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Bound And Chained

Chapter 5


Caytin held out his hand to Jerrick. "You heard your mistress. If I can only get min, and yours to take Fain and move long enough for me to welcome you, I have every plan to do just that.

"Is this okay with you Trin, I know that this is your wedding night, but Caytin is right. It would be better by far to let him deal with your slave now, and not later."

Trinna nodded at her sister. "Go on Jerrick, Caytin has something he needs to take care of with you." She patted his cheek. "Don't worry, Cay has been dealing with virgin's for cycles. He has never hurt any of them, or at least not unless they begged him too. And I just don't see you doing that, Fain here maybe, but not you."

"Yes Mistress." It was time, he had hoped that he would have more time to come to the point that he could look at this with a little less fear. But he had never before been inclined to sample any of the men in his company, not even those that were obviously available to the soldiers and freely offered themselves to any who were interested.

He stopped, just a foot or so away from Caytin, looking up. "Yes, Sir."

Caytin smiled at him, laying a hand on his shoulder. "I understand what this is costing you. Do relax, Jerrick, I know and will be patient with you. Walk you through it slowly."

The gentle, soft and soothing feel from Caytin's words and tone as he projected calm over took Jerrick. "Thank you." He looked down.

"I have to be honest with you Jerrick. This is a first for me as well. I have never been, or heard of, anyone who is your ages, first." He continued to talk, calmly, as if this was something that was as common to him as breathing.

"I'm sorry, Sir, but it wasn't like this was my idea." He let the calm that Caytin was projecting take him, and held on to it with the desperation of a drowning man.

Caytin chuckled as he pushed Jerrick down so he was sitting on the edge of the bed. "There is that." He stepped back, hand going to the tie at his waist. He pushed the material down past his hips so he stood there naked. He stepped forward to stand, right infront of Jerrick. "Go on, Jerrick, we will take this one step at a time." He touched Jerrick's cheek. "It's okay, Jerrick, I am sure you have had this done more than once. So do what you know feels good."

Jerrick looked from Caytin down to what was right before him. Trying to decide what to do now. Everything was happening so fast for him, but not fast enough. He was given too much time to think, to consider. "I," he didn't know what to say. How could he explain to this man, who he now answered to how much trouble he was having with this.

"Jerrick, do I have to make it an order?" The calm tone became slightly sharper. "I understand how hard this is for you, so I made it a request. It wasn't."

Jerrick closed his eyes, for just a moment, sighing. "Yes, Sir." He slipped to his knees, forcing Caytin to step back a little.

"Now remember, love, we are both men, and not at all that different. Just do what you found pleasing."

The hand that reached up to touch his balls trembled, slightly. As Jerrick, struggled with himself for control over his fear and aversion. He steeled himself leaning forward to lick the head of the hardness in his hands. Fearing the taste of the seepage there, but it surprised him in that it didn't taste anything like he had thought. The first of his worry's lain to rest. He felt a little calmer, tongue poking at the seeping slit in the head.

Caytin cupped his head as Jerrick too him into his mouth. "Relax your throat, sugar." Caytin's voice was soft as Jerrick pulled back gagging. "Try relaxing your throat and swallowing. It will help."

Jerrick tried again, concentrating of doing as Caytin had suggested. He was able to take more into his mouth before he had to pull back gagging again. He shuddered as he tried again, working his throat frantically, trying to swallow what was in his mouth. This time when he had to pull back, it was gasping for air. He had done it, horrifying, as it was to him, he had done it.

"Slow down Jerrick, you have to breathe, I am not in the mood for listening to your mistress berate me if you pass out from lack of air." Caytin's words were soft and amused. "Come on, sugar, you do know what feels good, don't stop now." His tone was teasing, and further relaxed Jerrick.

Kaj and Trinna moved one of the small couches over to sit just in front of the bed. "Come here Fain. Watch your master welcome one of my men into his world."

"Mistress, Jerrick, he isn't like me. If my master wants this from someone, I'll do it. I believe he won't hurt me, much."

Kaj just shook her head, pulling him into her lap. "It has nothing to do with whether or not Jerrick is like you. He is a man of my house, and my sister's first consort. Caytin is not only my first. But, also head of all consorts in our lands. He will take and welcome him among the men." She began to let her hands wander over Fain's body. "Watch, little one, isn't it lovely?"

Fain whimpered softly at the feel of his mistress's hands on his body as he watched one of the most respected men he knew, blow his master.

"I think Cay is going to be surprised just as soon as Jerrick gets past his shock," Trinna's mellow voice from beside them.

