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Bound And Chained

Chapter 6


"I am looking forward to watching you and Cay. He has such a delightful ability to drive anyone in his bed, mad. I have seen him with one or two of the bedwarmers he was toying with, and he always left him near sobbing before he took pity of them. He is very talented. You saw how he was with Jerrick earlier. Wasn't that one of the loveliest things you had ever seen?" Kaj sat on the bed, with Fain under her, lying on his stomach as she rubbed his shoulders. "Your back is so smooth, little one. I wonder how long your master will leave it this way?"

Fain slowly turned over, reaching for her hand. "Other than Mer, I have never submitted to a master, that didn't make me suffer at least a little, Mistress."

"And, with your likes and his tendencies, I don't imagine you will again for quite some time." She stroked his cheek. "It does appear that I am going to have to become accustomed to being on bottom, because Cay was quite serious when he warned you, that your back was going to be too tender to lay under either of us on your back." Her hands roamed his body, touching here and there. "But somehow, I do not see that as being something you will fear, is it?"

Fain looked up at her, "I, my wants aren't important Mistress. If you and he want me on my back, I will be. If you don't want me to beg my master to whip me, I won't. You have given me more in one day than I have ever dared to hope for. I was happy with Mer. I still love him and hope that you will permit Caytin to take me to see him. But I could never be more than, his boy. No matter how much we loved each other, we couldn't wed."

Kaj stopped stroking him. "Fain," she took a deep breath. "Though I would never knowingly trade my son's life for anything. But if he had to die, you will never fully understand what his death bought for my people, or what it means to me. Caytin often frets over the fact that I can bounce back from loss and pain as quickly as I can. So I know he would, if he knew how far I have come in my grieving, be a little concerned. Your willingness to submit as, you, have to my first consort and I. It means more to me than I could ever say."

"I found my peace with this, when you were hurt and angry for what my first owners did to me. You had the Healer remover all the marks that I was sure I would carry for the rest of my life." There were tears in his eyes. "I am yours Mistress, anything you want, I will do."

"Mistress," Caytin's soft tenor intruded on the moment. "Yes, I will share your love with him. Untried and untested, I will be his consort."

Kaj held her hand out to him as she closed her mouth over Fain's in a kiss that was so brutally dominant that Fain felt the thrill of being possessed as he submitted to it.

Caytin quickly stripped as his mistress shared herself with Fain. "Mistress," he touched her arm. "Love, your clothes."

"I'm not going anywhere." She kissed Fain one last time before pulling away to quickly pull her clothes off.

Caytin lay over Fain, touching his face. "You have pleased our mistress greatly, Fain." He brushed his lips against his. "You have pleased me greatly too."

"You are going to have to wait for a while, for your painting of his back. He has consented to be our second consort." She kissed him as she straddled Fain, bringing herself down on him.

"I remembered I had used the last of the oil with Jerrick, so I brought more, Kaj. Will you permit me to share your love with him?"

Fain, moaned softly, with the combined feel of his mistresses' wet heat and the humiliation of being reminded that he was nothing but a slave, they talked about him as if he wasn't there.

"Actually, Cay, I had been planning on sharing him with you. You have topped me before. With a second consort, it looks like I am going to have to be a little more flexible."

"Had I known that you were willing to do anything but top me or any man, I would have suggested taking a second consort cycles ago. Even one who is just a bedwarmer." He bit at her neck. "There were many of those sweet boys that you were kindly fond of."

"Well, I didn't." She ground her hips down, listening to Fain's cries. "But I have now, so hush and be grateful." She leaned down holding Fain tight. "Hold on to me little one." She whispered twisting to lay under him. "My but the view is different from where I am."

Caytin moved at once, pouring a little of the oil in his hand to work over his fingers, so that he could not only coat himself, but also slicken, Fain's tight hole. "You do know, mate, that for someone who has been ridden as often as you, you are very snug."

"Clinching exercises in the saddle Sir." Fain couldn't decide which way he wanted to go. Thrust down to meet his mistresses' hips or back to encourage his master's fingers.

"No holding back this time love." Kaj reached for him. Pulling him tighter in her arms. "Enjoy, freely, you have my permission to give yourself to this."

