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Supergirl Fallen

1. The Capture

Supergirl Fallen
1. The Capture

    At first it seemed just like one of those average nights. Supergirl was
patrolling in the sky above Metropolis when she heard someone crying out for
help. Following the source, she landed in a dimly-lit alley where she saw a
middle-aged man, dressed smartly in a business suit, being held up by three men
in ski-masks.

    "Help!" the man shouted when he saw Supergirl.

    "Shut up!" One of the men raised his arm as if he was about to hit him with
the butt of his gun. "Stop!" His two companions pointed their guns at Supergirl
just when she was about to jump upon them. 'Oh, give me a break,' Supergirl
thought to herself. Crooks just have to do that, no matter how well-known it is
that bullets can't hurt her.

    "Let that man go!" she said firmly, "before you do anything that you'll
regret...very soon!" She almost sighed when one of the men aimed at her and
fired twice. Then, slightly surprised at how silent the gun was, she looked and
saw that instead of bullets, two darts were fired at her. Just as well, she
thought as she tried to block the shots with her arms. "Ouch!" she cried out,
less because of the pain than the surprise that the two darts could actually
hurt her. She looked down and saw that each of her forearms was pierced by a
dart. The wound was not deep, and as she was about to pull the darts out a
weakness swept her over. Kryptonite! Supergirl thought in horror as she
struggled to steady herself by leaning against the wall. The three men were now
approaching, leaving the business man behind, who was now laughing victoriously.

    "It worked!" he exclaimed, "marvelous!"

    "Stay away!" Supergirl cried out with her remaining strength.

    "And what are you going to do if we don't? You stupid cunt!" one of the men
said. 'Yes, I was stupid,' Supergirl scolded herself before she finally
collapsed onto the ground. The three men surrounded Supergirl cautiously. One of
them took out a pair of metal cuffs and attached them to her wrists, binding her
arms behind her back. The cuffs must be made of Kryptonite too, as she was
feeling even weaker now, barely able to keep herself conscious. Although she was
already totally defenseless, the man still took out a long metal chain and began
to wind it around her body.

    "Oh...." Supergirl could not suppress her moan as she felt her strength
being drained from her.

    "Get her into the van, quick!" The man in the suit said as he approached. As
the men grabbed her Supergirl could see a van parked at the end of the alley.
The doors at the back opened, but she couldn't see who's inside. "It is
marvelous, isn't it?" the man in the suit said as they carried her towards the

    "Perrrfect, just perrrrfect..." Supergirl heard a familiar voice answer
before she finally passed out. When Supergirl came around, she found herself in
what looked like a lab. She was lying on the floor, with her arms still cuffed
behind her back. Much to her horror, her tunic was gone, and she was now totally
naked except for the chain wound around her body. They must have tightened it
after removing her tunic, as she could now feel it squeezing her tightly,
forcing her firm breasts to stand out even more. Then the door of the room
opened. Looking up, she saw the three men walking in. They were not longer
wearing masks, and Supergirl blushed as she saw their lustful expression as they
eyed her body hungrily. Following them was the man in the suit, accompanied by -
as Supergirl expected - Catwoman.

    "So how's our lovely crime-fighter doing?" Catwoman purred.

    "Let, let me go!" Supergirl shouted angrily. She knew that this was a
useless thing to say, but being chained-up all naked in front of her enemies,
she felt totally vulnerable and unsure of herself.

    "Go? Why? You've just arrived! Don't you like it here?" Catwoman asked in
mocked surprise.

    "No!" Supergirl retorted.

    "Oh, I'm soooooo sorry!" Catwoman said. "C'mon guys, go make our guest
comfortable." At her words the three men grabbed Supergirl, sat her up on the
floor and began fondling her. Each of them was over six feet tall and very well-
built. Supergirl protested as their ran their strong hands all over her body.

    "No! Let go of me!" The Krptonite had weakened the control of her willpower
over her body, and now, much to her shame, it was responding to these men's
caresses. Her nipples stood up and her hips began wriggling when one man reached
down between her legs and rubbed her pussy.

    "Now, that's better," Catwoman said as she sat down on a chair. "By the
way," she said to Supergirl, who was by now gasping with excitement, "aren't you
at least a bit curious how we managed to get you?"

