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A Pirate's Life for Me

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Synopsis: A sixteen year old girl discovers to her desire just how ruthless pirates can be.



The salty spray of the sea tore up the chasm between the stern of a mighty ship and the port that it nearly crashed into. Broadside cannons let loose a fury of fiery lead that sank the town into a brilliant display of fire. Villagers ran screaming for cover as the loathsome pirates careened into town taking what they would. Plundering taverns and houses. There was nothing spared as they looted and pillaged. Even the town militia couldn't take the assault. In only an hour the town was ransacked as the last of the scurvy sea dogs boarded the plank to retreat into their ship with hand full of bountiful booty. Shoving off the port valve and setting sail for their own private island of treasure. A large burning village was left behind as smoke rose to the heavens. The Captain smiled with his loose tooth grin showing years of decay. One squinted eye looking over the horizon as he yelled to his comrades.

"Well done gents! The devil's hand is with us again ye scurvy sea dogs." Thus bellowed his crew returned with a hardy roar of approval. Only after the quiet hush came upon as the men started about their own business did the brash Captain hear a noise just below deck. A small barrel of aged rum was overturned and slowly made it's way to his leather boot. Placing his foot upon the barrel his intense gaze shifted toward the small cabin door that led into the underbelly of this noisome nelly. "What have we here?" He muttered to himself. Pushing the barrel out of his way his saber was drawn in hand. The other bandaged hand moved forward and swung the cabin door from his hinges only to find a prize inside. A sixteen year old girl huddled in the small crawl space in her nightgown. Quickly he grasped her wrist and pulled her free of the dimly lit corner. "Gents! What have we here....methinks a stow away." He bellowed to the hands on deck. Many men joined to investigate his finding.

The girl was breathtakingly beautiful and extremely frightened. Her body well developed and not very well hidden in the translucent garment that hugged her large breasts and shaped her toned legs. Long brown hair spilled down over one shoulder as tear filled green eyes started at the Captain still holding her wrist. The men were already excited as they began to prod at her with their weapons. "What do ye think ye be doing aboard my ship lass? Looking for a swim with the sharks?" He laughed as he awaited her reply.

She choked out her words with tears freely falling. " sir......I just wanted to get away......from my town, thought I could get a ride." She bit her lip as her wrist was still held above her now bowed head.

"A ride lass?" The captain mused. "We are but pirates lass, not a cruise ship, you are in some very real danger. Besides, what could you offer us in payment for a ride, you have no gold to speak of."

Her answer shocked the ruthless bunch as she spoke softly "My body. I'll give you my body, you and your crew. Whatever you want to do to me, or have me do, I'll do it. If I could just have a ride to another town. I'll be your slave." He words were soft and tainted with fear but she meant every word. She was prepared to let these ruthless band of cutthroat pirates have their ways with her, whatever that entailed. Actually was she was looking forward to such black hearted treatment.

"Well now, that is an interesting wager. Gents, what do ye think? Should we let her live, and keep her as a little slave, or let her walk the plank....naked!?" The ship roared with protest edging the captain to keep her aboard, each hungrily looking to rape the girl in every conceivable fashion. "Well lass, it seems you'll get your wish.....but I must say you in for a hella of a ride, but first you must be punished for stowing away."

She nodded solemnly as she was thankful to get the ride, though at such an expense. Three men rose quickly and took her arms as they cut her nightgown off her and threw it overboard. Hands were already groping her breasts as she began to moan. She was led to the main mast and tied chest first against the large wooden beam. All the crew gathered around as the Captain was handed a large bull whip. He struck her back hard as she screamed at the salty sea her tears flooding her body. The whip dug into the skin tearing it to shreds as she endured several such lashes. Her breasts dug into the large wooden structure bruising them further. The pain only made her wet from excitement. For her continued punishment she was strapped to a flag and raised up with the mast to let her body dry in the salty air. All the while she screamed and wailed in pain. Blood ran down her body and mixed with the juices she was secreting from her cunt. All this deeply turned her on and made her even hotter than before. While hanging painfully from the mast all she could think about was the cruelty that would inflict upon her. Trying hard to imagine every perverse thing she would have to do. That was the only thoughts in her mind as how humiliated she wanted to be, that and she focused heavily on the searing pain as she begged the wind to increase her suffering.

