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For my Lord

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Synopsis: A woman with submissive urges signs herself away to a life of slavery for her Lord and Master.



i am a slave! And this is my story. my Lord is my owner; He is a rich and powerful man who lives in The Netherlands. i am a 30 year old Irish woman, 5 8” tall, 34B/24/36 with pert and perky breasts, long dark curly hair and a neatly trimmed “landing strip”.

my Father was a strict Catholic and he would regularly spank me when i was a child; nothing sexual or abusive, merely because i deserved to be punished. However, my Father died when i was 14 and after that i ran wild; boys, underage drinking etc. though never drugs, or even tobacco (i did try smoking but it made me sick). i have been sexually active since i was 16; very active while i was at university, where i had many sexual experiences with both males and females.

Perhaps my most outrageous experience was when, on a Wednesday afternoon, which was free for recreational activities, i met a guy named Mike, who was a year ahead of me. After a few drinks, i agreed to go back to the house He shared with three other men. W/we ended up in bed, but Mike accidentally(?) left the bedroom door wide open and His three friends came back and caught us in the act. They all wanted a piece of me and i was happy to oblige. When They had all fucked me, i showered while one of them prepared some food downstairs. After dinner W/we sat around listening to music and having more drinks. i was lying with my head in Mikes lap and i realised He was hard again. i whispered to Him, asking Him if He wanted me to do something about it. He replied that He wanted me to suck Him, right there in front of the others, but He wanted me nude while i did it. Slightly tipsy, i quickly stripped and knelt before Him, giving Him my best blow-job. Of course, i ended up sucking all four of them.

This became my regular Wednesday recreational activity; four rampant boys to fuck me, dinner and a long cock sucking session to follow. After a few weeks, while showering while They were downstairs preparing dinner, i had an idea; i decided not to get dressed, after all, i would only end up stripping again before too long. So i went downstairs naked. The guys loved it! And there i was, sitting naked at the table as W/we ate dinner.

The last week of term, Their last week at university, They planned something special for me. Instead of fucking me, They used me as a bukkake girl with me naked on my knees as They stood around me. i sucked Them all, swapping from one to another, until They were all on the verge. Then They all shot Their loads over my face and hair. They wouldnt let me clean up, so i had to sit at the table and eat dinner with Their jism streaked across my face. i felt so sexy, especially when, after we had eaten, They told me to masturbate for Them before another fellatio session. All the time with Their cum drying on my face and hair while They took souvenir photographs of me. Only the following morning was i allowed to shower.

In my final year at university, i was in a relationship with a man who exploited my submissiveness to pimp me out to His friends; and one of my Tutors. Pretty soon, the other Tutors were using me as well.

Then i was selected to entertain a member of an important visiting European delegation. The Man i was sent to was to become my Lord. In His hotel room, He bound and whipped me (gently) before giving me the fuck of my young life.

He took me back to His mansion in The Netherlands for a week, where i lived as His sex slave. And i knew that this was my destiny.

So i was very disappointed when He sent me back to the university with instructions to work hard and achieve the best results that i could.

After graduating, i returned home, got a job and tried, unsuccessfully, to settle into a normal life.

Looking back, i think that i have always had a submissive streak, a result of my strict upbringing i guess. Certainly, my masturbatery fantasies centred on me being a sex slave in various scenarios or perhaps a pain-whore in a BDSM brothel. But apart from my time with my Lord, i had limited and unsatisfying experience of BDSM. So, i started to use Internet chat-rooms that catered for people with such tastes. There, out of the blue, i again came into contact with my Lord.

He started to control me via the chat-room and e-mail and then He instructed me to visit Him, at His expense. So i flew into Schipol and was met by His chauffeur. During my stay i was again subject to bondage and corporal punishment; i didnt realise at the time but i now know it to have been very mild, and He used each of my fuck holes at will.

At the end of my stay, much to my disappointment, i was again returned home.  However, a month later, having sorted out my affairs and told everyone that i was going travelling, i arrived back at the home of my Lord. The first thing was that i had to sign a slave contract. i wont go into the details now, but suffice to say i became the property of my Lord, to serve Him in any way He desired. He could sell me, lend or rent me out, or, if He tired of me, He could turn me out with only the clothes i stood in. There was no escape clause for me; i had signed myself into a life of servitude.

My training began immediately; i was made to strip and kneel before my new owner and a steel collar was locked, snugly, around my neck. my wrists were cuffed behind my back and a chain leash was clipped to my collar. i was then led outside at the back of the house where i was made to watch as my belongings were burnt on a bonfire. All that remained was a small bag containing toiletries and cosmetics, which i was told, would only be available to me on special occasions.

He then took me down into the cellar where i was strung up and given by far the most severe flogging i had ever suffered, as all my Lords household staff watched. Then, as i hung from my bonds, my Lord informed me that this was to welcome me to my new life of pain and degradation. What i had just suffered was a punishment whipping and that if i wished to avoid another such flogging, i had better learn quickly how to be a good slave. He also showed me a print-out of a certificate which authenticated my registration with The Slave Register. He then untied me and i was made to crawl on all fours and kiss the feet of each of the watchers; which was to make me understand that my status was below that of all of my Lords staff.

Quickly, i had to learn how to behave and how to please my Lord. And He whipped me and tortured regularly; each time more severely as He pushed me to my limit, and increased my tolerance to pain. In His mercy, my Lord granted me the privilege of a safe word, “Orange!” However, He warned me that if He considered that i used the word too readily, He would sell me to a brothel in the Middle East which catered for rich Arabs with a taste for BDSM, where they would delight in torturing and whipping a white infidel woman daily. The average survival rate in this hellhole was three to four weeks, by which time a woman would be beyond use and she would be given to another, cheap brothel which catered for the poorer Arabs and she would be fucked anything up to a hundred times a day until she died.

One thing that i had to learn was the required slave positions and i was made to hold these positions for hours on end, supervised by staff members wielding crops which were used on me at the slightest provocation.  The display position is with hands behind my head and elbows pulled back, eyes downcast and feet shoulder width apart. It is surprising how quickly my arms, shoulders and back began to ache when in this position. The kneeling display position is even worse as the pain in my knees soon becomes excruciating. Another position i was made to adopt was on my knees with my face to the floor and my arms crossed behind my back.

In all, i was taught that i existed only to serve my Lord and to give Him pleasure.

Chapter 1 In The Bar

You enter the bar with me following behind. It is busy but not packed. W/we sit on high swivel stools at the bar and You order drinks for U/us, mineral water for me. You tell me to swing round and sit with my back to the bar, facing into the room with my thighs parted.

You permitted to dress in a short skirt, a skimpy vest top and high heels, no bra or panties, of course. The clothing does little to hide the welts from recent whippings which are visible on my thighs and my back. i blush as i am aware that people sitting opposite are able to see up my skirt but You tell me to swivel slowly from side to side so that more people can see me exposed.

A group of men stare at me, laughing and pointing. Some women glare at me as their men try to sneak a look.

After a while, You stand and walk away, ordering me to make myself available to whoever wants me. i sit alone, displaying my sex to A/all. After a few minutes, a man approaches and offers to buy me a drink, i accept another mineral water, as i am forbidden alcohol, and W/we chat. He asks me about the whip marks and i explain that i am a slave, that i have been whipped and that my Lord has ordered me to obey whoever approaches me. He asks me to go out into the yard at the back of the bar, which is used by some smokers, as smoking is not allowed inside the bar. i, of course, agree and follow Him out.

Outside, He guides me to a dark corner and He kisses me and fondles my tits through the thin material of my top. He steers my hand to His cock which feels thick and hard through the material of His jeans. He asks me for a blowjob. i nod and slide down onto my knees; the rough cobbled floor of the yard hurts my knees immediately.

i take out His cock and kiss it before taking it into my mouth and suck on it. i hear voices, His friends have followed us and are standing around laughing and making crude comments about me. i try to turn my head but He grabs hold of my hair and starts to fuck my mouth. He quickly cums, flooding my mouth with His hot spunk. Dutifully, i swallow in down and He withdraws, stepping back as He puts His cock away. Another man quickly replaces him and, again i take a hard thick cock into my mouth.

Someone is behind me, pulling up my top, exposing my tits; my nipples stiff in the cool night air. He keeps pulling at my top and, knowing what is required of me, i raise my arms so that He can pull my top off over my head to the cheers and gasps of the gathering crowd as the welts on my back can be seen. i am now wearing only my short skirt and heels.

The second man cums down my throat and is replaced by a third. A forth wants my cunt and i am lifted up and lain down on my back across a damp wooden table. My legs are spread and my skirt raised. i hear voices exclaiming as the words WHORE and SLAVE, which my Lord had burnt into the flesh of my lower belly, are exposed.

More laughter and cheering as my mouth and cunt are simultaneously and roughly penetrated.

i lose track of time and lose count of the number of times i am penetrated but my mouth, cunt and ass are used again and again and again. i am almost out of it, swallowing instinctively when my mouth is filled with yet another load of hot spunk, feeling the burning cum inside me when my cunt or ass is flooded over and over again and i climax over and over again.

i am only vaguely aware of womens voices laughing at me and calling me a slut, a whore, a slag! Then one woman becomes aggressive and pulls her man away from me. She grabs my hair and slaps my face, hard, left, right, left, right. my tears flow, running down my cheeks and mixing with the cum that covers my face.

Other women follow her lead. They grab me and pull me to my feet, holding me upright by my arms while the first woman slaps me more, on my face and my tits. She grabs my nipples, pulling and twisting them painfully and she screams insults at me before spitting in my face. She indicates to her friends to release me and i slump to the floor, sobbing.

A voice says, “Shows over,” and the crowd start to drift back inside but the angry woman is not finished. She straddles me, raises her skirt and, as i look up, she pulls her panties to one side and lets loose a stream of piss over my hair and upturned face. When she has finished, she again spits on me and she marches off saying, “now the shows over!”

Slowly, i haul myself up onto all fours and watch the last of the crowd disappearing back into the bar. Then i see You, standing to one side, smiling. Without a word, You pick up my top and toss it to me. It has been trampled under many feet and is now nothing more than a filthy rag. The straps are broken so i hold it to my chest as i rise onto my knees. my skirt is soaked through with the spunk that oozes from my sloppy cunt and ass.

You tell me, “Get up, slave. Its time to get you home.” Slowly i stand, swaying slightly as though drunk from the demands made on me. i ask permission to be allowed to go to the ladies room to tidy myself up a little. You refuse, telling me to wait for You in the street while You settle the bar tab.

You stand to one side, indicating that i am to precede You into the bar. The room drops silent as i enter and stagger towards the door. i feel the lustful eyes of the men and the angry eyes of the women all on me.

In the silence of the room, i hear the barman tell You that the drinks are on the house and that You can bring me back any time for a repeat performance. i hear You chuckle and reply that You might just do that.

At last, i reach the sanctuary of the street. In the cool and dark i lean against a wall for support as i wait for You.

You emerge from the bar and lead me to Your car. “How… how many, Lord?” i ask.

“About fifty,” You reply casually, “you really are a slut! you must have swallowed about half a litre of spunk tonight and youre covered with it! you neednt think that you are getting in my car in your state.” And with that, You open the boot and spread out a plastic sheet. i dont need to be told and i climb in and lay down.

When W/we arrive at Your house, You tell me, “you can clean yourself up in the morning, you can sleep in your cage tonight, covered in cum like the whore that you are.”

i remove my skirt and shoes and crawl, naked, into my cage. i turn my head as i hear You lock the cage door behind me. The cage is too small, cramped and uncomfortable but, exhausted, i curl up and fall into a deep sleep, content in the knowledge that i am Your whore.

Chapter 2 Punishment Day


You wake me and release me from the cage. i crawl out and stretch, easing my aching muscles. You appear to be in good mood, but i detect that You are not pleased with me. You do not allow me to clean the dried cum from my face and body, but You give me a thin tight blouse and a very short skirt to wear.

i dress and then You fasten a leather collar around my neck and leather cuffs on my wrists, which You lock together in front of me. A leash is then attached to the collar and You lead me out into the street. W/we take a tram into the city centre and then You lead me through the busy streets.

Passers-by make comments which i cannot understand, knowing only a few words of Dutch; but from their tone, i can tell that men are making lewd comments while many women make angry or scornful comments. i blush with shame so deeply that it feels as though my entire body is burning up, but i stare straight ahead and try to ignore them.  

In a shoe shop, the young girl assistant runs to the back of the shop, shocked by my chains, my dishevelled appearance and lack of underwear. Instead, an older woman fits me with shoes with very high heels. i have trouble walking in them.

Next, You lead me into a shop selling fetish goods where You select a cane and a leather riding crop. You order me to bend over, right there in the shop where anyone can see. You raise my skirt, baring my ass and You use both the crop and the cane on me before deciding to buy them. i am crying and sweating from humiliation.

Having made Your purchases, You lead me back into the street, sometimes walking quickly so that i struggle to keep up in these ridiculously high heels. W/we are passing the torture museum when suddenly You stop and lead me inside.

You speak to the curator and arrange for a live demonstration of some of the torture devices, with me as the model, of course. There is an announcement over the speaker, in Dutch and then in English, that there is to be a demonstration of some of the torture equipment. A crowd of about a dozen people gather. i am made to strip and i am bent over a bench. There are gasps from the crowd as they see the welts from the caning and cropping that i have so recently received. A vaginal pear is inserted into my cunt and the handle turned, opening the leaves of the pear and stretching my cunt lips most painfully. Next, i am stretched on a rack until i scream in agony and think that my joints will surely be torn apart. Other devices are used on me until i scream and beg for mercy, much to the amusement of You, the curator and the watching visitors. In Your mercy, i am not made to endure these tortures for more than a few minutes, but that is enough for me to experience just a little of the pain these devices can deliver.

i am allowed no rest. Instead, You take me out of the city and into a forest. There, i am tied, spread-eagled between two trees. You cut off my skimpy clothing and blindfold me. i hear You walking away, leaving me alone, naked, bound and blindfolded. i have no idea how long i am left there, but soon my shoulders and hips start to ache, stretched out as i am.

i call out for You, but there is no answer. i start to panic, it is getting cold and i ache all over. i tug at my bonds but i know that You are skilled at tying me. i call out some more but when there is no answer, i fall silent and hang my head, letting my mind wander. i think about last nights gangbang, 50 men You had said, and all that cum, no wonder those women were angry with me, their men wanted to fuck me! The women were probably jealous; all those orgasms i had!

Suddenly i realise; orgasms! And You never gave me permission. Is that why im being punished?

i hear a sound, is some one there? Is it You Lord? Before i can speak a red hot streak of pain burns across my shoulders as a whip strikes. Again and again the whip lands before i can even react.

i scream as the whip lands on my back, my ass, my tits, my belly, my thighs. i thrash about in my bonds, trying to escape the whip but with my blindfold i have no idea where the next lash will strike. i have no idea whether it is You, Lord. i cry out to You, begging for mercy and screaming out the safe-word, but there is no reply and the whipping is merciless and unrelenting.

This must be the harshest whipping i have ever had to suffer, but at long last it ends and i hang limply from the ropes. i am untied and i slump to the ground. i am dragged, naked, through the forest and into a truck of some kind. i am tied by my arms and legs to the sides of the truck, spread out and kneeling and my leash is pulled down and fastened to the floor, dragging my head down.

The truck starts up and is driven for how long? Hours? i have no way of knowing but it feels like an eternity. The truck stops and i hear the door open. Mens voices. Again i dont understand what they are saying.

i feel hands on my exposed cunt, forcing into me roughly and painfully, stretching me as the hand is formed into a fist. i scream as the fist stretches my sore cunt beyond endurance.

More hands at my ass. I scream and beg for mercy but fingers, and then a hand is thrust into my ass and is also formed into a fist.

My screams are terrible but suddenly a third fist is shoved into my open mouth, almost dislocating my jaw. The pain from the three fists is unbearable and i pass out.

Next thing I know, i am being carried. The blindfold has been removed and i see that it is night-time and i am in the yard behind Your house. You use a hose to spray me with icy cold water, washing the piss, the cum, the dirt and the blood from my body.

That night, You allow me to sleep on the floor of Your bedroom, tied to the foot of Your bed.


Next morning, i am naked, of course, but have cruel clamps on my nipples and my clit, all connected by chains.
i am given house chores to do. i start in the kitchen by washing up and putting away all the dishes etc. Then i thoroughly clean all the surfaces and get down on my knees to clean the floor. It is hard work and, soon i start to perspire, my hair plastered to my forehead as i toil. Also, almost every movement brings a stab of pain to my nipples and clit as the clamps are pulled.
From the kitchen, i move to the lounge. i tidy away any papers and magazines and carefully dust shelves and surfaces. Finally i get out the vacuum cleaner and thoroughly clean the floor.
i use the vacuum cleaner to do the entrance hall and stairs.
Upstairs, i put clean bed linen on Your bed and carefully make it up. Again i dust all shelves and surfaces. my back and shoulders are starting to ache and i stretch, forgetting, for a moment the clamps and chains; until the pain bites at my tender clamped flesh. "OOOOOOHHHHH!" i think back to my punishment yesterday and my poor body aching from the severe whipping and the fisting of my fuck holes which were already sore from the gangbang the previous night.
i continue with my work, knowing that i will be punished further if i have not completed my chores. So i vacuum the upstairs floors.
Then to the toilets and bathrooms. i clean the wall tiles and mirrors then work on the wash basin, scrubbing until it all gleams. Then i am down on my knees as i scrub the bath and shower, polishing the taps and fittings. i shuffle across on my knees to the toilet and scrub that over and over until all is clean and shining.
i am exhausted and aching. i stretch, more carefully this time, and look around to see if i have missed anything. No, i don't think so; so i put away the cleaning stuff and have one last tidy round before taking my place on my knees by the front door to await Your return.


Your slave is relieved that You are satisfied with my house cleaning, i tried so hard to make sure it was done right.
i enthusiastically kneel and use my tongue to complete the work in the men's room, desperate to avoid more punishment to my already tender body. 
Afterward, i lie at Your feet, on the floor, i knowing that, as a slave, i am not permitted to use Your furniture without Your permission, while You read Your newspaper.
When You have finished with the newspaper, You drag me to the cellar and i am tied, sitting on the floor with my back to a stout wooden pillar and my legs pulled up high and spread wide. You use the cane on the soft flesh of my inner thighs and on my exposed mound, causing me to shriek and scream in agony.
Then, i am made to stand and am again bound to the wooden pillar and You whip my tits. Again i scream and beg for mercy. When You are satisfied with that, You fuck me, releasing You glorious spunk inside my unworthy cunt.
You tell me that I am to star in a BDSM film that some associates of Yours are to make. Then You leave me there, tied to the pillar while You go back upstairs to sleep. i remain, in the dark, with Your cum trickling from my cunt and down my tortured inner thighs. i stand there fretting about what will be done to me in the film. i cry!

Chapter 3 The Client

i spend a miserable night tied to the wooden pillar in the cold dark cellar, but somehow, i managed some sleep and feel slightly rested when You enter and wake me by putting on the light.

You untie me and drag me to the corner of the cellar where i am made to lie face down on the cold, rough floor. my arms are tied behind my back and my ankles are tied together. You attach a hook to the ankle ropes and i am hauled upwards until i hang upside down, high in the air.

i watch in silence as You drag a large barrel beneath me and start to fill it with water. Soon the barrel is filled and You work the pulley, lowering me, head first, into the water. “OH GOD, NOOOOOOOO!!!!”

Fortunately, i manage to take a deep breath before my head goes under the water. Jesus, the waters cold! You leave me under the water for… i dont know how long but I buck and thrash about, as Im sure that i am going to drown.                                                                                        

At last You raise me up and i hang there spluttering and coughing and gasping for air. You allow me only a few moments before lowering me again into the icy cold water. Again i jerk and thrash about, panicking that i will drown.

Four times i am ducked into the water before You lower me to the floor and untie me. i lie there spluttering and shivering on the cold floor and You throw me a rough rag to dry myself on.

When i am recovered and dried off, You lead me upstairs and give me dress to put on, made of thin black material. It is very short and tight and has a split up both sides and is very tight across my tits, belly and ass, in fact my tits are covered only by two thin straps. i am allowed no underwear, of course, so i am aware that the dress is very revealing.

A collar, black leather and encrusted with pearls and diamonds, is fastened tightly around my neck and You secure my elbows together, attaching the elbow strap to the back of the collar so that my head is pulled back and my tits are thrust out.

You then attach a leash to my collar and lead me to the lounge where i am made to kneel as You sit reading Your newspaper. As i kneel, Your maid brings You a drink. She smirks as she sees me; she is fully aware of my status as Your slave and she clearly finds it highly amusing, especially as i was made to clean the entire house yesterday instead of her having to do it. i give her a defiant stare, hoping that You wont notice.

Some visitors arrive; two couples and You all sit drinking and chatting. The women ignore me while the men make comments about me. You are all speaking Dutch, of course, and i understand little of what is said, but the meaning is clear, especially when You raise my dress and show them my brand marks.

i blush in humiliation and i want to lower my head to hide my face, but the straps from my elbow bindings to my collar prevent this and i must kneel there in shame and degradation. i hear You talk of a client who is on his way. i guess that the client is coming for me and that this is not going to be good for me! Perhaps it is the movie guy. So soon! i had been expecting a few days at least for my body to recover from the severe whipping i received while tied up in the forest, just two days ago.

For how many hours do i kneel as You and Your guests drink and chat? i steal an occasional glance at the clock and it seems that the hands barely move. My arms and shoulders ache from my bondage, my knees are in agony from these hours in this position, my whole body still tender from the whipping in the forest and my cunt and ass tender from all the use they have been put to.

After a long time, the bitch of a maid shows the client into the room. He is clearly very wealthy but has a cruel look and two men who are obviously his bodyguards accompany him. They are both huge rough looking men.

Introductions are made and drinks served by the maid who still smirks down at me as i remain kneeling and ignored by everyone.

Finally, You all turn Your attention to me. i am dragged to my feet and my branded and whip marked body is displayed to the new guests. The main guest, who I think of as The Gangster, gives a signal and his two roughians approach me and start hitting me on my tits and my ass. The blows come hard and fast and i scream in agony as they hit me over and over again.

They pick me up effortlessly and throw me face up across the table positioning me so that my head is hanging over one edge. i look to You, my owner and my Lord, for help, but You are too interested in what the men are doing to me.

One of the men holds my legs apart while the other holds up his fist with something metal on it, like a knuckle-duster. Suddenly and without warning, he forces his fist into my cunt, knuckle-duster and all! i feel as though my insides are being ripped apart as the metal covered fist slams up against my cervix. i have never known such pain as he punches his fist in and out mercilessly. i scream out in agony and beg You for mercy, to make them stop, but You ignore me, as You enjoy my suffering.

As my head thrashes from side to side, i see that the two women are on their knees and are eagerly sucking on The Gangsters rigid cock. The two husbands undress and approach my head, their erect cocks bobbing up and down in front of them as they move towards me. They hold my head steady as they take turns to force their cocks into my mouth and deep into my throat, stifling my screams as the two henchmen continue to brutalise my cunt and ass.

The husbands hold deep in my throat, cutting off my air supply, only withdrawing when im about to black out, but quickly filling my throat again as they swap places. Then, suddenly, they both force themselves into my mouth at the same time, stretching my jaw until i think it must surely dislocate.

Mercifully, the two henchmen withdraw their fists, but there will be no respite for me. i am shown two leather sheaves covered with metal nobbles and i watch in horror as the henchmen pull them on to their huge cocks.

As i am roughly flipped over, i become aware of the maid. The bitch is taking photographs, recording the events and, no doubt, relishing seeing me abused.

One of the henchmen shoves his enormous cock into my torn and bleeding cunt and starts to fuck me, the nobbles on his sheath further ripping and battering my tender cunt walls. The second henchman climbs onto the table and straddles me before forcing his dick into my ass and they simultaneously saw into my abused fuck-holes. The two husbands move back to my head and take turns in furiously fucking my mouth.

As my tears flow, i try to catch Your eye, pleading for You to make it stop, but You are clearly enjoying the sight of Your slave being fucked and tortured in every hole.

The Gangster is enjoying himself with the wives as he watches my abuse.

Finally, the henchmen flood my fuck-holes with their spunk and they pull out of me and the husbands also jet their burning hot cum down my throat and all four men are satisfied. i am dragged to my feet and stand unsteadily, bleeding and sobbing in agony as the maid continues to record my suffering with her camera.

As the others dress, You speak quietly to The Gangster and i see him pass You a thick wad of cash. The gangster speaks to his henchmen and they each take hold of my arms and drag me out to their car where i am thrown roughly into the boot, my arms and legs pulled behind me and secured in a hog-tie. A ball gag is forced into my mouth and the boot lid closed and i lie sobbing in the darkness as the car is driven off.

i have no idea where i am being taken, or why. Is this the film-maker? Will i be brought back when he has finished with me, or have You sold me permanently?

i am terrified of what the future holds for me in my nightmarish world of pain.

Chapter 4 1,000 Lashes

i have no idea how long W/we drove, me hog-tied painfully in the boot of the car. i am totally exhausted from the brutal multiple rape i have just suffered and, amazingly, i eventually cry myself into a fitful sleep. At long last the car stops and i hear the men getting out. Suddenly the boot lid is opened and i am untied and dragged out.

i stand flexing my aching limbs and joints as i survey my surroundings. W/we are at what appears to be some sort of derelict factory, dark, cold and dirty. But i have no idea where W/we are, i dont know how long W/we had been driving and i cant recognise the language people are speaking.

There are a number of people there, maybe a dozen or so, with all sorts of filming equipment. i am led by The Gangsters two thugs and made to stand between two concrete pillars in an area that is brightly lit for the cameras. my flimsy dress is torn off me and the pretty collar removed and replaced by an old leather leash. It reminds me of something that would be used to lead an animal, appropriate i suppose as i feel, as i stand naked among these strangers, that my treatment is worse than an animal would be treated.

Leather straps are used to tie my ankles to the pillar, spreading my legs wide. Similar straps are then used to tie my wrists so that my arms are stretched out at shoulder height. i realise that the cameras were already running, recording my fate. i guess that i am not the star of this film because of my acting ability. There will be no attempt at a plot in this film; it will show me being whipped and tortured, nothing else.

When i see a brute of a man wielding a bullwhip, my courage fails me. He is huge and muscular and his whip is of thick braided leather, about 6 feet long. Jesus, this bastard is going to hurt, i think as i instinctively try to back away. This whip is worse than anything my owner, my Lord, has used on me. i am shaking visibly and mouthing silent pleas for mercy. Again i try to pull away, but my bonds allow almost no movement.

Suddenly, the thought comes to me; this whipping is going to happen and there is nothing i can say or do to stop it, but im worth nothing to these people if im dead or lying in a hospital bed. Maybe it wont be too bad, its only for a film after all, perhaps theyll fake it somehow.

my resolve is restored and i stare defiantly at the whip-master as he slowly approaches brandishing that that evil looking whip.   

i grit my teeth and brace myself as the whip-master takes up his position in front and to the right of me, flicking his whip through the air. He seems to move in slow motion as he brings his arm back and lashes the whip at me. It hits, just above my tits before i had realise and a line of fire burns through my chest, causing me to throw back my head and grunt in pain.

i look down and see a vivid red stripe across my chest. Wah, that hurt, i think, but Ive had worse. Perhaps i am right, this is just for the cameras.

He is taking his time, waiting after each stroke for the full impact to fry my nerve endings before he raises his arm and applies the next stroke.

i am thrashing about as much as my bonds will permit but i am confident that I can take my punishment. But the brute is only warming up and suddenly the ferocity of the strokes increases tenfold. He is still making me wait between each lash but when they come, the pain is unbearable. Again and again my tits are lashed until they were criss-crossed by horrible red stripes. Then he works his way down my body until he is lashing across my brand marked belly. All the time i am thrashing about, vainly trying to escape the vicious bullwhip.

Aiming lower, he attacks my pubic mound, each stroke bringing a gasp and grunt of pain from my lips but, as yet, i do not scream. my thighs are his next target, me trying in vain the close my legs to try to protect the soft smooth flesh of my inner thighs.

Only when the whole of the front of my body, from shoulders to knees has been flayed does he rest. The whip-master and the film crew take a drinks break while i stand stretched out between the concrete pillars, head bowed and sobbing. A man in a white coat comes over and, grabs my hair, pulled my head up and he looks into my tear filled eyes and glances up and down my body. Turning to “The Gangster”, he nods and walks away as my head drops down again.

The whip-master takes up a position behind me and i realise that the whipping is about to start again, this time on my back. Now, i cant see the strokes coming, the only warning being the swish of the whip as it rips through the air, followed a split second later by a loud CRACK!!!!!! as it impacts on my body.

i am broken, i scream, long and loud after every stroke and i thrash and tug at my bonds but the flogging is relentless. i break out in a cold sweat, the saltiness stinging my wounds even more as he works his way down my back, finally stopping just above the roundness of my ass.

Again, the whip-master and the film crew stop for a drink. This time i am approached by a naked blonde who gives me a drink of water. i am grateful for this act of sisterly kindness until she leans closer and whispers in heavily accented English, "the cane, the nice thing to come now, will mash your ass into raw hamburger meat." i look up and see that she is grinning at the thought of my further torment so i just glare back at her as she turns to walk away.

i briefly wonder if, in this hell of pain and tears that had become my life, everyone i meet will enjoy seeing me suffer!

A word from the director and the whip-master takes his position behind me and, before i can even turn my head, i hear a swish as the cane cuts through the air. A fraction of a second later my whole body explodes in a firestorm of pain as the cane finds its target.

i have never felt pain like this and immediately i am screaming and shrieking as my body contorts this way and that. He slashes the cane down again and again and i am yelling out the safe-word that my Lord, in His mercy, had given me.

Either they are not aware of the safe-word, or they choose to ignore it, but the thrashing continues until i am out of my mind with agony. i feel that i will surely pass out with pain, but for some reason i stay conscious although i am aware of nothing but the cruel cane lashing my poor body.

Finally the whipping stops, i am untied and dragged across to a bare wooden bed and i am thrown face down onto it. In my barely conscious state, i hear the director speaking in broken English, i understand little but catch the word “retake.”

Dear God in Heaven, i think, no more please, they cant do that to me again.


Chapter 5 1,000 Pricks

i lie on the hard bed in a daze, curled into a foetal position, whimpering and wincing in pain. The naked blonde woman spreads a soothing balm over my battered and bruised body. Then, i groan as she rolls me onto my back and kneels up on the bed, straddling my face. i understand what she wants and, as she lowers herself, i put out my tongue and lick her moist pussy. my hands instinctively grasp her hips, her sleek thighs and her firm, well rounded ass.

In other circumstances, i would surely enjoy pleasuring her. Her flawless body is such a contrast to mine which is covered with many welts and stripes of varying shades of dark red and purple and my groin and thighs covered with dried cum, stained red with my blood. But now, i just want to be left alone; what i really want is to be back home, kneeling at my Lords feet, worshipping Him.

But i do what she wants and lick her; soon she is bucking and riding my face in a frenzy of orgasmic pleasure.

i feel someone examining my body and my arm is pulled out to one side and i am given an injection. Almost immediately, i feel more alert.

Hands part my thighs and i feel my dry and unprepared cunt entered by a thick cock. i want to scream, but my mouth is covered by the blondes sweet pussy and all that comes out is a low moan. Every thrust feels like i am being stabbed with a knife and i am certain that the tears in my barely healed cunt walls have been re-opened.

At almost the same time, the blonde cums over my face and the mans cock jets its hot spunk into my battered cunt. They get off me and walk away, laughing and chatting as i hear a shout from the movie director.

my career as an S&M porn star is about enter its next phase.


Two men approach and drag me to my feet and across the room. Whatever the drug was that they injected into my arm, it has revived me. i am alert, if slightly disorientated. The balm that the blonde assistant rubbed on my wounds eased the pain slightly, but i am still in agony as the thugs pull me against a horizontal wooden bar that is suspended on some sort of harness, and strap my arms, elbows and upper arms to it.

Leather cuffs are tightened around each ankle and ropes attached, which are then passed through rings at either end of the wooden bar and then up to a hook above my head where they are tied off.

i can see Blondie operating a pulley that raises the hook, causing my feet to be pulled apart, spreading my legs painfully wide, then lifting them and pulling them even wider until my legs are parallel to the bar and my hip joints hurt terribly.

i just know that my cunt is spread and how exposed and vulnerable i am. One of the men pushes a pole mounted on a stand into view. To my horror, the pole is tipped with a metal dildo, which is wrapped with fine barbed wire. Dear God, is there no end to the cruelty of these people, i think as i scream for mercy, surely that must be a fake, for the cameras.

The pole is positioned right below my ass then the harness is adjusted so that i am lowered slightly until the tip of the dildo is touching my clenched ass-ring. Then Blondie approaches, carrying lengths of fine steel wire. She grips my right nipple and pulls out my tit and begins to wind the wire around the base of the flesh, pulling tighter and tighter. She repeats this with the left tit. All the while i am screaming in pain. i have had my tits bound before, but always with rope. This is much worse as the thin wire really digs into my flesh as Blondie pulls ever tighter, and quickly my tit-flesh is bulging and turning dark red, then purple.

i fear that all this is only preparation for much worse that is to come!

A man approaches and orders me to open my mouth. When i do not obey immediately, he grasps my jaw, causing me to shout out in pain. Using a pincer, he grips my tongue and pulls it out. Blondie quickly fastens a wooden clamp onto my tongue, holding it in place with cords that she ties behind my head. i squeal in agony and try to shout out but can only utter an incomprehensible babble.

Another man pushes a trolley towards me. On the trolley i can see needles, pins and skewers and spikes of various sizes. The man picks up three small needles and, one after the other, he pierces my tongue with them. My screams fill the room, tears flow from my eyes and drool runs from my open mouth. All present find this amusing and the sound of their laughter rings in my ears.

The man then picks up more needles and uses them to attack my bulging tender tit-flesh, slowly piercing my tits, my nipples and my areolae; each piercing bringing more tears to my eyes and more garbled screams.

From the corner of my tear filled eye, I can see Blondie fiddling with the controls of the pulley. Moments later, i feel myself being lowered and the tip of the dildo pressed into my ass. Try as i will to prevent its entry by clenching my ass, i feel my anal ring stretch as the dildo pushes into my ass.

At the same time, they continue to push more and more needles into my poor tit-flesh until there are dozens of needles sticking into my tortured tits.

They then move behind me and start to work on my cunt, piercing my cunt-lips as i thrash uncontrollably in my bonds and i scream and beg for mercy although with my clamped tongue, my words are totally unintelligible.

my pleas are ignored, of course, and the men continue to push more and more needles through my tender cunt flesh, before concentrating on the area around my clit. My body is a mass of pain; all the separate tortures merging into one and i wonder how any woman can endure such cruelty.

The pain is intolerable and i thrash and jerk about trying desperately to escape this torment. i pray for unconsciousness but maybe because of the drug they had given me, i remain fully awake and alert.  

All the time, i am sinking lower onto the dildo and it is penetrating deeper into my ass, tearing and ripping at my flesh as it does. Meanwhile, the needles are now being forced through the soft smooth flesh of my inner thighs.

The men stand back, giving me hope that the worst is over. However, the director speaks and the men move to the trolley and pick up handfuls of skewers. Gripping my left tit, a skewer is forced against my flesh until i howl anew as the skewer pierces the skin and is forced all the way through until it emerges through the other side. Unable to think, i try to scream out the safe-word, even though it was ignored when i tried to use it when they were whipping me and, with my tongue clamped, i can not make myself understood.

In all, six skewers are forced through each tit as i thrash about in my bonds and howl like an animal. All this time, Blondie is straddling the director, riding his cock as both give way to their lust, inflamed by watching me suffer.

my belly is the next target with no less than seven skewers pierce me between my belly button and the words branded onto my skin. At the same time, i am sinking further onto the dildo and the barbs rip through my flesh and my ass-ring is stretched impossibly. Surely this torture can get no worse, i think, but i am wrong. One of the men takes a skewer and pushes the tip up inside my spread cunt and against my cunt wall until the membrane is pierced and the skewer sticks into the pole to which the metal dildo is fixed.

i am suffering the torments of the damned and begin to despair, mentally cursing my Lord for sending me here to be abused like this and i pray to my Lord to let me pass out, but the drug is doing its work and relief will not come.

The men take a short break, but there is no respite for me as i hang there wracked with pain with all these needles and skewers sticking into me, not to mention the barbed dildo ripping my ass. But, i begin to think that maybe my Lord doesnt know how badly these thugs are treating me. i just hope and pray that i can survive and that i am returned to Him in one piece. Also, i remember that my Lord has honoured me by whoring me out to these people and He would demand that i endured whatever they wanted to do to me, or i would displease Him and i would never wish to do that.

my body glistens with a sheen of sweat and my hair is plastered to my forehead as, a few minutes later, the men come back, each holding a burner in his hand. They light the burners and set to applying them to the skewers and needles, heating them and causing them to sear my flesh and bringing even louder and more animalistic screams to my dry throat, im on the verge of hyperventilating. One after another, the skewers are glowing hot, causing them to fry my tortured flesh as i thrash about, tear reddened eyes bulging.

Finally, even the drug cant keep me alert and the agony is too much for my poor body to stand. my prayers are answered and, mercifully, i slip into the oblivion of unconsciousness.

Chapter 6 1,000 Jolts

i regain consciousness, i have no way of knowing how long i have been out but i do know that i am still in a lot of pain. The needles and skewers have been removed from my body, as have the wires that bound my tits. And i have been taken down from the wooden bar.  i am locked into some sort of frame and turning my head as much as i can, i realise that it is a pillory, like from the Middle Ages. Except that i am on my knees and bent backwards and i am facing upwards.

My back and shoulders and the muscles in my thighs scream in burning pain. This is on top of the pain my body already feel from the whipping and the needle torture. From my shoulders to my knees, there is no part of my body that does not feel intense pain and i groan quietly.

i can feel someone move between my spread thighs and i shriek in agony as my dry and sore cunt is penetrated without warning by a monstrously thick cock. Jeezus, will these bastards never leave me alone? i think as the thick shaft hammers into me as im held by the pillory frame, unable to see my assailant.

The man fucks me mercilessly, his inhumanly thick cock abrades my cunt walls re-opening the tears in my tortured flesh and i wail at every thrust. The man grips the cross piece of the pillory and then his face appears over the top. Its “the doctor!!!” 

He smiles down at me with an affectionate look on his face; this bastard that drugged me to keep me alert so that i could experience even more painful tortures, unable to escape by passing out.

i beg him to show me some mercy but his unbelievably thick cock continues to hammer into me. i cry out until my voice is hoarse then i whisper, "Please doctor, please tell me, after this, my ordeal is over. Please cum, shoot your sperm deep into my cunt." i just want this end!

At that moment, i feel his spurts of hot cum flood into me and, thank god, he withdraws. But then he leans over the pillory and shoots a load over my face and into my open mouth.  

He bends, his unshaven face next to mine, and whispers, "Love, two more to go. Next will be the 1.000 jolts." And with that, he turns and walks away, laughing like a madman while my heart sinks as i remain locked, sobbing, in this infernal pillory.

i cant bring myself to think about the horrors that await me at the hands of these cruel, evil sadists. All i want is to be back with my Lord but i know i must endure the ordeal to come; for Him!



How long have i been hanging here in this pillory? Minutes? Hours? It feels like days! i try to concentrate on my breathing to take my mind of the agonies that i am feeling and the torments to come.

1,000 jolts… what the fuck did the doctor mean by that? And he said two more sessions, what else had these bastards got lined up for me?

Breathe, in, out, slowly.

Every so often i call out, my voice hoarse from my screaming. Cursing, demanding, begging to be let free. No answer, only my moans and sobs to break the silence.

But no tears came, i am past crying!

Breathe. Survive.

i am going mad with this pain, this waiting! i shout out again. This time begging them to take me for the next phase of my torture. “Please, take me, im ready. Hurt me please!”

After what seems like an eternity, they return, chatting and laughing as though torturing a woman is an everyday job to them.

They unlock the pillory and lift me to my feet and drag me across to a narrow wooden bench where they roughly throw me onto my back. my arms are pulled down and strapped to the bench legs, my head overhangs the end of the bench and hangs down.

A leather strap is tightened round my waist, securing me to the bench. my legs are then pulled up and apart and are strapped to two poles either side of the bench. This exposes my cunt and i think that i am to be gang-raped yet again. i try to protest but my throat is so dry and hoarse that only a faint whisper comes out.

They start to stick pads to my body which have electrical wires attached and i realise what the doctor meant by 1,000 jolts. The bastards are going to use electro-torture on me! i squirm and writhe but the straps hold me secure on the bench.

They wrap thin copper wire around my nipples and attach metal clamps to my cunt-lips and clit. All these things have electrical wires attached. i scream as i feel my cunt-lips pierced with barbed fish hooks and i feel them stretched wide apart as wires are wrapped around my thighs.

i am trembling and quaking in fear as a rubber bar is forced between my teeth and secured in place by straps, which are fastened at the back of my head. Finally, a wire is wrapped around one of my toes and secured to the ground. Apparently, preparations are complete because i watch in horror as one of the men approaches carrying some sort of cattle prod. He strokes it up and down my body, then, without warning, the power jolts through my body making me scream and shake uncontrollably. my body thrashes and jerks and spasms, the pain is driving me insane.

A second jolt from the prod then from the electrodes stuck to my skin. Totally random, i have no clue when and where the next jolt will come and i scream into my rubber bar gag continually.

They allow me a short break and i lie whimpering in my bonds, my jaw aching from being stretched open and biting down on the rubber gag. i can see Blondie bent over, sucking on the directors cock. Obviously he is enjoying watching my latest torture. The doctor checks me over and i try to beg him for water but, with the rubber bar gag, the only sound i make is an unintelligible “or-ah,” and he ignores my pleas. And then they start over again. my head thrashes from side to side, my eyes are bulging and my body is jerking in indescribable agony.

Someone fastens a leather strap around my eyes so i cant even see what they are doing. The torture goes on and on, but i am past coherent thinking, my body merely reacting reflexively to the endless jolts of electricity that coarse through me.

my throat is so dry that i cant even scream any more, just make moaning and gurgling sounds deep in my throat.

The pain is driving me out of my mind, it is all consuming, there is nothing else but pain in my world! i whimper and writhe in my bonds and drool dribbles from my stretched mouth.

i feel the cattle prod being traced over my body. i tense, not knowing when the jolt will come, but knowing it will come at some time. It is moved down between my thighs and touched to my cunt lips, pulled wide by terrible fishhooks.

The jolt!!!!!

“NNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” my head thrashes and my body strains against the leather straps and i howl like an animal. As i writhe in fresh agony the fishhooks pull on my stretched cunt-lips, adding to my distress.

The doctor quickly checks me over. i cant take any more, i want to die. i try to beg the doctor to have mercy and to put me out of my misery but all that comes out is a pitiful whimper.

The cattle prod is shoved roughly deep into my cunt and an unbelievable jolt of pain shoots through my body. It gets worse. my body jerks and strains against the leather straps until it feels as though my back must break and the blood pounds in my brain. i am incapable of sane thought, they have reduced me to the level of an animal, less than an animal as surely these bastards would not treat a dumb animal with this level of cruelty.

It goes on and on!!! Finally it stops and i sink back exhausted, my body bathed in sweat. The cattle prod is withdrawn from my battered cunt but i hear the director speak and something is shoved back into my cunt. It feels smooth, waxy. The strap is taken away from my eyes and they put some kind of a stand under my head, raising it. i look in shock at my body, black and purple from the many welts and bruises then further shock as i see a lighted candle protruded from my gaping cunt.

Oh God, i want to die, i cant take any more!

But i can only watch in increasing horror as the candle slowly burns down and i feel the heat from the flame intensifying.

Finally it is burning me inside my cunt with a pain even i have never known. It is too much and, mercifully, i slip into unconsciousness.

Chapter 6 1,000 Stars

After God only knows how long, i regain consciousness but everything is hazy. The doctor is here checking me over and wearing an evil grin on his face. God, i hate that man!!!!

He gives me something to drink, its thick and syrupy and tastes horrible, but i am so thirsty that i force it down. He gives me some food how long is it since i have eaten? And he injects me with whatever drug he is using on me. i have no strength to resist him.

He leans closer and whispers, "My star, my 1.000 stars." i look up at him wondering what he means and i shiver as i look into his cruel eyes.

i feel more alert, the effect of the drug? i lie here thinking about my Lord, my Owner. Will i ever see Him again? Why has He sent me here, to test my devotion or merely to make money from the abuse of my body by these evil sadists? my mind is in a turmoil and i am afraid of whatever these bastards are going to do to me next.

i turn my head and i see… a rack? What else? i cant decide, but I know that i will learn soon enough.


i am dragged up from the bench where the bastards had left me and they drag me across to a damp corner where they turn hoses on me; icy cold water. i shriek and yelp as they made sure i am cleansed of the dirt and piss and dried blood.

When they consider me to be clean enough, Blondie comes over, grabs me by the hair and arm and pulls me across to the rack type device that i had seen earlier. my arms are bent back over a horizontal bar and then pulled forward and my wrists cuffed. my legs are spread wide and secured to the vertical bars by leather straps around my ankles, knees and thighs. They take away the box on which i am standing so that i am now suspended by my arms and legs.

One of the men places a pole in front of me which has a dildo attached to the end. Blondie forces my mouth open and the dildo is pushed in deep so that i am unable to pull my head back to get the dildo out of my mouth. With a smirk, Blondie flicks a switch and the dildo begins to fuck in and out of my mouth, slowly but deep.

At first, i think that this is not too bad, especially after my other tortures. But the dildo is inflatable and soon i feel it grow thicker and longer, stretching my jaw painfully. Also it begins to leek some fluid which tastes similar to the foul drink that the evil doctor gave me.

Without even realising, i instinctively start to work my lips, my tongue my throat as if this was a real cock fucking my mouth. God, i think when i realise what i am doing, what a total slut I am. i close my eyes and in my mind i am worshipping my Lords magnificent cock, sucking on it and swirling my tongue around it, grateful that i am not being hurt, at least for the time being.

i become aware of Blondie approaching and carrying something, but i cant make out what it is. She wets my hanging tits and applies suction cups over both of them. my tits feel very sensitive and the suction on them is becoming very arousing and pretty soon, to my amazement, a shattering orgasm rips through my body. i writhe and scream into the dildo that still fucks my mouth; but this time my screams are of pleasure.

The suction cups on my tits switch on and off repeatedly and again and again i climax, my eyes glazing over with this pleasure overload. Someone is behind me and i am vaguely aware of another suction cup being applied; this time to my clit and my swollen cunt lips.

Oh God, i cant stand it! i am being driven out of my mind by the repeated orgasms. my brain is being turned to mush by so many orgasms and i am seeing stars! A thousand stars… thats it!

my body is bucking and thrashing and i am coated with a sheen of sweat. Its too much; i want to beg for it to stop but my mouth is still filled by the dildo. On and on it goes until, after God only knows how many orgasms, eventually i pass out.

i must have been out for a long time as, when i come round, i am in familiar surroundings. i am back at the home of my Lord, locked in my dog cage. Is my ordeal finally over? i give a squeal of delight as I know that i will soon see my beloved Lord. Have i survived my ordeal at the hands of those sadistic bastards? i weep in relief and joy that it is over.

Chapter 7 The Maid

i drift in and out of consciousness as i wait in the small dog cage. my body is still a mass of pain, from the tortures inflicted on me by those bastards, and now from the cramping in my muscles, caused by my confinement in this cage.

i try to call out but my throat is so dry and parched that i can only emit a hoarse croak, barely audible.

i pass the time considering my situation. When i signed the slave contract, giving myself, mind and body, to my Lord, i had expected some bondage and corporal punishments and for my fuck holes to be available for regular use. But even in my darkest nightmares, i had never imagined the terrible tortures i had suffered at the hands of those sadists.

But i had committed myself to a life of slavery to my Lord and i knew that whatever He wished, i would obey. And, as i now huddle in my cage, i renew my vow to devote myself to my Lord by absolute obedience and dedicating myself totally to my Lords pleasure. i know that i exist only to serve my Lord and i will try harder to be the best slave for my Lord. If He were to send me back again to the sadists, i would obey without hesitation. If it pleased my Lord, i would kneel, naked, on a street corner in the roughest part of the city and beg any passing men to use my mouth for Their pleasure.

i worship and adore my Lord and will do anything to demonstrate my devotion to Him.


my Lords maid comes and unlocks the cage to release me. As i stiffly crawl out she lets out a gasp. She is shocked at the appearance of my battered body. While i stretch my aching muscles, she tells me that You are away on business and that she has been instructed to care for me, but that in Your absence, i must obey her and behave with utmost respect towards her.

She helps me to stand and holds me as she takes me up from the cellar and to the bathroom. She sits me down and starts to run a bath. While the water is filling the bath, she leaves me for a few minutes before returning, naked.

When the bath is filled, she adds some fragrant oil to the steaming water then helps me to get in and sit. She then climbs in and sits behind me one leg either side of me. She then gently washes my hair and uses a soft sponge to clean my body. When i am cleansed, she lies back and gently pulls me back so that i am resting on her.

Oh this feels so good. It is the first time that i have been allowed a hot bath since i submitted myself to slavery and became my Lords property. Usually i am simply hosed down with cold water, or sometimes plunged into a barrel of cold water. But this is a luxury.

W/we lie there for quite a time, until the water begins to feel cool, then i am helped out of the bath and the maid, gently dries my hair and pats my body dry using a soft fluffy towel.

Once i am dry, she leads me into her room and puts me to bed in her own double bed. Bending to kiss me, she whispers, “Dont get used to this treatment, tomorrow you are slave again.”

With that, she leaves me and i quickly fall into a deep sleep. i dont even wake when, later that evening, the maid joins me in bed.

Next morning i wake up refreshed, although my body still aches. i think it will take quite a few days for me to recover from my ordeal at the hands of the sadist film-makers.

The maid is lying beside me and when she realises that i am awake, she leans over to kiss me and she takes my hand and puts it to her breast. i understand what is required of me and i return her kiss before moving down to suckle on her beautiful breasts, sucking and nibbling on her erect nipples as she moans with pleasure.

She puts Her hand to my head and pushes me down so i slide down the bed and position myself between her thighs and start to tongue her moist slit. i work my tongue deep into Her pussy, relishing the taste of her and i find Her clit and nip it gently with my teeth. This drives her wild and she pushes me onto my back and she gets astride my face, humping madly as i use my tongue to bring her to a shattering orgasm.

She collapses back onto the bed, panting as she gradually comes back down to Earth. Finally she opens her eyes and whispers, “this changes nothing. Remember, today you are slave again. Make my breakfast while I shower.”

With that, she stood and grabbed me by the hair, pulling me to my feet and pushing me toward the stairs while she made for the bathroom.

i go to the kitchen and prepare breakfast for the maid and have just finished setting it out on the large kitchen table as she enters. Without a word, she sits and eats, as i stand behind her, ready to serve her; realising how hungry i am.

When she finishes eating, she says to me, “while your Lord is away you dont get whip… unless you bad girly! But things dont get done while you are away enjoying yourself, so you work, understand?”

“Yes, Maam,” i reply.

She stands and takes two dishes from a cupboard. One dish she fills with her leftover food from the table and the other she fills with water. She puts the dishes on the floor and pointing to them she says, “breakfast. you have ten minutes, no more.” Then she pours herself another coffee and sits to watch as i kneel and bend to eat and drink from the dishes like an animal.

Finished eating, i put the dishes into the sink and present myself to the maid and she gives me a list of chores to be done. Basically, i have to clean the whole house. “But first,” she says, “W/we need to get you ready. Follow!” and she leads the way down to the cellar/dungeon. There, she attaches a 30cm chain to my collar. Cuffs links by another 30cm chain are fastened onto my wrists, this is locked onto the chain hanging from my collar. A similar set of cuffs is locked onto my ankles. 

“There, thats better isnt it?” she smirks. “Oh one more thing.” She picks up a set of nipple clamps and clips them onto my erect nipples bringing a yelp of pain from me. Small but quite weighty bells are attached to the clamps. “you didnt expect to feel no pain today did you?” she laughed. “When I hear the bells, I know you are working,” she says as she picks up a cruel looking riding crop, “but if I dont hear bells…” and she swished the crop close to my tits causing me to jump back. “Now work!”

i turn and shuffle off up the stairs to the kitchen as quickly as my leg-irons will allow while the maid follows, sniggering to herself.

The thing about nipple clamps, i find, is that they hurt like hell when they are first put on, but after a while, the pain eases to a dull ache as my nipples become numb, i guess, especially if i can avoid too much movement. The problem i now have is that i cant keep still and each movement sends the bells swinging, all of which greatly magnifies the pain i am experiencing in my sensitive nipples.

Add to that the fact that my chains make performing my tasks much more difficult and before long i am crying silent tears of pain and frustration. However, i know that i must not stop work; the threat of a lashing with the crop on my still bruised and welted body is too much for me. So i wipe the tears from my eyes with the back of my hand and continue my chores, the kitchen, the bedrooms, the bathroom and toilets and the entrance hall stairs and upstairs landing, i work without a break although my muscles ache terribly.

Finally i come to do the lounge and as i enter, the maid is sitting with her feet up, reading a magazine and sipping a glass of wine. i ask if i may clean the room and she gives permission, leaving the room and going to the kitchen.

Some time later, as i am finishing and putting away the cleaning equipment, the maid re-enters carrying something in her hand. She unlocks the chain from my collar and removes my wrist cuffs but then she turns me round and re-cuffs my wrists behind my back. She then shows me a double ended dildo gag and tells me to open wide. One end of the gag is pushed deep into my mouth and secured by straps fastened behind my head. The maid then pulls up her skirt and sits down with her legs spread wide.

“Come on slave,” she smiles up at me, “you know what to do. you do want to please me, dont you?”  

i do know what she wants and i kneel between her thighs aiming the dildo that is protruding from my mouth towards the entrance of her moist slit as she uses Her fingers to separate her puffy pussy lips. i push the dildo deep into her and, bobbing my head back and forth, fuck her until she has at least two orgasms which has her writhing and crying out in pleasure until she finally pushes my head away and i sit back on my heals gazing up at her.

She is a beautiful woman and i am so aroused by what has just happened but she has no regard for me; i am just here for her pleasure. She unlocks my wrist, but leaves the dildo gag in place and she orders me to the kitchen to prepare her dinner.

She eats Her meal as before, with me standing behind Her chair, ready to serve her, top up her wine glass and so on. Again, my meal consists of the maids table scraps and water taken from dishes on the floor, this time with my wrists re-cuffed behind my back.

i am then taken back to my cage to spend a wretched night with the gag and wrist and ankle cuffs still in place.


i hear my Lords voice summoning the maid and me to the lounge. i feel overjoyed to hear Your voice again but You sound angry. Entering the lounge i want to feel at Your feet and kiss Your shoes but i sense something is wrong and so i kneel in the display position with straight back, head upright but with eyes lowered, knees apart and hands clasped behind my head. At Your signal, the maid locks my wrists to the back of my collar.

With a harsh tone, the maid is ordered to strip, which she does after a moments hesitation. She is then ordered to lie across a low table and grip the table legs with her hands while her knees are spread wide.

She is to be punished for abusing me. i sneak a glance up and see the cruel leather riding crop in Your hand. i cant watch as the crop is lashed mercilessly across her upturned ass, but her terrible screams fill the room. i tremble in fear as the ferocious whipping goes on and on.

Her ass looks like raw meat before You finish and thrust the crop handle into her pussy and fuck her with it as she moans in an agony that is so familiar to me.

You turn to me and i shrink back in fear, i have never seen You angry like this and i am scared of what might happen to me now. But, You show me a bundle of banknotes and tell me that it is 50,000 Euros, the money earned from my torture movies. You suggest that the money would be mine but now You throw the notes into the fire where they quickly burn to nothing. i know that as a slave i am not permitted possessions but still the action of burning the cash earned by my pain and suffering bring tears to my eyes. Did my ordeal mean nothing?

"Both of you dismissed!" You harshly order, but before either of us can move, Your chauffeur enters and reminds You that You must leave immediately. You storm out of the door leaving the two of us naked and sobbing.

In her agony, the maid is struggling to stand. i ask her to release my hands so that i can help her. She staggers across to me and unlocks my wrists, i stand and we hug each other while i whisper soothing words to her and tell her how sorry i am that she was so cruelly punished.

i help her up to her room and lie her face down on the bed then i fetch a jar of soothing lotion which i gently apply to her badly marked ass. Then i lie down next to her and cuddle her until she falls asleep.

Chapter 8 A Nice Weekend

i am brought to the living room, where i find You waiting. Without any greeting, You order me to lie on the low table, the same table over which the maid was made to lie for her flogging. i am made to lie with my legs up and apart and grip my ankles. You tie my right wrist to my right ankle and repeat with the left. i can do nothing but lie there, open and exposed.

The maid is there, but she is topless, wearing only a white skirt, she serves You a drink as You sit reading by the fire.

After a while, The Butler shows a visitor into the room. She is a beautiful and elegant lady. i feel my face and chest burning in shame and humiliation as i am so exposed in the presence of this fine lady and instinctively try in vain to close my legs but She shows no interest in me. i steal a glance at Her and i think i recognise Her as an important politician, although i dont know Her name.

She sits next to You and the maid serves more drinks as You chat with Your guest. Soon, You are doing more than just chatting as You and Your guest kiss and explore each others bodies. i so wish it was me there with You. Between Your fondlings You continue to chat. i understand little of what is said but realise that You are discussing governmental matters.

All this time, i lie displayed on the table, my legs and hips aching from being tied in this uncomfortable position. The talking stops and the television is switched on, a DVD begins to play. i am mortified as i recognise my own voice screaming and begging; it is the film of my tortures at the hands of those sadistic thugs.

i cant stand it, i close my eyes and try to make it go away but i cant shut out the sounds; the crack of the whip on my flesh and my animalistic screams. my eyes fill with tears as i lie reliving my misery.

i can hear the sounds of the ladys arousal and i look up as She stands and removed Her suit to reveal Her lovely body clad in sexy and obviously expensive lingerie. i think about the contrast between Her and myself, lying as i am, naked, my body bruised and welted. i have become accustomed to being naked, in the presence of You, my Lord and Your domestic staff; the maid, of course and The Butler who usually behaves as if i was not there. Even The Chauffeur and The Gardener, both of whom ogle my nudity and make lewd comments about what They would like to do to me.

But in the presence of this fine lady who is clearly to Your taste, i feel the depths of my status as a slave more intensely than ever. i am nothing, lower than an animal. i ask myself what i was thinking, a free, intelligent young woman back home in Ireland, i have signed away my life to become a slave, the property of my Lord who i worship and adore while in return receiving less affection than would a pet dog. i realise the significance of You burning the 50,000 Euros. It was to tell me that my suffering means nothing other than being a source of amusement and arousal for You and Your friends.   

Lost in my thoughts, i groaned as suddenly i fear that You and Your lovely guest will not be satisfied with just watching my torture on the DVD!

As i lie listening to You and Your beautiful guest with the sounds of my torture in the background, i remember the vow i made to myself when i was in my cage a few days ago. i would be the best slave for my Lord, after all He deserves only the best.

i am brought back to the present as She approaches and straddles my face. Her perfume is lovely but it is overwhelmed by the aroma of Her sex as She squats, covering my mouth with Her wet pussy. i try to stick my tongue into Her needy slit but that isnt what She wants and She rides my face, humping back and forth, my nose pressing against Her hard clit.

From the corner of my eye, i see the maid, naked now, approaching and i feel her spread my thighs and straddle me there.

W/we form a sexual triangle; with me a part of it but at the same time detached as the two women simply use my body to satisfy their lust.

Harder and harder they ride me as i struggle to breathe. i hear the moans and cries of their pleasure mingled with the sounds of my torture still coming from the television. The Guest screams horrible insults at me and claws at my body with Her long finger nails.

The women come almost at the same time and the maid rolls away while The Guest still sits on my face cutting off my air until, just as i think i will pass out, She gets off and throws Herself into Your arms as i splutter and gasp for breath.

The maid is rolling on the floor, apparently in pain but i dont know why. Meanwhile, i get my breath back and must lie there in frustration. The two women have satisfied themselves but i am unfulfilled. my cunt is spread open and i know it is oozing with my juices. i want… no, i need cock. i dare not say it but inwardly i am screaming, PLEASE FUCK ME!!! 

i guess this is not on the agenda as i hear The Guest say to You, "I would fancy torturing them in the medieval way."

My heart sinks as i know this means big trouble for me.

my mind is in turmoil as i lie on the table, i am scared! i have had a taste of medieval torture when my Lord took me to the torture museum, but that had been very short, i dread an extended and more severe session.

And what of the maid? How will she cope? she is a free woman, not a slave like me and has not had the benefits of my Lords training of me. my merciful Lord has gradually increased the severity and length of my whippings, always pushing me to my limits and raising my pain threshold. Without that training, i doubt if i could have survived at the hands of those evil thugs who made the film of my torture.

i pray that my Lord will allow the maid a safe word and that she will have the presence of mind to use it.

i can feel the juices of my Lords elegant guest drying on my face. How appropriate that my Lord decreed that i am to be known as cumface and that my own name is never to be used. i understand that as a slave, a piece of property, a thing, i am not worthy of a proper name, merely a word that describes what i am. my name had rarely been used anyway, usually i am referred to as slave or whore; these words were even branded onto my belly, although they are faded now. Sometimes i am called cunt or slut or bitch, but hardly ever by my own name. Never, now would i hear my own name. it is, of course, meant to further humiliate and degrade me, to dehumanise me.

my clever and gracious Lord is so kind to allow me any kind of name at all.


After a while, The Woman gets up and orders the maid to untie me. The maid and i are made to stand side by side and The Woman fastens collars around both our necks and links the collars together with a leather strap. O/our wrists are tied behind our backs and leashes attached to our collars.

W/we are then led down the stairs to the cellar. But then, to my surprise we go through a hidden door and down more stairs to a second, lower cellar. As we are led, i whisper to the maid to be brave but she looks at me with fear in Her eyes and she cries out in terror as we enter the lower cellar. It is dimly lit but in the shadows various instruments of torture can be glimpsed. 

i try to stay composed but inwardly i am terrified. i remind myself that whatever is going to happen down in this dungeon, i cannot avoid it and that i must strive to endure it for my Lord and not to embarrass Him. It is chilly down her and i shiver, through the cold and my fear, and my nipples are proudly erect.

The maid is pushed back against a wooden post and her wrists are bound above her behind the pole, her ankles are pulled up backwards, until her calves are horizontal, her ankles are then tied together behind the pole. From the pole a curved spike sticks out, shaped like a cow horn. Her virgin asshole slides over the cone shape bringing a moan of pain.

The young girl looks so lovely as she hangs from the pillar. Her beautiful breasts are high and thrust out invitingly on her chest and her stomach is hollowed below her ribs. Although she was kind to me when i was returned from my film making trip, she told me that she loves to see me suffer and would love to whip me herself. Now she is getting a taste of suffering Herself.

Then The Woman turns Her attention to me and She forces me backwards onto a raw wooden bench. my arms are pulled sideways and shackled to the wall behind me. A rope hanging from the wall above me is tied around my ankles causing my legs to be held upwards and bent slightly backwards.

i am trembling in fear as i feel You stroke my exposed ass and i get some comfort knowing that You are here.

The Woman selects a cruel looking riding crop and immediately starts a frenzied and furious attack on my ass and the backs of my thighs. Quickly, i am screaming and begging for mercy and my body is bucking and jerking against my bonds so that at time only my shoulders are in contact with the table. i can feel blood flowing as the lashes criss-cross earlier welts and i look across to You, silently begging for You to stop or at least control this lust crazed Woman.

My Lord has whipped me severely but never has my skin been broken as always, my Lord is in control. Even when the thugs who made the film of me used a bullwhip and a cane, they were controlled. But the savagery of this flogging made me more fearful than ever.

Occasionally, The Woman pauses and gripping my thighs, She grinds Her mound against my ass, riding me to satisfy Her lust. Or She moves across and lashes the maids out thrust breasts as she hangs from the post then she spreads the maids thighs and grinds against the maid, increasing the hanging girls misery as the horn pushes deeper into her ass.

The Woman then returns to me and resumes Her flaying of my poor ass. Again i get some respite as She bends over me while You bury Your magnificent cock deep into Her.

Oh Your cock, the cock i love to worship and yearn for the privilege of being allowed to kiss and suck it!

Again the whipping starts up, harder than ever until She lashes me so hard that the crop breaks and i slump down, sobbing and groaning in my agony, my body bathed in sweat despite the chill.   


i am released from the table, but immediately dragged across to a corner of the dungeon where The Woman shackles my ankles to rings in the floor, spreading my legs wide. She forces me to bend and grab my ankles and She cuffs me, wrist to ankle. A rope is passed through a ring on my collar and the ends are tied off to the same floor rings my ankles are shackled to. Another rope which is hanging from a ceiling beam is attached to my collar. In this way i can move only my head, and then only a little.

The Woman goes back to the maid and pulls a kind of leather hood over her head that has holes only for her eyes and mouth. The maid is released from the wooden pillar and dragged across to a horizontal rack, thrown down onto it and shackled, her wrists over her head and her ankles to the corners of the rack. 

i watch in horror as the poor girl is stretched mercilessly and a bar below her back is raised, arching her upwards and stretching her even more. The Woman takes a medieval pear, pushes it roughly into the maids pussy and turns the handle stretching the girls pussy and causing her to scream and thrash her head from side to side. With the maid suffering the agonies of the damned, The Woman moves to me and rides against my ravaged ass or grinds Her pussy against my face until She cries out in lustful ecstasy.

Recovered, The Woman picks up an evil looking bullwhip and moves back to the maid, cruelly whipping her until the whole of the front of her body, from breasts to thighs, is criss-crossed with vivid welts. The maids screams and pleas for mercy are ignored as the savage whipping continues.

You move behind me and plunge Your adorable cock into my accommodating cunt and ass as You watch The Woman torture Her poor victim. There is no pleasure for me in this fucking, as each thrust causes You to bang against my welted and lacerated ass. Several times, The Woman uses my body to satisfy Her lust before returning again to the maid.

A funnel is forced into the maids mouth and jug after jug of dirty water is poured in, giving the maid no alternative but to swallow and, soon her belly swells as though she were pregnant. The maid is then released from the rack and suspended from the roof by her ankles with her hands tied behind her back.

The rack is moved out of the way and a burning candle is pushed into the maids ass. The bullwhip is then applied some more as the girl jerk and thrashes helplessly. Then a water barrel is pushed under the hanging girl and she is lowered until her head is under the water, causing her to panic and thrash about even more until she is raised up and allowed to breathe. Again and again she is plunged into the water until she must surely drown before being raised.

im horrified when i see The Woman take a red hot iron bar from the fire and press it to the maids belly. The girl screams like an animal until she is lowered again into the water. With her head under water, the glowing hot bar is pressed against her body as she jerks, bucks and thrashes. It is terrible to watch as this process is repeated over and over, the only respite for the maid being when The Woman comes and uses my body to bring Her to an Earth shattering orgasm before She returns again to Her victim.

When i see The Woman take a set of pincers glowing hot from the fire, it is too much for me and i start to shout out at The Woman, but i am afraid that i will take the maids place so i shut up and watch in disbelief as She closes the glowing pincers around the maids left breast. The smell of burning flesh fills the dungeon and the girls screams are inhuman until she is again lowered into the water.

i am almost oblivious of Your mighty cock pounding my ass-hole as The Woman rushes over and grabs my head, pressing my face to Her pussy until She screams in ecstasy before returning to attend to the maids right breast, this time severing the nipple completely. It is too much for me and i pass out.


When i awake i find myself in my Lords bedroom, chained by my collar to the foot of the bed. A shiver runs through my body as memories of the torture in the lower dungeon flood back and my body aches all over.

i look up to find my Lord asleep, alone. Then, when You awake You drag me onto the bed, tie me down and fuck me endlessly. In spite of the pain i still feel, i cum… without permission. i cant help myself, the fucking goes on and on, in my cunt, then my ass and back to my cunt again. Your staying power is amazing and i cum again and again until i beg You to stop. But instead, You insert a small love egg into my dripping cunt and You continue to shag me.

Finally after hours of fucking and many orgasms, i feel You flood my sore cunt with Your precious spunk and, finally You lie back.

You switch on the television and The Woman appears, giving a speech about womens right and their liberation. The speech is in Dutch but has English subtitles. Inwardly i rage at the irony and hypocrisy of The Woman, but outwardly i dare not react. 

cumface, the animal is locked into the cramped dog cage and as i huddle in there, i think about the way the maid was tortured and i wonder if she survived and what happened to her. i miss her, she was the closest i had to a friend, but after a few days a new maid arrived, beautiful and with a lovely curvy figure.

i lie in my cage for many hours, curled up on my side as my poor whipped ass is so very tender. i drift in and out of sleep but when i sleep, my dreams are haunted by visions of the hideous torture of the maid, mixed with my own torture at the hands of the film crew. Blondie is there, and The Doctor, as well as The Elegant Woman. And, of course, You are there, sitting in a comfortable chair, sipping Your drink and enjoying the spectacle of Your slave suffering. Sometimes in my dream, i am watching as the maid suffers and at other times it is me feeling the terrible pain.

i wake with a shudder and tears in my eyes, back in my tiny cage. i think back about how the reality of my slavery is so much harsher than i had imagined. i had envisaged some light bondage and gentle whipping as a prelude to fucking and sucking. i had been so naïve. i remember some of the stories i had read where the Master comes to love His slave and they both live happily ever after. i love my Lord, i worship Him, but i had learned that there would be few signs of love towards me. Only pain, humiliation and degradation!

