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Supergirl Fallen

2. The Initiation

Supergirl Fallen
2. The Initiation

    Supergirl was woken up by the footsteps of her prison guards. She tried
moving her limbs and realized that she had regained some of her strength.
Although she could no longer use her super power, she still had the strength of
a fit, young woman. Maybe there's a chance that she could escape, she thought.
Her piercings weren't causing her as much pain as they first did, but they
continued to irritate her, causing her nipples to remain erect.

    Her hopes dimmed a little when she saw the guards. There were six of them,
and there was no way that she could take on them all. In her mind Supergirl
scolded herself for relying too much on her super powers in the past. If she
could get out of here she would certainly get more training in kick boxing. If
only she could get out of here....

    "I see that you're awake," the leader of the guards said. "Let's get you
ready for your first day. Come here, Superslut, give me a blow job," he said as
he pulled her closer by tucking at her leash.

    "No!" Instinctively Supergirl reacted, trying to pull back.

    "Good! Resistance! I like that!" the man said chuckling. "Hey guys, let's
try our new toys!" At this point Supergirl noticed that each of them was holding
a stick of about four feet long, with a needle of about an inch long at one end.

    "Yes," the man said to Supergirl as he raised his stick and pointed it at
her, "the needle is made with your favorite substance, only this time it has a
higher content. Wanna give it a try?" Supergirl had her eyes on the needle and
was trying to avoid it when another man caught her by surprise and jabbed her
thigh with his stick. "Ouch!" Supergirl cried out of the pain. As the man said,
it hurt much worse. Immediately as she was distracted, the first man reached out
and jabbed her on her right breast, drawing an even louder cry from her. As she
ducked to the left, a third man caught her on her left arm. This was immediately
followed by a stab at her right buttock.

    "Oh! Ah! Ah!" Supergirl was almost hysterical. With her movements restricted
by the leash on her collar, all she could do was to moved her cuffed hands up
and down to cover her delicate breasts and pussy, while the men poked repeatedly
at her arms, her back, her thighs and her buttocks. Occasionally a guy managed
to take a jab at her breasts, and this would be followed by cheers from the
whole team and a howl of agony from the young super heroine. Finally Supergirl
couldn't take it anymore. She fell down onto the ground, curled up like a baby,
buried her head in her arms, and moaned and writhed as the men continued to
torture her.

    "Ah! Ah! Ah! Please! Stop! Please!" She finally cried out.

    "Now," the leader said, laughing, "are you ready to cooperate?"

    "Y-yes," Supergirl answer feebly.

    "Yes, sir," the man corrected her, emphasizing his words with a jab on her

    "Ouch! Y-yes, sir," the defeated Supergirl repeated after him.

    "Now get up on your hands and knees. Over here!" With her head lowered,
Supergirl got on her hands and knees and crawled towards him until she was right
in front of him. The man unzipped and stuck his erect cock into the cell through
the metal bars. "Suck it, slut!" Seeing that she hesitated, he immediately
raised his stick.

    "No, please!" Supergirl pleaded. Hesitantly she opened her mouth and took
the head of his cock in between her lips.

    "I said suck it!" the man barked as he grabbed her head and pulled her
towards him. Supergirl let out a muffled cry as the cock thrust all the way into
her mouth, gagging as it hit the back of her throat. This only drove the man to
pull her head back and forth faster, making crude comments on her performance
all the time. "Make sure you swallow every drop of it, slut," he said with a
coarse voice as he was approaching orgasm, "or you'll regret it!" Then,
thrusting all the way into her mouth, he held her head still and began shooting
his cum down her throat. After the now obedient Supergirl had swallowed the last
drop, he pulled out and cleaned his cock by rubbing it against her cheeks.

    Supergirl was then made to suck all the remaining men. After that, she was
led out of her cell. Her hands were re-cuffed behind her back and she was led by
her leash up the stairs to a large room where Catwoman and Dr Rancor were

    "Good morning my pet," Catwoman purred. "I see that you've already had your
breakfast," she teased, noticing the dried cum on Supergirl's face. Seeing
Catwoman again, Supergirl could no longer suppress her rage.

