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Collected by Planitia

Celeb / Superhero (20 stories listed)

  • Supergirl and Powergirl – Snob’s Pleasure: by Sonya Esperanto
    (Synopsis: Supergirl and Powergirl fall under the power of a jealous celebrity, who has nasty plans in store for the two superheroines)
  • The Breaking of Batwoman: by Moet Chandon
    (Synopsis: Batwoman is back. And the Joker is going to teach her one final lesson.)
  • Supergirl Fallen: by Citizen Bane
    (Synopsis: Supergirl is capture by Catwoman and an evil scientist. She is tortured, enslaved and finally transformed into the ultimate sex slave.)
  • Supergirl : Voluntary Slavery: by Sonya Esperanto
    (Synopsis: About a world where most men died out from a virus, leaving only a small few. Supergirl also is desperately horny and even would subject herself to be a bdsm slave to any man still alive)
  • Lois Lane: Sex Slave: by Echotango
    (Synopsis: The famed reporter enters a warehouse to investigate crime only to be captured and enslaved by those she was hunting... )
  • Laura Croft and the Venus Thigh Trap: by SensoryOverlord
    (Synopsis: Laura Croft raids the ancient Temple of Phali, for a fabled artefact - the Golden Lingam. She encounters more than she expected.)
  • Solar Woman – Solar Whore: by Sonya Esperanto
    (Synopsis: About two superheroines who end up as unemployed, both in their heroine lives and the real, world, seek out to earn money any way they could, even if they had to become whores to a criminal gangster)
  • Wonder Woman versus the Dairy Farmer: by Danielle
    (Synopsis: Wonder Woman, on an undercover mission, falls prey to a white slaving operation. Will the Amazon princess triumph?)
  • Power Girl: by Sonya Esperanto
    (Synopsis: About a DC Superheroine who had been captured and been given as a slave to a woman who despised her popularity)
  • Twin terror for the Olsen girls: by violent fantasies
    (Synopsis: Mary Kate and Ashley get way more than they bargained for)
  • Suffer Another Day: by steve379
    (Synopsis: This story is a continuation of the spy character Jinx that Halle Berry played in the James Bond film "Die Another Day".)
  • Slave Princess Jasmine: by Jayne
    (Synopsis: Jasmine tells Ariel about her time as Jafar's slave while she seduces the horny mermaid.)
  • Ross' Revenge: by Omega Phallic
    (Synopsis: Monica and Chandler have fight over Monica's new tits. Wondering if she's still hot, Monica cock teases Ross till he explodes.)
  • Jizzer of Aahs: by R. E. Lavaque
    (Synopsis: A parody of a story that we all know.)
    (Synopsis: Kim Possible get hit by ray that gives her am fuller figure and gives a scent arouses any male around her. Needless to say this leads to problems.)
  • Defeat of Scarlet Lass: by b4i4q
    (Synopsis: Superheroine Scarlet Lass tries to guard a diamond collection, but is defeated and is forced to submit through bondage and sexual humiliation.)
  • Daris Hilton Hates Ms Americana: by Bookmanwhb
    (Synopsis: A spoiled rich socialite hates all the attention Ms Americana is getting and plots to smear her good name and ends up getting a taste of the heroic life.)
  • Punisher spoof: by Morrighan
    (Synopsis: Based on the Marvel Comics character, Frank Castle, and his lovely assistant Ange. No money is being made off this, it is purely for entertainment purposes. Character owned by Marvel. What can I say, I have a wide range of interests.)
  • Catwoman's Prey: by Citizen Bane
    (Synopsis: Batgirl sets out to solve the mystery of Supergirl's disappearnce, only to join the latter and fall into the hands of Catwoman. Like Supergirl, she is tortured, abused and trained to become a sex slave. And in her new life as a sex slave, Barbara Gordon will get to see the dark side of Gotham city's high society.)
  • Mary Jane Becomes A Sex Slave: by Sonya Esperanto
    (Synopsis: About the wife of Spiderman forced to become the personal slaves of his two )

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