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Atrum Visum

I Am Still Here

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Just to lay some questions and fears to rest, I have not left the library and I have not simply disappeared.

In a previous blog I spoke of redirecting and refocusing my energies and my goals. That is what I have been doing.

More than anything, I have been writing. I set a goal to spend at least 4 hours each day at some writing goal or project. I have mostly been able to meet this goal. I have several new projects in place as well as the old projects that are moving forward as well. I am also getting time in to produce some new poetry. One of the best is a new children's book. It is a follow up to one that was published many years ago and that I was inspired to revisit and write a sort of sequel. It is at the illustrator now and hope to be ready for publishing in a few months. More on that later

Things are also moving along on the personal front. I am content and as happy as I have been in years. It seems that with some help from very good friends and some sound advice, I have found a level of inner peace that has allowed me to really begin to enjoy the things that I now have in my life. The future hold a lot of promise.

As to the library. I may not be posting much, but I am here. I check the forums every day at least once of updates and new messages. I check the Writers University for new students and new submissions and I continue to hope that it will grow and expand. I have not putup any new lessons for a while, mainly because there hasn't been much activity of late and I see no need to pile lesson up on lesson if no one is actively working on them.

I have quit going to the games forums. Not because I no longer enjoy it, but because it was using a lot of the time I needed to be writing. I thought it best to put my energies into something that would produce a tangible product. The games forums are a great place to socialize and to relax. For me relaxation is being immersed in a new plot development or a new character twist. As for socialization, well, I am mostly a hermit and find that, outside of a few individuals with whom I stay in contact, I don't need a lot of social interaction to be happy.

So, Librarians, you can keep in touch with me through email. You can watch my blogs for updates on new projects, new books and new stories and poetry. You are a wonderful, dynamic and inspiring group and I appreciate you all.

Atrum Visum



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