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Bound And Chained

Chapter 7


Morning came early, earlier than Fain had thought it would. No one was moving around him yet, but as, he watched the door silently open, he knew that that was about to change.

"Mommy, Pappy!" A tiny little redheaded, freckled toddler bounded across the room.

Kaj rolled over, smiling. "Well if it isn't our little wake-up call." She pulled the girl in bed with them. "Good morning Kally. Did you sleep well last night?

The little girl nodded, looking at Fain, who lay between Kaj and Caytin, covers pulled up to his chin to hide the fact he had no clothes on. "Who's that mommy?"

"He is your new father. Your papa and I took him as our consort last night."

She cocked her head to one side. "Really?"

"Yes, really, now if you will go on and run out of here, he's still very new, and a little shy."

She rolled her eyes. "I've seen men before, mommy."

"Yes, love, but Fain didn't grow up here. He is one of the new ones. Show him a little pity. Imagine how you would feel if you were living, lost and confused in his land. Wouldn't you want someone to show you some understanding." She kissed the top of her head. "Now go child, I'll see you at breakfast soon enough. Let me get my men moving."

* * *

The room stopped talking as Kaj led Caytin and Fain into the dining hall. "Go on, ladies, don't stop on my account." She took the seat at the head of the table, Caytin on her right, Fain on her left.

"There something you want to tell us Kaj?" Kaj's niece laughed.

"Be nice Serra. Yes, I have asked, and Fain agreed to be my second consort. I'll get around to doing the ceremony, sometime after I deal with the Merican's and finish a few other things, that will come with them." She held her hands back as a serving slave placed a plate before her. "Thank you Winna, it's good to see you coming to terms with your sentence."

"Thank you, Mistress." The young woman kept her head down. She was serving a ten-cycle sentence for attempted murder. It had been one of those crimes, that had she not been pushed to the point of no return, she would never have raised her hand. Kaj took the Temples word into consideration, and only sentenced her for ten cycles of domestic work, and not in the fields. And Winna knew how lucky she was. At least within the Chieftess's house, she was allowed to share time with the bedwarmers, if she had been sent to the fields, it would be ten cycles of sleeping alone, or only with other women, every night.

Trinna followed by Jerrick came into the dining hall. Jerrick was very aware of the eyes on him as he held out Trinna's seat for her. "Congrat's Kaj." She took a plate from Winna handing it to Jerrick before reaching for one of her own. "I told Jerrick that what with Fain being the way he is, and as worried as the two of you were over him last night, that I just knew he'd end up in that chair." She pointed to Fain.

"Well, I couldn't let my 'little' sister get all the credit, now could I?"

The table filled as more and more of the women and slaves of the house began to appear. Tallin and Gabe led Ern between them, the young man, was still in shock from the night before. He just couldn't believe what he had done, and even worse, that he found pleasure in it. He was a nineteen cycle old virgin, he didn't understand what had happened to him. He had spent hours with his two new friends. Had been covered by both of there, and covered them as well. The, taste of hot, flesh and seed where he had blown them both, more than once was still with him. And now they were leading him into a room where so many sat. He knew that they all had to know what had happened to him in his room last night.

"Good morning, Tal." Caytin smiled at his son. "I am going to assume that seeing as Ern is still with Gabe and yourself, that all went well last night."

"Yes, Sir. There was a time or two that I was worried that he might give us problems, but in the end, he was just as susceptible to the drug as the rest of us." He grinned looking at Ern. "Isn't that so, Ern. We did just fine last night, didn't we?"

Ern looked down. "Yes, Sir." This boy was the son of his master. As surely as he was the son of his mistress. He didn't dare say anything. He was a slave now. He must never forget that.

Kaj took Fain's hand, as Trinna grabbed Jerrick's. "Right now is not the time for this Caytin. Leave the boy be. Can't you see how uncomfortable he is right now?"

"Yes Mistress."

Kaj patted Fain's hand. "Don't worry so, little one. Give Ern a little time. I am sure that he will come through this just fine."

* * *

"Cay, love, I think it is time that you took Fain and let him visit Mer." Kaj suggested smiling over the paperwork on her desk. "I am going to be busy for most of the afternoon, so He should have plenty of time to share with Mer."

Fain looked up, hope in his eyes. "Mistress?"

Kaj smiled at him. "I promised you didn't I? What now that you are my consort, a man that I have pledged to share my life with, to help me to bear my children, you think the promise I made you is going to change?"

