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Bound And Chained

Chapter 11


Rook sat on the table after the Priestess left. It was a small room, so much like one of the infirmary at home. So much alike that it was almost frightening. "May I ask, Master, what is going to happen to me?"

Caytin took his hand. Ready if the boy panicked. "Your mistress has ordered you decorated. And your body hair removed."

Large, frightened blue eyes focused on him. "I don't understand, what do you mean decorated?"

"You will have your nipples, pierced." He touched Rook's left. "Rings with bells placed in the piercings. And here, your scrotum." He reached down touching the thin flap of skin that was just under Rook's erection at the top of his balls. A slightly larger ring, but no bells."

Rook looked at him, growing more frightened. "Like I have seen some people with their ears?" Caytin nodded. "Oh." He wasn't sure if he could do that. He didn't know about people's ears, but sticking a needle through those particular parts of his body, had to hurt. "Is she, my mistress, I mean. Is she going to make me do it? I don't want too, Master. Please, don't make me."

Caytin took his hands into his. "Rook. I was punished, just, once for not being willing to tell my mistress everything she wanted to know about one of the men of my home. I have no intentions of ever going through that again. You will be pierced. Yes I know it will hurt, but it is such a little pain, and they have a novice here that will heal you once they are done. She might be young, and not fully trained. But if Mother Tara says she is good. She is good, and will see to you. But you will have them done." He reached up and stroked Rook's cheek. "You are new to us, so I will overlook your hesitancy to obey. But you must learn to be willing to do anything your mistress tells you."

'What if she tells me to let you?' The thought made him want to scream. Kerri had never gone that far with him, but always so close. Had only begun and it had always hurt so much. Could he, even if this woman that now owned his life, ordered it. Could he just go and willingly let this man do that to him? "Yes, Master." This man had been kinder to him so far than any had in such a long time. He had to make himself trust. Even if it was only for one time.

"Look at me, Rook." The soft caring words. "I know you are frightened. But you must try to control yourself. The Priestess they are sending to pierce you, she is very old. And if you do anything and she is hurt. Your mistress might not kill you, but you will in the end, wish she had. Don't make me have to hurt you. I don't want to." Caytin had served as Kaj's head consort for over seventeen cycles. He had walked more than one young and frightened boy through so many things, that it was almost easy. Even though this boy was new to him and his people, to handle him.

Huge, tear-filled, blue eyes looked back into his lighter ones. "Y-yes, Master."

"There is nothing to be afraid of Rook. You do well here, and I will see to it your mistress knows how good you were, and rewards you." Caytin pulled back as the door opened and an ancient looking woman entered. "Rook, this is Mother Anna. Remember what I told you."

"Goodness, Cay, you should have taken some of the men long ago and raided their schools, if this boy is any indication to what they have in his land." The old woman chuckled as Rook blushed.

"My mistress has taken care of that Mother. The Priestesses of the Temple are all busy right now with a whole swarm of boys just like him."

"And here I am, too old to enjoy them." She chuckled again at the deeper blush. "Oh, well, the Great Mother has her own sense of humor, I suppose."

Caytin laughed with her. "Come now Mother, I happen to know, because as you know, slaves talk, that you aren't all that old. You can still chase one of the Temple men around a bed with the best of them."

"Well make sure you tell this man who is bragging so on me, that he needs to remind me. I can't seem to remember his name."

Caytin took her hand, smiling. "Mother, if my mistress is willing, I shall gladly come and remind you that you are far from dead."

"Or see to it that when I go, it's with a smile on my face, I wager." She patted his cheek. "I must say Cay, you were always such a good boy. The girl did damn good when she matched souls with yours."

"We suit each other. It has always been my honor to serve her."

"Well, have you told the little one here what is to happen?" She turned her attention to Rook. "And by the Great Mother, Cay. Tell the boy I am not going to hurt him. Despite the teasing I do with you. I am much too old for him to be worried about what my intentions are."

