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Synopsis: A story inspired by various Naked in School series originated, I believe, by Karen Wagner. The year is 2015. The government is in a monetary crisis. Pensions, unemployment benefits and welfare payments were bankrupting them. The pensions were kept but all other payments were summarily stopped. People who were on these benefits could volunteer to become slaves and be kept and fed by individuals or as part of a firm's labour force. In order to eat this was usually their only option. Minor criminals too were often sentenced to periods of slavery rather than being incarcerated in expensive to run prisons.


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Copyright 2004

Naked at Work

by obohobo

Chapter 1. Sentenced

"Ms. Jackson and Mr. Blane to report to the Managing Director's office immediately." Work on several floors of the busy offices stopped for a few moments and workers started to speculate on the reasons for the call. Everyone realised unusual was about to happen. David Carsons never ever summoned senior staff to his office over the public address system. The voice was that of Debra Jones, his secretary so they couldn't gauge anything from the tone but the form of words wasn't those she would normally have used to senior members of the staff.

"Do you think Claire and Ken actually came to blows?" Sally, one of the juniors in Claire's office asked Rachel, her companion at the next desk.

"I shouldn't think so. They usually only have verbal fights and do anything they can to make life difficult for the other. No doubt one of them threw some shit and it hit the fan." The office momentarily went silent as Claire made her way through to the lift. "No marks that I could see," Rachel remarked when her supervisor had passed, "Maybe she's bringing a sexual harassment charge against him. Or he against her."

"I hope they don't just give the bitch a little bollockin otherwise she will take it out on us when she gets back."

"Yeah, as usual we'll be the ones to suffer for whatever she's done," Rachel commented gloomily.

"What have you set me up for now bitch?" Ken spat as he and Claire arrived at the MD's outer office.

"Nothing bastard. I thought it was something you'd done." Any further comment was cut short by Debra telling them to go straight in. Ken knocked and managed to get a nudge into Claire's shoulder so he entered first. Another man they didn't recognise sat alongside David Carsons. Claire and Ken moved to take a seat in front of the desk.

"Stand!" barked David. He kept them waiting while he thumbed through a folder, a folder they both recognised as being the one for the Greenmore Shipping Company accounts. It was their biggest tax account and Claire figured that they were being blamed because the tax return went in late and the firm would have had to pay a stiff penalty.

"Claire will you explain to me and to Mr. Greenmore here, why this return was late in being sent to the tax office when we received all the paperwork well in advance?" David looked grim.

"I didn't get it back from the accountancy department until after the due date." Ken Blane was head of accountancy.

"It was…" Ken tried to cut in but his boss silenced him.

"And did you check up to find out where the accounts were?" David Carsons asked Claire. "You, of course, knew they were important.

"No sir, I guess it slipped my mind."

"Or was it that you didn't wish to contact Mr. Blane for personal reasons?" Claire flushed face told him the real answer although Claire's answer was, "No."

"Now Ken, when did you finish doing the accounts?"

"About two months ago sir, and I sent them to Claire's office…"

"They were at the bottom of a huge stack of archive files sir," Claire interjected.

"Not when I sent them," Ken shot back, "You must have put other stuff on top."


"I'll doing the questioning," the MD informed them. "Did you send other files with them Mr. Blane?"

"One or two, but the Greenmore one was on the top."

"I'll look into that further later. I believe Claire that you sent them back nearly three weeks later. Why?" David asked.

"Because there was a page missing."

"Again, you didn't take them personally and explain about the missing page. What did you do?"

"I put a Postit note on the file and sent it back sir."

"Inside an archive file that my secretary didn't open for a further few weeks."

"I don't know how that happened."

The wrangling, accusations and counter accusations went on for another half-hour by which time David Carsons was becoming more and more exasperated with the pair. "Wait in the outer office, well apart while I check with your secretaries and then I'll see what Mr. Greenmore and I will do about this."

Later, after he had interviewed several secretaries he spoke to Bill Greenmore, "Bill I can only apologise to you for this whole sorry mess. I certainly had no idea the feud between them had gone to such extreme lengths. We will, of course, refund the extra tax penalty you had to pay. They will have to be severely dealt with too. Any ideas?"

"I hope you understand David that unless the pair are seen to be severely dealt with, the situation will get worse and I will certainly withdraw my custom."

They talked over possible scenarios. Finally David pressed the intercom, "Debra, are the pair still sitting quietly?"

"Yes sir, but if looks could kill, both would be lying on the floor with multiple stab wounds," Debra laughed.

"Will you come in here please." When she arrived, David went on, "Debra, for the time being this is for your ears only. When you return send them back in here and while I'm reading the riot act to them, get on to Jim Marlow at security and get him to come up with three of his men. I shall want the pair secured like common criminals. Then get on to Flagalistics Co. and see if they can send someone over to put a few stripes on the pair."

"That will need works council authorisation sir. Shall I convene a meeting? I've no doubt it would be ratified, the pair are not liked by anyone."

"Yes, Debra, thank you. I was going to ask you to do that and we can point out that a good number of jobs may be lost if Mr. Greenmore withdraws his custom because of them. It he withdraws, no doubt others will too. And while you are on the video link to Flagalistics, ask if we can hire a pair of the new Super High Frequency Laser links for a week or two."

Debra raised her eyebrows, "They're going to have more than a caning sir?" she asked.

David smiled, "Yes, Debra. The caning will only make them more antagonistic towards each other. Linking them naked for a while might get them to co-operate. If it doesn't then we can dismiss them."

"Linking? Naked?" Debra looked puzzled for a while and then smiled. "More likely they'll tear each other to shreds first!"

"Maybe, maybe not, Debra."

"How long before you want security sir?"

"Ten minutes, I don't think I could put up with them for much longer. I'll buzz twice and they can barge straight in."

"I'll say your coffee is ready when things are set up outside sir, then you can prepare yourselves."

"Sir," Ken started to mumble an apology when the pair re-entered the office. Claire also tried to speak but David stopped both of them.

"Sit down and don't either of you utter another word. Your stupid childish games have been the bane of Kennington Accounts for too long. They have nearly cost the jobs of many of your co-workers and will cause us to pay out thousands to cover the penalty fine incurred. This behaviour has got to cease. It has set such a poor example for all those below you…" David continued to berate the pair until Debra informed him of the coffee arrival. Immediately they heard the signal, Jim Marlow and four of his staff burst in.

"Strip, cuff and gag them please Jim," David ordered. Although the pair struggled kicked and swore they were no match for the security guards. In a short while they sat naked in their chairs, with two men on either side holding them. For thirty-six year olds they weren't in bad shape. Claire was blushing furiously and the handling had given Ken the start of an erection. Both were struggling in their bonds but the gags prevented any verbal outbursts. David buzzed Debra, "Have you been able to make the arrangements Debra?" he asked.

"Yes sir. Council meeting at one o'clock, a woman from Flagelistics at three."

"Good, thank you Debra. Do you think you could find a box or something to put two sets of clothes in and then store them safely?" Five minutes later, Debra grinned at the restrained couple while she carefully folded their discarded clothes. "Please stay a few moments please. You're on the council so perhaps you will correct me if I say anything that is not correct." Debra nodded. David spoke to Claire and Ken.

"You know what the work situation is like now. If I dismiss you, you'll be lucky to get a job ever again. With no income you'll eventually have to volunteer as a slave or starve as a free person. However, you're both are skilled at your work and it would be a loss to a firm like this. I know there are others that are learning fast but it would be better for them to gradually take over. The new laws allow us to use corporal punishment for serious misdemeanours provided the works council approves. They will set the number of strokes you are to receive. You heard Debra, a council meeting is scheduled for one, and your punishment will be carried out by an official from Flagelistics at three. After that you will be laser linked for a period of three weeks. If you have not learned to live together harmoniously in that time, you will be dismissed from Kennington Accounts employment. We cannot afford your petty squabbles. Fortunately, the way the government have enacted the law, allows us to punish you in our own way."

The new laws referred to came into force in 2014. The government was finding it difficult to fund pensions now that so many of the population were living into their nineties and longer. One of the savings they achieved was by cutting the number of expensive to run prisons. These were kept for the most violent members of society. Lesser crimes were punished by caning and by tagging restrictions whereby the tagged person could only travel within a predetermined area. Crime in general was low because the detection rate was so high but with the unemployment level high and many of them not wishing to take the slave option, there was still a certain amount of stealing, particularly of food. Caning and forced slavery, even if subsidised was far cheaper than imprisonment. The previous administration had sort to lower pensions but too late realised that pensioners now made up by far the largest voting lobby and the government of the day was voted out of power.

No longer, as in the past, were payments made to persons under pensionable age who were out of work. Such people could either remain free, in which case they had to look after and support themselves or they could become voluntary slaves to richer people or companies who would feed and clothe them in return for work or other services. Kennington Accounts had a sizeable slave labour force. Being well paid, Claire and Ken each had a slave to look after their homes. Claire's was seventeen years old girl, Dana, who she treated abominably and spanked if she deemed her work wasn't done to a high enough standard. Ken didn't treat his twenty-six year old woman, Rita, quite as badly but did use her sexually in whatever fashion he desired.

Claire and Ken looked at the grinning faces that surrounded them but were powerless to do or say anything. Tears rolled down Claire's face as she contemplated the caning and then living with the bastard next to her. On a number of occasions she'd been to the county whipping hall and seen the caning was carried out with ruthless efficiency on convicted criminals and now they were going to do it to her. She didn't believe she could take it but perhaps the council would take into consideration all the good work she'd done for the firm.

Ken likewise knew how devastatingly efficient the official canings were. He too visited the whipping hall especially when he knew young females were to be caned and he'd seen two employees of the firm caned for stealing. He thought he could take it but knew it would be a while before he could sit properly. "I doubt they'll give us more than eight," he told himself. Like Claire he thought the council would take into consideration the good he'd done for the firm and the profits he'd help them make. Nevertheless his eyes filled with water and the thought of living with the bitch Claire for a several weeks filled him with horror. Even if he could get his cock in her cunt, he doubted if he'd get much pleasure from it. "I think she's a lesbian and likes her little girl slave more than a man with a hard piece of cock meat."

His thoughts were interrupted by Jim Marlow asking, "What shall we do with them now sir?"

"Put them in a cell somewhere Jim until the council come to a decision. One in the slaves quarters perhaps."

"May I make a suggestion?" Bill Greenmore spoke almost for the first time. "Instead of hiding them away, put them on display. At Greenmore's we've found tying them back to back on a dining table with their legs forced well apart, is a particularly humiliating part of a punishment, especially if the staff are allowed to touch their more sensitive parts."

Claire shook her head and growled into the gag. "The fucking bastard," she said to herself, "Isn't it bad enough that we are probably going to be caned? All the younger staff will look and poke fun at us. Probably the slaves will too when they clean the tables and floor. Oh my God, no!"

The others turned and laughed at her. They knew Bill had hit on a very good idea and one that might take the haughty bitch down a peg or two. "Good idea Bill, it should make the staff enjoy their meal even more. See to it Jim if you please. Would you care to join me for lunch Bill?"

Without ceremony, Ken and Claire were dragged away and fastened to a small square table in the centre of the cafeteria. Jim's men fastened a strap around the stomach and another under the armpits of the two culprits, binding them tightly back to back and forcing Claire's breasts out. Straps were also used to bind each thigh to a table leg putting the genital regions on full display. The men took full advantage of the situation to feel and prod the pair as they worked. For the moment the dining room was fairly quiet but shortly the staff on the first lunch rota would arrive. Now only the kitchen and cleaning staff who were there busily preparing for the lunch break were there together with the slaves they were to share their lives with shortly. All came out to stare and comment on the display. None showed any sympathy; they had all been on the sharp end of their tongues many times.

At one o'clock security unfastened them and took the pair into the boardroom for the works council meeting. The last two hours had been totally humiliating and their flesh now showed the marks where it had been pinched and mauled. Claire's full breasts had suffered badly and her nipples were raw from the number of times they'd been squeezed, frequently by staff she had never had any contact with. Ken's prick and balls had suffered the attentions of the female staff particularly for some reason, from the older ones, and were now very sore.

Six men and six women sat each side of the table and chairman Ray Sykes at the head. David Carsons, Bill Greenmore and a number of secretaries were called to give evidence to the council before Claire and then Ken were in turn ungagged and allowed to give their side of the argument. At 2:10 the chairman called a halt and asked for Claire and Ken to be removed while they considered their verdict and sanction any punishment. Everyone quickly agreed they were guilty of misconduct and the main consideration was the number of strokes of the cane. The head of the cleaning staff proposed two dozen but most thought that too many. Eight was considered far too few. At the end of a protracted discussion and a vote the chairman brought the guilty pair back.

"Claire Jackson and Ken Blane," Ray Sykes started his spiel, "We have found you both equally guilty of gross misconduct. Your childish feud could have led to many job losses and has forced the firm to pay out a considerable sum in compensation. As the Kennington Accounts Works Council we are only asked to agree to your caning and to decide on the number strokes. Your future rehabilitation is not in our remit." Everyone knew that meant their being electronically linked together for a period. "We remembered the two lads that stole £125 worth of goods and were given eight strokes of the cane, your deeds cost the company thousands of pounds without the possible after effects to the well being of the workforce. In view of the severity of this a number of this council pressed for two dozen…" Claire collapsed and had to be revived. "… but the majority thought that overly harsh. We decided you should each receive sixteen. Claire screamed abuse before collapsing again. When once again she was revived, both she and Ken were gagged to avoid further interruptions.

"The punishment will take place at three o'clock in the lecture theatre and will be relayed to all departments by the SDVD links. The automatic switchboard will be set to refuse calls at that time and everyone will be permitted to stop work and watch. On behalf of the council, I have to say how much we regret having to take this action but we feel it is the only way to stop this feud before it leads to an even more serious situation."

Chapter 2. Punished

Security led the pair to the theatre where maintenance staff were busy setting up two heavy trestles and fastening them to the floor. At five to three Sonja from Flagelistics arrived and inspected the arrangement. Sonja, Flagelistics never divulged the surnames of their staff, was a tall very well built woman in her late twenties. From her unsmiling expression and general air of efficiency, no one doubted she would have no mercy but would apply each stroke with equal power and elicit the maximum amount of pain.

"Fasten them down please," she ordered. "More pillows under the stomachs if you please." Sonja made slight alterations to the position until she was satisfied the offered buttocks were in the best position for her to strike them. From her bag she took two heart monitors and positioned their display screens so she could see them. The heartbeats were regular but faster than normal. "Remove their gags please. I don't want them choking. Put your fingers in your ears if the screams upset you." A microphone had been added to Sonja's tunic so her voice came over clearly. Claire immediately started pleading and begging but Sonja totally ignored it. Turning to the camera she spoke, "I have been asked to apply sixteen strokes of the No. 2 cane to the buttocks of the man and woman before you. The cane we use is a synthetic one, made from a material designed to hurt and leave deep welts without breaking the skin unless one stroke is applied on top of another. My training is such that this will not happen. The welts will show clearly for at least a month depending on the person and probably will not fade completely for a year. They will be a long-term reminder of their wrongdoing. Should the subject pass out, which happens quite often, they are revived by an electrical impulse sent through the heart monitor leads, therefore the caning should continue without a break. I shall cane each one in turn to give time for the pain to penetrate and for its effect to fully reach the brain. I will spray the area with an antiseptic before and after the caning. This will not deaden the pain but will help to prevent infection. It will be up to those in charge of their after care whether or not they are allowed analgesics." Sonja bowed slightly, then sprayed the captive's bare arses and then picked up the cane. "Ladies first." For the first time her face showed a glimmer of a smile.

The cane crashed across the back of Claire's thighs, well below the junction with her buttocks. Claire let out a tremendous howl and a fiery welt appeared which was relayed in graphic detail to the monitors in the other rooms. "I've had to start low," Sonja explained dispassionately to the viewers, "Because with sixteen strokes I need to cover a wide area so that none cross. As you may well imagine, welts across the back of the thighs are particularly painful and will make walking difficult for a few days." She moved and gave Ken his first stroke. Never in his life had he felt anything as painful. He too yelled. "With a male, I have to make sure the testicles are well back from the thighs unless caning them is part of the punishment. In this case they are not."

Sonja continued her commentary after each stroke and even brought a little humour into it. There was no humour for the victims though. Only shear agony. After the fourth punitive stroke, Claire's monitor gave a piercing beep. "This one just passed out but she's back with us again now," Sonja explained. A few strokes later, it happened again and then a third time. Ken passed out and was revived on the twelfth. Finally it was all over. The captives were now reduced to howling wrecks. Sonja sprayed the antiseptic and then bowed to the cameras. To her it was just another job; a job well done; a job she liked doing. This one was particularly satisfying. Most of her work was in the county whipping hall where the petty regulations and formalities were more restricting.

David Carsons walked on the stage and was handed a microphone. "Ladies and Gentlemen and slaves. The first part of the punishment of this pair is now completed and I must congratulate Sonja for the efficient way she carried it out. Thank you Sonja. For the next three weeks they will serve as slaves owned by Kennington Accounts and be subject to the usual slave rules. After a short recovery period they will serve one week doing normal slave duties and the final two weeks they will do their usual work. Throughout the whole of the three-week period they will be kept naked and will be arm linked together. Supervisors will receive details of this and will pass the information on to all their staff. Thank you."

Back in the second floor office, Sally and Rachel were discussing the thrashing of Claire, their boss. "I know I hate that woman's guts but I sure as hell feel a bit sorry for her," Sally said.

"Yeah, and him too. I thought some men got a hard on when their arses were beaten but he didn't. He's not going to sit comfortably in that posh leather chair and bawl me out when I take work into him," Rachel replied. "I still think that they didn't deserve quite so many though, or perhaps they deserved it but it was a bit too cruel."

Both girls had tears in their eyes, as did many of the other staff, while they watched the caning. It had been awesome to watch their boss and Ken being brought naked on to the stage. The cameras didn't hide a thing. Nudity in itself was accepted as a natural thing in these times and people of both sexes sunbathed naked in parks or on beaches. However, it seemed very different when the people were forcibly stripped and especially so when they were fellow work people. Claire's tits and dark pubic thatch and Ken's prick, semi-hard when he arrived, were shown to everyone in full detail. For the first few strokes they'd watched with a little pleasure as the hated supervisor got her comeuppance but as the caning progressed they became a little sorry for her, and for him.

Lesley, one of the office juniors cut in on the conversation. "She got what she deserved. If you had been in her place she would have ordered more. I would have liked to have seen them both well and truly raped afterwards. That would have really been humiliating." The girls knew Lesley had been on the receiving end of Claire's strap for sloppy work twice in the few months she worked in the office.

"It will be humiliating enough when they have to work as naked slaves for a week and then work naked for two more weeks," Sally pointed out.

"Back to work, ladies," Shirley the under supervisor called out, "We don't all want to end up in their place."

Back in the theatre, Sonja handed Jenny, the works medic, two packages, "These are the laser-magnatron restraints. Put them on when you're ready." She explained the procedure.

Jenny thanked the woman and turned to the security men who were about to release the victims, "Leave them for a moment please boys, it will be easier for me to sedate them while they cannot move." She found the right arm vein and injected the pain killing liquid.

Ken slowly opened his eyes. A few feet away in another hospital bed Claire lay face down. She was still asleep but what attracted Ken's eyes was her severely welted arse, now turning vivid colours. When he tried to move, pain shot from his arse throughout his body and brought back the horror of the thrashing he'd received. He cried out with the pain and Jenny came to his side.

"Lie still for the moment Ken. I'll get you something to drink."

"Do I look like her?" Ken asked with a grimace.

"Yes," Jenny replied honestly, "Rest a bit longer then we'll have to see about getting you on your feet even though it will be painful." The voices woke Claire and she too cried out when she moved. Jenny brought them both fruit juice which they drunk through a straw.

"This is all your fault Ken Blane," Claire started, "If you had included all the pages this wouldn't have happened."

"If you hadn't removed a page and then not hidden the folder…"

"I didn't…" They started bickering and hurling threats and accusations at each other until Jenny came in.

"This feud has to stop NOW!" she told them forcibly. "I can make life a little easier for you but I am under no obligation to relieve your pain, only to see that there is no infection. I've just had Jack Foreman, the slave supervisor in to see me. He wants you at work tomorrow. I've said, no, not until the following day but if I have to listen to any more of this bickering, then I will change my mind. Understand?" The pair nodded. "As you know, you are in his charge for the first week and will be given menial tasks to do and subject to the same rules and discipline as the other slaves. You will also be living in the communal slave quarters but I have asked to check on you each day. Whether or not you get pain relief will be up to you. It's all depends on your behaviour. Now I have your tags to put on. Once in place and activated, only Flagelistics has the key to unlock or de-activate them, and as you were told earlier, the two tags must have a clear view of each other at all times. If they don't the laser magnetic force will pull the tags violently until they are once again in view. This means you will have to work, eat, sleep, go to the toilet and do everything together. The boss has also decreed that you are to remain naked at all times except when protective clothing is absolutely necessary. Mainly that will be light shoes. You will not be allowed even the simple slave tunics."

