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The Mistress

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Synopsis: An African mistress enjoys pleasant times with her white slaves at her vast private island estate. ***This is a work of violent fantasy. This story is to be enjoyed privately, not acted upon publicly.***

The Mistress

A soft glow from the desk lamp illuminated slender black leather gloved hands caressing a riding crop.  The silence was palpable.  The only sound was the soft rasp of a tongue gliding over polished leather.  The Mistresss gaze was piercing as she read the financial report.  She was not pleased with her accountant, and she would soon demand answers from him personally.  The white male slave that had brought the financial report stood at attention with his eyes downcast.  He sensed her displeasure and was afraid.  He dare not look directly at his Goddess without her express permission, and she had not given it.  He did dare to glance at the fortunate slave that was licking the bottom sole of the Mistresss boots.  It was common knowledge among the estates slaves that only a few were awarded such a privilege.  The slaves mind wandered to the beauty of his Mistresss appearance.  The Mistress usually wore six-inch stiletto-heeled thigh-high boots of the finest polished Italian leather.  Her look was completed by stylish designer business suits complete with varying length leather gloves.  As an extremely wealthy woman of African royal descent, she did not deem others worthy of her touch, especially white slaves, men or women.  Her dark ebony skin and wavy hair glistened as was her right as a proud African woman.  The slaves tiny cock rose at his errant thoughts.  A swift crack of the riding crop to his genitalia grabbed his attention.  He immediately covered his bruised cock.  “How dare you, you disgusting piece of shit!”  A quiet voice demanded.  The Mistress turned her full attention towards her errant slave.  The painful howl that escaped died in his throat as he put his hands down by his side.  The bootlicking slave kept licking her boots, but slowed his pace, awaiting any new command.  The Mistress continued to speak.  “Worm, you have forgotten your place, I see.  I have to remind you that you are nothing more than property actually, you are less than that.  You are less than a piece of dog shit.  You are only aroused at my command, not before and not after.  You also do not touch that small cock without my express permission.  Do you understand what I have just said to you, worm?”  Her question was answered immediately by her now-trembling slave.  “Your property has heard and understood, Mistress and Goddess above all others!”  The Mistresss perfectly arched eyebrows rose as she waited for him to finish the expected spiel.  “You are always perfect in all your dealings with your lowly slaves and property!”  The slaves voice quivered into silence.  The Mistress smiled cruelly as she snapped her fingers and stated simply “Rug”.  The bootlicking slave that had been kneeling immediately stopped licking and looked to where her riding crop was being pointed.  He quickly groveled himself over and prostrated himself, awaiting his Mistresss booted weight on his back.  The Mistress arose from her massive desk and walked across the hardwood library floor.  Her steel stiletto heels clicked a staccato beat in unison with her slaves heartbeats.  A gloved finger pressed an intercom button and she commanded that her pet lap dog be brought to the library.  No response was waited upon as she was always obeyed quickly.  She spoke to the standing slave without looking at him.  “Worm, you must be taught a lesson for displeasing your Superior and be made an example of for the other slaves I own.  Your punishment will be most fitting, I think.  I will watch you eat the shit from my lap dog when she comes in here and she has to defecate.  Of course, you will lick the floor clean to my specifications.  Also, you will be publicly castrated in the slaves quarters.  During both of these punishments, you will be thanking me for the privileges I have deemed to bestow upon you.”  As she finished speaking, the door opened and her Bishon Frise ran into the room.  The door was closed quietly behind her.  Her lovely lap dog ran to her Mistress and was picked up and cuddled.  The slaves could see that the dog was more important than themselves to their Mistress.  After a few more moments of play, the Mistress walked over to her “rug” and stepped hard onto his back.  No sound escaped except a soft sigh.  “Does my pet have to go potty?” the Mistress cooed prettily to her dog.  With a few barks, her dog defecated on the floor close to where the Mistress was standing on her “rug”.  “Good girl, good girl!” the Mistress exclaimed.  In a colder voice, she addressed her standing slave, “You will accompany my lap dog to the door, open the door for your Better and she certainly is at this point, and close it quietly behind her.  You will then slowly slide on your belly back towards me.  You will then await my next command.”  With that said, the Mistress cracked her riding crop against her booted thigh to emphasize her displeasure with him.  The slave immediately obeyed and the Mistress watched dispassionately as he crawled back to the pile of steaming shit and her.  “Now worm, you will beg for the privilege of eating my lap dogs present.  You may begin, and pray that you do a good job, or you will not wish to see the consequences.”  While the slave pleaded with her, the Mistress started to pleasure her clitoris with a gloved hand and ground her stiletto heels into the slave beneath her.  The shuddering climax was quite long-lasting and the Mistress allowed her cum-dripping fingers to flow on the pile of shit.  The Mistress laughed and cajoled, “I am such a generous hostess, and I even provide the gravy for your meal!” “Worm, you will also describe the taste and smell of this lovely meal that your Goddess has allowed you the privilege of eating.  I will enjoy this added suffering.”  She left him beg for a few more minutes, then with a single snap of her fingers, he began to describe and eat his “meal”.  The slave spoke hesitantly, but loudly of the awful smell of the dung and the slimy quality.  The Mistress put her boot on the slaves head and pushed his face into the pile, all the while laughing with wicked delight.  The slave gagged and was rewarded with slaps from the riding crop.  He learned to eat quickly, and finished his disgusting meal in record time.  While he was still licking the last of the shit, his Mistress spoke into the nearby intercom.  “I need a guard to take a piece of property to one of the holding cells in the lower levels of the dungeon.  The property is to be bullwhipped with fifty lashes and hung like a piece of meat for my later inspection.”  She then looked down at the floor and spoke quietly, “Worm, I still see dull streaks on my beautiful floor.  Clean it properly.”  She then put a booted foot on his neck and forced him to finish licking till her hardwood floors glistened as much as her leather boots.  “Bootlicker, I hope you have been paying close attention to your fellow slaves punishment.  Your Mistress demands total obedience in all areas of a slaves existence, including the pathetic genitalia I have to look at on occasions.  I will not tolerate displays of insubordination in any forms.  You will be wise to spread this lesson among the other slaves you come in contact with this day.”  The Mistress finished his admonishment and walked out of the library without a backwards glance.  She made her way towards the dungeon, all the while enjoying the screams of agony echoing around her.  With a slight nod of her head, one of her guards opened the massive steel door towards the holding cells.  The Mistress decided to inspect her property that was being “punished”.  A guard walked with her to open each cell door.  The first room had a white male locked in chains being raped anally and orally by two dungeon guards.  The large black men pulled out of the unfortunate slave with a “pop” and saluted the Mistress.  She returned the greeting and graciously permitted their continued pleasure.  All the while, the white fucktoy was screaming from the pain of the assault.  He was soon quieted by massive Black dicks again.  The next cell contained a white woman being mounted repeatedly by the Mistresss Black Panther.  The large cat left massive claw marks on the slaves back as he rammed her to climax.  When the cat saw his owner, he walked over regally to enjoy a greeting and a nice gloved massage.  The Mistress played with her beautiful pet while the white woman tried to crawl out the open cell door.  It was a pitiful attempt.  The Mistress casually stepped on her wounded back and dug her sharp stiletto heels deeply into the ravaged wounds.  She then worked her heels like pistons on the few unmarked areas of skins.  When she finished her enjoyment, there was not an area of undamaged skin left.  The Mistress then commanded the unfortunate slave to lick her blood from her Owners boots.  When the slave finished, the Mistress walked away, leaving her pet to finish “punishing” the woman.  The screams followed the Mistress as she walked back to the main part of the mansion.  As she passed by elegant artwork and opulent furnishings, slaves prostrated themselves in her wake.  All were nude per her command.  