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Strip Searching Rebecca

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Synopsis: Rebecca is caught by the authorities attempting to smuggle drugs. She is forced to strip naked, bound and forced to perform sexual perversions at the hands of her captors.
{ASSM} STRIP SEARCHING REBECCA {Powerone}(MMMMM+g, nc, rape, anal, enem, bd,
virg, oral, reluc, humiliation)

Rebecca is caught by the authorities attempting to smuggle drugs into Brazil.
She is forced to strip naked, bound, enema raped, her mouth, ass and pussy are
raped by many men.  Copyrighted by Powerone, 2002.


	"Rebecca, will you hide this dope in your overnight bag and take it down to
Brazil when you meet Mom and Dad tomorrow?"  "Are you crazy, I am not going to
get caught for you," said Rebecca.  Rebecca's brother David had been trying to
get Rebecca to take his dope, when Rebecca joins their parents in Brazil this
week.  Their parents were already in Brazil, where their Father had taken a new
job.  They had left the week before, with Rebecca to go on Saturday with David. 
Since Rebecca finished school earlier than David, she was going to go on Tuesday
and surprise them. 

	Rebecca had just turned 18 years old, but looked considerably older.  She
had large breasts, long legs and a slim figure.  At 5' 4" tall, she was
embarrassed about her body. She had not yet accepted her sexuality and thought
her schoolgirl outfit, a white button-down blouse, blue plaid skirt and white
socks hid her figure, but anyone that saw this 18-year old beauty, thought she
was so much older.

	"I am leaving now for the airport," shouted Rebecca to David. "Do not call
Mom and Dad and ruin my surprise.  They are not expecting me until Saturday." 

	"OK, have a good trip," said David.  I hope she did not see me put the dope
in her cosmetic bag thought David.  It will be easier for her to get through
customs, as who would suspect a 18-year old would smuggle dope into Brazil.

	The plane trip was long, but uneventful.  After 18 hours of on and off
airplanes, Rebecca had finally arrived at Rio de Janeiro airport.  Compared to
U.S. airports, Rio's airport had a lot to be desired.  The buildings were
depressing and there was a strong presence of military all around.  Rebecca got
off the airplane, and as she walked to the terminal, she wished she had put on a
coat over here school uniform, as it was only 50 degrees.  She could see her
nipples protruding from the front of her blouse from the cold and crossed her
arms in front of her to hide them from others view.

	The customs desk was right inside the terminal door, but with the large
number of passengers from the plane, the line was outside the door.  Rebecca
waited patiently even though she was cold.  As she finally entered the door, she
saw the Customs Agent. Next to him stood three very large military soldiers
watching the passengers carefully. Rebecca could feel the stare from them on her
and began to feel very uncomfortable.  I wish this were over, she thought. 

	"Do you have anything to declare?" stated the Agent.  "No" said Rebecca
nervously as the Agent looked at her standing in front of him.  His eyes
traveled from her legs, up to her slim waist, to her eyes.  With here arms
crossed, covering her breasts, the cold and being tired from the flight she did
not seem very relaxed. 

	"I will have to open your bags" and the Agent began to go through here
belongings.  He began with the big bag and started to take out here clothes. 
Rebecca's face turned red when he pulled out her panties and bra's.  He unfolded
them and ran his hand over the satin fabric.  "These are very beautiful
underwear for someone so young" he stated and leered at Rebecca.  "My mother
bought them for my 18th birthday" stammered Rebecca, embarrassed and beginning
to fear the Agent.  The soldiers also began to be interested in Rebecca and the
Agent, moving closer to the table.

	The Agent finished with the big bag and now was going through the cosmetics
bag.  He moved her cosmetics around the bag and as he did, he saw the bag that
David had tried to hide in the corner of the bag.  He looked up at Rebecca, but
she had not seen him find it.

	"Are your parents here meeting you?" said the Agent.  "No, I am surprising
them, I am not expected until Saturday" stated Rebecca.  Rebecca began to get
more nervous, why did I tell him that, she thought.  The Agent called over one
of the soldiers and whispered to him.  Rebecca could not hear what he said, but
the soldier began to smile and look at Rebecca. 

	"Will you please go with these soldiers to the other room?" said the Agent.

	"What is the matter, I have to go to my parents, I cannot be late" said

	"It is nothing my dear, just routine, now be a good girl and go with these

	Two of the soldiers moved on to both sides of Rebecca and grabbed her arms
and pushed her toward the door in the back.  The other soldier scooped up her
bags and followed them. 

	"You do not have to push me, I will go," said Rebecca, a look of terror in
her eyes of what is behind that door.

	"We have to escort you" one of the guards said, "but unless you want
trouble, cooperate or things could get very bad for you."  "This is not your
country and we have a different set of rules than you are used to."

	As they entered the door, Rebecca was greeted with terror.  It was a very
large room, with a desk with four chairs in the front.  What was odd, was a
rather large pedestal in front of the desk, with a ramp up the back of it.  It
was about 3 feet higher than the floor. Over the pedestal, Rebecca could see
four spotlights hanging down from the ceiling.  In addition, a bank of
spotlights was also over the desk, but was aimed at the pedestal. The base of
the pedestal was covered with mirrors, as was the ceiling above it.  This was
really menacing to Rebecca.

	In the corner of the room was a strange covered piece of furniture but it
was covered.  It was rather long like a table, but was wider than normal and it
looked like it had something attached to the sides.

	The walls behind the pedestal and also behind the desk were covered with
mirrors. Rebecca did not know that the one behind the desk was a one-way mirror. 
As Rebecca walked in, her image was display all around her. 

	The guards stopped before the pedestal, "the Commander will join us in a
minute," with Rebecca squeezed between the two guards.  She could feel them next
to her.

	The door opened and four men came in.  One of them was the Agent that had
searched her bags; the other looked like the Commander and two other civilians,
one wearing a white coat like a Doctor.  Rebecca recognized the bag of dope that
David had tried to give her in the Commanders hand and she now realized that she
was in serious trouble. She was in a foreign country where drug smuggling was
dealt with severely and her parents were not expecting her for five more days. 

	"What is your name?"  The Commander in a thick Spanish accent.

	"Rebecca Johnson" nervously she responded.

	"How old are you?"

	"Eighteen," said Rebecca.

	"You have a very mature body for someone of such a young age" the Commander
said as everyone leered at her. 

	Rebecca began to fear what was going to happen to her.  She was in a strange
room, with six men mentally undressing her. 

	"We found this dope in your bag, do you know what the punishment for drug
smuggling in this country is?  Drug smuggling is punishable by a minimum of 10
years in prison, and in this country we do not care about the age or sex of the
offender.  In addition, our prisons are not something you would like to
experience or you would be able to survive." The Commander looked menacingly at

	"I did not hide that, it was my Brother" stammered Rebecca.  "He wanted me
to hide it, but I told him no, but he must have put it into my bag when I was
not looking."

	"Since your Brother is not hear to accept his punishment, I am afraid that
you will have to do.  If you cooperate, we can see if we can resolve this and
you can go to your parents."

	"Will you do everything we say while you are detained here, or should I take
you immediately to the women prison, where I am sure the inmates would love to
get their hands on a young body like yours?" 

	All six men looked at Rebecca and her fear began to rise.  What did they
intend to do to her.  She could not think of going to prison, even for a short
time before here parents found her, would be too long.  If she submitted to
their wishes would be able to stand ordeal. 

	"Please do not hurt me, I will do as you say" pleaded Rebecca.  "I could not
stand going to prison."  While now realizing the implications of what these evil
men intend to do to her virgin body, she feared the physical pain.  The
humiliation and sexual abuse would be just as bad.

	"That's a very grown up and intelligent attitude to have about your dilemma. 
Things could be worse if you do not submit to our demands, and we will demand
many things from you.  You must learn a lesson from the incident and we intend
to punish you in ways you can not imagine.  At any time you do not submit, you
will be sent immediately to prison.  If after you fulfil our desires to our
satisfaction, you will be released on Saturday.  In the meantime, you will be
kept here in a special cell we have for you and the six of us will always be
extracting your punishment from you at all times of day and night.  Do you
understand what is expected from you?" said the Commander.  He had a smile on
his face as he spoke to Rebecca, imaging the ways this delightful young beauty
would satisfy his twisted desires. 

	Tears began to form in Rebecca's eyes as the realization of her fate began
to materialize.  These men intend to use her until Saturday, in ways she knew
she would not like it.  If she could survive them until Saturday, she would be
free to go.  "Yes, I will do as you ask" replied Rebecca, refusing to look
directly into the eyes of the men.  The humiliation in front of the men was too
much for her.

	"Beside the three guards and the customs inspector, I am the Commander of
this area, this is Doctor Chavez and the other civilian is Judge Gomez".  The
Judge will make sure you are sufficiently punished and the Doctor is here to
make sure that your body is healthy and stays that way".  

	"You are a very attractive young lady and have the body of an adult".  "I
think it would be better if all of us could see you better.  Please walk up the
ramp of the pedestal and stand in the center, facing the desk.  Stand up
straight, put your hands at your side and look directly at the table" the
Commander demanded.  Rebecca knew that here punishment was about to begin. 

	Rebecca walked up the ramp and stood on the pedestal.   She now stood three
feet higher than the floor and all eyes were on her legs, embarrassing her.  She
knew that this was just the beginning.  All of a sudden the lights in the room
turned off and the spotlights above her head snapped on, silhouetting Rebecca
for these men.  Next, the spotlights above the desks came on, shining directly
in Rebecca's face so she could not see any of the men.  She looked down and
could see her reflection in the mirrors in the floor, quickly putting her legs
together as they could see up under her skirt.  She looked up and again saw her
reflection in the mirrors.  She knew that these men now had an un-obstructive
view of her from anywhere in the room, yet she could not see them. 

	She heard one of the guard's walk up the ramp behind her and as she turned
to see him, the Commander said "I said face the desk, I do not want you to
disobey me again."  She jumped and turned back to the desk.   She could feel the
presence of the guard behind her and could hear his breathing. 

	"As I ask you some questions, I want you to place your hands on the top of
your head and do not move.  The guard behind you will begin the search of your
body to make sure you do not have any more contraband.  You must submit to him,
giving him access to all your body.  Are you ready?" said the Commander.

	Rebecca trembled in fear as she placed her hands on her head.  "Further
back, so your breasts push out further," said the Commander.  Embarrassed,
Rebecca did as she was ordered and her breasts strained the fabric of the
blouse, threatening to pop the buttons.

	"Are you a virgin?" asked the Commander.

	Humiliated at having to answer such a personal question, Rebecca quietly
said yes. 

	"Speak up, so everyone can hear you," said the Commander.

	"Yes" in a louder voice said Rebecca.

	"Have you every been out with a boy?"

	"Yes, I have a boyfriend."  The guard now moved directly behind Rebecca
until he was up against her ass.  She could feel a bulge in his pants and he
began to rub his groin back and forth against her ass.  She knew the others
could see what he was doing because of the mirrors.  He placed his hands in her
hair feeling for anything stuck in there. 

	"Has he ever touched your breasts?"

	"Only once, in the movies and I made him stop immediately" answered Rebecca,
the humiliation of the questions affecting her voice.  As the guard's hands
moved down her neck, the guard whispered in her ear "now I am going to feel your
breasts, so I want you to stand very still and thrust them out into my hands.
The others want to enjoy seeing you submit to the search of your body." 

	His hands now moved down around her arms and began to creep along the sides
of her breasts, heading for her nipples.  "Thrust out your breasts, I will not
tell you again" said the guard and slapped her ass hard.  "Ouch" she said her
ass stinging from the slap. His hands returned to her breasts, this time
Rebecca, with tears in her eyes, pushed her breasts out to be felt by a total
stranger and to make it worse, six other pairs of eyes were watching her

	He began to mold his large hands around her breasts and squeeze them.  He
than began to lift first the right breast, than the left.  All the while,
Rebecca continued to stand very still and arch her back to submit to the
manipulation of her breasts.  The guard began to feel around each breast,
squeezing a small portion of each breast between two strong fingers looking for
her nipples.  "Ahhh" said Rebecca, the pain of the pinching beginning to affect

	"You are being a very good little girl, Rebecca," said the Commander,
watching her face. "Do you like your breasts being felt by a stranger?" 

	"Please, no more" said Rebecca.  The guard now found her nipples and begins
to pinch and pull them, trying to make them erect.  "I am going to force your
nipples to become hard," said the guard, whispering in her ear.  "Your nipples
are very big, we will enjoy abusing them."  The guard stretched her breasts by
the nipples, from side to side, forcing Rebecca to move left and right, rubbing
her ass against the guard's erection. Rebecca started to stretch onto her
tiptoes, trying to find relief from the abuse her nipples were receiving from
this stranger.  "Please, no more" she cried. 

	"We are only beginning Rebecca," said the Commander, "you must submit and
you will soon be free."  The six men's eyes were all fixed on Rebecca standing
tall, with a stranger behind her manipulating here breasts against her will. 
They all moved to shift their erections in their pants at this site. 

	"Has anyone every put their hands in you panties and felt your pussy," the
Commander said to Rebecca.

	"Oh, no, please do not do that to me, I feel so embarrassed in front of you
all," she said. 

	"Spread your legs for me my little honey, so I may search you" the guard
whispered in her ear.  The others understood what was said and waited to see
Rebecca's reaction.

	"Please, no," she cried. 

	"Obey, or face the punishment, Rebecca" said the Commander, in anticipation
of the submission of Rebecca. 

	Rebecca began to slowly spread her legs, inches at a time, seeing her
reflection in the mirror under her.  "More, I must do a thorough search" said
the guard in anticipation of being the first to feel the pussy of this virgin. 
Rebecca's legs spread further, one foot, two-feet, "More" demand the guard,
"spread them wide."  Rebecca's legs were now over three feet wide, but the guard
demanded more and slapped her ass again to elicit the response he wanted. 
Rebecca's legs were now spread four feet wide and began to ache from the

	"That was not so bad, now was it Rebecca," said the Commander.  "You have
very beautiful legs and nothing is more beautiful than a woman with her legs
spread wide." 

	The guard released her breasts, her nipples still aching.  I do not know if
I can stand that again, thought Rebecca, but she remembered the guard telling
her that he intended to abuse her nipples again. 

	"You may stop thrusting your breast forward, but I need you to cooperate by
pushing your hips forward so I may feel your pussy.  Quickly, the others are
watching and waiting for you to submit."  The guard was now ready to now abuse
her virgin pussy.

	Rebecca hung her head down in shame, but her reflection of her spread legs
beamed up from the floor, humiliating her more.  She arched her hips forward,
into the waiting hands of the guard.  At the same time, the guard arched
forward, pushing his erection into the cheeks of Rebecca's ass.  Rebecca now
stood, her legs spread, her hips arched and a strange man behind her digging his
erection into her ass, while his hands began to rub over her crotch. 

	He soon found her pussy and Rebecca's first reaction was to back away from
them. Slap, the guard struck her ass hard, bringing tears to her eyes.  "Obey,
push your pussy into my hand" said the guard.  Rebecca thrust her hips forward
again, this time keeping them out, into the hands of the guard.  He began to run
his fingers over her pussy. 

	The guard could feel her pussy lips through her skirt and underwear and
began to slide his hands through them.  Rebecca began to tremble, having never
had her pussy manhandled before.  All eyes were on the hands of the guard as
they manipulated the lips of her pussy.  I cannot wait until I get her naked and
play with her pussy, thought the guard.  The guard liked to sexually abuse young
girls pussy's, twisting their lips, pulling their hair and willingly making them
spread their legs so he could slap their pussy again and again.

	"That's enough Rebecca, turn around so everyone can see your cute ass," said
the Commander.  Six very big erections awaited seeing the ass of this beauty,
all with thoughts of penetrating it with their big cocks.  Rebecca never
realizing that someone would want to stick something up her ass.

	"Isn't that enough, you watched as my breasts and vagina were felt," she
cried.  "I can't take any more of this."

	"We are only beginning, you will do anything we say for the next five days
or you will never been seen again" started the Commander in a very stern voice. 
"You are to be punished for your acts, and we will decide what is to be done to
you.  You are ours to do as we please until Saturday." 

	Rebecca began to turn around, bumping into the guard as she did.  He now
pushed against her front, feeling the erection now poking against her pussy. 
"Spread them" he whispered, as Rebecca spread her legs again until they were
spread four feet wide again.  Rebecca had a very plump ass, now pointing at the
strangers.  The guard began to run his hands over her ass, grasping her cheeks,
spreading them apart, and letting his hand slip between her cheeks.  He began to
run his fingers down her crack until he came to her asshole.  "No, not there"
Rebecca screamed.  "Stay perfectly still while I feel your asshole" said the
guard, running his fingers around her asshole, making her push her hips into the
guards erection.  He could not feel much through her skirt and panties, but
Rebecca kept thrusting her pussy into his erection to escape the finger touching

	Slap, the guard hit her right cheek very hard, slap, again, this time her
left.  Tears began to fall from Rebecca's eyes from the sting of the guard's big
hands abusing her ass. 

	"Please, no more, I am being good and doing everything you say, even though
I do not like it," said Rebecca.  "You have to take ten spanks to those cute
cheeks, and that was only two."  "Stick your ass out, so I will have a good
target, or its 20 more" he said. 

	Rebecca, reluctantly stuck her ass out, and slap, slap, two more spanks. 
She pushed her hips into his erection to escape the spanking.  "Out, you have
six more."  Slap, slap, this time Rebecca kept her ass out to meet the hand. 
Slap, slap, only two more left thought Rebecca as her ass stung from the
spanking.  SLAP, SLAP, the last two hurt more than the others did, her ass
stinging from the abuse.  At least it was finished.

	"You were a very good little girl. There is nothing better than a very young
submissive girl.  You obey like you were trained.  We are all going to enjoy you
very much in the days to come." 

	Rebecca could feel the guard move from the pedestal, leaving her alone in
the bright lights.  They were beginning to become hot and Rebecca began to
sweat.  "Can I get down now, it is really hot up here?" she asked. 

	"I am afraid we are not yet finished yet, but I think I can help solve your
problem of being too warm", said the Commander.  "I think we would all more
comfortable if you would take off your blouse." 

	"Please, do not make me do that," Rebecca moaned.  After feeling up her
body, spanking her ass, they now were going to force her to strip in front of

	"You have a very beautiful body, and since the guard is the only one to have
felt it, we would like to see it, or would you rather have all of us
individually come up their and feel you up, and spank your ass.  That would mean
60 more spanks on your sweet ass cheeks.  Do you think you could take 60 more
spanks, Rebecca?" said the Commander.

	"Oh no, my butt already stings, I could not stand anymore," Rebecca cried.

	"Then, I think you should submit to stripping off your clothes in front of
us.  I know that it is very humiliating for a young girl to strip naked in front
of six strangers, but you must be punished", said the Commander.  "We are
enjoying this very much.  Now slowly take off your blouse, see we may see your

	Rebecca's hands moved slowly up to her blouse and began to unbutton each
button, starting at the time.  She could feel six sets of eyes piercing the
darkness to the pedestal, waiting for her to strip in front of them.  She did
not know what would happen once she was naked.  The buttons gradually opened,
with Rebecca pulling her blouse out of her skirt to get the last one.

	"Open it slowly so we may see your bra," the Commander said.

	Rebecca opened it and revealing a sexy bra that pushed her breasts up,
showing her cleavage. 

	"Remove it and drop it to the floor, you will not need it for now," said the
Commander. Rebecca dropped the blouse, realizing that she would not be allowed
to put her clothes back on, once she was naked.

	"Stick out your breasts," said the Commander,

	Rebecca arched her back as before and all of the men admired her breasts
that strained to escape from the bra.

	"Reach back, unhook your bra and slip the straps off of your arms.  Remove
your bra, but leave your hands covering your breasts," the Commander said.

	Rebecca reached back, unhooked the bra, slipped the straps off her arms and
as she let the bra fall to the floor, quickly put her arms over her breasts. 
Her breasts were so big, they were flattened out on her chest by her arms, but
her arms and hands were not big enough to cover all of them, with part of her
breasts squeezing out.

	"Now remove your hand from your breasts, and place them behind your head and
arch your back out," panted the Commander, waiting for Rebecca to bare her
breasts to them.  "Keep your eyes open so we may see your humiliation."

	Rebecca trembled as she lowered her arms from her breasts.  She laced her
fingers behind her neck and thrust her breasts out for all of them to see.

	There was a murmur from all as Rebecca's breasts were bared to them. 
Although she was only 18 years old, her breasts were big, yet firm.  They defied
gravity by pointing out.  Her nipples were large, and because of the fear, had
hardened to points.

	"You have magnificent tits, Rebecca.  We are going to enjoy them immensely
in the days to come.  We have great plans for them some will be painful, but
others will be pleasurable." 

	"Please do not hurt my breasts, they are so sensitive after the abuse they
got before," Rebecca moaned, but knew that her pleas fell on deaf ears.  They
intended to abuse her breasts, especially her nipples.

	As Rebecca stood there half-naked, she heard the dreadful words, "Now the
skirt, I want to see the great legs," said the Commander.  "Slowly raise it up
until you get to your waist, so we may see all of your panties."

	Rebecca lowered her arms and slowly grabbed the hem of her skirt and slowly
raised it up her legs, revealing her legs and finally her panties.  Higher and
higher she raised it, until her whole lower waist was covered only in her

	"Now remove your skirt and throw it on the floor," the Commander said.

	Rebecca obeyed, and now stood in her panties, fearing the next words and the
final humiliation of the forced stripping.

	"Slowly lower your panties to your knees, so we may see your pussy.  It is
much more embarrassing to have your panties half on than to take them all off. 
We want this to go as slow and embarrassing as possible," said the Commander.

	Rebecca blushed in the light as she slowly lowered her panties, revealing
her naked pussy for the strangers to gaze at.

	"Step out of your panties" the Commander, said.

	Rebecca closed her legs and let her panties fall to the ground and stepped
out of them one leg at a time, trying to keep her legs together as much as
possible.  She knew that they would soon make here spread her legs, but was
trying to prolong the inevitable.

	"That is the cutest pussy, I have every seen.  Your pussy hair is blonde,
barely visible. Before you spread yourself open for us, I would like to see that
cute naked ass.  Why don't you turn around for us and show us those cute
cheeks?" said the Commander.

	Hearing that she would be soon spreading her pussy for all to see, she
submitted to turning around and showing them her ass.  Her ass was plump and had
a symmetrical crack down the center, hiding her anus from the view.  She did not
realize that they would be soon asking her to spread her ass cheeks open to see
her virgin anus.

	"Very nice, now turn around again," said the Commander.  Rebecca faced them
again and now knew the time had come.  "Spread you legs slowly until they are
four feet apart, we want to see your pussy lips spread" the Commander said. 

	Rebecca closed her eyes in humiliation and slowly spread her legs, her pussy
opening up to the bright lights for all to see.  "Open your eyes, we want to see
your humiliation as you expose your pussy to strangers" said the Commander.

	Rebecca opened her eyes and spread her legs further and further, her pussy
opening for all of these men to see and stare at.  Tears formed in her eyes as
she suffered the ultimate humiliation of stripping before strangers and
spreading herself open for anyone to see.  When they were four feet apart she
stopped and stood spread, her legs aching from the wide stance, her pussy lips
open, showing her pink pussy hidden in the hair. Not a sound was heard as all
watched the final humiliation of this 18 year-old.

	It was minutes before a voice was heard, and the Commander said in a
staggered voice, "now turn around, spread your legs again, reach back and
separate your cheeks, so we can also see what a 18 year-olds asshole looks

	Rebecca's felt a lump in the pit of her stomach as she thought here ultimate
humiliation was complete.  Now they were expecting her to turn around and show
her asshole to them.  She could not understand how anyone could be so cruel to

	"Obey, you are doing such a good job for a little girl, show us your
asshole?" said the Commander.

	Rebecca meekly complied, turning around, and began to spread her legs.  As
they got further open, she could feel the air on her asshole and knew that they
could see her most intimate part.  As her legs reached four feet apart again,
she felt the ache in her legs from the strain of spreading her legs so wide. 
She hesitantly reached back and grabbed each cheek, pulling them apart,
revealing her asshole for them. 

	"Put your fingers closer to your asshole and stretch your cheeks for us,"
the Commander said.  "Now bend over at the waist, so we may see your asshole and
also your stretched pussy."

	Rebecca obeyed, slipping her fingers until they touched her asshole; then
quickly moved them further away.  She bent over at the waist, slowly revealing
her asshole and her pussy for all to see.

	"Hold that pose, while we take some pictures of you in that position, we
want to make sure that we can prove that you stayed in good health while you
were detained by us," said the Commander.

	Rebecca cringed as she felt someone move closer to her and then heard the
click and saw the flash of a camera taking a picture of her most intimate parts. 
More pictures were quickly taken and Rebecca feared where the pictures would end

	"You may stand up and face us again, we are finished with that part of the
examination", the Commander said.  "Don't you want to thank us for allowing you
to strip and show us your lovely body?"

	"Thank you, I am glad that is over.  May I please go now; I have done
everything you said including humiliating myself in front of all of you",
Rebecca softly said.  As she was talking she could hear a movement in the corner
and than heard a loud dragging of something, moving toward the pedestal.  She
looked over and she could see two of the guards moving out of the darkness up
the ramp onto the pedestal where she was.  They were dragging the object covered
by the cloth.  Rebecca knew that it was not over yet, but did not realize what
was to happen to her.  The guards moved the object to the center of the pedestal
than retreated back to the darkness. 

	"We are not through yet, Rebecca, we have more to go before you go to your
cell tonight.  You are only going to be with us a short time and since there are
six of us, your time will be very busy" said the Commander.

	"Remove the cover from the table, Rebecca" a new voice came from the back. 
As Rebecca turned around, the Doctor came onto the pedestal.  Rebecca pulled the
cloth back and gasped when she saw that the table was an examination table. 

