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Work of a Slut

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Synopsis: A day in the life of a true Slut.
Work of a slut

Work of a slut.


I sit there, thinking about my day. 6 hours behind the desk, pussy full of vibrations as I fulfill my instructions for this evenings meeting.

I have to be ready, stimulated, and orgasmic when I arrive. It is the duty of a true slut to be prepared and I strive to perfection.

The vibrator has buzzed inside me all day, the belt firmly secured around my waist and between my legs, ensured that it stayed in place, and once he set the control on it, my destiny was his.

My breasts, swollen and straining under the bra that he chose. 2 sizes smaller than normal it was overflowing with my cleavage, noticeable to all my workmates who did nothing to hide their disgust. The see through blouse also helped, he liked to leave only small pieces of my puzzle to the imagination of my workmates.


They knew what I was, the day I was found giving my ‘Super’ a blowjob from under his desk sealed my fate. Before that, it was just rumours that I was a slut, rumours that I would fuck anyone, and office gossip when I was seen out at a bar with him, being pimped to 5 or 6 men on that particular night. The fact is, it was one of my blowjobs, whilst being fucked by another Company executive that landed me the job in the first place. The cost for me, sex on tap for them both. The cost for them, my skills and expertise with the bonus significant investment from Master.


Master owns me, he decided what I do, when, where, who with, and how it is to be done. I gave myself to him 2 years ago, in exchange for my keep, his company and lave, and the opportunity to fulfill my fantasies.

We are in a 24/7 BDSM M/S relationship.


Tonight is special. We are meeting with many representatives of a charity that my Master supports. My function is to service the men and woman who Master sends to me. My duties for the night begin with servicing Master and end with servicing him before we sleep.


This morning, the routine started out as usual. We woke around 6.30am, I prepared the shower for him, washed his body, offered my body for his use, this usually requires me to suck his hardness until he releases, he then fingers or fists me, inserting a plug or toy into one of my holes, always refusing me an orgasm, then we dress, eat our breakfast and leave for work.

The ride in the car takes us 20 minutes. I am usually required to masturbate to orgasm in the car, leaving my sexual odour and juices on the seat for him, ensuring that I arrive at work in an aroused and sensual state.


Today was slightly different. Master fingered me hard, I was very close to cumming when he pulled out and inserted the vibrator.

He then pulled the custom-made leather chastity belt around my waist and threaded it between my legs. He fastened the thick straps with a padlock to the back, pushed the strap between my legs, sending the vibrator higher inside me and turned it on.

The trip in the car was excruciating for me, the vibrator buzzed at moderate speed for the whole trip, but I was not permitted to touch myself. Once at the office, he slowed it down, just so that I could feel the humming buzz inside me for the day. The belt made it hard to walk, the straps were all about 3” wide, and they were tightly fitted to me. I was unable to go to the bathroom for the day and unable to fit my finger under the strap to relieve myself.


 The bra that he chose for me was cutting into my body. It too was padlocked on so that I was unable to relieve the pressure on my tits. My nipples were crushed against the thick lace, hard and erect from the constant stimulation that I was experiencing.


‘I said, have you finished?' The voice suddenly boomed into my head.

I jumped with a start in my chair. ‘Oh, uh, yes.. Yes I have the report right here.’

‘Good, bring it into my office, we need to review it.’

I knew what this meant. I rose from my chair and followed him into his office.

He shut the door behind me as I stood in front of his large mahogany desk, I could feel him move closer to me and I shivered.

‘Bend over Slut.’

I obeyed, placing my hands on the desk, leaning forwards until my forehead touched to surface.

He ran his hand under my skirt and came to the belt.

‘What the fuck.!!’

‘It is my Masters belt sir. I am preparing for this evening.’

‘This evening, what is this evening?’

‘The charity event. I am going there with him.’

‘So why the belt.’

‘There is a toy inside Sir.’


‘Yes Sir.’

‘Hmm. Too bad for me I guess. I was in the mood for a fuck.’ He ran his hand over my cheeks, pressing his crotch against me. I could feel his hard cock through his trousers. His hand moved between my legs and pressed the belt hard.

