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Atrum Visum

Dark Visions - where my mind goes when my thoughts turn dark.

  1. I Am Still Here

    Just to lay some questions and fears to rest, I have not left the library and I have not simply disappeared.

    In a previous blog I spoke of redirecting and refocusing my energies and my goals. That is what I have been doing.

    More than anything, I have been writing. I set a goal to spend at least 4 hours each day at some writing goal or project. I have mostly been able to meet this goal. I have several new projects in place as well as the old projects that are ...
    Atrum Visum
  2. A Manifesto of Dominance

    You say you want to be owned. You beg to be dominated. You confess to a desire to be objectified. You declare yourself a submissive. Very well. This then is what you can expect.

    Short of the list of off limit items that you negotiated when you entered into this agreement, you have given up all rights to your body and to your actions. You exist solely to please me. You need to consider carefully what that last phrase really means. You, as a person. Exist, live and breath. ...

    Updated 10-04-2013 at 03:18 PM by TheDeSade

    Atrum Visum

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