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Jill's Wild Weekend

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Synopsis: A weekend of nearly non-stop brutality, humiliation, torture, rape, and degradation convinces Jill to turn over a new leaf and provides husband, Tim, wih some new insights into his wife's other side. It's home improvement, over the top with a vengeance, as Jill's husband, mother, children, friends, neighbors, and the university crowd get together to show her the error of her ways.

				    Chapter 1

	Jill Taylor, wife and mother, was tied tightly to the wooden punishment
frame that Tim had constructed in their basement. The 37 year old was stark
naked and stretched into a shivering X. Her saggy body was covered with old
scars and fresh welts and bruises.  Brad, her eldest son, was whipping her cunt
with a belt while husband Tim was slashing away on her ass with a curtain rod.
Jill was gagged with a pair of panties that had been retrieved from the bottom
of the hamper. Ever the good neighbor, Tim was very careful to keep the sounds
of his wife's discipline sessions to a minimum.

 	"God damn it! I've had it with you Ms. Wise Ass!  Ever since you went
back to college you've become a big pain in the ass. If I wasn't getting all
that young college pussy from hanging around your department your fat ass would
have been out on the street a year ago!" As Tim talked, he walked the rod across
his wife's broad ass, slicing into the soft flesh.

 	" Yeh mom, you're really becoming a major ball buster," added Brad as he
lashed her bald pussy with practiced skill.

  	" Well Ms. Wise Ass, this weekend you're getting an attitude adjustment
that you'll never forget.  I've got all sorts of things arranged for you.  After
we're done tonight you better get a good night's sleep and take your vitamins
because we are going to be keeping you busy from 6 o'clock tomorrow night until
6 o'clock Monday morning. Do the math, that's 60 hours of old fashioned
discipline brought to you by your family and their friends."

	While Tim took a break to rest his arm, Brad continued to whip Jill's
cunt, making the belt dance across the swollen gash that once was stretched to
its limit as she delivered him into the world.

 	" Let's see who's coming," Tim mused, " Naturally Al and Eileen will be
there, and they plan to stay until late Saturday afternoon.  She's a little bent
out of shape about some things you suggested that Al do to improve their sex
life. She does not appreciate having to suck him off after he's been in her
asshole, and she certainly doesn't want to hear that he's going to be
fantasizing that it's Heidi he's fucking when he's screwing her. She's talking
about golden showers and enemas when Al isn't ass-fucking you big time. She also
wants you to know that she has the rag on, big time, and expects you to play the
part of a maxi-tampon. Oh yes, Al is going to fist fuck you until you're big
enough to take that wine bottle they couldn't get up your cunt the last time we
had them over."

 	"Of course Heidi is coming over with her new boyfriend, Bruno.  She says
he has a thick 11-inch cock and can fuck for an hour before coming.  She's made
him a bet that he can't get his cock completely up your asshole in less than ten
minutes.  If she wins you have to suck her asshole for an hour.  Meanwhile Bruno
will be either fist fucking your cunt, or widening your asshole. If he wins she
has to take him up the ass.  She says if that happens you'll be swallowing her
piss for the rest of the night."

	Tim resumed working on Jill's saggy ass while Brad switched his
attention to her droopy tits. Tim sighed and said, " Brad, how many times do I
have to tell you that if you're gonna whip her titties bag em first so they
swell up and give you something to whip. "  The tall blonde haired youth nodded
and let Jill have it right across the nipples. " Let me work on her nipples
until they're nice and swollen, then I'll bag her tits good and tight."  "OK,
but remember, always bag em before you beat em." his father replied.  As Tim
turned Jill's ass into something resembling raw meat, he continued to describe
what was in store for her. 

	"Wilson will be there and he's bringing a pair of Japanese whores to
help him work on you.  Get this, it's a grandmother-granddaughter combo; she's
58 and the kid is 15.  It seems when she was in her late 20s pregnant whores
were in fashion.  So her pimp had her knocked up so she could make more money. 
The first kid she dropped was a girl and around fifteen years later that girl
got knocked up and produced the little darling that's going to help Wilson fuck
you up in a major way."

	"By the way grandma knocked out six kids, all girls, in six and a half
years, not bad for an old used up whore who was turning around 20 tricks a day
over that period of time. They made them tough in those days in Japan.  She'd
get big money when she was in her final month and really bulging. Then there
were thirty or forty guys a day pounding away on her until her water finally
broke.  Then a couple of weeks later she'd be back in business. Her pimp would
let her nurse the brats because some of the customers liked to suck on those big
milk bottles of hers themselves, and they'd pay extra for that. After another
month or so he'd have her milk dried up and then start working on getting her
pregnant again.  Wait until you see her belly, it looks like a highway that was
torn up then flooded before they poured the cheap concrete."

	Tim had to stop and catch his breath; talking and whipping Jill at the
same time took a bit more energy than he had. It also reminded him that he
wasn't the young stud who, when he was in college, managed Jill's career as the
campus punchboard and still had enough energy to add at least a notch a day to
his bedpost, which was the way he kept track of his conquests.

	"Your advisor at school and her life companion have accepted an
invitation and will be over sometime early Saturday morning to keep you company
while the rest of us get some sleep. The professor thinks you're a pain in the
ass and has some ideas for calming you down.  Most of them involve using dildos
to straighten out your cunt and colon.  Her friend thinks that what you need is
to drink plenty of water; she's talking gallons over a couple of hours.  She's
going to bring over a modified stomach pump that I personally souped up to use
on you. You're also going to ingest some interesting drugs that they want to try
out on you.  They'll make you a little jumpy and definitely keep you awake and
interested in all the things that they are going to be doing to you.  Oh I
nearly forgot, you'll be eating pussy almost nonstop while they're here. I guess
that's no surprise, is it?"

	"How could I forget Marcy Marsh? Now there's someone that jumped at the
chance to spend some quality time with you.   Brad, you are going to love
fucking this nympho.  She's gorgeous, built like a brick shithouse and cannot
get enough cock. Oh yes, she also hates Jill's guts.  She says Jill looks down
on her just because she's an undergraduate and a big slut.  Of course she thinks
Jill is jealous because Marcy is living with professor Graves who is also going
to be attending this little weekend bash for your mother. Both of them go both
ways and Graves is almost as horny as Marcy.  I've fucked her a couple of times
and she really enjoys taking it up the ass. Al ought to love meeting those two."

	Tim suddenly switched gears, a habit that caused him considerable
trouble at work. His keen eye had detected some flaws in his son's approach to
bagging Jill's tits, instantly turning on his mouth.