The only seeming kindness the pirates had to offer is that when she passed out from the pain that she was gently put in the barracks for a good nights rest. That next morning she arose still nude and pushed open the cabin doors as golden rays of sunlight struck her angelic visage. Mussed hair and scars forming already decorated her alabaster skin. Suddenly a hand struck her face as she fell to the wooden floor. A bucket containing soapy water was flung down beside her as the pirate barked an order.

"Get to work bitch, the deck needs a good scrubbing!" Tear-filled eyes looked at him with obedience as she searched in vain for a mop.

"Where's the mop?" She questioned with hesitant action.

"Use those breasts of yours, they'll be big enough I wager." His smile was sadistic and cruel showing various holes where teeth lay missing. Almost immediately she doubled over and placed one breast into the bucket of water to only feel the loathsome sting of almost boiling liquid saturate her mammary. Still both hands rose to press against the wood as she lifted her sopping tit out of the bucket. Digits grasped her breast as she twisted the flesh cruelly. Grimacing in pain the water was distributed among the floor. Sinking down in abject humiliation while still crying she began to move back and forth raking her breast against the plank of wood. Splinters caught in her skin as she moved and her ass became a prime target for men passing by to swat at. Other more vicious pirates took the opportunity to plant firm kicks into the stomach of her humiliated form. Each time she would gasp and hold her stomach before returning to her task and grating her flesh into the wooden floor boards. Ever so often she would dip her breast into the soapy mixture and painfully wring out the water to distribute over the floor. She only got a third of the way done before the Captain approached and bellowed at her shivering form.

"Alright lass, time to give your mouth a work out." Grasping tendrils of her soaked hair and pulling her willing form toward his person. The Captain worked at his belt buckle and forced her face to come in contact with a unwashed member of flesh. The head was already dripping as she moved forward to swallow the turgid cock. Her face turned into a rancid frown at the taste of his dirty flesh. Not letting her even back up an inch, he forced his long cock down her small throat. Choking on the pungent aroma and vicious impaling she began to gag hard as she dutifully sucked with as much force as she could muster. Soon the gagging grew worse as she began to vomit on the floor board. "Arrr, you'll be cleaning that up when you're done lass." He bellowed before shoving her face hard against his groin. The tip penetrated her throat and slid down as she grasped his limbs in pain. The stretching of her throat was agony as she started to suck even harder. The entire time a thin stream of liquid was flowing from her watering cunt down the slope of her legs. It was only a minute or two before the captain shot a thick load of salty cum in her mouth. Swallowing the offered mixture was displeasure to her palette. Pulling forth from her pursed lips he shot another load over her angelic tear filled face and into her mussed hair. Orders were given not to remove the thick cum but to bend forward and lick up her own bile. This was obeyed immediately as she lapped at the rancid concoction and swallowed every last morsel until only the stain was left on the wood. Panting as she kept her position on all fours the Captain chuckled and gave the men leave to do with her as they pleased.

During the customary meal time she was used to serve the food as well as provide the drinks. Each pass of a pirate rewarded her with a slap to her tender ass or a pinch to her nipples. Many of the sailors forcefully yanked her onto their laps and smothered her in sloppy kisses to further degrade her. Despite the harsh treatment she welcomed it willingly always accepting the kisses and trying to put forth her breasts for more delicious torture. Strait way the men took her back to the barracks to have fun over night. During the night she was raped horribly by at least two dozen men. Each filling her holes with their dirty unwashed cocks which she greedily accepted. Soon the men became restless and wanted to test the girl's willingness. Slamming her form down while they gathered around her. Two men held her breasts, one on each side pulling her to the floor. Her ass was wiped clean of any remnant cum and made as dry as possible. With no lube one pirate violently worked his large fist into her awaiting anal cavity. The girl screamed in agony as she lurched about trying to naturally escape the evasion. Her breasts almost tore from the violent jerkings which became more apparent as he pressed to insert more of his arm up her passage. Another pirate caught a gleam in his eye as he proceeded to join his comrade in sodomizing the girl. His fingers were nimbly squeezed in as a second hand entered her passage. When the knuckles passed the fleshy rim it stretched out of proportion and tore the skin. The sound of ripping made the crew jorgle with approval as the girl howled in torment. Still when they ordered her to beg for more, she did just that.

"Please....... Another, please give me another, tear me apart." Her labored breath cut between pauses of distress and tear-filled sobs and wails.




