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My Bitchy-hot Niece, Denise

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Synopsis: Unemployed 30 year old man forced to move in with older sister. His niece Denise is now 18 and not a little girl anymore. When he's caught wanking, she humiliates him severely and to his great joy.

My Bitchy-hot Niece Denise

Femdom Fiction by James Pendergrass - (


It was meant to be a simple month-long visit while I got my life together.  Thanks to some horrible managerial maneuvers by my banker employer (sub prime loans, etc) I was out of a job two weeks past my 30th birthday.  I wasnt the type of save money for a rainy day and within two months I had serious cash problems.  No longer could I afford my Manhattan luxury apartment.  I needed help.  Mom and Dad weren't an option, so I went to the only person I trusted - my big sister Janice.

Janice was seven years my senior.  She always seemed to have it going on.  A skinny blonde woman of Cosmopolitan tastes, Janice had married at a very young age to a rich investment banker.  For several years they lived in NYC.  They had a daughter named Denise.  She was an only child.  Eventually the marriage fell apart.  Fortunately my sister made out quite well.  She moved to Westchester County with Denise.  Despite them living only an hour away, I hadn't seen them in five years.  The last time I checked, Denise was an awkward young teenager and Janice was enjoying the millions from her divorce settlement.

When I called Janice and told her that I needed a place to stay temporarily until I got back on my feet, she was more than happy to help me out.  She was always cool about things like this.  Of course, I was embarrassed about the whole thing.  I didn't have enough savings and that's what got me into this mess.  All my money was spent on fancy dinners and high quality dominatrixes in NYC.  Yeah, I should mention that.  Since a young age I had submissive fantasies.  Janice herself might have been slightly aware of them since she caught me masturbating as a child on numerous occasions.  Well, now the money was gone and I'd have to chill on my penchant for cruel, young humiliatrixes, or so I thought.

I moved my stuff in on a particularly rainy Saturday in March.  Janice was pretty nice about the whole thing.  She gave me a nice room in the corner of their house.  Since it was just she and Denise, there was more than enough room.  The handsome brick house was located in a quiet residential area with tons of trees.  It had a huge yard (several acres) and over 2,500 square feet of living space. 

As I unpacked my clothing, I heard a, "Hey Uncle Fred."  I looked up and my eyes nearly popped out of my head.  There was Denise - only it wasn't the awkward adolescent I remembered.  Denise had turned into a sexy, vivacious young woman.  I could see she had retained some of the punkish qualities I remembered about her.  She wore a very short jeans skirt.  It ran way up her thighs, and underneath she had thick black stockings that went down to silly black Converse "Chuck Taylor" all-stars.  That wasn't what caught my attention though.  It was her legs, which had lengthened significantly since I had last seen her.  Now officially a “woman” at age 18, she had inherited her mother's elegant curves.  Her hips had filled in and framed a lovely, tight, but undeniably feminine midsection.  She wore a faded pink t-shirt on top that looked a size too small.  Like her mom, she was narrow and plump in all the right places.  She had also developed a pair of beautiful little breasts.  They were small in circumference, but they jutted out like big ripe lemons (not melons) in a way that helped confirm her ascension from girlhood to womanhood.  Her hair was not the disaster I remembered it, all spiky in her adolescent years.  Now she had smoothed it all out and put it neatly back in a ponytail.  But I could see she had highlighted the front of it pink, another unfortunate relic from her punk days. 

She came right over and gave me a hug, her pointy little breasts pushing against my chest.  I took the opportunity to discreetly inhale her lovely young scent and immediately felt a stirring in my loins.

"So, I heard you got shit-canned," she said to my surprise.  "That totally sucks."

"Um yeah, it does," I said, embarrassed.

"Man, and you're like, 30 now," she said. 

I found her words quite bold and somewhat cutting. 

"Yep," I said.  "That pretty much sums it up."

"Well it's ok.  I'm sure mom will hook you up until you get your shit back together."

I couldn't believe her attitude.  I found her bitchy, yet also she reminded me of one of my favorite humiliatrixes, the way she breezily talked down to me.

"Well, I guess I'll be seeing you at dinner.  Laters," she said, walking away.

I watched that ass as she strode out of my room.  So bubbly and ripe as her hips swung back and forth.  She walked with unnerving confidence and sex appeal.

At dinnertime we made an odd threesome.  Denise had all these questions for me about living in New York - why didn't I have a girlfriend, and what type of job I was looking for.  Janice seemed to have a very laid back attitude with her only child.  She didn't stop her from proceeding with what I thought was a rude line of questioning.  The only exception was at the end of the meal, when Denise said, "So Fred, I just don't get it.  You're a good-looking guy, I mean - for a 30 year old - and you at least HAD a job.  You live in the pussy capital of the world and you don't have a girlfriend.  What gives?"

Janice snickered, and then said, "Denise, ENOUGH.  Leave my poor brother alone.  And stop talking like that, would you?  You're a young woman now.”  Yet, Janice was laughing as she said it, not exactly the picture of discipline.

"What?" said Denise.  "You mean 'pussy'?"


"Pussy pussy pussy pussy!" She said, laughing.  "Wet, juicy pussy!  Oh mom, it's just a word."

Janice turned to me.  "This is what having a teenage daughter is like.  She's shameless!"  Yet to my surprise, she made no effort to quiet her down.  I think she actually appreciated her daughters unfettered confidence.

Meanwhile, my cock had stiffened in my pants.  It was such a turn-on to hear this nubile young thing talk such trash.  I had trouble hiding the bulge in my pants while I cleared the dishes.  Fortunately, Janice wasnt really paying attention, and Denise had raced upstairs after leaving all of her food on the table. 

"Oh, you're going to do the dishes?  Isn't that sweet," said Janice.

"It's the least I can do, sis."

"Good boy," she said in a ribbing sort of way.

Later as I was still cleaning up, Denise bopped into the kitchen to grab a soda.  She saw me wiping down the counters.  "Oh, I see mom has you earning your keep," she giggled.  "When youre done I'd like you to make my bed and vacuum my floor."  She said it with a total straight face.  It occurred to me she would make a good actress.

"Nice try, Denise," I smiled.

Then to my shock, she reached out and grabbed my wrist.  "If I want you to do my room, you're going to clean my room.  Do you understand?"  She pointed to the stairs as though she was putting me to the task.  I stared at this young beauty until I saw the corners of her mouth turn upwards in a grin.

"Ha ha," I said meekly, feeling my cock begin to stir again.

I could have sworn I saw Denise's pretty eyelashes flicker down as she glanced at my crotch before she released my wrist, then wheeled around, and with a "fine, be that way!" she left the kitchen.

That night, I spanked off as I thought of my red hot niece.  She was a natural young femdom.  I knew it!  Of course, I couldn't do anything about it, except touch myself.  That much I knew.  I thought of her saying the word "pussy" and I couldn't help imagine what her pussy must look like.  It could only be incredibly healthy - not to mention tight, and juicy.  Janice was a sophisticated lady and I suspected she made sure her only daughter took great care of her vagina.  Just the thought of it all made me explode in a hot orgasm.

Friday - the fifth day of my residency in Janice's house - was the initial day of what would turn into the most rapturous weekend of my life.

Janice had left that morning for a weekend with a new boyfriend of hers.  Denise had school, or so I thought, until 2:30.  I did some half-hearted job searching in the morning.  Then at noon time I decided it was time to pleasure myself.  The source of my fantasies was no secret.  Denise had amazed me all week long with her sexy sense of fashion and that red hot little body.  Not to mention, she was a sassy, loud-mouthed young cunt that wasn't afraid to say whatever came to her mind.  She flirted with me constantly.  Thursday I had gone out for a mid afternoon jog and when I returned, I pulled off my shirt to wipe off the sweat.  I didn't notice Denise sitting on the porch with a couple of hottie friends of hers. 

"Whoa, Uncle Fred, looking hot!" she said, drawing giggles from her gal pals.  "We need to do something about the chest hair but that ass is looking quite shapely!"

"Denise," I said.  "Easy."

She ignored me and stuck her fingers in her mouth to make a whistling sound.  "Come on, Uncle Fred," she said.  "Wiggle that nice butt for me and my girlfriends."

I could feel myself begin to stiffen.  With no protection, I hurried inside.  To my surprise Denise followed me.  "Wait, Fred," she said.  "Where are you going?  I want to introduce you to my friends."

Now I had some serious tenting going on.  I raced upstairs.  "Wait!  I heard her yell.  What is the matter with you?"

"Not now, Denise," I said, locking the bathroom door behind me. 