"Why do you say that Trin? Cay has, practically, had to order him to submit. I am more to the thinking that Cay is going to have to order each step they take."

Trinna shrugged, "okay, but don't complain when I say, I told you so."

Jerrick had gotten to the point that he could maintain a constant pull, but was, still, able to draw back ever now and then for air. His only thought was 'that if he had to do this, he had spent his entire life trying to be the best at what he was, back then a soldier, and now a slave.

Caytin moaned softly, hips rocking slowly as he stroked the man at his feet's hair. He was a little surprised at Jerrick's sudden willingness to submit, but the surprise didn't last long before the pleasure took his ability to wonder about such things.

Jerrick pulled back, his tongue swirling around the head of Caytin's shaft, his hand coming up to gently play with his balls.

Caytin groaned as suddenly the feelings that Jerrick had been giving him stopped. He looked down, but even as he became aware of what Jerrick was doing, the feeling returned as Jerrick pulled close again and resumed his onslaught. But this time with the added feeling of a finger, timidly poking at the puckered mouth of his anus. "Yes," he tangled his hands in Jerrick's hair and pushed back against the finger, forcing it into him. "Don't be shy," he smiled down at him, "Lover."

"I'll be blessed." Kaj was speechless.

Trinna smiled smugly. "Told ya."

"But Caytin has never had a Lover. Oh by the traditions of our men, he was Warrel's. My father was dead already, back, when he had first come to this house. And even today, they were very close, but he's never taken one." Kaj was trying to work it out in her head. He hadn't taken an interest in taking a Lover in over seventeen cycles, and now, in one moment of pleasure, he had done it.

Trinna looked at her. "Kaj, we have different father's, and my gift comes through mine, who is distantly related to Caytin, who's Grandmother still works in the temple as a Healer. So you won't understand how, not, surprising it is for him doing what he did."

* * *

"Just keep swallowing." Caytin tightened his fingers again in Jerrick's hair as he began to thrust harder into his mouth, forcing his cock deeper.

He half cried, half gasped as he leaned over and rested some of his weight on Jerrick's head as he came. His hips paused pushing forward as his first rush of orgasm took him, and then when Jerrick was sure he was going to get sick from the lack of air and the seed that gushed from Caytin. The head of Caytin's erection in his mouth pulled back slowly letting him get a quick breath before it thrust back in sinking back down his throat. Only to pull, back, again to repeat the thrust.

Jerrick had to pull his hand away from Caytin long enough for it to join this other in grabbing Caytin's hips and holding on as he fought to keep from choking, swallow and breathe all at the same time.

Caytin, finally, pulled back, breathing a bit hard. "Come here Lover." He held out a hand. Helping a very confused Jerrick to his feet. "You surprised me." He tasted himself on Jerrick's lips as he kissed him. "Now I can fully see why Trinna chose you. You are much more passionate than your appearance lets on."

Jerrick looked at him, not sure if he was supposed to thank him or not. "And like her, I am drawn to offer you my love. But unlike her, when she asked you to consent to be her Consort. I am going to do as Warrel did with me, and take you as my Lover."

"Wait, hold up." Jerrick pulled back. "What is going on here? I can sort of accept that my mistress decided that I was fit to be her consort. She made a good point when she pointed out that she 'was' a Healer. And she knew that I wasn't going to try anything stupid with her. But you, I can live with being a slave, hell, I can even strive to be the best one that I can be. I can deal with being married, and a father, but now you want me to be your lover too?"

Caytin shook his head, chuckling. "Come back here beloved. I have just seen to it that not even my daughter's First consort will be ranked in the Quarter's and all of Danes above you. As long as you live, being the Lover of the head consort will forever place you above all men."

"Yeah, I kind of figured that, but why?"

He chuckled again. 'Well, first because your mistress and I are very distantly related, she is a Healer, Healer's are known to come from our family. My Grandmother is one of the Temple Healers. So the same gift that enabled Trinna to know your heart, I have in a lesser degree. And second. You are new. I have grown up, all my life among my men. I know them all very well and none of them stir me like you did with your first submission to me. Fain's will be expected, he was once a slave, buy yours."

Jerrick stood there looking at him. "Okay, what does being your lover entail?

Caytin shook his head, tisking at him. "It's not lover, Jerrick, but Lover. As for what it entails what, do, you think it will? We cannot wed in the Men's Quarter's like we can to our mistresses. It is the same thing for us, as being a consort to a lady."

"You're marrying me, too." He was rendered speechless again. It seemed to be a common state for him today.

Caytin laughed at him. "Almost, but I 'am' taking you as, my, slave, the second among none of us, save me."

