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Entree Girl

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Synopsis: Emily had always wanted to help her mother with the family business, so when Mom asked her to help with an important business dinner, Emily eagerly agreed to provide the meat.


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©2004 by Robin Lane

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Entree Girl


Robin Lane

Emily got off the bus in front of the Smokey Girl Restaurant. It was the middle of the day, and the place was packed, as usual. At least today she wouldn't have to go in through the front and stand in line for hours. She looked at the clock on the marquee of the bank next door. According to the bank, it was just after one o'clock. Plenty of time for the chef's in the restaurant to make sure dinner was ready on time for Emily's mother and her business client. It wasn't often that Mom asked Emily for help with her clients, and the pretty blonde seventeen-year-old didn't want to let her down the one time she did ask.

She brushed her wavy strawberry-blonde hair back away from her shoulders, and felt the late summer sun caress her even through the thin white halter that hugged tightly to her lovely, curvy teen body. Her feather-light orange and white skirt hung almost to her ankles, but was blown against her long sleek legs by the breeze as she walked in her white flat around the cars and past the parking lot, coming around to the empty ally littered with trash. The ally led past the restaurant's wide back door. The sign above the door said 'Deliveries before 11 AM and after 1 PM only.' Since it was just after one in the afternoon, they should accept her. Smiling sweetly, she walked up to the door and knocked.

After several seconds, the door opened, and Emily immediately smelled the delicious aroma of roasting meat, simmering sauces, and delicately prepared vegetable side dishes and French fried potatoes. A tall woman with a dark tanned face and wearing white restaurant coveralls pushed the door open and looked at Emily. Her dark hair was pulled up under her white bill cap, and she wore heavy work shoes. Her long white apron was covered with red blotches of sauce and meat juices, and criss-crossed with black grill markings from the smoke pit. She might have been pretty, but she was too heavily dressed for Emily to tell. The woman smiled. "Can I help you?" she asked, her voice sounding friendly and almost comforting.

"Hi, um... I'm Emily... Emily Hendricks," said the young blonde teen, beaming a shy, but eager smile, "I'm here for Shelly Hendricks' dinner reservation this evening. I believe I'm expected."

"Oh, yes of course," said the woman, pushing the door open wider for the girl, "We've been expecting you. Come on in and we'll get started."

Emily cheerfully entered, and the woman closed the door behind her. They were in the back hall of the restaurant, near the office. To the right Emily saw the tall doors of the storage room, and to the left, and the end of the hall, a tall steel door with a sign that said 'Meat Prep - Authorized Personnel Only.' The open door across the hall looked like it opened into the manager's office, which was well lighted from the overhead lamp, but the cluttered desk was unoccupied. Beyond the ends of the hallway, the sound of chattering restaurant employees and clanging of kitchen equipment echoed through the air. The delicious smells were stronger in here.

"Is the manager in?" asked Emily.

"Oh, I'm Dana Curtis," said the woman, extending her hand, "I'm the manager of Smokey Girl. It's nice to meet you, Emily."

The young girl took her hand, and they shook. "Nice to meet you as well," said Emily, her smile still bright. She wasn't really enthusiastic about doing this, but she didn't mind either, and she was very enthusiastic about helping her mother. "What do I need to do?" she asked.

Dana excused herself for a moment. She stepped into the office, and returned quickly holding a clipboard with some pages under the clip and a pen tied to it with a string. "Follow me," she said, and she led Emily down the hall to the left, toward the 'Meat Prep' door. She held it open for the young teen blonde, and followed her inside.

Round fluorescent ceiling fixtures illuminated the plain white tiled room that welcomed them. It was empty except for several short benches and some large boxes full of clothing items. A silvery steel door on the right wall led to the next room. A small red electric sign above it read 'In Use', but it was dark now, which Emily assumed meant that it was empty.

"Okay, Emily," said Dana, holding out her clipboard, "If you will sign right here, we can get your mother's dinner preparations under way. I understand that you have recently been inspected. Is that right?"

"That's right," said Emily, "I went down to the G-Pop office yesterday, and the inspector gave me an 'A' grade. So that's all taken care of." She took the clipboard, found the dotted line marked with an 'X' at the bottom, and signed. She didn't bother to read it... she knew what it was; a G-Pop consensual registration form. Since she was over sixteen, she didn't need her mother to co-sign, thought Mom surely would have if it had been needed. She handed the clipboard back to Dana.

"Grade A," she said, sounding a touch amazed as she took back the clipboard, "I'm impressed! Your mother must be very proud. You should be, too. That's not an easy grade to get."

"Yes, Mom is very proud of me," said Emily, "That's why she asked me to help with her client dinner."

"Are you excited?"

"Well, not really excited," said Emily, "But I am very happy about being able to help Mom. She's never asked me to help with her business, and this client is really important. I want to help her make a good impression."

"I understand," said Dana with a smile, "Many girl's aren't excited when they come in here, but there are plenty that are. And it's a good thing, of course, to be meat. It will happen to me as well one day, more than likely. I'm actually kinda' looking forward to it."

"Yes, it's good, of course," said Emily, "Is the butcher here?"

"Oh, I'm the butcher today," said Dana, "Our regular butcher is sick, but I'm as good as he is." Emily moaned and pouted, feeling disappointed that a man would not butcher her. "I know, I know..." continued Dana, "and I'm sorry. But I promise you will be satisfied with your preparations. I'm very good at it."

That was acceptable, thought Emily, as long as she was prepared properly and was satisfied. "Well, okay," she said, "Shall we get started?"

