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Daughter's rape by her family

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Synopsis: no frills or long story lines, just a dad, mom and older brother fucking there 13 year old Crystal for the first time.
It was decided, it was time to fuck our 7 year old little girl Crystal



It was decided, it was time to fuck our 13 year old little girl Crystal.  My sexy submissive wife looked at me with lust in her eyes as we casually talked it over at the kitchen table with our 16 year old son Myson.  After making our decision, my 5’4” 120 pound, blonde haired, fake titted wife climbed under the table and casually pulled our son’s cock out of his shorts.  He pulled back so I could see the show too.  I watched as her long blonde hair bopped up and down and her cheeks would expand out and suck in as she sensually, lovingly sucked our sons cock.  I watched as his cock glistened from his moms spit.  He laid his head back on the chair as he felt his mom milking his meat.  She’d take his cock to the back of her mouth, open her lips a little wider, and force him deep into her choking throat.  She’d stick her long tongue out and lick his hairy balls as he would bury every inch of dick down her throat.  This went on for about 10 minutes (she could have finished it much quicker had she wished to as she was an incredible dick sucker).  After about 10 minutes and her sounds increasingly becoming more vulgar, he grabbed the back of her thick hair and began grunting.  I smiled as I knew our son was feeding his mom his thick salty cum, dominating her.  A low hum came from her as I watched her throat greedily swallowing her son’s gift, knew his cum was sliding down her whore throat.  Keeping her eyes closed, she continued to lick and suck his cock long after he released her hair, finally drying off his cock with her thick mane.


            It was about 6:00 on a Saturday evening.  Crystal was in her room reading her little girl books and playing with her stuffed animals.  My wife had her Dominatrix suit on:  black latex exposing her big 44DD tits and easy access to her ass and cunt.  Her hair was all teased up and she had rope to tie up our little girl. Myson had the video camera and was wearing his boxers and a tank top.  He wouldn’t participate today rather then to tape the perverted scene we were about to partake.  I just had my robe on and nothing underneath.  This wouldn’t take very long.  No long drawn out plan, no time to truly break her before the rape, just go in and rip her cherry from her. 


            My sexy wife threw the door open to our little girls room.  Crystal looked up in shock on her soft pink bed as she watched her mom come running in, wearing these clothes, her tits bouncing and swaying.  “Mom…Dad…Myson… What are you doing?”  Her mom never answered her.  Myson grabbed her arms as she tried to fight, pulling her wrists together.  Her mom quickly began to hog tie her wrists together so she couldn’t move them.  She began to scream at us, confused and scared as she began to cry.  I knew this was a nightmare to her and her mind really didn’t understand what was going on, how could it.  She’d always been so loved and protected from the world, until now.  She is beautiful, long auburn hair with just a pinch of curl to it, the lightest of makeup on, big green eyes with long eyelashes, not quite 85 pounds at 4’7” and a nicely shaped B cup titties.  After her wrists were tied in front of her and she was screaming and crying her head off, my wifes oversized melons swinging and slapping her in the face.  My son greedily took one of his mom’s nipples into his mouth, nursing it.  She’d never stopped breast feeding, so he quickly got a spray of her warm milk.  He grabbed his sisters ankles and let his mom began tying them together as they locked lips in a very indulgent mom and son French kiss.  I stayed there, watching, my cock growing out past my robe.  Soon…  After she was secured, I grabbed the knife and cut her clothes from her.  Within a minute, she was bare ass naked, tied, crying profusely wanting answers from the people she loved the most in the world, and getting nothing.


