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Bound And Chained

Chapter 12


The room was quiet for the first time in hours. With the expulsion of Kerri, there was an almost peace-like calm.

Kaj had sent Caytin off with Rook to get the boy dressed. A naked pleasure slave was one thing, but he wasn't a pleasure slave any more.

Finally, after all the excitement, Kaj and Thalin were able to work out a working plan for their two peoples. The old King of the Merican's was pleased to see that, as young as the Chieftess of the Danes seemed, she was far from untrained in her duties. Her role as the leader of her people was without fault. For the first time since being forced to watch his youngest son rendered naked in front of him, he truly believed the boy was safe. He didn't quite understand how the men worked among themselves around here, but, after seeing Kaj's man go to both his ladies and Rook's defense, he felt confident that as unusual as their ways were to him his, son would blossom here. Rook had always been a very meek and timid boy. Perhaps here, that meekness could be molded into a different kind of strength. One that in his own home land, would have never been an option.

"It's late enough, that I think we can finish this tomorrow." Kaj stretched. "Besides, I have things I need to take care of before dinner." She smiled as Caytin returned with Rook, a little less red, now that he was allowed clothes. "I know that you have to be worn to a frazzle Thalin, so it might be best if you and my new little sister take a little time and rest before dinner." She looked at Miri. "How old are you dear?" She was her new consort's twin, so she would see, if she could, that the girl was well taken care of.

"Seventeen last fourth moon." The girl never seemed to speak above a whisper.

Caytin leaned over to whisper in Kaj's ear. "Mistress, if she is near as innocent as her twin is, don't you think that while she is here, that should be rectified. She is returning to her homeland, and though the horrors that her people have suffered for so long will soon be over, they are still occurring. She still runs too much a risk of attack. No, mere, maid should face that."

Kaj nodded. No she would not want to think of something like that happening to her. She had a daughter of her own near this girl's age. A firm, maternal protectiveness swelled in her. "Thalin, if I offered one of my bedwarmers to come and care for her, would you protest?"

"She is a woman grown, Kaj, trust me, if she were still under my rule as her father, she would not be here." He stood back, he would see exactly what kind of woman had taken his son into her care, and more, how his daughter, who would bear his son's replacement, handled herself.

Kaj looked at her, musing. "I'm going to be frank with you Miri, and talk to you as if you were my own daughter. The fact that you are still just a maiden," she paused. "You still are just a maid, correct?" The girl blushed, looking at her father, nodding. "Okay, knowing that. The fact that you are, in a land that has been under siege for so long surprises me. But I would just as soon, you not leave my city as just a girl. The horror is almost over for your people, but not yet. If I sent one of my bedwarmers to you to see to you, would you welcome him?"

Miri blushed almost as dark as Rook had earlier. "I can't. I am my father's heir. I can't risk that. My family has been through enough, I won't shame them."

Kaj smiled at the girl. "Admirable, Thalin, you have a fine girl there, but as admirable as it is, it is also very foolish. One of the requirements for my warriors, before they enter the service, is that they 'not' be virgins. Like she is now, all it would take was she to be captured and then where would she be? Even if you could save her, providing of course, that they don't kill her, the moment they find out who she is. It might be cycles, if ever, before she is willing to allow a man to touch her again." She turned her attention back to solely Miri. "You are at war, dear, in wartime, men can do terrible things. Would you return to a war-torn world as innocent as you are now?"

Miri looked from her to her father. 'What should I do, father?"

"If the boy that comes to you, is sterile, and gentle. It's your decision, but I happen to agree with Kaj. I have lost one daughter to those things so far. And even had she lived, after what was done to her, only a monster would have ever insisted that she allow another man to touch her. So, if the boy is sterile and gentle, then I say, go for it. I will sleep better knowing that, if the worst comes, you will have at least known some pleasure."

"But, Emily she, they," she shuddered. Before nodding.

"And this boy, you are sending to her, he is sterile? No offense Kaj, but I do not want some baseboard child to rule after my son. My eldest daughter sacrificed herself cycles ago to save a small group of children that were to die. So my son will rule after me, but the ruling line is something we have in common with you. Though Emily would have wed, and her husband would have been King, it is still a matrilineal line. My son's children might have place and rank, but it is Miri's firstborn that will inherit after him."