"Yes, of course," said Dana, "I have to go to the pit area and give the crew girls some instructions, and then I will go into the prep room from the other end. You just strip completely naked and put your clothes in one of the boxes. Be sure you remove everything, including all jewelry. You are shaved, right?" Emily nodded. "Good. When you are done, go on through that metal door. I should be there by the time you come in." With that, Dana exited the room.

'This is it,' Emily thought to herself as she sat down on the bench. She wondered what her mother had ordered for the client dinner. The thought of being butchered into steaks and other small cuts didn't appeal to her at all. Neither did the idea of being larger cuts for separate roasting. She hoped they would keep her whole, so she would impress the client's as she lay fully dressed on the table. But, Mom was going to do whatever would please the client. It wasn't her business now. Meat didn't have a choice in how it prepared, and Emily knew she was meat the moment she put her signature on that registration form.

The lovely teen sighed heavily, slipped off her shoes, and casually tossed them into the nearest box. Then she slipped her white halter off over her head, releasing her round white 36D tits, and tossed it in the box as well. Her small red nipples responded to the contact with the cooler air, and immediately became hard little nubs, tingling delightfully. Emily smiled as she stood and unbuckled her wide shiny-white belt, and lowered her skirt to the floor. She lifted her long, silky smooth legs to step out of the skirt, then picked it up and dropped it into the box as well. All that remained was her shear pink panties, and she slid those off in short order, tossing them also into the box. Her smoothly shaved pussy warmed in response to the cool air swirling over her pink, protruding clit. The moisture collected on her narrow pink cunt lips, making them glisten in the light. She ran her fingers through her hair to make sure there were not hairpins there, then took her small dangling costume jewelry earrings out and tossed them in the box. As they clattered against the cardboard, she felt glad that Mom had taken the silver bracelet she got for her fifteenth birthday. That was fair, after all, since Mom gave it to her.

Emily now stood naked and barefoot in the room, bereft of any adornment except the grading tag in her left out cunt lip. She took it in her fingers, feeling the metal loop tug at her cunt meat, and read it again. 'Grade A - Insp. # 32352' it read. She smiled to herself. She was indeed proud of it... proud to be prime grade a girl meat... for her beloved mother.

She lifted her head and looked at the door, breathed heavily once again to calm her nerves, and opened it.

The room beyond appeared to be entirely concrete... floor, ceiling, and walls... with bright light spreading out from four round fluorescent fixtures in the ceiling. Several support hooks hung from the ceiling near the center of the room, dangling by strong chains above a heavy grate in the floor from which a trapezoid-shaped metal trough rose to about waist height. A green hose hung was looped over a water valve that also descended from the ceiling, still dripping water onto the red-stained concrete floor. Two large metal side-by-side doors on the far wall led to the pit area, according to the sign above them. Tables stood in a line along the left wall, bearing racks of various knives, meat cleavers, and other cutlery. Other racks held boxes filled with other implements and utensils necessary for butchering girls; skewers, bindings, meat hooks and the like. One table stood on large wheels, and bore nothing on it's dull butcher's block surface except dark red stains like those on the smooth concrete floor.

At the near end of the tables, a dirty green plastic tarp covered something about six feet long, two feet wide and knee high. Next to it, several tall, polished steel poles with sharp pointed ends stood in a heavy rack against the wall, each wrapped in protective plastic. Emily recognized them as roasting spits, big enough to impale a girl to prepare her for the open roasting pit... big enough for her, a thought that excited the young blonde girl despite her apprehension. She smiled and ran a finger through her wet pussy slit. The finger rubbed her stiff clit, sending sparks of delight darting throughout her body. Her pussy throbbed harder, and she felt her warm cunt honey begin flowing down the insides of her milky thighs.

One of the metal doors at the other end opened, letting in a flood of strong light from the pit area beyond. A whiff of pale smoke also drifted in, bringing with it the strong aroma of sweetly roasting meat. Emily breathed it in deeply and smiled as the restaurant manager entered and greeted her with a smile. "Ah, I see you are ready," she said as she closed the door, shutting out the light, the sweet smells, and the noise from beyond, "Sorry that took so long. I needed to scrub my hands." She no longer carried the clipboard as she moved to a row of switches on the wall, and flipped the first one. "Now we won't be bothered, so I can now concentrate just on you." Dana stepped up to Emily, eyeing the teen's firm, naked body, and licking her lips. "Oh, yes... very nice!" She stepped up to the blonde teen, reached to her legs and looked at Emily's cunt tag. The girl felt the loop tug on her cunt flesh again as Dana read it. "Yup! You are indeed Grade A girlmeat, but I expected that the moment I saw you. You're a very lovely little girl-cow."

"Thanks, I guess," said Emily, feeling a little self-conscious at being called a 'girl-cow.' But it was true, she knew. She was just meat now... the entree for her mother's client dinner... so there was no need any more for modesty or shame.

"Feeling nervous?" asked Dana.

"Kinda`," said Emily, "I mean, I don't want to back out. It's just a little weird, knowing I won't leave this room on my own feet, or even alive... knowing that I'm just meat. But I wouldn't change it. I'm glad it's for my Mom."

"It's normal to feel apprehensive," said Dana, "but the fact is you WILL leave this room alive... just not on your feet. Your mother has ordered a whole spit roast."

Emily's expression brightened, and she beamed a happy smile. "Really?" she said, "That's great! At least Mom will get to see me again, even if I don't see her."

"Yes, she'll see you, all right," said Dana, "I'm going to see to your preparation myself, and make sure that everything is perfect for your mother's client."

"You'd go to all that trouble?" asked Emily, "Why?"

"Well, let's just say... I like you," answered Dana, "But we better get going. Spit roasting takes four hours, and your mother's dinner is scheduled for six o'clock. Are you ready?"