‘Please Sir. Allow me to suck you.’

‘Guess that will have to do then. Turn around, lie on the desk, put your head over the edge on the other side.’

‘But Sir, what if your secretary comes in.’

‘She wont, anyway, do as you’re told slut. Don’t question me.’

‘Yes Sir.’ I lay across his desk as requested. My head hanging over the edge of the desk looking upside down at his chair. His fingers were running up and down the belt between my legs, moving the vibrator inside me and increasing the flow of juices.


‘Open wide slut.’

I opened my mouth as he thrust his cock forward at me. It was very hard and he plunged it deep into my throat. I am well trained and do not gag, maintaining pressure on the cock whilst massaging it with my tongue as he thrust.

He leaned forwards and pulled the belt at my waist. The harder he thrust, the harder he pulled until I was almost climaxing myself. This is strictly against the rules, and he knows that Master will remove me if I cum without his permission.

His thrusts gain momentum as he holds my head still and fucks my mouth hard. His juice releases deep in my throat as I ‘sssp’ on his cock, to increase the stimulation for his orgasm. His knees give way and he staggers, pulling his cock out and clutching the desk.

‘Ohhh goddd that was amazing. You are one fucking good whore.’

‘Thank You Sir.’


He helped me from the desk and released me from his office. The others in my area stared at me when I walked past and some whispered. I returned to my desk, gathered my handbag and left for the day.


Master was waiting in the car. I greeted him with a kiss and we sped home to prepare for the evening. First on the agenda would be to service Master. This could take many forms, some pleasurable to me, some torturous and painful, but this was my life.

The vibrator sprang into life immediately, not a word was spoken. Master drove, I concentrated on my breathing as my clit grew, nipples hardened more and my pussy juices flowed.

The car swung through the gates and into the garage. I was not permitted to move until instructed, so I sat and waited.

Master got out and went inside, I sat, afraid to move as the vibrator buzzed on the highest setting inside me.

He returned to the car, opened the door and pointed to the floor. I got out of the car and straight onto my knees at his feet. He raised my skirt over my buttocks and slowly ran his hand between my legs. He felt along my inner thighs and back up the crack of my buttocks before presenting his fingers to me to clean.

‘There is juice on them Slut, that is good. Did you perform for your Super today.’

‘Yes Master. He ordered a blow-job from me.’

‘Did you cum?’

‘No Master.’

‘Are you sure?’

‘Yes Master.’ I began to panic. If he thought that I came without permission, he would flog me for lying to him.

‘Correct answer my Slut. Now crawl to your room and undress for me. I wish to follow and watch you as you crawl for me’

‘Yes Master.’ Relieved I began to crawl in front of him, but after a few movements he cracked the crop across my left cheek. I gasped but continued to crawl. He continued to crop my bare cheek until I was beside the bed where I stopped and began to undress, still on my knees.


‘Suck me hard.’

I opened my mouth and took him inside, slowly, gently sucking his cock as I removed my blouse and undid my skirt. His cock stiffened quickly and his thrusts became more forceful.

‘Look at me slut.’

I raised my eyes to his as I sucked his hardness to my best ability. He reached down and pinched my nipples. Still looking at my eyes, he pulled and twisted them hard until I winced with the pain.

He pulled out of my mouth.

‘Stand and turn around.’

Master undid the locks and removed the belt and my bra. My body sprang to life as the tightness was released around my waist and chest.

Master grabbed my hair and bent me over, my head pressed hard onto the bed.

His fingers explored my pussy, gaining moisture to be rubbed against my bud before the fingers found their way inside. He stimulated my hole with 1 then 2 then 3 fingers, while the vibrator buzzed inside my pussy. Pumping his fingers in and out, he released his grip on my hair and fingered my pussy until the buzzing intruder was extracted, only to be re-introduced to my stimulated rectum. I groaned deeply as he pushed it inside me. My senses were electric and he knew I was close to the edge.

His hand returned to my hair, pulling my head upwards as his cock thrust into my pussy.