    "No!" Supergirl snapped in defiance.

    "Well, doctor," said Catwoman as she turned lazily towards the well- dressed
man, "the youngsters these days just have no incentive to learn! No wonder you
quit your job at the university." Supergirl looked at the man. He could be in
his late forties, but his hair and his beard were almost all white. He was
looking at her, with no apparent emotion on his face.

    "Yes, you're right," he said, "they have no understanding of the value of

    "To make a long story short," Catwoman went on as she turned back to face
Supergirl, "doctor Rancor here is just your regular mad scientist," she said
giggling, "except that he has one verrry interesting invention, which is the
technology to produce alloys of Kryptonite and various kinds of metals. You see,
those chains and cuffs that look so lovely on you are made from Kryptonite

alloys. Are you following me, darling?" Asked Catwoman teasing as she saw that
Supergirl was by now trembling with excitement under the fondling of her

    "Wh, why are you d--doing this?" Supergirl asked, panting heavily.

    "Well, first of all, imagine the profit it will bring, not by getting a
patent for this of course," Catwoman purred, "but imagine how many bank robbers
would be willing to share a portion of their profit when they can be guaranteed
that their operation will be free from the hassle of you and Superman. Who
knows, maybe one day we can make you their assistant!"

    "N--no! Never!" Supergirl cried out in dismay.

    "Don't worry, darling," Catwoman went on, "this is not our priority right
now. We are rather more interested in turning you into something else, which is
the reason I was invited in, as it seems to be my area of expertise..." Kneeling
down in front of Supergirl, Catwoman ran her fingers along Supergirl's body,
causing her to tremble even more. Brushing off the hand of her henchman, she
began toying with Supergirl's clit.

    "Ah..." Supergirl could no longer suppress her moan under Catwoman's
skillful hand.

    "However, I suspect that this," she said menacingly as she inserted her
finger into Supergirl's wet cunt, "is the good doctor's real motive behind the
whole project, isn't it, doctor?" She asked, giggling.

    Dr Rancor just smiled, "and what about you yourself, what's your real
motive?" he asked Catwoman teasingly.

    "Let's just say I enjoy helping people, especially those with interesting
plans involving my favorite crime fighters. Besides, you're going to let me use
her for my own purposes, aren't you? We had an agreement."

    "Yes, of course," Dr Rancor answered, chuckling. At this point Supergirl
came. Although she had been listening to the horrible fate that awaited her, she
just couldn't control her body and was soon coming with her hips grinding
eagerly against Catwoman's hand.

    "Oh, oh, no," she moaned.

    "No? I'm sure she means more. C'mon boys, give it to her," Catwoman said as
she stood up. The three men began undressing. Feeling even weaker after her
orgasm, Supergirl closed her eyes and turned her head away. "C'mon, look at
them!" said Catwoman as she grabbed Supergirl's head and forced her to face
them. "I handpicked them myself. See how big and beautiful their cocks are!"
Supergirl gasped in horror as she saw that every of the them had a cock of at
least nine inches long.

    "No!" she cried out as the first man grabbed her legs and spread them. His
cock was now pointing menacing at her blond pussy, which was still glistening
with her juices. "Now, take this, Super-slut!" He said as he began to ease in.
"NooooooOH! Ah!" Supergirl cried out as she felt her pussy being stretched by
the huge cock. Inch after inch he pushed into her, and it seemed like it would
never end. Finally his entire length was buried in her pussy. Supergirl was
shaking all over, panting. Catwoman signaled and the man began pumping. Slowly
at first, he began to increased his tempo.

    "Ah! Ah! Ah!" Supergirl cried out as her entire body rocked with each of his
thrusts, her breasts heaving back and forth. She cried out even louder as he
grabbed her breasts and used them as handles to pull her towards him to meet his
thrusts. Within seconds she came violently. She could no longer control herself.
She was moaning loudly, her head was tossing, and her body squirmed wantonly as
much as her bonds would allow her to. The man went on, and soon she was taken by
another powerful orgasm. She was coming for the third time when the man finally
came, shooting his cum deep inside her.