It was just too much for Fain. He had spent over six cycles as a slave, and now was one again, but oh, what a difference his new status was. How comfortable his new chains were. He didn't know what he had done in his life to have what he had now. True Mer was at another house, but he believed that his mistress, and now consort would see to it that he wasn't denied his time with him. Other than that, he hadn't been so content and hadn't felt so safe since the night Mer rescued him. The war and the ugliness couldn't touch him again here. It was a new life. One that he embraced happily. Trapped between his mistress and master as he was, his mistresses' heat around him, and his master's being thrust in him. He just held on shuddering as his orgasm, the second of the night, rolled through him.

Caytin leaned down to whisper to him Fain lay there breathing hard. "Your mistress allowed you your pleasure, see to hers." Gripping Fain's hips as he backed up, letting Fain work his way down Kaj's body.

"But, Master," he looked up. "I have never, what if I upset her?"

"The only way you are going to up set me, is if you don't quit worrying and use that mouth of yours for something other than talking." Kaj stroked his hair, chiding playfully at him. "You are doing fine little one."

Fain looked down at his mistresses' sex that was only inches away from his face. He had to admit that it was a beautiful sight, even with his white seed seeping out. It looked wonderful.

He felt just a touch of stubble against his cheek and he buried his face in her sex, going to lap her clean of all he had done with her. Moaning low in his chest at the combined taste on his tongue and the feel of both his mistresses stroking his hair and his master's almost painful thrusting. 'Yes' he was happier than he thought he could ever be belonging to a woman.

* * *

Ern his back to a wall as he faced Tallin and Gabe.

"Ern, if you don't calm down, you are going to have the others accusing me of scaring you." Tallin tried to reason with the man.

"And if you don't calm down, your father is going to get ill with Ern for upsetting you." Gabe looked at Ern. "And trust me, friend. Neither you nor I want that. Cay can be so warpish when he thinks Tal has been hurt in any way. You don't want that."

Ern looked anywhere but at the two young men who stood within arms reach of him. "Okay," he dropped his head. "I got to do this, right?"

"Yeah." Caytin has his hands full right now, "you heard him. I would say that we got to do it too, but it's not a matter of 'got' to for us." Tallin stepped one step closer, making Ern press back even harder into the wall. "Let's go to your room Ern. I think your first should be private." His lips pressed against the side of Ern's face.

'Now, it's gonna happen 'now'.' He nodded trying to keep his back to a wall as he moved to lead them to his new room.

"It's going to be a whole lot easier for you if you would come away from the wall." Gabe pointed out.

Ern laughed a little uncomfortably. "Yeah, you're probably right. Sorry, I don't mean to act this way, it's just, I never really thought that I would be in the space I am now." He ran his hand through his hair. "I knew the risks, I keep telling myself that. But knowing something, and believing it are not the same thing, or at least they aren't for me."

"Then if you knew the risks, I would suggest that you just relax and let what is going to happen." Tallin took his hand, leading him to the bed.

"I have noticed, that a bath always helps to relax the ladies that I have been with. I know it did you." Gabe lay a hand on Tallin's shoulder. "Do you think that would help, Ern?"

'A bath' yes, anything to postpone the inevitable. "Sure, I need a bath anyway."

"Go get the oils Gabe. I'll go start the water. By the time we are finished with it, he should be a lot more receptive than he is right now." Tallin gently took Ern's arm. "Trust me, friend. You are going to feel much better after a good soak."

Ern watched as Tallin worked the pumps. The boy seemed so at ease. Like this was something he did everyday. 'He probably does'.

"Donnel say's that this batch is almost twice as strong as his normal stuff. So he warns us to be careful with it." Gabe returned with a bottle of blue oil that he carried in his hand carefully.

"Or knowing Donnel, it was his was of assuring me that the oil would most definitely work on him." Tallin took the bottle from him a, whole, lot less careful than Gabe had been. "But I get the warning. We'll be in the bath with him, and at least one of us has to keep their head." He poured a good dollop of oil into the water before corking the bottle again and setting it aside.

"Jon is right, you do sound just like Cay when you go on like that." Gabe laughed. "You spent way too much time with him when you first came to the Men's Quarters."

"Ern, can you test this water, and make sure it isn't too hot for you. Gabe and I are used to cooking."

Ern leaned over, gingerly touching the water. It was hot, but not too hot. "It's okay." He pulled back.

"You want me to help you get undressed?" Gabe pressed his, already, naked body against him.

Ern jumped. "Uh, no, I, I can get it." He began to work at the knot at his side, trying to get it untied. But his fingers were shaking so badly that all he succeeded in was making a bigger knot. "Damn."