"That's barbaric. I'm not a criminal, I shouldn't have to suffer like that. The thrashing was more than enough and I don't think I deserved that when it was all his fault." Claire spluttered her defence but Jenny just tapped her arse very lightly causing the woman to scream with the pain.

"You know, Ken knows, I know, in fact everyone knows both of you are guilty. It was only the latest in a series of pranks to embarrass or cause extra work to the other. This one back-fired on you. Now I am fixing the tags so you'll be joined like Siamese twins. Ken and Claire struggled as Jenny fixed the tag first to Claire's left wrist and Ken's right. Both swore and cursed Jenny, the boss and everyone but Jenny just grinned and pushed the two beds together. Shortly afterwards she brought in two urine bottles. " The pain killing injection should last an hour or two more but before then I'm sure you need to pass water," she laughed, "You can start your co-operation by helping each other with that simple body function." She gave Ken the female one and Claire the male and left them alone.

"Pass me the bottle," Ken ordered an hour later.


"I'll use yours then."

"Big deal." Claire didn't wish to give in although her bladder was feeling quite full. Jenny would come back and empty her bottle so she could use it. Ken didn't hide the fact that he was starting to get hard when he deliberately peed where Claire could see. She turned her head.

Jenny didn't return even though Claire called and called. "You'll have to use mine and it will be more difficult for you than for me." Ken baited her. "You'll have to stand and I'll have to hold it for you."

"No!" Eventually though she did have to use the male's bottle. She slid over the side of the bed to hold the bottle in position but as soon as she put her left wrist below the level of the bed a strong force pulled it up and, at the same time, Ken's arm jerked towards her. Finally she decided she could just hold the bottle with her right hand.

Almost immediately she finished, Jenny appeared and took the bottles away. "Why didn't you come when I called for you?" Claire complained, "I believe you made me wait on purpose you bitch."

Jenny ignored the comment, "Shower time now," she announced, "Slide off the bed and stand carefully before you start walking. Hold hands so you give each other some support."

"I'm not holding hands with him, not for anything," Claire asserted, "I can stand on my own." She could but it was painful to take a step and she cried out each time.

Ken complained too but not just for the same reason. Lying on his stomach had given him an erection. "I don't need a shower. I just want to lie here."

"Move or I'll move you," Jenny ordered. Slowly Ken slid off the bed and stood which started another round of abuse from Claire.

"You're not going to make me shower with him in that state surely, are you?"

"You'll get used to it. You've got to sleep and work together naked for the next three weeks. You'll see it and feel it often enough. Now move yourselves," Jenny repeated. She was getting more and more annoyed with their lack of effort to co-operate.

Claire let Ken lead the way and then moved to his left. "Yoooowww!" she screamed as both their tagged arms shot towards each other. The moment unbalanced her and she fell to the floor, fortunately she did not land on her bottom. Both she and Ken screamed as the muscles in their buttocks tensed with the pain of the sudden movement. "Stupid bitch," Ken yelled, "You should know by now we have to let the tags see each other." It sparked another slanging match.

Jenny had enough of the nonsense. Dragging Claire screaming to her feet she put the two tagged hands together. "Listen slaves, you WILL hold hands, you WILL wash and dry each other and if I hear any more complaints you'll feel my hand hard on your already tender backsides. Understand?" Both Claire and Ken were about to protest but Jenny shut them up, "I asked if you understood, not whether you liked it. Now move and wash each other. Your faces are in a mess from the crying. Ken, make sure you remove the all remains of her make-up. Slaves don't wear that shit."

Ken did as he was told but when his washing extended to Claire's breasts she again protested. "I can do there myself. I don't need a pervert like you fondling them."

"Smack!" Jenny's hand connected with Claire's very tender backside. Although she hadn't hit hard the effect was excruciating. Claire treated the nurse to a further round of abuse and received another smack. By now she was sobbing again and tried to rub the tender area. Unfortunately this put the tagged wrist out of sight of its counterpart. The two leaped together thrusting Ken forcibly in close contact with Claire's tits. She violently pushed him away and for a few moments it seemed that a real fight might develop. "Hold it right there!" Jenny commanded, "This is my last warning. Another incident like that and I will call security and they can deal with you and because you are now slaves, they won't have to be gentle. Claire you will stand with your tag out to one side and let Ken wash you everywhere except your bottom. He will wash your back, your legs as well as your tits and cunt." You will then wash him everywhere except his arse. Make sure you do his prick too. Do it or I'll get security to force you and that will be painful." It was noticeable that Ken spent a fair amount of time on Claire's tits and cunt while she washed his prick in a perfunctory way but Jenny let it go. Drying each other was almost a repeat performance although Jenny did insist that Ken's prick and balls were properly dry.

As they made their painful way back to the casualty room, the pair started picking on each other again. By then Jenny had had enough. In front of them she took out her video communicator and dialled Jack Foreman's code. "Hi Jack, you wanted the two new slaves; you can have them now. They'll need footwear but as you know, they are to be kept naked otherwise."

"I'll be right over Jenny. You having trouble with them? I thought you wanted them kept comfortable all day tomorrow."

"They're in need of more than the hand of a tender hearted nurse to control them, Jack. Talk to you in a bit." Turning to the pair who were again protesting, "You have brought this on yourselves. Had you started to work together, I would have insisted on your remaining here. Now you will be set to work like all the other slaves. I shall ask to see you in the morning and perhaps later in the day but otherwise you will be treated like all the others Jack has control over. You know what he's like with the strap so you'd better behave yourselves." They knew because they'd several times sent slaves to him for punishment.

"Bitch," Ken spat.

"I thought nurses were supposed to help the suffering. Seems like the reverse is true for you," Claire added.

"I think you two need to learn the difference between suffering and being insufferable."

At this moment Jack entered with the fit-all shoes and Jenny informed him of the problems she was having and the intransigence the pair were showing. Claire immediately disliked being talked about and stated she wasn't about to be treated like a slave. Without a moment's hesitation, Jack unhooked the strap from his belt and lashed it hard across her breasts. "Hold hands and keep your mouths closed unless you want to be strung up and lashed back and front. I would have thought you'd had enough pain for one day." Still crying out with the pain and the shock, Claire did nothing when she felt Ken link his hand in hers.

Chapter 3. Slavery

"I presume they're both on permanent contraception Jenny," Jack asked.

Jenny opened the files. "Yes. Claire never opted into the breeding programme and had the permanent shot six years ago. Ken wanted to be in the breeding programme but didn't pass the tests. He also had the permanent contraception shot six years ago. Both own a female slave so presumably they have sexual relations with them. I better get the works welfare team to bring them in. They won't be able to go out or get food for themselves. Looks like you'll have two more slaves for a few weeks."

The breeding programme was brought in more or less at the same time as the slave and discipline regimes. It was all part of a government package aimed at reducing costs. Even with contraception methods, the birth rate was high and the population was growing fast. In order to combat this all girls and boys when they reached puberty were given temporary contraception injections that were effective for a year and renewed annually. When a couple had been in a permanent relationship for three years they could apply to enter the breeding programme and would be allowed to produce two children before being given the permanent anti-contraception shot. No later than the age of 32 all males and females would receive the permanent shot. The injections in no way hindered sexual activity and males would produce semen but without living sperm.

"That's okay. I'm sure we can fit them in and I've no doubt others will wish to take advantage of this pair." Turning to Ken and Claire, "Come this way. Hold hands otherwise I will fit old-fashioned cuffs on you." He led them to the slave's dining room where dinner was nearly over. "Get yourselves some food. You may stand to eat. That bar over there is reserved for slaves who find it difficult to sit. Remember you have no status here. You are a slave just like they are."

Neither felt like eating and yet they were hungry, not having had any food since breakfast, which Claire never ate anyway. Claire murmured she didn't want anything except to lie down but Jack forcibly told her to eat and she wouldn't get to lie down until much later. All the while whilst waiting in line and carrying their food to the bar counter, they were conscious of keeping their tags in ray contact as well as all the eyes that were upon them. By now the effects of the painkilling injections were beginning to ease making each step a slow and painful movement.

All the worker slaves, male and female, wore blue tunic type dresses which covered their bodies adequately if not fashionably. They seemed a happy bunch and joked with the overseers. Claire and Ken had never seen this side of slave life. When working in the offices, slaves were always quiet and respectful but here in their own domain, they more than made up for it. From the moment they entered the pair were the butt of ribald comments particularly as Ken's prick had once more started to rise. Claire particularly, at first responded with acid comments but soon found these were greeted with whoops of raucous laughter which caused them even more embarrassment. In the end they ignored them or just smiled. The overriding issue was always the horrendous pain in their backsides. Through tear filled eyes Claire recognised one or two slave workers and vowed she'd make their life more unpleasant when she returned to her office again. Now as they stood a little apart at the bar pecking at the food, the pain was increasing as the effects of the drugs Jenny gave them wore off. It was painful to stand and they couldn't sit and there was no bed to lie on. Each now silently blamed the other for not still being in casualty on a nice soft bed. For the moment though, there existed a sort of armed truce between them.

"Aaaaahh!" The screams came from both mouths as their arms shot towards each other punching a person who'd come between them. The man, a junior overseer, unknowingly walked between them and started to caress both arses. The blows knocked him to the ground and as he stood again his hand freed the strap from his belt and was poised to lay it hard on the already sore flesh.

"No!" Jack Foreman yelled just in time. "Leave them Roy. It was your fault." Jack stood, called for silence and went on to explain to everyone about the tagging system. "To make sure this doesn't happen again, I will put some old fashioned cuffs on them as well whenever it is practical." To the tagged pair he said, "You must try and keep your arms and bodies touching so this doesn't occur again, even by accident. When you've finished your tea, Sarah, the woman with the maroon tunic, will take you to the sleeping quarters and explain the arrangements to you."

Sarah, a woman in her mid fifties introduced herself, "Hi," she said brightly, "I'm Sarah and I am sort of head slave here or an under overseer. I'll do what I can to ease your lot while you are here but my authority is very limited. I, and some of the others, were appalled at the thrashing you received. None of us have ever had anything like it, not in here anyway. We all get the strap and sometimes we think that's harsh but nothing like you two had. Even though most of us hate you for the way you've treated us, we still think they overdid your caning. Still you'll get over it in time and if you work with us, we'll help you. Treat us like shit and you'll return to work in a worse state than you are now." Sarah stated this factually and without showing much emotion. She went on. "Jack says you are to hold hands and come with me." She led them slowly to the slave dormitory, a large room with rows of double beds along each wall. Only a narrow space separated the beds and there were no lockers. There were pillows and the mattresses had a sheet covering but there were no bedclothes.

"Normally we sleep two in a bed," Sarah explained, "We all like sex in one form or another and most prefer a member of the opposite sex but there are some lesbians and a few gay men. Some have semi-permanent partners others change on a nightly basis. The overseers often take a slave to their room for the night and no slave, and that will include you two, can refuse to allow them to fuck you in any way they want. Between the slaves it is usually by general agreement but if a slave girl refuses to allow a slave boy to fuck her, or vice versa, he can appeal to an overseer. The appeal is normally granted so in reality there isn't much choice. Things may be different with you because you cannot be separated."

"So I will be forced to have sex with any man even if I don't want to," spluttered Claire.

"I expect you made your slave have sex with you," Sarah commented, "And refusal can be painful. Sex has to stop at midnight unless it is with an overseer so we can get enough sleep to do a days work. No one has a particular bed except I have the one at the end, and as you can see there are no lockers. They're not needed as we do not have any possessions."

"Not even a toothbrush?" Ken asked.

"No, not even a toothbrush. Toiletries and toothbrushes are disposable items and are replaced each day." She led them to the washroom. "We wash and do our business in here. There's no privacy for slaves but we're naked like you after nine o'clock when we have to hand our tunics in. We get fresh ones at breakfast."

"You mean we have to use these toilets with everyone watching? Oh God no!" Claire was nearly in tears again, "And I can't even sit properly."

Sarah laughed, "I guess that will cause some amusement. We're a pretty happy bunch and there will be a lot of comments and banter as you've already found out, but you'll have to learn to take that without getting upset. You're lucky they're keeping out of the way now to let me talk to you in private. Normally people would be in here and couples would already be screwing on the beds."

Jack Foreman came in. "I've found a suitable pair of old leather cuffs for you." While he fitted them on he explained, "They won't be locked or anything but it takes two hands to put on and take off, so you will have to do that for each other. The clip connecting them also requires two hands to open. One of you will have to pull the pin back while the other releases the clasp. You'll need to take them off in the shower but keep them on while you're working. It's for you own safety. Understand?"

Claire and Ken muttered something and then screamed as Jack's hand hit their arses. "You will answer, yes sir. You should already know that. I presume Sarah informed you of your sexual status?" Without waiting for a reply he went on, "Claire, I will be fucking you shortly, I like to have the first fuck with all the new female slaves although you don't have the most appealing body that I've seen. Your slave Dana has just arrived and I will be taking her to my bed for the night. She's certainly far more attractive and perhaps I'll find out if she's really a lesbian."

Claire started to make a comment but held her tongue. "He's just trying to humiliate me even more," she told herself but then she wondered how she would be able to take a man when she didn't dare put any weight on her bottom. "If you are… going to… rape me… how will I be able to…"

"I'll fuck you doggy style for the first day or two Claire and I expect Ken and the others will too." Ken smirked at the thought of raping the woman who, in his eyes, had brought this upon them. "And forget the rape notion. You're a slave. You're owned so there is no such thing as rape. You get fucked." Jack informed her.

"You mean I have to let that bastard rape me too?" She used the rape word again. "When he's the cause of my being here." Anger flared in Claire's voice.

"More than that Claire," Jack replied, "Like the other slaves he can fuck you any time you're free to do so but also the MD has ordered that he do it in front of witnesses at least once a day and preferably twice. I am to punish both of you if this is not done and I can use the strap on any part of your bodies, even your arses although Jenny might have a few words with me if I split the skin."

The full horror of their situation was beginning to dawn on them. They weren't playing at being slaves, they were real slaves for the next three weeks. No longer were they boss of their own little kingdom. The situation might not be as cruel as slavery was in the nineteenth century but they could still be punished and abused if the overseers and staff thought fit. Even the girls in their own office could complain and have them punished.

"Bend over the bed Claire, I've time for a quick one now and then I shall be recovered enough to satisfy Dana." Jack spoke firmly.

"No please, I haven't done it…" Claire started to plead.

"No man would have you…" Ken cut in.

"Cut the crap. I can easily order the others here to hold you both down while I colour your backs or fronts and then you'll be fucked anyway, even you Ken. A number of the men would delight in ravishing your arsehole. I shall forbid it for the moment because of the state your arse is in but I can easily order them to use it – and yours too Claire. Now bend over the bed."

By now other slaves had started to drift into the dorm. As each entered they removed their tunic, folded it and placed it in a plastic hamper for recycling. A new one would be provided in the morning. Naked, they watched as Jack unzipped his trousers and forced his cock into Claire's unwilling vagina. She screamed and yelled at the top of her voice but it only caused laughter and risqué comments from the other slaves.

"Mistress's too dry for that sir. Let me help. It will be better for you." Everyone turned and waited to see Jack's reaction to Dana's suggestion.

"I guess you should know Dana but she's not your mistress now. I'm your master but get to it and make it fast." The girl quickly placed herself between her ex-mistresses legs and she could feel the heat from the welted nates as she expertly applied her tongue until Claire's juices began to flow. She had mixed emotions on being there. In many ways she wasn't sorry that her mistress had been punished but she wondered what the repercussions would be when she returned home. Slavery in the works didn't worry her overmuch; it couldn't be more painful than being with Claire and at least here she would be with others and not live on her own for most of the day.

Soon Dana moved to one side and guided Jack's prick into Claire's hole. Again Claire screamed as much from indignation as the pain, although that was not inconsiderable especially when Jack's loins touched her tender flesh. It was over all too quickly for Jack. It wasn't the best fuck he'd ever had, but he'd wanted to continue to subjugate the woman. "Your turn Ken. She should be well lubricated now."

Ken found it very awkward. Being cuffed the way he was, meant her arm was pulled across her back and his was across his stomach. "Turn over Claire."

"No! You know I daren't put any pressure on my bottom. The pain is bad enough now, with your weight on it I'll pass out. Just leave me alone. I'm going to die." Claire protested.

"Of old age like the rest of us. Just lie with your back on the bed. Keep your bum over the edge. I've got to do this."

"Yeah. Like you don't want to. I bet you've fantasised about raping me for years. Pervert!" The altercation caused more comments from the others but despite more yelling, and help from many hands she was turned face up. Without being asked two male slaves took hold of a leg each and supported them level with the bed and as wide apart as they dared go. Ken thrust carefully into her and then began to fuck in earnest. It hurt to move his muscles too but at least he had the satisfaction of fucking the woman he hated. Another male slave took Claire's breasts in his hands and massaged them forcibly. They were still tender from the blow Jack had laid across them. When the nipples became erect he took one after the other into his mouth and despite her not wanting to, Claire started to become aroused. Normally Dana would have done this; done it much more gently otherwise Dana's backside would have felt the strap, but somehow Claire's response to the man's 'titty attack' as he put it, was similar.

Ken too soon finished and had to withdraw. "Make her suck it for you Ken. She should have done if for me but this little thing here," indicating Dana, "did it instead. Ken clambered awkwardly on the bed and knelt with his knees astride Claire's chest and his drooping prick aimed towards her lips.

"NO!" shouted Claire, "It's too disgusting." Hardly had the words left her mouth when she felt Jack's strap strike her hard across the lower stomach. She screamed again. Jack raised his strap and laid on a second welt.

"Shall I go on Claire?" Jack asked. Claire shook her head and opened her mouth. It was more the humiliation of having to suck it in front of others rather than the taste that she objected to.

"Your turn Kenny boy. Clean her cunt out. We don't want her dripping everywhere," Jack ordered. It was Ken's turn to look disgusted. He paused, then winced as Jack's belt caught him across the shoulders. "Get that tongue right inside her Kenny. She might even enjoy that." Still smarting from the latest stripe and from the use of the diminutive 'Kenny' which he had tried to get rid of even as a child, Ken started to lick and received another stripe for not putting enough effort into it.

"Okay, you can rest now," Jack said some five minutes later. "Lie on the bed face to face and give each other a cuddle." When he was satisfied they were in a tight embrace, Claire's tits tightly mashed against Ken's chest, Jack left them and attended to other business. Around them other couples copulated freely and openly and to Claire's amazement, with enjoyment.

"Dana, come to my room. I have to give you the standard slave's welcome and then we can have a good fucking session," Jack informed Claire's slave. The other slaves knew the standard welcome was ten strokes of the strap but doubted if Jack would apply it overly hard to the young and attractive girl he was going to bed for the night.

"God the pain in my bottom is getting worse, the pain injection has completely worn off," Claire whispered half an hour later.

"Mine too. You think we dare ask for another? I need to pee so we'll have to move. I can't go all night." Claire knew she couldn't either but wouldn't admit it. "If I slide off my side of the bed, will you follow?" Ken went on.

"I suppose I will have to. At least is should be better than the bottle."

Having lain for a while, their muscles were stiff and walking was extremely painful but they managed to keep side by side. Claire turned her head aside while Ken peed and then he asked the question that was plaguing her mind. "How are you going to do it?"

"Guess I'll have to stand as well. You know I daren't sit."

"I'll try and hold you." Claire wanted to tell him she could manage but doubted that she could. He put his left arm under her armpits and held her tight while she crouched down a little and did what she had to.

"Thanks," she murmured before she stopped to think what she was saying.

As they returned Jack was sitting on a bed talking and laughing with a couple of slaves. Dana was on his knee and seemed to be enjoying having him fondle her tits. Her eyes looked to have been crying but she was now smiling. Ken stopped in front of them. "Excuse me sir, would it be possible for us to have another injection to kill this pain? The one Jenny gave us earlier has worn off and the pain is pretty horrendous again. She did say she would give us another before bedtime."

"That was before you pissed her off with your behaviour. You could still have been in casualty in reasonable comfort."

"Would you ask for us though sir," Claire begged, "We really hurt so bad and we won't be able to sleep and may keep the others awake."

"I don't really see why I should bother," Jack answered enjoying the fact they were trying to beg for his assistance. "I don't see why I should disturb Jenny. It's not really an emergency and she probably in bed with some nice young patient."

"Oh please sir, please ask." Tears were running down Claire's cheeks.

"Look round this room. How many of the slaves here have you complained about for petty little things?" They looked. Most of the couples had stopped what they were doing and were looking back at them. Ken and Claire particularly looked guilty. "How many times have you strapped Dana here just for your enjoyment?" Jack went on. "We know they are slaves, we know there are times when we need to punish them but it shouldn't be done needlessly. You two on the other hand were justly punished and I for one don't have a problem with the severity. I believe it was well and truly justified and now you wish me to try and get your pain diminished. Perhaps we should get all your fellow slaves to vote on it? It's not often they get chance to vote. What do you say people?" Jack raised his voice so they all could hear, "Do I contact Jenny and get pain relief for this pair or not? Who says yes?" A few raised their hands including Dana. Ken couldn't see Rita, his ex slave. Then a few more hesitantly raised theirs and a few more. One of the junior overseers counted. "Who says no?" Again, first a few hands were raised, then a few more. The slaves were not used to being asked to give an opinion.