	"Brad, you're doing it all wrong! How many times do I have to tell you,
first the tits, then the nipples!  First use one strand of rope to noose her
tits, and then tighten it up with the dowel until those bags are in her armpits.
Remember how to do that? When that's done take the fishing line, noose the
nipples and use the small dowel to stretch those nubs until she squeaks. Wait
about 10 minutes then give those titties all you can and watch her try to jump
out of her skin."

	"Now, where was I? OK, let's see; four from Jill's department, two from
the show plus their dates, Wilson and two guests plus four of us, that makes
fifteen. Who else is coming? Naturally Angela, your main squeeze will be there. 
She is really pissed off at your mom I hear. Too bad she couldn't come over
tonight.  I know she'd have wet her panties watching us work on Jill. I'm sure
she has some nasty things cooked up for your mom this weekend.  I'll bet she
brings the dog over.  I love to watch that big mutt fuck Jill up the ass.  I
just know the teachers will love to see Jill sucking that big doggie dick and
swallowing its cum without spilling a drop. It might be even more entertaining
if your mom does spill some. I thought Angela was going to put her foot all the
way up Jill's cunt the last time she screwed up like that."

	Brad, you've invited the soccer team over, that's another fifteen cocks
for Jill and the rest of the ladies to handle.  Then Randy's asked the school
newspaper staff to come, in more ways than one, I guess.  He says to expect
eight guys and three girls.  Mark is bringing the camera club over to help out
with Jill and record the activities this weekend. He says one of the guys is
bringing over a video camera; I certainly want a copy of that tape. That's
another nine guys and three girls."

 	"I hear one of the girls is a real porker and she wants Jill to give her
a full body tongue bath and drink her piss.  I'm told that this girl can drink
nearly a case of soda in one evening. That should provide lots of recycled stuff
for your mom. Damn, I hope there's enough time for all the things people want to
do to Jill. I guess if we're running late she can stay home on Monday and
entertain those who haven't had a chance to do their thing with, or to, her."

	"Let's see now, that's thirty-nine more people, thirty-two guys and
seven girls. Sure glad I've got my trusty old calculator to do this higher math. 
Man! That's gonna be a load to handle, even for a whore like your mom.  If I
know the boys, they'll want to gangbang Jill until her eyes cross, then gangbang
her some more.  Guys that age will fuck any slut no matter how loose her cunt
is. I guess they'll have to use her mostly from 3 in the morning until maybe 10,
and then from 5 in the afternoon until 8.  That's not too bad, ten hours a day." 

	"Of course the girls probably won't be too interested in sharing your
mom with the guys, so I'll have to reserve at least 2 of those 10 hours for the
young ladies. From what I've heard from your brothers these girls are into some
interesting things like golden showers, piss drinking and fist fucking. Maybe
they can pick up some pointers from the adults while they're here. I guess it
will be anything goes when it comes to what they can stick up your mom's cunt
and asshole, just as long as it doesn't tear anything.  Oh, another thing.  The
girls can stomp and kick Jill in the cunt as long as they use their bare feet. 
The soccer guys better not mistake Jill's cunt for a soccer ball, or they and
you will pay dearly."

	"Now for the surprise,guess who is the guest of honor?  It's your dear
old grandmother.  Ever since she lost all that weight I've had the hots for her. 
Let's be honest, she's got a better body than Jill does right now.  So your
granny is going to move in with us and Jill is getting moved out of the bedroom
and down into the basement where she'll stay until she learns some manners, and
her mother decides that she can join the family again.  Of course Jill will be
expected to satisfy her mother's needs as well as the rest of the family.  I
think her official title will be family slut slave. Brad, help me get this slut
slave off the frame.  She's got a long day ahead of her tomorrow and she'll need
some rest."

					Chapter II

	The weekend had gotten off to a rip-roaring start, and had snowballed
from there. The only potential problem was Jill. Tim really wondered if she
could possibly handle all the action that was aimed at making her into a better
wife, mother, student and all-round fuck toy, just like the early days before
she discovered she had a brain.

	It was a very tired Tim who headed for bed, aware that he still hadn't
completely satisfied Marcy Marsh, who was probably waiting impatiently for him. 
He was mentally kicking himself because thanks to Marcy he still hadn't gotten
into his mother-in-law's panties.  To top it off all three of his boys had
gotten close up and personal with their granny and pronounced her to be a stone
fox who fucked like a babe half her age. The last time he'd seen her she was
stretched out on the bathroom floor being fucked by Al while Heidi and Eileen
were pissing on Jill who was tied up in the bath tub.  The stopper had been in
place for a couple of hours and there was a good foot of piss in the tub.

	The fat girl from the camera club was really living up to her
reputation.  She pissed like a cow and Jill was unable to keep up with the flow
of piss that this girl flowed into her mouth.  The girl hadn't taken a shower
for a couple of days and had been wearing a heavy rubber girdle and the same
panties for the last 4 days.  When she peeled them off and squatted on Jill's
face, Tim's wife almost passed out.  Even Al, who was busily fisting the guest
of honor, paused and wrinkled his nose, then went back to seeing how much he
could displace her cervix with his big fist. Eileen and the fat girl took turns
on Jill's face for the better part of 2 hours, spraying her with powerful
streams of piss every 20 minutes or so.  In fact the girl would spend her free
time drinking soda after soda while Jill suctioned the blood from Eileen's cunt.

	Things had started out badly for Jill, and gotten worse. She had to
gobble Eileen's gory gash for the better part of an hour while Al alternated
between fucking her in the ass and fisting her cunt. Finally he couldn't hold
back and stuck his cock into her mouth straight from her loosened asshole.  Jill
definitely did not like the taste of his cum and her asshole!  Heidi and Bruno
made their appearance just as Al managed to wedge the gigantic wine bottle into
her well-fisted cunt.  Naturally that brought the bet between Heidi and her
boyfriend to the fore and before she was even ready, Bruno began reaming out her
tired asshole, going deeper with each long slow stroke.  Gradually he loosened
Jill's asshole until it swallowed his entire thick length.  Heidi was furious
because Bruno had done it with a minute to spare.  Jill realized that Heidi
would make her pay dearly for losing that bet.

	A few minutes later, just as Bruno began to feed Heidi's asshole his
eleven inches of hard cock, Wilson and the two Japanese whores made their
entrance.  When the whores stripped down all eyes focused on the old woman,
Yuko, who was wrinkled, with saggy boobs and a cunt that looked as if it could
handle a redwood tree. Her granddaughter, Miko, had a beautiful set of tits, a
rounded belly overhanging a shaved, thick-lipped cunt that was smooth as a
baby's bottom and an ass that was impressive for a Japanese babe. Ropes were
produced and soon Jill was tightly tied into a painful arch.  She could barely
take a breath because of the ropes that constricted her chest and squashed her
sagging tits that had been so badly abused last evening.