Jerrick didn't know what to say he looked imploringly at Trinna, begging, with his eyes for help. She just smiled and nodded.

It too every ounce of his will to slowly fall to his knees. "Master." He choked it out.

Caytin reached out for him. "Not now, Jerrick. Now it is time to welcome you as I would any other of my men. Soon enough we will delve into the meanings of your submission." He helped him up and pushed him back against the bed. "You are very talented for a beginner, shall I further enlighten you?" His hands went to the band of his pants.

Jerrick's arms lifted almost to push him away, but held there immobile for a second, as he felt Caytin's lips on his, before encircling his chest. Squeezing tightly.

Caytin reached down and pulled Jerrick's pants from him, then holding his face, he kissed him, hips grinding against his.

Jerrick's hands moved restlessly over Caytin's back, as he struggled with himself, part of him wanting to stop this, but the other, wanted to give into what his master was calling up in him.

Caytin broke the kiss, breathing heavily. "Don't cum, without my permission, Jerrick." And he lowered his head again.

'Don't cum' . He had just been ordered not to cum. And Jerrick didn't doubt it was an order. He fought with himself for an all-together different reason, as he stopped trying to resist what Caytin was doing and began to resist what it was making him feel.

Caytin left his mouth to brush his lips over Jerrick's shoulder, looking up to see how his new Lover was doing. Jerrick lay there his eyes closed, and his mouth parted slightly. Caytin smiled and bit lightly before moving down to his left nipple.

Jerrick jumped at the sudden assault to his control as the feel of teeth, tongue and lips began to torment his nipple

Caytin's hands moved down Jerrick's body as if to touch him, but moved to his hips instead, gripping them as he began to grind his hips harder against him. He lifted his mouth to Jerrick's again. Brushing his lips and he leaned his head against his cheek. "Don't cum." A light kiss and the lips moved down to his chest, to torment Jerrick's right nipple.

Jerrick's control was failing as he held Caytin against him, tightly and returned the grinding.

"Ssshh, easy there, Lover." Caytin pulled back to replace his hips with his hand as he began to touch Jerrick lightly. "Mustn't rush things. It would be cruel of me to push you beyond your ability to obey." His hand firmed for a moment, "unless, you want me too?"

Jerrick settled. "No, almost, but no."

Caytin smiled. "Almost, you say?" He lowered his mouth to his nipple again, biting not quite gently, but not quite firm enough to hurt. Tugging playfully before kissing the nipple, while his hand moved up and down Jerrick's thigh, stopping every few passes to stroke him with a light but firm grip. Marveling at the size of what his hand held.

"Good Goddess, Jerrick," Caytin looked down at what he held. "I had every intentions of making a meal out of you. But this is, no, meal. It's a Sabbath day feast. I am amazed that Trinna didn't take one look at this and call for the guards."

Trinna giggled looking to Kaj. "I was a little too busy at the time to take detailed notice of what Jerrick had between his legs, I was more intent on him using it." She winked at her sister, as Kaj laughed. "And after I realized what kind of monster he has there, it was a little too later to change my mind. And after a few thrusts," she blushed. "I didn't want too."

"Well at that size, you are going to be ruined for most of the men here, so best you see to it that you keep that consort of yours happy."

Trinna shrugged again. "He goes and gets too warpish on me, and I can always look to my sisters who are still working at the temple, or a few that are full Healers and out working in the city. After a cycle of celibacy, at the height of our biological drives, well we don't get the reputation as being hedonists for nothing."

Caytin leaned up to kiss him again. "Best you keep your mistress happy Jerrick, or you will be ousted for one of the other mistresses."

"You mean she would, I thought I was her consort." The concept of two women together didn't bother him anymore than two men being together. He had been a soldier for too long, and had worked with both many times.

"Yes, and with the size of you, I am hoping she will often. Because I want to be with you as often as possible, I have every intention of ending up as ruined for most of the men in the quarters as she is." His head dipped, lips trailing down Jerrick's chest to pause over his erection. "Now, love, you can cum." He licked the head of Jerrick's need. Lipping it lightly, hands massaging his balls as he slowly drew Jerrick into his mouth. Working to take in as much of him as he could.

Jerrick cried out, hands going to Caytin's head as he thrust forward, his orgasm rolling down his spine to explode into Caytin's mouth.

Caytin didn't pull back, but continued to try to single mindedly devour Jerrick

Jerrick was lost in a sea of pleasure and pain as he felt his third and most intense orgasm explode from him. The pleasure so sharp it was painful.