    "Wh-what do you want from me? You evil woman!"

    "Hmmmm... I like that!" Catwoman purred as she approached Supergirl.
Instinctively Supergirl took a step back, but she was immediately grabbed by two
men. "Just keep on disobeying me..." Catwoman said as she grabbed Supergirl's
right nipple. "It will give me even more pleasure when I break you!" With these
words she twisted Supergirl's nipple cruelly, causing her to wince in pain. "You
look verrrry sexy when you're angry..." Catwoman purred, "and even sexier when
you're in pain!"

    "Oooow! That's hurts!" Supergirl cried out as Catwoman twisted and pulled
her nipple, pulling her breast into a cone shape. Finally, Catwoman let go and
it snapped back.

    "Don't worry, my slut," she said menacingly, "you day's just beginning!"
Supergirl struggled feebly as her hands were cuffed to a chain hanging down from
the ceiling. Then the men adjusted the length of the chain so that her feet were
now about two feet from the ground. Supergirl could feel her weight pulling on
her arms. Her eyes opened wide in horror when Catwoman took out a long,
vicious-looking whip.

    "Oh, I almost forgot," said Catwoman giggling. She then took out a dildo of
about ten inches long, and with her men grabbing the struggling Supergirl, she
pushed it up the bound heroine's pussy, which, Catwoman noted with a smile, was

    already wet. There were two hooks at the base of the dildo, and she attached
them to the rings on Supergirl's cunt lips. Supergirl grunted with discomfort as
the dildo entered her, but she knew that an even bigger trouble was to come.
Looking up, she saw that Catwoman was already in position, standing in front of
her with the whip in her hand.

    "Now, take this, Superslut!" Catwoman shouted and swung the whip forward.
The whip made a loud noise as it landed squarely on Supergirl's stomach.
Supergirl bit her lower lip. At first she was determined not to give Catwoman
the final victory, but when the whip hit her for the fifth time, she couldn't
hold back any longer and let out a cry. "Ah!" she cried out as the whip landed
across her large, firm breasts. Encouraged by this, Catwoman repeated her
assault, hitting Supergirl's breasts again and again, harder and harder.
Skillfully handling the whip, Catwoman made it coil around Supergirl's body,
marking it both at the front and at the back at the same time. She made sure
that no part of the athletic body of the young super heroine, from her breasts
to her thighs and from her back to her ass, was left untouched. Supergirl cried
out and struggled fanatically. But the only effect of her struggles was to cause
her to swing around, putting more strain on her arms and giving Catwoman's whip
even better access. Soon Supergirl's cries turned into howls, and finally they
died down to whimpers.

    "Oh, please!" she cried out when Catwoman paused, "don't hit me again,

    "Giving up already? Tsk, tsk," Catwoman teased, "I was just beginning to
enjoy it!"

    "Pl-please," Supergirl pleaded, gasping, "it hurts so much!" To Catwoman her
body now looked absolutely delicious. Criss-crossed with red welts, it was also
covered with a thin layer of perspiration. Her face was blushing, and her hair
was matted to her face. Catwoman licked her lips as she stared at Supergirl's
heaving breasts.

    "So are you ready for your training as a sex slave now, slut?" Catwoman
almost burst out laughing when she saw the struggle in Supergirl's eyes. Without
her super power, Supergirl was just an ordinary young girl - actually, she was
perhaps weaker then the average girl, for she had never tasted pain and defeat
before. Coupled with the feeling of vulnerability at the loss of her power, it
didn't take much to break her. The confidence in her eyes was now gone. Instead,
first it was anger, and then fear when Catwoman raised her arm to strike again.

    "Ooooooooow!" Supergirl tossed her head and howled with a renewed agony when
the whip struck her again across her battered breasts. "No! Pl, please!"

    "Then answer me!"