"What's the verdict John?"

"Very, very close Jack. Only one vote in it although some must have abstained." John paused, keeping the couple in suspense. "By one vote only, you are to ask Jenny to give them treatment." Ken and Claire sighed with relief.

"That of course doesn't mean that she will," commented Jack, "And after your abuse earlier I wouldn't blame her."

"Jack do you really want me to get up and come down there just to deal with that pair? I've just got comfortable with a nice glass of wine and Jake is massaging my feet."

"I'm not bothered Jenny. It's just that…" Jack went on to explain.

"Give me three good reasons why I should help them Jack."

"That's for them to answer Jen, if they can." He passed the video to Claire, "You heard her. You give her the reasons."

"Because we hurt so badly and it's getting worse again. Because we could disturb everyone if we are crying out in pain all night…" Claire answered and stopped.

"Because we are sorry for what we did this morning. Sorry Jenny. Please help us. We know you don't have to." Ken intercepted whatever Claire's third reason was going to be.

"I'll be over when Jake has finished," Jenny answered abruptly. "Ken, yours was the only valid answer."

The injection helped but they both spent a disturbed night. Baz a male slave asked to fuck Claire and when she hesitated he threatened to call Jack and Claire knew she would have to give in or receive a further strapping. He agreed to doggy style again and immediately he withdrew, licked her clean and then to a climax which Claire found rather unusual but quite nice. She took his member in her mouth without complaint this time, again knowing she would be punished if she didn't.

A girl called Sally wanted Ken to fuck her but she was unable to get him erect and had to give up. Pain and the exhaustion of the thrashing had taken their toll. When things quietened down and everyone started to sleep, Ken pulled Claire tight to his body again and they drifted off but seemed to wake many times during the night.

A siren woke everyone at six a.m. and all except Ken and Claire immediately jumped out of bed. Most headed for the showers and toilets. Only a few went the other way. Sarah came to them, "You have half an hour to shower, shit and clean your teeth etc. Then you line up for inspection and breakfast.

"But we can't work as fast as the others because we're tied together," protested Claire.

"You'll just have to do the best you can otherwise the strap will hurry you along."

"Unclip our cuffs then. We mustn't get them wet."

"Not unless you remember to ask properly."

"Unclip our cuffs please Sarah." Claire said the right words but her tone belied them. Claire made it sound like a demand.

"You have to learn to do it yourselves." Sarah walked off to start her own ablutions leaving the pair arguing and wasting precious minutes getting the clip undone and unfastening the cuffs. One of the showers was free so each washed quickly and only twice did the tags drag them together. It made them realise the value of the leather cuffs.

"There's two toilets together over there. If we sit side by side we can both go at the same time. I guess we've got to start and try to sit although it is going to hurt like hell," Ken pointed out. Claire didn't want to agree but she could see the sense in it. They were already behind everyone else with the washing. Both cried out loudly when they sat down even though they tried to support themselves with their hands. Ken was only halfway through shaving and Claire was brushing her teeth when a female overseer ushered them out and into line for inspection. Of course they failed.

"One not shaved or cleaned his teeth and the other teeth unfinished and hair not brushed. Both of you need also to get Sarah to trim that unsightly pubic growth. Get it done before tomorrow. I'll be lenient with you as it is your first day and you have the problem of keeping together but you've got to work that out by tomorrow. For today you will get one stroke of the strap across each hand…"

"Oh no, not more pain," cried Claire.

"…one stroke across each hand if you hold them out like schoolchildren did years ago. Four if we have to hold them for you. You first Kenny." Ken muttered something akin to swearing. "The reply should have been 'yes, ma'am. Two strokes now. Understand?"

This time Ken had the sense to reply, "Yes ma'am." From her badge he could see her name was Julie.

Ken winced each time the strap cracked across his palms but managed to hold them still. He feared he would receive eight if pulled back. After her first stroke Claire pulled her hand back and tucked it under her arm. Unfortunately it was the tagged hand and once more the tags pulled themselves together with some violence. Ken fell to the floor and landed badly on his backside. He writhed in agony and in doing so once again the tags couldn't see each other and dragged Claire on top of him. To the watchers it looked highly amusing. Even stern faced Julie had to grin but she soon had them on their feet again. They stood shaking with pain, tears and cries of anguish rending the air. A trickle of blood ran down the back of Ken's leg where his impact with the floor had opened a welt.

"The other hand now Claire," Julie commanded coldly.

"Please have mercy on me. Can't you see I can hardly stand for the pain?… ma'am."

"Do you wish for someone to hold your hand?" Julie asked icily.

Slowly Claire extended her palm. "How could they be so cruel," she asked herself bitterly. Even Claire noted she had not been hit hard this time.

"Finish your ablutions, get your cuffs and report to me in the dining room when you're done. You might just make breakfast if you hurry." Ken grabbed Claire's hand and they hobbled back to the ablution area.

"It's all your bloody fault Ken, or is it Kenny now?" Claire started baiting him.

"Shut up Claire, We're sore enough now…"

"Don't you tell me to shut up! You got us into this mess." They continued arguing while completing their washing. Claire turned her back on Ken and once more their magnatron links pulled them together causing Ken to snick his face with the razor.

"You stupid cow!" he yelled. Claire looked and almost felt a little sorry for him when she saw the trickle of blood.

Julie and the other slaves heard the altercation as they trooped to the dining room and smiled to themselves. They'd learn the hard way, sooner or later.

Finally they completed their washing and Ken fastened Claire's leather cuff. He offered his wrist for her to do the same and they worked together to fasten the catch. "Claire," Ken said quietly, "If we are to get through this, we can't keep blaming each other. That's what they want us to do. We're playing into their hands. They want us to cock-up so they can keep beating us. You've got to help me and I've to help you. Did you see how the others worked together almost as a team? Some went to the toilets first, others the shower and the rest did teeth and shave."

"We've been handicapped by the tags. That's not fair. That why we can't keep up."

"Yeah, that does make it a sod. Nothing we can't get over I suppose."

"In any case I don't see why I should…" Claire stopped, "You're bleeding." Claire noticed the drying blood on his leg for the first time. Without being asked she took a tissue and wiped the area. Even though she did it gently, Ken winced and the blood started oozing out again. "Maybe Jenny ought to look at it. It's not a long cut but it is still bleeding."

"That's a first for the bitch," thought Ken but out loud he said, "Let's try and grab some breakfast first. I'm dying for a coffee. We've still got to pass bitch Julie's bloody inspection." Seeing Claire's hair still needed doing he went on, "Give me that bloody hairbrush so I can get that tangle from your hair otherwise we'll be here until they collect us and we'll get the strap again."

Begrudgingly Claire muttered "Thanks."

"I'm only doing it so we don't get into more trouble. Do I look okay?"

"As good as you ever do. Does that prick of yours ever go completely soft."

"Not when it's near a naked, smelly cunt. Come on let's get back."

The breakfast counter was closing when they returned and yet they had to stand while Julie took her time thoroughly inspecting them. She lifted Ken's prick and made Claire bend over to make sure she was clean between her legs. Everyone knew Julie was doing it to humiliate them further. "After breakfast get that cut seen to. Then report to Sarah in the main dining hall," she snapped.

Only the coffee and tea machines were still open. "Looks like they're going starve us as well," Ken moaned. He noticed all the others were now wearing tunics. "They must issue them after inspection," he pointed out to Claire. "Don't suppose it will do any good us asking for one."

Sarah signalled them to come over. She slid her plate with a croissant on it in front of Ken. Another slave passed a plate to Claire. Normally she would have disdained to eat off another's plate but she realised this could be her only chance to eat until much later on and they could be making her do physical work. "Thanks," both of them muttered but neither of them decided to sit.

"That's okay," Sarah smiled, "We usually try and help those who are sent back at inspection. We're only allowed two croissants but one's enough for many of us. You're part of my group in the main dining room today and I am under orders to make sure you do a full day's work."

"We've to see nurse Jenny first thing. We hope she's in good enough mood to give us another injection and Ken keeps bleeding after the fall," Claire informed her.

"Wouldn't you normally say he's a bleeding sod?" Sarah questioned, laughing broadly.

Claire had to laugh a little too. She wondered why the slaves mostly seemed in good humour. Perhaps it was the lack of responsibility. Not having to make decisions, not having to make deadlines or targets. Might be something in being a slave after all. "Probably," she smiled back and even Ken had to grin. Rarely did he see anything but a scowl on Claire's face. He liked it – and the way her tits shook as she laughed.

"Get back to me as soon as you can otherwise I'll be one short to do the work. They're counting you two as one item or rather you are just two hands. See you later." Sarah turned to leave.

"Will we get tunics?" Claire asked.

"Sorry. I've been told to give you clean jobs as far as I can." Sarah looked sympathetic, "The boss wants everyone to see you naked and having to work and clean up after your own workers. You can guess why, I expect."

"Jenny seemed in a better mood than last night," Ken remarked as they headed for the dining room. She'd joked about not sitting around too much as she sprayed a covering of plastic skin over the wound and she'd given each of them a painkilling tablet. "I'll check on you when I go for lunch," she told them as they left.

Floor cleaning was well under way when they arrived and Sarah set them to taking the chairs back off the tables a wiping the surfaces. After a few tries they found a system whereby Ken lifted the chairs down and Claire wiped. By ten o'clock they were ready for the mid morning break opening. This was the embarrassing time. Workers, particularly from their own offices, would come in, stare and giggle and perhaps make a bawdy comment on their dress or the stripes on their arses. Sarah strictly warned them not to comment or answer back. "You know how slaves have to treat staff. Now you are slaves and you must act like them. It's going to be difficult but don't let them provoke you. I'm sure you're not wanting another dose of the strap which is the automatic penalty for insolence from a slave." They already knew that but still couldn't really consider themselves as proper slaves.

Chapter 4. Further punishment

Staff were supposed to stack their trays and empty the rubbish into bins when they finished but many never did. Claire never did and Ken only did so occasionally. "That what we have slaves for," Claire used to say. It was a different matter now she had to do the clearing. It made a lot of extra work.

One of the cocky lads from her office very nearly caused Claire to have an outburst. "You can take this stuff away slave Claire," he ordered and when she leaned over to pick the tray up, the boy grabbed and fondled her tits.

"Keep your hands to yourself Ben Barker," Claire hissed. "Touching any slave in a familiar way was not permitted." Ken pushed in and took the tray, freeing Claire from his grasp.

"I shall complain to management about your attitude Claire. As a slave you know you are not supposed to address us personally, only as sir or ma'am. That will be another dose of the strap for you." Ben laughed, stood and left.

Claire didn't hear any more of the incident until after lunch. They ate with the cooks and slaves when the dining room closed at two. Then they had an hour free. Jack came into the room and spoke to Sarah. Sarah came to Claire, "I told you not to let them goad you. That boy complained. Jack would normally just give you a hiding but it seems that the big boss has to be told every time you fuck up."

"Shirley," David Carsons spoke on the video communicator to the woman who had taken over Claire's position, "I am sending Claire to you for an hour. That of course means Ken has to be with her. You may have heard there was an incident in the dining room this morning with Ben Barker. Actually it was Ben who should be in trouble but as slaves are not permitted to answer back to staff and Claire did in the way you know quite well, I have to take action. Normally it would mean an automatic dose of the strap but I think she's had enough pain in the last two days don't you?"

"Yes sir. Neither of them can walk properly."

"Well we still have to punish her and I wondered if you could have her stand in a corner of the office on display until four when she has to go on duty in the dining hall again. Make her stand with her hands on her head like a naughty little girl. By the time she gets there it will only be for about three-quarters of an hour."

"Yes sir, I can do that. She won't like it though," Shirley commented.

"And Shirley, give that Ben Barker a real bollockin in front of everyone and make sure he knows I am displeased with his behaviour. He should not have tried to play with any slave's tits, let alone Claire's. And let me see what they look like on the vid."

Claire and Ken duly arrived at Shirley's office. "Things haven't changed much here since I left," Claire noted as she knocked and entered.

"Do you know why you're here Claire?" Shirley asked a little awed by having to deal with her ex-boss.

"I can guess ma'am. I suppose I have to apologise to Mr. Barker and then be sent for the strap." Tears filled her eyes again at the thought. Jack hadn't mentioned what was to happen to her and Sarah again warned her to be polite, "Just like you expected slaves to be towards you before the other day."

"No Claire, not quite. David decreed you'd had enough pain but you still needed punishment. You are to stand in the corner with your hands on your head until you are due back on duty in the hall. Sorry Ken that means you have to stand with her. You'll be facing the wall so you won't see who is watching you. At least it's better than another hiding. I couldn't help crying when I saw that Sonja hitting you so hard yesterday and by the colour of your bottom, it still looks extremely painful. "

"Please ma'am… before we go and stand… could I use the loo please. Haven't had a chance since morning."

Shirley smiled, "Of course. You know where it is. And don't leave the seat up Ken."

"You can unclip the cuffs if you wish, as long as the tags are in line you wouldn't have to stand alongside me," Claire whispered when they were both in the corner.

Ken wondered she'd even thought of it, "It's okay. Not worth the fuss of getting them undone and I don't want to risk getting thrown on the floor again." He gave a slight smile.

Here's the picture of them sir," Shirley told her boss.

"Let me see a close up of their bums, Shirley please." There was a pause as Shirley walked closer. "Christ they really look awful. Do they seem in great pain?"

"I think they're drugged with painkillers but they hobble when the walk and they're very reluctant to sit."

"Leave the vid on while you deal with the Barker kid. I want to hear and see it. It might make him think twice next time if he knows I know about it."

Shirley knew it was also a test of her control and ability to take over as supervisor. "Will Ben Barker please stand," she called out loudly. The general hubbub of the office died and all eyes turned on Ben. "Mr. Barker, do you own a slave?" Ben shook his head. "Then why, when I assume you know the rules concerning the treatment of slaves owned by others, did you presume you could make free with a slave owned by this company?"

"I'm sorry Shirley. I just wanted to…" His voice trailed off. He didn't really know what he wanted to do. Shirley then tore into him verbally until he was looking very downcast. "You heard what Mr. Carsons said about this sort of behaviour. Supervisors can order you to work naked. Well I'm not going quite that far. Come out here and remove your trousers and underpants. For the rest of the day your shirt and tie will have to cover your modesty."

"Please Shirley, no."

"Out here! Shirley ordered sternly. You wanted to make fun of people who were naked, now let others here have the same fun at your expense and as you are not a slave, there are no restrictions on them except that I will not allow anything to disrupt their work." Sheepishly Ben came to the front of the office where Shirley made him face his fellow workers while he removed his lower clothing. "I hope you feel very ashamed of yourself, now Ben Barker," she ended. "Do you wish to add anything sir," she asked David.

"Yes, Shirley, tell him I want the Slazenger reports on my desk by first thing in the morning."

Everyone in the office knew Ben was indirectly being punished when Shirley loudly relayed Mr. Carsons' request. There was no real hurry for it but it would mean Ben having to work very late. Claire gave a sly grin when she heard it.

For the rest of the day, things went reasonably well for the pair. David asked Shirley how they behaved in her presence and was agreeably surprised when she said they were halfway to co-operating with each other. He also consulted Jenny and asked her to check on them after their meal and when most of the day staff would have left. She and the duty security people and one or two other staff ate in the slave's dining room for the evening meal. The main cafeteria was closed. Two blocks of thick foam appeared and were put on two chairs for Ken and Claire. Both looked surprised and pleased but were still very wary of sitting. "Thank you," they said to the slave who brought them and then looked across at Jack. He turned his head the other way.

An hour later, when they were resting in the dorm, Jack came in. "Fuck her. Fuck her properly, lying on her back. The pain should have died down enough. You were able to sit and eat even if it wasn't too comfortable. Jenny said she given you more pills so they should have kicked in now." Claire groaned loudly as Ken turned her on her back.

"Open up," Ken said quietly, "I'll get you wet first like Dana did last night." Ken's tongue found her slit and was surprised to find it already wet. Now doubt all the exposure had aroused the woman. Carefully he positioned himself and entered but tried not to fuck too hard.

Jack was having none of that. "Fuck her like you do Rita. Kiss her mouth, play with her tits."

Ken did and immediately Claire started berating him. "You're enjoying this aren't you?" Ken admitted he was. "You bloody pervert. Don't think you are going to carry on doing it once our time here is over."

"Perhaps I won't want to." Claire cried in pain when Ken's anger caused him to thrust forcibly and push her bum harder into the mattress than he intended and hurt his own arse in the process. "Sorry," he whispered in her ear and then French kissed her. He told himself, he was only doing what he was told but he knew that wasn't strictly true. He was enjoying raping her.

Soon he shot his load and now almost automatically tongued her clean and to a climax. She dully accepted his cock for cleaning.

"Turn over Claire," Jack ordered. It was Ken's turn to cry out as Claire rolled on top of him. "A little chafing on your arse," Jack commented, "But I'll give permission for three more to have you tonight. Enjoy yourself." He left and found Rita and took her to his room for the night and her welcome. In the end, only two took advantage of her and Sarah came to try out Ken. She was able to get him hard again and he brought her off long before he shot his second load. She thanked him for giving her the pleasure, which peeved Claire, although she couldn't think why it should.

During a break, Sarah came back with a pair of scissors. "Jack likes all the slaves to be well trimmed. It takes too much time to shave each day so we just scissor trim the hair about once a week. I mostly do it to the others at the weekend when there's not so much going on. Who's first?" Without waiting for a reply she pushed Ken on his back and holding his cock out of the way, snipped his growth to about a quarter of an inch long. "There," she announced when she'd finished, "Now we can see it in all its full glory. It's quite a nice one, don't you think Claire. I know I enjoyed it." Claire didn't answer. A couple of the girls clapped and one pointed out that it would be nicer when it was hard again.

"Your turn now Claire. Lie back and open those legs nice and wide. Let's see the target." To Claire to have this done in public seemed worse than opening her legs for the men. At least then it would soon be covered. She blushed scarlet and only opened her thighs a minimal amount. "Come on Claire open wide. We all want to see and you should be used to Dana looking at it and more. Open wide or a couple will do it for you." In the end she did. It hurt to open her legs as wide as Sarah required and she kept flinching them together when the scissors handle touched bare thigh flesh. Without being asked two girls held her legs. "Jess was like that," Sarah babbled on, "She kept wanting to twitch every time the metal touched her." Soon her luxurious growth was trimmed to resemble a well-mown lawn. "You won't get so much hair in your mouth now Ken," Sarah laughed.

"May I try it?" asked a small oriental looking girl everyone called Lee.

"Sure," Sarah smiled and the girl bobbed her head between the still opened thighs. Claire had always thought Dana was good but this little girl was fantastic. Egged on by the cheerful encouragement of the others, Claire actually started to hump into the girl's face. She closed her eyes to shut out the audience but they watched just the same. "Maybe I can get used to men, but this is heaven," Claire thought.

A little before lights out, Ken suggested they take the cuffs off and they could sleep front to front as they did the previous night and they would be able to make better time in the morning and avoid the strap at inspection time. Ken's prick grew as he held Claire and she could tell he wanted to put it in her. On the beds around her couples were fucking noisily and Lee's ministrations and the new feel to her cropped cunt hair had left her a little horny too. Seemingly unconcerned she lifted her leg just enough to give Ken access and he was quick to take advantage of it. Claire lowered her leg again holding him tightly within her. Ken couldn't move much but it was enough for him to fuck gently without using his arse muscles and fortunately this is what Claire wanted too. He realised she was getting near a climax only when he heard her start whimpering and then she gave a loud groan. Ken continued to fuck but only had a dry climax so there was nothing to clean up.

When morning came there was no need for them to have planned to cut their ablution time. As soon as the siren went, Sarah hauled them off for breakfast duty. They could use the kitchen toilets to pee but they would get to shower later. Rather incongruously, kitchen staff had to wear hair covering and an apron, which was fine for those wearing a tunic, but it looked comical on Ken and Claire. Claire suffered the brunt of the humour because her tits were bare above the level of the apron and they showed a blue stripe across them. Fortunately Sarah knew the problems they would have trying to move stacks of plates and dishes of hot food with linked arms, so she gave them simple cleaning tasks.

Further laughter ensued when Claire stood at the counter with tongs to serve the bacon and Ken, with a spoon in his left hand, had to serve the beans. By now Claire knew there was no harm or slight intended in the humour and began to hit back with cutting humour of her own. Jenny noted this when she came to be served.