            Myson grabbed the camcorder and hit record, time to play.  Her mom unceremoniously put her in the doggy style position, her soft pale ass steering up at her daddy.  I could see her hairless twat just inches under her tiny pink asshole.  I knew she had never touched herself there, I would be the first…who better then her daddy.  My wife quickly took my cock in her mouth, getting it spit slick, preparing it to enter our little girl.  She didn’t want me to get hurt fucking into her dry pussy, but she knew it would hurt her regardless because I was much bigger then she was.  After 30 seconds, my cock was soaking wet, glistening and hard as a rock, Crystal’s mom successfully turned it into the weapon we’d hoped for.  My wife got behind me, her tits in my back.  She reached around me, her black latex covered arms grabbing our little, panicking 13 year old girl by her waist, holding her for me.  She began to push on my back, forcing her to force our little girl towards me.  I lined my thick cock up to her twat.  First my shiny head hit her little slit, more pressure, my dripping head began to push her pussy lips apart.  So tight, so much pressure, my wife pushes me harder and pulls her back, my head tightly slides in.  OHHHHHHHHH fuck yeahhhhhhhhhh.  My wife looking around my arm, licking her lips while holding her little girl as she gets raped by her daddy, my son recording the perverted act, his long cock pushing his boxers out.  I look down, seeing the head of my cock inside my little girl.  She is screaming, “no daddy, please don’t.  please daddy, I love you, you’re hurting me.  Why daddy, Mom help me, please mom help me.  Daddy’s hurting me, what are you doing.  Please no daddy, don’t do that”.  I heard my son encouraging me on, wanting to watch his little sister get raped.  My wife, hot breath in my ear, throatily said “please fuck your little girl, I want to see her blood all over your cock from the rape.  That was all the encouragement that I needed.  My wife dug her nails into the thighs of her screaming daughter, pulling her onto her daddy’s cock.  There was a barrier, my wife and I both knew what it was, it was our little girl’s innocence.  We waited for a couple seconds, and continued to push in.  My daughter’s squeals and screams increased as her hymen stretched, stretched, stretched, and then broke.  I could feel her virgin blood gush over my cock.  It was so warm, so satisfying, marinating my powerful cock in her tiny box.  We continued to push into her, she was crying uncontrollably, serving to swell my cock more.  Every beat of my heart made my cock pulse.  Even after we hit bottom, my wife pushed on my back and brought Crystal’s broken pussy further on my cock.  It was so tight, almost painful to me, but every inch was inside of her, ripping her insides apart.  I knew how painful it must be to her, physically and emotionally, and I loved it.  I loved hearing her cry into her pillow, panting “why daddy whyyy”, her voice as broken as her hymen.  I knew every hard pump from my cock was ripping through her soft tissue, tearing into it, but at the same time, her pussy meat was massaging her daddies cock, squeezing so tight, milking the hot precum into her little belly.  It was such an unfair world, so much pain for one, so much pleasure for the other.  I pulled out of her, my cock red with her virgin blood.  Her pussy hole stretched wide, trying to close shut, her blood running down her thighs and onto her bed.  Holding her soft cheeks, I began to saw into her, Ectasy!  I watched my cock pound into her, my daughters red, pained, crying face buried in her soft pillow, unceremoniously being drug back and forth across the pillow, her hair getting messed up and tangled, looking like the nastiest of porn stars.  My wife released her and grabbed my cock just before I began to ram the length back into Crystal, her hand getting stained with our daughters blood. She had me pull out of her and she quickly sent her greedy mouth to my cock, quickly licking and sucking all over my blood marinated meat.  She greedily swallowed our little girl’s virgin blood, cumming as she tasted the innocence off of my cock.  She kissed me a bloody kiss, went to our son and pulled his painfully hard cock from his boxers.  She laid on her back, her tits standing out far and slid her dripping musky pussy over our son’s cock.  She fucked him like this while he recorded the scene.  I knew this wouldn’t take long.  Within minutes, her lusty sounds as she fucked her own son, her daughters virgin blood weighing on her tongue and coating her chin, the site of our little girl bleeding her virgin blood all over her bed, tied up, crying from the pain, degradation, confusion and sorrow, my son moaned deep.  His mom urging him on “yes honey, cum inside mommy, mommy’s not on the pill baby, wouldn’t you like to get mommy pregnant?”  He buried himself as deep as he could in his mom’s hot cunt, and unleashed his pent up cum deep into her.  I watched her shudder in orgasm as she felt her son giving her his seed, her pussy muscles massaging his cock, guiding his hot cum to her eggs.  I watched while rubbing my little girl’s soft ass cheeks.  My wife kissed her son, and then went to the head of our Crystal’s bed, climbing in front of our little girl.  