Kaj nodded. "She will come away from him, with fond memories, nothing more." She looked to Caytin. "Warn Gabe of what he will be dealing with in her."

"Yes, Mistress." He looked up at Miri who was still standing there, blushing at the conversation. "Gabe has done this several times, Miri. He is a kind and gentle man." It was one of the reasons they worked so well together. She might be a bit hard at times, but she was also one of the kindest and most intelligent women he had ever met. And he had fathered many children on many of the ladies of his home, so he had met many.

"Go on Cay, talk to Gabe. Warn him what he is dealing with." She held out a hand to Rook. "And you come here."

"Mistress?" Rook was for the first time in cycles, able to smile without feeling like he was lying.

"You come here and stay with me. Caytin has something he needs to do." This one would give her very pretty babies. Actually both her new consort's would. Fain with his lovely red hair, and striking eyes, oh hers were green but it had been ages since she had seen green eyes quite as bright as Fain's. And this one with his hair, so black, she had never seen hair his color before. Their ancestors were the same. So it must have been bred out of her people through the cycles. Much like their strength and longevity, were bred into them. Well, who knows, with these new men for her women, things were going to change, and for the better. There were many she had glimpsed, that sported hair and eye colors that her people lost long ago.

Now if only she and her women could see to it that these new men learned their places, without breaking them. There was nothing sadder than a fertile man that was nothing was but a bedwarmer at, heart. Well, her women had had humdreds of thousands of cycles to perfect their methods. The proof was in how their men behaved. For the most part, with only a few, correctable problems. They had done well with them. Perhaps once these new ones had discovered that slavery was not what they feared it to be, they would bend without having to be forced too often. She hoped so. It went against her nature to have a man beaten.

"Mistress?" Rook tried to get her attention. Snapping her back from her musing.

"Oh, sorry pretty face, just lost in thought." She smiled at him. "Trying to picture all the children that we will now have again. The boy's dorm hasn't been filled in so long. I was younger than you last it had more than twelve, and seven of them were nothing but bedwarmers." She tightened her arms around him, as she looked up. "I will have Wren and Kari escort you both to rooms. And Miri, I am entrusting you with one of my bedwarmers, this one happens to be very dear to my so. So, I expect you to remember that he is coming to help you, and not hurt him in anyway."

It wasn't Miri that protested any chance of harm, but Rook who laughed, actually laughed. "Mistress, Miri is my sister. She doesn't even yell at me when we argue. She won't hurt anyone." It was out before he remembered just what he was now. "I'm sorry, Mistress." He lowered his head, waiting for her response.

But his fears were groundless, all Kaj did was chuckle and squeeze him once again. "I know that pretty face, but I am his mistress, it is my responsibility to see that I let any who is not a member of my house, know he is mine. And I will take grave offense at him being harmed. Just as I would any of you." She looked up at her two house guards. "Wren, take Thalin and see he is given one of the rooms closest to the dining area. Kari, see to it that Miri is taken to one of the rooms closest to the Men's Quarter's."

"Yes, Ma'am." They both chimed.

"What about my men?" Thalin knew that they were very nervous in a city ruled by women alone.

"They can go and stay in the Armory. Relax Thalin, my guards know yours aren't the men you brought. They aren't going to eat them alive. Just remind them that women or not, that they are just like them and guards, warriors and soldiers. Your men might be surprised at how much they have in common with many of the guards I have. Just as soon as Wren gets back, she can take them to meet with those that, regardless of gender, are very much like them."

Thalin nodded, turning to the four soldiers that were still with him. He had only brought six, a risk he knew, but he had come with over a hundred men, that as much as they hated the thought of becoming slaves, hated the thought of dying more. "You heard her. Just wait, when the one that is taking me returns for you, follow her. And for God's sake, Mel, don't get drunk and start a fight. We are here to prevent a war on both our borders, not start one."

Wren laughed. "No offense sir, but I have half trained young women three or four cycles younger than that one that could mop the floor with him. Don't worry yourself, I will see to it that they aren't abused. Unlike those that have pushed you into being foolish enough to try to steal from us, we don't make it a habit of abusing those weaker than us." She looked from the four, back to the Merican King. "Follow me, sir."

