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Caught in the Office

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Synopsis: Caught after hours in her office, where everything is stripped away.
She sat at her desk, working away quietly in the night getting some more work done working late again

She sat at her desk, working away quietly in the night getting some more work done working late again.  She was alone in the building, except for the security guards, everyone else had gone home.  Suddenly she felt a cloth pressed over her nose and mouth before everything went black.

When she woke up again, she was still in her seat at the office, except now her arms were bound to the arms of the chair; her knees were tied to each of the base of the chair arms spreading her thighs apart.  Her ankles were tied off to the rolly wheels on the bottom of the chair and she had a gag in her mouth.  She started to struggle, wiggling around erratically on the chair for a while but achieving very much, moving the chair around a bit and finally managing to tip it over.  Tipping it over made a bit of noise, but apart from that it left her tied up but on the floor.

The noise alerted whoever had tied her up that she was awake, a man in a dark black business suit moved up in front of her and looked down at her on the floor and she started to struggle more making little whining noises from behind the gag as she stared up at her captor.  Reaching down he grabbed the back of the chair and righted her again, moving around behind her.  “Now now, little girly” he says softly, moving both of his hands down her body to cup her breasts through her top.  Slowly he starts to squeeze her tits, massaging them lightly at first through her top, then slowly starting to increase the  pressure, digging his fingers hard into the soft pliable flesh of her tits.  “All I want from you is your passwords.” He says softly as his fingers start to grind hard into her tits.  He smiles softly to himself as he tortures her tits, digging his fingers hard and deep into her soft flesh.  Moving one of his hands up he slides it in under her shirt and then in under her bra, cupping her soft tit flesh under her clothes and starting again to squeeze it hard and painfully.  She shakes her head painfully and arches her neck as the pain in her tits throbs through her body.  “Not ready yet?” he asks and she nods her head frantically, trying to say she is ready to give him the password.

Ignoring her frantic nods he reaches into her desk draw and pulls out a pair of her scissors and starts to lightly caress her face with the cold metal.  Moving the scissors down he slips them under the top of her blouse and slowly, almost sensually, cuts the blouse from her body, letting it fall to the floor in a useless pile and revealing her bali bra and giving a much better look at her D cup tits.  Lightly he caresses the scissors over her bra, letting the cold metal rub at her nipples and watching them come erect from the sensatation.  “Such a little slut.” He says lightly as he lightly toys with her nipples.  Moving the scissors up he cuts through the straps of her bra at her shoulder, then moving down he cuts between both of her tits.  Pulling the bra away from her body he clips both of the sides to completely remove the clothing, freeing up her naked tits.  He captures her nipples with his fingers softly rolling them back and forth between his fingers before pinching down hard on the soft little nubs.  “Ready to tell me your password?” he asks softly as he crushes her soft little nipples.  She nods her head vigorously and he smiles, getting a pencil and putting it in her hand and holding up a pad in front of her hand.  She stares at him for a couple of seconds before writing something down on the pad.  He takes the pad and enters the password into the computer, opening it up and spending a little bit of time looking through some of her personal files.  He finds what he is looking for in a file and opens up the main bank for the companies web page, where it is again waiting for a password.  Turning back to his victim he smiles, “Now, the password for the bank.” She looks at him and then shakes her head, turning her head away to avoid his gaze. 

He smiles and nods, “Good.” He says and sits up on the table in front of her, reaching down and capturing her tits, bouncing them lightly in his hands.  Mmmm.  Nice set of tits you have here.” He says as he plays with the nice big bouncy set of tits.  “Just like a set of pears.” He says and laughs softly, “A pair of pears.” He says as he toys with her tits.  “I think that will be your name, little pear.” He says as he toys with her tits.