	The table was built into three sections; one under where the head would be,
that would collapse, dropping the support for the head.  Rebecca did not realize
that this would facilitate them in forcing their cocks into her mouth and
choking her with them as they proceeded to enter her throat.  Her arms would be
tied to the side allowing them the ability to control her head and the depths of
the thrust in her throat. 

	The other end would drop the support under her ass, allowing anyone access
to fucking her pussy and also her asshole.  Stirrups were along the edge of the
table, and were adjustable and had straps to keep her legs attached.  The
stirrups would spread her legs further than she would want, keeping her pussy
and asshole to open to whatever they decided to insert into her.  It could be a
cock, but also would facilitate a speculum, or any other device, and they had

	"We will now proceed with the internal examination of your body.  We will be
doing a body cavity searches of your mouth, your pussy and of course, your anus. 
We have to make sure you are still do not have any drugs on your body, said the

	"If you thought stripping for us was humiliating, we are just getting
started.  You will soon be spread open on the table and I will insert various
instruments into you and spread you open so all may see inside you," said the

	"Now, Rebecca, be a good little girl and jump up on the table, lay back, and
put your legs into the stirrups.  I will bind you arms and legs so you can not
jump around and hurt yourself and than we will proceed to open you up.  The
others will be joining me on the platform, so that we will have a good view of
your body.  You will not like this very much, but we have ways to make it
pleasurable as we continue," demanded the Doctor.

	Rebecca almost fainted when she heard what they intended to do to her
innocent body, but had since resigned herself to her fate.  As she climbed on
the table, and lay on her back, the others came on the stage.  It was even more
humiliating than before because they were standing right next to her staring at
her innocent face as the two guards grabbed her wrists and attached them with
leather straps to the top corner of the table.

	"Put you legs in the stirrups and I will strap them in, and than we will
begin to spread your legs open for all to see.  This will be much more
embarrassing as we will have a close look at your spread pussy and your anus",
said the Doctor, as Rebecca slowly put her legs into the stirrups, preparing for
the ravishment of her body by these strangers.
	The Doctor tightened the straps are her arms and legs as the Commander put a
large mirror in front of the table so Rebecca could see what they were doing to
her body. 

	"The Doctor will now begin to spread your legs open, watch as your pussy
opens for all to see" as Rebecca felt the stirrups opening, wider and wider,
spreading her legs.  The Commander pushed Rebecca's body closer to the end of
the table.  The stirrups were now moved higher, raising Rebecca's ass off of the
table.  "Now we will be able to see your anus opening up and allow us access to
it," said the Commander. 

	The Doctor continued to spread Rebecca's legs further, and they began to
ache.  "More" said the Commander.  "I want her spread very wide."  The Doctor
continued to spread Rebecca open.

	"AHHHH, that hurts, it to far, you are going to split me in two" moaned

	"Come on Rebecca, you can take it, this is nothing compared what we have in
store for you," said the Commander.  He began to rub Rebecca's breasts, and
pulling on her nipples to make them hard again.  "More Doctor" said the
Commander and all watched as Rebecca was opened for all to see.

	"AHHHHHH, too far, please, don't hurt me, I will do anything you say, you
are hurting my legs and nipples," cried Rebecca.

	"You have such a delicious body, so innocent and ripe, Rebecca.  We are
going to do many things to you," said the Commander, continually squeezing
Rebecca's nipples, stretching them into points.

	The Doctor finally stopped when Rebecca legs were spread over five feet
wide.  Her ass was raised off of the table because of the height of the
stirrups, her pussy and asshole spread open.

	All eyes were on her body, all with thoughts of how they intended to use and
abuse her for their pleasure.  Rebecca would be sucking and swallowing many
cocks before Saturday.  Her pussy would be reamed by all and her anus would be
forced to accept the largest cock.  Rebecca trembled in fears as six strangers
were surrounding the table where her innocent body lay strapped to the table.

	The Commander looked down at Rebecca, smiling as her body was strapped to
the table, spread wide and open to whatever they wanted to do to her. 

	"We are going to start with your mouth, so open it very wide, so we may
inspect inside" the Commander ordered Rebecca.

	"Please, you can see I do not have anything in my mouth" replied Rebecca,
fearing what they intended to do to her.

	"Now be a good girl and obey our wishes or you will suffer the consequences,
open very wide so that the I can feel inside your mouth" the Commander demanded.

	Reluctantly, Rebecca opened her mouth. "Wider" said the Commander and she
opened it as wide as she could.

	She could see the Commanders hand move to her open mouth and he slipped one
finger in and began to move it around the inside, under her tongue, between her
gums and her teeth and over the roof of her mouth.  It felt strange to have
someone violate her mouth but she could nothing but endure it.

	The Commanders one finger moved out, but now returned as two, again
violating her mouth.  "Relax, and keep your mouth wide open."

	The two fingers moved out and now were replaced by three, with Rebecca
beginning to feel very uncomfortable.  The fingers would move in and out and all
around the inside. All of a sudden they were gone, and Rebecca started to close
her mouth.

	"Not so fast, open very wide, I have to check your throat to make sure that
you do not have any drugs hidden in your stomach attached to a string in your
throat," the Commander said.  "Try to relax your throat muscles and not gag on
my fingers".  "I know it will be hard but you have to do it, or I will force
your mouth open with a clamp."

	"Please, don't do that, I am not hiding anything" she pleaded, but opened
her mouth wide, awaiting his fingers.

	The Commander three fingers slowly pushed into the open mouth, sliding along
her tongue.  Rebecca could feel that getting closer to her throat, fearing the
gagging pain she knew she would have to endure.  As his fingers reached the end,
Rebecca began to gag and the Commander could feel her throat spasm around his

	"Aggggg, gulp, Aggggg", cried Rebecca, the noise muffled by the fingers in
her mouth. Tears ran from her eyes and she was having hard time breathing. The
fingers were removed from her throat, but stayed in her mouth, keeping her mouth
stretched open.  It began to hurt from the strain.

	"Relax, I am going to put them back in again," the Commander ordered, "you
must learn to accept anything we decide to put in your throat.  By Saturday, you
will not even be gagging on anything put into your mouth."

	Rebecca's eyes pleaded, to no avail as she felt the fingers return to the
return of her mouth and began their descent into her throat.  "AGGGG, AGGGGG"
she moaned, her throat again spasming, and now her stomach began to lurch,
attempting to dislodge the fingers sealing her throat.  Her body shook on the
table, with all eyes watching her training.

	The fingers moved out of her throat again and Rebecca sucked in as much air
as possible before she felt them again returning to ravish her throat again. 
"AGGGG, AGGGGG", she moaned, as the Commander began to speed up the thrust of
his fingers in and out.  She barely had time to get any air before they began
they relentless passage, back into her throat. 

	"We are almost finished, you are doing very well, I can see your throat
bulge as I enter it, and the spasm of your throat on my fingers are exquisite." 
We are going to be very pleased when we test your new talent later, but let us
begin again" and the Commander again pushed his fingers into her throat, but
this time there were four, completely filling her throat.

	Rebecca's lungs hurt from the lack of air and here throat was raw as the
Commander was now thrusting his fingers in and out rapidly, expanding as they
entered, making Rebecca gag and her stomach heave.  As soon as they left, she
could feel them begin again the trip down her throat and she knew she would
again begin choking.  She could see the others gathered around her, watching her
suffer.  I wish it would stop she thought, I cannot stand it much longer before
I will begin to throw up. 

	"Once more and we will be finished with your mouth for now. Get ready
because I am going to try to put my whole hand in your mouth and down your
throat.  Accept it by relaxing your throat and the pain will be less," the
commander demanded.

	Suddenly her mouth was stretched wider than she thought possible as the
Commander put his whole fist in and began the awful journey back down her
throat.  Her jaw ached and the Commander had to put a lot of pressure on his
fist to make her throat accept it.
	"AGGGGGGGG, WRETCH, AGGGGGGGGg" Rebecca gasped, her throat burning from the
punishment.  His fist stretched her throat wide, forcing it to accept the
unnatural punishment.   "AGGGGGG, AGGGGG" her muffled cries ignored by the men
gathered around her.  They only saw her naked, sexy body, strapped down and
spread, forced to swallow a fist. Their only thoughts were on when they would be
able to do the same to her, but with a big cock shoved into her mouth and the
feeling of her throat spasming around it until they fed her a mouth full of cum.

	The Commander pulled his hand from Rebecca's mouth with a pop and Rebecca
gasped for air and began to choke, her stomach heaving up and down.  "Please no
more" Rebecca said, her throat hoarse from the beating that was inflicted on her
by the evil Commander.

	"That is all for now, but we will again be using your throat later, so relax
while we continue with your internal examination," said the Commander.  "Your
pussy will be next, but we must prepare your ass.  The Doctor is preparing a
very large enema and will force it into your ass with a pump, instead of the
usual enema bag.  We find that the liquid moves higher into your colon with the
pressure, but it does give you more cramps, especially since you will have to
hold it in you until we finish with your pussy."

	"To prepare your anus for the enema, why don't you ask the Judge to spread
some Vaseline around your anus, and than to insert his fingers into your rectum
to make it easier for the insertion of the enema tube" said the Doctor.  "The
enema tube is rather long, so the Judge will be inserting his fingers very deep
in your rectum, while this will be uncomfortable for you, I am sure that the
Judge will be thrilled with the tightness of you rectum."

	"Oh, no, not in my bottom, please don't, I am cooperating, you tortured my
throat, can't you leave my bottom alone," Rebecca pleaded.

	"That will be just the beginning, after we clean you out, we will be
stretching your anus wide, so we can see inside.  It will a gradual pain that
will increase as your anus is forced wider and wider, but you must submit to us
or you will be placed into prison immediately," the Doctor said.

	Rebecca complied with the request, "Judge, please put Vaseline into my

	"Are you sure little girl, that you want my fat fingers in your asshole",
the Judge said.

	"No, I mean yes," said Rebecca, slumping into the table, willingly
submitting to the fingering of her asshole by a dirty old man.

	Rebecca could see the Judge move to the back of the table between her spread
legs. The other grouped around him, looking at her exposed anus, all pink and
shiny, waiting for the rape of it by the Judge's fingers.

	The Judge's head blocked Rebecca's view of what was going to happen to her
body.  He had crouched down and his face was only inches from her vagina and her
bottom, but she could feel his breath, sending a chill through her body.  The
expectation of further pain, or pleasure confused her. 

	"Relax, Rebecca, the Judge will take good care of you" whispered the
Commander into her ear. 

	Rebecca jumped, as well as she could in the restraints holding her body
tight to the table, when the Judge placed his hands on her abdomen and began to
caress her, moving closer to her pussy.  Rebecca trembled in expectation as his
fingers moved over her pubic hair and brushed lightly along the edge of her
pussy lips.  They moved over her thighs and gently grasped them. 

	"Please don't," cried Rebecca.

	"SHHHH, Rebecca, give your body to the Judge to do as he pleases.  He is
going to have his way with your body in any manner he chooses and you must allow
him if you want to get out of here," the Commander whispered. 

	The Judge ran his hands over her buttocks and gently moved his fingers in
the crack toward her anus, Rebecca's body taunt with expectations.  His fingers
lightly touched her anus, sending goose bumps over her body and her nipples
hardened in expectation.

	"No, not there" she cried, knowing that they would not listen but
anticipating the continuation of his caresses.

	The Judges hands moved back to her pussy and brushed lightly over her pussy
lips.  He could feel the wetness of this young virgin, not knowing what was to
happen, but her body was preparing for it.  He grabbed each pussy lip with his
hand and began to spread them open for all to see and she could feel his hot

	"All can now see your pink pussy spread open, your pussy is getting wet,
expecting the Judges hand to further stimulate you," said the Commander.

	"I don't want his to touch me, I am just a little girl and his is so old",
Rebecca cried. "Please don't do this to me."

	The Judge slipped the tip of his finger into her vagina.  Her vagina was
tight and grabbed at his finger.  What will she do when a big, hard cock enters
her roughly and shoves deeply into her? 

	"OHHHH, that feels funny, I am a virgin, do not put your finger in me,"
Rebecca moaned, feeling the Judge run his finger around the outside of her
vagina, spreading it open more and more, becoming wetter.

	Suddenly, the Judge put his mouth to her pussy and began to run his tongue
along her pussy lips, sending shutters through Rebecca's untrained body. 

	"OHHHHH, what are you doing, that feels so strange," she moaned.

	"He is going to eat your pussy, Rebecca, his tongue will move all over your
pussy and than he will push into body.  Relax and accept it, you will enjoy it,"
said the Commander into her ear. 

	His tongue was becoming more persistent and her hips tried to rise higher to
meet it. Rebecca could feel his fingers pulling her pussy lips open more and
more and his tongue gently bathing the inside of her pussy, pushing further in. 
He moved his fingers to the top of her pussy and found and uncovered her clit
and his tongue flicked over it.

	Rebecca's legs began to shudder, "AHHHHHHHHH, please, please".

	The Judge ran his tongue gently up and down between the layers of her pussy. 
Rebecca's body was trying to push her pussy closer to the tongue, but the strict
bondage she was in prevented all but minor movement.

	The Judge sucked Rebecca's clit into his mouth, bathing it with his tongue,
while capturing it with his lips.

	"AHHHHHHHHH, what are you doing to me, AHHHHHH," moaned Rebecca, unable to
understand what was happening to her body.

	"Open your eyes, and see the faces watching you as you are strapped down
naked and spread open, with the Judge eating your pussy, while your young body
is being ravished against your will" said the Commander.  "Everyone's cock is
hard seeing you like this."

	"You forced me to do this, I cannot help it, please stop," cried Rebecca,
ashamed at the way her body was betraying her.

	"I think you need so more stimulation. I am going to let two of the guards
come over to each side and fondle your breasts and suck your nipples until they
become hard.   You have very big nipples for someone your age and they will be
able to stare into your face and watch your humiliation as they suck your
nipples into their mouths," said the Commander.

	The guards ran their fingers gently over Rebecca's nipples, "OHHHH, please,"
moaned Rebecca.  They seized her large breasts in their hands and began to
fondle and mold them, paying special attention to her nipples.  Fingers gripped
them tightly and pulled them away from her body, stretching her tits, further
and further.    "OHHHH, that hurts," she cried, but her nipples grew bigger from
the mistreatment.

	Meanwhile, the Judge continued to lick her pussy and now began to
finger-fuck her.

	"Tell me what these strangers are doing to you?" asked the Commander, "or
else I will tell the Judge to stop eating your pussy."

	"Stop, no don't stop, please, don't make me tell you" said Rebecca.

	"Obey and tell me or you will be punished" said the Commander.

	"He is licking my pussy, and he started to put a finger into me.  It keeps
going in and out, each time deeper.  The guards now have put my nipples in their
mouth and they are running their tongues over them.   "OHHHH, that feels so
good," said Rebecca.

	"Since the Judge is so busy with your pussy, I am going to have the Doctor
explore your anus and rectum with his fingers, don't forget you are still going
to get a very large enema soon," said the Commander.

	"I feel something cold on anus and a finger is massaging it.  The finger is
putting pressure on my anus, forcing it to open and let it in.  AHHHHHHHHHHH"
and Rebecca's body tried to back away from the finger, but the straps held her
tightly, forcing her anus to let the finger into her. 

	The Doctor had inserted his finger into Rebecca's and plunged it deeply into

	"How do you like your asshole being thrilled with a finger, I bet you are
very hot and tight in there," said the Commander.  "Everyone would like to be
enjoying your asshole like the Doctor is right now, but they will have their
chance.  You will have to give anyone access to your asshole at all times and I
am sure it will be very popular."

	"Oh, what are you making me do, it feels strange in me, and he is pushing it
in and moving it around inside me" cried Rebecca.

	"AHHHHH" cried Rebecca trying to move away from the finger in her asshole. 
"He put two fingers in me and is stretching me too wide."

	"You can take it, and more.  He is going to open his fingers when he is deep
into your ass, spreading you open" said the Commander.

	Rebecca was trying to move, but the bondage she was in prevented it.  She
was forced to submit to strangers fondling and forcing fingers and tongues into
her body, while they watched her go through the throes of ecstasy.

	"Pleasure can also be accompanied by pain, and the pain can also be as
stimulating. Your ripe, untrained body begs to be abused.  We are now going to
force you to have an orgasm.  We will be watching you as you cum on the fingers
and tongues of strangers only a few hours ago," said the Commander.

	"OWWWW, he bit my nipple, hard, OWWWWW, now the other.  OWWWWW, his fingers
in my bottom opening me up are cramping my stomach,  OWWWWWWWWW, he bit my lips
and clit," moaned Rebecca. 

	They began to suck and lick her again, bringing her to the edge of an orgasm

	"Bite again, only harder" the Commander ordered.

	"OHHHHHHH, my nipples are killing me, OWWWWWW, he bit my clit, OWWWWWWWW, he
has three fingers in me, stretching me open," than suddenly "SPLLLATTTTT,"  "he
slapped my pussy, they are hurting me, please make them stop," cried Rebecca.

	"They will stop when you have an orgasm, and the pain will increase until
you do," ordered the Commander.

	"OWWWWWWWWWWWWW," cried Rebecca as they bit her nipples and stretched them
harder, "OWWWWWWWW," as the Judge sucked her clit into his mouth and than bit
down on it.   "OHHHHHHHHHH," as the Doctor continued to stretch her asshole,
spreading open his three fingers when he was deep into her and not putting them
together until they were almost withdrawn.   "SLAPPPP, SLAPPPP," the Judge hit
her pussy hard, making Rebecca's body lurch.

	"OHHHH, what's happening to me, AHHHHHHH, I commmmming,  AHHHHHHHHH," moaned
Rebecca, the Judge lapping at her pussy.  He continued to suck her clit into his
mouth, biting on it.  "AHHHHHHH, that feels so good." 

	"SLAAAAAAAPP, SLAAAAAAP," another two quick slaps on the lips of her pussy
continued to send her over the edge.

	"AHHHHHHHH," she cried, her body shuddering in orgasm, a glisten of sweat
forming on her body.

	She finally began to come down from the orgasm.  The guard continued to suck
gently on her nipples, the Judge was brushing his fingers over her pussy, and
the Doctor still had one finger in her ass, gently massaging her asshole.

	"Your young body certainly enjoyed that.  Here you are bound to a table,
legs spread wide, with strangers sucking on your nipples, another fingering your
pussy, and a finger up your ass, while you come down from the first orgasm you
ever had.  In addition, you had an orgasm, while getting your pussy spanked,
your asshole stretched and your nipples bit."   Soon it will be your turn to
repay the debt, and you will have to use your body to pleasure others", said the

	The Doctor wheeled in the machine that was going to give Rebecca the enema.
Rebecca began to tremble when she saw the size of the enema nozzle.

	"The machine will force the enema into you, and also allows for the
evacuation of it, so it has to be rather large.  As you can see, it has a collar
on it about 6 inches from the end. Once inserted into your anus, I will pump up
the collar, preventing any leakage" the Doctor explained.  "Once inside and
expanded, it will be very uncomfortable, but after having three fingers inserted
into your rectum, you are not as tight as you were before." 

	The Doctor began to grease up the long nozzle and place it between Rebecca's
spread legs.  Rebecca tensed up when the nozzle touched her anus.

	"You better relax your anus when he begins to push it in or it will be
extremely painful. Bear down on the nozzle as it is pushed into you.  The
beginning of the nozzle is not very large, but when the collar begins to enter
your anus, it will be forced to stretch to accept it and will continue to
stretch you colon," said the Commander.  "You are in no position to do anything
except try to make the best of it.  You are going to be forced to accept a very
big enema. Once inside, we will start the machine and fluids will be forced into
you very rapidly.  You will be forced to keep them in you for 15 so they can
clean you out.  During that time, your stomach will begin to cramp up."

	Rebecca's body tried to escape the nozzle but the bondage prevented only
minor movement.  The Doctor began to push the nozzle into her.

	"AAAHHHHH, its too big, it hurts, aaaahhhhh, take it out" Rebecca cried.

	"You got the beginning of the nozzle, now you must accept the collar, relax
your anus as it passes through" said the Doctor.

	"OOOOWWWW, it hurts too much, don't, OOOOOWWWw, it feels like a baseball bat
up my bottom" yelled Rebecca, tears falling from her eyes.

	The collar passed through her anus and pushed into her stretching her open
as it pushed further into her.  Her colon was forced to straighten out to accept
it.  Finally it was in her ass and the Doctor released the pressure on it.

	"Relax for a minute, my little girl, you now have your asshole stretched
around the nozzle," said the Commander.  "You must get used to it to ease the
pain.  The Doctor will soon be inflating the collar, expanding your colon
farther open".

	"Oh please don't hurt me any more, it hurts so bad, you stretched me open",
Rebecca pleaded.

	"Once we clean you out, your ass will be forced to open wider and stay that
way while we inspect your insides," said the Commander.  "Your pain and
humiliation brings pleasure to us."

	The Doctor began to pump up the collar, expanding Rebecca's colon wider and
keeping it stretched open.

	"OOOOWWWW, it feels like a knife inside me, OOOOWWWW, its tearing me open"
Rebecca cried.

	The nozzle was now securely in Rebecca, with no chance of it slipping out. 
Everyone anxiously awaited the beginning of the enema and the suffering that
Rebecca would be forced to accept.  Rebecca did not know it, but she was first
to receive a very big enema of hot, soapy water.  She would be forced to hold it
for 15 minutes before the evacuation of it would begin.  This would cause
considerable cramps.  The evacuation would be almost as bad.  It would feel like
a vacuum cleaner was stuck up her ass and turned on. 

	If she thought would be the end, she would be greatly mistaken.  A second
enema would commence, this time with very cold soapy water.  Each subsequent
enema would be bigger than the last.  Again, she would be forced to hold it for
15 minutes.  Two rinsing enemas still awaited her, each bigger than the last,
one very hot, one very cold. 

	While the enemas were working, she would also be forced to accept the
examination of her pussy. 

	BBBBBRRRRRR, the machine was started.   "AAAAAHHHH, its too hot, it hurts,
its going in too fast," cried Rebecca.  Everyone could see her abdomen expanding
from the rapid infusion of liquids.  "OOOOWWW" she cried, her body starting to
cramp from the unnatural act forced upon her.  "Please, that's enough, stop the
machine, I can't take anymore." 

	"Almost finished, accept it" the Commander said. 

	The machine stopped and everyone stared at this young girl forced to accept
the largest enema of her life.  Her body glistened with sweat caused by the high
temperature of the water.   The Commander began to rub her abdomen, pushing down
on, forcing more cramps on her young body.

	"NO, don't push, it hurts so bad, you are making it worse," she cried.

	The Commander continued to push and massage her abdomen, forcing groans from
her lips.  Her body jumped from the constant cramps she was experiencing and you
could see her legs trying to move to relieve the awful pain.

	After 15 minutes, the machine roared back to life, BBBBRRRRRr, and the water
was rapidly forced out of her, the pain almost as bad.  "AHHHHH," she cried, as
it felt like her insides were sucked out.  Her abdomen quickly returned to
normal.  Rebecca sighed, expecting it to be over.

	"The next enema will begin in a minute.  It will be ice-cold soapy water. 
It will be evacuated after 15 minutes, than you will receive two rinsing enemas,
one very hot, and the last, ice cold.  You will be forced to hold each one for
15 minutes.  Each enema will be larger than the last, to make sure that you
receive the maximum amount of pain and stimulation," said the Commander.  "But
now, we will begin to open your pussy for our inspection.  This will also cause
you great anguish and embarrassment but it may take your mind off of the enema
rape of your asshole."

	BBBRRRRR, the machine again commenced, forcing ice-cold water into Rebecca's
colon.  Goose bumps began to appear on her body, and her nipples hardened in
reaction to the cold water forced into her. 

	"I can't stand this, OWWWW," the cramping and bloating beginning again.  The
machine stopped, the cramps coming continually, her body jerking from the pain. 

	"OWWWWW, you are stretching my pussy" she cried.  The Doctor had inserted a
speculum into her pussy and began to open it.  Wider and wider, her schoolgirl
pussy was stretched, exciting all that watched.  Her ass was already forced to
accept the enema tube and now they were opening her pussy open for all to see. 

	Wider and wider it was opened, stretching her lips, her pink insides
beginning to show. The Doctor continued to open more, eliciting cries of pain
from Rebecca's mouth.  The pump began the evacuation of her colon, bringing
temporary relief, but Rebecca knew that it would only be minutes before it she
would again she would be forced to accept another enema, this one bigger than
the last.

	Her pussy was now forced wide by the speculum and the Doctor placed a light
between her legs so that all could see directly into her body.  Rebecca squirmed
from the humiliation, spread wide and open for all to see.  A 18-year-old should
not be forced to submit to such abuse.  The Doctor began to run his fingers over
her lips and inside her pussy, stimulating Rebecca again.

	"NOOO, not again, please don't do that to me, OWWWW," the machine beginning
to force another enema into her body, eliciting cries of pain as the hot water
rinsing enema began.  The Doctor continued to stroke her pussy, especially her
clit, which stood out like a small cock.  Her pussy was wet from the

	"OWWWW" she cried, the Doctor turning the speculum more, opening her wider. 
Everyone watched the anguish on her face. 

	Each person had a chance to exam her pussy, stroking her lips and her clit. 
The machine had evacuated the enema and now had begun the final and largest
enema. Rebecca felt like her abdomen was going to explode and the cramps began
even before it was finished.  Her pussy was being abused by strangers, some
stroking her gently, others inflicting pain on her virgin pussy.  The Judge was
the worst.  He took a brush and ran it over her sensitive lips and than pushed
it into her pussy about one inch and began to run it around inside her.  If
Rebecca could move, she would have jumped through the ceiling as the rough
bristles tenderized her sensitive pussy.  The final act was when he ran it over
her clit, sending shooting pains in her body.  As the pain began to diminish,
the machine evacuated the last enema from her body.  The Doctor began to remove
the speculum from her pussy, allowing her pussy to shrink back. 

