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Bound And Chained

Chapter 13


Rook closed his eyes, trying to relax as he lay on Kaj's bed. But it was so hard. He was so afraid she would order him to roll over to lay on his back, and see his condition. But he also prayed she would.

He had started to get excited the moment she had instructed him to remove his clothes and lie on his stomach on her bed. And it had only gotten worse the moment she touched him. He, was, beginning to believe that Kerri had been right all along, and he really was a slut. There was no other explination for it. He couldn't be seen by anyone in the raw without his damn dick getting hard. And the fear, of what his other two 'consort's' were going to do to him, didn't help matters.

Kaj poured some oil into her palm to heat it some between her hands before going to rub it into the skin on his back. "What is wrong, sweety? You are so quiet. Don't you believe me when I tell you I am not going to hurt you?" Kaj's voice was soft in his ear as she leaned over his back, pressing her body against his.

He swallowed before answering. "Yes, Mistress, or at least I think I do." He had long since gotten past the blushing stage. His embarrassment threshold had been pushed way past the blushing point.

"Then what is it? You are so quiet, and if you were trembling any harder, I would have to tie you to the bed to make sure you didn't bounce off it and hit the floor. If you aren't afraid of me, then what is it?"

"Nothing Mistress. Just real excited I guess."

He yelped at the pain as a resounding smack rang out in the room as Kaj popped his backside. "Tell me the truth. I might not be my sister, or even as sensitive as Cay is, but he is my soul-match. So I have at least a bit of his sensitivity. And you are not just real excited." Her tone was firm. Not threatening, or at least not yet. But getting closer.

He froze. "I'm sorry Mistress, but," he started to cry again. "It's not you Mistress. But the others."

She, tisked, at him "Rook." She shook her head, continuing to rub his shoulders. "How many times is Caytin going to have to tell you he isn't going to hurt you before you begin to try to believe him?"

"I'm sorry Mistress." He just cried harder. "I'm trying, I swear I'm trying."

"Ssshh." She tried to calm him. "Hold on, soon he will be able to prove it to you. Unless you deserve, punishment at a later date, my consort will never hurt you unless you ask for it. He has touched you before. Infront of all, including your father. Surely if he was going to hurt you, he would have by now." She got up, and went to the chest. Obviously the usual oil was not going to be enough for this boy. He was even worse than Fain had been back when he had first been in her bed. Well not matter. Like Fain, she would deal with him as she would any virgin.

Fain slipped into the room. He had gone by her office, but she wasn't there. So he knew where he would find her. And he had been right. "Mistress." He moved over to the bed, dropping to his knees by the bed.

Kaj looked at him, a little surprised. It had been weeks since last he had went to his knees at once with her. "Ah, little one. Am I glad to see you."

He looked up at the almost relieved tone in her voice. "Mistress?"

"Roll over sweety, I have someone I want you to meet." Kaj patted Rook's shoulder. "Fain, you know Rook, don't you?"

"Sort of Mistress." His eyes never left her face. "Mer introduced him to me a few times."

Kaj looked back down to where Rook lay, still on his stomach. "Rook." She fussed at him. "I told you to roll over. It is hard to meet your new mate, if your head is still facing the wall." Again she popped him.

And again he, yelped, as he rolled over, trying hard not to think of what was all too plane to see. "Yes Mistress. I'm sorry."

"My first consort, might like to play pain games, but me, I, expect and demand complete obedience and submission from my men. At all times, best you remember that sweet heart. Or I will be warming your back side with the palm of my hand very often."

"Yes Mistress. I'm sorry, I'll do better." He was fighting his fears as he looked up at her, exposed in all his raging glory.

"See that you do." Then her tone softened. "Rook, I would like you to meet Fain, Fain, this is Rook. He is going to be joining Cay and you." She took a deep breath. "Now I know, I should have brought him to you, and asked your consent before I did as I did when I took him. But at the time, what with all that was going on. I was just too irritated with that fool of an older brother of his to stop and think about anything but seeing to it that he was placed in the safest place I could put him. Out side of the Temple, there is no securer place than as on of my consort's. You know that. Now will you kindly try to convince him of that truth? Do that for me, and I will see to it that I will talk to Aticka and on the days that you and your old lover share time. You will either stay the night there when you go to him, or he can here when he comes to you."

"Mistress." Fain protested. "You don't have to buy my help or acceptance of him. Cay accepted me before he had ever touched me. He is my prince. Could I do any less for him?"