Thinking back to yesterday that was a serious close call.  But now I had the place to myself and was going to seriously enjoy a good whack-session.  Denise wasn't scheduled back home for several hours.  I had the opportunity I was waiting for - it was time to investigate her room. 

Inside, it was unusually messy for a girl's room.  In terms of colors, everything was either pink or black.  Her pink bedspread was a mess.  She had posters of famous and not so famous rockers, like Madonna, Gwen Stefani, and Liz Phair.  The room had that wonderful feminine smell.  She had a half full box of tampons on her bureau and several wrappers next to them.  For some reason this caused me to spring an instant hard-on.  I opened her drawers until I found what I had been looking for - her panties.  To my great joy, she had a surprisingly refined taste in feminine undergarmentry.  Most of her panties were various shades of pink, but she had lovely turquoise panties and some light yellow pairs as well.  They all were quite lacy.  I looked at her laundry hamper and found a used pair of pink panties.  I stuck my nose in there and inhaled deeply.  It was a strong, musky scent, but I could swear from the smell that my suspicions were right, and she took great care of her prized vagina.

Now I desperately needed to jerk it.  But first I wanted to check out her shoes.  I loved female footwear and was thrilled to see that she didn't just wear Chuck Taylor All Stars.  She had a hot pair of black leather boots, as well as several pairs of fashionable pumps.  But the shoes that caught my eye were a pair of strappy pink open-toed sandals.  She wore a small size and the sandals were just so sexy, so feminine.

I had a serious ballbusting fetish.  I loved the idea of getting my nuts knocked rudely around by a hot, unforgiving piece of female ass.  There was just something about being made to suffer for the sole purpose of female entertainment.  

Acting on these dirty thoughts, I sat on Denise's rug with my back against her bed.  I pulled down my sweatpants and bunched them around my legs.  Then, I spread my legs.  With one hand, I began to stroke myself and with the other I took one of Denise's pink sandals and began banging the tip against my balls.  I imagined Denise was standing above me talking trash in her hot outfit while beating my balls (and thus, me) senseless as I suffered beneath her.  

It must have been the sights and smells of her room.  Whatever the case was, I soon found myself deep in subspace, and a wonderful orgasm was boiling up from my loins.  I was experiencing so much pleasure I decided to hold off on coming.  Pre-cum oozed from the purple engorged head of my cock.  I was so fixated on my fantasy that I failed to hear anything.  Or maybe she was just so quiet.

Suddenly I heard a high-pitched voice: "What the fu-  Oh my gawd!"  I whirled around and there was Denise standing behind me to my right.  She had her hand over her mouth, and I could swear she was concealing a big grin.

I immediate threw down her shoe and in one fluid motion yanked my pants up around my throbbing dick.  Only it didn't work out so well.  My left foot slipped out of my pants so when I tried to pull my pants up I could only pull up the right pant leg.  This left me still exposed and red-faced, with my dick sticking straight up in the air in plain view of my astonished little niece.  Now I just decided to hightail it out of there.

Denise was so stunned that she didn't stop me from running out of her room.  Then I heard her shout, "You totally just got busted, PERVERT!" followed by "Wait, Uncle Fred, we need to talk about this."

I didn't want to talk about anything.  I felt foolish and incredibly embarrassed.  Not to mention, I could only imagine what my sister Janice would say when/if she found out.  I was devastated.  It occurred to me that I could end up in jail for this!  I ran back to my room and slammed the door.  Then I hiked my undies and sweatpants up over my hips and sat on the bed.  I put my head in my hands as I tried to figure out my next move.

Before I could even catch my breath the door opened and there was Denise.  She looked blazingly hot.  She was wearing her favorite short jeans skirt.  She had a little pink see-thru silky button down and beneath it I could see her little titties held by a white bra.  Instead of her Chuck Taylors she wore little white running shoes.  She had her hands on her hips and a smirk on her face.

"Denise, leave me alone.  I'm sorry.  I fucked up."

"I'm not going anywhere," she said.  "Look, Fred, if it makes you feel any better, I've suspected since we saw each other the other day that you were a perv.  Call it my female sixth sense.  I saw you trying to hide your little boner the other day when I was mocking your chest hair."  She waited for me to react.

"Ok, maybe."

"There was no maybe about it, Fred.  I have the power to make you hard.  Just admit it."

"Ok, I admit it." 

"I knew it," she said.  "I can smell the perverts a mile away.  It's not a big deal.  You can't help it."

"You aren't making me feel any better," I said.

"Oh bullshit," she laughed.  "Why not just admit, you like it when I talk to you this way.  I know all about guys like you, Uncle Fred.  You're a complete pussywhipped pervert.  I knew it the first time I laid eyes on you the other day.  You love it when a young woman like me bosses you around and makes you do stupid things.  Lord only knows how many boners you've popped in my presence over the past week.  I can practically make you erect by snapping my little fingers."  For emphasis, she did that very thing, and sure enough I could feel myself stiffen up. 

"I-" I began to stutter.

"Cat got your tongue?" she asked, laughing, and snapping her fingers again.  "I saw what you were doing with my shoe.  You were pretending I was kicking your balls.  I know you'd just love to be humiliated by me.  Just admit it."

This girl was making a lot of sense.  "Denise, I mean, I guess it's true, but you're my niece."

"So what?" She asked.  "Its not like Im going to let you touch me or anything.  Look, jerkoff, mom is gone for the weekend and that means we're going to have some fun.  Or at least I'm going to have some fun with my new toy.  That'd be you.  It's confession time, Fred."

"Don't you have to be back in school?"

"FUCK SCHOOL," she said.  "I'm a senior and this is much more important anyhow.  Like I said, confession time, Fred.  Time for you to take your sweatpants off and time for ME to drag your ass back to my room and teach you a few lessons you will NEVER forget about my SUPERIORITY over you."

I felt myself weakening again.  This was like a dream come true.  Who cared that it was my niece, really?  I stood and began to remove my sweats.

Denise began laughing.  "Look at the PERVERT do exactly what his little niece tells him to do!  This is going to be sooooo much fun."

With that, I was naked and my cock was throbbing.  “Hard already,” she said victoriously.  I knew it!” Denise simply reached out with her little hand and grabbed me by my dick, then dragged me back to her room.  "Don't even THINK about splooging until I tell you to," she said.

My head was absolutely spinning as this little self-confident lioness marched me back to her den.  She released my dick and plopped down onto her bed.  "Now, it's time for you to confess to me, you trespassing panty sniffer!  On your knees in front of me."  She pointed to the floor.

I couldn't believe this.  Denise was more confident and more naturally controlling than just about any NYC Dom I'd ever come across. 

"Time for the ground rules," she said.  "Just because your ugly penis is on display for my viewing pleasure doesn't mean you are EVER going to see my vadge, or my tits.  Got it?"

"Yes," I said.

"I figured that wouldn't be a big deal for a perv like you.  You'll have to imagine what I look like without any clothing on because it's none of your fucking business.  I dont fuck 30 year old perverts with small penises anyhow.  And it's 'Princess Denise' to you."

"Yes, Princess Denise."

"Good.  Now, time for you to confess all your perversions.  And I want to hear EVERYTHING.  But first, let me put on these sandals since you seem to love them so much."

She removed her sneakers and threw on her hot pink sandals.  I was in heaven. 

For the next fifteen minutes, I confessed all my fantasies to her.  I told her how I liked to be subjugated and humiliated by women.  I told her how I wanted to be kicked in the balls, and spit on, and verbally degraded.  I told her I wanted her to take me over her lap and spank my naked ass with a hairbrush.  I told her how I wanted her to force me to masturbate for her and to have her force me to eat my own cum.  To this, she threw her head back and began laughing her ass off.  "Wow, you really are a sick fuck," she said.  I went on to tell her how I wanted her to boss me around and make me her personal little puppet, her male dog. 

The whole time, I could see the signs of recognition in those pretty eyes of hers.  As I relayed my fantasies, she asked intelligent follow-up questions.

In the end, she contemplated for a while before saying.  "Well, Fred, I'm going to make your fantasy a reality.  But understand I am like God to you from now on.  You're entire purpose in this household will be to service all of my needs without question.  You are now my personal male slave.  Do you understand?"

"Yes Princess Denise."

"Good, well then let's get started.  I'll bet you want to finish your little masturbation routine for me, don't you?"

"Yes Princess Denise."

"Well, we're going to do it my way.  Put your legs up over your head and jerk off on your own face, ha ha ha!"

I immediately complied with her command, which caused her to laugh even harder.  "You are such a fucking fool!" she said.