For the next two days things went quite well and gradually both became accepted as one of the slaves and slowly began to become accustomed to their nudity. Gradually too they began to fully accept their status and with it came the knowledge that slavery, at least in this firm, was not such a bad thing. Gone were the worries over tax problems and accounts, gone were the deadlines for forms and reports, gone was the necessity for keeping above the others. You just did what you were told, when you were told. Claire began to wonder if it would be worth going back to her old job but then there occurred an incident that caused her to think again. Yes, a slave's life was good in some ways but you were at the mercy of any bitch or crank above you in status.

A group of them were stacking chairs in an atrium to some offices. There wasn't much to do and Henry, the clown of the slaves, thinking no one was around was, as usual, larking about. Even the staff liked him and his inexhaustible supply of jokes. At least most of the staff did. It was Friday and the slaves were looking forward to the weekend. Although they were on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, there was less to do at weekends and few outside demands on them. Few staff were in and the main cafeteria was closed. Henry was acting the part of an old-fashioned suitor wanting the hand of Claire in marriage. He bent down on one knee and kissing her hand, formally asked her to marry him. There was no way this could happen in reality even if he had been serious. A slave couldn't marry while still a slave. Claire, acting the part told him she would give it her active consideration whereby he stood and thanked her and repeatedly bowing low, backed towards the door. The timing couldn't have been better in a comedy film. Just as he bowed out so one of the senior first floor managers backed hurriedly through the swing door carrying a pile of folders. As she turned to continue on her way, Henry's bottom hit her stomach and she toppled over his back on to the floor. Folders and papers scattered in all directions. Henry could see the woman was furious and tried to placate her with apologies but he knew that would fail. All the slaves helped gather the papers together while the woman looked on in silent fury. "You'll hear more about this," she said, her cold anger showing in her voice.

Henry was downcast. "That bitch will have me well and truly strapped. She looks down on all us slaves. She's like you used to be Claire." That remark hit home and tears sprung to her eyes. It was true and she knew it. Before she lived and worked with the slaves, she hardly classed them as people. She cried bitterly. "Sorry Claire, I shouldn't have said that," Henry tried to calm her and Ken pulled her close. "Maybe she'll forget," one of the others remarked but no one believed it.

That evening, a bench that neither Ken nor Claire had seen before was pulled into the dorm. Henry was made to lie naked along it and fastened down. "Sorry Henry," Jack said, "You really pissed Ms. Jefferson off. She's ordered thirty strokes and wants to see it live on the vid. All the slaves gasped or cried for they all felt for the man but there was nothing they or Jack could do about it. Jack they knew had questioned the severity with the woman but she didn't want to know. With the video communicator being watched, he would have to do it hard enough to satisfy her or he might get ordered to repeat the dose. One of the overseers held the vid and Jack laid on the strokes hard and fast. Normally he spaced the strokes out so each one would be felt but this time he wanted to get it over with. All the slaves stood in lines either side of the bench, most were crying. At the end when Henry was screaming in agony and his bruised arse a vivid colour, the overseer panned the vid to show the faces of the others. He hoped she would have some sympathy for poor Henry but doubted it. Claire was distraught. In a way she felt responsible for she had gone along with the play act and she kept remembering the times she ordered a slave to be punished although she'd never ordered so many lashes.

Jenny quickly gave him a shot as soon as the video was off and Henry was carried to casualty where he spent the whole weekend and hobbled painfully to work on the Monday morning.

Chapter 5. Loaned out

Claire looked up surprised when she saw Debra Jones enter the cafeteria. It was another half-hour before opening time. "David wants to see you," Debra said, and then turning to Sarah, "I've cleared it with Jack. If it takes too long he'll send someone to help with the meals."

"I didn't anticipate this happening Claire but technically you're a slave and he has a right to make the request. I can say yea or nay, but it will sour our relations if I refuse." Claire knew David was beating around the subject so she waited without any idea of what he was going to say. "Claire, Bill Greenmore wishes you to spend the night with him." The shock registered on Claire's face. She knew the laws on prostitution well enough. Slaves could be loaned to others provided no payment was accepted either by the slave or by the owner. The practice was not uncommon for private individuals but less common for works slaves. Owners loaned slaves as a friendly gesture or just because they were going on holiday and they needed someone to take care of them.

"I don't have a choice do I? Claire asked.

"No. As you know we are very much obligated to Bill at this time…" David stopped before he'd added 'for reasons you well know.'

"What about Ken? Will we be released?"

"Ken will be fastened to you as now."

"So I'll have to watch that slob fuck her and not do anything about it?" Ken butted in.

"Exactly, but you've been doing that for the last six days. That shouldn't be a problem. You hate her guts remember?"

"Does he know about the tags?" Claire queried.

"Yes and it sounded as if her was going to take great delight in making Ken watch him take you."

"And you can't or won't do anything to stop it," Ken's voice rose.

"Not without taking a financial loss that the shareholders won't like. Do I hear you taking a protective stance in this Ken?"

"I just think we've already been through hell. We can just about sit again now if the chair is soft and the painkillers are working. We've both been humiliated to near breaking point, this could be the last straw."

"Then you could become permanent slaves and have to endure another thrashing. Both of you. Would you like to be the cause of Claire being whipped again?" Ken knew he was beaten.

"How long do we have to spend with the slob?" Claire asked.

"A glidemobile will pick you up about eight and return you here before breakfast so you'll spend the night with him and I guess there will be no rule saying sex is to stop at midnight. He assured me that this will be a once only thing and I know he will do his best to make it quite unpleasant for you although he didn't actually say that. I did also remind him that he couldn't permanently damage you and that any punishment on your arse could lead to breaking the skin open and he agreed to be careful. 'I'll be careful.' Those were the words he used."

"When I started work in this place I didn't expect to be told to be the works whore," Claire declared vehemently.

"No I don't suppose you did but then we didn't expect you to play games with our clients money. Get through this tonight and you can have a rest day tomorrow. That's all. Return to your work and I'll see you in the morning." David dismissed them; he didn't want to anger them and provoke a further confrontation. Claire and Ken left, angrily debating as to what might be in store for them that evening.

After dinner that evening, Sarah made them shower and clean themselves. For the first time they were given a slave tunic which seemed a little strange to wear after nearly a week of nakedness. "Maybe it is because you mustn't be seen in street in that area with nothing on," Sarah suggested. Jack removed their leg tags so they could leave the building.

"Perhaps we can escape?" The thought ran through Ken's mind but he had to dismiss it. "Where would we go? I'd soon get picked up if I went home and the punishment would be extended. I might even be linked to her for longer. Better to do as they say, for the time being anyway."

Right on time the satellite controlled glidemobile arrived and whisked them away. When pollution in the city became a major problem only a few years previously, all hydrocarbon-fuelled vehicles were banned and replaced with electric-nuclear glidemobiles computer controlled by a stationary satellite over the city centre. The computer worked out the shortest route and had built-in safeguards to avoid collisions. No longer were traffic lights necessary at junctions and since their initiation there had been no accidents involving them although for the passengers, the trip could be more than a little scary. The distance between passing glidemobiles was often very small.

They arrived at a fashionable arcade of three storey, terraced houses. "Do we ring the bell or wait for someone to open the door?" Ken asked. "Do slaves have the right to ring doorbells? They must have been warned of our arrival."

"Go on, live dangerously, ring the bloody bell," Claire laughed nervously, "I'm sure he'll find fault with anything we do."

A female slave opened the door, "Come in please. I'm Nadia, welcome." It wasn't the greeting they expected. "May I take your tunics please. The master wishes you unclothed." She waited while they undid the cuffs and removed the tunics and then she refastened the cuffs for them. "Shoes off too please. It's all carpets in here." Nadia folded the tunics and then removed her own. Ken and Claire noted she had a trim body and nice breasts but also noted the fine lines criss-crossing both her back and front and seemed especially concentrated on her breasts.

Claire gave a cry at the sight, "He whips your breasts? Will he want to do mine?"

"I have no idea what he plans to do with you Miss Claire but he does delight in using what he calls a quirt on the tenderest parts of a woman. My tits, you mustn't call the breasts here, and my cunt get treated before he fucks me." She opened her legs a little to show the marks. "I saw the video of your punishment. That was much worse but you'll find the quirt very painful too." As she talked she led them up two flights of stairs and stopped before a door. Knocking gently, she waited until told to enter. "Master, the guests you wish to fuck have arrived," she announced. From her earlier comments it was obvious she had been told to use the crudest terms.

"Come in come in," Bill said cheerily, "Let's have a good look at you."

Claire looked at the pot-bellied figure wearing only a loose pair of shorts. She hadn't liked him when he wore a suit at their previous meeting but now he looked positively revolting. His eyes wandered lustfully up and down her body. Her eyes turned away but were held by the sight of the multi-stranded whip on his side table. The quirt.

"Turn round and bend over so I can see the results of that impressive caning Sonja gave you. She's certainly was good at her job and the results still show nicely and will for a long time now. They're so evenly spaced too." He squeezed first Claire's arse and then Ken's causing them both to cry out. "Lovely," Bill commented, "Still nice and tender as I thought they would be and such a lovely colour." Now he turned his attention to their arseholes and began to prod and poke a finger into them. "You had a prick up there yet Claire?" and when she nodded, "How often?"

"Twice, all in the last few days sir."

"What about you Ken?"

"The same sir."

"Good that's the hole I like, especially on young ladies. Isn't that right Nadia?"

Nadia, still standing at one side of the room looking impassively on replied, "Yes sir."

"Mind you your arses aren't so young but they've not had a lot of use. Okay Claire, sit on the edge of that settee and spread your legs and put your hands behind your head. I want to examine your cunt and tits to see if they need any treatment before I use them."

Claire immediately guessed the treatment involved the quirt. "Please sir, please don't hurt us any more. We've had enough pain for one week."

"I didn't ask for any comment from you! You're nothing but a slave and slaves get punished especially in this household," Bill snapped, "Nadia make sure the bitch keeps her hands out of the way while I give her tits a few extra stripes. Ones she wouldn't have had if she kept her gabbing tongue still. And don't think of intervening Ken otherwise you'll both be worse off." Bill lashed the quirt across Claire's full breasts. She screamed. "That's okay," Bill grinned, "Scream as much as you like, just don't start being pitiful and begging for mercy. I have none. When the glidemobile comes for you in the morning you will be sore but the marks only last about a week and then they have to be renewed." He lashed Claire again and then twice more until she was sobbing and crying out in agony.

"That was a pretty poor performance Claire. Nadia would have taken those few without a murmur. He squeezed and kneaded the sore globes just to torment her. Unfortunately before I can treat you properly I have to do something about relieving my hard prick. Ken remove my shorts and put some spittle on it." It was a little awkward to get the shorts down with one hand, the other was still held by Nadia behind Claire's head. Eventually he managed it. Sucking a prick was again something he'd only done whilst in slavery but he knew better than to refuse. In any case if he was going to stick it up Claire's or his arses, the wetter it was the better. There didn't seem to be any "Superslick" gel around.

He sucked and laved the purple head until Bill pushed him away. "Turn over Claire. Get your arse in the air." Ken caught a hard smack on his arse for being on the wrong side of his partner and thus in Bill's way. "Whose bloody idea was these tags and cuffs?" he swore but it didn't require an answer. "Open her up for me Nadia." Nadia put her hands on both buttocks and pulled them apart. Once again more pain but worse was to come when Bill forced his prick into her dry hole. The small amount of spit left on the head did little to lubricate the entrance. Still Bill pushed, enjoying the cries of pain. Claire tried to relax her sphincter muscles as she'd been told before and finally Bill forced his way into the opening and began hammering his way into her bowels. Every thrust hurt her caned arse and Claire prayed it would soon be over and to some extent her prayers were granted. She felt Bill jerk a few times and then her rectum was flooded with his semen. She collapsed when he withdrew.

"You'd better clean my prick," Bill ordered Ken, "Looks like your girlfriend is out of it for a bit. Sorry I forgot, she isn't your girlfriend. That's why you're here." Bill laughed at his joke but it caused Ken to think about his relationship with the woman. Revolted from knowing where it had been, Ken nevertheless did as he was told.

"Pour me a drink Nadia and give Claire a sip, she's coming back to us now." Bill sipped his whiskey and after a few minutes went on. "While my weapon is recovering, let's see what yours is like Ken. Get him hard Nadia." Nadia knelt and rubbed the semi-hard shaft and then gave it a suck. She held it so Bill could see. "I think that needs a bit of treatment too. Lie back on the settee with your arse on the arm. Claire you kneel on the floor out of the way." In that position Ken's pelvis was the highest part of his body and his prick pointed vertically to the ceiling. "Hold the end Nadia. Keep it pulled tight so the thongs wrap themselves nicely round the shaft." Nervously Nadia did as she was told, knowing that the lashes could easily strike her fingers.

"I don't suppose you've ever seen a man have his prick whipped," Bill grinned evilly at his victim and went on, "I've only done it a few times but a couple of months ago I did see a slave have his whipped to shreds. He raped the young daughter of his owner. They tied a cord just under the head and suspended him from the ceiling. All his weight was on his prick. Then they used a long single tail whip until it was cut to ribbons. He survived but he'll never use it again. The surgeon fixed it so he could piss but it would never get erect and it is a poor misshapen thing now. They leave it on show all the time so visitors know what he did." Ken and Claire were horrified but Bill continued, "Don't worry Ken, I won't go that far with you. I'll just make it swell and become very tender so that when you put it in her tight cunt you'll both feel it. I'll treat her a little first of course to make it fair."

Bill lashed the quirt around the base of Ken's prick eliciting a horrendous scream. The thongs cut into the nearby balls. Again the lash curled around the shaft, this time a little higher and again some of the thong ends caught his balls. Ken hoped he'd pass out but didn't. Gradually the whole length was welted and swollen and no longer hard. Nadia became more and more nervous as the lashes neared her hand but she held tight and kept the prick stretched taut. "Okay Nadia, time to test your reactions. I want to slash the head just where you're holding. You have to judge the timing and let go just before the lash hits. If you hold too long I hit your fingers and then we have to try again. If you let go too soon and it flops before the lash reaches it, then we do it again after you've held out both palms to receive the lash. Understand? It's up to you to judge the exact time." By some miracle, she did just that. In some ways Bill was disappointed but was satisfied by the way the thongs curled excruciatingly painfully around Ken's cock head. He lay there writhing in agony unable to even put his hands near it. "Suck it for him Nadia and use your teeth. Make marks but don't draw blood while I tickle his tits a little."

Ken didn't think he could withstand any more pain and tried to plead forgetting what Claire found out earlier. Immediately the lash flayed his stomach. "I can't stand wimps that beg. Now Claire, kneel near his head and keep his arms out of the way. Men's nipples are sensitive too so I like to warm them and make them even more sensitive. Slowly and with a delay between each stroke he laid ten across the man's chest until it was raw and crossed with many fines welts. "Let's see what you've done Nadia." Bill examined the teeth marks and told her to nip the end a bit more. Only then was he satisfied. Ken hardly felt them. His body was numb.

Claire watched with horror at the cruelty before her knowing she was powerless to intervene, knowing she could and probably would, receive something similar. "Another whiskey," Bill demanded, "And then we can start on the bitch. I'm pretty certain it was you who started the game and I'm sure glad you did. This is giving me the most pleasure I've had for a long time." Ten minutes later he ordered Claire change places with Ken. She was already sobbing and crying hysterically but Bill callously ignored it.

"Pull her legs back to her ears Nadia." This alone caused the swollen buttocks to complain but that was nothing compared to pain that fired through her body when the lashes were applied to her pubic mound. Five more followed, each one cutting into her labia, the lower part of her stomach and into her open cunt. Once again she passed out. That pissed Bill. "Get the ammonia stuff," he ordered Nadia, "And use it if she looks like sleeping when I do her tits."

"I like to be sexually impartial Claire so I'm giving your chest ten the same as Kenny boy. The four you had earlier are colouring up nicely so that will serve as a backdrop to the fresh ones. Hold her arms Nadia. Ken is in no condition to do anything." Twice Nadia had to use the ammonia as Bill whipped the tits from all directions. He delighted in the way they flopped around wildly. Quite unlike the firm ones that Nadia sported. "Bedtime my dears," Bill laughed, "I've one more fuck left in my cock, and Ken better have one left in his. Into the bedroom with them." Both victims could barely move and had to be helped into the spare room where they were arranged in the missionary position with Ken on top. "I hope you can feel the warmth from each other now," Bill stated, "And I hope it will bring a little life into your prick Ken." It didn't but with a little gentle massage from Nadia it hardened sufficiently for her to push it into Claire. Both wept with the pain. Claire could feel the swollen welts as Ken entered her.

"Keep it in," Bill ordered, "And open your arsehole for me." Ken groaned loudly but for once Bill ignored it. Ken knew it would be worse than when he did Claire. Now, not only were their buttocks sore from the caning, but both of their chests and their sexual organs were too and these would be pressed together with each push of the prick. Not only that, with Bill having spent earlier, he would take longer to climax.

Anticipating her master's wishes, Nadia pulled Ken's buttocks apart ready for the assault. It was not long in coming. Although he tried not to resist, it took quite a few attempts before Bill's prick was buried fully in Ken's arse. Then began the hard thrusts that forced the two sore and raw bodies painfully together. Claire passed out again but fortunately it went unnoticed. Bill was too concerned about his enjoyment and the thrill of dominating and torturing the man and woman under him. As Ken predicted it went on for a longer time but finally it was all over and Bill withdrew. Much to Ken's surprise Nadia cleaned her master.

"Claire started to moan as she came round but Ken hissed quietly in her ear, "Lie still and keep quiet for a moment." He wondered what other tortures would be inflicted on them.

Bill stood at their side. "Thank you for a very enjoyable evening. It was a great pleasure to have you here. Nadia will show you to the toilet and make you comfortable until you have to return in the morning." With that he went into his own bedroom. Nadia he knew would join him later but for now he was sexually replete.

Chapters 6 – 8 will follow shortly

Naked at Work 6 to end


A story inspired by various Naked in School series originated, I believe, by Karen Wagner. The year is 2015. The government is in a monetary crisis. Pensions, unemployment benefits and welfare payments were bankrupting them. The pensions were kept but all other payments were summarily stopped. People who were on these benefits could volunteer to become slaves and be kept and fed by individuals or as part of a firm's labour force. In order to eat this was usually their only option. Minor criminals too were often sentenced to periods of slavery rather than being incarcerated in expensive to run prisons.


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Naked at Work

by obohobo

Chapter 6. Management tries the programme

Claire and Ken hardly made it into the works building before they collapsed and security had to help them to casualty. Jenny was horrified and angry. The first caning was bad but it had been done for a purpose. The whippings they had last night were done for the perverted sexual stimulation of one person. Immediately he arrived she took herself to David Carsons office and ignoring Debra went straight in and berated him roundly for allowing his staff, even his slaves to be treated in that way. David casually apologised and said he would look into the matter but Jenny was having none of that. She knew it was manager speak for doing nothing. Angrily grabbing his arm, she dragged him from his office. "You're coming with me and you can see what that sadistic sod has done to them." A shocked Debra Jones followed. No one, not even the works nurse, treated the managing director that way.

Workers in the offices they passed through, looked at Jenny in puzzlement as she pulled on David's hand. "Take a good look David Carsons and you too Debra Jones, look and understand what you have done." Ken and Claire lay side by side on their backs and under sedation so they appeared asleep. Their red, swollen chests and genitals stood out clearly now Jenny had cleaned them. "Did they really deserve this?" Jenny demanded.

"No," David said quietly, "No they didn't. Nor did I expect him to go that far. I'm sorry Jenny and I will come and say that to them personally when they are awake. I shall also have words with Bill Greenmore. Have their injuries recorded on permanent unchangeable disc so we can use it in evidence against him. It's his father that really owns the business and he may like to see what his son gets up to."

Debra sniffed and tried to hold back her tears, "Oh the poor things. I thought the caning was overdone, I voted for eight strokes, but now this. It's wrong David. Do something about it."

"First they have to get better," Jenny pointed out, "Then we'll find out what they want."

"I'll schedule him an appointment for this afternoon, when they should be awake and he'll have no excuse for not coming," Debra stated firmly.

"Secretaries!" David said in mock anger, "They think they run the place. But yes, I will come later. Will they be awake about four?" Jenny said they should be. "Don't forget the pix, Jenny. They will ensure it can't happen again and it will give us a hold over Bill Greenmore," David added as they left.

Sarah and Henry visited casualty and sat with Ken and Claire during the lunch break. Henry needed another painkiller so he had to see Jenny anyway. They found Claire and Ken awake and sitting, propped up with pillows; their bottoms now less painful than their fronts. Claire noticed Henry limped and walked very stiffly but he was in his usual cheerful good humour. "Just look at them Sarah," he joked, "They're slaves like us and yet they get to lie in bed all day."

"I'd much rather be able to work with you," commented Ken.

"Claire, I always thought you hankered after a big black cock but was it necessary to go to such extremes?" Henry indicated Ken's swollen, multi-coloured weapon.

"I'd had enough of the white worm," Claire smiled feebly with the pain and thought to herself, "A few days ago, I would never have thought of a remark like that, let alone say it to another slave."

"Do you think Ken wanted a chocolate pussy?" It was Sarah's turn at joking.