    "" Supergirl pleaded feebly as she saw the second man
approach. Ignoring her pleas, he turned her over so that she was now lying
facedown on her knees and stomach, squashing her breasts under her body. "Oh!"
Supergirl cried out as he entered her with one deep thrust. Grabbing her thighs,
he began fucking her roughly. This had not prevented Supergirl from feeling
aroused again and she came twice before he finally came. She came three more
times when the third man fucked her. After that, she was totally exhausted.
Panting, she laid on the floor with her legs spread. Her body was covered with
sweat, her thighs were wet with her juices, and cum was oozing out of her pussy.

    "So..." Catwoman purred as she sat down next to Supergirl, "how do you like
my studs, darling? Would you like another round with them?"

    "N--no, please..." Supergirl pleaded, her defiance now gone.

    "Tell me, did you have fun?" Getting no answer from Supergirl, Catwoman
turned to her henchmen. "Well, boys, it looks like our lovely guest didn't have
a good time after all, so maybe you'd better entertain her again..."

    "No!" Supergirl pleaded, she couldn't bear to be touched by those men again.
"Y-yes, I had a g-good time..." she said, blushing with shame.

    "Goooooood..." Catwoman purred as she and her henchmen helped Supergirl up.
Holding her by her arms, they kept her kneeling on the floor. "In that case,
shouldn't you thank your host?"

    "Th-thank you," Supergirl said feebly, needing no persuasion.

    "Hmmmm... I think that's not enough," Catwoman said, stroking Supergirl's

    "Wh-what?" Supergirl asked, dazed. She soon realized what Catwoman meant as
Dr Rancor came over and unzipped his trousers, showing her his erect cock, which
was pointing right at her nose. Immediately, she turned her head away. She had
never given head before, and the thought of doing this to the man who had
captured and tormented her made her sick.

    "C'mon, darling," said Catwoman as she gave Supergirl's nipple a pinch,
"show your host a little gratitude or we'll have to start all over again."
Supergirl could feel the tears swelling in her eyes. But she still had her pride
and didn't want to give her captors their final victory. Closing her eyes, she
opened her mouth.

    "No, look at it, slut!" Catwoman hissed as she pinched Supergirl's nipple
again. "Yes, that's right." She encouraged as Supergirl followed her
instruction. "Now, lick it... Yes, and now kiss the tip... I said kiss it! Good,
now take it into that lovely mouth. Yes, yes, all the way, all the way, and use
your tongue..." Soon Supergirl was sucking on Dr Rancor's cock with her head
bobbing back and forth as Catwoman whispered instructions into her ears. She
could taste Dr Rancor's precum, reminding her of what was going to follow.

    "Make sure you swallow every drop or you'll regret it," Catwoman warned her,
as if reading her mind. Almost immediately, Dr Rancor began shooting his cum
into her mouth. "If your master wants to come on that pretty face of yours, he
will let you know. You've got no right to decide. You're just a slut," said
Catwoman as she watched Supergirl struggle to swallow every drop of Dr Rancor's
cum. "Hmmmm.... Not bad for a novice," said Catwoman said she patted Supergirl
on the head. "Now let's get you cleaned up first. You're such a mess."

    Supergirl lowered her head in shame. She knew she must look like a mess now,
and she was glad that she was finally given a shower. Even her beautiful blonde
hair was all matted to her face. Catwoman's henchmen carried her to a small
cubicle in a corner of the lab. They removed the chain, uncuffed her and then
re-cuffed her to a hook on the wall, making her stand up straight. Using a hose,
the men washed her with hot water and soap. They handled her roughly, as if they
were washing an animal.

    Supergirl went through this quietly, with her eyes closed and her head down.
She was still too weak to fight back. Next, they dried her with a towel and led
her back to the center of the lab. There was a large examination table and she
was made to lie on it. Quickly, her wrists and ankles were secured with cuffs
attached to the four corners of the table.

    "Wh-what do you want?" Supergirl asked Dr Rancor and Catwoman as they stood
next to her.

    "We're going to give you some jewelry to put on," said Catwoman laughing, "a
little welcome gift." Dr Rancor took out a little box from his pocket. He opened
it and held it above Supergirl's face, and she could see that there were five
metal rings inside. "They're made of Kryptonite-platinum alloy," Catwoman
purred, "and guess where they're going?" Supergirl watched in horror as Dr
Rancor took out a piercing gun and put the first ring in.

