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Bound And Chained

Chapter 8


Kaj looked up from her desk as Caytin let himself into her office. "So, did your talk with Ern go well?"

"He is coming along. Just working some things out in his head. I think the fact that he enjoyed his time with Tallin and Gabe was the hardest thing for him to come to grips with." It was true, but it wasn't the full truth.

Kaj put down her pen and turned to look at him. "Caytin, come here." She pointed to the ground before her.

"Yes, Mistress?" He moved at once.

"I had a talk with Warrel while you were with Ern. I know what the problem really was. Why don't you just drop this charade and tell me what was really said?"

"I can't Mistress. I gave him my word I would not talk about it with you. It's been taken care of." 'Damn, Warrel, you had to come running to Kaj.' Caytin swore to himself.

Kaj's slap sent him sprawling backwards. "Answer me this Caytin. What is Ern?"

"A slave Mistress." He wiped the blood from his lip as he returned to kneeling at her feet.

"Good, and whose slave is he?"

"Yours Mistress." Caytin didn't understand where she was going with this.

"Good, again, now for the important question. What and who are you?"

"A slave Mistress, your slave." He was getting a bad feeling about this. Maybe Ern was right, his lady might indeed hold him partially responsible for what happened to her son.

"He is my slave, more important, so are you. And yet you gave him your word that you would keep something from me?"

"I'm sorry Mistress, I would die before hurting you in anyway. But he is terrified of you that you wouldn't understand. He begged me to not tell you anything. It is taken care of, so I gave him my word. Will you have me be forsworn?"

"I will have you tell me the truth. How dare you decide what I should and should not know about one of my own slaves." She got up. Stepping past him to go to the door, opening it to catch the attention of the guard whose post was at her office door. "Kari, go and get Ern. If he isn't in the Men's Quarter's leave word that the moment he gets there he is to report to my office at once."

"Yes, Ma'am." And the guard, who was stationed outside her door, took off at an easy jog.

Kaj closed the door before turning back to face Caytin. "I will hear what he has to say, from his own lips, and he will take you, stripped and leashed to the Men's Quarter's to be punished for one hour. Any protest from him, and it will increase to two hours. You, who have abused my trust in you, for the period of your punishment, are nothing. Even the lowest of bedwarmers is your master. Winna, if you see her, you will acknowledge her as your mistress. You will speak only when spoken to. Answering questions with yes or no master. Do, I, make myself clear, slave?" She went to the drawer where she kept the key to his collar. "You forced me to collar you over eighteen cycles ago. I have never regretted choosing to collar you instead of my other option. Until now." She reached behind his neck, fitting the key into the lock there. "By not bringing his fears and story to me, you are in effect lying to me." Her face was drawn and there was pain in her eyes. "I have no other choice but to see that you learn the consequences of your actions, slave." She took a plane black leather collar and fastened it to his throat. Then hooking the leash to his collar. "Now strip slave."

"Kaj, please." Caytin tried to explain himself to her.

"I am your mistress, slave." Again she swung her hand at him, but this time it was not an open palm but a fist. "Do you think I 'like' what I am going to have done to you? I am not just the Head of my household, but Chieftess of my people. I can't let it be known that I let my first consort, Soul-Match or no, hide things from me."

Caytin hung his head, trembling. It had been more cycles than he could remember since last he had been punished, and never in his time as her consort had he been. She was sending him to his own Men's Quarter's stripped naked, on a leash to be punished by the men there. He had punished many in the cycles he had been head consort, so he knew all too well what could happen to him. "Yes, Mistress." He stood and stripped quickly, before going back to his knees naked.

Kaj ignored him as he knelt there waiting for Ern to come. She really wasn't mad at Ern. Of course the boy would be terrified. His friend had killed her son. If it hadn't been for the fact that Kaylin had already passed judgement of innocence on him. She would have had him pay the same price that thing was paying for her sons death, but she knew her old friend well enough to know, if Kaylin said someone was innocent, then they were innocent, no questions asked.

A rapid, firm, but light knock on her office door. "Come in."

"I met him on the way to the Men's Quarter's Chieftess. He was already coming here. Warrel had sent him." Kari stood back and let Ern enter the room.

"Thank you Kari. If you can, would you please see to it that there are no children in the halls between this room and the Men's Quarter's. Adults, I don't care, but I do not want any of his children seeing my slave as he is right now."

Kari looked to where Caytin knelt, naked. A plane black collar on his neck, holding the leash that was affixed to it, lifting an eyebrow in surprise. The man must have done something seriously wrong, she had never seen her Chieftess this upset with him. "Yes, Ma'am."

Kaj turned to look at Ern. "So, slave, do you have something that needs to be said?"

Ern looked frantically at Caytin who knelt there, silent. Looking at him, with a plea in his eyes. "About what Mistress?"