"Well if he did he ordered wrong, That's raspberry whip."

"And if I wanted a black bottom, do I get to see yours Henry?" Claire asked. Henry turned and lifted his tunic. "My God Henry, you didn't deserve that. It was her fault as much as yours. She ought to get a dose of it too."

"You two didn't deserve what you got last night either," Sarah said seriously, "But what can us slaves do about it?"

"Nothing at the moment, but with luck perhaps when and if we ever get back to being free again…Jenny says, David promised we won't be sent to Bill's place again," Ken answered.

For a little while they talked seriously about what happened before Sarah and Henry had to return to work.

"They're still sleeping," Debra whispered as she and David entered casualty but even her low voice caused Ken to open his eyes. He tried to sit up and in doing so pulled Claire's cuff waking her.

"Sorry Claire, I didn't mean to disturb you," he apologised.

"Well he's never done that before!" thought David but he said nothing about it. Instead he enquired as to how they felt and what happened. "I'll get Flagelistics to release you and I'll terminate your slavery. That's the least I can do."

Ken and Claire looked at each other for a few moments, "No," Claire said, "We'll serve our time provided we're not loaned out to that pervert. Everyone knows about the tags and it could seem like we wormed our way out of it."

"I'm already dealing with Bill Greenmore," David assured them, "But why do you want to continue? Please talk freely, as colleagues not slaves."

There was silence for a short while before Ken answered, "I think it has made us both better people, more tolerant to each other. We were always at each other's throats but now we are more likely to help each other. We have to."

"Before we never appreciated the slaves were people that had feelings or that they lived lives that were generally happier than our own. We had no idea how they lived apart from the fact they had rooms in the basement. None of the staff ever go there to see the working conditions or find out what happens after work finishes. Some of them have been really kind to us and helped us get over the caning. They laugh at us, of course, but it's not malicious." Claire spoke thoughtfully as if thinking about it for the first time. "It seems likely we will not be able to be proper works slaves this week and will have to spend most of our time in casualty so perhaps this week shouldn't count as part of our punishment time?"

David and Debbie were very surprised by this suggestion and asked Ken if he agreed with her. It had taken him by surprise too but he thought for a few moments. "Yes," he replied slowly, "It may also give us more time to think about our lives and if Jack can be persuaded to just give us simple tasks this week that will allow us to heal but keep us occupied, I can agree with that."

For a while they discussed the extension to their slavery and then the conversation turned to what went on after work. Debra looked a little flushed when she heard about the sex and the sleeping arrangements and the nakedness. Ken explained about the morning ablution rituals and the need for close-cropped pubic hair. They'd already noticed it on Ken and Claire but felt too embarrassed to ask about it.

Claire went on. "It wouldn't hurt for some of the other supervisors to have to spend some time as slaves. I don't mean, they should be caned like we were or loaned out or even linked like we are but they should know what it feels like to receive the strap and to be subservient to everyone. It would certainly do JJ some good."


"Janet Jefferson," Debra explained to David.

"Why pick on her?"

Claire explained what happened to Henry. David listened. He had no liking for her either. She was efficient but uncaring and cold. Her rise to supervisor had been at the expense of others and she'd even threatened David's position at one time.

"You think I ought to pair her off with another supervisor and send them to Jack for a fortnight?" David was thinking the idea over.

"Perhaps pair her with Henry," giggled Claire and then she groaned as the movements hurt her tits. "Perhaps his quirky humour might put a smile on her sour face."

"Hhhuumm! Any other pairs you'd care to name?"

"What about you two?" Ken indicated David and Debra, "Good leadership should start at the top." The manager and secretary looked shocked but Ken went on, "If you did it, no one else would dare refuse. Even JJ couldn't, although she'll protest very vehemently."

"How would you feel about it Debra?" David asked.

"I wouldn't mind the sex bit," she giggled, "But I doubt I would like the strap even if it isn't as bad as their caning. And there's my partner to think of. He might well object… and your wife."

"It wouldn't hurt them to spend a few days alone… or perhaps together. What's good for us, should be fine for them too." David looked serious. "We'll go away and study the diary." Ken often wondered about the relationship between the MD and his secretary but from the way David spoke, up to now it had been platonic although it seemed that both wanted it otherwise and this would give them the opportunity.

An hour later the MD's picture appeared on the screens in each office accompanied by the jingle that made everyone pay attention. "Ladies and gentlemen. As you will remember, a week ago I sentenced Claire Jackson and Ken Blane to be punished and then to serve three weeks as slaves. They lost all their rights as members of staff and had to live and work with and as part of our slave labour force. The main difference between them and the others is the fact that they were and are being kept naked and as part of their punishment they were tagged together. Yesterday, Bill Greenmore punished them further and in a terrible manner. Earlier today I went and spoke with them to review the situation and to assess the value of the slavery side of the punishment."

"She's going to get off," Sally whispered to Rachel.

"It seems the idea has been more successful than I anticipated. They are bonding with each other far better now and have much more consideration for their fellow slaves and for others under them. They still have a further two weeks on what I will call 'the naked at work' programme and because of the extra punishment they had, they are having to stay in casualty for a week, therefore their naked at work time will not begin until next week. For the whole of this period they will live in the slaves quarters but will work at their usual jobs during normal office hours except they will be as ordinary office staff and not supervisors. Because of the tagging system, they will work close by each other and of course, they will continue to be naked." David paused, knowing this would give rise to a few remarks in the offices. "At these times as far as work goes, they will be treated in the same way as every other member of the office. However, their status will still be that of a slave. I must emphasise this. You all should know the rules about how we treat slaves so even if they are personal friends of yours, remember as slaves they belong to Kennington Accounts. I am therefore giving supervisors authority to force anyone found causing annoyance or using snide remarks about they way they look or trying to humiliate them, to have the culprits work naked too and if necessary to augment it by using the strap. Staff in their offices should be aware and remember, Ms. Jackson and Mr. Blane probably have a far greater knowledge of the work, than most of you." Again David paused.

"What came out of my discussions with Ken and Claire was the emphasis on the great value of the bonding part of their punishment. Some of you may be old enough to remember the bonding courses staff were sent on twenty years or more ago. Courses that required some physical hardships that could only be overcome by team work. Claire and Ken both urged me strongly to instigate a period of slavery for all supervisors and senior members of staff. I was doubtful but when that pair actually work together they can be very persuasive so I am in a mind to test their theory out… personally. From five o'clock tonight, my secretary Debra Jones and I will test the programme. For the next five days we are relinquishing our positions and becoming part of the slave labour force. Normally I suggest the slave period would be for a fortnight, but unfortunately I have a business conference at the weekend and other commitments that I cannot cancel. I will be away overnight on Saturday but Debra will remain and I will return and stay in slavery until work starts on Monday. Neither of us will in any way be let us off from slave work until after the weekend. No doubt many of you will see us doing chores with the other slaves. Jack, the overseer has informed me that all new slaves are welcomed with ten strokes of the strap and we will receive those and like Ken and Claire we will be not allowed clothing except slave shoes or such other items as are necessary for bodily protection. We will be living in the slave quarters to find out exactly how they are run and be subject to the same rules and the same lack of privacy as the others. Claire said that was the worst part especially in the beginning. There is no where for any slave to go and be alone. Everything they do is in full view of the others and that includes using the toilets."

David waited. He knew there would be a buzz in the offices. "If I decide, Claire and Ken are right in that a period of slavery would do a lot of good for supervisors or others, I shall initiate it with effect from Monday. Normally pairs will be made slaves and usually it will be a male and female buddy pair. Not necessarily those who get on with each other, perhaps especially those who are at loggerheads like Ken and Claire were. A single person might be sent and then Jack will pair him or her up with one of the slaves. No prior warning will be given but those chosen will have an hour to communicate with their partner or parents etc and make any other personal arrangements. My wife and children have yet to be informed and Debra is only hearing of her involvement now so the time-scale is roughly the same for us as it will be for whoever is chosen. To reiterate, I will only set the programme in motion, if after the five days personal trial, we believe it to be worthwhile. If we find it is the case the next trial will be for two weeks and the first pair will be informed when they arrive on Monday morning. They will only be able to back out by leaving Kennington Accounts and finding another job. Thank you for listening."

For a few moments there was silence but then the speculation and discussion began and supervisors had to order their staff back to work.

"You didn't tell me you'd decided to go through with it and I don't get any choice. I have to be your buddy for this experiment whether I want to or not. And are we to be seen as a pair at loggerheads with each other? If we are you'd better lock yourself in your office until the end of the afternoon, David Carsons." Debra tried to sound angry but when he grinned, she did too. "You won't mind if Greg gets together with Marjorie?"

"I'll have to ask her first but I don't think it will be a problem. She likes him and it will help if he can get the children ready for school and see them into the Glidemobile. As you know she leaves for work before me and I see them off before I come here. I'll vid her or perhaps we can link all four of us together that will save going through the explanations twice."

"And who's going to buddy me while you're at the conference?"

"Oh, I guess someone will volunteer," David was grinning. Debra was attractive enough to entice any man to buddy her.

"You ready for this Debra," David asked as they walked to Jack's office. He gripped her hand tightly and could tell she was shaking.

"They said the first three days are the worst," Debra voice too was shaky, "And we only have three days or at least you do. I've got the full weekend as well."

Jack appeared. "Come in boss, sorry now you've entered this room, I'm your boss. Hi Deb. You set the rules so you know what to do. Undress and put your clothes in these two cases. Sarah will be here in a few minutes to show you round and will bring you your slave shoes and leg tags. I keep the key until you leave. As you know the tags let security know where you are and are programmed so that you cannot go outside the building. Dinner is at six and after that we'll officially welcome you to our community. It shouldn't be too bad for you as neither of you are disliked by the slaves here except in the way most bosses are. Ken and Claire had to overcome much more than that, but were given some sympathy as the result of their caning. Now strip off slave Dave and slave Debbie." The last sentence was given in a change of tone, one that held the authority of a master and not as an equal.

Jack appraised them as they stood naked waiting for Sarah. His cock hardened at the sight of Debra's fine breasts and her neatly trimmed pubic mound. "I presume Ken told you about the sex part of this," Jack spoke, looking directly at Debra. "Your bodies are available to any slave when you are not working…and I get first crack at the females," he added. "Normally, as buddies, you two will sleep together but others may come and visit your bed as ask for your services. Sarah will explain more. Here she is."

It took a little while for the pair to become adjusted to being naked while the other slaves were dressed albeit only in a scanty tunic, but the greetings were friendly enough. Debra voluptuous tits were much admired but she was able to field the ribald comments well enough and with good humour. Sarah introduced them as Davy and Debbie and they quickly learned to call the staff ma'am or sir but their fellow slaves were known only by their first or nickname.

When Claire and Ken entered the dining room a cheer went up and Sarah went to help them. It was their first time they had been allowed out of casualty and it was clear they were having difficulty in walking. Two others brought their meal. David commented, "It looks as if they are really part of the community now. I wonder if they'll want to go back to the stress of their old jobs."

When the dinner things were cleared, everyone assembled in the dormitory for the welcome. As the slaves filed in they disrobed and stood naked. Debra was shaking. Never in her life had she seen so many pricks in various stages of arousal, nor for that matter had she seen so many exposed cunts. Never in her life had she been spanked and she'd no idea of how much pain the strap would cause. "Lie face down on the bed Debbie," Jack ordered, "All the slaves who come here get the same treatment, except for Ken and Claire of course, they'd already had far worse. You can cry out, but we don't expect you to abuse or swear at us. That will only increase the number of strokes. I'm going to ask for two men to hold your legs and arms but normally for a small punishment you would have to hold yourself still."

Debbie blushed, knowing all eyes were on her white bottom. "Crack!" Jack laid the first stroke on with moderate force but she didn't realise it at the time. Debbie thought he was being merciless and howled with the pain. Rhythmically Jack covered her arse with the allotted ten. David worried that he'd really messed up, putting her in the programme but even so, his prick showed just how much the sight of her arse bouncing under the lash stimulated him. Sobbing and shaking he helped her to stand and gave her a hug and a kiss. Jack allowed this for a minute or two and then it was David's turn to lie on the bed. Debbie found herself supported by Carl's strong arm and somewhat disconcertingly, she could feel his hard cock touching her thigh and soon one hand found her breast. Looking across at the next bed she saw Ken also with an erection and Claire tenderly stroking the still very colourful prick. Despite her pain, Debbie wondered just how great the change was between those two.

Her reverie was broken by the sound of the first stroke slapping David's arse and soon after the distinctive red colouring appeared. David winced with each succeeding stroke but managed not to yell until the eighth. He stood on his own at the end but he moved very stiffly. Now he wasn't sure if this was a good idea at all or just something Ken and Claire had done to get back at him. He moved across to Debra and gave her another hug. "That should be the worst over, at least I hope it is," he whispered.

"That's the first part of our warm welcome over, slaves," Jack announced, "The second part is to make you realise you do not own your body. It is available to anyone in this community, overseers and slaves. I always exercise my right to fuck the lady first and by tradition, her buddy does so second. Thereafter anyone else may do so, the ladies may wish to satisfy themselves with Davy if they can get him ready and the men with Debbie but lesbian and gay activities are allowed too. Sarah may limit the number of times if she feels either the man or the woman is suffering unduly. Debbie will you please lie on the bed again." She gave a little cry when her arse hit the sheet but she lay there and spread her legs as she would have done for Greg, her partner. This was the part she was concerned about. Could she let herself be fucked in public? The thought excited her and yet it also appalled her. Excitement tinged with apprehension.

"Pull your legs right back by your ears Debbie," Jack ordered, "We all want a good look at your nicely trimmed hair." Debbie blushed deeply. "Davy will be trimmed to match by this time tomorrow. Massage her for me Davy, get her nice and wet." He didn't have much to do, Debbie was already flowing but David enjoyed the feel of his hand on her mound. While this was going on, Jack opened his flies wide and freed his prick. "Ready?" he asked but didn't wait for an answer before thrusting in and pounding away until he spent. "Were you told the after a fuck ritual?" Jack asked. Debbie nodded. Her sex with Greg had always been conventional, frequent and enjoyable but very much the same each time. He'd occasionally tongued her but not after sex and she'd sucked him a few times but only tasted his semen once and then by accident. Now she'd learn to do it whether she liked it or not. If Claire was right, she have to suck the prick even after it had been in her bottom. Jack licking her now sensitive labia felt most enjoyable and she decided she'd have to introduce Greg to that. She wasn't so sure when Jack held his wilting sticky prick to her lips but remembered Claire's warning about the punishment being worse and being forced to do it anyway. She sucked.

David took her next. "He's bigger," Debbie told herself, "I've often wondered. Now I know." Out loud she said, "That's nice, David, do it long and slow to start with." He did but soon lust took over and he too pounded away and sent his semen into her waiting opening. She took his prick willingly in her mouth and almost had to be stopped. Five men fucked her before she finally curled up alongside David to get some sleep. "It was like some obscene orgy," she said to David and he had to agree. Several women had attempted to get him hard again and when one finally succeeded he'd fucked her. All around them, other couples were fornicating without embarrassment. "I wonder if it is like this every night or just because we're new here?"

"Aren't you sore down there?" David asked.

"A little, but it was enjoyable and they seemed to want to do it in all sorts of ways. They all laughed and made it fun too. Didn't all that rubbing and sucking make your prick sore? And what about your arsehole? You didn't expect that to be used this early on did you?

"Yeah, I'm sore too but I kinda enjoyed it like you and it is so surprising, how different the slaves are in here. How friendly and they already treat us like we're one of them."

"Which we are until Monday morning."

Claire hobbled painfully over to see them. "I hope you didn't find that too bad. You seemed to be enjoying yourself Debbie, Ken hopes he'll be fit enough to fuck you before your time here is over. Don't forget, get up straightaway when the bell goes. Shower, shit, do your teeth and hair as quickly as you can if you don't want your hands strapped by Julie. If one of the slaves suggests you do something before inspection, do it. They've had a lot more experience of what the woman overseer looks for." In the event Julie only reminded David to get his hair trimmed before her next inspection.

Things went well for them but on Friday there occurred an incident that although it didn't involve them directly, made them more determined to put JJ on the programme. They had been assigned to the messages department, which meant carrying papers and folders from one office to another, doing copying work. As they passed the dining room they heard Janet's voice and saw her berating Henry again, they didn't know what for or why but she made him turn round and lift his tunic. "Perhaps I should have the colour renewed a bit you miserable specimen," she said nastily, "I have a word with your overseer."

Henry looked very upset but said nothing. At lunch Debbie asked him about it. "The bitch went out of her way and then said I stood in her path and was insolent. She just hates my guts now."

"You know why Henry?" Claire asked and then went on, "She's a lesbian and hates men. I don't know why but she hates men more than I did and your bowing backwards shoved your bum towards her face. She's told herself you did it deliberately to show you're a man. She took it as an insult. A week ago I might have done the same."

Jack came over to the table. "JJ wants me to give you another strapping Henry. I told her I would have to consult the boss when he came back to work as Jenny has forbidden me to hit you again for at least a week. That's not quite true but Jenny said she'd back me up if she were asked. I don't think you warranted the amount I had to give you last time. Try and keep out of her way. I'm putting you on cleaning in the slave rooms for the rest of the day. She won't go in there and it's nearly knocking off time for her."

"How would you like to be her buddy if she is assigned to the programme Henry?" David asked when Jack left.

"No way! Who'd ever want a bitch like that for a partner." Henry was indignant.

"Think about it Henry. She'd be largely under your control. You'll be able to screw her even if she doesn't like it and she'll get into all sorts of trouble if she ignores what you tell her, as I'm sure she will. We'd have made a lot of mistakes and been at the receiving end of the strap if it hadn't been for Claire and Ken's advice. Think about it Henry, talk to some of the others, and let me know when I come back from the conference."

"Yes, but Davy and you too Deb, you were willing to go along with it. You've mucked in and become part of the group. Even before you came down here, you treated us okay and didn't go out of your way to make life difficult. She's quite different and will buck it all the way. It will be difficult to live with her if she's moaning and screaming all the time."

"Wouldn't you like to see her squirming under the strap?" Ken asked. "I know a week ago, I would have loved to have seen Claire given a bare bum hiding while I just stood by a watched. Things didn't work out that way but that's not the point."

"Maybe… I'll talk with Sarah. She's been a slave for a long while and has her head screwed on." Henry stood and went on his way.

"No one has said who is going to be my buddy while David is away," Debbie commented. "Am I going to be left to fend for myself?"

"I'm sure Ken wants a turn with you now that he's recovered enough to get a hard-on but I'm not sure I want to share for too long. I guess others will keep an eye on you too. You won't have to worry." She didn't. Jack invited her into his room for Saturday night.

"How'd it go?" David asked Debra when he returned. He'd immediately reported to Jack and handed in his clothes and went to where she was getting food out on the counter ready to serve.

"Fine," she replied, "Spent last night in Jack's bed and learned a few new techniques and I was off duty till an hour ago so Henry and Carl both had me. I don't know how I'll get on when I have to go back and it's just Greg."

"Me neither."

"I'll talk later after I done my stint here and you've done the clearing up. Did Jack tell you the roster for today? In any case I want you when you're free. I need to make the most of this chance or maybe Marjorie will consider swapping?"

Chapter 7. Jan's unwilling to take part

"Ms. Jefferson, Mr. Carsons wishes to see you in his office immediately," Security informed her when she'd pressed her thumb on the lock.

"I'll go as soon as I have my office sorted," she snapped.

"He did stress 'immediately' miss."

"So what," she thought but walked to her office, "He's only the sitting in the chair I should be in. No doubt he's had a dirty weekend with that bimbo of a secretary playing at being slaves but fucking like rabbits. I guess they heard what Claire got up to with the other slaves."

"Security. Has Ms. Jefferson arrived yet? Who am I talking to?" David enquired.

"Reg, sir. Yes sir, she arrived fifteen minutes ago and I gave her your message but she said she'd have to go to her office first. I did say you wanted to see her straightaway sir."

"I'm sure you did Reg. Put me through to whoever is in charge there this morning please."

"It's Mike sir. I'll switch the vid connection for you."

"Morning Mike. Would you please send a couple of your biggest men to Ms. Jefferson's office and bring her to mine. She'll probably be abusive so cuff her and make her journey here as public as possible."

"I doubt two will be enough for that feisty bitch… sorry woman," Mike commented, "I hope you know what you're doing, she'll scream blue murder all the way. What's she done wrong? Are we arresting her?"

"No, she's done nothing wrong but you'll all know why soon. I hope she does make a fuss. That will draw everyone's attention to her."

"You're not going to… the programme you went on…"

"Keep your lips sealed Mike, let others imagine its embezzlement or something for the moment."

"I'll go myself and bring Reg. I can put a replacement on the reception desk."

Mike and Reg strode into the office suite and noisily slammed the door. All the staff turned and watched as they walked between the desks to Janet's office. "Ms. Jefferson, you are to come with us." Mike said loudly enough for everyone to hear.