    "Y--yes" closing her eyes and biting her lip, Supergirl answered in a barely
audible voice.

    "What? I can't hear you!" Catwoman snapped and struck again.

    "Aw! Oh, oh. I said, I said yes," Supergirl answered, this time louder with
a trembling voice.

    "Yes what? Say it!"

    "Oh, god..."

    "Say it! Are you ready for your training as a sex slave?" Fighting back the
tears in her eyes, Supergirl uttered the humiliating words.

    "Y--yes, I...I am ready f...for my training as a s...slave..."

    "What's this stammering?" Catwoman snapped. "Have you forgotten how to speak
properly? Say it again! And louder!" Supergirl could no longer contain her
tears. Two drops of tears ran down her cheeks as she repeated her answer.

    "I am ready for my training as a sex slave!"

    "Hmmm, that's better," said Catwoman grinning. "What do you think, doctor?"

    "Not bad," Dr Rancor answered grinning. "But somehow the term 'sex slave'
doesn't seem to work very well..."

    "Really?" Catwoman thought for a while. "How about 'fuck toy', is that
better?" She couldn't help giggling when she asked.

    "Hmm, yeah, this seems better," said Dr Rancor chuckling. Supergirl couldn't
believe her ears as she listen to them talk. She felt so degraded, they spoke
like she was some kind of object.

    "Okay, slut, say that again," said Catwoman cheerfully. "So you're not even
a sex slave, you're a fuck toy. Say it!"

    "Please!" Supergirl protested, "you've humiliated me enough-Ooooow! Ah!" Her
protest turned into cries of pain when Catwoman struck her twice again with the
whip. "Oh, oh," Supergirl panted after Catwoman stopped, her body now trembling
with the pain it had received. "Please, stop! I'll say anything you want!" She
pleaded, sobbing. "I'm, I'm ready for my training as a fuck toy! Just stop
hitting me, please!"

    Supergirl hung her head in shame as everyone in the room laughed. Finally,
Catwoman ordered her to be brought down. Her henchmen released the chain and
lowered Supergirl onto the floor. Still sobbing, Supergirl didn't offer any
resistance when Catwoman's henchmen pushed her down onto her hands and knees and
obediently stayed in that position. She only let out a grunt as the dildo was
removed. When it was pressed again her lips, she reluctantly opened her mouth to
suck her juices off it.

    "Now, slut," said Catwoman, cracking her whip, "tell me what a fuck toy is
for." Supergirl jumped at the mere sound of the whip.

    "It's f...for...Ow!" she cried out when Catwoman brought the whip down on
her ass. "Answer properly or you'll be punished!"

    "Oh, oh, I'm sorry."

    "I said answer me!"

    "A fuck toy is meant for f--fucking," Supergirl said meekly.

    "Still not very articulate, but I guess that will do for now," Catwoman said
as she walked around Supergirl. "And if that is what you are for, what d'you
think my boys here should do?" Supergirl had already stopped crying, but now her
tears began to flow again. She knew very well want Catwoman had in mind, what
she wanted her to say, but there was nothing she could do except to comply.

    "They should f--fuck me..." after hesitating, she finally said.

    "Is that what you think, slut?"


    "Then why don't you ask them yourself? By the way, you'd better ask them
nicely if you don't want more whipping! Now, ask them!"

    "Please s...sir," Supergirl looked up at the group of men. "Pl...please f--
fuck me..."

    "Oh yeah? How?" one of them asked teasingly as they began undressing.

    "Wh-what?--Ouch!" Supergirl cried out in surprise as she was whipped again,
this time on her back.

    "Answer the question, stupid cunt!" Catwoman scolded. Supergirl wasn't
stupid. She knew what she was supposed to answer, but she just couldn't bring
herself to say it. But Catwoman was slowly raising her arm again.

    "Please, sir," Supergirl said meekly. "Please f-fuck me any way you w-
want..." She blushed in shame as all the men laughed.

    "Really?" another one asked.


    "Say that again!"