Caytin pulled up. Reaching for the bottle that still sat on the nightstand table. Uncorking it. "Just relax, beloved. I promise, you will find this as wonderful as I do." He took one leg and hoisted it over his shoulder and did the same with the other.

Jerrick gasped at the cold oil as Caytin poured the last of the oil on his upturned cheeks. It ran down his crack, over his virgin hole. "Easy there, Jerrick. I have you." Gentle fingers working to slip inside him. "This is going to drive me mad. You feel so good." He kissed Jerrick's shoulder working his finger in and out of him, using the drug in the oil to see to it that Jerrick was willing when he was ready for him.

Jerrick turned his head and bit the pillow his head was laying on. "Come on Caytin. I don't care if it hurts, just do it now."

"Are you telling me what to do Jerrick? The same tease that Trinna had used with him earlier.

"No, Sir. Just that, please, I." He couldn't finish as Caytin pressed against him, parting his cheek even farther to work the head of his cock into him, pausing.

"Is this what you are asking for, beloved?" He thrust teasingly, just a bit more, but no more than just an inch.

Jerrick tried to pull up and push back against Caytin, but Caytin only pulled back with him. "Yes, damnit." He bit, out, a wave of self-disgust with the words.

Caytin leaned forward, burying himself deep in Jerrick, pushing the man's knees up so that the rested on each side of his head. "Beloved." Caytin kissed him softly. "I feel what you are feeling, there is no shame in the love and pleasure that two people can give each other. Be that a man and a woman, two women or like us now, two men. Now, stop being foolish, because I can't keep thinking to talk you through any more." And Caytin pulled away, grabbing Jerrick's hips as he began to work himself in and out of Jerrick's tight passage.

Kaj stroked Fain gently as they watched on as Caytin made love to Jerrick. "Is, he, going to do that to me?" Fain watched in awe.

"Yes little one, but when it is you, you will not be on your back, but on your knees." She smiled down at him. "With your tastes and Caytin's tendencies you are going to be far too tender to lay on the skin of your back."

Trinna shook her head, laughing. "So that is why not all the welt I healed earlier were as old, or as bad as the ones that left scars. Well, Kaj, you are going to have to see about keeping him with you for quite some time. My consort and yours are now Lovers and I know Cay too well to think that he would actively seek any but the one that his mistress is playing with right now, or a fellow consort."

"Damn Healers are the nosiest women I have ever had to deal with. That was supposed to be a surprise for them 'both'."

"Oops, well, never mind me, I will just sit here and try to pretend I'm not here." She laughed. "But watching Cay with my consort is so fun, don't you think?"

"Why is it, you think, that I let him bring so many of his little dalliances here? I happen to enjoy watching my consort when he is like he is right now."

"Just as soon as he backs away, even for a minute, I am taking my 'man' home and celebrating my pregnancy. In roughly eleven moons, I am going to be the mother of a baby girl."

"Well then, I guess I can let you off for not thinking. With all that is going on in your world right now, and as young as you are. It is no surprise that you are just a little more talkative than normal." She looked down at Fain, who was looking up at her in shock. "You'll hold quite until I talk to Caytin, won't you little one?"

"But Mistress, he is already your consort." He didn't understand, and he was not ready to risk rocking the boat of his new life.

"A woman is allowed to take up to three consorts. The reason as my second consort you would no longer be a threat to the vow Caytin just made with Jerrick is as my consort, you will be his consort too."

He shook his head, not quite believing what he was hearing. "You want me?" He asked incredulously. "You want to make me your consort too? 'Me'?"

"If you are comfortable with that, 'yes'. If you need more time to learn that I am kind and not plotting your doom, I will wait, but if you are comfortable with it now. I want it."

Fain looked to where Caytin had finally collapsed beside Jerrick. And then back up at Kaj. "I will be more than just a slave again?"

"You were never just a slave little one, even when it was Mer that held your chain, you were more than just a slave. And even as my consort, you will still be a slave of my house, your duty will still be to the women of it. But other than Caytin and Jerrick, who is now his Lover, you will be the most powerful 'man' in my city. Only seconded again when Rhea takes her first consort. And he joins you. And then, with Caytin Jerrick's Lover, you will see that the boy is taken as yours. Warrel is too old, and is Caytin's. And Kerfan is my sister's father, and not as close to Rhea as you will be. So does that sound like something you would find comfort in, or should I wait and give you time?"

Fain slipped down from her lap to, lay, prostate on the floor. So overwhelmed by what his mistress was offering that he forgot her conditions. "If you want this lowly slave, he would be honored beyond all honors to be yours."