"Why? What right have you to come in here like this and disturb me at work? I demand an explanation." Janet's high-pitched voice carried across the office floor The office had become completely silent and all eyes were on her.

"I'm just following orders miss. I think there have been some investigations going on and my orders are to collect you."

"I'm going nowhere until I know what this is all about. You can't…"

Janet's words were cut short when Reg grabbed her arms and forced them behind her back and Mike cuffed her wrists. Janet started cursing and threatening but the security guards ignored them and each put a hand under her armpits and half-lifted, half carried her screaming and kicking from the room. They could have taken the lift to the next floor but instead used the longer route that took her passed the upper floor offices.

"Ah, Ms. Jefferson, you decided to come at last. We were expecting you half an hour ago," Debra remarked as security paused at her desk.

"You mean to say you had me arrested and brought here like this just because I didn't go to see David bloody Carsons soon enough? That's preposterous. I'll…"

"Bring her though please boys. Mr. Carsons is expecting you." Debra led the way and opened the door.

"Good morning Janet. I'm so glad you could come. Please have a seat," David greeted the irate woman. The security men lowered her in the chair. Immediately she tried to stand but was firmly pushed down again.

"What is the meaning of the this outrage Carsons? I'll have you put away for this." She continued to fume and spit abuse at David without waiting for an explanation until Debra took a hand towel from the washroom, twisted it into a string and gagged her with it.

"Janet, now that I have your attention please listen carefully. As you know Debbie and I spent the last few days in the slaves quarters and in doing so I learned a great deal about you. I found out you were undoubtedly the most hated person in this establishment, even more than Claire was. Claire has changed out of all recognition." Janet began to get an inkling of where this was leading and was shaking her head violently and muttering into her makeshift gag. "Both she and Ken have benefited from their experience and are still in the programme but will be working together in the offices for another two weeks. I believe you too are a prime candidate for the programme, The reasons for putting them on the programme were very different and yet similar to yours. They caused to firm to lose a lot of money because of their behaviour, you haven't done that except indirectly in that your staff does not work willingly and they and others do their best to keep out of your way which makes them less efficient than they should be. You have to bully them to get things done. I'm not proposing to have you caned or that you are tag linked to a buddy but I am ordering a two-week period on the 'naked at work programme'. You gloated when you saw Debbie and me working naked in the dining hall, now is the time for you to find out what it is like for yourself. You of course do have a choice. Agree to take the programme or clear your desk and be escorted from the premises. I strongly recommend the first option although I know you will find the first few days very difficult; very difficult indeed."

Tears were streaming down Janet's face but her eyes showed their anger at the choice she was being forced to make. "Janet I know you hate me and men in general so when you have calmed down a little I am going to leave you with Debbie and ask security to wait outside. When she is ready she'll remove your gag and you can discuss with her what is likely to happen if you choose the programme. I'll give you fifteen minutes to make up your mind to agree or clear your desk. Don't even think of attacking Debbie, security will monitor the room but I will mute the sound so you can talk in private. Understand?" Janet made no indication either way but David stood and showed her the control set to mute and left the room.

"I suppose you and Carsons thought this up while you were screwing like rabbits for the last few days. That's why you dreamed up this idea, isn't it? You wanted a few days whoring." Debbie didn't answer but just sat and waited until Janet finished trying to debase her.

"You only have eight minutes left to make up your mind Janet. I am here to answer any questions that will help you do that but I am not here to answer personal questions on my life."

"You know I cannot afford to lose this job. Getting another would be difficult especially one that paid as well as this. You have me trapped and you know it. Gwen only has a low paid job which brings in enough to keep her but doesn't pay much towards the rent of our apartment." She sat glaring for a few more minutes and then, seemingly making up her mind to ask said, "Will I be raped by men?"

"Technically no but you will probably think of it like that. You will be a slave and as you know, anyone in that community can have sex with any of the others or with those outside provided the owner agrees. To put it bluntly, many men will fuck you, probably several times a day. Office staff are not allowed to touch you without owners permission and as the owners are a firm, no one can give that permission."

"Will they hurt me?"

"Yes. You will receive the 'welcome' as they call it on the first night, which is ten strokes of the strap done in front of everyone. I had it, David had it and you probably noticed the marks when we were on dining room duty. They hurt and are still tender but that was all the punishment we had because we co-operated and fitted in with the others. Ken and Claire gave us some tips on how to avoid the strap too. They had problems at first but theirs was partly due to the tags and the slowness of their movements due to the thrashing they had. You'll only have the leg tag that prevents you leaving the building and gives the security computer a spot check on your position."

"But I'd be fucked and raped at the welcome too."

"You'd be fucked. Almost certainly by the overseer first and then by whoever they decide is to be your buddy, that's the one who will try to guide and help you especially in the first few days. You'll sleep together. After those two you will be fucked by whoever feels like it. I had five men and one woman the first night. They did things I didn't like too much at first. One did it in my bottom and after each fuck, the men had to lick me clean, which was nice, but I had to return the favour and suck them."

"I could never do that!" Janet almost yelled.

"Then you'll be strapped until you do. There are at least two lesbians in there. Dana, Claire's slave is still there and she still prefers women but she has to submit to men as well. You'll be able to ask any woman to service you and you can service her too."

"Will I be able to have a girl as my buddy?"

"It depends on who volunteers. To put it bluntly, you are so hated by every slave in the community that they may have difficulty in finding a willing buddy for you."

The door opened and David entered. "Have you made up your mind?" he asked.

"You know I've no bloody choice Carsons. You set me up you cunning bastard but I'll get my own back. They won't find me as willing to demean myself as you seemed to have been."

"Then I expect you'll be in a lot more pain than we were." Turning to the two security guards, "Mike and Reg, would you mind escorting Ms. Jefferson to the slave overseer please." Still in cuffs, she was led to the basement.

"I don't know if I can face them Ken," Claire sounded worried. "It's one thing to be naked and doing slave work but quite another to be in an office amongst people that were under you until a couple of weeks or so ago."

"I shall be with you and we'll be in my office next week. By then I expect we'll be inured to it." They held hands because the Flagelistics tags wouldn't be removed until they'd finished their now month long naked at work session.

"I wonder how JJ's getting on? Wish we could have been there to see her arrive, unless of course she's decided to find another job."

"I doubt that. There's not many firms around like us and I can't see her references appealing to many employers. She's efficient but she's lacking in social skills. Here we are Claire, put on a smile and brave it out." To their surprise a cheer went up and several of their colleagues greeted them cheerfully. Some commented on the painful quirt and the cane welts that still decorated their bodies but no one abused them.

Shirley came from the supervisor's office. "Morning Claire, Ken." After the usual preliminaries she went on, "I'd better formally introduce you although everyone's seen you arrive. Ladies and gentlemen, as you can see, Claire and Ken have arrived. Claire is back with us and Ken is going to work in here with her for this week. You all know about the tagging system so if you have to see them please make sure neither you nor folders or anything gets between the two arm tags." There were nods of understanding.

"I reckon she's got guts coming in here with him, naked and still with showing those wicked looking welts on her tits and arse," Rachel commented to Sally.

"And they're smiling and holding hands. She seems to have changed a helluva lot. I heard she could have come off the programme after Bill Greenmore's whipping but she decided to see it through and even discounted last week when they couldn't really do any work." A look from Shirley stopped the conversation.

"Technically they are still slaves and as such they, and you, are bound by the slavery rules. They are the property of the firm and as you do not own the Kennington Accounts you are not allowed to touch, fondle or have sex with them. You will no doubt recall the incident when they were in this room a little while ago. However, now they are here to work so I'd like to get them and the rest of you working again. Mr. Carsons has given them a special dispensation to use the canteen at mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks as it would take too long for the to go down to the slave room for those short breaks. You may be able to talk with them then. They have to use the slaves dining room for the midday meal so their lunch break will not be until 2 p.m. which is when you should all be back at work here. Now please carry on with your work and remember, please be polite to them and don't get between them. You can take that whichever way you wish." Shirley laughed with the others at her little double entendre.

Claire noticed how different Shirley's technique was from her own, or at least her past technique. Shirley's was relaxed and laid-back. She would have spoken louder and given crisp orders and not permitted any talking or comment.

Shirley turned to them, "I didn't know what arrangement would suit you best but I've had two desks put together so you can sit opposite each other. I've staggered the keyboards and screens and thought that if you kept your tagged arms above the table, you'd be able to work with both hands free. Or perhaps you have a better idea?"

"Not at this moment in time Shirley ma'am, thank you," Ken replied, "And sitting opposite her will give me a chance to watch her titties wobbling."

"But I won't be able to see if they give you an erection," Claire replied. Shirley gasped at the comment. A few days ago, they would never even hinted at such things let alone laugh about them.

"Your office sent some stuff up for you Ken, but they said you may need to get other discs from your cabinet. They were not sure what you would actually need and said it may depend on what you managed to get done. Feel free to leave when you have to without asking. I know Claire has to accompany you so please try and keep the number of journeys to the minimum."

"Yes, I'll do that Shirley, sorry ma'am, thank you."

Three-quarters of an hour later, "I really do need to get some of the old back-up discs from what was my office Claire. I can't get on any further without them. They've set me sorting out some of the bad debts from way back. It's a job I've been threatening to give one of the others for a while but no one seemed to have the time. Are you up to running the gauntlet?"

The reception in Ken's office was more staid but not unwelcoming. "Morning Steve sir, you know Claire." After the brief introduction Ken found the box of discs but the old CD drive was missing.

"Maybe in the store?" Steve suggested.

It wasn't but when he came out, one of the girls noticed he was half-hard. She tittered, "Can I come into the store with you next time?"

"Not until my slavery is over Carol. Until then we're out of bounds to each other."

"And after then he's mine anyway!" Claire added. This caused some raised eyebrows.

"Get undressed and put your clothing in this box. You won't be needing them again for a couple of weeks," Jack ordered.

"Look the other way then," Janet demanded, "I don't want your ugly face leering at me."

Jack grabbed her arm and dragged her roughly into the slave dining room where a group was cleaning up after breakfast. "Stop work and look at JJ. She's embarrassed by having to take her clothes off while I watch. Perhaps it will be easier if everyone here watches. Strip slave JJ."

"Please don't make me do this… In fact I won't do it! You've no right to ask. I shouldn't be here." She stood up a defiantly looked at the overseer. Her reply was greeted with hoots and catcalls from the onlookers.

"Get Henry," Jack ordered. He too was laughing. In a short while Henry appeared. "You know JJ I believe Henry?" Henry smiled. He was going to get his revenge. "JJ may I introduce you to Henry. I know you've come across each other a few times and you've had a good look at his arse but haven't been introduced socially." Jack paused he was enjoying this, "JJ may I introduce your buddy for the coming two weeks, Henry."

"You can't mean it?" Janet was horrified. Only a short while ago she's had him thrashed and she'd applied to have it done again. It was not a good start. "I want a woman buddy," she stated as firmly as she could but again this was greeted with laughter and hoots.

"Henry, your girl buddy doesn't wish to take her clothes off in front of us. Would you like to do the honours?" Jack had a grin that spread from ear to ear.

"Certainly sir. Will the others be permitted to help?"

"Of course."

Henry reached out and swiftly grabbed the front of Janet's blouse and tore it open. Other hands pulled at whatever clothing they could get hold of. Janet fought, screamed and kicked but the slaves still laughed at her efforts. It wasn't long before her clothes were lying in shreds and she was naked.

"Unpin her hair Rita please," Jack ordered, "She looks too much like a boss lady with it up on top of her head." Soon Janet's dark hair hung to just below her shoulder line. He walked to his office and returned with a pair of leather cuffs. "I can see why security put the steel handcuffs on you. These will be more comfortable if you have to wear them for longer periods. How long depends on your behaviour." Although she struggled and swore, inevitably the cuffs were fitted and her hands fastened behind her back. Janet stood like a caged tiger in the centre of the room. Jack walked round as though admiring a piece of sculpture. "Nice tits, not over large but still firm considering her age. Cunt hair matches her head. Trimmed neatly. Does your girl partner do that for you?"

"None of your business!" The others knew Jack was only playing with her and would soon strike. Normally a remark like that would have seen a painful answer. Jack walked round commenting on her legs and feet and then, "Nice full arse. A bit pale, needs a little colour in it. Henry would you like to show her what colour it should be?"

"Yes sir." He bent down and lifted his tunic to reveal his purple blotched buttocks. Janet turned away.

"That's the colour you thought Henry's should be JJ so as you're buddies now, perhaps we should colour co-ordinate yours with his. Look at him woman!" The last sentence came out loudly and Janet jumped.

"No! Please no. I've done nothing wrong. I shouldn't be here. I have an office to run. I'm not a slave like you lot. This is only Carsons idea of a joke. Release me immediately and let me get back to work…" She saw the remains of her clothing on the floor and it hit her; this was no joke.

Even if it was a David Carsons joke, Jack and the slaves were prepared to go along with it. He and Deb had been good sports and had joined in with them. David had also promised to get some improvements that Jack had been asking to be done for months. Already the maintenance foreman had been down. So if it was a joke it was certainly on Janet.

"JJ, forget about your life upstairs for the next two weeks. Concentrate on surviving down here. You've already doubled your welcome for this evening. However, I don't want to have your arse too colourful before then so I'm going to ask Henry to sit on that chair and you to lie across his lap for a little hand spanking. Will you do that?"

"Not willingly. Not in your lifetime bastard. You're only one of the lesser employees here."

"But one that holds the key to your body for a while." Jack spoke quietly and turned to Carl and Richard, "Hold her across Henry's lap."

Cuffed as she was, Janet's struggle was but a token one and within seconds she was in the required position. Henry stroked her white bottom and fingered her arsehole and cunt. "Feels a bit cold and dry, sir," he remarked.

"Warm it up then Henry. Take your time and cover the whole area, then put some cream on the internal parts. You're quite welcome to have first shot at the crabby bitch. You deserve it after what she did to you. Bring her to my office after you've done and we'll complete the formalities and she can have the prescribed one hour to make her personal arrangements."

"Stop it you pervert," Janet yelled as Henry's finger probed her arse. "Yeeoooww!" Henry's hand struck with all the force he could muster.

"Don't tickle 'er Henry, give 'er proper hard 'uns." Carl taunted his friend. Henry handprinted the other bum cheek and continued to spank her until the whole area from the back of her thighs to the base of her spine was deep red in colour and Henry's hand was sore.

"You think that will do for starters Carl?" Henry asked. Janet was crying and sobbing hysterically. "My little girl is crying like a baby. Maybe she's had enough for now?"

"I suppose so, but when you going to start the main course?" All the slaves were smiling hugely and added their comments.

"Trouble is," Henry stated, "The way she wriggled made my prick is so hard, and now my balls feel like they're gonna burst, I just got to put that cream inside her before it goes all over the place. Let's put her over the table." Weary from the pain and distress, Janet hardly had the strength to resist. Henry plunged in, surprised that there was a little moisture flowing in her opening. She was tight though, very tight. He commented on it to the others and kept up a running commentary as he plunged in as deeply as he could. Frequently Janet's face was as red as her arse and her tits were mauled as Henry used them as handles to force himself into her. "I'm creaming now," he cried out to the audience, "She's getting her first load of spunk for many years." Slowly he withdrew and pushed her globes apart enough to get his tongue to her slit. "I 'spect you've had this done more times than you done fucking, Did you never use a dildo?" Janet didn't answer. She was dreading what Debra had told her came next.

It came. Henry placed his sticky prick by her face. "No doubt you've sucked cunts, now you've to learn to suck pricks. Don't even think about biting. That's a cunt caning offence." She tried to keep her mouth shut but Richard pinched her nose. "Use your tongue you stupid bitch. Ain't you got any idea at all how to suck cock?" Still she didn't make any attempt and it was only after Carl hit her cunt lips hard, did she half-heartedly lick around the shaft.

"Give her a shower Henry and let her have a piss before you bring her back. I don't want her in my office in such a state." Jack sniggered at the crying woman. "He knew that would cause even more embarrassment to her.

"This way JJ." Henry put his arms around her to give some support, "The warm water will help take some of the fire away but it will get worse tonight. You angered Jack too much to get away with just ten whaps. It's bad when he doesn't show his anger. Sooner you learn to obey, the sooner you'll be free of pain. I still hurt even now and for three days I couldn't work and Jenny had to give me painkillers and put me to sleep because I was so bad."

Although being next to a man in the shower still disgusted her, Janet was too sore and mentally exhausted to resist when Henry started to wash her down. Even when he spent extra time on her breasts and cunt, she just stood there. Afterwards he sat her on a toilet, which made her cry out. When Henry pissed in the next bowl she turned her head away but the sound made her want to go and shortly she too made the toilet tinkle.

An hour later, Henry collected her from Jack's office. She now wore her leg tag and slave shoes but nothing else. Most of her vid call to Gwen, her partner had been tearful as she explained what had happened. Both women said how much they loved each other before Jack terminated the link. With the leg tag and slave shoes it was finally dawning on her, just how real a slave life she was going to be living.

"Take her to the cafeteria Henry. She can be on the serving line instead of Sarah. Ask Sarah to come to me please."

"You want me to serve too sir?"

"Yes, that'll give you a chance to get to know her."

"The less he knows about me the better," thought Janet, but she didn't say anything. She knew that being put on the serving line was to show her to all her co-workers and staff. "At least I get an apron for that, even if it only covers the bottom half of me,"

Several of her office workers did come but most just stared and gave standard answers concerning the food they required. One of the girls though looked concerned and asked how she was getting on and received an unexpected reply. "You stupid or something Clara? Do you think I want to here serving sluts like you? You should…"

Before she could say any more the strong arms of Julie, the overseer on duty, pulled her back from the serving line and refastened her cuffs. "I'm sorry miss," Julie apologised to Clara, "This slave hasn't learned her place yet. I will deal with her in the back room. I would be grateful if you would witness it. It won't take but a few moments of your time. I'll pop your lunch in the oven to keep it warm."

Bemused, Clara followed Julie as she forced Janet into the food preparation room. Janet turned and swore, "Leave me be you bitch. I didn't…" Julie quickly silenced the woman with a gag and then ordered two slaves who were stacking utensils to clear a table and when it was, she told them to lay Janet on it. "Face up. Jack wants her arse left for tonight's welcome. You hold her legs Richard and Rita you keep her shoulders still." Richard stood between Janet's ankles and held them to his side and looked directly at her mound. Clara could see his erection tenting his tunic and she could feel herself becoming wet between her legs when Julie removed the apron to reveal her boss's nude and helpless body.

"Slave JJ, you must learn to accept your position here and show your subservience to all staff. All outbursts like that to Miss Clara will be punished." Julie raised her strap and brought it down hard across the helpless woman's lower stomach. Her scream was severely muffled by the gag. Julie laid two more stripes alongside the first and working their way higher up her belly. "Hold her tight Rita, I'm going to tickle her tits now."

"Is that really necessary?" asked Clara horrified and yet very much aroused by the sight of the hated boss being thrashed, "You've already left some painful marks."

"Oh yes miss. This one's a feisty bitch and it will take more than a few stripes to train her," Julie answered as the first lash landed across both of Janet's breasts, flattening them, leaving a raw band marking its landing site. Two more followed. Janet was now howling with pain. Julie was unsympathetic. Clara though, felt both sorry for the woman and pleased that she at last was getting her comeuppance. She turned to leave so she could tell the rest of her work mates.

"One moment miss." Julie halted her, "She hasn't apologised to you yet." Janet hardly heard the words until she was ordered to kneel in front of Clara, a junior in her office. "I'm going to remove your gag now JJ. When I do, there is to be no abuse otherwise I will repeat the punishment. Understand?" Janet nodded, the fire across her front and especially in her breasts was too great not to. "Then you will apologise to Miss Clara for your outburst."

"I… am sorry Clara, I …" Janet broke down and sobbed.

"I think that's the best we'll get for now miss. Sorry for the trouble you had, I'll see if I can persuade them to let you have your lunch for free today." When she returned she re-gagged Janet, took her back into the Cafeteria and stood her near the entrance. "You aren't in a fit state to serve so you might as well stand and be part of the décor. Stand still and try and look pretty, if that's possible." Janet stood but slowly the warmth began of overcome her and she felt herself swaying. The next thing she knew she was in Henry's arms and a glass of water was at her lips. A small crowd stood looking on.

"Drink this JJ," Henry spoke quietly. Without thinking she took a few sips. "Ma'am," Henry spoke to Julie, "Can I take her to Jenny just in case she has a medical problem we don't know about?" Julie, fearing litigation if there was an underlying cause, agreed.

Jenny couldn't find anything really wrong and there was nothing in her records. "I think the stress and the thrashing combined with standing still in the warm room and being looked at by her underlings just became too much for her Henry. Take her back and make sure she gets something to eat." JJ cringed when Jenny spoke to her through Henry as though he was a father looking after a young child. "How's your bottom now?" Jenny asked. Henry turned and lifted his tunic to show the nurse who examined it carefully. "Still tender but I expect you can sit on it. I refused to allow the second hiding."