"Sure, I guess," said Emily, "How do we start?"

"First, I remove that tag," said Dana, and she moved to the tables, picked up a black hand operated nipping tool, then returned to the naked girl. Emily parted her legs a bit to allow the woman access. Dana stooped slightly, and pulled slightly on the tag to expose the loop. The young teen felt the tugging in her cunt again, and watched as Dana used the tool to cut the loop in two places. She lifted the tag away, leaving behind a silvery metal semi-circle in Emily's outer twat lip. Maneuvering this bit of wire carefully, she removed it as well. Emily felt a slight stinging as the metal slid out of the hole pierced in her cunt filet, then it was gone.

The door opened again, and a slender young girl wearing white coverall's similar to Dana's attire. She held a large shiny metal bowl in her hands, piled high with a brown, wet looking substance with bits of green and red throughout. "Here's the stuffing you wanted," said the girl, and set the heavy bowl on the wheeled table.

"Thanks, Kari," said Dana as she tossed the severed tag and loop shards into a large, plastic bag-lined trash can, then turned to the girl in the white uniform, "Are you doing anything at the moment."

"Not really," said the girl, wiping her brow, "Just finished stocking the serving line."

"Good," said Dana, "Stick around and you can help me with this spit roast." She turned to Emily. "I hope you don't mind if she stays. Kari's new, and this is a good training opportunity."

"Of course not," said Emily with a smile, "I'm just the meat. I don't have a choice."

"Oh, so is this the entree for the Hendricks reservation tonight," said the young, pretty girl with a face-full of cute freckles, and she walked toward Emily, smiling and staring wide-eyed at the naked meat-girl. The young blonde smiled back, no longer feeling a bit embarrassed or self-conscious. "Hmmm, she's got to be Grade A girl meat," Kari continued, and Emily giggled.

"She is indeed," said Dana, replacing the tool and shuffling through a box on one of the racks.

Kari smiled at Emily. "You look like a great roast," she said, "Are you excited?"

"I wasn't at first," Emily answered, "But now that I know I'm going to fuck the spit, I kind of can't wait. My pussy's getting hotter and wetter by the minute."

"Are you a G-Pop selection," asked the freckled girl, "or did you volunteer?"

"Oh, the reservation is for my mother," answered Emily, "When she saw I was Grade A, she asked me to help out with her client dinner. I've always wanted to be a part of her business. Becoming the really great dinner entree so she can entertain an important client is a good way to do that. If she wins this account, our family could become very rich and my little brother will be set for college. So I better be delicious."

Dana walked back up to the two girls. "We'll do everything we can to make sure you are the best spit roast her client ever had," she said as Kari stepped back. She stood in front of the naked girl, holding a length binding twine. "Give me your hands," she said. Shaking a bit, more from anticipation than apprehension, Emily lift her hands to the woman. Dana held the girl's wrists together as she bound them tightly with the twine.

Emily quivered as she felt the twine wrapping around her wrists. Her whole body alive with the electric excitement of what was about to happen to her. Dana worked quickly, and soon Emily's wrists were secured to each other with the narrow twine. The naked girl's excited shivering made her firm teen titties wobble and shimmy in the light, and her happy little bottom quivered visibly. Emily noticed Kari's brown eyes on her firm, bouncy ass cheeks, watching the display of jiggling girl meat with a wide, wicked smile.

Dana held Emily's bound hands tightly. "Follow me," she said, and led the naked girl to the center of the room, and positioned her against the metal trough with her belly hanging over it slightly. One of the ceiling hooks hung down just above her. She lifted the naked girl's hands high, and with a strong heave lifted the wrist bindings over the hook, almost suspending Emily by her wrists. The naked girl stood on her tiptoes, leaning over the trough. Her boobs dangled freely, wobbling and swaying gently from side to side. Dana then moved away again, and went to the racks where she searched the contents of a wooden box.

Emily looked down, and saw that the trough funneled into the wide-gapped grate in the hole in the floor. Shredded bits of partially dried intestines still clung to the grate. She licked her lips, knowing now what was about to happen to her. She trembled nervously, her apprehension growing.

"Don't worry," said Kari, "We use GSS-4 neuro-inhibiter to prevent chemo-hormonal damage from shock. It help's your meat maintain it's flavor, and you won't feel any pain."

Emily smiled as best she could, and looked up at the girl. "Will I still be able to cum?" she asked.

"Oh, of course," said Kari, still smiling as she admired the naked girl's body, "All it does is confuse pain signals to the brain. You will actually feel any pain as if it were pleasure, almost like an orgasm in your whole body."

"Good," the naked, semi-bound-and-suspended girl said, her voice soft and timorous, but a bit calmer, "When do I get it?"

"Right now," said Dana's voice. Emily looked over her shoulder and saw that the older woman hand come up behind her holding a small syringe with a long, narrow needle. "You'll feel a small pin prick in the back of your neck, then you don't ever have to worry about pain again, okay?" Emily nodded slightly, still feeling a touch fearful. "Good. Kari! Hold her head still while I give her the shot."

The assistant gently took the naked meat girl's head in her hands, and held her firmly with her face forward and down to expose the back of the neck. Emily felt fingertips on her spine at the base of her skull. After a moment, they pressed hard into her neck, and held still. A tiny spark of pain made Emily wince as the needle broke the skin and pierced downward into her brain stem. The spark burned intensely for a second, then vanished. Emily felt a slightly cool feeling in her neck. Then she felt the needle quickly withdraw from her neck, and the cool feeling faded. A slightly dizzy, but rather pleasant fuzzy feeling came over Emily, and she felt faint tingling in her clit, cunt lips, titties, and asshole. The fuzzy feeling lasted for about a minute, then faded. She was left awake and fully aware, but the tingling in her sensitive bits persisted, and she felt her cunt warm quickly. Girl juice leaked from her throbbing fuckhole and streamed down her long, sleek teen legs until she felt it puddle around her toes.