	They began to remove the straps holding Rebecca to the table.  Her legs were
placed together and the straps removed.  She tried to move, but was too weak
from the enemas and the tight bondage.

	"We are going to take you to your cell, so you may take a shower and lay
down.  You have been through a lot since you came here.  You have been forced to
strip naked and expose your body to complete strangers and have been examined
intimately.  We will be joining you soon in your cell to inflict more punishment
on and you must continue to submit to our demands," said the Commander.

	Rebecca was helped to her cell.   She gasped when she saw it and knew she
was in for more humiliation and pain.  If was large.  In the center was a
circular shower, but with no shower curtain.  She would be forced to take a
shower with no privacy.  She had expected a prison cell cot, but instead a large
four-poster bed was in the room.  Attached to the four corners were leather
straps.  She assumed that these would be used to bind her spread eagle to the
bed.  In another corner of the room was a large padded stool. Again, straps were
attached to the corners, so that she could be bound over it, either face-up or

	There was a large pyramid on the side.  It was made up of two large sheets
of wood into a point.  The point was very sharp and rough.  Again, straps were
attached to prevent movement.  She did not realize that she would be forced to
ride the top edge with her pussy.

	"You may take a shower and than put these clothes on," handing Rebecca the
satin underwear from her suitcase and her schoolgirl blouse and skirt.  Lay down
and get your strength back and we will be back soon as we want to spend as much
time with you before Saturday," said the Commander and everyone left the room.

	Rebecca went to the shower, turned on the water and began to wash the day
away.  She just wanted to sleep and for them to leave her alone.  She quickly
dried off; put on her clothes and lay down on the bed.  She quickly fell asleep
from the exhaustion of the pain and humiliation should was forced to endure.

	It was only a couple of hours when Rebecca was awakened by the sound of the
cell door being opened.  In walked the six.  She cringed at the thought of what
they planned to do to her.

	"Time to awaken, Rebecca.  We have plans for the next few hours to enjoy
your ripe young body, so quickly come over here," said the Commander. 

	Even though Rebecca dreaded what was to happen to her, she knew that if she
did not submit, the alternative would be worse.  She stood in front of the
Commander, with the rest of them around here. 

	Even though they had all seen her naked only hours ago, she appeared sexier
fully clothed.  The Commander began to run his hands over her breasts, beginning
the painful humiliation again.

	"Watch me as I enjoy your body", said the Commander, his hands molding her
breasts. Push your breasts out again so that I may feel them."

	Again, Rebecca obeyed, pushing her breasts into the hands of the Commander,
submitting to the ravishment of her body while the others watched, their cocks
straining their pants.  "We are going to take your virginity away now" as he
began to unbutton her blouse, exposing her bra.  His hands returned to her bra,
squeezing her large breasts.  "I have the largest cock, so you will be spread
out and forced to put my cock into your pussy," Rebecca cringed, knowing that
what they had done to her body before was just a prelude to what was to come.  
They would rape here, and she would be forced to willingly participate.

	"Remove your blouse and bra, hands behind your head, and push your breasts
out so we may enjoy them first," said the Commander.

	Reluctantly, Rebecca removed her blouse, reached back and undid her bra and
slid it to the floor.  She put her hands behind her head, pushing her breasts
into the faces of the others.  Hands reached out to fondle them, squeezing them
and pinching the nipples.

	"Stay very still while I stretch your tits by the nipples, keep your back
arched and accept the punishment," said the Judge.  He squeezed her nipples
tightly between his fingers, making Rebecca gasp and began to pull them away
from her body.  Her tits began to form a cone from the stretching and Rebecca
began to moan from the pain, but she knew how sadistic the Judge was and
realized saying anything would provoke more pain.  He pulled further and the
others watched as Rebecca's 18-year-old breasts were manhandled.  Meanwhile, one
of the others was kneeling behind her, rubbing her legs.

	"Spread your legs" he said, Rebecca spreading them wide submissively,
awaiting the time when his hands would reach her ass and pussy.  The Commander
pulled up her skirt in the front and began to rub her panty-covered pussy. 
Meanwhile, hands began to squeeze and fondle her ass.  "Remove your skirt" she
was ordered and she complied.  Now standing only in her panties, her breasts
aching from the Judge abuse of her nipples, and now her ass and pussy was being

	"The panties now, get naked in front of us little girl, so we may use your
body", she was ordered.  Rebecca stepped out of them and again spread her legs,
giving them access to all of her intimate parts.  She was now naked and
humiliated again awaiting the rape of her body by these strangers.    Her pussy
lips were spread apart and a finger began to slide up and down, making her wet. 
Her asscheeks were spread and she flinched when a finger began to run around her
anus.  She knew she must submit to her punishment.  The finger entered her pussy
and began to saw in and out, than two fingers, stretching her pussy wider, until
they reached her hymen.  The finger began to push against her anus and she
spread her legs more allowing him access to her ass. 

	"It is time to get fucked little girl," the Commander said and began to
remove his clothes while her body was being abused.  She watched as he stripped
off his clothes.  When he pulled down his shorts and his cock appeared she
gasped in shock.  It was over 10 inches long and over 3 inches around.  It was
bigger than most arms.

	"Grab my cock and get acquainted with it, it will soon be forcing itself
into your virgin pussy.  You will learn to ride it like a whore," said the

	Rebecca touched his cock gently and began to run her hand over it.

	"Stoke it and make it harder, that's it, now grab my balls with your other
hand.  They are full of cum that I am going to blast into your pussy," said the

	"Please don't rape me," she cried, but continued to stroke the cock in her
hand.  She knew that she must submit.  His cock began to leak cum from the tip. 
The fingers continually plunged in and out of her pussy and ass stretching her

	"While the others are getting you wet, I think you should do the same to my
cock," said the Commander, "kneel on the floor and open your mouth to accept my

	"I can't do that, its disgusting," cried Rebecca, but the others were
already forcing her to her knees.  She was now face to face to the largest and
only cock she every saw, and she would be forced to put it into her virgin

	"Open your mouth, my little girl, this may be the first cock you will take
into that sweet mouth, but it will not be the last," the Commander said. 
Someone grabbed her arms and twisted them behind her back and someone else held
her head still.  The Commander pinched her nose closed, cutting off her air
supply.  As Rebecca opened her mouth to gasp for air, the Commander thrust his
large cock into her innocent mouth. 

	"MMMMMMGGGGGGG", she cried, her mouth stretched wide to accept the large
cock. Only the head was in her mouth and there was still 9 more inches to go. 

	"Run your tongue over my cock and get it wet for your pussy, or I will fuck
you dry.  If you think my cock will stretch your pussy now, it will be worse if
it is dry," the Commander demanded.  He could feel her tongue began to circle
the tip.  He grabbed her head and began to push his cock further into her mouth. 
"Take it deeper, and keep bathing my cock with your tongue." Two inches into her
mouth, than out, than back in with 3 inches.  "Your could be a good cock sucker
if you keep this up, you might as well get used to it, because by time Saturday
gets her, you will have sucked every cock in this room, some many times."

	"AGGGGGG," moaned Rebecca, the humiliation of having to run her tongue over
his cock.  She could taste something salty in her mouth as he began to thrust in
and out of her mouth.  Each time his cock would go farther than the last time. 
Now she understood what he meant when he stretched her throat with his fingers
and fists.  He intended to push his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth until
he reached her throat.  But that would not be the end, he intended to choke her
with his big cock and push it into her throat.  The choking and wrenching would
begin again.

	"Look into my eyes as I fuck your sweet little mouth", he said, "I want to
see that innocent face with your lips wrapped around my cock."  "I'm going to
push my cock into your throat, but I think you already realized that.  This time
you are only getting my cock wet, so I can rape your pussy, but next time I rape
your mouth, I will fill it with cum and expect you to swallow every drop."

	"Hold her head tight, my cock is going down her throat and she will begin to
fight," the Commander ordered the others.  His cock was now going four inches
into her mouth and was reaching the back of her mouth.  The next time it would
enter her throat.  He pulled it out almost to the end and than began to thrust
it back in.

	"AGGGGGGGG, WRETCH, AGGGGGGGGg," cried Rebecca, the Commander watching her
face as tears began to fall from her eyes.  She knew the next stroke of his cock
in her mouth would begin the rape of her throat. "AAAAGGGG, WRETCH, AGGGGGGGGg,"
the cock forcing her throat open and about one inch was forced in. The cock
began to come out of her throat until it reached her lips.  She knew that it
would again begin the journey back into her mouth and her throat would again be
forced to accept his cock, this time more would be forced in. "AGGGGGGGG,
WRETCH, AGGGGGGGGg," her stomach begin to wretch from the large cock forced in. 
His cock stayed in her throat, blocking her air and she began to struggle but
she was being held too tightly.

	"Your gagging and the muscles of your throat are strangling my cock and it
feels great," the Commander said, flexing his cock in her throat, eliciting
groans of pain from Rebecca.  He reached down and felt her neck.  It had swollen
with the cock in it.  He could see her eyes begin to wander from the lack of
air.  "Are you going to lay on the bed, spread your legs and put my cock into
your pussy so I can rape you, or would you rather have more cock stuffed into
your throat?  Let her shake her head yes or no" he ordered the others.

	Rebecca knew she must submit to the rape of her pussy, or she would pass out
from lack of air.  Survival of her ordeal became her only concern now.  She knew
that they intended to abuse her sexually and unless she cooperated, she might
not survive.  She nodded her head.

	The Commander withdrew his cock from her throat until he reached her lips
and then plunged his cock back into her mouth and throat until he had 8 inches
buried in her sweet mouth.  "Just to remind you what will happen if you do not
cooperate" he demanded.  He pulled his cock from her mouth.  It was shiny with
saliva.  "It's now ready to fuck your virgin pussy.  If you think the rape of
your mouth was bad, wait until you get ten inches of cock plunging in and out of
your virgin pussy.  Its going to tear you open, but you will than be ready to
fuck the others.  By time we leave you again, you will have fucked everyone her
at least once, some more.  But we will again be back; you still have a virgin
mouth and ass that are to be fucked.  Your will become our little fuck toy,
submitting to whatever we want to that tight little body." 
	The Commander pulled Rebecca up from the floor, "Be a good little girl and
get on the bed, that's good," he said as Rebecca lay down on the bed, the others
now crowding around the bed.  "Bring your knees up, hands over your head, now
slowly separate your legs so your pussy spreads open for us," he demanded. 
"Wider, touch the edge of the bed with each leg, I want them really spread." 

	Rebecca's legs began to hurt from being spread so wide, but she continued to
hold them open so they could see her open pussy. 

	The Commander got on the bed between Rebecca's legs and began to stroke his
cock, watching the humiliation on Rebecca's face as he moved toward her pussy
with his big cock. 

	The Judge got on the bed next to Rebecca's head and said,  "Reach your hand
down and grasp his cock and begin to run it up and down your pussy lips.  This
is your last chance to get wet before he plunges his cock into your tight

	Rebecca gripped his cock and began to rub it on her pussy, fearing the time
when he would rip into her virgin pussy and shove his 10-inch cock deep into her
unused pussy. She would soon never again be a virgin.

	"Rub it over your asshole, see what it will feel like when we will rape it." 

	"Please, don't hurt me, his cock is too big, especially for my butt."  She
saw the look on the Judges face and knew she must do what was asked or she would
be punished.  She took the tip of his cock and pushed it back until it reached
her asshole.

	"Put it against your asshole and the Commander will push it in to let you
feel what it will be like to be opened up," said the Judge.  The Commander
pushed and Rebecca's asshole began to open to accept the cock.

	"AAAAHHH, its too big" said Rebecca, her asshole trying to spread to accept
the cock.  The Commander pushed until her asshole opened and the head of his
cock was in. "AAAAAhHHHH, take it out, its too big, it's ripping me open," she

	"That's enough for her asshole for now, I want to get into that pussy," the
Commander said, taking his cock from her asshole.  Her asshole stayed open for a
minute, before shrinking back down to size again.

	"Grab his cock again and put it into your pussy, you are about to get raped. 
We can't wait until we watch your scream in pain as his cock tears into your
pussy," said the Judge.

	The Judge moved close to Rebecca's face so he could see and hear her screams
of anguish.  The Commander began to push into her tight body, and Rebecca tried
to push away from his cock.

	"Hold still, until I get my cock into you, than you can move all you want"
said the Commander.  His hands went under her ass and began to squeeze her
cheeks, pushing her up into his cock as he began to penetrate her pussy.

	"UUUUGGGG, take it out, I can't take it" she cried.   "UUUUGGGGG,  UUUUGGGG"
as his cock penetrated further, opening her pussy wide as the head slipped in. 
Her pussy gripped the head of his cock like it was in a vise.  He now reached
her hymen.

	"Get ready for your rape, you are about to lose your virginity" and he
plunged his cock into her pussy, ripping her hymen and penetrating her pussy
with the first 5 inches of hard cock.

	"UUUUGGGG, AAAAHHHH", she never felt so much pain as her once virgin pussy
was now spread further than it ever was to accept the hard cock inside her.  The
Commander flexed his cock, making Rebecca's pussy grip it in pain.  "It hurts so
much, don't move, why I you doing this to me?" she cried.
	"We like hurting and raping little girls like you, nothing give us more
pleasure than to hear your beg and scream as we abuse your tight little bodies",
said the Judge.  "The Commander is going to start fucking his cock in and out of
your pussy, until he buries all 10-inches in you.  It is going to feel like his
cock is coming out your mouth."

	The cock backing out of her pussy felt like he was sucking out her insides,
but was still less painful than when he plunged it in.  She could feel moisture
in her pussy, and was not sure if she was getting wet or it was blood.  "Go
easy, don't push it in hard," she begged.

	"That would not be as much fun, I am going to continue to ram my cock into
your tight pussy until I reach the end.  Than I am going to begin to thrust it
in faster and harder until I cum into your pussy.  You are going to be sore, but
there are 5 other cocks that are also going to rape your pussy," said the
Commander, and began to push his cock back into her young pussy.

	"AAAAGGG, OOOOWWWW, your tearing me apart" screamed Rebecca, as his cock
punished her pussy and now 6 inches penetrated her pussy. 

	His cock pulled out again, and then began the painful journey back into her
pussy, pushing further than it went before.  Seven inches, and than back out to
begin again to ram into her.  Eight inches, and Rebecca screams could be heard. 
Nine inches and Rebecca felt like his cock was pushed into her stomach.  Her
screams became weaker as his final push buried all ten inches into her 18-year
old pussy. 

	OOOOWWWWW, its tearing me open, its too big, take it out," screamed Rebecca,
his cock flexing inside her pussy.  Her pussy gripped his cock like a glove. 
Each movement of his cock sent her pussy into a spasm, massaging his cock and
bringing a fresh batch of pain to her. 

	"It's time to fuck now, your going to get all 10 inches each stroke and I am
going to fuck you faster and faster until I cum," said the Commander.  "I going
to stick two fingers up your ass to get you to push into my cock as I fuck into
your," he said and moved his fingers to her asshole and began to squeeze them
into her tight asshole.

	"AAAAAHHH, your fingers hurt," she cried as the Commander began to push his
fingers up into her dry ass.  She arched her back to get away from the fingers
fucking her asshole and as she did the Commander pulled his cock out and plunged
all 10 inches of cock into her young pussy with one devastating push.

	"OOOOOWWWW,  AAAAHHHh," she cried, the pain in her pussy and her asshole
became unbearable.  The cock began to pull out and as he again began to push
into her pussy, the thick fingers plunged up into her dry asshole, forcing
Rebecca to push her ass away from them, up into the big cock plunging into her

	The Commander now began to plunge in and out of her pussy, finger fucking
her asshole, driving her into his cock.  Faster and faster he went, slapping up
against her pussy mound, tearing her pussy with his cock.  Rebecca's could
barely make any noise after all of the screaming as her pussy was raped over and
over again.  Her young body was a mass of pain, from her battered pussy to her
stretched asshole. 

	"The Commander likes your tight pussy, the fingers in your ass make you fuck
like a whore.  I can't wait to get into that pussy with my cock," said the
Judge.  "You make a nice little whore." 

	The Commander was really plunging into her pussy faster and faster, his
balls getting ready to cum into Rebecca.  "Get ready, I am going to cum into
that tight young pussy," he cried,  "AAAAAHHHH," his balls spraying her pussy
with his cum.

	Rebecca could feel his cock become bigger and stretch her pussy even wider
and than the jets of hot cum spray into her pussy.  He emptied his cum into her
pussy and than pulled off the bed, his cock popping out of her pussy.  Her pussy
was still spread wide from the rape, and his cum began to run out.

	The Judge wiped her pussy with a towel and than climbed between her legs. 
He bunched his cock in his hand and pushed it into her pussy.

	"Not again, AAAAHHH," she cried, as the Judges cock began to penetrate her
pussy.  The Judge began to plunge his cock in and out of her pussy, faster and
faster.  He put his hand under her ass, pushing her up into his cock.  His
fingers found her asshole, and again fingers penetrated her, this time three. 
"AAAAGGGGG," she cried, as the Judge gave her a brutal fuck with his cock and
shoved his three fingers deep into her ass, twisting and scratching her insides. 
"AAAAGGGG" she screamed, pushing her ass off of the bed to escape the fingers in
her ass, but forcing her pussy to accept the brutal thrust of the Judges cock.

	The Judge liked to fuck little girls like animals, inflicting as much pain
on them with his cock.  Each stroke of his cock was meant to hurt, changing the
angle of his cock to reach places in her pussy now reached before.  Each new
burst of pain in Rebecca made her pussy grip his cock in pain, giving pleasure
to the Judge.  His cock began a rapid fucking of her pussy, beating a painful
path into her. 

	The Judge soon came inside of Rebecca, and another soon jumped on top of
her.  The penetration of her pussy by the new cock became more painful than the
last as her pussy was rubbed raw.  By the time the last guard was fucking her,
they did not need to stick fingers in her ass to raise her ass off of the bed,
she continually moved to escape the burning and painful rape of her pussy.

	They left Rebecca to take a shower and wash the cum out of her abused pussy. 
She ached from the continual rape she had endured.  She lay down on the bed and
fell asleep quickly, trying to put her ordeal out of her mind.

	It was only a few hours before Rebecca woke with a start from the noise of
her cell door opening and the sound of the men returning.  She was lying on the
bed naked, too tired to dress after her shower.   She knew that they had come
back to sexually abuse her body again. 

	"Please let me sleep, I hurt all over, don't hurt me again," she began to

	"Don't start crying, it is only Wednesday morning, you still have a long
time to go before you are released.  We are here to punish you again.  Now get
out of the bed and come over to the stool," ordered the Commander.

	Rebecca got out of the bed and walked over to the low stool.  All of the men
watched her naked body as she walked.  She looked like a fresh virgin, after her
shower, even though they had all raped her already.  "What are you going to do
to me?" she asked.

	The stool was a large, padded flat stool, with four legs, each with a strap
attached to fasten the victim either face-up or facedown.    "You will soon find
out, lower yourself on the stool, face-down." 

	Rebecca realized that since she ass would be sticking up in the air, they
probably intended to rape her asshole now.  "Please, your penis's are too big to
put up my bottom, put them into my vagina again," she begged.  She lowered
herself onto the stool.

	"Attach her arms and legs tightly, I don't want her to have too much
movement," the Commander ordered.  Rebecca's arms and legs were stretched to the
four corners, spreading them wide again.  Rebecca felt the cheeks of her ass
spread open as her legs were pulled open and could feel the cool breeze on her

	"You have such a cute tight asshole, you have already felt our fingers
opening you up, you are now going to feel our cocks rape your asshole.  I am
going to make it easier for you by preparing your asshole for our penetration,"
said the Doctor.

	They had put a mirror in front of and behind her so she could see her own
rape.  The Doctor had a large tube of Vaseline, which he began to spread on her
anus.  Her anus tried to move from the fingers, but the tight bondage of her
body prevents only the slightest movement.  His finger moved around the outside
and than began to push into her.  He could feel her body attempt to move away
from the finger, but it continued to open her anus until it entered her and her
anus had clamped around it.  Even after the finger fucking she had endured
before, her anus had shrunk back down and was still very tight.  The finger
began to move around her anus, stretching and moving deeper into her.  One
finger became two, and her anus stretched wider to accept the probing fingers.
The fingers were now pushed further into her, stretching and expanding her. The
Doctor fingers deep in her ass began to spread out, opening her up.

	Rebecca began to moan from the pain of the fingers.  "Please, that hurts"
she cried.

	The Commander moved behind her and Rebecca could see him holding a strange
device.  It was shaped like a clothespin, but was over 8 inches long.  It had a
screw in the center.

	"What is that," she said.

	"It's an anal expander, my cock is too big too just shove into your ass
without some preparation.  I will stick this up you ass and the when I turn the
screw it will open up your asshole until I stop," said the Commander.  "It will
hurt, but not as bad as my cock would."

	He began to rub the Vaseline on it and she could feel the end pushed up to
her anus. 

	"Relax your asshole, or this will really hurt," as he began to push into
her.  Her anus held out for a second, than opened to accept the expander.  He
pushed further, forcing over one inch into her ass, than two. 

	"OOOOWWWW," she cried, her asshole forced to open.  Three inches were in
her, and she began to feel cramps from the cruel instrument.  "OOOOOWWWW," four
inches were in her and her colon was forced to straighten to accept the
instrument.  A sharp pain jolted her body as it pushed relentlessly up her ass,
five inches and still moving. "OOOOOWWWWW, its going in too deep," she cried,
with six inches forced into her rectum.

	"Relax for a minute and take a deep breath, before I begin to open you up",
said the Commander.  Rebecca tried to catch her breath, but with six inches of a
cruel instrument forced into her ass, giving her cramps, that was not possible. 
She dreaded the moment when he would turn the screws, opening the instrument up,
spreading her insides open wide.

	The Commander began to turn the screw wider and wider, her asshole opening
to over one inch wide and getting bigger.  All along the shaft, her insides were
forced open. "There is more to come," he said and continued to turn the screw
until she was open two inches wide. 

	"OOOWWW, AAAAGGHHH, the pain is too much, take it out quickly," she cried,
the cramps and the stretching sending shooting pains throughout her asshole. 

	The Commander tapped the instrument with his fingers, sending shudders
through Rebecca's body as the movement magnified the pain.  "Maybe I should take
it out without loosing the screw," he said and tapped the instrument again and
again, making Rebecca flinch from the pain. 

	Her asshole was now spread over two inches wide and everyone could see
inside her.  One of the guards took a can of compressed air and spayed it into
her open asshole.

	"OOOOWWWW" cried Rebecca, her insides bloating, like she had a bad case of

	She saw the Judge in the mirror move behind her and she saw the stiff brush
that he had used on her pussy in his hand again.  She knew that he intended to
shove it deep into her ass and hurt her again.

	Her asshole was opened so wide that she did not feel the brush go into her
but she had seen it disappear into her ass through the mirror. 

	"Release the instrument and take it out of her ass, but slowly, I don't want
the brush to come out," said the Judge. 

	Rebecca sighed in relief as the expander shrunk in size.  As it went back to
its normal size, her asshole shrunk back down and began to grip the expander,
but also clamped onto the brush.  Rebecca could feel small, sharp pricks of the
scratching brush, deep inside her.   The Commander began to pull the expander
out of her asshole slowly, and it felt like it was dragging her insides out at
the same time.

	The expander pulled out of her ass with a pop and her asshole gradually
shrunk back down and now was gripping the brush, deep into her ass.  Rebecca
trembled in fear, knowing that the Judge intended to tear her insides with the
brush.  That would be bad enough, but when they started to rape her asshole, her
insides would be already raw and tender, creating more pain.

	"You know what I am going to do, don't you little girl?" asked the Judge.

	"Please don't rub my insides raw," she cried.

	"Make sure she is tied down tight," he said and began to twirl the brush
around inside her asshole.

	Rebecca screamed in pain, as the sharp, prickly brush began to twirl inside
her, feeling like sandpaper on her tender asshole. 

	As he twirled the brush, he began to pull the brush out until he came to her
anus, than plunged it back in, eliciting more screams for Rebecca. A quick jerk
out and than a forceful thrust back in, with Rebecca screaming from the
continual pain.  Two more thrusts in and out and than he pulled the brush out
until it was only gripped by her anus. He swirled it around her delicate
opening, watching as it turned red from the brutal scratching.  He wanted to
make her sensitive for the anal rape that was about to begin.

	"OHHH, I hurt so much, please leave me alone," she cried.

	The Commander stood behind her and was fisting his cock.  It was already
rock hard from watching the anal abuse of Rebecca.  He pushed it against her
anus, and Rebecca cringed and tried to pull away but the straps holding her
spread open limited her movements. 

	"Here it comes, Rebecca, I am going to fuck your ass. You are going to be
forced to accept my big cock in your virgin ass.   I am really going to enjoy
watching you suffer in pain as I plunge deep into your ass," said the Commander
and began to push into Rebecca.  Her asshole pushed deep into her body to escape
the cock but the Commander finally brutalized his way into her ass.  Her asshole
opened and the head of his cock was in. 

	"OOOOOOWWW,   AAAGGGHHHH," she cried as her asshole began to tear open and
bleed from the rape by the Commanders cock.  "Don't, take it out, I will do
anything, if you take it out," she cried.

	"We will do anything we want with your body and right now I want to fuck
your asshole, so get ready her it comes," the Commander said and pushed his cock
deeper into her asshole, spreading her wider than the anal spreader did.  She
began to get cramps as the Commander cock pulled out and than pushed back in,
each time further than the last.  Rebecca screamed as her asshole tore from the
cock stretching her wider and wider and the torment caused by the brush making
her insides raw.