* * *

Gabe looked up from where he had been sitting with Fain, trying to assure the worried man that his mistress was not going to start killing the men that had come. "Thank the Goddess, Cay, would you please tell your consort that those from his lands are safe. He just won't listen to me."

Caytin smiled. "Fain, you have been here for three moons, surely by now, if your mistress was going to go mad and begin killing helpless men, she would have. Now stop this lunacy. You have a new consort to meet, and Gabe has a lady, who needs his special skills."

Fain looked at him surprised. "Kaj, has taken another consort?" The very fact that he called her anything but mistress was a sign of his amazement.

"Yes, that fool of a King, thought to offer her his youngest son thinking, I don't know, that the boys death would make up for her son. Poor boy, he was terrified, and has some sweet ways that made living in your Old World very hard. So, your 'mistress' took him as a, pleasure slave, until such time as the Temple verified his fertility. And then, he is the son of the Merican King after all; she took him as her third and final consort. So you need to go meet him, and I need to talk with Gabe."

Fain nodded before hurrying from the room. He knew, or at least had met with his King's youngest son. Poor boy, this had to be hard for him. He wanted to make sure that his mistress didn't overwhelm the boy.

After Fain left, Caytin sat beside Gabe. "You mistress has a job for you."

"Okay, Cay, what does my mistress want of me?"

"Rook, her new consort has a twin. She came with him, worried that she would lose her brother. She also, came, still just a maid. And is very scared. It took both your mistress and her father to talk her into not leaving here as innocent as she came. They are at war Gabe. And their enemies are heartless. Look at what they did to Fain, if you need any proof. Your mistress, wants you to see to it that should the unspeakable happen and the girl is taken on their return home, that she is not a virgin. She is just a girl, Gabe. Your mistress wants you to see to it that she is a woman."

"How old is this girl, Cay? I will always do what my mistress orders, but just how young is she, if she is still just a girl, that doesn't make me feel good. I might only be a bedwarmer, and just twenty-two, but she is at least fifteen isn't she?"

Caytin smiled. "She is about the same age as Tallin is. If I am not mistaken, she said she turned seventeen the fourth of last moon. So yes she is older than fifteen by a few cycles.

Gabe looked shocked. "She is seventeen, and still untouched? Tallin I understand, mistress is waiting for one of the mistresses of our people to pay his wedding price. He is going to go from here as a consort and nothing less. But she, what is wrong with her? Am I going to be sent to one that is so hideous, or cruel, that there are no men in her own lands that will touch her?"

He shook his head at the younger man. "No, not at all. She is your mistress's newest consort's twin. She is a lovely girl, and very soft-spoken. But she is the bearer of the next ruler, after her brother who will take the place after his father steps down. They are similar to us in that rank and position in the ruling family is passed down matrilineal lines." He took a deep breath. "Also, she is terrified of the act. Her elder sister was sacrificed cycles ago, I can only gather by what the King said that it was ugly. Had the girl lived, she would have probably never allowed another man to touch her. They have been at war with the Catimine's for twelve cycles. She is seventeen. She is old enough to remember what happened. So best you go prepared to walk her through this."

Gabe swallowed nodding. "What should I do, if she will not have me?"

"Nothing, but I am counting on you and the drugs you have available in the oils Donnel makes to see that, that, is not a problem. Yes, I am saying be underhanded. Do not lie to her, but you do not have to tell her what all you have in store, either."

"You want me to deceive her?"

"Yes, and if it goes wrong, I will accept what ever comes of it. You do your job, the best you can, and I will stand by you."

* * *

Miri was so frightened as she answered the soft knock on her door, that had it not been for the door, she would have fallen. "Yes?" She looked down at a kneeling man outside her room.

"I have been sent to take care of you Princess." Gabe didn't look up. He wanted her to feel at least a little secure before he did.

"Oh," she blushed. "Did they tell you what they want you to do?"

"If I am permitted to come in, Princess, I have been instructed to care for you. You rode a long time in the sun and the heat through the dunes. I have brought things for a bath and perhaps if you feel comfortable with me, a massage. I also have brought clean clothing for you. Your own have to be filthy."

She looked down, conscious for the first time of her travel stained garments. "Is that all?" She stepped back motioning him to enter. She felt uncomfortable having a man kneel on the floor at her door.