"About the fact that you and that thing that killed my son were partners."

Ern looked back to Caytin, a look of betrayal on his face.

"Oh, that slave didn't tell me anything. He chose to honor his word to you, over his duty to me. Warrel had came by to talk about you with me. Now all I want to know, is just when did you plan to tell me the full story, if ever?"

Ern licked his lips. "I, I couldn't Mistress. I know what Durn did was unforgivable." Caytin hadn't betrayed him. Was in the condition he was in now because he wouldn't. "Please, Mistress. If I am to die, please just kill me." How could he ever hope to explain to this woman what his greatest fears were?

"I am not going to kill you Ern. Warrel didn't have to tell me about your friendship with that thing, Kaylin already did. She is the High Priestess of the Temple, and the Speaker for the Mother. If she says you knew nothing of it, then you knew nothing of it. I had hoped that once you learned that living here with, my women, and me wasn't the horror that you feared it would be, that you would come to me, and tell me about it." She returned to her seat. "But, instead I find you begging 'my' own consort to lie to me."

"I, didn't mean to do anything wrong Mistress. I am trying, please believe I am trying."

"As I said. I won't kill you, won't even punish you, other than have you take my slave here to the Men's Quarter's and turn him over to the many bedwarmers I have there for one hour." She watched Caytin's head snap up, a look of horror on his face. He had thought she was sending him to be punished by the men of her house. But no it, was, to the bedwarmers she was sending him. Many of which he had punished, for one reason or the other over the cycles. They would have a field day with him.

Ern looked from her to Caytin again. "But Mistress, please, it's my fault, let me be the one to be punished."

Caytin groaned at Ern's protest. Shaking his head at him.

"It is now two hours. Warning Ern, anymore protests will only increase his punishment. I will not have any of those I own lie to me. You will lead him. To the Men's Quarter's and you will sit and watch what the cost of deception costs him. That is your punishment. To sit there, and watch, knowing all the while that he is suffering because of you."

'He is going to hate me, my master is going to be tortured all because of me, and he is going to never forgive me.' " Yes, Mistress." He lowered his head, fighting tears. He wanted to throw himself at her feet and beg for her forgiveness, to spare Caytin what was coming. But he had tried that once already and all it did was increase his master's punishment from one to two hours.

"You will take him, you will sit silent and watch all that happens and it is you who will return him to my rooms. Not my office, but my rooms. If you get confused as to where to go, do not hesitate to ask for help. I would say my slave would direct you the way, but knowing the grudge some of those boys have on him, I doubt he is going to be any too talkative. He will be doing good to be able to walk."

"Yes Mistress."

"Oh, and slave." She looked to Caytin as Ern helped him up. "Best you see yourself properly presented. I do not want the boys to feel like you are not eager for your punishment. I want you to accept it, and go knowing that it is only your just reward for lying to me." This was killing her, she wanted them out of here before she broke and called it off. Her duty and responsibilities to her people were the only thing that kept her from stopping it now.

A single tear rolled down Caytin's cheek as he nodded. "Yes Mistress," and began to stroke himself with a trembling hand. He would be marched through his own house, naked, with a collar that was not his own, his mistress had taken his beloved collar from him. Subdued, and all would see him as he went, working on his erection.

"Now go. I don't want to see either of you again for the next two hours. And Ern, you had best pay close attention to what happens to him. I will want a report from you before I give him back his place in my home."

"Yes, Mistress." Ern whispered, taking Caytin's leash and heading for the door. But Caytin wouldn't move. He gave Ern a hard look, nodding to Kaj. "Oh, yeah," he looked back to her. "May I be excused Mistress?"

"Get out."

Ern led him down the hall, feeling absolutely horrible. "Cay, Sir, I am so sorry. You were right, I should have never asked you to keep anything from her." Ern was near tears. "Please, I'm sorry, don't hate me."

He stopped again in the hall, his right hand still working on the rapidly hardening shaft in his hands. His left, reaching out to pull Ern's head to his. Taking a moment to kiss the younger man. "I won't hate you, Master." He patted Ern's cheek as the younger man broke down into tears. "I knew when I gave you my word that my mistress would be upset with me, I just didn't know how upset she would be. The fault is mine Master. I was wrong." And if I have to spend the next moon making him understand that, so be it.' The kiss he was sharing with Ern deepened for a moment.

Ern pulled back from the kiss. "You're, really, not mad at me?" Caytin shook his head, smiling weakly.

* * *

Word ran through Kaj's house like wild fire, and by the time Ern had finally led Caytin to the Men's Quarters, those that were able to be there, were. This was Caytin, first consort, the head of their house and head slave for the Chieftess. None of them had ever seen him get so much as a spanking from his mistress, and now she was sending him, 'like this' to the Men's Quarter's. Was angry enough with him to turn his punishment over to those in her house that he had punished often over the past cycles.