	Rebecca was screaming continuously now as the Commander began the awful anal
rape of this 18-year-old.  Her body was shuddering from the pain as his cock was
now stoking into her asshole up to 6 inches.  Her asshole gripped his cock like
a glove.  It was even tighter than her pussy was.  It was almost painful to drag
his cock back out, but he did and than jammed it back into her, forcing 7 inches
of hard cock up her ass. Rebecca gasped in pain, her throat sore from screaming,
as the cock continued to punish her ass, each time going deeper into her,
sending new waves of pain.  Eight inches and still two more inches to go.  Nine
inches and Rebecca felt like he was trying to push it out her mouth he was
shoving in so deep.  He finally pushed all 10 inches of hard cock into her
asshole and pushed up against Rebecca, burying all 10 inches deep into her

	The Commander began to flex his cock deep into her ass.  The movement caused
her asshole to spasm in pain, but this gave the Commander pleasure as her silky
insides milked his cock. 

	"I bet you are hot and tight in your ass, my little girl," said the Judge. 
"I am going to rape your ass next and you are going to feel every inch of my
cock as I tear your asshole up."

	The Commander pulled his cock from her tight asshole, until only her anus
grasped the head.  To Rebecca, if felt like her insides were pulled out, with
the withdrawal of his cock almost as painful as the insertion.   The Commander
put all of his power behind the next thrust, forcing 10 inches of hard cock into
her once virgin ass in one powerful thrust that knocked the air out of her

	Rebecca screamed from the brutal thrust, but before she could thing about
it, his cock was back out and beginning to force itself back into her again. 
Again and again, Rebecca was forced to take the brutal rape of her ass by the
Commanders hard cock. Her anus began to give up its fight, and relaxed in
defeat.  The Commander was pounding into her ass cheeks, forcing his cock over
and over deep into her ass, inflicting the maximum amount of pain on this little
girl.  Her body shook in pain, as the Commander speeded up, ready to dump his
load of cum deep into this teenage beauty. 

	"Here comes my hot cum, deep into your asshole, my little bitch," he cried.

	Rebecca could feel his cock becoming bigger, stretching her asshole wider,
as he pushed deep into her and began to cum.  It felt like he was trying to push
into her body. She could feel the first shot of hot cum deep inside her.  Her
insides began to spasm from the pain, forcing another shot of cum deep into her. 
Two more jets of cum sprayed deep inside her.

	The Commander pulled his softening cock from her asshole with a pop.  Before
Rebecca had a chance to catch her breath, the Judge jammed his cock into her
anus, forcing her to open up again, stretching her open, sending shooting cramps
through her body as his cock began its painful journey deep into her ass. 

	Rebecca began to scream again from the fresh pain.  The Judge changed the
angle of his cock each time he drove into her asshole, maximizing the pain that
Rebecca would feel from the anal rape.  He thrust in and out, forcing her to
accept his cock deep into her.  He fucked her ass for over 10 minutes, forcing
groans and screams of pain from Rebecca as her asshole clung to his cock.  He
finally thrust deep into her ass and shot his hot cum into her, to mix with the

	The other guards jumped on Rebecca as soon as the Judge pulled his cock out,
raping her ass as she moaned in pain.  By the time everyone had raped her ass,
Rebecca could not even scream anymore.  Her ass was a constant barrage of pain
and her ass was full of cum.  The last guard pulled out of her ass and they
released her arms and legs from the legs, but Rebecca did not move.  Her body
still shook from the brutal anal rape they had inflicted on her, cum dripping
out of her swollen anus, blood running down her thighs.

	Rebecca managed to get up once everyone left and get into the shower.  After
a quick shower, she collapsed on the bed, exhausted from the brutal rape she
endured.  She quickly fell asleep, attempting to erase the past two days of rape
and humiliation from her mind.

	It was only two hours when Rebecca was woken.  We she opened her eyes, the
six men were surrounding the bed, naked, with their hard cocks ready again. 
Rebecca knew that they intended to rape her mouth now.  They would force their
cocks into her mouth and than down her throat.  They would eventually cum in her
mouth and force her to swallow it.

	The two guards grabbed Rebecca's arms and pulled her over to the side of the
bed so her head hung over the side.  They grabbed each arm and pulled it to the
top and bottom of one side of the bed and tied her tightly.  Others grabbed her
legs and pulled them open wide, tying them to the corners.  Rebecca was now
spread open, sideways on the bed, with her head at crotch level, hanging over
the edge of the bed. 

	"You must cooperate with the rape of your mouth, my little girl," said the
Commander, "we have already raped your pussy and ass.  You have already felt my
fingers in your throat and had a taste of my cock in your mouth, now we are
going to fuck your mouth. You do not have to do much, just open your mouth wide
and run your tongue over the cock in your mouth.  When it cums, swallow it all. 
If you spit any out, the Judge will beat your pussy."

	"It is time to begin, open your mouth," he said. 

	Rebecca could see him walk toward her, even though she was seeing everything
upside because of the way she was tied down.   As he got close, she opened her
mouth to accept his cock.

	"Wider, I want to see your sweet lips stretch over my cock," he said and
began to push his cock into her mouth.  With only the head in, Rebecca began to
run her tongue over it, making it jump and harden from excitement.  "That's a
good girl, keep doing that, can you taste my cum leaking out onto your tongue?"

	Rebecca could feel his balls resting on the top of her face.  She could
taste the salty cum on his cock and she knew that he intended to shoot his cum
into her mouth. What really scared her was that he intended to fuck his cock
deep into her throat, making her choke and cutting off her air supply.  She
would be forced to breathe through her nose.  Even after he came, she knew that
she would have to suck five more cocks and one of them would be the Judge.  He
was the most sadistic, and she would suffer when it was his turn. 

	The Commander began to thrust his cock in and out of her mouth.  Each time,
he would force Rebecca to accept more cock and his cock would go deeper, trying
to reach her throat.  Two inches were in, her tongue bathing his cock as he
stroked her, hoping to get him to cum quickly. 

	"You're a great little cocksucker, your tongue is teasing my cock, but I am
going to fuck your throat soon," he said and pushed his cock in three inches,
than back out to her lips. She sucked the tip of his cock and ran her tongue
over it.  "You really are learning good, keep sucking," and pushed in again,
four inches now, his cock reaching her throat.  Out if went to her lips and
Rebecca sucked the tip as hard as she could, knowing if she pleased him, he
might not force his cock into her throat.

	The Commander now gripped her head tightly and Rebecca knew it was time. 
The next thrust would be brutal and would begin the rape of her throat.  She
sucked in as much air as possible as she felt the Commander thrust his hips
forward, propelling his cock deep into her mouth.
short by the thick cock entering her throat.  Her throat was suddenly forced
open by the large cock.  Five inches of cock was buried in her mouth, but five
inches were also outside her lips.  Soon all ten inches would be buried in her
mouth and throat. 

	"GGGASSSSPPP," cried Rebecca and she sucked in as much air as possible
before his cock began its decent deep into her mouth and now 7 inches of hard
cock was buried in her.  "AAAAAAGGGGG," her stomach began to convulse and
shudder from the rape.  Rebecca tried to swallow the cock, but it did not matter
to the Commander.  Her silky throat was massaging his cock. 

	His cock was again pulled from her throat but the return trip back down
became faster and faster.  The next time she was forced to accept 8 inches of
cock, the next 9 and finally the Commander, in one brutal push, forced all 10
inches into the pretty teenagers mouth, forcing over 5 inches in her throat. 

	"You mouth is exquisite, it is milking the cum from my balls."  He reached
down to her neck and felt his cock in her throat.  Rebecca was trying to squirm
to escape the rape of her mouth and throat, but she was bound tightly.  She
began to go faint from the lack of air, when he pulled his cock out. 

	"You're not going to pass out on me, that would be too easy," he said.  "You
are going to feel every thrust of my cock and feel my cum shoot into your
mouth".  "When I cum, I want you to flutter your tongue over the tip of my cock. 
Do a good job, or you will be punished," the Commander said.

	His began to fuck her face, his balls slapping her face, his stomach
bruising her lips as he smashed into her, forcing his cock deep into her mouth. 
Rebecca could not do anything but accept her fate.  She was constantly choking
on the big cock and her stomach felt like it was going to turn inside out.  He
throat bulged open and than shrunk back down, and than again was forced open. 
Over and over again.

	"I'm going to cum, open wide and flutter your tongue like I told you," he
shouted.  He pulled his cock from her throat and pumped it with his hand into
her mouth.  Rebecca just barely had a chance to catch some air when he began to
cum.  She fluttered her tongue over his cock as she received her first load of
cum in her mouth.  Her mouth immediately began to fill with his cum. It was
heavy and salty and tasted awful, but she knew she must swallow it.  She began
to cough from the large amount of cum filling her mouth as his cock shot another
load of cum onto her tongue.  As she circled his cock with her tongue, another
load shot out. 

	"Suck it down, you little whore, drink my cum," the Commander said, shoving
his cock into her mouth one last time as he shot his last load of cum deep into
her throat, causing Rebecca to choke on the mouthful of cum she had.

	He pulled his cock from her mouth, wiping the cum onto her face.  Before
Rebecca could swallow all of the cum, another cock was forced deep into her
mouth, pushing the cum into her throat.  The gagging and choking began again, as
tears formed in her eyes as her mouth was again raped.

	The Judge was the last to fuck her face, and he abused her again.  He would
force her to swallow his cock and would not pull it out until she turned blue
and almost passed out. She was not lucky enough to pass out, forced again to
suck in air as the Judge again brutally fucked back into her throat.  The Judge
raped her mouth and throat for over 20 minutes, Rebecca thrashing about in her
bondage, gasping for what little air she could get until the Judge began to cum. 
He forced his cock deep into her throat and Rebecca could feel his cock coming
in her throat, forcing its way down into her stomach.  He did not pull out until
she had swallowed all of his cum.

	He pulled his cock out of her throat, but kept it in her mouth.  She could
feel it growing soft in the warm confines of her mouth. 

	All of a sudden, she felt a shot of salty liquid fill her mouth.  He was
pissing in her mouth.

	"Drink my piss, if you drip any out of your mouth, I will beat you
senseless," said the Judge. 

	Rebecca began to swallow the first load, when her mouth was empty, the Judge
shot another load in. 

	"Swallow faster, I can't wait all day," he said, spraying piss into her
mouth.  Rebecca swallowed, but as soon it was gone, her mouth was filled again. 
Four mouthfuls and he was still pissing, Rebecca continually swallowing, trying
not to wretch. 

	"I can't wait all day" and he shoved his cock deep into her mouth and into
her throat.  As soon as it entered her throat, he began to piss again, forcing
the piss deep into her. Rebecca could only lay there, forced to drink his piss.

	They left her alone again but she knew they would be back again. 


	As Rebecca lay on the bed, she could only think of the pain and humiliation
that she had been forced to endure.  Since her arrest, she had been stripped
naked numerous times, examined intimately, given a forced enema, raped in all of
her orifices and lastly the Judge had pissed in her mouth forcing her to swallow
the vile liquid.  While the others had been brutal, the Judge was always worse. 
He took great pleasure in causing Rebecca the maximum amount of pain and

	It felt like morning.  It was difficult to determine because her cell had no
windows or clocks.  They had finally allowed her to clean up again and this time
she was allowed to sleep.  Rebecca slept for short periods of time, but always
awoke from the slightest sound.  She was afraid that they were coming back again
to begin her torment again.

	Rebecca cringed when she heard footsteps coming toward her cell.  It was
only a lone pair, so maybe they were just going to be bringing her some food.  A
key was placed in the lock and the door opened and Rebecca gasped when she saw
the Judge.  This was her worst nightmare.  He was bad enough when with the
others, what will he do to her now that he was alone.

	"Please, don't hurt me anymore, I will do whatever you want.  You have
already raped me, what else do you want?"

	The Judge slammed the door shut and strolled over to the locked cabinet, a
cruel grin on his face.  He unlocked the cabinet and Rebecca could see that she
was in trouble.  The cabinet was full of torture instruments.  Whips, paddles,
spiked dildos, nipple clamps, chains, handcuffs and many items that Rebecca did
not even know what they were, but she did know that they were meant to inflict
pain on her young tender body.

	"We are going to spend some time together, alone.  The others are not around
and this part of the jail is soundproof.  I so love to hear you scream.  I have
many instruments that will do that exactly.  Quickly, get out of bed and get
over here," he ordered Rebecca, watching with his evil grin as Rebecca got out
of bed, already naked and walked toward him.

	Rebecca stood next to the Judge, trembling in fear. One arm was raised,
covering her breasts and the other tried to cover her naked pussy.

	"Hands to your side, you have such a beautiful and delicate body, do not try
to hide it from me."  The Judge stood to the side of Rebecca and began to run
his hand over her face, whispering to her "relax, I am going to do whatever I
want to your lovely body and you cannot stop me, so you might as well make it as
easy as possible."  His hand ran down her arm, toward her breasts.  She felt
them begin to run over her large breasts, searching for her nipples.  She
trembled in fear.

	"Yes, I do love to abuse your tender nipples.  By time I am finished they
are going to be very sore and tender," his fingers searching out the nipples,
forcing them to become erect.  His fingers begin to manipulate them, rolling the
nipples, squeezing and stretching them.  Rebecca moaned in pain, as the Judge's
fingers became more insistent, pulling her nipples from her body.

	The Judge released her nipples and grabbed the leather cuffs from the
cabinet and dragged Rebecca toward the pyramid.  If the Judge did what Rebecca
thought he would, her pussy would be soon riding the ridge of the pyramid.  It
was built from two sheets of wood, forced into a point.  The point was very
sharp and had rough edges.

	Rebecca's wrist were put into the cuffs and attached securely.  The Judge
went to the switch on the wall and the chain began to run down from the ceiling. 
The hook at the end of the chain fell in front of Rebecca. Her wrist cuffs were
attached to the hook and the Judge began to move the chain higher again.  Her
arms were pulled higher and higher until they were stretched high over her head,
forcing Rebecca to stand on her toes.

	Rebecca's shapely, young body was stretched high, her breasts standing tall,
her legs forced into a strained position.  The Judge returned with a set of
ankle cuffs and attached them to Rebecca.  Another chain was lowered from the
ceiling, this time engaging her left ankle.  It began to rise, raising her leg
higher and higher, forcing all of Rebecca's weight onto one foot.  It raised
past her waist and the Judge continued to raise it until it almost pointed
straight to the ceiling.  She was now naked and vulnerable to the Judge bound
tight. His hand ran over her naked stomach, moving toward her pussy.  His
fingers ran through her fine pubic hair, searching for her pussy lips.

	"Can you get your pussy wet for me Rebecca," his fingers searching between
her spread pussy lips. One finger found her pussy and began to enter her,
forcing itself deeper into Rebecca.  His finger pushed in than out and than
returned again, this time with two fingers spreading her pussy open.  "I know
you like this, you act like you don't but I can force you to cum, now give me
some of your pussy cream.  Wet my fingers."  The Judges fingers continued to
masturbate Rebecca, three fingers now pushing into her pussy, massaging her cunt
walls. His other hand pushed back her clit hood and began to pull and squeeze
her clit, forcing a groan from Rebecca.

	"Yeah, that's the way, get wet for me.  Come on, just think of what I am
going to do to you."  Rebecca's hips began to move slightly, trying not to enjoy
the Judges masturbation of her pussy, but unable to prevent it.  He pushed his
fingers in deep and spread them, forcing Rebecca wide.  "I knew you could, look
at how wet my fingers are," his fingers glistening from her pussy juice.  He
took those fingers and moved them back to Rebecca's asshole.  His other hand
began again to finger fuck her cunt. 

	"See how your pussy juice make it easy to finger your tight asshole," and
one finger pushed into her anus, opening her up.  Rebecca pushed forward,
forcing the other fingers into her pussy.  "Your asshole grips my finger so
tight, even after raping your asshole, you are still tight." 

	The Judge abruptly removed his fingers from Rebecca, her eyes opening in
surprise.  "I don't want you to cum yet, bitch.  I am going to keep you horny
and on the edge all day."

	Rebecca's leg was released from the chain and was allowed to return to the
ground, but the Judge put a thigh strap on both of her legs.  He grabbed her
left leg and bent it back until it was pushed against the top of her leg and was
attached by the thigh strap.  Her right leg met the same fate.  Rebecca was
bound with her legs tied back.  She would be unable to support herself if let

	"No, not that, it will hurt so bad, my vagina is too tender," begged Rebecca
as the Judge began to move the pyramid between her legs.  When she was situated
with her legs on both sides, he began to lower her onto the peak. 

	When her pussy was only one inch from the top, he stopped it temporarily so
he could fold her pussy lips back.  He wanted to make sure she suffered the
maximum amount of pain.  The chain again moved down, forcing Rebecca's pussy to
ride the ridge, her weight pushing down hard. 

	"Oh, God, that hurts so bad.  I will do anything, just let me off of it."

	"I will do anything I want to you anyway and right now I want to see your
pussy suffer."  His fingers moved to her open pussy, again, beginning to
masturbate her.  "See, your still wet, you love this you little pain slut," his
fingers rubbing her clit, forcing her pussy to cream."

	OOOUUUCCCHHHHHH, OOOHH, God, you are cutting me open, don't force me to
move," her hips moving slightly from the forced masturbation, but the sudden
pain as her pussy rubbed on the rough point forcing her to stop any movements.

	His hands pushed against her abdomen, forcing her to push backwards,
eliciting a scream of pain, as her pussy was rubbed raw by the wood.  His other
hand pushed on her ass, forcing her back the other way.  "I love it when you do
it yourself.  Feel you pussy being abused.  Soon it will be sore to the touch. 
Than I will be ready to begin your torment."

	Rebecca gasped as the Judge moved to the cabinet and returned with a pair of
nipple clamps and two weights.  "Don't put them on me," she begged, but she knew
that the Judge was not even hearing her.  The only thing he wanted to hear from
her was her screams of pain.

	He pinched her right nipples, forcing it to become erect.  He pulled it from
her body, stretching it out, forcing Rebecca to move to relieve the pain, but
rubbing her pussy on the sharp edge.  Rebecca watched as the clamp opened in
front of her tit and she cringed as it began to force itself over her tender
nipple. The clamp snapped shut hard on her nipple. "OOOOOWWW, you son of bitch,
you're tearing my breasts."  The Judge released the clamp, the weight pulling
her nipple down, stretching and tearing as it pulled.

	"Now, that's no way to talk to me," and his fingers made her left nipple
erect as he abused it.  The other nipple clamp forced another cry of pain from
Rebecca as it pinched her nipple and the weight tugged it toward the floor.

	Rebecca was slumped forward from the nipple clamps as she rode the pyramid,
forcing her clit to now rub on the board, screams of pain coming from her lips. 
Her asshole was now exposed and Rebecca could not see as the Judge moved behind
her.  She could feel his fingers rubbing around her exposed anus and she feared
what he planned to do now.

	Suddenly Rebecca jumped forward, screams coming from her lips as her pussy
was rubbed across the edge.  The Judge had a long pin and stabbed it into the
outside of her anus.  "I have many more for you, relax, this pain is only the
beginning, I have much more for you."   Another pin entered her anus, blood
dripping from the hole made by it.  Rebecca's screams were almost continuous as
the Judge pushed more pins into her tender anus, circling it with over 10 pins,
each time going closer to the center.  When all were firmly pushed into her
anus, he ran his fingers over them, forcing more screams from Rebecca as it
brought fresh pain to her tortured anus.  At the same time, her pussy was being
rubbed raw from the movements trying to escape the cruel pins.

	His hand played over her body, eliciting fresh screams as they pulled on the
nipple clamps, brushed the pins or pushed her pussy over the edge of the
pyramid.  Rebecca's head swan in a sea of pain as she was constantly forced to
accept the new wave of pain crashing over her.

	The Judge returned with a cigarette lighter in his hand and again
disappeared from view.  "I know you're a hot cunt, let's see how hot you are." 
He lit the lighter and pushed it over the head of one of the pins.  Rebecca
screamed as the heat spread from the head of the pin all the way down to where
it was pushed into her anus, the pain shooting through her body.  Rebecca
screamed as he heated each individual pin, fresh pain mixing with the lingering
heat from the previous ones. Rebecca's body shone from the sweat caused by the
torment she was undergoing.

	The Judge stood in front of Rebecca's face.  "Please, I hurt so bad, no
more.  I can't stand the pain." 

	"There is much more to come."  His fingers sought out her pussy, pulling on
her clit.  "Can you get wet again, if you do, I will pull out the pins,
otherwise, I will light your asshole up again."  He began to masturbate Rebecca
again.  She fought the pain in order to get her pussy wet for him.  He continued
to rub her clit, spreading her pussy lips and running a finger into her cunt. 
He had to push her up to get into her cunt, so Rebecca got a brief reprieve from
the edge of the pyramid. 

	"Yes, you are starting to cream your pussy again," his fingers continuing to
masturbate her.  "Keep coming, a little more and I will take out the pins," two
fingers now pushing deep into her pussy, her pussy juices coating them.

	He abruptly stopped again, forcing Rebecca's pussy hard down on the pyramids
edge again, fresh pain bringing her back to reality.  Rebecca screamed as the
Judge began to remove the pins, one at a time, slowly pulling them out, but
making sure Rebecca felt the maximum amount of pain as he did.  Her anus now had
ten burnt and blooded pinpricks.

	The Judge returned from the cabinet with a small whip.  It had five strands
of leather, each with a knot on the end.  It was built to inflict the maximum
amount of pain to the flesh of a female and the Judge was an expert in finding
just the right place for the whip to reach.

	"You are really going to sing for me now, your screams are making my cock
hard.  When I am finished whipping you, I am going to fuck your asshole.  But I
am going to do it while you are still on the pyramid."

	The whip began to beat against her body.  The Judge first started on her
back, Rebecca's screams egging him onto more brutal punishment.  He moved down
to her ass, the ends of the whip reaching between her spread cheeks, the knots
tearing at her burnt and punctured asshole.  He pulled her by the hair, forcing
her backward, giving him access to her clamped nipples and breasts.  The knots
brought fresh pain from the clamps on her nipples, forcing her breasts to
bounce, swinging the weights, eliciting more pain. 

	The Judge lowered the chains slightly, allowing him to push Rebecca back,
her asshole now rubbing on the pyramid edge.  This gave the whip access to her
spread pussy.  The whip beat the already tortured flesh, the knots beating
between her pussy lips, beating her clit.  Rebecca was hoarse from the
screaming, the pain making her crazy.  Her body was criss-crossed with whip
marks, her nipples bleeding from the nipple clamps. 

	The Judge finally stopped.  "You're lucky I need to fuck you, otherwise I
could whip you all night."  Rebecca screamed as a new batch of pain shot from
her nipples as the clamps were released.  The chain was lowered further,
allowing the Judge to push Rebecca, so that her ass was now at the edge, cutting
into her beaten pussy.

	He pushed Rebecca's head down, forcing her to lie almost flat on the
pyramid, giving him access to her asshole.  "Unless you want me to fuck your
asshole dry, you better get my fingers wet again."  His fingers moved into her
pussy from the rear, three fingers this time, forcing her open.  He began to
masturbate her again, fingering her cunt until she started to get wet again. 
"Yes, I can feel your pussy juices beginning to run again, keep going, my hard
cock needs some of your juices on them.  A little bit more," his fingers
massaging her cunt walls, spreading the juices onto his fingers.

	The Judge removed his fingers from her pussy again and placed two fingers on
Rebecca's asshole and pushed in hard, forcing a scream from Rebecca as her anus
was forced to open to accept the cruel fingers.  "You are still tight even after
us fucking your asshole before."

	The Judge moved behind Rebecca and she could feel the helmeted head of his
cock rubbing her pussy juice up to her asshole, preparing her for the rape of
her asshole.  She knew it would be painful, as he would force his cock deep into
her asshole, pushing her forward onto the edge of the pyramid.

	Rebecca screamed as her burnt and punctured asshole was stretched wide to
accept his large cock.  Her anus clamped tightly on his cock.  The Judge pulled
his cock out, allowing Rebecca's asshole to clamp shut, but abruptly pushed it
back in again, forcing a new scream of pain from Rebecca's lips as she had to
relive the stretching of her anus.  This time he pushed in further, burying two
inches of hard, erect cock in her asshole.  He pulled out and forced Rebecca to
accept four inches, bringing new pain as her anal tract was forced open.  The
Judge continually forced Rebecca's asshole to take his big cock deeper into her,
forcing her to rub her pussy on the pyramid edge, screams coming from her lips
from the pain.

	The Judge now had all of his cock buried deep into Rebecca's pulsating
rectum.  Her anal tract was massaging his cock, brought about by the spasm from
the pain.  He began to seriously fuck Rebecca's asshole, driving her pussy on
the edge, forcing her asshole to expand each time to receive each brutal thrust
into her ass.  Air farted from Rebecca's asshole as the Judge raped her
brutally, forcing her to accept his punishing cock.  Faster and faster he fucked
her, his cock straining to cum in her.  Rebecca's screams brought him closer and
closed to cumming. 

	Rebecca could feel his cock becoming bigger in her asshole.  She was
constantly screaming from the pain as his cock hammered into her asshole. 
Suddenly he pushed in deep inside her with a painful thrust and his cock began
to cum.  Her colon was forced to accept his hot cum.  First one shot, than
another, than three more before his cock finished shooting in her asshole. 
Rebecca could feel his hot cum filling her colon. 

	The Judge pulled his cock from her asshole with a plop, a fart escaping from
her bruised asshole, cum dripping out.  The Judge went to the door and closed it
behind him.

	"Let me off this, don't leave me like this," she screamed, her pussy forced
hard on the edge.  "I can't stand this all night, help, someone help me", the
silence deafening.

Part 3-Girl Sex and Ass Rape

	Rebecca heard the sound of the door opening.  "Please, let me off of this,
my pussy hurts so bad, I will do anything, just let me off," the pain in her
voice making it tremble.  She had been riding the ridge for over an hour since
the Judge had left.  No matter how much she tried to stay still, her tender
pussy was continually rubbed raw on the sharp edge.