	Wilson described the first torture as antiacupuncture; the needles would
cause agonizing pain if they were driven into the correct parts of her naked
body. Yuko proved to be most proficient and Jill had to be gagged after the
first needle sank into her tit.  Dozens more followed until Jill passed out from
the constant and ever increasing pain they produced.

 	Revived, Jill was wrapped and cinched tightly with more rope around her
chest, forcing her to take shallow breaths.  She was gagged once more and then
wads of cotton were inserted into her nostrils.  Quickly Jill reacted to the
drastic reduction in her air supply and foolishly began to struggle, which only
made things worse. Her face began to turn red, and then purple and finally a
pale blue, as her lungs were unable to supply enough oxygen.

  	At a nod from Wilson, Yuko drove a series of needles deep into Jill's
cunt. The helpless woman exploded into a tremendous orgasm, cunt juice spraying
from her slit as she spasmed and shook.  " She is close to death, how exciting.
" Wilson said almost dispassionately. He nodded and the two whores began to free
Jill from her bonds.  Soon she was gasping and coughing as her lungs sucked in
air.  When Yuko pulled the needles from her cunt Jill had another mind-blowing
orgasm. " No more of that for you my little slut, you'll have to make do with
whatever your friends want you to experience.  Now for one more little sample of
what Yuko has endured for over 20 years. "

	Jill was soon suspended in a hogtie position that put tremendous
pressure on her shoulders and calves.  This time Yuko and Miko drove needles
under her toenails as Jill writhed in agony, screaming soundlessly into her gag. 
Then Yuko produced a small spiked wheel and began rolling it over the soles of
Jill's feet.  The old whore smiled as she moved it carefully until Jill's foot
curled as a vicious cramp froze her foot.  The wheel continued its slow path and
now Jill's toes began to spread as new nerves were painfully stimulated.  It
took a few minutes for Yuko to turn Jill's other foot into a twisted throbbing
lump of agony.  Suddenly Jill passed out and began to swallow her gag!  Only
quick action on the part of Miko prevented a nasty scene.

	The ladies were now very eager to get Jill into the upstairs bathroom
for a lengthy session of water sports. Jill's professor and her live-in had
called to say they would be a little early which added to the urgency of
starting on her as soon as possible. There now was a problem since Jill could
not walk, she would be crippled for at least 12 hours according to Wilson.  Tim
solved the problem of moving her by tying ropes around her tits and dragging her
by them with the help of Al.  Getting her up the stairs was kind of tough on her
tits, but the ropes held fast as Jill's body bounced from stair to stair. 

	A cheer went up from Heidi, Eileen, the fat girl and the two Japanese
whores as Al and Tim dragged Jill into the bathroom.  An hour later Tim welcomed
the professor and her companion. Ever the gentleman he carried the valise that
contained the stomach pump, various sex toys plus nipple and pussy clips, rubber
hoses, canes and whips that they were planning to use on Jill.  He led them into
the bathroom where Heidi was fucking Jill up the ass with a huge dildo while she
gobbled away on Eileen's bloody cunt.  The fat girl was directing a powerful
stream of piss into Jill's eyes while the two whores whipped Jill's back with
riding crops. "Got room for two more?" Tim sang out with a knowing grin. "I
don't know about you ladies, but I'm kind of tired so I'm going to bed, maybe
I'll even go to sleep if there's no pussy waiting for me."

					(To be continued)


				   Chapter III

	When Tim awoke he thought he was still asleep.  How else could he
explain that his mother-in-law was in bed with him wearing an adult diaper. 
While he was mulling this over, she opened her eyes, gave him a big smile and
said, " I was wondering when you were going to wake up. I've been very patiently
biding my time because I wanted to surprise you. "  Tim grinned and replied, "
Well Nana, you sure did.  What's with the diaper? "  She laughed heartily at his
question. " Well Tim, I didn't want to leak a lot of cum on the sheets and I
also don't have to get up to pee this way. "  Tim thought for a moment, then
answered " That's why we have Jill. "

	  Nana laughed and said, " Tim the last time I saw Jill the ladies from
her school had given her one of the biggest enemas I've ever seen, plugged her
asshole with a huge inflatable dildo, had used a catheter to backfill her
bladder to its limit and then they were using the stomach pump to fill up her
belly with some of the piss that she hadn't swallowed during the night.  I
wouldn't be at all surprised if Jill hasn't exploded by now."

 	"The only good thing about it was that some of those very nice boys from
the soccer team, camera club and newspaper were good enough to satisfy my needs
last night since a certain son-in-law of mine had taken some blow-up doll to bed
with him instead of me! "  Tim winced at her last remark and threw up his hands.
' I'm sorry Nana, what can I say?  I'll make it up to you today.  I promise. "

 	"Did I hear you say something about being up today?  You better be up
today and not just once or twice either! " Nana answered, her voice dripping
with sarcasm.  " Look Nana I don't mind sloppy seconds when it comes to you "
Tim stammered.  " Good, " she replied, "because, let's see there were the 3 from
the team, another couple from the club and 3 from the paper, plus the boys. Oh,
I forgot Mark did me twice, the little darling; then Al did me twice and so did
Wilson, I think he has the hots for me.  He offered to kick the two Japanese
prostitutes out of his place if I'd move in with him. That brute Bruno was too
busy torturing Jill's asshole with that huge cock of his to get around to
fucking me, but Heidi promised they'd be over sometime today or tomorrow and
Bruno would give this old lady a good old-fashioned fucking." 

	"So that's sixteen loads of cum that's soaking into this old lady's cunt
because I was too tired to douche last evening. I also took a nice long pee
about an hour ago.  I would suggest you find out if Jill is still alive, and if
that bitch is, I want you to drag her sorry ass up here so she can clean her
mother's cunt out before you fill it up with a bucket of fresh cum.  I want her
to watch you fuck me good and proper, then I want her to suck every drop out of
my pussy.  You tell everyone that's waiting to work on her that it's all her
fault they have to wait and they should be thinking of ways to punish her for
being such a dumb whore."

	"Damn! If she isn't a sight." exclaimed Nana when Tim literally dragged
Jill into the bedroom by a rope knotted around her hair. His wife's cunt was raw
and leaking cum from its wide stretched mouth. That snapper had been fucked and
fisted mercilessly for almost an entire day.  Her belly bulged from all the piss
she had been swallowing while the hard cocks and even harder dildos and
strap-ons drilled out her cunt and asshole.