"Are you telling me you don't want what I am offering you?" She teased him.

He smiled. Over the past three moon's, he had gotten used to her sense of humor. "Mistress, you know me better than that. I love you. I love Cay, but Mer. He saved me a long time ago. Because of him, I am where I am today. I am just saying, thank you for your kindness, but I don't need to be bought. He is my prince. Knowing that you have put him between you and Cay, in the safest place in his New World that you could. That's enough for me."

She lifted an eyebrow at him. 'Where in the world had the frighten boy she had taken only three moons ago gone?'

Then the bitter knowledge returned to her. Her second consort had helped Jerrick when Caytin had been so badly hurt during his punishment. And after seeing all that he had. And having to do all that he did that night. Well, he still might be her darling. But he wasn't a boy anymore. That night had forever changed him. And now he was without a doubt one of the men of her house. "Well then, little one, could you kindly see if you could talk to the boy. You know him, make him understand that he is safe. I've had to strike him twice so far, just to get him to do as he was told. And you know me, I do not make it a habit of having to beat my men into obeying me."

"Rook." Fain's voice was soft. "My prince, please, listen to your mistress. Don't make her force you. She really doesn't want to hurt you, but she will if she has too." He reached up to touch Rook's arm. "Mistress," he looked over at Kaj. "Please, if he still has problems. May I stand for him? If Cay, has to punish him, spare him, if only for me."

Rook bit back a sob as Kaj nodded. "If that is what happens, then yes. But, he has to know you are being punished for him." She patted his leg. "But, I really don't think that he will need too much more prompting. Not now that he knows that it isn't him that will suffer for his failures."

"Don't," he sat up, reaching for Kaj's hand. "Please, Mistress, I, I'll be good. Do what you tell me. Just don't, please."

"It's up to you, sweety. I won't prompt you anymore. It is Fain that I will hit for your hesitancy. But know, every time I strike him. It was for you. He has put himself in front of you. If you refuse and he has to be whipped. It is for you. Keep that in mind. If you get him whipped, I will be ill with you. Fain is very dear to Cay and I."

Rook looked at her at loss. What was he supposed to do? He was wrong. He had traded one hell for another. Only now, he wouldn't be hurt, but someone else would. And every time he was hurt, it would be his fault. "I, I'll mind, just don't hurt him. Please Mistress. I promise. I'll be good."

She smiled at him. "Good boy. Now roll back over and let me see what I can do to help you relax." She looked to where Fain still knelt by the bed. "For pities sake, little one, get up and help me with him."

"Has Cay taken time to be with him yet?" Fain moved up to sit beside her.

"No, we haven't had the time to do more than put him between us as a consort. Cay had to go talk to Gabe to see that his twin was cared for."

"I know, he sent me to find you. That is how I knew you had taken another, consort, to replace me."

Kaj looked at him a bit stunned. "I am not replacing you Fain. How could you think that? I took you as my consort. That is for life, little one. Rook is my third and final consort, but he is not replacing you." She touched his cheek. "I can't believe you thought I was replacing you."

He hung his head. "Forgive me Mistress. I am still new here."

"There is nothing to forgive. I should have taken the time to explain how it would be here for you. I'm sorry little one." Rook was forgotten for the moment as she went to ease her man's fears.

Rook lay there, listening to them. This man, he had thought he had lost his place. And still was willing to protect him. It just didn't make any sense to him. Nothing had from this afternoon, when his mistress had refused to kill him, to everything that had happened since. He swore to himself as he lay there, that no matter what was asked of him. No matter how much it hurt. He would do it. If only to protect this man who was trying to protect him.

* * *

Caytin had dropped by Kaj's office to see if he could find her. But like Fain, he found the room empty. He smiled to himself as he headed for the rooms he shared with her. Looking forward to his time with his newest mate. Even if he had to walk the boy through everything. He had already had to ease Jerrick into his new life. So how hard could it be with this new boy? He was not near as adverse to the physical aspects of his new life, as his Lover had been.

"Cay!" Tag came around the corner at a dead run. "You have to go to the Armory. Trinna was working with the new ones, and Jerrick stood as your Lover in trying to protect a boy from the guards who were forcing him to obey, and they refused to acknowledge his place. He's being whipped." The boy looked wild-eyed, and insulted. "They wouldn't listen to him, or her. Even Warrel who tried to explain things, was threatened."