	The Commander walked into her view.  Rebecca was tied onto the pyramid, her
arms bound behind her back, her breasts thrust forward.  Sweat covered her body. 
He could see her pussy, now swollen and red, pushed tight against the board,
cutting into the tender flesh.  His cock got hard at the sight of this beautiful
young woman in pain.

	Rebecca trembled in fear as the Sheriff ran his hand down her back, moving
toward her ass.  Since she first arrived her body had been tortured and raped by
these men.  Each time they came into her cell, she had been physically and
sexually beaten and raped by time they left.  She feared what would be in store
for her this time.  His hand now reached her ass and moved toward her anus.  If
she moved, her pussy would be rubbed on the pyramid, so she forced herself to
stay still.

	"Stay perfectly still and it will not hurt so bad," his hands pushing into
the crack of her ass, his fingers searching for her tiny asshole.  One finger
found it and he opened her up, his finger pushing into her rectum, running over
her slick anal walls.  Rebecca tensed up, trying not to move, her asshole
tightening on the slick finger buried deep in her rectum.  "You are still
tight," and a second finger now joined the first, forcing a groan from Rebecca's
lips as her asshole was forced to open wider.  "I am going to fuck your asshole
again, but I'll have a little help this time."  He pulled his fingers from her
asshole, her sphincter muscle grabbing it tightly as it was removed.  He wiped
his fingers on her hips and began to untie the ropes from her arms and the
straps on her legs.  Soon, Rebecca was untied.  "You're going to have to get
down by yourself.  Just slide off, hah-hah," he laughed.

	Rebecca tried to get off the pyramid delicately, but ended up screaming in
pain as she was forced to rub her battered pussy on the pyramid one last time.

	"Take a shower and clean up, but hurry," he ordered.

	Rebecca stood in the open shower and let the warm water run over her
tortured flesh.  She washed the sweat and cum from her body and began to dry
off.  The Commander was still in her cell, watching her from the bed.  She
walked from the shower to the Commander.  As she reached him, she heard the cell
opening again and turned to see who was entering now.  She saw one of the other
guards entering and with him was another prisoner.  She was about Rebecca's age,
blonde hair, large breasts and a heart shaped ass.  Her arms were handcuffed
behind her back.  You could see the signs where she had been beaten with a whip
or other instrument. 

	"Bring her over her," motioning the guard.  "Rebecca, I want you to meet
Sara.  Sara is also one of our guests.  I want you two to get to know each other
better.  Uncuff Sara," the Commander ordered the guard.

	Rebecca could see the frightened look in Sara's eyes, she also felt the same
way.  They planned to do something bad to both of them and she was sure that it
would be painful.  She noticed that their cocks got hard when they punished and
tortured her.

	"I want you two to have girl sex while we watch.  After a while we will join
in and fuck you both as you fuck each other.  If you do not cooperate, the first
one will be put on the pyramid.  You will be fucked while on it and Rebecca can
tell you how much that hurts."

	Sara watched Rebecca's face as the Commander gave his order.  She knew that
Rebecca was like her, she had never had sex with another woman.  But she knew
that this fact would not stop the Commander from making them comply with his
twisted request.

	"Both of you on the bed now.  I want you to start kissing each other and
make sure that your tongue is deep in the others mouth.  Tits should be

	Rebecca reached for Sara, she had felt the pain of the pyramid and did not
want to again.  She would do whatever was necessary to avoid it.  She pushed her
lips onto Sara, forcing her tongue into her mouth.  Her breasts pushed against
Sara, feeling Sara's nipples harden as they touched.

	"Cooperate Sara, or you will be punished," the guard ordered.

	Sara began to rub her tongue against Rebecca, their lips mashing into each
other, tongues darting deep into each other's mouth.

	"Feel each other's tits and nipples.  Do it hard, I want to hear the other
in pain."

	 Rebecca knew that this was coming, they always loved to hurt them.  She
began to squeeze Sara's breasts, paying special attention to her nipples.  They
had become very hard so it was easy to grip them tightly.  As she did, she could
hear the muffled groans of pain coming from Sara.  Sara began to do the same
thing to Rebecca, also forcing groans of pain from her as they continued to
tongue fuck each other.  They both abused each other's breasts.
	"Stop kissing but hold onto each other's nipples tightly.  Yes, that's good. 
Now squeeze as tight as you can.  I want to hear you both scream."
	Rebecca and Sara tightened their grips on each other's nipples, tearing into
the flesh, screams ringing out in the room as they both competed to please the
Commander and escape his wrath.
	"That was good, now get into the sixty-nine position," the Commander ordered
both of the girls. " I want you to begin by licking each others cunt." 
	Sara and Rebecca both had never had sex with a female before.  It felt
strange when they began to kiss, their tongues in each other's mouth.  Not
necessarily unpleasant, but different.  It was much more tender than with a
male. It was not strange to feel each other's breast, not being much more
different than they would do when they would do to themselves when masturbating. 
It became difficult when they were instructed to abuses each other's nipples. 
They had both suffered under the abuse of the Commander, the Judge and other's
and knew what it felt like.  Now they were being forced to do it to another and
at the same time had it done to them.
	Rebecca turned around on the bed, crawling between the legs of Sara. 
"Spread your legs, it will go much easier if you cooperate with them.  They
intend to hurt us, don't make it any worse," she begged Sara.  Rebecca's pussy
was pushed up higher over Sara's head and began its descent onto her face. 
Rebecca ran her hands over Sara's inner thighs, toward her pussy, her legs
opening wide for her.  Rebecca could smell Sara's sex.  She did not know how she
was going to react to what they where forcing her to do.  While she had been
tongue fucked before, she had never had to do it to another.  She would not have
the choice.  Rebecca pushed her pussy into Sara's face, feeling the soft lips of
Sara touch her pussy. 
	Sara saw Rebecca's towering over her as her own legs were spread open by the
soft hands of Rebecca.  It moved lower, onto her face, temporarily smothering
her as Rebecca's pussy was forced onto her mouth and lips.  Sara moved her hands
up and pushed Rebecca higher so she could spread her open for the tongue.  Sara
stuck her tongue out, her fingers spreading Rebecca's pussy lips open, her
fingers feeling the wetness of Rebecca's pussy.  She pushed her tongue into
Rebecca tentatively, tasting her pussy.  It was slightly salty, not necessarily
unpleasant, but strange.  She began to push her tongue deeper into her pussy,
her fingers pushing back Rebecca's clit hood and her tongue swiping lightly over
her clit.  She could hear Rebecca moan in pleasure.  At the same time, fingers
and a tongue began the slow masturbation of her spread body.  She pushed her
hips up, raising her ass from the bed, straining to push her pussy harder into
the soft mouth of Rebecca.  They both let their bodies go, seemingly ignoring
that they were being watched and forced to have girl sex. 
	The Commander and the guard were watching as the girls begin to eat each
other's pussy, their cocks growing hard.  Even though they were being forced to
do this, they seem to being enjoying it.   Soon they would begin the rape of
these girls but they were content to watch.  They began to strip off their
clothes, stroking their hard cocks.
	The girls were suddenly brought back to reality by the booming voice of the
Commander.  "Put your tongue in each other's asshole.  Get it wet," he ordered,
his cock now rock hard, waiting until he could rape the asshole before him.  The
girls cringed at the order.  Neither had even had done this to them, never mind
having to do it to another. It was unclean to tongue an asshole, not knowing
whether it was clean or not.  But it was not an option.  They were being forced.
	Both girls moved higher up, spreading each other's legs open more, gaining
access to their unprotected anus.  They were tiny little stars, having shrunk
back down after the previous rapes.   Each girl shivered in excitement as a
warm, wet tongue began to circle their anus, bathing it, ready to push deeper
into their anal tract. 
	"Stiffen your tongue and push it into her anus, open each other up and bath
your assholes.  I want them wet for my surprise."
	The girls began to push their tongues into each other's anus, fearing what
the "surprise" was.  It felt strange, as their anus was forced open by a tongue. 
Their tongues plunged in and out, bathing their assholes, preparing for their
eventual rape.
	The Commander threw two strange devices onto the bed.  They looked like a
finger splint attached to a wrist unit.  The splint would vibrate when the unit
was turned on.  "Put them on your fingers and wrists and turn them on high.  I
want them shoved high up into your assholes."
	Sara and Rebecca complied with the lewd command, forcing each other to
accept the vibrating finger in their ass.  The vibrators were quite enjoyable,
eliciting moans of pleasure from their lips as they continued to suck and lick
the pussy in front of them.  Rebecca was the first to take a clit between her
teeth, forcing Sara to breach high on the bed, straining to push her pussy and
asshole deeper into Rebecca's face.  Suddenly both girls began to have an
orgasm, their thighs trapping the others head tightly between their legs, their
pussy juice flowing.  The Commander watched in amusement as the girls thrashed
about the bed.
	Their heads began to emerge from between their thighs, their mouth and face
covered with girl cum.  "Don't wipe your mouth or face, I want you to remember
what each other tasted like," the Commander now throwing down a large double
dildo onto the bed.  I want you to girl fuck now.  Rebecca, you on top.  First
put the dildo into your cunt and than I want you to climb between her legs and
fuck her.  I want it hard and deep.  If she doesn't scream out in pain, you will
find yourself on the pyramid again.
	Rebecca saw the fear in Sara's eyes, but she could not do anything to help. 
She had to be the one to cause her the pain or she would have to suffer it.  She
rubbed the dildo along her slit, wetting it with her pussy juice.  She spread
her pussy lips open, the Commander watching her degrade herself, his cock
standing out hard and ready.  She began to slowly insert it in her vagina, her
pussy walls spreading out to accept it, pushing deeper into her body with each
subsequent stroke.  Sara would not have this luxury, she would have to take it
hard and sudden. Rebecca finally got half of it into her stretched pussy.  She
rose up from Sara and placed it on her pussy, rubbing it along her slit.  "I'm
sorry," she whispered to Sara as she pushed the dildo forcefully into Sara,
tearing into her pussy, not stopping until their bodies met. 
	"AAAGGGGHHH, that hurts so bad, not so hard, AAAGGGHHH," the dildo tearing
and raping into her tender body.
	"Fuck her hard, Rebecca, while we get ready for you.  I want her screaming."
	Rebecca continued to rape poor Sara, forcing her legs back, spreading her
open so she could elicit the screams necessary to keep the Commander happy and
hard.   Out of the corner of her eye, she caught the sight of the two men
putting French ticklers on their erect cocks.  She had never seen one before,
but she could guess their purpose.  It was a condom type covering, but on the
outside were ridges and protrusions.  They were meant to bring about pain when
forced into their tender bodies.  They would continually rub and irritate the
delicate linings of their pussy or assholes.  Not only would they be raped, but
also tortured.
	"Turn Sara on her side, we want access to your assholes.  You two have been
having too much fun, it is our turn now," pushing Rebecca over, the two of them
now laying on their sides, Rebecca between Sara's strained thighs, the dildo
pushed deep into her. 
	The girls could feel as the two men joined them on the bed, pushing up
against their naked asses, their hands spreading their cheeks, gaining access to
their unprotected anus.  Sara tried to push away as she felt the strange feeling
of the French tickler pushed between her cheeks, seeking her anus, but she only
succeeded in driving her pussy further onto the dildo raping her pussy.
	"Don't hurt me, not in my asshole, it is still sore from when I was raped
yesterday, she begged, tears flowing from her eyes.  Rebecca gave her a look of
sympathy, but she knew it would do no good.  These men enjoyed their pain.  The
louder the screams, the harder the cocks.
	Rebecca braced herself as she felt the Commander line his cock up to her
anus.  "You're going to love this, Rebecca, I am going to tear my cock into your
asshole as I rape it. It will feel like I am trying to push it out your mouth. 
The French tickler will also dull the senses somewhat so I will be able to fuck
your asshole for a long time.  The last time I did this, the girl would not
cooperate in fucking back and squeezing her asshole on my cock so I fucked her
for an hour.  When I got finished with her, she couldn't shit for a week without
bleeding.  If you want it to go quicker, squeeze my cock as I pull it out, it
will make me cum sooner, otherwise I will enjoy your asshole for a long time."
	Sara and Rebecca both screamed in pain as hard cocks forced their asshole to
open, stretching and tearing as they forced their way past their anus, into
their rectum.  They could feel the bumps and protrusions scraping along their
tender anal tract.  They both tried to push away from the raping cocks, only to
force the dildo deeper into their cunt, pushing against their cervix, new pain
added to the pain they felt in their assholes.
	The two men now force-fed their cocks into their unwilling and screaming
partners, enjoying as they elicited a fresh batch of screams after a
particularly cruel and brutal stroke.  They watched as their cocks withdrew from
the stretched asshole, blood forming on the French ticklers.  "Fuck back or we
will fuck you all day you little whores," the Commander whispered to the
helpless two.
	The two girls began to squeeze their assholes onto the raping cocks.  It
increased their pain as the French ticklers brutalized their tightened anal
tract, but they had to get the rape over quickly or their assholes would never
be the same again.  The Commander and the guard enjoyed the girl's acceptance of
their rape and their willingness to fuck back.  They began to speed up the rape,
forcing their cocks deeper into the girls. 
	Sara and Rebecca continually screamed in pain, the stomachs cramping from
the brutal ass fuck.  Their anal tract was in constant pain as it felt like the
cocks were covered in sandpaper, scraping and gouging as they plunged in.  Their
anus was stretched tightly over the cocks, blood forming where it was torn from
the brutal attack.  They both felt stuffed, as the dildo and cock pushed deep
into them. 
	"Hurry, get it over with, it hurts so bad," cried Sara, straining to squeeze
the cock in her, hoping it would make him cum in her quicker.  She saw Rebecca's
face cringe in pain as she was forced to take a brutal stroke in her asshole, a
scream coming from her mouth.  "Oh, God, please no more, I can't take it,"
trying to escape, but trapped between her rapists.
	"Soon, you couple of cunts, keep fucking back, it will soon be over.  It
feels like you are to squeezing the blood out of my cock.  You make such good
little whores."   The Commander increased his pace, fucking harder.
	The men continued the rape until they plunged their cocks deep into the
girl's asshole one last time.  The girls could feel their anal tract forced
wider as the cocks began to cum, shooting the hot cum out of the holes in the
tips, filling the girl's colon with hot semen. 
	The girls could feel the cocks soften in their assholes, relieved at last
that continuing pain would be stopped, but their torn anal tracts would take
time to heal.
	"Take your cock out of my ass, you already came," begged Rebecca.
	"Not yet, lay still.  We are going to give you a piss enema first."  Both
girls groaned in pain as the two men began to piss into their colons, the hot
piss irritating their brutalized anal tract, new pain beginning.  Their stomachs
began to swell as they were filled with the hot urine.  The men knew they were
going to inflict this punishment on the girls and had drank large quantities of
liquids before.  They were ready with a long piss into them.  It was meant to be
painful to the girls. 
	"Squeeze your asshole tight as we pull out, if you lose any of our piss, it
is the pyramid for you."  The bloodied cocks were pulled from the assholes,
farts escaping as the pressure of the brutal rape was released.
	The girls felt rope attached to their wrist and legs as they were tied to
each other, their faces buried into the raped and bloodied asshole of the other. 
The men's cum was smeared on their faces, the taste of piss reaching their
	"We will be back in a hour to let you lose.  I hope you can hold the piss
and cum enema, otherwise someone is going to have to eat it."
	The girls cried, knowing that they would not be able to hold their assholes
shut for an hour, forcing the other to eat their shit, piss and cum.  Both tried
to hold out as long as they could, squeezing their brutalized anus tight, but
they could not wait that long.  Sara was the first, Rebecca forced to stare into
Sara's asshole as it shot the disgusting mess into her face, her eyes, some
shooting up her nose and a large portion shooting on her mouth.   Rebecca
coughed and gagged, vomiting as she was forced to swallow some of the mess shot
into her mouth and nose.  Unable to hold her own, Sara was also subject to the
same disgusting mess as Rebecca shit out the piss and cum in her colon.
	The girls were left to wait another half out, covered in shit, piss, cum and
vomit, the gagging and vomiting continuing the whole time, the stench
overpowering.  The guard that released them were just barely able to overcome
the smell as Sara and Rebecca was released and allowed to take a shower, once
again clean, ready for another rape or torture.

(To be continued)

Part 4 David Is Caught and Confesses

	David was worried about Rebecca.  She had left Tuesday for Brazil and he
had not heard from her since.  It was now Thursday, so he decided to fly down to
Brazil and see if he could find her before their parents found out on Saturday.

       David was one year younger than Rebecca.  He was over six feet tall and
was in great physical shape.  He belonged to the high school football team as
the starting quarterback.  He was very popular in school, especially with the
females.  While he knew his sister was a virgin, he was not.  He had lots of
females throwing themselves at him and he did not turn down many.

	He had arrived at the airport and was just going through customs.  The
customs officer in front of him was a very burly, male officer.  He was looking
at David's passport, his baggage was being inspected by another officer, this
one a very attractive female officer.  She looked about mid-twenties, wearing a
short skirt and a tight fitting button down blouse.   She had very large
breasts, big hips and a great ass.  David's cock was hard from watching her go
through his luggage, her hands handling his underwear, wishing it were his cock

	"I need you to go with Officer Gomez," that customs officer stated.

	"Is there a problem?   David watched as Officer Gomez closed his
suitcase and pulled it from the table.

	"Just do as he says and follow me.  You do not want to start questioning
our authority.  This is not the United States, we do not have many personal
freedoms that you take for granted.  We can make you disappear in a matter of
minutes and you will remain with us for the rest of your life.  Now follow me,"
Officer Gomez ordered him in a very stern voice.

	David began to get scared.  These people were serious.  Maybe Rebecca
had gotten caught by them, that is why he had not heard from her.  He followed
Officer Gomez.  No matter how scared he was, he was still horny.  The sight of
Gomez, her ass swaying in the tight skirt in front of him still kept his cock
hard.  He followed them down a long corridor until they reached the end.  A
large door was opened electronically and the both of them followed the new
corridor to a stairway.  They proceeded down four flights of stairs until they
reached another electronic door.  This opened as they approached and David
followed Gomez down the corridor.  On both sides were cell doors, with only
small barred windows at the top.  When they reached the end, David was led into
a large cell, the front all bars.

	"Sit in that chair until we are ready for you," Gomez ordered him. 
David sat down immediately, the chair in the center of the large room, a large
table next to it. He noticed that the chair he sat in had straps attached to the
arms and the legs, as did the table at all four corners.

	"Why am I here, I demand an explanation," David's voice raised and

	Gomez turned toward David and walked over to him.  When she was close,
her hand reached out and backhanded his face hard. 

	"SSMMAACCKKK," her hand hit him, knocking his head to the side.

	"I said sit until I am ready for you, you will learn to obey or suffer
the punishment."  Gomez moved back away from him as he rubbed his face, the pain
radiating from the blow.  Oh, God, what have I got myself into he thought.  He
sat upright in the chair, waiting while Gomez dumped his suitcase on the floor. 
She ripped out the lining of the suitcase, looking for something.  David turned
toward the cell door as he heard it opened.  Two more female officers came in,
both also attractive.  But in their hands were long batons. They looked like
nightsticks, but they had twin prongs on the end.    David did not know, but
they were cattle prods, capable of producing overpowering pain using high

	Gomez walked back over to David, as did the other two officers.  "Your
sister, Rebecca was caught Tuesday bringing illegal drugs in our country.  She
stated that they were not hers that you hid them in her bag.  Drug smuggling in
this country is punishable by ten years in jail.  Did you put the drugs in her

	Poor Rebecca had got caught and it was his fault.  If he admitted it was
his, it was ten years in jail.  He had to hold out until his parents could come
to their rescue.  By Saturday, they would find out they were missing and it
would be easy to trace them to the airport. 

	"Is Rebecca here, is she all right?"

	"Yes, she is in our custody.  She has been very cooperative with us and
while she has been forced to do many things she has not wanted to do, she is in
relatively good shape.  Now, answer my question, is the drugs in her bags
yours?" Gomez watched his face for any reaction to her statements.

	His poor sister, what had they done to her.  They had to last for two
more days without admitting anything.  "I don't know anything about any drugs,
someone else must have placed them in her bags when she was not looking, she
does not do drugs.  Please, may I go now, my parents are expecting me."

	"I think you are lying to us, David.  We know for a fact that your
parents are not expecting you until Saturday.  And I think that the drugs are
yours and your sister is paying for your sins and we are going to find out the
truth.  We have ways to induce the truth out of you, some of them quite painful. 
You will soon find out what your sister has already been made aware of.  Remove
your shirt, pants and shoes and socks, David," Gomez ordered.

	"I'm not going to in front of the three of you," his voice raised.  He
suddenly felt an excruciating pain in his left side as one of the guards hit him
with a low level of electricity from the cattle prod.  He fell to the floor,
clutching his side, his breath raspy, as he could not catch a breath of air.

	"Would you like to try that again, David, or would you like a higher
voltage from the cattle prod?"  Gomez watched as one of the guards lifted David
up and threw him into the chair.

	"No," he stammered, unable to catch his breath, " I will do it, don't
touch me with that again."  David began to remove his shoes and socks.  He stood
up and removed his shirt, pulling it from his pants.  He slowly unbuckled his
belt.  He looked up, the three guards watching, waiting for him to remove his
pants.  They intended to humiliate him.  He wondered if Rebecca had to do the
same thing.  His cock got hard again.  He unsnapped the button and lowered the
zipper down slowly, anything to delay the process.  He pushed his pants to the
floor and stepped out of them.  He stood there in his shorts,  his hard cock
straining the front of them, his hands trying to hide his erection.

	"Hands at your side, are you embarrassed, David?"

	David moved his hands, his erection still straining his shorts.  He
looked down at the floor, he did not want to see the faces of the female guards
that forced him to strip.

	"It seems our little David has a big cock and this is exciting him.  Is
that true, David, you are enjoying stripping for us?"  Gomez laughed along with
the other guards.
"Remove your shorts, let's see that big cock that you are so proud of."

	David pushed his shorts to the floor and stepped out of them.  Fuck them
he thought, he was not ashamed of the size of his cock.  He stood up, his hands
at his side, his cock sticking straight out, hard and erect.

	"Step over to the table, David.  That's a good boy, now sit up on the
edge."  One of the guards stood next to David and pushed him down flat on the
table.  She grabbed one of his wrists.  David tried to pull away put when he
felt the prod sticking in his side he relented.  He felt a leather strap go
around his wrist, securing it to the corner of the table.  The other wrist was
secured in the same manner, he was not flat on his back, his wrists high over
his head, secured to the corner.  Meanwhile, his cock still remained hard,
pointing toward the ceiling.

	"Secure his legs," Gomez ordered the other guard.  She pulled his left
leg up on the table, his knee bending in order to secure it to the top of the
leg in the front of the table.  Another leather cuff was secured to it, holding
his leg tightly to the side.  His right leg was secured in the same manner.  He
was now bound on his back, his legs bent at the knees, his legs spread.  "Spread
him open." 

	David felt one of the guard's attaches a leather strap to his knee.  She
ran it under the table and attached the other end to his other knee.  She began
to pull it tight, his knees spreading outward, opening his legs wider until he
felt he was going to be torn up the middle. "A little tighter, let him feel a
little pain," Gomez said.  David felt his knees open wider, his knees almost
bent level with table, straining to close.
	David watched in fear as the three guards put on rubber gloves.  He was
not going to like what they were going to do.  One of the guards moved toward
his head.  She took a leather strap and attached it over his forehead,
effectively securing his head to the table.  He would not be able to move.  She
moved toward his mouth, a large ring gag in her hand.  David shut his mouth
tightly, refusing to let her put that in his mouth.
"OOOWWW, OOOHH, GGOOODDDD, LLLETTT GGGGGo," screamed David.  Someone had grabbed
him by his balls and squeeze tightly.  The pain shot through his groin, his
stomach aching from the sharp pain. 

	Fingers held his mouth open and the ring gag was thrust into his mouth. 
Fingers began to open it, his mouth opening bigger and bigger.  His lips
stretched wide as it was forced to open wider than it should.  His mouth was now
just a large gaping hole.  His cock had softened, the ball crushing having the
desired effect. 

	David felt hands on his cock.  He could not see who it was but it ran
over his cock gently, another hand grabbing his balls.  He cringed in fear that
they would be crushed painfully again, but they seemed to be gentle.  His cock
hardened again, getting bigger as the hand stroked his cock up and down.  A hand
reached between his legs and ran over his asscheeks, spread wide by the leather
straps.  A finger slipped over his anus and forcefully plunged into his asshole. 
"AAAGGGGHHHH," he cried in pain as his anus was forcefully entered.  He tried to
move away from the brutal fingering but the leather straps held him bound
tightly.  The finger moved in and out, opening his rectum open, scratching at
his anal tract.  He could only make muffled sounds through the ring gag. 

	"How do you like being taken by a women, David," now two fingers
brutally opening up his anus wider, moving deeper into his rectum.  "Tie his
balls up," Gomez ordered.

	David felt a new set of hands reach for his balls.  He felt the hands
clutching them and it felt like a leather strap run over them.  His balls were
released and he felt the leather strap begin to tighten, compressing his balls
into a smaller and smaller area, the pain beginning to increase.  One final
tightening and he could feel it tied into a knot.  His balls ached, crushed by
the leather straps.  The hands reached for his cock again and a leather strap
was attached around the base of it.  He could feel it tightened, the blood
forced to the head of his cock, his cock hardening and growing.  The strap was
tied into a knot, compressing his cock, forcing it to stay hard.

	"How are you doing, David, would you like to tell us about the drugs
yet, or should we continue?" 