"No, Mistress, it's just that what with all that had been going on, that maybe it would take a few more days."

She just chuckled. "And exactly what did you think I would consider more important than my word, especially to a man that I am rapidly coming to love?"

He was on his knees before her, holding her fingers tightly in his hands, kissing them even before the words were completely out of her mouth. It had taken Mer almost two full cycles to convince a much younger and much more traumatized Fain that he loved him, but all it took was one simple line and question now. He had to believe her when she told him she was coming to love him. She had taken him as her second consort, had given him permission to do what only the women and few fertile men of her house were allowed. She had given him permission to call her something other than mistress. It would be a long time, if ever, before he did that, at least to her face. But the fact that she had granted him that little kindness meant so much to him.

He was helped to his feet. Lips brushed against his cheek. "Ssshh, little one what is this? I had thought you would be happy to get to see your old love."

Fain almost went back to his knees, Kaj's hands on his arms were the only thing that kept him standing. She searched his eyes, a worried look on her face. "What is wrong Fain? You keep going on like this, and I am going to have to retract my permission for now. I will not have any of the men of my house especially, not my own consort, leave it as emotionally distraught as you are."

Again, Fain, grabbed her hands, but refrained from going to his knees. 'No, please Mistress, I'm not upset, just a little surprised. I never believed that slavery could ever be anything but what it was to me the first time." He held her hands to his lips kissing them softly. 'Thank you, Mistress, now I believe that my past really is over. That I will have a life once again."

Fingers tangled in hair as Fain was pressed back against the wall surrendering to his mistresses' kiss.

Kaj pulled back from him, smiling. Stroking his cheek like he was either a child or a favorite pet. "Cay, best you get Fain going. His pretty words and equally pretty face, is going to make me forget there are things I need to do, and take him and throw him on the bed and spend the rest of the day there."

"Yes, Mistress." Caytin took Fain by the arm and led the still overly emotional man from the room.

Caytin led Fain down the street and around the corner for the street that ran parallel to the back of his home. "I want you to understand this Fain." He started carefully.

"Yes, Master?"

Caytin winced. 'I thought I had asked you not to call me that last night. You are not one of the many bedwarmers in my house. More than that, you are my consort."

He looked down blushing. "Okay, sorry Caytin." The name sounded strange coming from him. "But Caytin, what happens when, you know you are being my master, like last night?"

A soft mellow chuckle, "other than when I have to give your orders, or are really punishing you, that is the only other time you are to use that name with me." He snorted at the glint in Fain's eyes. "I will see to it that you are taken care of. You will not have to come up with excuses for me to punish you. Matter of fact, the first time I think you failed intentionally, you will not like the punishment I give you. You will spend several hours in Trinna's care so she can repair the damage I do to you." He would never dream of hurting his new consort to the extent he had just threatened him with, but the boy didn't know that.

"Yes, Sir." He ducked his head.

"Now, where was I? Oh yes, I don't want you to ever say to Kaj, what I am about to say to you. I loved my son. I would have done anything in my power to protect him. But I couldn't, and my son is lost to me. I have to accept that, and accept that my son's life bought our people so much. Because it really doesn't matter if your old King agrees with Kaj or if she has to live up to her word and attack him. There will be new breeders to join our people. Our people will not begin to die out in a few more hundred cycles." He touched Fain's cheek. "It eases the pain, just a little, to know that my son, my baby, with his death, bought so much." He lifted Fain's chin, kissing him softly. "That I now have you and Jerrick. You have no idea how much having the two of you has eased my pain."

Fain pressed his face against Caytin's, "Cay." He whispered, ever aware of the people around them. "Just where is mistresses Aticka's house?"

"There just a little, walk, away." He pointed to a sprawling house made of stone and wood. "Why?"

"Because," he kissed the side of his face, pressing closer to him. "'Master'," he whispered. "I want to show you what you and Lady Kaj mean to me. And I don't dare in public."

"Yes, you are right, there are too many children on the street, and it would not do to shock them." His arms tightened around Fain. "Let's go, shall we?"

* * *

"Caytin, this is a surprise." A man greeted them at the door to Aticka's Men's Quarter's. "And let me guess, by the look of the boy with you, it has to be Fain. Mer has been fretting about him since the guards brought him to Aticka. Poor man, he has been almost positive that his boy here was being tormented. It took me hours to finally get him to the point that he would relax enough to let me welcome him into my home." A tall, blond, broad shouldered, somewhat pretty man greeted Caytin and Fain as they entered.