	" Enjoying yourself you stupid pig. " asked her mother. " Shit! "
exclaimed Tim as he noticed how swollen her hands were.  Her wrists had been
tied so tightly that the ropes sank deep into the swollen flesh and were hardly
visible.  He rummaged around in the dresser drawer and produced a pair of
handcuffs which he snapped around her wrists before cutting the ropes that bound

	" OK pig, there's sixteen loads of cold cum and a little pee that needs
cleaning out of me so I'm nice and fresh for Tim's first load of the day. 
Naturally I want you to use that sharp tongue of yours to get every drop out. 
You better clean me up and then start sucking Tim off so he can get a nice
hard-on to fuck me with." Turning to Tim, she said, " Make it nice and slow
lover so I can remember our first fuck as a good one."

	While Jill sucked, licked, smooched, smacked and strained her mother's
cunt of the slime that seemed to fill every nook and cranny of her well-used
fuck tunnel, Tim licked and sucked Nana's nipples and tongue, moving back and
forth until she whispered that her armpits needed some attention.  As soon as he
smelled her hairy pits Tim got hard as steel.  Jill sucked harder and harder on
her mother's pungent pussy, draining the swampy mess from it.  Meanwhile Tim was
going nuts as he licked Nana's armpits and nipples, listening to her purr and
promise him the fuck of his young life.

	Normally Tim was put off by pubic and underarm hair, but this was not
the case with this sexy senior citizen.  He began to wonder if he should make
Jill grow back her pubic and underarm hair.  Perhaps that might rekindle their
marriage.  On the other hand the thought of fucking Jill's mother every day and
every night and then watching her do the boys, the neighbors and his friends
really turned Tim on big time.

	An hour later Tim dragged his slut-slave of a wife back to the bedroom
where a couple of dozen horny teenagers impatiently awaited her arrival.  It
might be fun to bring Nana down so she could watch Jill being gangbanged,
perhaps after he took his mother-in-law up on her offer to provide him her
asshole, which she claimed hadn't been used in 35 years.  Of course he expected
her to also provide him with a nice long blowjob, and to swallow evey drop
before offering up her asshole.  That way he would be able to last as long as he
wanted, regardless how uncomfortable it made her.  He was going to make sure
that she realized that he was the master of her body and soul as long as she was
under his roof.

					Chapter IV

	It was almost evening when Tim dragged his tired ass down to see what
was going on with Jill.  It was a real freak show. Professor Graves and Marcy
were still here, evidently they had slept over.  He wondered if the good
professor had sucked his cum out of the blonde bimbo's cunt. Al and Eileen had
also slept over, he wondered with whom.  Wilson and the two whores had come back
over and he was directing traffic as various implements were forced into Jill's
well-stretched holes, all of which were raw, swollen and wide open.  Tim was
amazed to see that Jill's asshole was stuffed with three dildos, and everyone
was thick!  Her tits had been used as pincushions and there must have been at
least 100 in each breast.  Wilson, ever the pedant, corrected him by stating
that each tit contained 150 pins, and another 50 would be driven into each tit
within the hour. Eileen was also still flowing like a fountain based on the
bloody smears around Jill's mouth and nose.

	Except for a couple of photographers from the camera club, there were no
kids remaining, although they were returning later on this evening to resume
gangbanging Jill.  The fat girl with the active bladder was going to bring a
couple of her girl friends that were as heavy as she and just loved to piss. 
Heidi and Bruno were going to return tomorrow afternoon and that would make
Jill's mom very happy as she seemed fixated on Bruno's big cock, something that
bothered Tim just a little.  To his surprise his brother had put in an
appearance.  He knew that Bob absolutely hated Jill, blaming her for the breakup
of his marriage.  Tim was sorry about that because his brother's ex was built
like a brick shithouse, and she was kind of easy.  Tim had been in her panties
on a number of occasions and she had loved feeling his hard cock sawing away
inside of her hot, tight, wet cunt.

	Jill looked absolutely wasted, even worse than he had expected.  Her
eyes were bulging out of their sockets; she was literally frothing at the mouth,
drool leaking from the panty gag that kept her quiet. Her entire body was
shaking uncontrollably, as if she was very cold. It turned out that the good
professor had given Jill another big dose of stimulants.  These were strictly
experimental and she had obtained them in exchange for a report on their
effects.  It was pretty obvious that Jill wasn't exactly taking to them. As Tim
watched, the two Japs tied Jill into a position that was the equivalent of
amputating her arms and legs at the elbows and knees.

	Her cunt and asshole were displayed prominently, so prominently that Al
couldn't resist. He pulled the three dildos from Jill's asshole and replaced
them with his gloved fist! She screamed in agony, the tendons on her neck
standing out in stark relief as her panty filled mouth struggled to express the
pain she was experiencing. After Professor Graves had finished taping Jill's
eyes open, she and Marcy squatted on either side of Jill's flailing head and
began pissing into her face, trying for the eyes. Bob whipped his cock out and
aimed a stream of stinging piss that splashed across Jill's nose and cheekbones
and bounced into her staring eyes." Attaway Bob! " Tim shouted.

	Jill's naked body quivered and shook from the pain and the drugs. 
Meanwhile Al was mindlessly trying to destroy the woman's asshole as his gloved
fist went deeper and deeper into her colon with every powerful punch that he
gave her. It was Wilson who at last called a halt to the festivities. " Hiddy Ho
neighbors., you've got to take it easy or Jill will go into shock and that will
be the end of our fun for a long, long time, forever if she dies.  She certainly
is reacting badly to those pills she swallowed along with Marcy's piss.  Who
knows, maybe Jill is allergic to the pills and piss combination.  Regardless, I
say we take a break and see if our guest of honor recovers her equilibrium, not
to mention her rectal and vaginal elasticity. At this point she certainly is no
fun to play with. "

	At Wilson's direction Yuko produced poultices that she and Miko packed
into Jill's asshole and pussy.  " This will cause the tissue to swell
dramatically.  Jill will experience considerable pain as her holes close up.  To
make sure that enough air gets in to hasten the reaction the ladies are going to
tape Jill's cunt lips to her body once they stretch them to their limit.  In the
case of her asshole, Al will spread Jill's cheeks apart to the maximum, and then
they'll be taped in that open position. " Wilson added. "I would suggest that
while we're waiting for the poultices to take effect, we tie Jill to the sturdy
frame that Tim has constructed in the basement and see how much skin we can whip
off her body.  I would suggest that the men only use their belts and the ladies
consider using that lovely stand of willows that are growing in the backyard
just for this purpose."