	David could not respond, his head was tied in place and his mouth was
full of the ring gag.  They did not care what his answer was, they only intended
to inflict pain on his body.  He could see hands move over his head, this time
they held nipple clamps.  They were very large clamps with serrated edges.  They
would be very painful when they dug into his nipples.  Fingers grabbed his
nipples and pulled them, a fingernail scraping along it, forcing it to harden. 
David yelled in the ring gag as the first clamp bit into his nipple flesh,
pinching it tightly.  Just as the intense pain began to give way to a dull ache
the other nipple was forced into erection and the other clamp was attached. 
David's body attempted to shake the clamps loses, but the bondage held him

	The fingers in his ass began to move again.  Two fingers became three,
forcing his anus open wider.  His muffled screams were promptly stopped when one
of the guards slowly began to put a large dildo in his mouth.  The ring gag
prevented him from stopping it and it slowly began to push into his mouth into
it reached the end of his throat.  He began to gag and choke as it pushed into
his throat.  His gag reflex tried to prevent it from entering, but a quick slap
of his tied balls by one of the guards sent sharp shooting pain through his
groin, forcing a scream from his throat.  The dildo was thrust sharply down into
his throat, forcing it to open to accept it.  Another slap to his balls and the
fingers tearing into his defenseless anal tract brought fresh new pain to his

	"How does that feel, David, are you enjoying it as much as we are?  The
best part of our job is the opportunity to punish boys like you."  Gomez fingers
pushed deeply into his asshole, her fingers scratching along his anal tract. 
Her other hand slapped his bound balls, the pain increasing. 

	The dildo in his mouth began to push in and out, fucking his mouth like
a whore.  Fingers snapped against his balls, eliciting muffled screams of pain,
four fingers now opening up his asshole, tearing along his rectum.  All of a
sudden they stopped.  The dildo was pulled from his mouth and the fingers left
his asshole vacant and empty.  Just when he thought he was finished a hand
slapped his balls hard, crushing them against his stomach.  His stomach turned
over in pain, cramps seizing him. 

	"Are you ready to confess, David, or should we continue?"  The ring gag
was removed, he was now able to speak.  He coughed and gagged, his throat sore
from the dildo. 

	"Please, no more, I put the drugs in my sisters suitcase.  She didn't
know anything," he confessed.

	Gomez grabbed his balls again, his screams ringing out in the cell. 
"That is not what I want to hear.  Now tell me you did it with your sisters

	David was confused, but wanted to stop the pain.  "My sister and I
smuggled the drugs into your country."

	"That's better.  Release him," Gomez ordered.  His hands were released
first, than the straps from his legs and knees.  The strap was taken from his
balls, it hurt, but it finally was released.  The clamps were released from his
nipples, the pain rushing into them as they blood rushed back in.  He rubbed
them until the pain went away.  He felt fingers on his cock again, it still
hard, forced that way by the strap.  He felt the strap taken off, the blood
returning to his cock, but the fingers kept his cock hard.

	"Ah, here comes your sister, why don't you hug her," she ordered. 

	Rebecca was brought in, the Commander and the Judge by her side.  She
was shocked when she saw her brother standing there naked, his cock hard and
erect.  While she had never seen her brother naked, the last few days of forced
sex had taken a toll on her.  Nothing surprised her any longer, no amount of

	David moved toward his sister, naked, his cock hard, but he did not want
to disobey Gomez.  He reached for his sister and brought her close to him, his
cock digging into her pussy as he squeezed her.

	"Have you been successful, Officer Gomez?  The Judge asked. 

	"Yes, Sir, David has confessed and implicated his sister," she said.

	"What did you say David, I didn't know anything about the drugs,"
Rebecca yelled. "What did you say to them?  Why did you do that?"

	"I had to, Rebecca.  They were torturing me.  I couldn't help it, I
couldn't stand the pain."

	"Officer Gomez, I think you should take care of David's problem.  He
seems to be aroused."  Gomez and the other two female guards moved toward David. 
The Commander and the Judge moved back with Rebecca between them.  "Watch them,
Rebecca, you are going to have your chance with your brother soon enough.  Now
that he has confessed, you will be spending a lot of time with us."

	Gomez reached down for his cock and began to run her hand up and down
it, masturbating him.  One of the other guards grabbed his balls, this time
gently and began to milk them with her fingers.  David felt another hand run
down over his naked ass.  "Spread your legs," a slap to his cheeks forcing him
to spread them.  She ran a finger down his crack of his ass until she reached
his asshole.  A finger pushed in, than another.  His ass pushed forward, into
the hands masturbating his cock. 

	David began to rock his hips forward and back, into the masturbating
hands than back onto the fingers in his asshole.  He looked over at his sister,
embarrassed at being masturbated in front of her.  He saw her standing between
the two men.  In one of her hands, she was stroking the cock of the Judge, her
hand moving up and down like Gomez was doing to him.  On the other side, the
Commander had pulled up her dress and had his hand in her panties, masturbating
Rebecca as she stood there, her legs spread.  His cock got even harder, they had
already degraded his sister, making her into a whore for them, just like they
were doing to him.  He saw the expression on her face, forced into the act,
degraded in front of her brother.  His cock began to get harder, his balls
squeezed, milking the cum out of them.  His cock began to shoot, Gomez aiming it
at Rebecca, spraying onto her legs as the finger in his ass forced a second load
of cum out, landing on Rebecca's shoes. 

	Rebecca felt disgust as her brothers cum ran down her legs.  The cock in
her hand began to shoot, spraying her hands with hot cum.  The fingers pushed
into her pussy, stroking into her deeply, running over her clit.  Oh, God, the
Commander was forcing her to cum again.  Please, no, she thought, not in front
of my brother.  The fingers continued their masturbation of her body, standing
spread open, her brother cumming, the Judge cumming all of over her and all of
these people watching as an orgasm began.   Her body jerked as she began to cum,
her pussy soaking the fingers deep into her pussy.  She continued to rub the
Judges cock, smearing his cum all over his cock.  She saw her brother's face as
he watched her cum, degraded by the Commander and the Judge again. 

	Now that both David and Rebecca had cum, their minds now went to what
was in store for them now that David had confessed.  Rebecca already knew of the
cruelty of the Commander and the Judge.  David would have to learn.

To Be Continued

Chapter 5

	Rebecca found herself back in her cell.  She took a shower and got into
bed, naked.  They had not furnished her with any clothes, so she slipped between
the blankets and tried to sleep.  Her eyes closed and she began to dream, more
of a nightmare.  She kept thinking of all of the things they had done to her
once innocent body.  They had raped her pussy, ass and mouth and made her have
sex with another girl.  She had been whipped, cleansed with numerous enemas and
burned with a lighter.  Yet even with all of these things, they had made her
cum.  More then she ever had, and stronger.  Her fingers reached down to her
pussy, stroking it lightly as she finally fell asleep.

	The door was opened, the key in the metal lock waking Rebecca up.  She
sat up in bed, frightened, not sure where she was.  The blanket fell down, her
breasts, naked, her nipples hardening in the cool air of the cell.  "Who is it?" 

	The Commander moved into the light.  Rebecca noticed a small black bag
at his side and the fear began to form in her eyes.  She knew that she was to be
sexually abused again, but at the same time she could feel her pussy becoming

	"Wake up, Rebecca.  You have been asleep for five hours.  It is now time
for my pleasure and I intend to take my pleasure from your young body."  He
moved to the bed and pulled the blanket all the way to the end of the bed,
uncovering Rebecca's naked body to his gaze.  He saw the humiliation on her face
as she was forced to show her most intimate charms.  "You have such a delightful
body and it makes my cock so hard thinking of all the things I will to do it." 
He looked at her lying there, naked.  Her youthful breasts standing firm on her
chest, her large, brown nipples already hardening from the air.  His gaze moved
down her flat stomach to her sparsely covered pussy, the hair so light and thin. 
He could see her pussy lips, a faint glimmer of moisture on them.  Her long legs
and firm thighs, held tightly together, attempting to hide her delicate charms. 
It was all his to do with as he pleased.  And he had many things he planned to
do to her tonight, most she would not enjoy.  He loved to force his female
victims to submit to him and to hear their pleas and cries.  Tonight would be no
different.  Rebecca would soon be begging him, but he would ignore her cries. 
It would only make his cock harder.

	Rebecca tried not to look at him but his hand on her ankle startled her. 
She looked up and saw him grabbing her ankle, moving it toward him, attempting
to spread her legs.  She resisted, tightening the muscles.

	"A fighter, are you?  His hand slapped the top of her leg, the noise
ringing out in the cell.  "Relax your leg, I want to see that sweet pussy," he
ordered her.  He watched her as she submitted, her leg hanging limply.  He
pulled her leg over to the edge of the bed, her legs spread about a foot apart. 
He ran his hand up and down her leg, from her ankle to her knee.  His put his
other hand on her knee, pressing it into the bed, keeping it in place and he
began to bend her knee and pulling her leg up by the ankle.  Her leg began to
bow out, her pussy spreading out,  "Yes, I can see your pussy lips begin to
spread open, do you like opening up your pussy for me, Rebecca?"

	"No, please leave me alone," her left leg now bent back, her pussy
spread.  She saw the lust in his eyes as he started at her pink pussy.  She felt
his hand lightly slap her inner thigh.

	"Keep it spread open," he ordered her.  His hand moved up her thighs,
feeling her toned flesh, grabbing the young flesh in his hand.  He moved his
hand almost up to her pussy, but stopped.  He wanted her to wait, not to know
when he would begin to molest her pussy.  His hand moved up higher, over her
flat stomach, feeling her stomach muscles tightened up as his thick, callused
hand slid over her smooth skin.  His hand moved down to the top of her pubic
patch, running his fingers lightly over her pussy hair, feeling her body
shudder, still not touching her pussy lips yet.  He could see more pussy juice
forming on the insides of her pussy lips.  "You like that, don't you, I can see
your pussy getting wet," grinning as he watched her face.

	Rebecca turned red in shame, her eighteen-year-old body was being felt
up by a 50 year old man and her pussy was getting wet.  How could her body
betray her like that?  She felt the hand move back up her stomach, moving toward
her breasts.  She could feel the rough hand running moving up until it reached
her breast, the fingers fanning out and grasping her tit flesh.  "OOOWW, please,
not so hard," she cried, as his big hand encircled her breast and squeezed it

	"Great tits, especially your nips, so big, just waiting to be abused." 
The Commander molested the teen's tits.  They were big for a girl her age, no
sag.  He could see that she wore a modest bathing suit, her white breasts in
stark contrast to the rest of her tanned body.  Her areolas stood out, dark
brown against a sea of white flesh, her pink nipples, hard and erect as if
begging for fingers to pinch and prod them.   "Oh, yeah, you love this don't you
Rebecca, you love it when you are forced," his fingers finding her nipples, two
fingers grasping them tightly, watching as her face contoured in pain.  He saw
her hands clench the bed in pain, but did not move to try to stop them.  "That's
a good girl, submit to my fingers," his fingernails digging into her nipples.

	Rebecca's back arched up from the bed, hoping to escape the pain in her
breasts as it felt like he was trying to tear her nipples from her chest, but
her arms hung limply by her side.  Her hips bucked on the bed, the pain
increasing, feeling like his fingernails were drawing blood from her tender
nipples.  Why can't I stop him, she thought, her hips bucking up and down, like
she was fucking an invisible person?  Why is my pussy so wet?

	The Commander released her nipples, seeing small drops of blood on them. 
His mouth clamped on one of the hard nubs, sucking in the morsel, cleaning the
blood off of it, his teeth nibbling gently on the nipple.  He moved to the
other, again cleaning the erect nipple.  He pulled his head off of her tits,
seeing her nipples, hard and erect, glistening in the light from his oral
ministrations of them.  "If you liked that, I have some things I going to do to
you that will make you cum."

	Rebecca felt the Commander push on her arm, forcing her over onto her
side.  She felt his hand run down her waist, toward her hip, sliding over the
tanned flesh, moving down to her upturned ass.  She felt the callused hand
massaging her toned ass cheeks, a testament to the time she spent in the gym
keeping her body toned and flexible.  She tightened her asscheeks as she felt it
move lower towards the slit in her ass.  A sharp slap to her ass and an order to
relax her muscles brought a relaxing of the muscles, a tingling spreading over
her asscheeks from the spank.  "Please, again," she meekly said in a tone that
could just barely be heard.

	"What did you say, Rebecca, did I hear you say you wanted another slap
on your ass?"  The Commander looked down at the teen, her face flushed.  He
looked at her ass where he had spanked her, a slight pink compared to her white

	"Yes, Sir," the voice rising a little in tone.

	"Louder, Rebecca, tell me you want me to spank your ass?

	"Yes, please spank my ass," she begged, her voice louder now, her eyes
clenched shut, not wanting to see the face looking at her as she begged to be
spanked.  She did not know why she said it, she felt humiliated, asking to be
spanked but the slap on her ass had triggered a reaction in her teen mind.  She
had cum before when her pussy was slapped, the slapping of her ass bringing the
stirrings of the previous encounter.

	"I think I can accommodate you, my little pet."  His hands moving over
her body, arranging it to maximize her exposure for a spanking.  "Over you go,
turn sideways on the bed and move towards the edge."

	Rebecca felt her body being turned this way and that, complying, giving
over her will to him as he readied her for a spanking.  She was turned over onto
her stomach, her ass fully exposed to his gaze.  He turned her body sideways on
the bed, her feet hanging over the side.  A command to raise up on her knees,
brought her feet back up, tucked under her body as she kneeled submissively
before the Commander, her ass thrust seductively towards his face.  A hand ran
over her cheeks again, squeezing the flesh tightly.  She felt fingers sliding
down her crease, spreading the flesh on either side as it played down her body,
teasingly over her anus before reaching her pussy.  She knew that he could feel
her wetness and knew that she craved the control.  The fingers slid back up,
this time, wet, sliding over the flesh, covering her skin with her pussy juice.

	The Commander opened the top on the baby oil and began to slowly pour
some of the clear liquid on Rebecca's upturned ass.  "I'm going to rub this into
your asscheeks.  It will make the spanking sting more, but it will keep your
skin supple.  Later I will take a whip to your ass."  His hands moved sensuously
over Rebecca's teenage ass cheeks, spreading the oil in her skin.

	Rebecca raised her ass up higher as The Commander spread the oil on her
cheeks.  She felt his fingers slide over her cheeks, reaching the crease in her
ass, fingers reaching out and pulling her cheeks apart, opening her anus to his
eyes.  She felt the cool liquid poured on her open anus, sending a shiver
through her body as she realized how exposed she really was.  The fingers
returned, this time running over her anus, covering her exposed flesh with a
liquid sheen.  The fingers slid down until they reached her pussy, already wet
in anticipation. 

	"Higher, raise you ass higher," his hand reaching out and slapping her
right cheek, the noise ringing out in the cell.  His hand continued the
massaging of her ass cheeks, feeling the heat from the last spank.  "That's a
good girl," watching as Rebecca arched up, her ass moving higher into the air,
allowing him access to her open pussy.  "I think you need to be bound, you must
learn your place.  Ask me to tie you up?"

	Rebecca blushed again as she pushed her ass up higher in the air,
presenting herself to the Commander.  She knew that her pussy was thrust out
into his face.  She cringed when she heard his command, he was going to bind
her.  She would be unable to prevent anything from happening to her body.  She
would be tied, face down, ass in the air, open and vulnerable.  "Please tie me
up, Sir." 

	The Commander brought out some leather straps from his case.  He pulled
her right arm and slid it down her side, running it along her right leg until it
reached her right ankle.  He saw Rebecca bury her face into the mattress as she
was pulled backwards.  He quickly tied her wrist to her ankle, another strap
attaching her upper arm to her upper leg.  He grabbed her left arm and
accomplished the same.  Rebecca's arms were now pulled back, tied to her legs,
her head buried deep into the mattress. 

	Rebecca could feel her ass being pushed up higher, her arms were tied to
her legs, pulling her back, her ass rising to assume the bondage position the
Commander put her in.  She felt the hands returning to her ass, again massaging
her teenage flesh, molding it, getting it ready to be spanked.  "Please, sir, I
need to cum, please spank me."

	The Commander looked down at Rebecca, her tits brushing across the
mattress, her ass thrust up, so vulnerable.  His hands moved between her thighs,
feeling the toned muscles of her legs, pushing out on them.  "Spread your legs,
I want your pussy open," he ordered, watching as Rebecca slowly spread her legs
open, her arms moving with her legs.  "More," his hand slapping the inside of
her tender thigh, forcing her to spread wider.  He watched as her pussy lips
began to spread open, her pussy juice glistening.  "Again, spread them more,"
her legs again moving up, her knees now over three feet apart, her ass cheeks
spreading open, her tiny anus now open and exposed.  It was still red and
swollen from her ass rape,  "Such a nice little asshole you have Rebecca, did
you like it when a big, hard cock was pushed into it."

	Rebecca felt the fingers brush over her anus, bringing back the reminder
of the pain when she was fucked in the ass.  It felt like they were tearing up
her backside, the hard cock feeling like a baseball bat being shoved in her
backside.  "No Sir, it hurt," she cried as the finger circled her defenseless
anus.  She knew that she could not stop him from doing anything to her teenage
body.  She tensed as the finger circled her tender flesh, rubbing the inflamed

	"Time for your spanking," the Commander swung his hand, it making
contact with her left ass cheek with such a force that Rebecca was forced
forward on her knees. 

	"OOOWWW, AAAGGGHH," Rebecca cried as her ass stung from the huge hand
slapping against her tender flesh.  She felt the hand return to slowly rubbing
her asscheeks, massaging, playing with her body as she bound for his pleasure. 
"OOOW, that huuuurrrtsss," she cried again, this time the hand striking her
right cheek. 

	The Commander continued to massage her asscheeks, feeling the heat
rising from the spanked flesh.  His fingers moved down to her pussy, running up
her wet slit, spreading her pussy juice back up between her ass, over her anus. 
His hand shot down again, slapping her ass hard, her body rocketed by the
powerful hand.  He heard her scream in pain, but her ass moved back into
position, up and open, begging for more.  "That's good, back into position, your
ass is getting nice and hot."  His hand slapped again on her other cheek, her
flesh quivering in pain as it bore the brunt of his slap.

	Rebecca openly cried in pain, as the slaps became harder and more
frequent.  The fingers would only return to her wet pussy for seconds before the
palm of his hand would again torture her beaten ass cheeks.  Two more quick
slaps, the staccato ringing out in the room, quickly followed by two more
stinging slaps.  Rebecca's body shuddered, the pain radiating from her beaten
cheeks into her pussy, sending conflicting signals of pain and pleasure.  She
pushed her ass back, looking for the fingers on her pussy but only finding the
cruel slap on her ass.  "Please, my pussy, please," she begged.

	"Yes, I don't want to disappoint you," his hands moving her thighs
further apart, her pussy now spread, her pink insides peeking out.  He watched
as she spread herself open for him.  His hand went to slap her again, this time
hitting her squarely on her spread pussy, her body jumping in pain as his palm
slapped hard on her wet pussy with a loud splat.

	"AAAGGGHH, that's not what I meant, OOOWWW," his hand slapping her
tender pussy again.  Oh, God, she wanted his fingers on her pussy, not a
spanking.  "Please, not again, AAGGHHH," his hand hitting her on her clit this
time, shooting pain going directly to her brain. 

	The Commander looked down at the teen, her body covered in perspiration,
her ass cheeks a bright pink, and her pussy beginning to turn a dark red.  Yet
she continued to push her ass up in the air, offering her most intimate portions
of her body to him, to do as he pleased, whether it be pleasure or pain.  His
left hand shot out and slapped her hard on her ass cheek, his right hand shot up
between her legs, slapping on her exposed pussy, pushing her body up higher into
the air as it absorbed the powerful blow.  "Yes, I love to spank your body,
especially your pussy.  You should see how dark red it is turning.  It will be
very tender to the touch." 

	Rebecca felt the fingers returning to her pussy, her pussy juices
running down her thighs.  No matter how much she screamed in pain, her body
seemed to be enjoying the sexual torture.  The fingers ran up her pussy slit, so
open by the obscene spread of her legs.  It ran over her clit, now swollen and
erect, peeking out from behind it's hood.  It had received the last blow
directly on the delicate morsel sending a rush of pain and pleasure through her
body.  The finger tantalized her clit before moving up, spreading her pussy
juice up between the cheeks of her open ass until he reached her abused anus.

	The Commander felt her tighten the muscles in her ass as his fingers
rolled over her anus, now wet with her pussy juice.  His finger pushed gently on
the muscle, watching as it spread open, fighting to prevent the fat finger from
entering her anal tract.  "Relax your asshole," his head bending over her body,
his tongue running over her exposed anus.  He felt her body jerk in response to
the oral ministration of her anus by his rough tongue.

	Rebecca shuddered as her inexperience body felt for the first time a
tongue invading her backside.  She could not believe that someone would enjoy
running his tongue over her butt.  "No, that's dirty, don't lick me there," she
cried in humiliation as she tried to shake her ass to escape the ravishment of
her backside.  She only exceeded in making the Commander more excited, seeing
her ass shake begging for more.

	"You have such a sweet young asshole, Rebecca," as his tongue began to
push inside her tightened anus.  "Open up for me, let my tongue in," feeling her
relax her anus as his tongue suddenly plunged into her open orifice.  Her anus
tightened on his tongue, the natural reaction of trying to expel an invader up
her backside.  He licked the small anus, making it glisten with saliva.  He
pulled his mouth from her anus.  "Push out with your asshole, Rebecca, let me
see your asshole pucker out.  Do it now," he voice ordering Rebecca to perform
for him.

	Rebecca pushed her head further into the mattress, trying to hide her
embarrassment as she pushed back on her ass, like she was trying to expel a turd
from her ass.  She could feel her anus pushing back and she had to stop to keep
from farting.

	"That's nice, Rebecca, again, push out again."  He watched as her pucker
pushed out again.  He saw her strain.  "Good, girl, now again."  She released
and then pushed out again.  He pushed his finger into her anus as she pushed
out, entering her swiftly and painfully as it bore into her anal tract. 
"Tighten on my finger, squeeze it tight."

	"AHHHH," the pain of the finger penetrating her backside forcing her
back down.  A slap on her ass and she moved back up again, forcing her ass back
down on the finger in her ass, feeling it slowly move into her rectum.  It
continued its relentless push into her backside, twisting and turning inside her
as it bore into her backside as she forced herself to take the fat digit.  She
felt his knuckles against her anus, knowing that the finger was now buried deep
inside her.  She felt the finger tip move around inside her like a tiny animal.

	"Are you ready to cum, can you cum with my finger up your asshole?"  He
twisted his finger cruelly in her rectum, scratching her anal tract, seeing her
body shudder in pain.  He reached down to her clit, grabbing the tiny pea size
organ and began to pull and pinch the delicate morsel.  Her body jerked on his
fingers as they continued to pinch and prod her openings, dragging moans of
pleasure and pain from her lips as he masturbated her.

	"Yeeeessss," she cried, her ass arched backwards, forcing her twin
openings onto the fingers abusing her.  She felt two fingers enter her pussy,
spreading the walls of her vagina as she was speared on the digits.  His other
fingers continued their forced masturbation of her clit, as they finger in her
ass became two, spreading her anus open wider, forced to accept the fingers up
her backside.  YYYYEEEESSSS, I"MMMM CUUUUUMMMMMIIINNNNGGG," she cried, her pussy
and asshole clamping down hard on the fingers as the most intense orgasm hit her
inexperienced teenage body.  Her body shook and shuddered as the fingers
continued to draw out a second, more intense cum, three fingers now in her
asshole, the pain adding to the pleasure, her clit pinched tightly by his

	The Commander could feel her pussy juices running down his fingers as
she came from his masturbation of her teen body.  He twisted his fingers in her
asshole, making her feel his power over her body, making her shudder.  He pulled
his fingers from her body, watching as her asshole popped as the fingers left
her backside, her anus staying open, begging for the fingers back.  His fingers
left her pussy, glistening from the cum from her body.  "Did you have a nice
cum, Rebecca?"  He slapped her ass hard, her body shuddering, just barely able
to keep in position, the cum draining the energy from her body.

	"Now its time for my pleasure, I am going to fuck you in any hole I
want." He rolled her over onto her back, her legs drawn up high, her arms
holding them open and wide.  "I didn't think you would like this, but I think
you might enjoy it."

	Rebecca did not understand, looking puzzled.  The Commander moved out of
her range of vision.  She could hear the sound of clothes being removed, knowing
when he returned, he would be naked, his cock ready to claim his pleasure on her
young body.  She heard the unfamiliar rustling of something in the bag, unable
to comprehend what it was.  "Noooo, please don't" she cried in anguish as the
Commander moved back into her sight.  It was too horrible.  He was almost naked,
but it was the almost that scared her.  He had a tee shirt on, but it was not an
ordinary tee shirt.  The upper half of the tee, where her breasts would be
pushed against if he laid down on her was covered with very sharp tacks, spaced
about one inch apart.  They were attached to the inside of the tee, the sharp
tips pointing straight out.  His shorts were almost identical, except his hard
and erect cock was naked and pushed out the hole in the front.  All around his
cock, tacks pushed out, especially above his cock, where his abdomen would pound
into her spread pussy, especially onto her clit.  On his hands were two rubber
dishwashing gloves, except they were covered with tacks, from the fingers, all
the way down into the palms.  They would tear into any innocent flesh that they

	"I think you will like this, Rebecca, I think this will make you cum
again."  He rolled Rebecca over onto her side, her arms still tied to her legs,
curling her into a ball as he pushed against her naked ass.  One hand crept
around her body, the tacks seeking out her breasts and nipples, the other moving
down to find her naked and wet pussy.  He pushed his cock between the cheeks of
her ass as he pressed against her.  "You are going to enjoy this, Rebecca, I am
going to make you cum on my cock," he laughed as he watched her body press
against the sharp pins.