"Fain!" Mer almost knocked the man out of the way to get to Fain. "Are you okay? The Chieftess, she hasn't hurt you, has she baby?"

It took Fain a moment to answer his friend and long time lover. "No, Mer, if anything, I am happier now than I have been in a long time." He stroked Mer's hair as he held him. "My mistress, she decided after all I had been through, that she wanted to keep me with her for a while," he grinned. "I don't think she had meant it to be quite as long a while." He grabbed Mer by the shoulders. "She has taken me as her second consort, Mer. She and Caytin, there, they have put me in a place that no one will ever threaten me again."

Mer nodded, looking a bit crestfallen. "So, let me guess, you had him bring you here to tell me goodbye and wish me well then?"

Fain winced. He had been so happy. That he had forgotten how likely it was that Mer would take this as a betrayal. "No, Mer," he started, choosing his words very carefully. "Kaj gave us her word that we would not be forbidden time with each other. Caytin just brought me here today so I could see you. I love you Mer, if my new wedded state would have cost me what I still have with you, I wouldn't have done it. I, never have, and, never will, betray you."

A look of intense relief fell over Mer's face, as he crushed Fain to him. "I have been so worried about you. I was so sure that you couldn't, I mean, I'm a man, you have never with a woman. I just knew you wouldn't and then . . .."

Fain laughed. "Did you get that special oil, they make here, used on you last night?" Mer nodded. "Well, I did too. By the point that my mistress chose to top me, I didn't care who or what she was." He blushed, "and afterwards, well I wasn't like you, I never voluntarily chose to be fey. It was pretty much decided for me by my first masters. Then you saved me. And you have always been, fey, so after living through all that I had, you were kind and gentle with me." He grinned suddenly. "Actually, for once I have it easier than the other two in my house. I was already fey to begin with, poor Commander Jerrick and Ern. It's been a real adjustment for them. A much bigger one for them accepting the love of a man, than it has been for me accepting the love of a woman."

Mer just held him close. "I am happy for you, baby. I was so worried."

Fain took his face in his hands, "we don't have a lot of time together today, so let's not waste it talking."

"Well, I can see how well this one is with you and mistress Kaj, how goes it with the other two?" The man looked to Caytin as Fain and Mer were lost in each other.

"It goes well, Brom. Jerrick, the raiding party's commander, is now my Lover, and Tallin and Gabe took care of the other man for me last night. With as badly as the women of my house need new blood, I don't see him remaining as just a breeder for long. If he isn't snatched up by the end of the week, I will be honestly surprised." Caytin looked up, to where the other two men were pressing themselves against the wall, struggling out of their clothes. "Fain, love, why don't you and Mer go to the room that Mer slept in last night." The two men nodded and left the room arm in arm, still trying to eat each other alive."

After they were gone, Caytin looked to Brom. "So, friend, did the man give you a hard time?"

Brom sighed. "No, but it took Tavis, Aticka's father to remind me that he hadn't killed anyone. It was real touch and go there for a moment. Aticka just turned him over to me and let it drop. She is in mourning for Remmy. I am too, but I am her first consort, and the head of her men, and so it was to me that he was entrusted.

"How is Matty?" Kaj and he, as well as Aticka and Brom had planned to let Remmy once he reached the age of fifteen come here and become Matty's first consort, but with his death, there would be no wedding.

"She has lost the boy that she had grown up, knowing as nothing but her perspective first consort, Caytin. How do you think she is? Didn't you see her at the funeral yesterday? If it hadn't been for Tavis and I, she would have thrown herself on the flames with him. They were raised together, both knowing that they would one day be lady and consort. It isn't easy on a twelve cycle old child, knowing that what once was, was, no more. All because that damned animal had thrown that dagger and ended the boys life." He clinched his fists together, trying to maintain control. "How do you and your lady stand it? You have three of them living within your house. True none of them threw the blade, but had they not come, then your son will still be alive, and Matty wouldn't be mourning like she is."

Caytin lay a hand on Brom's shoulder. "By remembering that my son's life bought us all a new chance to live again. The Merican will either fill Kaj's order or Kaj will lead our guard to kill them all over the age of fifteen, and those children that are left, she will bring home for us to use to save our people anyway. I hold on to that knowledge."

"But to not only take one of them as your Lover, but another as your second consort?"