"Merciful Goddess, run, go to your mistress, let her know what is going on." Caytin moved. Jerrick was being whipped. He had, for the first time outside of his own Men's Quarter's taken his place as the second only to him, and was being whipped for it.

"Caytin." Trinna grabbed him as he ran forward. "Make them stop. They're killing him." She was hysterical.

A cold rage filled Caytin as he looked up at where Jerrick hung, stripped naked, head hanging down, blood on the ground under him where the whip had cut him. "Damn them." He pushed Trinna away, moving to reach his Lover, to stop this. "What are you doing?" He grabbed the guard that was whipping Jerrick.

"Leave off, man. You might have a high place in the ranks of the slaves, but you are still just a slave." And older woman who stood to one side, watching. "That fool over stepped his place. He is being taught the errors of his ways. Keep this up, and I will see to it that just as soon as he is cut down, you take his place."

"You would not dare. I am your Chieftesses first consort. He is my Lover. How dare you?" Caytin would not back down. "They are not like us, Mistress." He spat the word at him. "You are killing him. You do you know what will happen to you if you do that. Don't you? He is Healer Trinna's first consort, and my Lover. My mistress would have your throat slit for that." He held the whip.

"I will tell you one more time man, because you are the head of the men here, to back off and be quiet, or I will cut him down myself, and it will be you that is whipped."

"Try it Kitrina, and I will kill you." Kaj's voice thundered over the voices in the yard. "What in the nine hell of ice did you think you were doing?"

"Keeping order, Chieftess. That fool man stood up in the way of a slave that refused to obey a Healer."

Trinna went at once, the moment Kaj had appeared to tend to her, consorts, wounds. "That bitch, she was going to whip a boy, no older than Tam, just because he was scared. Then wouldn't listen to me. My man tried to step in as Cay's Lover and protect the boy. But all that got him was this."

Kaj looked to where Jerrick hung, naked and gagged. "Damn you Kitrina. I have had problems out of you before. Had I known you were on duty, I would have sent Hanna to see to it that nothing like this happened. Since when do we whip our men, just for being afraid?"

The guard pulled herself up. "He was asked three separate times. I don't know what you expect out of my women, Chieftess, but there are over a hundred of these men to deal with. We don't have time to coddle one."

"No, but you have time to whip one, is that it?" Trinna with Caytin's help pulled Jerrick down, removing the gag that had been forced in his mouth. "It's over love." She stroked his hair as he leaned against her, and for the first time in his adult life, cried. "They wouldn't have had to take any time Kaj. Jerrick was going to talk to the boy. But that one, she was just itching to see blood."

"He's blind Mistress." Jerrick cried against her. "He wasn't trying to give anyone a hard time. He's blind."

"You happy now Kitrina? Jerrick is Caytin's acknowledged Lover. You know what that mean's. You ignored a Temple Healer when she tried to warn you off, and even threatened one of the breeders from my house, who tried to vouch for him. Are you happy? I should string you up and give you a taste of that whip you were so fond of. But it wasn't my man you touched." She looked over at her sister. "He going to be okay Trin?"

"Physically, yeah, but it might be a little time before he is ready to try and stand as Cay's Lover again."

Kaj moved to kneel by where Trinna supported Jerrick. "Jerrick?"


"Are you going to be okay? If I had known what would happen, I would never have left things to be taken care of by the guards. You weren't in the wrong. You had every right to try and protect the boy. She was wrong, and I will see she pays for it. You just let your mistress, and Cay get you home."

"I'll be okay, Mistress." Jerrick struggled to calm down. "Just make her give me back my damn clothes."

"I have them." Caytin moved to gather the clothes that had been stripped from him, before he was strung up to be whipped. "Come on, Lover. Let me take you home. Your mistress can see to you later. Let her finish her work."

Jerrick pulled away. "No. I gave that boy my promise I wouldn't let anything happen to him. I have to stay and make sure that that bitch doesn't try this shit with him anymore."

"Which one is he talking about Trin?" Kaj was none too happy at the moment. "If he is this intent to protect the boy, I'll take him home and see that he is tucked away safely. Cay will see to him, soon. But for now, it is better if we just take him out of here. The boy has to be terrified."

Trinna nodded to a boy. Who looked no older than sixteen, tops, that huddled in a corner. "Jerrick say's he's blind. Stupid bitch wouldn't listen was going to whip a boy just because he couldn't see to obey."