I strained to keep my balance as Denise disappeared momentarily.  She returned and then sat above me on the bed.  "Looks like you need some lubrication," she said.  With that she spit a couple of big wads of saliva.  One landed on my dick and the other trickled down to my face.  "Say thank you!" she said laughing.

"Thank you, Princess Denise," I grunted. 

She then put her sandal on my balls and began jiggling them back and forth as I struggled to maintain my balance.  I grunted from the combination of pain and pleasure.  "Look at you," she said.  "I'm totally fucking you up."

I began to feel the onset of an incredibly intense orgasm.  "I'm gonna cum!" I grunted.

"Oh good, time for the splooge fireworks.  Come on, jerky boy, put on a big creamy show for me!" she said gleefully.  I looked up and she had pulled out a digital camera and was snapping off photos of me just before I began shooting a big load of sperm all over my face.

"Yeah ha hah!  Jerk it out!  Defile your own face like an obedient little pussy puppet!" 

I felt as though I might faint as spurt after spurt came splashing down on my face. 

"The girls are gonna LOVE this!  Look at you!  My Uncle, the perverted cum-slut." she said, to my alarm.  I was in no position to do a thing about it.  Finally, last drops out, I relaxed my body and lay on the ground at the feet of my niece/princess.

What I didn't realize is that Denise was intent on making my humiliation complete.  She immediately stuck one of her beautiful sandals in my face and began scooping up chunks of my sperm off my cheeks.  "Clean up time.  BEG me for the rest of your splooge!" she ordered. 

"Please let me have the rest of my meal," I said, not really meaning it.

"C'mon, loser!" she said.  "Beg louder!  Act like you really mean it.  Stick that tongue out or I will never humiliate you again and I'll just ignore your loser ass for the rest of the summer."

That was more than enough motivation for me.

"Please, oh please, let me gobble my cum for you, superior mistress Denise."

"That's it," she said.  And with that she crammed her foot as far into my mouth as it would go.  "Gobble gobble!  Clean all the little spermies off my shoe, loser.”  She laughed and laughed.

I didn't like how she had begun calling me a loser, but my dick must have liked it because I was hard again.

"Now, get my hairbrush off my dresser and get on all fours."

I did as I was told. 

"Normally, I'd take you over my knee like you were a bad little stepchild," she said.  "But I don't want that leaky spent penis to even touch my expensive clothing."

She climbed up onto my back and straddled me.  I felt her hot vaginal hump on my naked back and it turned me on.  But then she leaned forward and began paddling my ass with ferocity.  "Bad boy!" she said.  "You're going to learn to RESPECT your young princess."  She really laid into me.  It hurt a lot and soon I was whining and telling her that I'd learned my lesson.  I could even begin to feel a few tears.  She stopped and then ordered me to stand.  Then she marched me in front of her mirror and there I was, naked, with a well spanked bottom as my 18 year old niece stood proudly next to me.  She gave each cheek a few extra stringing slaps with the hairbrush, which caused me to dance with pain and put my hands on my ass.

"Don't you DARE cover up," she said.  She grabbed my balls with her free hand and held me in place as she gave me a dozen more hard spanks, alternating cheeks.  She spanked hard!  Now the tears came out.  I wasn't crying out loud, but the pain was intense.  "Please, oh, I'm sorry!" I said as she laid into me.  My arms shook as they instinctively went to cover my ass, but her pressure on my balls told me they weren't to move.  I looked like an idiot.   Finally she put the brush down and smiled sweetly at me.  "It's fun making you suffer.  What do you say?"

"Thank you, Princess Denise."

"I need to go run a few errands," she said, grabbing her car keys.  "You can clean my room and make my bed.  I'll be checking your work later.  Also, don't even TOUCH your penis when I'm not around.  All of your masturbatory sessions are to be supervised by me from now on.  Let's just say you're going to become quite familiar with the taste of your own spunk if you haven't already.  Oh, and stay the FUCK out of my panty drawer and don't touch my shoes.  Got it, loser?"

"Yes Princess Denise." 

"Good.  And no clothing for you while you're in my house.  That way I can do THIS."  With two fingers of one hand, she daintily picked up my now semi-flaccid penis.  The motion caused my balls to surge forward from between my legs just in time for the arrival of her other hand, which smacked my deflated gonads soundly and sent me crumpling to my knees.

"Oh wait, one more thing I need to do," she said.  She had a bunch of equestrian ribbons that she had won in some kind of riding competition from her younger days.  She picked out a pink ribbon that said "fifth place," on it.  It had a string hanging from it.

"Come,” she said, gesturing with her finger with the confidence of a mature woman, not moving until I stood in front of her.  “This is very fitting," she said, wrapping the ribbon neatly around my cock and balls and then tightening it uncomfortably around the base of my package.  It felt so amazing to be handled this way by her.  As she finished the delicate job, my cock inflated to full mast.  

She giggled and said, "So...fucking...OWNED."  Then she turned, and headed down the stairs and out the door.


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My Bitchy-hot niece, Denise Part II - by James Pendergrass (


It was Saturday morning.  I was up and reading in my bed.  Since my humiliation at the hands of my bitchy little niece yesterday afternoon, I had been hard at least 75% of the time.  All I could think of was the way this young woman - a TEENAGER no less - with the fabulous trim body and the confident, sassy attitude had so easily asserted her natural dominance over me.  I felt incredibly lucky, not to mention more aroused than I had been in many years.  The ribbon around my balls was a constant reminder of my situation.  I was constantly tempted to relieve the pressure in my balls.  Then I thought about having the opportunity to serve such a pretty young thing.  Each time I felt the urge to touch my penis I imagined her whispering, "don't disappoint me" in my ear.  I had respect her commands and not pleasure myself, but it wasn't easy.

Now just past 10AM, I heard the call I had been waiting for.  I jumped up to attention (it wasn't the only thing at attention) and raced to my niece's room, still in my birthday suit, save the 5th place ribbon dangling from my genitals.  I was so stiff and excited to be bossed around by my niece that clear fluid had already gathered around the tip of my penis.

As I ran down the hallway, I heard the bitchy teen yell, "HURRY UP, JACKASS!"

I entered and saw Denice sitting up in her bed.  She wore these tan girlie shorts that hugged her snug little power-zone, and a tight white t-shirt that said "diva" on it.  Her perfectly shaped legs hung down with perfect feminine symmetry from the bed.  Her little feet pointed downward and I could see the light pink nailpolish on her peds.  Her feet were very delicate, with high arches and tiny toes, except for her big toes, which ware probably the only fat appendage on her entire body (that and her sweet ass, which was firm but had the lovely bubble shape to it).

She pointed to the floor.  "Worship your princess," she said calmly.  I got on her floor and began kissing those lovely toes.  My dick was absolutely THROBBING as I heard her say, "That's a good obedient slobber-hound.  Now, stand up so I can have a good look at you."

I stood in front of her.  Just me and my hard penis.  She reached out and tugged on the fifth place ribbon causing me to bob up and down.  "Look at that thing," she said.  "Explain to me why it's so freaken hard?"

"Because of you, Miss Denise," I said.

"Obviously," she said laughing.  "It looks like it wants to splooge some more," she said, noting the fluid.

"Yes Miss Denise," I said, excitedly.

"Well too bad.  You are officially denied for the time being," she said.  "In fact, I don't want you walking around my house dripping your gross gunk on my floors.  Go to the bathroom right now and get some toilet paper.  RUN!"

I ran down the hall to the bathroom, her giggling echoing in my ears.  "Move that ass or I'll spank it!" she yelled.

I grabbed some tissue and returned.  Denise had grabbed a rubber hair band from her bureau.

"C'mere," she beckoned me closer with her pointer finger.  I gasped as she took my penis in her slender fingers and squeezed it until my head turned purple.  This also caused more precum to appear. 

"Your penis needs a tampon to keep the flow from getting out of hand," she said rather clinically.  She wrapped the toilet tissue around the head of my dick and tied the hair band an inch below the purple tip of my shaft.  She had to handle me quite a bit as she doubled the knot of the hair band to make it nice and tight.  I sighed aloud with pleasure.

"CONTROL yourself, loser," she said.  "I'm not letting you splooge for a while anyhow.  First, my BFF needs to come watch me humiliate you."

More young women?  I felt my heart sink.  Sure, it was highly erotic but I didn't want to get into trouble.

"That's right.  My gal pal Kari is coming over to join me in laughing at your dumb naked ass."

"But Denise, I don't know.  Do you think it's a good idea?"

"That's MISS Denise, or PRINCESS Denise, loser," she reminded me, giving my penis a painful slap.  "And I think it's a great fucking idea.  I intend to share my conquest with my best friend."