But deep within me, i know this is what i need, what i crave and what i deserve.

Chapter 9 The Party

The whole household is busy preparing for a big New Year party. i am set to work doing menial tasks such as cleaning bathrooms and so on. i try so hard to do a good job but my Lord and His Butler are very critical and i am frequently lashed and made to repeat tasks over and over until They are satisfied.

By late afternoon, the house is ready and the staff are dressed in Their smartest uniforms. Including the new maid, who is wearing an extremely short black skirt and a tight white blouse that clearly displays Her firm, round breasts and Her erect nipples. Obviously She is wearing no underwear. She has beautiful, toned legs; dancers legs, i think, and the sexiest ass, full and rounded. All accentuated by the 4 inch heels She is wearing.

This new maid, miss danielle as i must address her, has only been here for a few weeks but already she has been free with Her sexual favours. She has already had most, if not all the male staff and i have even heard sounds of her pleasure coming from my Lords bedroom, but she has made it clear that she has no time for me.

i am hosed down with icy cold water, my hair brushed out and dried and am allowed to use perfume and make-up. i am naked, of course, but for my collar and leather wrist and ankle cuffs.

In preparation for this party, my nipples were recently pierced without any anaesthetic, of course and large stainless steel rings now adorn them. my wrist cuffs are fastened behind my back and attached by rope to the back of my collar. Fine chains are clipped to my nipple rings and the other ends attached to the corners of a tray. Fine cords are tied to the inner corners, passed round my waist and tied to my wrist cuffs. 

Glasses of champagne and small bowls of nibbles are placed on the tray. i must remain perfectly erect and not try to look up or down if i am to keep the glasses and bowls from sliding off the tray. The Butler has threatened dire consequences for me if i should embarrass my Lord by allowing this to happen. 

The guests start to arrive and as The Butler shows them in, i must welcome them and offer them champagne from my tray. Some of the men brazenly fondle me or slap my ass making it difficult for me to keep the glasses from sliding on the tray, but i must thank Them. The reaction of the female guests is mixed, some are amused by my predicament while a few make no secret of Their disgust, others are clearly aroused by the sight of this naked slave.  

When all the guests have arrived, miss danielle and i are instructed to mingle with trays of more champagne. Of course, the maid can carry her tray in the normal manner while i have to concentrate hard on preventing the glasses spilling. Several times when i am close to my Lord, He calls me over to display my nude body and He invites His guests to touch me and feel me. Some, especially the women are happy to accept and roughly probe and pinch at my most intimate parts. Needless to say, i have to stand there and accept this treatment.

As the evening goes on and the drink flows, both the maid and me are frequently used sexually. Several times i notice miss danielle on her knees sucking cock or bent over a chair being fucked, clearly enjoying herself. i wonder if she is aware of the fate of her predecessor. My tray having been removed but with my wrists still secured behind my back, i am also used many times in a similar manner, plus several women demand that i kneel between their legs and tongue their dripping pussies. One woman had been fucked by The Butler and i had to lick the cum from Her well used pussy.

Before long my face gleams with spunk and pussy juice and spunk dribbles down my inner thighs. Then, i am made to lie on my side with one leg in the air as one man fucks my cunt while a second lies behind me and ravages my ass. A crowd forms around U/us, laughing and jeering as they watch. i look up as i see my Lord watching and smiling. Just at that moment, a third man shoots spurt after spurt of hot cum all over my face and into my eyes, making them sting painfully, and in my hair, while more hands grope at my tits.

When this group are finally finished with me, i am made to stand and display so that all in the room could see what a cum drenched slut i am.

i feel so utterly degraded, but i have a feeling that my Lord has a lot more planned for me this night. So far, I have been a good girl and controlled myself so that i have not yet cum. But suddenly, without anyone touching me, an orgasm tears through me. my body shakes and trembles and i fall to my knees as my legs turn to rubber. i kneel, head down, moaning, vaguely aware of the cheers and lewd comments from the watching crowd, until the sensation subsides.

i look up into the eyes of my Lord. He knows and i know that i have shown that i have found my true roll in life, as His complete and total slave. i have no idea what He has in mind for me tonight, but, in my post-orgasmic euphoria, i am ready to endure whatever He has planned.  


Some people drift away from the party, but the evening continues, turning into a total orgy. Both the maid and myself are used over and over, but now it gets rougher. my fuck-holes are used again and again but i am also slapped and pinched and penetrated by hands, dildos and whatever. Several times, men and women use my mouth as a urinal, forcing me to drink down their hot piss, much to the amusement of the other guests. miss danielle is getting similar attention and she is crying out, begging them to stop hurting her. She is clearly not used to this abuse.

During a brief respite, i look around for my Lord. All around the room, couples, threesomes and even more are engaged in all sorts of sexual activity. Then i recognise a familiar face. The blood drains from my face as i realise that its the politician woman who visited recently. It took nearly two weeks for me to recover from the vicious whipping She had given me and im still haunted by the memory of the terrible torture She inflicted on the other maid.

Eventually the action slows as people start to leave until only about half a dozen men and two or three women, including the politician, remain. i have a feeling that my evening is not yet over as the remaining guests have an unpleasant attitude towards me.

Another man enters, wearing only leather trousers, boots and a sort of hood, also made of leather, which covered His face, leaving just His eyes visible. His outfit reminds me of an executioner from historical times and i am filled with fear. Despite the hood i am sure that it is The Butler.

He strides towards the maid and, taking her by the arm, He leads her away, out of a side door. About five minutes later, He returns, alone, and walks over to my Lord. They have a short whispered conversation while looking over in my direction, then The Butler moves towards me, clips a chain leash to my collar and with a pull on the chain, indicates that i must follow Him. i stand and obey, with my hands behind my head and my eyes downcast and a knot of fear in my stomach. And i need to piss; all the cum and piss that i have been made to drink down has filled my bladder painfully.

i am so alone and so scared. i am afraid that i am being taken down to the lower dungeon and i dread being down there with the politician woman, and im sure i heard my Lord mention the word “snuff”. My eyes fill with tears and i am trembling, as i fear that i am being taken to a slow and very painful end…

To my relief, i am led, not down to the cellar, but through a small side door into a darkened room. On the right there is an X cross with someone lying face down, tightly secured to the arms of the cross by numerous leather straps. i can tell that it is a woman and i guess that it is the maid, danielle.

On the left, another naked woman is bound stretched out to a mediaeval device shaped like a large diameter cartwheel, but in the shadows, i cant recognise who the unfortunate victim is.

The Executioner (probably the Butler) leads me to an upright wooden block in the centre of the room. There is a horizontal wooden beam, split lengthways and with two holes in it, like an old fashioned stocks. The Executioner instructs me stand with my back to the block and to place my feet into the holes and, when i obey, He closed the beam, locking my feet in place, widely spread.

Then He pulls my right arm out, horizontal and slightly back and uses leather straps to secure my arm at wrist and elbow to a wooden cross beam repeating the process with my left arm. The block is so designed that it pushes me outwards, causing my exposed and vulnerable body to arch. A thick leather posture collar is fastened around my neck and attached by leather straps to the block. i realise that i am immobilised, unable even to move my head.

The Executioner moves to each of us three bound women in turn; checking our bonds, before a curtain opens and we are flooded with dazzlingly bright lights shining onto us from the party room. we are on a low stage facing out into the party room. The few guests that remain are looking on; almost all are naked or nearly naked, with the women guests wearing skimpy lingerie.

But my Lord is fully clothed, and, as the maid is not there, He sees that His guests are comfortable and have drinks. i turn my eyes and can now see that the maid is bound to the X cross. And the other person is… oh my god, it is the first maid! Where has she been? And what have they done to her? Her eyes glazed and full of horror, stare blankly into a far horizon.


My Lord gives a short speech to His guests, which i do not understand, and at the end they cheer, but i fear that They are not the cheering to welcome in the New Year, but with the looks They give to the three of us bound women, this cant be good. And indeed, after that they approach the stage, where The Executioner hands out instruments of torture, canes, floggers, or different whips. The "human rights" woman rushes to the stage, picking a supple plastic rod and immediately lays into the first maid, apparently her favourite.


Very quickly the screaming of the myself and the other two bound women fills the room. The first maid screams loudly as her inner thighs are harshly lashed by the plastic rod the woman uses. Her tits, already mutilated, are struck again and again by a leather paddle wielded by one of the men. Her vagina is spread wide open wide with fishhooks through the four corners of her cunt-lips attached to wires which are tied around her spread thighs. The woman, and others are very creative in Their attempts to make her howl, needles pierce her clit-hood and inner cunt, whippings straight on her mound and cunt-lips, until the tender flesh splits, spurting blood. Candles spill hot wax inside her gaping cunt. Canes lash her bruised tits. She screams and screams and screams.


The other maid, screams, then shouts, then curses, prays and begs in her own language which no one understands. When she was tempted to come to work in here in this country, she was aware that sexual encounters would be part of the job, and she had no objections to that. So the fact that she was used sexually was not a surprise, but what is happening to her now is beyond anything she ever imagined and far beyond she would have accepted. Nevertheless, a bamboo cane continuously hits her buttocks and the backs of her thighs, until her ass cheeks are fully reddened, criss-crossed with welts and blood-splattered. She screams until she passes out.


At the same time a bullwhip hits stroke after stroke on the front of my arched body. The design of the block pushes my body forward, i realise the devilish intention of this as my body cant recoil, ride with the blow, but only receive the full impact of each blow. It does not take long before i am screaming and crying. my body is gleaming from torture sweat. my legs tremble in reflex as i try in vain to close them on every impact of the bullwhip. i cannot move my arms or hands, which normally gives a kind of relief. But now i am fully surrendered to the harsh whipping, oblivious to anything that is going on around me. my thighs are fully criss-crossed with deep stripes and welts. i am so close to shouting out the safe word, but that would embarrass my Lord before His guests. So i receive harsh blow after harsh blow on my soft flesh. But before long i reach the limits of my endurance, and i pray that maybe my Lord will allow a break, even just a few moments. i search for His eyes and He slightly nods his head, comforting and encouraging me, giving me renewed strength, as He is there with me, watching over me and not participating in my torture. So, instead i howl my misery.

Again and again the devil's kiss of the whip bites into my soft flesh. At last i reach the limit of my endurance and i scream that i can not stand it anymore. i am on the point of screaming out the safe word, when i see his eyes again comforting me and, in my shame, my bladder runs free, the piss running down my thighs and i howl out in humiliation and misery until i pass out.

When i regain consciousness the new maid is not there and i am curled up on a sofa, my head on my Lord's lap. My body is ablaze with pain from my whipping. But it is the scene in front of me that shocks me.

A few guests are sitting in front of the stage; The Executioner and the human rights woman are in front of the first maid. She had been taken from the wheel, and instead she is spread bound: her arms stretched horizontal on a wooden bar behind her shoulders. This bar is hanging on ropes from the roof. Her ankles are pulled wide, hanging about 10 cm above the floor, shackled to rings in the floor. They are knotting her long hair, tying it to a rope from the ceiling, they pull it tight. Her bruised, welted and blistered body, so mutilated, hangs by her arms and hair. The poor girl is in a bad way.

As i watch in horror, the woman gets a long, thin sharp knife and She unceremoniously cuts a + into the left tit of the maid, and peals the flesh open as if it was a ripe melon. She injects a kind of fluid into the breast and uses duct tape to close the cuts again. The maid howls, her eyes bulging, her head, restrained by the hair knot, thrashing from sheer pain. The woman repeats the operation on the other breast. The events are going so fast i cant react and can only look on in shock at whats done to the maid.

The Executioner is behind the maid, and makes a small cut in each heel. Then He penetrates the wounds with his fingers, curves his fingers and then with high force pulls up the skin of her calves upwards, skinning the terrified girl alive. Her shrieks are deafening and i bury my head in my hands but the guests are excited by the spectacle. Drool trickles down her chin and drips on to her mutilated tits. Her body shakes and her head thrashes despite the hair bondage. She howls pitifully. To get some courage i look up at my Lord and seeing Him watching emotionless, i try to beg for mercy for the maid.

But my Lord shows no mercy. "The maid is not begging for mercy, nor does she pray to a god, nor does she scream stop, she is a perfect maso, and anyhow she is an object to fulfil for what she was made for. So different from you, you are my slave, my property, need some training though, but still mine, so different from…" At the last words, my Lord nods to the tortured maid. "So stop speaking about the maid, she is just a…" and He turns away.

For a moment i am confused by His words. This means the maid is even lower than me, a slave, His slave, used for His pleasure but untouchable. Now i understand why the "womens rights" woman is not allowed to go too far with me, but with the maid She has free reign. my heart bursts with pride.


i turn my attention back to the scene, where things indeed going worse for the maid. After finished skinning her legs, they peel some skin from her shoulders, seeing her grimace, hearing her shrieks, i am afraid that it is impossible that she can endure more alive. Beneath her spread thighs and right in line with her gaping cunt, They position a pole with a spear point. Meanwhile, The woman continues to torture the maid, who indeed never said a word or a prayer or a begging, not even a curse. She is past that! Her screams and howls have turned to pitiful whimpers. The Executioner pulls on the rope holding her hair, pulling her hair tight, the skin of her face is pulled and stretched into an evil grimace.

The woman bites at her nipples, slices them off and throws them on the floor in front of the barely alive girl as rivulets of blood run down her poor tortured body. The rope is pulled further raising the girl higher and distorting her face into an ugly mask. How can she possibly survive this? i have to look away.

Suddenly i hear something snap, but i cant see what, is it her scalp, her hair, the rope? Anyhow in a split second, her body falls down onto the spear, cutting into her vagina and up through her internal organs. Her body bucks and thrashes and she howls in deepest agony, but the sight brings the audience members to climax, the men shooting their hot jizz deep into whatever cunt or mouth they are using, the females screaming their lust. The woman falls to Her knees finger-fucked herself and, seconds later The Executioner is humping her doggy fashion, in her arse, while her hand works non-stop to push her frantically and repeatedly over the edge.

With a mysterious smile on His face my Lord takes me, and leads me to his bedroom, where he uses all my holes mercilessly for a marathon fucking session, ignoring my pleas for a break, just a small break. my cunt and ass already so tender after the use they were put to earlier this evening and my body so sore from the whipping.

i feel so fortunate to be owned by such a man as my Lord. At times, as i was locked in my cage, that i thought that i meant nothing to Him, but now my doubts have been dispelled and i now know that He has real affection for me. Maids are replaceable, a wiling slave like me is not so easy to find. i know my life as my Lords slave will be filled with pain and degradation but i also know that my Lord displays me and allows His friends to use me because He is proud of me. And i am proud to be His slave and to endure the whippings and the tortures for Him 

But i accept the pain. My suffering is my gift to Him. For He is my Lord, my owner, and i know now that there is love in His heart for me. my only wish is to suffer for Him, to please Him by suffering, for in by suffering, i can please Him and prove my devotion.









It has been a while since the New Year party, maybe five or six weeks. i find it difficult to keep track of the days as i am hardly ever permitted to see the television, generally only a stolen glance if it is on when i am in the same room, and i am never allowed to read a newspaper or magazine. My Lord says that it keeps my mind free from clutter so that i can concentrate on what is most important to me; pleasing Him.

At first, i found this hard as i consider myself to be an intelligent woman with an enquiring mind. But i have come to understand that my Lord is correct, as always, and i dont need distractions from my only function in life, which is to obey and give pleasure to my Lord.

There has been no mention of the first maid since that night. The Butler behaves as normal, as if nothing has happened and the new maid, miss danielle, says nothing but appears nervous and fearful, as if afraid that something similar will happen to her. Both the maid and i avoid The Butler as much as we can and we both behave submissively when we do have to interact with Him.

myself, i feel a new pride at being my Lords property. i note that my Lord never addresses the maid directly and i now understand that my status is above that of the maid, but i am always careful never to say anything to her about this and i always behave respectfully towards her. After all, i dont want to make an enemy of her and i dont want to provoke a situation that could result in her suffering horrendous tortures like the first maid.

My body is fully recovered from the bullwhipping that i received at New Year and i have suffered only light to moderate whippings since then, although i have not forgotten that my Lord owes me a punishment and i am sure that He has not forgotten either.

Most nights i am permitted to sleep in my Lords bedroom, usually in my dog cage, but sometimes on the floor at the foot of His bed, attached by my collar to the bedpost so that it is impossible to lie down comfortably.

One day, my Lord has me brought to His bedroom, where He throws me face down on the bed and binds me, arms and legs spread wide and with my head overhanging the edge.

A vibrating egg is shoved roughly into my cunt and it is switched on, immediately sending thrilling jolts through my body. i am soon moaning in lust and as i do, my Lord mounts me and without warning, thrusts His magnificent cock deep into my ass. Again and again, He rams deeply and painfully into my tight rear hole as the vibrations from the egg bring me to climax after climax. i am beyond coherent thought and am so overcome that i omit to beg permission to cum.

my Lords stamina is amazing and i am exhausted, crying and screaming, fully surrendered to a mix of pain and pleasure. i want to beg for respite but know that my Lord will not stop until He has emptied Himself into my stretched ass.

After a brief rest, my Lord takes me again, over and over until i lose count of the times He takes me. Finally, after an eternity, He leaves me, with the vibrating egg still deep within my oozing cunt keeping me right on the edge.

Hour after hour i lie there bound on the bed, this terrible egg pulling climax after climax from me. Once in a while a man enters the room, not my Lord, i think, the Butler or one of the other male members of staff? Who knows? It does not matter, for whoever it is, He is here at the invitation of my Lord and, so, is entitled to use me. i cant see in the head down position i am tied in, but every time a cock penetrates one of my fuck-holes, my ass or, after removing the egg, my cunt. While i am fucked by whoever it is, i babble some weak protest or beg for Him to stop. But it is useless, i know that while maids are for the household, whats the use of a slave other than for a good fuck?

my eyes roll back in my head, my body is covered with sweat and every part of my body is now super sensitive. The climaxes continue to come, physical and painful and drool dribbles from the corners of my mouth. i am shaking, hovering on the edge of unconsciousness, uncertain whether this is a dream or real when i am untied, turned over and my Lord's shoves His cock into my head-fuck-hole.

While the egg still throbs in my cunt, my breath is cut off by His monstrous cock painfully stretching my throat and cutting off my air supply.

He is astride my chest, riding my tits as He fucks my mouth, and the weight of Him makes it even more difficult to breathe. In this position i am unable to resist, i can only hope that He will release me before i suffocate. But there is no sign of that as He grips my hair and is bobbing my head over His shaft.

my eyes bulge, my lungs burn from lack of air and i feel myself drifting into numbness. The egg is still throbbing but all thrills in my womb are forgotten. Is He going to kill me by fucking my face? Is this to be my ultimate surrender?

Just as im about to black out, He pulls out and thick spurts of His jizz gush over my face, in my hair, in my eyes, all over. Despite the terrible pain in my lungs as i gasp for air, i am so proud hearing Him burst out and groan His lust caused by me, His slave.

He stands but before He leaves, He bends to my face and whispers, “Happy Valentines Day.”

Chapter 11 Punished Again

my Lord was away on a business trip for the following two weeks. He is often away for days or even weeks at a time. But when He returns, i am brought by The Butler to my Lord. As i kneel before Him, He reminds me that i am owed a punishment. That was weeks ago, i can hardly remember why i am to be punished and i was hoping that my Lord had forgotten about it but He reminds me that that i had several orgasms without permission and i need to be taught a serious lesson.

i am expecting to be taken to the cellar and severely whipped, but, instead, i am given a tiny miniskirt to put on. It is so short that it barely reaches my cunt. my knees are tied together with about 12 inches of rope between them so that i can hobble but not walk easily, especially as I am also given a pair of 4 inch stilettos to wear. Then i am given a blouse to wear but it is almost totally transparent and my plump nipples with their thick rings are completely visible.

my hands are bound behind my back and a second rope is tied tightly around my elbows, pulling my shoulders back painfully and causing my tits to thrust out against the thin material of my blouse. A rope is attached to my collar then pulled down and tied to the rope between my knees, forcing me to bend. The skirt is so short that im sure my cunt and ass are fully displayed from behind. The Butler clips a chain dog leash to my collar and leads my out of the house with me hobbling behind Him as best i can.

He leads me out towards the nearby village; it looks old, probably where estate workers used to live. Now, i would guess from the number of houses that maybe fifty or so people live there. As i am led through the village street i can hear comments such as “His Lordships whore,” or “Look at cumface.”

i am mortified and feel myself blushing bright red in humiliation, but i can do nothing but hobble along, following The Butler as He pulls on my leash. Does everyone around here know about me? i wonder. Perhaps these people were at the New Year party.

To my great relief, W/we leave the village and enter a forest area. Walking is difficult and painful in these shoes and on these rough forest paths and I can feel beads of sweat on my forehead as I struggle to keep up with The Butler and avoid stumbling.

Finally to my relief, He stops at a clearing. After untying me, He orders me to strip, which I quickly do. Then He leads me to a hole dug in the middle of the clearing and He forces me into it. This catches me unawares and i dont realise what is happening until i am standing in the hole up to my shoulders. He fetches a shovel from the edge of the clearing and fills in the hole around me. i find my voice when He puts a wooden plank in front of me, but i am babbling incoherently and He ignores me and walks away, leaving me alone in the forest.

Surely He wont leave me here for very long and He will soon return and get me from this hole. But hours go by and i not see a living soul. He cant do this to me, He surely cant just leave me here. i try to move, to wriggle free, but of course i cant, my arms are down in front of my body, i can move them, but not get them out to the surface.

Time passes slowly. How long have I been here? One, three, six hours? i dont have the slightest idea. I am just here alone. Alone with birds singing. And although it is in the shade of the forest, the Spring sun makes me warm, and with my body enveloped by earth, it is not cold. Sometimes i whimper or cry a little but there is no-one to hear me. i convince myself that before dark i will be released. But as the sun starts to go down no-one comes. At one point i need to pee, and can not hold back. i feel the urine flood down my thighs and legs and tears of shame fill my eyes.

Suddenly i hear voices and feel certain that my ordeal is over. But it is a nightmare. Two strangers approach, men from the village perhaps. And seeing me, they mock and laugh at me, as if it was no surprise to them to find me here. i start to beg them to release me, but that would be against my Lord's wishes, so i do not dare and i stay silent, blushing bright red in my embarrassment. It becomes even worse as, both laughing, they open their trousers and start to urinate on me. They aim on my face, and i can only cry from deep humiliation. Then when finish they redress and continue their walk without so much as a single word to me. Moments later i am once more alone with my own thoughts.

The sun slowly goes down, and i am still in the hole. Looking around in search of someone to rescue me, there is no-one; i am alone. i am starting to panic. Of course i deserved a punishment, but this? This is a thousand times worse than even the most severe whipping.

i try wriggling and pushing up, but to no avail, i am stuck in the hole. Suddenly, i lose control and empty my bladder again. The warm urine flooding down my thighs makes me cry in despair. The sun is now down and the forest is fully dark. There are strange sounds of the night animals nearby. Is it a mouse? Oh god no, not a rat, scrabbling near my face, i am terrified by the sound of some fighting animals nearby and an owl hoots in the trees, mocking my misery.

i doze fitfully and when i open my heavy eyelids it is in the dawn chill. Conscious of my surroundings, i find a bowl filled with water and one with a kind of porridge in front of me. Instinctively, without pondering how it came there, i attack the bowls emptying them at once. Insanely, the warm food makes me feel better and i feel my clit itch. Suddenly, i work my hands towards my cunt and with both hands i finger myself frenzy to an insane climax.

Yesterday and during the long night it was more fear and panic that i felt, today i am more resigned to my situation, but as the day wears on, my imagination begins to work overtime. i stare up at the sky as some clouds appear and somehow i think i see the shape of my Lord, making you instantly, horny and i frantically finger-fuck myself again, sending myself into a crazy orgasm. My mind drifts back to the memory of the tortured maid, making me tremble from lust and causing me to orgasm yet again.

As sun climbs in the sky, a couple with a dog approach me but i do not even beg them to help me, so resigned am i to enduring this horrendous punishment. The dog runs towards me and starts sniffing at me; i must smell terribly from the piss i received from the two men. But then, even worse, the dog lifts his leg and pisses on my face. And the couple watch, laughing to themselves before they continue their walk as if nothing had happened. i must be losing my mind as this also gives me a thrill so that i cant help but touch myself again. i am exhausted, but some strange energy makes me insatiably horny.

At sunset i dont panic anymore but after giving myself yet another climax i fall asleep. The next morning there are again the two bowls in front of me, filled with water and the porridge, which i empty at once, being both hungry and very thirsty. This day goes as the previous one, except that at some time, two men wander by, unzip and, one after the other, kneel in front of me and fuck my mouth until it is filled with their wad. Again, without saying a word to me, they continue on their way.

How long have i been in the hole? Three days? A week? my mind drifts away and is only filled with images of lust and pain, my Lord, and the cruel Butler. These thoughts make me constantly randy and i make myself cum over and over again. Sometimes my memories get mixed up with my Lord, the politician woman, The Butler, the maids and i endlessly cum, cum and cum, and a feeling of love, pride and deep submission fills my soul.

Supervised by The Butler, The Gardener and The Cook arrive and take me from the hole. Stiff from being in this position for such a long time, i cant walk, so they lay me on a wooden plank and put that on a farm wagon, pulled by a work horse, and i am taken back to the mansion, where i am bathed and allowed to rest. The first time i meet my Lord, i endlessly mumble my gratitude for the punishment.

my Lord tells me that from now on i will be only rarely permitted to walk upright, instead, i am ordered to crawl around on all fours with a dog leash clipped to my collar. When i am allowed to see or to meet my Lord, i must bow deeply, with my face to the floor, hands clasped behind my neck, my knees drawn up, but widespread, so that my ass is as high as possible. My eyes must be closed and i must wait in that position until there is a word or some other signal from my Lord, which sometimes doesnt come for a long time, making me wait there for quite some time.

Apparently my Lord is a very busy man; He is rarely at the mansion these days. When He is at home, His wishes are unpredictable. Sometimes He desires a sweet gentle cock-suck, other times i must suffer an endless harsh whipping in the dungeon, a week-end of tender lovemaking in bed, or a torture scene mercilessly executed by The Butler while my Lord watches from His chair, seldom participating Himself.

It is my role as a slave to be at His disposal at all times for whatever He needs, and i am so proud that He took me. i hate it when He is away, i am locked in my cage for long periods and time hangs heavy for me as i cannot fulfil what i know is my only reason for existing.

Chapter 12 - The Hunting Day

For several weeks, my Lord is away more than He is home. i spend my nights locked in my cage and my days crawling about on all fours. The weather is getting warmer and i like to spend time outside in the grounds.

i know that the staff are not permitted to use or abuse me but the men amuse themselves by patting my head and making comments such as, “what a pretty bitch,” or calling me a good puppy before giving me a slap on my rump. There is a man i havent seen before and He has with Him three very big dogs that snarl and growl all the time.

My Lord returns home and i am permitted to serve Him by sucking His beautiful cock, for which privilege i am truly grateful.

Later, He tells me of an important event that is to take place in a couple of days.

Once a year, friends, family and villagers are invited for a great hunting event. All day, with Dogs and horses, They hunt for foxes, rabbits and more. The day ends with a big party in the garden.

The evening before the hunt, i am brought to my Lord and as i approach Him, on all fours, i adopt the now familiar position with my face to the floor, hands behind my head, knees spread wide and ass high. Unusually, my Lord does not make me wait for long, but He clips a leash to my collar and leads me out of the house, through the grounds to an outhouse surrounded by a wire fence. Inside the fence i see The Dog Handler and His three big Dogs.

My Lord explains to me that these are His hunting Dogs, which are being prepared for the hunt tomorrow. They have not been fed for two days, but this makes them aggressive so they must be calmed and rewarded for their food deprivation.

i have a nasty feeling that i know where this was going and i do not like it one bit. i cower back, shaking my head in denial as i stare up at my Lord. Surely He wouldnt make me…

Ignoring my silent pleas, He continues, “they have seen you crawling, naked, around the grounds and they sense their need to fuck. Fucking dogs have two peculiarities. They can endlessly hump while pre-cumming, and when finally they cum their prick grows to twice their thickness. For pit-bulls both is very very true.”

He has to half drag me by the leash through the gate into the compound. Then, one by one, the Dogs are released from their cage, the first jumping up on my back and immediately penetrating my cunt.

i am horrified and terrified and deeply repulsed by this but i am even more horrified as i realise that my body has betrayed me as my cunt is wet and ready for my canine lover. i scream, both in pain at the brutal fucking and in deepest degradation.

The Dog fucks me long and hard and i hang my head in humiliation. How low can i go? i look up to my Lord with tear filled eyes, beseeching Him to stop this but i see only a smirk on His face. He knows how degrading this is for me. He comments to The Dog Handler, “A female doggy-fucked is the most basic primitive of the female being. It degrades to the essential of what she is: a fuck-bitch. In fact a female slave is less than the dog breeding her: the dog you can use for hunting.”

my tears of shame flow freely now as i again hang my head in utter and complete humiliation as the Dog thrusts deep into my cunt, His tongue flopping out and drooling onto my hair. Finally i feel a torrent of hot Dog-cum flooding my cunt but then what? i feel His prick growing even thicker and with dismay i realise its His knot. i scream anew as it grows, stretching my cunt agonisingly and holds Him inside me.

He dismounts and turns so that we are back to back and He tries to pull out of me, which bring fresh screams of pain from my lips until, at last, He subsides and manages to pull out. However, He is quickly replaced by a second Dog. i try to resist and crawl away but He grips me with His front legs around my waist. i can only kneel and endure this degrading act. But to my ever deepening shame, i find myself responding to the incessant fucking until my squeals of pain become shouts of pleasure as i climax over and over.

Once all three Dogs have fucked me and my well used cunt is oozing with Their cum, my Lord commands one of Them to move in front of me. He orders me to take the now soft Dog-cock in my hand, make it hard again and suck it, and to make sure I swallow the Dogs jizz. This is too much for me and i refuse, glaring up at my Lord. But my Lord repeats the order with a menacing snarl and i know that i have no choice but to obey.

Slowly, i reach out and take the cock in my hand, stroking it up and down, feeling it grow hard and thick. It is now right in front of my face, pinkish red and gleaming. i get a strong musky smell filling my nostrils and i think that im going to vomit.

my Lord repeats the order to take the Dogs cock in my mouth. His voice has an icy coldness that makes me understand that i had better obey. With abomination i stick my tongue out and touch it to the cock-head, tasting it. Reluctantly, i lick around the cock-head.

At that moment, one of the other Dogs mounts me from behind and pushes into my stretched open cunt, slimy from all the Dog semen and my own juices. This rocks me forward and, before i know it, my mouth is filled and the Dog at my head is thrusting His cock deep into my throat. i cant withdraw as im being humped from both ends. i gag but there is no escape.

From the corner of my eye, i see my Lord with a camera, shooting pictures of me being possessed by two Dogs. One rocking in my mouth, my lips stretched and jaws wide open, the other humping deep in to my hot and needy snatch.

If i thought that my degradation could get no worse, the Dog slips out from my juicy cunt, He pumps His hard cock in the air, and then finds my rear hole: my tight ass. With one mighty thrust the Dog rams through my ass-ring, my screams muffled by the pumping cock in my mouth. Suddenly the cock in my mouth twitches and my mouth and throat are flooded with the Dogs hot cum. it is more watery and more salty than a mans spunk but what shocks and dismays me is the quantity of it. There is so much that, try as i might, i cant drink it all down and some of it dribbles from the corners of my mouth and down my chin.

Again, i catch sight of my Lord. The Dog Handler has joined him and They are both clearly enjoying the sight of my Lords slave being used by His Dogs. No consideration is given to my discomfort or my humiliation. The Dogs stamina is endless, again and again They take Their place and either mount me from behind to thrust into my cunt or ass or to position Themselves so that, at my Lords order, i suck on the gleaming red cocks.

The feeling of the cocks in my mouth takes some getting used to. They feel smooth and slick, reminding me of a mans cock with a condom on it.

i am near to exhaustion but still They persist, the Dog at my rear holding me in Its grip, paws scratching at my skin, drool dripping from Their jaws onto my sweat covered body. my cunt lips and my ass feel stretched and sore and my jaw aches from being so stretched and i have swallowed so much Dog semen.

At last, after several hours of continuous fucking of Their human bitch, They are worn out, and so am i. The Dogs lie on the ground, resting, but i am not allowed to rest. My Lord orders me to lick Their cocks clean, two at a time. Their cocks are shiny with Their spunk and my cunt juices and i can see blood, no doubt mine from my ravaged cunt or ass. i crawl closer and, taking a cock in each hand, i start to lick, one after the other. Its disgusting and its all i can do to keep from throwing up but my Lord is watching closely, and still taking photos. He wont let me miss any trace of cum and insists that i do a thorough job and swallow every drop.

Finally, The Handler leads the Dogs to Their cages and then He comes back and leads me into a cage next to the Dogs. Fortunately, the Dogs have had enough and They show no interest in me. So i lie in my cage with all that Dog spunk seeping from my well used cunt and ass; crying as i contemplate what a disgusting slut i have become and wonder how much lower i can possibly fall. Of course, this evening was only the preparation, tomorrow is the hunt and i am scared of what that will mean for me.


i sleep fitfully and am woken in the morning by the Dogs stirring. The Handler brings bowls of water for Them and porridge and water for me. Since my Lord had decreed that i should crawl on all fours at all times, i have eaten and drunk from bowls on the floor but every time i find it deeply humiliating, especially if i am being watched. And now, the Handler does just that and as soon as the bowls are empty, He takes them away, returning a few minutes later accompanied by the Gardener.


Between Them, They pick up my cage, with me in it, carry it outside and load it onto the back of a pick-up truck. The Dogs are then let out of Their cages and, at a word from the Handler, They jump up onto the pick-up.

The Dogs are free while i, a mere slave, must remain confined in my cage!

The two men get into the cab of the truck and W/we drive to the stables. As W/we arrive, i am mortified to see a crowd of at least fifty people waiting there. The Handler and the Gardener get out and, calling the Dogs, set off across the stable yard, leaving me staring out at the assembled crowd.

Word soon gets around and quite a few people wander over to gawp at me, a caged and naked slave-girl blushing in utter and total humiliation. They make many crude comments, which causes great amusement. Some, who are behind me, point to the streaks of dried Dog semen, which must be clearly visible on my thighs and my ass. 

Two men elbow Their way to the front and one says, loudly, “Im looking forward to fucking that pretty whore mouth again.” i look up and realise that the two men are the ones that used my mouth when i was in the hole in the forest. The memory and the shame bring tears to my eyes, which causes more laughter from the crowd.

Catering staff bring round drinks for all the people, which are quickly consumed before They are called to order and The Hunt sets off, some on horseback, but most walking. The catering staff quickly clear up and soon i am left alone in my cage.

The sun climbs in the sky and the day gets warmer, but still i wait in the cage, for two… three… four hours? Until, at last, the catering staff return and set out lunch for the hunters, whose numbers have now swelled to maybe a hundred. Again i am the subject of ridicule as more people wander over to taunt me as if i were an animal exhibited in a zoo.

i am hungry and very thirsty but i am given no refreshment. I beg for someone to give me a drink, “Please, may i have some water, i beg You, im so thirsty.”

“Of course you can, honey,” a Lady smiles, all sweetness and light as She produces a bottle shaped like a large flesh coloured penis. She pokes the business end through the bars of the cage and makes me suck on it as She fucks it in and out of my mouth. i feel so degraded but i am so thirsty that i greedily suck for all i was worth, which greatly amuses the crowd.

She leans closer and says, in a low voice, “Ill get to play with you soon, sweetie, if His Lordship allows me.”

Just then, the crowd are called to set off for the afternoon part of the Hunt and i am left alone in my cage again.


Again, i have to endure several hours waiting until the hunters who are on horseback return to the stable yard and The Gardener comes over and drives the pick-up to the party area, where the rest of the hunting party are already partaking of what im sure they feel is a well earned drink.

After a while, the riders arrive and The Gardener lets me out of the cage and leads me, crawling, onto a low stage. To my horror, The Handler is waiting there with the Dogs.

“Oh no, please… no. Not in front of all these people!” i beg. But the Gardener simply grabs my hair and jerks my head back and slaps me hard across the face, left… right.

“you do as you are told, slut!” He hisses and He drags me to the centre of the stage.

To the cheers and jeers of the watching crowd, one of the Dogs is led behind me and immediately He mounts my back and thrusts forward. It takes Him several attempts, but He manages to aim correctly, enters my cunt and starts to fuck me.

The Dogs obviously know what to expect because, when the second Dog is led around to my head, His cock is already showing, long and thick and red and hard. i know what is required of me but i hesitate, so The Gardener bends and whispers, “suck it, you fucking whore, or His Lordship will have the skin off your back.”

Tears of shame flowing, i obey and form my lips around the angry red penis and start to suck on it. The humping of the Dog fucking me makes me rock back and forward, so my lips automatically work up and down the cock in my mouth.

All the time, i am aware of camera flashes going off and people coming to the stage to take pictures on their camera-phones.       

After a while, i feel the Dog fucking me stiffen and then my cunt is flooded with His burning hot spunk. This is followed by His knot swelling and i scream as my cunt is stretched beyond my endurance. Minutes later, my mouth is also flooded with the now familiar hot salty cum of the second Dog. There is too much for me to swallow and it spurts from the corners of my mouth which brings cheers and laughter from the watching audience.

The third Dog is now brought to be serviced by my mouth while the first Dog tugs painfully as He tries to free His knot. Once He has freed Himself, ripping open my raddled cunt-lips, the second Dog is led behind me and He thrusts into my unlubricated ass. And so it goes on until all three Dogs have fucked either my cunt, my ass or my mouth twice.

They are then led away to be fed and watered and to rest while i remain on the stage, filthy and sweaty and with Dog semen all around my face and trickling down my thighs.

Six women approach and one of them clips a leash to my collar, saying, “We need to clean you up, you filthy whore. You have a busy night ahead of you!” and They lead me off the stage, through the jeering crowds and back to the stable yard.

Once there, They position me in a concrete floored corner and tell me to stand. One of the women hoses me down while the others sit on nearby benches to watch. Then some of Them fetch out rubber aprons and gloves and two buckets filled with what smells like disinfectant. They all put on the aprons and gloves and the two biggest women, one older and one younger, almost certainly mother and daughter, grab my arms. Two of the other women then produce scrubbing brushes from in the buckets and They start to scrub at my body.

The pain is terrible as the stiff bristles scratch at my soft flesh and i try to struggle and fight but the women holding me are strong and after my Dog fucking session, i have little energy. But i scream continuously, especially when They spread my legs and scrub at my tender and sensitive cunt and when They wash out my mouth. When They finish and They release me, i collapse to the floor in floods of tears. i am hosed down again and then They throw me a rough old horse blanket to dry myself with.

As i gingerly pat myself dry as best i can, the women remove Their aprons and gloves and the big older woman says, “now the dirty whore is a bit more presentable, its time for Our fun.” She pulls up Her skirt, sits on the bench with Her fat thighs spread wide and says, “crawl over here bitch and beg to lick me. And you had better be good or well scrub you again. And remember to thank me when youve done.”

i get to my hands and knees and crawl across the rough, hard concrete floor to Her. “Please Maam, may i lick Your lovely pussy? Please Maam, i beg You, i want to so much.”

“Do it, whore.” She replies.

She is sweaty and smelly, but i dare not show my repulsion as i move closer, put out my tongue and lap at Her fat pussy lips. i lick and suck on Her fat pussy with all the enthusiasm i can muster, bringing Her to a silent, but obvious climax. And when She pushes me away, i say, “thank You for allowing me to lick Your beautiful pussy Maam.”

i service all six women in this way before They lead me back to the party. They take me to the side of the stage where a wooden whipping horse is standing. i am made to lie lengthways, face down on the horse and my arms and legs are strapped to the legs of the horse. A thick strap is fastened around my waist and the cross piece of the horse. Then my long brown hair is pulled back and a rope is tied into it. The other end of the rope is threaded under the waist strap and pulled hard, jerking my head back painfully. The rope is tied off leaving me totally immobilised. Finally, i am told to open my mouth and a dental gag is inserted, holding my jaws painfully wide.

An announcement is made that “cumface is ready and available.” Many of the men, and quite a few women walk across to where i am tied and i can see that the men are given numbered tickets, either red or blue, by the big woman. The men with tickets number one approach, red to my rear, blue to my face, They both unzip and quickly penetrate me, red in my cunt and blue thrusting deep into my throat.

They develop a rhythm, fucking me in unison but, when They are ready to cum, both pull out and shoot Their seed over my back and over my upturned face. The crowd clap and cheer and the two men are replaced by two more, red ticket chooses my ass this time, but again when They are ready, both pull out and cum over my back and my face.

The mass fucking session continues for hours and i am totally exhausted, very sore and i am covered in spunk. Just a few get Their timing wrong and spurt inside me, all the others shoot Their wads over me and its everywhere, in my face and hair, in my eyes, dripping down my chin and all over my back and buttocks. With all the continuous fucking and rubbing along my clit, I forget myself and it makes me repeatedly climax. All the cum lubricates my three holes, facilitating the non-stop penetrations.

Then between two new assaulters, i catch sight of my Lord. He is standing to one side watching over the scene, looking at me with an ice cold expression on His face and with a glass of wine in His hand. Instant i freeze, realising i climaxed, which is strictly reserved for Him, my beloved Lord.

When all the men have used me, some coming back for seconds and even thirds, i am released and made to stand with my hands behind my head. The Dog Handler clips the leash, not to my collar, but to my nipple rings and, though i can hardly walk, i am paraded through the crowd, displaying my semen covered face and body.

i am then led to the Dog compound where i am put back into my cage for the night, wallowing in all the cum that covers me and knowing that punishment will come for my bad behaviour. Will i never learn the self control that my Lord demands of me?   



Chapter 13 The Lesson

Life returns to normal, or what passes for normal in my life as a slave. my Lord is away on His business trips again and as time goes on, i start to hope that i may avoid punishment for my lack of control at the Hunt party. i really should know better! i know well enough that to let myself climax without permission is worthy of harsh discipline. On the other hand, i was fucked many times, again and again; it is physically very hard to keep myself from cumming. Maybe He will take that into consideration and be merciful. Anyhow, life goes on without any reference to that event. That He hasnt used me since then is not unusual.

It allows time for my body to heal itself, but after a while, i miss my Lord and i miss His beautiful cock. i have been penetrated by so many cocks during my servitude, but none can match that of my Lord, whether He is fucking me in my cunt or ass, or permitting me the great privilege of sucking on it and drinking down that delicious cum. i crave it so much.  

Then one morning He is at my cage, leading me out by the collar, and He attaches a dog leash to the ring at the front of the collar. i wait obediently, on all fours. Then my Lord shoves a black hood over my head, thick, so i cant see through it. My Lord grabs my wrists and pulls them behind my back, where He cuffs them. Then He leads me by the leash through the house, me still on my knees. He leads me down the stairs, which i must turn and slowly descend backwards, and i understand that W/we are heading to the dungeon. Now i fear the worst, as so far my only visit to the dungeon was for the horrible torture of the maid and my own cruel whipping.


At the bottom of the stairs i am led further, across the rough, uneven stone floor and twice i almost fall forward. Then with an upward tug on the leash, my Lord pulls me to my feet. i am turned around and pushed backward against a thick wooden pillar. “Spread!” He orders and of course i obey at once. He pushes me again against the pillar, and when my back scrapes against the raw wood the command is, "Sit!" When i squat, i feel a vertical wooden peg against my lower body, He manoeuvres my body until this peg is pressing against my unprepared and un-lubed ass-ring.


i try to resist, but He forces me down, the wooden peg pressing against and then penetrating my anal sphincter. Leaving me there, He quickly uncuffs my wrists, pulls them backwards behind the pole and recuffs them there. He moves to my front, where one by one, He lifts and pulls up my legs, and shackles my ankles high and wide. my weight is now pushing me down even further onto the wooden peg which must be tapered as it stretches my ass-ring more and more, tearing it further open. The pain makes me wail, but i make no further sound, as i am afraid that will only anger Him.


Once i am trapped in this position, open and vulnerable, He pulls the hood off. The light makes me blink, but i am allowed no time to settle myself. My Lord takes off my collar and instead a broad metal ring is shoved under my chin tight around my throat. This is then clipped to the wooden pole. Suddenly i realise this is a sort of adapted garrotte they used in the middle ages to execute or to interrogate the prisoners in Latin countries. Immediately i feel a cold sweat break out all over my body.


Now my Lord gives me a lecture about the garrotte and why he has chosen to use this device on me.

“When the garrotte was invented, the idea was execution by strangulation. Through the wood was a rod pulling the ring around the throat and so choking its victim. The death fell in within minutes. Nevertheless the death throws were horrible, as the victim was fully conscious of his death struggle. Therefore, later models got a spike at the end of the rod, so with a big stroke the spike was cutting off the main nerves in the neck going to the brains, thus the victim was immediately unconscious, and then subsequently the strangulation happened in his unawareness. Death was much quicker and cleaner.

But at a certain moment interrogators discovered this device for their job. The spike was covered with a flat piece of wood, so the piercing of the nerves didnt happen, but strangulation could be very fine tuned. It was very skilled interrogators handling the wheel of which the throat was squeezed at very precise level not to kill the prisoner. Cases are described whereby the victim was tortured in this way for days, brought back to the cell, and to continue the next day. One case was described that the victim died after the fourth day, not by strangulation, but his heart failed, imagine his horrible agony these long long days.

Sometimes an eye would pop out, or the tongue muscle would protrude, until sometimes the tongue would dangle in front of the torso. Therefore a metal clip would often be put in the mouth as a tongue gag, fastened with wire behind the head. It is also described that under pressure on the throat, the body of a man would explode in a sperm spurt of which many women would envy, especially when he was half way standing restrained, his feet free to beat. It was observed that (naked) females in that position would have convulsing cunt muscles, showing opening and closing and probably climaxing as well.  In Spain the last execution was in the 70's under the dictatorship of Franco.

Why, would you ask, does your Lord tell you this? This device, cumface, is by excellence a device to be handled with high self control by the interrogator or executioner. Self control you apparently missed, just cumming when humped like a dog in front of everyone, while your orgasms are privileged for your Lord only. It is clear that you need some tough training on self control. And what is better than your Lord, who Himself has high control when fucking you, how long does it take before He releases Himself? But, hopefully for you, has high self control to use this device.

Now, maybe you start to understand, in this position you are fully open and accessible, your cunt muscles a perfect O to fit His mighty cock, and His hands when penetrating you will handle the wheel which will gently squeeze your throat. And in this game W/we will go together in your training of self control. Oh, by the way let go your climaxes during this session. A female is built for nonstop orgasms.”

Execution!!! By now i am paralysed with fear. One slip of His hand and i will choke to death. Even slightly too much pressure could be enough to permanently injure me. i can already feel as though my eyes are bulging and my mouth is gaping as i gasp for breath, the only sound from my mouth is a rasping wheeze. The agony i feel from my ass-ring being stretched wider than ever before is nothing compared to my terror that i may be strangled by this cruel device. i dare not move a muscle, just stare straight ahead and silently pray that my Lord is careful.

But He spoke of climaxes! “Let go your climaxes,” He said. Surely He isnt going to fuck me when Im restrained like this! i know my cunt must be gaping open and, despite my perilous position, i am moist. The irony strikes me, the magnificent cock i was longing for so recently is now to be used on me as an instrument of torture. No, not torture, but His cock is an instrument of love, but… but... it is all so confusing, and it is all due to myself.

i sit trembling, my body a mass of pain; my shoulders and hips ache so much from being pulled in these unnatural positions, my rectum is stretched unbelievably by the tapered wooden peg and even the act of breathing is difficult and painful with my throat being so constricted. i wait in terror of what may be coming next.

After having fixed me in this position, my Lord moved away; out of my sight. Whats he up to? i wonder to myself. Then He comes back. He is naked. That powerful cock that i love so much is erect and pointing upwards. A leather hood that leaves His mouth free covers His head. He manoeuvres in front of me, between my widely spread legs. He squats a little, just enough to position His cock-head against my fuck-entry.

i gasp for air, my lungs labouring. But, in spite of my predicament, my cunt is gaping open and wet. Without resistance His cock penetrates the O of my spread cunt, the lips and cunt-ring forming a perfect glove which envelops His cockhead. Normally, i would gasp when He enters me, and now i am gasping not only for lack of air, but also for the heavenly lust between my legs. And i feel how right it is that this way of retraining me is stimulating my vagina, and the deeper opening of my cervix.

His hips slowly rock, at each thrust His gland opening my birth channel. But while His cock invades my hole, He grips the wheel controlling the garrotte and turns it an extra notch, tightening further the band around my throat. my lungs labour heavily, but simultaneously the lust between my widespread thighs is so overwhelming that the first climax quickly announces itself. my wide open, bulging eyes try to look into His, but they meet only His mask. He leans closer and His lips kiss my tear filled eyes and He licks my quivering lips. And then suddenly i orgasm.

Restrained by the throat choking steel band, the climax makes my mind drift away. As soon as the lust between my thighs slows, He releases two notches of the collar, which allows air to burst into your lungs. This is very painful, as if my lungs are burning, but the mixture of the convulsions between your legs, His continued pumping and my eternal adoration of Him gives my mind a boost that i cannot explain.

He increases the speed of His strokes, is it because His climax is near? i dont dare to hope. It is enough to breathe now, i cannot bring myself to pray or to beg, i simply meet his thrusts and feel how well my juicy fuck-hole receives His impaling cock. my glazed eyes try again to meet His, to show my deepest love for Him, my gratitude to have Him teach me this lesson. His hips rock as though He is in a frenzy. His cock bangs deep inside mashing my cervix, suddenly pulling me towards my next climax. And at that very moment, He turns the wheel three notches completely cutting off my air supply. But the spasms from deep within my womb are too far advanced to permit me to panic. my sensations are a mix of orgasm and agony in my lungs due to lack of air, and my eyes gaze blankly into His behind the mask.

As soon as my orgasm subsides and my cunt muscles start to relax, He releases the collar. The air rushes to my lungs, my tear filled eyes gaze vacantly. my body shaking and quivering in the aftermath of my climax. When i regain composure, i realise that the speed of my Lords thrusting is still the same; His cock hammering deep into me, and again the lust grows in my belly.

And again and again, my body is overtaken by the lust caused by His cock, but He never releases His seed into me. Sometimes He even pulls out, sits on a footstool, sucking in my oversensitive throbbing clit between His lips, while licking the tip of it. Then again He impales me, ignoring the raw wooden peg hurting so terribly in my arse. Eventually, the lack of air and nearly losing consciousness turns my brain into a vague massive lust pool, where my mind drifts away on heavenly waves.

Soon, my mind can focus only on what is happening between my legs. The burning of my lungs is overtaken by the continuous rhythm of the rocking of His hips and the thrusting of His powerful cock deep into my womb. i try to control my breathing, which is useless, as He is controlling my breath. my mind subconsciously controls my cunt muscles, and just as He uses the garrotte to grip my wind pipe, my cunt walls grip onto His shaft.

Eager to please Him, and eager to give the maximum pleasure to His cock, my cunt walls work like a glove around His non-stop pumping cock. He peers deep into my eyes. Does He detect a change? The change whereby my body turns its focus from the agony in my lungs, my ass and my joints, to my fuck-hole, working only for His pleasure. And almost imperceptibly, by pivoting on my coccyx, opening my cervix, squeezing with my soft cunt wall, i am gently but greedily, milking His ramming cock.

Was it one hour, half a day, i truly have no idea, but i now know for certain that my body is only for Him. He started to ram, whipping me to a frenzy, and He has not slowed down since. Not for the first time, i am amazed at my Lords stamina. But now i understand the meaning of control. When He finally lets me breathe freely, i gasp for air, but now too, i milk Him. Then suddenly He tightens the collar fully. There is no way for me to breathe. i panic, but at the same time, my cunt hole is convulsing nonstop from one climax into another. i am fully surrendered to Him, who now thrusts His throbbing cock even harder and deeper into me. And while earlier i would think this could be the end for me, i now have full confidence in Him.

Then just as my eyes start to get misty, and i am exhausted from everything: orgasms, lack of air, He jizzes His hot precious cum, spurt after spurt, deep into my womb. In that moment, He takes off His hood, and He licks around my bulging eyes, and then still peering in my veiled eyes, He tongues my lolling tongue. His hot flood mixes with a warm feeling deep inside that i am completely at His mercy. i enter a sort of pre-paradise.

As the last drops spurt inside me, He releases the collar, and i can breathe freely at last. The relief takes over from the pain in my lungs, and overpowered by His love, i want to cry out in gratitude, but i can only manage to stutter a weak thanks. Vaguely i am aware that He releases me from the garrotte, and i am laid down on a soft couch. Totally exhausted, both mentally and physically, i fall into darkness.


A few days later, while my Lord was away on business, as He so often is, the Butler enters and snaps a leash onto my collar and pulls me out into the backyard. In the corner of the garden is a sort of Summerhouse, where sometimes in warm weather, my Lord rests with a companion. This time, five huge black men are waiting there.

As soon as the Butler pushes me inside, they grab me by my hair and pull me to my knees. One by one, they take out their cocks and they are all big, significantly bigger in both length and thickness than average. At one time, before my slavery, i would have hesitated to take on just one of these monster cocks. Now i am on my knees, one naked white whore and six massive black cocks. They take turns to guide my head onto their monstrous cocks. In no time, i am taken in all of my holes, in all positions, thrown across the table, doggy, me on top, always there is a huge black cock in my mouth and one or two in my other holes. The crazy thought comes into my mind that im lucky my Lord stretched my ass hole on that wooden peg when He garrotted me, otherwise, the anal fucking i am now receiving would be extremely painful, so big are all of these guys.

One by one or all together, nonstop they fuck me endlessly. This is no cock sucking and fucking session; i am continuously and savagely face-fucked and my other holes are violently raped. If i am slow to respond to an order, one of the men grabs a fist full of my hair and jerks my head back and slaps me across the face, hard, again and again. i lose count of the times i am penetrated by these enormous cocks but i am aware that even more black men enter the room and join in my gang rape but my cum fuddled mind cant determine how many there are now, twelve… fifteen?

i cant help myself, i feel raunchy, i am wet from sweat and my thighs, cunt and arse are slimy from all the sperm and my own juice. All these penetrations stimulate my clit and bring me near to a climax. But i have learned from my Lord what self-control is. Despite the huge cocks using me, i refrain from cumming. It takes all my will power and concentration but i do it. The gang-bang goes on for the whole day, all my holes are filled again and again, my face is covered in spunk, my eyes half glued closed and my hair plastered to my head with all the jizz. my cunt and ass ooze spunk mixed with blood, my blood. Some of the men even frantically finger-fuck me. Each man brutally impales me several times, but in the end all of the men are drained and exhausted, and so am i. But i succeeded in keeping my orgasms for my Lord.

Was this a test organised by my Lord to determine whether or not the lesson at the garrotte had been fruitful? Perhaps the Butler had been lurking in the background, watching how i responded to the incessant violation of my body.


The black men wander off, leaving me sprawled on the floor. i am mentally and physically drained; too exhausted to move and i am as limp as a ragdoll.  And i am as messy as a piece of filth. i am dragged up by the Butler and led, crawling, slowly back to the mansion, where i am allowed to slip into a hot bath. i lie, enjoying the rare luxury of the hot water. Despite the tenderness of my cunt and ass, there is a smile on my lips as i thought about how fortunate i am to be the slave of my Lord. Surely my Lord will be pleased with His slave when He hears reports of my behaviour.





Chapter 14 The Wedding

My Lord has been away on business for several weeks now. i know something is being planned because i have overheard The Butler talking on the phone to my Lord, noting down instructions as He listens. i have no idea what is being discussed but im sure it will involve pain and degradation for me.

Sometimes, following these phone discussions, The Butler summons me and takes me down to the cellar for a whipping or a bondage session; nothing too severe although The Butler has a strong arm and it is certainly enough to remind me of my place. i understand that it pleases my Lord to know that i am suffering for Him, even if He is not here to enjoy my pain in person.

Other than these occasions, my life is quiet and the days are long, as i must wait patiently for my Lords return. i am not allowed access to television, newspapers, magazines etc. as my Lord has stated that i must not be distracted from my only purpose in life which is to serve and please Him.

Even though i hate having to pleasure The Dogs, i have come to accept as a distraction the occasional times that i am led by a leash attached to my collar out to the compound where i am made to pleasure my Lords Dogs. They pound away at my cunt and ass holes and i suck Their cocks for hours until they are satisfied, leaving me messy with Their spunk. Of course, i am not permitted to cum and The Handler watches me closely for signs that i fail to obey this order and i have to exercise my newly learned self control to avoid further punishment for this lapse.

Once, The Butler must have noticed me as He was on the phone to my Lord because He spoke quietly into the phone and i heard my name mentioned. Then He called me, “cumface, here!” i crawled into the room and waited patiently until He finished on the phone. Then He told me that my Lord had ordered that i crawl

Out to the compound where The Dogs are kept, find The Handler and beg Him to whip me, to use me Himself and then to give me to The Dogs.

It was a cold, wet day and i felt thoroughly miserable as i crawled out in the rain. Reaching the compound, i opened the gate and then knocked on the door of the large shed. The Handler opened the door and i begged Him to whip me. He ordered me to stand facing the wire link fence that surrounds the compound. i did as ordered while He went back inside, emerging a few moments later wearing a waterproof coat and hat and leading The Dogs, who He tethered under the roof overhang at the front of the shed. The Dogs would be sheltered from the rain, but not the slave!

i turned my head slightly and noticed that there was now a fourth Dog. The Handler saw me looking round and smirked, “Not met Shadow yet have you, bitch? Well youll soon get to know each other!”

From His pocket, The Handler produced some lengths of thin rope and He proceeded to stretch out my right arm, tying my wrist to the fence. He did the same with my left arm and then my legs, so that I was spread-eagled against the fence. He then took two padlocks from His pocket and used them to fasten my nipple rings to the fence.

He went back into the shed and returned carrying a multi-thonged flogger, each leather thong having a knot tied at the business end. “Twenty stokes, I think,” He said and immediately laid into me, across my back and buttocks. i have had much more severe floggings than this, but, probably because i was so cold and wet, each stroke really stung and i was soon yelping in pain and my tears were flowing. He made me wait between each stroke, so the whipping lasted probably about half an hour.

When He had finished, i sobbed a thank You as He untied my arms and legs. But He left me secured by the padlocks at my nipple rings while He took The Dogs back inside. i had to stand waiting in the pouring rain but at least i could put my hands to my tender arse to ease the pain. Finally, He released me, but He locked the padlocks on my rings causing me to cry out as i felt the weight of the locks pulling down on my tits.

He led me inside and threw me down onto the floor. “Whats next, slut?” He asked, smirking.

“Please, Sir, i beg You to use me as You wish.” i replied.

“Well, Ive had your cunt and ass on the night of the Hunt, along with most of the men from the village, you whore. But, I didnt try your mouth and they say youre quite a cocksucker. So get to it, whore!” 

i got to my knees, took out His half hard cock and began to suck on it. i felt it harden and thicken in my mouth and pretty soon He moaned, “you love it dont you? you fucking whore.”

The truth is that He was right, i do like sucking cock. But within a few moments, i wasnt fellating Him. He grabbed hold of my hair with both hands and started to pull my mouth on and off His cock, pulling me until He was deep in my throat and holding me there. He was raping my mouth and throat. Fortunately, He did not last too long and soon i could feel jet after jet of His burning hot spunk as it flooded my mouth and throat and i was swallowing it down, warm in my stomach.

Once He had finished, He called The Dogs over and for the next two or three hours or so, They fucked all of my holes; always there were two of Them at me. There was no pleasure for me as Their paws scrabbled at the tender flesh of my freshly whipped back and the heavy padlocks swung, pulling painfully on my nipples, bringing only more tears from me. Perhaps this was a reminder that, for me, pleasure comes only from my Lords beautiful cock. 

All this time, The Handler made lewd comments; “this is what you were born for, slave, a Dogs cock in your cunt and another in your whore mouth.” “Suck Shadows cock, you fucking bitch.” And so on.

Also, The Handler had placed a shallow dish on the floor between my knees and this collected The Dogs spunk that dripped from my oozing cunt and ass.

At last, The Dogs were satisfied and, exhausted, i lay sprawled out on the floor. To my disgust, the Handler brought the dish of Dog cum round and put it on the floor by my face and ordered me to lick it up, telling me that unless i cleaned up every drop i would be whipped again. He pulled me by my hair up onto my hands and knees and He pushed my face down into the dish. It was all i could do the keep from gagging, but i slowly started to lick the foul contents of the dish.

i had thought that nothing could be more degrading than to be gang banged by a pack of Dogs, but this was ten times worse. i really had to force myself to lap up all the cum. 

When The Handler was satisfied that i had licked up and swallowed every last trace of spunk, He pulled me up by my hair into a kneeling position and removed the heavy padlocks from my nipple ring, mercifully. Then, still holding my hair with one hand, He unzipped and took out His cock with the other. i thought that He wanted sucking again, but He ordered, “open wide, you lazy slave, youre not finished yet.” And He started to piss into my gaping mouth. i swallowed as best i could, but a lot spilled out of my mouth, down my chin and splashed over my tits. All the time The Handler was laughing, “if you were my slave, youd live on a diet of cum, washed down with plenty of piss, mine, the dogs and whoever else I felt like giving you to. And I would whip you every day!”

I made a mental note never to give myself up to be slave to this man. The thought brought a slight smile to my lips. The Handler saw this and mistook it for a sign that I was enjoying my treatment at His hands.

“Look at you, you fucking love it dont you, you fucking slut? Cant get enough cock, can you? What a filthy bitch!”

He finished and shook the last drops of His piss in my face before He put His cock away and ordered me to crawl back up to the house. i could hear the rain lashing down outside and, at least, it was warm and dry in the hut. So i was slow to obey His order and He gave me a kick to hurry me along.

The rain was heavier as i crawled back towards the house and it felt like thousands of pin pricks on my tender, freshly flogged body. At least the rain washed away the piss and the remainder of The Dogs spunk which still trickled down my thighs from my well used cunt and ass holes. my misery was made all the worse when i could see The Butler watching me from a window, with a broad smile on His face. i crawled into the house, dried myself as best i could and found a warm quiet corner to rest.


In order that my body is pleasing to my Lord, one thing i have to do is ensure that my body is free from any hair except for a narrow landing strip of pubic hair. When there is a beginning of stubbly hair elsewhere, i am required to report to The Butler and ask that He arrange for me to have a waxing. Failure to do this would mean a severe punishment.

So, today i crawl to The Butler and raise my hand as a signal that i require permission to speak. For me, speaking without permission is another punishable offence.

i tell Him that i need a waxing and He sends me to the kitchen to wait. The maid always does my waxing, but the rest of the household staff likes to be there to watch.

i am made to wait for about an hour before the maid comes in and lays a large towel on the table, telling me to climb up and lie with my knees drawn up and parted and my hands behind my head. i adopt the required position while she busies herself warming the wax. In the meantime, the rest of the staff wander in and the maid brews a pot of coffee for them all.

Once the wax is ready, the maid starts to apply it and the cloth strips, beginning with my legs and underarms before turning to my bikini line. It is at this point that the watching men become interested. i lie there staring up at the ceiling, blushing a deep red in embarrassment at being so exposed while the wax sets and my audience chat and drink their coffee.

Finally the maid announces that the wax is cool enough and she suddenly rips a strip off my right leg, causing me to yelp in pain and bring a tear to my eye. Another strip is torn away and i am biting my lip trying to withstand the pain and knowing that worse is to come.

My legs finished, the maid moves to my underarms and my yelps and my tears are coming freely.

Finally, it is time for my pubic area and i brace myself for the really painful part. The watching men also become very interested in proceedings. The maid asks if one of the men wants to have a go and The Gardener quickly steps forward. She tells Him to grip the edge of the strip and rip it of quickly and in one action.

From the corner of my tear filled eye, i see a wicked smile on the face of The Gardener as He leans in and takes hold of the end of the strip. Instead of ripping it away quickly, He pulls slowly and a little at a time, ensuring that i must endure the maximum amount of pain and making me writhe and cry out at the top of my voice. This only brings laughter and appreciative comments from the small audience. If possible, the remaining strip is pulled off even more slowly and i am in absolute agony, but at last the worst is over.

The maid bends close to check for any hairs that might have been missed and she uses tweezers to pull out two or three that remain. Then she uses electric clippers to trim the strip of hair that is now all that is left of my pubes, and lastly she applies a soothing lotion to moisturise the depilated areas and to prevent skin irritation.

i am then sent, sobbing, to my cage while the staff all enjoy another coffee.

The smell of the coffee drives me mad; i am allowed only water to drink and i miss coffee and tea so much. i usually eat my meals at the same time as the staff. But, while They sit at the table and eat their food in the conventional way, accompanied by coffee, juice, even wine or beer, i eat from a dog bowl on the floor, no hands permitted, and drink only water from another bowl. Also, since i am not permitted to speak without permission, i cannot join in with Their conversations. 

All this is a constant reminder of my status as a slave; my Lords slave.


i knew something was going to happen, but the announcement leaves me stunned. My Lord is to marry! And in just a few days! i had no inkling of this at all. My first feeling is of jealousy. i love and adore my Lord and the thought of Him marrying another woman leaves me distraught. Of course i know that my Lord has affection for me, but i am only a slave and deep down i have always known that i could never hope that He would marry me, but, in my dreams… 

i start to worry about what this announcement will mean for me. After all its hardly thinkable that a slut-slave like me could stay with a Lady in the house. Will i be sold? Maybe to those film producers who tortured me so horribly, or to the Middle East, to an Arabian sheikh perhaps? i shiver as i remember stories of endless gang-rapes, sometimes until the poor victim dies. And i was told of a girl who, because her owner lost her on a gambling bet, was tied down and impaled by a donkey and subsequently died of internal injuries caused by the animals huge dick. i break out in a cold sweat as i think of the possibility of being sold to the merciless politician woman who had the first maid skinned alive.

Together with the household staff, i am put to work getting the house in order, although the wedding and subsequent party are to be held in town, at the house of the local mayor, who is, apparently related to my Lord. 

None of the household staff is invited to the wedding, even not The Butler. But, one day before the wedding, my Lord walks in with His bride-to-be to introduce the personnel to Her. All stand in line waiting to be introduced, even me, and The Butler moves forward, ready to make the introductions.

i am shocked by the appearance of my Lords fiancée. i had assumed that She would be a glamorous beauty. Instead, She is a small grey mouse of a woman with pale, cold eyes and salt and pepper hair. i can hardly keep from showing my surprise at Her appearance. Even Her clothes look cheap and dowdy, almost like something from a second hand shop. i cant understand why my Lord would marry such a woman. However, i hear some of the staff whispering that they have read about Her in magazines and that She is from a very wealthy and powerful family.

The Butler leads Her along the line, introducing the staff one by one; i am last in line, of course, blushing in humiliation at having to stand naked at the end of the line. When it is my turn, i am introduced simply as “the slave”. There is no reaction from The Lady, almost as if i am invisible, Her cold eyes seeming to look right through me. i have long become accustomed to being naked, even when everyone else present is fully clothed. i even relish my nudity, seeing it, together with my metal slave collar, as a symbol of my subjugation to my Lord. But, now, i am embarrassed by my nudity in the presence of my Lords new bride.

But a little later, as i pass close by my Lord, i hear, "I'll breed you and you will carry My Lady's child." Not knowing if i had really heard it, i turn my head back to my Lord, but there is nothing to indicate that He said those words and there is no reaction from anyone standing nearby.

Was it my imagination? "I'll breed you and you will carry My Lady's child." The whole of the rest of the day and night i question myself whether or not He said those words.


The next day, late in the afternoon, He arrives in a carriage drawn by six horses, a sign of His position and wealth. My Lord carries His Bride across the threshold, as is tradition. All help to carry the wedding presents into the living room, adjacent the dining room. They spend a pleasant evening opening some of the presents and taking a light supper. At a certain moment, The Butler discretely gets me and leads me to Their bedroom. i am surprised, surely They wouldnt have a threesome on Their wedding night? But the Butler pushes me into a small antechamber, the doorway somewhat hidden among the garments and the wall covering. All the more surprising it is when, once inside, i can see through into the bedroom by way of a kind of two way mirror. The space is small, dark and cramped but i try to make myself comfortable, and i am anxious to see what will happen next. A while later The Couple enter the room. i watch as my Lord gently undresses The Lady and slides her on to the bed. i can see that She is shy, afraid even, as She awaits the events, whispering: "be careful, you know I am still… a virgin." Which makes me gasp in disbelief. Then my Lord undresses, and with a sting of jealousy i see His mighty cock and He climbs into bed next to The Lady.