He shrugged. "What better way to keep an eye on them, than to have them under my eye at all times. Besides, Lady Trinna took Jerrick as her first consort. What else was I to do? At least now, with Fain, when Rhea finally chooses one of her own, the boy will have another man in the house to look after him. Don't let Fain's looks fool you. He might not be aggressive, but he is without a doubt a man. If I had any doubt of his suitability and honesty, I would have never agreed with Kaj's offer of him as a consort. I have no say over who she chooses to share her time with in my house, but I can refuse to take a consort, and if I had refused. Kaj would have never pushed it on me."

* * *

Ern tried very hard to melt into the scenery of the Men's Quarter's, he was still having problems with what happened the night before. And now, that he was no longer under the Head consort's protection, all the men were looking at him as a prospective bedmate. The memories of what had happened the night before just wouldn't let him rest. Because he knew that it wasn't a one-time thing, and what was worse, he knew that he would have to do it again, and again. The word 'slave' hung over his head like a cloud. All he could hope was that one of the women. His mistresses would hurry up and chose to take him. Even if it was only for a short time. If they didn't soon, he would end up as fey as many of the non-fertile, the bedwarmers, here. And he didn't want that. True, what he had shared with Tallin and Gabe the night before had been wonderful, but he would just as soon never do that again. And if he could attract a mistress's attention, then he might not have too, at least, for a while.

"What is wrong with you, boy? You look like you have lost your best friend." Warrel sat down beside him. "One of the boy's giving you a hard time?"

Ern shook his head. "No Sir. Just doing some thinking."

"You still fretting about what you did with my great grand-son and that friend of his?" Ern sighed nodding. Warrel snorted at him. "Well boy, you're fertile, once the ladies finish getting a good look at you, you won't have time enough to be doing much ducking around the boy's. Tallin was very correct in his complaint, that for the most part. If you are fertile, and one of the breeders here, you are kept busy, and if you become a consort to one of the mistress's here, then she will keep you just as busy. Caytin spent more time in the quarter's yesterday than he has in almost half a cycle. And even then, for the most part it was to attain a 'man's justice' for Remmy's murder."

"I still can't believe that Durn did that. He never came across as a man who would hurt a child, much less kill one."

Warrel nodded. "It is usually one that you just couldn't seeing doing the crime that does it."

"But he was my partner. Like Fain and Mer worked together, and Erik and Remus. The two that mistress Kaj sent off with her demands. What happens when it is known who was supposed to be with him when he did it?"

"Were you with him?"

Ern shook his head violently. "No Sir."

"Did you see him do it?" Again the negative shake. "Then you are making yourself sick over nothing. If the Mother had thought that you deserved to suffer his fate with him, trust me, boy. The Temple and the, Sword, are very closely tied. When my daughter, Kaj's mother, Azrena, was still nursing her, the Mother Kaylin's mother was doing the same with her. They grew up almost as if they were sisters. Had Mother Kaylin thought you guilty of more than the raid, she would have said so."

"I hope so. If she thinks that I could have stopped him," he looked uncomfortable. "I don't want to die, even slavery is preferable to death. And even more, I don't want to die like Durn did."

"The thing that kidded, my great grandson is not dead yet. After we saw to it that he understood that he had no life, other than the one that he was living now, and that life would be both short and painful. Caytin sent him to the Temple where there are ladies, mostly of the guard, that have no desire for men, who still desire children, he is fertile. So the priestesses are having his seed taken by force from him. His body will be forced to produce fertile seed, again and again to serve his mistress's. It is not a good way to die, if truth, be known, it is one of the worst ways I can think of. After about ten or so, it will be sheer agony for him, but his body will be forced to continue to produce again and again. Until he finally dies from exhaustion."

Ern looked at him. Without food or water, he knew that a man being forced to do what Durn was being forced to do, wouldn't last for more than a couple of days, but that time would be hell. "He will get no breaks? Nothing to eat or drink?"

"He will be given water every few hours, but no food or rest. There are many of the mistresses that have no interest in men. Even more now that there is so many sterile boys being born. The fertile men are pretty much already claimed for the houses. The women of the guard go into it knowing that they will probably never have a child. This was an opportunity that was just too good, that Kaj waved the normal law, forbidding a man that kills a child the right to be a father. We need children too much.

Ern shuddered at the though of dying like that. He would rather have the men torture him to death. At least if he was lucky, they would kill him in a matter of hours. Durn was looking at days, almost weeks for him to finally be allowed to die. "And you think that the mistress, will not judge me guilty and send me to the Temple as well?"

