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The Mansion

Chapter 14 The Persuasion of Judge Harrington


By Mad Dog

Chapter 14: The Persuasion of Judge Harrington

The three men had slept soundly. The next morning, beautiful scantily clad
maids awoke them. They were taken to a smaller dining room where they were
served a delicious breakfast. They were taken to choose two new servants.
They were left in their room to entertain their new charges for the morning.
After lunch, the three men were told to bring one of their servants and
follow a maid to a room dominated by a large video screen. The secretary,
Judith was there, wearing a short skirt and skimpy halter-top. The room was
littered with the ever-present torture and restraint devices.

The Judge had come with Evelyn, a 5í 10íí tall blonde woman with very white
skin. She had huge 48-inch breasts topped with fat long nipples. She
constantly moaned in pain, as there was 10 long needles in each tit. Two
more were shoved through each nipple.

The Reverend had chosen Joan, a 18-year-old blond. She was only 5í tall but
had beautiful 36D tits and wide well rounded hips. Her light skin was
striped with red welts that were more concentrated around her tits and inner

The Senator was with Tonya, a slight 5í black girl with small 33A breasts
and a small hard ass. She was 15 and wept as she walked. A fat butt plug was
inserted in her ass.

Judith motioned the men in and explained, "Considering your positions, the
Master felt it wise for Judge Harrington not to see you. He has arranged for
you to observe by close circuit TV. She pressed a button and the screen came
to life.

The four women were lined up along one wall trying to cover their tits and
cunts with their hands. Several large guards lounged around the room. The
Master strode in followed by the bitch wearing nothing but a short skirt. He
walked up to Judge Harrington, "Allow me to introduce myself. I am the
Master. I donít think I like calling you Madame Justice so weíll go with
your first name, Emily."

The older woman straightened herself to her full height and snapped, "You
donít know what trouble youíre in Mister! Iíll see to it you spend the rest
of your life in jail." The Master nodded to a guard who pinned Emilyís hands
behind her back. The Master gripped several pubic hairs and yanked them out.
Emily yowled "OOWW!" The Master held the hairs in front of Emily. "You are a
woman which means your only value to the world is what pleasure you bring to
men and child bearing. I will use you anyway I wish and you will do what you
are told. Failure to obey me immediately will result in severe punishment
for you and your family." He slapped her hard on her tit causing another cry
of pain. The Master spoke again, "For your impertinent attitude, I will fuck
you and your family. Guards!" The guards busied themselves restraining the
women on various tables and racks.

The Master approached Emily who was strapped to a medical examining table,
her legs stretched wide by the stirrups. He rammed 3 fingers into her cunt
causing a grunt. Emily snapped, "You Bastard!" The Master smiled, "You just
arranged an ass fucking for everyone. I suspect that will be rather hard on
your granddaughters but itís your fault." He twisted his fingers in deeper.
"You canít you bastard!" She screamed. The Master shook his head, "I guess
weíll add a whipping. Would you like to go for several hours of torture?"
Her eyes widened and she shook her head.

He jerked his finger in and out several times, "Your cunts too loose to
bother with a fuck but I think we can arrange to entertain you." He curled
his fingers around his thumb and pressed his hand into her cunt. Emily's
head bounced up, "OOHH MMYYY GGOOODD" she cried as her cunt stretched. The
Master curled his hand into a fist and pushed in again. "AAAAGGGHHHH"
screamed Emily as the huge fist pounded into her cunt. He stabbed back and
forward with his fist several more times and the yanked his hand out.

He walked over to the 30-year-old mother, Beth. She was restrained bent over
a bar her hands and feet fastened to the floor. The Master reached under her
and grabbed the large nipples and a fistful of tit and squeezed hard.
 "OOWWW" cried the middle-aged woman. Twisting the tit flesh more he said,
"Weíll have fun with those!" He walked behind her and roughly drove his cock
into her dry cunt. She grunted, "Ngh! Please no! Ngh!" The Master took a
couple of more thrusts, "I think weíll have to move on to younger meat to
get a good fuck!"

Beth cried "No! Please fuck me, please leave them alone." Emily chimed in,
"Whatever you want of me, Iíll do it. Iíll get you money anything." The
Master shook his head, "I have more money than you could ever raise. We will
discuss what you will do soon but now we must finish your punishment." He
walked over to the pregnant teen that was strapped into a chair with her
arms strapped to the arms of the chair. On the front of the chair just below
the arms, there were leather straps that wrapped around her ankles. Her huge
belly and cut were totally exposed between the spread legs. She stared at
him in terror.