"Here, Ern, Let me." Tallin, now as naked as Gabe, stepped close, reaching out to work the knot free. "It's okay Ern. I might not be able to say I understand completely what you are going through right now. But I understand that because of it, this isn't easy for you." He pushed his shirt off, going to work the tie at his waist. "I know people keep saying that I sound like my father, and maybe I do. But I'm not my father. I'll work with you as long as it takes, I won't rush you." His lips brushed Ern's lightly at first testing to see Ern's reaction before deepening it.

Ern held his fear and aversion for as long as he could before pulling, back, gasping for air.

Tallin only smiled. "I think it's bath time." Turning to lead Ern to the tub, helping him to step up, and then down into the hot water.

Ern stood there in water up to his mid thighs, about six inches above his knees. Watching as both Tallin and Gabe stepped down into the water beside him.

"Come on over by the side, there are seats built along the wall of the tub." Tallin took him and slowly maneuvered him so that he could sit back. The water now rose to his middle to lower chest. "Not too hot, right?"

"No, it's okay." Ern didn't move as the two with him sat him between them.

"I can wash you, but there is too much oil in the water to even think about washing your hair. So we'll have to see that you take care of that later." Tallin took a large sponge, then a large amount oh cream and worked up lather, before turning to begin to work the sponge over Ern's chest. "Ssshh," he whispered as Ern jumped at his touch. "Just lay back and relax. Give it just a few minutes and everything will make perfect sense to you." His sponge dipped below the water to wash his balls and penis, rubbing a few times with the sponge before a hand took its place

Ern jumped and tried to pull back at the touch. Tallin just smiled again and sat back. "I'm sorry, I guess I am going to need to wait just a little longer and let the oil finish dissolving in the water, and start taking an effect on you."

Ern looked up sharply. "You've drugged me? How, when?"

"Now and in the water." Gabe chuckled. "Don't you think we know how hard this is for you? Tallin's great-grandmother is still a Healing Priestess at the temple. I don't know where I got my sensitivities, but it's almost as painful for me as it is Tal."

"But, you drugged me." He tried to get up out of the water, only to be restrained by Tallin and Gabe. "I'm not a damn Catamite. You're seeing to it that I forget that."

Tallin looked sharply at him. "If you want to think of the joy that two, three, four, or how ever many men chooses to join, as being acts of Catamite's. Then I feel for you Ern. Because, by your definition of the word Catamite, you, most certainly are one. Now you will sit here, relax and let the oil help you. I am not my father, and I won't push you, but I won't let you do anything stupid either." He pressed Ern down harder as Ern tried to struggle to get away from him. "I said, be still." Tallin spared Gabe one look. "If he doesn't calm down, run to Mistress Trinna's rooms and see if you can get Jerrick. He's my father's Lover, so he should have enough pull with this guy to get him to listen to reason."

Ern froze. They would involve other people. He didn't want that. It was bad enough for him to have to be like he was with the two here already. He didn't want any others to know. What would happen to him if it got back to his master? "No, I'll be still." He tried to relax. "See, I won't fight. Just please, I don't care what happens here, or what you do to me. Just don't get master Caytin involved."

Tallin nodded as Gabe settled back down beside him. "What do I have to do to help get you past this?"

Ern looked down. He didn't know what to say, because he didn't know the answer. "I, look, I'm trying, Sir.

"You know Tal, all in all, he's not doing as bad as he could be doing. We haven't had to call in anyone to talk him down yet." Gabe patted Ern's hand. And if we just give him a few more minutes, that is a worry that we won't have to deal with."

Ern half sat, half huddled in the water. Tallin and Gabe teasing him with their hands and mouth, kissing, stroking, and lightly pinching as they waited for the drugs in the oil to begin to have an effect on him.

* * *

Fain, hung, wrists bound over his head, hooked to the hook in the ceiling. His ankles forced apart a little over three feet, by the bar that was tied between them. Leaving his swinging slowly, there, all his weight on his wrists.

Caytin patted his cheek smiling as he held up a gag for Fain to see. "Are you going to be comfortable enough with me, to let me gag you, love?"

Fain swallowed back his nervousness. "Yes Sir, but you don't have to gag me. I'll be quiet if you want me to be quiet."