"Mmmmm... You like that, huh?" said Dana, coming around to the naked and helpless girl's right side. Almost in a friendly way, she put her left hand on Emily's neck, gripping her tightly. Kari moved around to the other side and held her shoulder. Emily could see her grinning with excitement.

"Yes... yes... I do," said Emily, "It's making my cunt wet and my tits feel warm tingly." She smiled and giggled, hanging her head almost drunkenly. "I don't exactly feel high, but I do feel like I'm having fun."

"Great!" said Dana, "And if you like the way you feel now, you'll love it when I use this." Emily gasped, her eyes wide with a dozen unnamable emotions when she saw the long, slender filet knife in Dana's strong hand. The handle was jet black, with silver studs that held the wood to metal blade. The long, slender blade gleamed brightly, mirroring the light from the fixtures. Tiny sparks of cool light seemed to dance on the well-honed cutting edge. Emily almost felt panic as she saw the knife, knowing that her silky smooth skin and soft flesh would be unable to resist as it sliced into her. But that was what she was here for... what she wanted. Knowing her inevitable and very close future, she forced aside her fear and apprehension, and found that she was very nearly falling in love with the unforgiving and merciless instrument. It was perfect... and she knew her surrender to it must be equally as perfect.

"Are you ready?" asked Dana with an evil grin. Emily looked up at her, smiled nervously, swallowed hard, and nodded. Then she let her gaze fall, and looked for the last time at her beautiful, unmarked belly.

Dana adjusted her grip on the blade, and lowered it. Emily felt the needle-like tip touch the skin of her belly just above her pussy, and forced herself to breath and not turn her eyes away. She wanted to see it... to watch herself become meat.

Dana gripped the handle hard, and forced the blade into the helpless naked girl exposed tummy. Emily felt the knife sink to the hilt into her flesh, tearing easily through the skin, the thin layer of fat, the strong young belly muscles, then plunge greedily into the girl's tender bowels.

Emily saw the blade slip into her body like a toothpick into an apple, and she tensed, expecting a surge of agony. It never came, and indeed she only felt a pleasant wave of warm delight spread out from the hole in her belly. The feeling poured into her loins and over her tits and ass, and even tickled the tiny brown pucker of her asshole. Eyes wide with wonder, she watched as a blood streamed from the hole and dripped down onto the center of the trough. The blood immediately streamed down the shiny metal trough and flow into the disposal grate.

Dana pulled up and the knife. The hyper-sharp blade sliced easily through Emily's flesh, cutting a deep slash from the meat girl's pubic mound to her breastbone. The naked and bound blond girl gasped as she watched her glistening wet blue and pink guts pop out of her belly and land in the trough with a loud, wet, muddy-sounding 'SPLOP!' noise. Blood splashed from the tangled mass of girl guts, which then slid down further until the wet, bloody knot rested on the grate, suspended by a stretched length of intestine that clung to her exposed stomach organ, and the thick tube of her colon. Emily felt the weight tugging at her esophagus and even her asshole. It didn't hurt, but it certainly was a strange feeling. She felt the tugging on her asshole spread to her pussy, and she stiffened, eyes closed, as a powerful wave of orgasm thundered over her body. "Oh... oh fuck..." she gasped. Her big firm young titties jiggled, bouncing and dancing happily as they celebrated her orgasm.

Dana saw the stretched tubes of girl guts. She grabbed Emily's stomach, and severed it just above where it connected to the gutted girl's esophagus. The tube snapped back, and retreated up past Emily's diaphragm. Then the butcher took the wet mass of colon, lifted it, and cut it free where it narrowed near the girl's asshole. Breathing hard from excitement and wonder, Emily watched her severed guts slither wetly between the bars of the grate and into the disposal pit.

"Kari," said Dana, "bring me that spray can on the shelf over there, please." The girl smiled and darted away, then returned a moment later and handed Dana a white spray can.

"What's that?" asked Emily.

"This is surgical sealant," said Dana with a smile, "It will help keep you from bleeding out too fast." She shook the can, aimed it toward the gutted girl's insides, and began spraying. Emily felt a cool sensation, and then a surge of warmth that quickly faded. "There," said the butcher woman as she handed the can back to Kari, "The bleeding has stopped, and we can continue."

Emily smiled widely, and nodded. Then she hung her head again to watch Dana continue converting her into meat.

Dana made short work of the naked meat girl's remaining organs. She quickly removed Emily's spleen, bladder, kidneys, and finally her ovaries and uterus. The girl watched, fascinated as her organs were removed and dropped down the disposal pit. As she removed each organ, Dana took the can of sealant and sprayed the severed blood vessels. Emily watched with satisfaction as her internal organs disappeared down the pit.

Dana then had Kari bring over a wide metal tray and hold it level. "We are going to keep your liver," she said Emily, "Girl liver makes good pate`, and I have an excellent recipe that I can use to make appetizers for your mother and her guests. And since the liver is a large organ, there should be plenty left over for her to take with her when she goes home."

"That sounds great," said Emily, pleased at the thought, "She can enjoy my meat for days."

Dana smiled, and went back to work. Holding the flaps of Emily's belly aside with her forearms, she cut quickly through the many blood vessels that fed the girl's liver. In less than a minute, she pulled the heavy, quivering black organ out of Emily's belly, and set it down with a wet 'plop' onto the tray. Kari then carried the tray away and set it on the table against the wall while Dana sprayed the gutted girl's insides one more time with the sealant.