The Mistress determined that as a slave was beneath her station and owned by her, they had no rights, including the right to clothing or any other furnishings.  They existed only to serve her and her only.  This knowledge and confidence allowed her walk arrogantly through her vast estate, enjoying what was due royalty by fault.  Her recent thoughts and the punishment she just delivered aroused her greatly and she desired pleasure.  Her ever-present personal assistant/slave crawled three steps behind her.  She called out to him to crawl beside her.  He immediately came into position and kept pace with her.  The Mistress coldly told him to have a pretty young blonde slave sent to the East Wing throne room, for she wished for oral pleasure and a whipping session to follow for her enjoyment.  He was also to have a litter prepared immediately to take her to her entertainment.  He scurried away to do her bidding.  In few moments, a large mahogany litter carried by four white large, oiled male slaves arrived before the Mistress.  She inspected the litter and the four slaves for quality.  Each slave wore a leather collar with the Mistresss insignia on small silver tags.  They were also attached neck, legs, and hands by chains to their specific stations.  With a slight wave of her gloved hand, the footstool slave crawled to the side of the litter.  The Mistress used his back as a step and sat herself on the plush cushions and they were off to her throne room.  In about twenty minutes, the litter stopped before two grand doors.  The footstool slave got in place.  The moment the Mistress stepped onto him, the doors opened and a deep blue carpet decorated with the Mistresss insignia was rolled out for her to walk upon.  She walked regally down the length of the room to her throne.  At each of the five steps that led to the throne, two slaves on each quickly kissed both sides of her leather boots.  The Mistress ignored their obeisance and sat down, stepping on two hands of the top step slaves that did not move fast enough from her boots path.  She felt the hands beneath her and ground her stilettos deeply for a full five minutes while she absently glanced at her gloved fingertips.  With a quickly voiced approval, the slaves began to scream in pain.  She smiled and continued grinding.  Finally with more pressure, a few fingers were broken and blood was spilled.  She smiled again and commanded that the two unfortunate slaves lick their blood and dirty matter from the bottom of her boot soles, and they were to thank her with each lick.  It was such a joy to hear complete worship from such unworthy creatures.  She allowed the worship to continue as she gazed around her vast throne room.  Tastefully decorated in colors of deep blue and silver and the Mistresss insignia, the room reflected the affluence and dignity of her control.  Slaves of varying height, gender, and age were ever in attendance to do her bidding.  The only common theme was the race of Caucasian.  She found it amusing and thought back to the beginning of her “reign”.  Originally from the island of Octunga on the Western African coast, she was a part of the royal family that had ruled for millennia.  With her large African island rich in natural resources and somewhat isolated from the rest of the continent, the Mistress really did not have to think about whites.  The few thoughts that she had of them were negative and ancient in perspective.  They were a tainted, boorish race that thought themselves better than others.  They were sadly mistaken and quite lacking as a whole.  When whites attempted to actually conquer Octunga, the war was rapidly over…for the whites.  The few whites that survived were given as slaves to the royal family.  In this act, a new use for them emerged.  They were actually useful as slaves.  They were not as proud as African slaves, and they actually seemed to receive pleasure serving their Black masters.  When the Mistress decided to emigrate from Octunga and enjoy the rest of the world, she took this rule with her from her homeland.  When she settled upon her vast private royal island estate in the Caribbean, she decided to employ mostly whites.  There were many volunteers and the Mistress used her considerable Obeah powers to keep the whites subjected and bring more of their brethren under her rule.  They did not seem to last too long under her sovereignty, but there always were more willing to serve.  Her thoughts returned to the present and she realized that the injured slaves were still thanking her and licking her boot soles.  She absently dismissed them and they crawled from her presence.  She called out to a slave kneeling at the bottom of the throne steps.  “Slave, where is my entertainment?”  He replied hesitantly, “She is almost ready, my Mistress and Goddess above all others!”  “Piece of shit, I would make sure that my property is brought out immediately or all of you will feel the taste of my bullwhip promptly.” The Mistress said quietly to him and the entire room of slaves.  As soon as this was said, a side door was opened and a “guard” slave led a blonde woman on a chain to the front of the throne.  Both prostrated themselves before her and awaited a command.  The Mistresss eyes lit up with devious delight.  She so enjoyed using the epitome of white beauty for her own pleasure.  She walked down the five steps and approached the slaves.  She stepped on the girl slaves chain and pulled so that the girl started chocking slightly.  She curtly dismissed the guard and addressed the slaves still assembled in the room.  “Before you is a piece of my property as you all are.  She is what you white garbage think of as beautiful.  How foolish!  I will show all once and for all that your Mistress is the standard of elegance and she is nothing but a bitch in heat and will be used as such.”  “Slut, start by kissing the tips of my boots.”  The Mistress stood silent as the blonde attempted to obey quickly.  She sighed and signaled her personal assistant/slave to crawl forward.  “I see that she is a virgin in all areas.  Is this not so?”  She did not wait for his reply, but continued.  “Bring me my toys immediately.  She is starting to displease me.”  Turning her attention back to the girl that was now slobbering all over her boot front, she immediately kicked the girl in the face.  The girl yelped in pain and cowered away from the Mistress.  Frostily addressing the girl, she asked a simple question.  “Did I give you permission to crawl away from my presence?  Crawl back immediately, you little slut!”  The Mistress was going to enjoy breaking this slave.  The girl might not survive, but what did one do with trash, but simply throw it away when one was done?  A slave crawled over to her, carrying a large tray displayed with her “toys”:  her favorite riding crop, a short black leather bullwhip, and a 20 in. studded metal dildo secured to a longer stick, and a spiked red ball gag.  She would call for other toys later, but she would use these for now.  Picking up the dildo and caressing it lovingly, she addressed her slave girl.  “I was going to allow you the privilege of licking my mound and bringing me to orgasm, but I see that you would never be able to do an excellent job without slobbering all over me.  How disgusting, but what could I expect of a fat white cow?  Never mind, you will bring me pleasure in another manner.  You may look upon your Mistress now, you little bitch.”  The girl looked up and the Mistress laughed out loud.  The kick had left a bruise and a cut from the stiletto heel.  She viciously kicked the slave girls face again, causing more bruises and cuts.  “Slaves, is she still beautiful?  Who is the real beauty here?”  All the slaves in the room called out in unison, “You are the only beauty here, Mistress and Goddess above all others!”  She addressed the girl again.  “You are only worthy to be used as a fucktoy, and that is better than a slut like you deserves.  You will lubricate my dildo to my satisfaction.  Open wide, bitch!”  With that, the Mistress shoved the head of the studded instrument into the girls mouth.  Of course, the studs cut up the lips and gums and started chocking her, but the girl knew better than to complain.  The Mistress pulled out the now bloodied dildo and stated fondly, “Ahh, nice and wet.  Soon you will be the same way from my little toy.”  “On your back, slut.  I am sure you know this position well.”  As soon as the girl obeyed, the Mistress rammed the dildo into her virgin cunt.  The girl screamed loudly and thrashed about from the pain.  The Mistress laughed in delight and she raped the girl for the next thirty minutes.  When she finally pulled the studded dildo for the last time, bits of flesh hung loosely on some of the studs.  “I see that you have left some of your debris behind on my toy.  A good slave will clean it properly before it is put away.  I will enjoy watching you lick it clean from my throne.  Lick up your disgusting trail behind me as you crawl to my throne.”  With that, the Mistress walked imperially back to her throne, the slave girl moaning and licking the bloody trail slowly towards her.  The Mistress held out the bloody dildo for her to lick clean.  A piece of flesh fell from one of the spikes unto the third step.  As the girl licked up her own flesh, the Mistress enjoyed a rich orgasm.  She began to finger herself and enjoyed two more orgasms.  She brazenly put one booted leg of the side of the throne and allowed her aroused smell to permeate the air.  No one dared said a word, but everyone was certainly in awe of their Mistress.  