Kaj nodded at Caytin to follow her as she moved to kneel by the terrified youngster. "Boy?" She reached out to touch him.

He jerked back, almost screaming. "No, please, I'll do it, I'm trying, please." He pressed against the wall, eyes staring out blindly. "Don't hurt me. I'm trying." He babbled.

"Merciful Mother." Caytin whispered. "She was going to whip a blind boy. Mistress, we have to get this one somewhere safe."

"Trinna, did Jerrick get the boys name before she had him stung up and whipped?" Kaj knew at this point, there was no way that she could reason with the frightened man.

"Love? Did you find out what his name was?"

"No, I didn't even get a chance to try to tell him you weren't going to hurt him. I didn't have enough time to do anything but stop her Mistress." He was finishing getting his pant's back on. "I'm sorry, baby, but by the time I could think of asking, I was strung up, and after that, I couldn't ask anyone anything." He took her hand. "Please Mistress, he has to be scared out of his mind. He's blind. He couldn't do what they wanted him to do, and no one would listen to me. I'm not a Healer, but even 'I' could see he was blind."

Trinna patted his hand. "Then, I will go to him. Don't worry Jerrick. No one is going to hurt him. The last time I checked, there was no law against being blind." She glared at the woman who still stood there, un-repetitive. "Or at least there wasn't last time I checked. Obviously I was wrong."

"I learned the hard way, that I didn't know exactly what the old punishments were for the broken laws. But I do know that blindness is not one of the many breakable laws." Kaj stood up as Trinna moved to kneel by the boy. "What is wrong with him Trin? Other than being blind, that is?"

"Ssshh, don't, Jerrick is my first consort. He has given you his promise that he would stand for you. No one is going to hurt you. The Chieftess is here, and so is her first consort." She gently took his head in her hands. Reaching to see if there was anything she could do to help him. "What's your name, honey?"

"Steffon." He whispered. Beginning to calm down.

"Hello Steffon. I am Jerrick's mistress. He was the one that stood for you. So surely you should know that I won't hurt you." She patted his cheek. "There is no reason for his blindness, not that I can detect. And he is quite fertile."

"I, I fell when I was five. We don't have Healers close to where my folks live. By the time I was able to see one," he tried to stop shaking. There was a new person here, a woman she had made it all stop. "Nothing could be done for me."

"Cay, help the boy up." Kaj was careful with how she said things. This boy was blind. He couldn't see her face, or know how mad at what had happened she was. Bad enough that he had been allowed to come, what with him being blind and all, but then to threaten him all because he didn't have sight enough to move as directed. But then, when someone tried to point out his problem, that man was whipped. No, she was not pleased at all. "I want you all to hear this." She looked around at the guards, Healer's and the crowd of chained men that were around her. "I am Chieftess of your new people. You are members of my people. And no one of the Danes is to be hurt without just cause. And that just cause does, not, include hesitancy. If you hesitate, you will be forced, but that force is not to include hurting anyone. I am trying to assure the man that once was their King, that they are safe. So they are to be safe. I won't have to worry, once they are turned over to the Temple. The Temple is the safest place on this world. Not even if they had committed murder, could they be forcibly taken from the Temple."

There was silence around her, only broke by the sounds of shuffling. "Do I make myself clear?"

The chorus of "Yes Ma'am" and "Of course." That echoed around her was resounding. No, she did have the emotional power that her sister did, but she was her consorts soul-match. And his grandmother is a Healing Priestess in the Temple, so what she got from that tie was in full force.

Steffon relaxed, just a little, as Caytin helped him up. The reality that she believed, what she had said to be true? She believed it to be so, so of course it was true. But he couldn't relax fully, the fact that he still had to be, made, to move, became even more uncomfortable.

"It's okay, son, you can relax. He won't let you get hurt." Jerrick leaned against Trinna, letting her support him. He had long since stopped worrying about the fact that she was a woman, and shorter than him. She had matched him each step of the way, and on some cases, bested him. Too many times for him to feel self-conscious.

Jerrick's calm and authoritative tone further relaxed the boy. "Yes, Sir." He whispered. Forcing him to relax further.

"Now." Kaj turned her attention back at the guard who had ordered all of the problems. "You are dismissed. I will deal with you later, after I have finished with all that I am dealing with right now. You are to remain in the Armory until such time as I can get to you. Do I make myself clear, Guardswoman?" Her tone was doom itself.

"Yes ma'am." The woman muttered.