"Yes, Mother." Caytin moved to Rook's side again. "Mother Anna and I go a long way back, Rook. She is a close friend of my Grandmother, who is at this moment with the men that came with you. She is not going to hurt you anymore than what she can't help. And she isn't going to try anything with you. I have been offering for cycles, and if she hasn't taken me up on my offer as of yet, you have nothing to worry about."

Rook nodded, but still watched the old woman closely.

"Goddess bless," she chuckled. "He is worse than one of the novices after her cycle of celibacy." She touched him lightly. A heat flowing from her to him. Rendering all the hair on his body other than his head, brows, lashes and arms, dust. "Now Cay, you have warned him that I'm not strong enough to work more than what I just did for him, didn't you?"

"Yes, Mother. He has been told that he must wait for novice Healer Jaffrey." She was not yet a woman, and until then he would not assign the title of mistress to her "He understands what that means. He will be good for you." He moved to one side, taking Rook's hand in his again. "It's okay Rook, just focus on me. It will be over soon enough."

Rook whimpered at the sharp stabbing pain in his left nipple. "It hurt's." He bit his lip. Yes it hurt, but no where, near, as much as Kerri had hurt him before.

"Yes, I am sure it does, but you are doing fine. Just hold on a little while longer." Caytin was actually impressed with the boy, for one who was so frightened of everything, he was holding up very well.

The tingle of bells as the elderly priestess worked the ring into the new piercing. "There we go boy. One down, Cay is right, you are being a good boy."

Rook was confused as the pain lanced through his right nipple. It hurt, but felt almost good. Pain wasn't supposed to feel good. Was Kerri, really, right about him?

Again the sound of a musical tingle of bells as the ring was affixed to him.

"Okay now, Rook. Give me your other hand. And remember, 'focus' on me." Caytin leaned on him. Holding him down, incase he tried to get away from the pain that was coming next.

Rook cried out in pain, this time it did hurt, and hurt, much, more than anything Kerri had ever done to him. But even in the middle of the pain, a warming blaze of heat took him as he felt his orgasm. 'Oh God, no,' he sobbed in disbelief. He was just like Kerri kept telling him he was.

The old woman just chuckled looking down at her robe. "My, my, Cay. This is a first, even for me." White fluid dripped down her body as she finished with him. "You should tell your mistress, to put this boy in a safe place. He is far too reactive."

Caytin chuckled with her as Rook lay there, crying in fear and pain. "I know Mother Anna. If the boy isn't careful, and is deemed fertile, I might suggest that my mistress take him as her third consort. Just to put him where I won't have to worry about him anymore. If he, reacts, like this to, a, piercing. Goddess only knows how he would a whip or cane."

"Well, what ever you do, best you either have a towel handy, or teach him how to clean up his mess." She reached for the towel behind her. "Sweet boy, this one. Just a tad over eager, and assure your mistress, she will get many pretty babies from this one."

"So he is more than just a pretty face?"

"Oh yes, even if he does have a very short fuse." She patted Rook on the leg. "Don't be upset child. The body is a wondrous thing. There are many different ways for it to cope with pain. Yours just happens to be a very sweet one."

"I'm sorry, Master, please. I," he wanted to die then. It had hurt so much, but all he had done was, and on one of the priestesses of his New World.

"He is a pleasure slave Mother. The boy has spent the last few hours in a heightened state of arousal from all the people that have seen him as he is now. Look at that, it would seem that before he dares let the novice see him, I am going to have to attend to things." He smiled down at Rook. "It's okay Rook, no one is mad at you." 'Poor boy,' Caytin shook his head. To think, he was worried that he had done something wrong. Toby was going to get a soul brother at of this one.

"See that he is flaccid Cay, before the girl gets here. You know how the young ones are." The old priestess moved slowly to the door. "And boy, hear me. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Cay here will see that you are taken care of." And she was gone.