‘Ohh goddd Master… Ohhh gooddddd..’

‘Cum on my command slut… only on my command.’

He pumped his cock deep into me. Hard and fast, using my hair as a lever he pushed my body to and fro as his cock fucked me.

Oh, Oh, ah, ah, oh, oh, ahh, ahh.. He pumped and pumped, hard and fast for what seemed like an eternity.

‘Ohhh… Ohhhh.’ I was frantic


‘Aggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yeessssssssssssssssss.’

Our cries rang out in unison as we came hard and long together.


I collapsed like a rag doll, Master on top of my body, panting loudly, his heart beating on my back as we lay and recovered.

‘Sub. Time to dress. Prepare the shower.’

‘Yes Master.’

The night was about to begin. My excitement was building.


I loved it when we went out and Master ‘pimped’ me. He would invite other men and their women if they wished, to fuck me while he watched.

There were rules;’-           Only 1 Male or 1 Male and his Female at a time.                                   2 Condoms were to be worn at all times, including blowjobs.

                                                When Master said enough, the Male would leave immediately.

                                                No smoking.

                                                I would only receive oral sex with Master’s approval.

                                Anal sex was only at Masters permission after significant stimulation.

                                No dry fucking at all.

                                No toys were allowed, we provided our own and Master would do insertions.


The men were all strangers to me. Sometimes by special request, I would be blindfolded so that I did not recognize them should they return.

Many of the men did come back for seconds. It was exciting for me to have them return and exciting for them to have their fantasies fulfilled by me again.


Master would survey the crowd for potential suitors. I was always dressed in a sluttish manner. My cleavage always revealed and skirts always reasonably short. My bras were always tight and nipples stimulated. Sometimes Master would apply bands to them so that they stood out even more.

My heels were always sensible, no 6-inch porn heels for me as the risk of injury was too great.


Once a potential candidate was spotted, Master would move in, me at his side. My short stature meant that the majority of the men looked down at me, straight down the front of my blouse. If an agreement was struck, the candidate would be given an address, usually a motel room nearby, and the meeting would be set up.

We would all leave together, walking or taking a cab to the room. I would be accessible to the candidate immediately, brushing against him with my tits, allowing him to touch me or reach under my skirt and feel my pussy whilst in the car. I would stroke his cock, mostly by the time we arrive at the room the cocks are ready to burst out at first chance.

Usually we would start with a drink while I stripped down to bra and thong. I would then let him touch me while removing his clothes.

Master would also strip and make suggestions as to what we could all do. Mostly, the candidate would opt for a blowjob before fucking me, while Master would finger me to stimulation and them I would suck him whilst being fucked. Rarely did master cum during these sessions as the candidates usually blew their load quickly then take off out of there.


If they wanted to take their time, Master would assist with positioning me, any bondage that they discussed and the type of sex. I was always silent unless spoken to, sometimes gagged, and always willing to obey.

Anal sex was also a regular request, this would take a fair amount of stimulation for me, usually entailing some oral from Master while I sucked the candidate and he watched Master at work, fingering and stretching my arse. Once satisfied, the candidate could fuck my arse doggy style while I was gagged and master fingered my clit and pussy.


As each candidate finished, I would wash myself, touch up my make up and  re-dress, usually in a different outfit ready for the next candidate.

So as to avoid being busted for suspected prostitution, we moved from place to place, sometimes clubs, bars, restaurants, even shopping centers would be targeted so that we would find suitable candidates.

Master usually aimed for 5 per night before taking me home, fucking me hard himself and then chaining me to the bed for the night. Depending on my performance, my comfort levels would be determined by the chains. Normal chaining was from my collar to the bedrails, with one arm and the opposite leg also chained. This allowed me to move and be moved by master for his use.

Poor performance would not be rewarded with any freedom and I would be chained tightly to the foot of the bed on the floor. My head would be hooded and breasts either tied with rope or clamped hard. My arms stretched out wide, legs spread and chained tightly to the bed rails at waist height. I would be required to sit with my pussy resting on gravel, small pebbles or coarse sandpaper until morning, when Master would release me and punish me accordingly. Poor performance would be when we failed to find enough candidates or I was unable to perform adequately to make the candidate cum to Masters satisfaction.