They kiss, His hands stroking Her saggy breasts, though it appears to me that there is little passion. Reluctantly, She opens Her legs somewhat. i remember what i had heard the staff members say, that the magazines reported that their marriage was considered as a rational marriage to protect trusts and interests. Certainly, in bed things dont really heat up, i would not have imagined such a thing, knowing the lovemaking prowess of my Lord.

Then after some uninspired fondling, He bends and penetrates Her slightly. i feel a twinge of envy as i watch, knowing how His cock feels. i can hear Her moaning softly as He pushes deeper and i imagine Him meeting her hymen. Very slowly, very gently, He slides His gland between Her pussy lips, and only bouncing against Her cherry. She doesnt meet Him at all, lying flat and lifeless.

Suddenly, unexpectedly He grabs Her knee hollows pushes Her legs up and apart, until Her knees are alongside Her body on the bed. He pushes Himself up, His body a straight line, resting on His toes with a firm grip in Her knee hollows, and before She can protest, He plunges through Her cunt-lips, rams deeply and ripping and shredding Her hymen. At first she shrieks as He bangs Her, then She snarls at Him, but He doesnt seem to hear Her. i am sure that i can see Her virgin blood splattered along His pistoning shaft.

Whether it is in His frenzy, or on purpose, i cant tell, but He slips out of Her pussy and in the same movement the gland rams at Her other virgin entry. i know His powerful strength only too well, and Her natural resistance cannot stop Him as His gland rips and stretches Her ass-ring, which makes Her shriek in a high pitch. But He shows Her no mercy, now He is ramming and splitting open Her anal ring. Her head thrashes from side to side; Her small female fists drum powerlessly against His strong chest. Then Her back arches, and Her head drops to one side, and She is totally silent. He pulls out, tearing Her smear, blood, juices and excrements out of Her arse. In two steps He is at the hidden door, slams it open, and pulls my head towards His upright soiled cock. He pulls my jaws open, and rams His cock deep into my mouth.

i want to gag because of the foul taste of Her excrements smeared all over His rigid shaft, but my pride at being permitted to service Him on His wedding night excites me and makes me climax. i want, so much, to please Him and i suck and lick, using all my expertise, my tongue is lovingly working all over his gland and cock, i even manage to pull my tongue out along His pumping cock, and lick His bouncing balls.

i am so proud that, on His wedding night, it is in my mouth that He spurts His hot precious sperm. Shot after shot into my greedy mouth and throat and i eagerly swallow, despite some drops slipping from the corner of my mouth. Finally, softened, He pulls out, and without even a glance to His new wife, He leaves the room.

Unsure what to do next, i wait on my knees. But some minutes later, The Butler enters, puts a spread over the curled up, sleeping Lady, then grabs me and leads me to my own bedroom.

"Clean yourself, dress and perfume for the night with the Lord, and meet him in his room."

He leaves me with confused thoughts running around in my head. Is it really true that i will spend the night, the wedding night with my Lord? And has that to do with the remark: "I'll breed you and you will carry the Lady's child"?

My room is small and sparsely furnished, just a bed and a shelf for a few toiletries and cosmetics. There are hooks and eyebolts set into the walls, which are bare except for the words SLAVE painted crudely over my bed, just in case I forget what I am, and OBEY on the opposite wall. The door can only be opened from the outside, although The Butler now props it open. This is where i sleep when i am not required by my Lord and i am not to be confined in my cage.

A black negligee is laid out on the bed for me. i pick it up and hold against me, luxuriating for a moment in the feel of the silky material against my body.

But i must follow orders, so quickly, i put down the negligee and go to the bathroom to shower and wash my hair, luxuriating in the hot water cascading over my body. i dry myself and brush and dry my hair. i apply some discrete make-up and some perfume. Then i slip on the negligee. It feels strange, i have become so accustomed to being naked, but i love the feeling of the soft material as it clings to my body.

When i enter in His personal room, he is waiting. i am surprised by His appearance. He has on heavy black boots and black raw pants, His torso is bare. It makes you gasp, as He is there; big, powerful, The Master.

At once, i drop to my knees, clasp my hands behind my head and bend, my
forehead to the floor.

"Stand up," He commands, firmly but not coldly.

As i stand, He moves behind me, unlocks and removes my steel slave collar and fastens a leather collar around my neck, a little tight, but not uncomfortably so. A flickering makes me realise that the collar is imbedded with jewels.

He cuffs my wrists tightly together behind my back and with a leather strap, ties my elbows together. This pulls my shoulders back painfully and pushes out my tits, thrusting my erect nipples against the soft silky fabric of the black negligee. Then He ties a broad black blindfold over my eyes. Still i stand wondering whats coming next. He cuffs my ankles, with a chain between them, preventing me from taking big steps, another chain leading to my cuffed wrists is pulled tight, so forcing me to arch backwards.

Then He attaches a leash to the collar. Blindfolded, i can only follow with hobbled steps when He pulls me with the leash. It is hard to follow where He is leading me, but when i feel that W/we are descending some stairs and then another some more, i certain that He is leading me to the basement. What possibly can be the happening on His wedding night? This can mean only one thing, this the end of my slavery, but in what way? Will He have one last torture session with me? Inflicting terrible agony, horrible torture to death. my heart beats tremendously my mind is racing. i am so afraid. i break out in a cold sweat.

i realise that i should have more confidence my Lord but i expect the worst. But, i wonder, if i am to be tortured to death, why the negligee, the luxury of a hot shower? Is my Lord playing with my mind?


As i stumble down into the cellar, led by my Lord, i can hear many voices, i think that i can pick out some of the staff members. But suddenly, it falls silent. Hands, unseen by me, take hold of my bound arms and i am guided across the cellar. my mind is working overtime and i am imagining all the various instruments of torture in this dungeon, wondering which, if any, i am being taken to. Then i am lifted high and lowered onto what i am sure must be the Spanish Horse.

Until now i have not been made to ride this cruel piece of equipment, but i have always feared it. And now i know that i was right.

Now the sharp edge immediately feels as though it is cutting into my soft, tender cunt lips. my legs are pulled back and up and are tied in that position causing me to lean forward which makes my clit press agonisingly against the edge of the wood. my arms are pulled painfully backwards by a rope, which i find out later, is thrown over a roof beam and has a noose on the other end. This noose is pulled over my head and fastened to the jewelled collar, which prevents me from moving sideways. This position is very painful, but if i stay still, it is bearable, at least for now. But i know that a long ride on the horse would quickly become extremely agonising and now i am extremely anxious about what is coming next.

The voices start up again and i can now clearly pick out various members of the household staff, although there are many voices that i dont recognise.

Then again the voices silence and one by one men and women make a statement about my Lord. All bear witness to the goodness and kindness of my Lord, and give their approval of His choice for his new... slave. i am never mentioned by name, but they merely refer to the slave. It makes me afraid that i am to be exchanged for a new slave and that my life here has come to an end.

Suddenly i feel two pairs of hands, female hands, take a soft but firm hold of my arms. At the same moment, The Butler starts to speak. “We are here to unite in front of the community, the slavery of cumface to His Lordship. If anyone objects, you shall speak now." The assembly is so quiet that you could have heard a pin drop. The Butler continued, "My Lord, do you want to feed, to maintain, and to keep this slave to your good, what is your answer?"

It takes me a second or two before i realise, with a thrill that The Butler is talking about me

The answer of my Lord is short. "Yes I will."

The Butler replies, "This slave belongs from now on solely to His Lordship. You may mark the slave."

Again the voices fall silent, but now there is another sound, the crackling of a fire!

The hands holding my arms seem to tighten their grip and bend me further forward and i realise what is going to happen.

my negligee is raised and immediately i feel a hot iron pressed against the soft flesh of my lower back. The pain is agonising, but the iron has been applied so quickly and unexpectedly that it takes a few seconds before my brain registers the pain and i howl out at the top of my voice. i have no idea how long the iron is held against my skin, but it seems like an eternity. All the time, i buck and squirm, trying to escape the terrible agony, but i am held firm and there is no escape and the smell of burning flesh, my burning flesh fills my nostrils.

At long last, the iron is removed but my screams continue for several minutes. But my ordeal is not finished; I am made to lean back and, again, the negligee is raised, this time at the front and a second glowing iron is pressed against the soft flesh between the top of my pubic mound and my inner thigh. Again, the pain is unbearable and i scream for it to stop, but the iron remains, burning into my skin.

my screams turn to incoherent babbling and i almost pass out from the pain. But at one stage i find myself throwing back my head and crying out for all to hear,  “my Lord, my Lord, i am yours, i am your slave, oh my dear Lord."

At last the iron is removed and i gasp for breath, silently praying that there will be no more, i really dont think that i can stand anymore. The blindfold is slipped from my eyes, my bonds are removed and i am lifted, semi-conscious, from the horse. The pain from my cunt resting on the horse had been almost forgotten, eclipsed by the greater pain of the brandings.

My legs have gone and i am only half aware of being carried / guided to what looks to my bleary and tear filled eyes like a large throne like chair. Everything is hazy and im not able to comprehend exactly what is happening to me.

Still fuddled from the pain of the brandings, it takes me a few moments to realise that the sturdy wooden chair is covered with pointed iron studs. Before i can react, my arms are strapped to the chair arms at my wrists and elbows. Further straps are fastened around my torso, my ankles and my knees, securing me to the medieval torture chair.

There is a hole in the middle of the seat with a metal cone shaped peg protruding from it, which slips into my cunt. One of the women turns a wheel behind the chair and the peg rises, filling and stretching my cunt. In my hazed state, i can only moan and groan from the pain of the studs pressing into my flesh and the peg invading my cunt.

But worse is to come, as iron clamps are screwed down onto my toes and fingers. The negligee is roughly pulled down, exposing my tits, and a cruel tit clamp is screwed tight, squashing my tits until they are almost flat. i now find my voice and scream in agony, but i am unable to move and my screams serve only to amuse the watching crowd.

Next to the torture chair, there is a proper throne like chair, heavy carved wood, well padded. This is for my Lord, of course, and having satisfied Himself that my torment is to His liking, He settles on the throne to watch the proceedings.

My mind clears and I become more aware of my surroundings. There are a large number of men and women present, all appear to be naked, or nearly naked. I recognise the household staff, The Butler, of course, The Chef, The Gardener and The Dog Handler. Also, there are several of the female staff, including the pretty maid. There, at the front are the two young women, only in their late teens I would guess, who led me to this infernal chair and, next to them, four big black men. I think that maybe I recognise them as being some of the men that gang-banged me shortly after my lesson at the garrotte.

From the corner of my tear filled eye, I notice my Lord give a signal and the party starts.

One of the housemaids is taken to a rack, where her arms and ankles are firmly tied, and a man turns the wheel, stretching her limbs to the maximum. Another is hung upside down, legs widespread; a candle is shoved into her pussy and lit. And then she is whipped; each bucking of her body causing hot wax to drip onto her soft, exposed pussy. Another one is bent over a block, her head and wrists fixed, and she is caned until her calves, cheeks and the backs of her thighs are mashed to a dark red.

One woman is hanging by her wrists; her toes barely touching a metal plate under which hot coals have been place to heat it. She is being savagely bullwhipped by two men, her body soon dark red and blistered with deep stripes. Her high shrieks of agony pierce my ears.

It looks as though the maid is getting the worst. She is bound wide spread, her back on a horizontal bar, her whole body arching, her head fixed. A funnel is put in her mouth and they let ice cold water flood into it. Now and then they let her free to breathe, but otherwise she cant help not to swallow. Her belly swells and within a few minutes she looks like she is eight or nine months pregnant. Her nipples are pinched by glowing hot iron pincers and her swollen tits skewered and bruised by metal devices. She also has a medieval pear inserted into her pussy and opened until her vagina is stretched open like she is about to give birth. Then her pubic hair is burned with matches.

As I observe through a fog of my own agony, all round, it is an orgy of torture, whipping, agony, cries of pain, and begging for mercy. My Lord is clearly enjoying the party; now and then He comforts me, His official branded and certified slave. His Cock already erect. Then He gives a sign.

I am told that according to the rituals, the two teenaged nymphets are witnesses, like bridesmaids at a wedding. They have to be virgins, and their first use is only at the ceremony at my Lord's pleasure. The two, already terrified by the events around them, but as yet untouched, are taken and led to a horizontal beam. Alongside each other, they are hung by the wrists and ankles to the beam, exposing their vulnerable open pussies and asses. For each nymphet two strong black men stand to the side, each with a harsh riding crop. At the signal from my Lord, all four start to crop the girls on their inner thighs, cunt, pubis, ass cheeks and the backs of their thighs. The lashes are hard and merciless. The girls howl from pure agony, their bodies thrashing and bucking, but there is no escape from the hits. Soon their flesh is red, bruised and splattered with blood drops.

my Lord moves to the hanging sobbing crying girls. He opens his robe and with a pang jealousy, my watch his strong upright Cock pointing to the first virgin pussy. He puts on a kind of sheath, black leather with small metal knobs, leaving only the head free. He firmly grips the hips of the first nymphet, and with one thrust, He penetrates the pink virgin hole. One second later she howls from the painful fuck she endures. His big Cock rams deep, ripping open her hymen and the metal knobs scratching along her soft inner walls. Only a few strokes later, having fully opened and riffled her pussy, He pulls out and moves to the other girl. Terrified by what her sister has endured she begs for mercy, but my Lord penetrates her in the same way and impales her deeply, pulling from her the same screams of agony. There too, after a few hard thrusts he pulls out and moves back to the first girl again, but this time to her backside. This, of course is another virgin hole.

When my Lord penetrates between her soft tender ass cheeks, her howls almost drown out all the other cries and screams in the dungeon. Her arse is ripped open, the ring muscle torn, he plunges deep into her tight tunnel, into her bowels. Her body bucks and her head thrashes in all directions. my Lord buries his weapon deep into her, holding her hips firmly. Again after a few strokes which bring screams of anguish and agony from deep inside from her, he turns to the other girl. This one is already shivering, knowing her fate. And indeed she howls out her misery and agony when his mighty Cock impales her tight ass hole. Her ass ring rips and the flesh stretches along his pumping shaft. He slams deep into her ruthlessly until his balls slap her ass cheeks.

i know from my own experience how painful it is to be fucked by someone wearing such a studded leather sheath. So how much worse must it be for these unfortunate girls to lose their virginity in such a way?

In spite of the pain caused by the studs on the chair and the clamps on my tits, toes and fingers, i feel my arousal mount as the metal peg pumps deep inside my cunt; it as if i am impaled by His mighty Cock. The deflowering of the two girls in front of me only adds to the feelings in my clit.

While my Lord is working over the two virgins, i am freed from the torture chair, lifted and led to the centre of the room. i am forced to bend over, and my arms are bound over a horizontal wooden bar, my elbow hollows over the bar and my wrists tied together forwards to my collar. Then the bar is raised until my toes barely touch the floor. my legs are pulled wide and my ankles shackled to rings in the floor. Then to increase the aching torment they strap my knees, pulling them together. Wires are attached between my nipple rings and ankles and pulled taut. Then another leather leash is tied to the front of my collar, pulled down tight and attached to a ring in the floor. Bent over, my toes hardly reaching the floor and my arms restrained, i feel terrible. But they are not finished yet, around my waist they tighten a leather belt, so tightly that it is difficult to breathe. A strange effect of this is to relax my inner muscles, especially the muscles in the area of my cunt. Thus those standing behind me can see my loins and cunt relax, the lips open like a flower.

my Lord leaves the crying and sobbing nymphets, He takes the sheath off, and presents His Cock to my open mouth for cleaning, which i obediently and enthusiastically do. Then He moves behind me and penetrates my cunt, wet and ready for Him. Now i understand why my midriff had been strapped; as he slides further in, my cervix is soft and slightly open too, receiving the throbbing gland, but even then He pushes further, until his balls meets the entrance to my slippery cunt. With His hands, He manages to insert even His ball-sack in to my cunt-hole. From pure lust and horniness i gasp and suck the air in. i had never imagined this feeling to be possible. Sometimes He fisted me and that was marvellous every time, but this beats everything.

As soon He is fully entered into me, it is the start of one big orgy. All around me, girls holes are filled with cocks. The two girls hanging are freed and between two strong blacks, they are double penetrated. The maid, still with her swollen belly, is repeatedly fucked, by men with a pregnancy fantasy. All the time, my Lord is rocking back and forward in a slow rhythm, savouring my soft engulfing inner cunt walls stroking His shaft and ball sack.


The fuck is endless; as always, i am amazed at His stamina but it doesnt take long before i reach my first orgasm. The first of many this night. Forgotten is the agony of the branding; forgotten is the pain on the torture chair. His mighty Cock forces me to orgasm over and over again. i lose count of the number orgasms i reach. Around me, there is a concert of moaning and groaning.

Is it after one hour, half a night? i dont know, but i feel myself sinking into darkness after so many climaxes. His power fuck is so overwhelming that i cant stand it anymore, but i know that begging Him to stop not an option, as He will stop only after He releases His warm nice sperm into me.

Suddenly i feel His hips tremble and rock uncontrollably, and there in my subconscious, i feel my womb engulfed with His hot spunk. From the depths of my being, i cry out, over all sounds and cries in the basement, "my Lord, my Lord i love You. i am Yours."

Finally, when He is fully spent, He bends over and whispers in my ear, “I'll breed you and you'll carry Lady's child. No human will use your cunt until your pregnancy."

After He pulls out, i feel so exhausted. Still hanging from this beam, a hole is pierced through each of my cunt-lips bringing fresh screams of agony to my lips, but surprisingly little blood, and a padlock is shoved in, closing off my cunt for cocks.

i am only partly aware that i am led into a small cell at the back of the basement, happy in the knowledge that it is now certified that i belong to Him, and that He wants me to be pregnant. And happy to have endured yet more suffering for my Lord. i hate the pain when it is being inflicted on me and i get very scared when i know that i am to be whipped or tortured, but always afterwards, i feel glad to have been able to demonstrate, through my suffering, my devotion to my Owner, my Master, my Lord. 

Now, although my body is wracked with pain from the tortures inflicted on me, I am overjoyed at the events this evening. This ceremony has bound me, a mere slave to my Lord as surely as if it had been a legal wedding.

i watch through the bars of my cell door, the negligee, now ragged and torn, around my hips. The party goes on, with Him now using and torturing, together with the other men and a few of the women, all of the female submissives available into the very early hours.

Chapter 15; The Charity Auction


After the wedding and my slave registration ceremony, life settles back into a routine. my brand marks have healed but i will now carry my Lords mark, front and back, for the rest of my life. my Lord has now granted me the privilege of being allowed to stand and walk upright, not because of any change to my status but because my Lord does not want my knees to be bruised and scraped as they are when i have to crawl everywhere. Of course, i remain naked at all times except when ordered otherwise and when i am required to attend my Lord in His bedroom, when i am given sexy lingerie to wear. When coming into the presence of my Lord, i must always adopt a kneeling display position; knees spread wide, hands behind my head with my elbows pulled back, which thrusts out my tits, presenting them to Him. i am also still forbidden to speak unless given permission.

my Lord and His Lady are only occasionally seen together. Sometimes They eat dinner together, but They sit at opposite ends of the long dining table. The Lady appears to take no interest me, behaving as if i was not there. One time i nearly bumped into Her as She walked through a doorway; She said nothing, but She swatted me away as one does to an irritating fly. However, She must have said something to my Lord, because, that evening, He tied me over a trestle with my legs spread wide and my head down. Then He administered a severe caning to my upturned bottom until i passed out from the pain. i came round lying face down on the floor and i couldnt sit for a week as my ass was completely battered raw. i tried hard to keep out of Her way after that.

my Lord definitely wants to breed me; He has me brought to Him, maybe every second or third night. He unlocks my cunt-lock and He fucks me for what seems like hours before shooting His precious spunk deep inside me, but only after i have had multiple orgasms. Once a fortnight, i am taken to a doctor to be checked over. He roughly uses a speculum to spread my cunt, inspecting me internally and painfully thrusting His fist deep into me as He does so. The visit to the Doctor always ends with me on my knees in front of Him with His cock thrust deep into my throat as His hands clasp my head and my nose is ground against His hairy belly.

Curious about how The Lady passes Her time; i manage to observe Her without Her knowing. She seems to spend a lot of time in Her bedroom; one time i was chained in bondage in a room adjacent to The Ladys room and i clearly heard two females in bed together. i am sure that i recognised the voice of the pretty maid. Obviously, i kept this knowledge to myself.

At other times, The Lady likes to tend the garden and to supervise in the kitchen and around the house. She also devotes a lot of Her time to organising charity functions, mainly women only affairs. Usually i am locked in my cage in the cellar, out of sight, when these parties are going on.

However, my Lord, who seems to be spending more time at home, has also started to hold charity functions of His own. Often He will take me to these parties. Naked, and hooded, with my wrists bound behind my back, i am led by a leash attached to my jewel encrusted collar behind my Lord who rides His horse to a farmhouse a few miles away. Apparently my Lord is the landlord of this farm.

One time i am taken to one of these functions; it is a slave auction. Once W/we get inside, i can hear many male voices. i am led onto a platform, the hood is removed and replaced by a noose, which is hanging down from an overhead beam. i am standing in a line with four other women, all naked, bound and with a noose around their necks, just as i am. Two of the women are sobbing and all four are visibly quaking with fear. i recognise the two crying girls as the two who had their virginity so cruelly taken at the wedding orgy to mark my slave registration. i dont recall seeing the other two before but i estimate their ages as mid twenties.

i quickly realise that it is a slave auction and that i am to be one of the lots. The men in the room come forward to roughly and intimately inspect the slaves who are up for auction. It is so degrading standing there naked; nothing but female meat up for their bidding. They grope my tits and tug on my nipple rings. They fondle my ass and reach between my thighs, making lewd comments about my padlocked cunt. Not for the first time, i feel more like an animal than a human.

The auction starts almost as soon as i am place as i was the last slave to be brought onto the platform. Lot 1 is the woman at the other end of the line to me.

"Gentlemen, this nice piece of virgin ass meat, look at her, her nice firm ass-cheeks, as yet untouched, her perky tits ready for your teeth, what do I hear, the first offer, 1.000? Come on, do I hear more? Look at the petite posture, imagine it shivering between your legs, there 1.500, very good, yes 2.000 do I hear more? Aha 2.500."

And so the auction continues. When finally she is sold, the auctioneer turns His attention to the next slave to be auctioned. Apparently, it is allowed, but rarely done, to use the bought goods straight away, in which case, the slave may be returned to the stage and auctioned off again. In this way, a slave could be sold off and used two, three or even four times in a day. Mostly we are used after the auction, in private rooms, or in public.

"Gentlemen, look at this nice piece of fuckmeat, only satisfied by five or more men, share the auction price, aha, do I hear 2.000? Look at her boobs, imagine your cock between them, there that mister, 2.500, ah 3.000, 3.500, do I hear 4.000? There 4.000, once, twice, sold to the... five men behind."

So it goes on until the other four slaves have been sold and taken away and it is my turn. i stand alone, displayed on the stage and i wonder how i will be used, my cunt is locked and not available for any of the men to fuck me there.

"Now Gentlemen, look at this special female fuckmeat. This meat can be used to satisfy all your possible fantasies: multiple cocks, dogs, horses, torture, humiliation, you name it. Only one restriction: her cunt is not be used by your cock, but your dog or horse may, hahaha.” he laughs.

What did he say? Horse, oh god no, this cant be true!

"So, for the good cause, the poor children in the Third World, do I hear 5.000? Start with bidding, gentlemen, what do I hear 6.000? Good there 6.000. This cant be right; she is worth at least double for the fulfilment of your darkest fantasies, very good 7.000, there 8.000,”

my price is going up and up. They must all know that i am my Lords slave; do they all know what He does to me? Have i got a reputation among these people?

"C'mon gentlemen, for the good cause, 12.000, for her doing… well whatever your fantasy is. Mister behind 13.000, good, do I hear 14.000? One time 13.000, two times 13.000, ah I see 14.000." His hammer goes from one side of the room to the other. "15.000, there 16.000."

With my eyes, i follow the bidding and wonder how far it will go. And what i will have to suffer for that amount.

"Now, one time, 17.000... Twice, €17.000... Done, for the Sir, there behind."

€17.000! The successful bidder, i think that i recognise Him. i vaguely remember Him at the hunt day treating His horse in a cruel manner. A shiver of dread runs through my exposed and vulnerable body and my blood runs cold as i recall the auctioneers words about a horse. Surely not that…

i think that if it wasnt been for the noose around my neck, my legs would buckle and i would collapse to the floor. i try not to imagine what it would be like; i have been fist fucked many times and vaginal torture pears have stretched my cunt to its agonised limit. But a horses cock! Surely that would be too much for me to take. And the humiliation of being fucked by a horse! The Dogs were bad enough and i thought i could sink no lower than when The Dog Handler had made me lick up The Dogs cum that had dripped from my cunt and ass after They had fucked me, but this! my Lord and His associates seem to always find new ways to degrade me further.

Of course, my Lord has trained me well and i try to display none of the fear that i am feeling; but i cant help trembling in terror at the ordeal that i now face. But, much as the prospect terrifies me, deep down i know that i dont dare embarrass my Lord and so, i must suffer this for Him.

When the auction is over, all the successful bidders disappear with their purchases. The man who bid €17.000 for me releases the noose from the overhead beam. As He does so, He snarls, “I hope you are pleased to have fetched so much money for charity, whore. My money, so, you had better be worth every cent; I know you will, Ive seen you in action before. Will you be worth it, whore?”

“i will try my best to please you, Sir,” i mumbled, eyes downcast.

“youll do more than just try, you slut. Say it! Say youre happy to have made so much money for the charity and that youll earn every cent.”

“im happy to have made so much money for the charity and ill earn every cent, Sir.” i almost whispered in my shame.

“Louder, bitch! Say it loud so that everyone can hear.”

i feel myself blushing bright red in embarrassment as i repeat my words loud enough for all in the room to hear and They all laugh at me and call out lewd and degrading comments.

The man tugs on the noose and leads me through the building, passing by rooms where the other slavegirls are already being used to the satisfaction of their buyers. In one room, the girl is bent over, bound to a pole, her ass ready for penetration. i see how her buyer, without any preparation, impales her ass-hole with his rampant cock, bringing high pitched screams from the poor girls mouth. The man who bought me, The Horseman, as i think of Him, watches for a few moments, with a smirk on His face before continuing, pulling me along behind Him. In another room is a girl bound, her knee hollows over a horizontal bar, her wrists bound over her knees. Her ass-cheeks are already raw from being caned. The girl who was bought by jointly five men is being tossed between them, all her holes roughly taken, deep throated while both other holes are penetrated mercilessly, gasping for air, a rag doll in the men's hands.

Leaving the main building W/we pass the stables. The Horseman halts there and pats a big black stallion on its flanks. "Good horse, good cock," He smirks. Now i remembered how He treated His horse at the hunting day. He beat the horse on the head and nose with His fists when it misbehaved, and even kicked him in the balls.

i can see the horses huge balls hanging between its back legs and although i am afraid of what i might see, i cant resist sneaking a look underneath him at his cock. Of course, the cock is sheathed and there is nothing much to see but The Man notices and laughs, “What a slut! you want it now dont you? you want that cock, dont you? I know what a cock-crazy bitch you are, I remember you at the Hunt Party with the dogs and all those men. I dont think Ive ever seen a slut with more spunk on her. you sure live up to your name! You know that little performance of yours is up on the Internet, dont you? Well, youll have to wait for cock today, I have another little treat for you first.”

My heart sinks at mention of images of me doing those unspeakable things, up on the Internet for anyone to see. i am petrified of someone back home recognising me. But then The Man says something that completely takes my breath away.

“Did your Lord tell you? That night at the Hunt Party, I had a guest with me, from Ireland. He said that he thought he recognised you. Liam Kearney, his name is. Know him do you, slut?” laughed The Man.

Indeed i did, He is my cousin and my older brothers best friend, so i knew him very well. i knew that he travelled extensively for his work, but he and my brother are still close friends and meet up regularly when he is back home. Now my family and friends will surely know what has become of me and what a total slut i have become.

Tears of shame well up in my eyes as The Man continues, “Dont get your hopes up, slave. No-one is going to come and take you away from here. I introduced your friend to His Lordship who showed him the slave contract saying that you are here completely voluntarily.”   

Still laughing, He then leads me outside to where two of the farmhands are waiting. At a certain point They lift the lid from a slurry pit. The smell is terrible; it is the pit before the pig's shit is recycled. Nearly liquid, the brown substance is disgusting.

He nods to the two men and before i realise what He intends, they grab me and lay me down on the ground. They check that my hands are still tightly bound behind my back and they rope my ankles tightly together. i am crying and begging Them not to do this horrible thing. As i am face down i cant see how they lead the rope to a pulley hanging over a beam, and then both of them lift me. As i am dragged on the floor i turn my face away, but then suddenly i am swinging in the air and swaying over the pit. As i hang, head down, just above it, i feel nauseous from the terrible smell, and i cant stop myself from vomiting. Not wishing to disappoint my Lord but i beg and plead with The Men not to do what is undoubtedly coming.

But in vain, without a word of warning i am lowered and in a few seconds my head is immersed in the terrible substance. Although i manage to take in a deep breath of air and i clamp my eyes and mouth shut, the taste and smell still gets in my nose and seems to penetrate all my pores. It doesnt take long before my body is bucking and thrashing due to the lack of air and my lungs are burning terribly.

In time, of course, i am hauled up, gasping and spluttering for air. All the terrible taste comes into my mouth and nostrils, again making me vomit. They allow me only a short respite and when i am calmed and breathing normally, They lower me down again. And again i am thrashing about like a fish on dry land. Again my lungs are burning with the effort of holding my breath. i keep telling myself, “He just paid €17.000 for me. He wont let me die. He has to give me back in one piece.” over and over again in my head like a mantra. It goes on and on, i lose count of the times i am lifted and down.

They add a new dimension to my torment. As i am struggling under the slurry i suddenly feel a jolt through my ass-cheeks. The bastards are using a cattle prod on me! Randomly, they shock my body with the terrible device. Sometimes they jolt me through the padlock in my cunt lips, thus frying my cunt horribly. Then They inflict alternatively the cattle prod and a riding crop. Beating and jolting me as i squirm and thrash uncontrollably, hauling me up to catch some air, and letting me down again. i repeat my mantra over and over in my head. This probably keeps me sane as i feel as though i am being driven out of my mind by this disgusting ordeal. When will this torture end?

Finally, The Horseman has had enough of this and i am lifted out of the foul liquid and They keep me hanging above the pit. The two farmhands aim a water hose and spray the filth off my body. i shiver and squeal as the ice cold water cascades over my body, but i cant escape it and i am glad that at least the disgusting slurry is being washed off me.

They put me on my feet, not allowing me any time to rest. A black leather hood is pulled over my head that leaves just my mouth exposed, leaving me fully in the dark with any sounds muffled. With a leash on my collar i am pulled along; back to the stables, i think. i did not resist. For the moment, i am past caring what They intend for me next. Nothing could possibly be as bad as the slurry pit!

They make me walk mimicking a horse, with my knees raised high until my thighs are horizontal, head upright, arms behind my back and my tits thrust out. So i follow, walking round and round the yard behind this mean man with the two farmhands following, and using the crop on me if i dont walk correctly.

The odour and the sounds of a horse make me afraid that i am now in the same stable where The Horseman stopped to check the powerful black Stallion earlier. What would be in store for me now? Oh my God, Im so afraid!

Pulling on the leash, They force me to my knees. They un-cuff my wrists and order me to on all fours. Of course, i obey, then, still hooded, They drag me across the floor; my knees scraping on the hard straw covered floor. i sense that They are leading me to the big black stallion, and in my darkness, i fear what is inevitably coming.

Indeed, there is the terse order, "Suck him."

Mumbling, i start to beg, "please no, no i ca..."

In the middle of the sentence a jolt from the cattle prod sears through my ass-cheeks causing me to scream in pain. Not wanting to risk another shock, i reach out, blindly searching for the cock of the horse and finding the immense member, hesitantly i start licking the ribbled rough shaft, holding it with both hands.

"C'mon slut, you can better than that!"

Holding it more firmly, even stroking the shaft, i put my lips to the tip of the long cock i cant see. Trying to blank out any thoughts of what i am being made to do, i lick and kiss the huge cock before spreading my jaws wide open until i feel they are nearly dislocating and i take it into my mouth.

Vaguely i hear the men mocking and commenting on my performance, but my focus is now on the horse's dick, wet and smeared by my saliva. my efforts result in a more hard erect cock. i even manage to lick the gland's hole, and i am loving it as, to help get me through this degrading ordeal, in my imagination it is my Lord's magnificent Cock filling my greedy mouth. This feeling increases when someone unlocks the padlock in my cunt-lips. That can only be my Lord. Hes here, watching me! Of course, i dont want to embarrass him, so i increase my efforts on the Stallion's cock.

It doesnt take long before i am mounted from behind and my ass is filled and while They continue to degrade me even further by forcing me to pleasure the Horse, my ass is pounded by, probably, The mean Horse Man.

Before He shoots His load in my ass, He pulls out, and i am grabbed by two strong men, presumably the farm workers, and i am laid backwards on a kind of bench. my ankles are pulled wide apart and roped and i quickly realise that i am lying under the Stallion, with my legs spread wide up along the Horse, and the rope is attached to each ankle over the Horse's back. Deep moans escape from my throat, as i am fully aware what will be the next ordeal. They pull my hands under the Horse, between my thighs and clasp them around the stiff cock. The Horse whinnies a little, grunting and then the men push him forward, i feel the cock move closer, oh god no, between my legs.

i hear the slap of a riding crop against flesh and the horse suddenly bucks forwards, impaling my cunt with his huge gland. Strangely enough, it doesnt hurt as much as i had expected. In fact, it felt quite pleasurable to be so filled. i must be a low slut, ready to fuck anything that gives me pleasure. Anyhow, together with his movement my hip joints pivot on my restrained legs and the comfort of the cock penetrating deep into my wet cunt. Unbelievably, my lust is growing to a point of no return, and hoping my Lord is near, i shout and beg, "please my Lord, please may i come?"

At that moment i feel a cock sliding over my face from behind and being stuffed into my gaping, screaming mouth.

Vaguely i hear the mocking answer, "of course stud whore, anyhow how would you stop coming, your cunt has taken over your brains, ha ha, your brains are in your cunt!”

i dont even register the last bit of what my Lord was saying as the first climax flashes through my body like a lightening bolt. While the cock pumps deep in my throat, i cum endlessly on the fucking horse's cock.

In a daze, unaware whether it is the Stallion's cock or my Lord's, i am completely overtaken by a succession of climaxes. my body aches, as the pistoning cock spreads my hip joints, but my screams of pain and lust and orgasms are muffled by the mean Horse Man's cock pumping in my throat.

i am fucked senseless; has it been one hour later, half a night? They free me from this position and again, i am dragged to my knees, and again i am forced to suck the horses cock. At the same time someone mounts over my ass and impales his cock deep between my ass-cheeks. And more, while i tremble and shake from my ordeal, the horse cock grows longer and harder again, a cock pumps in my ass, and a second cock is now penetrating my cunt from behind. That can only be my Lord as my cunt is forbidden to all other men. Three cocks are now filling my fuck-holes.

The two men behind me co-ordinate their fucking of my holes perfectly, mashing and moulding the soft flesh between the two holes. How degraded i am, just the lowest piece of fuck-meat. At that moment the Horses cock quivers and bucks and with a big splash He sprays my face and mouth with His hot wad. At the same time, the two men behind me fill my holes with their semen. The horse produces so much spunk that, try as i might to catch it in my mouth and drink it down, most of it splashes down my chin and onto the floor.

Almost unconscious, i collapse on the floor as They let go of me. When they drag me out of the stable, i hear them comment about me, "wow she had it all, she cant sink lower."

"Yes she can, her arse must be filled with this studs cock next time."

At that moment i sink into unconsciousness.
For the next few days i am allowed to recover, but after a week i am still walking awkwardly, as if i had done too much horse riding. Which, of course, i had! But i feel strange, as if something has changed within me, in a way that i cant really describe.
One thing is that more and more i am feeling the urge to rub my clit and cunt, but with great difficulty i restrain myself, as i dont know whether my Lord would allow it. Constantly, i long to see my Lord to release this heat between my legs. Another thing is that almost daily, i get a feeling like some butterflies behind my pubis and some tickling feeling in my aureoles.
After that week i am dressed in a short skirt and skimpy blouse with no underwear, of course, and i am taken to the village to see the doctor, who checks in my cunt to make sure that the horse had done no damage. As always, He tests me for pregnancy. After that He tells me to bend over the desk. He raises my skirt over my waist and suddenly i feel Him penetrating my cunt with His dirty old prick and He fucks me.

This shocks me and it takes a moment for me to realise that i must be pregnant, otherwise He wouldnt be allowed to fuck me. Deep inside, i am crying about the degrading way in which this good news has come to my knowledge. After only a few bucks He empties His jism into me as if i was nothing but a cheap street whore.
After He finishes and has me clean Him with my mouth, He returns to his chair and phones my Lord, "Yes she is bred and carries a piglet."

my mind is spinning with mixed emotions about this news. Of course i am overjoyed to learn that i am carrying my Lords child. i feel so proud that He should choose me to give Him a child. But at the same time, i am apprehensive. i feel as nervous as im sure any newly expectant mother does. But more than that; i cant help but wonder about my future once i had given birth. i will have to give up the baby to be reared by my Lord and His Lady. Will my use to my Lord come to an end? Will The Lady insist that i am sold? i am afraid that She will not tolerate the childs natural mother, a mere slave, to remain in the house.

Chapter 16 The Hole

Yes, i spoke out of turn and showed disrespect to my betters; which, i should know by now, is everyone. But i was shocked to my core when my Lord said that i was to be punished by seven days in the hole. Immediately, i thought of the hole in the woods where i was buried up to my neck for two days. There would be no way that i could survive that for a week. And when i protested, my Lord increased my sentence to twelve days. Lesson learned, i kept my mouth shut.

And so now, The Butler takes hold of my arm and leads me out, calling on The Chauffeur to lend a hand. They take me out to the back of the back of the house to a place where there is a manhole cover in the ground. With a word to me to stay where i am, the two Men lift the heavy cover, revealing a small hole in the ground. The Butler orders me to get into the hole, which i do, finding that i have to curl up to fit in. to my dismay, the two Men then replace the cover, trapping me in this tiny, dark space.

With a sneering tone, The Butler calls out, “Enjoy yourself in there,” as They leave me alone in this hell-hole. There are ventilation slits, which allow in just a little light, just enough so that i can differentiate between day and night. Not that i cant tell anyway; even in late Summer, as the sun climbs it gets terribly hot in the hole. But then as it drops dark outside, it becomes very cold for me, as i lie, curled up and shivering, naked, in my tiny prison.

All day and all night, i lie here. Although i do manage to get a little sleep, i am crying most of the time, partly because of my situation but also because i know that i have disappointed my Lord by my behaviour and He is angry with me.

Almost without me realising, my hand wanders between my thighs and to my cunt, two, then three fingers slipping inside and before i know it, i am frigging myself to climax. And not for the last time.

Sometime after a little daylight started to show though the slits, i hear voices. The cover is lifted up. “Please let me out!” i beg. But instead, a bowl of porridge and a pail of water are lowered down to me and the cover is immediately replaced. The Men dont say a single word to me. And i am left alone in my misery again.

Realising that i have not eaten for, maybe, 24 hours, i devour the porridge and drink deeply of the water. Perhaps i should not have eaten all the food because i find out that the one bowl of porridge is all i get for the whole day. Also, have drunk most of the water, there comes the problem of needing to urinate. Try as i might, the pressure in my bladder grows and grows until i can no longer hold it and i piss myself. All of which adds to my misery and i find myself masturbating again and again to distract myself.

It is a chilly day and it starts to rain. Water seeps in through the vents and drips on me. There is no way the escape and this all deepens my misery. Occasionally i doze, but most of my time is passed crying or frigging myself.

The night is so cold that try as i might, it is hard to sleep, although eventually i do drift off and when i awake, it is daylight outside this cold, dark hell.

The men come again with my food and water and, again, i am so hungry that i cant help but eat all the porridge straight away. It is cold and tastes disgusting, but i am so hungry that i dont care.

It warms up in the hole and with food in my belly i manage to sleep for a while. But when i wake, it is terribly hot in the hole and it is starting to smell badly. Again i cry and again my hand finds its way between my thighs and to my sloppy cunt. The day passes so slowly as i pass the time sleeping and frigging myself until eventually night comes.

Some time after dark I hear raucous voices and then the cover is lifted and i look up hopefully. The shapes of two men are just visible and for a moment i think that maybe they are going to release me, but they just laugh and suddenly i feel two streams of warm acrid liquid cascading down on me. Without a word, they finish and lower the cover before walking away laughing as a fresh wave of tears comes to my eyes.

Time is losing all meaning. In the world outside this terrible prison, it is either light or dark, warm or cold. There is either food always the horrible cold porridge or the bowl is empty. How many days have i been down here? By now i have no idea, i just lie here, not even frigging myself anymore. Always my hand rests on my cunt, usually not moving, but occasionally languidly rubbing or maybe teasing my clit, but i have no energy to bring myself to a climax. All i know is that the smell in here is getting worse. At some stage, the cover had been raised and a bucket of faeces had been emptied over me.   

The cover is raised. It must be feeding time. But the men look strange, they are all white and have no faces. Instead of lowering the food bowl and water bucket, they kneel and reach down to grab my arms and pull me up.

By now, i am so disorientated that it takes a while for me to register that i am being released from the hole.

They lay me on the grass next the hole, and replace the iron cover. Then they take hold of my arms again and pull me upright. After all this time being curled up, my legs dont function, i cant even straighten them. So, the two men half carry / half drag me across to the stable block and they lay me down again, this time on hard, cold concrete.

One of them picks up a hose and directs and powerful jet of icy cold water at my filthy body. This jerks me back to something like consciousness and i instinctively try to roll away from the water stream and i realise that the men are wearing disposable overalls and face masks. The men take turns directing the hose at me and using a scrubbing brush on me until they are satisfied that all the filth has been washed away. Fortunately for me, The Men are not interested in causing me pain, only in getting me clean as quickly as They can, so They only use the scrubbing brush lightly on particularly filthy areas. Not like those women on the day of the hunt; They really hurt me.

Again, they pull me upright, this time leaning me against the wall and, with that support, i manage to stay on my feet, albeit very unsteadily. They use some rough old rags to dry most of the water from me and then walk away, leaving me shivering against the wall.

After about five minutes, they return, having taken off the overalls and masks and i now recognise them as being The Gardener and The Dog Handler. They again take hold of my arms and lead me, slowly, back towards the house. Although They are walking slowly, my feet are still not working properly, so that half the time they drag along the hard ground.

As W/we walk, They chat to each other.

“I still cant believe that you left her in hole for fifteen days,” said The Dog Handler.

“Well, no-one told me to take her out,” replied The Gardner.  

“But you knew she was given twelve days?”

“Yes, but when no-one said anything about taking her out, I just guessed she had been given more time in there.”

“Well, no harm done. shes tougher than she looks, this one.”

“she must be to take some of the punishment that she gets.”

They both laugh at this and then W/we walk on in silence; my legs and feet gradually becoming more co-ordinated as W/we go.

They take me to the kitchen, where The Chef puts a bowl of hot soup and a bowl of water down on the floor for me; although i am now allowed the privilege of walking upright, i am not permitted to use furniture, so i still have to eat and drink from bowls on the floor.

As He pushes me down towards the bowls, He tells me, “home made vegetable soup, made from our left-overs. Too good for the likes of you, in my opinion. But, I suppose we have to think about that brat youre carrying.”

It might only be soup made from left-overs, but i am so hungry that it tastes like the best food in the world to me and i slurp it up greedily as The Chef, The Gardener and The Handler sit with cups of coffee and watch me.

The Gardener starts up, “Ill tell you, Ive missed her holes,” gesturing in my direction.

“Youve had the maid to keep you happy, and shes been well used by His Lordship while cumface has been in the hole,” points out The Chef.

“Mmmm, very true, but theres something about this one…”

“Yes, very talented mouth, shes got,” adds The Dog Handler, “and Im going to have that mouth as soon as she finished her soup.”

“Me too,” sniggered The Gardener.

No matter how often it happens, i cant get used to people talking about me like that as if I wasnt there, and i blush terribly as i finish my soup and turn to the water bowl.

The Dog Handler orders me to crawl across to Him and makes me kneel between His spread thighs. “Take it out and suck it, bitch. Lets see if you remember how to suck cock.”

Doing as ordered, i unfasten His trousers and take out His already hard cock, stroking and kissing it before taking it deep into my mouth. So soon after my ordeal in the hole, my mind is still fuzzy and not fully on the job in hand and, after a few minutes, The Man grabs my hair and pulls my head back, slapping me hard across the face, left then right, shouting, "Come on, bitch. you can do better than that. Suck it, you fucking slut!”

Tears come to my eyes as i re-double my efforts and concentrate on giving Him the best blowjob and i am soon rewarded by a thick wad of hot spunk jetting into the back of my mouth.

The Gardener beckons me over to Him and i give Him a repeat performance and again i am soon the recipient of jets of burning cum down my throat.

The Chef wants my mouth too, and i must crawl across and kneel before Him. He grabs my hair with both hands and roughly pulls my mouth onto His rampant cock. He continues, pulling me back and forth, raping my mouth and throat until, with a groan, He cums directly down my throat and I feel the burning as His spunk trickles down to join that already in my stomach. He then pulls my mouth off His cock and shoves me away, sending me sprawling across the tile floor.

Although there are tears in my eyes, there is a faint smile on my lips. Crazy as it might seem, i have missed being used like this and i have also missed the feel of a good hard cock in my mouth and the taste of lovely hot spunk as i greedily drink it down.

Just as i am kneeling back up and dutifully thanking The Men for using my mouth, The Chef brings a jar of white goo from the fridge. “The Handler has had the maid wanking the dogs just for you,” He laughs. He opens the jar and pulls my head back by my hair. “Open wide,” He orders and i do as i am told. Then He pours the contents of the jar into my mouth. “Dog sperm, and all for you. We thought you might need the protein after your time in the hole.” All three laugh heartily at this great joke.

Try as i might, to drink it all down, some of the spunk trickles from my mouth and drips onto the floor. Needless to say, i am made to lick it up as The Chef puts His foot on the back of my head to push my face to the floor.

After a while, The Men lead me down to the cellar and lock me in my cage. This is the first time i have been in my cage since it became known that i was pregnant. Although the cage is not much bigger than the space i had in the hole, i curled up and, with a full stomach, i quickly fell into a deep sleep.

Some time later, i have no idea how much later, i am woken up by being prodded through the bars of the cage. The Doctor is here to check me over. The cage door is opened and i am ordered out and made to lie on a table in the corner. The Doctor examines me and pronounces me none the worse for my incarceration in the hole and, as He says, more importantly, there are no ill effects to the baby.

Then, as is usual, He spreads my legs, takes out His stubby cock and fucks me, making me clean Him with my mouth afterwards. He returns me to the cage and walks up the stairs, leaving me alone and in the darkness of the cellar, as if it was an everyday occurrence for Him to shag a naked and pregnant slave and then to lock her up in a tiny cage.  

For the next few days, i spend most of my time in my cage and i cant help but wonder about the baby.

Of course, i know that if it is a boy, he will be taken and raised as the son and heir of my Lord and His Lady. He will grow up seeing me, His natural mother, as a naked slave, to be whipped and tortured and used. And when He grows up, will He whip me, i wonder?

And if it is a girl, will she be raised as a slave? When she grows up, will i have to watch as she is whipped and used? Will she take my place as my Lords slave?

That is, of course, if i am still kept here. By the time my child is 16, I will be in my mid forties. Perhaps I will have been sold by then, made to work in a cheap brothel or filmed in another torture movie, a snuff movie even!

Chapter 17 The Lady

As i am now pregnant, the padlock is no longer required in the pierced holes in my cunt lips. In its place i now wear two rings, similar to my nipple rings.

A few days after my confinement in the pit, The Butler comes for me and tells me to follow Him. As i havent been whipped since before the charity auction and, for once, my body is free from welts, i expect that i am to be taken down to the cellar to be tied to the post for a whipping.

Instead, The Butler leads me to The Ladys private room. He knocks on the door and on hearing the word, “enter,” He opens the door and ushers me inside, closing the door behind me. Glancing around nervously, i see The Lady, of course, and the woman politician. Both are naked.

The Lady, Herself is not thin and scrawny as i had imagined, but slim and toned, athletic almost. By contrast, the politician Lady is stunning, with full firm breasts, a slim waist, flared hips and long well toned legs; as enticing naked as She is elegant when fully clothed. She is carrying a thick, mean looking bullwhip. It is then that i notice the pretty maid, who is curled up, sobbing, in the corner. It is obvious that the bullwhip has been used on the maid as her body is striped and welted from shoulders to her knees.

Momentarily, i am shocked by the appearance of the maid and i am unsure of what is expected of me. So, after a moments hesitation, i approach The Lady and kneel before Her with my back straight, my knees spread wide, head bowed and hands clasped behind my head, my tits thrust out, as i am now required to present myself to my Lord. The Lady approaches. She grabs and pinches my tit flesh. Of course i dont say a word, not even whimper.

"This is the whore who will give birth to my child, Angel," She says to Her friend.

Angel? This is the woman who so horribly tortured the previous maid, and apparently still does with the new one. How can her name be Angel? Can a woman be more inappropriately named?

"She seems in good physical shape and well trained," answers Angel. The two women discuss me as if i am not here.

"Good physically, yes, the other day she took a black stallions cock in her cunt. But well trained? I think there is still a job to do there," The Lady grins, “Although I understand from the Lord that slowly she is turning into a nymphomaniac. Lets have a look." The Lady slips two fingers along my cunt lips, "Well indeed, she drips and she's hot over there,"

Angel laughs, "You know men, when a slut spreads her legs they think she is trained, but the real training must be done by females."

At these words She approaches me and strokes Her hand between my legs finding the same wet and hot slit.
                                                                                                         "Indeed, and lets start right away." The Lady grabs me by the hair, pulls me to my feet and leads me across to a broad couch, forcing me to lie down on my back, face up, my head over the arm-rest. The Lady positions Herself over my face and clenches my head between Her thighs, Her swollen cunt-lips over my face, mouth and lips. Slowly She rides me, while She claws at my tits and nipples with both hands. Then i feel hands, Angels, spread my legs wide and two, then three fingers slip inside me. And She doesnt stop until Her fist is inside me. Indeed, because i am already wet, Her fist goes in easily.                                                     
                                                                                                              "This slut is indeed very hot," i hear vaguely, as The Ladys thighs muffle my ears. The fisting makes me gasp, and although i am used to my Lord's fisting, a female hand is different, smaller and able to penetrate deeper. At each thrust from the fist, my hips buck to meet the lust building inside me. The increasing gyrations of The Lady riding my face together with the deeper thrusts of the fisting combine to make my lust increase. Then suddenly in an explosion, Angel does something evil deep inside me, hurting me like hell.

The Lady is obviously thrilled by the howling and shouting coming from my mouth into her wet pussy. Angels fisting makes my hips buck, thrust high in the air in search of relief of this horrible agony. What is that? A nail, a hidden needle, a wasp? Whatever it is, as a female, Angel knows how to find the most sensitive point in me to cause maximum pain. In vain i writhe and twist to try to escape from the fist and from The Lady who rides me and cums on my agony. Without consideration, Angel roughly pulls Her fist out, stretching my cunt lips to the outmost. Like a snake, i squirm on the couch, my head firmly held between The Ladys thighs in Her raging orgasm.

Slowly, my pain subdues and the maid is forced lay down opposite me, our legs spread and crossing each other so that our cunts are pushed together, her red bruised cunt-lips, bloodstained, clenched to mine, glowing, swollen and still trembling from the agony i had just suffered. In Her turn, Angel rides the face of the maid. Four women on the couch, two Dominants and two submissives, each building in O/our heated excitement. The Lady and Angel bend to each other and kiss passionately, while riding the faces of two slaves. Soon they cum, smearing the faces of the maid and myself with Their juices. Even the maid has an orgasm but i, knowing my Lords requirements of me, fight and manage to resist, although the terrible pain between my thighs fades into wet hot lust.

"Indeed she has a lot to learn," said the Lady, "but certainly she has potential." She moves to me and fondles between my open legs, saying to me, "certainly your licking and pleasing me has to improve, and your fuck-holes need training, but we'll start in the morning."

The maid, meanwhile, is chased away by Angel by beating her with a cane and i am ordered to my cage in the cellar. But, as i am walking towards the door my mind is working overtime and i request permission to speak and The Lady nods.

Nervously, i start, “my Lady, i have always tried to be the best slave for my Lord. But if You believe that i will be improved by further training, then i gladly submit myself to You and i will happily endure any pain and suffering that You see fit to cause me. i want to suffer for You so that i can be a worthy slave.”

“Good,” She replies, coldly, “tomorrow then.” And She dismisses me with a wave of Her hand.

“Insolent slut!” spits Angel as i close the door and stand outside listening as Angel continues. “Who does she think she is? Want to suffer. I know sluts like this. You need to be very strict with her. The trouble is, men see a few tears and hear a few screams and they get hard and all they want is to stick their dicks in one of her fuck-holes. What she needs is the firm hand of a woman.”

“You are right. The bitch thinks shes something special just because she wears My Husbands brand-mark and now shes carrying His baby. shes had it too easy for too long. There isnt even a single whip mark on her body.”

“Not like your pretty little maid.” Laughed Angel.

“Ah yes, Ive grown quite fond of my little maid; very enthusiastic in bed! But even she needs to be disciplined, to be reminded of her place. But this… this cumface is another matter. she wants to suffer for me does she? Well shell get her wish granted soon enough.”

As i creep away to my cage my heart sinks. If i had thought for a moment that life might get easier now that i am pregnant, it would appear that i am mistaken. 

Things are about to change in the House and not in a good way for me.


As promised, The Lady starts my new training regime the next day. And the training is always be when my Lord is absent, mostly during the daytime. Evening and nights are His, daytime, i am to be Hers.

"So you think you are a good slave for your Lord? Do not be mistaken, spreading your legs is what any female can do. I'll train you into a perfect sex, lustslave!” At these words She slides Her hand and fingers between my spread legs, cupping my mound and fingering my slit. "At least you are juicy, a good start."

That is something that i have noticed about myself lately; always i am wet, stimulated and ready for sex. Sometimes a mere touch by my Lord makes me explode into heavy orgasm. Perhaps it is because i am denied orgasms at any other time than when i am with my Lord.

In the middle of the room is a stool and in the middle of the seat there is a pin like a golf tee. Here The Lady has put a ball, like a kind of billiard ball. She tapes an electrical wire to each of my nipples. In one hand She holds the electro-box, in the other a riding crop.

"Now little cumwhore, squat over the ball and let it slide into your snatch and keep it therein."

Following The Ladys order, i squat over the ball and lower myself, and amazingly, as i am already oozing wetness, the ball slides in. The Lady shoves the stool away.                                                                                     

"Dont let it drop slut!"

Immediately i understand what Her intention is and i try in vain to work my inner muscles to keep the ball inside. But i am too wet and after a moment the ball drops on the floor, She sends a jolt of electricity through my nipples, a searing pain.

"Take it up and restart." She orders.

The ball has rolled away and i pick it up to put again on the stool. Again i squat and push down and let the ball slip in. This time i manage to keep the ball inside me for a few seconds, in fear, of course, of the electrical jolts She gives me. This exercise continues the whole morning and i am cropped and shocked every time the ball slips out of my juicy cunt. Sweating and exhausted i am dismissed for the day and i am allowed to take off for a shower, cold water of course.

Although my nipples are sore and ache from the electrical shocks, my ass is criss-crossed with marks from the crop and my cunt-lips are soaked and sore from trying to hold onto the ball, my clit is erect and throbbing.

The training continues every day for the rest of the week as my Lord is away, and into the following week. Finally in the second week i am able to keep the ball inside, but it is not enough for Her. She moves me on to the next stage of training.

"Now, squat wide spread." i do as told with the ball inside my cunt, "And up." And i stand. This new exercise is hard as when i squat, my thighs are spread wide apart, and it requires a great effort to keep the ball inside. This exercise also causes my thigh muscles to ache most painfully, but The Lady ignores my obvious distress, always using the crop or the electro-shocks to drive me on.

"Squat... up... squat... up... squat." At the fourth time of squatting, i loose the ball, and immediately a jolt of electricity again sends its terrible pain through my tortured tits. But i am allowed no respite The Lady commands me to retake the position.

"Squat... up... squat... up... squat." The rhythm of the exercise is emphasised by a riding crop, which slaps repeatedly on my ass cheeks.

"Squat... up... squat... up... squat... up. Imagine how well your cunt will work on the Lord's pumping Cock!"

Again when the exercise is over i am exhausted, my thigh muscles are burning and my body gleams with perspiration but i am also fully excited, soaked and so needy. Secretly under the shower, ignoring the coldness of the water, i rub urgently at my engorged clit. Although i know this is not allowed, the heat is so terrible that i simply cant resist.

After weeks of this strict training regime, when my internal muscles are well trained, a hook is screwed into the ball. The Lady adds weights to the hook and the training starts anew. But now, each morning before the training starts The Lady rubs some ointment on my clit-hood which immediately sends a burning heat through my entire vaginal area, making my juices run freely. The Lady ignores my groans as the fiery ointment burns hotter and hotter She is determined to make me the perfect sex slave for Her Husband. After days of this ointment being applied, my clit-hood is super sensitive, and my clit had grown. A mere touch of my clit now sends jolts of indescribable sensations through my loins and i am desperate for my Lords beautiful Cock any cock - to fill my needy fuck-hole.

Sometimes the training is interrupted and The Lady makes me lie down on my back. The Lady then straddles my head and rides my face until She reaches Her orgasm. This makes me so frustrated and one time when the feelings in my cunt and clit become too much, and i am on the edge of climax, i beg The Lady for allowance to cum. At once Her eyes freeze and she snarls coldly, "Follow me!"

She leads me along the corridor to a room i have never been in before. Inside this room there is a wooden bed with steel rings along both sides and at top and bottom. On both sides there are poles with rings to lift my legs or arms. There is also a kind of massive wooden trestle which i could be bent over - or even bent backwards - spread legs and wrists tied to the legs. In the corner there is a pillory where i have to kneel, legs wide spread and ankles locked into two holes. An overhead beam with rings to fit wrists or ankles and a rack with bars where i could be bound on different ways complete the furnishings of the torture room.

She leads me to the trestle and orders me to bend over it then with my ankles and wrists strapped to the trestle legs, She takes up a bamboo cane hits my ass cheeks viciously until they bleed and are mashed to raw meat.

The cane can be a fearsome weapon when in the hand of an expert, but who would have thought that The Lady, being so slight, could apply the cane with such force? But She gives me a such a terrible beating that it takes three weeks before i can sit again after this thrashing and i never ask Her for permission to cum again. In this time the training continues uninterrupted although my tears flow almost continuously with the agony i am feeling from my thrashed ass.

Satisfied that the training of my cunt muscles is going well, The Lady introduces various distracting torments. She inserts a small thrill egg with remote control into my cunt. Now with the ball and the weights the exercises are terrible. As clearly i am not allowed to cum, i must concentrate hard because She mostly has the egg switched on and vibrating deep within my slutty cunt. Another ingenious device that She introduces is the vibe butterfly, which sends vibrations thrilling on my pubis during the whole exercise. The Lady also hangs weights on my nipples and cunt-lips with clover clamps. She clearly enjoys seeing my tears of pain and frustration as She works me hard at the never-ending exercises.

The muscle training has turned my cunt into a well trained sex organ. But also, my clit hood has become more and more sensitive due to the burning ointment treatments. The Lady now occasionally adds a cunt pump; the feeling of it is overwhelming as it works to enhance my puffy swollen juicy cunt-lips.

At other times, She ties me face down on the rack. The Lady shoves vacuum cups onto my dangling tits, first to stimulate and enhance my nipples, later to stimulate the milk production. While i am tied on the rack, she applies a suction cup to my clit just for Her own amusement. It stimulates me to the very edge of cumming but after that savage caning i have to fight hard to control myself. And no protest is possible, as She shoves a dildo deep into my mouth and tells me to suck on it.

When The Lady considers my training to be progressing far enough, She turns Her attention to my oral skills and She sets up another device. My Lord and all the other men that i have served had seemed well satisfied with my mouth and throat and i always considered myself to be a skilled and enthusiast cock-sucker, but im not about to debate this with The Lady. She sets up a pole on which a huge dildo is mounted horizontally; with numbers and lines painted on it.

With the ball inside my cunt and the weights hanging down, i am made to take position on my knees, my wrists cuffed behind my back. The dildo is lubed with fat. "Suck it!" is the terse command. So, of course, i start taking the plastic cock into my mouth. But it isnt that easy. The dildo is so thick and so slippery with the fat and i cant use my hands that i have to work hard to get it fully into my mouth. The cock is angled slightly down, so i have to work “up the hill". Now i start to understand why there are numbers on the dildo, as at the first attempt, i reached only the first three centimetres, already enough to spread my jaw painfully. Meanwhile my internal cunt muscles continue to work on holding in the ball with weights and The Lady is cropping my ass in a ceaseless rhythm.

It is harder with this plastic dildo than with a real cock of flesh since the dildo is rigid and there is no give and it is also much thicker than the average real cock. At first i gag and choke on this huge tool, but i am made to take it into my throat again and again, with The Lady holding my head and often pinching my nose closed. And She permits me only a few moments to splutter and gasp for air. But i make progress and by the end of the week i manage to take the cock deep into my throat without gagging, holding my breath and keeping the monster dildo deep in my throat for at least a minute each time and repeating the act over and over again while swallowing with the cock in my throat. Apparently this creates pulses against the cock which will add to the pleasure of any man who i am honoured to service orally. Certainly The Lady knows how to train a whore like me.

But The Lady is not yet satisfied and my training goes further. Weighted clamps on my cunt-lips, after having them pumped up with the suction cup, a huge butt plug, thrill eggs and balls with weights, and still the butterfly vibe. All these are applied before The Lady has me belly dancing, copying the moves from a DVD and slashing me with the crop when i get it wrong. The Lady explains that the exercises on my hips, belly and hip joints is perfect training to have a slave ride on her Lord's cock which would last for ages and give Him great pleasure with my newly learned techniques.

Once in a while, mostly when Angel is present, the maid is part of the scenery. First in the corporal punishment room and then after, a harsh beating, caning and cropping further in the room where she was sexually used. The two Ladies order me to fist the maid, which i do of course, but the maid isnt lubed beforehand and it causes her great pain. After my practice of fisting her cunt i learn how to fist her ass at the same time as her cunt. When i succeed in fisting her womb i penetrate her ass. She howls in absolute agony from the two stretched holes and i hate causing her this pain. Meanwhile the two Ladies abuse her tits and nipples.

Once a week i am taken to see The Doctor for a check up, and i really hate the Man, although i dare not show it. After the check up He lays me face up on His desk, spits on His cock, and roughly shags me, His drooling bad breath in my face. Of course i dont complain. But now with my cunt muscles so well trained He shags me harder and longer.

The training has been relentless but as time goes on, some afternoons there is no training. Instead, The Lady has me arranged as a piece of living art. Either fully naked, with or without stocking, mostly topless, but sometimes a half cup bra; the stockings are sometimes held up by clips on my cunt-lips. The Lady has an impressive collection of toys, so apart from the egg and the butterfly vibe She has a variety of chastity belts, all genuine and tormenting, as the inner side is mostly covered with knobs or pins, a little dildo, or even needles. Combined with the egg, the pain and lust is overwhelming.

At various times, The Lady has me arranged sitting in the entrance hall, legs tied up to my wrists behind a pillar, my gaping cunt fully exposed to all to see. Or in The Lady's tea room i am bent over, my head and shoulders back between my spread legs, and i am made to stay in this painfully exposed position for many hours. Another time my arms are bound, spread wide, to a horizontal bar, i am lifted, and my ankles bound to the same bar, and a pole with spiky plant, a kind of cactus, just touching my pussy lips. Or i may be displayed in front of The Lady's friends on the table, with my wrists bound to my ankles. All of them mocking and talking about me and my exposed body to my intense humiliation. Or just on my knees, bound, spread and open to Their inspection.

Mostly when i am displayed like this, i have the thrill egg inside me, or i am wearing the vibe butterfly, always on remote control. These torments are terrible as the thrills push me towards climax, but i am too afraid to let myself go and i have to fight hard to control myself, often with sweat pouring from me, plastering my hair to my forehead.

And very often, when The Lady is not present, the male members of the household will take advantage of the situation by having quickies with me. One or two will be on watch while the third stuffs in his cock into the most convenient fuck-hole and fills me with his seed, the other two then taking their turn. The Butler can be very hard and rough with me, sometimes even spitting in my face when He has finished fucking me. Of course, this is my position and function in this house: a sex slave. And, in fact i probably have a better time of it than the maid who is now beaten regularly, has her work to do and is also used as a sex toy by these men; although i think that she enjoys the last bit.

Sometimes, when The Lady releases me from the restraints, She notices a pool of juice on the floor, leaked from the men who used me and emptied their wad into me. "Aha, you like this, dont you?" maybe thinking it is my own juices, or maybe She knows the truth. Regardless, with Her foot on the back of my neck, She forces me down on all fours with my face to the floor and She makes me lick the spot clean.

On days when the weather is warm and sunny, The Lady likes to entertain Her friends outside in the garden. There, one time, i am tied hanging in a tree, my arms stretched out in a sort of crucifixion position and my feet drawn up and tied so that the soles are together. Thus my legs are made to form a diamond shape with my thighs splayed and my cunt openly displayed. Flies and wasps surround me, attracted by a sweet sugary paste that The Lady has had smeared on my body, especially my tits and exposed cunt. Again the vibrating egg constantly works away maddeningly, deep in my womb.

It is getting hotter and sweat pours from my forehead, trickling down my face and mingling with my tears. Already suffering, i hang my head and look down at my tits, lifted and flattened against my chest, below them, my stomach is hollowed beneath my rib cage, even allowing for my now evident small baby bump. And always those damn insects buzzing around my gaping cunt and my tits.

The strain on my shoulders and arms is increasing and to try to ease the pain, i use my well trained thigh muscles to haul myself upright.

“Look,” shrills one of The Ladys guests, “shes doing the crux dance.”

“I knew she would… sooner or later,” commented another.

For a few moments, lost in the haze of my agony, i had forgotten about The Ladies. But now, i look up and watch as some of Them pick up their wine glasses and move closer to gather beneath me, the better to enjoy my torture. But not too close, after all They dont want to risk getting bitten or stung by these infernal insects.

They discuss the finer points of my torment but, lost as i am in my private world of pain, i dont register Their words. But i am aware enough to see that some of Them are taking photographs and videos of me as i hang in agony from the tree.

After a while, my leg muscles can hold me up no longer and i sink back down, my shoulders and arms once again taking the strain. But i cant bear that for long and soon i am rising and lowering and turning from side to side in a desperate but vain attempt to ease my agony. Indeed, it must appear as if i am performing some bizarre dance as i hang from the tree.

How long i am left hanging there, i have no idea. But by the time i am taken down i am only semi-conscious and am babbling incoherently.

Only partly aware of what i am doing, i struggle to my knees and elbows and i kiss The Ladys feet. Thereafter, at the end of each of these gatherings, i am untied and made to crawl to each of The Ladies and kiss the feet of each one.

At other times, The Lady has me bound by my collar, bent over a fence with my arms crossed and tied behind my back, my ass and cunt open all to see, and available for use by the household men. Their spunk trickles down my thighs as i remain on display.

Or i am on the ground, with my arms pulled back under my body, pulled and bound backwards to a tree, while my ankles are pulled up over my body and bound to my collar. Usually a dildo will be protruding from my cunt while a thick plug stretches my ass.

Although less frequently now, i am still required to service The Dogs. A routine has developed and i must present myself to The Handler telling Him why i am there. He always asks if i am to be whipped to which my answer is that it is at His discretion. He appraises my naked body, selecting the least marked area and ties me to the fence accordingly. He always brings out The Dogs to watch before He administers my flogging.

After releasing me, He orders me to all fours and for the next two or three hours, The Dogs have Their way with me as i struggle to keep from climaxing, as i am desperate to do. Being denied an orgasm leaves me terribly frustrated and when The Dogs are satisfied, They leave me craving more. Four Dogs? i need eight or ten or twelve!

Always, The Handler places the bowl under me to catch any of The Dogs spunk that oozes from my cunt or ass. Without being told, i pull the bowl forward and greedily slurp up all that delicious Dog jism, even reaching back and using my fingers to scoop up any that remains in my cunt, slurping it all into my mouth.