"My, my, look how the mighty have fallen." One of the bedwarmers giggled.

"Mistress Kaj, has ordered me to bring him here." Ern was struggling not to make a fool out of himself by balling like a baby. He didn't care if Caytin didn't blame him for what was going to happen. He blamed himself. He should have never asked his master to keep anything from their mistress. "He is to be punished for two hours by the bedwarmers." He couldn't help himself, a sob slipped out. "For the next two hours, mistress Kaj has taken his place and position from him. He will answer questions with yes or no master, and only speak when either answering a question or in response to an order."

The door to the quarters opened as Jerrick followed by not only Fain but Tallin and Gabe as well rushed into the room. Caytin moaned, in, pain as his Lover, second consort and son saw him as he was. Naked, hand working on his cock, and unclaimed. He had thought when his mistress had cleared the halls of any of his children, that that would include Tallin, but obviously not.

Tallin looked at his father in shock. He just couldn't believe his mother had done this to him. "Papa?"

He knew it was wrong, disobedient, but he had to try. "Please, Master, don't stay, don't watch what is going to happen to me. If you love me at all, please, Master leave for the next two hours." There were tears flowing down his cheeks.

"Why is mother doing this to you? What did you do?"

"Lied to her by omission Master."

"Don't call me that Papa." Tallin snapped in anguish.

"Forgive me, Master, but I must. Until my punishment is over, and my mistress returns my place to me. I am nothing and no one and all are my master's," he began to sob softly. "Even my son."

"Tal, Cay is right, you don't need to be here for a while. Run; try talking to your mother. This has got to be hard on her. She has never raised her hand to him, and to have to send him here, like this, and to the bedwarmers. She knows how many times he has had to punish one or two of them. She had to know what they would make his life for the time he is here." Gabe lay a hand on his young friend and love. "Go on baby, I'm old enough to keep things from getting too ugly for him."

Another of the nine bedwarmers in the room stepped forward. "Listen to Gabe, Tallin. He isn't going to be the only one to safeguard your father. And I'm even older than he is, even if it is only by a few cycles."

Tallin looked from the man, back to Caytin. "Thank you Toby. I'm going to go and beg my mother for clemency for him. She was willing to show mercy when it came to the men that raided out home. I can't believe she is doing this to her consort, her Soul-Match." And semi blinded by tears he left the room.

"I really don't understand why you all are acting like this is such a surprise. I have been saying for the last three cycles that he was getting too full of himself, and if the mistress knew the meaning of the word justice, she would finally pull him down off the pedestal he built for himself." A wickedly amused voice from the back.

"The only reason you have been saying that, Danyel is your behavior has landed you on the receiving end of his whip many times. Caytin has been more patient with you, with all of us, than almost all the others in the city." Gabe growled at him. "Our mistress sent him to us, she trusts us to punish him. Do you really want to violate that trust Danyel?"

"So what limits did she put on his punishment?" Another of the men in the room asked.

Ern looked at this man. "I don't understand what you mean. She just had me bring him here, like this, and told me to tell you all that he was to be punished by the bedwarmers."

"I'm too old for this. I will go and add my voice to Tallin's." Hirren, the oldest man in the Men's Quarter's moved slowly to the door. "If she didn't put any limits to his punishment, then it is going to be a very long two hours. Warrel, if you would be so kind, would you stay with Jerrick and Fain and see that the boys don't get carried away with him." And the door closed behind him.

"So, we going to punish him or just stand around for the next two hours?" Danyel asked. "Personally, I really would rather get started. I know mistress Kaj well enough to know if we don't do just what she ordered, then he won't be the only one to face punishment, and I have no love for him, and don't intend to suffer for him, not even if it is only a lecture."

They all agreed. The rack was pulled out of the back room again, and Caytin was forced in it. Gabe and Van affixed his wrists and ankles to it. "This isn't too tight is it Cay?" Van asked looking up from the cuff at his ankle.

"No, Master."

"I have dreamed of this day." Danyel came back into the room with a thick leather strap. "I looked for that whip that he loves so much, but he has either taken it from the room, or is hiding it." He stepped infront of Caytin. "So, slave, which is it? You been playing those games you like to play with some unlucky man, or did you know that you were going to be caught lying to your mistress, and hid it?"

"It is in our rooms. He didn't hide anything from anyone." Fain grabbed the strap from Danyel. "And if you think I am going to let you touch him with this, you are as crazed as you are petty."

Danyel reached to take the strap back. "By the mistresses own judgement. He is to be punished by the bedwarmers. So, you have no say in it."

"No, but I do. If you touch him with that, I will just as soon as we release him, hang you on it, and strap you bloody." Toby took the strap from him. "Xavier, you are the oldest of us, how many?"