He pushed his fingers into her cunt, "Well, we know youíre not a virgin but
this doesnít feel too bad. He pulled his fingers out and thrust his fat cock
into her cunt "God NOOO! PLEASE NOOO!" He rammed in and out several times
and removed his cock and walked up to the 14 year old Ann. Her tiny body was
strapped down to a table with her ass hanging over the edge. Her legs were
attached to either end of a spreader bar that was suspended from the

He pulled her tiny cunt lips apart, "Hm, nice tight virgin cunt. Iím afraid
this will hurt quite significantly, Ann. Your grandmother should have been
more cooperative." Ann struggled in her bonds "Please no! Youíre too big!
Please!" The Master ignored the young girl and rubbed his huge cock between
her legs and pushed in. "OOWWWW! HHUUUURRRTS" she cried as the punishing
prick pushed against her hymen. The Master grabbed her hips and jerked his
cock through the virgin barrier "AAAAYYYIIIEEE" she cried as he ruptured her
hymen and over-stretched her cunt. Relentlessly, the Master slowly forced
his whole cock in the screaming girl.

Emily begged "Stop! Youíre tearing her!" Beth chimed in, "Please stop, sheís
only 14! Please!" The Master ignored the pleas and banged his cock in and
out of the virgin cunt several more times to renewed screams from Ann. "You
think that hurt her! Wait until I fuck her ass. Of course, Iíll give you
ladies a sample first."

The Master walked over to Emily and pushed 2 fingers into her ass.
 "UNNNGGHH" she grunted. Even when she was married, Emily hated a regular
fuck. She let her husband make love to her once a month out of duty but she
never liked it. She was almost relieved when he died. Now this beast had
raped her and was forcing thick fingers into her ass as he prepared to
bugger her. She had never felt more humiliated or helpless in her life.

The Master twisted his fingers deeper into her ass, "Nice and tight. I will
really enjoy this!" He pulled his fingers out and grasped his huge cock.
Rubbing it against her tiny butt-hole, he worked the tip around the
sphincter. Emily clenched her ass as hard as she could to fight the
invasion. The Master grasped a tuft of the thick pussy hair and yanked it
out. "AAAAAAHHHHOOOWWWW" screamed the grandmother. The Master grabbed
another tuft of pubes and yanked again. Emily screamed again.

As the pain on her pussy mound subsided, she let her muscles relax and the
Master jerked his fat cock head into her ass. Her eyes opened wide as she
as the short older womanís ass squeezed his cock. He reached between her
spread legs and grabbed two handfuls of cunt hair and pushed forward on his
cock as he pulled her pubes. "UUNNNGGHHH! OOOWWWWAAIIIEEE" she screamed as
her butt was split deeper and deeper.

As his cock finally buried itself inside the ripped ass, he leaned over the
suffering Grandmother, "Remember, this is going to happen to your daughter
and granddaughters because you didnít cooperate!" Through her pain twisted
smiled "You should have thought of that before". He pulled back on his huge
cock and drove it back in three more times ripping more screams from the
tortured grandmother. He hauled his cock out and walked over to the bent
over Mother, Beth.

He lined up his cock with the tender asshole as she wept. He pushed against
the tight butt muscle until it started to stretch. Beth grunted "HHHHNNNGG!
UNNGHH!" as her sphincter tried to stretch around the fat cock head.
Finally, it popped through as she screamed "AAAAYYYYIIIIEEE! TTTTAAAKKKEEE
IIITTT OOOUUUUTTT!" The Master bent over and reached under Beth and took a
handful of each of the giant tits. Gripping them hard, he rammed his cock
fully into her ass. She screamed loudly. He left his huge cock in her ass
and spoke into her ear, "Hurts doesnít it, cunt. Think about my cock up your
daughtersí asses. Think how itíll tear them apart, all because your mother
wouldnít behave. The huge breasted woman shook her head wildly, "GOODD NOO!
HAVE MERCY, THEIR JUST TEENAGERS!" The Master started a deep driving ass
fuck. Bethís cries turned back into screams until he pulled the torturing
dick out of her ass.