(To be Continued)

Author: Powerone
Title: Strip Searching Rebecca
Part: Chapter 6-The Punishment Gloves
Summary: Rebecca is caught by the authorities attempting to smuggle drugs into
Brazil. She is forced to strip naked, bound, enema raped, her mouth, ass and
pussy are raped by many men. 
Keywords: MMMM+g, nc, rape, anal, enem, bd, virg, oral, reluc, humil

Copyright 2002 by Powerone.  Author can be contacted at

Strip Searching Rebecca
Chapter 6-The Punishment Glove

	"I want you to be able to move around a little more, Rebecca."  He
untied her wrists from her ankles, but attached them to the headboard, forcing
her arms up over her head.  He stretched her out on the bed again, placing the
punishment gloves back on his hands.

	"No, don't touch me with those.  You're going to tear up my flesh with
them," the thought of the pain the tacks would inflict on her body, especially
her more intimate areas frightened her.  She felt the hands touch her lightly,
motioning her over onto her side.  When she hesitated, he pressed harder, the
tacks indenting her skin.  "OK, I'll do it, just don't touch me with them,"
turning over onto her side, her ass and back to him.

	"You will obey, Rebecca.  It will stop some of the unnecessary pain if
you cooperate.  Now, relax as much as you can," the Commander sliding up next to
her on the bed.  "Tuck your legs a little, yes, that's good," pushing Rebecca
into a position where she was curled up slightly, her ass prominently displayed
outward.  He moved in closer, his hard cock pushed out in front of him.  He
still had on the tack covered shorts, the tips of the sharp tacks glinting in
the light, arranged all around his cock.  His tee shirt was also adorned with
tacks, ready to push into her naked breasts when he turned her over.  Best of
all, the glove bore the most, tacks covering all of the palm, fingers front and
back and even some on the back of the hand.  Wherever he touched would feel the
prick of the tacks.  Even a gentle pressure by his hands would produce punctures
in the flesh, especially when pressed against the sex of Rebecca or in her.  He
moved his hands over her body, moving his hands down to her stomach.  He felt
the sharp intake of her breath, her stomach sucking in to escape the hands, but
he followed her, pressing further.  He let his fingers touch her gently, there
would be more then enough time to make sure she suffered more severe pain.  He
would take her gradually, forcing her to accept the pain and finally make her
cum even while he inflicted the pain on her body.

	Rebecca's body tightened up as she felt him behind her.  With her arms
bound over her head, she was defenseless to stop him from doing anything to her. 
She could feel his breath on the back of her neck and she knew that it would be
only a matter of seconds before he would move against her.  She felt his body
pressing against hers, his cock, hot and pulsating, pressed against her naked
ass.  She knew she would be fucked again, hoping that he would not fuck her
asshole.  It had hurt each time they did it to her.  She could never understand
why they wanted to put their cocks in her ass.  The only reason she could think
of was they liked to hurt her.  Make her scream.  She felt his hands move over
her stomach, the cold plastic gloves giving her goose bumps on her skin.  Her
nipples hardened when she felt the cold metal of the tacks touch her naked skin,
feeling them slide painfully along her stomach. 

	"Such a beautiful, young body you have, Rebecca.  I'm going to enjoy it. 
Did you like it when I made you cum before?"  His hands moved over her flesh,
moving from her stomach up, moving towards her breasts.  He felt her body pull
away as his hands scraped painfully along her flesh, the tacks leaving small
white trace on her skin.  "Nice large tits, big nipples from such a little girl. 
They make such tempting targets for abuse." 

	Rebecca started to squirm around on the bed as his hands began to move
around, moving towards her breasts.  She tried to move back, but was only
successful in pushing back onto the hard cock.  Her bound hands limited her
actions.  "No, don't," she begged as the fingers moved up to her breasts,
running up under them, hefting them in the palm of his hands.  "OOWW," feeling
the tacks pushing into her breast flesh, the weight of her heavy breasts pushing
down on them.  "OOOHH," his hands squeezing them from the bottom, tiny tacks on
the fingers pushing into her flesh.  The fingers moved slowly over her breasts. 
She looked down and watched as one finger of each hand moved slowly towards her
nipples.  They were already hard and erect, the dark areola contrasting the pink
nipples capping the center of her breasts.  She felt the finger scraping along
her flesh until it came to her areola, one single tack on each finger slowly
running around the areola, dragging the sharp point over her flesh.  Tiny bumps
appeared, the tacks scraping over them, the points digging into the bumps. 

	"Do you like that, Rebecca, is it making your pussy wet?"  He pushed a
tack into the areola, watching as a tiny speck of blood appeared on it, her body
jerking in pain, a gasp coming from her lips.  He moved the tacks around the
areola again, this time pushing deeper into the flesh, feeling the flesh beneath
his fingers begin to tear.  "Yes, your nipples are getting so much bigger. 
They're waiting for the tacks, begging me to touch them with the gloves."

	Rebecca squirmed on the bed, the fingers rasping harshly across her
skin, the sharp tacks digging into her flesh.  "OOOW," a tack digging painfully
into her areola before resuming the circular motion around her nipple again. 
She watched, almost as if it was in slow motion as the two fingers on each hand
moved toward her nipples.  Each finger held many tacks, glistening in the light,
some already stained with blood.  "No, don't" she begged, her eyes wide open in
terror as the fingers moved over her nipples.  She could feel the first touch,
the cold metal, sharp and pointed tacks touching the tender flesh. 

	The Commander rubbed a finger over the tip of her nipple watching as it
dragged over the nipple, slapping it back and forth, the tack biting painfully
into the tender nub.  The nipples were now swollen to over twice their size,
turning a dark red.  He felt her body flinch each time the tack snapped over it,
his fingers reaching out farther to make sure she could not escape them.  "Do
you like this?"  His fingers grabbed each nipple, multiple tacks pushing into
her nipples, small droplets of blood appearing.  He felt her trying to shake
free, tightening his grip, the tacks pushing in deeper.  "Hold still, yes,
that's a good girl."  He felt her body surrender allowing him complete access to
her breast flesh.  He pushed his fingers back and forth over the nipples,
feeling the flesh crushed beneath the sharp tacks.  "Hurts, doesn't it, Rebecca. 
I love to make little girls cry."  He pushed in again harder, her groans of pain
getting louder.  He pushed his cock against her ass, feeling the tacks in his
shorts pushed against her ass cheeks.  He rubbed his cock back and forth,
feeling the tacks dragging over her ass.  "Don't move away," one finger pushing
a tack into the very tip of one of her nipples.   She screamed in pain, but
pushed her ass against his cock, the tacks pushing into her ass.  "Good girl."

	Her nipples felt torn and bleeding.  The fingers continued to push the
tacks into them, scraping over them and finally one single tack pushed deeply
into the tip of her nipple.  "OOOOWW, you're killing me," pushing back against
his cock, feeling the tacks push into her ass cheeks.  She had tried to escape
him, only to be punished.  "Oh, God, no," feeling the hands moving to cover her
breasts, her whole tit flesh covered with sharp tacks.  They began to move
around, gripping her breasts, squeezing them, caressing them like a lover would
do.  But no lover would do it with tacks on his hands.  Her breasts felt like
they were on fire, the tacks making tiny cuts in her flesh.

	"Such nice big tits you have, Rebecca.  They are so easy to grab,
especially the nipples," the tacks pushing into her nipple flesh again, feeling
her body jerk in response to the pain.  He gripped her tits tightly, feeling the
tacks popping into her young flesh, moving his hand around, grabbing her tit
mounds.  His fingers found her nipples again, swollen and erect, tacks pushing
into them as two fingers grabbed each one, twisting and pulling on them.

	Rebecca moved about the bed, her hips swaying back and forth, her body
in pain as her breasts were brutally mauled by the Commander.  His tack covered
hands continued to mold and pinch her breasts and nipples, pain shooting into
her body as tacks punctured her naked breasts.  "OOOOW, please, no," pushing her
ass back on the cock as she attempted to escape the cruel ravishment of her
body.  "AAAGG," his tack covered shorts pushed against her ass, his cock now
buried between her ass cheeks, feeling the hot instrument pressed tightly up
against her vulnerable asshole.

	"Yes, I like the way you roll your hips around, massaging my cock."  He
pressed his cock deeper into her body, feeling her trying to jerk away.  "Now,
behave, Rebecca," his tack covered hands moving down from her breasts, over her
stomach and towards her naked pussy.  He pushed on her abdomen, shoving her
backwards onto his cock as she hoped to escape the tacks pushing into her
sensitive skin.  "That's the way, fuck your ass back on my cock.  Would you like
me to take you from behind, Rebecca?  Such a nice smooth ass, can you feel the
tacks, wait until they rub against your asshole and your pussy."  He pushed in
harder, her body pushing forward to escape the tacks, his hands ready to stop
any attempt.  Her body rolled around on the bed, confused, hands pushing her
backwards onto the cock pushed against her asshole, tacks pushing against her
ass cheeks pushing her back.  It was like she was masturbating herself on his

	Rebecca's mind was clouded with conflicting reports.  The tacks hurt as
they pushed into her young body.  Her she was, eighteen, naked and bound with an
older man behind her, his naked cock pushed against her asshole, his tack
covered body and hands molesting her flesh and all she could think about was how
good it felt.   She rotated her hips back onto the cock, only to feel the sharp
pain of the tacks pushing into her sending her hips forwards to meet the hands
pushing into her abdomen, starting the movement all over again.

	"Do you want me to play with your pussy, Rebecca?  Ask me, ask me to rub
your pussy with my tack-covered hands?  You know you want it."  He pushed hard
on her ass, feeling tacks puncture her flesh, her body jerking in pain.  Again,
this time harder, moving his hips side to side, feeling the tacks rubbing
painfully along her flesh, his cock massaging the tiny asshole spread open
before him.  "Beg me, Rebecca, beg me to fuck you?"

	"Oh, God, that hurts so much, please no," she cried, tears falling down
her cheeks as she was continually rocked back and forth on the hard cock.  She
could feel her pussy getting wet, as she bucked around on the bed, her wrists
tied tightly over her head, her body open and defenseless to the Commander.  She
felt the hands crawl lower on her body, knowing that they would soon reach her
defenseless pussy, open and vulnerable to his attack.

	"Over, onto your knees, that's a good girl.  Now up, rise up a little,
let me get my hands under your body.  A little higher, yes Rebecca, such a good
girl, get your body into position for me.  You want me to fuck you from behind,
don't you?  Then I can play with your pussy while me cock reams out your teenage
cunt.  The tacks will make you tighten up on my cock, they will make you give me
a good fuck."

	Rebecca felt her body being pushed into position by the Commander.  She
was rolled over onto her stomach, hand pushed tightly under her body holding her
against him.  He ordered her to rise up on her knees, his hands scraping her
flesh underneath him, forcing her to push up onto her knees.  He pushed up
higher, forcing her to arch up, pushing her ass up into the air.  She could feel
his cock still pushed against her ass, the position allowing him greater access
to between her legs.  She knew how it must look.  She was now on her knees,
offering her body to him, her ass raised up, like a dog in heat.  His hands
continued to run over her body, jerking her back onto the cock that was pressed
into the cheeks of her ass.  She felt his legs push between her thighs, pushing
outward on them, forcing her legs apart. 

	"Spread open for me and I will fuck you, Rebecca.  More, I need you open
real wide and I will fuck you from behind.  You'll like this, Rebecca.  I'm
going to make you cum again.  You'll be leaving us soon, so I'm going to fuck
you in all of your holes today.   After I fuck your cunt, you're going to suck
my cock until it's hard again.  Then it's your asshole.  My big cock reaming out
that tiny, teenage asshole.   You're going to cum a lot today, Rebecca."  His
hands reached down between her legs, moving to the insides of her thighs.  He
gripped each thigh with the tack covered gloves and pushed out and up on them,
pushing her body open and up higher.  He felt her ass push up, arching higher,
her legs pushing out, her butt cheeks opening wide, his cock now rubbing over
her exposed asshole.  He felt her body squirming, the pains of the tacks making
her move about, massaging his cock with her exposed asshole.  He looked down,
her asshole slowly opening because of the extreme spread of her legs.  "Such a
cute little asshole you have Rebecca.  No matter how many times they fucked it,
it is still so tiny."

	Rebecca shuddered as she heard what the Commander had planned for her. 
He was going to make her suck his cock.  She hated that, especially if she had
to drink his cum.  It was so heavy and salty, it just sat in her mouth,  she was
unable to swallow the thick mixture.  And he was going to fuck her asshole
again.  It always hurt so much when they did that to her.  Their cocks were so
big and her ass was not made for it.  It ended up tearing her as it pushed
inside her.  But her problem now was that his tack-covered fingers were
beginning to move down to her pussy.  With her legs spread open so wide, she was
so vulnerable, her pussy lips already spread apart, she would not be able to
stop the tack from puncturing her tender pussy flesh.  And she knew that he
would also attack her clit.  Although painful, she knew that he would end up
making her cum.  Cum with the mixture of pleasure and pain that he would inflict
on her body.

	The Commander humped his cock against her asshole, his fingers moving
down past her abdomen, moving over her pussy, fingers pushing aside her spread
pussy lips, pushing them further back, exposing her tender flesh.  "Feel that,
Rebecca," his fingers moving down her pussy slit, the tacks pushing aside her
flesh as they rasped harshly over her flesh.  He felt her body jerk back as two
fingers pushed against her pussy, feeling her flesh begin to open as the tacks
spread their pain.  He moved the fingers around her pussy opening, forcing her
to feel them as they tried to spear her tender flesh.  He pushed with his cock
against her asshole, his fingers pushing her backwards onto it, the tacks moving
up and down her slit, tearing at the pink flesh.  He could feel her wetness. 
She might cringe in pain, but her pussy was dripping wet.  "Such a good girl
your are Rebecca, hump back on my cock," his fingers pushing into her pussy
lips, feeling them puncture the skin.

	"OOOWW, GGGODDD, that hurts," feeling the tacks puncture her pussy as
she pushed back onto the cock to escape the sharp tacks.  She humped back again
and again as his fingers moved up and down her slit, the tacks tearing her
flesh.  She could feel the wetness, not sure how much was her pussy juice and
how much was blood from the tacks.  Her pussy juice was making the small nicks
in her pussy flesh sting, further aggravating the attack on her body.  She felt
the fingers moving up her slit, dragging along the edges of her pussy lips as
they moved up towards her clit.  She arched her ass up, hoping to escape the
inevitable, pushing her asshole against the hard cock. 

	The Commanders fingers moved up until he came to her clit.  He felt her
body arch up, pushing his cock deep between her cheeks, smashing against her
asshole as she tried to evade his fingers.  He pulled her clit hood back with
one hand, the tacks puncturing the tender skin as it grasped it hard, the other
hand waiting for the exposed bud to appear.  He grabbed her clit between his
fingers.  It stood out, swollen and red as his fingers clamped down on it.  She
jerked her body back, his fingers following her body's movements as he kept her
clit firmly between his fingers, the tacks pushing into her clit.  "If you pull
away, it will hurt more."  His fingers pushed in deeper, feeling a tack bite
into her swollen clit, her body shaking in pain as he moved his fingers around
on her clit.  "It's time for you to get fucked."  He let his body slide down,
his cock running down her ass crack until it came to her spread pussy.  He
placed his fingers around her pussy opening, digging them into her flesh,
pulling her open for his cock.  He was careful not to touch his cock with the

	Rebecca twisted back and forth, her clit now held tightly by his
fingers, the sharp tacks painfully dug into the hard bud.  The pain shot up her
spine but she could not stop him, her arms still tightly bound above her, on her
knees submissively, her body open and spread for his use.  She felt him pull
back from her ass and then move back again, this time lower down, his cock now
sliding between her legs.  She pulled back as her pussy was pulled open, tacks
pushed into her flesh, a huge cock head pushed against her pussy.  She knew she
was about to be fucked again, this time on her knees with him behind her, his
hands free to molest her body at will.  She knew the tacks would take a terrible
toll on her body forcing her to fuck back onto his cock as they bit into her
young flesh.

	The Commander pushed his cock against her pussy, feeling the head
pulling her open as he pushed down with his hips, forcing the head of his cock
into her unwilling body.  "Fuck me good, Rebecca.  Show me how good you can be,
how much of a whore you are."  His hand moved up to her clit, tacks pushing into
her enlarged bud.  He heard her gasp in pain as her pussy spread open and
accepted the huge cock, tightening down on his raping instrument as his fingers
ignited the pain in her clit again.  Harder, he pushed in again, feeling his
cock begin to slide on her pussy juice as his fingers continued to pinch and
pull on her clit, her hips moving back and forth as he punished her with his
fingers and his cock.  "Take it, Rebecca, take my hard cock inside your teenage
pussy," pushing down with his hips again, forcing more of his cock inside her,
now over four inches of hard cock grasped tightly by her pussy.

	It hurt as his cock pushed into her tight pussy, his fingers continuing
to rub over her clit, scraping the hard bud painfully.  "Oh, God, it's so big,
it hurts," her pussy slowly forced open by his cock.  Each time they fucked her
it hurt, making her pussy accept their hard cocks, painfully forcing it inside
her.  She pushed back onto his cock, forced by the painful tacks tearing at her
clit, impaling her tight pussy on six inches of hard cock now.  She felt it pull
out, feeling like he was sucking out her insides as it tugged on her pussy
walls.  He pinched her clit hard, two tacks pushing into the flesh, drawing
blood.  At the same time he forced all eight inches of man cock up her teenage
pussy in one hard, raping thrust that seemed to knock the air out of her lungs. 
"Noooo, not so hard, please, it hurts," feeling it pull back out again, holding
her breath as she waited for the next brutal thrust.  She did not have to wait
long, eight inches of cock was forced back into her pussy again, his time his
tack covered shorts hit her ass with such force that it drove some of the tacks
into her ass flesh, one tack smacking tightly against her spread asshole. 
"OOOOOWW, the tacks, not the tacks," her hips trying to push forward, met by the
tack-covered fingers grabbing her pussy tightly in his hands, goosing her
backwards to again impale her pussy on his cock and her ass cheeks on the tacks.

	"Again Rebecca," his hands grabbing her pussy hard, squeezing her tender
flesh, the tacks digging into her flesh, puncturing her skin as he fucked in
with his cock.  He rubbed back and forth against her ass, the tacks grinding
against her asshole, back and forth, tiny cuts appearing.  They would hurt more
when he fucked her ass, he liked that, it made his cock harder.  Another goose
with his hand of her pussy, another fuck into her pussy with his cock, another
gasp of pain from her lips.  "That's it Rebecca, tighten your teenage pussy on
my cock."  He grabbed her pussy hard again, feeling her tighten on his cock. 
"That's good, fuck me you little whore."  One hand went up to her clit, again
abusing her enlarged clit with the tacks, the other hand continuing to squeeze
and pinch her pussy flesh, the tacks pushing into her body.  She clenched on his
cock in reaction to the pain, prompting him to repeat the process.  "That feels
good, more, tighten again."

	Rebecca arched back, pushing her ass onto his hard cock, the tacks
banging hard against her asshole, the pain shooting into her brain as it
punctured her skin, jabbing into her flesh.  He moved side to side, forcing the
tack in her skin to move around, fresh pain shooting from her asshole.  Her clit
was being punished, tiny cuts burning as his fingers continued to rub it.  She
felt one finger, a tack protruding out from the end begin to rub back and forth
over her clit, her hips jerking in response to the pain.

	The Commander pulled his cock from her pussy, it pulling out with a pop
as her wet cunt tried to suck it back in.  "Don't worry, you can have my cock
back again, just want you in a new position.  Over you go, Rebecca, spread your
legs real wide now, that's good, now bring you knees up, I want your pussy wide
open."   He was kneeling between her legs, his knees pushing out on her thighs,
spreading her legs open obscenely.  He looked at her face, flushed from the
fucking he had already given her, her eyes staring back at him.  Her arms were
still bound over her head, arching her tits up, her nipples now pointed and
erect. "You like this, don't you Rebecca.  You like being taken, forced to
spread yourself open.  Your pussy is dripping wet."  He gripped his cock, her
pussy juice still glistening on it and began to stroke it, bending down over her
body.  "Arch your ass up, make your pussy beg for my cock."

	Rebecca felt her body being positioned again.  This time she was on her
back, his hands spreading her legs, forcing her knees up, her thighs out,
exposing her pussy again to his gaze and his cock.  Her pussy felt empty after
he pulled out, she wanted it back.  She was just afraid of the pain she would
have to suffer.  In this position, her legs spread wide, his body over hers, she
would be open to the tacks on his shorts and shirt.  If he pressed his body down
on hers, they would dig into her flesh.  The ones in his shirt would dig into
her breasts and nipples.  They were already sore and punctured from his fingers. 
Her pussy would receive the worst.  With him fucking her, he would be pushing
the tacks into her spread pussy and exposed clit each time he would fuck in. 
She could only imagine how it looked, her ass off the bed, her legs spread wide,
her pussy open and wet, waiting to be fucked.  Begging to be fucked hard.

	The Commander smiled as he looked down at her.  Such a slut, open and
wanting his cock.  He rubbed his cock up and down her pussy slit, feeling her
hips moving up, increasing the pressure on his cock as he rubbed her.  He felt
her shudder as the head of his cock rubbed over her hard clit.  It was over
twice its size, blood filling the bud, tender from the tacks rubbed over it. 
"You ready to get fucked, Rebecca.  I'm going to fuck you hard."  He pushed his
cock down and began to push it into her.  He felt her bucking up under him,
helping him.  Her pussy seemed to be swallowing his cock as he was pulled into
her hot teenage cunt.  So tight and wet.  He pushed harder, over four inches
sliding into her wet cunt.  "You want this, you want my cock, don't you
Rebecca."  He pulled out and then pushed in again, six inches of hard cock
pushing into her teenage body.  "Oh, yes, such a hot little cunt." 

	"Oh, god, yes, more," Rebecca cried out, her ass raised up off the bed,
pushing her wet pussy onto his hard cock, wanting more of it.  She forgot all
about the tacks, her only concern was to get as much cock inside her as
possible.  Her pussy felt stretched wide as his big cock pushed aside all
resistance on her part as he fucked in, each time deeper then the last. 
"OOHHH," she could feel the head of cock pushing in, it must be over six inches
of hard cock filling her teenage pussy.  She felt him grunt and push as he gave
her one last shove, filling her pussy with all of his cock, driving deep inside
her body, pushing her ass back down on the bed as he impaled her on his rock
hard cock.  "SOOO, big, it feel like you're tearing me up."  She felt him pull
back, her pussy gripping it tightly as he removed it from her body.  He stopped
when only her tight pussy gripped the head, feeling like a giant rubber band was
wrapped around the head of his cock.

	The Commander smiled, his cock pulled out and ready for the fuck back
in.  This is the one, the one where he would press his body down on hers.  The
one where she would have no where to escape as the tacks tore into her flesh as
his body slapped against hers.  His cock twitched in excitement.  He was ready
to tear a scream from her lips.  That would make his cock harder.  It always
did.  He pushed down with all of his strength, his hips pushing forward in a
rush, slamming down on her body.  His upper body lay down on top of her, his
chest rubbing against her naked tits, feeling the hard nipples poking into his

	Rebecca felt the cock push into her in one brutal thrust that knocked
the air out of her lungs.  Her pussy went from almost empty to full in only
seconds.  Eight inches of thick cock burying itself into her young body, pushing
aside all resistance.  She felt his body lay down on top of hers, his lips
moving to hers, his tongue entering her mouth, moving around inside, searching
out hers.  All of a sudden a scream was torn from her lips, smothered by his
lips as she felt his chest, covered with tacks, push down hard on her breasts,
some tacks pushing into her areola and nipples, puncturing her skin with a sharp
snap.  His hips pushed down on her, his cock buried deep inside her, his tack
covered shorts pushed against her spread pussy lips and exposed clit.  The force
of the thrust pushed the tacks into her clit, puncturing the already tender and
abused morsel.  "OOOOOWWW, nnnooo," feeling his hips moving back and forth, his
chest moving around, grinding the tacks into her tender flesh.  "Nnooo, don't
move, please," but she felt his hands slip under her ass, the tacks on the
gloves rubbing harshly over her flesh as they sought out a firm grip on her ass
cheeks.  She felt him pull his cock out part of the way and then push in again. 
She held her breath, waiting for the sharp pain of the biting tacks to tear into
her flesh again.  She did not have to wait long.  His fingers pushed her ass up,
tacks motivating her to rise her ass up to escape them.  But that only provided
greater access to the thrust back in again, the tacks again beating against her
spread pussy lips and clit, new puncture wounds appearing on her tender sex. 
"OOOOWWWWW, you're killing me," she cried, tears now falling down her face as
his hips and chest rubbed her raw, tearing her flesh, making small puncture
wounds, then tearing as they moved back and forth.

	"That's what a cunt is for, to take the punishment.  Do you like that
Rebecca, do you like my cock tearing into you, the tacks punching into your
skin."  He pushed again, harder, smashing against her.  He rubbed against her
when his cock was buried inside her.  Every time he moved, the tacks would tear
her flesh.  He could feel the pain rush into her body, her pussy gripping his
cock tightly onto his cock, milking the cum out of his balls.  He pushed hard,
knowing that at least one tack was pushed into her exposed clit, hearing her
gasping in pain, his body weight sucking the air out of her lungs.  He pulled
back, his cock retreating from her body, gripped tightly, wet from her pussy
juice.  "Ready for another, Rebecca, cum for me, cum on my cock," he ordered
her.  Pushing inside her again, his cock tore through her body, sliding along
her wet pussy to push hard against her womb, smashing her flesh.  He felt her
body jerk again in pain as they tacks took their toll on her body, tearing into
her flesh again.

