyes slowly and discovered her vision was blurry. In spite of that, she knew that the place she woke was alien to her. She was naked, lying on the floor in a dimly lit room that smelled of antiseptic.

She tried to muster the strength to get up but winced in pain that centered mainly on her breasts and genitals when she moved.  A whimper escaped from between her lips as she touched her left throbbing breast and felt a piece of metal threaded through the base of her nipple. She realized that the other nipple received the same treatment and similarly the hoods of her vagina and her clitoris. A fine chain was clipped to the rings and ran to a leather and metal collar around her neck, down to her vagina, and to two pierced lips there. There were wide steel cuffs on her ankles and wrists.

Panic began to set in, but she gulped down the fear as much as she could unwilling to show her captors, who she knew were somewhere watching, that they could break her this easily.

“Ah good, youre awake.” The voice that came over the speaker system was soft, English, cultured. “Im going to give your friend another fifteen minutes to join us. Then Ill explain your predicament.”

Friend? She tried to look around but did not see anyone from her vantage point. Then the lights above flickered to life. Instinctively she covered her eyes from the brightness.

“You must be parse. There is a bottle of water on the table behind you. Drink up. And no, its not laced with anything, from this point forth we want you lucid.”

As her eyes begun adjusting to the lights, she opened them again and looked around. The room she was in was maybe 40x40 feet, dark gray from floor to ceiling. The walls were padded cotton, the floor checkered white gray chess-board that matched the walls. Small black glass globes were everywhere; at least 20 on each wall and double that on the ceiling spread between a number of hooks and pulleys and chains with handcuffs. She realized they were cameras.

There were shelves on each wall and upon them neatly spaced sex toys, dildos butt plugs, whips and tons of things she did not recognize. To her left there were two hygienist chairs, behind them a sink, and a shower stall and a long water hose spooled on a hook. On her right a set of gym equipment, a four foot knotted cord hung from between two raised pulleys and two floor to ceiling poles with handcuffs attached at the ceiling. Behind her a table with two bottles of water. Below it, Jessica.

Sarah gasped seeing her friend unconscious on the floor, naked and adorned with similar rings and chains molded to her body. She half got up to crawl to her and yelped as the chains and rings at her privates and breasts re-arranged and pulled at the body. She touched herself and tears welled in her eyes as the realization of what was going to happen began to dawn on her. Moments later she finally gathered herself enough to crawl over to her friend. Jess moaned when she touched her, but did not open her eyes or move.

“Drink some water and pour some into your friends mouth,” the voice ordered. She complied. Her hands shook, but she managed a few swigs into Jessicas mouth. She swallowed a few drops but then began to choke on the remainder of the liquid so Sarah let her spit it out.

“Looks like she needs some incentive to wake. I want you to spread her legs, pour a bit of liquid on her pussy and massage it until she comes.”

Sarah however this time did not move to do as she was told. The room filled with a pregnant silence for a bit as Sarah tried to decide what to do. Then she screamed as jolt of electricity past through her, starting at her genitals, running through the chains, her nipples and all the way up to the collar. Small sobs followed the scream as she folded herself on the floor.

“I believe I made a request kitten, or would you like another incentive?”

She gathered herself up and crawled over to her friends legs and did as she was told. She laid her flat on her back, spread her legs apart then with her second and fourth finger she spread Jessica and begun robbing her clit with her middle finger. “Make her wet,” the voice ordered. She got ready to pour some water down, but just as she was about to do so the voice on the intercom came through again. “No, take a sip, slide it though your mouth then spit it out on her clit.” She complied and started massaging her friend with her finger. He wasnt satisfied.

“You have five minutes to bring her out of her stupor before I do, and in a manner youve already sampled. Only this time, I wont be so nice. So, suggestion, put some… enthusiasm to the task, all right kitten? Or you will be punished too.”

An electronic clock flicked on the wall before her and started a countdown. Sarah, begun robbing her friends clit and vagina, talking to her, rocking her, touching her all over. Jessica stirred a little, but continued in her overly comatose state. “Jessi, please!” Tears rolled down her face, as she worked. She looked at the clock, a minute and a half already passed and she still did not get the results. Two minutes, then three passed and Jessica continued to simply limply lay there. And so she roughly took her friends nipple into her hand and pulled hard and twisted.

That seemed to do the trick. Her friend opened her eyes and screamed, her hands clutching Sarahs wrist, trying to dislodge her fingers. Sarah did not let go for another ten seconds or so, which must have been excruciating. She continued to work her friends clit, now also slipping a finger a bit into her vagina. Jessica tried to clench her thighs together, but Sarah glared at her and ordered her not to do. “You must wake, wake up. Tell me youre awake.” She sobbed and told her friend as she worked her.

“Im awake, please Sarah! What the fuck! Im awake! Please stop!”

The girls eyes met and once Sarah was sure that her friend was not going to pass out again, she let go. She looked at the clock, with two second to spare she stopped let let go of Jessica.

“Nicely done kitten. I knew you could do it. But you must be punished for stopping early.” With that the current passed through her body, this time longer than the last time and on a higher setting. She thrashed and screamed a five second count off that accompanied her over the speaker system. Once the pain subsided she fell on the floor spent, sobbing. She realized also that she pissed all over herself. Jessica too screamed. She too regained enough self-awareness finally to realize their predicament. She started touching herself, looking around the room, and crying. The ordeal her friend was going though only solidified the helplessness of their situation.

“All right girls, Ill let you reacquaint yourself for five. I suggest you clean up the mess youve made. Rehydrate and kneel down on the red xs that I just marked for you, hands clasped behind your back, shoulders back, your breasts nicely presented for me. Your knees too, I want them as far apart as possible. From this day on, this is the way you will present yourself to me or anyone that addresses you.”

Sobbing they went to task. They found a washcloth under the sync and quickly mopped up the urine trail and puddle. Sarah washed herself too. They tried to talk but were too nervous to. Shaking like two leafs and wincing at the pain their new adornments were causing at every step they scooted to the middle of the room where two laser red x signs flashed on the floor. Obediently they clasped their hands behind their backs and waited for their captor to announce himself again.

“Ah good. Now that I have your undivided attention, lets start. A week ago you two have caught the eye of a very powerful man with a taste for pretty things. His sexual tastes are a bit on an extreme side and thats where I come in.  Im a purveyor of things people want. In this case, yourselves. Your new master is too busy with his current concubines to train you to his liking, so he has contracted my company to adjust you to your new life.”

A screen appeared on the glassy surface on the wall before them with a video of what looked like their room and the facility they were in.

“Youve been brought to my facility 48 hours ago. Here we train slaves for very powerful people whose tastes encompass various fetishes. We train around 20 slaves at a time and then transport them to their new homes.” The video scanned over various rooms and people all naked in various sexual or torture positions. Some were being fucked by machines, other by people and even animals. Some were being lashed, others were exercising while still bound in one matter or another.

“Your time here will be as difficult or easy as you make it. Bottom line, accept your new fate and everything that will be done to you, because your lives will depend on how well you perform the tasks and lessons that you will be exposed to.”


Review This Story || Author: Rajda Polkus
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