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Review This Story || Author: Lex Ludite

Jill's Wild Weekend

Chapter 4

					Chapter IV

	It was almost evening when Tim dragged his tired ass down to see what
was going on with Jill.  It was a real freak show. Professor Graves and Marcy
were still here, evidently they had slept over.  He wondered if the good
professor had sucked his cum out of the blonde bimbo's cunt. Al and Eileen had
also slept over, he wondered with whom.  Wilson and the two whores had come back
over and he was directing traffic as various implements were forced into Jill's
well-stretched holes, all of which were raw, swollen and wide open.  Tim was
amazed to see that Jill's asshole was stuffed with three dildos, and everyone
was thick!  Her tits had been used as pincushions and there must have been at
least 100 in each breast.  Wilson, ever the pedant, corrected him by stating
that each tit contained 150 pins, and another 50 would be driven into each tit
within the hour. Eileen was also still flowing like a fountain based on the
bloody smears around Jill's mouth and nose.

	Except for a couple of photographers from the camera club, there were no
kids remaining, although they were returning later on this evening to resume
gangbanging Jill.  The fat girl with the active bladder was going to bring a
couple of her girl friends that were as heavy as she and just loved to piss. 
Heidi and Bruno were going to return tomorrow afternoon and that would make
Jill's mom very happy as she seemed fixated on Bruno's big cock, something that
bothered Tim just a little.  To his surprise his brother had put in an
appearance.  He knew that Bob absolutely hated Jill, blaming her for the breakup
of his marriage.  Tim was sorry about that because his brother's ex was built
like a brick shithouse, and she was kind of easy.  Tim had been in her panties
on a number of occasions and she had loved feeling his hard cock sawing away
inside of her hot, tight, wet cunt.

	Jill looked absolutely wasted, even worse than he had expected.  Her
eyes were bulging out of their sockets; she was literally frothing at the mouth,
drool leaking from the panty gag that kept her quiet. Her entire body was
shaking uncontrollably, as if she was very cold. It turned out that the good
professor had given Jill another big dose of stimulants.  These were strictly
experimental and she had obtained them in exchange for a report on their
effects.  It was pretty obvious that Jill wasn't exactly taking to them. As Tim
watched, the two Japs tied Jill into a position that was the equivalent of
amputating her arms and legs at the elbows and knees.

	Her cunt and asshole were displayed prominently, so prominently that Al
couldn't resist. He pulled the three dildos from Jill's asshole and replaced
them with his gloved fist! She screamed in agony, the tendons on her neck
standing out in stark relief as her panty filled mouth struggled to express the
pain she was experiencing. After Professor Graves had finished taping Jill's
eyes open, she and Marcy squatted on either side of Jill's flailing head and
began pissing into her face, trying for the eyes. Bob whipped his cock out and
aimed a stream of stinging piss that splashed across Jill's nose and cheekbones
and bounced into her staring eyes." Attaway Bob! " Tim shouted.

	Jill's naked body quivered and shook from the pain and the drugs. 
Meanwhile Al was mindlessly trying to destroy the woman's asshole as his gloved
fist went deeper and deeper into her colon with every powerful punch that he
gave her. It was Wilson who at last called a halt to the festivities. " Hiddy Ho
neighbors., you've got to take it easy or Jill will go into shock and that will
be the end of our fun for a long, long time, forever if she dies.  She certainly
is reacting badly to those pills she swallowed along with Marcy's piss.  Who
knows, maybe Jill is allergic to the pills and piss combination.  Regardless, I
say we take a break and see if our guest of honor recovers her equilibrium, not
to mention her rectal and vaginal elasticity. At this point she certainly is no
fun to play with. "

	At Wilson's direction Yuko produced poultices that she and Miko packed
into Jill's asshole and pussy.  " This will cause the tissue to swell
dramatically.  Jill will experience considerable pain as her holes close up.  To
make sure that enough air gets in to hasten the reaction the ladies are going to
tape Jill's cunt lips to her body once they stretch them to their limit.  In the
case of her asshole, Al will spread Jill's cheeks apart to the maximum, and then
they'll be taped in that open position. " Wilson added. "I would suggest that
while we're waiting for the poultices to take effect, we tie Jill to the sturdy
frame that Tim has constructed in the basement and see how much skin we can whip
off her body.  I would suggest that the men only use their belts and the ladies
consider using that lovely stand of willows that are growing in the backyard
just for this purpose."

	"Also there is still the matter of adding some pins to Jill's tits and
perhaps other portions of her body.  It might be a good idea to use some on her
stretched cunt lips for redundancy." Jill's eyes were popping wildly as she
realized that she would be in even greater pain once Wilson's plan was put into
effect. Then she saw them preparing the stomach pump to be used to remove the
drugs from her and freaked, struggling wildly to escape her bonds.  Al's fist
sank into her belly without warning, driving the air from her lungs.  Jill
passed out.

	For the next hour and a half Jill thought she was in hell.  First there
was the dull ache radiating from her cunt and asshole as the poultices made her
tissue swell to mammoth proportions.  Then there was the pain of having hundreds
of pins driven into her nipples, cunt lips, ass, belly and armpits. Finally
there was the agony of having sometimes as many as four people whipping her
stretched body with a fury that made her realize how much she was hated. 

	Her tits were striped, welted, cut and slashed by the willow switches
and belts used on them.  Her tender cunt and belly received the same merciless
treatment.  Her thighs and broad ass were cut to ribbons by the switches once
the men had whipped them to the point that the skin was ready to burst.  What
was done to her defenseless asshole was even worse, since any direct blow with
any of the implements caused unbelievable pain.

 	Jill's body jerked and twisted in a mindless attempt to avoid the steady
slashing it was getting.  Tim had put her into an inverted Y with her legs
pulled out as far as her tendons would allow.  This intensified the pain when
the insides of her thighs were whipped.  Over and over she fainted, but they
used this time to stick more pins into her bare body; pins that were driven deep
into her flesh when the belts smashed into them.

	She remembered the look on Al's face as he concentrated on pounding the
dozens of pins into her stretched cunt lips. She would never forget the look on
Tim's face as he cut her nipples to pieces, grinning at her agony. Even the boys
had taken a turn.  Then there was Wilson, frothing at the mouth as he used his
belt on her exposed cunt, mumbling about how much he hated her as he worked the
pins deeper and deeper into her swollen flesh. There was Eileen making sure that
every blow cut deep into Jill's skin, plus Professor Graves and Marcy smirking
as they whipped her into a bloody piece of meat.

	Finally there was her mother with a vicious riding crop in her hand
whipping Jill's tits into bags of bloody meat.  How unfair of her, thought Jill,
the women were supposed to be using willow switches on her.  How come she was
allowed to use a riding crop?  Then poor Jill realized that her own mother was
even now exerting her influence on Tim.  Jill truly was doomed.  If only the
pain would stop, but it didn't until they were unable to revive her after a few
minutes of effort.  Then they decided that she had had enough and got her ready
for the evening gangbang that would be her next ordeal.

					(To be concluded)

Review This Story || Author: Lex Ludite
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