Janet knew the nurse was winding her up and was about to reply with an explosive remark when Henry again supported her with one arm around her back and his hand cupping a tender tit. "Don't," she pleaded.

"Dinnertime for us now JJ. Let's get some food buddygirl."

Ken and Claire watched as Henry guided her in. Janet looked decidedly unhappy and it was obvious she'd been punished. Only a few slaves were queuing to be served and most of the tables were full. All eyes turned on the new woman in their midst. Carl had told them the story of JJ's spanking and her being fucked by Henry and Rita added her bit on her frontal lashing. "She's going to have a real hard time of it," Claire remarked, "She so feisty she'll fight everything until she's too exhausted to move."

"I suppose we'd better get back to work Claire. Don't want Shirley getting on to us and we wasted a bit of time talking to Rachel while she ate her sandwiches in the office." Ken smiled to himself as he remembered her coming to their desk and asking if she could sit beside them. He knew she'd picked a spot where she could get glimpses of his prick and as he knew she was looking he became aroused and erect. Claire saw it too and just remarked that he would have to save it for later.

After some initial hesitation, Rachel had asked openly about their life as a slave. "Seems to me, the best job here is one of the overseers. They don't have too much responsibility, they get to wallop others and get all the sex they want," she commented. "Any jobs going down there?"

"If there is, we are going to apply for them," Ken laughed.

During the rest of the day Janet had to work with Henry and others cleaning the cafeteria. All knew her as the JJ bitch either from personal experience or from hearing of what she'd done to others and they of course knew how she'd had Henry thrashed. They made her do the physical work they same as they did. Twice when she had to lean over a table to wash it, fingers probed her cunt and when she stood and reprimanded them, everyone just laughed, knowing she was powerless to do anything. Stacking the chairs was more of a problem. She could only lift four while the others easily carried six. Not only that but the tops kept hitting her breasts. She was angry at the way the others made fun of her weakness and snatched at one pile of chairs and unfortunately the top caught her right on a welt. She dropped the pile and sat on the floor howling, For a few moments she suffered more ribald comments and laughter until Henry picked her up. "Leave the chairs. Start vacuuming from that corner."

Sarah came in while she was finishing her assigned area. "I'm Sarah the head slave and your link between us and the overseers. I have a good relationship with Jack and will help you where I can."

"You mean you're his whore!" Janet spoke vehemently.

"No. He usually prefers the younger ones and don't start being nasty with me. I can make your life even more of a hell than has to be. And you'd better be nice to Henry too otherwise by the end of your time here, you'll be in an institution. I'm told he's already helped you twice and never had a word of thanks."

"He's only a slave…" The words were out before she could think.

"As are you. You are equals at this time. No, in esteem and ability he's far better." Sarah's voice indicated her annoyance at JJ's attitude. "Now I'll take you on the grand tour of our quarters and tell you some of the things you need to know to survive here. Ignore them or fight them if you wish, but don't be surprised if it only ends in more pain for you." Sarah showed her around and told her of the routine. "Tonight will be different because there's your welcome. Normally it is ten strokes of the strap across the arse. You seem to have thoroughly pissed Jack off so that will be extended by I don't know how many. He fucks you after followed by your buddy and anyone else." Janet remembered the details Debra had given her.

Welcome time had arrived. Janet lay face down on the bed, her arms and legs held by other slaves. She'd pleaded, swore, cried, threatened, fought and kicked against it but it had made no difference. If anything it had hardened the feelings against her. Now all she could do was sob while Jack made his little speech of welcome and went through a list of misdemeanours she was to have extra for. Claire and Ken sat with the others watching. Janet had so far made no contact with them. "She's going to get it bad," Claire whispered. "Jack's smiling."

The first stroke cracked across the unprotected arse immediately implanting a vivid red stripe on the pinkish hue left by Henry's spanking. Janet let out a tremendous howl and her body jerked so they had a little difficulty in holding her. "He's giving it to her hard," Ken observed, "Much harder than usual." The second stroke landed with equal force.

"She'll never take more than ten like that," Claire murmured.

But Janet did. Fifteen strokes later and with her arse and thighs raw but not bleeding she passed out. "I'll hold the rest in reserve for some future occasion," Jack told his audience. A few splashes of water brought her round but she wished they hadn't. In the distance she heard Jack tell her she would get the remainder if she misbehaved again. Her legs were swung over the side of the bed and her screaming rose again when Jack entered her and fucked hard and fast, making sure that with every thrust, his loins hit her battered flesh. In was over in a short while and after a cursory lick to her cunt, Jack offered her his prick for cleaning. Somewhat to his annoyance Rita took it instead but all he said was, "You can come to my room later, and do it again."

Henry had her for the second time that day but was a little more careful and tried to control the depth of his strokes, which surprised the onlookers. He cleaned her more thoroughly too but the pain was too great for Janet to become aroused. She woodenly sucked him afterwards. Carl, Richard and then Dana took their turn but even she failed to arouse the tormented woman.

"Do you want a turn with her Ken?" enquired Claire.

"Not when you're here… and seeing Rachel's not available…" Claire gave him a mock punch to the chest.

Unnoticed by Janet, Henry signalled to the others that she had enough for now. She lay inert after the last fuck and just sobbed, her body moving only as each bout of pain wracked it. Henry climbed on the bed and lay beside her. She turned carefully and faced the other way. He turned her back and on her side so she faced him and pulled her close until her tits touched his chest and she could feel his hardening prick against her thigh. "Please no more," she stuttered wearily.

"Listen buddygirl. As your buddy I am responsible for helping you as much as I can. It doesn't matter whether I like you or not and I can't pretend that I do. Nor does it matter if you hate my guts. I can and will help you now unless you start fighting me again. I'm not going to fuck you for a while and nor are the others. I'm going to hold you until you've calmed down a little more, then take you to the showers and afterwards if you're still nice to me maybe I can find something to ease the pain. That won't happen if you're abusive. Now lie still and accept what happens. I know from personal experience what pain you are feeling. Remember I had twice as many strokes as you had." Janet flinched at the thought but held her tongue.

An hour later, after he had showered with her, Henry surreptitiously ferreted under the mattress and produced a pill, "This is a pain killer Jenny gave me that I hid. Take it. It will help."

"Why can't I go and get one?" Her tone was becoming more aggressive again.

"You didn't have that many whacks and everyone thinks you deserve them. Not even Jack thought I should have been thrashed like I was. You can ask Jack if you can go but I bet he'll refuse and you'll be in his bad books again for disturbing him while he's screwing Rita."

Chapter 8. Henry promoted

"How is it working out?" David asked Ken and Claire when he and Debra visited them in the office at lunchtime the following day.

"Reasonably well, Claire can get on with the work Shirley sets and I've been able to pull in quite a high proportion of the outstanding bad debts. Might not work out when I have the usual day-to-day accounts to do."

"We've only been pulled close twice by the tags. One time we ended up in a heap on the floor when Shirley accidentally came between us. The office almost split their sides with laughter," Claire added.

"What about Janet? How's she coping? I've asked Jack but only got a standard sort of remark." Debra asked.

"Not very well at the moment. She's still fighting it, if only passively. Henry's quietly doing what he can to protect her but too often she refuses to take any notice. He stopped her being fucked after the fourth one last night and helped her shower and gave her one of his painkillers but don't tell Jack that." Claire looked at David and Deb. "This morning he almost dragged her from the bed but she still didn't make any effort to get done for inspection in time. I think Henry gave up and just about got himself ready. Julie awarded her two straps to each hand but she refused to hold her hand out and got four on each instead when Carl had to hold them for her. She's in a bad way and now seems very depressed. Her arse is one big blue bruise because Jack really hit her hard. It wasn't like a normal strapping. Like everyone, he hates her guts. Her tits and stomach are blue too but she still clinging to the belief that she is better than he rest of us. She's not talking to Ken or me."

"Some of the slaves are beginning to have a little sympathy for her now or even a little admiration for her stupidity. Sarah sent her and Henry to clean an empty office on floor three to keep her away from everyone else. 321 I think. You can probably take a peek on the security cameras," Ken added.

"This room has already been cleaned. Is Sarah stupid or something? She can't even remember which rooms she's had cleaned. This slave system really is inefficient." Janet started her moan to Henry as soon as they arrived. "She's made me walk up all those stairs when I can hardly move, all for nothing! Stupid cow!"

Henry spun and faced her. She blanched when she saw the anger in his eyes. Grabbing her shoulders he shook them violently. The movements sent bolts of pain from all the tortured centres in her body. "Listen to me bitch. Sarah has more common sense in her little finger than you'll ever have in your pea sized brain. She was even being kind to you and you couldn't even give her credit for that. She knows that any serious work will cause you to hurt even more than now. Up here we will only have to do token work so that security won't check us out, and we are out of the way of your office staff so you won't have to put up with their stares and comments. Shall I take you back down and ask if we can be allowed to work in the cafeteria? Do you really feel like putting out chairs? Shall I say you wish to serve lunches or clean tables so the whole firm can see your bruises? Grow up woman. See a little beyond your nose and be grateful when some of us try and help you even if at the moment we are only being kicked in the teeth for it. Do you want to walk downstairs again? The lifts are not for slave use and I can tell you, if you haven't already noticed, walking downstairs with a sore arse is far more painful than walking up them. Now do you still want to go downstairs an tell Sarah she's a stupid cow?"

"No," murmured Janet.

"Wait here while I fetch the stuff from the cleaners cupboard then and while you're waiting think about those who are trying to help get you through this. I shan't hurry back."

Henry didn't hurry and when he returned the office was empty. He rushed out and along the corridor the only way she could have gone without him seeing her. Janet was at the safety balustrade looking over and down the well to the ground floor. "Will that not be better than my life here? Only Gwen will mourn me. That will get back at that prick Carsons. There'll be a stink and the papers will get it. 'Woman forced into works slavery commits suicide' she composed the headline. She looked down again. It's a long way and the marble floor is solid. Will it hurt? No more than I do now. Leaning a little further she wondered if she should leap out or just let herself fall. I'll fall. I just have to get enough courage to let go. Yes, that's what I'll do. "Nooo!" she cried when Henry's arms encircled her body and hauled her back on the landing.

"This is more than I should have to deal with," Henry told himself, "And Jack will only get mad. I know I shouldn't but I wonder if Debbie and Davy will help? Their offices are on this floor." Henry made the decision. "You're coming with me. No nonsense JJ. I'm not being made responsible for your death."

"No! You should have let me jump." Janet clutched a rail but Henry freed her and put her over his shoulder.

Debbie looked up in surprise when he knocked and entered her office. Unceremoniously he dumped his load in a comfortable chair. "I'm very sorry Miss Debra, I know I shouldn't be here but I didn't know where else to go for help and you were near. Miss Janet was going to jump the rails. She was going to kill herself."

"Wait here Henry, I'll get David." She went into the inner office and returned to invite them in. "Henry, please speak to me freely, like you did last week. Treat me as slave Davy and give me your thoughts and details of what has gone on so far. They'll be no repercussions from me for anything you say." David listened attentively to Henry's story while Janet kept sullenly silent. At the end he asked Janet if she'd like to give her side of it.

"Why should I? You put me in this position. You had me thrashed. It was all your bloody idea. Now I'm in more bloody pain than I care to live with. I've been raped and abused. All because of you." Some of her old fire came back. "Either release me from this stupid programme and give me time off to recover or let me find my own permanent way out of it. Then you can explain my death to whoever decides to investigate."

"She's blaming everyone but herself sir," Henry observed. "She ignores any help we give."

"I understand that Henry, but what are we going to do about her? That is the most difficult question."

Without any warning Janet made a dash for the door but she'd only got two paces when Henry pulled her back. "It's no good running JJ. In your state anyone could catch you. He sank into a mock leather armchair and pulled Janet on to his lap. She cried out as her tender arse hit his bony legs. Henry immediately lifted her and placed a cushion under her bum before lowering her gently. "Sorry sir, I should have asked," Henry apologised but David dismissed it.

"Make yourself at home Henry, the main problem is Janet."

"I think the first thing we ought to do is reduce her pain level," Debbie stated. "Until she's more comfortable she won't do anything she's asked.

"That's the first sensible bloody thing anyone has said so far!" Janet yelled, "But even that's not going to make me bow down to slave scum. I'd rather die first and probably will."

"I agree, with you Deb," David asserted, "First thing is to get Jenny to treat her."

"Jack refused to allow it sir," Henry pointed out. "I did give her one of my pills but that was only partially effective. Please don't tell Jack sir." David and Debra noticed how his hands were holding her close to him and that Janet was now sitting reasonably quietly on his lap. She looked exhausted though.

"Henry, why did you volunteer to be her buddy? I was surprised at that after what she did to you and what you said last week." Debra asked.

"I don't really know miss. At first I think I just wanted to make her life miserable but then when I got to meet her on my level, I realised she was miserable already. She was miserable at work and because of that no one liked her, no one ever did anything nice for her unless it was to get something in return, so I've been doing what little I could to help. For some reason, Jack hates her. He hates her more than I ever did. He laid the belt on real hard last night for her welcome and only stopped when she blacked out and took a long while to recover."

"Would you care to tell us why Janet?" David asked.

"No!" she snapped, "It was a long time ago."

"He was a man from your past?" Almost imperceptibly Janet nodded.

Debra went to David and whispered something in his ear and the pair left the room with just a request for Henry to keep hold of Janet and not to let her go until they returned. The remark reminded Janet that she was being held and she immediately tried to free herself. "Sit still Jan. You were fairly comfortable before, now you're hurting your arse and tits again. I'm not hurting you am I? You might even be getting a bit of comfort. I hope so. I'm not wanting you to be hurt any more."

Wearily Janet realised he was right. Even if she got away, she couldn't do more than run at a snail pace and the others were in the outer office anyway. It was ten minutes before David and Debra returned.

"Henry, are you willing to continue with being Janet's buddy?" David questioned.

"Yes sir."

"Janet are you willing to accept Henry as your buddy in preference to any of the other male slaves you've met so far?"

Janet shrugged, "I suppose so, if I have to have a so called buddy. I asked for a woman."

"There's no other male in the community that you'd prefer?"

"They're all bloody gruesome."

"Well Debbie's plan is this and it is better than any I would have thought of. Henry, I am promoting you to the position of Deputy Slave Overseer. You will still eat and sleep in the community but will not be under any orders from the other overseers including Jack. You will be under my direct command. If there's a spare room down there you can take it over; if not claim a bedspace as your own. You won't get paid and the firm will still own you but you will be only subject to my orders." Henry looked puzzled and David had to go through it again.

"Jack and the others won't like it," he declared.

"Oh I think I can handle them," David laughed, "And they'll probably be pleased with the next bit."

"Yeah, yeah," Janet cut in, "When am I to get this bloody pain relief? All this talk of promoting a slave."

"The next bit concerns you Janet and the sooner I get through it the sooner, Henry gets to taking you to Jenny so listen carefully. Henry has only one slave under his control. You. He is to keep you in sight at all times. Never, ever must you two be parted until the end of your programme. We did consider linking you like Ken and Claire but thought cuffs that Henry had a key to would be better. In situations like at meals, you could be free but at night when there is a chance you could creep away and perhaps harm yourself, you would be cuffed. It may take a day or two to work out but it should be better for both of you. It will mean that Henry is the only one that can punish you as I am sure he will if you are offensive to others. He will be able to fuck you anytime he feels like it and may grant the request for others to do so. To you, he is your lord and master. You will report to Debbie for your work assignments each day. Now though, he will take you to Jenny and you will both stay in casualty tonight, cuffed."

"Slave overseer Henry and slave Janet reporting for duty miss." Henry and his slave stood just inside the door of Debra's office. They were cuffed and Henry now proudly wore a maroon tunic like Sarah's. A tunic that gave him status amongst the other slaves.

Please sit down. I know David will want to see you when he gets back from seeing the maintenance people about improvements to your kitchens and to Jack's accommodation. Part of his agreement to your promotion." Henry immediately sat and pulled Janet towards his knee. For a second or two she started to stand but the slowly lowered herself gently. She was still somewhat under the influence of Jenny's sedation.

Twenty minutes later, David returned and invited everyone into his office. "Once again please treat me as your equal and feel able to talk freely. Please sit down Henry and Jan." Like yesterday, Henry chose the armchair and pulled Jan on to his lap. She winced as she sat down but only turned and said quietly, "Cushion please." Debra and David glanced at each other.

"I must say, both of you look very much better today. You get a good nights sleep?" David asked.

"Yes sir. Jenny gave us both an injection, two I think, after we were in bed and a few minutes later we were out of it or at least I was."

"What about you Janet?"

"The same."

"I woke up about four with a full prick but Jan didn't wake until an hour later. We both seemed very relaxed and still do. The effects of the injection I suppose. Anyway I slipped my prick into her and just kept it there, gently moving it. Never fucked like that before. Jan even seemed to enjoy it although she didn't push back or anything. It took an hour for me to come." Henry gave a few more intimate details of his performance with her at which Janet blushed but kept quiet. "Jenny came in a checked us over and suggested we try and shower. We did and found we could move much better than yesterday so I decided we'd get breakfast in our dining room and as I was now a deputy and Jan was in my charge, I thought we could miss morning inspection, so we did. I inspected Jan though and brushed her hair. I like it left loose like it is and not piled up like she used to have it."

"I do too," Debra commented, "How do you feel about it Janet? Or do we call you Jan now?"

"Call me what you wish," Janet replied dully, "Having my hair loose takes less time so I guess it's okay."

"How did you get on with the others at breakfast?" David enquired.

"Some came and congratulated me on my promotion. Only a few spoke to Jan. Rita did and so did Sarah but neither of us seemed to have our minds in gear. Jack didn't come near us. Jenny said we were to see her again tonight. I asked Sarah about getting a room for us but she just laughed and answered, as I knew she would, that she'd been trying to get one for herself for years. I knew that was true. Then I linked up with Jan again and we came here."

"Well at least you seem to be tolerating each other which will help with the work I am going to ask you to do. You didn't have any trouble with staff on the way up here?" Debra asked.

"No miss, not really. Someone from Jan's office saw us and was upset to see her bruising and said she was sorry Jan had been hurt like she had but her friend said that Jan had deserved all she got and more. I gave Jan a hug and we went on our way."

"Jan don't get too upset by remarks like that," David put in, "There are always going to be some who will hold those views. You probably would have said something similar last week. Maybe you did after Ken and Claire were beaten." Jan lowered her head but didn't reply. "Well if there's nothing else, I'll hand you over to Debbie. I'd like to see both of you in the morning again and I may well pop in and see how you're getting on with the work Debbie is setting you."

They returned to Debra's office. "Henry, what are your computer skills like these days?" she asked.

"I used to do the basics but that was nearly ten years ago miss."

"Jan, I know you are very familiar with them so you will have to help Henry and teach him enough so that when your time in the programme is up, he can carry on. You probably know that in the basement there is a room with all the old records and archives dating back from the 1980's when the firm first started. These are all paper records and they are taking up a lot of space and are a fire hazard as well as being dust traps. For some time we've been thinking of setting some juniors to digitally master them so the paper can be recycled and we'd have a searchable record of all that is in there or at least all that could be relevant for any future historian. Jan, Henry, I know this will be a strange situation for you. Jan you are Henry's slave and buddy and yet you have to teach him so for start you will be his boss while at work. Or rather while at work, you are equals. Colleagues. I've set aside what used to be the old copier room here. It's been a catch-all place for several years so it's full of unwanted stuff and general rubbish. Maintenance has provided a couple of wheelie bins so your first job will be to clear the room and then I'll get IT to set up the computer systems you need. Jan, you probably know more about what is required than I so, please feel free to offer advice. I want to get this all set up quickly to give you the maximum time to train Henry because if he takes to it, it could become his job after you go back to your office."

The room was small and most of the rubbish consisted of empty boxes so it didn't take too long to clear. Henry did most of the manual work but he made Jan do her share. She seemed to have lost her fire and just did what she was told when she was told. It worried Henry a little but as it made his life easier he went along with it.

Mid morning, Debra looked in. Jan was using the vacuum and the room was clear. "Would you like coffee here?" she asked when the vacuum was stilled, "Or do you want to go to your dining room for the break? One of the perks of being the boss's secretary is that I get a coffee machine. I thought it might save you the long trip to the basement."

"Yes, please," murmured Jan. She knew the slaves only had tea.

"Henry, would you mind if I made love to Jan? I often wanted to when I was a true lesbian or at least I thought I was. Now I can swing either way." Claire asked. It was Saturday afternoon and both couples were free. Henry had solved the problem of not having a separate room by asking Jenny for a set of curtain frames from casualty. Jenny offered him the ones in store she no longer used and in fact there were enough for Sarah too. He claimed a bed at one end of the dormitory and Sarah always had the one opposite. The curtain screens gave them a modicum of privacy along one side of the bed.

"I don't see why not," Henry laughed, "As long as Ken doesn't mind if I get to fuck you afterwards. Haven't seen too much of you these last few days."

"If you're going to have me, then I guess Ken will want Jan. We can have a regular swapping party."