Wanting still more, i crawl over to The Handler and kneel before Him, silently begging with lust crazed eyes to be allowed to suck Him. With a nod, He gives permission and i quickly open His flies and take Him deep into my mouth, using my newly learned skills to pleasure Him until He gives me the gift of His precious cum which i drink down gratefully.

After making sure that i have swallowed every drop and have cleaned Him, i respectfully close His trousers and thank Him profusely before returning to the house.

It must be acknowledged that the training given to me by The Lady has been successful. Constantly aroused and consumed by lust, i have been turned into the perfect nymphomaniac; a sex slave longing only for release by my Lord. And each time i am in His hands i have endless non stop orgasms, my body shaking violently and uncontrollably until i am totally exhausted and i collapse as limp as a rag doll. Of course, this makes me happy, as my Lord doesnt miss an opportunity to fuck me. And, of course, He drives me to multiple orgasms every time. my Lords saying power is truly astounding. He literally fucks me senseless, time after time. For which i am truly grateful.

But even this is not enough for me and sometimes, secretly, i bring myself off, as the constant need is just too much for me to resist. This would surely mean terrible punishment if i was to be caught, but i just cant help myself.

Meanwhile, of course, there is a baby growing inside me and there is a slight swell to my belly. Vaguely, i am made to understand that it should be a boy, a male heir to inherit The Lord and Lady's wealth. But at this point i am not too concerned by this, consumed as i am by my constant need for my Lords Cock. Nothing else matters except my Lords pleasure and my craving for sex… and more sex!

Chapter 18 The Picnic

my Lord returns from another business trip and i am brought up from the cellar. There is to be a picnic for my Lord, His Lady and about half a dozen invited guests.

Together with the maid, i am taken out to the middle of the forest where a table and chairs have been set up and the picnic party are already assembled. Of course, the maid and i are there merely for the entertainment of the party.

Before the food is served to the party, we are hung from our ankles between two trees and whipped until we are both hoarse from screaming. i am made to kneel with my wrists tied between my legs and i am flogged while the poor maid is tied over a fallen tree and cruelly caned until her ass is reduced to raw meat and the blood is flowing. 

Then after a rest while the party eat Their meal, it is announced that there is to be a race between the maid and i. Having been made to kneel, wooden beams are hoisted onto our shoulders and our arms stretched out and our wrists tied to the beams, further ropes are then looped around our necks.

The order comes for us to get to our feet, but the beams are heavy and i struggle to stand. Looking across, i can see that the maid, who is smaller than me, is also having difficulty in standing under the weight of the beam. But she is younger than i am and, of course, she is not three months pregnant. Finally we are both on our feet, swaying under the weight of the beams and we are instructed to follow a marked path across open grass and into the woodland where the path loops round until we emerge to a home straight, back across the open grassland. 

Just to add motivation, both the maid and i are to be followed by one of the men of my Lords staff, in my case it is to be The Dog Handler while The Chauffeur is behind the maid. Both Men are wielding crops to be used if we go too slowly.

At the signal, the maid and i start off; we are both staggering under the weight on our shoulders, but the maid moves off surprisingly quickly and i am being left behind. There is no need to worry, i think, she is sure to find it hard on the woodland paths as she is not used to being barefooted as i am. And sure enough, i catch her up as we both struggle and fall several times on the rough path. Before long i am right behind her, but the path is narrow and there is no way that i can get past her.

we are both gasping for breath and sweating profusely as we emerge from the woods. This is my chance and i move to the side so that i can pass her. Unfortunately, i misjudge the width of the wooden beam on my shoulders and do not allow enough room. The beams collide; the maid staggers but keeps on her feet while i go down on one knee. That is all the maid needs and i can only watch as she collapses over the finishing line while i trail in ten metres behind.

The maid is rewarded by being allowed to suck the cocks of both Men while i am tied, stretched between two trees to receive a further whipping, one hard stroke every minute until the maid finishes serving The Men.

Later, The Men of the party enjoyed Themselves fucking the pair of us, ignoring the fact that we are both totally exhausted. To make it worse for us, They all wear ribbed, knobbed condoms which bring screams and cries for mercy from our mouths. Especially the maid seems to suffer as she is begging and crying when They hang her from a tree with her legs spread wide and fuck her pussy and ass holes. The poor girl is no pain-slut.

By the time They have finished with us, we are both lying on the ground, sobbing and exhausted. The Men have to carry us back to the house and I am taken to my sparse little room/cell and lain on the narrow bed. After a while, The Doctor appears and examines me. Pronouncing the baby to be healthy, He gives me an injection, “something to help me sleep,” He says.

He packs away His equipment, then pats me on the head and says, “Next time, girl. Ill have you next time!” And with that, He leaves the room, the door locking behind Him and the light going off leaving me lying in the dark. Within seconds i fall into a deep sleep, but not before fingering myself to a climax.

Chapter 19 The Maid Escapes

Life for the maid is hard. She has many household duties; sometimes she works for almost ten hours a day. Besides that she has to fulfil the needs of the Lady and often her friend, Angel. Both are very demanding and treat the maid harshly. She comes from East Europe, a very poor country where her wages go to support her family. Her family depends on her and it is rumoured that she has a child there. She doesn't speak the language well and none here speak hers. For the men in the household she is a toy for Their sexual needs, when i am not
available for Them. But, she is not a slave and i understand that at least she receives good wages, much better than she could earn as a maid in a normal household.

The maid begins to come to me in my bed, during the evenings when i am not required to serve my Lord or confined in my cage, clearly she needs comforting. She is pretty and i cant help but cuddle and caress her shapely body. She doesnt resist me, not even when i push my fingers deep into her pussy, ending with my entire fist inside her. Using all my skills, i fist the maid to an orgasm. But, embarrassed and full of shame, the maid hides her head under the blanket, but that only gives me the opportunity to pull her mouth to my own greedy juicy hot fuckhole. Shyly she gives me an embarrassed smile; no doubt happy i show her some sisterly affection and knowing that she will not be beaten by me.

As the weeks go on, the maid gets more and more desperate and is clearly deeply unhappy. But there is no way out for her, except escape, of course. This is not really an option as the house is surrounded by a moat and she is never allowed to leave the house alone. During this time i become fond of the maid and feel protective towards her, like a little sister that i never had.

It is a surprise that she is to attend the Historical Day. Held every couple of years, there is in the nearby village, a medieval fancy fair. The whole day is arts and crafts, re-enactments of Medieval jousts, workshops, etc. Recalling my one experience of this Day, i shudder at the memory of the humiliation, gang-bangs, pain and torture, but then there was a good fuck too, in the evening with my Lord himself.

On the Day, The Butler takes the maid and i out to the stables, the maid is clearly unaware of what is going to happen, and we are given ragged old plain dresses to put on, bare footed and no underwear, of course. Old dog collars are fastened around our necks and leashes attached to the rings on the collars. Then our wrists are tied behind our backs and we are led out by our leashes to a farm wagon with one of my Lords men sitting up on it. The leashes are fastened to the back of the wagon and, at a signal from The Butler, the wagon sets off for the village, dragging us two unfortunate females behind it as the watching personnel mock us.

The wagon arrives in the village, where the old centre is decorated in the old style. The villagers, knowing what is happening, cheer and roar when they see the two females pulled along at the back of the wagon; newcomers look on, surprised and curious. The men shout mocking, lewd comments, some grab at our tits and asses as we pass. The wagon driver and a "guard" wave them away, but with a smile on their faces. Again this year will be a success.

The wagon stops in a sort of park, where the horses are released and some village men are assembled. They move around us bound females and suddenly there is a whisper: "lets whip them as a start."

"Yeah," someone replied, "actually they are only low sluts who need a lesson."

At these words we are grabbed, stripped from our dirty dresses and each forced down to kneel with our backs against the wheels of the wagon and our wrists are bound to the wheels, arms up.

Two or three men position themselves in front of each of us, all of them wielding a crop, a belt or an improvised whip made from flexible twigs. They all start to lash us randomly. As i am accustomed to public floggings, i grit my teeth and try to bear the lashes as best i can, but before long i am screaming as They rain down the lashes on my body. And soon i am jerking and writhing on the ground as i try, in vain to escape the cruel lashes.

The maid, unused to be publicly abused and she immediately cries and shouts. She pulls at her restraints; to no avail, of course. The men laugh and cheer, as the fronts of Their captives bodies become red and criss-crossed with welts and shiny wet from sweat under the sun.

The Men are clearly not used to whipping a female and, probably having been drinking, They lose all control. Mercilessly and at random, They whip and belt their poor victims. They display no technique, no aim, and allow no respite for the maid and i to catch our breath. The fear mounts in my mind that They could easily do us serious damage or even flog us to death, as They cheer each other on and show no restraint in Their acts.

Fortunately the leader of the Historical Days shows up and angrily commands The Men to stop the abuse, telling Them that the maid and i are needed for the rest of the day too, and are not only here for the fun of these men! Shyly, embarrassed The Men look down, but all have obvious hard-ons in Their pants.

For me this is a surprising occurrence as never before in my life as a slave has a man been admonished and prevented from inflicting suffering on me.

Without a word to us, we are released, given our dresses to put back on and our wrists retied behind our backs. With our ragged grey dresses on, leashes are attached to our collars and we are led towards the village square by The Man who rescued us.

As we follow, i cant help but speak up, “Thank You Sir, for saving us from Those Men.”

“Perhaps you can show me how grateful you are later,” He said half turning towards me.

“Yes Sir, of course Sir, i look forward to that, Sir,” i said, lowering my eyes.

“And what about your little friend, is she grateful too?”

“Yes Sir, im sure she is, but she doesnt speak the language very well, shes from Eastern Europe, Sir. And she shouldnt be involved today; shes not a slave like me, Sir.”

“I dont know about that, His Lordship sent the pair of you so thats too bad for her.”

And with that He turns away and continues leading us until W/we reach a platform that is set up in front of the village church.

Seated on the platform is a Man, wearing the robes of a Judge. The maid and i are led in front of The Judge and are ordered to kneel. Being used to this, i comply immediately and bow my head. The maid is slow to obey and a Guard kicks the back of her legs, roughly pushing her down onto her knees. A crowd has quickly gathered and They cheer enthusiastically as the maid is forced to her knees.

It appears that there is to be a re-enactment of a trial from Medieval times and the maid and i are the accused of being whores and seducers of good men. A list is read out of the offences that we are supposed to have committed. As the evidence against us is clear, we are not permitted to plead our case and, quickly, we are condemned to two hours of public exposure in the pillory as an example to others.

Guards grab us and drag us to two pillories in the centre of the square. There, we are forced to bend and our necks and wrists locked into the holes in the pillory boards.

Almost immediately, the mocking starts. Children throw clumps of mud or rotten eggs, tomatoes and vegetables, some of them moving round to the side and aiming at our tits, which are hanging down as we are bent over and soon we are both filthy and smell terrible. Meanwhile, the adults hurl insults at us, calling us whores, sluts and other degrading names. Tears are falling from the maids eyes as she is not accustomed to such treatment, but, of course, i am used to abuse and being called a slut and a whore is nothing new to me.

For about two hours, we are confined in the pillories, we are filthy and exhausted and some people even come up and slap us or grope our bodies, at one time, even a dog raises His leg and pisses against my leg. And before the two hours are up our dresses have been ripped leaving us both nearly naked and both the maid and i have pissed ourselves, to the amusement of the crowd.

In the distance, i can see my Lord with The Lady and Angel, strolling among the crowds. They do not approach, but several times i notice my Lord glancing in our direction, no doubt enjoying the humiliation of His slave.

The degradation is almost too much to bear and i am pleading for mercy, while the maid is mumbling something that i cannot understand. But the onlookers are obviously enjoying our humiliation and cheer whenever some new indignity is heaped on us.

Finally, the two hours are up and we are released from the pillories and taken to the village “prison” for a short break.

The maid and i are kept in a cell and given water and hard pieces of bread to eat. Again, the maid hugs me for comfort. If only i could tell her that the worst is over, but i fear that is not the case and that we will have to endure harsher ordeals before the day is out.

Unable to resist this beautiful girl, i stroke her back, my hand sliding lower and lower until i am parting her ass cheeks and i feel my own cunt lubricating in my lust.

But before we can get too carried away, two Guards enter the cell, roughly grab us and lead us to an interrogation room. As They lead us along a dark passage towards the interrogation room, They delight in explaining that there is to be a demonstration of how two witches would be questioned in Medieval times. Of course the maid didnt understand, but i tremble in fear, knowing too well, that this will mean harsh treatment. By questioning, They mean, of course, torture!

Once in the room, the remaining shreds of the ragged dress are torn from my body and i am forced onto the rough wooden bed of a rack. The Guards quickly lock my ankles into two wooden blocks, stretching my legs wide apart, and my wrists are pulled over my head and fastened into iron shackles which are attached to a large wooden drum with a large wheel at one end.

One of the Guards turns the wheel until my arms and legs are stretched and pull on my joints until it feels as though they will be dislocated and my body is several inches above the wooden bed of the rack. At this moment, the doors are opened and about a hundred or so people, mostly men but quite a few women, come in and take their places on tiered viewing platforms.

Meanwhile the maid is bound; her back across a raw wooden beam, her legs widespread, her ankles tied to rings in the floor, and her arms spread and tied to rings in the floor too. Her body is arched over the beam, her head dangling down, face backwards, she moans and begs in her own language.  

A narrator welcomes the audience and explains what They are about to see. “It is around 400 years ago and persecution of supposed heretics and witches is taking place throughout Europe. Spain, of course had the well known Inquisition, but it was happening in Germany, France, England and Scotland, and right here in this locality.

A person, more often than not a woman, could be denounced and arrested on the flimsiest evidence and, once in custody, her fate was sealed. She would be cruelly tortured for many hours, often over several days until, unable to resist, she would confess to her supposed crimes. She would then be executed.

Fortunately for our two witches today, they will only be made to suffer for about an hour and they will not be executed at the end,” He laughed, and the audience laughed along with Him.  

The wheel is turned once more and my body stretched even more, causing me to shriek loudly. Hot wax from several thick candles is poured over my tits and my exposed cunt. Then i am flogged on my tits and thighs; fortunately They avoid my swollen belly, and my tits are pinched with cruel looking pincers. At least the pincers had not been heated in the brazier!

The Narrator continues addressing the audience, “When two or more suspected witches from the same coven were to be questioned, one would usually be made to watch as the other was interrogated, then the interrogators would switch from one to the other, increasing the psychological torment. However, for your convenience, ladies and gentlemen, today we are questioning both witches at the same time.” 

A Medieval torture pear is shown to the audience, and to me. The Narrator demonstrates how this evil device works and i cringe as i remember such an instrument being used on me all that time ago in the torture museum. The audience gasp as the pear is placed at the entrance to my gaping cunt and is roughly forced inside me, bringing an animal like scream to my lips. As the pear is opened and my poor cunt is stretched horribly, my screams fill the room. Unable to move, i cannot even writhe and squirm in my agony.

They move away for a few moments, letting my agony sink into my very being. To try to tolerate the pain, i try listening to the comments from the audience.

A womans voice, “this is so realistic, the way those actresses truly look like they are being tortured; they must be very good.”

“they are not actresses.” A man replies, “I dont recognise the girl bent over the beam but the one on the rack, thats cumface. Shes a slave owned by a His Lordship from the grand manor house nearby.”

“Slave? But this is Europe in the twenty-first century; people dont own slaves in this day and age!”

“Its true. Ive been there when she was whipped. Ive never seen anything so erotic, she is so sexy when she screams and writhes in pain.”

Another woman joined in, “I heard that she came from England… or was it Ireland; yes, she came from Ireland and surrendered herself voluntarily to be His Lordships slave.”

“Huh, voluntarily? The sluts getting all she deserves then!”

The Narrator has moved to the maid and He is describing her ordeal as it happens. “her mouth is forced open and a large funnel is shoved in. While one of the interrogators holds the funnel in place, another holds a bucket filled with brackish water and pours it into the funnel. This forces her to drink and she gets the feeling of drowning. Her belly swells terribly and her body bucks in the restraints. In vain she tries to thrash her head this way and that in an attempt to avoid the dirty water, as the cruel torturers hold her head firmly. At the same time, her large tits are abused with pincers and pliers.
Our witches are lucky it isnt for real, but just for the show. In a real witch questioning their agony would be much worse.”

The audience applaud and cheer for having been entertained by such an authentic Medieval show.

The maid and i are released and led into a cell for tea break. Ah, tea, it is so long since i have tasted it, i have been allowed only water to drink during my time of enslavement. Now, it tastes wonderful, so soothing and refreshing. But the maid is nearly hysterical and she throws herself into arms. While i hug and comfort her, i manage to interlace our legs, and while hugging the maid i ride on the maids thigh, quickly bringing myself to a climax; silently as not to alert the maid.

Not long after that, we are taken and led into another room and i realise that there is work for us to do. The Guards delight in telling us that Men have paid a charity fee and for that They are allowed to have their way with us.

First, the maid is led to a low metal frame and she is forced down and restrained, her ass high, her face flat on the cold floor as if she was nothing but fuck-meat. She blabs in her language, probably begging, but of course, her unintelligible pleas are ignored. Next to this frame is a low pillory whereto i am led. The Guards force and bend me backwards on to it, my face and belly up and my head and wrists were put in the grooves and the block closed. In this position my head is hanging down and my hair sways beneath me. One of the Guards gathers my hair and ties a cord into it; He then ties the other end of the cord to a ring set into the floor. In this way, i have little movement of my head and i know that i am nothing more than three holes to use. With my head dangling backwards and my knees spread wide, i am a perfect fuck-object.

There is a clamour from the Men waiting impatiently the door, ready to rush in and get at Their victims; the maid and the slave.

Cheering and shouting the men take their position at the two offered whores. There is a row for the maid and two rows for me, as my mouth is available as well as my gaping cunt. At once, one man positions Himself on the maid and penetrates her cunt, without warning or foreplay. The maid cries and screams in her unknown language. But of course it doesnt stop the man fucking her. When He is finished, His place is soon taken by the next and so on. Some of Them are a little drunk and sometimes they just take her, regardless which hole. “Luckily” for her, after a few fucks she is well enough lubricated so her impalements are not too painful.

One after another, The Men easily position themselves between my spread knees, and holding me by my waist, They bang my cunt. One after the other, my cunt or sometimes my ass, are endlessly used by a row of many men. Jizz oozes from my holes, dripping along my thighs between my ass cheeks. Their cocks are enveloped by my cunt like it is a glove. Although i am not permitted, i take the risk and after the second or third penetration i orgasm silently, my lustful grunts of pleasure muffled by a pumping cockhead deep in my throat. The men at my head use both hands to hold my neck or the pillory as They force themselves deep into my gullet, ripping open my throat and finally They shoot their wad into my mouth. As They fuck my mouth, Their balls swing in front of my eyes or bang against the bridge of my nose. For me it isnt too bad, i have had to endure far harsher treatment in the past. But the maid continuously screams and cries. For most of The Men, her screams just increase their lust.

All at the sudden between the waves of frenzied men there is a dead moment that allows me to see something strange. A rather shabby, sleazy man is about to penetrate the maid when she, at that moment starts to shout out in her own language, maybe insults, maybe pleas, of course, i dont understand. But at that moment The Man stops in his movement, bends forward and speaks with her, presumably in her own language as she appears to understand Him. Nervously she speaks hastily with Him, and He seems to comfort her somewhat as both conspiratorially speak to each other. Then they seem to agree something and He continues his penetration of her arse. She doesnt cry anymore, and she even appears to be somewhat relieved.

There is no time to think about the unusual event, as soon again many Men enter the room and the multiple penetrations start again. Again i drool saliva mixed with hot sperm from the corners of my mouth, some of the spunk even comes out of my nose, and the mixture runs down my face and into my hair. And again my cunt and arse muscles are on duty. The row of Men waiting to use the maid and me seams endless, but the maid no longer screams and cries.

All of a sudden, while a thick cock is pounding my dripping cunt, someone unties my hair and pulls a black hood over my head. Then the hood is tightly tied around my neck and locked to my collar. It is now for impossible for me to see what is happening around me, and my face is completely hidden. As at that moment, i am near a climax, i now let myself go, as no-one can see; my hips bucking and gyrating naturally.

The lust within me subsides and then i freeze. The voices from some Men entering the room are from... from... my uncle! And... Oh my god no… two of my brothers! No, no this cant be true! This is a nightmare! What are They doing here?

Silently i pray that they will choose the maid, to no avail as to my absolute horror, i hear my oldest brother, Daniel, say: “Look here, look at this bitch, with the brandings, lets take her.”

“You are damned right, Dan. Go on, you have first stab at her.”

“Looks like quite a few have been there already.” Another voice i recognise, my cousin Liam.

This isnt true, this cant be happening, i think, panicking within my hood. But of course it is happening and i must stay silent; i cant let Them find out that it is me here in this terrible predicament.

“What is that 92 mean?”

“Dunno, not her age, I think,” laughed Uncle Sam. 

Within my chest, my heart is thumping as, not knowing that it is me, They grope and mould my tits and my exposed body. Hands touch and stoke me and i tremble in shame and fear as one of Them moves between my thighs. Of course, i have no idea which one of Them it is but the answer comes immediately as a different voice, my youngest brother, Michael shouts, “Go Dan, Go!”

A huge cock, but not of course like my Lords cock, at once thrusts deeply into my cunt and bangs right to my cervix. Clenching my teeth, it is all i can do to refrain from lust while my Brothers hands grip around my waist. His hips rock between my thighs, His balls slapping against my ass cheeks. This is terrible; pregnant, fucked by brother, while watched by another of my Brothers, my Uncle and my Cousin. Tears pour from my eyes and mix with the spunk on my face from all the earlier face-fucking that i have endured, while They tease and trace my brand marks, mocking the slut, who is, unknown to Them… their sister!

Oh god, i have reached the very depths of depravity and degradation. Even the horse impaling my cunt was not this humiliating, nor the dogs. If i could, i would take a hundred whipping rather than this. But it gets worse, my Brother, Dan, takes his time, rhythmically fucking my cunt with long deep strokes, pulling out, and re-entering, His cock-head each time rubbing my already swollen clit. The unbelievable happens, my lust builds again. Trying to fight my emotions, being fucked by my Brother, and my sexual lust increasing, i manage to keep some level of control at the right moment when Dan shoots His load deep in my already flooded cunt, which brings cheering and applause from the others.

Then the next takes Dans place. It is Cousin Liam penetrating me, and i cant stop a groan escaping from my mouth. “Wow, she loves it!” exclaims Liam immediately. His hands grope my tits, his nails digging painfully deep into my tender tit- flesh, and his hips bang against me. Although Liams fucking is rough, my lust builds back again, proving that i must be the lowest degraded slut possible.

Fucking faster than Dan, He soon comes. All the time, i am silently begging that this ordeal would soon be over, but no, now it is my youngest brother, Michaels turn. In fact, for a moment, i think myself lucky that my two other brothers are not here also. But i moan silently as, when left home to become my Lords slave, Michael was young and still a virgin. Hopefully, he isnt now.

“Cmon boy, the way is well prepared for you,” my Brother, Uncle and Cousin cheer Michael as He experiences the first fuck in His life. Like a puppy dog He fucks me in a frenzied assault. But my degradation continues as my lust is high, excited by the idea that my cunt is the first my young Brother has penetrated. Involuntarily my cunt muscles work to draw the best from His cock. If i am to be His first, the better to make it good for Him. Hidden in the hood i finally come, together with Michael, who shoots his hot jizz in a females hole for the very first time.

Finally Uncle Sam takes His place between my thighs and, although He is quite old, He must be aroused by what He has seen as He quickly adds His spunk to the cocktail that fills my cunt.

All of Them having had Their way with me, They wander off, saying that They need a beer and, maybe, a chance to pick up some local girls.

After They left, again a queue forms of Men wanting to use the maid and me. Strangely enough the hood is removed, as if the guards watching over us knew that it was my family. Had it been a setup? There is no time to think about it as many cocks take my cunt and my mouth. But events are hazy; so many men have fucked me that i can no longer focus. Maybe a half an hour later, some ten men maybe, i lost count long ago, the maid and i are finally used by the guards before we are released from our bonds.

Finally, after all those hours of solid fucking, the maid and i are incapable of anything and we both just curl up on the floor, i am sobbing from shame and pain, but, the maid seems calm and, strangely, she does not move to me for comfort, or even look in my direction. But we are allowed only a moment to rest before we are dragged to our feet and led outside.

Without being permitted the possibility for cleaning ourselves, we are taken into the execution backyard. The people we pass mock us as we are both covered with spunk which makes our thighs and legs, and my face, gleam. Surprisingly, the maid stays calm and says nothing; her eyes even have a certain hopeful glow.

Once out in the yard, we are both forced to lie down on a wooden cross and our arms, wrists and armpits are roped to the broad wooden beams. Then with some strong hands, the crosses are raised and both of us are hanging on the cross. The Men and then the visitors, who paid a lot for this part of the day, cheer and mock the punished whores execution.

The Narrator explains to the gathering crowd, “Normally in the old days, the wrists and the instep of the feet were nailed to the cross in order to increase the agony. As the victim hangs, the lungs have great difficulty to breathe, and the weight of the body hangs on the spiked wrists. In order to get some air, the victim would push up with the feet, which causes unbearable pain on the feet. The whole day it is push up, fall down; an extremely painful exercise. The victim, only in the beginning, is able to beg for mercy; later he or she can only gasp for little air. Finally a day or so later the victim is so totally exhausted that he or she suffocates by lack of air. Sometimes as act of mercy the knees or legs were smashed with a heavy stick to prevent the victim from pushing themselves up, so death was precipitated.”

The audience look on in interest and applaud the realistic demonstration of the executions of two whores. Both of us indeed do the push ups as described by The Narrator. But as our death is not wanted, only our suffering, a tapered peg is mounted on each cross, which slides into our arses and stops our downward movements but adds another element to our agony as it stretches our tight holes unbearably. Still, of course, we are both experiencing terrible agony; very much to the liking of the audience, some of them getting very excited at the sight of our terrible suffering. The aching on the shoulders, in my case so much worse due to the stretching i underwent earlier, the gasping breathing, all excite and amuse the crowd.

All the time i am hanging, exposed and in terrible pain on the cross, i am also suffering mental anguish; constantly scanning the crowd and praying that my Brothers, Uncle and Cousin do not return. Also, i hope to see my Lord, so that He can see and be pleased by the suffering that i am enduring, for Him.

After an hour and a half, although it feels like an eternity, we are both lowered and released from the crosses. Both of us have no strength left and we collapse and lie on the ground. But we allowed no respite as The Narrator, with four or five helpers grab us and drag us out of sight, into a kind of stable, used also for refreshing the workers on this day. Although totally worn out and exhausted, i notice from the corner of my eye that the maid is sort of smuggled out by a side door by the creepy man who was talking to her earlier. Too tired, and maybe from a kind of sisterly loyalty i dont say anything.

The men who dragged us into here are talking among themselves, after a hard day of work what is better than a little distraction with the whore, cumface? So again i am prey for these men who lay me over a rough wooden table. i whimper as yet again my holes are filled with pumping cocks. By now i am fully worn out, my cunt red raw and my throat battered and bruised. But, if the maid has really escaped, then i want to give her the best chance i can so, in order to keep their attention, i react to the men with as much enthusiasm as my battered body can muster.

But the men couldnt care less and bang me ruthlessly; They are followed by a pit bull owned by one of the men, which brings loud cheers and drunken mocking. It is too much for me; all this usage and torture all day long with very little rest; the fucking by my family men, followed by this ultimate humiliation. A terrible nausea comes over me and i throw up. But that doesnt stop the men; one yanks my hair and smears my face through the dirt.

At that moment, my Lords men come from the manor to fetch me. Two men grab me by the shoulders and drag me like a sack of potatoes to a van and throw me into the back, tossing a dirty ragged dress in after me, which i gratefully pull on.  Nobody seems to give a thought about the maid.

The van stops in the courtyard of the manor. They drag me out and, exhausted as i am, they make me kneel. The men who brought me home are about to leave when The Butler comes in. He looks at me, but then asks, “Where is the maid?”

The men look at each other, a little sheepishly: “Well, erm…”

“What?” barks The Butler. “You,” he turns and barks at me, “where is the maid?”

With my eyes downcast and my head bowed, i answer, “please forgive me, Mr
Butler, Sir, but i am only a slave.”

Barely is the sentence finished when The Butler punches and slaps me in the face sending me sprawling on the ground with a yelp.

“You bloody slut,” and he grips a fistful of my hair and drags me, screaming, into the barn.

The Butler kicks an old rusty drum onto its side and throws me over it. One of the men binds my ankles to rings set in the ground, my legs spread wide. He then does the same with my wrists so that i am stretched out, face down over the drum. Without waiting or warning, The Butler starts to whip me with a thick bullwhip. The dress already ripped, is soon shredded from the whipping. Full of rage, The Butler uses much force to lay on the whip lashes, i scream until i am hoarse, but to no avail.

The Butler barks another command and another rusty drum is shoved just under my head, filled with brackish water. The nightmare is becoming worse. While the whipping intensifies, each stroke heavier, breaking the skin where the whip catches previous stripes, a helper pushes my head under the water. No way can i escape; my body barely bucks in this position, just squirms slightly as my head is held firmly under the dirty water. With my lungs burning, i feel sure that i will drown but just then i am pulled out and like a drowned cat i gasp for air just twice before i am pushed under again. And meanwhile the whippings cut open my back, my upturned ass, thighs and calves. Lungs exploding as i am pulled out the water, i manage two gasps of air, and before i can beg, i am pushed under for a third time.

Suddenly i panic, this punishment, this torture is far beyond anything i have been trained for. The searing pain in my lungs, the escaping air, the agony of the non stop bullwhip, the pregnancy, i feel certain this is the end. Under water, my eyes bulge in the darkness and the overwhelming pain leads me into another world. On that point of surrender, my head is pulled out of the water and i hear, as if from another world, the voice of my Lord, my Savour: “What is this?”

The Butler mutters something about the maids escape, but my Lord is angered: “she is a slave. Free her and bring her safe to her cage,” He continues. “You, call the doctor,” He said to someone.

Later, i am vaguely aware of being taken out of my cage and i feel The Doctor examining me and applying some soothing ointment to the welts on my body.

Realising that The Doctor has finished with me, i mutter my thanks. Turning to my Lord, He continues, “she will be alright, give her a week and she will be like before.”

This has been just about the most difficult day of my slavery, both physically and emotionally. The torture and humiliation has been relentless and has tested the limits of my endurance and being fucked by the men of my family has taken me to new depths of degradation. And now, alone in my cage and in the dark, i break down in floods of uncontrollable tears. Although we could not communicate very well, the maid and i were a comfort for each other. If she does manage to escape, then i am pleased for her; she was so unhappy, but already i am missing her.

The words of the Woman watching as i was stretched on the rack keep coming back to me; “The sluts getting all she deserves.” Of course, i know that the Woman was absolutely correct; i do deserve this pain and degradation. There is no-one to blame but myself.

The only bright spot of the day was how my Lord rescued and protected me from the cruel assault inflicted on me by The Butler.

But, suddenly, a horrible thought came into my head. Cousin Liam had, apparently been present at the party on the day of the hunt. Although i could hardly walk after being fucked by so many Men, and Dogs, i had been paraded through the crowd. If Liam was really there, He would have seen me and the words burnt into my belly flesh. He would have seen those branded words today and would have known it was me bent back in that pillory.

He didnt say anything, but surely He must have known it was me. Perhaps He was content to fuck me. When W/we were younger, back in Ireland, He was always pursuing me, and, to be honest, it was only the fact that W/we were cousins that stopped me succumbing to Him. He is a good looking Man. But He made it clear that He resented my resistance to Him.

The last vestiges of my dignity have been torn from me and a fresh wave of tears comes as i huddle in my cage and eventually, i cry myself to sleep.  

Next day, i am taken from my cage by The Gardener and hosed down, being given some old rags to dry myself. Then i am taken by The Butler to the small cell down in the dungeon. The Butler snarls, as He locks the door, that He has unfinished business with me; presumably, He blames me for when my Lord rebuked Him for bullwhipping me.

Bowls of food and water are on the floor and i realise how hungry and thirsty i am, having had hardly anything all day yesterday. Instinctively, i drop to my knees and elbows and lower my face to the food dish. So used am i to eating in this way, that it never occurs to me to pick up the bowl, even though i am alone, locked in my cell.

Having finished the food and water, i climb into the hard, narrow bed and sleep. For the next few days, i am asleep for most of the time. At times, i am taken out and allowed to walk in the gardens, for a little longer each day, and i receive regular meals, meagre but nourishing.

Gradually, i am recovering from the ordeal of The History Day and The Doctor visits to check up on me. He is satisfied with my progress but He doesnt use my holes either time.

Nights are spent locked in my cell and i find that even on the first night i cant help but masturbate myself to multiple orgasms, proving the whore i am.

On about the fifth day, while i am in my cell, i hear voices so i look out through the bars of the door. To my dismay, it is the maid and The Creepy Man. The maid is brought in by The Butler and locked into another cell. The maid is a very sorry sight; she seems distant, unaware of her surroundings and she walks very stiffly, as though she has been horse riding for a long time. Her nude body is covered with bruises and scratches and her eyes are red and puffy, as if she has been crying or has not slept for quite a while, or both! Then i see The Butler hand The Creepy Man a wad of banknotes. The Creepy Man smiles maliciously and leaves. The Butler mumbles something to the maid, and that probably wasnt good, as i suspect that He wants His revenge for the humiliation after whipping me.

Later in the day, as i am on one of my permitted exercise walks, i hear that the maid hadnt escaped at all, but had been taken to a factory shed, where was handed to the shift workers from a nearby factory. Each shift was about 20 to 25 men, and there were three shifts a day. Most degrading for the maid was that most of the workers came from her own country. What would happen to the maid now? i wonder, will she be put back to work again?

About a week later, i am more or less recovered and i am released from my cell, and for me, things seem to go back to normal. But the maid remains locked up in her cell. Since she has been returned, she hasnt spoken to me, or to anyone.

But then, one day, everyone is summoned to go to the main room. The room is mainly used for parties, meetings and conferences. On this day the furniture seem to be arranged like a courtroom, which, i overhear someone say was one of its uses in the old days. In the middle is clearly the judge's bench, dark brown expensive wood, high and overlooking all. In the middle would be the defendant's dock but here it is a wooden post, on the left the jurors and on the right the witnesses. Angel is between the post and the jurors and is apparently acting as the prosecutor.

The maid is brought in, naked and tied to the post, her wrists over her head and behind the pole, her ankles are tied behind the pole too, so her body is arched and displayed to the public. Her bruises and scratches have faded but she still appears traumatised by her treatment.

The audience, household staff and villagers, the jury, witnesses, including me, The Butler, everyone is here, but the Judge.

Then, "All rise", and my Lord enters the room and takes His seat at the judge's bench.

Then starts a mock trial about the escape of the maid. Numerous witnesses all give evidence, even me. To protect the maid, i am very vague, saying that i hadnt seen anything. It takes about an hour for the trial. In that time it looks as though the maid does not understood what is happening. Then after an hour the trial is over, the jury pronounced a verdict of guilty, and His Lordship withdraws to consider the punishment. When He comes back and again takes His seat, He looks all over, and at the maid, in particular.

Just as His Lordship is about to start pronouncing out his verdict, i remember that once He asked me whether i would be prepared to assist Him to kill or execute the maid. Suddenly i realise that this has all been a setup and that this is the moment for all to have a snuff scene, in which i would assist to help torture the poor girl to death. All at the sudden i rush up and throw myself to His Lordships feet and cling to His legs, pleading and begging as never before to spare the maid's life. Foolishly, i cry that it was me who helped her to escape and that i kept it secret, so i need to be punished as well.

my Lord looks down, surprised, and then signals to the Men acting as court guards. They drag back me to my place.

His Lordship pauses, clearly pondering my confession and then He says, "Very well, as the maid had not the real will to escape she will be punished by a double whipping of 100 lashes, followed by a bastinado.  And about cumface…" He pauses, "as she is pregnant she is less responsible for her acts, but the offence severe enough, she will be punished by the sjambok."

The sjambok! A terrible whip originating from South Africa, traditionally made from the hide of a hippopotamus or rhinoceros and used for driving oxen it is usually three to five feet in length. It is often associated with the South African police who used them for riot control etc. during the Apartheid regime, although i believe that they used a lighter plastic version.

The watching men grin, some females hold their breath in horror. Never have i been punished by a sjambok. The maid, of course, has no idea what is happening. On hearing the sentence, my jaw drops, i feel the blood draining from my face and i slump to the floor in a faint, so i dont even hear how many strokes i am to receive. 

When i regain consciousness, the place where we are to be punished is already prepared. In the middle is the place where the maid is to receive her double lashing, all around, the audience is settled. The maid, whose mind is clearly in another world, is dragged in. Her legs are spread wide, and her ankles cuffed with leather and attached to rings in the floor. Her wrists are bound and her arms pulled sideways and tied to two poles, stretching her wide. At her back and front stand waiting, two hooded executioners. Their torsos bare, strong, muscular and hairy.

This scene, and the knowledge what is coming, makes the audience
excited, and i am ashamed to admit that i too find the sight of this beautiful girl so exposed and vulnerable to be extremely erotic and i am wet between my legs in view of the beautiful yet unmarked maid. Amongst the audience is, of course, His Lordship, Angel and The Butler, who cruelly grins, pleased by the idea He will get His revenge by the beatings of the two sluts who caused Him to be reprimanded. The Lady is not here.

At a sign from His Lordship, both executioners start whipping the maid methodically, in the same rhythm. Already after the first lash she screams, which soon turns to howls of pure agony. Her back and shoulders and at the same time her front, tits and belly, get quickly crisscrossed with deep stripes. Her body bucks and jerks instinctively, her head thrashes from side to side. She pulls at her bonds; in vain she tries to close her thighs. Sometimes her head hangs down, then she throws her head back, crying in the air. She is continuously lashed with the thick heavy bullwhips. The Butler gleefully counts out the strokes.

Every ten lashes they break for The Doctor to check the maid, and after the twentieth double lash, He gives her some stimulant drug in order to prevent her passing out.

Her body is gleaming with the salty sweat that runs into the welts and blistered stripes and cuts. Somewhere around the sixtieth lash, the agony is too much for the poor girl and, still with a hoarse throat she screams, but now she pisses herself. But she seems unaware; her mind is elsewhere, she is only a painslut, resuming the agony of the repeating whip, each lash crisscrossing another. Some cuts are now lightly bloody. But this is obviously not considered to be a reason to soften the beatings.

From the corner of my eye, i notice some girls being brought into the room. They are used by the excited men in the audience, using their mouths, but refraining yet from cumming. Only my Lord has no female company, but as i have never seen my Lord with another woman, except His Lady, this doesnt surprise me. In fact, it makes me feel even more devoted to my Lord as He is able to control Himself, and uses His beautiful Cock only with His Lady; and probably not even with Her since Their wedding night, and with me, of course. To my shame, i can show no such restraint and, secretly, my hand slips between my closed thighs and presses and rubs against my wet juicy cunt, while peering between half closed eyes at the scene in front of me.

Finally at the hundredth lash, the maid body is fully crisscrossed with vivid reddish welts from her knees up to her tits, and at the back from her knee hollows up to her shoulder blades. The Doctor checks her and gives her some water to drink, and again some drugs to revive her. Her head hangs down and her breathing is nothing but a shallow rasp. Her eyes are wide open because of the drugs but they are totally unfocused, her body is shivering and trembling and glistening from the sweat dripping down and mingling with the urine which she was unable to hold in.

After a break, the maid is slightly recovered and the audience calmed down. She is released from the ropes and cuffs and dragged to a narrow raw wooden beam and thrown onto it, face up. Her legs are pulled wide apart, and shackled to a bar above her. Her wrists are bound to a pole behind her. Over her waist is a leather strap holding her firmly to the beam. Both executioners stand beside her, her open thighs nicely exposed for the audience. Both men carry a wooden baton in their hands.

At a sign from my Lord, they raise their arms and begin to beat both feet of the maid. She shrieks from pure agony. “Aaaarrgggghhh, aaaarrggghhh.” Her cries and screams are even more intense than during her whipping. Her body shudders as she struggles in vain to close her legs.

Soon her feet turn dark blue and then to black. Within her bonds she writhes and struggles, howling from agony. Again the audience get excited at the sight of the suffering of the girl. Glancing round, i see that there is no sign that my Lord will stop the beating. Elsewhere, Angel forces a girls face between Her thighs. A man is using both hands on a girls neck to force his cock deep into her throat. And as i kneel, i wriggle my cunt-lips red and swollen in arousal.

Finally and mercifully, the maid passes out. She is freed from her bonds and dragged away. She is never seen again at the house. People behind me can be overheard saying that she is to be sent to a brothel located not far away, deep in the forest where girls are kept as unwilling sex slaves and are subjected to all kinds of sadistic acts by the clients. It may be that by confessing to helping the maid escape, i have saved her life, but have i condemned her to a life of unbearable suffering instead?

The inevitable is to come; it is my turn for to be punished. The two guards grab by my arms as i turn to face my Lord and silently beg for mercy. But He merely signals to the men to take me and i am dragged to the same beam as the maid. Made to lie face down towards the audience, my ankles are tightly bound together and taut to the beam, straps are tightened over my knees and my waist and my wrists are tied down to the supporting legs of the beam. There are cushions under my hips and my abdomen; not for my comfort, but to protect the baby in my swollen belly. In vain, i tug at my bonds, desperate to find some slack in my restraints. Lastly, a metal bar was placed under my jaws forcing my head up so that i am looking right to the audience. In that way, They can all fully enjoy my agony.

Trembling in fear, but determined not to disappoint my Lord, i brace myself against the terrible ordeal. Already i can feel myself covered with a cold sweat. But, with my body fully restrained, there is no way that i can ease my position.

Suddenly, without any warning, one after the other, the guards lash my upturned bottom and shear agony rips through my body and burns into my brain. Again and again They strike; each impact harsher than the last. After just the first blow, i scream my lungs out like an animal in pain.


Although instinctively i tried to twist and turn away from the cruel sjambok, there is no way to escape the frenzied lashes as i am too tightly strapped and bound. Through my tear filled eyes, i can now only vaguely see the audience.

The men worked from my knees up to my upper back, up and down and, quickly, my body must be crisscrossed with red and purple welts, the whip cutting deeply into my soft flesh.

In my life as a slave, i have been beaten, flogged and whipped many times, but never have i experienced anything as bad as the sjambok. The nerves in my body send only pain, pain, pure pain to my brain. Screams leave my voice hoarse, but still i yell at the top of my voice. As it was my Lord who ordered this punishment, i dont dare to beg for mercy. In His goodness and wisdom i deserve it. But after a while when my ass-cheeks have been fully mashed raw meat, the skin cut in welted stripes i retreat into subspace. The watching crowd become nothing more than a blur and i see only my Lord sitting impassively as He watches the suffering of His slave.

Momentarily, O/our eyes meet before instinctively, i lower my gaze. In my mind, i am transported away from this hideous torture bench and cruel, cruel sjambok. Instead, i am warm and comfortable in my Lords bed. On the recent occasions that i have been granted the privilege of sharing His bed, it has become my habit that, if i wake in the night or wake first in the morning, i slide down under the covers and kiss and lick and suck on my Lords lovely Cock. Usually, He will stir as His Cock hardened and thickens in my mouth and i joyfully suck until He floods my mouth with His delicious seed. Sometimes i will remain under the covers and drift off to sleep with His beautiful, magnificent Cock still in my mouth. It is here that my mind now takes me, safe and warm and comfortable instead of suffering this terrible and seemingly endless thrashing.

The sjambok continues to rip into my flesh and my body reacts as if by reflex; grunts of pain emanating from my throat, my only movements possible are my fingers stretching and spreading and then fisting. Before the whipping began, The Doctor had injected some drug, probably to prevent me from passing out. And so i must endure this terrible punishment to the bitter end.

Was it an hour later, a day or a week, i can not tell, but eventually i come out from the dark and feel how my Lord has emptied His hot seed deep in my bowels, my back and buttocks still horribly aching and sore from the punishment and the pain is even worse if i try to move. But i am in His bed, so all is well again.

Days later, the pain from the sjambok has eased considerably, but i still wince whenever i move and the welts will take a long time to heal;  lying in His bed, my head on His belly, i am softly licking, nibbling and kissing His soft but beautiful Cock, i dare to ask, "my Lord, may i speak?"

"What is it cumface?"

"Shall we once visit… the… brothel deep in the forest?"

He looks down at me, amused and indulgent, replying, while stroking my swollen belly: "Were you not carrying My Heir, you would have been killed."

"Thank you, my Lord." i reply and i continue to worship His Cock.

But i cant help wondering what it would be like if i were ever to be sent to the brothel, perhaps while my Lord was away on business. Would i be chained to a wall in a cold dark dungeon along with the other slavegirls, made to kneel in display whenever a client came to inspect and choose one of us for His use? Or would we be kept in cages like animals. Would i ever find out?

Chapter 20 The Brothel in the Forest

A few weeks pass; my body is healing and i have received no further whippings since the sjambok, although welts from the sjambok whipping are still clearly visible and i wonder if they will be there permanently. Of course, my baby belly is growing and now i can tell that my tits and nipples are getting bigger too.

But use of my body began as soon as i was sufficiently recovered. On the very first day that i was up and about, The Butler took me down to the kitchen where all the Men of the staff were gathered. The Butler told me that, “The Men have missed having your holes available to Them; especially as that slut of a maid is no longer around.”

They then produced a jar filled with pearly white liquid; i immediately knew what it was. “We have saved this for you,” continued The Butler, “We all know how much you love swallowing this stuff.”  They all found this very funny and laughed loudly as the jar was drained into a dish and put on the floor and i was made to get down and lap it all it up, every last drop. There must have been nearly half a pint of cold spunk that They had collected for me.

When I had licked the bowl clean, i was made to suck Them all. They must have been saving Themselves for this moment as all of Them spurted huge amounts of cum down my throat and it felt as though i had another half pint of jizz in my belly.

Just when i thought that They had finished with me, The Dog Handler spoke up, “your work isnt finished yet, slut. The Dogs have been missing Their bitch while you have been lazing in bed. Get down to the compound, now.” The Chef and The Chauffer commented that They hadnt seen me with The Dogs so i was made to walk to the Dogs compound with all The Men following behind me.

Once there, The Handler came up with a new degradation for me and i was made to kiss each of The Dogs on the mouth and beg Them to fuck me. Hours later, when The Dogs were finished with me, i had to kiss Them again and thank Them for fucking me. All of this amused the watching Men greatly. 

So my life has returned to what has become normal for me. Then, one day, i am prepared for a journey. The preparation consists dressing my upper body in a sort of leather harness with straps barely covering my nipples, black stockings, and a large rubber dildo inside and forced into my cunt and a butt plug similarly in my ass; both held in place by a steel and leather chastity belt. The effect of both intrusions together with the very high heels that complete my outfit, make me feel as though i am walking with bowed legs, almost like a cowboy from an old Western movie; not a good look for any girl! Soon i begin to experience an uncomfortable burning soreness inside me, which probably means that the dildo and butt plug are coated with some irritating substance.

Thus prepared and otherwise naked, i am led out to the front of the house and to my Lords limousine where He is waiting in the back and i am to ride in the back with Him.

For the past few weeks there have been two or three security guards at the household as my Lord has became an important politician; together, i guess, with Lady Angel, as i now know Her. The guards frighten me as they look as i imagine mercenaries would be in Middle Eastern countries; cruel and mean, as if anothers life, especially that of a woman, is worthless.

One of these Men is driving, another sits in the front passenger seat with the third in the back with my Lord and myself, and the car is driven off at high speed. As normal, i am ignored; my Lord is busy phoning or reading documents and He pays no attention either to me or to the surroundings.

After passing through several villages, only dark forests remain. Then in the middle of the deepest forest, the car turns onto a bumpy narrow track. After a few kilometres through the dark surroundings, a metal fence emerges. There must be a security camera because the car is clearly recognised and a metal gate at once opens and lets us drive in. After a few minutes a kind of medieval farmhouse comes into view in the misty surroundings. A valet opens the door, and protected by the guards my Lord and i are led into the house.

Although the house looks rather shabby from the outside, on the inside it is luxurious and several servants welcome His Lordship. Again, my presence is not acknowledged and i am only allowed to follow my Lord a few steps behind Him. W/we are shown into a spacious lounge where He greets some acquaintances sat in comfortable chairs and They chat and drink while girls, probably slaves too, wait immobile, mostly kneeling straight backed. Taking my cue from the other girls, i take a similar position, a little behind my Lord.

With my eyes downcast, i sneak a glance around the room to check my slave- sisters. It is clear that this house is meant for the wealthy elite, it is expensive and the Men present are all good looking, powerful, rich and dominant. The females are, without exception, submissive and beautiful, some bound more severely than others. All are naked or near naked and i am the only obviously pregnant slave.

After about an hour or so, my Lord stands up, snaps His fingers for me to follow Him, and He walks through the corridor, down to a vast basement, again luxuriously appointed.

His Lordship, with me following dutifully behind, walks through the corridors and enters some of the rooms. In the first room a young Asian girl is being roughly used by a bunch of big black Men. W/we watch as her arse is repeatedly opened, impaled one by one by huge black cocks, while another uses her cunt, the lips red raw, and a third deep throating her, making her cry and gag. She appears to be trying to vomit but her gullet is filled by thick black cock. Her body shivers and convulses, while beads of sweat run down her face and slender body. She is clearly suffering.

my Lord moves on to another room, with me following behind. This room is dimly lit and there is a woman tied to a metal frame and a Man tracing over her nude body with an electrical prod, making her thrash and shriek in pure agony. It doesnt take long before she pisses herself in the midst of the torture, her legs trembling, her back arched upwards, her eyes bulging. As W/we watch, He inserts the prod into her cunt and pushes the button. Her pitiful howls make me shrink back from horror, but the Men clearly enjoy the sexy dance of the slut and They grin as their cocks grow hard.

In a third room, a female is hanging upside down by her ankles. A candle
burns in both orifices and fat Men burn spots all over her body with Their cigars and cigarettes. Her nipples are burned and blackened and she shudders and thrashes but the Men enjoy this all the more. Every time W/we enter another room i am relieved that it is not the maid being tortured there, but maybe there is worse to come.

The final room that W/we come to is a small cinema with a platform. my Lord orders me to sit and then: “watch!”  And then my Lord leaves me alone. Beside the screen on the platform is a naked female tied to a broad wooden throne. Her ankles are clamped in metal bands, with her legs spread wide, so her pussy is clearly exposed, her arms are clamped to the arms of the chair by means of metal bands at her wrists and elbows. Her head is shaven and on top is a metal helmet to which wires are attached. Between her jaws is a rubber baton, to prevent her speaking or biting her own tongue. Then to my shock, i realise that it is an electric chair, now i see between her legs there is an electrode in her cunt. At irregular intervals she receives electric shocks, as her body spasms, her head arches back, her eyes glaring to the ceiling, screaming silently.

At this moment the screen flips on, and a compilation of video clips starts.
The first one is a woman dragged from a van into a field and raped by three Men. Followed by another where a girl is bound spread eagled and whipped
until she bleeds and she lapses into unconsciousness. Then it gets worse, the
clip starts as a "usual" porn movie, a girl riding a Mans cock, another Man impaling her arse. The three of them are taking joy in the fucking when suddenly the Man at her back takes a scarf, winds around her neck and strangles her while the two continue to fuck her. Her eyes bulge, her tongue protrudes and when both Men have shot their sperm she slips into the darkness of death. Then follow some blurred clips of torture and interrogation scenes in South or Central American countries. Electrical prods are inserted into the females cunts and they are shocked to death; females strapped to metal frames, the electrodes held against the woman's temples. Another with a can fixed between her legs and a crazy rat is released gnawing his way through her womb. Yet another hanging upside down, drowning in a barrel of brackish water.

Most, although not all, of the victims in these film clips are female and many of the images are truly horrifying but, much to my shame, i find myself becoming increasingly aroused by the images of sexy convulsions, thrashing or bucking of naked sweaty bodies and my hand finds its way between my thighs, although the chastity belt prevents my fingers finding my dripping cunt and i squirm in my seat, trying to get some satisfaction from the dildo and plug that fill my cunt and ass. At the same time i am afraid that one of the clips will show the maid in one of these torture scenes. Much to my relief there is no sign of her.

The film clips continue; now showing a crane hoisting two Men and a woman, all hanged by their neck, the female takes longest before she stops kicking. Grabbed by two Men, a third Man pushes large meat hooks through her tits, then they hoist her and let her fall, hoist her up again until her tits are torn from her body and she collapses on the concrete cold floor, writhing in pure agony.

In the next clip, an attractive nice woman in red lingerie is bent down, her head positioned on a wooden block, and with an axe, her head chopped off. Her headless torso bucking, shocking, her legs widespread, the feet trampling on the floor, the watching Men mocking and cheering. Other clips show needles pushed between nails and skin of toes and fingers. A woman is skewered in her arse and throat, her wrists bound behind her back and she is roasted on a spit. A naked woman is strapped facedown on guillotine with her legs spread wide, fucked in her cunt by a naked hooded Man, then at his orgasm he lets the blade fall, her convulsions and gyrating adding to his animal lust. He rapes her body doggy style, shoots his wad and then shoves a gun into her arse and pulls the trigger.

A very gruesome clip shows a naked woman impaled on a sharp stake in her arse. The stake is fixed upright and her own weight causes her to slide slowly down until the stake is protruding from her throat, her body twitching in her death throws. The last clip is a nude woman hanging by her wrists from an overhead tree branch in a medieval scene. The hooded Executioner, His hairy torso naked, has her ankles bound, legs spread. With a knife He makes a cut in her heels. In each cut He shoves two thick fingers. Then with His strong arms He pulls upwards, skinning the woman, the skin flaps over her calves up to her knees where He stops. Her head arches back and thrashes about as she bellows her agony into the sky. The comment in the voice-over is that this woman was tortured for three days before she died a terrible death.

At this moment two Guards enter and i am dragged out by my collar. They take me to a cell and lock me inside. Already in the cell there is a stunningly beautiful blonde woman. Aroused as i am, i sit next to this beautiful woman and begin to talk to her. She is clearly upset, explaining in heavily accented English that she had been abducted and sold in to slavery and i put my arms around her to comfort her. Soon we are kissing; she does not reject me. Stroking and kissing, we are soon both worked up but, again, the chastity belt means that i am left frustrated. After the blonde has a juicy and noisy orgasm, i start to question the girl, whether she knew the maid who came from my Lords mansion and what happened to her. Indeed the maid had been here, but the woman could not tell what exactly happened to her, but that she came to a sorry end is obvious.

Then, suddenly, i am dragged by the two Guards to another room where my Lord is waiting. The room is comfortable, Servants and Valets waiting and serving. The Guards position me on my knees between my Lords legs, facing away from Him. There is a platform hidden behind a curtain. Then the curtain is opened and i am shocked to see a heavily pregnant woman ready to deliver, hanging by her wrists from an overhead bar, she is naked of course. She stands balancing on her tiptoes. Her thighs are tightly strapped with leather straps. She is clearly suffering and i can see her lower body labouring against the bonds. Two hooded Men start to beat her back, ass cheeks, and the backs of her thighs with wooden sticks. Her head is thrown back as she wails in pain. But pregnant or not They show no compassion at all and strike her even harder. Howling, her body bucks and writhes as she hangs from the ropes in terrible misery.

Then, when it is clearly too much for her, two Men free her from the straps, pull her ankles wide and strap them to side poles, but with her feet not touching the floor. The two others, meanwhile, continue the beating. Now in this most degrading pose, still being beaten, she is ready to deliver. It does not take long before with much shrieking and bellowing, her labour starts. Her body thrashing and bucking her loins start to swell, her womb to contract, as the big push starts. Her body is like one tight taut cord as she struggles against her bonds. The straps cut in her wrists and ankles. Her cunt bulges and the head appears.

The beatings stop, but instead the two Men apply a cattle prod, sending searing jolts through her body adding to her miserable agony, degrading a beautiful
creation of a new life into a perverted act. With an unbelievable high pitch shriek and with an inhuman push she finally succeeds in delivering the baby while her body is covered all over burn marks from the prod.

The baby is caught, the cord cut, and the baby is carried away. The womans head is hanging down on her chest as she passes into unconsciousness. Some Men in the audience explode in willing mouths or cunts but not my Lord, like always he just look apparently uninterested, one of the reasons that i adore Him. He is always so cool while i am so aroused, like a bitch on heat. But unable to finger myself, i secretly squeeze my thighs together. The thought comes to my mind that this is proof that i am not a human, not a female, but just a thing, merely a sex utensil.

Again W/we are in the limousine heading home. His Lordship occupies Himself by making calls and reading His papers, while i am ignored. Thoughts of what i have just seen run, chillingly, through my mind; when my time comes, will i be tortured as i give birth? A shiver runs through my body and tears fill my eyes.

The car drives at high speed on the deserted highway, but then W/we turn off onto a narrow lane through dark forest. The car stops in an open space and the three Bodyguards get out, open the door and drag me out. Surprised and confused, i look around to my Lord for support but He ignores me. One of The Guards yanks my hair and forces me to bend down through the open window of the car. The other Guard reaches inside, presses a button and the window closes until my throat is trapped between the glass and the door frame. Vulnerable, naked and bent over, i know what was going to happen. Most humiliating is that my Lord is not going to interfere.

From the corner of my eye, i can just see the first Guard putting a kind of sheath on His cock; it is leather with metal knobs which lengthens and thickens His cock. Oh god, i hate these things. Its not the size; both my cunt and ass have been stretched and filled by much larger objects, both real flesh and blood and inanimate. No, its those terrible metal studs; they score my tender flesh so agonisingly.

i am to be fucked, but there will be no pleasure for me; only excruciating pain. The Guard positions Himself behind me, unlocks and removes my chastity belt. He roughly pulls out the dildo and plug from my cunt and ass and places His cockhead against my cunt opening. He grips the car door and with a mighty push from His hips thrusts His cock deep into me, banging painfully against my cervix. At this shock impalement i let out a piercing squeal and my arms flail helplessly but i can do nothing but be used as the whore i am. The fucking is harshly painful and i scream and cry out in agony but my Lord doesnt even raise His eyes from the papers that He is studying.

After what feels to me like an eternity of pain, He shoots His wad deep in to me tender cunt. But there is no respite, as the other Guard takes His position behind me and to my dismay, He penetrates my arse. The huge cock and the metal knobs rip and stretch my arse muscles and make me shriek in pure agony. At that moment the third Guard shoves the car lit cigarette lighter into my open mouth with the words: "this is for you a lesson not to babble too much."

The pain in my cunt, my arse and the terrible pain in my gullet makes difficult to understand His words. In vain, i try to spit out the lighter which only has the result that my tongue is burned too. Finally, the Guard impaling my ass climaxes deep in my bowels.

They make me kneel in the car at the feet of my Owner, with the words: "dont dare stop watching." Before i could ask myself what He is talking about i see two of the Guards open the boot of the car and pull out the beautiful blonde girl from the brothel! The one i spoke in the cell! The one i questioned about the maid.
The two Men grab her by the shoulders and drag her a little further to a spot where i now see what seem like a hole in the ground, a grave. Despite my burned throat i start to beg for the girls life, but the third Guard simply said: "shut up!"

She is forced to her knees, facing the grave. One of the Guards takes a rope and winds it once around her neck. The two Men, both having the end of the rope in Their hands, move away from the girl until the rope is taut. Then, each with one foot against her body, They pull hard on the rope, strangling the girl. Her unbound hands struggle in vain to get slack between the rope and her throat. She thrashes, her tits swaying and her hips bucking, the Men holding firm.

Horrified by the execution scene, i can only look on; indeed i do not dare to look away. Finally after her death struggle her body goes limp and with a kick from one of the Men, she falls into the grave. Maybe what shocked me the most is the fact that my Lord had not once looked up from His work.

Again back on the highway, W/we head home at high speed, leaving behind the horrible scene. There are tears of guilt flowing from my eyes as i remain kneeling; traumatised by the apparent death of the girl; all because i cant control my mouth. When will i ever learn that the primary function of my mouth is as a fuck-hole? Eating and breathing are merely secondary, and speaking? well that is way down the list, somewhere behind licking my Lords boots. This is a lesson that i must learn. In future, my mouth must be devoted only to the pleasure of others. After all, it is no longer my mouth; it, like the rest of my body and mind, is the property of my Lord.

Images of the blonde falling into the hole in the ground intermingle with those of the woman being tortured as she gave birth. As my own time is approaching, i am scared that what should be a private, beautiful moment will, for me, become another scene of pain and degradation for the entertainment of others.

Unknown to me at this time, the blonde did not die; a van stopped at the grave and picked up the girl who was returned to the brothel where she went back into slavery for a long time. But i would never loose the guilt of the apparent death of the girl, all because of my indiscretion.

Chapter 21 The Bal Masque

It does not take long before the maid is replaced. The new girl is a stunning brunette; early twenties, tight spankable ass, firm tits and dark curly hair. For me, it is worrying that she is so very pretty and has high sex appeal; especially as, with only a few weeks until i give birth, i feel so big and dumpy. Since the maids arrival, i feel that she is a strong competitor to me. The Men of the house ignore me more and more and use her happily. This is to be expected, i suppose; she is young, slim, beautiful and enthusiastic, while i am the size of a house. But i cant help but feel envious.

Even my Lord regularly takes her to His bed. It is scant consolation that more than once He takes both of us to His bed. Face to face, we are made to lick each others face. Then, when our mouth and lips are wet with saliva He shoves His beloved Cock in between. Fingering each other while His Cock is teased and worshiped between the two tongues and two pairs of lips is clearly very arousing but it takes Him hours before climaxing. Then, both our faces fully spunked, we have to lick each other clean holding His precious nectar in our mouths before finishing with snowballing: drooling His semen into each others mouth.

It soon becomes clear that the maid is a true masochist. When she is beaten, flogged or even tortured she begs, it was not clear whether it she is begging for more or not. And she bears the pain with such serenity, just a gasp or a low groan escaping from her throat as the lash strikes before she setting herself for the next stroke. This is a hard time for me, as the girl appears to be taking my place in my Lords affections and i am afraid this may mean the end for me after giving birth to my Lord's heir.

Sometimes i try to get close to the maid, like trying to seek her in her bed to cuddle and fondle her or more, like i would with the previous maid. But this one makes it very clear that these moments would be at her choosing, and not mine.

One day the maid enters my cell as i am resting and without a word, she straddles my head and lowers her wet pussy onto my face, then bending and burying her nose and lips into my cunt. She gladly announces that there is to be a bal masqué. About once every five years this ball is held. The previous one was before my time here, although i had heard about it.

At this party there are to be about five or six females for about sixty to seventy male guests. The females are completely naked except very high heels and their face which is hidden behind a mask. Any treatment of the females is allowed except removing the mask or revealing their identity. In my position, with my huge belly, i would, of course, be easily identified and i shivered, knowing what atrocities the Men could do. The idea is that They can abuse to the extreme as they have no idea who the females are.

On the day itself, i feel awkward with my huge baby belly. The maid and the other girls are all so beautiful and ready for what is coming. What Man will want to use me in this condition when these other naked beauties are available? Most of the girls are recognisable to me, they were present during my visit to the forest brothel or at the charity slave auctions and i assume that they are all owned slaves, like myself. But there is one girl that i dont recognise, and to my amazement Lady Angel is amongst the females. So this Lady is a switch! Now i understand why it is strictly forbidden to reveal the slut's face. Imagine if Lady Angel were recognised, such an important politician.

The evening begins with the naked sluts serving drinks and wandering amongst the guests. Groping hands here, pinching fingers there, the atmosphere starts to be heated.

On her knees, one is surrounded by six Men and she turns from one to another as she sucks Their cocks. Each time, just before He would shoot she moves on to the next until They can hold back no longer and They all release Their jism over her upturned face and hair.

Another girl is kneeling on a chair, her hands behind her head as her ass cheeks are harshly caned. Then, i recognise the maid, she is held against a table; her tits resting on a wooden platter as two nails are driven through each tit and into the wood. The stud that pierces her tongue is replaced by a ring. A chain connects the tongue ring and the tray and in this way she is made to serve drinks.

Perhaps in consideration for my condition, i am not whipped but the Men do use my holes, all of three of them. But every time, They come too soon, leaving me highly aroused but unable to achieve a (secret) orgasm.

In a corner a petite brunette is forced down by a well trained Rottweiler who then humps her with deep strong thrusts, ignoring her screams and pleas as a group of about a dozen Men watch.

On a small table, Lady Angel (as She still is to me, even in Her role as a submissive) is tied; her head dangling over the edge, her legs widespread as She is fucked roughly in Her pussy and her mouth. Meanwhile, Her areolas are being pierced by big needles and hot wax dripped all over Her body.

A slut is suspended upside down by her ankles, a baseball bat protrudes from her well stretched twat and she is being bullwhipped by four Men at the same time.

All the guests are clearly having a good time and the atmosphere builds with most of the Men completely naked and all the sluts fully used, including me. As a good host, my Lord mingles amongst the crowd, suggesting here how to use a slut to maximum effect, there handing a device or whip or cane to a guest to give the slut what she deserved.

Suddenly i freeze. my Lord is standing with a group of… all my brothers, two uncles and some other male relatives! The worst is that my Lord gestured to me to come over to the group. In vain, i look around to see whether i could escape or that He meant someone else, no it is definitely me that He is calling over. Thank God for the mask that is obscuring the upper part of my face.

Nervously carrying a tray of drinks, i approach the group. There to my humiliation, my Lord gropes between my legs, fingering my cunt and rubbing my clit while commenting about me to the group; what a whore i am, and telling Them about the dogs and the horse that have used my holes.

"But we know her; she is the whore we shagged at that history day event."

"So you know her, go ahead, have fun with her," and the Lord moved on leaving naked with the Men of my family.

There was no way i could escape and i dare not speak for fear that They would surely recognise my voice; so i have no alternative but to allow Them to have Their way with me. All of Them started to grope my body, pinching my heavy swollen tits and swatting my ass. They push me down onto my knees and one by one shove Their cocks deep into my throat. Horny as they obviously are, They yank my hair and impatiently pull my head to another cock. Soon i am pushed down onto all fours and the first cock is shoved into my ready cunt. Many hands mould my milk-full tits, others grope my huge belly. They change position frequently and all take Their turn to use my juicy cunt. As i lost my dignity a long time ago, i let them use me with full submission. Without looking to whom a cock belongs, i suck it with full passion whenever one is presented to me. They pull back my head as They force Their gland deep into my throat. The Men get more and more ruthless; forcing my jaws painfully wide apart, They penetrate my mouth with two cocks at once while one straddles me and impales my arse while another squats from behind and thrusts deep into my womb.

Being used as a fuck object like this, i have a flash-back to when i was a student at university, at times being used nearly by four or five or even more male students.

One of my cousins lies on the floor and i am placed in a reverse cowgirl position with His huge pole in my tight arse. Then i am pushed back and an Uncle gets to His knees and begins to piston my spread cunt. A third sits over my chest and slides His cock, wetted by his spit and pre-cum, between my swollen, milk filled tits. A hand grabs my hair, arching my head back and a cock is stuffed into my mouth, muffling my moans.

Like a rag doll, i am tossed from one to another; many cocks using me for the whore i am. Endless and countless fuckings in my cunt and arse, the thin membrane stretching along the ramming shafts; deep throats in my gullet sometimes cutting off my air supply, i am passed on between many men. All the guests have a good time using the sluts in Their own way. Gangbang for me, dogs for the little brunette, painful for angel with needles, clover clamps and hot wax, harsh whipping for another. But the "queen" of the evening is the new maid. Any torture, any dog, any rough fuckings, any gangbang, any flogging, any abuse, she appears to love and she beg endlessly for more.

Hours later, all the Men have emptied themselves, some of them more than once; all of us sluts are completely worn out and lie exhausted all over the room. But apparently the always ball ends with the ranking of the sluts used, and with the reward appropriate to the ranking.

It comes as no great surprise when the last place goes to… me. The penalty for the last place is simple and effective: i am the only one who has to take off the mask! And so i am laid down in the centre of the room on a platform and my mask removed. All my family and related Men roar and mock when They recognise Their sister that They had so ruthless used. Never in my life have i felt so degraded and humiliated, being impaled by a horse or hung upside down in the Farmers slurry pit was nothing compared to being revealed to my family and relatives. Desperately, i look around the room trying to find some support from my Lord, but He is out of sight, no doubt enjoying this, the deepest humiliation He has inflicted to His pregnant slut. There is little doubt that He arranged this.

The second act is that all Men come and surround me and piss on me. Incredibly, my brothers delight in aiming Their jets of hot acrid piss on my face; cheering and shouting clapping each other on the shoulder as They did. Someone uses clamps to spread my cunt and ass and some of the Men piss in there. Another clamp is used on my mouth, forcing it open and obliging me to gulp down the Men's piss. When all had Their turn i crawl away, crying, out of sight in a corner.