The old man looked at Caytin. "Ten each," then he looked hard at Danyel. "Ten, do you understand me boy?"

"Yes Sir." He sounded sullen. He had wanted at least twenty each. To give this pompous arrogant upstart a taste of what a real strapping felt like. But the others, they were just too soft hearted. Well, there was always later. They did have two hours after all.

Xavier stepped close to Caytin. "I'm sorry Cay, I will try to keep the children under control."

"Thank you, Master, please, Master, let master Danyel go first." He knew that Danyel would go out of his way to hurt him as much as he could, and he would rather face that first and not last. In the shape his back would be in by the time it was Danyel's turn, the vicious little monster would see to it that he drew blood. "Please, Master."

Xavier nodded. "Okay Danyel, remember a count of ten, and no more. Caytin has a long time ahead of him, and it would do no good to lash him to the point of ruin, first thing. This is a punishment, and if he were unconscious then, we would have to stop, revive him and then start his time up again. The two hours could very well end up being all day, and obviously our mistress is upset right now, would you like to be the one that caused her to be even angrier?"

"Jerrick," Fain turned to his friend and fellow slave. "Do you think you could ask the Healer to come and see to it that he doesn't pass out? Xavier has a point. Our mistress has to be upset, if she sent him here to be punished like he is being punished."

Jerrick nodded and left the room. It was fine with him. He didn't want to have to watch what was going to happen to Caytin anyway. He was his Lover now, and even if it was true that he had not given him a choice. The fact that he was, and what it meant to the others and his place here, was well worth it.

"So, the Healer is going to do to you what she did to that thing that killed one of our fertile boys, so he couldn't pass out and miss the pain he was due." Danyel stepped behind Caytin. "Good, that way we won't have to worry about you passing out on us." He swung the strap. "I will tell you like you told me last time you whipped me. I want to hear you scream. Don't disappoint me." And the first blow came down, cutting across his shoulders. Caytin bit back a gasp of pain, as he saw white behind his closed eyes. He was right, Danyel was going to go out of his way to see to it that he hurt him as much as possible. And there was nothing he could do about it, now or later. He was being punished. Anything, that, any of them did to him while he was being punished, could never be responded to by him.

The second and third blow, landing directly on the same place that the first one had. The third did bring a short cry from Caytin. He was the one that used the whip, strap and cane, but he was not the one that sought them to be used on him. And this little beast was seeing to it that each blow fell in the same place as the ones before it had. Right across his shoulder blades, by the time the fifth blow landed, Caytin could feel the heat rising from that welt. "There, I think that five will do the work I want there, so now, let's see about heating another part of your back, slave." He sneered.

Caytin tasted blood as he bit his tongue to keep from making a sound as the lash snaked out across his middle back. Again, the blows fell one right on top of the other. By the last, had, he hit him again, there would be no help for it, Caytin would have screamed.

Danyel lifted his arm to land another blow. "Hold, Danyel. I said ten, you do know how to count, don't you?"

Danyel's, arm lowered. "Sorry Xavier, guess I was just really getting into hearing his cries." He handed the strap to Xavier. "But that is okay, I can just sit back and listen as the rest of you do your duty." He stopped, leaning close to Caytin. "Ten wasn't many, but I did try to see to it that the rest, no matter where they fell, if they hit your back at all, will land on one of those welt's somewhere." He ran his hand over the hot welts. "Now, slave, thank your master for punishing you."

Caytin looked up at him, pure hatred in his eyes. "Thank you, Master." He gritted the words out between clinched teeth. He swore to himself, that as soon as there were more men to choose from, this was one worthless man that he was going to beg his mistress, to just lose somewhere. Send him to work in the fields and when the harvest was done, have him go live with the other slaves that no woman wanted.

"Damn you boy, you did this on purpose." Xavier looked at the red, swelling welts on Caytin's back. "You know that Caytin can never make you pay for what you did to him. But one more thing, take your actions too far one more time, and he won't have too. I will. He might be head consort here, but I am the oldest of the bedwarmers here, and out rank you by far. And trust me boy, neither Cay nor, his mistress will waist any time worrying about you. I still don't know why the mistress bought you in the first place. You are not fertile, and none of us have anything to do with you, and even that little lady that was taken with you is getting tired of dealing with you." He looked back to Caytin. "There is nothing I can do to lighten this, that fool saw to it that no matter where I hit you on your back, if you weren't secure on the rack, it would bring you to your knees."

"Wait." Tag hurried forward. "I know I can't stop you, or even take part, but he came into this room, like that," he pointed to Caytin's still present erection. The strapping that Danyel had given him, painful as it was, hadn't reduced the size or hardness at all, if anything had encouraged its girth and weight. "Wouldn't it be a more complete punishment if he was allowed at least a little pleasure with the pain he is feeling?"