	"Also there is still the matter of adding some pins to Jill's tits and
perhaps other portions of her body.  It might be a good idea to use some on her
stretched cunt lips for redundancy." Jill's eyes were popping wildly as she
realized that she would be in even greater pain once Wilson's plan was put into
effect. Then she saw them preparing the stomach pump to be used to remove the
drugs from her and freaked, struggling wildly to escape her bonds.  Al's fist
sank into her belly without warning, driving the air from her lungs.  Jill
passed out.

	For the next hour and a half Jill thought she was in hell.  First there
was the dull ache radiating from her cunt and asshole as the poultices made her
tissue swell to mammoth proportions.  Then there was the pain of having hundreds
of pins driven into her nipples, cunt lips, ass, belly and armpits. Finally
there was the agony of having sometimes as many as four people whipping her
stretched body with a fury that made her realize how much she was hated. 

	Her tits were striped, welted, cut and slashed by the willow switches
and belts used on them.  Her tender cunt and belly received the same merciless
treatment.  Her thighs and broad ass were cut to ribbons by the switches once
the men had whipped them to the point that the skin was ready to burst.  What
was done to her defenseless asshole was even worse, since any direct blow with
any of the implements caused unbelievable pain.

 	Jill's body jerked and twisted in a mindless attempt to avoid the steady
slashing it was getting.  Tim had put her into an inverted Y with her legs
pulled out as far as her tendons would allow.  This intensified the pain when
the insides of her thighs were whipped.  Over and over she fainted, but they
used this time to stick more pins into her bare body; pins that were driven deep
into her flesh when the belts smashed into them.

	She remembered the look on Al's face as he concentrated on pounding the
dozens of pins into her stretched cunt lips. She would never forget the look on
Tim's face as he cut her nipples to pieces, grinning at her agony. Even the boys
had taken a turn.  Then there was Wilson, frothing at the mouth as he used his
belt on her exposed cunt, mumbling about how much he hated her as he worked the
pins deeper and deeper into her swollen flesh. There was Eileen making sure that
every blow cut deep into Jill's skin, plus Professor Graves and Marcy smirking
as they whipped her into a bloody piece of meat.

	Finally there was her mother with a vicious riding crop in her hand
whipping Jill's tits into bags of bloody meat.  How unfair of her, thought Jill,
the women were supposed to be using willow switches on her.  How come she was
allowed to use a riding crop?  Then poor Jill realized that her own mother was
even now exerting her influence on Tim.  Jill truly was doomed.  If only the
pain would stop, but it didn't until they were unable to revive her after a few
minutes of effort.  Then they decided that she had had enough and got her ready
for the evening gangbang that would be her next ordeal.

					(To be concluded)


				   Chapter V

	If anything, the teens were prompt. Jill shook with fear when she
noticed that the fat girl with the active bladder had two friends with her, and
they were as beefy and nasty looking as her.  "I am not going to survive this
weekend." she thought to herself. She faced 40 healthy sex crazed teens that
were intent on seeing how much sex she could provide them.  Each of the 8 girls
wore a  strap-on , all longer and thicker than any cock that Jill would handle
from the rest of the group.  Jill had been tied into the amputee configuration
once again, this time with heavy straps plus thin cord.  Already she was losing
feeling in her arms and her toes had begun to tingle. " Who wants to fuck her
first? " said Brad. 

	Jill shuddered when she saw Angela standing beside Brad, holding the
leash on a large brute of a mongrel dog.  "Oh my god, that animal is going to
fuck me!" Jill almost lost her mind at that point.  What kept her sane was the
sharp jolt of pain that originated deep inside her cunt as the first cock
burrowed into her swollen fuck tube. "Man! This is a freaky feeling ", the
teenager said as he drew his cock back and then slammed it home with all his
strength.  Jill tried to come out of her skin to escape the pain.

	The way she was bound and the condition of her asshole and cunt spurred
the teens to a frenzy of sexual activity. Jill was double penetrated often and
this doubled her agony as both holes were in the same bloated condition.  Jill
was not penetrated; rather she was pummeled as the cocks strained to split her
open, but failed.  This only made them more determined to break through the
impenetrable wall of pulsating tissue that filled her holes. 

	She now was in the position of truly being torture fucked.  Hour after
hour she suffered mind-bending pain as she was viciously raped by cocks and
dildos.  What made it even more horrifying were the three porkers who seemed
bent on drowning her in their piss.  Wilson peeped in on her every hour or so
and seemed fascinated by the way her cunt and asshole resisted being reamed out.
"My god, Jill! You could be fucked around the clock and nothing would change. 
You are the perfect piece of fuck meat. I have created a fuck monster!" He

	To his credit it was Wilson who realized that the poultices had not been
removed from Jill's holes, and that they were still causing her tissue to swell. 
He angrily spoke to Yuko in Japanese and she left to get a speculum that he used
on Jill's cunt to spread the swollen flesh apart sufficiently so that the
poultice could be removed with forceps.  Naturally the process caused agonizing
pain and Jill once more fainted and went into mild shock.

	Even though she was out of it, removing the poultice from her asshole
was a tedious and even more painful process.  Jill went into a deeper shock, her
perspiring body jerking against her bonds and her head thrashing from side to
side as the bloody poultice was removed from her asshole.  Both holes were
flushed with water from a hose to clean out anything that might have been
missed.  Wilson decided, with Tim's agreement, that Jill would have to be
allowed to rest for the rest of the evening.  He did promise that she would be
able to endure a considerable amount of pain and her asshole and cunt could be
vigorously fucked once she rested.

	Ever the good neighbor, Wilson volunteered his two houseguests to
provide entertainment to those who were going to sleep over. Miko was marched
into the guest bedroom by Al and Eileen, her hands tied behind her back.  Eileen
wanted the girl to eat out her still heavy flowing pussy, while Al was hot to
fuck the cute teen up the ass. 

	Meanwhile Tim and Nana had moved to the master bedroom so that he could
scratch his mother-in-law's sex itch.  She took plenty of scratching and Tim's
cock was worn down to the nub after almost an hour and a half of nearly
continuous action involving his cock, mouth, tongue, fingers, and finally his
fist!  Nana thought it would be fun to have a three way with Wilson and Yuko. 
So Tim rested up and watched Wilson's hard cock ream out the elderly sex bomb's
hot cunt while the Japanese whore licked their sex organs as they fucked. After
Nana had drained Wilson dry, she let him and the whore leave. 