Caytin just shook his head, smiling. "Trust me, my sweet, there is no way I could expect you to hold you tongue for all of it." He pressed the gag between Fain's teeth, fastening it at the back his head, careful not to catch any of his hair in the knot. "You are so lovely. I plan to see to it that you know, fully, how much you stir me with your pretty face and equally sweet bottom." He smiled winking at him. "Shall I see about bringing a little more color to your skin?"

Fain moaned softly at the light press of the rod whip that Caytin lay against his back, training it down his back. Trembling as he waited for the first blow.

"You are going to show some control, aren't you, Fain. You are not to surrender to the feelings, until I give you permission. If you fail me then it is to the bed, on your back, you go. I wonder how, well, those pretty little balls and cock of yours will hold up to a good lashing. Because if you disobey me, I will do just that, I will lash at them until you have came twice more." Finger reaching to toy with his balls, tugging down slightly, as Fain whimpered.

'Ump msssr," Fain tried to answer Caytin, but the gag muffled his words. ' I'm going to be whipped, there is no way I can keep from surrendering, I am going to be whipped.' The horrifying reality that nothing he could do was going to be enough to protect him, frightened him but exited him at the same time.

Caytin took a thin rope with what appeared to be two slipknots in the middle, about two inches apart. Carefully wrapped it around the younger man's penis, snuggling it behind his balls, looping the ends between the slipknots, to tighten the rope around him. Taking the two ends, running them up to separate his balls, and through the rope that held Fain's balls captured. Once worked through he left them drop down to dangle between his legs. "Hmmm, almost, but I think I could come up with a few other things." He reached over to the table, lifting a bar, with a loop at each end. "I think ten pounds won't be too much for you Fain. What do you think?" He tied the loose end of each rope end to the bar, holding up so that Fain could see it again, before smiling as he let the bar drop, yanking at his tussled balls. Fain cried out as his balls, felt for a moment as if they were being ripped off at the root.

"Be careful love. It's been probably many cycles since last he has anything more than just play done to him." Kaj touched Fain's chest. She pinched his nipples, drawing a sharp intake of air from Fain. "Poor little one. He is almost as tender and fresh as one of the boys you used to make a habit of playing with."

Caytin tisked at Fain as he ran his hands over his tightly clinched cheeks, gently parting them. "Oh, I am sure soon enough, he will remember all the things he used to love, again."

"Well, get on with it, love. You keep him hanging there, looking as sweet as he does right now, I am going to deprive you both of the fun you have planned for him, and pull him down and have my way with him, gag and all."

"Yes Mistress." Caytin chuckled, reaching out to fondle Fain. "We wouldn't want that, now would be Fain?"

Fain shook his head, again trying to answer, but the gag kept his voice silenced. He was praying that his master would be allowed to finish with him. Though he loved what it felt like when his mistress chose to use him for her pleasure, he at this moment, wanted what his master offered more.

The first blow drew a sharp intake of breath as he jerked, hands grasping at the rope that held them bound.

Caytin began to set up a smooth and easy rhythm as he whipped Fain, the end of the whip lashing again and again, striping Fain's back from his shoulders, to the backs of his knees, and back up again.

Fain hung there, tears rolling down his face as he twisted and twitched in an attempt to avoid the blows. But no matter which way he twisted, the whip landed.

'I don't think I can do this.' Fain began to fret, he had been hit, more times than he could count. His back, down to his knees, were hot and felt like they had, had, the skin cut from them. "Errrcy," he screamed out as again the whip cut across his back.

"Ssshh," He leaned in to whisper in Fain's ear. "Good boy." He cut him down, supporting the man as he slumped against him. "There a time or two, I was sure that you would have lost control of yourself. But I am pleased to say, you are much tougher than you look." He lifted into his arms, carrying him slowly to the bed, laying Fain on his back, shushing him as, his cry of pain was muffled by the gag.

"I think I should have Trinna sent for. You weren't near as careful with him as you are usually with one the boys you play with." Kaj worried over Fain. "Damn, Cay, you drew blood in several places."

"Caytin dropped to his knees. "I'm sorry Mistress," he reached out and took Fain's still bound hands. "You too, love. I had no idea that I would mark you like I did. All I had wanted to do was show you that I can and will help you and your desires." There were tears in Caytin's eyes. "Here, let me help you." He reached and unknotted, first the gag, pulling it from his mouth. And then untying his wrists. "I'm sorry," he touched Fain's cheek, rubbing the tears away. "Please believe me, baby, I am so, very, sorry."

Kaj opened the door to her rooms, to poke her head out. "Kari, could you go and fetch Trinna for me. I have a need of her skills."