As the next ranking comes, i am forgotten and A/all looked to the next. This next girl next has it easy as she is only have a forced orgasm on a sybian, her legs tied together, while she is arched backwards and then she has to clean a dogs cock with her mouth. The following is bound spread-eagled, and dogs lick her pussy until she reaches an orgasm. Then the female, only those in the know would recognise, Lady Angel, gets her wrists bound behind her back, a rope hoisting her arms high, forcing her body to bend, her tits dangling. But this is not considered sufficient; They hoist her until she dangle on her tiptoes, moaning from the aching pain in her shoulders. But the legs are pulled apart and soon she stands with her legs widespread, dangling on her feet, her arms up, bending her down. With two needles, first They pierce through one pussy lip, then through the other, forming a bridge, her cunt is ready for jewellery. On each needle They hook a large gem stone, thus stretching her pussy lips to the extreme. She screams in obvious pain but not she does not beg Them to stop. Standing on her tiptoes, she trembles in pain but the view she offers is sublime.

Finally it is the turn to the maid who is voted the queen of the evening. Her arms and wrists are firmly strapped to the poles of a rack, her legs spread wide and also strapped. Her lower back and abdomen are clinched between two horizontal bars. Perhaps only i realise what is in store for the maid, as this position happened to me once too. Indeed the maid is being prepared for branding. This is confirmed when a burning brazier is brought in. For me, this again is a proof of that "i am out of business".

His Lordship takes a hot iron from the flames and presses the figure "9" onto her mound, just a little left from her clit. Well strapped as she is, she can only squirm a little; but she screams out in her agony. Then, when after a few seconds the figure is deeply burnt into her flesh, the next iron is taken this is the figure "3". This is a shock for me as i am number 92, it is clear that the maid is my successor. The "3" is branded alongside the "9". Again the maid bellowing from pure agony, but she doesnt beg to stop, there is even a glint of triumph in her eyes when her eyes meet mine. After the figure is well branded in her mound my Lord waits a few moments, fingering the maid, which makes her squirm even more than the branding.

But, for me, the worst is to come! Now my Lord takes a hot iron again, and pushes that onto her right upper thigh. It is His Coat of Arms! Even after this long a time He had not branded me with His Coat of Arms. The maid is now definitely His property. And to remove any confusion, He takes a second iron and burns that too, right on her lower back just above her ass cheeks.

After this ordeal she is freed and she collapses in His Lordships arms, who comforts her as there is loud applause from the Guests. The party is coming to its end, many leave and my Lord accompanies the maid and Angel to His bedroom where He has His own private party, completely ignoring me.

Left behind and forgotten, i just lie there until a Bodyguard grabs me and drags me to a cell down in the dungeons. There He unzips and takes me merciless in my arse, and then He leaves me in the dark, the door cell locked. Alone and utterly distraught, i ponder my future. Will my Lord dispose of me? Will He sell me, snuff me in a slow and agonising way, maybe make me a work slave, toiling out on the estate lands, or will He simply cast me out. Many times i have fretted about what will happen to me, but now that the time is close for me to give birth, i am truly afraid and i cry myself to sleep.

Chapter 22 Breed Cow

Since the night of the bal masque, i have been kept in the cellar or the dungeon. Mostly, i am locked up in the cell. Early in the morning a guard or The Butler lets me out and leads by a leash attached to my collar to the washing area in the corner of the cellar, which is a grey concrete space with a drain. Usually, i am hoisted by my wrists, dangling in the air, or dancing on tiptoes, and then with an ice cold water hose, cleaned for the day. Presumably when the guards are here, my Lord is home, as He would need The Butler.

When i am thoroughly washed, i am let down onto my feet and dragged to the milking room as, for some time now, i have been lactating. This milking parlour has been specially prepared and has clean, sterile white tiles on the walls and floor with a stainless steel frame in the middle. They bend me over the frame, my hips supported by a bar, my legs widespread, my ankles, thighs and knees strapped to the legs of the frame, my feet hanging freely. Steel manacles ensure that my arms are pulled backwards, a bar in my arm pits. Although this position is not very painful; it makes me feel like i am a cow, or a laboratory animal, with my udders dangling down, my huge belly free and my cunt ready for use. To make it even more demeaning, they shove a leather hood over my head, cutting off my sight, but leaving my nose and mouth free. Finally they feed a hollow pipe down my throat.

The first time i am taken to the milking parlour, i have no idea what was going to happen. But They work quickly; wiping my udders with a moist towel and pushing suction cups onto my nipples. The machine is switched on, and there is a low bass sound together with the rhythm of the suction. At this stage it does not feel much as it is very slow. But then i feel how They pull and spread my cunt lips. And there to They shove a cup. And that one too is switched on. At once i feel the thrills directly on my clitoris and sensitive cunt lips. The Men check that all the cups are securely in place and then They turn the speed up.

The cups suck on my nipples, sucking out the milk from my swollen udders. This machine is an adaptation of a real cow milking machine and the cups suck out my milk. It is a pleasant sensation and the vacuum on my clitoris is forcing me to an orgasm and it does not take long before the first violent climax comes. Not lustful, but a purely physical one, just an explosion. But now hell starts. The Men leave the room, leaving this huge bellied cow on the frame, surrendered to the soulless machine continuing without interruption with the monotone suction. In, out, in, out, in, out, bringing the next forced orgasm and the next… The incessant suction becomes a torture. Unable to resist, unable to escape, eyes blinded in the leather hood. Again and again the vacuum pulls a climax out of my super-sensitive clit.

Designed for sucking many litres of milk from a cow, the non stop pump stretches my aching nipples forcing more milk from my poor tits. A muffled scream escapes from my throat and my body shakes and trembles in the frame. It is at this moment that the tube in my throat produces a thick bitter substance. Vitamins, protein, breeding stimulants, whatever it is, i have no choice than gulp it down. This liquid is now my only source of nourishment; i receive no solid food at all, and as usual, only water to drink.

“Tss tchook, tss tchook” the machine does its work; pulling, sucking, emptying my udders. This machine takes over my brain. It causes me no pain, but the endless forced climaxes work on the basic functions of my nerve centre; each climax degrading me further until i react only as an animal; an object to breed and produce milk.

Is it after an hour, or even two, that the pump is switched off? The hood is removed from my head and i am blinded by the sudden light. The bonds holding me on the frame are released and i am led unsteadily back to my cell. There, i collapse, exhausted, on a bare wooden bed.

Hours later, is it in the afternoon? The Men came back and again i am led to the milking machine. Babbling and muttering, i beg to be left alone, but to no avail. Again the cups are pushed onto my udders and my red engorged clitoris. Again, the nightmare of the ceaseless forced orgasms begins. The liquid feed which is dripped through the pipe and down my throat enhancing the milk production in my now tender udders.

“Tss tchook, tss tchook.” the machine sucks as my trapped body carrying my Lords heir trembles and shakes again under the almost continuous violent climaxes.

Having lost all sense of time, i am released from the frame. Is it in the evening that i am led back down to the dungeon cell for the night?

The next day, or evening, as down here in the dark, i have lost any sense of time; i am pulled out the cell again. Fearing that again i will be led to the cold water cleaning, and the subsequent milk machine i struggle and fight. But, of course, i am no match against the two strong Men. And, indeed, i am led to be washed down with the icy cold water, followed by the milk machine. While being strapped down to the frame, i cry and moan, but to no avail, and again i am attached to the milking machine and left in my own private hell of endless forced orgasms and milk production.

From time to time, one or other of The Men will come to me and pull the feeding tube from my throat, only to replace with Their rampant cocks, fucking my mouth and jetting Their sperm down my throat.

Day after day, this de-humanising treatment goes on. Once in a while i am visited by the old Doctor, who The Men laughingly refer to as “The Veterinarian”. He examines me as i am strapped to the milking frame, opening my holes, spreading my cunt, groping, swatting my udders, pulling and twisting my nipples. He finishes by shoving His dirty cock in my mouth. Hot acrid liquid shoots down my throat, is it His cum or His piss? i am so out of my mind that i cannot tell which.

After a few days of this treatment my mind drifts away, i am now indeed only a breeding object. It is almost as if i know when it is milking time and i start to get restless, waiting impatiently at the door to my cage. And later, when i am being taken off the milking machine at the end of a session i complain, begging for more, only it comes out as “mooooore.”  The Men joke that it sounds like i am mooing; just like a cow.

Once released from the cell, i lurch eagerly to the milking parlour. Happily, i am installed without a struggle on the machine, glad to be emptied from the milk in my painfully full udders, and my clit, already constantly engorged after the many sucks, waiting for again the thrills induced by the machine.

Several times, as i languish in my cell, desperate for the next milking time, i hear sounds in the adjacent area, where the tortures are usually carried out. Looking obliquely between the bars of the cell door, i can see it is the maid, taken by the household Men; which must mean that my Lord is not home, and… The Lady of the house. Never before have i known The Lady really participate in harsh treatment of the maid or myself; although it is true that She punished me harshly when She was training me. But now She is handling a riding crop, and The Men are holding the legs of the maid wide open, The Lady cropped harshly between the maids legs. The crop leaves deep cuts in the soft mound, folds and inner thighs of the girl.

The maid squirms, writhes and bucks, trying to avoid the painful whip. But, of course, The Men are too strong for her and hold her firmly. The maid screams and begs, and to my surprise finally the maid begs for mercy and for The Lady to stop. But, to some extent giving me some satisfaction, The Lady ignores the maids desperate pleas.

Although i cannot see, it must be that between the maids thighs, her soft and tender flesh is mashed, fully striped and blistered by now. The Lady ceases Her lashing, but it is only to allow The Men, one by one, to penetrate the maids bruised cunt with Their cocks, which certainly gives the maid no pleasure.

Enthralled, i stand pressed against the cage door, touching my own cunt to bring myself to a silent orgasm. After The Men finish fucking the maid, The Lady continues to crop between the legs of the maid, giving now a sloppy sound because of the sperm shot in her cunt, or is it because the fuck-hole has been whipped to a bloody mass. Just before the maid passes out, The Lady puts on a strap-on dildo. A huge dry leather dildo with metal knobs, not too sharp so that they cut, but they painfully scrape the girls battered cunt. It is not only very thick, but long too. When in one thrust, The Lady impales the maid, causing her to shriek in agony as the metal tip of the dildo mashes her womb.

The next day, i have almost forgotten the events of the previous evening as i happily waddle to the cleaning place and then to the milking machine, as my udders feel as though they are nearly bursting.

Every evening, the torture of the maid is repeated. It is The Butler and the other Men of the household present, never the bodyguards, so it must happen when my Lord is absent. The maid is dragged down for further treatment, led by The Lady. And each time i watch from the corner of my cell as best i can. One time, the maid is strapped firmly on a wooden rack. Her tits are clenched between two metal plates with bolts in the middle and at the ends. The three bolts are turned until her tits bulge, red and taut like balloons, her nipples protruding obscenely. She cries, but does not beg, at this stage.

Apparently there are small holes in the plates as, from the top; They push skewers, through the flattened tit flesh, until they protrude through the holes in the bottom plate. After just the first skewer she bellows from pure agony. But the men continued imperturbably, one by one shoving the spikes though the holes in the metal plate. Sometimes the spike scrapes over the plate in search of the bottom hole, which makes the maid shriek even more.

Although i feel some sympathy for the maid, the overwhelming feeling is one of excitement as i watch her suffering. But cow that i am, i fall back on the hard plank bed and drift into sleep. The maids howls wake me suddenly and i rush to the cage door to see that the skewers piercing the maids tits are heated; causing   excruciating agony as the heat spreads through the metal plates and skewers, boiling the inside of her tits. The screams and begging end when her head drops as she passes out.


The Doctor shoves His fist into my hole to check the dilation. He moulds my udders, groped my belly and mutters to The Men how many days left before the expected delivery. Too much absorbed by the milk machine, i do not hear His words.

More and more i have the nest urge, the big day is near. Because of the daze induced by the regular milking sessions, i am more or less unaware of whats happening in the surroundings; except of course sometimes in the evening when the maid was being tormented by the Lady and the household Men. Like this evening, i see how the maid is hoisted by chains, ending in meat hooks, hooked through her tits. In vain the maid begs for mercy, but The Men hoist her, and then let her fall, but her tiptoes stopped just above the floor, which makes the hooks dig deep into her tits, nearly tearing them off. Ignoring her shrieks again she is hoisted and again let fall. They repeat this until her tits get loose and the hooks tear off and she collapses on the floor. All Men take her in her arse and empty Themselves deep in her bowels while The Lady penetrates the throat with the usual strap on dildo.

Time hangs heavy and my swollen belly becomes a true burden. More than once i issue a sort of mooing noise as i lie, wretched in the dark cell, longing for deliverance. More and more eagerly, i waddle to the cleaning place followed without any protest by the milking room. Actually the vacuum cups are a great relief for my milk filled taut udders. Sometimes i am so dazed by the forced orgasms and the incessant alternated by the sleazy Doctor; his wad so transparent it could be piss, and sometimes not even interested to the howling maid when again submitted to atrocities.

The maid is made to sit on a wooden throne, the entire surface of which is covered with spikes; her arms are strapped to the spiked armrests, her throat trapped into a metal band, a glowing bed of coal. Her cunt is spread fully open and exposed; ready for another hellish torture. A funnel is inserted and hot water poured into it. While her head is thrown back in agony, her mouth wide open, The Lady quickly grabs her tongue with a set of pincers and roughly pulls it out. It makes the maid howl even more, but now The Butler takes over and twists and pulls until the poor girls tongue is torn away.

Suddenly i feel a stab of pain, my waters gush out between my legs and i moan a sort of mooing sound; begging for deliverance. When The Men come to release me from the cell, as the cow i have become, i stagger to the usual pace, but now instead i am led to another room. In my fuddled state, i am barely aware of the maid already present.

The maids neck is trapped by a sort of metal bar so that she is choking, her wrists shackled to the end of the bar. She is impaled on a wooden pole in her arse, probably with a sharp tip, her hair is pulled up and bound to an overhead dangling rope, her legs widespread and bound by the ankles with rope with sufficient slack. At this moment her bare feet rest on big ice blocks, which are slippery and are slowly melting, but her ankles have enough slack to allow the downward movement. But, of course, her hair becomes more and more taut, pulling at her scalp and giving her face a grimace.

On the other side of the room is a rack and i am led to it, my wrists bound to a horizontal overhead bar and my ankles and upper legs are strapped together with leather straps. Then They let me dangle with closed my legs, labouring with my huge belly and my heavy udders. As i hang there, clearly suffering and mooing plaintively, one by one the audience enter, Men from the household, The Lady of the House but not my Lord. They "check" my hanging body, but then turn Their attention to the maid. They make her scream, muffled by the choking metal band, and her body bucking and writhing under heavy whiplashes.

One Man takes a razor knife and moves to the back of the maid. There he makes a square cut around the arm of the maid; he shoves two fingers in the cut and peels off the branded skin. Her bellowing clearly makes The Mens cocks hard, but The Lady blushes as She watches.

The Lady then takes a position on her belly, her ass high, bent over a bench. The Lady is impaled in Her arse. As the common people are not allowed to use Her pussy She is wearing a sort of chastity belt preventing entry into that hole but leaving Her arse uncovered. While this is going on, there is always one Man torturing the maid and the Coat of Arms branded on her thigh is also removed by skinning her thigh.

Only half aware of the hellish scene being acted out in front of me, i labour heavily, my hips gyrating in the restraints. But my suffering is only just starting. One Man takes a glowing iron out from the fire and presses the hot iron against my lower back. Then, with the smell of my burning flesh filling the air, He shows me the branding iron; it is my Lords Coat of Arms. Together with my howls of agony, The Lady screams Her orgasm and The Man fucking Her roars as He shoots His hot load into Her. The maid, unable to speak coherently, tries to beg for mercy, her tiptoes desperately trying to maintain her stance on the ice blocks.

The tension mounted around the room with one slut suffering, the other struggling for life, and The Lady bucking crying out from pure lust, Her hands reaching backwards to part her ass-cheeks. While the impaling spear was slowly sliding up through the maids body, a Man standing behind her cuts with the razor over her spine, opening up a flap of skin on her back. Meanwhile, i am screaming with the pain of labour but can not proceed because of my strapped thighs. And the huge prick pistons in and out of The Lady.

Suddenly the maid slips from the ice blocks, and she slides further and further down the pole that invades her ass and up through her body and her hair is ripped agonisingly from her scalp. At the same time the straps around my ankles and legs are cut and my ankles tied to an overhead beam, making my body drop down until my legs are split sideways. This allows the head of the baby to stretch my birth canal. Two Men standing behind me start to lash my back with heavy bullwhips, and the birth starts; my screams mixing with the rattle of the maid in her death throws and The Ladys lustful moans.

With a terrible shriek, i manage to push down and the baby is delivered. It is caught in a metal bowl thickly lined with towels. The Lady frees herself and rushes to the newborn. One of the Men cuts the umbilical cord and The Lady picks up the bowl with the baby in it and She rushes out.

From the corner of my eye, i can see the wretched maid's head is pulled backwards as she shakes and bucks. Then, horrifyingly, the spear emerges through her gullet, her face pulled into a terrible grimace. The sudden quietness is unreal, broken only by the last bucking and rockings of the maid as i fall into unconsciousness.

Chapter 24 A Happy Life

Some time later, i am woken up by some-one moving around the room. It is a pretty… no, a beautiful nurse. She is wearing a pale blue uniform and her blonde hair is pulled back in a pony tail.

Noticing that i am awake, she asks brightly, “How do you feel? Are you hungry?”

“Aching all over,” i reply, “but, yes, i am hungry, thank you.”

She leaves the room, returning about ten minutes later with a light breakfast of fruit juice, cereal and milk, toast and coffee.

She gets me sitting up the fact that, even here, i am naked doesnt appear to bother her at all. And then she says, “Eat up. Ill be back later to give you a bed-bath.” And she leaves me to enjoy what to me is the rare treat of juice and hot coffee; out of a proper cup!

While i wait for the nurse to come back, i take in my surroundings. This is clearly a private clinic and the room is peaceful, well equipped and has nice views from the window. There appears to be a small adjoining bathroom to one side of the room.

The nurse returns after about an hour, gets me to lie back down. When she peels back the bed-clothes, i gasp as i see my body covered in deep purple bruises and welts. She gets a basin of hot soapy water from the bathroom and, sitting on the edge of the bed, she begins to wash me, starting with my face and working slowly and gently down.

As she works, she asks, “So, are you really a slave and a whore, like it says here?” as she runs Her finger over the words burnt into my lower belly.

“Yes, i am a slave,” i reply, “and a whore, not in the sense that i take money for sex, but in the sense that i am always available for use… by any-one but only with the permission of my Lord.”

She asks about my life as a slave and how i came to be a slave. As i answer her questions i watch her face, expecting to see signs of disapproval, or even revulsion, but i detect only curiosity and interest.

“It must be a hard life,” She comments.

“It can be tough at times,” i reply, “being whipped and tortured is not pleasant and i get no pleasure from it; but i endure it because my Lord wishes me to. And i adore Him. The pain is His gift to me and my suffering is my gift to Him. Being my Lords slave is what i was born for and, truly, i am content with my life. In fact i cant really recall my pre slave time.”

As she washes my tits udders, as i have come to think of them since my frequent sessions on the milking machine i groan; they are swollen with the milk i still produce and they are tender. The nurse notices and goes off the fetch a pump to express my milk, leaving me lying naked on the bed with the room door wide open.

She comes back and attaches the pump to my left nipple. It is a much gentler action than the industrial type machine i am used to and it is a very pleasurable sensation. By the time both udders have been emptied, i am quite aroused. A fact that does not escape the nurse as by now she is washing my cunt.

“Naughty girl!” she chides and she slaps me, hard, on my cunt. But there is a wicked smile on her face. “you really are a slut, arent you?”

“Yes, Miss… Kirsty, i am, its what i am,” i apologise as i read her name on the badge pinned to her uniform, just above her full left breast.

“So, if I wanted to…” starts the nurse.

“Yes, of course, whatever You want of me,” i reply, guessing Her thoughts.

Nothing more is said as she continues to wash me, working down my legs before turning me over and washing my back, starting from my feet and working all the way up. She pauses to run a finger over my brand marks and whip scars as she does so.

Finished, she takes away the basin of water, then closes and locks the room door, turning back to me with a smile on her face as i lie, nude and exposed on the bed. She hoists her uniform and i watch as she slips her panties down over her hips and down her long legs. She steps out of them and tosses them onto the chair before crossing to the bed and climbing up, straddling my head.

“Lick me, slave!” she orders as she lowers herself and i stretch up, breathing in the sweet aroma of her arousal and licking those puffy, moist lips. It does not take long before she is moaning in pleasure and then she starts to grind her hips and she humps against my face as she brings herself off.

She slumps down with her sweet pussy covering my mouth but i am unable to move and can only taste her nectar as it oozes into my mouth and around my face, leaving it sticky with Her sweet juices. Eventually, the nurse climbs off and puts her panties back on. As she leaves the room, she turns and smiles, “W/we are going to have fun while you are here, slave.”

The rest of the day is spent resting, but, sometime during the night, i am awoken by someone entering the room and locking the door. In the low light, i can make out the figure of a short, fat black woman wearing a nurses uniform, the night nurse, i guess.

Just as nurse Kirsty had done, this woman pulls up her uniform and removes her knickers as i watch silently. But, whereas nurse Kirsty wore a lacy little thong, this woman has big, very big, pants.

She struggles to clamber up onto the bed, but when she does, she throws one fat leg over my body and whispers for me to slide down until my head is positioned between her thighs. She doesnt have to tell me what to do as she lowers herself and my world is engulfed by masses of flesh.

Dutifully, i lick and suck; mercifully she is clean and has a not unpleasant aroma, as my face is surrounded by her meaty thighs, belly and pussy. This one doesnt hump my face and i am made to work my tongue deep into her wet slit in order to bring her off. It seems to take forever, but I stick to my task until, finally, i hear a hissed “yessssssss!!!” muffled by the flesh that surrounds me and she lifts off me.

Without a word, the nurse slips off the bed, puts her big knickers back on and leaves me alone.

But not for long. It feels as though i have hardly slid myself back up the bed before the door opens again. This time, i can make out four Men in hospital scrubs. They surround the bed and pull me round until my head is hanging over one side. Straight away, one of the Men pulls down His trousers and presents His Dick to me. Instinctively, i open my mouth and He shoves His semi hard Cock right in. hands grip my throat and roughly grope my udders, as the Mans Cock grows harder and thicker and longer and He starts to fuck my mouth.

Before too long He shoots His load and i drink down His hot spunk, reaching out and taking hold of His hips as i suck up every drop before releasing hold. He is quickly replaced by a second Man and each one of Them takes a turn at fucking my willing mouth and throat. When They are all finished, They leave, without having uttered a word and i am left to get myself back properly into bed.

The next day and night follows the same pattern, but on the following day, nurse Kirsty gets me up out of bed, helping me as i shuffle around the room like an old woman. It least i get to shower in the adjoining bathroom a lovely hot shower; a rare luxury for me and i feel much better for it.

When i emerge from the bathroom, nurse Kirsty is sitting on the chair with her legs thrown over the arms and her lovely pussy on display.

“Down,” She orders, “and crawl over here.”

Obediently, i drop to my hands and knees and crawl across until my face is inches from Her clearly wet snatch. Without waiting to be told, i enthusiastically eat Her out and soon She reaches a shattering climax.

This is the pattern for the remainder of my stay in the clinic, serving nurse Kirsty by day and my silent visitors during the night. All these people using me for Their pleasure, but i dont get to cum once; and im horny as hell. Just the way my Lord likes me to be.      

But soon the bruises start to fade, the aches ease and i am considered well enough recovered to leave the clinic. As i am leaving, nurse Kirsty hugs me and whispers, “you are amazing, I wish I could play with you properly. Id love to watch you take a whipping.”

“Erm, thank You, Miss.” i reply. “And thank You for taking care of me.” 

Two of my Lords Bodyguards take me home, but instead of taking me to the house, They take me to a small out-building, some distance from the main house. On entering, i am pleasantly surprised to find that this building has been converted in to a little cottage, ideal for one person. There is a bedroom with a comfortable king-sized bed, a kitchenette and a shower room; a hot shower pure luxury; especially when compared to the stark living conditions i have been used to over the three years of my slavery. In the small lounge area, i notice that there are hooks and pulleys attached to the exposed roof beams and a locked cabinet contains whips, clamps, chains etc. There is even a television, though i find that it is set up only to show DVDs, not real programmes. The bodyguards inform me that this is to be my new home. All facilities are here for my sex-training; there are books and DVDs, but only on subjects which could enlarge my knowledge of techniques of sex and submission.

The Bodyguards tell me that my Lord wishes me to continue my training, so i am to exercise rigorously to keep my body supple, flexible and lithe. But also to use the books and DVDs to improve my mind in the ways of slavery. Literature, like the Kama Sutra or 1001 Nights and DVDs like L Histoire d'O or movies showing submissive women serving their Dom(me)s and suffering bondage and pain are available and are renewed weekly.

LHistoire dO is my favourite and i watch the DVD and read the book again and again. It reminds of the time when, as a teenager back Ireland, i first read the book and how i so much wanted to be like O. She was my roll model and reading that book set me off on my own journey to glorious slavery.

Another change, which pleases me greatly, is that The Butler has been dismissed. He was so cruel to me.

The grey maid visits daily to check whether there is enough food and, if needed, to bring clean towels or bedclothes. Otherwise, i am generally left alone.

In the training scheme, i am allowed to run and do exercises outside in the estate. Because The Butler worked me so very hard to get me back in shape after i had given birth, i dont want to waste that effort and so, just walking for the first few days, i begin to push myself to run and exercise every day. Summer is gone and it is getting colder but still i am constantly naked, except that i am permitted to wear a sports bra when i am running so that my enlarged udders are supported and do not bounce too much.

In the meantime, i try discretely to get some information about the household and particularly about the child… my child. But the maid still disapproves of me and is not very talkative and will tell me nothing. Once, while i am out on the terrace when it is sunny, i am sure that i can hear a babys cries, but as there are several women about and it is in the distance, i can not be sure and i dare not approach any closer.

Watching the DVD of L Histoire dO reminds me of when, as an 18 year old back in Ireland, i first read the book. Instantly, O became my heroine and i knew that i wanted… no, i had to follow the same road to total subjugation. But it took nearly ten years for my Sir Stephen to find and enslave me.

In between His many trips away and the calls of political life, His Lordship visits my little cottage as often as possible, taking me to the comfortable bed. Not only am i a slave, but now His mistress too. When He plans to visit me, the maid will tell me during her daily visit and she also provides me with lingerie for me to wear for my Lord; basques, corsets, suspenders, stockings and high heels, all in various but matching colours and of course very stylish. Make-up, perfume and cosmetics are also provided so that i may look my best for my Lord.

Only occasionally am i strung up and whipped. Other times the visits of my Lord are for gentle lovemaking. But always i feel pride and excitement every time He penetrates me or slaps me, or even the time He lashed me so hard that He broke a bamboo cane on my ass. After that, for the next days, i was too sore to exercise.

One time, my Lord has been out walking and He brings two of His Dogs with Him. As usual, i am waiting, on my knees with my knees spread wide, hands behind my head with my eyes lowered and my firm tits pushed out in presentation. On this occasion, i have chosen a black basque, which leaves my udders, cunt and ass exposed, black stockings and heels.

It so happens that i have just been watching a DVD featuring women having sex with animals. To please my Lord, i put on a show with the two Dogs. Wanting to put on the best show possible and guessing that it has been some time since the Dogs have cum certainly it is months since i serviced Them, i suck both. They quickly produce so much spunk that i cant swallow it down and it spills from the corners of my mouth. Greedily, i lap up every spilt drop from the bellies of the Dog and from the floor. After just a brief rest, both are ready for me again. The Dogs are well trained and used to fucking me. The first mounts me in a frenzy, nearly forcing me down onto my belly, His big, hard Cock ripping open my arse and cunt, making me moan and cry out, especially when i feel the knot swell within me. And then i must wait patiently, ass to ass with the Dog until His knot goes down and He can pull away.

While my Lord takes The Dogs back to Their compound, i am ordered to clean myself up, but to leave my face as it is.

Going to the bathroom, i strip; the stockings are ruined and the basque i had put on is also torn by The Dogs claws. To freshen my mouth, i brush my teeth and look at my reflection in the mirror; lipstick smeared, eye make-up smudged by the tears that came as The Dogs thick Cocks stretched my throat and traces of dried dog cum around my mouth and chin and in my hair. Truly this is the face of a depraved spunk-bitch. But this is only the start; the best is yet to come as i relish the thought of my Lords magnificent Cock.

Quickly i use the detachable shower head to thoroughly wash all around my cunt and ass, then i dry myself, apply fresh perfume and dress in a white corset, white opaque hold-up stockings which come up to about three inches above my knees and white heels. The look is of a naughty Victorian harlot, i think.

When He returns, i fall to my knees and worship His gorgeous Member, licking, stroking and sucking It. It is truly adorable and i am so lucky that He permits me to worship It and drink down His precious sperm, which i soon am. He leads me to bed and spends the next hour or so fucking my in a variety of positions; now doggy style, now with me on my back with my legs spread wide and high in the air and so on.

In the afterglow, i think that i must be the luckiest slave girl in the world to be the possession of such a wonderful Owner.  

"May your humble slave speak," i ask.

"Yes cumface, what is it?"

"Your black stallion, Tarzan, had pleasure with my cunt, but He has never had my arse."

"Well… mmm… it is his birthday next week.”


In the yard are my Lord and the Horse handler with two assistants. They had decided that first there should be some foreplay. On my knees, i am made to suck and wank the Cock of another of my Lords Horses. While one of the assistants smears some lubricant around my cunt and anus my tongue laps at the little split hole in the gland and i shove the huge Cock into my mouth; lips stretched around
the shaft as, with both hands, i stroke the thick shaft all the way up to His huge ball sack. Eagerly, i swallow the thick pre-cum. Fully naked and total shameless, i am doing what i was born for, pleasuring a Cock.

When the Cock is hard and long, They shove a narrow wooden plank under The Horse. They lay me on it, my head hanging over the edge. On both flanks of The Horse, They pull up my legs, and my ankles are strapped with leather bridles over the back of the horse. A pile of horse blankets are shoved under my lower back, so that my belly is pressed against the stomach of The Horse. One of the assistants manoeuvres the hard Cock against my swollen cunt lips. The other swats The Horses rump with a crop. In His reflex, The Horse jolts forward, impaling me with His huge Cock and i shriek at the shock of the sudden penetration. Suspended by my ankles, i can only ride with the hard Cock deep inside my painfully stretched cunt. It rips open my cunt, ravaging my lips and mashing against my womb.

One of the assistants, dressed as a jockey, jumps on the back of The Horse, occasionally swatting The Horses flanks with a riding crop. As The Horse is held by bridles to a frame with His legs framed by rope too, He rocks His hips, thus shoving His massive Cock deeper in me.

Almost overwhelmed, my basic instinct takes over; which is only to pleasure the Cock that is abusing my insides as i am nothing but a whore and slave of everything my Lord wishes.

Wriggling and writhing around the huge Cock impaling me, my eyes roll back like a crazy woman as climax after climax explode within my whole being. Only vaguely aware, all, except my Lord, comment admiring my sluttish stamina and lust. One Man cant hold back and he gropes and claws at my udders with one hand while jerking His Cock with His other hand. Then He squats down and shoves his hard prick into my gaping mouth, holding me by the neck, he makes my mouth, gullet and throat into one long fuck channel, pistoning His hard shaft deep in me. Soon my mind is totally gone and i am climaxing, and shaking in a frenzy around both Cocks, human and equine.

Suddenly The Horse rocks forwards, His thick ribbed gland mashing my womb while He spurts a flood of thick white spunk. The white liquid foams along my stretched swollen cunt lips, oozing down my loins and my ass crack on to the wooden plank beneath me. Howling around the pumping Cock filling my mouth, i climax continuously; my mind floating in deep frenzied orgasms on the waves of the spurting Horse cum.

Exhausted, i pass out momentarily and, as i regain consciousness i feel that my ankles are being freed. Both assistants grab my shoulders and drag me, face down to a pillory-like wooden frame. Too out of it to walk, my feet drag along the ground and horse spunk runs down my thighs. They fix my head and wrists in the pillory part, a wooden panel is fitted over the top to protect my head, back and shoulders from The Horses hooves. Hardly aware of whats happening, my head hangs down, my hips slowly wriggling as if in anticipation of the next coming Cock. On my back, They place a blanket which has been impregnated with the scent of a mare in heat. Finally They grease my arse and cunt holes with a brush; the birthday present for Tarzan is ready.

One of the assistants, the one dressed as a jockey, leads the jumpy horse. His nostrils flaring wide open; snorting and whinnying, Tarzan is obviously excited. Catching the scent of a ruttish mare has made His Cock grow to a stiff pole, spotted, pink and dangling. The jockey had difficulty controlling The Horse. Then they move forward towards the frame where i willingly wait, ready to be taken. Tarzan rears up and tramples with His fore-hooves. The jockey guides Him forward, and again Tarzan rears up, His hooves clattering on the plank above my head and His huge body looming over me.

Now, i am really scared; firstly that the plank wont hold His weight and He will fall and crush me, and secondly, what damage will that enormous Cock do to my insides?

He makes a few thrusts of his strong hips but then, without help of the jockey who just holds His bridles, His monstrous gland finds my arse hole and with a victorious whinny from Tarzan and an animal-like shriek of agony from me, He impales my narrow rear hole. His conquering whinnies mix with my bellowing of surrender to His mighty pole which rips open my ass-ring.

Each impaling thrust forward feels as though it is shredding open my bowels; tearing screams from me, as He whinnies with equine power. His back hooves planted firmly in the sandy soil give His hips extra power for the position deep inside me. Each bang forward drills through my spine directly to my degraded brains. Struggle as i might, there is no possible way to escape from His penetration. Part of my Cock-addled brain is afraid that i will be somehow ruined, but on the other hand, i dont want to pass out in case i should disappoint my Lord's favourite stud-horse. Crazed, out of my mind, i am an animal, my basic inner instinct takes over and i am a female and a slave, a slave being used for what i am at this moment; a horse's whore. And i cum non stop, each orgasm making me cry out louder and longer.

At that moment Tarzan shoots His load, flooding my bowels, and some white foam oozes out between the ribbed shaft and my frayed, ravaged ass-ring. Happily, the softening Cock pops out of my now gaping hole, all His semen gushing out and dripping down my thighs.

Exhausted as i am; i am also proud at having served my Lords Horse. “Happy birthday, Tarzan,” i croak, before i pass into unconsciousness.


For the next few months of winter i settle into something of a routine, keeping myself in shape and serving my Lord, His Friends, His Dogs and now His Horses too. Sometimes i am taken to the cellar dungeon or i am trussed up in the back of a van or in the boot of my Lords car and taken to parties which could last all weekend. At these parties orgies really i am used relentlessly. At times i am strung up and the whip snaps on my vulnerable body. At other times my holes are filled with a seemingly endless succession of Cocks or i am made to lick the pussies of any other women present; including Lady Angel. 

Often, while i am occupied servicing all these Cocks, in the background, a large television screen will be showing recordings of me being whipped or otherwise tortured or of me kneeling, sucking the Cocks of my Lords Dogs or Horses. Certainly my degradation is complete; i am what my Lord has made me, a sex slave, a painslut, a bitch to the different Dogs, a mare to the Horses.

One time i was taken in a small cage in the back of a van to a building which looked like a warehouse. Inside, there were dozens of Men and maybe eight other girls, who were naked or nearly naked. However, my Lord made it clear to the Men that these other girls were there to serve drinks and snacks and that i, cumface, was to be the centre of attention. He introduced me by saying, “Gentlemen, welcome. For those of you who are not acquainted with this slut, this is the slave cumface and she is here for your pleasure. Use the whore as you wish; all her holes are available to you… all weekend.” As i listened in horror, it was explained that the orgy was to last all weekend and that any of the Men there could leave and return as They wished and that there would, in all probability, be more arriving. There would be sessions lasting about five hours followed by a one hour break. Each session would begin with 25 strokes of a leather strap to various parts of my body.

At that point, two Men grabbed my arms and led me to where two shackles hung from chains from an overhead beam. Quickly, the shackles were locked around my wrists and the chains hauled up and apart until i was stretched in a Y shape with just my toes touching the floor. Apparently a name had been drawn and the nominated Man stepped forward holding a nasty looking strap which He cracked through the air ominously as He looked me in the eye with a cruel smirk on His face.

Then, He moved behind me and took His position and, immediately i heard the hiss as the strap swished through the air and that all too familiar line of fire flashed through my back as the strap landed across my back. The shock of the impact caused my head to jerk back and my toes to lose contact with the floor and i swung from my arms. Before i could regain contact with the floor, the second lash landed. The stokes came thick and fast as i jerked and twisted in my bonds, trying both to regain contact with the floor and to dodge the lash. In both, i was unsuccessful.

They released me after the 25 strokes and i collapsed in a heap on the floor. But, immediately i was picked up and thrown onto a large mattress covered with a rubber sheet.

A voice called out, “Number 1,” and a Man stepped forward as i lay sprawled on the mattress. It seemed that the Men had all been given a number and that They would have use of me in number order.

The Man stood over me and snarled, “Beg me for it, bitch.”

Knowing better than to disobey, i looked up and said, “Please, i want Your Cock. Please fuck me, any way You want.”      

The Man laughed as He took out His Cock, then He grabbed me, turned me over and pulled me up onto my hands and knees, positioned Himself behind me and plunged Himself into my juicy cunt.

“Number 2,” came the call and a second Man presented His Cock to my face. Obediently i opened my mouth and He jammed His thick Cock right to the back of my throat. The two Men established a rhythm as They fucked me from both ends; the thrusts into my cunt pushing me onto the Cock in my mouth and vice versa.

Pretty soon, i received the gift of both loads of spunk but as soon as one of my holes became vacant, a number would be called and another Man took His place. They roughly turned me this way and that, always two Men and often three using me. Needless to say, i was a mess, my body covered in cum and i was lying in a pool of it on the rubber sheet. Mentally, i was a mess too; They were fucking my brains out, everything was a haze and the Mens faces were just a complete blur.

Eventually, i became aware that They had stopped fucking me; it was time for my break, but not before i was made to slurp up the cocktail of sperm puddle on the rubber sheet. Two of the other girls then came to me and helped me up off the mattress. The girls were wearing rubber aprons and long rubber gloves and they helped me to an old toilet block, tiled from floor to ceiling.

Although they were as gentle as they could be, it still hurt as they cleaned me. “sorry, hon, theres no hot water,” whispered one as she turned a cold water hose onto me, but i was so out of it that the chill of the water jet barely registered in my fucked out brain. The girls used fragrant shampoo and body wash to clean me off before using the hose again to rinse me down and gently patting me dry with big towels.

Then they gave me a large glass filled with a kind of fruit smoothie. “Drink this, youll need it to keep your energy level up,” said one as she held the glass to my lips. When i had finished the drink, they lay me down on a pile of old sacks and quickly i fell into an exhausted sleep. 

It felt like only moments later that one of the girls was shaking me awake. “im really sorry, hon, but its time for your next session.” As two of the girls helped me to my feet, i groaned loudly as my body ached all over. Ignoring my groans, they started to lead me out into the warehouse, but first, one of them took blobs of lube and gently rubbed it around my cunt and ass holes. “youll need this,” she whispered as i was passed to two Men. They pulled me over to an upright steel pillar and secured me to it with my arms pulled up and behind my head. This time, my udders were to be the target for the strap. Desperately, i searched around the room for my Lord and i found Him standing at the back, quietly observing my torture. 

By the time i had received the 25 strokes, my poor udders were throbbing and glowing bright red. The bonds were released and again i sank to the ground but one of the grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked me painfully to my feet. He dragged me back to the mattress and pushed me to my knees.

His Lordship stepped forward and announced, “This session will start with cumface as a bukkake slut. Gentlemen, would the first 27 take your places.” And 27 or so Men moved to stand around the mattress while the rest looked on, awaiting Their turn.

The Man closest to me presented His Cock and, instinctively, i took Him into my mouth and sucked. After about a minute or so, He pushed me off Him and told me to move to the next Man. This was how it worked; i crawled from one to another while They kept Their Cocks hard, assisted by the other girls. When one of the Men was about to cum, He would call out and i had to crawl to Him to accept His sperm over my face, hair and chest. Then, when one of the Men had shot His load, He would step back and His place would be taken by one of those waiting His turn.

Needless to say, i was soon a complete mess, cum all over my face and i had to keep my eyes tightly closed. So, now, i stayed where i was and the Men moved round.

How long this went on for was difficult to say, maybe two hours, but my jaw ached terribly and my throat was sore.

Finally, the bukkake was over, but i was allowed no time to rest. Immediately, a shallow dish is put into my hands and I am instructed to use my fingers to wipe the cum from my face and into the dish. When They are satisfied that i have got most of the cum in the dish, i am made to bend my head back with my mouth wide open and the contents of the dish is poured down my throat. Then i was dragged and pushed into position on all fours and i was impaled in my ass by the first of many Cocks in this second session.

Before the end of this session, i was completely out of it and i have no memory of the rest of the marathon weekend.  


The next thing i know, i am lying, alone, cold and naked on the floor in my little cottage. When i try to move, i realize that my body aches all over. Slowly and carefully, i drag myself into the bedroom, crawl into bed and fall into a deep sleep.

When I finally wake up, i feel refreshed but my body still aches. Deciding that a hot shower might help, i gingerly get out of bed and shuffle to the bathroom. Catching sight of myself in the bathroom mirror, i gasp as i see my body. It is covered in bruises, especially in the areas which had been the targets for the strap; my udders, belly, upper back, buttocks and thighs, both back and front. But these areas also have thin welts, like a whip or crop had been used. And i cant even remember. 

Stepping under the hot shower jet, i wince and cry out as the steaming water hits my battered body but the pain eases and after gently patting myself dry with a large warm fluffy towel, i feel much better.

It then that realize how hungry and thirsty i am and i wonder how long it is since i have eaten or drank anything; apart from massive amounts of spunk, of course. So, i go to the kitchen, sip some water and prepare some soup which is both warming and comforting i eat it. After eating, i go back to bed and sleep soundly.


Several days later i am somewhat recovered, although the bruises and welts are still vivid on my body. A DVD is given to me by the maid on the daily visit. On the DVD, is written “cumfaces marathon gangbang”. The maid tells me that i am to watch it immediately and that i must watch from start to finish.

It is, of course, an edited version of the gangbang last weekend. As i watch, i am brought in, receive the first dose of the strap and am fucked by the first of the Men. After about 15 minutes, i am shown being led away by two of the other girls and the scene then changes to me being brought back out to receive the second strapping.

Then the bukakke session is shown, which finishes with me totally covered with jizz and then having the dish of cum cocktail poured down my throat.

The DVD continues with me being whipped and fucked over and over again and as it goes on i am more and more out of it; conscious but completely unaware. When i fail to respond to orders from the Men, i receive many sharp slaps to my face and buttocks. But when i still dont respond, i am roughly manhandled into the required position. And then i am fucked again and again. A close up of my face shows a thick Cock buried to the hilt in my throat but my eyes are blank and unseeing.  

And so it goes on, until at the end i am have the shorter end of a double ended penis gag pushed into my mouth and strapped in place. One of the Men then drags me by the hair across to where all the other girls are sitting on a row of chairs. “Im sure cumface would like to reward these girls for their assistance this weekend.” He cuffed my hands behind my back and pushed me to my knees. Then i was dragged to the first girl and made to use the penis gag to fuck her to orgasm. This was repeated on the second girl until they had all been brought to a climax.

The DVD is brought to a close by showing a still of me as i was brought into the room at the beginning of the gangbang, looking clean, fit and alert. The picture changed to one of me at the end, unable to stand, i am supported by a naked girl on either side of me; my body is battered and bruised and there is a blank look on my face. Finally, there is a shot of me on my knees at the end of the bukakke session; my features totally obliterated by all the cum covering my face, hair and chest.

Under this image of me, a caption appears, saying,

“cumface the slut

cumface whore

cumface the slave”

After a while, the caption changes to read,

“cumfaces gangbang lasted 44 hours & 23 minutes.

87 Men fucked the whore”

Then the screen faded to black and the DVD ends.

There are tears in my eyes as i watch; but there is also a wetness between my thighs and involuntarily i start to rub and finger my lusty nub. 


Such events obviously take time for me to recover. But, im sure that my fitness regime helps me both during the sessions and my recovery afterwards.

As Winter gives way to Spring i more regularly jog in the estate grounds, naked but for a sports bra to keep my udders from bouncing too much.

One of these warm evenings i reach a darker patch of woodland. Suddenly i hear some human voices. Curious, i sneak towards the spot where the noises are coming from. In a small clearing i gasp in surprise at what i see. The petite maid is naked and bent over a fallen tree, surrounded by about a dozen Men, who look from the way They are dressed like They could be a motorbike gang. The maid is being fucked from behind. The other Men are lying around half naked drinking beer, apparently either resting after Their turn or waiting to straddle her. Her screams and groans are loud, but she does not seem to be reluctant.

Behind a tree i squat and observe the scene, one hand reaching down to my cunt and fingering myself. After the third Man shoots His load in one of her holes, it is clearly the Leader's turn. Heavily built, long beard, strong and powerful.

From this distance i can not see the size of His Cock, but it has to be a monster as the maid bellows as He enters her. In vain her arms push backwards, trying to get Him off. He only grins as He thrusts His Cock deep in her, her belly crushed against the rough wood.

Watching the scene, i frig my cunt wildly and i cum violently just as the Leader shoots His load deep into the nude maid.

Then she is dragged to the lower part of the tree and again bent over it. A Sheepdog is led in. Without command the Dog mounts the maid, the sight making me gasp out loud. It is clearly not the first time the maid was humped by a Dog. Her eyes crossed and glazed, drool oozing from the corner of her mouth, her tongue dangling out of her mouth, she looks to be the perfect bitch, taken by the male Dog. From this distance her roaring lust can clearly be heard. The Dog grips his paws around her waist, His fat Cock buried deep in her thoroughly fucked and smeared hole. His tongue dangling on her neck, His mouth over her head, the scene is perfect.

After a long fuck the Dog shoots His brackish load deep in the maid. As soon as His knot has subsided, His place is taken by the next Dog, a heavy Rottweiler. If the maids frail body was not bent over the tree she would collapse under the heavy battering of the strong Dog. But again it is obvious that her female lust is fully inflamed. After again having cum, i creep away, afraid that i would be discovered.

The next day by chance is the day the maid comes to my little house. As soon as i see her, i cant not help asking, "Well how was the evening with the gang?"

The maid looks surprised but her eyes are glistening, "well," she says, “it was not a gang, they are my family; brothers, stepbrothers and cousins."

W/we look a little shyly at each other. Both having no knowledge about the greed of the other. Inescapably we become attracted to each other like magnets. The maid strips we slide together on my bed. Surprisingly she is wearing no underwear. Her body is very slim and she has almost no tits; like the body of a young girl. Passionately we kiss and work our tongues and fingers on our hard nipples and moist cunts. Clasped into each other, we both reach many orgasms.

As we lie in the afterglow, the maid asks me about my name.

“You know my name, its cumface.”

“No, I mean your real name.”

“That name belongs to another person, another life; cumface is the slave name given to me by His Lordship and, because He gave me the name, i am happy with it. But if you prefer, just call me slave, or slut or whore or bitch; anything like that because I am all of those things.”

She tells me that her name is astrid and does not press me further about my past name.


The maid now takes any opportunity to sneak into the cottage and so that we can make love to each other. She explores new techniques with me. After having fisted each others holes, she spreads my thighs to the maximum and she opens the petals of my slippery cunt. First with her tongue, then with her little finger she rubs my urethra. Slowly she enters this little pee-hole in the beginning only with a pencil, but later a finger, and after a while, a whole finger. Soon she has me yelling from pure ecstasy.

One time after relaxing after a great sex session, i pluck up the courage to ask, "How is it going with His Lordship's child?"

The answer was very disturbing to me: "which one?"

"Euuhh, does He have more than one?"

"Yes of course, dont you know? Twins; a boy and a girl."

This answer makes me very puzzled, as now i had no idea which one is mine; or how it is even possible that there are twins. Surely the boy must be mine. That could be the reason i have been spared. But much as i press the maid for more information, she either can not or will not tell me more.

One evening, after we have fisted each other into multiple orgasms, in each hole a fist, we are resting interlaced with our dripping cunts against each. Suddenly the door bursts open. The leader of the biker gang stands looking down on the two of us, accompanied by five of His rough gang members.

"So, stupid cunt, there you are.”

Before we can react, He twists some of the maids hair around His fist and yanks her out of the bed on all fours. As He pulls her face up, He slaps her again and again until her cheeks are bright red; His handprints clear on her face. Another Man doesnt wait, He zips open His pants and squats behind her and shoves His fat Cock deep into her wet cunt, her cries mixed with the slapping sound. Then number three straddles the maid and impales her arse.

The two others grab me and throw me on my back, my head over the edge of the bed. One grips my neck causing me to open my mouth, and He shoves in His Cock deep into my throat. Holding my neck with His big rough hands, He bangs and rocks His Cock past my gullet, His hairy ball sack slaps against my nose and face, while another climbs on me between my raised legs and mercilessly penetrates my cunt.

Soon the maid and i are being roughly used, tossed between the Men, no hole ignored, no depraved act left out. Kicked into a 69 position, we are made to lick and kiss each others oozing cunt and lick the hard shaft just in front of our eyes pumping in the cunts. Then impaled in my arse by one Cock, another Man slams His Schlong hard in my cunt, my thighs wide spread. Both of us are groaning under the violence of the Men. Pushed face to face, we have a big Cock between our mouths, licking and nibbling it.

It seems like many hours before the one after the other the Men shoot their spunk in our faces. But not the Big Man, participating, slapping here, swatting there, He makes us squeal, but He waits until all the others are finished.

After all the other Men have collapsed and the maid and i are curled up to each other, the Leader takes out His belt. He yanks me across the bed, on my back, my spread and well used cunt in His direction, He stands with spread feet, holding the bed.

"No, please dont do that to her," screams the maid, apparently knowing what Big Man has in store. One of the Men holds me, while another ropes my wrists behind my back, then laying me back on the bed, there is the belt under me. Forcing my legs up until my knees are alongside my head on the bed. They tighten the belt behind my knees and over my belly. They pull the belt so tight that it is hard for me to breathe and i cant move my body at all.

Although i have experienced a great deal of bondage, whippings and rough sex, i dont understand what They intend.

Then Big Man pulls me to him. He plunges His monster Cock into my hole, making me give a muffled cry. Breathing with difficulty, i have to endure this impalement. But He continues to shove His Cock, pushed by His more than 150 kilo. His hard crusty gland more a barb than a cockhead, mashes my womb, ripping further into my delicate cunt walls.

"Now, my lady, you will feel what is plumpsacking."

With both hands He further stretches my cunt and He fumbles His hairy ball sack into my cunt. With His legs wide spread, His hands resting on backs of my knees, He pivots His whole Cock and Balls in my fuck tunnel. Now i understand the reason for the belt, it prevents me from using my muscles; the entrance to my cunt is now fully opened. But with my abdomen clenched, i can barely breathe and my cries are muffled. Begging to stop this monstrous fuck is impossible, and anyhow useless, as He starts to take pleasure in spearing me further down, my cunt walls sliding around His Balls, His engorged gland mashing against my cervix, the ribbed shaft rifling my swollen lips. After a seeming eternity, He shoots His load, flooding me until the milky white semen is oozing along my stretched rifled cunt lips.

Worn out, they maid and i are left behind, our spunk covered faces to each other we lick each other clean and pass the Men's seed to and from each others mouths, most of it after gobbling each others oozing snatches.


The very next day, the door to my little cottage bursts open and one of my Lords Bodyguards rushes in. He grabs my arms and cuffs my wrists behind my back, then He produces a chain leash and clips it to my left nipple ring. Then He leads me to the rear entrance of the House, i am naked, of course. As W/we pass through the kitchen, i can see the lustful looks on the faces of the Men there. It pleases me to know that although these Men have had me many times, They still lust after me and i suppress a smile as i push out my tits and even go up onto my toes as i walk in order to tighten and emphasise my legs and ass.

However, my mood changes quickly as the Bodyguard leads me down into the cellar and announces that i am to be punished.

“But why? What have i done?” i cry in terror.

The Bodyguard tells me that it has come to the attention of His Lordship that i misbehaved when i was in the private clinic, seducing the nurse there.

“No, please, i only did what she wanted, please.” i beg.

“Shut up; do not make His Lordship out to be a liar!” He replies, coldly.

“Please, no; that was months ago and i only…”

A sharp slap to my face silences me and i realise that there is no avoiding this punishment. But my Lord is not here; if the Bodyguard is here then it should mean that His Lordship is at home. Is He content in the knowledge that i am suffering? Or is there a camera link so that He can observe my punishment from wherever He is?

Then a horrifying thought comes to my mind. What if there are cameras in my little cottage? Has He been observing the maid and i as we make love?

In the basement is a wooden bench, slightly different to the one i am used to being bent over. Normally when i am bent over the bench, my belly rests on the leather seat, my wrists gripped on a kind of a bar. Although the pain is often nearly unbearable, the fact that i can clench my fists makes it more tolerable. But this bench is more cruel: my belly rests merely on an edge which digs painfully into my flesh, my arms are pulled backwards and there is nowhere for my hands to grip. In fact i have a kind of sensation that my upper body is suspended. Of course, my ass cheeks are positioned higher, my legs spread wide, and there are leather straps around my waist, knees and ankles.

It soon becomes clear that this is going to be a particularly harsh punishment. Under each of my udders, which hang freely from my chest, the Bodyguard places a lit candle, forcing me to lift my upper body to escape the intense heat from the flames. But the way my arms are secured, i cannot use them, only my lower back muscles; and it quickly becomes very hard to hold myself up in this way.

The Bodyguard takes up a bamboo cane and shows it to me, it is thick and flexible; a fearsome weapon, especially in the hands of this muscular Man. He moves behind me and, without ceremony, He canes me. He starts on my thighs, just above my knees and works up my thighs to my buttocks and further to my lower back and then back down again. He works slowly, allowing the pain from each stroke to scorch through my body before laying on the next stroke. Soon my body is a mess of deep blue or dark red cuts and stripes and my screams echo through the chamber.

"Ssswwiisscchh sswwiisscchh", again and again the cane lands, my bellowing shrieks of terrible agony, my eyes tight shut, my body trembling from the pain and the effort not to lower myself onto the flames of the candles.

Nevertheless, i do not beg for mercy, as i know only too well that my Lord is
disappointed in behaviour and, therefore, i fully deserve this corrective punishment.

"Ssswwiisscchh, sswwiisscchh", the lashes rain down on my welted body, my skin is
bloody, and after this harsh caning my lower body looks like raw hamburger meat. But still this does not stop Him. He now takes up a thin sharp cat-o-nine-tails flogger; in the tails are very small metal tags, enough to make me scream even

"Sswwaacckk, sswwaacckk", each blow makes me suffer the torment of the damned, the little tags cutting the skin of me back, my salty sweat mixing with the blood. Within the tight bonds, my body writhes and jerks uncontrollably; my head thrashes from side to side, my throat hoarse from my non stop shrieks.

At last The Bodyguard sets the flogger aside, but my ordeal is not over yet. First, He pumps His hard Cock deep into my arse, causing me more pain as He bangs against my cruelly caned buttocks with every thrust. Each time His hips impact i cry out.

Once He has shot His load of hot spunk into my bowels He frees my wrists and cuffs them behind my back. A leather strap is tightened around my elbows, thus arching my shoulders back painfully. Then He lifts me from the bench and turns me over before throwing me to the floor. He binds my ankles to two ropes dangling from the ceiling, my legs spread wide apart. He hoists me up, until my buttocks are free from the floor, but my arms and shoulders rest on the cold concrete. To humiliate me even more, He traps my head into a kind of wooden box, totally closing off my sight, but at least there is a hole which allows me air to breath.

Again He takes the cat-o-nine-tails flogger and flogs the front of my body. Unable to see, i can sense Him as He stands at my head and flogs my udders which i can feel bouncing at each blow as the tails of the flogger slam into my soft tit flesh. Muffled in the box, my screams are continuous as He works over my tits and my soft belly. Although i twist and turn as much as my restraints will permit, unsighted as I am there is no escape from the relentless onslaught.

After what feels like an eternity, He stops and through my sobs and the thickness of the box that encases my head, i can hear Him slurping a drink.

But the respite does not last for long.

He positions Himself between my open legs and begins an onslaught on my lower belly, my thighs and, of course, my exposed cunt. The first stroke lands right on my swollen outer cunt lips, a split second later i howl from pure agony. Blow after
blow land between my wide open legs. Instinctively, i try desperately to close my legs, in vain of course.

This beating is terrible, and with each blow i am on the border of shouting for mercy, but i know i cant as i have so terribly disappointed my Lord, so i deserve this punishment.

Each flogger tail hits as if it is a razor and makes tiny cuts, so my inner thighs, my cunt and pubis is one red bloody mass. The way the ropes lift my lower body from the floor, it is as if i am an offering for more torment. The beating goes on and on, my throat is hoarse from all my screaming until i can scream no more and i silent.

With my head confined in the box, i silently pray for forgiveness and for release, but the Bodyguard have His orders and He only stops when my blood is splattered and dripped along my ass crack onto the floor. Only then does He release me and He leaves me curled up in a foetal position on the cold hard floor.

After a while, the maid sneaks in and helps me up, but i am in too much pain to be taken back to the sanctuary of my little cottage. Instead, she helps me into the barred cell that was my home for so long and she lies me down on the hard wooden bed. She gives me water to drink and she gently bathes my many cuts, but then i thank her but tell her that she must stay away from me.

“But why?” she cries.

“This is what happens to me when i misbehave,” i replied, “but it will be much worse for you if we get found out.”

“No, we can be careful.”

“His Lordship will find out, He always does. Then we will both be punished. You must leave me.”

And with tears in her eyes, she did leave me lying in agony in that dark cell.


For many hours i lie here in the barred cell; i even manage to sleep. When i awake, the pain has eased slightly but i am chilled and stiff. Very gradually i stretch and haul myself to my feet. On unsteady legs i make my way slowly out of the cell, across the chamber and up the stairs into the house.

It is my intention to ask for some water in the kitchen, but when the Men who are gathered there drinking coffee see my body, bruised and torn, They laugh and sneer, “Not so proud now, are you, slut?” clearly i am not going to get any sympathy here; even astrid, the maid, just stares at me and then turns away. So i decide to get out before the Men decide to add to my distress.

Shuffling slowly, i go out of the door and make my painful way back to the little cottage. There, i drink a glass of water before climbing into bed and falling into a deep sleep.

For the next two days, apart from going to the bathroom and to the little kitchen for water, i lie in bed, drifting in and out of wonderful restorative sleep.

Finally, astrid comes with food and clean towels and bedclothes and she makes me get up and take a shower while she prepares a meal for me. The water jet feels like a thousand sharp needles on my tender skin and i wince and groan. But after my shower and something to eat i feel much better and i make myself watch the first of a new selection of DVDs that have been brought for me.


astrid, the maid does keep her distance from me at first, but then a few weeks later, one evening the maid sneaks in and takes my hand, "come with me."

The maid leads me to the same spot in the woods where i had seen her being used. There i see a young girl, barely 18 at my guess, being roped backwards over a fallen tree. Her wrists are tied together under the tree, her legs spread wide and tied with ropes to trees on either side of her. She is naked, her body arched and her head hanging down and her heavy tits wobbling as she sobs. The biker gang surround stand surrounding their victim.

"Wow," i gasp at the sight of the girl in preparation of the coming huge gangbang.

"Ssssttt," hisses the maid, "dont let them hear we are here, we are not
to disturb the ritual." And she plunged two fingers into my wet fuck-hole.


"Wait and see." And we both went on our knees, sliding fingers in
each others holes.

The first gang member unzips, squats a little and shoves His semi-erect cock in her mouth. Not long after, He pulls out and shoves His now fully hard Member deep into her as yet dry snatch. His place in her mouth is taken by the next Biker, and so on. The girl has no time to scream or beg as her holes are stuffed non-stop. Soon thick white spunk drips and oozes along her swollen lips. Her inner thighs are bruised deep blue and black from all the rough fucking by the Men using her and emptying in her.

As we watch, the maid and i are busy fingering each other to a frenzy, but i can not understand what the meaning of the ritual is.

Finally when all Members have spurted Their load in her snatch, They move on to the next phase.

The maid whispers to me, that this girl is from another village. Maybe she was abducted, or maybe she wandered into the village of this gang, anyhow, as long as she can recall, a ritual would be performed before she was dumped back in her village. The maid adds that each village has a different "signature" to this ritual.

Now i see that all the gang Members have put their big wood trackers knives into the fire. One by one They take Their knives from the fire and make a little cut in the skin of the girl, not a wound, not to permanently injure her or scar her, but just to cause horrible pain.

Her body trembles, her head thrashes and she screams from the horrible pain They are inflicted on her. Soon all her body is criss-crossed with small cuts, deep red from the burning heat of the metal.

Now, when her body is full covered of small cuts, They stop, leaving the poor
girl crying and screaming in her bonds.

The girls cunt is still gaping from the multiple penetrations there is still a little sperm trail dripping. The Leader of the gang takes a glowing ember from the fire in his leather gloved hand, takes a step towards her and shoves the burning hot wood into her cunt. The sizzling sound of the boiling seed can just be heard over by her screams. Her hips buck in frenzied thrashing movements, but she still looks so sexy in her agony. Her eyes bulge, her head thrashes fro side to side and she screams herself hoarse. Suddenly her head lolls backwards as she falls into the merciful release of unconsciousness.

The maid and i sneak away to my little cottage, where we continue our horny play by inserting a long double ended dildo in our needy cunts, interlacing our legs and bucking our loins against each other.


Some weeks later, i am ordered to prepare myself for a special party in the House. Well, i know what that means! But i do as i am ordered. Showered, made up, perfumed, a long clingy satin dress, black hold-up stockings and a half cup bra to push my tits up, and present my nipples; but, of course, no panties.

As i check myself in the mirror, i cant help but think that i might be a whore but at least i look like a high class whore. The truth, of course, is very different; i am the very cheapest of whores, one who is available for anyone to fuck but who does not receive one cent!

The Bodyguard, the one who administered my last punishment whipping, comes to collect me and i can tell from the growing bulge in the front of His trousers that He likes what He sees.

He only has to say the word and i will drop to my knees and suck Him, or bend over and spread my legs so that He can fuck me. What a slut i have become; knowing there is a roomful of Men waiting to use me and i want this Mans Cock… now!

As always, i feel happy as i enter the comfortable living room in His Lordships mansion. At once, i see that the room is full of about 20-25 Men, powerful, wealthy, governors and politicians. Some are in Their late twenties, Others are older, maybe even 70.

Except for the maid, there are no other females. The maid is dressed in a short skirt and a light sheer blouse. The Bodyguard leads me to my Lord who is standing with His back to the fireplace. “Ah,” He says, “Many of you already… erm… know cumface. For those who dont, let me say that she is here entirely for your pleasure. You may use her as you wish. And if you need to get a little rough with her, then that is permitted, within reason. Bruise her but please dont break her.”

His Lordship goes on to say that it is strictly forbidden to harass the maid, “she is here to serve drinks, cocktails and snacks and other food. This party is organized to use cumface for what she is; a multiple purpose whore.” Then turning to me, He tells me to remove my dress.

Reaching behind my back, i release the zip and allow the bodice to slide down around my waist, then i ease it over my hips and it glides down my legs to the floor and i stand almost naked.

Being a lone nude woman in a room full of fully clothed Men is something i have become accustomed to. Knowing that every one of the Men want me is both flattering and exciting. Some of Them who have not seen me before may be momentarily shocked by the scars on my body from previous whippings and brandings, but i am sure that only increases Their lust. They know that They can do things to me that They would never consider doing to Their wives or girlfriends; i am Their darkest fantasy in the flesh.

When i bend to pick up the dress, my Lord says, “Leave it,” and points to an elderly Man sitting close by. “Start there. Beg Him to allow you to suck Him.”

Before i have even take one step, He orders, “cumface, down.” Knowing what He expects, i drop to my hands and knees and crawl slowly and as sensuously as i can to the Man. Then, kneeling before Him, i say, “Please Sir, may this unworthy slut have the great honour of sucking Your Cock?”

Of course, He consents and soon my head is bobbing up and down as i use all my oral skills to please Him.

The evening starts slowly, as i crawl from one Man to another sucking here, a hand job there; mainly the older Men at first. But as the evening proceeds and the whisky and brandy flow, things start to warm up. The stockings had lasted no time at all; tearing as had crawled to the first Man, they are now down around my knees. The bra goes now; as i kneel suckling on the disappointingly small Cock and licking the balls of a horrible big fat Man, hands grope at my tits and then unfasten and strip off the bra.

Then, as I am on all fours deep-throating a fat Cock, another Man straddles me from behind and pistons my open cunt, a third Man is groping and clawing my dangling udders. It looks like being a long night, with so many men to service, and some of the older Men so hard to get to cum in spite of my very best efforts. 

The younger Men are getting more involved; some are naked too, and the positions get more heated. One man lies on His back on the thick carpet and i ride Him face to face. A second goes on His knees behind me and while the Man beneath me holds His arms around me to keep me down, He manages to shove His fat Prick in my cunt, stretching me painfully, my first double penetration in my cunt. But it is not done yet. Number Three straddles me, and while Number Two arches back, Number Three manoeuvres His Cock into my arse, which makes me moan and groan from lust, pain and humiliation.

"Three in two, that was not done in golf," someone shouts.

"It can be better," someone replied.

And indeed, two Men take position in front of me. While i gasp for air, the First shoves His Cock into my mouth, then both hold my jaws wide open and another Cock is shoved into my mouth.

"Yeah, five in three!” cries one of the Men while many hands grope and pinch at my udders and buttocks. If it wasnt for the fact that it is happening to me, i would not have believed this was possible.

And so the party goes on. All different positions and many Men using my holes, demanding all different services of me. Balls of gob are spit onto my tongue just before yet another hard Cock slides over it deep into my gullet. Cocks go from my cunt or my ass to my mouth, where i taste my own spicy taste.

Several times i notice astrid, the maid, watching as i am being used. But when i try to catch her eye, she just looks away.

On and on it goes, Men constantly at me, Their Cocks in my cunt, my ass and my mouth. Cum is dribbling down my thighs and is coating my chin and my chest. So many Cocks; my cunt, ass and throat are all terribly sore. But the Men dont care; i am here only for Their pleasure and They make the most of it, using me over and over again. There are strings of spunk in my hair and then one Man holds my eyes open while another wanks His Cock in front of my face until He sprays His jizz over my face and into my eyes; making them sting terribly. Several enjoy shooting Their loads onto my tongue and making me show it to Them before i swallow it down. And i obediently thank Them for Their delicious gift to me.

Eventually, the room starts to empty as the Men drift off home, leaving me lying exhausted on the floor.

But then when They have all gone, A dog leash is clipped to my collar, i am tugged to my feet  and led down to the basement where i understand only too well that the party is far from over.

When W/we enter the dungeon, the place of torture, pain but lust too, i gasp as i see astrid, the maid. She is suspended by her wrists, arms and legs spread wide, with her tiptoes barely touching the floor. Her head is fully enclosed with a leather hood, with only a hole for her nose, the patches for the eyes closed. It is very sad for the maid, as i know that she is into rough sex, but she is not a pain slut like me. Then i spot Lady Angel, the sadistic Lady friend of my Lord, and a Man who seems to be a doctor and resembles with the old Doctor i know so well. Is He perhaps the son and the old Man dead?

They have already started with the maid. Starting from her belly button They have pinched together her skin and pierced it with needles, down to her mound and further down to her cunt lips. Each cunt lip has been pierced with the same needle, but in between there is a little knob preventing the lips from closing together. The sharp ends would prick her inner thighs should she try to close her legs. It looks like a kind of zipper. From the three needles between her cunt lips They had hung weights, and not small weights: the lips are stretched down almost to the point of being torn off. Clearly astrid is in a lot of pain, her head is thrashing, her breath panting, and her upper legs trembling. Instinctively she is trying to squat in order to have the weights rest on the floor. Just behind her areolas there are two skewers piercing her tit flesh, one vertical, the other horizontal in each little tit. As i approach closer, i can see more of the torments the maid has suffered, or still has to, as there are two electrical wires disappearing into her cunt.

When i am standing in front of the trapped maid, They open the eye patches of the mask so astrid can see me. In that brief moment, i try to comfort the maid with my eyes, as i know from my own experience that They would ensure that she will suffer a lot of pain.

They lead me to the stretching rack which is adjacent to the where the maid is bound. They lay me on my back, lock my ankles in the wooden block, and pull my wrists above my head in the grooves of the wooden block. Without waiting, They turn the wheel, pulling my limbs taut; my legs, spread wide are stretched to the extreme, nearly dislocating my hips. And still slowly notch by notch They continue to stretch me. Under the pulling tension, my wrists hurt terribly and i thrashed my head from side to side, howling from the excruciating agony. They pierce me at the base of each nipple, just behind my nipple rings, using a skewer and then with a rope led to an overhead beam my tits are pulled and stretched until they stand out like two cones from my chest. Arching my back in a vain attempt to relieve some of the agony has no effect as They simply tighten the ropes even more and this makes the pain even worse as i cannot arch my back for very long and when i sink back down the ropes pull even more on my poor tits.