	Then she went to work on Tim's cock with her hot mouth and knowing
hands, milking his tool in and out of her mouth.  She also managed to carry on
an extremely interesting conversation with him. "How come you never made Jill
get a boob job?  Why did you let her get so soft and flabby?  How would you like
it if I got a boob job?  I could probably go up a couple of cup sizes to maybe a
D, wouldn't that be nice. That way you could tit fuck me when you got tired of
blow jobs and doing me in the cunt and asshole." 

	Tim just stayed quiet and enjoyed the super blowjob she was giving him.
"You know that Jill probably will need a boob job just to get her jugs back to
where they were a couple of days ago.  Brad and I beat her half to death two
nights ago and she's been through the mill big time for the last day and a half. 
Al and Wilson really ruined her tits today.  I kind of feel bad for her
considering what she's been through." 

	Nana laughed so hard that she nearly choked on his stiff cock. "What a
fool you are Tim Taylor!  Hasn't Jill ever told you about what she went through
when she was growing up with the colonel? In those days I weighed about 160 and
sex was a duty, not something I enjoyed doing. Well he decided that Jill was
going to become my stand-in, so to speak; more like my lie in, if you get my

	When she turned 14 he announced that she was going to be commissioned
his morale officer. He even gave her a uniform.  It consisted of a pair of white
lace bikini panties, a black garter belt plus hose and heels.  She stood
inspection every day that he needed her to boost his morale. Well Jill was not
too keen about the arrangement and the colonel gigged her big time for that.  		

	He'd take her down to the cellar and hang her by her wrists from a beam
in the basement ceiling after making her strip.  Then he'd take his belt to her. 
To avoid any trouble with the neighbors he would gag her with a pair of my
panties that he would tape in her mouth. They'd be down there for hours.  Lots
of times the colonel would come up for a cup of coffee after an hour or so, then
go back down for another couple of hours. In a month there wasn't a square inch
of her body between her neck and ankles that wasn't covered with welts. She
looked like she was always wearing a red two-piece bathing suit because of the
areas that the colonel concentrated on.

	To be honest I was not exactly happy with this arrangement and not very
sympathetic with Jill's plight. I do remember once having to get the colonel to
the phone while he was gigging our daughter.  I will never forget the sight of
this little 14 year old girl hanging by her bound wrists from a hook, her legs
held wide apart by ropes that anchored her ankles to cement blocks. Her little
breasts were crimson from the whipping he'd given them, and he had started in on
her little puss that was already sore and swollen.  Tears were running down her
face and even the gag wasn't able to stifle her screams and groans as he
blistered her naked body with his heavy belt. I couldn't get upstairs fast
enough, and I never ever went down there again while he was whipping Jill.

	He would use Jill three or four nights a week.  I'd often see her lying
on the bed, her wrists and ankles tied with ropes to the bedposts, a pillow
under her bottom to elevate her little puss, making it easy for him to use her. 
She'd be gagged as well to avoid disturbing the neighbors. I think he
deliberately left the bedroom door open to mock me and her sisters who were
secretly glad he had chosen Jill rather than one of them.

	It was amazing how long he could fuck that little girl. That bed would
creak for as long as a half hour, then be still for perhaps another half hour
before starting up and going for as long as another hour.  The colonel wasn't
firing blanks either as we discovered when Jill missed her period about five
months after he started using her to relieve his tensions.  He ignored her
condition until she began to show in her fourth month.  From then on he started
to use a rubber hose on her when he gigged her.

	Poor Jill, her little boobs started to get nice and big, and they really
took a lot of punishment from that nasty hose. The colonel always said that the
hose was a birth control device. By the time Jill was ready for college she'd
had four miscarriages, every one of them in either her fourth or fifth month. I
think she would have been a nice C cup by then if it wasn't for all the abuse
they took from her pregnancies and the hose."

	Tim was silent for a moment, then said "Nana, if all this is true, then
why did you tear Jill up so bad tonight?" His mother-in-law sighed as she
replied, "Tim, didn't you learn anything about your wife after nearly 20 years
of marriage?  Jill is a pain slut! All the stuff that the colonel did to her
while she was growing up had a big effect.  Jill was a full-fledged masochist by
the time she left for college; pain was her thing. Why did you think she fell in
love with you? You treated her like dirt, and that was what she was looking for. 
I thought you knew that, silly me."

	"Well, I'm glad we had this little talk.  Brad knows that his mom needs
heavy-duty pain to make her life mean something.  In fact I think that's why he
goes out with Angela.  That girl is a major league bitch; just what Jill needs
to make things interesting.  Enough of this, how about fucking me in the ass
this time, I could really get off on something painful about now."

	Sunday morning found Jill's condition much improved.  Tim and Nana
decided to resume her attitude adjustment promptly at noon with a mini-gang
bang.  Afterwards Angela and the dog would have a turn or two or three on Jill. 
The four members of Jill's college would punish her next, probably in the
bathroom. Heidi and Bruno were expected around dinnertime and Nana could hardly
wait until his big cock was sawing away inside her cunt. Heidi didn't mind since
she still had a few things, very painful things, to do to Jill. Tim and the boys
wanted to take her down to the basement and have another go at her naked body
just to make sure they hadn't missed any spots. Then Jill would be gang banged
by the high school kids once more.

	Tim, Jack, Al, Wilson, Brad, Randi, and Mark took a turn on Jill,
screwing her until her eyes crossed, then screwing her some more. Nana and
Eileen hammered away on Jill's cunt with their strap-ons whenever there was a
lull in the action.  The ladies amused themselves by making Jill suck their
dildos clean after they were done stirring up the copious amounts of cum that
had been pounded deep into her sore cunt. Al, Wilson and Jack also took a crack
at her asshole to check out its health, declaring it to be in good working
order.  Eileen and Nana confirmed their findings after reaming Jill's asshole
until she begged for mercy.

	Angela and the dog made an appearance soon after Jill finished sucking
the cum and pussy juice that had gotten on everything that had been in her cunt
and asshole. The camera club also got there a little early to record the action
when Angela's dog took on Jill. She was strapped down on the doggy bench as Tim
called it, then Angela fed his dick into Jill's sloppy cunt and the animal began
to fuck her furiously. "I hope his knot stays inside her cunt" she said as Jill
grunted from the force of the dog's assault on her snatch. The dog didn't last
long, but his knot did wedge itself inside Jill's worn out pussy. 