"Do I, make, myself clear?" Kaj barked.

The woman snapped up to attention. "Yes, Chieftess."

"Dismissed." Kaj growled.

"You go on with Caytin, love. That boy trusts you." Trinna squeezed his slightly.

"Are you sure Mistress?"

She just looked at him. "Okay, yes Ma'am." He bent and kissed her quickly, before looking up. "Hey, Cay, hold up." He moved slowly towards the other man. "My mistress, thought he might feel a little better with me along." He explained, limping the distance.

Caytin paused, waiting for Jerrick to make the distance. "She's right you know?" He moved to work his arm up around his shoulder. Pulling him close with his arm. "Not even my mistresses words had quite the calming effect on him that yours did."

"Well, I guess my being the man that was just willing to take fifty lashes with the whip for him, probably had a lot to do with it."

Caytin stopped dead in his tracks. "Fifty?"

"It started out as twenty-five. But I still wouldn't back down, so she upped it to fifty."

Caytin's pale blue eyes turned to ice. "I wonder if she is related to Danyel?"

"Wondered about that myself a time or two."

"I would help you with him, but I have three in my rooms that are probably near panic. You got everything under control with him?"

"Yeah, tell Fain, I'm fine." Jerrick let Caytin deposit him on the couch of the Men's Quarter's.

"Take care of him, Lover." Caytin kissed his briefly. "I give you leave to stand in my stead with him. If you need added help to bring him around to you with that, do so."

"Oil's and all hu?" Jerrick nodded.

"Yes, oil's and all."

* * *

Fain looked up from where he was holding Rook, trying to calm his mate, when he was scared, shitless, himself. "Master." He almost sobbed.

"Cay!" Tag reached for him, to be put off as Caytin moved to where Fain sat with Rook.

"Jerrick is fine. Your mistress stopped it. I was able to get there in time to delay the woman long enough for your mistress to get there. And She stopped it."

"And, Jerrick, he didn't get hurt?"

"I was able to delay her, and your mistress stopped her." He would not tell Fain, how badly Jerrick had been whipped before he was able to stop what was going on, and keep it from starting again. Nor would he tell him how close he had come to danger had Kaj not gotten there when she did.

"Thank God." Fain breathed a sigh of relief. "What happened, Tag kept saying something about him trying to protect one of the new ones, that is just a kid. But I can't get much more out of him than that, so what really happened?"

"There is a new breeder in my Men's Quarter's. Tag was right. Jerrick did step in to protect a boy. The guard was going to whip the boy for not doing as he was told. Jerrick was trying to get them to understand the boy was blind. And that was why he was having problems obeying him. Steffon, which is his name, couldn't see to obey. But the guardswoman wouldn't listen to him, and he stood in for Steffon, and was willing to be whipped."

"That can't be right." Rook sat up. "My father took half of the men between fifteen and thirty-five, yes, but only of the healthier ones."

"It doesn't really matter, Rook. The boy was not born blind, but suffered from a childhood accident."

"But it does matter. He wouldn't have done that. I mean." Rook ran his hand through his hair, as he tried to explain. "We didn't know what kind of life our men would have here, he wouldn't have done that to someone already stricken."

"Well whether he knew it or not, it happened. And Jerrick is in the Men's Quarter's even as we speak, trying to calm the boy down."

"Well, now that every thing is over, I need to go back, I am helping to take them, after the Healers see to them, to the Temple." Tag, headed for the door.

Caytin waited only long enough for Tag to leave before making a deep sigh. "Scared the hell out of me, that is what that boy did. Came running up, carrying on about a guardswoman whipping Jerrick. Almost stopped my heart."

"Didn't do mine too much good either, and Rook, I thought he was going to throw himself out a window."

Caytin turned to look at Rook. "No matter what had happened. Nothing would have happened to you. You are Kaj's consort. She would never let anyone hurt you. No matter what happened out of this room."

"Cay," Fain patted Rook's arm. "Just so you know. Mistress say's I can stand infront of him. If he gives her a hard time, I will stand in for him, should you have to punish him."

"I don't think he has anything to worry about. Your mistress just gave his people her word that even though they will be made to obey, that making, will not include pain."

"I bet that was a load off a lot of their minds." Fain smiled. "I know it is mine. As much as I like it when you are my master, and I hang under your whip, the idea of it being punishment, was not one I was looking forward to." The he chuckled. "And I dreaded the though of my mistress smacking me more than I did your whip. Even when you punish me, you don't use that whip near as hard as she hits. If you did, you really would draw blood every time you did."