Gabe rose, getting a good look at her for the first time. Yes she was very lovely. Poor girl, to look this way, and live in fear. "Yes, Princess." He smiled at her, as warmly as he could. "But, first a bath, then perhaps, if you aren't against the idea, we can discuss it farther. But for now, you need to know only one thing. I am here to serve you, and I will never hurt you, in any way." He sat his supplies on the side table. "First, because my mistress would have the skin whipped from my back if I did, and second, because I believe no woman, should ever have cause to fear me." He smiled, cocking his head to one side. 'Especially not one as pretty as you are."

She blushed again. She had gone out of her way since she was old enough to understand that her looks could be used against her, to avoid contact with all men save her father and brothers. But now, after hearing what she had today, she had unwittingly been in more danger from Kerri. Than any of the other men in, father's, service.

Gabe moved slowly. She was like a small wild animal, so lovely, and so ready to bolt. "I think a bath is the first thing I should help you with, don't you agree, Princess?"

The blush deepened. "I guess so."

Gabe turned, cupping her chin. "Princess, on my oath, you really don't have anything to be afraid of. I am here for your pleasure, what ever that may be. And nothing more."

She looked up at him, here was a man, and he was telling her he would not hurt her. But then again, how many of her friends had said that their husbands had said the same thing, and had learned the truth the hard way. Her mother only told her, when she cried to her about it, that war was hard, and it sometimes made even the finest of men forget themselves. And when she had asked if her father had ever hit her, she had only smiled and asked her if her brother was now King or not. Had assured her that if her father had ever forgotten himself to that point, that Dannis would be King now. But how many other men were as fine as her father was?

Gabe had left her standing, there, watching him as he took his oils and headed for the bathing room. "I brought something that will help you to relax, Princess." He held up the often-used blue oil. Pouring almost half the bottle in the water as it filled the tub. "There is one of the bedwarmers in the Men's Quarter's that makes it for us. It has a very soothing effect. You'll like it."

"Oh," she couldn't help herself, but stare at him. He was not as tall as a lot of the men she knew, just a few inches taller than she was, and, if she was honest with herself, not that bad to look at. Hair that was long for the other men she had grown up around, but not as long as hers was or, even, Rook's. Not heavy, but not thin either. A medium build, she decided.

He turned back to her. "Princess, my name is Gabe, may I know yours? It will seem a little silly for me to keep calling your princess."

"Miri." She looked up into his eyes, light brown, with flecks of an orange gold. His face was kind, could one with such a kind face be cruel? "And you're right, you've called me princess, more in the last ten minutes than I usually hear in a moon."

"I had a choice Miri, until you told me your name, I could either call you princess, or mistress, and mistress is not right just yet." He held out a hand. "Your bath is ready, if you would please let me help you out of your things, I will see to it that they are cleaned before you leave."

She looked away, the blush of her skin hotter still. "I can't, it is why I haven't changed yet. I can't reach the lacing's in the back, and I couldn't ask one of my father's men to help me."

He grinned at her. "Well then Miri, you have no problem there, I was sent to serve you. If you would please turn around, I will fix your problem." He felt somewhat bad for what he was going to have to do to her. He had never had to drug any of the girls he had been called upon to see they came away from him women. But Caytin had been right, if he wasn't willing to use anything he could with her. She would never be able to go farther. And the chance of her leaving in the same condition she arrived in was just too great. "I'm going to have to have these lacing's replaced, they have become entirely too frayed to ever be used again."

"A moon of riding and sleeping in them will do that." She was a bit defensive. She was fully aware of what her clothes looked like.

"Yes, I suppose it would." He worked the last of the knots out and pulled them free, dropping the useless strip of lacing to the floor. "Do I need to help you with anything else?"

She shook her head, holding the gown to her, as she began to cry softly.

"Miri?" Gabe was immediately concerned. "Little miss, what is wrong? Are you hurt? If so, please tell me, I will let my mistress know at once. The Healers might be busy, but one can be called."

"No, I," she just stood there crying.

"Then what is it? I haven't hurt you have I?"

"No," she sniffled. "But you're a man."