When she finished her personal pleasure, she turned to the still licking slave girl.  “You have managed to please me, your Superior.  For your reward, you will be bullwhipped in my presence till you die.  First, I have to give my other reward to you.  Im going to poke your eyes out with my stiletto heel.  Since you are nothing but refuse and soon to be thrown away when I finish, you dont need your sight anymore.  Your body will be thrown to the dog pit for a snack tonight.”   The slave girl began to cry and beg for mercy.  The Mistress laughed at her distress and ordered one of the “guard” slaves to hold her head steady as she destroyed her sight.  She commanded the slave girl to crawl to the top step.  Of course, the girl could only obey while she still screamed and pleaded.  The Mistress held up one of her boots and ordered the “guard” slave to position her eye with her stiletto heel.  She started fingering herself as she commanded him to slowly push her eye into the heel.  The slave girl tried to pull her head back, but the guard slave was relentless in his obedience to his Mistress.  The Mistress enjoyed a smooth initial push, but her heel tip caught on some tissue.  With a delicious sigh of pleasure, the boot heel tip was pushed slowly forcefully forward.  The slave girl screamed even louder.  When her eye popped inward from the sharp heel pressure, the Mistress orgasmed and for a moment both women yelled together.  The Mistress “sawed” her sharpened boot heel in and out of her ruined eye socket as she finished her orgasmic shudders.  The “guard” slave slowly pulled the slave girls face backwards from the boot heel.  Hanging loosely from the tip was the mangled blue eye.  The Mistress said seductively, “Have her lick her disgusting eye from my beautiful boot heel.”  She laughed as the slave girl was forced to eat her own eye and lick her bloody mess from the floor.  The slave girl moaned in pain and continued to plead for mercy for her remaining eye.  The Mistress eyed her from above her and said loudly and cruelly, “You are dog meat, and soon to be dog shit.  I do not care about you.  You are nothing to me, but fleeting entertainment before dinner.  Be thankful I allow you this privilege of even being allowed to touch me and be in my presence.  Slave, prepare her other eye.”  The “guard” slave again positioned her remaining eye in line with the outstretched boot heel.  He slowly pushed her forward and again yells came from both women, one of pain and one of pleasure.  She addressed the “guard” slave.  “Direct her face to clean the rest of her mess.  Since you have served me so well, you will be allowed to whip her to death as a reward.  String her up like a piece of meat and entertain your Mistress.  “I would have had her suck your pitiable cock, but I just dont think she could have found it, slave!”  The Mistress laughed heartily and with a bow and a dismissal by her riding crop, he hurried to obey her.  As the screams from the condemned slave girl filled the air, the Mistress enjoyed a current bestseller by an author she admired and a flute of a nice Merlot.  She turned to the bloody heap that was being whipped right below her throne.  “Is the dog meat ready for the pit?  I tire with her.  Throw her in as is to the dogs.  They can finish the job themselves.”  With that said the slave girl was taken down and thrown into the dog pit.  All the while, the Mistress watched on a large monitor and finished a second glass of Merlot.  The screams soon died down from the pit, and all that could be heard were the grunts and barks of the dogs.  With a push of a remote control by the Mistress, the monitor went back into the ceiling and the dog pit cover was replaced.  She addressed two kneeling slaves at the bottom step of her throne.  “Lick that disgusting dog meat mess from my throne room floor.  However, I wish for it to be done slowly, so that I may enjoy the spectacle.”  With a glance, her personal assistant/slave crawled gingerly around the bloody mess towards the third step of the throne.  She imperiously addressed him, “I require more entertainment.  I will enjoy two male worms milked, then whipped in unison with the spiked bullwhip.  Have it arranged immediately!”  He kissed the third step and crawled away.  The Mistress had refreshment brought forward as she enjoyed seeing her floor-licking slaves finish their task.  As she looked at the grape she was about to pop into her mouth, she thought of the simile between the fruit and her slaves.  Delicious to enjoy, oh so easy to crush, she surmised.  A delicate cough below her throne made her turn her head.  “Oh, I see you have brought some specimens.  Bring them forward for my perusal.”  