He walked over to the pregnant Cheryl. He pushed a finger hard into her ass,
eliciting a grunt of pain. "I really like a pregnant ass" he said, twisting
his finger around, "the asshole gets so tight. I donít think youíll enjoy it
very much though. Too bad your grandmother is such a bitch." He pulled his
finger out and signaled to the bitch "This is tight enough Iíll need some
lubricant. She took a jar of lubricant and rubbed it onto his cock.

He rubbed the greased monster against her puckered asshole. Sitting reclined
in the restraint chair, he could look directly into her terrified eyes as
she begged for mercy. He started applying steady pressure to the tiny hole.
"GGAAARGH" she grunted as the fat head widened her sphincter. It continued
to grow wider and her cries increased until the sphincter could resist no
more and gave way. Four inches of the huge cock tore into her butt. Her head
snapped back, "AAYYYIIIEEE" she screamed as her ass tore under the
tremendous pressure.

The Master leaned forward with all his weight until he was leaning against
the teenís swollen belly. "HHHHUUURRRTTTSS!" she cried, "SSTTOOOOOP
PLEAAASSEEE!" The Master said, "Now Iím going to fuck your little ass.
Remember to thank your grandmother for being such a cunt!" He started a deep
hard driving fuck that caused the pregnant girl to scream louder. In the
background, Beth and Emily could be heard. They pleaded with the Master to
stop, promising anything if heíd stop his attack on Cherylís asshole. The
Master looked over at them, "Iíll be happy to stop ladies, Iíve been waiting
to fuck that little bitch anyway" said the Master looking at Ann.

Emily and Beth gasped. Emily pleaded, "You canít! Youíll ruin her! Please,
sheís just a little girl! Stick your cock back in my ass! Iíll fuck it very
well! Untie me, you wonít regret it, please!" The Master looked at her, "Ití
s too late now, you should have been nicer to begin with. However, if you do
what youíre told, youíll save your family a great deal of suffering."

He walked up to the restrained 14-year-old. Ann begged, "Please, donít. My
cunt still hurts and I canít take it up my ass, itíll kill me, please doní
t!" The Master pushed a large finger in the tiny ass. She screamed with
agony. "It will feel like Iím killing you but youíll survive and every time
your grandmother doesnít cooperate, worse things will happen to you. Bitch,
lubricate my cock again." The beautiful red head kneeled and carefully
applied a generous layer of the lubricant.

The Master approached Ann and rested his cock head against the tiny girlís
ass, he realized that the older women were most distraught about the tiny
young girl and decided to really give them a show. He rubbed his cock up and
down on the tiny bud of her sphincter. Her muscles would tense as he neared
the opening and relax as he passed it. Without warning, he changed rhythm
and brutally drove the fat head and 5 inches of his cock into the tiny ass.
"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHAAAGGGHHHH" the scream was deafening as the small girl
bounced in her restraints, desperately trying to dislodge the huge cock
tearing her ass. Pulling back an inch, the Master rammed the full length of
his cock into the tortured ass. The screams renewed at the tearing of more
of the tender young ass. The Master started jabbing into the ass with hard
short thrusts. Finally, the incredible pressure was more than he could take
and he pulled his cock out and shot jets of come over the belly and tits of
the tied teen.

The Master surveyed the room. All four women had blood trickling out of
their asses. He looked to the guards, "I promised them a whipping didnít I.
Get them ready!" The guards went to work untying the women and hanging them
by their hands from hooks hanging form the ceiling.

In the viewing room, the Judge had Evelyn tied to the wall with her hands
over her head. He had removed the needles from her nipples and was crushing
one with a pair of metal pincers. The large fat nipple was flattened in the
metal jaws and her cries increased and waned with the varying pressures
applied by the Judge.

The Reverend had Joan bent over a punishment table and had his thick black
cock crammed in her ass as Judith was crouched behind him, fist fucking her
cunt. The short blond screamed with each thrust.

The Senator had the small black girl, Tonya, bent over his lap. He was
brutally beating her ass with a studded paddle. The fat butt plug remained
in the tight young ass as she thrashed in his grip.

The menís attention returned their attention to the screen. The guards had
tied all 4 women to overhead hooks, their feet spread wide and tied to
eye-bolts in the floor. The raised arms made their breasts lovelier than
ever. Four guards removed their jackets revealing huge breasts below
well-muscled shoulders and powerful arms. The topless guards picked up short
multi-stranded whips. They slashed them through the air making whistling
sounds. The hung victimsí eyes widened in terror.