"My mistress would have sent Winna to help you, if she thought that you would be better helped by a woman, but other than her, there are no other slaves in her house, but men." He walked around her. "Would Winna be more to your taste's Miri?" She started to stammer. "There is nothing to be ashamed of, it's not at all uncommon. Some of the ladies, they just have no taste for men. It happens. It is the only reason that thing that killed Remmy is still drawing breath."

"He's still alive?" This shocked her out of her fear.

"No, Miri, he still draws breath, his heart still beats, but what he is going through now, is not living. It is a shame, but as sad as it is, he is fertile, and there are many of our ladies, in the guard mostly, that, want children, just not a man's attention. So he was sent to the Temple. Is fed enough to sustain him, and allowed only enough rest to keep him from death. His seed, it's being taken from him, by force. And it will continue until he either dies, or can do no more."

"And what happens then?"

He looked up at her. "If he becomes useless?" She nodded. "I am not sure, probably be sent back here. Remmy was more than just my mistress's son. He was fertile. Caytin has already claimed a man's justice for his son's death. The only thing that stopped him from taking it fully, was the fact that the thing was fertile. But if he no longer can be used that way, then I suppose Cay's claim to his life will take precedence again." He worked slowly, easing her out of her outer dress, as he kept her mind on what he was saying.

"You mean, the same man that was with Rook?" She refused to pay attention, if she did, she would lose all her nerve, and then, she was so afraid what would happen.

"Don't look like that Miri. Your brother is now between the two people that will see he is safer than he would be anywhere else in the world, outside the Temple."

"He won't hurt him, will he? Please, I'll do anything you want me too, just don't hurt my brother." She pleaded with him. Hand going to work the lacing's of her undergarments. "See, I will do anything you want me too."

'Oh Goddess, what have I done?' "Ssshh, Miri, stop." He took her hands in his. Tisking as she froze at his touch. "Caytin isn't going to hurt your brother. Why would he? Your brother hasn't broken any laws, that I'm aware of." His fingers began to finish working the laces. "You aren't in any danger. Please, believe me, I won't hurt you. No one could make me hurt you. All I ask, is that you, believe me."

She tried to cover herself as the rest of her clothing fell from her, leaving her in only her briefest of bottom coverings. When he took those from her, she would be naked.

"Ssshh," he knelt slipping her bottoms from her. "You're bath is getting cold while you stand here Miri." He stood, taking her hand, which had gone to cover her exposed sex. "No more talk of things that are not pleasant. I am here to help you, and I will."

He helped her into the tub. Actually grateful that it had taken her so long to get to this point. The oil had dissolved completely. It shouldn't take him but just another few minutes to get her to finally relax. Caytin wasn't kidding when he had warned him about her. If she were any more jumpy, he would have hand to pin her to the floor. "There we go, Miri, not too cold, is it?" He pulled back to undress.

"What are you doing?"

"My mistress told me I was to see to your care. I am going to help with your bath." He smiled, as his pants joined his tunic on the floor. "Why, what did you thing I was doing?"

She moved over as far as she could away from him as he stepped into the tub. Trying to keep as much room between the two of them.

Gabe reached for the sponge, wetting it before reaching for soap, also heavily laced with the drug. "Was your journey here hard, Miri?" He reached for her hand, gently pulling her closer to him so he could begin to bathe her.

"I was coming to see my twin die, it was horrid. I didn't know if when he got here, I would even be able to say goodbye before he was killed." She tried to ignore what he was doing as he carefully moved the water and soap laden sponge over her chest.

He nodded. "I can't even imagine what it must have been like for you. Well, you now know, your brother is not going to be killed. That your world isn't going to end tomorrow. So just lay back and let me take care of you."

She was so tired, so drained, that his soothing tone began to ease her. It wasn't what he said, nothing about his words could be seen as wrong or seductive in any way. But the way he said everything, like he honestly cared. Like he really wanted to help her. It had been so long since anyone had ever tried to do more than just acknowledge her. She began to fall under not only his voice but also the drugs he had doctored the water so heavily with. She leaned back and closed her eyes. Forgetting, for just a moment, where she was, and whom she was with.

Gabe watched as the tension left her body. As he felt her rest herself against him. "Feeling better?" His voice was at her ear. As his arms encircled her.

She jumped, jerking herself awake again. What had she been thinking? She was not only in a room with a naked man, but was in a bath with him, and behaving like some whore, pressing against him. What was wrong with her?