The personal assistant/slave and two other male slaves crawled to their Mistresss throne.  With a wave from her riding crop, the two males stood up and at attention.  The Mistress arose from her throne and the slaves immediately bowed their heads.  With each click of her stiletto boot heels on the thrones steps, the male slaves cowered more violently.  “Be still, you pieces of shit!” the Mistress demanded as she whipped their cocks with her riding crop.  “I will now give you something to move for!” the Mistress bellowed as her spiked bullwhip was handed to her.  She immediately started whipping any exposed skin she could find.  The long spikes tore into the slaves tender flesh and pulled strips away.  The slaves screamed in anguish, but they stayed in place, their obedience steadfast.  The slaves understood that they were only in existence to please their Goddess.  Their pain was their worship.  The Mistress reveled in her power and continued whipping them until the slaves were nothing but a lifeless mess of torn flesh and bloody parts.  With a cold disdain, the Mistress handed her bloody spiked bullwhip to a nearby kneeling slave and wiped her gloved hands on a cloth and tossed it on the corpses.  “Too bad they did not last long enough to orgasm on my command.  Oh well.  Have dinner prepared and have my accountant brought before me while I dine.” The Mistress decreed as she walked to a side door. 

After a leisurely bath attended by a personal body slave, the Mistress dressed in a tight black leather bustier and black leather mini-skirt.  Her look was completed by crotch-high black and red leather six-inch stiletto-heeled high boots of the finest polished Italian leather.  The bottom boot soles had half-inch razor spikes embedded into them.  She wore opera-length black leather gloves with sharp studs embedded in the hand.  Her wavy hair flowed down her back.  She was in the mood for inflicting pain and suffering.  After admiring her beauty, the Mistress picked out a matching black and red spiked riding crop and caressed the workmanship.  An unfortunate slave would soon taste of its beauty.  Since she was wearing spiked boots, she commanded that a “slave” carpet be prepared so that her estate floors would not be damaged.  The Mistress walked arrogantly across slaves and left a train of bloody wounds as she walked to her private dining room.  The doors were opened immediately and she continued on her “carpet”.  She settled into her chair and had a slave “rug” beneath her.  The food was brought out immediately at the wave of her whip.  The Mistress enjoyed a feast as her slaves were starving around her.  She did not feel that mere slaves deserved such rich food, and only allowed the barest of nutrients to keep them alive and functioning.  The Mistress looked up from her ornate dining setting as her accountant came crawling towards her seat. “Worm, look at your Mistress.”  As the accountant slave obeyed, the Mistress slapped him with one of her gloved hands and then whipped his face with her spiked riding crop.  She left a wave of bloody imprints on him.  “Slave, you take me for a fool, dont you?  I allow you the privilege of balancing a few accounts and you cant even do that properly.  Did you not think that your incompetence would be found out?  I am most displeased.”  With that said, the accountant slave pleaded his case on deaf ears.  The Mistress ignored him as she enjoyed more of her feast.  After wiping her mouth, she again addressed her slave.  “You have spoken in my presence without my permission.  You keep disappointing me.  Oh well, you will serve me in some fashion to redeem yourself” The accountant slave cowered in fear.  The Mistress turned her full attention to him.  “I am going to put Darwins Survival of the Fittest theory to the test, worm.  Since you are definitely not fit, I just dont think that you will survive.  You will be a perfect prey for my evening hunt.  I will enjoy mounting your head on my trophy wall.  You may crawl away now.  I wish to finish my meal without having something disgusting in front of me.”  The accountant slave cried and screamed for mercy, but crawled away to await his fate.  The Mistress finished her meal and relaxed by having a slave lick her spiked boot soles.  After a few minutes of that, the Mistress ground her boot sole slowly on the slaves face.  A few swipes turned the slaves face to pulp then the Mistress applied enough pressure to crush the slaves head into a bloody mass of brain matter, bone, and tissue.  The Mistress crushed five more slaves heads as she finished relaxing.  The last two slaves genitalia was reduced to bloody stumps by her boots before she finished with their heads  There was nothing like torturing a slave to death after a good meal.  It was good to be the Mistress.