The stench of blood laid thick upon her battered frame. Down on her knees the girl coughed violently from the recent tearing of her ass and other such abuses. Every other second her body bucked with dry heaves as she desperately tried to fight the urge to vomit. She hadn't been permitted food nor water in the past day, (nor would she accept them if offered) leaving her weak and sobbing. Tears lined her face as the door swung open to the cabin they dumped her in. Two men came in grasping her arms and hauling her body from the musty chamber toward the main mast. The horde of pirates leered at her while they made comments of her beaten body and whorish behavior. Each term shouted out bore the air of mockery and disdain for her body. She was no more than a piece of meat, to her extreme pleasure. The pirate to her right flank stuck his nose close to her ear to smell the faint perfume she still carried on her face and slender throat. His tongue slithered out and swiped up the side of her cheek while he spoke in breath that stank of rotten fruit.

"The cap'n has something real special planned for you whore." Grasping a handful of her hair and pulling hard so that her mouth shot open with a gasp. No sooner did she open her lips than the prodding tongue of this savage pirate was being forced down her throat. Each breast was then cruelly grasped as he forced the maiden to endure a very violent groping session. This she participated in willingly giving the most passionate kisses she could muster given her condition. The pirate's partner in crime forcibly ripped the girl away from his grasp delivering a backhand to her angelic face. Her body tumbled to the ground as he bellowed in sick laughter.

"What a slut, horny lil wench is still hot under the collar!" His eyes darted to his captain as he sneered and gave a nod to proceed. Bending down to grasp an arm of the girl's wailing form he slapped her again to silence the crying as he forced her toward the mast. There stood the captain arrayed in his finest garb, royal blue scattered with crimson red buckles and straps. A large hat rode atop his head with all manner of feathers protruding from a gold clasp riding along the ridge. His scarred visage leered at the girl as she was pushed back first against the mast in a standing position. Each arm was tied forcefully around the mast behind her till the ropes dug painfully into her flesh. Her head slumped forward as she quietly sobbed, long locks of hair fell in her face while her body rode tremors of excitement and nausea. The Captain's bandaged hand came forward to place gangly digits upon her chin and lift her face to his.

"We've got a special treat for ye girl, something to remember us by." His laughter entered just before he finished the sentence. The crew echoed his enjoyment with their own shouts of comradary. Silence fell on him quickly as he pressed cracked lips to her own pink tissue and gave a most unpleasant but skillfully forced kiss. His tongue probed her mouth as she tried her best to return such a favor with her own pink muscle. Retreating from her lips about an inch, the captain produced a large amount of saliva and spat in her face. Turning from her quivering form he shouted to the crew.

"Where by me brand?" Sneering at the girl's reaction, as she gasped at the sound. One lackey ran up with a large iron poker, that was heated to a nice golden yellow hue. Grasping the wooden handle, the captain admired the heated tip. A circle of iron encasing a capital letter 'P'. On the rim there stood four spikes protruding from the tip to further imbed into the flesh of the victim. Allowing the girl to see her tormentor's toy for a few moments as he spoke again. "The crew thought that ye might forget this favor that we're doing for ye, so we're going to leave you with a souvenir of sorts. Now hold still lass, because this is really going to hurt." It was only a moment to position the weapon before he plunged the brand strait into her right breast. Upon impact she jutted back her head and produced a tormented howl that sounded more feral than human. The seething brand began to almost cook her globe of meat as the insignia was being bored into her body. Thrashing in the restraints she did all she could to remain conscious for the torture. Even through the agony she arched her back to imbed the brand deeper into her tit. As the iron pressed further against her flesh she continued to howl in anguish until she could barely make out the word in a soft whimper.

"More" Her sobbing resumed as she wailed through the bitter tears. Such punishment made her abused cunt throb with excitement as it leaked down her slender shaking legs. After minutes of torture that seemed like days he finally relented only to shove the tip against her climaxing pussy. The brand's sharp points caught her clit and drove her scream like a banshee. Her wrists automatically fought the restraints which only hurt more. Though that pain dulled in company to the searing torture on her clit. Slowly the captain began to move the brand inward, violating her tight hole. Her screams turned to silent pleas as she writhed, straining her body against the mast. Violently she fought for control until she could pull herself down and actually impale herself on such a cruel device. The good captain drove the brand deeper until just the wooden handle was bobbing from her contracting cunt. With a forceful shove she felt the tip jab at her cervix, a thin barrier that held the entrance to her womb from being breached. The second it touched the thin membrane she screamed in a higher pitch than before. Violently she thrashed about trying to now escape the protruding weapon. She was going out of her mind with the pain, when another pirate came up to take her mind off the unmerciful violation of her cunt. Forcefully he grasped her branded breast and sank yellow stained teeth into the soft flesh of her tit. She shook with agony as the pain shot through her body. With reckless abandon she began to buck hard against the mast and the brand within her. The pirate latched on and increased the ferocity of his bite. Ivory pallets sank into her meaty globe as she went through a series of agonizing climaxes that finally left her unconscious. After a moment more of torture the captain and his pirate comrade released the girl to hand limb upon the mast.