Xavier nodded. "Just keep your hands either on his balls or on your own hips, I don't want any of us to hit you by accident."

Ern had to force himself to keep his eyes open as Xavier began Caytin's strapping. But it wasn't easy. This man, his master, was being punished for keeping his promise to him. Silent tears flowed down his cheeks as Caytin cried out in pain as the final blow hit, the welts left by Danyel, squarely.

Xavier pulled back, "there, I'm finished."

"Thank you, Master." Caytin was openly sobbing now. And he still had seventy more to go.

"Ssshh, Cay, pay attention to me, and what I am doing. It will make it easier on you." Tag whispered.

"Yes, Master." The feel of Tag's tongue as it licked the head of his cock did feel wonderful, the distinction between the pain of his back and the pleasure that Tag was giving him, was a delightful diversion.

The door to the Men's Quarter's opened to allow Trinna followed closely by Jerrick to enter the room. She gasped at the sight before her, as Caytin hung in the rack, Tag on his knees before him, trying to give him something to focus on, other than the pain. "Oh, Caytin," her hand covered her mouth in horror. "What did you do?"

"I failed my mistress. I lied to her by omission, Mistress." He hung his head at her gaze. She was here to see to it that he would not be allowed to hide in oblivion, even if it were only for a short while. "Forgive me, Mistress."

"Healer, can you take a look at the welt's that Danyel thought to see to it that they were bad enough and placed in places that no matter where we hit his back, we will hit them. No, I know that you can't heal him at this moment. He is being punished, but could you see to it that they are no worse than any of the ten I marked him with so far?" Xavier glared at Danyel.

"Damn you Danyel." Trinna touched the welt's, not healing them fully, but easing some of the agony that was there. "There you go Cay, it will still hurt like hell, but nothing like what that little cretin had intended." She touched his face. "There, I'm sorry Cay, but at least it will be over sooner now than if Jerrick hadn't come and got me. You won't pass out, no matter how much it hurts."

Caytin closed his eyes. "Thank you Mistress."

"You go on out of here Trin, I need to stay, with the way things look, Fain and I might have to help Ern get him back to where ever it is he is supposed to go when this hell if over." He kissed her, hugging her tightly. "I will be home as soon as this is over. I promise."

Trinna looked up at him. "You are his Lover. While he is like this, you are Head of the slaves here. Fertile or bedwarmers, you take care of him." She squeezed him one last time before leaving the room.

It still hurt, so much, but with the lessening of the welt's. Which were the first five blows combined in a place, and then the second set of five, another, it didn't hurt quite as much, and Caytin was able to separate himself from the pain, to begin to lose himself, in, the pleasure that Tag was giving him.

After Xavier came Jax, then Karl, Toby, Gabe and Donnel. The blows never ended. His back, buttocks and upper thighs sang with pain. And every blow added another note. "Please, Master." Caytin whispered, voice tight from fighting to keep from crying out. "May I cum?" He didn't want to, because when he did, there would be nothing but the pain, but he knew there was going to be nothing but the pain soon enough.

Tag pulled away. "Soon, but not yet." And he went back to what he was doing.

Gabe handed Van the strap. "Hold on Cay, only two more and this part is over."

Van was trembling so badly that his first blow wrapped around Caytin's back to score his chest, landing squarely on his right nipple. Caytin screamed in anguish, and Danyel laughed. "Interesting place to hit him Van. Why didn't I think of it?" To have every man in the room look at him with hatred in their eyes.

"Oh, Goddess, Cay, I'm sorry." Van dropped his arm, trying to see what damage he did. "Please, I'm sorry."

Caytin fought to catch his breath. "It's okay Master. Please continue."

Van stepped back, wiping the tears from his face. He couldn't believe he had to do this to this man, of all of them. Caytin was like the father he had never had. His own had died back before he was born, and his mother at his birth, so it was to his mistress that the Temple had entrusted him, as an infant to. He had grown up here, along side all of the other boys that called this man papa had done the same when he was just a child. And Caytin had stood as such for him. And now, he had to hurt him. What ever he had omitted to tell his mistress must have been something of major importance.

He was much more careful with the last nine blows. But even as careful as he was, with as many times as Caytin had been struck already, every last one caused him to cry out. He no longer stood, but sagged in the rack, his weight fully on his wrists. There was no blood, for that he was grateful. But the pain, he felt ashamed, not only for what he had done in failing his mistress, but because, he had punished others just as harshly, and mocked them for their tears and pleas. Now he understood, and swore to himself, that next time he had to punish one, other that perhaps Danyel, he would be more understanding. Not that he could change the punishments, they were known for each act of disobedience, but he would be more understanding and sympathetic. "Please, Master." He looked down at Tag who had been with him through all but the first. "May I cum, now?"