Good performance allowed me to be chained to the bed with Master, usually with my head at his cock where I would be required to suck it on command, and my pussy at his head for him to use as he wishes. This was gauged on the response of the candidates and bookings for future meetings.

Nothing in between was ever discussed; I either did well, or poorly and paid the price. Always a great incentive to do well.


Payment was never an issue. I was not paid for my services, as I am a slut, not a working whore.

Work of a slut


We showered in preparation for the charity event. I was to ensure that I was totally smooth all over, once Master was finished with me in the shower, he allowed me some extra time to double check that my body was suitable. I then applied my make up, Master requested nothing too over-done this evening, just a subtle highlight of my large eyes and full rounded lips.

I returned to the dressing area and offered myself for inspection. He checked my arms, legs, pussy and arse for any trace of body hair. He checked and approved of my make-up, deciding that a neutral lip-gloss was all that was required. When satisfied that there was none, he presented my outfit for the evening.


First I put on the thigh-high stockings. Only the finest black silk for such an important occasion. He then returned with my gown and unwrapped the tissue.


The dress was stunning. Floor length, black, the sheer tissue thin baby soft silk material cascaded over my curvy body.  The dress was styled to suit my main assets, which are my huge breasts. The bodice featured a deeply scooped neckline enabling my breasts to sit upwards and point outwards, nipples exposed save an extra layer of the material across the neckline.  The dress fastened tightly across my shoulder blades, allowing layers of material to fall from the shoulder line and the under bust area to the floor.


Master fitted the ‘bridal white’ lace girdle. Designed to stand out under the dress it was a stunning piece of lingerie. The heavily boned garment required precise fitting by two people, one to hold it in place whilst the other fastened it. Once fitted, my breasts protruded heavily from my chest, my waist and hips firmly encased inside the heavy garment. It was extremely difficult to bend at the waist comfortably, until my body had adjusted to the restriction. Once the girdle was in place, Master helped me into my dress and shoes.


Once dressed, I added some of the classic pieces of jewellery that he has given me. My ‘slave-chain’ choker was always worn at such occasions. This brought attention to my neck-line by the thick style of the chain and its weight, as well as the positioning of my breasts only inches away from it. Some other small pieces added to the femininity of the outfit and the class of the occasion.


Master dressed in his Tuxedo as I waited nervously for him. He approached me and ordered my hands onto the bed, I struggled to bend easily, Master placing his hand on my back and pushing me firmly downwards.  Reaching under my dress, he felt for my arse, prized it open roughly and plugged it with the medium, glass plug. Pushing it deep inside he ordered me to stand and face him.

He kissed me deeply and passionately. Holding me close to him as his hands explored my body. My pussy was almost drizzling in anticipation as he caressed my breasts and squeezed my arse cheeks close together, pushing the plug deep inside me.

‘Are you ready?’

‘Yes Master.’


The Limo ride was uneventful. Sitting beside Master on the way to the Venue I gazed out the windows at the city lights and thought about the evening ahead. I had no real idea what was in store for me, but I was excited and horny in anticipation.

Master reached across and tweaked my nipples hard. They were already hard and stimulated, almost totally on view to the public, this made them stand out even more and naturally this occurred as the Limo pulled up at the entrance.

We were greeted by the Charity Chairman and his Wife, who could barely contain her shock at my appearance, white corset clearly visible under the sheer black silk, and breasts bulging upwards and out from my chest. She made polite conversation about the stunning gown and ushered us inside. Our arrival was greeted with a flurry of Executives and their prissy Wives rushing to greet Master, only to be stuck for words when they sighted me on his arm.

The men were very friendly, obviously they all knew that by the end of the evening they all would have fucked me at least once. Their wives all huddled together sniggering and staring at me as we made our way to our table. We were seated at the main round table, the CEO beside me, his Wife beside Master and other executives seated opposite in the Man, Woman configuration Each person could clearly see the others at the table.