A square wooden pole is forced into my cunt, still well lubed and supple from the multiple fucks, so that is not the most difficult part. Once inside, the tip banging painfully against my cervix, They nail my pussy lips to the wooden pole. At the other end of the stick, a ring is mounted, a rope leads through it, and is attached to the stretching wheel. The stick is pulled, stretching and nearly tearing off my cunt lips.

The Torturers are clearly well trained, experienced and inventive. Beside me, the maid is flogged on her front and back with different whips. In between, They shock her with heavy electrical jolts. The skewers in her somewhat tits are turned until it must feel as if they are being torn off. Her head tilted backwards, she bellows from the terrible pain.

Above astrids writhing body, They splatter a hot burning kind of pitch. Some of the burning drops land on me and leave a burning spot on my skin. The cries and screams of both of us sluts fills the basement. The Men and Lady Angel are obviously excited and aroused as They work over our sweating, writhing bodies. Using a cat o' nine tails flogger, a taser, a cattle prod or simple electrical wires, They inflict maximum agony on us. A rubber bit is stuffed in each of our mouths to prevent us from biting off our own tongues as we suffer horrible tortures.

They roar with laughter as the maid loses control and pisses herself. All possible ways are used to inflicted pain on us, pincers and pliers on our tits in an endless game of tormenting Their two victims.

At last our legs are released. But then my legs are lifted, spread wide and bound to a dangling bar. Soon, They are all penetrating my holes; dry leather sheaths with some metal knobs or pins are used to ensure that i feel no pleasure; only more pain. The legs of the maid are spread and bound to poles. Lady Angel takes her in the arse with a strap-on dildo and some of the Men also fuck her there.

In the middle of this degrading fucking act, one of the Men comes with a white hot iron brand and burns the figure 23 on her mound. Drooling and totally out of control, she howls from terrible pain, a Man still pistoning deep in her arse from behind.

Finally we are released and we collapse into each other, interlacing our legs, someone mockingly saying, "Now you are twin sisters."

Just before we both sink into the darkness of unconsciousness, the maid whispers in my ear, "i am the mother of one of the childs."


Chapter 25 Whos Who

When i regain consciousness, i am surprised to find that i am in my bed in the little cottage. It is also a surprise to find that astrid, the maid, is next to me, still either unconscious or in a deep sleep. However, it is no surprise that my body aches all over.

Very slowly and carefully, i slip out of bed and make my way to the bathroom, where before long, i am standing under the shower, sighing as the hot water cascades over me; easing my aches and pains.  

By the time i have showered and dried myself, astrid is awake and is also about to shower when my Lord enters.

Without hesitation, i drop to my knees with my knees spread wide, my hands behind my head with eyes lowered and my tits pushed out in presentation; the position i must always adopt when first in the presence of my Lord.

The maid sees me do this and uncertainly begins to do the same. However, my Lord stops her, saying, “No, you now carry my brand but you are not a slave in the way cumface is a slave; although that may change in the future.”

He goes on to explain that He has decided that astrid is now to be allowed to live here with me; at least whenever His Lordship is away on business. When He is at home, the maid will be required up at the house and He will also want her out of the way when He comes to the cottage.

The rules remain unchanged; astrid may wear her maids uniform while i am to be naked; astrid may use furniture while i am forbidden i may not even lean back against the chair as i sit on the floor and i must still eat my food from a dog bowl on the floor; and astrid may orgasm while cumming is still prohibited for me. His Lordship stared at me as He said this last bit, causing me to blush in shame.

“you know that you will be severely punished if you disobey, dont you, cumface?”

“Y… yes my Lord,” i stammered.

He must know that the maid and i have been lovers for some time and i am trembling in anticipation of some terrible punishment. But He merely says, “Good, it is well that you remember this.” 

His Lordship turns to leave, saying as He does, you may both stay here today, you will need to rest.”

“Thank You, my Lord,” we both chorus, staying in position until the door has closed behind Him.

“He knows,” i gasp, “He knows what we have been doing. Well no more; you can cum all you like but i dare not. You cant touch my cunt, do you understand?”

“Yes,” whispers the maid, “but its so unfair.”

“Its my life; the life of a true slave. No cumming without permission or i get a severe punishment. It keeps me on edge, wanting, needing. And when i am permitted to cum, its always so much more intense. Last night was just entertainment for His Lordship and His Friends. Punishment is much, much worse. You dont want to experience it, believe me. Anyway, im too sore from last night so please, give me a few days before you touch me down there.”


Later, in bed, we kiss and i move down her body gently touching my lips to the welts and, especially, to the new brand. This is no longer the skinny, timid mouse of a girl that first came here. Due to a meagre but nutritious diet astrid has gained weight and she is now slim rather than skinny and although still only an A cup size, her tits have started to develop. As astrid and i cuddle in bed after i have licked her to a screaming orgasm, in her broken English, she tells me her truly horrific story.

“We lived in a very poor East European country in the old Yugoslavia, in a quiet rural village where there was a lot of ethnic hatred. The only excitement was for the Males who fucked everything female. When the family moved into the village, it was on the second day that about four of five Men intruded in our house with only one aim: having their way with my mother, my sister and me; I was the youngest. But my Father got home just in time with a gun and chased them away. 

It was maybe a month later that we had dinner and for the first time was there was even a Boyfriend of my older sister. At a certain point this Boyfriend had to go to the toilet, and within a few minutes about 15 Men stormed into the living room. Before my Father could get His gun, They overwhelmed Him and bound him to a chair. We three females were each dragged up to our own bedrooms by five or six men. In all this rumour we heard father roar, curse and then terribly howl after shots were heard. The Leader of the gang - extremely cruel and sadistic - had shot my father first through his knees, elbows, and then his balls. He died in terrible pain from shock and loss of blood.

Meanwhile in the three bedrooms the thugs had completely stripped us females. i could hear my mother scream and beg, alternating with some rasping sound when, probably, a fat cock was forced into her gullet. Then all i could hear was the sound of the leather heavy belts smacking on her naked body.

"No, no nnnnoooootttt there," was at the moment a heavy Man straddled her, her hips clenched between his boots, and He impaled her arse, this intruder being the first in her arse. They roared from laughter and mocking and slapped her dangling heavy tits. Another yanked her hair and pulled her face onto His throbbing gland. And so They used her in all possible ways. Matters went really wrong when the Leader entered, clipped His knife open and made cuts in her heavy udders. He made in each two crossed cuts and peeled her open. my mother shrieked terribly. Then with a few slices He finished cutting her tits off. But it was not over yet. They turned her around, her knees on the floor and her upper body on the bed; then they fucked her straddled from behind. Meanwhile the Leader cut strips of skin from her back, ignoring her bellowing. Then with fondue skewers He found in the kitchen, He stuck or weaved them in between the strips alternatively. He commanded the Men to use the skewers as bridles, which of course made her even more scream until her throat got hoarse.

But for the cruel Bastard it was not enough yet. All over her, He made small cuts, just for His animal lust to inflict the maximum agony on my mother. But when He saw she lost more and more strength He was not pleased anymore with His toying, yanked her hair and pulled her head backwards, exposing her throat which He cut in one slide. He left the room and went to the bedroom of my sister.

The gang had used her thoroughly. In various positions They filled her holes. While she was forced to ride one cock, another used her virgin arsehole. Her screams were muffled by one or two Cocks penetrating her mouth. Another grabbed, groped or clawed her fine firm tits. Not able to beg for mercy she was smashed all around on the bed. The gang Leader found a flat-iron. He put the wire in the plug contact. While the iron heated He yanked her face up and slapped her until she went numb and crying. But it turned really wrong when the iron was hot. The Leader took it, and pressed it flat on all body parts of my poor sister.

"Watch out," He grinned when He nearly burned the fat groping hands of the Thug banging her doggy style. He held the iron under her dangling tits, heating and sizzling her nipples. Then He continued the serious work. He wound a steel wire around the neck of my sister. Each Hooligan banging her had to use the wire as a bridle, choking her, but not to the fatal point that she would go into death rattle. Then They had to change, and it went on and on. Slowly one after the other left when They had shot their spunk in her womb or bowels. Her poor eyes bulged at each new penetration and a new one was pulling taut the wire around her neck, her tongue each time protruded a little more.

Then under very laughter the Leader took His knife and just nipped out one eye without cutting the nerves. The eyeball dangled and popped all over under her shaking head. Her throat strangled she could not scream nor beg for mercy. When the last gang member was banging nearly on the point of shooting His load, the Leader Bastard burned her dangling tongue, a terrible sound mixed of sizzling when her saliva boiled, and her gurgling sound of her throat being crunched and strangled. His groans mixed with her rattling sound when her tongue was cut off, her head falling down, her eyes broken.

He went on in my room. They had abused me in all my holes; they felt very sore, painful. The last one had smashed me on my back, my head dangling down over the edge of the bed. He sat on my shoulders. With both hands at my head He bobbed me up and down on his shaft. With such frenzy movements that i got numb and had no idea what went on in my near. The Leader moved between my lifted spread knees and shoved His fat cock deep in my abused cunt. Luckily it was so well lubed by all the sperm shot in me that His impalement could have been worse. Both of Them gave rein to Their lewd lust on me; One with His knout mashing and crushing my cervix, the other by deep throating his cock. my mind was gone with His frantically bobbing my head. Barely conscious i felt how They finished by shooting Their brackish spunk deep in me.

"You, follow me," He grabbed an ankle and dragged me out of the room and smashed me in a blinded van. They drove off and hours later i found myself in a cottage surrounded by a dark forest. There would be my life for a couple of months. Between a minimum of five gang members and if They had a party twenty, twenty-five. They used my holes constantly, one at the time, or all together, if i had my periods or not, They could not care less. They ordered me to keep the cottage clean, do Their washing and to cook; i was not treated to badly. And all together They used me as Their ragdoll, tossed in between Them. Frankly the time was not so bad, as i got used to all these penetrations. As they were so many i learned techniques to fulfil Their lust in "efficient" ways.

Riding one cock, They pushed me down to penetrate my arse, while a third turned my head sideways to stuff my mouth with His fat cock, and skilled i became, i cracked open my jaws to allow two cocks, and i started to love each centimetre of cock i got. Others grabbed and clawed my tits, pulled my nipples and sprayed Their white spunk all over my heated body.

On a sudden day the cottage was surrounded by military police and after a shooting where a lot of gang members were killed, the Sick bastard was arrested. When all was in the van, all, except me, were blindfolded, but i could see the end of the Leader. The police stood around Him, and with an interval of a few minutes They shoot him, first in each kneecap, then His elbows, genital parts, abdomen, and finally two bullets in his stomach. While His death struggle fell in, my belly was heated and at the same time the Bastard died i had an internal fierce orgasm which i never had again in this same way. Later it was reported He died in the shooting.

After i was released of a short staying in a hospital they put me in an orphan institute. As you can imagine, there too it did not take long before i was a ragdoll. First by the Boys in the dormitory; later all Male inhabitants, Boys, Pupils, Teachers whoever wanted to stick His filthy cock deep in my holes. Even in the lunch breaks i had to go the Masters room, where one after the other They used my holes, sometimes with the mistresses sitting nearby and just looking if this was normal practice (and probably it was). Regularly the Principal called me and He bent me over on His stately wooden oak desk and used me ruthless; mostly my arse.

One day there was a delegation of this country to see how the conditions were of the orphan institute, and eventually They wanted to donate money. They were showed around and spoke with some Pupils, Teachers and so on. Lady Angel was amongst Them. She looked to me with some weird look, spoke a few words and She went on. Later that day in the evening after dinner, a Master called me and led me in his car and drove me to the hotel. There i entered the room of Lady Angel. The whole night i had to service Her; She was terribly demanding. She rode my face, i had to lick Her, to eat Her, and then fist Her cunt with my hand, then each hole with an arm in it, and finally my two fists in Her cunt. Secretly i squeezed my inner thighs together and so achieved my own orgasm. 

A few weeks later a Master ordered me to pack all my belongings and within a few moments even before i realised what was going on i was on a plane to this country! On the airport i was without questions led to a limo and brought to the apartment of the Lady Angel! There i was Her maid, but certainly Her toy girl. Whenever She was there the evenings were spent in Her bedroom. The most pervert actions were Her riding my face when She had Her periods. Then once was His Lordship Her guest. Both of Them used me for hours and hours. Fully gripped in His strong hands He emptied His balls deep in my cunt. From that day on He was very often there, and at first i did not realise but later i found out that Lady Angel carefully checked my periods. When they stopped a sleazy doctor came in to examine me. And indeed i was pregnant. They brought me to one of these cells of the House, clearly not in the same wing as where you were. My tits, being so flat, were not treated, but i was put in a gyno chair, and fucking machine fucked nonstop big parts of the day my pussy, until sometimes i thought my mind went.

When it was delivery day, They hooded me, and i was hung by my ankles and wrists. What child i gave birth to i do not know as at the same time the baby left me, They intruded a cattle prod and shocked me until i lost conscious.”

Both of us, in floods of tears, hug and comfort each other, for now we are sisters for ever as we have both carried His Lordships children… twins!

"And you, how did you come in here?" astrid asked. But it was late and i promised to tell her my story another time.

Chapter 26 Up to my neck

The Bodyguard came for me without warning, He grabbed me by the hair and dragged me, naked, outside and around to the Gardeners shed. There, without letting go of me, He picked up a shovel and set off again, pulling me along behind Him.

He was pulling so hard that i was in tears; begging Him to let go of me and that i would follow Him. He ignored my pleas and led me to a small clearing in the woods where pigs are allowed to roam.

There, He threw me to the ground, thrust the shovel towards me and order, “Start digging, bitch.”

“Wh…” i started to ask, but the glower on His face was enough to make me keep my mouth shut. Instead, i got to my feet, hesitatingly, took the shovel from His hand and began to dig.

He instructed me to dig a hole about two to three feet across and to keep at it until He told me to stop. Then, he looked around for a nearby tree stump, sat and lit a cigarette while He watched me work.

At first the ground was soft and fairly easy to dig, but quickly it became drier and harder; there were stones and one or two thin tree roots. The day was getting warmer and the perspiration pored from me. Muscles aching, i paused to rest but immediately, my watcher growled, “Did I say to stop? Dig, you lazy slut!”

Tears rolled down my face as the aching in my muscles increased intolerably, but i dared not stop working.

The hole was waist deep before He allowed me to take a break; but all too soon He ordered me to continue. Although i begged Him for another minute; just one more minute, He rose and approached in a threatening manner and i began again my backbreaking task.

How long it took me, i dont know; it felt like many hours; most of the day. But, finally, came the moment i was longing for as the Man ordered me to stop, stand up and hand Him the shovel.

As i stood and looked up at my tormenter, i realised that just my head and neck were above ground level and my worst fears were confirmed when He began to fill in the hole with me still standing in it.

Panicking, i begged and pleaded with Him to let me out but again, He ignored me and continued to shovel the earth back into the hole around me. Of course, the soil was now broken up and a lot easier to shovel and it didnt take long before it was up to my chest and i was trapped.

Once before, i have been buried like this and learning from that last experience, i tried to wiggle about so that the soil was not too tightly packed around me. But, by the time to earth was up to my shoulders, i was unable to move more than an inch or so in any direction. And there was a foul stench from pig manure that lay around on the ground.

As the Man began to walk away, i cried out, “Please, how long…”

“Three days,” came the reply.

“NOOOOO, PLEEEEEASE! Anything but this, whip me please but NOT THIS!” i wailed as He moved out of sight.

As i stood there, buried up to my neck, i tried to keep moving my toes, my feet, my hands, whatever i could. The sweat poured from my forehead, stinging my eyes and mixing with my tears, and my hair was plastered to my head.

Time passed soooo slowly. Knowing this part of the woods, i knew that it would be unlikely anyone would come by. Trying to take my mind off my dilemma, i let my mind wander to more pleasant things, riding my Lords wonderful Cock, or sucking on It, drinking down His delicious Spunk.

At last, with the sun starting to dip, i heard someone approaching. It was the Bodyguard.

“Dinnertime, bitch,” He laughed.

“W… water,” i croaked.

He put down a bowl in front of my face and poured some water into it from a bottle that He was carrying and i slurped greedily at it. Then He put down a second bowl and into this, He emptied a can of dog food. With the toe of His boot, He pushed the bowl in front of my face and said, “Eat, bitch. Eat it all or you get no more water.”

The dog food smelt awful, but, desperately trying not to vomit, i stretched down, held my breath and took a small bite. It was all i could do not to throw up but drawing on all my resolve, i swallowed.

To minimise the foul taste, i then ate and swallowed the disgusting mess as quickly as i could. The Man laughed, “Like it, do you? Thats good because you get the same tomorrow.”

“Water,” i begged.

He filled the bowl and pushed it towards me, saying, “you had better make it last, you get no more until this time tomorrow.”

And, with that, He turned and left me alone, sobbing.

Before, too long, it started to get dark and i started to hear noises, pigs? Wild creatures? It was hard to tell in the deepening gloom and my head jerked at every sound; until exhaustion overtook me and i drifted into a fitful sleep.

Until, that is, i was awoken by loud voices, and lights, approaching.

“Where is the fucking slut,” shouted one voice.

“shes around here somewhere; and she aint goin nowhere,” replied another.

“There, look,” came a third voice that i recognised as one of the Gardeners.

As They approached, carrying flashlights, i could see that there were four of Them and, by the sound of Them, They had been drinking.

When They reached me, one bent, grabbed my hair and wrenched my head back. “Hello, girlie. Ready for a little fun?” and then turning to His companions, “sluts filthy!”

“Youre gonna fuck er face, not kiss er.” And They all roared with laughter.

“Yeah, youre right. OK as Im here, Ill go first.” And He unzipped and flopped His semi-hard Cock right in front of my face. “Well, whore, open up,” He ordered, pulling harder on my hair.

Instinctively, i opened my mouth and He slipped His Cock in and began to fuck my mouth; His Cock growing thicker and harder by the second. Obviously, They had had quite a lot to drink so He lasted a long time, forcing Himself deeper into my throat and making my head bend back painfully. Eventually, with a great roar, He shot His load down my throat and withdrew, only to be replaced by a second.

They all took Their turn, but at last They were satisfied and stood to leave. But then the Man who had used me first said, “Wait a minute, I need a piss.” He stood over me with His feet apart, took out His now soft Cock and pissed all over my head. Of course, there was no way for me to dodge the jet of hot acrid liquid; i just had to take it. Finished, He put away His Cock then paused to spit down into my upturned face before laughing and turning away.

Finally, They left me with spittle slowly dripping down my face and close to despair. As the hours passed slowly, i finally drifted off again.

It was daylight when i awoke; the sky was full of dark cloud. And then i realised that it had been raindrops that had woken me. At first they were few and i hoped that the clouds would pass. But, no such luck; before long, it was pouring and my misery was compounded.

The rain lasted, on and off, all day; it was still raining when the Bodyguard came with my “dinner”. He, of course, was dressed in appropriate wet weather clothing and was highly amused when He saw the state i was in. He dished up my food again it was a can of dog food and told me to hurry up and eat it as He didnt want to be out in the rain for any longer than He had to.

Tears ran down my cheeks as i ate; not that He could tell as the rain was now coming down heavier than ever, turning the horrible food into a sloppy mush. As soon as i had managed to eat the evil tasting mess, He picked up the bowl, replaced it with the water bowl and hurried away, calling, “Enjoy your evening,” as He disappeared into the gathering gloom.

The rain eased but came and went throughout the night. At least the rain should mean that there will be no visitors, i consoled myself. And, i was left completely alone all through the long, cold, miserable night. At times i dropped off for a few moments sleep but mostly i reflected on why i was being punished in this way.

Why cant i just do as im told? Just follow orders, resist the temptation to orgasm without permission and do im told immediately and without question. Thats all i have to do! And i want to; i love my Lord with all my heart and i will do anything… endure anything, just to please Him. But there is this rebellious streak deep within me that keeps getting me into trouble. For the thousandth time i vow to be a better slave; the slave my Lord deserves.

As my thoughts focused on my Lord and those special times when He fucks me or permits me the great honour of worshiping His magnificent Cock, i felt a familiar wetness between my thighs. Here, stuck in this hole, i was getting aroused while thinking about my Lord. If only i could manage to part my legs; as it was, i could touch myself but could not give myself the pleasure i craved.

What i wanted was Cock. What i really wanted… needed was my Lords Cock; filling me and thrilling me as no other Cock can.

But i was to be denied my pleasure and long night passed into damp morning and at last, the sun burnt through the clouds. Just a few more hours…

A big boar came by sniffed me and studied me intently and then decided to “mark his territory”. He lifted His back leg His huge Cock and enormous testicles right in front of my face and He sprayed His urine all over me. Having scent marked me He went on His way. Other than that i suffered alone for the rest of the day. The day grew hot and humid. This plus my lack of sleep and the physical and mental stresses of the last couple of days turned me into a babbling, incoherent wreck. By the time two Men the Bodyguard and the Gardener, i think arrived, i was incoherent.

They must have dug me out but my recollections are very vague. Did They carry me and throw me into the back of a pick-up? Maybe, i cant be sure, but i do remember having a jet of icy cold water directed at me and being rubbed dry with rough rags before i passed into unconsciousness, a very sorry slave.

Chapter 27 - Whos Who II

"When i went to college," i began, “i was no virgin but i had little experience. However, my roommate had a boyfriend of about ten years older than she was (and me), and very often their moans, screams and groans of passion were very exciting to hear. So sometimes i would lie alone in my bed and finger myself to climax.

One day my roommate was late and He was already there waiting when i entered the apartment. As soon as i entered, He grabbed me by the back of my neck, forced me to my knees, and with His other hand He opened His trousers and stuffed His big, hard Cock down my throat. Then He bobbed my head up and down with both hands until He shot His hot load deep into my gullet. Without a word He left the room and i was too overwhelmed to react. But i did not feel bad at all, only that He was my roommate's boyfriend. And afterwards when i heard their lovemaking i recalled His lovely gland gliding over my wet tongue.

Certainly, i was used to sucking Cocks, but this was the first time that i had experienced a Cock deep in my throat and the first time that i had been orally raped. But, for some reason, it didnt matter that He had forced Himself on me; it just made it all the more exciting.

Maybe a week or two later, and it was on purpose as my roommate was out for some holidays, He entered my study, dragged me from the chair, smashed me on my belly on the bed. Again without a word He spread my legs and plunged His Cock deep into my fresh unprepared cunt. Although i was not prepared for this i screamed but not from pain, but as a female conquered by a predator. He finished by shooting His semen deep in my womb and left.

Unfortunately, the third time He used me, W/we were caught by my roommate. Immediately she broke up with Him, and a few weeks later she even moved out. He never came back. But my roommate had spread the word that i was a whore and slut. So not much time after that a student named Mike "presented" himself. After a drink and His "promise how much He loved me" crap W/we went to bed and He took me.  

This relationship had lasted for some weeks, when He wanted a change in position. He made me wear a blindfold, put me on all fours and fucked me doggy style.  The next evening the same thing happened, but this time, after He climaxed He immediately pulled out, there were some movements behind me and to my surprise He quickly got hard and penetrated me again.  And you know what, the next evening same thing, and after being impaled a second time from behind He still remained strong and again He stuffed His cock in my cum oozing cunt.

This went on again for some time, but then i managed to peer under my blindfold and to glimpse from the light from the hall that there was a line of Men waiting their turn. So, next time i managed to escape the groping hands around my waist, to turn around and to whisper in His ear, “Why don't you let in the troops?”

That was the signal! Within seconds i was on my back, one climbed between my wide spread knees and filled my dripping snatch; one straddled my rump, squeezed the tits together and shoves his cock between them, small as they were. Number three turned my head and stuffed His cock in my mouth, while two others at each side took my hands to jerk Their Cocks.

After that night, Mike took me everywhere and passed me around to His friends who passed by the apartment. He ordered me to be permanently without underwear. At any time He could bend me over and ram His cock deep in me, shooting His hot load.

Once, by accident i broke a cup. He was angry and sent me to my room. When He entered the room He ordered me to strip naked. He bound me spread-eagled face down on the bed, wrists and ankles to the frame of the bed after having thrown off all the blankets and sheets. Then with His belt, He whipped my back and ass cheeks. Although i screamed it didnt really hurt, and i felt a strange feeling between my loins which i had never felt before. After my back and cheeks were fully red He climbed on me and plunged his cock deep in my dripping slit.

Of course, now the rumour spread very quickly that i was a slut to be used by all who wanted. It did not take long before teachers and Masters took me in their study rooms or offices. One of them was the very first to deflower my arse. And again it was not painful; it was a very special hurt feeling. From that day on i was regularly double penetrated.

Although most considered me as a slut, i myself thought more in the sense of being a female belonging to any Male who wanted to use me. And, even female teachers groped me and shut my mouth with their dripping pussies. One took particular delight in using me. She was a big, big woman, about six feet tall and fat; at least twenty-five stone. It made me feel so small when i had to service Her huge body; all wobbly with folds of fat. It was horrible; so humiliating.

Once Mike took me in his car, of course i was not allowed to have underwear. When W/we arrived in a parking place out of town He made me squat on the gear shift. Then i had to ride on it, the knob deep in my pussy. Faster and faster i had to ride, He made me cum twice. Meanwhile He took photos and a video clip of me using His top of the range new mobile phone. But He had more in store. He opened the window of the door, and i had to kneel with my head outside, then He wound up the window until it stuck at my throat and I was stuck with my head out of the window and my rear in the car. It did not take long what the idea was: He took position behind me and he fucked me greatly. Of course it was not the end of it. He sent the clip and pictures to any truck drivers in the area with an invitation to come and use me, and soon They arrived in a row. One row in front of me, using my mouth, and one behind me to use my dripping and oozing whorish cunt. Whorish, because later i found out He made a lot of money for this; Mike was pimping me! One by one those fat filthy drivers stuffed Their fat dongs in my mouth, making me gag while others banged me from behind, Their belly rolls slapping over my back.

Another weekend He brought me to a house. He stopped outside and told to get out of the car, knock on the door and to do anything I was told; very Story of O. Nervously, i did as i was told. The house was full of foreigners; some of them illegal immigrants, i guessed. A big black Man opened the door and pulled me in and the whole weekend i was the treat for about 18 Men. It seemed that some of Them had been deprived of a female for so long that Their Cocks dripped already even without me touching Them; just seeing me on my knees bobbing my head over a black huge Cock was exciting to Them. When one was finished and shot His load in one of my holes He would take me later again and again. Sunday evening, 48 hours later i was carried out the building into the car unable to walk, totally worn out, my loins ravaged.

It was just before summer break when a delegation from abroad came to visit the University. We were instructed how well to behave, as a huge donation was expected. When the delegation entered it was the first time i saw the Man i came to know as my Lord, and i was immediately lost. What a powerful, charismatic Man! For the first time in my life i could only watch with my eyes downcast. What the meeting was about i had no idea, everything was blurred as though in a fog. Invisible for others, but unmistakable for me was that my inner thighs were trembling in an unknown basic female sensation.

Late that afternoon when i was just about to leave for my apartment, a teacher came to me and told me that i should show up at the hotel where the delegation were staying, and gave me the room number. This request was not unusual as, by this time i was often object of gangbangs and orgies. Of course, i was not questioning this. After getting myself ready and dressing in short sexy clothing i went to the hotel. It was one of the most expensive hotels in the area and the room appeared to be the top suite room. Timidly, i knocked the door and someone called me in.

When i entered, i was startled and nearly fainted on the spot, it was His Lordship, and… on the chair next to where He was standing, a light brown leather whip was laid. The combined sight of His Lordship and the Whip made me go weak at the knees and i dropped on to my knees, in a naturally widespread position, my head down and my eyes downcast. My hands i kept clasped behind my back. His Lordship had such a dominance that i became just a null worm at His disposal. But at the same time my belly felt like i had a thousand butterflies fluttering there. This moment i realised that i was irrevocably and deeply submissive.

With a slight indulgent smile on His lips, He lifted me to my feet and gestured me to go to the bathroom and to prepare myself. The bath tube was filled with hot perfumed water; i took a bath which gave me a drowsy feeling. Then i got out and put on the half cup black bra, black stockings and suspenders that were laid out for me. Of course, there were no panties. On my knees, i knocked on the door and waited obediently. It was about half an hour later that He opened the door and gave me the whip to hold in my mouth. Then He put a leather collar around my neck and clipped a leash to it. Then, dragging me with the leash, i crawled behind Him. He led me to a low coffee table. He strapped me to the table, face down, with a belt around my waist and the table, He bound a rope my ankles, and bound them around the table to. Then my wrists were bound together under the table. After that i felt my belly squeeze in anticipation, i heard Him moving to the bathroom and come back. He filled my mouth with my underwear, finished with a cloth around my mouth, and a blindfold over my eyes.

"I am sorry," He said, "this is a hotel and I do not want to disturb other guests with your screams." His voice, in an exciting foreign accent made me crazy, nearly begging for the whip if i could talk.

And there, there it was sswwiisscchh, the first blow across my ass cheeks. Already, after only the first lash i knew this was a Gentleman Connoisseur who was clearly adept at using a whip; the intensity of the pain shocked me. This was so much more painful than when my boyfriend belted me.

Swwiisscchh sswwiiisscch. From deep within my muffled throat i deep screamed, but not only from the pain. Each lash across my back sent a thrill through my spine, each impact ripped through my butt to my swollen clit.

sswwiisscchh. Each lash nearly made me cum from pure lust. In between strokes, He slid the tip of the whip over my spine, damp from my perspiration, sending thrills of lust to my brain. Oh, if i could beg for more! And then again like a lightning bolt the whip cut a deep stripe across my waist, making me crazy. He took what seemed like an endless time to fully colour my back, my ass, my thighs. In my mind, i had a naughty little thought that He was whipping me under my college uniform skirt as i felt the stripes just above my knee. Even though i hardly knew Him, it made me love Him even more.”

“you love it, dont you?” interrupted astrid.

“Love it?” i replied. “Love the whip? His Lordship has taught me to truly fear the whip. But on that first occasion, He was gentle with me, just wristy little flicks instead of a full swing of His arm; which is what i receive now. But i do love my Lord, with all my heart, mind, body and soul. And, despite the pain and suffering i have to endure, i do love being His slave. It gives a purpose to my life; a reason for my existence that i never had before.

Anyway, at last He finished and was satisfied with His work, leaving my back and buttocks with red crisscross stripes. It felt that almost certainly there must be a puddle of my running cunt juices on the table between my legs.

He freed my wrists, but immediately bound them again behind my back. His soft caring touch nearly made me explode again. Then He unbound me, with outmost softness lifted me from the table and He made me stumble to the bed. Still blindfolded and gagged, He made me stand with my back to the foot of the bed frame. He bent me backwards and the collar was fastened to the frame… tight, my head facing upwards, but still blindfolded. Dangling down behind me, my arms, bound by the wrists, were useless, and were just above the floor. In this position, with my back already arched backwards, He pulled my legs back and apart to strap my ankles to the legs of the frame of the bed. This meant that I was very exposed and vulnerable, my knees wide parted, my mound almost begging for the whip and my firm tits offered for His attention. There was a trembling in my legs in anticipation of what was coming; my clit was throbbing, my red swollen cunt petals sloppy wet and my cunt wide open, glistening with my juices. Again, He first slid the whip over my heated body, sending jolts of pleasure through my body. "Please whip me, whip me," i wanted to beg Him, this Master of my universe. 

Oh god, it started, and my hips bucked in search of the whip. Sswwiisscchh sswwiisscchh. He was obviously so experienced in manipulation of the whip. The tail landed across my bouncing firm tits, over my belly, curling around my waist or under my armpits, biting, cutting, striping me with lovely whip kisses: His Kisses!

sswwaacckk SSWWAACCK. Although my inner thighs trembled, my inner lust was exploding. Sswwiisscchh sswwiisscchh, my hips bucked upwards in search of His loving whip kisses. Gyrating and spreading my knees as wide as possible, oh i hated the gag, how could i beg for more to prove my devotion? The lashes were now between my legs, each impact sending jolts of painful lust through my engorged clit, the petals of my dripping cunt, sloppy, swollen, red, wide open showing my moist pink inside.

The whipping lasted for hours; it seemed endless, was it the whole night? But the climax came when He laid the whip over my mashed, bruised tits, took position between my spread thighs, squatted a little and then impaled me with His marvellous Cock. Never, ever had i felt such a good Cock, i even not dare to pronounce it as a Cock, it was like i was deflowered again, and much, much better than the first time. With deep thrusts, methodically bouncing His Gland deep against my womb. Filling me; thrusting me; ploughing open my tight little slit. Behind my blindfold i was crying with gratitude, my moans had to be heard through the gag. How could i thank Him for this great Fuck? He moulded and clawed into my soft mashed tit flesh, His hips forcing my striped inner thighs wider and wider apart. How long this heavenly fuck lasted i have no idea. The next thing i knew was when i woke up in my own bed. When i went to college, it felt as if my hips were dislocated and i walked as if i had been riding a horse for a week. In the mirror i checked whether my whipped thighs were visible under my skirt. But if i was careful and walked straight, the stripes could not be seen. But it was hard to sit on the college benches and the memory of the event distracted me from hearing of the college lectures for weeks.

Then, one afternoon when i came back to my apartment a woman was waiting. She ordered me to change clothes, which were in the bathroom. Immediately i thought about the evening and that i would see Him again. She watched me, and checked everything. Just like in the book and the movie Histoire d'O, i was perfumed, wore black stockings with black suspenders, a half cup black bra pushing my already erect nipples, of course no panties, high heels, and over that a thin black evening dress, with a split at the side, nearly up to the waist. This stern woman, the clothing, and the anticipation of what was coming next made me aroused and excited. When my appearance was approved by the woman, she led me out to a waiting Rolls Royce. In the backseat we took our places and without a word the car drove off. Outside the city on a deserted path, the Driver stopped, stepped out, opened the door at my side, climbed in and without a word, pulled my dress up around my hips, parted my knees and plunged His Cock deep in my pussy. The woman remained silent and looked out of the window while the Driver humped me and shot His shot load deep into my womb. Then He climbed off me and continued the drive.

Finally the car drove up to vast estate, a beautiful park. The car stopped in front of the hall door, a Butler came out and opened the door at the womans side and the Driver opened my door and helped me out. His face appeared distant, but one hand secretly cupped my mound as if to squeeze the fluid He had emptied in me.

The Butler led me into the house and i was taken to a large room. Five Men were there, sitting in comfortable arm chairs, drinking brandy, smoking fat cigars. And One was my Gentleman. All appeared to be powerful, wealthy, Dominant Men, Captains of Industry, politicians, the oldest maybe in His late 60's. They were clearly used to getting… no, to taking what They wanted. Instinctively i bowed my head, my eyes downcast and i clasped my hands behind in my neck. The woman had disappeared and i stood there alone waiting patiently, as the Men had not even stopped Their discussion and showed no sign that They had even noticed me. And why should They? After all, i was just a submissive piece of female flesh.  Maybe five or ten minutes or even longer i stood there and i became more and more uncertain. Did i have to do something? Present myself or wait on an order, it made me very self-conscious and i wanted to vanish into the floor.

How long was i waiting, obedient, silent, head down? i dont know, but then one snapped His fingers and gestured to me. On command i moved to Him. Without a word, He pulled down His trousers, lifted His legs and nodded towards His crotch. Obediently, i went to my knees, and started to lick His crotch, hairy arse and ball sack. And so the evening started for me. Very soon i was surrounded by the Men, or i had to crawl from one chair to the other. One i had to suck, another wanted His crotch licked, number three want His Cock between my little tits. With five Men to serve this foreplay took several hours. And at the age of some of them, they did not cum that easily, so even after a few hours no one had shot His load. But when all Cocks were erect, They altered Their focus on a hole to fuck. They put me on a Cock to ride, or had me on my back, lining up to penetrate me. Or i was on all fours and They straddled me. The difference from the young Men who fucked me so often was that the older Men did not cum so quickly. In fact, They came only after hours and hours of thoroughly fucking me.

They laid me backwards, face up on a low foot stool with my legs wide, my feet on the floor and my head hanging down on the floor. While one impaled me with His Cock, another squatted at my head, lifted my head by the back of my neck and shoved His fat cock deep into my throat. It was like if He impaled my wind pipe, and banged my lungs. His hairy ball sack sliding over my face and eyes. Each time my Gentlemans Cock impaled one of my holes, i knew it was Him, Him giving me that special thrill, pulling at my deepest basic submissive female being.

So it went on all night and then in the morning when the last had shot His load over my hair and face, He whispered mockingly with His seductive foreign accent, "Gentlemen, see our newborn cumface."

How true this was.

The next day was the last day of the university term. Traditionally, the last day involves lots of drinks in the pubs in the town. There my "usual" date met me, and started arguing about where i had been the last two days. Angrily, He yanked me by my hair and dragged me to the toilets. There He slapped my face and then kicked me down on all fours. He pushed my head into the toilet pan and while now and then flushing the toilet over my head, He fucked my arse and cunt alternatively. After having unloaded, others lined up and used me. But these humiliating acts did not harm as i did not forget the heavenly two evenings with this foreign Stranger.

Late that night i headed home, well fucked and full of spunk. When i entered my apartment, the same stern woman was waiting for me. But now, she had packed all my personal belongings in a case, and held my passport in her hand and said simply, "Follow me."

She went out and i followed her out to a cab. After a long drive we arrived at the airport. Without checks they led me through the gate, and suddenly i was in an airplane. Apparently i was the last passenger, as the door was closed behind me and soon the plane took off. No idea where to i was heading. A few hours later the plane landed in this country and with a limo i was brought to an apartment, and again later in this House, i became His property.

After a few wonderful weeks, He sent me back; telling me that i must complete my university course and get my degree. The tutors would give me every assistance but i had to demonstrate my gratitude to them by allowing them to use me as they wanted; which, naturally, They did regularly. All my expenses would be taken care of and my boyfriend would no longer be a problem. In fact, i never ever saw Him again.

After university, i returned home and tried to live a normal life but i could not get the memory of my Gentleman, His Lordship, out of my mind so i was overjoyed when He finally made contact with me again.

At first, He started to control me via email and an Internet chatroom where W/we would act out roll-play scenes involving me being humiliated, whipped and used for the amusement of His Lordship and other Dom(me)s in the room; and i loved every moment. Also i would have to ask His permission, for example, if i wished to go out socially and also He would dictate how i dressed for such occasions usually sluttily; very short skirts, skimpy tops, no underwear. He would deny me orgasms but maybe order me to find one or more Men and suck Their Cocks. And, of course, i would have to report back describing what happened in intimate detail.

But then, finally, when He judged that i had earned the privilege, He brought me here again for a second visit and during that time, i begged Him to allow me to come here permanently to be His devoted slave. But, He sent me home again and told me that i had one month to prepare myself as i would, at that time, disappear from my old life and i would be sent for and i would then be permitted the great honour of becoming His slave.

Well, of course, i did as instructed and here i am; contented in my slavery as it is possible to be.” 


At that moment, i forget myself and astrid brings me and herself to mind-blowing climaxes.

Later that day, one of His Lordships bodyguards comes to the little cottage and announces to astrid, "you are now cumslut.” Nothing else is said.

So astrid takes another step along the road to becoming a slave like me. But the sudden announcement shocks me; am i gaining a slave-sister or could it be that cumslut is to be trained to be my replacement? After all, i have to admit it, she is several years younger than me!

Chapter 28 Animal Day

Without instructions to the contrary, cumslut goes up to the main House as usual to her work as a maid.

On the third day, she returns to the little cottage in the middle of the day; she is carrying a chain dog-leash. The orders are that cumslut is to attach the leash to my collar and lead me to the Dogs compound. There, i am to request the Handler to whip me and then to allow me to service the Dogs; cumslut is to observe closely and obey any instruction that the Handler may give her.

Arriving at the compound, we find the Handler waiting for us. Clearly He is expecting us and knows why we are there. However, He makes me ask Him to whip me and allow me to be fucked by the Dogs, knowing how this humiliates me.

He ties me spread-eagled to the fence and vigorously applies a cat onine tails to my back and buttocks until my flesh is glowing red and i am crying out for Him to spare me.

Then, He unties me and leads both of us into the hut where the Dogs live. Before i am made to go down on all fours, He produces a set of clamps with chains running between them. Two clamps are attached to my nipples and a third to my clit; each one bringing a shriek of pain from my lips. He then orders me down onto my hands and knees but then fixes a heavy weight to the chain running from my nipples to my clit; bringing an even louder cry from me.

“This is how it will be when you get fucked by the Dogs from now on.” He says, “It has been noted that you were enjoying yourself too much. This is to remind you that the Dogs pleasure comes first, not yours. Now, cum as often as you want; if you can!”

With that, He lets the Dogs get to me. Being so well trained as They are, the alpha Dog wastes no time in mounting me from behind. It is immediately clear to me why i have been flogged and had the clamps put on me. The Dogs paws on my fleshly whipped flesh are agonising and as He fucks me, the weight swings on the chain tugging terribly at my nipples and clit.

A second Dog is brought around in front of my face and without having to be told, i begin to lick and suck at His Cock.

The pain is terrible but i understand the reason for my suffering. To try to take my mind off the pain, i concentrate as hard as i can on pleasuring the Dogs. After all, the Handler is correct; the Dogs are my first and only consideration. Any pain or pleasure i experience is neither here or there.

On it goes; in spite of my best efforts to ignore it, the scratching of the paws on my tender back and the incessant tugs on my sensitive nipples and clit are driving me mad but, still i manage to cum two or three times. Then, after an eternity, the Dogs are satisfied and They leave me alone.

All the time, cumslut has been kneeling next to the Handler as T/they both watch me intently. Now, the Handler makes her suck His Cock as i obediently remain in position on all fours.

It doesnt take long before He shoots His cum into her mouth but He is not pleased with her performance. Pushing her to the floor He snatches a crop and lashes her across the tits, ranting, “That was not acceptable; you need to learn from that bitch,” as He points at me, “she knows how to worship a Cock properly; its all shes good for!”

As usual, a bowl had been placed under me to catch the Dogs spunk as it trickled from my cunt. The Handler points to it and orders me to lap it up. Turning around, i go down onto my elbows and begin to lick up the milky white liquid. But when i have slurped down about half, He makes cumslut drink down the rest; to her obvious distress but with the threat of the crop she reluctantly obeys. To finish, cumslut is then made to lick my cunt clean.

Back at the cottage, we watch DVDs of women including me performing Cock worship while i point out some things to help cumslut improve her technique.


The following week, there is a lot of activity in one of the fields on the estate, but cumslut and i are forbidden to go near so we cant see what is happening.

Apparently, once every five years it is His Lordship's turn to organise Animal Day on his property. Generous as He is, it is always a well organised event with a lot of people within His Lordships circle of friends - and their pets - attending.

There are tents, stands and displays all over with all types of animals and pets including some exotic animals. 

The event starts very early in the morning. The two of us; and cumslut and i, are allowed to dress in rather skimpy clothes and are taken to a tent, somewhat aside from the main event. Both of us are stripped naked and left with only a dog collar and leash around our necks. Then we are forced down on all fours, facing each other face to face, about four feet apart.

Then a crowd of people, maybe thirty or so, enter the marquee. They are mainly couples, though there are some single Men. And They are all leading Dogs of varying breeds and sizes.

When The Guests and Their Dogs are all in the marquee, my Lord speaks, “Welcome to our annual Animal Day. Allow me introduce our two bitch-sluts for today. Most of you will be familiar with cumface here on my right,” indicating in my direction, “Some of you will have even used her. As you are aware, she is a well trained bitch-slut, having served my Dogs on many occasions; she has even come to crave Dog Cock and relish the taste of Dog Cum. Therefore, I have introduced an element of pain in order to reduce her pleasure and to remind her that the pleasure of the Dog fucking her is what is important, not hers! By contrast,” He continues, pointing towards cumslut, “we also have cumslut, who is a canine virgin. Im sure that, in time, she will become as much a bitch-whore as cumface.”

Then one of the Bodyguards attaches the clamps and chains to my nipples and clit and the heavy weight hung from the chain. Both Bodyguards take up wicked looking floggers and begin to lay into my back and buttocks. Straight away, tears flow; mine from the pain and cumsluts from fear and humiliation.

The flogging over, we are ready to receive our canine Lovers. The first to use us are His Lordships Dogs, with whom i am so familiar. Most of the Dogs are well trained and need no encouragement, jumping up on our offered backs when it is Their turn; Their dripping Cocks forcing into our cunts and Their paws clawing at our hips or waist. And there is no respite, as soon as one Dog has finished, another takes Its place.

The smaller Dogs are not able to fuck us, so when it is Their turn, They are positioned on Their backs in front of us so that we can worship Their Cocks orally. When the first Dog is led in front of cumslut i can see the disgust in her face. So, to try to encourage her, i nod and smile to her and then i take the small canine Cock in front of me into my mouth and suck on It as if It is the best Cock i have ever had in my mouth.

So determined am i to put on the best possible show for my Lord and His Guests that i fuck and suck with all the enthusiasm i can muster. 

Fortunately, cumslut overcomes her disgust, first tentatively licking at the Cock before her, then plucking up the nerve to take It into her mouth. Just as i had the first time i sucked Dog Cock. Now, i do it without hesitation; bitch-whore that i have become!

Facing to each other as we are, i can see the lust in cumsluts eyes as she overcomes her distaste at her situation and gives in to the inevitability of being pack-fucked. Both of us are moaning and groaning as the heat builds between our legs; mounted and ready to cum. Meanwhile some Owners take pictures or video us as we are being banged by an endless succession of Dogs. 

No doubt the pictures are nice. Two naked sluts, taken by Dog after Dog of various breeds; Danish Dogs, Rottweilers, Bulldogs and other heavy Dogs; Their drooling tongues dangling from Their mouths above our heads. The knots hold deeply locked in our ravaged cunts. Under the weight of the Dogs and the deep thrusting, we sometimes nearly collapse, but the trained Dogs grip us between Their paws. Some have difficulties pulling out Their knot when it sticks deep in our cunt muscles. But always They succeed when They mercilessly pull away, tearing the soft inner flesh and bruising the inner lips.

At the same time, the smaller Dogs, are laid in front of the sluts, on Their backs. While still being fucked by the larger Dogs, we bend and suck the little Cocks offered to us. The watching crowd sheer and roar, and more than one Man approaches us and jerks His Cock to empty His balls onto our faces and hair. The Women who accompany Their Dogs or Husbands sometimes get so angry that They lash the Dogs who furiously hump Their Cock even harder in our bitch wombs.

The petite maid is shivering under the black heavy Rottweiler who is fucking her vigorously, His knot ripping open her swollen petals, smashing her womb, her head down, her pleading eyes peeking towards me. Strings of white spunk drip down my cheeks as i am roughly banged by a German Shepherd Dog, as i watch cumslut with blurred vision.

Finally, fully worn out, we reach "lunch break". As usual, bowls have been placed beneath us to catch the spunk as it oozes and drips from our well used cunts. So first, these bowls are removed and cumslut and i are arranged in a 69 position and ordered to lick each other clean. Then we are led to our cages. There, we are given the bowls of cum mixed with canned Dog food.

The order comes to, “enjoy your lunch!” but this foul concoction is truly the most vile thing i have ever eaten and i struggle with each and every mouthful and to keep myself from vomiting; much to the amusement of the watching crowd.

And as i slowly eat this horrible food, i realise something; “Animal Day”, thats us; cumslut and i; we are no more than animals performing in an old fashioned circus, trained to the whip for the entertainment of the audience and punished severely if we do not perform as required.

The break does not last for long. Soon Men come over to have Their way with both of us whores; using us both in all three holes simultaneously.

Only then are the clamps removed from my nipples and clit, which have long ago gone numb. As the clamps are removed and the blood rushes back, i am convulsed with pain and fall to my knees screaming and clutching at my tits.

After only a few moments respite, we are led, naked, to a separate section of the animal fair. As we are being led, i think that, in the distance, i can see my Lords Wife; the Lady of the House. She is walking with another Woman who is dressed in some kind of uniform; a nanny perhaps, as She is pushing a double baby-buggy. One of those in the buggy must be my child! For a second, my heart stops, i dont want my child to see me like this. Although i know that it is inevitable that some day my child will see me, a naked slave i still dont know if i gave birth to a boy or a girl. Will the Child ever know that i am His or Her mother? Probably not. But for now, i am not allowed the time to dwell on these unhappy thoughts.

Reaching an area hidden from the main fair, cumslut and i are both laid down on our backs, on the bare earth; our heads to each other, so that we can see each other. Alongside our heads, wooden stakes are hammered into the ground. First our wrists are bound to them, then our legs are pulled up and back and our ankles bound to the same stakes as our wrists. This means that our thighs are parted and our cunts exposed for all to see.

Men bring stainless steel pails and large, wide funnels. These funnels are roughly shoved into our gaping cunts. There is no clue of what is to happen next and i am very anxious about what is in store for us.

It comes soon. While one Man is holding the funnel in place, another picks up the bucket which He pours into the funnel and i can see that there are lots of small eels. As the water streams down, the eels follow; directly into my cunt!

As i look up, i can see that cumslut is getting the same treatment. The water spills on the floor but the eels are now inside our cunts; squirming and wriggling about, unable to escape as our cunts are closed up with clamps on our lips.

Almost immediately, cumslut is screaming and writhing and before too long, i follow her. Inside me, i can feel as the muzzles of the eels become like vacuum suck cups, right on my soft inner walls, womb and sensitive spot behind my clit. But restrained between the stakes, our bodies can only buck, shake and gyrate. Then we howl as the wriggling and the sucking cups of the eels mouths cause us both to orgasm

Between our howls, we babble pleadingly and beg for this torment to stop. Instead, the Men stand around us and piss on our faces and bodies. Others are jerking Their Cocks and shooting Their hot spunk on our squirming bodies. After a while, i can feel my eyes turn back in their sockets as i am overwhelmed by the continuous climaxes.

Sometimes a little tip of the tail emerges from between the sealed petals of my cunt and the swarm of the eels expands my belly and pubis, stretching my tender cunt walls. The convulsions seemed to stimulate the eels in their warm damp hole. But by then my mind has gone and i drift away on the crest of the non-stop multiple cummings.

The next thing i know is when we regain consciousness, laid next to each other in a cage. Both crying in shame at the way we had been exhibited and made to orgasm, we try to comfort each other, we take each other in our arms but we do not have long before the next event.

How could anything be more degrading than this?

All too soon, the Trainers come and drag us from the cage. They bind our wrists behind our backs and lead us, naked and filthy, to another part of the fair. Time must have passed as the general public appear to have gone and only specially invited guests remain. They take us to what is clearly a zoo section. A zoo assistant comes to us and smears some highly smelly paste on our bodies, especially down between our legs. The Men grin as They watch this, as if They must know what this paste is. Then we are led further into the zoo area and we both panic as we realise that we are being taken to the primates.

"No, no, not there, please," we both stutter and stammer; cumslut is shaking in shear terror, and i am feeling the same. In reply, the Men just laugh and lead us on to the cages where the orang utans and a gorilla are housed. As we approach, the great animals catch the scent of pungent paste which we are now told is the juices of fertile female apes. They roar and pace up and down from pure excitement, Their red cocks already showing, erect between Their fur.

They take cumslut first. Despite her vain struggles and begging not be led to the primate, the Men untie her wrists, open door of the Gorillas cage and push her inside, while i am held by both arms and forced to watch.

He is about 2 metres tall and must weigh about 150 kilos with a strong, big, a thick Cock. A perfect demonstration of His supremacy over the whore who is now in His territory. cumslut tries to curl up in the corner, and to crawl away but the Gorilla does not want long foreplay, so with His hand He grabs an ankle and pulls cumslut to his groin. Against His powerful grip she has, of course, no defence. He twists her onto all fours and then with both hands around her waist, He just pulls her onto His mighty cock making her scream out with the unprepared penetration. His body arches over hers, T/they are the perfect fucking couple, she just fit under Him like a childs toy doll, His cock mashing her womb. And He has not yet started to buck His hips against her. The gorilla adjusts His grip and then He buck, thrusting deeply with His reddish Cock, the gland mashing her cervix, her buttocks fitting perfectly in His loins.

Does she howl from lust or from pain, or from both? Either way, the audience love it, the petite whore taken by this big black Gorilla; her head tilted upwards, her eyes crossed backed, her body totally overwhelmed; possessed.  After some powerful thrusts He releases His seed deep in her and lets her go. He stands upright and with His fists He beats His chest while she lies on the ground and crawls away.

Other primates in the adjacent cages bark and howl back to this Master Gorilla. When she has crawled away some distance, He comes after her, lifts her by her waist and again penetrates her. Again she begs and screams, but again He shows His lust and impales her. He fucks the little human whore, her face contorted in a grimace, her arms backwards in vain to push Him away. she looks to the Men without seeing them, barely noticing the flashlights of the many cameras. When again He has shot His hot load, He lets her slip from His grip, and she again collapses on the ground. Her face flat on her cheek, some saliva drooling out of her mouth corner, her whole body on the sand, but her ass high. His primal instinct to breed soon revives and again He moves to her, now simply squatting on her ass, and shoving His inhuman Cock into her arse. This revives her and makes her shriek by this unlubed penetration of her tight hole. It takes many fucks before she, totally exhausted, falls into the darkness of unconsciousness.

However, for all the size and strength of the Gorilla, what surprises me is the gentleness with which He treats cumslut. He could have literally ripped her limb from limb but, instead, although He lifted her easily and held her firmly, there was no violence or aggression in His handling of her.  

But then it is my turn and at the other cage They push me into the Orang Utan section. In vain i struggle and beg but, deep down i know that there no escaping this ordeal and all i can do is to behave as submissively as possible and avoid any eye contact in the hope that these Apes are a gentle as the Gorilla was towards cumslut.

There are six Apes in this cage, all watching me as i sprawl on the floor of the cage. As soon as i am inside, the alpha Ape moves quickly towards me, grabs me, throws me roughly across the floor and just takes me. Involuntarily, i nearly puke and feel nauseous as He roughly pounds away at me with His surprisingly large Cock.  The Ape humps and bangs me in a sheer frenzy, His reddish gland bouncing at my cervix. After He is finished and has shot His load deep inside me, He stands upright and looks around as if in victory. But the next Utan immediately jumps on my back and pumps His fat cock into my well spunked slimy cunt. And again i am humped by an Ape. And when He finishes, He is succeeded by the next.

The Men, and few Women watching outside roar, "Go, go, go." Thus humiliating me even more. Then, each time one Utan finishes, They cheer, "next, next, next." And all the time, there flashlights going off as my degrading bestial gang-bang is caught on many cameras.

When the fourth Utan is about to mount me, the Leader stops Him and again He grabs me Himself; this time by my buttocks and He impales me again until He shoots His hot spunk deep into me again. Already my eyes are blurred and my mind is drifting away, looking to the audience as though through a mist. And so it goes on and on until all six have had Their share, some of Them even bread me four times. By this time i am totally exhausted and lie collapsed on the soil, my fuck-hole well used and swollen, my arse and cunt muscles fully stretched out, my inner walls sore and bruised.

Fully satisfied, the Orang Utans move away and leave me curled up on the ground. The Zoo Men move in and drag my limp body out of the cage. The Alpha Orang Utan and the Gorilla both beat Their chests and roar victoriously.

In a nearby barn cumslut and i are bound, arched backwards over a wooden bar, one ankle bound to the others ankle, our wrists bound behind the bar, so our legs are spread wide and our mounds, bellies and tits are nicely presented upwards. In this position, we are ready to be cleaned. Two hoses are aimed at our exposed bodies, the tap is opened and we both receive a sharp ice cold water spray.

As we hang there, the cold water dripping from our shivering bodies, the Boss of the Zoo Men approaches the Bodyguard one of the Men who had been spraying the water over us.

“That was some display,” says the Zoo Boss, “Ive never seen anything like it. My guys are horny as hell after watching them.”

“Hoe many of you are there?” asks the Bodyguard.

“Well, besides me, theres my three assistants but there will be another eight coming soon to help in the morning, loading the animals back into the trailers and dismantle the cages; so twelve all together.”

“O.k. you can have them for the night,” He says, “just bring them back to the house in the morning. And no damage mind! His Lordship wont be happy if theyre out of action for any length of time, so heres the rules…”

“No, no more please,” i moan softly before i can stop myself.

“Got something to say, bitch?”

Realising what i have said, i quickly apologise, “No, Sir, im very sorry Sir; i didnt mean anything, please.”

“you need to learn to keep your slut mouth shut except when its filled with cock!”

“Yes Sir, im very sorry, Sir.”

“you will be if I get any more of your sass!” and turning to the Zoo Boss, He continues, “the sluts are all yours for the night. Bring them up to the back door of the house in morning; in one piece mind! Slap them around a bit if you like but dont break anything. And dont mark their faces; His Lordship likes them as they are and he wont be happy if their looks are re-arranged.”

And with that, the Bodyguard walks away and the Zoo Boss calls His Men and They release us and make us get to our feet and They march us to Their tent.

The tent, or rather it is a small marquee, is set up nicely for the Men, cooking facilities, camp beds with sleeping bags, chairs and even a small refrigerator.

At first, there are only the four Men, the Zoo Boss and His assistants and They sit around drinking beer and passing the pair of us round, groping and prodding our bodies but They are quite gentle with us. Then, one requires a blow-job so then we go from one to another, kneeling and sucking Their Cocks.

Just as i am finishing off the last Man, the other eight arrive. These are much more boisterous and are very happy to see me, naked, on my knees and with a hard Cock in my mouth. They grab bottles of beer from the refrigerator and then they want to hear all about the events of the day.

“Well, that one,” says the Zoo Boss, pointing at cumslut, “shes got a strong accent; East Europe, somewhere. But the curly haired bitch, well apparently shes got a bit of a mouth on her.” And so They make me stand before Them, feet spread, hands behind my head as i tell Them, in full detail, about our experiences during the day. To add to my humiliation, one of the Men sticks an empty beer bottle into my cunt as i stand with my legs apart.

When i have finished my humiliating tale, one; a huge bald black Man, sneers, “Well I hope youve both washed properly. I dont want to stick my dick in your slut cunt if its still full of monkey spunk!”

“Yes, Sir,” i reply, “weve been fully cleaned.”

“Since we missed the show earlier, why dont we have the two of them put on a show for us now?” suggests one of the Newcomers.

“Yeah; a lesbian show,” shouts another.

“Lets get to it then,” sneers the big black Man and He grabs cumslut by the hair and throws her towards me. “Go on then, you heard; get on with it. And make it good!”

Whispering to cumslut to make sure she understands what to do, we kiss and embrace, our hands running over each others bodies before we sink to the ground.

“Sixty-nine,” yells one Man and i turn and straddle cumsluts face, lowering myself onto her and bending to kiss and lick at her wet cunt.

Concentrating on pleasuring cumslut with my mouth and tongue, i am only vaguely aware of one of the Men kneeling by cumsluts head and whispering instructions to her. But the next thing i know, she is pushing three, then four fingers into my sloppy cunt. Then her thumb and finally her whole hand are inside me and i can feel her making a fist; deep inside my battered cunt.

“Urgh!” i grunt as she slams her fist against my cervix again and again. Overtaken by pure lust, i forget about cumsluts pleasure and rise upright on my wide spread knees and, before long, i am fucking myself on her arm; my head thrown back and my hands pawing at my tits.

Pretty soon i am rocked by an intense orgasm that just goes on and on until, finally, i collapse in shear rapture, cumsluts fist still buried inside me. From the Men, i am vaguely aware of murmurs of approval. “Wow,” “Fuck; that was some performance,” and so on.

Then the voice of the big black Man, “Thats got me hard. Theres two of em but Im having some of that curly haired bitch. I dont care about the rest of you!”

He effortlessly lifts me by one arm and half carries, half drags me to a corner of the tent, followed by several of His companions. He pushes me to my knees and takes out His Cock. Its enormous! Taking hold of my head, He points It at my face and without having to be told, i obediently open my mouth; wide! He doesnt hesitate to ram It hard straight down my throat.

my Lords beautiful Cock is definitely longer than this one and as thick; and infinitely more magnificent. But when my Lord fucks my throat, it is as an act of love on both parts. This, however, is violent and aggressive; a rape of my throat, and, instinctively, i put my hands up to the black Mans hips to push Him away.

Bad move!

He pulls out and whacks me across the left cheek with the open palm of His right hand, immediately following up by back-handing me across the right cheek.

“TAKE IT, YOU FUCKING WHORE!” He roars at me, making me cringe back. Then turning to His friends He adds, “Johan, get behind the cunt and hold her head.”

A fat Man with long greasy hair and a matching straggly beard moves behind my back and grasps my head in a vice-like grip. The black Man then pushes His Cock back into my mouth and down my throat; all the way so that my lips are brushing His pubic hairs.

Worse than that, He slides His hand between U/us and pinches my nose closed, cutting off any air that i may be able to breathe. They hold me like that for what seems like an eternity; my eyes bulging and tears streaming down my cheeks and i am on the verge of passing out before the big black Man withdraws.

Coughing and spluttering, there is saliva and mucus dripping down my chin and my mind is in a haze. So im slow to respond when the black Man asks, “like that, dont you, bitch?”

SLAP, SLAP! Left and right across my face again. The impact is harder this time as my head is still being held firmly.

“ARRGH! Sorry Sir, “i cry, “please Sir, i meant no disrespect, please forgive me… yes i like it Sir.”

“Thats better. Dont make me have to teach you manners. Want some more?”

Not wanting another slapping, i reply, “Yes please, Sir.”

And, pinching my nose again, He plunges His Cock straight down into my throat. And once again, He keeps It there until i am about to faint before He pulls out. Three more time He does this before He is ready to cum and begins to fuck my throat and shoots His wads of spunk straight down into my stomach.

“Oh, that felt good. Guys, you have to try her. Johan, want to swap places?”

Without a word, the two Men change places. Johans Cock is nowhere as big as the black Man, but He clearly cares little for personal hygiene and i am overwhelmed by the foul odour when He takes out His Cock and presents It to my mouth. But as the black Man is now holding my head, and not wanting to risk more slaps, i have no choice but to accept Him deep into my mouth. Fortunately, He doesnt last for long and He quickly fills my mouth with His seed.  

Two more of the Men use me in this way before They simply toss me to one side and i sprawl on the ground, a mess of tears, mucus and cum covering my face and chin.

They stand around drinking more beer for about ten minutes. During this time, i can see cumslut on all fours being fucked from behind.

One of the younger Men sees this and, turning to me, says to His companions, “I fancy fucking her but Im not sure I want to stick it in her cunt after a monkeys fucked her.”

“Fuck her arse then,” and to me, “you dont mind, do you, curly?”

“N… no Sir, not at all,” i replied. And the truth is that my cunt and my throat have taken such a battering today and, by comparison, my anus has been only lightly used. In addition, in my years of slavery, my anal muscle has become stretched out so that i can now accommodate all but the biggest Cock without discomfort. So i am glad that this Man now wants to fuck my ass rather than my other fuck-holes.


They position me on my knees and elbows and the young Man gets behind me and pushes into my yielding ass. He doesnt last long but as He pulls out He gasps, Oh, that was good. Ive never met girls like these before. ”

“You wont see girls like these out and about; thats because theyre slaves; nothing but possessions,” says the Zoo Boss. “His Lordship owns them just like he owns his dogs or his horses. These sluts are nothing more than animals; lower than animals actually because this one,” indicating towards me, “she has to pleasure his dogs and horses; and be grateful to do it. Isnt that right, slut?”

“Yes, Sir,” i reply from my position on the ground.

“Tell us what you are.”

“im my Lords slave, Sir,” i replied with pride. Because i am proud to be my Lords slave, and so very fortunate to be owned by Him.

“Amazing! Look, theyre even branded like animals,” says another of the Men. “And those stripes on her back,” indicating to me, “they must be marks from when shes been whipped. Well, Im having some of that ass!”

And, in all, six of Them take Their turn. The big black Man waits until last and it really hurts as He violently ravishes my ass; bringing fresh cries of pain to my lips and tears to my eyes.

Finally, They have had enough and the Zoo Boss says, “Ok lads, weve got a busy day ahead of us so lets get some sleep. Just tie these two whores up and leave them in the corner or something.”

“Ive got a better idea,” says the big black Man and He whispers something to the others, bringing loud laughter from Them.

They haul cumslut and i to our feet and tie our hands behind our backs, then we are led outside the tent and made to kneel at the side of one of Their trucks facing away from it. Both of us have our ankles tied together and then a rope is looped round the rope tying my wrists and is pulled up and fixed to something high on the truck. This wrenches my arms up behind me and makes me lean forward; a kind of kneeling strappado! To finish, another rope is tied into my hair, my head is jerked back and the other end of this rope is tied around the rope on my ankles. From the corner of my eye, i can just see that cumslut has been bound in a similar position.

“Now, girly,” says one of the Men standing in front of me, “open wide. And make sure you swallow it!” He is taking out His Cock and i realise that we are to be Their urinals. 

Sure enough, He directs a stream of steaming hot bitter piss into my mouth. As ordered, i gulp it down as fast as i can, but there is so much that a lot spills out onto the ground by my knees. All of Them; twelve Men use us in this way before retiring to Their tent, leaving us outside in this terrible bondage.

All the piss i have swallowed inevitably works its way to fill my bladder and the pressure builds and builds until i can stand it no more and i have to let it go. The hot piss runs down my thighs and soaks the ground at my knees.

In all my time as a slave, i think this must be the most degrading twenty-four hours i have had to endure.

And the seemingly endless cold night goes on and on with cumslut and i in increasing agony from our bondage, whimpering and sobbing in our unceasing torment.

Several times, one of the Men comes out and uses either cumslut or i to empty Their bladder until, the sky lightens and dawn finally comes. With it comes the sounds of the Men stirring and the smell of breakfast cooking which is yet another torture as, with the exception of that “lunch” of canned Dog food mixed with Dog spunk, we have not eaten for twenty four hours. Come to that, we havent slept for more than twenty four hours either.

Only when the Men have eaten and all have taken Their early morning piss into our mouths do They untie us and we both collapse onto the piss soaked ground.

But we are not allowed to rest. “On your feet, you lazy sluts,” orders one of the Men. “Follow me, theres a trolley to be loaded and taken up to the house.”

He leads us round the back of the tent, where the “trolley” turns out to be more of a small cart. The Men makes us take one of the shafts each and pull the cart over to the tents where we are made to load various pieces of equipment onto it. To encourage us to work, the Man is holding a four foot length of thick rope with a frayed end. He uses this freely across our backs.

Once the cart is loaded, we are made to pull it across the grass, up to the house. Fully laden, the cart is very heavy and difficult to pull across the grass. With our bare feet, it is difficult to get any grip and, several times, one or other of us slips and falls. The Man then lashes our backs with the rope end until we scramble to our feet and get back to work. In our exhausted condition, it is terribly hard work but, finally we make it to a paved road where the going is easier.

Finally arriving at the rear door of the house, we are made to unload most of the equipment and carry it into a store room near the kitchen. Then as we are going back out to the cart, the Chef comes out and shouts, “Not you, cumslut; you are to stay here in the house from now on.”

The rest of the equipment on the cart has to go to the stables and, now i have to pull the cart on my own. At least, the cart is not now so heavy and i can take it on paved paths, even if that means going a longer way round.

Reaching the stables, i have to unload the cart by myself. The cart is then put away and i am dismissed.

Slowly, i make my way back to the sanctuary of the little cottage, where i collapse on top of the bed and fall into a deep, deep sleep.

Chapter 29 The Business Trip

Following the “Animal Day”, i am left alone for about a week. During this time i rest and my body recovers from the rigours of that day.

Then, one day, i am ordered to prepare to accompany my Lord on a business trip of a week. Trained as i am, i understand what it means: no underwear, half cup bras, and long dresses with split up to the waist at sides, high heels, black stockings, etc. It is so exciting as i have never before been permitted to travel with my Lord on one of His trips.

On the very day, one of the Bodyguards comes along and leads me to the Rolls-Royce. The suitcase of my clothes etc. is put in the boot and i take my place in the backseat. One of the Guards sits next to me with another in the front, next to the Driver. As soon as W/we set off, the Guard yanks my hair and pulls my face to His lap. His trousers are already unzipped ready. Of course, i understand what is expected and i open my mouth to let His half erect cock to enter my gullet. With one hand at the back of my head and the other one under my jaw, He bobs my head up and down. But before He shoots His load, W/we are out of sight of the house but still in the deserted countryside. The car stops on a silent path, the Driver and two Guards step out, one pulling me out of the car.

"Strip", one orders coldly. Of course, i obey without hesitation, peeling off my dress. "Everything!" He added. So i continue and take off the bra and the black stockings.