"There," said the woman at last, "You are completely gutted and empty. But we still have to clean you out." She took the hose off of the valve and uncoiled it until she held the free end in her hand. "Kari, hold the cow's belly open while I wash her out," she ordered, and the young assistant smiled and complied. She took one edge of the neatly slashed belly in each of her hands, and pulled them apart to open the gutted girl's empty insides wide and exposed. Dana turned on the valve, and a thick stream of clear water poured out of the end of the hose.

Dana held the hose tightly as she thrust the free end into Emily's empty abdomen. The gutted girl gasped as the cold water washed over her insides, making breathing difficult for a moment as it cooled her lungs and heart. That feeling quickly passed though, and she watched with wide-eyed amazement as the water sloshed out of her sliced-open belly. She even felt it flow out through her pussy and puddle around her asshole. She relaxed her sphincter, and giggled as the cool water leaked through that hole as well.

In only moments, Dana had the meat girl's empty belly washed out, free of coagulated blood and bits of loose viscera and feces. Despite the odd, cool, empty sensation, Emily felt cleaner and lighter than she ever had in her life. Dana turned off the valve, recoiled the hose, and set it back in it's place, hanging over the valve and dripping into the disposal pit in the floor.

Now we have to stuff you," said the woman, smiling. Emily nodded her understanding, and let herself go limp as Dana and Kari lifted her wrists free of the ceiling hook and turned her face down for a moment so the remaining water in her empty belly poured out. They then carried her over to the wheeled table, and lay her gently onto her back. Dana took a small knife from the rack on the nearest table, and cut the bonds from the young teen meat girl's wrists. Emily sighed with relief as warm blood circulated back into her tingling hands, again nourishing the fingers and sensitive palm.

Emily lifted her head as much as she could, peeking over her quivering titties to watch as Kari held her belly flaps open wide. Dana took a large metal spoon out of the bowl of raw stuffing, and began scooping huge blobs if it into Emily's belly. A familiar aroma came to the meat girl, and she sniffed the air with a cheerful smile. "Mmmmm... Is that Smokey Girl's special chestnut dressing?" she asked.

"It sure is," said Dana, grinning as she continued to fill Emily's tummy, "You've had it before?"

"Oh, yes," said the happy meat girl, "We came here for Mom's birthday just a few weeks ago. We had a small Oven Barbecue Roast. It was heavenly, and the meat from the girl's hams and shoulders was so incredibly sweet and tender! It was just the torso, of course, but we still stuffed ourselves full with all that wonderful chestnut dressing."

"Well," said Dana, "Now you're getting stuffed with Smokey Girl's chestnut dressing... again!" They all three laughed at the woman's jest, and Dana continued filling the gutted girl's tummy with spicy sweet dressing until Emily could see it piled high inside her. Kari then fetched a large meat needle threaded with cooking twine while Dana pushed the delicious dressing into every corner of the meat girl's tummy. Emily felt the thick dressing leaking out through her pussy hole... which wasn't a surprise, seeing as how there was nothing to stop it now since her uterus was gone.

Satisfied that the girl could hold no more stuffing and still be closed up, Dana took the needle and twine, and instructed Kari to hold the flaps together while she sewed them back up. Emily watched with delight as the needle pierced her skin on either side of the long slit, pulling the twine through, and then felt the delightful tugging as Dana cinched the stitches tight, sealing the delicious stuffing insider her. After several minutes, the girl meat chef pulled the last stitch tight, tied it off, and cut the loose ends free. Emily could see that her belly was now a round hill... like she tried so hard to avoid when she was human. But now it wasn't fat, but delicious, spicy-sweet stuffing that made her tummy stick out as if showing off the stitches. She felt rather proud of the way it looked, knowing it would be a treat for her mother and her mother's business clients.

Dana and Kari then helped Emily rise up until she sat groggily on the edge of the table. The weight in the naked meat girl's belly shifted oddly, and she had to adjust the way she sat. Again, she felt the weight of the stuffing pushing against her pussy from the inside, squeezing out of her like lumpy toothpaste... a VERY odd sensation indeed.

"Hold her up," Dana instructed Kari, "Don't let her fall. We don't want any bruises on that sweet girl meat. She wants to be a perfect roast for her mother. Right, Emily?"

"You bet," said the naked girl with the stuffed-and-sewn tummy, "I want to be the best roast girl Mom ever had, and her client's too."

Kari smiled, and held Emily's pale, smooth shoulders to steady her while Dana removed the green tarp from the object near the corner on the floor. The happy meat girl recognized the device right away, remembering the pictures of it she saw in her Advanced Femme-Cuisine class textbook. It was an old Jessica 3000, the girl-spitting machine designed by legendary Femme Cuisine chef, Merle Hill. This one was very old, though. In fact, it had to be an antique. "Wow," said the young teen with a grin as Dana rolled the contraption toward her, "That looks like one of the original Jessica's! You could make a fortune if you sold it to a museum."

"Our regular Jessica is a Magnum 2300 model," said Dana, "but it had an electrical problem yesterday, so it's in the shop right now. That's why we had to gut and stuff you by hand. But this Jessica was my mother's... the one our butcher used to spit her when I was a kid. It's been in my family for fourteen generations. I'll never sell it!"

"It looks beautiful, and in really good shape," said Emily, feeling herself get excited looking at the marvelous antique contraption, "Is it for me?"

"Yes, it is, little girl-cow," said Dana, "you get to ride a Jessica 3000 Standard model like the one Merle Hill used on his wife and host of celebrities. Are you ready?"