"Arrr, bring some water, wake her up!" His command given and in no less than three seconds his first mate came baring a bucket of cold salt water. With a heave of his muscles the liquid splashed onto her body. The desired effect produced a scream from her lips as she shook while awaking from her pain induced coma. Nearing the shaking girl the captain sneered and spoke in his gruff commanding voice. "You'll be needing to get some rest my dear, supper time is in a few hours, and you're the entertainment." With only a mustered nod she passed out once again. A few crewmen came and untied her body taking her down to the barracks to wash her and let her sleep. Of course the crew was careful to molest her during this much to their pleasure.

Hours later as the evening began to approach the crew was busy preparing the night's meal. A large space in the middle of the wooden table was cleared free of food and drinks in preparation for the main entertainment. Two pirates drew swords and marched into the barracks to awake the sleeping girl. Arousing her with a few slaps to her face she willingly moved with them to the dining hall. The smell of food caused her stomach to turn and grumble in hunger, to which she put a hand on her stomach and moaned. Still she would not eat if given the chance, it was too much of a pleasure for her to feel the starving belly. Almost carrying her the two pirates threw her to the table.

"All right lass, get on the table!" One shouted with his sword prodding at her back. Moaning in pain and with sore limbs she slowly climbed on the table and moved to the center as it was obviously cleared for her. The brand was showing nicely on her alabaster flesh as well as burn marks on her violated cunt. Running delicate digits to move back some locks of hair she stared at the captain silently waiting his command.

"Gents, to your seats, methinks the girl is ready for us." Each crew member rushed to their respective chairs with the captain formally waiting at the head. One boot stomped on his seat while he leaned forward and gave the command to the girl. "While we dine, yer gonna give us something to look at. Now start feeling yerself up, and let's here some noise too." In no more than a moment she held the understanding of the task. She was to masturbate in front of the entire crew while they ate, like some sick depraved slut. Granted she was that, in her own mind, she was even worse, a filthy animal that was meant to be abused fucked and tossed aside. Moving to rest on her ass she spread her legs painfully wide and began to finger her clit.

Although the sight of a teenage girl masturbating in such a humiliating setting would drive any pirate mad with lust, most seemed to ignore her and start eating their food. Tears sprang to her eyes as the humiliation started to set in. Her fingers moved faster over her ruined cunt as she cried in pain and abject debasement. Moans started lifting from her vocals as she arched her back lifting her breasts to the skies. Her other hand came to molest her tit and grope it hard. Pulling the nipple out and stretching her body to feel such pain. Fingers began to be inserted into her burnt pussy as juices leaked profusely from the wanton slut. Her cries became louder as she hurriedly pumped her cunt harder. She then used her nails to savagely pierce her left breast and drag large cuts down her flesh. It was then she felt a pirate hurl a piece of fruit at her. The tomato hit her side and splattered leaving it's juice to cake her body. Another took some jelly from the glass jar and threw it at her face. Still beyond the abuse she maturbated in a more frenzied pace. The captain even joined in to spit at her body. She could hear the cries of the pirates as they swore at her calling her filthy vile names. Soon she let out a scream, and tensed her body, as she climaxed hard spilling her juices down onto the table. So desperate for something in her body she scooped up a selection of the cum and started to digest it quickly. Large strands spilled down her body and over her battered breasts. The fingers in her cunt never stopped but pumped harder as she began to ride a wave of humiliating ecstasy on the dining table of her tormentors.

That night she slept on the table, still splattered with food and cum. Even a couple pirates came to relieve themselves in the night by letting their warm urine slide over her body and in her mouth. The more she thought about this voyage, the more she wondered if she could even tear herself away from such treatment. She longed for this to continue and what's worse escalate to even more degration and torture. The ride had almost become pointless, it was the slavery she wished and craved so much. But what would the pirate's say, after they were bored with her, why should she stay around. Those thoughts along with the pain lulled her to sleep.


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