Jan blushed a little at the words but said nothing. Even though the effects of the drugs had long worn off, she'd decided in her own mind that the easiest way to combat everyone was to do everything she was told, make the minimum of response and shut her mind to everything else. Henry fucked her regularly and she lay there and let him do it. Only a few times did she become aroused enough to push back to meet his thrusts. When he'd allowed Carl and Richard to fuck her, she'd laid inert on the bed so they hadn't asked again. At work she was silent except to answer direct questions or when she had to teach Henry. Surprisingly, she found she liked that and he picked it up quicker than she anticipated. Before being on the programme she'd thought of the slaves as being dumb idiots but now she knew many of them were highly intelligent and were only slaves because of personal or financial circumstances.

She watched as Claire climbed on the bed, Ken still cuffed to her left hand. Already her body started to tingle. Could she keep up the pretence of not caring what they did? Claire's breasts hung down as she lowered herself gently so they met. Jan noticed Claire's tits, like hers, still showed glaring signs of the punishment they'd received. Her resolve to lay quiet vanished as soon as Claire kissed her. The first kiss was a brief one but the next was filled with passion. Lips crushed together, tongues glided in and out of each other's mouths and teeth gently nibbled each other's lips. The men watched as the kissing became more prolonged and the girls thighs rubbed crotches.

"Tongue my cunt Claire please. I'll do yours," Jan whispered her plea. The sixty-nine arrangement caused a little havoc as Ken had to climb over the bed to keep his arm tag in line with Claire's but they accomplished it and soon each slurped noisily at vagina and clit. It wasn't long before both cried out their orgasm.

"You'd better go first Ken," Henry suggested, "We can't do it together without being contortionists. Your tags do make life difficult."

"Tell us about it," quipped Claire. "Thanks Jan, I enjoyed that."

Jan was still on a sexual high because when Ken entered she almost immediately responded by pushing her hips to meet his thrusts. Ken tried to take his time and was able to hold off his climax for a while but inevitably he shot his load and had to withdraw. Jan didn't respond to his tongue like she did to Claire's and only passively took his prick for cleaning. Later, when Claire was enthusiastically taking Henry into her bottom hole, Jan just stood and watched without showing any emotion.

"Thanks, Henry, I hope you'll allow us to visit you again," Claire said as they all walked to the dining room for afternoon tea break. "How is the history project coming along?"

"Slowly. We've done one and a half boxes and there are hundreds in the store. It's going a bit quicker now though," Henry replied. "The paper shredder is working overtime."

"Is he a good pupil Jan?"

"Better than I expected except he's a hunt and peck typist and he has to look all over the keyboard to find the one he wants," Jan replied. "He'd get quicker if I could get him on a typing skills course but there's a problem about them taking slaves and he cannot easily leave the building to go to college anyway." It was the most information she'd given out since they arrived.

"Are you thinking what I think you're thinking?" Ken laughed. "Rachel and Sally?"

"Yes, they've both come back from an intensive three day course on touch typing. We still use it in our office as the sound recognition gets confused with all the background noise and a skilled typist can work just as fast with fewer mistakes. Maybe we could persuade David to attach them to your slave group for a few days. They've made enough remarks about my being naked. They're likeable girls really, young and with all the parts nicely formed if you know what I mean. They'd probably enjoy the fucking but won't take too well to the welcome. You wouldn't be too hard on them, would you Henry? I wouldn't want them to be too antagonistic to me when I get back to work properly."

"Just enough to warm them nicely and to let them know who's boss. I don't think I know them."

"I'll try and see if I can get word to David on Monday when we're in Ken's office. He may even drop by."

"I'll ask Debbie. We're with her and the boss all the time. She's as much in charge of this place as he is." Jan surprised them by offering but Claire thought that maybe it was because she'd have two more naked girls to pleasure her.

Chapter 8. Typing course with a difference

"You of course know about the naked at work programme," David started. It was Monday afternoon and Rachel and Sally were sitting uncomfortably in his office. They knew something was up because no ordinary staff ever visited that seat of power, certainly not juniors like they were.

"Oh no!" Rachel looked horrified, "You're not putting us on it surely. You can't. Why pick us? It's Claire's doing. We've done nothing wrong…"

"Calm down Rachel and you too Sally. You are right on two counts. Yes I am putting you both on the programme with immediate effect. And yes, indirectly it is on Claire's recommendation. However, you'll only be on temporary attachment and only for three days provided you accomplish your task satisfactorily." David went on to explain the reasoning behind their attachment. "As you know, every slave has the welcome. Ten strokes of the strap. I had it, Debbie had it and so did Janet although she had it bad and more. I'll make no bones about it, the strap hurts but unless you get into trouble for other reasons, then that is the only time you'll be hurt and once the pain dies down you may find yourself enjoying life down there. If you do then you can voluntarily extend your participation in the programme until Monday morning. After tonight, you mi…"

"You're going to put us on it straightaway sir; no warning?" It was Sally's turn to query him.

"Yes, there is less worry for you that way. You live together and don't have anyone you are responsible for so it might as well be today as next week and you won't have time to brood on it. You'll get an hour to sort yourselves out and let anyone know who needs to know."

"All our course material is at home," Rachel pointed out.

"Fine, I'll get security to take you there and bring you back before they put the ankle tags on you."

"Four of us can't work in that poky little room," Sally commented then wished she hadn't when David went on.

"I was going to say, after tonight when I know you will go to bed sore, things will get better and by the third day, you might even wish to stay there until Monday. I know you don't mind having a prick or two or more in you. Now to answer Sally. Debbie realised that too and I asked Shirley if the desks that Claire and Ken used were still set up. They are and you will use them and the computers there. Now any more questions? I don't want to hear you pleading that you don't want to do it. That's not an option unless it is the same one I gave Janet; to clear your desks and leave."

"I'll bet a tenner that you will stay for the whole week," Debbie said as they passed through her office on the way out.

"It's working naked in our own office that worries me most," Rachel answered, "Specially knowing the comments they'll make."

Debbie smiled, "Think of it this way. Now you have the chance to be the biggest prick teasers in the firm. You can show off everything you've got, get them as horny as hell and because you're slaves they daren't touch you. Have a good time. We did."

There was only a half-hour to go before the slave lunchtime so Henry took them on the tour of their quarters and stood them in a corner while he explained the rules to them. "Well you are a real pair of beauties and I know you like being fucked by men so you'll get plenty of that. You've already got me worked up so I'm going to let Sally feel what my cock is like inside her right now. I'll then be ready for Rachel after your welcomes. Lie on my bed Sal and get your lovely legs right back by your ears." Sally was a little shocked to get a direct order like that so soon. "Hurry up girl or you could get the feel of the strap too." Despite liking sex in many of its forms, Sally blushed deeply as she laid down in the required position conscious that other slaves were watching. Henry slipped off his tunic, "Would you like to work on her bit Jan?" he asked, "Both of them are trimmed so there'll be no need for Sarah's scissors." Without answering Janet bobbed down and performed cunninglingous on Sally until she started to squirm. "No need to make a meal of it," Henry grinned, "You can have her later. Let me get my prick in her now." Reluctantly, Janet moved out of the way.

"It's you we have to thank for this," Rachel stated in mock anger, "Just because you had to go through it doesn't mean we all should."

"You'll enjoy it." Claire remarked when they sat at her table for lunch.

"That's what we keep being told but not before tomorrow or sometime after we've been welcomed."

"I've had a bit of enjoyment already," Sally giggled.

"Yes, but you're a whore."

"Almost as bigger whore as you!" Sally was laughing at her friend. They'd had this repartee on many occasions. Their arrival in the dining room had caused a stir with many admiring comments and suggestions as to who could serve them best.

Work was in full swing when they arrived at Shirley's room but it stopped immediately the three naked women entered. One of the men started a catcall and others followed. Sally and Rachel thrust out their tits and wriggled their arses as they made their way between the desks. All work ceased and the whole office erupted into hilarity.

"Silence!" Shirley's voice rose above the din. She turned to her temporarily ex staff. "If you two want to give an exhibition that's fine. I'll ask your overseer to show how well he can stripe your backsides in front of everyone."

"Oh you wouldn't do that to us Shirley." Rachel said cheekily.

"First of all miss Rachel, as you are now a slave you address me as ma'am, secondly you are now going to find out what I will do." Turning to Henry she went on, "Overseer Henry, please bend these two slaves over the front desk and give them four apiece for disrupting my office." The two girls went pale. They knew Henry could not disobey such an order.

"Over the table ladies. Sorry you have to learn the hard way that there are some things you can't get way with." He placed them so the whole office could see their naked backsides and made them spread their legs so the cunts were on display too. "You wanted to put on a exhibition," Henry laughed quietly so only the girls heard, "Now you're giving them a real show." Although he hit lightly, the strap still made them cry out and brought tears to Sally's eyes.

"Thank you Henry," Shirley nodded to him and then added, "I know you treated them lightly for a first offence but perhaps next time you could put a little more zest into the action." A little later when the girls were out of earshot she told him that what he did was fine by her, she just wanted them to know she wasn't putting up with any disruption.

The rest of the afternoon passed relatively uneventfully. Henry sat between his two teachers and did his best to follow their instructions and not to look at the keyboard. Jan was at a loss without any work so she asked Shirley if she could do some of the girl's work and was allowed to sit in Sally's place. One of the younger men tried to cop a surreptitious a feel of her still very tender breasts as he passed. Jan gave a little squeal and then in an icy tone said, "Boy, you know very well that is not allowed. I am sure it will have been caught on camera so you may well expect to visit the slave quarters soon." It wasn't likely that either statement was true but the thought was enough to make his face turn white.

As time went on the girls became more and more apprehensive as to the welcome they'd receive. During the afternoon tea break Henry said he was sorry he'd had to use the strap on them but he'd had no choice when Shirley had commanded him. The girls knew this. "I did them as lightly as I dared, tonight at the welcome I will have to hit harder otherwise Jack might take over and then he could hit as hard as he did Jan." he told them.

Jack was unhappy that his deputy had been given the two lovely young ladies. It wasn't often two prime beauties were forced into slavery, especially into works slavery. More often they were snapped up by rich individuals for their private use. He wanted to caress those full bums with his strap and he wouldn't tickle them either as it was obvious Henry had already done. He was somewhat mollified when Henry agreed he could be the first to fuck Sally after her welcome. He didn't know Henry had already had her.

He welcomed Sally first. She wept when she was told to lie on the bed and her arms and legs were held. She'd heard that some women actually got off on pain but she wasn't one of them. "Yeeooww!" she howled as Henry cracked the first stroke firmly across her buttocks. Now she knew why everyone told she would hate this part. And she had nine more to come and there was no way she could avoid them. Hands held her immovably to the bed. Henry steadily laid on each stroke until her arse was well reddened. "Report back to me immediately Jack has finished with you," he ordered as Jack took her to a nearby bed.

In many ways it was worse for Rachel. She had to watch her friend being hurt all the while knowing she would get the same treatment. Henry was therefore a little surprised when he saw she wasn't crying and there was a little gleam in her eye. He remembered that when he'd strapped them earlier, she had held still while Sally had bucked around at every stroke. "Your turn Rachel," was all he needed to say. Rachel lay docilely on the bed and allowed herself to be held without murmuring or crying.

Not being under the watchful eye of Jack, who was occupied with Sally, Henry could have eased up on Rachel but he tried to be fair especially as others were watching. Rachel gave a few sharp cries at every stroke but otherwise didn't make a fuss. Dimly she heard some clapping and it was only later that she learned it was because she had taken it so stoically. Henry gave her a minute to recover and ordered her to turn over.

Knowing from Sally at lunchtime how Henry would want to fuck her she drew her legs well back without being asked. Henry nodded to Jan to indicate she was to lubricate her but Rachel called out, "Please Henry, not her, you do it. Fuck me." Henry quickly slid his prick into her very moist tunnel and wondered at the girl who thrust back at him as hard as she could. "Thank you," she said when he pulled out and tongued the surplus semen and moisture from her opening.

He offered his prick to her lips and she took it without hesitation. She sucked and tongued it until Henry found it getting hard again. "Can you do it twice in a row?" she asked.

"With more mouth work like this, I'll do it a hundred times!" Henry boasted but when she released his prick it was indeed hard enough to penetrate her a second time. Rachel seemed to go wild and it was obvious to the onlookers she had several orgasms before finally and wearily Henry climaxed himself."

"Can I do her next? Richard asked.

"Can I have a drink and a shower first, please Henry. I'm parched and soaked with sweat and out of breath. You're soaked with sweat too." Rachel put on an appealing smile.

"I think you deserve it. You were a great fuck." Henry praised her, "Let's go Richard can wait a while."

Sally had returned and witnessed the final stages, "May I join you and the slut Henry please?"

"Sure. How'd you get on with Jack?"

"He's pretty good but I don't get as wild as she does." She looked around and seemingly for the first time noticed that most of the beds had copulating couples. Rachel's performance had no doubt aroused the libido and created an 'I can't wait' situation.

"Henry? Before you go, can I use Jan?" It was Dana that spoke. She'd already been used but was never satisfied with any male.

"As long as you do it on the next bed so I can keep and eye on her. She knows why." Henry had earlier moved the bed screens and had commandeered two beds for him and his three slaves.

"That was one sexy bitch," Ken commented.

"And I suppose you want to try her out too?" Claire grabbed his prick, "I think it is time I put this away." She dragged him to a bed.

Rachel groaned when Henry pushed her out of bed next morning and went to wake Jan and Sally. They were cuddled together. Henry had cuffed them in case Jan did decide to do herself some harm and so he could sleep with Rachel. He thought Jan was over the worst now but was still very introverted and he didn't want to take any chances. He took the cuffs off completely. "Show her the routine and have her ready for inspection in half an hour."

"I thought we didn't have to go to inspections." Jan looked mystified.

"We do now. I shall do the inspections of my slaves."

There was the usual pandemonium in the washroom, made worse by the new arrivals. Henry's slaves were last to finish. "That wasn't very good. You should have done better Jan, you knew the routine. He inspected them thoroughly. Jan's arse was still extremely colourful and tender. He knew she could sit but it pained her although she tried to hide it. He cupped her tits. They too were still very sore. Jan looked at him with pleading eyes wondering what he was going to do.

"It's okay Jan. This is just for Jack's eyes," he whispered. "You pass," he said loudly and went on to inspect the two new girls. Their arses too were colourful and tender. He poked his finger first in Sally's cunt and then Rachel's and asked if they were sore. Both said they were. "You won't get accosted now until this evening because you are on work duty all day and meal times are free too. However, for your tardiness in getting ready this morning you will receive two smacks. Bend over and grip your ankles." Henry planted a loud sounding smack on each bum cheeks. Sally squealed but Rachel again remained quiet. They'd just stood ready to go to breakfast when they heard the crack of Julie's strap and the cry of some unfortunate man who's hand was on the receiving end. The strap cracked thrice more. Three more painful cries. The girls knew they were lucky to be in Henry's group and not the other.

By Thursday Henry's typing skills had improved and it was now only a matter of practicing. "Girls, you can go home this evening or you can volunteer to stay until Monday. You were given that choice at the beginning of the week by the boss. Friday is a working day so I would have to find something for you to do or maybe Shirley will let you work at your desks. No clothes though. Saturday and Sunday you will just have to work on kitchen duty but that is not in the main cafeteria, preparing food, serving or clearing up on a rota basis in the slave area. I would be expected to volunteer you for that but it's not arduous and there's a lot of free time which you can spend in the games room or playing games with other slaves. Jack's away this weekend but Julie's on but she can be a laugh when not doing inspections. You've got till afternoon break to make up your minds. That's about an hour's time. Meanwhile we'll clear up here and go back to the archiving room out of the way."

"You're staying for the weekend," Debra announced as they entered her office.

"We haven't made up our minds yet."

"Of course you have. The weekends are sex, sex and more sex. I know." Debra smiled at them. "First though I have to see if you've done a proper job with Henry." She went into the archive room and picked up a printed document and set it in the copyholder on the front of her own computer. "Type those two paragraphs. They're fairly long like they were in the old days…"

"And shall we say two penalty smacks for each mistake girls?" David had come from his room. "And if there's a total of ten or less, you two give him a blowjob. Looking at the keys is one penalty point."

Henry did very well. Four mistakes and one glance at the keyboard. "That's nine smacks and one blowjob."

"You did very well Henry," Debbie congratulated him, "I'm sure I'd have made more mistakes than that after only three days."

It was with some hilarity that the two girls spanked Henry's bare bottom. They reddened it slightly but there was no real pain only the start of an erection. Rachel quickly got between his legs and started to suckle his prick and after a short while allowed Sally to take a turn. This they did until Henry spurted in Sally's mouth. Throughout all this Jan sat and looked blankly at them.

Ken and Claire together with their two slaves Rita and Dana were allowed to go home mid morning on Monday. They had to wait for Flagelistics to come and remove their arm tags. Jenny checked them over immediately after breakfast and pronounced them fit although the welts from the caning still showed very clearly and the quirt marks were still there although now fading.

"I cannot believe," Claire exclaimed, "That four weeks ago we were bitter enemies. Now I shall miss you when you go to your home and bed Rita. I'm very jealous of her."

"Why don't you move in with me?" Ken suggested.

"What about Dana? And Rita too."

"We keep them. You like a bit of woman sex so some nights you can take her to bed and I'll sleep with Rita. Rita seems to like a bit of both so they can share a room when they're not wanted in our beds. Let's try if for a week and see how it goes."

Henry was worried about Jan. She did everything she was told. She let him fuck her but her responses were still minimal. A complete contrast to Rachel. Jan just walked around like a zombie with a glazed, faraway look in her eyes. "Miss Debra, is there anything you can do about Jan?" Henry went on to detail his fears.

"I've been worried about her too and talked it over with David but he hasn't any ideas either. You've no ideas at all Henry?"

"Not really miss. Only something Miss Rachel said. You know how Jan starts to come alive when she's screwing a woman? She thought it was because Jan felt threatened by us men and that maybe true. David put her in the scheme, Jack thrashed her, I and others, raped her but I think it started long before that otherwise she wouldn't have reacted like she did when I bent down in front of her and sent her flying. Rachel said it would do her good to have a couple of kids so I wondered if we could put her in the crèche. There's only four working days left for her and she's not doing much in the archive now that I've more or less got the hang of things."

"You'd have to be there too Henry."

"And she'd be naked with the children but I doubt the three to five year olds will take much notice. Many parents go around with nothing on during the warmer weather now. It's for a short time and it might be worth trying."

"You'll miss her too when she returns to work?"

"I guess I will. I'll be a deputy overseer with no one to oversee."

"Maybe it will not be long before the next batch are in the programme," Debra hinted. "Go back to Jan and I'll see what I can arrange with child care."

"Come with me Jan," Henry ordered.

They made their way to the second floor and Henry knocked at the childcare door. A pleasant middle aged woman greeted them. "Come in, come in, come into the house of little horrors," she laughed in such a way Henry and Jan had to laugh too. "Boys and girls, look at me, yes Jolyne that means you too dear. We have visitors who are going to play with you. This man is Henry and the woman is Jan. I'm sure you can remember their names. Henry and Jan."

"Why hasn't she any clothes on?" asked a three year old boy.

"Because she was naughty and they took them away. It doesn't matter does it?"

"Did she get a smacked botty too?" a girl asked pointing at Jan's rear.

"Yes, Tracy, yes she did. Now she not going to be naughty again." She turned to Jan and Henry, "You'll have to expect direct questions like that. Give a simple answer. They won't want the details. For now just mingle and talk or help them with their play or drawing. Shortly after a little boy hit his sister and made her cry. Jan picked the little girl up, gave her a cuddle, then sat and played with a doll and together, they made up a scene which drew others in.

Henry was in good form too. A boy brought him a book to read and instead of just reading it, he acted out the story. The children loved it and sat and cheered as Henry improvised on the text. He kept glancing across at Jan and for the first time in days she had a smile and looked fairly happy. She even laughed at his antics. Antics that were not very different to those that caused her to send him for the thrashing that resulted in her being put into the programme.

That night, cuddled in bed, Janet asked, "You really enjoyed playing with those children, didn't you?" Henry had to think for a moment, Jan never ever started a conversation with him.

"Very much and so did you Jan. You were happier than I've ever seen you. Why don't you apply for a transfer? I can't. They would never agree to a slave being in charge of children."

"I get good pay as a supervisor. I wouldn't mind but the rate for child minders is much less. I'd have to find another way to make up the money to pay the rent."

"Which is worth more, happiness or hassle?" Jan went quiet. "All your working life you've had to fight to keep above the others; to climb the ladder and where has it got you?" There was no answer from Jan. Henry didn't expect one. After a period of silence, Henry continued, "If you like, I'll ask miss Debbie if you can spend a couple of weeks there as a rehabilitation programme. Then if you think you would prefer to stay with the children you can make a more informed choice. What do you think?"

"Sometimes I think you're sweet." She kissed his forehead. "Maybe sometimes I would need an assistant to act a few of the stories, that is if you are not too occupied with new participants in the programme.


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