"More than ever!" squealed Emily, her body quivering with delight, "A Jessica 3000 Standard original! I feel so special! I wish all my friends at school could see me now."

Dana and Kari helped the eager teen meat girl off the table, and carried her gently to the Jessica. The eased her down over the saddle until she straddled it, resting her knees on the padded side supports with her creamy smooth ass toward the spit driver. Then they leaned her forward over horizontal support, nestling her head onto the chin rest.

As they pulled the straps over her shoulders, legs and arms to hold her tight, Emily tried to remember what she could about the early Jessicas. She remembered that some of the 3000's had automatic gutting blades, but that might have been on the Deluxe models. This one was a Standard, and though it had the housing, she didn't remember seeing the portal doors the gutting knife would emerge from. That made sense, since they gutted and stuffed her by hand. She deduced that the Standards were use solely for spitting girls.

Dana decided to mount the spit on the driver herself, and instructed Kari to get the hand-held injector. Emily wondered what the 'injector' was, even when she saw Kari return holding a device about the size of a small suitcase with a long pressure tube extending out of the top near the handle. A long, thick injection needle was mounted at the end of the tube. "What is that for?" asked the girl on the Jessica, feeling she knew the answer, but wasn't sure.

"Oh, this?" said Kari as she set the device down close to Emily, "This is an oil injector. The Jessica you are on is a Standard model, and doesn't have an oil injector. For your tits to cook properly over the fire, we have to pump them full of Canola oil or else they will shrivel up and dry out. This will only take a minute, so hold still."

The young restaurant assistant knelt beside Emily while Dana unwrapped a clean two inch spit and began mounting it into the driver. Kari uncoiled the long injector tube, and set the pressure dial on the injector device. Then she reached under the blonde meat girl with her left hand, grabbed the small red nipple, and pulled down slightly. Emily felt the fingers on her nipple, and the downward tug. Then she felt the painless-prick as Kari drove the injector needle into her soft titflesh, pushing it in a full three inches. The assistant girl then stood up, and smiled at Emily. "Here it comes," she said, and flipped a switch on the device's top.

Emily heard a low humming, slowly growing and fading as the pump built up pressure. Then, without warning, she felt a cool fluid flowing into her young tit through the needle. As was expected, because of the neural blocker she received earlier, there was no pain. It fact, it felt really nice. Her already good-sized tit slowly swelled as the device pumped it full of cool Canola oil. Emily sighed, and smiled, enjoying the sensation.

It did not last long though. After about a minute, Kari shut off the pump and eased the needle out of the naked blonde meat girl's much larger young tit. Emily felt a bit of the oil, (or a few drops of blood, she couldn't tell which) leak out of the puncture, and flow down to her stiff nipple, collected there, and dripped off. Kari then moved the oil injector pump to the other side, and did the same with Emily's other tit. Emily moaned with pleasure as she felt the weight in her tits even out, and enjoyed the sensations flooding over her swollen, oil-gorged titties. Soon, the assistant girl withdrew the injector needle from the second tit, and carried the device back to its storage box under the first table.

Dana fitted the last clamp over the spit, and adjusted it until the needle-sharp tip was aimed between Emily's smooth round ass cheeks, directly at the exact center of the tiny brown rosebud nestled between the spread globes of girl-meat. "We're ready to go," she said.

Emily responded with an enthusiastic, "Okay! Let's make a spit roast!"

Dana directed Kari to go make sure there was an free pit available in the roasting area, then put her hand on the switch as the assistant departed the room. "The free control on this one doesn't work any more," said Dana as she knelt beside the helpless, naked meat girl on the Jessica, "So I have to use Automatic. Once it starts, it won't stop until it is finished. I have it aimed at your asshole, and the stabilizer bayonet is configured for your pussy."

"I thought the spit went in my cunt," said Emily, finding it a bit difficult to talk with her chin held securely to the chin rest.

"It can go in either," said Dana, "and you're mother wants to protect your tight little filet for the client."

"Oh, okay. I understand."

"Are you ready, little girl-cow?"

"As much as I'll ever be. It should be almost two o'clock now, and the dinner has to be ready by six. So let's do it and get my meaty little ass over the coals to cook."

"Okay! Here goes the switch!"

Emily heard a dull 'click', and then the low grinding of the driver motor. A moment later, she felt the cool touch of the metal as the tip of the spit made contact with her asshole.

"Just relax," said Dana, standing back to watch, "The spit is lubricated, and should slide easily through you. It will come in slow, two inch thrusts a few seconds apart until it is all the way through you, then it will drive forward in a single thrust until it comes to complete rest."

Emily gasped as the tip pushed into her asshole, then forced herself to relax and let it happen. Even her mother had never fuck her in the ass before. She wasn't sure if being spitted this way was something she wanted or not. Of course, it didn't matter... she was just the meat.

The drive hummed again, and the spit slowly thrust forward. "Oh, fuck..." said the naked girl, "It's stretching me wide! Is the tip fully inside me, Dana?"

"Yes," said the woman, "its in past the tip. It's a two-inch slotted hollow spit, so it has your cute little asshole stretched two inches wide. It won't get any bigger, though, just deeper. Mmmmm... You should see this, little girl-cow. You look really lovely and sexy, getting fucked in the ass!"

Emily laughed, feeling a touch proud that the older, dark haired woman in the white uniform would even notice. "You do this all the time," she said, "Do you always tell the girls you spit how nice their hole look when they are fucking the spit?"

"Not usually," said Dana, sounding casual and relaxed, "but then again, you are Grade A girl meat. Most of the meat we get in here is Grade B, and not nearly as pretty as you."