The slap caused the toilet paper to slip out from her hair band.  So she readjusted it, this time in a triple knot.  It was quite tight.

"There, that should fix you.  No more leaks!" she said, admiring her handiwork and giving the head of my penis a surprisingly authoritative flick for good measure.  She had the self-possession of some of the best New York City dominatrixes I had ever encountered.  But those women were all in their late 20s, or older.  She was a nubile 18 year old babe!  Talk about the best of both worlds.  I quivered with pleasure.

She took hold of the fifth place ribbon attached to the base of my balls and marched me downstairs.  As she did so, she ordered me to bring my knees up nice and high, which caused my penis to bob up and down. 

Once downstairs, she pressed the speaker button on the phone and dialed a number.  I heard a sassy female voice answer the phone.  "Talk to me, girl."  She must have had caller ID.

"Yo Kari, wassup!" Denise said.

"Yo, what's up girlfriend," Kari said on the other line.

"So, check this out.  You know how I told you about my dorky loser uncle who is staying with us?"

"Oh yeah.  Didn't you say he was, like, slobbering all over you?"

"Um  hm.  That turned out to be an understatement.  I went home for lunch yesterday and I caught him on the floor of MY room, poking his head in my panty drawer and get this -  He was *spanking his monkey*!"

I heard laughter come through the speaker.  "Get the fuck out of here," said the girl.

"No, it's 100% TRUE.  In fact, the loser is kneeling naked in front of me as we speak and he's going to confess to you.  Go ahead, jerkoff."

The move caught me by surprise.  But I also felt so turned on by my latest exploitation at the hands of devious Denise.  "Yes, um, I'm Denise's uncle and I- she caught me in her room, uh, playing with myself."

The room filled up with giggles.

"Holy shit!" I heard on the other end of the phone.  Denise was smiling with great pride as I verbally humiliated myself.

"He's like, my total panty slave," said Denise.  "This pussywhipped loser will do ANYTHING I tell him to do.  Isn't that right, loser?"

"Yes Miss Denise,"

"Yuck!  What a pervert!" I heard Kari say.

"Yeah no shit.  He IS a pervert.  Say it!" she turned to me.

"I'm a pervert!"

"No, say, 'I'm a dick whacking pervert!'" said Denise.

"I'm a dick whacking pervert!"

More laughter.

"Wow, what a circus clown freak," I heard Kari say. 

"No shit," said Denise again.  "He's a complete dipshit.  He LOVES it when I rag on him and he LOVES to humiliate himself for me.  My vadge is, like, his master.  I think it scrambles his male brain or something."

"You go girl!" said Kari.  "So when can I see this?"

"Right now, lady!  Come over!"

"Ha!  So cool.  Okay, let me jump in the shower, and I'll be right over.  Hey, and is naked pervboy still there?"

"He's right here."

"See you soon, jack-spaz!"

Denise burst out laughing.  "Tell her you look forward to humiliating yourself for her entertainment, jack-spaz," she said, repeating her friends' degrading terminology."

"I look forward to humiliating myself for your entertainment, Miss Kari."

"I see you've trained him well, D," said Kari.

"You have no idea!  Later, babes."


My heart pounded in the silence after their phone call as I thought of what I was getting myself in to.

Denise shattered the silence by ordering me to fetch the morning paper.  Then she made me do jumping jacks in the kitchen while she read the gossip section.  "Higher!" she yelled.  "Work those fat buns!"  She laughed as my penis bounced up and down in full view. 

"You're going to learn firsthand what happens to pervs that can't control their sexual impulses," she said, sizing me up and smiling.  "If you think I'm a bitch, just wait until you see Kari.  She's a clever gal.  I can't wait to see what kind of tasks she comes up with."

Denise made me do all kinds of chores all morning.  Just before noon, she showered and made me stand outside the bathroom holding a towel.  She teased me so badly!  At one point, she yelled, "I'm scrubbing the area below my belly button right now.  Sigh. Now that feels good.  Mom bought me this expensive brush and it's just so soft and gentle on me. (she sighed audibly) I always make it a point to scrub myself very carefully every day moms influence I suppose."

When she was done, she reached a hand out and made me hand her a towel.  "No peaking," she said.  "My body is off limits to perverts."

I could hear her drying herself off and it made me crazy with desire.  "Go fetch me a nice pair of pink silk panties," she said.  "You should know where to find them.  And dont be long.  You have ten seconds.  I don't want you spending any extra time poking around in there."

I raced back, found some hot lacy panties and handed them to her.  "I'm pulling them on now," she said, giving me the play by play.  "I love the feeling of the silk as it rides up over my buns - all nice and snug.  They fit me so perfectly."  She opened the door for a split second and gave me a tantalizing view of her sweet panty-clad ass.  Her back was turned to me.  The only article of clothing on her body was the panties.  Her slender neck was turned as she smiled at me and poked her ass in my direction.  Despite her petite nature, her ass was surprisingly womanly in shape.  God she was ripe, but then she slammed the door in my face.  "That's as close as you'll EVER get!" she taunted.

Moments later, she emerged with her shorts and t-shirt on.  She immediately looked down at my rock-stiff groin.  "So predictable," she said, feigning disappointment.  She took a moment to tickle the underside of my penis with her fingers. 

It made me so hot to hear her say that.

At just after noon, the doorbell rang.  And there was Kari.  She was a blonde version of Denise.  She had a pouty little face with adorable red lips.  She wore a lot of make-up.  Her hair was short and wavy.  It was styled the way Marilyn Monroe used to style her hair, except like Denise, Kari was petite.  She wore tight designer jeans and a green cotton t-shirt that hugged her little breasts.  She also wore open-toed sandals.  The best part was the way she walked.  I long held the belief that a woman's walk said a lot about her.  Both Denise and Kari had excellent feminine posture.  They had a certain rhythm and strut when they walked about.  To me it was a sign of both class and sexual dexterity. 

I stood there foolishly wearing nothing but my "tampon" and fifth place ribbon.  The tampon was wet from all the pre-come I had been leaking. 

"Greetings, supreme Princess Kari," I said, as instructed by my niece.

I waited for her to insult me, but instead she walked by me and gave Denise a happy hug.  "Look at you just grabbing life by the balls," she said laughing.

Finally Denise turned to me.  "I want you to tell my girlfriend EXACTLY what you were doing yesterday when I came home and caught you in my bedroom.  We want to hear every detail.  What made you go into my room in the first place?  What were you thinking?  Tell us everything.  Oh, and get on your fucking knees in front of your two superior Princesses while you confess to us."

I told the women how turned on I was by hot, sassy young women like them.  How not they seemed to have such naturally dominant attitudes.  I told them how I had long had submissive fantasies and Denise was a true princess and a goddess, and I felt lucky to have a chance to serve her and make an ass of myself for her entertainment.  I told them being around them made me want to do stupid things for their amusement.

Denise cut in.  "Look retard, we both know you are totally transfixed by me and will do anything I tell you to do.  We want to hear about yesterday.

I hesitated as I thought of what I should say.  Denise cut in:

“Start talking before I have to take you over my knee and spank you silly."

I told them how thrilled I had been to have the house to myself and I wanted to see the beautiful panties Denise used to cover her perfect body.  I wanted to masturbate myself to a super-intense orgasm while fantasizing about Denise racking my balls and talking trash to me.  I loved the idea of suffering for her, and being physically humiliated by her.  It fascinated me that I could be dominated by a creature so much smaller and physically weaker than myself. 

"Oh Princess Denise, I'll do anything you say," I finished meekly.

The two girls had big smiles on their faces. 

“What a fucking douchebag your Uncle is,” said Kari.

"Yeah no shit.  I think he needs to serve us lunch," Denise finally said.

I was ordered into the kitchen, where I made both of them salads and sandwiches.  They waited in the living room and watched MTV.  At first they kept ordering me back into the kitchen to make changes to the food.  First Denise wanted more mayo on her sandwich.  Then Kari said I had put too much ice in her soda.  She slapped me in the face and told me to "get (my) shit together."  Finally when they were satisfied, Denise ordered me to the floor at their feet.

Denise: "Lick our shoes while we eat, loser."

Kari: "Consider it an honor, fucktard."

Denise: "Oh he does.  Look at him licking your feet like a fucking slobberhound!"

Kari: "Ha! Ok, enough.  We're trying to eat here, tool."

Me: "Sorry Superior Princesses!"

Denise: "Shut your fucking mouth!  I didn't give you permission to speak.  Don't say a word unless either Kari or I ask you a direct question.  You need to learn proper respect for the superior gender."

I hung my head meekly and awaited my next set of orders.  Meanwhile, my heart was thumping a mile a minute.