Letting go of her tits he reaches down and pulls open a couple of draws on her desk till he finds a couple of black paper clamps.  Taking the clamps out of the draw he opens and closes them a few times, enjoying how they look.  Bringing one of the clamps down he starts to lightly tease her nipple with the cold hard clamp.  She starts to shake her head and makes a futile effort to get free as he teases her.  Opening the clamp he lets it close down on her soft little nipple, crushing it hard and tight between the jaws of the clamp.  She throws back her head and makes little arg noises through the gag as she shakes head back and forth from the pain.  Picking up the second clamp he lightly caresses her other nipple, waiting for her to recover from the pain and look up, watching the second clamp before he lets it close down on her other nipple.  She again throws back her head and thumps it against the back of her chair, throwing her head back a few times to try and relieve some of the pain in her nipples.  Once the clamps are on he reaches down and starts to absently toy with them, twisting them back and forth as well as reaching around and crushing his fingers down harder onto the jaws of the clamp.  She sits there and whines softly, shaking her head as he hurts her poor nipples.  After playing with them for a little while he lets go and looks through your draw a little  more, coming up with a ball of string.  Tying one end of the string to the clamp on one of her nipples he runs the string along the length of her desk and then back around to her other nipple, tying it off.  This leaves a string connected to each nipple with it running across the length of her desk.  Moving around to the other side of the desk he catches hold of the string and pulls it on, enjoying the way her tits stretch out painfully in front of her.  Picking up a stapler off the desk he loops it through the string and holds it up before letting it drop downwards.  The stapler bounces around on the end of the string, pulling hard on each of her nipples, pulling them hard and tight in front of her, making any movement painful.

“Ready to give me the password now little pear?” he asks, moving back around the desk and lightly bouncing his fingers on the underside of her stretched tits, causing them to bounce painfully in front of her.  She look up into his eyes and then slowly nods, he smiles and picks up the pad again, holding it in front of her.  She writes down the password slowly on the pad and he turns it around, looking it over slowly.  “Silly little pear.” He says as he looks over the password.  “I know this is your failsafe password.” He says.  “I want your real one.”  Looking around on your desk he finds a ruler and picks it up.  “Now I need to punish the bad little pear.” He says, bringing the ruler up to her tits and starting to lightly caress the top curve of her tit with the ruler.  Bringing the ruler up he pauses for a second, looking at her, before bringing it down hard across the top of one of her tits.  She jerks back, which pulls hard on her stretched nipples and makes a soft cry through the gag.  The red line quickly grows on the soft white surface of her tit, waiting for a second he brings the ruler up again and then down hard across the other tit again leaving a nice red line.  She jerks back again, even through she tries not to, tugging hard on her painfully stretched nipples.  She looks up at him as tears start to slowly leak out the sides of her eyes from the pain.  Pausing he holds the ruler for a couple of seconds and then starts to whip her tits hard with the ruler, landing hard strokes time after time onto the soft tops of her tits, leaving a bright red marks on the top of both tits from just above her areolas to the tops of her tits.  She jerks around and whines as the strokes land on her tortured flesh, crying outright now as the pain runs up her tits and courses through her body.

Moving away from her he goes over to her cork board and pulls a bunch of thumbtacks off the board, putting them into her coffee cup.  Returning back over to her he sits on the table beside her puts the cup down on the table.  Reaching into the cup he pulls out a thumb tack and rolls it slowly between his fingers while her eyes follow the route of the thumbtack nervously.  Taking the tack he moves it up to the top of her tit, a nice red plastic ended thumbtack, and pricks the top of her tit lightly.  Pausing for a second he looks into her eyes them pushes the thumbtack down into her tit flesh, burying it right up to the top of the tack.  Her whole body goes rigid from the pain as she feels the tack buried into the flesh of her tit.  Picking up a second tack he moves to top of her other tit and pauses, before slowly pushing another tack down into the soft flesh of her other tit.  “Such a lot of tit, little pear.” He says and start to toy again with her clamps nipples.  “I wonder how many thumb tacks I can  get in them.” She looks up at him with pleading, begging eyes.  “Ready for the password now little pear?” he asks as he looks at her.  She nods her head, not too vigorously so she doesn’t bounce her tits.  He place the pad and pencil back in her hand to let her write, while he reaches up and toys with tack, twisting it around and moving the point of the tack inside her tit.  Once she has the password down he looks it over and then nods.  “Good little pear.” He says and moves back over to her computer, logging into the companies bank account where he proceeds to transfer all the current cash out of the company and into an offshore account.