"Oh, okay... thanks!" said Emily, then closed her eyes as the motor hummed louder, "Oh, good... oh yes... here it comes!" She moaned in ecstasy as the spit pushed into her another two inches.

Another few seconds, then another two inches. She felt the point of the spit drive past the severed edge of her colon and push into the mass of raw chestnut stuffing in her belly. Such a slow pace seemed kind of a waste at this point. "Is there any way to speed it up?" she asked, "I mean, it feels great, but it's in the stuffing now, and we need to get me over the pit."

"Sure," said Dana, "I'll switch the settings to 'Slow' and 'Constant', and it will be through you in a few minutes."

Emily heard a couple of clicks as the woman flipped the appropriate switches on the control panel. The motor hummed to life again, and maintained that level. The naked blonde teen felt the spit slide further into her, and keep sliding. "Oh, yes, yes..." she said with a smile, "That's what I wanted. Oh yeah... I can't believe this is really happening. I'm really meat... a piece of meat being spitted and roasted. Oh this is great... I feel so full... so... completed. Oh, yes, it's going deeper. I can feel it coming up past my diaphragm now. Oh, yes.... I was meant for this... oh, thank you so much, Dana, for letting me ride your antique Jessica. I feel so good... its soooooo good.... I'm so very, very good! Oh, shit I'm cumming... I can't believe it... I'm cumming... cumming on the Jessica!" She closed her eyes tightly, and her body shook as the waves of pleasure washed over her. Her body quaked, and she would have writhed and squirmed had the straps not held her so securely. Each orgasmic wave seemed stronger than the last, until she felt the point of the spit coming up her throat and the waves faded. She relaxed, breathing heavily, adrift in her private sea of ecstasy as the spit continued to claim her.

Dana laughed, apparently enjoying the show Emily was putting on as she quivered in her bonds on the Jessica. The only loose part of the girl was her oil-gorged tits, which swayed and jiggled under the girl as each orgasmic wave struck, then passed to make room for the next.

The woman noticed the tip of the bayonet touching the meat girl's shimmering pink twat lips, which framed the girl's gaping fuckhole from which blobs of raw brown stuffing oozed and dropped out. She reached down, adjusted the aim of the bayonet, and then slid it forward with one strong thrust, driving it deep into Emily's cunt and beyond into her stuffing-filled belly.

"Oh, what the.... Oh, yeah!" said the blonde meat girl, surprised at first by the sudden invasion of her pussy, then she relaxed as she felt the spike drive into her, triggering yet another strong orgasm. "Oh, yeah... thank you, Dana, thank you!" she grunted as her body shuddered again, and more thunderous surges of pleasure flared throughout her young body... what was left of it.

Dana giggled wickedly, then noticed the marking grooves in the spit indicated that it was almost through the girl. "Get ready, girl-cow," she said, "It should be coming out soon."

"Oh, yes it is," said Emily, her voice breathy with passion. Her heart pounded inside her so hard she could feel the throbbing travel along the spit. "Oh, yeah! I can feel it coming up my throat! Oh, Dana, please make sure I'm delicious and that everything is perfect for my Mom. Keep me basted and turni.... glllrrrphhh!" She gagged and choked as the tip of the spit passed the back of her throat. She opened her mouth, more in an attempt to breath than anything else, and watch in awe as the spit's point emerge from her mouth, forcing her jaws to open wide. Bits of red gore, and a few brown blobs of stuffing, were smeared along the shiny metal. She tried in vain to draw a breath as she heard the drive motor rev up, pushing the pit through her faster. Suddenly, the slots in the spit settled over her windpipe, and she drew a long, quick breath through the hollow spit. After a few more, she breathed normally again. A sense of fulfillment spread through her, and she relaxed. She would have smiled if she could, for she was now fully... completely and totally... spitted like a suckling pig. She truly was meat now... meat on a spit... ready for roasting over an open fire.


Just like she should be....

Like every girl... and woman... should be....

Just meat... sweet, wonderful, tender, suculant meat... girl meat... juicy and delicious.

At least she better be. Mom depended on her making the dinner a truly wonderful event and a delicious meal. It was too late to ask questions, of course, so Dana had better know what she was doing, like she claimed. Then the spitted girl remembered the birthday dinner weeks before. It was wonderful then, and there was no reason for her to doubt the skill of the Smokey Girl chefs now. So she relaxed, and enjoyed the sensation of the spit's invasion of her gutted and stuffed body. It was the ultimate lover... the perfect fuck.

Dana turned off the Jessica's motor off, and unclamped the spit from the driver. A quick adjustment on the bayonet in the meat girl's cunt, and she tightened the wing nuts on its mount, locking it into place. "Just a couple more things to do," she said, and Emily knew she was talking to her though she couldn't respond, "then we can get you over the coals to start roasting."

She walked over to the table, and took some items that Emily could not see from one of the racks. A moment later, the woman knelt beside the spitted girl's shoulder, and released the straps that bound her arms to the Jessica. With quick, strong, practiced movements, the woman pulled Emily's arms behind her back, and bound them together at the wrists with tough pieces of cooking twine like was used to sew up her stuffed belly. She cinched the twine tight, cutting off circulation to Emily's hands. That was okay, thought the blonde teen, she had no more use for her hands anyway.