As soon as i am nude, They pull me to a tree, where They pull my arms and bind me with police cuffs around the tree, as if i am embracing the tree. In the same way They cuff my ankles, so that my body is fully wrapped around the raw bark of the tree trunk. Then all three slide off Their belts, as They dont have a whip with Them, and They lash me on my exposed back and buttocks. It does not take long before i am screaming from pain, so vigorously do They lay into me. They are cruel but, of course, i am a pain and lust slave and the abrading surface of the tree strokes my mound, inner thighs and clit, so the pain of the belts is mixed with the lust between my legs.

Part of my extensive slave training was, of course, not to beg for mercy or release. So repeatedly the belts land on my back, shoulders, ass cheeks and back thighs but, although i scream, i do not beg Them to stop. Only when my back is full welted and red striped do They release me. But it is only to have my wrists cuffed over an overhanging branch, for this They lift me, and when They let go i am dangling, my toes unable to reach the ground.

In this position, i expect a further whipping. But They have something else in mind. Two of Them take position in front and behind me and They ram Their Cocks into my two fuck-holes. They thrust deep and hard, one mashing my womb, the other reaming open my arse ring. They claw and mould my tits, pulling and twisting cruelly on my nipples. One by one They release Their hot spunk deep in my holes.

For the third Man, They have something special in mind. They release my wrists from the branch, and cuff them behind my back. With one belt They make a noose, shove it around my neck and hoist me until my legs are kicking free in the air. These cruel sadists know exactly how to treat me without killing me or causing me lasting damage. The belt is closed just tight enough to make my throat rasp, just enough to permit me to breathe but not more and my eyes bulge and my tongue protrudes as my legs kick out.

Then the third Man takes His position in front of me, and pulls my legs around His waist. In order to relieve myself from the pain in my lungs, i wrap my legs around Him while His fat Cock impales my wet cunt. The Men roar with laughter at the way i struggle and fight for air with my thighs clamped tightly around His waist. The Man thrust His Cock deep into my sloppy cunt and pulls my strangled protruding tongue into His mouth.

Eventually before i get too exhausted, He spews His hot load deep inside me. They let me down and stand around me mocking me as i am ordered to dress. "Hurry," barks one, "we dont have the whole day!"

Feeling miserable, i quickly put on my clothes, feeling the slimy wetness on my inner thighs. Of course, i know that i am just a Man's toy, but over time i have become more and more reluctant to be used by any other than my beloved Lord. But i have no time to think as i am pushed back into the car and W/we drive off to the airport. Using some handkerchiefs and tissues, i try to clean myself but my thighs remained sticky and i feel uncomfortable.

At the airport, i am led by the Bodyguards directly to the VIP lounge. The air is cool and the room is filled with Businessmen, reading the reports or the business daily newspaper. Apart from one businesswoman and a couple of waitresses, i am the only female in the lounge. Accompanied by one Bodyguard, i sit down to wait.

After maybe a half an hour, an important looking Man stands up, winks to the Guard and then looks down me. The Guard merely nods. The Man then gestures to me to follow Him. With one hand on my shoulder, He guides me into the Men's room. There the Man opens a cubicle and forces me inside and down on all fours. He unzipped His pants, straddles me and, without a word, impales my cunt while, with one hand, He pushes on the back of my neck; forcing my head down into the toilet pan. With the other hand He flushes the toilet over and over as He fucks me.

Utterly humiliated by my position, i can only hope that He cums quickly. On the slippery floor tiles, my knees ache and slip sideways spreading my legs, causing horrible pain in my hip joints too. But before i completely collapse onto the floor, He plants His feet either side of my legs so they can not slip further. Finally, while my head is pushed deep into the pan, i feel His hot cum spurt inside my cunt. The Man then simply wipes His Cock on my back, puts away His Cock and leaves without saying a word.

Unsteadily, i get to my feet and stagger to the sink where i try to clean myself, using the warm air hand dryer on my hair. Just as i am nearly finished, i turn as another Man enters; His pants already zipped open and His Cock half out. He forces me down onto my knees and shoves His fat Cock down my throat. With one hand at the back of my head and the other under my jaw, He roughly throat-fucks me. He cums quickly, His sticky spunk sliding down my throat, which I have no choice but to gulp it down with difficulty. Again the Man leaves without having said a word.

Again i try to clean myself, but as i open the door to leave the washroom, two Men push me back in. One pushes my face down into the middle urinal, lifts my dress and thrusts in one go into my arse, bringing a muffled scream of pain from my mouth. Holding my head down, His other hand getting a firm grip of my waist, He buggers me deeply. The other Man stands to one side and gropes and claws at my jiggling tits. Then He aims His Cock at my head and pisses on my face and hair. Humiliated and overwhelmed, i am nothing but a toy in the hands of these Men.

It feels like my tight arse ring are being nearly ripped, but fortunately He finishes quickly; His hot seed splattering deep in my bowels. And off They go. Again, not a word has been spoken.

For a while, i hesitate, but then decide to again clean herself. To appear to my Lord as i am, face and hair covered with piss and thighs sticky with all this white sperm is not an option. As quickly as i can, i clean myself yet again. This time no Man stops me when i rush out.

Indeed my Lord has arrived and He is already heading for the exit with His briefcase in His hand. Seeing me, He only coldly says, "be in time next time."

He heads to the private gate without going through the security fence. Certainly His Lordship must be a Very Important Person. Obediently i follow Him. W/we board a medium size private jet. One of the Bodyguards leads me to a compartment at the back of the plane. About six to seven Men are in the front part. Some of Them i recognise vaguely as being high-powered politicians and business men. my Lord is not with Them; He must be in another part of the plane. Apart from two stunning stewardesses, it appears that i am the only female. The plane took off, but apart from being given food and drink by the stewardesses, i am ignored and apart from watching through the window, i have nothing to do. The sky darkens and i fall asleep.

Some time later i am awoken by a Man who drags me out of my seat and to the front of the cabin, where there is more space with low lounge tables and along the window sides couches. Right away it is clear what is expected of me and i fall to my knees, taking Their Cocks into my mouth; one after another. The Men grab my head and bob it up and down on Their stiff shafts. Slowly the excitement mounts, and when i am sucking on the fifth Cock, two Men position Themselves together so that i can take Their two Cocks in my mouth at the same time. Others lift Their legs, offering Their scrotum and arse for me to lick. Although reluctant, i do this without hesitation. After all, i am a slave with no free will and i do not wish to offend my Lords friends and colleagues.

Soon all my holes are penetrated, i have to sit on one Cock, bend and take another in my arsehole, and in front of me two Cocks slap against my face and i have to stretch my jaw to allow Them to enter my throat. Others grope my udders, and then one Man lies down on the floor and i am positioned in reverse cowgirl, riding the Cock. Then They push me backwards, offering my already filled cunt, to have it impaled by a second Cock. Number three takes up position in front of me, pushes my udders together with His Cock between them. With my head hanging backwards, my throat is a perfect tunnel for the pistoning Cocks; a perfect sex toy for the greedy older Men. And so it continues, all of the Men using me to satisfy Their own lust; Their throbbing glands ripping open my gullet. At one point, They even succeeded to force two Cocks into my arse, my cries muffled by two Cocks filling my mouth.

Finally, They have had enough and They stand around me as i kneel in position, my face upturned; ready for all Their gorgeous white spunk to splatter on my eyes, hair and face. Fully plastered with hot spunk, i head for the toilet to get cleaned up.  But there i am stopped by one of the two stewardesses.

"Because of you, whore, they treat us like shit," one of them hisses. But They allow me to pass. But then, on my way out of the toilet, having cleaned myself, They grab me and push me down to the floor. The one who stopped me sits down on my shoulders, Her pussy-lips spread over my face and mouth. With Her hand on my neck, She forces my mouth to Her mound and pussy and starts to ride me, my groans muffled by Her moist flesh.

The other stewardess kneels between my spread legs and lifts my legs up and back by pushing with one arm behind each of my knee. Then She pushes Her fist into my supple wide open gaping sloppy cunt and She roughly fist-fucks me. Then, She succeeds to position Her other hand above my mound and clit. Together with the fisting, She frantically rubs and fingers me until i am forced to cum.

Both torture me, one by blocking my mouth and controlling my breathing with Her wet pussy and mound; the other by continuously fisting and fingering my cunt. In vain, i gyrate and buck, trying to get free. After forcing several climaxes from me, the Stewardesses change positions, but now the one on my face sits and rides my face with Her knees on my shoulders, and gripping both of my ankles. The other Stewardess now fists me with two fists in my cunt. Trapped between the two, i have no chance to escape the vicious women. Muffled by the riding pussy, my screams, begging or groans are unheard. Both use me to fulfil Their revenge.

Two of the Men that used me earlier have come up to watch and, when the Stewardesses finish with me They are clearly ready for another go at me. But one of the Stewardesses stops Them, saying, “Im sorry, Gentlemen, but we are about to start preparing to land. Please return to your seats and fasten your safety belts.” The other Stewardess turns to me and, in a much harsher tone, says, “And you, slut; back to your seat and buckle up.”

Totally exhausted, i get to my feet and make my way back to my seat at the back. There, waiting for me are my Lord and Lady Angel. Inside, i groan as i understand that the evening is far from over. Then i see that there is a second Man whose face seems familiar. Although i cannot be sure it is Him, He resembles the Prime Minister; Unbelievable! But before i can take a closer look, Lady Angel has me blindfolded and She forces me down on to all fours. Someone grabs me by the neck and my lips are forced apart by a huge Cock-head.

Although i am accustomed to His Lordships Cock, i find this one to be exceptionally big too. It must be the stranger. Without foreplay He forces my head down, the gland forcing open my gullet and throat, closing off my air supply. At the same time i feel another one straddle me, and a huge Cock, that has to be His Lordships Finest Cock impales my arse; spreading me so that that it feels like i will be split in two. Both start to ride and bang me, two huge Cocks and a slut trapped in between. Before i can think what would be Lady Angel's role, i feel a fist surely Lady Angels - force its way violently into my cunt. Too absorbed by the two Cocks, i can only groan, my mind focussed to please the Cock in my mouth with my tongue. Knowing how to please my Lord, i apply all my expertise to the stranger's Cock. All holes filled, the combination of pride to service my Lord and His Friends, the growing lack of air, and the stimulus of the fist makes my mind swirl.

Only rarely, just enough to prevent me from passing out, He lets me breathe; i am exhausted by the continuous fuck and fist. Then when i feel as the fist is pulled out, tearing my tender cunt-lips, it is only to be replaced by something hard. Again Lady Angel has found some cruel way to treat me: it is an empty wine bottle. The cork has been prepared, by having three needles pushed in, the sharp tip slightly protruded at the other end. Then the cork had been pushed back into the bottle, but reversed. Slowly turning and slowly fucking me with this cruel device, Lady Angel matches the movements of my Lord, without harming my soft insides with the needles.

But then both Men increase Their deep thrusts and drill my two holes. The muscles ripped, it feels as if my ass-crack has split and my throat choked. At the same moment Their white hot lava spews out, Lady Angel presses the bottleneck hard against my cervix, the three little needle tips piercing me in the most agonising way. As the Cock head is blocking throat, my shrieks are silenced, but my agony is terrible.

Finally, i am allowed to rest and at the moment the plane lands i wake up; miserable after this harsh night, the end of which i do not recall. The Men, including my Lord, ignore me. The other important Person is not there, but maybe He is in the other compartment.

W/we leave the airport again through the diplomatic gate and with three black limousines, accompanied by a police motorcycle escort, W/we head for the hotel. It is hot, very hot, although it is late in the evening. There are some signs with what looks like strange writing on them, but otherwise i have no idea where W/we are. The hotel is luxurious and is air-conditioned and, again surrounded by guards and important Men, W/we are led to O/our suite. At the end of the queue are some women, Lady Angel amongst them, and last of all, me. Men stare at the other women and at me; being unveiled, in Their minds the women must be whores. The only reason they are not grabbed, is that they are with an important delegation.

The Presidential Suite is taken by the Man i think is the Prime Minister. His Lordship has the adjacent suite. Lady Angel and others are a floor lower. To my utmost delight, i am to be in my Lord's suite. He orders me to freshen up in the bathroom. The hot tub is really luxurious. After that He takes me to the king-size bed and my heart explodes from happiness: this is like a honeymoon. All night He uses me in all possible ways. Again He proves His endless stamina and self control. This night i savour and i will recall it forever; how marvellously He fucks me, and fists me until i just babble incoherently for mercy after maybe the twentieth nonstop orgasm.

In the morning after He has showered, shaved and dressed, He orders me to kneel, still naked, at the side of the bed. He puts a chain around my neck and padlocks it closed. The other end of the chain is locked to the leg of the bed. Then He lays a bowl of water and some food on the floor nearby and a pot for my needs and He leaves without a word.

Left alone, i curl up like a dog waiting to the return of His Master. Maybe a half hour later the room maid enters. As she goes to clean the bathroom first, she does not notice me. But when finishes in the bathroom, she enters the bedroom and as soon as she spots me, she squeals and runs out the suite. A few moments later she comes back with her Manager who appraises the situation, says something to the maid and, again T/they both leave.

But within a few seconds He is back; alone. In perfect but very formal English, He tells me that my lewd behaviour will not be tolerated in this country and that if He were to report me to the Police, i would be sentenced to at least ten years in prison with regular canings, 100 lashes at a time. He continues that Their prisons are no place for a western woman; overcrowded, insanitary and rat infested with prisoners especially women not being granted even the most basic of human rights. However, He would agree to not reporting me if i do what He wants.

Resisting the temptation to point out that i already have no human rights i am naked and in chains i agree to His demands. After all, if word were to get out of my arrest and imprisonment, there would be a major scandal involving my Lord. And, anyway, what is one more Cock to suck or fuck? Just one more to add to the thousands that i have already serviced.

He grabs me by my chain necklace, and positions me on my knees, my face flat on the floor. Then He unzips His trousers. He straddles me, but with He puts one foot on my head, a most humiliating position; His hard cock thrusting deep into my snatch. Forcefully He bangs me, and soon He shoots His hot load into my whorish cunt. He leaves the room without another word, but before i can recover, another Man enters the room, gropes me and again impales my cunt. Quickly, eager and horny as They are in that country without regular sexual encounters, He quickly shoots His load.

And when He leaves, He is soon followed by another. And this continues all day; the door closes behind one and within ten minutes it opens again. They come singly or in pairs, occasionally there are three. They talk loudly and excitedly, mainly in their foreign language but with some instructions to me in broken English on how They want me and i often pick out things like “white slut,” or “western whore,” or similar variations of these insults.

All three of my holes are used again and again, in all different positions; on my back, on all fours, on my back with my legs pulled up and over so that my feet are by my head and only my shoulders are on the floor. One time, i am made to lie on the bed with my head hanging over the edge. One Man is rutting at my cunt while another is savagely throat fucking me; each thrust causing me to make a “nnggggggghhhh” sound which, strangely, reminds me of the sound Donald Duck makes. 

It is dark outside before the stream of Men slows and then stops. How many Men have used me? Too many to count; fifty maybe? But, at last, i am left alone and i curl up on the rug and fall asleep; exhausted from the demands made on me.

The door opens. It is my Lord and i scramble to get into the required position; kneeling upright with my knees spread wide, hands behind my head with eyes downcast and my tits pushed out in offering to Him. He is dressed immaculately in a Dinner Jacket but He takes one look at me and the filthy state i am in and just says, “Yack.”

He makes a call, to Lady Angel and another to room service. Then He removes His jacket and tie and unlocks the chain from my collar but says nothing to me and leaves me kneeling in display.

After about five minutes, there is a knock at the door. It is Lady Angel and She is followed by a Waiter carrying a tray with a bottle of Champaign in an ice bucket and two glasses.

When the Waiter has set the tray down, He turns and He smirks and winks at me. His Lordship peels a note from a wad of cash and hands it to the Waiter, saying, “I would have offered the slut to you as a tip, but I think you may already have been there.” The Waiter blushes in embarrassment how sweet! and mumbles His thanks before getting out as quickly as He can.

His Lordship turns His attention to Lady Angel. She looks gorgeous; elegant and sexy in a full length cream silk dress, with gold trim, which displays little flesh but which clings to Her; emphasising Her beautiful body.

They embrace and kiss before She slips off to the bathroom. While She is gone, my Lord opens the Champaign and pours two glasses.

When Lady Angel returns, She has removed the dress and She is wearing only bra and panties, of very similar material to the dress, and strappy gold sandals with four inch heels. She looks stunning and i am all the more aware of my own filthy state with dried cum all over me.

They drink some Champaign and then sit on the sofa, kissing and embracing some more. Then, after a while, She takes out my Lords beautiful Cock and bends to suck on it as i can only watch enviously from the corner of my eye.

Once my Lord is fully erect, Lady Angel stands, slips off Her underwear, straddles Him and slowly impales Herself on the magnificent weapon, giving a loud sigh of pleasure.

Slowly, She rides Him; grinding Her hips as Her excitement grows and Her movements quicken. my Lord, of course, has tremendous staying power and Lady Angel has many orgasms before He finally erupts inside Her.

She lies against His chest for a while before She slides off and sprawls next to Him on the sofa.

All this time, i have been totally ignored as i kneel, tears of envy running down my cheeks. But now, my Lord calls me over to Them and orders me to clean Lady Angel. Quickly, i crawl across to Her and She spreads Her thighs ready for me. To demonstrate my devotion, i plant a loving kiss on Her mound, which is trimmed to have a narrow “landing strip”, just like mine. His Lordship must like all His women this way. Then i proceed to lick, slurp and suck the delicious cocktail of Their juices, savouring every drop. Lady Angel must be enjoying my attentions because She is soon moaning with pleasure. Momentarily, i look up to Her face and see that She is smiling as She looks down on me; a smile that is a mixture of pleasure and cruelty.

When Lady Angel is fully cleaned, i kiss Her mound again and the turn my attention to my Lords Cock, licking and sucking until It is also thoroughly cleaned. Again, i start and finish with a loving kiss to the head.

With my duties complete, i am ordered back into the display position while They drink some more Champaign. Then my Lord goes to the bathroom and Lady Angel slips off Her shoes and slides into bed; to be joined a few minutes later by my Lord.

In my position, i am facing away from the bed so i can see nothing but i have to listen to another long love-making session during which Lady Angel must have at least half a dozen orgasms before i am again required to act as the clean-up woman.

This time, They fall asleep but i am back in the kneeling display position; every muscle in my body burning with pain and my knees are totally agonising. Tears pour from my eyes as i silently sob my way through a very long and painful night.


The next morning, i am exhausted through lack of sleep but i am ordered to shower and to dress decently, but no underwear, of course. With the delegation W/we leave the hotel and drive, with a police escort, to a government building. All but Lady Angel and i are led into a conference room. Lady Angel leads me to a small darker room adjacent to the conference room. Then, before i realise what is happening, Lady Angel pushes me against the wall and quickly attaches my wrists to rings imbedded in the wall and after pushing my legs open She snaps my ankles to the rings leaving me spread-eagled to the wall. Then to finish, She shoves an eye mask over my face and i am left in the dark. "Enjoy," hisses Lady Angel before she leaves me alone in the room.

Maybe ten minutes later someone enters, roughly tugs my skirt up and, without a word, forces in a hard cock into my dry cunt. With some hard thrusts, He quickly comes and shoots His load into me before leaving me alone again. He is just the first of many Men coming in and fucking me. Their slimy spunk drips down my thighs. How long i stand here i dont know and i lose count of the Men after the seventeenth.

Finally the congress is over and in the statement it is said that the due to the relaxed atmosphere and willingness of all it has been a success.


A smaller part of the delegation, Lady Angel and myself included, are driven off with a police escort, front and back. W/we are taken out of the capital city to the feared state prison. W/we enter a side wing, especially meant for political prisoners. Deep inside all kinds of shouting, screaming and pleas can be heard, making me shiver. Then W/we enter a very special part of the political wing, where only women are detained. Entering here reminds me that Lady Angel is an important member of Human Rights Groups and specially Women Rights. W/we enter an uncomfortable shabby place, lit by just two bare light bulbs in the ceiling. To one side is a kind of seated viewing area for visitors, behind a half high wall. Many Men are already seated there.

A few moments later two Executioners enter the room dragging a young woman by her shoulders. They pull her legs wide, and manacle her ankles to rings set into the floor. In front of her they shove a sort of horizontal bar on legs. They bend her over the bar and manacle her wrists far in front of her and then she is stripped from her black robe, revealing a pretty woman, her ass high, her breasts hanging down towards the floor. Then They read out the charges and the verdict, which is translated. She was arrested in an illegal disco club, dancing with Men who were not from her family. She is from a rich family so apparently, the sentence is to be lenient.

The Executioners nod to Lady Angel, and when She approaches They hand her a heavy black whip. Lady Angel is known as a campaigner for women's rights, but i know better: Lady Angel is a pure sadist. The Executioner gives a sign and Lady Angel lashes the back of the young woman. The victim screams but Lady Angel lashes again and again; thin red stripes appearing on the womans back as she screams loudly. If this is a lenient punishment, i would hate to see a severe one!

Both executioners burst out laughing and one takes the whip. Slowly He demonstrates how to swing and circle the whip before aiming at the victims back, and in that movement to have a quick twist movement with the wrist. Quickly He administers two lashes to the now wet back of the woman. And indeed her screams are a few pitches higher. He gives back the whip to Lady Angel. She learns fast, as now at each stroke the woman screams her throat hoarse.

This does not bode well for me; im sure that Lady Angel will practice Her new technique on me as soon as She gets the opportunity.

The audience are clearly enjoying the show. Some of Them, i notice, keep glancing in my direction. A couple of Them, sitting next to me, start to fondle and grope me and i dare not refuse Them. Soon my legs are spread wide and They are openly fingering my cunt.

Without warning, both Executioners come to grab me and drag me next to the other woman. But i am bound face up, my back arched, my head hanging down and, of course, my legs are wide apart. They lock my ankles into holes in a wooden plank and my wrists are manacled to rings in the frame. With a pulley, They stretch me out even more so that now my back is painfully arched to the maximum, my spine feeling like it is ready to snap.

Both Executioners start to harshly whip both the woman and myself. Meanwhile the Men who had been watching line up to use our fuck-holes. And Lady Angel straddles my head and lowers Her pussy to my face and starts to ride on it.

Under the terrible lashes both of us shriek in agony, but we are well secured, so there is no way to escape. One by one the Men use our arse holes or cunts, sometimes shooting Their hot spunk, sometimes controlling themselves. Finally before the brain consuming pain can bring us into darkness, all the Men are satisfied. Lady Angel, meanwhile, has numerous climaxes. They free me and order me to dress, my eyes blurred from the whipping and the demands made on me. W/we leave this room and go through the dark hall again to another more "intimate" room. It is not only from the cold that i shiver, but also the howling of women and shouting of Men as me terrorised.

This room too has a small viewing area for the audience behind a low wall, but this time I am made to bend over this low wall. All apparently knew, and i soon realise that this is a real execution room. From the ceiling hangs a pulley with a thick rope tied into a noose. Under the dangling rope there is a small platform. When all were seated, the advocate of women's rights Lady Angel(!) on the first row, a side door open and two huge strong black clothed Executioners enter the room, dragging a female dressed and hooded in black by her shoulders.

The victim does not make any sound, and the way she is being dragged, it seemed she is barely conscious. They position her under the dangling rope. One of the Hosts calls something in its language, the Executioners nod. They uncuff the victim, strip her from the dress, and she is left naked. Her body displays the marks of very heavy torture, her areolas are cut, blue and black bruises and cut are all over her body. Then again They cuff her wrists behind her back with a chain let in between. Then her hood is lifted, and her grimaced face is unveiled, a woman in her forties, raped and tortured prior to her execution.

After only a few minutes, one of the watching guest Men moves behind me and penetrates my cunt. Lady Angel is sitting next to me, groping and fondling my tits with one hand and masturbating herself with the other hand.

The noose is shoved over the womans head and adjusted around her neck. They turn the pulley and first the rope goes taut, and then she is lifted, but the Executioners raise her only until she is dancing on her tiptoes. Her body shakes, her head trembles, and the chain between her wrists has slack enough that her instinct is to pull one hand in front of herself in a futile attempt to try to reach her throat. While the womans mind drifts away in a pure death struggle, my own brain drifts away too, at the sight of the woman being so cruelly executed while myself being thoroughly fucked doggy style, feeling the juices ooze along my thighs.

Sometimes it is as if her lips want to say something, to beg for mercy, to plea to the Men to finish her off, then her tongue protrudes between her trembling lips and just unintelligible moans come from her mouth.

Meanwhile the Guests and Hosts are watching the poor woman, and taking Their turn with me. Lady Angel watches the woman dancing on the rope, while She pulls my hand to Her sex, forcing me to finger Her with three or four fingers in Her hot steamy pussy. Being used, fingering Lady Angel, and watching the hanging woman make me shiver from lust, and although the sight of the hanging is horrible, my mind drifts away and i reach my first orgasm.

The Men in black lower the woman, adjust the noose to allow some slack and let her gasp for air. Three or four of the watching Guests and Hosts line up behind the woman, opening her ass cheeks to penetrate her as if she was a whore. Unlubed and not prepared, she screams a hoarse scream, broken by her crushed throat. With a shudder through to my very spine, i remember His Lordships Bodyguards doing same to me on the way to the airport for this trip; with the difference that i was taken from the front and so was able to wrap my legs around the Guard to support myself and ensure that i did not to suffocate.

With both hands, Lady Angel spreads Herself and instructs me to use my whole hand to fist Her ass. Trained as i am, it is still difficult, but with some effort, i manage it. The execution room has turned into a degenerate orgy room, filled by important elite people, well esteemed by the population, especially Lady Angel being an important politician and advocate of womans rights in Her own country.

Suddenly, as a fifth Man is fucking the convicted woman, a high ranking Officer enters the room. He quickly assesses the situation and reacts angrily and shouts instructions in this foreign language. The Men dress, smirk and take Their seats again. For one moment the Officer contemplates the unsteady woman, the wet thighs, the oozing juices, and some of it dripped on the floor between her feet. He says something to her, hopefully that it would be over quickly, gives a sign to the Executioners, who pull the woman high up. As they had forgotten to tight up the noose again, she is lifted with some delay and she slowly chokes instead of having her neck broken as should happen.

The woman kicks and jerks the whole time. Unfortunately for her, she is a young, fit woman, so her death struggle takes a long time. With glazed eyes, Lady Angel was still has my fist embedded in Her ass. Men are groping, slapping and stroking me and secretly masturbating Their Cocks. The only sounds are the groans of Lady Angel and i and the death rattle and moans of the fighting hanging woman.

When finally death overcomes her, the silence was unreal, except of the splatter on the floor of her bladder emptying. Her body shiny wet from bitter sweat, hangs limp, her head tilted sideways, tongue out, her eyes glassy and staring, and her hair swung over her shoulders.

A little overwhelmed by the events W/we have just witnessed, W/we leave and walk through the dark hall. Shouting and screaming humans, cursing and barking guards are everywhere. Before W/we can get out, W/we come upon another scene of horror. A good looking, rather older woman is on her knees, her ankles shackled behind a blood stained wooden post, her wrists cuffed above her head, behind the post. In this position the front of her body is fully exposed. Around each full breast is a metal band, like a kind of hose clamp. With a screwdriver They had tightened the bands so tightly that her udders are like balloons, black and purple and ready to explode. Between her thighs dangles two electrical wires. Three Men are working on her. One is abusing her tits, now and then burning her areolas, another is shocking her with electrical jolts with a cattle prod device, and the third by using a switch box to shock her cunt. Just as W/we are passing, she howls from pure agony, pulling her wrists, her head backwards, her body shaking and contorting, exploding from this painful torture.

It is a great relief to be finally seated in the last black limo, and off again goes the delegation in convoy, away of this place of hell. W/we drive at high speed out of the city and out in to the desert. There are no traffic, no people, no cattle, nothing and it is hot, very hot. Fortunately the car has air-conditioning. After a few hours drive W/we arrive in a small nomad village. Before W/we get out of the car, Lady Angel and i are required to cloth O/ourselves fully in a black dress and burka. Then W/we step out of the car into the searing heat.

The Men of the delegation are invited one large tent to drink tea and smoke from a hookah pipe while Lady Angel and i are initially ignored and then led separately to another tent where the women are chatting.

After a while W/we are "smuggled" un-noticed into a little dark tent where the Men are to watch a new ritual. The ritual of the legend of the Princess.

The legend apparently is that the Princess arrived in this village unveiled. Her guards were led into a room where they drank tea and smoked hash. When drugged they were all killed. The princess had made passionate love with her "sisters" in the other room. The next morning she awoke bound on a wooden rack, tightly bound, at her wrists and ankles, and belt around her waist. An old woman painted some orange paste on her nipples and areolas.

Lady Angel has glistering eyes while watching the re-enactment with a naked female on the wooden bench. Still overcome by the events in the prison i watch silently. The Men in the crowd part to let through the High Priest. He is followed by three Boys of about 14. The Priest says some words of blessing to expel the devil. The woman shakes her head, but doesnt say a word. Then two Boys cut her nipples and areolas. The searing pain makes the woman shriek. The cutting is immediately followed by burning with a white hot iron brand to cauterize the wounds. The woman howls even more from pure pain but she does not faint. Secretly, I notice, Lady Angel squeezes Her thighs as She is clearly aroused at the sight of the poor woman.

However, the ritual is not over yet. Assistants to the Priest squat between the spread legs of the poor woman and while one uses a pincer to pull her clit out from its hood, the other winds a thin steel wire around the little nub. At the ends of the wire are handgrips. Then the third Boy is pushed forward. The Priest hands the handles to the Boy and instructs Him. Then the Boy pulls and jerks on the wire to loud cheering of the watching Men. Above the cheering the shrieks and howls of the woman can be heard. But her clit does not give in. The nerves and flesh resist, so the Boy continues to pull and jerk harder. Then the Priest whispers something in his ear and the Boy plants His feet firmly and steadily on the ground and pulls with all His strength. Now the clit gives in, and with a higher pitch shriek, her hips bucking in her bonds, a bloody wound appears there where the clit belonged. The Men congratulate the Boy; He is a Man now.

Next to me, i note how excited Lady Angel has become, suppressing Her moans and squeezing Her hands behind Her thighs. That the woman did not beg, nor plead for mercy surprised me.

The Priest takes a glowing hot brand and presses the white hot tip on the wound to cauterise it and stop the bleeding. Again the woman shrieks and howls from pure agony but her ordeal is far from over. A Man approaches with the posture of a butcher, and that He is. With a sharp pincer He pulls an outer cunt-lip and in one slash with a sharp knife He cuts it off, repeating, in a split second, the same to the other cunt-lip. The cuts are so neat that cauterising is not necessary and there is surprisingly little blood. He is followed by a tailor who expertly closes her fuck-hole shut by sewing the inner lips together. All the time the female is conscious and is shrieking and howling and struggling against her bonds. In the legend it is far from the ending with a horrible end where the princess is impaled on a stake. But, fortunately for the woman, her ordeal is over.  

The crowd of Men dissolve and wander off. When there are only a few Men left, the delegation, and the Priest, "discover" the two hidden females, Lady Angel and me. They grab me and drag me to a similar wooden frame as the other woman, who is unconscious by now. They strap me down the same way as the other woman and i am shocked and terrified. Would They do the same to me? And my Protector; my Lord is not here.

Fearing that They would do the same to me, probably for the first time in my life I started to beg Lady Angel. But the Men simply smirk and prepare some device ready for use. Lady Angel is looking and from her eyes it was clear that i will receive no mercy. Suddenly the entrance to the tent is thrown open and my Lord enters. His eyes meet mine and suddenly i know, understood and accept my fate. Whatever happens to me now is His wish.

Then it happens very quickly. An old woman approaches, pinches my clit-hood and, before i can scream she cuts the hood, leaving my clit now hoodless. The pain is sharp and sudden and i cant tell what was left and has been cut away. The cut is so neat and sharp, there is almost no blood. They release me and the delegation moves off again. When i look around i can not see my Lord. In fact, i cannot be sure He has been here at all.


Sitting in the back of the last car, Lady Angel hugs me and presses Her hand against my hot moist mound, moaning and whispering in my ear, "I love you. I love you. I love you so much." And then She climaxes. Stunned and with my clit still stinging with pain, i feel more than a little awkward and confused.

Lady Angel is so far above me in status that i am fit only to grovel at Her feet and it would be an honour and a privilege for me to be permitted to lick the dirt from the soles of Her shoes. She is possibly the only woman worthy of my Lord and is probably the woman He should have married instead of His wife; the reclusive Lady of the House. She is so rarely seen by me, although She is bringing up my child as Her own.

That thought brings a tear to my eye, knowing that i have never seen, and will probably never see my child.

That night, i get another surprise. His Lordship puts me on the comfortable hotel bed and crawls between my open legs to suck in between His lips my throbbing clit. Never before has He gone down there. On and on He sucks, licks and rubs the unveiled clit. Totally worn out after many, many orgasms He gives me, He plunges His huge Cock deep in my throat, only occasionally pulling back to let me breathe, until He explodes deep in my gullet, making me the happiest slave in the world; His slave, painslut, travel mate, mistress, even mother of His child. There is only one thing that i am not: i am not his wife.

"May i speak?"


"i have no mark that i am your property".



The delegation is cheered when They return home. The Politicians had made statements, Lady Angel had thoroughly debated women's rights issues and the Businessmen had made good deals.

Back in the little cottage, i am happy to be home too. But when i try to embrace cumslut, she wards me off. Surprised, i pondered what could be wrong. Then cumslut spreads her legs, and to my shock and horror, i see her mutilated cunt, cumslut was the woman in that desert village!

"But why did you not say something?" i ask.

In answer she opens her mouth: i scream in horror. cumsluts tongue has been ripped out.


In the middle of the lower dungeon, i am strapped down tightly on a wooden stretch rack; arms out to my sides, legs spread wide to the maximum, each leg strapped on three places. Finally over my waist a broad belt immobilises me. Over the edge of the bench, my head hangs down.

His Lordship is watching with several others. The first iron is a big O; bigger than my throbbing clit. His Lordship stands up, approaches brandishing the white hot iron, and presses it to my mound, surrounding my clit with the iron O. Even tightly bound i react by bucking my hips and howling from agony as He holds it in place while the iron burns into my most tender flesh. Without allowing me more than a few seconds respite, He takes another hot iron and presses an I under the O into the joint of my cunt-lips, so forming the letter "P", in my most sensitive body part. Again i writhe and buck and my shrieks mount to a higher pitch. Then He presses another hot iron across my left loins, upwards towards the letter "P". It is an epée, and then finally another mark in the other side; the same epée pointing towards the letter "P", representing His Family crest; the old dynasty originating from France.

Meanwhile in between my writhing and screaming, my drool splattering around i understand; i bear His mark. This is as close as possible to being His wife.

When i had entered the dungeon, i had seen cumslut in a strappado bondage, her legs wide spread and roped to rings in the floor. They had lifted her arms so high that she danced tiptoes, her arms nearly vertical, and her upper body horizontal, her udders bouncing. Over her head was a black hood, covering only her eyes. Clearly visible was her sex, neatly and tightly sewn closed. The clit wound was not healed yet.

Unstable, she can only wait, moaning in pain as i receive my brands. Then a big black Man enters. He is about 2.05 m (6'8") tall. The whip in his hand is a long black bullwhip. It is clear that He has some very cruel intentions about this vulnerable white slut. He dips the whip into a bucket filled with water mixed with vinegar. Then He mercilessly whips cumslut. Each blow on her back, calves or thighs makes her shriek louder and at a higher pitch. When her body is fully coloured, He drops the whip, grips her waist and places His huge hard Cock against the tightly sewn fuck entrance.  He positions His feet firmly on the floor, and with one mighty thrust forward He shreds open her cunt, the threads break and her cunt lips rip. And her vocal cords nearly snap, so hard and high she shrieks and howls.

He bangs deep and hard, His gland invading her womb, mashing it, When He spurts His fine hot load deep into her, she passes out. From that day on, i never see her again. There are rumours that she is locked in a cottage for illegal workers, mostly black, where she is used for sex all day long, and forced to do hard labour in the household; even when she gets pregnant.

For me, i am terribly sad about cumslut, but i am happy that my position in my Lords household is ensured; not His wife, legally, but as close as is possible for me. And that makes me so happy.  And, apparently, i have the love of Lady Angel!

Chapter 30 The Stranger

Shortly after O/our return from the business trip abroad, His Lordship holds a party. Naturally, i am part of the entertainment and i am strung up, arms and legs spread wide, and flogged front and back while my cunt-lips are clamped and stretched by heavy weights. Then i am strapped down with my legs again spread wide and my clit is clamped and pierced with several needles.
Finally, my belly flesh is burned with a glowing hot iron to renew the words WHORE and SLAVE which have faded over time. Thus my body once again displays clearly to the world what i truly am; a whore and a slave. But not just any whore and a slave; i am my Lord's whore and slave and i am proud and honoured beyond words to be so.
The pain is indescribable and i writhe and struggle against my bonds, my body covered with a sheen of sweat and i scream myself hoarse. And all the time, the party Guests laugh, cheer and make course comments about me. During my torture i could not help but glance towards Lady Angel - elegant and beautiful as always - and wonder about Her profession of love for me. Did She mean it and what will this mean for me? Does my Lord know and will He allow Her access to use me? But She simply watches impassively as i suffer, giving no clue as to Her feelings.


Back in the little cottage, cumslut is gone i am alone. But there have been some changes; the television is no longer controlled from within the cottage. Now it is on permanently showing an endless cycle of films with women abused, beaten, fucked, gangbanged, tortured and so on. There is no off switch and the sound can not be turned down. Also, the doors to the bedroom and bathroom have been removed so i now live constantly with the sounds of women screaming and moaning and the thwack of harsh leather on soft female flesh. The sounds invade my dreams when i sleep fitfully and i am in a constant state of arousal, especially with my clit now permanently exposed; it feels like my clit and its arousal is taking over part of my mind. It is a constant reminder what i am in life: a sex object to be used for the pleasure of others; especially my Lord. He is so precious to me.

The only time the television goes off is when my Lord visits, and also when Lady Angel visits, as She now does maybe two or three times per week.

Sometimes She desires passionate lovemaking, which is a great pleasure for me. Occasionally, She even stays the whole night. But Her moods are not predictable. There are times She enters and within a few moments She has me shackled to a St. Andrews cross and She will whip me until i lose consciousness. Other times She will fist me roughly or fuck me with the whip handle. But even those cruel acts are no more than i am used to.

More difficult for me are the times Lady Angel becomes angel. She explains that She is what is known as a switch; almost all of the time She is a stern Domme but, occasionally, she likes to be submissive. It is very confusing for me to be commanded to restrain angel to a post or to the St. Andrews cross, and then to whip her. Even more disturbing, is that angel can even snarl to whip her harder, the lashes deep in her skin, her ass cheeks sometimes bloody, bruised and welted. It is something that i am not comfortable with; there is no doubt that i am 100% submissive. Nevertheless, i know better than to question or to object, i merely obey; whore and slave that i am.

Since the trip, and Lady Angels declaration of love for me, She has started to call me darling; just darling when She is angel and darling slave or darling slut or sometimes sweetie - when She is Dominant.



One day angel enters with a little Man with her and a petite girl; both women are nude. The Man has a very mean look in His eyes, which makes me shiver. angel, the girl and i are made to stand in a row and the Man links our collars with a length of chain. The Man then orders us to follow Him. He leads us through the estate for some time until W/we reach a clearing in the woodlands. Clearly preparations have been made as there are posts and ropes dangling from tree branches. 

First He detaches me, ropes my ankles and then hoists me so that i am hanging upside down with my legs spread as wide as they can go, my wrists tied behind my back. Then He covers my head with a wooden box there are holes to breathe and hear but otherwise i am in darkness. But He tells us what He is doing; a kind of running commentary on our torment.

Then i can hear the Man suspend angel by her wrists, He lifts her legs behind her and binds them to her upright arms, her cunt in sight, open and vulnerable. Under her arse, He shoves a wooden pole, so that she is held in position. In her cunt He shoves a little wooden stick, horizontally, to keep her cunt as wide as possible. 

He then binds the wrists of the petite girl behind her back and pushes her onto her back on the grass. At her feet are two O-rings hammered into the ground and He uses these to secure her ankles; her legs closed, her hips somewhat lifted from the soil.

Then He returns to me and shoves a reversed bottleneck into my cunt. The neck stretches my cunt-lips apart and between the glass and my cunt-lips there is no space. He drips some sweet sugar water into my gaping cunt; a strong scent meant to attract wasps. This wasp trap is designed so that wasps which are attracted by the sweetness enter and pass the bottleneck, and once inside down in my cunt they are unable to get out.

Moving back to angel, the Man uses a brush to make a trail of the sugar solution along the pole up to her cunt-lips and inside her cunt, meant to attract ants. Once they find their way they will swarm all over her cunt, outside and inside, biting and sucking on the sweetness.

It is a warm late Summer day and the insects are active and plentiful. It does not take long before the first wasp is attracted and flies into the glass of the trap and i can feel it buzzing around inside my stretched cunt. Of course, it is trapped and it stings me several times. The box muffles my screams but i have no doubt that i can be heard by the Man as i can hear Him laughing as i wriggle and writhe in pain and fear. Soon more wasps and flies are attracted and become trapped. Hanging upside down, all i can do is buck, convulse and swing as the myriad insects bite and sting at my most tender inner flesh.

Close by, i can hear angels cries as the ants find their way up along the pole to the sweetness in her cunt. Soon hundreds of ants are all over her lips, inside, crawling picking the sweetness, inside her womb, driving angel mad. There are loud shrieks of agony as her lips swell from the myriad bites; her body shaking, but unable to escape.

The Stranger, meanwhile, shoves a farmers stool at the girls trapped feet and sits down. Talking all the time, He displays a kind of engineers set, pincers, burner, and needles. Slowly and methodically, He starts at one foot, and pierces a needle between the nail and the toe, starting from the little toe. The poor girl shrieks from pain, but the Stranger ignores her cries and continues with the next toe. And so on; the third toe, the fourth. With the big toe, He has to jerk and screw before the needle pierces through. He considers His work, and decides that a second needle will fit in the big toe. Then He turns and applies the same to the other foot. The girl cries, screams and begs, but to no avail.

After both feet are treated, He lights a burner and heats all the needles until they nearly bend in the hot flame. He is merciless and ignores the howling slut. Already red from the piercings, now her toes are fully red; blistered and burned. But it is not enough for The Stranger. While hot, He pulls out all needles, and still the flame of the burner is aimed at the needles He pulls out her toenails with a pincer. The poor girl struggles like a fish on dry land, but her ankles are firmly trapped and she cannot move her feet.

To finish His work He takes acid paint-stripper, and smears it with a brush on all the poor girls tortured toes. her howling gets hoarse, her back arched and tensed like a cord as she is condemned to undergo this inhuman torture. Burning with the acid, He finally breaks her toe knuckles. When the job is "done" He stands up, unzips, and produces a very snail like mini-cock. He jerks it between His thumb and index finger a few times and a few drops splatter on the girls belly. After that He zips up and, ignored all we three females, He leaves the scene.

The poor girl sounds like she is in absolute agony. But i have my own problems. The wasps are still trapped inside my cunt and, panicking, they continue to sting my most tender flesh again and again, until my body can take no more and i pass out.

The next thing i am aware of is that i am back on my bed in the cottage, being fucked thoroughly by His Lordship in my stinging cunt. The pain is terrible; tears run freely from my eyes and i tightly grasp the bed sheets. Possibly this is the first time ever that i pray silently that He would stop. Certainly, it is the most pain i have felt from being fucked in my cunt; even worse than when i was fucked by Men wearing studded leather sheaths or when i have been gang-banged. But His Lordship appears to be unaffected; perhaps someone has cleaned me out. And, of course, His endless stamina and self control means that He keeps pounding at me for a long time.

Finally, He shoots His precious hot cum inside me and when He withdraws, i dutifully turn and take Him into my mouth to clean Him.

He strokes my hair and says, “That was painful for you.”

“Yes, my Lord,” i reply.

“Yet you didnt beg me to stop.”

“No, my Lord. Your pleasure is paramount; my pain is as nothing if You are getting Your pleasure.”

“Good girl. Rest now.” He smiles down at me and pats my head.

Good girl! His words thrill me and, contentedly, i curl up and sleep next my Lord.


The stings take quite a while to fade, but later in the week Lady Angel/angel visits me, and she makes me whip her harshly before changing places and She straps me to the St. Andrews cross and whips me; using the technique She learned on the trip abroad, and also a whip that had been given to Her as a present by O/our hosts.

Later, She makes me lick Her, but only Her still swollen outer lips and Her red swollen clit She clearly also suffered horribly from the ants; i am ordered not to push my tongue inside, as She usually likes.

Neither The Stranger nor the petite female are ever seen again.


Over the following few weeks my stings and bites heal well, although the welts on my body are regularly renewed by Lady Angel. angel is seen less and less often.

Then one day, Lady Angel orders me to watch a video clip showing on the television. A woman is on her back with her legs parted and in the air. Her pussy is gaping but there, clear to be seen is the opening of her cervix, which she is fingering.

Rather perplexed, i turn questioningly to Lady Angel and She explains, “His Lordship wishes to learn to do this. your training starts today!”

“But its not possible; i cant do it,” i reply.

“His Lordship has given an instruction. Are you refusing, darling slave?”

“No, Maam, i will obey, although i dont know how.”

“That is your problem!” 

And with that, She orders me to lie on the bed while She takes off Her smart suit, midnight blue and obviously very well tailored. Now in Her equally classy underwear black bra, panties and suspender belt with black stockings and expensive looking heels, She takes my right wrist and ties it to the bedpost, repeating the process with my left wrist. Then She grabs my left ankle pulls it up and back and ties that to the bedpost, just above my wrist; my right ankle is soon tied in a similar position.

“I suggest that you try pushing, darling slut; as if you are giving birth. Begin!”

Although i push as hard as i can, nothing seems to happen. After a few minutes, Lady Angel pushes two fingers deep into my gaping cunt. “Nothing!” She declares. “Harder, push harder.” And She slashes a crop viciously across the backs of my thighs.

Straining as hard as i can, my body covered with a sheen of sweat, it makes no difference. Several times, Lady Angel plunges Her fingers into me, shaking Her head, lashing me with the crop and snapping, “Harder!”

After about the fourth time, i cant stop myself and i cry out, “No more, please; i cant do it!”

“darling slave, you have just earned yourself 20 lashes at the cross. Now, PUSH!” And the crop slashes down again and again.

With tears flowing, i do as She tells me but nothing happens and after a long hour She finally tells me to stop and She unties me. But She allows me no rest and i am ordered over to the cross.

Facing the cross, i stretch out my arms ready to be strapped to it. “Turn around; I want to see your pretty face when I whip you. you look so beautiful when you suffer. you do want to suffer for me, dont you, darling slave?”

“Yes Maam,” i reply, saying what i know She wants to hear. “i want to suffer for You.”

“Good girl.” And She sets about fastening my wrists and ankles, leaving me spread-eagled and exposed. “Count the strokes and thank me for each one.”

With that, She picks up the camel leather whip given to Her during O/our trip abroad and She lashes me across my tits. “Wumph!” i grunt, “one, thank You, Maam.”

Before many more strokes i am screaming as Lady Angel works up and down my body; tits, belly, thighs and back again, but only a few more; i can make it.

After the twentieth, i let out a sigh of relief, but She lashes me again! “AARGH!! Twenty-one, Maam, thank You. But You said twenty, Maam!”

“Aah, yes, I forgot to tell you. you are so beautiful strapped to the cross, screaming and crying, that I decided that you should have fifty. you dont mind, do you?”

“No Maam, as You wish.” But im sure my despondency is evident in my voice.

“I knew that you would want to please me; such an obedient slave!” And Lady Angel swings the lash again… and again.

By the time i have received the full fifty, i am hanging limply from my bonds and when Lady Angel releases me, i simply slump to the floor.

Through tear filled eyes i see Her shoes close to me and instinctively, i slide forward and kiss Her shoes, murmuring, “thank You, Maam.”

“For what, darling slave?”

“Thank You for punishing me, Maam and for training me. This slave is sorry to have disobeyed You, i will try harder next time.”

“I know you will, sweetie,” She says as She moves back and sits in the armchair, crossing Her legs. “Now come here and kiss my feet again.”

Getting slowly to my hands and knees, i crawl to Her and lovingly kiss Her shoes, licking and sucking Them; adoring Them. After some time, Lady Angel tells me to start working my way, slowly, up Her legs. Obeying, i kiss, lick and nuzzle slowly up to Her right knee before moving to the left and starting again at Her ankle.

This time Lady Angel spreads Her legs when i get to the knee and i proceed up to the lacy stocking top before switching back to Her right knee. And i move past the stocking top to the soft white flesh of Her thigh and within inches of Her glorious honey-pot.

Pausing, i look up into Her eyes, She nods and raises Herself slightly of the seat, allowing me to slide Her panties down over Her hips and down Her lovely legs. Holding them up to fold them, i notice the large damp patch where Lady Angels juices have soaked in. She sees me looking and says, “clean them.”

Without hesitation, i put the damp patch to my lips and kiss it before sucking and licking it, relishing the taste of Lady Angels secretions until she says, “enough!”

Knowing what is required of me, i carefully fold the tiny garment and put it down before shuffling closer and eagerly worshiping Lady Angels lovely pussy with my mouth and tongue; lapping and sucking and nibbling and savouring the taste of Her womanhood until She stiffens pulls my head tightly to Her and lets out cries and moans of passion as She climaxes wonderfully.

As Lady Angel comes back down, i continue to lick Her juicy pussy until She pushes me away, sending me sprawling on the floor. She stands and dresses without once looking at me. Then, as She is leaving, She says, “Ill be back in two days to continue your training. Do better!”

And with that She is gone, leaving me alone.

As promised, two days later, Lady Angel returns and again i am tied to the bed with my legs spread and pulled up. And again i am made to push; and again i am punished with the crop across the backs of my thighs when Lady Angel finds no evidence of the emergence of my cervix.

But i have learned my lesson and i obediently strain for the whole hour, thus avoiding another whipping at the St. Andrews cross.

This time, when the hour is up, Lady Angel unties my ankles but leaves my arms tied to the bed-posts and She climbs onto the bed, straddles my head and lowers Her wet pussy to my mouth.

Two training sessions later, when Lady Angel plunges Her fingers into my gaping cunt, She proclaims, “Well, I do believe W/we are making progress. I can feel something in there. Keep pushing, darling slave.”

And encouraged, i strain even harder. But it takes another three sessions before Lady Angel shouts excitedly, “Yes, I can see it, sweetie. Come on, push!” but i am exhausted and bathed with sweat and i can do no more.

Next time, Lady Angel brings a video camera and records the moment when the entrance to my cervix finally shows at the entrance to my gaping cunt. “Ill send this to His Lordship, Im sure Hell be very pleased,” She exclaims.

At last, this torment is over, i think to myself. But im wrong. Lady Angel insists that i continue until i can perform to order, which takes another five training sessions. But, at least, i get fewer stinging lashes across my thighs now. And i am rewarded by being allowed to lick Lady Angels lovely pussy!

Chapter 31 Under The Control of Lady Angel

Daily life for me is a cycle of masturbation usually while watching the continuously shown images on the TV screen, exercises, being used as a sex object at my Lords parties and being used in degrading ways by many Men. This way of life has turned me into a total nymphomaniac, perhaps partly because of my unhooded clit, which is nearly always stroked and stimulated by my every movement. Sometimes the demands of the Men are very hard on me, but that is what i have been trained for and what my Lord expects of me. And the last thing i want is to be a cause of disappointment for Him.

And, of course Lady Angel/angel visits very regularly to whip or cane me (and occasionally to be whipped by me) or for a bout of passionate sex.

But then, His Lordship departs on a trip which will keep away from home for several weeks, possibly even months. He decides to hand me over to Lady Angel for the duration of His absence. She intends to use this time well and She decides that angel will also be absent for this time.

Shortly after my Lords departure on His trip, i am in bed with Lady Angel, my head between Her thighs having just licked Her to orgasm.

Quietly, She murmurs, “Oh sweet slave, I do love you.”

Slightly concerned, i feel that i have to say something. “Maam, my i speak?”

Lady Angel merely nods Her head as i look up, so i continue. “Maam, i have also come to love You. But, my first love is and always will be my Lord. He is everything to me. Without Him, i am nothing and i worship and adore Him as if He were a god. However, He has loaned me to You, so by loving and serving You, i hope that i am also demonstrating my love for Him. Please dont be angry with me.”

“No, I am not angry with you, sweet slave.” As She reaches down to stroke my hair. But then, after a few minutes, She asks, “How long since you served His Lordships dogs?”

“A while, Maam; maybe three weeks.”

“And the horse?”

“Longer, Maam; four or five weeks.”

“I think its time you did your duty, dont you?”

“Yes, Maam.”

“Tomorrow then! Now, up against the cross!”


True to Her word, Lady Angel arrives the following morning to take me to the Dogs enclosure. But before W/we leave She makes me attach cruel clips to my nipples and my clit, all connected by chains. Then She hangs a heavy weight from the chains and makes me crawl on all fours.

As i crawl, the weight swings, making the clips tug on my sensitive flesh. Lady Angel makes me crawl in front of Her and, from time to time, She flicks at my swaying ass with a riding crop. 

Approaching the enclosure, i notice a smart black car parked to one side and then as W/we get nearer, i see my Lords Wife; The Lady of the house getting out.

She and Lady Angel hug and kiss each other in greeting and i hear The Lady say, “Ive never witnessed the slut with the animals, so I thought it might be amusing to see the whore in action!” Then, turning to the Dog Handler, who had come out from the building, She says, “I believe you usually whip the bitch first?”

“Yes, Maam,” He replies.

“Carry on then.”

And i am tied, spread-eagled against the fence. The Dogs, as They usually do sit inside the compound and watch as The Handler lays into my back with a multi-thonged flogger. It feels particularly painful as my back is still tender from the whipping i received from Lady Angel yesterday, and i am soon crying out at the top of my voice.     

When i am released, i sink to my hands and knees and i am made to crawl in to the compound. The Dogs, sensing that Their bitch is coming to Them become animated and clearly aroused. They dont wait until i am inside the building; instead the Alpha Dog mounts me while W/we are still outside. 

He thrusts at my cunt without finding His target so, dutifully, I reach back between my legs to grasp His Cock and guide it in to me; gasping as He enters and then slams home violently.

One of the other Dogs, knowing what He want, presents Himself in front of my face and i stretch forward to take Him into my mouth.

Although i am being penetrated by two Cocks, the overwhelming feeling is of pain as the Dog fucking me scratches the tender flesh on my back and the vicious clamps tug at my nipples and my clit. To try to overcome this, i concentrate on sucking and slurping at the Cock in my mouth but then the knot of the Dog fucking me starts to grow, stretching my cunt even more painfully. Besides, for some reason i want to put on a special display for The Lady; i may be a slave- Her Husbands slave, but i am proud to be owned by Him. And i do enjoy the feeling of being penetrated by two Cocks.

Then, almost simultaneously, i am treated to two loads of Doggy Cum, one i swallow down thirstily while the other floods my whorish cunt. The Dog in front of me wanders of, satisfied for the moment, to be quickly replaced by another. But i remain locked to the Dog who has just fucked my by His knot which is still swollen inside my cunt. He tries to get away, turning so that W/we are tail to tail and pulling away; making me cry out in agony.

This causes much amusement to The Ladies and The Handler who stand watching and drinking hot coffee provided by The Handler.

Then, finally, the Dogs knot subsides, He pulls out and His cum gushes from my well used cunt into the bowl that The Handler always places between my knees.

And so it goes on until each of the Dogs my Boys as i often think of Them has cum at least twice, either in my cunt, my ass or my mouth.

When it is clear that They are satisfied, i turn and lower my face to the bowl of Doggy Spunk and eagerly lap it up. By the time i have slurped it all up, my face is soaked and my hair, which has been trailing in the bowl, is matted with sperm.

For some reason, when i have finished, i look up at my audience, the two Ladies and the Handler with a big smile of satisfaction on my face. This obviously angers The Lady, as She glowers back down at me, so, realising my mistake, i crawl to the Handler and reach up to unfasten His trousers for His usual blow-job.

Unsure, He glances at His two Guests and The Lady says, “Carry on; its all the whore is good for.”   

Usually, after serving the Dogs and the Handler, i am taken back to my little cottage, but now the Two Ladies make me crawl to the stables, with Them walking behind; The Lady flicking my ass with a crop rather harder than Lady Angel had earlier.

Arriving at the stables, i can see that the mating frame is set up in the middle of the yard and i groan inwardly.

But first The Two Ladies have me strung up for another whipping; this time with my arms stretched above my head and with my back to the wall of the stable building. The Groom takes up the whip but The Lady stops Him, takes the whip from Him and lashes me across my tits.

The Lady lacks technique but more than makes up for that with the fury with which She rips into me again and again.

“Ill wipe the smile off your whore face,” She snarls as She rains lashes on my unprotected body. In fact, it requires Lady Angel to step in and stop The Lady before She does me too much harm.

When i am untied, i collapse to the ground; a whimpering mass of pain. They have to drag me to the mating frame as i am unable to stand.

Once i am strapped into the frame, my Lords favourite Horse is led out from Its pen, together with a second Horse. Through tear filled eyes i register that there are two Horses and my heart sinks; there is no way that i can satisfy both of them!

His Lordships Horse is brought into position and, knowing what to do, He raises His front hooves up onto the frame above me. The Groom guides the Horses huge erect Cock to the mouth of my cunt still slick and gaping from the fucking i have received from the Dogs and He thrusts forward, bringing a shriek of pain from my lips.

It feels like His Cock is about to emerge from my mouth; Its so long, as He mercilessly fucks me. Fortunately, He cums quickly, flooding my cunt with His hot milky spunk. He pulls out and all the cum gushes out to be caught in a bowl which has again been placed below me.

The Horse is brought round in front of me and i am made to use my mouth to clean Him. Then, released from the frame, i am made to drink His cum from the bowl. There must be half a pint of it!

The new Horse is then led forward and the Groom says to The Ladies, “This fellow is not trained, I think the whore should just suck Him, to get Him used to her servicing Him.”

The Ladies agree and i am made to crawl beneath Him. His Cock is only half hard so i have to use my hands and mouth to bring Him to full erection. Then i take the thick end of His Cock into my mouth and suck, stroking the shaft with both hands. Again, it doesnt take long before He releases His load; so much that i cant swallow it quick enough and it spills out of the corners of my mouth, running down my chin and splashes down onto my chest and tits.

The Lady is greatly amused by the filthy mess that I am in. “String the bitch up, inside, and leave her overnight.” She instructs the Groom, “Whip her before you go home tonight and again when you come in tomorrow; fifty strokes with a flogger. That should teach the whore!” then She turns to Lady Angel, who has been watching in silence, “time for a late lunch, I think,”

And the Two Ladies turn and stroll back to the House.

The Groom grabs me by the hair and pulls me to my feet. “you heard Her Ladyship,” He snarls as he drags me inside.

There He positions me under a pulley which is hanging from an overhead beam. “But, youve got me all horny watching you performing with those horses.” He unfastens His trousers and produces His rock hard Cock. “Get sucking, you fucking slut!”

Once He has shot His load down my throat, He quickly ties my wrists and attaches them to the hook on the pulley. He then winches me up until my feet are about ten inches from the floor and all my weight is on my arms and shoulders. Then He ties my ankles and pulls them up behind me so that my knees are bent at right angles. Before walking away with a sneering, “Have fun!”

It doesnt take long before the pain in my arms and shoulders grows and i struggle to haul myself erect; taking my weight on my legs for a while and relieving the strain on my arms and shoulders. But i can only hold this position for a few minutes before i sink back down and, with a cry of pain, take my weight on my arms and shoulders again. 

Time and again i repeat this dance as i try desperately to find a moment of comfort. Then the Groom re-appears hold a long leather strap. Without a word He swings the strap with all His might; the leather striking with a loud CRACK against my thighs.

He lashes me again and again as i twist and jerk in my bonds in a vain attempt to avoid the lashes until, finally He stops and laughs, “fifty strokes; Her Ladyship doesnt like you, does she? See you in the morning, slut.”

And i am left hanging all the very long night; continually doing my dance, rising up and sinking down, sobbing in pain and frustration.

After what feels like an eternity, during which i suffer the agonies of the damned, the Groom returns wielding the strap. Never before have i been so glad to receive a whipping as it means that my ordeal is close to an end. All my strength has gone and i just hang from my bonds as He lashes me, i am past trying to avoid the strap.

When He lets me down and unties me, i have no strength to stand so the Groom picks me up, throws me over His shoulder and carries me out to His truck. He dumps me in the back of the truck and drives to my little cottage where He carries me inside and throws me onto the bed.

He turns me face down and i am vaguely aware that He is climbing onto the bed and fucking my ass, but i am too far out of it to respond, or even care.

When He has cum in my ass, He leaves without a word and i curl up and sob myself to sleep.

For the next few days i am permitted to rest. But only a day or two after my ordeal, Lady Angel has the wicked idea to have me fitted with a chastity belt. The belt itself is made of heavy dark leather and shiny steel and at the crotch; right on my exposed and sensitive clit is a butterfly with a thrill egg embedded. Even without being turned on this stimulates me every time i move. In the belt around my waist are batteries. With a remote control, based on gps, at any unexpected time Lady Angel can switch the egg on or off. It keeps going off at random times, bringing me to the brink of cumming. But then, always, always, it switches off leaving me frustrated and unable to touch myself to give me the orgasm i crave.

One day, have recovered from my ordeal, i am doing my exercises and had run, naked of course, in the forest and garden. Lady Angel toys with me by turning the egg on and off or adjusting the speed, slow, fast, and so on. Totally exhausted from my run, i lie down to rest for a few moments i quickly fall asleep.  Startled, i suddenly awake with the impression of being observed. And indeed a little Boy of about 5 or 6 years old is standing a few feet away, watching me. Embarrassed by my nudity and with nothing to cover myself, i cross one arm over my tits, and with the other arm i cover the two branded words on my lower belly; SLAVE and WHORE. And i am grateful to Lady Angel for the chastity belt that covers my sex. W/we stare at each other, wordlessly, for a few moments before the Boy runs off.

A few days later, Lady Angel leads me, naked, into the House. This is first time for months that i have been allowed in to my Lords home. Surprisingly, i am taken to The Ladys wing of the House and i am made to wait at table as The Lady and Lady Angel take a leisurely lunch.

It is quite a warm day and the table is by an open window overlooking a well tended lawn.

As i stand by the table with a bottle of chilled white wine, i suddenly notice two children with Their Nanny, playing on the grass and i cannot help but stare at Them, wondering which one is my child.

Two sharp slaps to my face bring me back to reality and The Lady shouts at me to keep my eyes of Her children and that i would be punished later for my impertinence.

Mumbling my apologies, i go about my tasks as The Two Ladies enjoy Their lunch. But my mind is on the Children. Was one of Them the Boy i saw a few days ago? They were to far away for me to tell, but i cant help but wonder.

After The Ladies have finished Their lunch, They sit side by side on a comfortable looking leather sofa. The Lady calls me to kneel in front of Her and She pushes a double ended dildo gag into my mouth, fastening the straps tightly behind my head. This fills my mouth with the shorter end while an 8” black rubber cock protrudes bizarrely from my face.

Ordering me to keep my hands behind my back, i am ordered to use the dildo to fuck Them as They both lie back with Their legs spread wide.

Moving from one to another and then back again, i guide the dildo into Their wet pussies and bob my head in and out to fuck Them as They kiss and fondle each other until They both reach Their climaxes.

For several minutes, They lie in each others arms while i kneel dutifully before Them. Then, suddenly, The Lady jumps to Her feet and says, “time for your punishment, girl. Take that dildo out of your mouth; I want to hear you scream!” 

Having obeyed Her instruction, i am made to kneel with my face to the floor and my arms extended in front of me, my knees wide apart and my ass pushed high.

The Lady moves in front of me and says, “Look what I have for you, girlie! Ten strokes!”

As i raise my head and see what She is holding, my heart sinks and i cry out, “No! Please, Madam, not that. Anything but that.”

It is the dreaded sjambok; the most fearsome of all whips, made from the hide of an African rhino.

“Silence, slave! Face to the floor and do not move or we start over again.”

Before i lower my face to the floor, i steel a glance at Lady Angel, but She is sitting watching impassively. Clearly i will get no help there, so with my body trembling with fear and my eyes blurry with tears, i resume my position and await my terrible fate. 

The Lady takes Her position behind me and i hear the swish of the sjambok as it slices through the air, a fraction of a second before it sends a wave of indescribable agony burning through the flesh of my upturned ass.

“AAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” i scream as my head jerks back. And again as the second stroke rapidly follows.

After four or five strokes, my screams are replaced by sorrowful whimpers, but i hold my position… until the seventh stroke which sends me sprawling.

“Oh dear, looks like we have to start again. Back in position slave!”

Slowly i resume my position and the terrible punishment begins again. This time, i last for five lashes before again being sent sprawling.

“you just dont learn, do you? Up!”

Miserably, i struggle to get back into position. Twelve strokes and still ten to come; Shes going to kill me, i think.

But then… “Stop! Shes had enough.” It is the voice of Lady Angel.

“Perhaps youre right,” says The Lady throwing down the sjambok. She walks up and plants Her foot on my neck; pushing my face into the carpeted floor. “Listen, you disgusting creature. The children are mine. you will have no contact with them; unless, of course, when they are old enough they watch you being flogged. Maybe, they will even whip you themselves. Wouldnt that be fun? Thats always presuming that His Lordship hasnt grown bored with you and disposed of you.”

And She kicks me in the ribs, again sending me sprawling. “NOW GET OUT!” She screams, “GET BACK TO THAT FILTHY HOVEL OF YOURS; NOW!”

As quickly as i can, i struggle to my feet and stagger from the room, all the way back to my little cottage where i curl up, sobbing on the bed.

And that is how Lady Angel finds me some time later. She climbs on the bed and comforts me but says, “you had that coming; shes very possessive about her children.”

“When is my Lord coming home, Maam, i miss Him so much?”

“Another two weeks. Hes a very important man. I think you are missing his cock too.”

“Yes, Maam, that too; i hate this chastity belt. If only my Lord had married You,” i sob, “then i could have been slave to the two of You.” And i look up, smiling, into Her eyes.

“That was never going to happen, so forget thoughts like that. And as for the belt… youve been a naughty girl, havent you? During your training you were taught never to cum without permission and you have been punished several times for disobeying this. Did you really think we wouldnt know about you playing with yourself? you stupid girl! I have discussed this with His Lordship and He was already considering putting the padlock back on your cunt-lip rings. But then Her Ladyship came up with the chastity belt. Much better, dont you think? Im afraid youll need to get used to it because it wont be coming off anytime soon; except for special occasions. Rest now and Ill see you in a few days.”

With that, She leaves me alone. And, inevitably, the butterfly vibrator comes to life; bringing me to the edge yet again before switching off.

Its so horribly frustrating!


In fact it is nearly a week before Lady Angel returns. She unlocks and removes my chastity belt but my joy at being free of the belt is short lived.

The only reason She has taken it off me is so that i can wax my pubic area. Since cumslut was taken away, i have to do my own waxing; legs and armpits i have been doing but, with the belt in place i have no access to my pubic hair.

Now, i am made to lie on a towel on the floor with my legs apart and do it while Lady Angel looks on probably to ensure that my fingers dont go where they shouldnt!

As soon as i am finished i have to stand next to Lady Angels chair with my legs spread so that She can inspect my work.

Satisfied with my effort, She immediately locks the belt back in place and i am ordered to kneel between Her legs and orally worship Her lovely pussy, licking and sucking Her to orgasm. 

Once She has recovered, She makes to leave, telling me that She is taking me on a trip tomorrow and that i must be out of bed early, showered, hair and make-up done and ready for collection when She comes.


Next morning, i am ready and waiting as instructed when Lady Angel arrives. She hands me my outfit for the day; a tiny mini skirt which hangs low on my hips and barely covers my cunt and ass, a skimpy white vest cropped to just below my tits and shoes with 2” platform soles and ridiculously high heals. With them on, its all i can do to keep my balance.

As soon as She has removed the chastity belt and i have dressed, Lady Angel leads me outside to where a mini-bus is waiting. There are three Men and a pretty, dark haired Girl standing by the vehicle.

“Ill drive; you four can have some fun with the slut. But remember, her mouth and her ass only; hands off her cunt! Now, lets go, we have a two hour drive.”

They bundle me into the back of the mini-bus which is very luxuriously fitted out with two full width bench seats facing each other. Then, as soon as Lady Angel sets off, They start on me. Courteously, the Men offer me first to the Girl, who They call Maria. But She declines.

So each of the Men takes a turn and i am made to straddle each one in turn and impale my ass on Their Cocks, riding them until They unload Their loads into my ass and i am pushed over to the next Man.

Throughout this, Miss Maria watches my face intently; Her eyes boring into me. And when the Men have all fucked my ass, They offer me to Her again

This time, She accepts and i am pushed to my knees and made to knee-walk across between Her thighs. Pushing up Her leather mini-skirt, i manoeuvre Her black panties to one side and lower my mouth to Her hairless pussy. She is clearly aroused and soon reaches a noisy climax. 