Denise: (continuing) "That's better.  Just lie on your belly and hump the floor, loser.  I hope your dick gets a good rugburn, you spaz.  DON'T CUM though, or I'll parade you through the neighborhood naked and my mom will kick your ass out on the street!"

They ignored me for 15 minutes or so, while they ate.  For a while they talked about the real life soap opera they were watching.  They ragged on the people in the show.  Then at some point, Kari said, "Your loser uncle reminds me a little bit of Rory."

I came to discover Rory was a high school boy they had dominated the previous summer.

"You didn't really think this was the first time I've dominated penis.  Did you?"  said Denise.

"I wasn't sure, Superior Princess."

"What a dork.  No, loser.  Actually I've had lots of experience making hard penises do exactly what I want them to do.  You're the first older man though.  And I have to say it's exactly the same.  Mom always told me.  Men are little boys.  It doesn't matter what age they are.  Especially guys with little dicks like you."

"Totally," said Kari.  "Little dick jackasses like this take no effort at all.  And theyre almost always perverted."

"Fuck yeah," said my niece.  "Look at my dipshit uncle.  He's the biggest pervert I've ever seen.  Look at how hard his weenie is.  The Viagara commercial says you should contact a doctor if it's hard for more than four hours.  Maybe we should call a doctor."

"Ha," said Kari.

"I have a better idea.  I want to give the loser some relief.  I should probably let him suffer all day long.  But I'd rather provide a perfect example of how easy it is for me to make him my dirty lapdog.  Plus it will increase my dominance of him."

"How charitible of you, Denise," said an arrogant Kari.

Denise: "Follow us, idiot.  I have the coolest idea."

With that I was ordered to follow the young women into the kitchen.  Their pert asses bounced up and down with glorious authority.  Denise and her friend were so comfortably in command.  It occurred to me how lively teenage girls were, how their bodies were so healthy and supple.  They truly were born to dominate cock.  I was in heaven as I pondered what Denise had in mind.

Denise reached into a kitchen drawer and pulled out a large ball of sturdy-looking yarn. 

My sister's kitchen was a modernist's dream with top priced appliances everywhere, but it also had some older touches.  The high ceilings had mahogany rafters running across them.  The rafters would be a factor in helping Denise and her friend enact their devious plan.

"Put out your hands," Denise ordered.  She proceeded to tie them tightly together with a greater degree of competency than I would have expected from an 18 year old girl/young woman.

Kari: "He's more obedient than a fucking seeing eye dog."

Denise: "Yeah, he'd probably eat his own poop if I ordered him too."

Kari: "Ew." (laughing)

Denise: "Don't worry, jackass, I'm not going to make you eat your own poop.  I am going to make you eat something else though.  You must be hungry.  You haven't eaten lunch yet."

Remembering my niece's orders from before, I didn't say anything.

Denise: "Good boy!  The training is already paying off.  Permission to speak."

Me: "Yes Princess, I'm hungry."

Denise: "Well too bad.  I want to do something to you first."

With that, she stood on a chair above me and looped the string holding my wrists together up over the rafters and with Kari's help they pulled it extra tight before tying it down to a couple of cabinet handles.  Before tying it I was ordered to stand on my toes.  My arms were now hoisted painfully up over my head.

The young women stood in front of me and admired their handiwork.

Denise: "Now it's time to have some fun." 

She had an absolutely devilish smile on her face, as did Kari.

Kari: "Want to ballbust him?  I'm like, aching to rack his balls."

Denise: "Hmm, great idea, but not yet.  I have other plans."

She turned and whispered to her friend, who immediately broke into laughter.  Kari turned and left the room while Denise went into the fridge.  She pulled out a hot dog and a matching bun.

Denise: "This hot dog has been in the fridge for a week.  We've been meaning to chuck it since I know mom and I won't touch it.  But it will make a GREAT lunch for you.  First it needs some sauce though.  Any ideas?"

I could see where this was going.  She was playing to my deepest darkest fantasies, but I didn't want to give in so easily.

Me: "M-Mustard?  Maybe Ketchup?"

Denise: "Nice try, loser.  I have a MUCH better idea though."

Kari returned a moment later.  I could see she had a tube of something that looked like clear oil in her hand.  She passed it off to my bitchy little niece.

Denise: "I'm going to feed him an old hot dog for lunch.  But first it needs sauce.  Any ideas, Kari."

Kari: (smiling brightly) "hmm, I think it needs special sauce."

Denise: (laughing) "Totally."

Denise poured a liberal amount of oil onto her hand and stood beside me.  "I know where we can find some really gross special sauce," she said.  With her dry hand she reached between my legs and patted the underside of my balls.  I shuddered and felt a shock go through my whole body.  My penis pointed toward the ceiling.  With that, Denise took her oiled hand and - with remarkable poise and dexterity for a woman of her age - wrapped it around my throbbing unit and began pumping in earnest.

Kari: "Do the thumb trick.  That always drives them crazy."

Denise: "One step ahead of you.  I'm well aware of how to “puppetize” male ass-clowns like Uncle Perv here."

Denise proceeded to wrap her slender fingers around my stiff penis.  Then she slid her thumb beneath my shaft.  As she pumped me she allowed the ball of her thumb to slide smoothly up and down on the most sensitive glandular section of my penis - just beneath the head.  With her other hand she reached between my legs from behind and pulled down on my scrotum.  The feeling of friction on the underside of my penis was sensational!  She had the ability of a woman twice her age. Yet she did it with such beautiful nonchalance.  I began panting.  My chest hairs tingled and itched.  In another fifteen seconds I would explode.

Kari: "Oh my god!  Look at his face, Denise.  He's gonna lose it!"

Denise slowed her stroking, now doing it in slow motion.  My chest began to heave as I struggled to get hold of my thoughts.  My mind reeled.  As her pace slowed, I began to thrust my hips in an attempt to get more friction from her hands, which had gone relatively limp.

Suddenly she tugged on my balls and released my penis.  The next thing I knew, she reached back and gave my penis a hard underhanded SLAP! It ricocheted against my stomach and I groaned in pain.  The girls laughed.

Denise: "That's what you get for trying to hump my hand, loser.  I think we should just leave you there for fifteen minutes as a punishment."

Kari: "Yeah, let's blueball his ass"

Denise: "Totally.  We could tease him until his nut sack looks like a fucking racket ball.  What do you think of that idea, Unc?"

Me: "Oh, please Miss Denise.  Please finish me."

Denise: "Look at the creep begging me to get his rocks off."

Kari: "What a loser!"

Denise: "Yeah, no shit.  Well, I'm in a forgiving mood today.  And I want to humiliate him in other ways."  She gripped me expertly again and began playing my penis like she was a young violin virtuoso.

Denise: "Get ready with the hot dog, Kari.  Im going to make him splooge his gunk in about 20 seconds."

Her thumb found my most sensitive spot and she stroked with amazing rhythm.  I began making noises I'm not sure I had ever made before as the most amazing orgasm I had experienced in at least ten years swept over my body.  First I made some kind of guterral grunting sound.  Then I made a noise that sounded a bit like I was crying.  I began bucking my hips involuntarily, but Denise stood two inches from my ear.  She squeezed my balls and let go of my penis.  She gave me a hard slap to my face and issued a sharp, bitchy warning: "Don't move!"  A smiling Kari positioned the hot dog and bun up against the tip of my penis at an angle to catch my hot load.  Denise resumed her artful stroking.

I froze as I felt a huge orgasm well up from my loins.  Over the years I had learned to hold back my spurting until the last possible second, but I wasn't in control here.  Denise was.  She stood perpendicular to my body in close quarters.  In fact, she was pressing her groin against my hip as she tucked one hand behind my ass - fingers gripping my balls.  The other hand stroked my penis from the front. Her entire attentions were focused on my pulsating dick.  I took a deep breath and inhaled her sweet feminine scent.  That was it.  I began my contractions in earnest. 

Normally I would have spurted rapid-fire, but Denise seemed to have a trick that slowed me down and increased the intensity of my orgasm.  She pumped at two-second intervals and squeezed down on my balls in between each pumped.  I writhed in her hands as she continued to play me like an inanimate instrument.  With each pump of her hands, I shot an amazingly thick, powerful stream of semen that Kari carefully caught in the bun of the hot dog.  She had to move the hot dog each time I spurted and some of it inevitably splashed down onto the kitchen floor.  With each pump, Denise said a word:  "That's (pump) a good (pump) male (pump) puppet. (pump) Squirt (pump) it all (pump) out for (pump) your Princess." 