	Rebecca thought she was going to die from the pain.  The tacks tore at
her flesh, her nipples and clit rubbed raw and bleeding from the puncture
wounds.  The salt from sweat mixed onto her body, stinging the tiny puncture
wounds.  But she also felt something else.  The same thing that always happened
when they took her.  She felt she was going to cum.  The tacks hurt, but the
hard cock fucking her, her abused clit, swollen and red, stimulated beyond
reason.  He was going to make her cum again.  And she did not want to stop him. 
She pushed her ass up, forcing her sex against the tacks, gasping as the pain
tore through her body.  She moved her hips side to side, feeling the tacks
rubbing harshly over her skin, tearing the flesh as they moved.  "Yes, fuck me,
make me cum."  Her hips moved quickly, up and down, shoving her pussy up and
down over the hard cock inside her.  She squeezed down tight on the cock.  "Cum
in me, fuck me." 

	The Commander pumped his cock into her, hard and fast.  He was ready to
cum, her teenage pussy sucking the cum out of his balls.  He had never felt
anything so hot and tight as her cunt.  "That's it, Rebecca.  Fuck me hard."  He
shoved his cock inside her one last time, the head of his cock banging against
her cervix, bruising her as they tacks again punctured her skin.  That was the
last straw.  She screamed, her pussy gripping his cock as her body shook in
orgasm.  He began to shoot inside her, his cock getting larger as the first load
of cock pumped inside her.  He pulled back, then back in again, his cock
shooting again as he banged hard against her.  Her pussy continued to grip his
cock, massaging the hard instrument that was fucking her so hard. 

	It hurt so good, his hard cock pumping inside her.  She felt the tacks
bang against her and she began to cum.  A hot flash running over her body as her
pussy began to shoot her hot pussy juice all over the hard cock inside her.  She
felt him fill her pussy with his hot juice, mixing with hers, the sound filling
the room of hot, wet fucking.  Again he pumped her, filling her with a second
load of cum as her body twitched.  He pussy went into spasms, gripping the cock,
pulling the cum from his balls, up the sides of his cock to shoot out the head,
deep inside her.

	He pulled off of her body, his cock pulling out with a loud slurping
sound, the cum running down between her legs and over her asshole to fall into a
puddle beneath her.  He looked down, her body a mass of tiny, red puncture
wounds and tiny scratches.  Her eyes were closed, the orgasm overcoming her
senses, unable to talk, to breathe, to move.  "That was a good fuck, Rebecca." 
He moved his body around until his head was down near her feet, his cock near
her face.  "Open up your mouth and clean my cock, cunt.  Get me hard again,
there is still your asshole to go.  And since I just came, you will have to take
a real hard fucking before I cum."

	Rebecca opened her eyes, the cock in her face.  It was no longer hard,
just a glistening, cum covered piece of man flesh.  She opened her mouth as she
felt him move his hips forward until it was pushed inside her mouth.  Her lips
grasped it firmly as her tongue began to wash over the surface, sucking all of
her and his cum from it.  She ran her tongue over the tip, feeling another drop
of cum fall out onto her tongue, the salty, heavy cum filling her mouth with his
taste.  She looked up suddenly when she heard the cell door opening.  She looked
over, the Commanders cock falling from her lips.  Her brother was led in by one
of the guards.  She looked down at the bed, not wanting to see her brother's
face.  She did not want to see her brother's face as she lay on the bed, naked,
cum on her, the Commander staring at her spread pussy.

	"Ah, I see your brother is here, Rebecca.  David, isn't it?"  The
Commander looked at Rebecca, her head hidden in shame.  "Good news, I was saving
it for the end.  You and David will be allowed to leave.  The Judge has granted
both of you a pardon for good behavior."

	Rebecca's head shot up, a smile beaming on her face.  She did not even
care if her brother saw her naked, they were both getting out of their.  They
were finally free.  No longer would they take advantage of her body.  "Thank
you, of thank you so much."

	David smiled as he looked down at his sister.  Even though he was
excited about getting out, his cock was hard at seeing his sister naked.  She
had a great body.  "Yes, thank you.  Let's go Rebecca," his hand reaching down
to her.

	"Not so fast, Rebecca.  You still have one job to finish before you can
go."  The Commander smiled, waiting for the expression on Rebecca's face.

	Rebecca looked up and knew what the Commander was talking about.  He
wanted to fuck her in her asshole.  He wanted to make her scream in pain as his
big cock forced her tiny asshole open.  And then there were the tacks.  He
wanted to stick her with the tacks as he fucked her asshole.

	"What is it Rebecca, what do you have to do?  David looked at Rebecca,

	"The Commander wants to fuck my asshole," she said, her head hiding
again in shame.

	"Can't we just go now, please," David begged, but he was hoping the
Commander would have his way.  His cock wanted to see her get fucked in the ass.

	"I'm afraid that Rebecca will have to comply.  And since you are here
now, you might as well stay and watch.  I don't want you to be bored, so maybe
your sister will suck your cock while I fuck her asshole.  Would you like that,
Rebecca?  Would you like to suck David's cock until he cums in your mouth while
I fuck you hard in your tight, hot asshole?"  The Commander smiled, satisfied
that Rebecca's last time would be memorable.

	"Don't make me do that, it's incest, please just fuck my asshole and let
us go."

	"Now, now, you don't want me to talk to the Judge and have him change
his mind, do you?  Now ask David if you can suck his cock, Rebecca?  Tell him to
get naked so you can suck it until he cums in your mouth.  Tell him you are
going to swallow all of his cum?"  The Commander laughed, seeing the discomfort
that he was creating in Rebecca.  The final degradation, having to suck and
swallow her brother.

	Rebecca knew what she must do.  She had to get out.  "David, take off
you clothes so I can suck your cock.  And please, cum in my mouth so I can
swallow it," she repeated, disgusted at the act she would have to perform.

	"I'm sorry, Rebecca," but David was already taking off his clothes. 
When he pulled down his shorts, his erect cock already showed the excitement he
was feeling at the opportunity to get a blowjob from his sister.

	"I see that the task is less repugnant for David then it is to you,
Rebecca," the Commander laughing loudly.  "He can't wait to stick his big cock
in your mouth and blow his wad of cum inside your hot little mouth."

	Rebecca knew that the Commander was right.  His cock was as hard as the
Commanders cock.

	"Now excuse us for a few minutes, you rudely interrupted Rebecca
cleaning off my cock and making it hard again.  I just fucked her tight little
pussy and made her cum.  Rebecca, take my cock in your mouth again and get it
clean and hard.  Show David how good of a cocksucker you are.  That's a good
girl, deeper, suck it good," watching as she slipped his limp dick back into her
mouth, her tongue beginning to run over it.  "I'll get your asshole ready for my

	Rebecca felt her body turned again, her legs spread, fingers moving over
her wet pussy before reaching for her asshole.  She felt the fingers taking some
of the cum on her pussy and rubbing it over her asshole, massaging the tiny,
dark hole until it was wet and slippery.  She felt the cock in her mouth begin
to harden as he played with her asshole.

	The Commander had removed the gloves temporarily so he could lubricate
her asshole.  He heard her noisily sucking on his cock, her tongue running over
the head of it, playing over the tip.  His fingers pushed through her wet pussy
lips, gathering up his and her cum and pushed it up until he reached her tiny
asshole.  It always amazed him that it could shrink back down to such a tiny
star and then take his large cock.  He knew that it would make her scream as he
stretched it open again, but that is what he enjoyed.  Making little girls
scream as he ass fucked them.  With her brother's cock in her mouth, it would
make it more difficult, but not impossible.  He ran his fingers over the tiny
asshole, a dark brown indent, glistening in the light.  He played his fingers
over it, pushing in at times, watching as it opened, then quickly closed when
his finger deserted it.  One finger pushed in, her asshole clenching it tightly
as it disappeared up to the first knuckle.  He twisted it while inside her,
feeling her sphincter clamping down on it as his knuckle ground on her anal
passage.  He felt his cock beginning to grow as she sucked his cock.  They had
taught her well.  It had been less then a week and she could suck a cock better
then most whores he knew.

	Rebecca groaned on the cock that was filling her mouth as she felt
fingers stretching her asshole again.  One finger was pushed deep inside her,
her sphincter trying hard to push it out but losing out to the digit.  She felt
her asshole stretching open as it pulled out and then return again, this time
two fingers pushing relentlessly into her asshole, the knuckles rubbing harshly
over her spread asshole as they began to push deeper inside her.  The cock in
her mouth began to get bigger, her lips stretching wider to accept the cock.  It
began to push to the back of her mouth.

	The Commander felt her hot, teenage mouth sucking his cock into erection
again.  "What a good little cocksucker your sister is, David.  You are going to
enjoy the little blowjob she is going to give you.  She has become quite adept
at taking a cock and making it cum in her mouth, haven't you Rebecca?"  He
looked up at her, her mouth wrapped tightly around his cock, now hard, her
innocent face showing her humiliation at having to perform oral sex on the
Commander as David watched.  He pushed his hips forward, watching as she
accepted the cock fucking her face, his cock pushing to the back of her throat,
gagging sounds coming from her stuffed face.  "Rebecca loves it when you choke
her with your cock," pulling his cock out, only to push it back into the hot
confines of her mouth again, the gagging of Rebecca beginning again.  He now had
two fingers in her asshole sliding effortlessly in her anal tract, now
lubricated sufficiently for his cock.  He twisted his fingers inside her,
feeling her asshole clench and unclench on the knuckles as they ground on her
hot passage.  "I like how your asshole fights back, Rebecca," watching as her
asshole clung tightly to the fingers in her gripped tightly onto to them. 
"Ready to get your cock sucked, David?"  He looked at David.  He is well endowed
and his cock was already hard, watching his sister sexually abused.  "Yes, I see
that seeing Rebecca naked has made your cock very hard.  She is going to have to
take care of that for you.  She will please you very good."  The Commander
pulled his cock from her face, popping out, wet with her saliva and his pre-cum. 
"Time for your ass-fucking, Rebecca.  Now I want you to please both me and David
or you will not be released, is that understood, Rebecca?"

	The cock pulled from her mouth and she knew that it was time for them to
further degrade her.  She was going to be sodomized by the Commander and at the
same time she was expected to perform incest with her brother, to take his cock
in her mouth and make him cum, forcing her to swallow it.  "Yes, I will obey,"
she replied, knowing that she had to do these last final acts and then she would
be released, her life forever changed after what she had been forced to perform
for them.

	"David, you may join us now.  Slip your dick just inside her mouth, only
the head.  Let her get used to sucking your cock, after all, you are her
brother."  The Commander began to arrange Rebecca's body for his pleasure.  "On
your hands and knees, doggy style, Rebecca.  Such a good girl, always willing to
please.  That's good raise your ass up a little higher.  Yes, now spread your
legs apart," his knees pushing between her legs, urging them apart.  "Further
now, let your ass cheeks spread apart, let me see that tiny little asshole that
I am going to fuck so hard.  Such a lovely child you are, so compliant.  I have
a feeling that David is going to enjoy your charms once you get home.  Making
you his little fuck-toy for him and his friends.  You'd like that wouldn't you,
Rebecca, you like being forced to service all of the hard cocks?"

	Once again, Rebecca was being used again, forced to perform for their
satisfaction.  She felt her body being handled, placed into a position of
servitude, on all fours, like an animal, waiting to be serviced by their cocks. 
Hands moved over her body, spreading her open, all of her orifices ready to
receive their hard cocks.  She felt her brothers cock pushed up to her lips, her
mouth opening in response, the head of his cock pushed into until she closed her
lips over it, trapping it tightly in her hot mouth.  She was taught well, her
tongue already beginning to run over the head, flicking over the piss slot in
it, tasting the hot, salty pre-cum already dripping out.  She felt the
Commanders hands back on her ass, her body jerking in reaction, feeling the
tacks on his hands again.  She was not to be spared.  She would again feel the
tacks puncturing her flesh, this time while his fat cock was spearing her
asshole.  She felt her hips raised up, opening her asshole for the assault.  She
felt the hard, rubbery head of his cock placed against her defenseless asshole,
rubbing slowly over it, spreading the cum that glistened on it, beginning to
work it slowly into her tiny asshole. 

	The Commander's cock stood out hard and erect, the tiny teenage asshole
spread before him, her body waiting for his sodomizing cock to take her, her
mouth hungrily sucking on her brothers cock in her mouth.  She had become so
submissive, knowing the pain his cock would bring to her asshole or the tacks
would do to her skin, yet staying in position, her body ready to take whatever
he desired to inflict on her.  "Push out on your asshole, you know what to do,
Rebecca, make it easier for my cock to fuck you," grunting as he pushed down on
his hips, the head of his cock slowly stretching her asshole.  He watched as it
slowly spread, the skin almost tearing as it was forced aside by his mighty
cock, pushing into her.  He felt her body jerk in pain, then her groan as she
pushed back with her asshole hoping to alleviate some of the pain.  Her knees
spread further apart, allowing him greater access to her asshole.  "How is her
mouth, David, is she doing a good job?"

	"Oh, God, yes, can I put it in farther?"  David groaned as he put his
hands to the sides of Rebecca's face, lifting up, forcing her to look into his
eyes.  He saw the look of complete surrender on her face, the innocent look now
replaced with the look of a true submissive, her only position in life to
service his cock.  Yes, he would use her once they got home.  And his friends
would also. 

	"Not yet, wait until I get my cock all the way inside her tight ass. 
Rebecca has a tendency to scream as I push in and I want to be able to hear
that.  Once she grows accustomed to having such a fat cock in her asshole, then
you can fuck her face as hard as you want.  She is especially good when you fuck
her throat.  She likes being forced to take a hard cock down her throat and
choke on it. "

	"MMMMGGGH," Rebecca moaned through the cock blocking her mouth as the
cock suddenly popped into her asshole, the head gripped tightly by her
sphincter.  She tried to move her hips, but the hands dug into her flesh, the
tacks puncturing her skin, holding her into position, forcing her to accept the
sodomizing cock.  She felt the hands move her hips in a slow circle, her asshole
forced to accept the slow fucking of the head of his cock by her sphincter.

	"Now a little more Rebecca, time to take a little more cock inside you. 
You're asshole is so hot and tight.  I know it hurts, but you must please me. 
Now fuck back with your asshole, take my cock deeper inside you."  He began to
hump his cock into her asshole with short, punching thrusts, tearing into her
asshole.  He felt her body shudder each time he punched in further, muffled
gasps of pain coming from her lips, David's cock still holding itself tightly in
the confines of her hot mouth. 

	The jerking, punching cock in her asshole hurt.  Each time her body was
jarred forward, her tits bouncing around as her asshole was punched from within,
his fat cock tearing her asshole open as it pushed deeper into her asshole.  She
could not believe the pain.  Each time they sodomized her, her stomach would
cramp as they forced their cocks inside her, the Commander not being any
different.  He was only crueler, punching his cock in, not allowing her asshole
the luxury of getting used to having something that big thrust up her behind.

	"Yes, that's a good girl, take my cock up your teenage asshole,"
punching again with his cock, now over 4 inches of cock pushed inside her
asshole.  "Four more inches, Rebecca, open up your asshole and take it all."  He
punched again, his hands reaching under her, grabbing her pussy with his tack
covered hand, pushing the tacks into her tender pussy.  Her body jerked up in
pain, forcing two more inches of cock inside her.  He felt her jerk forward away
from the cock, only to meet the tacks again.  They pushed into her skin again,
her body jerking away in automatic pain response, filling her asshole with all
of his cock.  All eight inches of cock was buried in her asshole.  Her asshole
tightened on the sodomizing cock attempting to force the unnatural object from
her body. 

	"OOWWGGGH," she yelled, the cock still muffling her sounds as it felt
like a log was being slowly and painfully shoved up her backside.  Her body
bounced around, shoved forward and back on the cock and the tack covered
fingers, the pain racking her body.  "AAGGGH," her stomach cramping painfully as
the full eight inches of cock filled her asshole.  She felt like she had just
eaten a whole thanksgiving dinner, her colon stuffed full of the hard cock,
pushed deep inside her, swelling her insides.

	"You're sister has such a nice tight asshole.  It feels like she is
going to suck my cock up inside her.  Now start fucking her face and do it hard. 
I want to hear her choking on your cock or I'm not going to release the both of
you."  The Commander pulled his cock from her asshole, feeling like her insides
were being drawn out with his cock.  Her asshole gripped his cock tightly in
response to the pain of the withdrawal.  He pushed back in again, grunting as he
pushed hard to force all eight inches of cock into her asshole.  It felt like
her asshole was going to squeeze his cock to death as it slid painfully up her
backside until it again shoved in deep inside her colon. 

	Rebecca tried to scream as the cock was ruthlessly shoved back up into
her asshole in one, giant painful push that left her breathless.  David gripping
her head tightly, muffled her scream by shoving his cock deep inside her mouth
until it banged against the opening to her throat.  She gagged as the head of
his cock pushed against her tonsils, her throat opening in response, his cock
slowly forced farther inside.  David pulled her head back again until he only
the head of his cock was gripped by her lips and then plunged back in again,
this time it breached her opened throat and slipped down into her neck.  He
punched his cock in and out her throat, feeling her gagging and choking gripping
his cock as he held her captive on his cock.

	The Commander pulled his cock out and began to sodomize Rebecca hard and
deep, burying all eight inches of cock inside her each time.  Her body jerked in
pain, his tack covered fingers mauling her pussy lips as he fucked her asshole
with his punishing strokes.  He smiled as he saw David fucking her face, his
balls slapping against her chin as he pulled her face on and off his cock.  He
was using her mouth just like it was her cunt, fucking it hard and fast, pushing
inside her throat each time, her gasping and choking making him harder.  He
pulled her onto his cock each time, forcing her to take each hard sodomizing
stroke, burying deep inside her.  "How do you like taking two cocks, Rebecca?  I
think your David is going to be fucking your face a lot once you get home, I
think he is going to make you drink a lot of his cum."  His hips moved back and
forth, harder and faster, his cock meeting little resistance.  Her asshole had
given up all hope of stopping the sodomizing cock, her body limp as he buried
his cock deep inside her bowels. 

	Rebecca's body was a mass of confusion, the pain overwhelming all of her
senses as her mouth was constantly banged.  Her teeth were cutting into her
lips, small traces of blood in her mouth as David smashed his stomach into her
mouth as he tried to force his cock deeper and deeper into her throat.   Her
asshole was now just a mass of pain.  The cock in her asshole her was tearing up
her insides.  It now moved at greater speed, the head of his cock now
continually forced in and out, pushing aside all resistance on her part.  The
fingers on her pussy pushed the tacks into her tender, pink pussy flesh and
punctured her pussy lips as they clawed at her pussy, pushing her up higher onto
the sodomizing cock. 

	"You ready to cum, David, ready to fill your sweet little sisters hot
little mouth with your cum.  Don't choke it down her throat, make it take it in
her mouth, make her taste your hot cum.  Make her swallow it.  Now fuck her face
and cum in her.  And Rebecca, do a good job on David's cock, swallow his cum. 
And don't forget my cock in your asshole.  Tighten down on it and make me cum or
its another day with us.  Now fuck us back, Rebecca."

	Rebecca had to get it over with, her body racked in pain as the two of
them continued to abuse her mouth and asshole.  She felt the Commander remove
one glove and fingers reached out and grabbed her clit.  Oh, no, he was going to
make her cum.  Make her cum while he sodomized her and committing incest with
her brother.  The cocks continued to abuse her body as her clit was pulled and
tugged, the bud now enlarged and hard, fingers gripping it tightly.  She felt
the cock in her mouth become bigger, knowing that he was ready to cum.  He kept
iy buried in her throat, unable to breathe except through her nose as she
continually gagged on the thick cock.  Her asshole felt like it was on fire, the
cock burning up and down her anal tract, punishing her passage as she was
sodomized with deep, painful strokes.  She pushed her asshole back onto the
cock, forcing it deeper into her colon, her stomach cramping in pain.  His
fingers continued to masturbate her, rubbing her clit, forcing her to tighten on
the cock in her asshole, hoping to milk the cum from his balls and flood her
colon with his hot cream.  "MMMMGG," she could only murmur as she felt the first
traces of an orgasm coming over her body as her senses were stimulated beyond
reason.  "AAAHHHAAA" as she felt the cock pop out of her throat, gasping to grab
as much air as possible before her mouth was filled with his hot cum. 

	David pulled his cock from her throat, holding it in her mouth, her lips
tightly enclosed over it.  He pulled it out until only the head was contained,
her tongue rubbing sensuously over the tip, hoping to make him cum.  He reached
down and stroked his cock with one hand and watched his sister trying to milk
the cum from his balls.  "Suck my cum, drink it all my little whore of a
sister."  He pumped his cock and it began to shoot inside her mouth, filling her
with a full blast of hot, salty cum.  "Take it, take my cum," his hand
continuing to pump his cum into her mouth, seeing her throat swallowing his cum
as fast as he filled her mouth.

	The Commander plunged his cock deep inside her asshole, burying it so
deep inside her colon he was sure that he was going to tear her insides.  He
cock began to pulsate inside her, the asshole squeezing the cum out of him as it
shot deep inside her, filling her belly with his hot cum.

	Her body shuddered in pain, feeling like a knife was stabbed deep inside
her asshole.  She was sure that he had pushed his cock out the other side.  Her
mouth was continually filled and she gulped and coughed as she tried to swallow
as fast as the cum filled her mouth.  Her brother's cock continued to shoot out
an inexhaustible supply of cum into her mouth.  She felt the cock inside her
colon filling her up.  She could feel her insides swelling as the hot cum
continued to shoot inside her.  How could both of them have so much cum?  Her
body, wracked in pain, filling with cum in both ends, began to cum.  His fingers
had succeeded in masturbating her to climax.  She could not help it.  Each time
they had taken her against her will, forcing her to do worse things each time,
inflicting sexual pain on her body.  Yet each time they had forced her to cum. 
Her body shuddered in orgasmic pleasure, mixed with the pain of being taken in
her mouth and asshole.  She felt her pussy shooting out cum all over his fingers
as he continued to masturbate her clit, her mouth still filled with cum, her
asshole gurgling from the mass of cum sitting hotly inside her colon.
	"That's it Rebecca, cum for David and me, cum while we fill your slutty
body with our cum."  He pumped his cock in and out her asshole one last time,
hearing his cum sloshing around inside her as he pushed it deep inside her.  He
pushed his hips up against her ass cheeks, keeping his slowly shrinking cock
inside the grip of her asshole.  He felt her body finally stop shuddering, his
finger now lightly touching her sensitive clit.  He looked up and saw her face
red from the fuck facing that David had inflicted on her, cum dripping slowly
from the corner of her mouth, unable to contain all of it.  "Keep your cock in
her mouth, push it deep inside, don't let it fall out.  We have one more little
treat for our little girl."
	Rebecca's body began to slump, exhausted from the ordeal they subjected
her to.  Her hands no longer supported her body, David's hands holding her head
keeping her upright, the Commander keeping her hips erect, her asshole still
speared on the deflating cock inside her asshole.  Now what, what did was the
Commander going to do to her now?
	"We are going to fill you with our piss, Rebecca.  I am going to give
you a piss enema and David is going to piss in your mouth.  I want you to
swallow it or its another day with the Judge.  You don't want that, do you? 
Just do this little job and you both can leave.  Nod your head if you agree?"
	The Commander waited patiently as it slowly sank into Rebecca what would
be required of her.  She had to get out of here, now.  She nodded her head,
David's cock still sitting on her tongue. 
	"That's a good girl, Rebecca.  It wouldn't be so bad.  David will go
real slow and only piss a little at a time in your mouth.  Give you a chance to
swallow before he fills it again.  I going to fill your colon with my piss and
mix it with my cum.  Now, David, go slow or Rebecca will choke to death on your
piss.  Feed her a little at a time."
	Rebecca felt the hot piss of the Commander first.  She could feel the
hot piss burning her anal passage, already raw from being sodomized so hard. 
Her stomach began to gurgle as she was slowly filled with the hot liquid.  She
felt David began, shooting a short blast of piss into her mouth.  She almost
vomited as the foul tasting liquid bathed over her tongue.  She swallowed
quickly, but as soon as her mouth was empty, David pissed again.  He was having
a hard time containing the short bursts of piss.  He filled her mouth again,
this time she gagged as she swallowed, almost vomiting her brother's urine. 
Again, his piss filled her mouth, this time more then before, her cheeks bulging
to contain it all. 
	"Such a piss slut you are Rebecca.  Look at you, your cheeks puffed out,
full of your brothers piss.  I can feel my cock sloshing around inside your
asshole, bathed in the hot piss and cum inside you.  Swallow now, David's got
some more.  Young people can hold a lot of piss.  I think you will be full by
time you are finished.  Now swallow, that's good, now David fill her up again,"
watching as David strained as he pissed in her mouth again, this time even more. 
Some ran down the corner of her mouth.  The Commander shot another load deep
inside her asshole, bathing her irritated anal walls with the salty, burning
liquid.  They both finally finished filling her teenage body with their piss. 
	They let her slump to the bed, her head hanging over the edge and she
vomited on the floor, forcing her mouth to again taste the urine as it now
poured out instead of in.  The Commander pulled his cock from her asshole,
watching as her asshole clamped down, trying to stop the liquid filling her
asshole from coming out.  The Commander got to the door and was leaving just as
Rebecca lost all control and the hot piss shot from her asshole, spraying over a
foot behind her in a steady stream of piss and cum.
	"You both can go now.  You better hope you don't end up her again.  And
if you tell anyone what happened here, I will guarantee that you will not be
seen alive again.  David, clean up your sister and both of you get out of here,"
slamming the cell door as he left. 
	David helped his sister into the shower and cleaned her up.  Her body
was still too exhausted to do much of anything.  As he dressed her, he thought
of her naked body, her hot lips around his cock, her tongue pulling the cum from
his balls into her mouth.  "Rebecca, if you don't want me to tell your friends
what you did in here, you are going to have to obey me.  Do you understand what
I mean, Rebecca?  I'm going to make you my own little sex slave.  You are going
to fuck me just like you fucked them.  If you don't, all your friends will find
out what a whore you are."  Now lets go home and Mom and Dad, they will be
expecting us.  And maybe tonight after bedtime, I will have a chance to fuck
your sweet little pussy.  Would you like that Rebecca?"

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