	The fat girl, who had become Jill's greatest tormentor, offered her big
ass for Tim's wife to lick while the dog's knot slowly shrank. Once the dog was
free, Angela put his dick in Jill's mouth and made her suck it back to full
hardness, which didn't take long. Again he pounded away on Jill's stretched slit
while she continued to lick the fat girl's ass, working her tongue into the
crack and burrowing closer to her wrinkled asshole. Another big load of doggy
cum was squirted deep inside Jill's tired twat. 

	By now her tongue was working on the fat girl's asshole with enthusiasm,
trying to take her mind off what was happening to her. Again she was forced to
suck the dog's dick.  It took a few minutes before the animal was ready to fuck
her once more.  This time Angela positioned the animal's cock between Jill's
swollen, welted ass cheeks. "For the love of god, not that! I'm begging you,
please, not that!" Jill screamed.

	The fat girl turned around so she could get a better view of what was to
happen.  She forced Jill's face into her bushy cunt and rubbed the helpless
woman's face up and down. "Lick it you pig!" she hissed. Jill screamed into the
girl's smelly slit as the dog's cock began to burrow between her welted ass
cheeks.  The video camera recorded her total degradation as the animal's rigid
organ reamed out her asshole, urged on by the audience.  Angela smiled evilly as
she watched the dog screw Jill's asshole with furious strokes. "Atta boy, fuck
the bitch good, make her squeal!" she said.

	When the dog came, his knot locked him securely inside of Jill's
asshole.  The pain drove her into a frenzy as she tried to pull away from the
dog.  The fat girl used both her hands to press Jill's face against her dripping
cunt, flowing like a fountain from the woman's tongue action. "God, can I take
her home to meet my mom and my two sisters?" she asked Tim.

	He laughed and shrugged. "It depends on if she'll still be alive when we
get through with her.  The college bunch is due soon and they'll be pumping
drugs into her for the rest of the afternoon.  I want to put her on the frame
before she's gang banged again.  Then she goes on the frame again and stays
there until Nana and I say she's had enough, and right now I think she's had it
way too easy. Oh, I forgot, Heidi has a few bones she wants to pick with Jill,
so she gets her before we take her downstairs for her first beating.  I think
you may be out of luck today, but maybe on Tuesday or Wednesday we can arrange
for Jill to meet your family.  Would you mind if I went along to take some
pictures? I sell them on the Internet. Jill is really popular with the S&M

					(To be continued)


				    Chapter VI

	A few minutes later the ladies from the college arrived en masse.  They
had ridden over in an SUV that also carried the stomach pump and a variety of
tools and toys to use on Jill. She and the dog were still locked together.  The
ladies were delighted to see what was being done to her and pleaded with Angela
to let the dog do Jill again. "I was going to make her suck him off and swallow
his cum.  He's had her three times already, and it could be quite long before he
would want her again." The ladies applauded her idea and stood around to watch.

	So in a couple of minutes Jill was sucking hard on the dog's soft cock
while everyone watched her degradation and humiliation, enjoying every second of
it. To add to Jill's pain, the two live-ins selected long thick dildos and were
soon stirring up all the doggy cum that had been deposited in Jill's holes.
Angela ordered Jill to lick the dog's balls. Jill sucked and licked until her
jaw hurt and her tongue was raw, but the dog still didn't come although his cock
was completely out of its sheath and rock hard. "Let's see if he'll fuck her
again" Angela suggested. Jill's eyes bulged when she felt his cock pushing at
her asshole. "Oh no, oh no" she sobbed bringing laughter from the group. "I
guess he wants her asshole again, great!" exclaimed Angela.

	While Jill took the dog's cock in the ass for the second time, Eileen
decided that she needed her gory gash gobbled again. Jill did a very good job,
worming her raw tongue deep inside Eileen's bleeding fuck pipe and sucking a
mixture of cunt slime, mucous and blood from her. Jill shuddered and screamed
into Eileen's cunt as the dog blasted another load of cum into her sore ass
channel, and then his knot stretched her colon as it locked them in place once
more. The ladies were delighted to have witnessed her degradation, but now it
was their turn to torture and humiliate their victim. 

	They literally dragged Jill up the stairs using a rope knotted around
her hair that was plaited into a long braid. The pump was used to remove the dog
cum from her asshole and cunt.  They would feed it to Jill later in the session.
They cruelly ran the pump long after her holes were sucked dry, removing the
mucous that lubricated them. Jill was then given an enema liberally laced with
an experimental stimulant developed by the school's chemistry department to keep
large animals alert. A butt plug prevented her from expelling the large quantity
of liquid that caused her belly to bulge. 

	While her system absorbed the stimulant they took turns raping her with
long, thick dildos that they jammed deep into her and twisted to produce even
more pain. Marcy squatted and gave her a long golden shower that choked and
gagged her. Jill began to show the effects of the drug, becoming agitated and
struggling furiously against the Velcro bonds that held her helpless. For her
troubles she received a violent fisting from her professor that left her in
terrible pain.

	"Let's glue the pig's cunt lips wide open before she gets too strong for
us to handle" said Professor Graves.  Soon Jill's pussy flaps were stretched to
their limit and securely held to her belly and the insides of her thighs.  Her
clitoral hood was pulled back and glued to her groin to expose her super
sensitive love button. It was then decided that Jill needed to have her pubes
shaved to get rid of the stubble that had formed. 

	This was accomplished using a dull razor and no lubricant.  Jill had a
few nicks and cuts afterwards, but nothing that would bother her considering
what they now planned for her. Marcy observed that with all the welts and cuts
from the last two beatings she'd received, no one could even find the small
nicks and cuts that they made. Graves then observed that Jill's spread cunt lips
prevented them from giving her a thorough shave. So the glue was removed from
part of Jill's stretched cunt lips so her shave would be total.  She screamed so
loudly when they began to pull off the glue that it was necessary to gag her
with a pair of panties that they found in the hamper.

	Freshly glued and still bulging from the enema, Jill was placed in the
tub and the butt plug removed. After hosing her off, they laid Jill on a bench
that was brought in by Marcy. Eileen came in to use the toilet, but instead she
squatted over Jill, told her to open her mouth and proceeded to piss.  Jill
swallowed as much as she could, but still was choked by the flow.  Her professor
then made another important observation, Jill was very thirsty, having had
nothing to eat or drink since the attitude adjustment had started almost two
full days ago. Naturally the ladies decided to give Jill as much piss as she
could drink. When they were done Jill was bulging once more. Now the fun really

	Her advisor took a hypodermic and gave Jill injections in both nipples,
driving the needle deep into the sensitive nubbins of flesh. "This is a blood
stimulant that should cause a remarkable change in the size of those smallish
breasts. Soon we'll have something to really work on." Even as she spoke Jill's
tits began to redden. "The effect will only last for a few hours and I'm told
the breasts become extremely sore which will make it even more fun."