I was the perfect Slave, only speaking throughout the meal when addressed personally. Master ordered for me and I ate sparingly, trying my best to remain still on my chair with the plug firmly planted in my arse and every Male eye on one or both of my breasts. The CEO had a clear view of my nipples each time he leant across to speak to me. He brushed his arm closer and closer to mine as the meal moved on, making more and more one to one chat with me.  The other Men at the table also wade conversation with me so as to gain a view of my breasts when I answered them I was obliging as always, leaning forwards to answer and chat with them offering my nipples for viewing.


There were signals that I had to watch from Master. Should he twirl the ring on his right finger, I was to find a way to brush my nipples against the man closest to me as soon as possible. He would know that this was signaling my availability exclusively to him for 1 hour. If Master folded his handkerchief and placed it in the pocket closest to me signaled that I was going to be fucked very soon by a Candidate and to prepare myself. However if he placed it in the farthest pocket it signaled for me to back off from the Man that I was showing attention.

At any time during the evening I noticed Master sipping white wine or water, the signal was

that he had found a new candidate to work on and required my attention immediately. When Master was enjoying his drink of choice, ‘neat scotch’, or coke, I was pleasing him and the signal was to continue.

Often I was no more than two feet from him when a signal would be given, but I knew from past punishments that I was expected to obey.


I glanced across and Master was twirling his ring. I immediately turned to the CEO and dropped my napkin on the floor between our chairs. We both bent together to gather it up, his eyes meeting my exposed nipples as he brushed his hand against me to return the napkin to my lap. Placing it on the table, I slowly stood and excused myself, turning my breasts towards the red-faced CEO as I left the table. I made my way to the bathroom and entered the cubicle. I emptied my bladder and felt between my legs to ensure that I was ready. I already knew what the result would be, my pussy was hot and wet. The butt plug was firmly in place, so I tweaked my nipples hard and returned to the hall where the CEO greeted me with a sm9ile and tight hug.


He took my arm and tightly gripping me led me down the long dark hall where a small doorway was discretely hidden between the staircase and the wall. Opening the door he shoved me inside and flicked on the dim light. To my amazement there was a small bed, a chair, jug of water, table with a some toys, chain and cuffs as well as condoms. A mirror hung on the wall and on the bed were 2 towels and a face-cloth.

‘Strip Slut. What a fine piece of Slut meat we have here this evening’

I obeyed him, stepping out of my dress as he watched, red faced and panting. He removed his jacket, grunting and fumbling with the buttons as he stared at me.

I stepped close to him, took his hands and placed them on my breasts, as he felt them nervously and began pinching and pulling my nipples, I undid his belt, then his trousers and let them fall to the floor. I then pushed him gently until he reached the bed. He moved himself onto the bed and pushed my head towards his cock. I stood at the edge and bent over, taking his short stump in my hands as I placed the condom onto it. Once fitted, I moved my mouth into position and began my famous fellatio while he fumbled between my legs to finger my wet pussy. It didn’t take long for him to be rock hard and panting. He found the butt plug and roughly pumped it in and out of my arse while I sucked harder and faster on his cock.

He pushed me away from him and got off the bed. I knew it was fuck time, so I bent over as far as I could with my head on the bed and my arse out as far as I could push it. My pussy was glistening and when he plunged inside me I almost came instantly. His cock was short but very fat and it rubbed hard against the plug in my arse. He pumped quickly inside my pussy, pressing the butt plug in and out until he came with a loud grunt. He shuddered for a second before gathering his balance and withdrawing from me. He took off the cum filled condom and handed it to me. I placed it in the rubbish bin, I had to show Master the used condoms at the end of the evening to prove that I had serviced my quota.


The CEO re-dressed himself and was gone with a curt ‘Thank You.’ I sat on the bad, poured myself a glass of water and gathered my senses before dressing and returning to the table where Master was waiting.


The band was about to begin to play for the crowds and I suddenly realized why the room where I had been was so convenient. It was under the stage, probably some sort of rest area or sick bay for performers.


Master smiled on my return and replenished my champagne as I sat down.