Dana worked quickly, and released all the straps that held young meat girl to the Jessica. Then she drew Emily's feet up, bending her long legs at the knees, and bound the naked girl's feet by the ankles to the stabilizer bayonet's mounting. The then rose, and returned to Emily's shoulder holding three long, thin, sharp steel skewers in her hand. She took on of the skewers, put it to the outside of meat girl's left tit, pressed the two oil-filled tits against each other, and thrust the skew through them both. Emily took a quick, deep breath as the slender rode pushed through her soft tit meat, then relaxed... enjoying the sensation. Dana then moved to the back of the spit, and pushed on skewer through the spitted meat girl's ankles, securing them to the bindings and the bayonet mount, and then the other she thrust through the soft flesh behind her knees. Emily knew the skewers would hold her looses parts still as she turned over the fire, so that she wouldn't wobble and sway back and forth. This ensured that she would cook evenly... trough and through... slowly... for the next four hours.

She heard... somewhere... that when a girl was live spitted like she was, the longer she stayed alive over the fire, the more tender and juicy and sweet her meat would be. She wondered how long she would stay alive over the fire. She hoped for a long, long time.

The door opened again, letting in another brief surge of bright light and a puff of aromatic wood smoke. Kari entered, and closed the door. "Pit number four is free, Dana," she said, "and I have everything on the cart, ready for her."

"Good," called the manager, wiping the sweat from her brow, "This cow is finally ready. Open up the doors, then come take the rear. We need to get her over the fire pronto."

The girl did as asked, and swung both doors open wide, and setting the stops so they stayed open. Bright light from the tent-covered outdoor roasting area poured into the butchery. The wonderful mixture of hickory smoke, simmering barbecue sauce, and slowly roasting girl meat filled air. Emily reveled in the sweet, pungent flavor of the air, knowing that the air would soon be heavy with the nectarous odor of her own roasting body. 'This is how it should be,' she thought again, finding deep contentment and satisfaction in the thought.... 'I was meant for this... always meant to be meat....'

Dana and Kari took their places at each end of the spit. With a strong heave, the lifted the girl-heavy spit off of the Jessica and onto their shoulders. Emily felt herself being jostled slightly with each step the two women took as they carried her out the door and into the pit area.

There were six open pits in a row in the middle of the wide pit area, though only the first four were filled with smoldering hickory coals. Emily could see the first three were already occupied. All looked to be already dead. Indeed, the girl turning over the second pit had been roasted to a deep, golden brown. A chubby femme chef... a woman, like all the others in this restaurant, stepped up to the second girl with a long barbecue fork, and poke the sharp fork points into the roast's succulent brown titties. Juices bubbled out of the sweet meat, and dripped with a sizzle into the hot hickory coals in the pit. The chef looked up and smiled at Dana as they passed. "Number two is done, Ma'am," she said, her voice low and gruff, but she sounded pleasant.

"Great," said Dana, "This cow is for the Hendricks reservation at six o'clock. She's going over number four."

"Fine," said the chubby chef, "Put her in the 'Y' mounts, and I'll get her going. The pit's nice and hot."

Emily felt another surge of excitement course through her as Dana and Kari lifted her off their shoulders and lowered her over the smoldering pit, setting the ends of the spit into the heavy steal 'Y' mounts that held her about three feet above the fire. Dana and Kari then disappeared, apparently to go take care of other duties, and left Emily in the hands of the chubby femme chef.

Immediately the strong smell of hickory smoke filled Emily's nostrils. The heat from the pit flowed quickly over her body, licking into every crevice of her naked body. So intense and sudden was the assault on her senses that the girl felt herself driven over the edge yet again. Yet another series of powerful orgasms crashed though her, searing her soul just as the heat from the hickory pit below began searing her flesh... her meat... girl meat. She came hard and savagely, wave after intense wave. The pleasure surges were so intense and massive that they pounded into her consciousness, and she saw stars by the thousands... colorful... sparkling... adrift among odd, bright swaths of bright color.

When the waves of orgasm faded, the heat... the fire... was still there, brutalizing her helpless bare flesh. She broke out in beads of sweat that the heat quickly evaporated. Her tit's and knees were, for the moment, closer to the fire than any other part of her. Though she didn't feel any pain, she felt the heat biting into her titmeat, and she knew she had begun to cook.

The chubby chef came over to Emily's roasting pit, and poured light olive oil over the meat girl's already bright pink body. The girl felt the cool comfort of the oil as the chef used a large brush to slosh it into every part of her naked, spitted and bound body. A few moments later, another cool sensation, thicker and courser, began covering her as the chef brushed it over every inch of girl meat. Another delightful smell came to Emily's senses... barbecue sauce. It felt wonderful to her as the chef slathered it over her body... brushing it between her ass cheeks, into her cunt around the bayonet, and painting her oil-heavy young tits. In a few minutes, she was covered in the delicious reddish-brown sauce.

The chef then hooked up the rotisserie motor to the Emily's spit, and turned it on. The sauce-drenched girl heard the motor begin softly humming, and the spit began to turn, rolling her to the left. From the corner of her eye, she saw Dana and Kari lift the girl over the second pit up from the 'Y' mounts, and they carried the well roasted girl meat, spit and all, and were soon gone.

The chef had apparently left for the moment as well. Emily was all alone... bound, spitted and skewered, covered in oil and barbecue sauce, and turning slowly over the hot hickory pit. In only a few minutes, she heard a hissing... sizzling sound... and knew she had begun to cook. The sensation sent another surge of ecstasy ripping through her, and she enjoyed another blindingly powerful surge of orgasmic ecstasy that seemed to go on... and on and on... as if lifting her higher with every second toward the glowing pyres of erotic heaven.

Meat... for her mother....

A happy, content glow filled Emily's soul as she turned and simmered and roasted over the glowing hickory coals.

She was meat... girl meat....

Just like she should be....

Just like she knew, in her heart, she always had been.

'Good luck, Mom,' Emily thought. Then she closed her eyes and let the endless waves of orgasm wash over her as she cooked.


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