He made shushing noises as she tightened up again. "Miri, Little Miss, I have a confession to make to you." His lips pressed softly against the side of her head. Now, with her like this, he knew she wouldn't refuse him as he offered to help her. "I was ordered to use the oil that is used for nervous men their, first, time with either the first consort or mistress. You have been soaking in it for the last half hour."

"What?" She tried to get up at once, but Gabe tightened his hold on her. Shushing her again, pulling her back down into the water, and closer to him.

"It's done its job, Miri, getting out now won't change anything."

"Why? Was it so important, that you would be willing to trick me like this?" She was near hysterical as she began to realize what she was feeling. "Was this what you wanted? To see I couldn't stop myself from playing the whore with you?"

"No Miri, what was important, and still is, is that you not come away from me still a maid. I am just a man, and not even really a man, but a bedwarmer, but I am old enough to have some idea what letting you go from this place as you are right now, puts you in danger of. Don't look at it like I tricked you. I have given you something to hide behind. Blame the drug in the oil." His lips brushed hers lightly. "I know that is what I'm going to do."

She looked up at him, with her large deep blue eyes, so full of confusion and hunger. "You feel it too?"

He chuckled. "Honey, I felt it before I stepped in the tub, and now, take pity on me."

She touched his chest. "And you, you won't hurt me?"

"Miri," he captured the hand against his chest, kissing her palm. "Hurting you if so far from my mind I don't think I can tell you how far."

She bit her bottom lip blushing, again, as she nodded.

'Finally, thank the Goddess.' He rose slowly to lift her. "I do believe your massage is going to have to come later Miri." He felt her against his chest as he reached for the bath sheet he had brought, wrapping them both in it.

He lay her, still wet on the bed, pulling back smiling as she turned her head, not looking at him. "Miri, I am going to make love to you. The least you could do is look at me." He certainly was looking at her. So tiny, but as he looked over her breasts, which though not overly large, were still those of a woman grown, and her hips, she would one day not have the problems in childbirth that he knew some of his mistresses did. "You are very pretty Miri. Of all those that I have helped, you honor me the most." Goddess, he hadn't wanted a woman as much as he did this little one in a long time.

The mattress sagged slightly under his weight as he lay beside, her pulling her close. She was so soft in his arms "Ssshh," he felt her tremble against him. "Close your eyes, honey, rest against me and let what you are feeling take you."

'Let what I'm feeling take me, yes, I can do that.' She had feared this for so long, and now, as his hands moved slowly over her, she couldn't remember why.

Her moan sounded out in the silence of the room as she felt first lips, and then a mouth on her breast, thigh's parting slightly at the hand that touched her. The slow and gentle fingers that sought to tease her, lightly. She gasped more in surprise than anything at the feelings it gave her.

'For one who was so afraid of this, she is so physical.' His mouth moved from one breast to the other, feeling the nipple harden under his lips, as he teased it with his tongue. The knowledge that he wouldn't have the fight on his hands he was sure he would, once he got her in the bed, eased his mind. Not even as drugged, as he was, he wasn't sure he would have been able to press this little lady, had he had too? But as she lay under him opening herself, to his mouth and hands, he knew that she would not fight him. He lifted his head to brush her lips again. "Open your mouth to mine, honey." She moaned low as she responded to his kiss, mouth open, tongue meeting his is the hot, sweet, dance. Pressing her, even, farther against him.

It was her arms, this time that held him as he tried to lift himself off her to gaze down at her beauty. She didn't want to think, thinking was bad, and it would let her mind start to worry about what all this meant. "Don't," she whimpered, now more afraid of him stopping.

"Hush, Miri, I'm going no where." He pulled his hand up, locking eyes with her as he brought it to his mouth. She tasted sweet, or perhaps it was the same as all the others, but it only seemed sweeter, because this girl had been willing, even before he drugged her, to trust him. "You are so beautiful." His mouth caught hers again as he let her hold him, not moving. Just lay there with her, feeling her hold him to her, she was trembling again, but this time, it wasn't in fear.