‘One down Slut,’ He whispered as he kissed my ear.

I just smiled. I was pleasing him and that was my duty.


We stood and began to move about the room, mingling with the others, mainly the higher profiled guests as they courted Master for more money.

Master took my arm and guided me along with him, squeezing it as we approached a group of Men standing to one side of the room.


‘Steve, Good to see you and your gorgeous Lady.  How are you, enjoying the evening so far?’ He was an attractive looking middle aged Man, sandy blonde hair styled neatly and barely a crease on his face. I immediately suspected plastic surgery, but naturally just smiled and allowed Master to chat to them. We both shook hands with the men, six in number and I stood silently.

‘So, all set for our extra entertainment then?’ Asked another Man, shorter than the others, he was balding and seemed to be sweating, and appeared to be wringing his hands.

‘Sure.’ She knows where to go, so give me a few minutes to set up and you can help yourselves. Remember the rules though Guys, one at a time or she’s out of there.’


Much nodding went around the group as Master took my arm and led me from the room. We went to the  ‘fuck room’ where he explained that I was going to stay there until I had serviced the six men. They would all fuck me, I would suck them whilst cuffed to the bed. I could also be lightly tortured with the toys available, I was to orgasm freely as none of them had the power to stop me, not were they permitted to gag me at any time. Master assured me that he would be outside the room for each Man and would listen for my signal, which was the word ‘HOT’.

I agreed.

‘Strip Sub.’

I removed my dress again, standing in my white corset and black stockings while Master prepared the cuffs on the bed.

He cuffed my wrists together behind my back and attached cuffs to each ankle. I was then instructed to stand still whilst he blindfolded me. This meant that my eyelids would be stuck down with tape before a blindfold was wrapped tightly around my head. I was totally blind and at the mercy of my Master.

‘Stand still Sub, the first one will be here shortly.’

‘Yes Master.’

‘Remember, I am relying on you to do a good job tonight, these Men are important business associates and I want to utilize them in the future, and so will you.’

‘Yes Master.’

He kissed me lightly and left the room.


I stood shaking with anticipation wondering who the first would be and what he would do with me. It wasn’t long before I heard the door.

Strong arms grabbed my shoulders and pushed me onto the bed. I was sitting on the edge, breasts crushed and struggling for breath as he fumbled with his zipper in front of my face. The cock was hot and once the condom was applied he rammed it into my mouth, holding my hair tightly so that I had to take it all. He was well hung for length and I struggled for a few seconds to focus on the job at hand, but we quickly developed a rhythm and he was rock hard after a few seconds.

He stepped away from me abruptly, leaving me sitting with my mouth open wondering where he had gone. His hands found my nipples and pinched them hard. He pulled them upwards and applied the clamps before I could make sense of what was happening and I squealed slightly. The clamps attached firmly to each nipple, he proceeded to pull me to my feet and turn me around. I took his guidance, finding myself kneeling on the bed, head down and arms attached to the chains being pulled up my back tightly. My legs were also adjusted and chained, ankles apart, ensuring that knees were spread as well. I felt activity at my thighs as well, he looped a rope around each thigh and tied it off in the opposite direction to the ankle chains so that my legs couldn’t slide out from under me.


I was tightly restrained but in no pain. The man knelt on the bed and found my pussy, his fingers explored deep inside for what seemed an eternity. He pumped and pumped deep inside me until I was ready to explode. He too was panting, his hard cock rubbing against my butt cheeks as he squelched in my pussy juices.

The clamps swung heavily on my nipples, adding to my dizzying state of near orgasm.

Just before I came he slowed, removed the plug and entered me hard. I screamed out and arched my back as the orgasm hit me, my swollen pussy coursing juice outwards while he unleashed his manhood in my bowels. The man finished, replaced the plug aggressively, climbed off the bed, dressed and left the room.

I was lost. Stimulated and frantic I wriggled on the bed to find comfort and release but there was no-one in the room.


I waited and waited. The band played song after song and I was alone, restrained and waiting like the slut that I am.


To be continued……


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