The Mistress arose from the table and her amusement and wiped her bloody boot soles on the slave “rug” beneath her.  The slave whimpered in pain, but stayed still.  A female slave awaited her Mistress by the dining room doors, prostrate on the floor.  The Mistress walked over and gave her the instructions for her evening hunt.  “Slave, have my former accountants body oiled down and his pathetic cock subdued.  I wish for my largest black Arabian stallion, Midnight, to be readied as my mount.  I will come and oversee the preparations in the stables personally.  You may leave my presence.”  With that, the female slave crawled out the room.  The Mistress glanced after her and lit a long clove cigarette in an ebony holder.  The acrid smoke curled around her as she enjoyed the decadence of her power.  An awaiting “ashtray” slave crawled over and opened his mouth to catch her precious gift.  As the ash grew to an acceptable amount, the Mistress lazily tapped her cigarette on the “ashtrays” tongue and continued smoking.  The Mistress did not give her permission for the slave to swallow, so he knelt there with a burning tongue.  As she ended her smoke, she crushed the cigarette butt on the slaves forehead and tossed it on his waiting tongue.  With a slight wave of her gloved hand, the slave swallowed his prize.  The Mistress was not through with her amusement.  She had the slave to start licking her spiked riding crop as she slowly pushed it down his throat.  As the slave started choking, the Mistress stepped on the slaves genitalia.  The slaves erect cock and balls attached to the boot sole razor spikes.  The Mistress slowly slid her boot away from the slave, ripping the skin off.  The slaves gurgled scream was met by the devilish laughter from his superior.  The Mistress then pumped her boot and the riding crop until the slave choked to death.  With a swift move, the riding crop was removed from the corpse.  The Mistress wiped it down, tossed the rag on the floor near the body, and walked on her “slave” carpet to the main stable. 

As the Mistress approached, she heard a scream and breaking bones.  She entered the stable and saw a slave trying to crawl from beneath the thundering hooves of her favorite mount.  The Mistress commanded the slave to stay where he was so that she could watch the “performance”.  The slave was trampled mercilessly as the other stable slaves prostrated themselves before her.  After the slave was left mangled, a single word from the Mistress stopped her horses antics.  The Mistress stepped on the moaning slave and caressed Midnight.  A swift kick to the slaves head quieted him as she looked over the preparations for her evening hunt.  Her horse was bridled with a sterling silver saddle embroidered with the Mistresss personal insignia.  A slave was used as a step as the Mistress mounted Midnight.  She chose her hunting weapon:  a small shotgun.  She did not wish to kill her prey right out until she was ready to have his head mounted in one of her trophy rooms.  Her personal assistant crawled hesitantly towards his Better and awaited her acknowledgment.  She addressed him coldly, “Yes, piece of shit?”  He answered quickly, “Mistress and Goddess above all others, your prey is ready to be hunted.”  She waved her riding crop and rode Midnight to the edge of her hunting grounds.  The accountant slave had been released a few moments before.  With slight pressure on the reins, the magnificent pair rode after him.  With an inhuman scream, the condemned man ran wildly away from the coming death.  The Mistress allowed his fruitless escape efforts to continue for a few minutes as she enjoyed riding her magnificent stallion over her vast estate.  She actually forgot about the slave as she rode near a small brook.  Midnight enjoyed a leisurely drink as she enjoyed the beauty around her.  A clumsy crash reminded her of the purpose of her ride.  With a renewed purpose, the Mistress guided her horse back on the hunt.  Within a few seconds, she had the slave in sight.  She drew her shotgun and commanded the slave to stop.  