Tag pulled back once again. Looking up at him, smiling. "Not yet Cay, but soon, very soon. All you have left is Tam, I promise as he finishes. You can cum. I give you permission now, so you won't have to ask again." And again he resumed his task, tongue bathing his balls before going to take him back deep into his mouth and throat.

"Here, Tam, you're last." Van handed him the strap.

Tam looked at the strap in his hands. "I've only been here a few week's, not even a moon. Other than my master, no one else has touched me." He protested, trying to hand the strap back to Van.

"That doesn't matter, Master." Caytin whispered, fighting to talk. "I, I welcomed you. At this moment, you are one of my masters. Please, punish me for failing my mistress." He broke and finally couldn't keep his restraint anymore, and his sobs were not longer silent.

"Get you ass up there, and finish this." Jerrick grabbed Tam's arm, yanking him to his feet. "Do it, if you make him beg again, I'm going to beat the shit out of you." He held Tam's gaze. "You do know who I am to him, right?"

"Yes, Master, I do. Forgive me, I didn't mean to upset him anymore than he is." He was going to have to hurt the only man here that had taken any time with him. And that was only once. But Jerrick was right. Caytin shouldn't have to beg to be punished. "I'm sorry master." He raised his arm and with tears flowing down his face, begun his ten. Hating ever time he heard Caytin cry out with pain from a blow.

Caytin couldn't hold himself back anymore, and as Tam's ninth blow fell he felt his orgasm explode within him, turning the pain he was feeling to sweet, exquisite pleasure. He cried out again, but this time it was not in pain. Even as the last blow landed it was, not, in pain.

Tag held on to his hips as they bucked forward, first frantic, then slowing as Caytin gave into the cresting waves that rose in him. Tag gently squeezed his balls, as he milked him dry.

The others waited for Tag to finish with Caytin, allowing the man they were punishing, at least a minute to enjoy what Tag had offered.

Jerrick supported him as they released him from the rack. "Hang, on there, Lover. You have only a little more than an hour left." He whispered encouragingly to Caytin.

"Okay, Caytin," Xavier knelt by where Caytin lay curled in a ball on the floor. "First, we're going to have to use your mouth as a toilet, then you have to blow us. And then we rape you, then fist you, and after that, you have a choice." He stroked Caytin's hair as the man lay there sobbing. "You have your choice of the fire oil, or a trip to the kennels. But I won't let you suffer both. Which one do you chose?"

Caytin couldn't speak. They, weren't punishing him, this was torture. He had to choose between oil that is so rarely used that it was almost never made. They would use a tube to pour it into his rectum, after they had raped and fisted him, all nine of them. It wasn't called fire oil, for nothing, it would feel as if someone had shoved a white-hot poker inside him. Or dogs, the very thought of the dogs scared him almost as much as the thought of the oil. "Dogs, Master." His voice, broke from screaming, was barely audible now. And once they were finished with him, unless his mistress showed him some mercy and let Trinna heal him, he wouldn't be able to talk for days.

Xavier nodded. "I had hoped you would say that. I had that oil used on me once, back when I was a little younger than you, and I would take on dogs any day to avoid it." He looked up. "Tag, I know you have been very helpful so far, but if you would please, I know Danyel would just love it to have us drag Cay down to the kennels in the shape he will be in, but, I don't care what he did. I am far too old for lady Kaj to do more than yell at. So like Warrel and Hirren, I can get away with not following the letter of the law, so long as I follow the heart."

Jerrick had to help Caytin to stay kneeling as he bent to take first Xavier's urine down his throat, drinking it, trying hard not to gag and then to bring him to orgasm with his mouth.

Again, after Xavier there was Jax, Toby, Karl and Gabe. "You go ahead of me Danyel." Donnel stepped back.

"But you're next in line. The only reason I went first with his strapping is he begged Xavier, and the old fool gave in to him." Danyel for all his faults knew his place and ranking among the bedwarmers.

"My mother is the High Priestess, Mother Kaylin. I don't have quite the skill she has, but I can help a little, and knowing you, I am going to need too. Now mind me."

Danyel nodded. "Yes, Sir." He stepped forward.

"Don't think about who he is, Cay, just get on with it. The sooner you are done, the sooner I can get you to bed and make sure you are taken care of." Jerrick was having trouble-supporting Caytin without touching his back. He looked over to where. Fain sat by Ern, a look of pain on his face. "Fain, come here and help me. He is your consort. Help me to keep him from falling on his face. I am worried that if he starts to tumble, I will hurt him by grabbing his waist."

The other men watched, as Fain moved to kneel on Caytin's other side, taking his arm. None of them said a word. They knew the law. Mistress Kaj had turned Caytin over to the bedwarmers. So they were not to be part of this. If it had been anyone other than Caytin, they would have left the moment it began, but Caytin was head consort, and they all knew that they were expected to witness his punishment. Each one hating that they were required to watch but none of them willing to anger either their mistress if they were a consort, or his if they weren't.