"Curse then a thousand-fold." Trinna swore to, herself, as Kaj gently went to pull, Fain back up into her lap.

"Are you begging for your life little one?"

"Yes Mistress I am."

"I asked you to honor me with becoming my second consort, not threatening to kill you."

"Please Mistress, if you will just let me see it as you doing both. Letting my old like die as you give me another of your choosing. That is the life I am begging for."

"I'm going to go and see if I can't get Caytin to let my consort go for the night. You have your hands full here with Fain and Cay. So I will talk to you in the morning."

* * *

Caytin moved to clean himself up, noticing that Fain was very quiet as he lay in his mistresses' arms.

"What's wrong Fain?" Caytin returned to sit by his mistress.

"I think I have shocked him a bit. He's still working his way back through all that he is feeling. Give him time." Kaj smiled down at the silent man.

"He not come to terms with the fact that I will not only not be upset with him for the time he shares with you, but plan to welcome him to my home while he is here?"

"You have it half right, love. He still wonders what you will think of him and his time with me, but for a different reason now."

Caytin looked at her closely. "And that would be why Mistress?"

"Because if you agree. He has consented to be my second consort. But I will not accept him if you don't agree. He will be just as much your, consort as he will be mine. Remember, with you taking Jerrick, there is no one to take Rhea's consort when she finally gets one."

"Mistress, I haven't done more than kiss him yet. At least when I decided on Jerrick, he had submitted to me."

Kaj looked down at Fain again. "Little one, can you hear me?"

"Yes Mistress." A soft voice.

"My head consort has a very valid point. If the two of you are to be consorts, you should get to know each other, first." 'And I will be able to sit back again and watch as Caytin wins him over, or he does Cay.'

Fain slipped from her lap, going back to his knees, fingers lacked together behind his neck, head down. "I submit, Master, what would you have me do?"

"Kaj told me that you are fond of the whip, is that so?"

"Yes, Master." He looked up, smiling softly at Caytin. "I don't cut easy, and if I do, I will heal."

Caytin pulled him back up to a standing position, his eyes meeting Fain's. "Toy with you, yes, make you cry, gladly. But cut you, never. I have welded my rod whip long enough to know how much is too much." He looked to Kaj. "With your permission, Mistress, I will be back in just moments. The lady Healer, healed him, his back is free of all marks. Allow me to go and fetch my whip, so I can paint it red for him."

"Go on Cay. I will keep him here with me, I won't let him get bored."

* * *

Ern watched as Caytin came in, went to his room, and returned a very short time later with the same black whip that he had used on Dun earlier. Moving to a closet and the chest filled with bottles of oil. "Sir?" He wasn't sure if he should be worried or not.

"Relax, Ern, this isn't for you. It might be a few days before I have time for you. I have taken a Lover and about to welcome Fain, as a new consort all in one night. Oh, and incase Warrel hasn't come back yet, Lady Trinna has taken Jerrick as her first consort. And I have taken him as my Lover."

"Damn Cay. You have two of the new ones neatly wrapped up as yours. You plan on leaving the third alone for a while? Karron complained.

"As soon as I have a free moment to welcome him to us, I will back away. It wasn't like I planned all of this. It just worked out so nicely, all on its own."

"And you didn't help it along at all Cay?" Tallin laughed at his father. "Knock yourself out. You are head consort of all of us. You should get a few perks."

"Thank you Tallin, I am glad to see that at least one of the men in my home understands."

"Like father like son," Gabe hugged Tallin.

"If I were like my father, I would have a mistress by now." Tallin grumbled.

"I am trying Tallin, but you know your mother. I can do only so much, but I try for you. I do understand what you must be feeling."

Tallin smiled. "Thanks Papa."

It was so rare now, that Tallin ever called him anything but his full name or just Cay, like most of the other men in his house did, that Tallin's use of 'papa', touched Caytin. "Ern," he looked to the big blond man.

"Yes Sir?"

"Are you intent on me welcoming you, or if I asked another of the fertile men here to stand in my stead, will that bother you?

Ern looked at his, trying to find the words that would cause the least amount of trouble. If his new master wanted him to go to someone else, if he said no, then he ran the risk of offending Caytin. But if he said yes, and his master was only testing him, again he would be upset. "Umm, I'll do what ever you think is best Sir."

"Tallin, Gabe. I trust the two of you will walk him through his first time. Gabe has already worked with more than one mistress who was just coming into womanhood. And Tallin, you have been with Gabe long enough to have learned some of his skill."

"Yes, Sir." Both, Tallin and Gabe chimed together.

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