He could only obey his Goddess.  The Mistress calmly aimed her weapon, but did not fire it.  She smirked at the irony and commanded him to lick his execution manner clean of the dust of the hunt.  She said snidely, “I guess this is the only time in your wretched existence that you will be meticulous in your actions.  I will enjoy this greatly.  I have much humiliation for you tonight, worm.  Since my magnificent horse has had to expend his energy on your sorry behalf, you will have to pay greatly.  You are to crawl beneath me and orally pleasure his cock and his asshole.  When he cums, you will swallow it completely.  You will also eat his shit while you are licking his asshole.  You will also worship me verbally until I command you to bow near one of my boots.”  The slave screamed for mercy and any other punishment, but the Mistress was not to be moved.  She waved her riding crop and the slave crawled to his duty.  The Mistress laughed cruelly as she heard the slurps, gags, and worship beneath her.  Midnight seemingly enjoyed this treat as he came after only a few minutes of pleasure.  After allowing the slave to eat a few pieces of shit that fell from the horses rear, the slave was commanded to face the Mistress.  She laughed with cruel delight at his cum and shit-covered face.  Of course, his eyes were downcast.  With a toss of her dark locks, the Mistress easily kicked the slaves face, causing him to fall over.  He immediately righted himself, and assumed his downcast profile.  His face was bruised and bloodied.  The Mistress looked at him in disgust as she addressed him for the final time, “You little piece of shit.  You could never please me in your wildest dream.  You are nothing but a mistake of nature.  You should never have been allowed to live.  I will soon correct this unfortunate accident.”  While she was talking, the slaves cock rose impertinently.  Without a further word, the Mistress pointed the shotgun at his genitals and calmly fired one shot.  The organs disappeared in a cloud of red mist.  The slave screamed in abject horror and pain.  The Mistress continued talking as if nothing had happened and the slave immediately quieted in obedience as he struggled to stay in position.  She spoke in the same disgusted, insolent tone, “You continue to disappoint me and I have decided not to allow you to continue to serve me.  Your final act of worship will be the removal and mounting of your head in my trophy room.  Open your mouth, worm.”  The slave begged and pleaded with his open mouth, but the Mistress ignored him.  She put the still hot barrel of the shotgun into the slaves mouth and slid it as far as it would go.  With a sigh, the Mistress pulled the trigger.  The slaves lower body exploded from the blast.  She calmly let go of the handle and the slave and the still attached gun rocked slowly.  With a slight push from her stiletto boot-heel, the corpse fell over on its back.  The Mistress called on her cell phone and ordered the pick-up and head-mounting.  Without another thought, Midnight and Mistress rode into a starry night of pleasure and pain.  When the pair came back to the stables, the Mistress dismounted and walked on her “slave” carpet to a gazebo prepared for her relaxation.  A slight breeze blew the dark waves as the Mistress lounged on her davenport while five slaves were strung up and whipped with a spiked bullwhip.  Their screams were accompanied by a five-member string ensemble.  The Mistress enjoyed exquisite treats while listening to her original “music” The Mistress also had four kneeling slaves lick her dirty stiletto boots.  Too bad some of their tongues got stuck on the razor boot soles.  They were only there as boot cleaners.  One fortunate slave was allowed to lick her clitoris to orgasm after he first had all his teeth pulled out one by one by pliers and an eager guard.  His screams added to the music.  She could wait on her pleasure, she had no where to go and all the time in the world...It is good to be the Mistress.   

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