"Yes, well, I have a finer control over my blows than she does. I know my whip can cut. An open palm can't do that much damage."

"You try getting a spanking, and then sitting down. Trust me, hurts like hell."

"If it didn't, would it be punishment?"

Fain dropped his head. "No, Master."

"No, Fain, or at least, not right now. Just call me Cay. We have a new consort to welcome into the family."

Rook looked around the room, trying to think of something to say that would slow this down. He was trying to hold faith that after all that he had seen so far, that it really wouldn't hurt. But it wasn't easy.

"Rook," Caytin reached for him. "Come here pretty one. There is nothing to worry about. Your mistress will be along soon, and then she will see to it that you know her. But while we wait for her, I am first consort of her home. So I have the pleasure of the first time as a welcoming goes to." He wrapped his arms around the boy. "Remember this afternoon, what I told you?"

"Yes Master," a tiny voice.

Caytin shook his head, bringing his lips close to Rook's. "Call me Cay." He pressed Rook back against Fain as he kissed him.

Rook felt himself loose all control of the situation, as he was caught between the two men, one kissing him, his hands moving over his body. The other just, holding, him where he was. Kissing his shoulder.

"Master," Rook gasped as the kiss broke.

"Call me Cay," Caytin fussed at him gently. "Now, what?"

"What happens with Miri?"

"You twin is fine. I sent Gabe to take care of her."

"He won't hurt her, will he? Please Mas, I mean Cay. I'll do it, anything you want me too, but please, don't let anyone hurt her."

Caytin snorted as Fain began to laugh. "Gabe hurt her?" Fain could barely breathe as he laughed. "Rook, my prince. She is more likely to be hurt by you than by Gabe."

Rook turned his head to look at Fain. "I wouldn't hurt her. She's my sister, my twin."

"That is what he is trying to tell you, boy." This was stupid. "Wait here." He pulled away, to reach for the bottle of blue oil that Kaj had put on the table by the bed when she had run to stop what had been going on with Jerrick. "Here, Rook" he uncorked it. "Drink this." With as upset as his new consort was, Caytin was not above drugging the boy to ease him past his fears. Once he got to a point that he wasn't ready to faint dead away at the slightest touch, things would go much smoother.

Rook looked at the bottle that Caytin held out to him, looking a little worried. "Go on, drink, I don't want to have to have Fain hold you down, so I can hold your nose, and pour it down your throat."

Rook's hands shook so much that had Caytin not kept a hold on the bottle, he would have dropped it. Trying to calm down so he could bring it to him lips, he began to drink.

The oil tasted bland, a little sweet, but mostly bland. He had finished a little over half the bottle before Caytin pulled the bottle away. "There, now we'll just relax here for a minute or two, and let you calm down."

"I didn't know you could drink that stuff." Fain was surprised.

"We don't normally have to make them, but look at him. I can't blame him for his fears. Hell if I had that older brother of his terrorizing me non-stop for Goddess only knows how long. I would be like he is. So I just saw to it that we don't have t with them. Nothing short of a special pill, one that is so powerfull, that your mistress has to okay its use. There is no better way to get a frightened boy to your bed."

"You drugged me?" Rook was shocked. "You didn't have to drug me. I would have done what I was told."

"I know that, but now, I don't have to worry about you being afraid of me. Just give it a moment or two, and everything will be fine."

* * *

Jerrick was having problems of his own. That was centered on Steffon. "Come on, son. You have to calm down. You heard your mistress. No one is going to hurt you. I just took almost thirty lashes from that damn whip for you. If I was going to let anyone hurt you, why would I have bothered?"

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to get you in trouble. I thought once I got here, it would be okay." He sat like ice by Jerrick, trying not to notice the arm around him.

"You didn't get anyone in trouble, that bitch did that all on her own. My mistress is a Healer. She took care of me it's over. Now calm down, or sooner or later, some one is gonna get here and see you in the shape you're in, and think I have been hurting you." Actually, they had all seen what had happened, so no one would wonder at the frightened man with him. But Jerrick wanted him to calm down.

"What is going to happen now, Sir?"

"First thing I am going to do, is get you in a tub, and cleaned. Then see if I can't walk you through your first night here without you freaking. You heard Caytin. I have to do something about seeing to you. He's got his hands full right now. He and your mistress, they have Rook with them, and that boy is probably scared out of his mind right now." Jerrick stood up, pulling Steffon to his feet. "Come on, I've got you." He took both his hands and led Steffon towards the bathing room.