“Now we have a little bit of time before we need to go.  I wonder what we shall do?” he asks and picks up a the coffee cup, smiling at her.  Taking some more tacks out of the cup he starts to slowly push them into the top of her tits, making a nice little circle of tacks on the top of each tit.  The girl groans and tries not to move while the tacks are slowly pushed into her already very painful tits.  Once he has pushed a nice number of tacks into each tit he puts down the cup and looks around her desk, for some other inspiration.  He finds one of those executive toys, the ones that have a heavy base with two alligator clips that are used to hold business cards.  Picking up the toy he takes out the cards and smiles as he admires the clamps.  Opening up the clamp he moves it down to her nipple and puts it around the base of her already stretched tit.  She whines and tries to move her tit but only really manages to jerk her nipple hard and cause the stapler to tug even tighter on her nipples.  Moving the clamp up he lets it close down slowly on the base of her tit, watching it dig deep and painfully into the soft flesh, the small serrated teeth almost breaking the skin.  Taking the other clamp on the toy he moves it over to her other tit, although the toy is not quite wide enough, so he has to pull on the toy to bring it over to her other nipple, pulling nice and painfully on her other nipple.  Once he has the toy in place he lines it up on her nipple and lets it close down hard on the base of her other nipple, before letting it go.  She again tries to scream through the gag, thrashing around a little as the toys pulls down hard on her sensitive flesh.  She eventually holds herself still, crying softly and whining as her tits are painfully pulled and stretched.

Once the toy is in place he sits back a little to look as his plaything, her tits are pulled closer together with the toy connected to the base of each nipple while her tits pull stretched forward from the string and stapler connected to each nipple.  The top of each tit is a nice red colour with a series thumb tacks arranged in a circle on the top of each tit.  “Nice look.” He says softly moving his hands up and cupping them under both of her tits and then squeezing them both hard with his fingers, letting them dig hard into the flesh causing all the clamps and tacks to move.

Looking down at his watch he smiles.  Moving down close to her he says softly, “I am going to let your hands go now little pear.” He says, “I want you to move both of them up behind your neck and hold them there.  If you touch your tits I will add another couple of staplers to the string.” He says and looks at her.  “Got it?” he says and watches, waiting as she turns her face up towards him and then nods.

Pulling out a knife he cuts quickly through the ropes at your wrists and then the ones at your elbows.  She pauses for a second, looking at him after her arms are freed before deciding it is not worth it and slowly moving her hands up behind her head.  Moving behind her he cuffs her hands together with a pair of handcuffs.  Cutting the string connected to the stapler she sighs with some relief, some of the pressure taken off her aching tits.  Moving around in front of her he takes the remainder of the string and ties it up to her necklace, pulling her nipples up toward the bottom of the necklace, then moving around behind her he ties the handcuffs down to the necklace, so any movement of her hands pulls and tugs on her clamped nipples.  Bending down he ties a hobble between her ankles before cutting the ropes tying her ankles and thighs to the chair.

Quickly he picks up the remains of her shirt and bra, and the ropes putting them in the bag he brought with him.  From the bag he pulls out a leash and clips it to the toy hanging between her tits.  “Follow.” He says and gives the leash a tug, causing the toy to tug forward and swing painfully, before he turns and heads off down the corridor.  The girl quickly shuffles after him, any pausing causing him to pull on the leash making the clamps dig even more painfully into the base of her nipples.  He leads her down into the garage and opens the door to her car with her keys, moving around to the back of the car and undoing the boot.  Turning back to the girl he tugs on the leash again and moves her towards the boot.  She takes a look at what he is trying to do and decides to make a run for it, although with the hobbles and the leash tied to her tits all she manages is to turn around and then fall over.  This causes the clamps on the base of her tits to be ripped painfully off, blood starting to drop down her tits from the cuts she caused.

Shaking his head he reaches down and grabs the back of her hair and pulls her up, then takes a handful of the back of her skirt and swings her into the open boot.  Quickly he closes the boot on the frantically wriggling girl, turning around and entering the front seat driving the car out of the carpark, waiting for the right time before opening the carpark door and driving out into the night.  Driving a short distance he stops and gets out of the car, handing the keys over to a second girl, dressed up as their captive.  Opening the boot again he hauls the little pear out and throws her into the back of the waiting van.  “Too late now little slut.” He says softly and gets into the drivers seat, driving away.

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