The Master spoke up, "Do grandmother first so she knows what her family will
feel because she was such a cunt!" One of the large powerful guards took up
a position behind Emily and raised her arm. She lashed the whip across Emily
ís ass. Emilyís eyes and mouth opened wide, "GGAAAGGHH". The whip
immediately struck again and the cry was louder. Eight more times the whip
crashed down as the guard slowly lowered her aim to include the back of the
older womanís legs. With every lash, her screams grew louder. Her large tits
bounced as she bucked under the whip. The guard, her body starting to glow
with perspiration, stopped and looked to the Master.

The Master walked up to the wide striped ass of the grandmother. He clutched
a welted cheek in each hand increasing the weeping of the pained woman,
"Your family will be tasting this soon but we havenít done your tits and
cunt yet!" he said. Emily shook her head, "Please no! Iím sorry!"

The Master slapped her ass and nodded to the guard who walked to the front
of the bound woman. She lifted the whip and struck across the front of the
heavy-breasted grandmothers left leg. The whip curled around and welted the
inside of her thigh. A loud scream rang out as Emilyís head flew back in
pain. The guard laid four more strokes on the well-shaped thigh, each
raising another scream. The guard rested, wiping her brow. Emily sobbed

Repositioning herself, the guard went to work on the other leg renewing the
cries. Five strokes laid multiple stripes around the leg. As the guard
rested, Emilyís head lolled forward, her legs and ass hurt deeply as she
breathed with deep sobbing gasps.

The guard raised her arm again as Emily begged "Please NOAAAHHHYYYIIIEEEEE"
as the whip crashed down on the large tits. Four more vicious strokes lashed
the large breasts as the buxom grandmother bounced with each blow. Red
stripes crisscrossed the white skin of her tits. Her teeth clenched as she
tried to overcome the horrible pain. Sweat drops formed on the guardís body
from the effort of swinging with all her might.

The guard stood directly in front of the writhing woman and swung backhand
into the womanís exposed cunt. Emilyís head flew back as her mouth opened
wide in an inhuman screech. Rapidly, the guard snapped four more strokes
into the tender crotch. The woman screamed for several seconds after the
blows stopped. Her body shook from her sobs as her whole being ached from
the beating.

The guard walked behind the tied woman and took the handle of the cat and
placed it against her tight asshole. Unceremoniously, she rammed it deep in
the grandmotherís ass. "AAARRRGGHHH" she cried as the rough leather further
irritated her already brutalized ass. She grabbed the whip and twisted it in
the tight hole, forcing several more inches into the suffering woman. Emilyí
s ass hurt brutally. The pain and humiliation was more than she could bear.
For the first time in her life, she had no control. Now, she could not even
control what happened to her but she realized she was about to see her
family suffer the same agony she was enduring.

The Master walked up to the topless guard. He ran his hands over the sweat
covered breasts, He turned to another guard, a 6 foot tall brunette with
heavy 44 inch breasts on a body builders frame, and said "Sharon get a
strap-on dildo that will really hurt your ass. Ingrid here is going to ream
your ass while I fuck hers." The large woman responded, "Yes, Master. Do you
want to tear me?" "Yes," he answered "I want you to really suffer." She
bowed and went to a cupboard.

She took a 2-Ĺ inch thick, 12-inch dildo out. It had a fat 3-inch head on
it. The body had a spiral of hard spines around it. It was attached to a
leather strap. She walked it over to the muscular blond, Ingrid. Ingrid
wiggled her butt as she worked her short skirt down her legs. She took the
dildo and strapped it around her waist. Two more straps went between her leg
s and attached to snaps on the back of the belt, firmly attaching the
torture dildo to her torso.

In the meantime, Sharon took of her uniform and got down on her knees and
put her head on the floor. She reached back with both hands and pulled her
ass cheeks apart. Ingrid got on her knees behind her and lined the thick
fake cock up with her asshole. Sharon said, "Iíll relax my ass. Drive it in
hard, the Master wants me to suffer. Ingrid nodded and jammed forward hard.
The huge head drove in. Sharonís ass tore as the huge head popped past her
muscular sphincter. Sharon screamed loudly as her butt was split. As the
yell died down she took several short breaths and ordered, "Drive it in.
Tear me for the Master!" Ingrid jerked forward driving two more inches into
the ruptured ass. Sharon screamed "AAAAAGGHHHHIIEEE! MMMOOOORREEE PAAAIIIN.
HUURRRT MEEEEE!" The muscular blond grabbed Sharonís hips and used all her
might and drove the remainder of the punishing dildo into the guardís ass.