Steffon held on to his hands as he was led across the room. He knew what was going to happen, but he had known that before he agreed to come along with the men, and his parents had talked or bribed several into helping him get here. Keeping him between them on the march. But he would end up this way, anyway. Either a brothel would force his parents to sell him to them, or the Catimine's would take him, and he would still be a slave, the only difference was he had never heard of any rumors that the Danes abused their slaves, and nothing but horror from the Catimine's. And being blind, he had never grown up around anyone that wanted to have anything to do with him, so he wasn't loosing anything by coming here.

The tub in the Men's Quarter's bathing room, didn't take all that long to fill. "Okay, let me help you out of your clothes. Then I am going to get something to help you."

Jerrick helped him out of his clothes and then into the water. "Sit down for a minute, Steffon. I'll just take a sec. You are safe here. There is no one here but you and me. Everyone else is out helping with the new men. So just relax."

Other than Caytin, and Fain a time or two, Jerrick had not had time to be exposed to any of the other men here. His mistress kept him pretty busy. And Caytin was his Lover, so other than Fain, there was no other that could touch him. But, he had shared time with Caytin more than just once or twice. So he knew what he would need with this boy. He went to Donnel's room, where the oils were kept, and digging through the chest's that they were kept in, took out a bottle. He hoped this was some of Donnel's latest batch, the stuff that had helped him when he was taking care of Caytin after his punishment. And if it was, he knew what he was in for. But decided he would rather have to fight for control over himself, than Steffon.

"Who's there?" Steffon looked wildly from the tub as Jerrick entered.

"It's just me Steffon. I told you, there is no one else here." Jerrick poured most of the bottle in the water. He had no idea how well it would take, but he wanted the boy calm. He pulled back to strip quickly, so he could get in and start helping the poor kid to come to terms with what was happening to him. "I'm getting into the tub now." He warned the boy.

Steffon turned his head towards the sound of the water as Jerrick stepped in. "What happens now Sir?"

"First thing, I'm just Jerrick. I haven't been a sir since my capture. And second, I am going to see what I can do to see to it that you aren't afraid of me."

"I'm trying. It's just." He didn't know how to explain how he felt.

"I know, trust me. I was in your shoes, well maybe not quite the same way you are, but close just a few moons back. Now I am going to tell you like Cay told me. And I really do know what I'm talking about. I understand how hard this has to be for you. I will do everything in my power to help you.

Steffon sat there, trying to calm down. He kept telling himself he knew what would happen. He had to just go with it. At least, he had someone to help him to get past the first time. He had been willing to come, not knowing what would happen. But so far, other than the scare that the guard put in him, it had been pretty easy. So when he felt Jerrick pull him closer against him. He fought off the urge to fight.

"Just lay back, Steffon, trust me. I won't hurt you, nor will I let anyone else hurt you. I stepped in to stand between you and the world already. So until you can come to terms with what is going on around you. I will continue to stand."

Steffon looked up, towards where Jerrick's voice had come from. "Jerrick," he tested the name.

"Yeah, Steffon."

"My folks called me Steff."

"Would you rather me use Steff than Steffon? My mother tended to call me Ricky, I hated it."

Steffon crinkled his nose at the name. "How did she get Ricky our of Jerrick?"

"Drop the Jer, from my name and add a 'y'. You get Ricky. But you didn't answer me. You want me to call you Steff or Steffon?"

"Steff, please. The only time anyone ever called me Steffon, was when I was in trouble. And for a blind man, I got into trouble a lot."

"Okay, Steff it is. Okay, Steff, how old are you?"

"Be nineteen cycles on the third day of the Thirteenth moon."

"That old, damn son, I thought you to be closer to fifteen."

Steffon looked up at the sound of the voice again. "Does that change things?"

"Not hardly. My mistress is a little over eighteen cycles old too. If anything, knowing you are over sixteen, does my conscious a would of good."

"Why is that?"

"You are at least an adult by my reckoning. Men here, they are sold at fifteen, and that is just a touch too young for me. Oh, I would have still been willing to ease you into your new life, but I would have probably felt guilty as all hell about it. Before coming here, I didn't fancy boys at all, and well, now. I'm the head consort's Lover. That's Cay, the one that showed up and stopped the bitch from hitting me again until his mistress got there and, well you were there." He felt the boy begin to relax next to him, which was a good thing, because he was beginning to relax himself. "How ya feeling Steff?"