As I groaned with pleasure, both Denise and Kari mimicked my grunting noises, laughing all the while.  My orgasm lasted almost a minute.  I had never experienced anything this long or intense.  Forget about ten years ago.  I looked down and the hot dog was covered in white spunk.  I could also see the interior of the bun was drenched with my ball juice.   

To complete the humiliating orgasm for me, Denise rung out my spent penis.  She pinched hard on my sensitive head, causing me to convulse in pain and shiver with pleasure.  I looked down and Kari gracefully caught the last drop with the one part of the hot dog not drenched with my come.

Denise: "Ok girlfriend, FEEDING TIME!  Let him have it!"  She continued to grip my penis and balls tightly as I moaned in pain.  "Open WIDE, loser.  Stick out your tongue." she whispered into my ear.  "And look Kari in the eyes when she feeds you your spunk dog." 

Denise's pressure on my cock and balls was so precise and controlling that I had no choice but to comply with her wishes and open my mouth.  I stuck my tongue out as far as it would go.  Kari brough the hot dog up to my face.  I saw the triumphant blue eyes of Denise's cunty little friend.  Then to my shock, the little blonde girl stuffed the entire 6" hotdog into my mouth.  I had no choice but to start chewing like mad, but the taste was so disgusting and overpowering that I began to gag.  I swallowed part of my spunk dog, but choked most of it onto the floor.  The girls laughed at my distress.

"Cut him down, so we can make him eat it off the floor," said Denise, still holding me firmly. 

Kari grabbed some scissors and cut the twine.  I immediately fell to the floor.  Denise let go of my penis, but she continued to grip my ball sack as I fell face first to the floor, kneeling down next to me as I supplicated myself.  "Gobble that shit up, jackass!" she said laughing.

"Yeah EAT IT UP!" yelled Kari.  She stepped her dainty sandaled foot into some of the remnants and forced her shoe into my mouth.

"That's it, loser.  BOW to your Princesses," said Denise as she secured her thumb and forefinger neatly around the base of my sack and pulled back my penis painfully between my splayed legs.

I eagerly feasted on the nasty remnants of the hotdog.  There was no hesitation on my part.  Thanks to Denise, I was under severe duress and had no choice but to obey her and Kari's orders.  I felt the bits of hot dog, bun, and cum sloshing around in my mouth and again felt the gag reflex kick in.  Then I heard my dominant niece speak:

"Don't think for a moment I'm going to release your balls until you've finished your lunch."  She began flicking each nut with her free hand and urging me to "eat faster, FASTER!"

End of Part II Part three coming soon

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Chapter Three Caught on Tape

The day my sexy little niece and her hot friend made me eat a hot dog splattered with my own spunk, I felt like the luckiest man on earth.  Denise was a total vixen.  She was mature beyond her years and the most gifted humiliatrix I had ever come across.  Her friend Kari was no slouch either.  It was clear to me that I'd lucked into the best situation a submissive 30-year-old male could possibly find.  Both Denise and Kari were raised in a wealthy community where they were pampered throughout their young lives.  They were given hefty allowances and private educations.  They were young women of privilege, and they knew it.  What made the two of them even more special was their natural inclination toward dominating men.  I suspected this had something to do with the people that raised them.  In the case of Kari, I didn't know her home situation, but I could tell from her appearance that she was a particularly well-bred young woman.  In the case of Denise,

I knew she was raised by a stylish woman who handled men with confidence. 

Moments after Denise and Kari humiliated me on the kitchen floor, I heard a nose coming from outside.  A car was approaching up the long, secluded driveway.

"Shit, my mom's home," Denise said.  "Get your ass upstairs," she ordered me.  "Pretend you were sleeping or something."

I jumped to my feet in an effort to obey my niece.  As my feet began to propel me toward the stairs, I felt a sharp crack on my ass cheek.  Denise had reared back and given me a surprisingly hard slap.  It amazed me how coordinated and strong she was for such a feminine-looking thing.  It felt as though a bee stung my right ass cheek.  The slap was delivered crisply and with surprising authority.

"Hurry the fuck up!" she said, haughtily.  Both she and Kari giggled as I scampered up the stairs, ass still stinging.

I jumped into bed just in time to hear the front door open.  Janice came in and soon I heard the chatter of female conversation downstairs.

A half hour later, I put on some casual clothing and headed downstairs, pretending to be tired from a long nap.

Kari had gone home, while Janice and Denise were in the kitchen preparing dinner.

Janice proceeded to chastise me for taking an afternoon nap.  I turned red-faced as she lectured me, only partly in jest, about sleeping when I should be looking for a job.

"Don't think you can do as you please around here, little man," she said mockingly.  "You aren't going to find a job in your sleep." 

Denise chuckled and I said nothing.

At dinner that night, Janice surprised me by announcing she and Denise would be heading off to an exclusive spa where they would spend a week getting hot mud baths and fancy skin treatments.  Janice was glad I would be around to tend to the house.  She even gave me a list of chores to do, such as yard work, and to make sure I kept their beautiful in-ground swimming pool in good order. 

I was disappointed in some sense.  I could think of nothing but Denise these days and it was depressing when I was hit with the realization that she wouldn't be around to sexually dominate me for a week.  But her departure would give me some private time.  Perhaps I'd even have the guts to visit her private sanctuary again and this time I could masturbate with the confidence that the young humiliatrix who happened to be my niece wouldn't be around to surprise me again with a stealthy entrance.

They left on Monday morning.  While Janice gave last-second instructions on her cell phone to what sounded like her lawyer, Denise pressed her lean body against mine and turned her head sideways so I could give her a peck on the cheek.  I literally felt my head begin to spin as I inhaled her fresh young scent.  My arms fit so easily around her trim torso.  I even gave her hips a light squeeze with my hands.  She whispered "behave yourself, pervert," in my ear, and then to my great surprise she reached between my legs and gave my crotch a couple of discreet little pats.  My dick almost burst through my shorts in an effort to salute its young master.

I waited about 15 minutes until I was sure they were gone.  Then I raced upstairs and headed straight to my niece's bedroom.  To my great disappointment the door was locked.  I was shit out of luck.

Oh well, I thought.  I have a good imagination.  I went off to my own room and stripped naked.  My cock was harder than the limestone boulders that formed the fancy fence surrounding Janice's exclusive property.  I picked up my pillow and set it against the wall, and prepared for a nice wank session.  That's when I noticed the folded piece of paper under my pillow.

I opened it up.  It was Denises writing.  She had such classic feminine writing and she'd used a pink pen for effect.  Her lettering was big and loopy, and she circled her "I's" with hearts. 

"Dear Uncle Loser," it began.  "I know exactly what you're up to.  We probably just pulled out of the driveway and I'll bet you thought you would go raid my panty drawer again.  Well, as usual I'm one step ahead of you.  Do you think I'd leave my room open again when I know the total PERVERT lurking (and jerking) around my house?  Think again, jackass.

"I know there's no chance you can possibly go a week without whacking that hard LITTLE penis.  But you should know that I'm setting some ground rules.  I know this will be difficult for you, maybe impossible, but you are not to touch your (or should I say MY) penis more than twice the entire week.  You have my permission to self gratify exactly twice.  However, there's a catch.  You have to do things MY way, since I'm in charge of your orgasms, even though I'll be 100 miles away.  Each time you spank off, you are to lie on your back and throw your legs up over your head so that pathetic penis is pointing directly down at your UGLY face.  That way, when you shoot all your loser cream, it will go exactly where it should go - bukake-style all over your face.  HA!  Also, be sure to open your mouth nice and wide and shoot as much of your loser load down your throat as possible.  When you are finished pleasuring yourself, PERVERT/LOSER/ASSCLOWN,

you are to EAT every last drop of your filthy ball chowder.  Have I made myself abundantly clear?  This is the part where you say 'Yes Princess Denise," even though you are all alone and your princess (me!) is off doing something else (where I can assure you she isn't thinking of you).

"Yes Princess Denise," I said, as my mouth literally salivated.

The rest of the note said, "Happy Jerking, fuckface.  Try not to stain my mom's expensive sheets with dirty pervert-ade.  See you in one week.   xxxooo.  -Your Princess and penis-master, Denise.

That was it.  I was so turned on by the note that I read it three more times.  My cock was leaking pre-come without me even touching it.  I pulled the special lube out of my suitcase and ran to the bathroom to grab some tissues. 

Then I thought about it.  It was stupid to put my legs up over my head.  Furthermore, she'd never know if I just did things the conventional way.  "Fuck that," I said out loud.  I wanted to obey my Princess, but she wasn't here, so what did it really matter?  Then I pondered the situation some more.  It would be a symbolic gesture to her superiority and her ability to control me without her even being in the same zip code as me.  I should really obey her orders.  But then I reconsidered.  I just wanted to pleasure myself and it hurt my back to put my legs over my head like that.  "I'm sorry for disobeying you, Princess Denise," I mumbled.