She almost cried out in protest as he pulled back. But she shouldn't have worried; he was going no where. His head dipped back down to capture a nipple as his hand caressed the other, tugging gently as his teeth latched onto the one in his mouth. No force, never force, but just enough pressure to hold it in place. As his free hand returned to where it had been, warming her to him even more. He was her first, and like all the other firsts he had been, he would see to it, that it was memorable. No matter whom she ended up with, she would always remember him and his worship of her.

Her shriek was ear shattering as his mouth covered her sex, tongue parting the folds to taste her. He tried to pull away to see if she was hurt, but her hands held his head to her, aggressively thrusting upwards to encourage his attentions. He chuckled to himself as he relaxed. There was nothing wrong, she was just vocal. Lucky was the man that one-day she accepted to her bed.

She lay there, sobbing softly as his hands roamed the skin of her body, her belly, her breasts, reaching down to cup her buttocks as his mouth became intent on her hidden secret's.

He felt her jump a little as his teeth closed over her clitoris, tongue beginning to flick it in slow, easy motions, that as she began to relax again under him, began to gain speed. He knew she was still just a girl, a virgin, so as he thrust his fingers into her wet heat, he was careful not to press too far, soon enough, for that little pain. But for now, he would see she knew only joy.

Her cries rang out in the room, as her legs lifted over his shoulders, trapping his head where it was. Never, had she ever believed that anything could make her feel like this. Fingers tangled in his hair, hips rising to meet his mouth she rode the wave of heat he was bringing up in her, as she felt the beginnings of a stirring in the bottom of her womb that grew and swept over her. Screaming her passion, she came.

Gabe had his hands full, she was thrashing so much in the midst of her orgasm that he was almost thrown from her. The only, thing that kept him where he was, was her legs that tightened on his head, as her fluids washed over his face, pouring from her, almost faster than he could lick them away. He held her down and continued as she sang out her joy.

She pulled at him as he made his way back up her body, mouth greedy, almost demanding as she held him to her.

She wasn't one of his mistresses, so he wasn't sure how to go about the next part. He had never been where he was now, under a mistress, yes, but never on top. He only hoped that if Caytin asked for a report, he understood why he had done what her was going to have to. "Miri." He whispered as he reached down and lifted her legs over his hips, positioning himself. "Forgive me." And he thrust forward breaching her maiden's barrier.

Her cry slipped out before she could stop it. She knew it would hurt, her mother had warned her on her sixteenth birthday. But the sharp stabbing flash through her groin caught her unprepared.

"Mistress?" Gabe forced himself to hold still. "I'm sorry, Mistress, but you were still a maiden, forgive me."

She looked up at him, smiling. "It's okay, sorry, I forgot about that part."

He felt himself relax at once. He had been worried that with as much as he had feared this that once there was any pain, that she would resist him. But his little mistress was full of surprises. "May I continue, Mistress?" He prayed she would say yes, it was taking everything he had to keep himself in check. If she said no, he would probably go mad, but he would pull away. He had done what he was ordered. She was a woman now, and from this point on, he would obey her as he did the rest of the mistresses in his house.

"Please." Her mother had been right. It had hurt, the first time. Now if only she was right about the pleasure that came after the pain.

She was a woman now, his mistress. He wrapped his arms around her and rolled on his back, bringing her up to straddle him. Now this he understood. "Do with me as you wish Mistress."

She pulled up. Looking down at him confused. Now it was her turn to be lost at what to do, but as his hips thrust up, catching her where she was, she understood. Of course, she should have thought. He was a slave. So with careful slow motions, she began to move with him.

She, it, was so tight. Virgin's always were. But with her, it was like pure joy. Never had he felt what he felt with any other, what he now felt with her.

She gritted her teeth at the soreness, but as she moved with him, feeling him move inside her, the soreness faded, and the beginnings of a warm friction began. And as his hands joined in first to stroke her breasts, before moving down to press his thumbs against her, rubbing her clitoris, she began to feel the pleasure that she had only just begun to know.

Her vaginal muscles tightened around him as she screamed out as she felt herself being swept up again. She was a rarity, he had been with some, that it had taken him what seemed like forever to bring where she was. "Mistress," he moaned, "may I cum?"

"Oh, oh, yes, oh yes!" She screamed again reaching to pull him up to her as she peeked again, holding him, her body lost in what he had made her feel.

His mouth silenced her screams as he kissed her. Feeling his body give her tribute as his own, blazing release took him.

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