"Unless you break one of the serious laws of our people, you should be fine. I don't, believe, anything short of killing another child will get you sent there. But as you are one of those who were captured in the raid, I would try very hard to not push anything. Obey your mistress, and the women of her home, do as Caytin orders, and you should be fine. Look at your fellow new captures. Jerrick is now the Healer Trinna's consort her first one no less. And Fain, Kaj and Caytin have taken him in. Make sure you look as pretty as you can, even if that means attracting the attention of other men in our home. And sooner or later, one of the women here, your other mistress's will take notice of you."

Ern looked down. 'I'm going to have to do this, even if I hate it.' Well at least he still had the oil they used on him to fall back on. That 'is' if they were still willing to use it with him. "Thank you, Sir."

Warrel patted him on the knee. "Think nothing of it boy, I have been here since I was sixteen. Have grown old within these walls. You are not, by far, the first boy I have had to talk to. Though you are the first I have had to deal with like I am having to with you, in all my hundred and thirty cycles."

* * *

Fain bit the blanket, under his head, as Mer forced him even farther into the mattress with each downward thrust. It had been weeks since last they had done anything more than just sleep by each other in the camp, planning the raid. And now, he was a slave again, but more than just a slave. True Mer had been taken from his new home, but as he lay under him, welcoming everything his lover offered him, he accepted that it could be much worse. He was the second consort to his Mistress, who was Chieftess of what were now his people. Lead mistress, of his own home, and more important to him was the he was also the consort of the head consort of all the men here. Not only to the ones that were in his house, but, of all the men of the Danes. And had been promised that he would be allowed to continue to see Mer. That was the best part. As he cried out softly as Mer picked up speed, gripping his hips. He would still be allowed to continue to see Mer.

Mer collapsed over him, breathing hard. "Damn, boy, it's been too long."

Fain lifted up, smiling at him, "maybe so, master, but we have what time we are allowed together. I am more grateful for that than I am for all the rest combined. I don't know what I would do if they saw to it that we were never allowed to see each other again."

"I'm not your master anymore, Fain, your master is out there with mine. But you are right, I don't think I could deal as well as I am with all of this, had the Lady Kaj, not only separated us, but seen to it that we were never allowed to see each other again." He reached out to touch Fain's cheek. "But for now, I don't know how much longer I am going to be allowed to keep you here with me. I need to be cleaned up boy, see to it."

"I might not belong to you as I once did, but when we are together, like this, you are my master, and I will always obey you." Fain kissed him once more before moving to attend to his still erect penis, licking away all traces of the lovemaking they had just shared, before taking it deep into his mouth. Right hand playing with Mer's balls as he worked at swallowing, him, down his throat.

* * *

An hour or so later, a soft knock on Mer's door called the two lovers back to the world around them. "I hate to interrupt the two of you. But I need to get Fain home before lunch." Caytin stood in the door.

Mer pulled away from Fain at once. "Yes, Master."

Caytin watched as Fain hurried to get dressed, pulling back every now and then to kiss Mer. "Goddess you two," Caytin laughed. "You both act like this will be the last time you will ever see each other."

"Is it Cay?" Fain tied his pants around his waste.

"No, Brom and I have agreed that we will see to it that the two of you are allowed to see each other, for now, until you both become accustomed to your place here, once a week. That is if you don't know our way of marking time. Once ever nine days and once you both have come to peace with your place here. You can spend all the time you wish with each other, as long as you do your duty and chores to and in your home, you may stay with each other all you want. But until then, Brom and I will take turns bringing one to the other. Which means that next week, Mer, you will be coming to visit Fain."

"But, Kaj? I thought that, I mean, I am her second consort, yours too. It's not going to upset her?" It couldn't be that easy.

"Fain. I am the head consort of all the men of the Danes. Personally, I would feel better knowing where you were. Brom and I go way back, so I know while you are here, you are safe, and he knows the same for Mer. Now come on. It, is, getting, lunch time and Kaj hates very little more than being made to wait."

* * *

Kaj notices all during the meal how Ern would glance at her and then away, uncomfortable. * Cay, love, what is wrong with Ern? I thought all had gone well last night. *

Caytin looked up at the man. He did look a bit spooked. * I don't know Kaj, but after lunch Mistress, if you want me to check with him, I am yours to command. *

Caytin reached for Ern as he went to leave the dining room. "One moment if you would."

Ern stopped, frozen, where he was. "Master?" 'Now what?' He tried to think of something that he had done that could bring to this mans notice. But couldn't.