With that, I leaned back against my bed, and began pumping my dick.  I thought of Denise when she flashed herself briefly to me in the shower.  I thought of that perfect, snug ass covered in pink satin.  She had a million dollar body, that little girl.  Her ass was so exquisitely shaped, her hips leveled off so perfectly to that narrow waist.  Her ass tapered off into those perfectly shaped thighs that tapered further into sleek, smooth legs.  Then those perfect thighs, and the little feet.  Then I thought of when she pressed herself against my body this morning.  The recollection of her scent came back to me in a flash.

Just like that I built toward a tremendous orgasm.  I held back from shooting until the last possible second, and then held the tissue out in front of my penis.  "UGGHhahhhhhhhhhhaaaaaahhhhhh!  Ohh Denise!  UGHHH!  UGHH! UGHHH!" I groaned as I spurted hard again and again into the tissue.  Unfortunately for me I hadn't brought enough tissue to the one-man party.  Sperm began dripping onto my sheets.  I cursed in anger!  I had to grab a sponge and clean off the sheets. 

I jerked off nine more times in the next four days.  After that, I thought it would be wise to let my semen build back up so Denise wasn't overly suspicious.  I hated to pull a fast one on my niece like this, but a man has needs.  Plus, I was totally spent.  I found a photograph of Denise on the mantle downstairs.  She was wearing her favorite jeans mini-skirt, dark stockings and heels.  I just focused on those legs, and reread her note to me about a hundred times.  I shot one amazing load after another.  Each night I slept like a baby.

Saturday night, I got back from the local watering hole and saw that the ladies of the house had returned.  I swear I could smell Denise when I walked past her door.  My dick stiffened involuntarily.  She had that effect on me.  The next morning, I intended to sleep late.  Instead, I heard a knock on the door at 7 AM.  I looked up groggily and there was Janice.  She wore a sun- dress and looked tan, fit and well rested. 

"Freddie, just wanted to say a quick hi.  I'm going to the Catskills with a lawyer friend of mine for a couple of days.  I'm leaving Denise in charge," she said.  If only she knew.  "See you on Thursday." 

She leaned down and gave me a peck on the cheek.

The moment the door closed, I flashed a huge shit-eating grin and pumped my fist.  I fell back asleep and dreamed about my situation.  All alone for four days with my ultra-bitchy, hot little cunt of a niece.  Some guys have all the luck.  Suffice to say, I slept rather fitfully, with my dick acting like a stiff tent-pole for the sheets that covered my body.

At around 11, I heard female laughter coming from downstairs.  It sounded like Denise and Kari.  Something really had them going.  Were they watching a sitcom or a comedy act on TV?  They were roaring with laughter.  I dozed off for a few minutes and began dreaming again.

Suddenly, I felt the covers ripped off my body and a splash of ice-cold water on my face.  Startled, I sat up, and there was Denise and Kari.  Kari had pulled the sheet from my body and Denise had dumped a cup of ice water on my face.

"Get out of bed, loser!  Your princess is home," said Denise. 

"Get your ass up!" added Kari unnecessarily.

I stumbled to my feet, and Denise promptly yanked down my boxer briefs, which caused my stiff penis to flop north and south.

Still groggy, I got a good look at Denise.  She was wearing those tiny little tan shorts again along with her usual pink cotton t-shirt and flip-flops.  Kari had an adorable little ruffled pink skirt with a floral arrangement, and a white cotton short-sleeved blouse.  She also wore flip-flops.

"Where the fuck is your ribbon?" said Denise.

I had taken my 5th place ribbon off early in the week since it was irritating my skin and had a somewhat constricting affect on my scrotum.  Only I had forgotten to put it back on. 

"You are sooooo busted," said Kari.

"I don't think the retard realizes how busted he really is," said Denise.  "Fuck the stupid ribbon," she said.  "That's the least of your problems."  Before I could do anything, Denise reached between my legs and gathered up my scrotum.  I grunted with surprise as she pulled my balls away from my body and proceeded to trap the base of my scrotum between her thumb and forefinger.  She squeezed the loose skin until her thumb and forefinger formed a tight seal that effectively separated my scrotum from the rest of my body.  With her other hand, she gave my vulnerable balls three decisive slaps.  "Bad! Bad! Boy!" she said as my knees buckled and the shock of pain swept over my body. 

Before I could even catch my breath, Denise turned and proceeded to walk me by my balls out the door and down the stairs.

The trip down the stairs was fuzzy.  I heard Kari say, "beautiful," as she admired my niece's skilled maneuver.  I was still groggy, but I was waking up in a hurry.  Denise spoke so quickly, in girlish rapid-fire as she yanked me down the stairs and into the living room:  "We obviously have a long, lonnnnnnnnnnnnng way to go with you, loser.  You fucked with the wrong girl.  That's right, you severely underestimated your niece, and her capacity for cruelty when she doesn't get the proper respect she has come to demand from her jackass uncle."  She said a few other things, but I don't completely remember it since she berated me so rapid fire.

When I got downstairs to the living room, Denise marched me in front of the television and released my balls.  She and Kari sat down on the couch while I inspected the TV.  There was a frozen image on screen and I thought I knew what it was, but I couldn't believe my eyes.  It looked like a naked man.  Closer inspection revealed it was I sitting on a bed - the upstairs bed!  I was naked, spread-legged and there was no mystery about what I was doing.  My heart skipped a beat.

Denise: "Press play, loser."

I did as I was told and the screen kicked into motion.  There I was in all my glory, pumping away on my penis, red faced and wide-eyed.

Moments later, I groaned and said, "UGGHhahhhhhhhhhhaaaaaahhhhhh!  Ohh Denise!  UGHHH!  UGHH! UGHHH!"  My sperm began shooting out all over the tissue.  I looked over at Denise and Kari and they were mimicking the video.  Both were pumping imaginary cocks as they groaned in fake male voices.  They were laughing hysterically as they stared at each other and me - both were elated.  The usual stream of insults came out:  "What a loser!  Jackass!" Etc.

Kari: "Look at how red your face is, loser!  Oh, look, here's the part where he spills it all over your mom's sheets."

Denise: "You stupid fucking jacktard!  Looks like I've managed to outsmart you yet again.  Before I left, I figured you probably wouldn't be able to keep your hands off yourself, so I set up the video camera to supervise you while I wasn't around.  And sure enough, you got caught red-handed - and red-dicked!"

The two began laughing again.  I looked at the video.  I was attempting to clean up my mess.  Kari and Denise's words were having an effect on me.  My penis was hardening as they berated me.

Denise stood and paused the video.  Then she turned to her Kari.  "Just look at the spent look on his face.  Look at the shame!"

"And look, he's getting hard watching his own video," said Kari, pointing at my throbbing penis.  "What a fucking LOSER!" said Kari, and she made an "L" sign above her forehead for emphasis.

"Um, Yeah!" said Denise, rolling her eyes.  "That's like the understatement of the year."  Then she approached me.  "You worthless fucktard," she said wistfully.  She grabbed my balls again.  It occurred to me that she handled my "private" parts with remarkable efficiency.  She had an ability that few women had when they took hold of my balls.  She knew how to hook her thumb and forefinger around them, but she also hooked her thumb beneath my penis and flipped it upward at the point of contact.  This allowed her to push my penis out of the way in one fluid motion.  I groaned as she took firm hold of me for the second time that morning.  I'll never forget what happened next, as I think it represented a significant escalation in her dominance over me.

She began slapping me quite viciously, alternating between my face and balls and Kari looked on.  The effect of the discipline totally discombobulated me.  As she bitch-slapped me, she said "Did you not read the note I sent you?"

"Yes- Ugh, Miss, Princess Denise, UGH!"

"Are you too fucking stupid to listen to my orders?"

"N- NO, Miss Denise."

"Where did I tell you to splooge your load?"

"UGH!  On my F-Face!"

"Wrong, Dipshit, on your UGLY face!  Now say it!"

"On my UG- UG- OOOF!  Ugly face!"

"I TOLD you to jerk off on your own ugly face.  When your princess orders you to do something, you DO IT!"

With that, she reared back and gave me a punishing final slap in my trapped gonads.  The pain was devastating and I collapsed in agony on the living room floor.

Kari: "Wow, you like totally scrambled his eggs, 'Neese.  But save some for me."