	 She then produced another vicious looking hypodermic saying "This is
called 'hot flash' by the chemists who developed it.  Marcy was once given a
small injection, about one third of what I'm going to shoot Jill with.  She was
able to have continuous sex for over 12 hours and believes she had hundreds of
powerful orgasms that each lasted minutes. One can imagine the strain on the
heart."  Marcy nodded her head. "It was like my whole body turned into one big
hot, juicy cunt. What a rush!" The professor smiled and added "I know that Jill
will be gang banged for a rather lengthy period this evening. This should make
the contest much more even."

	Jill had to be held down for the injection.  Even though she was bound
to the bench, the stimulants gave her tremendous strength.  More straps were
added and two of the ladies sat on Jill to keep her still.  Even so when the
needle pierced her super sensitive clitoris, Jill bucked the ladies off for a
brief moment.  The second injection was more successful because she was stunned
by the vicious blow to the belly she got from Marcy. While she reacted to that
agony the needle was driven deep into her clitoris.

	In a matter of minutes Jill began to thrash against her bonds, thrusting
her hips up in the air, desperately seeking some relief from the incredible rush
of sexual frenzy she was experiencing.  Her breasts had ballooned so much that
the cuts and welts from her previous beatings began to open up as the skin
stretched.  Soon Jill's breasts were two bleeding bags of swollen flesh.

	This was too good not to share, so the video camera person was ushered
into the bathroom to record the sight of Jill going completely insane as her
clitoris swelled to the size of a walnut, a big walnut, and her tits bled. Marcy
donned a pair of leather gloves and began squeezing and yanking on Jill's bloody
breasts. Jill's eyes bulged and her screams even overcame the panties stuffed
into her mouth. Graves selected a thick length of ribbed rubber and thrust it
deep into Jill's cunt in one motion.  Jill bucked furiously against her bonds
and spasmed into a huge orgasm that made her shudder and twitch. When the dildo
was pulled out, it was covered with a thick coating of cunt juice. The drug was
forcing the helpless woman to manufacture tremendous amounts of lubricant.

	For the next two hours Jill lived in a world centered on her cunt, her
pussy, her snatch, her hole, her fuck pipe, her tunnel of love, her slit, her
slot, her gash, and any other word used to describe that fiery cauldron that
boiled between her legs. She came, she came again, she came once more, she
creamed all over herself.  She lost control of her bladder and pissed herself.
Someone was always doing something to make her have still another violent
orgasm.  It was worse than giving birth without anesthetic.  She couldn't get
enough air no matter how hard she gasped. 

	Her clitoris was purple and throbbing even before the pocket rocket
vibrator was pressed against it. Her clitoris exploded whenever it was pinched,
rubbed, pulled, twisted, squeezed, kissed or tongued. She gobbled down a mixture
of dog cum and her own piss on a number of occasions.  She took every dildo they
had and none were sufficiently long or thick to satisfy the burning need that
fried her brain.

	When Tim checked on her, Jill was making a baseball bat disappear inside
her creaming cunt. "Wow! A star is born." was all he could say as he watched a
foot and a half of prime ash pistoning away inside Jill's stretched pussy. "
Make sure you clean that before you give it back to Mark." He said as he left.
Marcy and the other live-in began to force long needles into Jill's bloated,
bleeding breasts. Dozens and dozens became hundreds as they pushed one after
another into her bags. At last they did something to the hapless woman that she
couldn't stand. A hatpin was slowly driven into her clit and she passed out from
the pain, her bound body continuing to twitch and spasm even while she was

	 When Tim finally realized that his wife had been literally pushed to
the brink of death by the awful tortures she had endured for the last two days,
he went into action. An ambulance arrived within 15 minutes and whisked Jill off
to the hospital.  Since Tim was such a good customer the hospital staff handled
the matter of his wife with the utmost discretion. She would survive, but no one
dared predict a complete recovery. Tim was mortified. 

	Somehow Jill made enough of a recovery that she would not be a burden to
Tim and Nana.  She also was a changed woman, very obedient to the wishes of her
husband and mother.  A woman who was humble and extremely happy to serve as
housekeeper, fuck slave and torture toy for Tim, Nana, the boys and their many
friends. In fact Jill had her own pay site on the web that catered to the
hardcore sadist and rapist types.

	To guarantee that Jill would remain in this subservient state she was
taken to the basement for reinforcement sessions.  Nana liked to use the term
'gigging', and she fulfilled some secret fantasy by always participating with
the trusty rubber hose that Tim had custom made for her. Another thing that
helped to keep Jill from backsliding was her chat room.  There she went one on
one, with Nana as her spokesperson, with the crème de la crème of perversion,
sadism and extreme mental illness.

	A typical chat session would go as follows.  Jill would be naked and
tied tightly to a chair with a big vibrator churning away inside her dripping
cunt. Often she might be fresh from a reinforcement session, her naked body
covered with a new layer of cuts, welts and bruises. "Hello pain slut Jill, this
is Cuntkiller. I hope you are well so that I can have the pleasure of destroying
your body once I get my hands on you." 

	"Until then, here's a picture of you that I've modified to show what
you'd look like after the amputations. I'd saw off your arms a little bit above
the elbows and your legs at about midthigh.  That way you'd be nice and easy to
handle and at the same time I'd have something to hold on to while I was raping
you. Looking forward to an enjoyable rendezvous with your naked body in the very
near future."

	Tim and Nana have settled in as a couple and their sex life is
outstanding. Nana loves cock and Tim loves to fuck.  Tim will fuck any woman and
Nana will fuck any man provided his cock is at least as big as Tim's ten inches.
The boys love to fuck their grandmother. In fact Randi has a thing for mature
women and not only does he drill Nana regularly, she introduces him to other
mature women who love to fuck young studs. Jill finally got to meet the fat
girl's (her name is Rhonda) sisters and mother and they have her over at least
once a week. 

	Jill has really developed a taste for the yellow stuff and just loves to
drink it from the tap. Angela still brings the dog over to fuck Jill, and they
have become an item.  Nana claims that Jill always was an animal lover and sees
nothing out of the ordinary with the relationship.  Finally Nana and Jill are
going to get boob jobs once Jill's outcall discipline and humiliation business
brings in enough money.  The only worry is that one of Jill's customers might
also be someone that knows her from her chat room. To quote Tim, "That might be
a problem, .....for Jill."


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