    "Please, please fuck me anyway you want!" Supergirl's face was even redder
than her well-whipped body when she repeated her plea.

    "Well, boys, you heard her!" As Catwoman ordered, two men immediately
grabbed the kneeling Supergirl. The first one entered her wet pussy in one deep
thrust, and the second, after rubbing his cock against her tear-stained cheeks
for a few times, also quickly entered her mouth. Catwoman knelt down next to
her, and began giving out orders on how she should suck the man's cock or move
her body to meet the other man's thrusts. She placed her hand under Supergirl's
body and got hold of her nipple. She would gently fondle it when Supergirl did
what she was told, and pinched it cruelly when Supergirl failed to obey.
Supergirl, on her part, was trying her best to follow Catwoman's instructions,
partly for fear of more pain on her nipple, but more out of her own arousal.
Much to her shame, she could feel herself coming. At this point the man in her
mouth came, and as she was told, she tried her best to swallow his cum.

    "Oh, oh, oh," she immediately began moaning after the man had pulled out.

    "Are you coming, slut?"

    "Wh, what?"

    "I said are you coming!"

    "Oh, oh, y--yes, oh!"

    "Say it!"

    "I, oh, oh, I'm, I'm coming! I'm coming! Oh! Oh!" Losing her inhibitions,
Supergirl cried out louder and louder as she came, which also brought the man
fucking her to his orgasm, filling her pussy with his cum. Supergirl was made to
remain on all fours after the man had pulled out.

    "Now tell me, slut," said Catwoman as she ran her hand along Supergirl's
back. "Have you been fucked up the ass before?"

    "," knowing better than to disobey, Supergirl answered meekly.

    "Well, Dr Rancor, would you like to do the honor?" Catwoman asked as she
pushed two fingers into Supergirl's pussy. Supergirl stiffened as Catwoman
pulled the two fingers out and place them at her asshole.

    "Oh, no..." she pleaded.

    "Stupid bitch!" Catwoman scolded as she gave Supergirl's ass a spank.
"You're a fuck toy, and a fuck toy will be used in any possible way! Now, beg
the doctor to fuck your ass or I'll fuck it with a Kryptonite bar! Say it!" Dr
Rancor's cock was bursting out of his pants as he looked at Supergirl. On her
hands and knees, she looked up at him imploringly with her tearful eyes, her
mouth quivering. After a long pause, the once-proud heroine began to beg him.

    "Pl...please, doctor," she pleaded, "please fuck my ass..."

    "I beg your pardon?" he asked chuckling as he unzipped.

    "Pl...please fuck me in the ass..."

    "Well, since you ask so nicely..." Dr Rancor laughed as he positioned
himself behind Supergirl. He could feel her whole body tense up when the tip of
his cock touched the tight, pink entrance. Slowly, he pushed his way in to
Supergirl's tight rear tunnel, drawing a low grunt from her. Slowly, Dr Rancor
thrust all the way into her virgin asshole, then he held still. He could feel
that Supergirl's body was trembling lightly. Grabbing her thighs, he began
thrusting back and forth slowly. At first Supergirl remained silent, but when
Catwoman found her clit and began toying with it, she couldn't help but began
moaning and wriggling.

    "Enjoying yourself, my little slut?" Catwoman cooed.

    "Oh, oh, oooooh," Supergirl answered with her moans.

    "Tell me you like it!" Catwoman whispered.

    "I...I like it!"

    "Tell me you like being fucked in the ass!"

    "I...I like being fucked in the ass!"


    "I like being fucked in the ass! Ah! Ah!" Supergirl cried out as she was
approaching another orgasm. She wriggled wildly, trying to grind her clit
against Catwoman's fingers. Dr Rancor also increased his tempo, fucking her
harder and harder. Soon he was shooting hot jets of cum up Supergirl's ass. By
now Supergirl was humping madly against Catwoman's fingers, and her orgasm was
signaled by a series of spasms.