Denise: "Don't worry, girlfriend, we're just getting started."  She looked down at me as I sat up on the floor.  "Go up to my room and grab the hairbrush on my bureau."

I knew what this meant, but I had no choice.  I also knew I had better run if I knew what was good for me.  I took off for the stairs.  Behind me I heard Kari:  "Wow.  Looks like you really lit a fire under him."

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My Bitchy-hot Niece Denise

By James Pendergrass

Copyright 2008, all rights reserved

Chapter Four A Serious Blistering

I glanced momentarily at my niece's lap.  It was so inviting.  Yet a cold chill came over me as I contemplated my situation.  This young woman was capable of inflicting pain. 

I took one last peak at her crotch.  The shorts protected her glorious secret from my view.  I loved the way they rode snugly up over the front of her hips - that tantalizing rise of her pelvic bone that excited me so much.  Her knees were locked together, perfectly symmetrical legs waiting impatiently for me to position myself across them.  Denise pointed down at her legs without saying a word.  A mere raising of her dainty eyebrows was all it took.

I draped my body across her knees.  I felt them part momentarily and then I groaned as my penis slid between those smooth thighs.  My penis wanted to point in the same direction as my body, but Denise's left thigh put a stop to that - forcing it perpendicular to my now prone body and the floor.  Her other leg snapped shut like a trap as the inside of her knees pinched my throbbing organ.  It amazed me how strong she was for such a relatively small girl.

"Give me your hand," she said. 

I instinctively moved the hand closest to her toward her midsection, accidentally brushing her flat stomach, or the fabric of her t-shirt.

"The other hand, stupid.”

I was forced to reach awkwardly back.  She gathered me by my wrist, and twisted my arm powerfully behind my back, pinning it to the small of my back. 

Kari: "This is going to be awesome."

Denise: "Ready with the camera?"

Kari: "Yep, go ahead, girl."


The first blow of the sturdy wooden hairbrush hit my ass.  I flinched and kicked my leg up.

I had been spanked before, by dominatrixes, but with them I always had a safe word - a word I could use when the pain became too much for me to handle.

After Denise had given me 30 hard spanks, I had enough.  The pain was quite sharp.  I had been uttering my share of "yows!" and "ouches!" but she didn't care.  Now I had to let her know it was enough.

"Ok, ok, Princess Denise, I've learned my lesson."  I tried to move off her lap in the hopes that I could grovel at her adorable little feet, but I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder twisted my arm further behind my back while squeezing her knees extra hard on my now flaccid penis.

"You aren't going anywhere, pervert.  Your ass isn't anywhere close to as red as I want it.  Plus, I have a goal.  I'm going to make you cry for disobeying me."

"Awesome, girl," said Kari.

The spanks now came down at a furious pace.  Soon the pain became really bad.  I strained in her lap and began kicking my legs up.  She moved up and down my ass cheeks, alternating in a random pattern.  I had no idea which ass cheek was going to get it next.  Both were burning and I flinched as she delivered two hard smacks to one ass cheek, then four to the other, before alternating for a good ten smacks from one cheek to another.  Suddenly she stopped.  I let out a groan.

"Fuck, my arm is sore," she said.

"Want me to help?" asked Kari.

"No, I'm going to take him over the edge," said my determined niece.

The spanks began again in earnest.  At some point it became too much for me.  "Please?  Please!  Please!?" I began shouting.  Suddenly, almost as though I was detached from my body, I threw my head back and began sobbing deeply.  "Oh god," I said.

"YES!" said Denise and Kari simultaneously, both sounding elated.

"That's it," said Denise.  "Let it all out.  That's what happens to PERVERTS under my watch!"

"Fucking beautiful," said Kari.  "You broke him.  I can't wait to share this with the girls."

Denise gave me a few more hard spanks and then put the brush down.  "Get down on the floor and kiss my feet, loser."

She relaxed her legs and leaned forward.  She released my arm, and I felt her push my ribcage away from her.  I began to slip off her lap and onto the carpet.  I attempted to put out my now free hand to help break my fall, but my arm had fallen partially asleep from having it twisted so painfully behind my back.  I fell onto my stomach and immediately began kissing Denise's feet.  The room was quiet.  I think the women were reflecting on the fact that I was still crying.  It occurred to me why I was crying.  For the first time since Denise had taken over my life, I felt genuine humiliation.  Where before the humiliation I felt had been more "erotic" humiliation, I had truly enjoyed some of the shame inflicted upon me.  The spanking, however, was a different story.  While it was undeniably humiliating to be taken over the lap of a young woman 12 years younger than me, it was a painful humiliation - the realization that Denise really was beginning to control me in ways I didn't anticipate. 

"Stand up," I heard the soft, but firm feminine voice that belonged to my owner.

I stood in front of my niece.  She crossed her legs and sized me up.  I looked into her eyes and saw the first hints that although she was still a beautiful and hot young thing, Denise had crossed the threshold into womanhood.  She was less playful and more serious than she had been thus far in our new relationship.  I could see the mature woman she would become.  The foundation was already there.  Meanwhile, Kari continued to film.

Denise spoke:  "I think you need to see what I've done to you."  She stood and pinched my ear.  As I continued sobbing softly, she brought me across the room and in front of an impressive antique oval-shaped mirror.

"Take a real close look" she said.  "That's me, your fully clothed, fully in-control niece.  And that's you, a well-spanked broken little beta-male."

She paused to let me take it all in.  "Turn around," she said.

I turned and got to look at my backside.  Holy shit!  Every square inch of it was dark red.  Not only that but the tip of each bun was slightly purple.  She had literally blistered my bottom. 

"Now that's what I call a well-spanked ass," she said proudly.  Then she surprised me by reaching down and giving it a good pinch. 

Suddenly, Kari, who had been filming up until now, took her free hand and gave my ass a good hard slap.  "What do you say to your Princess," she asked sternly, never taking the camera off my face."

"T- Thank you," I said, sobbing.

"Thanks for what?" said Denise innocently.

"T- Thanks for- I, I don't know," I said.

"Thank her for teaching you a good hard lesson," said Kari as she stared through the video camera.

"Thank you for teaching me a good hard lesson," I repeated.

"You are welcome," she said.  "You can expect more of the same any time you don't jump to obey me or any of my girlfriends.  Now loser, why don't you go run your burning asshole under some cool water.  Kari and I are going to change into our bathing suits."

I went into the kitchen and got an ice pack out of the freezer.  I sighed with relief as I pressed the back into my left bun, then my right.  A few minutes later I heard female chatter.  Denise and Kari sauntered into the kitchen.  My jaw just about hit the floor.  They both wore two piece bikini bathing suits.  Denise's was hot red, while Kari wore a hot pink jobbie.  Their bodies were so hard, so ripe.  Despite being rather small women, both Denise and Kari had lovely firm breasts that were held snugly in place by their revealing bikini tops.

"Watch this," said Denise as she pointed to my prick, which had softened as I iced my tender bottom.  The two hotties stood and watched as my dick grew rock hard under their presence.

"It's too easy," sighed Kari.  I noticed she held something in her hand.  Upon closer inspection it was some kind of leash.

"On your hands and knees," ordered my niece/boss.

As I complied, my niece continued: "Kari was in New York City last week and she went to a femdom-themed S&M store on the Lower East Side.  She found this wonderful harness for you. 

I looked up as Kari dangled the demeaning leash in front of me. 

"It's meant to hold your neck and balls firmly in place," continued Denise.  "Kari, would you like to do the honors?"

"Certainly, my dear."

Kari applied a dog-like collar around my neck.  Then she reached back between my legs.  "Spread 'em," she said, giving my ass a quick slap.  I immediately spread my knees as wide as I could.

Kari grabbed my throbbing prick and pulled it back between my legs.  The feeling of her handling me that way caused me to begin to heave with excitement.

"Better do it quick, girl," said Denise.  "The pervert is starting to lose it.  Don't you DARE cum, jackass."

I felt a tightening around the base of my balls and then pressure as Kari stood.  "Presto!" she said proudly.  I felt my penis get pulled back between my legs.

"Beautiful," said Denise.  "Let's march him back in front of the mirror so he can see what he looks like."

I felt a tug followed by a kick between the lower cheeks from Kari.  She marched me into the living room.  I was forced to crawl on my knees.  It was most uncomfortable.

"Look at that," said Denise proudly.  I looked at myself in the mirror, red faced and disheveled.  The two young women stood above me.  Kari held the leash while Denise stood with her hands on those dope hips.  I studied their crotches carefully - their sublime vaginas separated from my view by a thin strip of nylon.  A tingling sensation came over me.  I felt so controlled!  And once again, I liked it.

End Chapter Four

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