    "No! Nooooooo!" She cried out and tucked madly at her bonds when Catwoman
began pinching her left nipple gently until it became erect. Then Dr Rancor
placed the gun against it. Catwoman was staring at Supergirl's face at the time,
and she laughed as she saw the fear in Supergirl's eyes. Dr Rancor pressed the
trigger and there was a light hiss as the ring bit home.

    "Nooooooo!" Supergirl screamed as she felt the ring pierced her nipple. Her
whole body strained against the bonds. Dr Rancor and Catwoman waited until
Supergirl's spasms had subsided before they went on. "Oh, please, no," she
pleaded feebly when Dr Rancor placed the gun against her right nipple. He
pressed the trigger again, drawing another cry from the super heroine. He stood
back to behold his work: the white, round globes of Supergirl's breasts were now
red with the rough handling that they had received, and the two pink nipples
topping them were now decorated by two shiny silvery rings, making them even
more desirable. He made a mental note to tit-fuck her sometime in the future,
but now he had to complete his work.

    Supergirl whimpered as she felt the gun at her pussy. Her nipples felt like
they were on fire, and she didn't know whether it was just because of the
piercings or their Kryptonite content. She closed her eyes, preparing herself
for the worst. Dr Rancor began with the left lip. When he pressed the trigger,
Supergirl let out a long wail of pain and despair which echoed in the room.
Quickly, Dr Rancor pierced her other lip, drawing another cry from her. After he
was done, Supergirl was still shaking. "Oh, oh," she moaned and writhed in pain.

    "We're not done yet, darling," Catwoman purred as she came over. "Now it's
my turn. I prefer to do it in a more personal way." By this time Supergirl was
too weak to protest. With a pair of pincers Catwoman pulled up Supergirl's navel
slightly, and pierced it with a long needle. Then, she replaced the needle with
the last alloy ring.

    "She looks adorable, doesn't she?" Catwoman asked as they stood around the
table and watched Supergirl squirm in pain. The piercing hurt a lot more because
of the Kryptonite content in the alloy. And while the content wasn't high enough
to burn Supergirl's skin, the rings would continue to cause her discomfort even
after the piercings have healed.

    "One final touch," said Dr Rancor as he took out a leather collar and four
leather cuffs. "The buckles are made of the alloy too," he explained to
Supergirl as he proceeded to put them on her, "together with the rings, they
will stop you from using any of your super power. They can be removed whenever
we want, and with the rings alone, you'll still be able to fly. The rings, on
the other hand, are permanent. So I guess you can kiss your super strength
goodbye," he said, chuckling.

    "No!" Supergirl cried out in dismay.

    "I'm sorry darling, but I'm afraid what the doctor said is true," Catwoman
purred, "but don't worry, we'll find a new role for you. From now on, you're no
longer Supergirl, you're Superslut!" she exclaimed, and everyone burst into
laughter. "No! I won't let you do this to me!" Supergirl protested. "Well..."
Catwoman purred, "we'll find out about that verrrry soon. Now, boys, take
Superslut to her room!"

    Catwoman's henchmen led Supergirl to her cell by a leash attached to her
collar. Her cell was in the basement of the building. It was a small cell with
metal bars on all sides, and looked more like a cage than a room. Supergirl was
feeling very weak after the piercing, and didn't offer any resistance as she was
pushed into her cell.

    "Get some rest, slut!" One of the henchmen said when he bound her arms
together in front of her by locking the two cuffs together. He then attached the
end of the leash to a metal bar of the cell. "Catwoman gave the order that no
one can touch you tonight, but after that, anyone here and come and play with
you! So you'd better get yourself ready for it!" he said before they left. After
they were gone, Supergirl looked down at herself. Thanks to her superhuman
metabolism, the bruises and marks on her body were already beginning to fade,
and the piercings were already healing. But what couldn't be changed were the
five rings on her body that clearly reminded her of her ordeal as well as what
was to come. As she thought of this, she couldn't hold back anymore and began
sobbing. Unknown to her, Catwoman was watching all this through a hidden camera,
and she smiled contentedly as she watched Supergirl cry herself to sleep.

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