"You don't have to look at me like that. I only wanted to talk to you. See how everything is going with you. You look jumpier than a dune mouse. What is wrong with you? Tallin says you were fine with him and Gabe last night, so what is still the problem?"

Ern looked anywhere but at Caytin. "Nothing, Master, just trying to finish working this all out in my head, that's all. 'Please, God, don't forsake me now. Let him be satisfied with that.' But deep in his soul, he knew that Caytin would not just let it drop. He would have to go through his fears again, even if he were beginning to work them out on his own. He was not working fast enough, apparently for those around him, his owners, satisfaction.

Caytin led him to a couch in the den of his house. Motioning him to sit down. "Okay, Ern. I am going to have to tell Kaj something. Even if it is you're still shy around us, which will get my son in trouble. I left you in his care last night. He has reported to his mother that you are well. Is that not the case?

Ern shook his head emphatically. "No, Sir. Tallin and Gabe were, much, more than just patient with me last night. I am just getting over worrying about my place here, but the old man, Warrel, I think is his name. He took the time to let me know that if my mistress thought me guilty of any greater crime than the raid. I would be sharing Durn's fate."

"So Warrel knows what this is about?"

"Yes, Sir." He was beginning to be afraid again. "Please, Sir, I won't say anything else. There is nothing wrong." He still needed to take some time and work this all through in his head. His new life and how he was going to have to live it, to do just that, live. But he was going to have to act like he had already, and wait until he was alone, whenever that might be, to take the time he needed.

"Ern." Caytin lay a hand on his leg. "I am going to ask you just one more time, what is, or was, the problem that still has you so tense? If I have to go to Warrel, I will be forced to punish you for it. Now last chance. What is going on in your head?

Ern looked up, meeting his eyes. If he was going to have to talk, so be it, but he wasn't going to hide his head anymore. He had hoped that they would let it rest for now, and not bring it up again until after he had time to settle, maybe even have one of the mistresses in his new home take an interest in him, if not for a consort, at least for breeding purposes. But he wasn't allowed that. He was going to have to face it all, right now. "I was, am, afraid Sir. We came in pairs of two with Commander Jerrick. Mer and Fain were one. Eric and Remus, were another. And Durn and I were the third. I wasn't there when he threw that blade, but I should have been. I am so afraid that my mistress will decide that I failed in that and my failure was what cost her, her, son's life."

"And what did Warrel tell you?"

"That the Priestess had already touched me, had judged me innocent of any other crimes. But Master, I have been told time and time again for the last couple of days that, fertile men here were so hard to come by that there were almost extinct. Your, her son was fertile."

Caytin felt bad for the younger man. It was a lot to expect anyone, even a rightly captured slave to deal with all at once. To know that the possibility of death by torture, or worse, in the hands of the Priestesses of the Temple, could be your fate at any time. "Ern, Warrel was right. Had Mother Kaylin thought you at fault in anyway for what that creature did to my son, she would have seen to it that he was not the only slave to die. But she didn't." He squeezed Ern's thigh. "I give you my word, as the lead amomg all the slaves of the Danes, that you will not be called into account for what another did. Do you believe me?"

"I believed the old man, Sir, it is just taking me a little time to convince the rest of my body to accept the truth."

"Good, well, now that I know what was the problem, I can go back and tell her and assure her that you are working your way past it."

Ern grabbed his hand. "Please, Sir, just tell her I am fine, please don't tell her what I was worried about." He looked a bit wild-eyed. "I understand that you all say that she will not have me killed, but please, just don't tell her what I told you." He licked his lips, no longer caring about pride. "I'm begging you, Master."

Caytin sighed. "I can't do that Ern. She is just as much, if not more my mistress, as she is yours. I have to tell her something."

"Please, Master. Tell her I was working it all out in my head, and that I will be better now. Just, please, don't tell her why I have been so afraid." Ern went to his knees at Caytin's feet. "Please, Master, I'm begging you. Please."

Caytin touched Ern's cheek. "And will you be better now Ern? If I give my assurances to my mistress that you are coming along well. Are you going to make a liar of me?"

Ern shook his head, fighting tears of gratitude. "No, Sir. I will be better, even if I have to accept that other men will want time with me again. I promise, I will be better."

Caytin nodded. "Okay, well then see to it that you start acting like it, and I will assure your, my, mistress that you are well on the way to becoming part of our house." He hoped that Kaj would accept his vague assurances. He had given the boy his word he would not tell his fears to her, and he would keep his word. No matter how angry Kaj got, or how much she yelled at him. He would not be the one to talk.

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