"Kinda strange. Did you add something to the water?"

"Just a little oil to help you to calm down. You were jumpy as hell there for a few minutes. Better now though?"

He nodded. "Thank you. I don't know what it was that you used, but yeah, I feel better now."

"Well, technically, I'm not supposed to do anything with you, you're not my Lover. But like I said, Cay has his hands full with Rook. So he told me to take care of you." He stood up, reaching down to pull the blind man up, he wasn't strong enough, after the whipping and blood loss he had just suffered to pick the younger man up, but he could help him, by being his eyes to step from the tub. "Easy there, Steff, it is a big step down."

Steffon leaned against Jerrick as he lead him to the room in the Men's Quarter's that he shared with Caytin on the few times that they had slept away from their mistresses.

Jerrick had snagged the bottle and what was left of the oil as he left the bathing room. Steffon was doing pretty good. He didn't need anything to mess it up. He had put this boy under his protection, and would be damned, if, he was going to let him get hurt or feel even the slightest pain if he could prevent it. Trinna or Caytin might make it a habit of trying to eat him alive at least once a day. But he really didn't think this one was quite up to that kind of intense attention, or at least not yet. No, with all probability, Steffon was as much, if not more a virgin as he had been the first night in bed with Caytin. He had at least been with women before. This kid was probably as pure as the driven snow. "There is a bed, right behind you. It's safe to sit down. I won't let you fall." He supported Steffon as he eased himself back on the bed to sit on the edge. "Okay, Steff, I am going to assume you have never had this done to you, so try very hard to pay attention." He chuckled softly, kneeling infront of the boy. "There will be a test on it later." He parted the Steffon's legs. Going to begin his instruction on things he would need to know if he was going to live here.

"What?" Steffon asked as Jerrick pushed him back to lie on the bed, his feet still on the floor. But thought stopped as he felt a hand on him.

His moan was soft as Jerrick touched him, trying to excite him, which with as drugged as he was, didn't take much effort. "Okay, Steff, you with me?"


"Okay, just lay back and relax, and if you can, the rule is not to cum until I give you the okay. If you can't do that, I won't get bent, but try." He had learned how to share this with another man, the first night he went to Caytin. And had worked on improving it ever since.

Steffon almost cried out at the feel of a tongue running over the head of his rapidly hardening penis.

The younger man, wasn't quite the same size as Caytin was, and certainly not like, him, but he wasn't tiny either. As size goes, he was probably close to seven inches, maybe seven and a half at full mast. He figured once everything slowed down, and Trinna got home. She would see to Steffon's body hair. But until then, he just dealt with the fact, that he would probably end up spitting a few hairs. He had with Trinna that first night, before she had him start doing what all consort's do with their mistresses, and shave her.

"Merciful God." Steffon moaned as he felt Jerrick's mouth cover him, pulling on his erection.

Jerrick felt her balls begin to shift in his hands, so he pulled back. "Easy goes, it, there Steff. Breathe. You get too excited too fast and it's going to be all over way too soon.

Steffon's head came up. "What are you doing to me?"

"Blowing you baby. Now relax, or you'll end it, way too soon."

Steffon's hands moved to tangle his fingers in Jerrick's hair as he felt the man resume his onslaught of his senses. Almost nineteen, and had never even been kissed by anyone but his sister, and that didn't count. She was his sister and it usually was on the cheek, or a quick peck. And now, there was a man who was blowing him.

Jerrick's hand reached out to the bottle at his side, blindly pulling the cork from it to tilt it up in his hand, letting some of the oil cover his finger, before putting it back down, hoping like hell he didn't spill it. "Okay, baby, you can cum if you want too." He began to work his finger between the tight half moons of Steffon's bottom, to begin to rub his virgin hole. Rubbing the oil over him before beginning to work his finger into him. It had worked with Caytin. So he figured with as tightly wound up as this boy was, it would work on him as well.

He was right, he hadn't even got his middle finger all the way in, before he felt the boy begin to tense. A guttural cry in the room as the younger man began to cum. From that point on, Jerrick forgot about teasing him, and just held on to the bucking hips, as he tasted Steffon's release as he swallowed it. Virgin's, Mer had always told him how quick they were to begin with. But he had never really paid him any mind. Now he wished he had.

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