Having satisfied Them all, i am made to kneel on the floor between the two facing seats until Lady Angel calls out that W/we are nearing O/our destination and that i should be made ready.

Being made ready involves having my arms crossed behind my back and having them securely tied. A ball-gag is fitting into my mouth and fastened behind my head and two chain leashes are also attached to my collar.

The mini-bus comes to a stop on the side of a large open square in a town centre. One of the Men, wearing black leather trousers and a black T-shirt, opens the sliding side door. He gets out, pulling me after Him by the leashes, and the others follow.

The two other Men, both wearing jeans, T-shirts and leather jackets, go to the back of the bus and when They return one is holding a video camera and the other has a still camera.

Lady Angel says, “Ok, you all know what to do? Does one of you have the letter?” Leather Trousers pats His pocket in answer and Lady Angel continues, “Good, a letter from the Ministry will keep any nosey cops off our backs. Ok, get going, Ill park the bus and follow on behind.”

She climbs back into the bus, the two Men with cameras move a short distance away and Miss Maria and Leather Trousers each take up a leash and lead me across the square.

Immediately, W/we start to attract attention. People stop and stare while the Cameramen capture my humiliation. As W/we walk, me tottering precariously on these ridiculously high heals, i start to hear comments. Women mainly say how disgusting They think i am while Men call out what They would like to do to me. However, i try to ignore the comments, hold my head up and look straight ahead while concentrating on walking in these shoes.

For about twenty minutes W/we walk across the square and into busy side streets. Then W/we stop, Leather Trousers produces a pocket knife and cuts away my skimpy top, leaving me with only the tiny, tiny skirt to cover me. And, about ten minutes later, even that is removed, leaving me naked but for the shoes and my collar. Miss Maria and Leather Trousers invite Men and Women to touch me. Some fondle my tits or my ass and a couple of Men even push Their fingers into my moist cunt; amused by my obvious embarrassment. 

And still i am paraded around the town until W/we arrive back at the square. There, Miss Maria and Leather Trousers use the leashes to tie me to a post and then They move away, leaving me alone and naked in this very public place.

Looking round, i can still spot the two Cameramen in the distance, but Miss Maria and Leather Trousers are somewhere behind me; i hope!

A group of four Boys and two Girls, students by the way They are dressed, come up to me laughing at my predicament. One of the Boys runs His hand over my rump, pointing out the bruises and welts that are still visible on my ass and back.

Turning to one of the Girls, He says, “Id like to do something like that to you.”

“Not even in your dreams,” came the sharp reply, “Im not some dirty slut like this bitch! Look, it even says on her belly that shes a whore and a slave.”

“I know youre not like her, baby. But not even a little spank on your bum? Not hard.”

“Well… maybe…”    

And They put Their arms around each other, kiss and giggle to each other. How sweet, i think, but be careful, honey, or You might end up like me and its not a life for everybody.

Two of the other Boys pluck up courage to fondle my tits and one pulls and twists my nipple, causing me to wince and the others to laugh at my discomfort. But the two Girls are clearly not comfortable and They drag the Boys away, although They are reluctant to go.

After the Students walk off, i am left standing, alone and naked, for what seems like hours but, is probably only a few minutes. Then a Man approaches. He is about 50 years old, short and over-weight; in my heels i tower over Him.

“What have we here?” He ponders, “a whore and a slave?” he unties the leashes and tugs on them. “Well, whore-slave, youre coming with me!”

Looking around franticly, i can see no sign of Miss Maria, Leather Trousers or the Cameramen and i have no choice other than to walk after the Man as He is pulling strongly on the leashes.

He leads me for about 15 minutes, away from the town centre and into a scruffy industrialised part of the town, finally turning through a large gateway into a parking place for large trucks.

There are about 20 trucks parked up and to one side there is a sort of open-air café for the truck Drivers. The Man pulls me over to this café where all the Truckers are seated, eating or drinking coffee. “Here she is boys! I promise you, this slut will do anything. So, lets have some fun. But I claim first go at her.”

To the cheers of the Truckers, the fat Man pulls me to the nearest table and pushes me so that i am bent over it. In a moment, He has His Cock out and positions it at the entrance to my cunt and with a violent thrust He buries His Cock deep inside me.

He thrusts again and again and i can feel His big belly flopping against my lower back. But He quickly cums and stands back, gasping, “Ok, whos next?”

A big black Man steps forward and takes His place behind me. This Mans Cock is much bigger and It brings a grunt from me as He shoves it in deep. Another Man gets up from His seat a walks to my head. He unbuckles the straps on the ball-gag and pulls it from my mouth, much to my relief. But even before i can flex my jaw, He unzips and presents His Cock. Hesitating for a moment so that i can ease my aching jaw, i am rewarded by a stinging slap to my face. Learning my lesson, i open wide and accept Him in to my mouth.  

For the next half hour or so, i am pounded continuously in my cunt, my ass and my mouth. But then one of the Truckers whose turn it is next, shouts out, “Im not sticking my cock in there with all that spunk in it! Somebody get me a rag so I can wipe the sluts twat!”

“Ive got a better idea,” replies another of the Men.

They untie my arms and lift me onto the table. They order me to squat with my legs spread, facing the Men. In this position, i have to use my fingers to scoop up the spunk that is oozing from my cunt and ass and then suck and lick it all from my fingers. They make me push my fingers deep into my cunt and ass to get as much of the spunk as i can; all to the whoops and cheers of the watching Men. 

Even after being displayed naked in public for most of the day, this is extremely humiliating and i feel myself blushing deeply.

When They are satisfied that i have cleaned myself up and swallowed down as much sperm as i can get, They lift me down from the table and start to fuck my holes again. They have me in many different positions; bent over the table, on my back on the table. Some have me straddle Them, as They sit, and impale my cunt or ass and ride Their hard Cocks.

Some of the Men drift off to Their trucks once They have fucked me, only to be replaced by others who have arrived at the truck-stop. Others take a turn and then sit around to watch; while some take two, or possibly even three turns with me. 

It becomes difficult to tell, but i guess that about 25 different Men use me and i am penetrated in all three of my fuck-holes between 35 and 40 times over three or four hours. Certainly, it is dark by the time They finish with me and i feel exhausted and dirty.

At times i catch a glimpse of the two Cameramen, and then, at the end, Lady Angel, Miss Maria and Leather Trousers are standing a short distance away, watching my debasement.

The Fat Man leads me back to Them and hands me back, saying, “thank you, I never knew women like her existed outside porn movies.”

“Oh, shes in porn movies, all right! You can find her on the internet, but you would have to pay to watch her,” replies Lady Angel. “The difference is, she doesnt see a single cent for her performances. And, believe me, what you see her doing on the internet is all real; nothing is faked.” 

“Well, after today, I can believe that. What a depraved slut!”

They all laugh and then i am loaded back into the mini-bus. This time i am made to sit on a towel on the floor so that I do not stain the seats. The three Men all have me suck Their Cocks but Miss Maria refuses to have anything to do with me, saying, “Im not having that skank near me in that condition. Look at her, shes filthy!”

This brings peals of laughter from the others and Lady Angel calls back from the driving seat, “You can come with me one of the days when I go to see her. We can have some real fun with the slut.”

“Can we come too?” asks one of the Men.

“Just Maria, I think. Ill set up another time for you guys; you can have all day… or all night if you prefer. And if youve got some friends who might wasnt to join in… well, youve seen the slut in action today.”

And They all burst out laughing.

The rest of the journey passes uneventfully and i am glad to get back to the little cottage where locks the hated chastity belt back on me before i am permitted to shower and i fall into bed; a well fucked whore!

Chapter 32 - Revelation

The Boy again! When i observe Him closely, i can see the features of His face can not be other than from my Lord; His eyes, His hair. But the Boys cheekbones and jaw line has to be… mine! Can it really be that this young Boy watching me in this naked state is my son?

"Who are you?" asks the Boy.

"cu… eeuhhh!" damn, how on earth can i tell Him that my name is cumface and that im His Fathers slave?  But it is so long years since anyone used my old name that, in my flustered state, i cant remember it. So i continue, "… eeeuuuh whats Your name?"

"Damien," He replies.

Like in The Omen, i think.

"What do you have on your belly?" the Boy asks.

Totally embarrassed what can i say? "Your mother is a whore, is a…" But at that moment somewhere from afar, a Womans voice calls: "Damien!" The Boy jumps on his bicycle, says, "Bye," and He is gone.


Altogether i am confused; this had to be my Son, the fruit of the union between my beloved Lord and myself; the fruit of His Seed. Confused, i stand up and go back to the little cottage, where as is usual i wait until someone wants to use my body. 

That evening Lady Angel comes to me and for the whole evening i service Her, licking Her, fucking Her with a strap-on, rimming and sucking Her. Then i am ordered to fist Her. First, with my hand in Her pussy, banging Her womb and causing multiple orgasms, and then i am commanded to fist her arse at the same time.  Both holes filled, Lady Angel screams and screams from one orgasm after the other.


Totally exhausted and unsatisfied, i suddenly blurt out, "Damien is my Son, isnt He?"

To my surprise, Lady Angel replies, "yes He is." but Lady Angel quickly realises the blunder she made by telling me this. In a second She drags me out of the bed and binds me to a pole, my wrists behind my back. She takes a flogger, a terrifying one with little metal weights sown into the ends of each strand, and, with all Her energy, She flogs the front of my body.

"you are not a mother, you are a whore, a worthless slave, a cunt," Lady Angel chants while mercilessly flogging me. "Repeat after me, what are you?"

"i am not a mother, i am a whore, a worthless slave, a cunt," i grunt between the cruel lashes. It is not enough for Lady Angel and She takes a length of barbed wire and winds around my naked flesh, the sharp prongs digging deep into my tender striped flesh. And again She lashes me, repeating, "you are not a mother, you are a whore, a worthless slave, a cunt!"

Sswwiisscchh sswwiisscchh

"i am not a mother, i am a whore, a worthless slave, a cunt!"


Sswwiisscchh sswwiisscchh! Over and over again Lady Angel beats me, the pins of the barbed wire cutting deep.

"i am... not a.... mother, i am a… whore, a worthless… slave, a cunt!!!"


Lady Angel pauses, releases me from the pole and drags me, by the hair, outside and round the back of the cottage. Standing between two trees is the feared cross, where once a year, at Easter, the passion of Christ on the cross is re-enacted. Mostly it is me bound to the cross and left hanging for a few hours.

Now i am dragged on to the platform in front of the cross. Instead of rope, Lady Angel uses leather straps with little metal spikes imbedded in them. Each arm, wrist, elbow and armpit is strapped with this cruel leather. It makes me groan and whimper as the spikes become embedded in my flesh. Under my feet, Lady Angel places an upside down three-legged milking stool. The three legs of the stool face upwards, making it possible for me to reach the tip of the legs with my tip-toes.

With me secured to the cross, Lady Angel fetches a bullwhip and, circling around me, She beats me even more, ordering to repeat over and over, "i am... not a.... mother, i am a ......whore, aaaaaarrrgg worthless ......slave, a cunt...."

Ssssswwwwwaaaccckkkk sssswwwaaaaccckkkk!

"i am… AARRGGGNNNNNGGG! not a.... mother, i am aaaaagggnnnnaaaaahhha ......whore, a worthless ......slave, a cunt...."

And so it goes on until my body is fully covered with bloody stripe, welts and bruises and my blurred eyes gaze into the horizon without seeing anything.

"Gggrr… i am… rraaaaggghh… not gggnnaaahhhh a.... mother, i am a… aaaaaaggggnnn… whore, a aaaaaaaaaarrrrgggghhh worthless… slave, a cunt...."

Just as i am about to slip into unconsciousness, two faces appeared, blurry in front of me. It is the beloved face of my Lord and His… O/our Son. Despite the terrible pain i am feeling, i manage a smile, which makes Lady Angel even more furious.

Lady Angel waves a bottle of smelling salts under my nose and my head snaps back as the pungent vapours bring me back to consciousness. “Oh no, you dont lose consciousness yet, slut. Hang and suffer!”

And She leaves me in my agony. The strain in my arms and shoulders is unbearable, sweat pours from my forehead, plastering my hair to my head and i am finding it hard to breathe. So i try to use my feet the grip the sides of the upright, pulling myself up, agonisingly, my thigh muscles burning with the tension in them. A few quick deep breaths and my legs can take it no more and i drop back down, painfully wrenching my shoulders as i do so; causing me to scream out in pure agony.

How long i hang from the cross, i have no idea, but several times i haul myself up, lasting for ever shorter lengths of time before i sink back down, all the time whimpering and crying form the unrelenting pain. And once more I imagine my Lord and His Son are standing in front of me. Until, mercifully, after what feels like many hours, i sink into unconsciousness. 

When i regained consciousness my Lord and His Son are nowhere to be seen; it was all in my imagination. Instead, i am lying on my back; my wrists bound to the metal framework of the bed, my legs are wide pulled over my head and bound to the same framework. In this position my already beaten thighs are spread wide open and my cunt vulnerable. And indeed the hated pain attack is restarted.

The rings through my cunt-lips are attached to wires which are wound around my thighs, opening my cunt wide.

With a stiff riding crop, the tip wound with very thin bared wire, Lady Angel aims at my swollen cunt-lips. Without mercy and without "foreplay" the crop lands in the middle of my gaping slit, splitting my swollen open cunt.

At once, i howl in pure agony. "Gggnngggrr i am… rraaaaggghh… not… gggrrraahhhh a.... mother, i am a… aaaaaaggggnnn… whore, a aaaaaaaaaarrrrgggghhh worthless… slave, a cunt...."

Ssswwwaaccckkk ssswwwaaccckkk! Each lash cuts through my sensitive swollen lips. The juices of my cunt are splattered and blood stained. And both oozed over my ass crack down in a pool.


“i am a… aaaaaaggggnnn… who aaaaaaaaaarrrrgggghhh worthlegggnnn dddss… slaaaa, a cunt...."

Pure agony takes over my brain with each lash on my clit or soft cunt meat. Again i fall in darkness.

Coming round, my whole body is arched and i am bound strongly in strappado, my legs wide open. And again i am severely beaten and again my brains are consumed by agony.

Ssswwwaaccckkk ssswwwaaccckkk!

"i am a… aaaaaaggggnnn… who aaaaaaaaaarrrrgggghhh worthlegggnnn dddss ......slaaaa, a cunt...."

Ssswwwaaccckkk ssswwwaaccckkk ssswwwaaccckkk ssswwwaaccckkk!!

Lady Angel has strapped on a rubber dildo, with knobs imbedded and little sharp spikes. From where i hang, i can not see what the next torture would be. But it doesnt take long for me to find out. With one forceful hip thrust, Lady Angel impales my already bloody cunt, while not stopping cropping my back.

"AAAAAAAAAGGGGnnnnnn… hoowwwooowwww… i… aaaaaaanowwhhhoorrree… ccuu…"

Each thrust shreds into the soft, tender inner walls of my cunt, painfully stretching it open.

Ssswwwaaccckkk ssswwwaaccckkk ssswwwaaccckkk ssswwwaaccckkk!

This is the most severe whipping i have had to endure for a long time and a reminder of how cruel and sadistic Lady Angel can be. Finally i am prepared to beg to beg for mercy, knowing this will really disappoint my Lord, but this pain is too harsh. Then through tear blurred eyes, suddenly appeared in front of me, again, in my mind, i see the faces of my beloved Lord and His Son, His Son, and… mine!

With all the power in my lungs and with all my remaining strength, with the knowledge that i love my Lord more than Lady Angel, i cry out, "my Son… He is my Son… Fruit of the Love of my Lord…."

Chapter 32 Lady Angel

What Lady Angel does not know is that the little cottage is full of small spy cameras. So my torture at Her hands is fully recorded.

And when my Lord returns home He is clearly not happy that His property has been so misused and He orders that His four Bodyguards grab Her and take Her to the dreaded lower dungeon cell of the Castle.

 Lady Angel becomes angel, whether S/she likes it or not.


Once, when Lady Angel and i were in bed together, She told me of Her background. She was born in East Europe; one of the old dictatorships, but i dont remember which one. Her Father was a well known gynaecologist and, therefore, considered to be a member of the elite.  In His function He was important. He treated the wives of other members of the elite in all sort of matters; He assisted them to become pregnant if their husbands, by fucking Them. So in way respect, He had a lot of children, but Lady Angel was the only child of Him and His wife.  

Then, if a party was thrown, He arranged for female entertainment. He flipped through His files and picked some juicy lovely sluts ready to be used by the old Men's party. After the party He usually had to treat them, so degraded were they in the way they were used. Sometimes they were special themes parties. Like the one were five Dog owners held a competition to see which Dog succeeded to fuck the girl the longest. Five girls on all fours were humped by Dogs, drooling tongues on their necks, paws wrapped around their waists, until the Dog dropped sideways, totally exhausted. The winner was usually a Rottweiler or a Pit-bull who pumped their heavy cocks with endless stamina for hours, totally wearing out the cunt of the poor girl under It.

Sometimes He was called upon by the Secret Services when a female needed to be interrogated. He gave instructions how to the tortures last without causing the death of the victim. After the torture session, He had to cure them or get them fit enough for the next torment, or for the final punishment. Depending on the rank in the state, the death punishment was chosen between a shot in the neck, "quickly" hanging or slow strappado hanging. A guillotine was possible too. In most cases the woman was naked, dragged by the shoulders by two guards and executed. And usually not before the Guards had a hard fucking session with them.

There were whispers that He even organised special events for the Leader Himself, whereby the female was bound on the plank of the guillotine and He fucked her tight dry arse, and on the moment of climax the blade fell, her death convulsion milking His Cock extra rigorously. As birthday gift, He had a strong young female bound on a garrotte style chair. Her contortion lasted for hours, and it spoiled His throbbing Cock.

He had a lot of mistresses, and so many children. Sometimes when the Wife of one of the elite wanted a child but Her Husband was too preoccupied with his slut, Angels Father would oblige. However, what the women He treated did not know was that if a baby was a male He would declare that it was stillborn. In His mind only females were to be allowed to be born.

As for His stepdaughters, or daughters from His mistresses, He loved them. Once they were old enough, He treated them and used them like any female.  

The only exception was His only daughter, Angel, born of his own wife. Soon after Her birth, He removed Her clit-hood, and then had Her treated to maximise Her clit. Mostly this was done with a vacuum pump on Her sex and Her clit got bigger and very sensitive and She also got puffy lips.

Partly because of her oversized clit, and her other training, Angel became a hot little tramp. At early age she discovered masturbation. In Her fantasy She was with Her father in the gynaecologist room treating the women who were strapped down and spread wide.

One day, left alone at home, She searched and found, in the office of Her father, photo albums with pictures of all sorts of females. Most of them were bound and heavily beaten with bullwhips, canes or floggers, their faces distorted in a grimace of agony. Without even touching herself Angel exploded in an orgasm. Since then She was very willing to stay home, and every time She was alone, she would slip into Her fathers office and rub and stroke Her clit as She looked at the pictures of the abused females.

Then She discovered the password to access His laptop. Her loins shaking, She found pictures and video clips of all sort of females, beaten, tortured and executed. She downloaded all the pictures to Her own memory stick.

Then she turned to fantasising about the mothers of Her girlfriends being treated, and even the girlfriends too. It started with a picture of a mother of a classmate spread wide in the doctor's chair, her vagina held gaping open with a speculum. Her fantasy started with caring about the female, but later turned into inflicting severe pain.

Once, She asked Her father if She could join Him as an assistant nurse. At first He looked strangely at Her, but then He recognised the predator He had raised. He agreed, but She had to wear a surgical mask which would make Her unrecognisable. Each free moment, She was in the treatment room, and She learned all the secrets of the female body, where best to inflict pain and where are best places to arouse their lust.

Now there were two things She thought about. How to be present at a real life torture scene where Her father would be, and how to have a one of Her girlfriends or their mother in her hands.

She made up a plan, whereby She told Her father that Mrs X refused to ask Her to the birthday party of her daughter. Her father arranged that the woman was arrested on made-up charges. Sitting in the dark, Angel saw how Her father first bound the woman to a metal spring bed, the ankles cuffed to the corners, the wrists on the sidebars. He mounted her and fucked her before He started punishing her. With a wooden stick He beat the soles of the womans feet. Then He attached metal clamps to her cunt-lips, and jolted her with powerful electric shocks. Her head was thrown backwards, a rubber gag in her mouth but still she howled from pure pain.

Meanwhile, Angel fingered Herself non-stop as She watched. When Her father paused, she stood up, went to the poor woman and comforted her, whispering to her that the ordeal was over. Overwhelmed, the woman felt gratitude that the torture was over, not realising how it was possible that this girl was in this place able to help her. At that moment, Angel lifted Her skirt, She had no underwear on, and sat on the woman's face. Her father, grinning, inserted a kind of cattle prod into the womans vagina and sent heavy electrical jolts into her womb. Her body was convulsing and contorting, but Angel had a great orgasm riding Her wet cunt on the female's face.

Sometimes She sneaked into Her parents bedroom to sneak a peep at Their lovemaking. One time She arrived home unexpectedly early and saw their Housemaid on Her knees and Her Father's big cock deep in the Maid's throat, His hands gripping her neck and shoving Her gullet over His shaft.

But She learned more. One evening when She was supposed to be at a party of Girlfriend, She hid Herself in the mezzanine room and She saw the Family Dog humping the Maid, while two of Her Father's friends jerked off over Her face. The sight the Maid crying, Her tears mixed with the dripping cum on Her face made Angel cum and cum and cum.

Two girls in Her class would never forget the day after they had an argument with Angel. Both of them found themselves in a cell of the State prison, fucked by inmates non-stop for about 16 hours. How many of the prisoners shot their wad into the girls holes no one could tell, but it was certainly more than forty. The videos made of the two girls ordeal made Angel aroused, but also gave Her an idea how to deflower Herself as She was still a virgin at that time.

The day before Her eighteenth birthday, She went to the same prison to make the deal. After the birthday party was over, She went to the prison. In a cell two mattresses were laid out. Then an endless queue of inmates, including the strongest and toughest, formed; all of them ready and willing to ram Their cocks in one of Her three holes. Totally worn out and oozing sperm from Her holes, She went home afterwards. Unidentified sources told that all who had participated in this scene where executed. Of course, only Angel could confirm the truth of what happened that day.

The day after She finished college, Angel started her own "practice". Almost every day She was at work, so much did She enjoy Her work. Perhaps a woman would be bound between two poles and flogged severely by two Men. or a woman would be brought in each morning, mounted in a gynaecologists chair, ankles shackled to the stirrups and her wrists cuffed to the sidebars. Then Angel would whip her cunt, mound and inner thighs with a harsh riding crop until the womans blood and juices were splattering or until she nearly passed out, only to be brought back next day for more of the same treatment.

One day, an attractive woman came in to visit her with her daughter. Both had huge FF tits. The mother wanted the tits of her daughter reduced as she knew how uncomfortable it was to "carry" them.

“I can help you,” said Angel, grinning to herself. Both of them soon found themselves naked, standing face to face with their wrists cuffed behind them and meat hooks through their udders. They were hoisted up off their feet with a pulley, and then let down until their toes could just touch the floor, up and down they went, purely on the hooks through their tits. Finally the flesh gave way, their breasts were torn from their bodies and both fell down on the floor, howling in their agony.

“Reduced, arent they?” laughed Angel

Another time, a girlfriend of Angel was going to marry. They organised a bachelorette party which lasted for the whole evening and into the night. Then when the bride-to-be was to be taken home, totally drunk, or was it drugged, the taxi went instead to a deserted factory outside town. There waited a gang, about 27 Men, most of them black or Hispanic. The whole night they all used her. They were paid to do it, and the only restrictions would be, not killing her, and shoot their spunk only in her womb to breed her. Totally drunk or drugged, she wasnt able to neither resist nor protest.

Later she went to Angel for a check up, and Angel comforted her; no she wasnt pregnant, no she hadnt got any disease. After the marriage it was obvious she was pregnant, but could it be her husbands?

It was Angels idea of a joke: The girl was pregnant and appeared to have a severe sexual disease, and he, nothing… So even more embarrassing when the girl gave birth to a Hispanic baby boy!

It became slowly more serious, tortures more severe, as the regime got tougher on the population. One time, a woman was suspended up side down, shocked, whipped, water boarded. Female terrorists would be at Angel's mercy for many days before they howled to be killed, the agony they suffered being too much.

Her Father knew little of His Daughters activities until one day He collapsed after He received a tape of His abducted Wife and later when Her body was found. In a raid, the resistance had abducted His Wife and brought Her to their hideout, deep in the mountains. After She had been fucked and abused by the Leader for a whole day and night, She was dragged outside. A hole was dug, they put a mask on Her which had a tube, they forced Her to her knees and pushed Her head in the hole, which was then covered with soil. The tube was in a loop and came up under Her body to enable Her to keep breathing. Her arms were stretched out sideways and Her wrists bound to stakes in the ground. Her legs spread and Her ankles and knees bound to more stakes. She was nothing but a fuck toy.

Countless Men and Dogs used Her exposed and vulnerable holes. When all had shot their wad, the killing started: they skinned Her calves, Her toes and fingers were hacked off. With pincers, they cut Her clit and nipples, the wounds cauterized by hot knifes. They Cut and stabbed Her dangling udders, Her ass cheeks and Her thighs. The final execution came when Her rectum was cut open, and Her intestines were dragged out, at first by one Man, but then several hungry wild Dogs were let loose and They pulled and dragged Her bowels from Her body, eating while She was still barely alive.

Angel kept the video of Her Mothers terrible and agonised death and She savoured the sight while frantically masturbating. From that day on She started a business selling videos of when She was torturing Her female victims. The business went well and grew rapidly, videos being shipped all over the world.

When the Dictator was deposed and peace came in Her country, Angel hatched a plan. Her videos had reached the elite in the outside world. Those could be blackmailed. Therefore, an arrangement was made and She escaped from Her country, to become a respected fighter for the Human Rights in the world.

And now she, angel, had been thrown into a cell in the dungeon of my Lords Manor, waiting her fate.

Chapter 34 angels Last Torment

The four guards take angel out from her cell.

"You are to be punished for your abuse of His Lordships property. Each day you will have to endure an ordeal, every day different for as long as His Lordship wishes. For all these sessions, cumface will be present to observe your punishment, while she will be well treated. Do you understand the verdict?"

"Yes but…"

"Good, take her to the bench."

The Guards drag angel to a wooden bench, and lay her facedown on it. Her feet are hanging over one end and her head dangles down at the other end. Her legs are spread and held by strong leather straps at her ankles, knees and also at her waist. Her wrists are cuffed together under the bench.

On each side of the bench, a Guard takes position and alternately, They hit her back and buttocks with a heavy rope like whip; a wooden handle with twisted rope with knots. At first, angel grit her teeth, but it does not take long before she is screaming out from agony.  Meanwhile, the two other Guards grope me, put me in a reverse cowboy position and impale both my cunt and ass.

Now and then, They change the device on which angel is beaten, sometimes she is on the rack, her ass high, and then back on the bench. But always her back, ass and back thighs are severely caned, beaten, paddled or even hit with a metal steel wire attached to a wooden handle. Very skilfully, the Guards space out the caning. It lasts a big part of the day, while They take rest for Themselves by using my holes. While One is pumping in my arse, another shoots His load on my face, and so on.

Finally, at the end of the day, angel is fully numb and has screamed herself hoarse. Now, again she is bound on the bench, but now They twist her hair into a knot with a rope that leads to her ankles. Her feet are pulled upwards and her head pulled back, arching her back.

Then all four Guards take position at her feet, and all of them thwack the soles of her feet. The agony must be terrible for her; the feet turn into black very rapidly. This punishment is terrible even for me to watch.

"Ggannnaaaa ppplleeeaaasssee, nnnnoooooo," cries angel. But to no avail. The guards are determined to inflict the maximum pain on her feet. Repeatedly, They beat her toes and feet, until all her toes are black and the soles are bloody.

They drag her back into the cell. But the cruelty is not over; They make her squat on her mashed feet in a corner of the cell, a metal bar at the height of her waist keeping her in that position, unable to sit, nor to stand.

But her hands are free, and as soon the Guards are gone, she comforts herself by stroking her cunt-lips and clit, grunting like an animal from pain and lust.

And in between, she weeps, terrified of what would be the next torment.


she doesnt have long to wait to find out. The Guards grab angel, and drag her back to the torture room. A metal yoke is placed on her shoulders, her neck locked in the middle, her wrists at each end. Then, by means of steel cables attached to the ends of the yoke she is lifted until her feet are dangling in mid air. They shove an upside down milking stool under her feet, her toes stretching to balance on the legs of the stool. Two of the Guards start flogging and whipping her. Turning her slowly around so that They did not miss one part of her body with Their severe lashes. Another Guard shoves a bowl filled with glowing coals on the seat of the stool, so while dancing under the striping whiplashes she performs a sexy dance; kicking her legs in the air while screaming and crying from pure pain.

Then three huge black Men enter. At their sight, angel gasps, she recognises Them at once. she used them to deflower young virgin girls; the daughters of the prisoners. And mostly They would also rape the girls arses. In other times angel would smile at the recollection how the girls would struggle, begging; unaware what was to come, and when finished with a double penetration, they were mostly already passed out. And now they are here, for her of course.

"Tell me, slut, which do you prefer, white cock, or black cock?" they mock her.

"Bbbllaackkk CCCooccckk, ooff cccoouurse," she stutters, desperate not to anger Them.

"Liar!” shouts one of the Men and He punches her in her face, "I know you hate black cock, but no worries, you will get white cock." The three Men take Their Cocks out, and all three sprinkle Their Cocks with salt until They are fully white.

In the corner of the room, where i am cowering, i observe the scene, wondering what the objective of this is. Apparently, it is part of a rare ritual in deep dark Africa where the Cock is "salted" in order to avoid lust in a newly married woman when penetrated on the first night with her new husband. The salt sucks all her juices out.

Fully restrained, angel wails at the sight, and the upcoming torment. The First takes His position in front of her, spreads her legs, grabs her ass and impales her cunt with His "white" Cock. In moments she is screaming from the searing pain of the big Cock dry ripping her open. The only "advantage" is that she is lifted from the heat of the glowing coals under her feet.

The second Black Man takes His position behind her, parts her ass cheeks and, while she pants, "no, no, no, please, dont", He spears His white Cock deep between her ass cheeks, ripping open her ass-ring. Both bang angels holes, searing and ripping her open; the salt drying any lubing juice. Trapped between the two Men, she wails, cries and begs for Them to stop.

Meanwhile, i shrink into the corner watching the scene and although i have been trained to be the perfect slave and have both endured and witnessed horrifying treatments, I must admit that i am enjoying the view of angel being harshly fucked in both holes. But, inevitably, I am not allowed to go unused and the Bodyguards notice me and begin to alternately use my holes as They watch angels torment.

The three Men use angel, until They blow Their seed deep in her. "Now you are wet," They grin.

Then the Twins enter. "Nooooo!!!" angel screams, "No, no, no, no, please let me go."

Back in her country, angel had used the Twins in the interrogation rooms. They are both huge strong Men; easily 2 meters tall and weighing about 150kg. Their hands were so strong They easily squeezed a neck until Their victim died. They were used to break the prisoners… literally, bone by bone, until the victim babbled; anything to stop the monsters. Sometimes They would hold "competitions" between Themselves and other Interrogators as to who could kill the most victims. The Twins always won, They could kill one in each hand at the time.

And now They are here.

They lift angel, clutch her in between Them and, without a word, impale her in her cunt and ass. Their monstrous Cocks ram into her, destroying her soft inner walls, already ravaged by the black Cocks. Both the Twins Cocks piston hard, methodically, deep; the Cockheads mashing whatever they bounced to. Both pairs of hands clawing, grabbing and pinching her tits, waist and ass cheeks, it makes her wail and scream in terrible agony.

In the mean time the three Black Men, quite well lubed by this time, take over from the Bodyguards and use me in all three holes. Riding one huge Cock in my cunt, another penetrates me from behind and the third fucks my throat.

But always, I have a clear view of angel being tormented, by the Twins. And as i watch angels torment a feeling of guilt comes over me. Only recently, this was Lady Angel; my lover; Domme to my sub. Did she overstep the mark? His Lordship is so possessive of me; His slave; His property.

But while angel screams from the harsh treatment, i come and come and come as my three holes are flooded with the cum of the Black Men.

Totally wrecked, angel is dragged back to the cell. Face down, her ankles are bound to a pole, her wrists pulled backwards and bound to the same pole, she is then left alone in her misery.


It must seem like an eternity to angel that she is bound in that horrible position before she is dragged back into the medieval torture room. What angel cant know is that in that time i am ordered to my Lord's room to entertain His Lordship and His Friend, a powerful Politician.

His Lordship roughly grabs me by the neck and bobs my head up and down on His mighty Cock; His throbbing Gland stretching and filling my gullet, making me gag because lack of air. Pulling my hair, He pulls out, only to force His Cock down my throat even more violently. Mercilessly, He fucks my face. With His free hand, He presses His hard balls against my chin; the entire length of His Cock stuffed in my mouth and throat. Clearly, He is enjoying His well trained, well fucked whore.

At the same time, the Politician straddles me and impales my arse. He rides me roughly; His Gland stretching open my bowels. 

Finally, They both spurt Their hot loads deep in my holes.

After the two Men are finished with me, i am made to entertain Them for the rest of the evening. The Guards place me on a Sybian; tying me in position and forcing me to ride the machine and to come and come over and over again until, totally exhausted and out of my mind with orgasms, i beg for release.


Yet again angel is dragged into the medieval torment room and again i am forced to watch as she suffers. This time she is laid face up across a ragged wooden beam. Her arms are stretched and bound together to a pole behind her. Both legs are pulled back and bound to the beam, her naked body in a perfect ballet split, her mound and cunt exposed and vulnerable. One of the Torturers forces a long, sharp skewer through both of her tits. Rope is tied to each end of the skewer and by this her tits are pulled and lifted until they are stretched out into two cones of flesh. her cries of pain are soon silenced by the introduction a small water hose into her gullet, big enough to keep her vocal cords silenced, but small enough to allow her to breathe.

But this is not the cause of her most discomfort.

A bucket full of water is mounted above her, in front of her eyes; the hose in her throat is attached to a tap in the base of the bucket. And then they open the tap and the water begins to drip into her throat. she must be experiencing the feeling of being drowned, but she can still breathe, though with some rasping sounds. 

They keep the bucket full of water, and steadily her belly swells. Her head held firmly, there was no way to escape the water torture. Two other Men insert a medieval torture pear into her vagina. The old torture device is opened up to spread her cunt wide open so They can shove a full hand into her.

her cunt-lips are pierced with strong barbed fishing hooks and, with wires, They hold the petals of her inner cunt-lips stretched wide open. Then, with heated leather sewing needles They pierce the inner walls of her cunt. The pain must be severe, but trapped as she is, only the trembling loins betrayed her agony she had to be in. Another flogged her with a bull whip, while the skewer in her tits was heated with a flame. And they continued to empty buckets of water till her belly was ready to burst.

Meanwhile one Guard lifts me puts me on His cock, and i am made to ride Him while watching angel being tortured, then i am pushed down and another Cock penetrates my cunt; both Guards taking turns to pump me, flooding my cunt with Their Cum as They ride me to climax. The Men fucking me as i watch angels torment makes me crazy with lust. The Men fuck me in my arse and my cunt or even both together. Suddenly, They succeed to poke my cunt with two Cocks at the same time and number three straddles me and impales my asshole, which makes me roar out loud with pure lewd lust.

angel is beaten on the soles of her feet, her clit burned with iron pincers, her belly heavily beaten with a bamboo cane and her womb opened with a pear. her body betrays the agony it is in by the bucking of her hips and the convulsions of her limbs.

Then, suddenly, her movements are silenced and just at that moment. i am penetrated from behind by a Cock thrust deep into my cunt. The Cock is withdrawn and then thrust deeply and powerfully into arsehole. At once i know it is Him, my Lord. His mighty powerful Gland mashes my bowels, then my womb. But each thrust deep inside me is like a butterfly carrying me to lustful heaven. Climax after climax i reach, while watching cross-eyed, as if through a mist, the continuing torture of angel. But that only adds even more to my endless orgasms.


Back in her cell, angel crawls across the hard stone floor, wailing and howling from the pain, searching in vain for some relief. But instead she is dragged out again and again to undergo more and more tortures. Her womb is squeezed with pincers; electroshocks sent through her cunt, her areolas are burned with soldering irons. All the tortures she inflicted in her time to her victims are now inflicted on her. And each time, i am there, well used while forced to watch my previous lover.


Then angel disappeared and later i hear that, one dark rainy night, angel is expelled over the border and returned to her own country. Deep in a forest, in some remote village she is put to hard labour, day after day. And in the night she is used as a sex slave for all peasant Men and their Sons.

Then, one day when the Men are away in the big town for a cattle trade fair, all the women of the village attack angel. They beat her, belt her and break her bones. Then they shove big skewers, usually used for a pig, into her arse and cunt, and another in her mouth. They bind her wrists and ankles to the irons and she is placed over a roaring fire. Once in a while someone bastes her body with oil and fat, and the whole turned slowly over the fire. It takes hours and hours before her body stops bucking and convulsing and her eyes stare blankly. 

The Men return that evening and a big feast is held to celebrate the prosperous trade They had in town, and They all praise the nice piece of meat the women had prepared for Them.

Chapter 36

After angel is sent away, life for me changes again. No longer do i live in the little cottage. Instead, i am moved back into the main House. And i am no longer required to be constantly naked, but i am given a light long dress, although still without any panties. Because of my years of training i am constantly wet and aroused. But no-one is allowed to use me without the permission of my Lord or the Lady.

This time, i am not made to sleep in the tiny, bare cell-like room; a room adjacent to His Lordships room is allocated to me. This room is sizeable, and equipped with all toys, gadgets, racks, and devices.  Compared to my previous life, this is pure luxury. The Lady and my Lord seem to be reconciled; often they involve me in Their love making. Often the foreplay consists of flogging me and then i will be put down to lick and suck The Lady, while He straddles Her and pumps Her arse. His Lordship pumps His hot load into the Lady's arse while She and i are in a 69 position; i suck and lick the swaying balls above my face, and then suck dry the dripping seed from The Lady's holes. More than once The Lady and i swap and swirl O/our drool and His Lordships cum with each other. Most of the time afterwards, They attach a chain to my collar and i am allowed to sleep on the mat at the foot of the bed.

Like always, i am taken to parties, orgies where i am made available for all to use. And, of course, i am still required to regularly serve His Lordships Dogs and Horse.  Also my "dress-code" is changed; a half cup bra is allowed, no panties, long dresses with long splits which barely conceals my body. But now i am made to wear a chastity belt; an expensive one. The metal is precious silver and stainless steel alloy, covering my pelvis, but just below my clit it splits in two whereby each band presses tightly over my swollen cunt-lips and squeezes them together with every movement i make, then the bands rejoin at the membrane between my cunt and ass. There a little peg inside my cunt presses against the same membrane, and the bands joint presses against my ass-crack. A reversed cone form groove presses against my clit. The devilish device was designed to keep me in a permanent state of arousal, without allowing me the possibility to touch myself to bring myself to climax. Everyone can see my constantly aroused state.

Now that i live in the House, i often see the two Children of The Lady and my Lord. But, of course, i know the Boy, Damien, is my Son. Because the Family are quite traditional, there is not that much direct contact between the Children and Their Parents. Likewise, i have very little direct contact with the Children, who are by now growing up.

But then, one time, i am wandering through the corridors when i hear noises from the Daughter's room. The door is slightly open, so i peep inside. Just at that moment Damien, my Son, pushes the Girl to Her knees and shoves His Cock in Her mouth. With both hands on Her neck, He bobs Her head up and down until He presses Her face against His belly; His balls squeezed at Her chin and He shoots His load deep into Her.

With a smile of pride, i draw back and wonder when the time will come for me to be used by Him, or even whipped by Him. The thought makes my juices glisten on the chastity belt.

It is two days more before i achieve the release of a huge orgasm as a Guest's Rottweiler humps me for the amusement of His Lordship, The Lady and Their Guests.

Due to economic fall back the country has become more dangerous for wealthy people. Robbery, kidnapping and abduction is more and more "usual". His Lordship is not only a very rich Man, but a high level politician too. Therefore He is considering increasing the number of Guards. 


Clothed in fully in black, masks covering Their faces with a kind of veil darkening the eyes and the mouth opening, two Ninja types sneak into the castle by climbing over the wall. Covered by a perfect dark night, it is a new moon, They find Their way in. It must have been planned very carefully. First They searched for the bedrooms of the personnel. The Butler, Chef and Servants were shot with an anaesthetic drug. Next They overcome to the Guards, one by one, shooting Them too by the drug and leaving them bound and gagged. After that They send a signal to the outside, and a van drives in front of the main entrance.

Meanwhile the two head for His Lordships room. They find the Lady in His bed and me chained to the foot of the bed.  His Lordship is away this night dealing with a political problem situation. With a cloth impregnated with a narcotic both The Lady and i are overcome. They shove hoods over our heads, unchain me and then both of us are carried in a firemens lift out to the waiting van and the van is driven off at high speed into the night.

After long hours of driving, The Lady and i still unconscious, the van arrives at a camp deep in the mountains. W/we are dragged into a cave dwelling and into a tiny cell. The door is of thick wood, letting no sounds in and there is no light in the cells.

Later, i wake in the perfect darkness. Cautiously, i creep around, to try to understand where am and I find that The Lady is also awake. By the horrible smell W/we find a hole in the ground, meant for O/our needs. There is no way of knowing whether its day or night but every so often a small grill is opened in the door and some dirty food and brackish water is pushed in.

After a few days W/we are both taken out and led to the camp commander. W/we are made to sit down on a kind of a stool, dirty and half naked. Someone from behind shoves hoods over O/our heads, plunging U/us into darkness. Then there are several voices speaking in an unknown language. One voice clearly has authority; the others are angry and excited. They only words which are recognisable are "The Lady" and "cumface".


Then, the one with authority snarls an order and a moment later i am lifted from the stool and carried and dragged away.

After a walk through dark tunnels W/we enter a brightly lit room. They pull the hood off me and i blink in the light. The Guard points at a metal bed frame with some dirty kind of mattress. With gesture the Guard makes it clear that i am to strip and to take position on the bed. But then He leaves the room. Obedient slave that i am, i strip, sit down on the bed and wait.

Another Guard enters, an Officer by the sort of uniform He is wearing. He snaps with His fingers, and trained as i am, i understand what He wants so i go down on my knees, and start to unzip His pants, and soon enough His Cock is in my throat. With both hands at the back of my head, He bobs my head up and down along his Cock. His hips rock and His full Balls slap against my chin, His throbbing gland deep in my throat.

His movements increase and with my experience i can tell that He is ready to explode in my mouth. But in time He pulls out, yanks my hair and smashes me onto the bed. Then He straddles me and thrusts His Cock deep into my whorish cunt.

After He leaves, first one then another and another enter to take Their turns using me. They use me in every way; on all fours one bangs my ass while my cheeks are bulged by the thick gland of another, forced into my throat. Some dont wait Their turn, but jerk off and shoot Their hot loads on my face, hair or eyes, while i am still being fucked. Finally They leave me alone and i fall asleep, dirty and naked; my body all bruised and coated with dried semen.

Hours later, or maybe it is the next day, the Officer enters again, takes one look at me and shouts some orders down the tunnel. Two Guards rush in and with a bucket of water, they clean and wash me. Then They give me some food and drink. All the time the Officer stands and watches me. Inwardly, i am smiling; this is the first time in many years that i am being served.

The Officer sends the Men away and again, with more time than previously, He uses me in all my holes. With me lying face up, He lifts my legs backwards, pressing in my knee hollows, His knees alongside my head, He pistons deep into my womb.

Afterwards, He lights a cigarette and watches my naked body.

"Sir may i speak?”


"How is it going with The Lady?"

"The Lady? Well she made acquainted with the Commander yesterday. He bound her wrists her arms widespread to rings in the ceiling, her toes barely on the floor. Then her ankles were shackled to rings in the ground, her legs wide open. He used his preferred black twisted leather bullwhip on her. And He is an expert; each lash is like Hell on earth. She screamed and screamed, begged, but He stopped only when she got limp and her head fell between her tits. But with cold water from a bucket in her face she was revived. And again and again He whipped her pale skin body. Each time she fell unconscious He revived her. His whip didnt spare any part of her body. Her back, waist, ass, thighs and yes her petals and loins, He stopped only when no skin is untouched or unmarked.  Then He took position behind her and drilled her arse with his Cock, while his whip handle pokes her cunt. And takes very long before He explodes in her."

Telling this makes Him hard again, He turns me face down, flat on the mattress, and with His full weight He plunges His fat cock deep into my arse.

Then likewise many Men follow and use my holes. At the end of the day white spunk oozes from my arse and cunt and drools from my mouth.

In the morning the Guards shoved a bucket of water and food and drink into the cell. After have eaten and drank, the Officer enters and obliges me to perform the usual services.

Afterwards without asking He says, "This time The Lady was bound on a kind of metal bed frame, face up, her head over the edge. Her wrists shackled to the side frame, her legs wide open and up, the ankles to poles along the frame. The Commander first released his morning spunk deep into her cunt before He started his cruel work. From a stove He put with pliers small burning coals on her body. He smiled at her cries and screams. Then He focussed on her feet. He first laid coals on her foot soles. Her body jerked, bucked in the bonds, her head trashed, but the feet were tightly bound, and He continued to put coals until the feet were full blacked. With the same hot pliers He cracked one by one her toes knuckles, to finish by pulling the nails out from her feet.  He finished his work by cropping her, not at the least her inner thighs vulva and cunt."

Before i could say anything He is already standing over me and He grabs me by the hair and thrusts His powerful cock deep in my throat.

For a few hours i am allowed to rest but when i wake the same ritual is repeated. After the Officer unloads deep in my bowels, He tells me, "After the Commander had sex with her and normal beatings and torture she was bound face down over a horizontal bar, her wrists to her ankles, While he poked her, once with a cattle prod, then with his cock, another pushed her head down into a trough brackish water, while another shoved burning candles under her titties. A speculum was shoved in her cunt, and with a skewer poked and pierced her womb. They amused themselves by torturing her the whole day."

"But," i cry out without asking permission to speak, "she is The Lady, i am the… eeuuhhh… painslut."

The Officer shrugs, "don't mind, it is all determined." and He is gone.

Before i can consider His words six Men enter. They hold my arms and spread my legs wide open. The first forces His knuckles against my cunt-lips, jerks, corkscrews and uses His strength to force His fist deep inside my cunt, making me cry out. Once inside, it is clearly His intention to see how many bangs in one minute against my womb. The Men cheer and shout and then the next takes His turn and i can feel how the inner walls of my cunt and my womb are devastated. Then, considering my cunt hole too loose, one by one They impale my arse.

Although i get used to His fat Cock it is still a painful torment each time He used me. But at least He has some decency, which the other Fighters lack. Afterwards, He does not say a word; He dresses and is nearly out of the room, when i pluck up the nerve to ask, "Please Sir, how was it this time with The Lady".

The Officer looks at me with a frown and with a sigh, He shrugs, "She must be sacrificed by now."


The Officer replied: "The Commander comes from deep out of the jungle. There they have for high rank people a special ritual they call The Sacrifice. For The Lady it means she is brought in an open space. She is made to kneel, her legs wide. Her ankles are each bound with a rope about a meter to a stake in the soil. Her arms are bound sideways to a stake held in her shoulders like a yoke, a belt around the wrists, elbow, and armpit. Her tits are stabbed and cut, pieces by pieces, but not lethal. Then a kind of straw collar is put around her neck. A rope in front holds her head down. Two trees are bent down, and a rope is bound between the two tops, and the collar. The first rope, holding her head down, holds her in poise. Now is her calves, they skin her calves and ankles with a sharp knife. On her back at the sides, they make two incisions, so there are two slips top down. They insert a somewhat curved skewer, they turn it as a wheel until the slices shred and looses from her body"

"Nnnnoooo!" i cry.

"But then comes the end: a candle is lit, and the flame burns the rope which kept everything in balance. At the moment this rope is burnt through, the two strong trees are freed, and swing upwards with enormous strength and speed. The Lady lifts, but in a second the meter rope at her ankles held her body, and her head is popped like a cork from a bottle, and the head is catapulted miles away. The corpse bounces back on the soil. The head will never be found, the collar will rot high in the top in wind and rain and vanish, the corpse is carried to the mountains to feed vultures."   

Without another word, the Officer leaves the room, but i am not allowed any time to mourn or even to think about The Ladys dreadful death as about twenty Fighters enter.

At the end of the day about five are left, i am laid face up, one Man sitting on my shoulders and He bobs my head up and down along His big Cock, alternatively with another Man standing at my head who shoves His Cock down my throat. Some are jerking Their Cocks and take my wrists to have my hands stroking and jerking Their Cocks. A Man lies under me, pumping His fat Cock deep in my arse, while another is rocking between my thighs, His Cock deep in my cunt.

Suddenly the door silently opens, without a noise so the Fighters do not notice and carry on fucking me. Four Men enter, dressed totally in black, masked and carrying guns with silencers. Without resistance, They all point Their gun against the head or the neck of the Fighters, and the shots sound like the cork from a Champaign bottle. They pull me from under the dead bodies, throw me a pair of jeans and a jacket. Within half a minute W/we leave the room, running silently out of the camp, where all are fast asleep. And so without fight, W/we reach a place where a waiting van stands. Without lights the van speeds away, in the dark, out of the woods.

W/we reach a clearing and the Men jump out, dragging me into a Sikorsky helicopter which immediately takes off. The Men are all silent, but after five minutes, i hear the Pilot saying, “no losses, one female."  The Men cheer and i hear something like, "happy flight."

Again somewhat later, the Leader turns to me and says, "Well, it is about three hour flight, enough time for you to show us some gratitude."

Of course i understand, go down on my knees and service the seven or eight Men, including blowing the pilot. The fat strong Cocks make my juices ooze, and after all, i was liberated by these Men so I should indeed show my gratitude.

Unfortunately it is too late for The Lady.

The helicopter lands in the grounds of my Lords house and i am welcomed by my Lord, His Son (and mine) and His daughter; although i did note a strange look on the face of the Boy.


Chapter 37 The Wedding

Since my rescue and return to the House, there has been an atmosphere of mourning. Not only here in the household, but throughout the country people were sorry and shocked about the horrible death of the Lady. Although i could not help but sense a kind of feeling that there was something pre set-up in these terrible events. However, it is none of my business; i am a pain and cum slut for all who are allowed to use me, nothing more.

According to tradition the household is in official mourning for forty-two days; no festivities, no parties, even no usage of me; no fucking me, no whipping me, nothing.

Strangely enough, in this same period the existing unrest in the country calm down and it seems that my Lord comes out of it in a stronger position.

The dinners and meals are sober, and now, for the first time during my servitude i am allowed to sit at the same table. It feels strange that servants are serving meals, while i am a slave of the House, but on the other hand, i feel happy to be at the same table as my Son and mostly with Him. Of course there is my stepdaughter too, but with Her i always think about the time when i watched as Her throat was filled by my Son's hard Cock. And i can not help but notice the cold and strange look of my Son exploring my body. But i can not deny getting wet between the legs and having "butterflies" in my belly as He does so.

After the mourning period is over, the mood changes. It is as if a party is being organised. The House is cleaned, there are flowers and more people are in the kitchen. Still, the activities are not discussed; at least not in my hearing. The only whisperings i catch are about a "Marriage". It seems logical that my Lord will remarry after the terrible loss of the Lady but i have no idea who the new Lady will be.

A few days before the supposed wedding day, a Tailor, with two female assistants, enters my room. To my surprise i am to be fitted for a beautiful dress. The three are not even startled when i am stripped and the brandings and whip marks are revealed, nor the "chastity belt" over her mound and clit, which i am made to wear to keep in a state of permanent arousal; which made the 42 day mourning period unbearable for me.

The dress is a very soft ivory coloured material, tight over my body and butt and low-cut to display my cleavage. It makes me feel very beautiful and sexy when i try it on and pose in front of a mirror; even more as the Tailor told me not to wear underwear, except for a half cup bra, lightly lifting my tits and pressing my nipples against the fabric, which makes  even more aroused and hardens my nipples even more. Down both sides there is a long slit. The Tailor instructs me to walk with very short steps; otherwise the slits would open to reveal my moist cunt.  There are fine see-through stockings, with clips which are attached to my cunt lips. Walking with this, the stockings pull continually which makes me even more aroused.

It is very flattered that i am to be allowed to be present at the wedding; whoever it is that is getting married; somehow, it makes me very excited.

For some reason, when i move through the House, i can sense a certain change of attitude towards me; as if the Personnel are more respectful toward me. Which is ridiculous of course: i know that i am nothing but a sex object, for lust, pain and for the Dogs and Horses.

Then one day i am awoken by the old "Grandma". Her function in the House has never been clear to me and She has always kept a distance from me. But now She orders me to get up out of bed, unlocks the chastity belt and instructs me to take good oiled bath. Then i am to dress in the exquisite dress which was tailor made for me, and then Grandma does my hair and make-up and applies a fine expensive perfume.

When She is satisfied, She leads me out of the room, through the corridors to the main ballroom. There is light music playing and i realise that today is the wedding day.

About forty to fifty people are already in the room, all clearly rich and powerful and from all over the country, and maybe even abroad. The light and the atmosphere makes me blink my eyes as Grandma leads me to the table in the centre where He, my beloved Lord is standing with His Son and His Daughter. But, as yet, there is no sign of the Bride; i look around trying to see who She is.

Then the room quietens and in front of the table a Minister of some kind speaks, although i have trouble understanding what He is saying. But has He speaks, i am sure that i hear a name; Daisy May, that invokes memories of my past life; life as a free woman before i was enslaved by my Lord. There has to be some mistake.

Then, at a gesture from the Minister, His Lordship stands up, and i am told to do the same. And suddenly, like a bolt of the lightning, i understood; i, cumface the slave, am the bride! No, no this can not be! i am a slave; a sex toy, on my knees before my Lord. This has to be a dream, a new fantasy maybe, a sick joke at my expense.

But the ceremony goes on and effectively His Lordship and i are pronounced Man and wife. But for me the realisation of what has just happened has not even begun to sink in; i am dazed and confused; not able to comprehend, i am in my own dream world. Only in my wildest dreams would i ever become His Lordships wife.

Images of my years of slavery flash through my mind; the humiliating public displays, the painful tortures of which there have been many, the rough gangbang also many. But i would gladly endure every second of it again if it meant that i would become my Lords wife.


The ceremony is followed by a banquet. People drink, eat and congratulate the Family: His Lordship, his new wife, His Son and Daughter. And i am almost overcome with joy as the truth finally sinks in.

But then later, as i am returning from a visit to the ladies' room, i am stopped by my Son, who pushes me into the cloakroom. His hand cups my mound and squeezes, while His other hand pinches my nipples which jut out above the half cup bra, hard and erect.

"you sleazy horny slut," He snarls in my ear, "I know what you are: a whore, for all who wants to have your body." And He, my own Son, spits in my face, while with both hands He gropes and fondles me. Clearly He has no inkling that i am His natural mother.

"Oh, how true" i think; wife or not, i will always be a slave, a slut.

The whole incident takes place in only a few seconds, but it makes me nearly collapse because of trembling legs, my stomach churns and my cunt moistens.

The wedding party continues as if i am in a dream; people are dancing, congratulating even me and giving presents. Still part of me finds it unbelievable; that this must be a kind of weird joke from my Lord. Slowly the party draws to its end and people finally begin to leave.

Then only a select few remain; the real powerful and wealthy Men of the country. W/we all go down the stairs to the lower basement; the dungeon. Entering the basement which i know so well, being a place of harsh torture and torment, it is now lit with burning torches, lighting the place so there are no dark shadows. But what makes me gasp is the sight of numerous females, naked and bound.

One is hanging upside down with her legs wide spread. Another is trapped in a block: her legs wide spread as her ankles are locked in a wooden plank with spare holes, her wrists and neck trapped, her body fine and ready for use. Another is bound in strappado, her tits swinging free as they hang from her chest, her ankles tied, but leg spread. Next is one "riding" a Judas horse, her legs bent backwards, the edge cutting in her mound, her wrists bound to a steel collar around her neck. Another is bound to a metal pole, spread wide, her cunt forced open by the pole and her legs bound horizontally.

Yet another is on a rack, face up, but with her head over the edge, her legs up, her butt ready for caning. And another is bound face up, her wrists to her ankles and on a huge wooden wheel, a shudder runs through me as i remember the devilish pain of this medieval wheel, and the poor woman now bound to the wheel is now moaning in pain. The last one i see is a slut hanging by her wrists and arms to an overhead beam, her ankles bound to the same belts, thus her legs form a perfect split. But what strikes me the most is how beautiful and exquisite all the females are. Normally when there is an orgy of pain and lust, it is with cheap whores. But all these are stunningly beautiful.


At this time i am still wearing my wedding dress but now two Men grab my arms while Grandma appears and unzips and removes the dress. The Men lead me to between two poles and They bind my arms and wrists to the pole, followed by my ankles and knees to the same poles. After forty-two days of non use and then the wedding party, me right at the edge of arousal and i can feel how moist and slimy wet my cunt is.

They position a wooden plank so that my tits are resting on it. And then I realise what They are going to do; with nails and a hammer They drive, one after another, six nails through my left titflesh and into the wooden plank, causing me to scream and groan and grind my teeth in pain.

In a corner i notice a burning fire basket with a metal rod in it. It is immediately clear to me that i am to receive another brand mark. Then from the corner of my eye i see a most important guest: the Man i once met in a plane: the Son of the Empress. He moves behind me and begins stroking and touching my body and i feel a rigid Cock between my parted ass-cheeks.

His Lordship, my Husband now, moves in front of me. He forms a fist with a knuckle brace. A third Man is standing ready near the fire basket, waiting for the signal to pull the white hot metal rod from the fire.

Then both my Lord and the Important Guest start; ramming and tearing my ass-ring open while hard dry knuckles push roughly into my cunt. And, on top of that, the iron rod burns endlessly into the flesh of my nailed left tit. After a split second i am howling: from pure lust of the impaling of my cunt and arse, and the horrible pain, burning His Mark deep into my tit.

Wife or not, whatever happens in public it is clear that in private i am still my Lords slave. And i will remain His slave for the rest of my days.

The branding of my tit is the signal to start an enormous orgy. All the sluts are taken by the Men and used in the way they are bound or hung. As i am well aware, my Lord has a strong taste for medieval tortures and usage of beautiful females. And They have gathered some very beautiful females.

One has a very thick burning candle shoved into her fuckhole as she hangs upside down with her legs spread. Then with flaming torches her skin is scorched and her hair is soon burned away as she screams in agony.

The strappado bound woman is hoisted up and lowered down, hoisted up and lowered down again and again until her shoulders and arms are crunched and dislocated, her throat hoarse from squealing and screeching.

Two Men are working on the woman stretched out on the bench. A funnel is forced into the womans mouth and filled with water.  Her legs are stretched sideways into a perfect split and a peg is inserted into her urethra preventing her from pissing. Soon her belly is as swollen as if she were heavily pregnant.

The woman bound face up on a rack is being beaten with a spiked wooden baton, between her legs and on the soles of her feet, until her howling fades away as she slips into unconsciousness.

All this time i am hanging in midair face up tied at my arms and legs, and i am fucked by one Man after another. But for now, none of the Men come; fucking me deeply but then withdrawing without shooting Their load. But hearing and seeing the agony of the sluts, together with the continuous fucking by the Important Men and, of course, the realisation of being His Lordships wife - makes me cum and cum and cum.

The slut is lifted, while her ankles are bound her legs wide spread, she is bent over and pushed into a barrel filled with brackish water. While she is fucked from behind, others held her struggling body under water. In time she is pulled out, her ass beaten with a cane, and her head pushed again into the water. And again she is taken from behind. This goes on and on, until she succumbs and her body is dragged out by her ankles by two guards.

The exotic slut on the Spanish horse is severely beaten, her back burned with torches, while a noose around her neck holds her in place. Her legs are bent upwards at the knees and her ankles bound with rope over the back of the horse. But heavy stones are hung from her legs, pulling her snatch down over the sharp edge of the wood.  And with each struggle the noose is the slipping tighter and tighter around her throat. After a last babbling rattle, her head droops forward and her body is dragged out too.

She is bound on the raw wooden stretch bench with her head over the edge and her legs bound upwards and spread wide apart.  She is struck repeatedly with a hard baton which lands between her legs until her hoarse screaming gives way to a pitiful whimper and her unconscious body is dragged away.

For me it is still the perfect wedding orgy; i am at the centre of the action with a seemingly never ending queue of Men using my holes. After forty-two days untouched, I want… need Cock!

Finally, the last remaining slut, a young and comparatively inexperienced whore, is bound with a long white sash. It is tied over her eyes, around her neck and throat then to her wrists behind her back and finally to her ankles with her legs bent backwards. Two Men who look like They are Wrestlers or something like take position. One grasps her throat, probably partly blocking her airway. The other rams His enormous Cock in her arse. At once, she struggles and squirms under this two-way assault which has as effect that the sash around her throat gets tighter. Both Men ram Their Cocks easily in her holes, possibly rupturing her rectum from the way she is screaming.

Her eyes bulge against the white fabric of the sash and her sweating body goes limp. Almost at the same time, the Men shoot Their hot seed into the girls cunt and ass. Then her unconscious body is dragged away by one ankle.

All attention now turns to me. A leather hood is fitted over my head, leaving only a small hole for my nose and a bigger hole for my mouth. Freed from my position, i am laid onto a wooden bench and at once each of my holes is filled with hot, hard Cock. Repeatedly i am fucked, but now all the Men are allowed to cum inside me. Again and again i am filled, and as each Cock softens after eruption It is replaced by another hard Cock.

After maybe the twentieth Cock i lose count of how many Men fuck me. In other circumstance maybe i would beg for a little rest after so many forced orgasms. But for now i know this would be inappropriate. Besides, how can i beg with my mouth constantly filled with one hard Cock after another? All my senses are focussed totally on my three fuck-holes which are constantly in use and i am completely overwhelmed, surrendered to the Men and Their lust.

Then it stops; the last Cock shoots Its scalding hot jism in my arse. There is a pause but when one Cock enters my hot well-used cunt and another in my arse, i know immediately that it is His, my Lord/Husband and the other one from His Royal Friend.

Opening my eyes, i see that all the other Men are standing back, watching intently as His Lordship fucks His new bride and shares me with His most important Royal Friend.

Even after all the fucking i have had this night, this is something special. His Lordship, of course, is a most incredible Man and to be fucked by Him is always special. But tonight He excels Himself. He fucks me deep and hard and it goes on and on, matched by the Royal Friend in my ass.

Truly, i am in heaven; a bride fucked by her Husband on her wedding night. But more than that, i am a slave fucked by my Lord and i am being driven out of my mind by one incredible orgasm after another; far too many to count.

The Royal Prince cums in my ass and withdraws but my Lord goes on and on as the other Men watch in silence.

Finally, He fills me with His burning hot seed and pulls out. In my ecstatic state, i am only vaguely aware of the Men cheering and applauding my Lord and i can only lie here like a rag doll; exhausted but deliriously happy after what has been truly the Fuck of my Life!


Chapter 28 - Grandmother

A few days after the wedding party, i awake; my body still aching and sore from all the use i had endured. Just as i had showered, The Grandma entered the room. Actually, although i call Her Grandma, She is my Lords Mother.

 She clips a leather collar around my neck, little knobs inside. Then my wrists are cuffed behind my back. She makes me step into high heels and then fastens a short chain to bind my ankles together, making me walk with only little steps. Finally a chastity belt, with a thick ribbed dildo is forced into my cunt, making the picture complete. A short, thin dress completes my outfit.

Grandma takes about an hour to explain how a lady should move and act. The split, the low cut neckline and the short length of the dress is such that a sudden movement could reveal my collared neck, my nipples or even my shaven cunt. Of course, this would be totally unsuitable for a lady of the House to reveal!

Grandma leads me down to the kitchen, to learn how to manage the kitchen when there are Guests. To the study, to learn how to behave in the presence of His Lordship and his Friends. How to care about the guestrooms, how to treat the servants. So much information makes my head spin.

“Yes indeed, you are now the Lady of the House. That you are His whore does not change that.”

Tired and confused, i just nod.

On and on it goes, to the working room of His Lordship. There is a pole to which i can be restrained, gagged and with a hood over my head, keeping me in the dark, while He works at His desk. Of course, i have experienced this many times but, naively, i had thought that would be all in the past. Grandma explains a technique to use when my bladder is full and i need to piss but my Lord is not to be disturbed. One time i remember being there for so many hours that i nearly peed myself.

The ballroom, the dining room, and how to position guests and the table layout; everything i need to know, and Grandma does not stop talking. “you will no longer be available for the staff to use but they may see you naked as you are led down to the dungeons for a flogging. If I had my way you would be flogged every day, and with all the staff watching. My Son is too easy on you, open your legs or suck His cock and you think you are serving Him! No, whores like you need a woman to control you.” 

Finally W/we arrive in the dungeon where i have been used and tortured so many times. Of course, i know this place well and am only too familiar with the instruments of torture in there. But new to me is how to maintain the quality of devices and to manage the Guards so that They keep the "heavy" devices in good shape. This is very new to me and, in fact, quite disturbing as i am now responsible for ensuring the pincers, benches and other devices are in good order to be used... to torture myself.

Then W/we continue to the back of the room where the tiny cells are, which, again, i know well. But in the far corner is a heavy door, closed by a strong bolt which i have never seen open. Now W/we enter this dark place. At once i am shocked. On both sides are two rows of cells, little more than dog cages. There are about six cages each side. About six or seven are occupied by some females that i recognise from the wedding party. they stare silently out from their cages at the two "free" women.

Grandma explains that they are livestock for His Lordship and his Friends amusement, but, in fact, more for Damien the Son. The task for me is to keep these girls healthy and in good shape and to clean them after usage. She explained that for the worst abuse these slaves would take my place. However, it would be my responsibility to organise them and draw up a rota for them.

Grandma explains that in due time i will be sent out to seduce, invite or force a slut back to the House that the Men wish to have. That could be in a shopping mall, at a party, or just in the street. If i had been tired before from the training and instructions i received so far, i am now totally exhausted and bewildered. How could i have not known know the full meaning of the lusts of my Lord and now His Son? 

Grandma whispers, so the slave girls cannot hear that this place is used for capital punishment of slaves; decapitation, hanging, the garrotte, all to the liking of my Lord and other Masters. Sometimes They bring their slaves from other places to be executed here. With a dry mouth, I merely nod.

Again there is a door which leads to a dark smelly place; it really is like a maze down here, i never realised. After having closed the door Grandma tells me that this place is used to burn or to clean up the corpses after they had served and been killed. She points to a fireplace, where there is still partly grey substance which i guess could be remains of bones. She lifts a cover in the floor; deep down human remains can be discerned. Horrified, i just shake my head in disbelief.

On W/we go and come into a place with more light. But in this place there are more modern tortures devices, pincers, drills, electrical devices, electro and cattle prods, burners, stretch devices, pulley blocks. Plus bottles and glass pots of acid and other chemical substances.

"This is Damien's place," Grandma says bluntly. “When He is in form, He might torture a female for days.”

Shivering, i gasp, "Like His Father?"

"No, like His Grandfather," She answer coldly.

"And Grandfather was Your…"

"Yes, my husband, He was going to brutally torture me like He always did, but was killed in a Knightly duel. That might have saved my life. My Son is different, He is a lover. If He inflicts pain on you, then you deserve it. Grandfather and Damien just torture, just brutally sadistically causing you agony, only for His own pleasure"

Silently i nod, "But Damien is just a boy. Does He know i am His mother?"

"No, do not ever say to Him that you are His mother. He would torture you for many days before you died. My Son will not save you."

Silently, W/we both walk out into the yard; a place i know well too. Indeed, i follow Grandma to the stables. The strong Horses stir my memories and i am aware that i am wet between my thighs. As Grandmother explains how to care for and manage the animals and handle the stable boys i am distracted by my thoughts.

When W/we reach the Dogs compound, the Dogs go mad, seeing the female slut They so readily fucked. Do They really remember me? i wonder. Grandmother explains, coldly, how to feed Them, but more how to keep the cages clean. But there too the most work was to be done by staff members.

Finally She leads me to the Estate Farm; a long and difficult walk for ma as i am wearing high heels and the ankle chains that severely restrict the length of my footsteps. And W/we come to an enclosure where several Pigs are resting, apart from the others is a large male Boar. Grandma says nothing but She looks at me, then at the Boar and back to me again. Her meaning is clear to me. If i had thought for just one second that being His Lordships wife would raise my status in the household, i know now that i am mistaken. Rather, i am to be taken to new depths of depravity and degradation.

A shiver runs through my body as an image enters my head of me on all fours in the mud and the boar mounting me.

Silently, but with a wicked smirk on Her face, Grandma turns, yanks my leash and leads me back to the House.

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