"Yes Ma'am." And the young guard took off running as fast as she could without it making any suspicious.

Kaj moved back to the bed, where Caytin still knelt and Fain still lay on the bed. "It's okay, honey, Trinna will be here soon enough, and you know how talented she is." She began to work the rope from around his cock and balls.

"I'm okay Mistress, really I am." Fain protested.

"I am sure you are, but this just so happens to be your wedding night, and I would just as soon not have you spend it hurting so much that breathing is difficult." She began to stroke him slowly, working to make sure that there was plenty of blood flow,

Fain smiled weakly at her. "Please, Mistress, don't be angry with him. I was scarred long ago, Mer used to call me something of a pain junkie. I loved it." He looked to where Caytin knelt. "Did I please you Master?"

Caytin smiled, sadly. "Fain, honey, you are my Consort just as much as you are our mistresses. Don't call me master. I am known by most of the men here, who are not bedwarmers as Caytin, or Cay. Please use that."

Kaj came and sat by Fain. "And Fain, as my second consort. You have the permission to do what no other man in my house other than Cay, Warrel and Kerfan. I will answer you if you use my name as well, on occasion." She continued to massage his genitals. "Is the pain easing up some, little one?"

"Yes, Mistress, it is, thank you."

"Roll over on your stomache. I know you must hurt like hell." She waited for Fain to obey. Reaching out to touch one of the several welts that had broken the skin. Confused as the blood, sticky and cold, wiped away with a touch. "Cay, you did clean that toy of yours up before using again, didn't you?"

Caytin looked up, "I asked Van do it when I left for my son's funeral and pyre. Are you telling me, that I was using a whip, that still had that creatures blood on it?" He was more upset by this, than he was at the thought that he had really done Fain damage. "I am going to string that boy up. I'm sorry Fain, I had no idea." He looked up to Kaj, "Mistress, can I see to it that all traces of that thing are removed from our consort?"

"Yes, please. It hurts me in a way that if you were not, Remmy's father, you wouldn't understand. I will not have anything left of that thing touch any of my family ever again."

* * *

Trinna opened the door to her room at the sound of a sharp knock "Yes, Kari?"

"I'm sorry Trinna, but the Chieftess has requested you again."

She turned and grabbed a robe, "Jerrick, just stay here for me. I shouldn't be gone long."

"I will Mistress." Jerrick was just as confused at what Lady Kaj needed his mistress for. "Is there a problem?"

Kari shrugged. "I think the one that she and Caytin are keeping with them, played a little too rough with the Head Consort."

"I see, then yes, I'll come and see to him." She gave Jerrick one last look. "Hold on there love. I'll be back in no time." And she followed the guard from the room. Leaving Jerrick to lay there, wondering what was going to happen next.

* * *

Ern, moaned, trapped between Tallin and Gabe on the bed. He didn't know what was going on. It shouldn't feel like what it did. But should or shouldn't, it did. And as Tallin kissed the back of his shoulder, finger teasing his puckered virgin hole, Gabe licked the head of his cock, tongue lapping and swirling around him before pulling his cock into his mouth, using his mouth and jaw muscles to try to swallow him.

"Does it feel good Ern?" Tallin bit at his shoulder, hands roaming over his chest.

Ern just moaned, unable to talk. "Good, I am glad. I am going to make love to you now. It won't hurt, I promise." He parted his cheeks farther, to line himself up, beginning to work his way, thrusting slowly, to ease himself into Ern's tight opening. "Ssshh," he soothed as Ern whimpered. "Relax, the more tense you are, the more likely it might hurt."

"Ah," Ern cried out, as not only did Tallin fully fill him, but also, Gabe brought him to orgasm. His senses warred with his reason as he thrust forward, into the warm eager mouth, shuddering as he felt the feeling of a firm but gently hand, squeezing his balls, helping to drain him of all his seed.

Ern tasted his seed as Gabe kissed him, feeding it to him, hands still working on his erection that had yet to soften. "That was nice." He kissed him again.

Ern just moaned. Talking was out of the question. Thinking was as well, for the first time in his life. He felt pleasure with another man. He had never even shared time with a woman before. And now, he had always looked forward to having a woman of his own.

Tallin gripped his hips as he began to push forward, riding him in earnest. "Please," he began to cry, so caught up in the pleasure that all he could do is lie there sobbing softly against Gabe as Tallin made love to him.

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