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First porn: I was 13. I was sleeping over at my grandma's house. Her guest room was filled with books, an entire wall of books, books on the bed headboard, books in the adjoining room. I discovered a 1970s copy of The Joy of Sex and was awake until the wee hours of the morning, looking at the hand-drawn pictures of long-haired men and unshaven women copulating in all manner of ways. It was scientific fascination until I got to the page on bondage. That image of a woman bound (spread-eagled, says my memory) turned made my eyes bug out of my head like a cartoon coyote. Could someone really do that? Could I do that? Could it be done to me?

First kiss: I was 14, he was 23. I didn't know why it was wrong, having never heard terms like 'age of consent' or 'statutory rape', but even so I sort of knew that it was in fact wrong. That didn't stop me from liking it in an "I'm cool because I've been kissed" kind of way.

First french kiss: Same guy, same night. My verdict at the time was that they were wildly overrated, but then again I had the same opinion of alcoholic drinks when I was six, so.

First time in bed with a naked man: Same guy, several months later. I had to sneak him into my house. I am glad to be able to say that he did nothing to me - in fact as an adult knowing what I do now, I would say that he showed amazing restraint.

First hand up my shirt: I was 15, he was 15. We were at a school event of sorts, held out of state (I am being deliberately vague here). There was a farce of a dance, and we left it together, found a stairwell, went to the very top (where it smells of mildew and the only other people that go there are hotel employees) and made out while sitting on the stairs. It was much hotter to make out with someone my own age.

First hand down my pants: I was 15, he was 16. As you can tell, it was quite a year. He also gets points for being my first boyfriend. A very sweet, kind guy. We would hang out in his basement and dryhump with our clothes on. Oh, to be so innocent again.

First hand down a boy's pants: I was 16, he was 16. Some genius had the idea to hold a teen party at one of those indoor kiddie play parks - you know the kind: ball pits, towers, slides, tunnels, netting. We were all too large and no one cared. He and I hid ourselves in one of the more obscure tunnels and I jerked him off to see what it was like. I stopped before he came, and he started complaining about "blue balls". I think I probably sneered at him. By that point I wasn't a nice girl anymore.

First fuck: I was 17, he was 15. We skipped school, watched "Breakfast at Tiffany's" which he claimed to be his all-time favorite movie, and then had sex on his parents' bed. It hurt like hell, but it was over with. We were boyfriend and girlfriend, and I dumped him a month later.

First kinky fuck: I was 17, he was 15. He was the best friend of my first fuck, revenge sex that turned into revenge dating. I was definitely not a nice girl, and he was not a nice guy, and he was gorgeous, and we were perfect for each other. He would dig his fingernails into my back and drag them down slowly towards my ass, again and again, while we fucked. I had never felt so alive in my life. There was no turning back.

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