Danyel dropped his pants, and turned, presenting his ass to Caytin. "I'd like a good reaming first, slave." He smiled evilly.

"Yes, Master." Again the rasp whisper of a voice thick from sobbing, and a throat sore from all the urine he had been forced to drink. He leaned forward, Jerrick and Fain, tightening their holds on his arms, to weakly part his cheeks with his hands. He began to sob again. He knew what was going to happen. Knew it as well as he knew what his reaction to it would be.

"Open your mouth wide, slave." Danyel sneered as he strained and a small, foul smelling turd passed from him and into Caytin's mouth. "Now swallow it, slave."

Caytin pulled back retching, his stomach rebelling at the waste introduced to it on top of so much. Yanking free of both Jerrick and Fain, as he fell back on his side vomiting.

"You son of a . . .." Jerrick was up and on Danyel the moment Caytin had yanked away from him. Fain was coming up from the other side. "I'm going to kill you." Fingers tightening around Danyel's throat. "You fucking son of a whore, I'm going to kill you."

This time the men of the quarters did get involved. The pulled both Jerrick and Fain away. "Wait, let the bedwarmers deal with him. You kill him, and not even your mistress will be able to save you." Saul held Jerrick as Karron held Fain.

"He just shit in Caytin's mouth, made his eat it." Jerrick protested.

"Yes, and he will get like for like, but you might be his Lover, and Fain his consort, but Caytin was turned over to them, so we have no say in this. Wait, I've knows Xavier for a long time. He will deal with the little shit."

Donnel had gone as soon as Caytin had started to vomit and got some water. "Here you go, Cay." He held out the cup as Caytin finally was finished with his dry heaves. "Slowly, or you will end up sick again." He looked at Danyel who was standing there, a shocked look on his face. "If it wasn't for the fact that Jerrick would be sentenced to death for killing you, I would tell him to go for it. How dare you."

"How dare I? Do you have any idea how many times that thing has beat me almost bloody? I would tell you, but I lost count long ago. He makes it a habit to find something to whip the skin almost from my back, at least once a week. So don't rant at me, he is only getting what's long due him, as far as I am concerned."

Toby moved before Xavier or Jax could. "And how many of those whippings were earned Danyel? I'll tell you how many, every last one of them. The only time Caytin used to use his whip was when one of us, asked him too, but when you came. Then it got to the point that he almost didn't have time for us what with his duty to the mistresses of his home and his having to deal with you. Go to your room, I will deal with you later. But for now, until such time as either Xavier, Jax or myself lets you out. You will stay in there. Be allowed only bread and water, and you will drink your own piss, every time you go to relieve your bladder, so best take a glass with you. Usually, I would not ask for permission to turn anyone over to the dogs, for anything short of lying to one of the mistresses. But for you, I plan to make an exception. And you will be taken, dragged if necessary to the kennels."

"Hold Toby." Xavier stepped forward. "No, the dogs are too good for this piece of trash. But I will see done to him, what I had hoped Caytin would decline. Tonight, after we are finished with Caytin and his Lover and consort help Ern to take him back to his mistress, we will start over again, with you, but this time, it is all of us. The bedwarmers and men of this house, all of us, by the time we finish his whipping, because I will go with them to take Caytin to his mistress, and retrieve his whip, his back will look near as bad as the thing we dealt with for killing Remmy. After that, it will be his turn to have his mouth used as a toilet, but I won't let him bring any of us pleasure, at least not the bedwarmers. What the men do is their own business. Then we will tie him down on his back, and whip that thing between his legs until it is almost as bloody as his back is going to be. Then we will introduce him to the oil. Trust me. You will rue the day you didn't heed my warning."

The men of the quarter looked to Jerrick. "Caytin isn't going to be able to make this judgement. He was being punished when it happened." Jan pointed out. "But rumor has it you're his Lover, so you can."

"Just so long as when Fain and I finally get back here, later, in a day or two, we can do the same. Be my guest.".

"Then we will wait for you both before it begins. Because, it, will take days to recover from the oil. Especially if it is used on open wounds like it will be on him." It was decided. "Now, 'slave' get a glass and find your room." Xavier went to check on Caytin. "You can rest until Tag gets back with the dogs, that stunt of Danyel's has called a halt to everything but the dogs. I will still go with you when your two help Ern to take you to put you to bed. I will explain why we changed things, and who is at fault. Trust me my friend. She will not seek to have you punished again, she might Danyel balls on a platter, but, she won't seek to punish you more. Now rest."

Van and Tam helped Donnel clean up the vomit. "I never liked him anyway." Van muttered to Tam. I hate to say it, but I was honestly glad he wasn't fertile. He frightens me. As a bedwarmer, he couldn't touch me without my consent, but had he been one of the men of this house. He would have seen to it that he sought my bed."