The Master knelt behind Ingrid. She bent forward over Sharonís back and
reached back to separate her ass cheeks. The Master put his cock head
against her sphincter and jerked his head in. Ingrid yowled at the painful
stretching. "Fuck my cock with your ass!" the Master ordered. Ingrid drove
herself back on the fat cock, howling in pain as the huge dick pounded into
her ass. The action pulled most of the torture dildo out of Sharon who
grunted in pain as the stretching in her ass lessened but the stiff spines
scratched her torn ass muscles. Ingrid immediately drove back. The dildo
pounding back into Sharon caused more screams as Ingrid gasped at the
feeling of the Masterís cock almost pulling out of her ass. Ingrid set up a
punishing rhythm that had both women constantly crying out in pain.

The Master spoke to the 3 guards with the whips, "Let grandmother see her
family whipped!" The 3 powerful women started the whipping of the restrained
womenís asses. Screams filled the room as the woman thrashed in their bonds,
the grandmother pleaded for mercy for her family and the ass fucked guards
continued their dance of pain. The guards moved on to the legs of the trio,
their heavy breasts swinging with each stroke. The pregnant Cherylís bloated
belly swung from side to side with the whipping. By the time they moved on
to the tender tits of the women, the screams had become deafening. The three
guards stopped to rest and the sounds died to the moans and weeping of the
three whipped women punctuated by the grunts and cries from the continued
ass fucking.

The guards took their places in front of the trio and started the whipping
of the cunts. The three womenís screams became high pitched as the pain
twisted their bodies. On the last stroke, the womenís heads lolled as agony
waved over them. The guards took their positions behind the women and
crammed the whip handle into their tortured ass holes. The screams came
anew, particularly from the tiny Ann and the pregnant Cheryl.

Meanwhile, the Master pushed Ingrid forward into Sharonís ass and started
pounding his cock in and out of Ingrid at a furious pace. The two women
winced as the pounding fuck continued for several seconds until the Master
shot a huge load of come into Ingridís battered ass. The Master leaned
forward resting as the two women moaned, their asses still overfull.

Sharon spoke up, "Master ÖohhÖ can I please ÖowwÖ have your come?" The
Master pulled his cock out of Ingridís ass, "Ingrid, squat over her!" Ingrid
pulled the monster dildo out of Joanís ass. Joanís cry and pain distorted
face showing the pain of the motion. The dildo was streaked with blood and a
trickle ran down Joanís ass. Joan collapsed onto her back and held her mouth
open. Ingrid squatted over her mouth and brown stained come dripped out into
the waiting mouth. Joan choked it down. After the last of the come worked
its way out, Joan said, "Thank you Master!" Two nurses were summoned and
they helped the two ass fucked guards out.

The Master turned to the four women hanging from the ceiling. Their bodies
were streaked with welts and the whips hung from their asses like bizarre
tails. They sobbed and moaned from the ongoing pain. The Master commented,
"I think Iíll let you ladies enjoy your pain for a while before we talk
again. I trust youíll be more cooperative Emily, if not, I have some
wonderful ideas how I can entertain your family. Bitch, come with me, I have
a cock for you to clean. The Master and the Bitch left with the Bitch
looking at the shit covered cock with trepidation.

In the viewing room, the Judge had attached 2 large C clamps to Evelynís
huge tits. He took turns tightening each one so that the fat breasts were in
agony and screams filled the room with each new twist. Joan was hung from
the ceiling fishhooks pierced through her nipples and heavy weights
attached. She whimpered in pain. Tonya was restrained bent over a bar. A
huge dildo had been forced into her tiny cunt. Two clamps sere attached to
the end of the dildo and were clipped to her cunt lips. She was trying
unsuccessfully to hold the huge fake prick in her cunt but, as it was forced
out by her over-stretched muscles, her cunt lips were stretched more and
more. In the center of the room, Judith was being fucked in the cunt by the
Senator while the Judge ravaged her ass. She screamed with each thrust of
the huge cocks.

Review This Story || Author: Mad Dog
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