She obscenely spread her legs, our boys cum leaking from her full cunt, grabbed our daughter by her long auburn hair, and forced her mouth over her steaming cunt.  My wife held her tear stained face up against her twat, forcing her juices as well as her son’s, Crystal’s own big brother, all over Crystal’s face.  Crystal’s soft lips and nose were forced repeatedly over her moms swollen pussy, my wife’s long red fingernails contrasting greatly to her daughter’s light auburn hair, holding her against her cunt until she was brought to orgasm again by the lude act.  Not missing my cue, I pointed my cock back at my target, and pushed all the way in.  I was already dripping precum.  This time though, I fucked her hard.  I listened to the intoxicating sound of her pained screams as she screamed into her moms juicy cunt steak.  I fucked her harder and harder, shoving her face hard into my wife’s pussy.  I knew my cock was like poison to her, burning her.  My wife began to jerk and she threw her head back, I knew she was cumming all over our little girl’s face, and her orgasm was taking our son’s seed deeper into her.  She arched her head back, her mouth forming an O with nothing coming from it, I knew she was trying to force her tangy nectar down our little girl’s throat.  Looking down at my pistoning cock, watching her body get rocked on it, my wifes tits bouncing and leaking milk, and the sound of lust, pain, and skin slapping against skin was too much for me.  I began to moan, knowing what I was about to do.  My wife looked at me, flushed, and weakly encouraged me on to cum inside our little girl.  I held on for dear life to my little girl’s creamy ass cheeks, buried my bloody cock deep into her, and let my cum explode into her.  I could tell by how much she tensed up, she knew what was happening, at least to some part.  I continued to slowly fuck her as my cock shrunk inside of her.  She never stopped crying, but no longer asked questions.  Her eyes swollen and red, her young face covered in hot cum and whore juice, drying to a crust.  Her soft long hair disheveled, fingernail marks across her bloody thighs, my hand prints on her creamy ass, and my hot white cum, and her virgin blood, oozing in large amounts from her raped pussy.  I fell down next to her, my wife nuzzling my mouth to her tit, letting me suckle her.  My son grabbed her other tit.  We nursed her huge milk filled tits as she continued to slowly rub her little girls face across her swollen juicy lips, feeling her warm tears coat her trimmed bush, and cumming again all over her little girl’s, her little slave whore’s, fucking face.  Our son, having a massive hard on already after fucking his mom, threw his sobbing, frantic younger sister on her back, holding her legs up, he quickly pushed his hard dick into her raped, slick pussy, fucking her hard and fast.  The sound of his ferocious fucking echoed across her room.  It was a continuous borage as he fucked her mercilessly, just enjoying his younger sisters hot, raped cunt meat around his manhood.  My wife casually sat on her face as I held her still, fucking her pussy with her daughter’s face before cumming again, this time making sure Crystal had to drink all of her mother’s creamy juice.  Within minutes, our son dumped another thick load into her unprotected cunt.  He pulled out of her with a loud plop.  My wife climbed off her face as our little girl gasped for air, her face shiny with her mother’s excitement.  She cried horribly, deliciously.  Myson’s mom went straight for the blood red cock, cleaning off her husbands and son’s cum from it while at the same time, enjoying the taste and blood of her little girl.  I stood next to my son, both cocks facing my wifes face.  As she began sucking both cocks back and forth, she looked up at me and said she couldn’t wait to take Crystal to Larry’s Pornopalis and get her a new outfit for the parties we’d send her to (to make us money of course).  I had many friends that have wanted to fuck her for a long time, and friends of friends.  It was time she’s live a whore’s life now.  We knew Larry would give us quite a deal because my wife and I go there often, and as long as he got to help “size” little Crystal, he’d be more then fair.  With that thought, my son and I both sprayed our hot white sauce all over my wife, his mom’s face.  He aimed for her eye with a smile.  Our little Crystal, bawled, curled up in a fetal position, her mind somewhere else, broken, and rocked herself to sleep.  Her spirit broken, and her moms juice drying on her face, and her daddy’s and big brothers burning seed oozing out of her torn pussy.  Our little Crystal died that day, now she was just meat, no personality, just pussy, tits, ass and mouth, and a beating post if need be.  She never recovered from that night!  She went on to make all of us a lot of money, before being taken to Mexico to star in a snuff film.  The money we were offered, we couldn’t say no.  She screamed so as she was thrown in her box, and we watched her be driven off, her fingernail marks decorating the wooden crate, and my wife stroking my hard cock before all 3 of us went back inside for a long fuck session.  I had the video sent to me.  I’ll tell you about it later.  It is quite hot, and gruesome!!!


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