"No Van, had he been one of us, I am sure Caytin would have forbade it." Warrel laid a hand on the boy's shoulder."

"How are you doing Cay?" Jerrick took his head between his hands. "It's almost over. Just as soon as you get through dealing with the dogs, Fain and I will help Ern get you back to your mistress. Now, answer me a question. What did you lie to her about?"

Caytin looked down trying to avoid Jerrick's eyes. "I did not lie, lie to her Master. It was a lie by omission. I would not tell her something she wished to know. I couldn't. I had given my word that I would not, and would rather face all that I have thus far than be forsworn."

"He was protecting me." Ern finally spoke. "You know why. Durn was my partner. I was afraid that she would blame me for her son's death as well. I begged him not to tell her. I should have never done that. She knew already, so when she asked him, and he refused to tell her, she called for me, and I had to bring him here, and watch what was done to him." He looked down at his hands. "I should have known better, but I was, am still afraid of her, and now I am even more so."

"Sounds like something that boy would do." Warrel grumbled. "Always honest to a fault that one. If he gives you his word on something, then come hell or high water, he will do everything in his power to see it fulfilled."

* * *

Caytin didn't get much rest time. It was only a few minutes before Tag returned with the two large, shaggy dogs. "I have to bring them back within the hour." He told Xavier as he handed the older bedwarmer the leashes. Then he handed his a small jar with a brown salve like cream in it. "The guardswoman told me that because we don't make a habit of doing this here, Donnel wouldn't have call to make any of this stuff. She told me to tell you, you rub it around and on Caytin's anal opening, it has the same scent as a bitch does in heat."

The elder bedwarmer nodded. "Thank you for your help. I know this can't be easy for you." He stepped over to where Caytin still lay against Jerrick. "It's time Caytin."

Caytin looked at the two dogs. A look of fear and resignation crossed his face. "Yes, Master." He slowly pulled himself up on all fours.

Caytin almost screamed as Xavier smeared the cream on him. It burned like acid.

The dogs became frantic when the jar was opened and they got a whiff of the scent. "Hold the second dog, Caytin will have to use his mouth on him." He made shushing noises as Caytin whimpered. "It's the law Cay, you know it as well as I do. Your lie might have been only by omission, but it doesn't change the punishment. One will take you anally and you will bring the other to its end with your mouth. And this time, you may not be ill. What Danyel did to you, well, that was to be expected. But not this time." Xavier let the first dog go, turning his head as the mangy beast climbed up on Caytin's back, his front legs wrapping around Caytin's waist as he began to madly hump trying to find the hole. His claws, scratching at the welts on Caytin's back and sides, bringing gasps and cries of pain from Caytin.

He screamed when the dog finally hooked up and the knot begun to swell. The dogs' penis was thin, but very long, and the knot was bigger than anything that Caytin hat ever had in him before. He remained there, motionless, on all four, head hanging as the dog fucked him.

"Cay, you still with us?" Jax lifted his head, looking deep into his blue eyes.

"Please Master, don't, no more." He no longer cared who saw him, this was hell, he was wrong, he, should have chosen the oil. At least with the oil, he wouldn't feel as soiled as he did now with the dog hooked up with him as it was. "Please, mercy Master."

"I will pretend I didn't hear that." Jax led the other dog over and had it lay on its side infront of Caytin. "You know what to do, don't you?"

Caytin breathed deeply several times, trying to separate himself from the horror that he was being forced to suffer through. "Yes, Master." He lowered his head to begin to lip at the excited dog's sheathed penis, licking the head to get it to respond. He was going to have to suck this beast. One was taking from behind, and he would have to let the other take him from the front. Tears began to flow down his face as he began to sob again.

Fain turned his head and hid it in Jerrick's shirt. He knew all too well what Caytin had to go through. "How can they do that to him?" He cried.

There was no way Caytin could get the second dog's knot into his mouth. He tried, but his mouth wouldn't open far enough, so all he could do was lick it and suck what he could of the thin white dog penis. Still sobbing.

Surprisingly enough it was the second dog that came first, and Caytin had to fight his urge to vomit again as he swallowed. When he was done with the dog, he pulled back moaning in pain, as the first just grew more frantic and slammed into him harder. Not thrusting precisely anymore, he was locked up with him, but every time he slammed against Caytin, its front paws would move to get a better grip and claw at his hips and back, drawing blood in a few places.

Finally, it was over. The dog's knot began to shrink and he was able to pull back. Caytin fell to the floor, curling up into a ball again as his sobs wracked his body.

"Come on Cay, let's get you up and home." Jerrick and Fain were there at once. Helping to gather the sobbing man up. "Come on Ern, put the damn leash back on and let's get out of here."

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