    After Dr Rancor had pulled out, Supergirl collapsed onto the floor. However,
her ordeal was far from over. Two men immediately came over to fuck her cunt and
her mouth. When they were done, they were replaced by three other men. Together
they rolled Supergirl over onto her back and spread her legs. One of them
quickly entered her pussy. Supergirl let out a cry of alarm when she felt
another cock at her asshole, but before she could protest this, the second man
was already pushing his way into her. Soon Supergirl was moaning loudly as she
was fucked by the two men, but her moans were immediately muffled by the third
man's cock. The sight of Supergirl being ravaged by three men at once brought Dr
Rancor's cock back to life again, and he immediately took up his position
between Supergirl's breasts. Grabbing her full, firm breasts, he pressed them
together and began thrusting back and forth.

    Supergirl was moaning and squirming under the weight of these men. She had
never imagined that something like this would happen, that she would one day be
fucked by four men at once, four crooks! But somehow, despite herself, this idea
only seemed to excite her more. She came again and again, and she was coming so
hard that Dr Rancor thought she was going to throw him off her, and he had to
grab her breasts even tighter. At this point he came, and his cum was shot all
over her neck.

    Satisfied, he stood up and watched as the three men went on fucking
Supergirl. The man using her mouth was the next to come. He pulled out and began
rubbing his cock against her lips and her cheeks. Supergirl let out a cry of
dismay as he sprayed his cum on her face. However, her cries of dismay were soon
replaced by those of pleasure when she was taken by yet another orgasm as the
two remaining men shot their cum deep inside her pussy and her ass.

    She was given no time to rest. Immediately three other men came to take
over. Tired as she was, Supergirl's passion was ignited again, and she came
three more times before the three men pulled out in unison. Standing above her,
they started jerking off. Supergirl was aware of what was to follow, but already
exhausted, she just lay there panting with her legs spread, and her eyes closed
as if to avoid her final humiliation. Soon the first man came. He aimed so that
most of his cum was shot into her opened mouth. Then the other two men joined
in, spraying their cum on her breasts.

    "Lovely!" Catwoman exclaimed. "Get this slut on her feet!" she ordered.
Grabbing Supergirl by her arms, the men pulled her to her feet. Then they frog-
marched her to in front of a mirror. "Look at yourself, slut!" Catwoman snapped
as she grabbed Supergirl's chin. Supergirl obeyed and saw that she looked much
worse then she thought. Her body was criss-crossed with red welts, and her
breasts were covered with cum. There was cum all over her face from her forehead
to her chin, and cum was dripping down her neck. The cum that she couldn't
swallow was dripping out of her mouth, and cum was also oozing from her cunt and
her asshole down her thighs.

    "Honey, you look like shit!" Catwoman said, adding even more to her
humiliation. "But then this is what a fuck toy like you should look like, isn't
it? I said isn't it!" she snapped as she grabbed the ring on Supergirl's
cum-covered nipple and twisted it cruelly.

    "Oh, oh, yes, yes!" Supergirl answered, wincing with the pain.

    "Yes what?"

    "This, this is how a f--fuck toy like me should look like!"

    "Hmmm, I think you still haven't learn to speak properly. But I'll be nice
and let you off easily today. Now, get this slut cleaned up and send her back to
her cell!" Supergirl was hosed clean and brought back to her cell. Again her
hands were cuffed in front of her and her leash was attached to a metal bar in
her cell. But this time she wasn't left alone. The men who were not selected for
the morning session kept visiting her in the afternoon whenever they were free,
sometimes alone, sometimes in groups. Supergirl came so many times that she lost
count. It was like she was in one constant orgasm.

    No matter how roughly she was used, no matter how exhausted she was from the
previous fuck, her body never failed to respond as soon as a cock entered her
cunt. When the guards came to fetch her in the evening they found her lying on
the floor, covered with cum, breathing heavily with her eyes closed, with cum
oozing out of her mouth, and a puddle of cum between her legs.

Review This Story || Author: Citizen Bane
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