Rook waited only until the priestess had gone before curling into a ball on the table crying. "I'm sorry." He hurt, his nipples burned, but the pain in the ring that had been forced through his scrotum was agony.

"Ssshh, Rook. Here, lay back, let me see how you are doing." He helped the boy lay back, smiling at him, as he looked down at the boy's still erect cock. "You might have a short fuse like Mother Anna said, but it is not one that is quick to be spent I see. Now listen to me Rook. The young girl, who will come soon and heal you, she is still in the middle of her cycle of celibacy. She is ever easily embarrassed, as all are at her age. Will you help me to see that you do not embarrass her anymore than she is going to be, having to work on a naked man?"

"I don't know what is wrong with me, Master." Rook tried to explain himself, but couldn't.

"There is nothing wrong with you Rook, far from it. Now hush." Caytin cupped his chin. "Don't worry, I will take care if it. You just lay back and try to relax. The more relaxed you are the greater the likelihood you will settle down. As sweet as you are, I do not want to have to be here for the rest of the day with you, trying to calm you." Caytin was very careful as he cupped the boy's balls, ever mindful of the pain the boy was in. Not that he worried that it would be more than the terrified boy under him could stand, but that the more it hurt, that harder it was going to be for him to see to it that he was as flaccid as the priestess had ordered.

Rook cried out against Caytin's lips as he felt the hand lightly stroking him. There was no end to his shame. He had walked around through the town, twice, naked, his humiliation only increased by his obvious rock hard cock, and then when the old lady, the priestess, had pierced him, he had cum all over her. And now, what was wrong with him?

"This was not where I had planned on rewarding you for your good behavior, Rook, but you heard the Mother. Just lay back and try to relax. Soon enough I will have you home again and then I can see to rewarding you properly." Caytin kissed him one more time before bending to see to the hardness in his hand.

Rook lay there shocked. What was going on? This was his master, and yet, could it be that his greatest fears that his life was going to be hell forever could be wrong? "Master?" He moaned softly, at the feel of warm lips. The pain was still there, but now, it didn't matter. He squirmed, moaning as his master went to see to it that when the Healer was finally called, he wouldn't shock her.

Caytin knew that he didn't have the time he wanted to fully toy with the boy, so he pulled back, wetting his middle finger before returning to his sweet cock. Carefully rubbing against his tight puckered hole before easing a single finger in. Moving it slowly in and out, making small circular motions as he did so. As he took the boy deep into his throat. Pulling on his with his throat and jaw muscles.

This time it was quick. One moment Rook lay there, confused but trying to relax under Caytin's attentions, the next the blaze of his orgasm stole over him again. He cried out, thrusting up, and deeper into Caytin's greedy mouth as he came again and again.

Caytin pulled back, swallowing as he smiled at the boy. He would clean the boy, but as touchy as this one was, he was worried if he did, all it would accomplish was getting another rise out of him. "Better?"

"Why, Master? I don't understand."

Caytin shrugged. "What's to understand Rook? I couldn't leave you like you were. Jaffrey is still far too young to be exposed to you like you were. Lucky are we that your mistress's sister is a journeyman, mated and with child already, or we would have problems at home with you like you are. But that is not going to be a problem. Now you lay here, and try to stay as relaxed as you are now. I will go and let Mother Tara know that you are ready for Jaffrey."

"Yes, Sir." He was going to leave him here, alone. He trembled at the thought.

"I said relax, Rook. I will not be gone but just a minute. You are in the bowels of the Temple of the Great Mother. There is no safer place on this entire world for you to be. You are not in any danger." He patted his hand smiling. "You have trusted me so far Rook. Have I lied to you?"

Rook shook his head. "No, Master."

"Then, trust me. I am not lying to you now." And he stepped from the room.

Rook lay there. Silent, working all that had happened to him so far, out in his head. Kerri had been right about so many things, but he had been wrong too. He had taunted him that the moment he was taken by the Danes, that his life was going to be nothing but the pain that he had dealt him thus far. But that wasn't right. Yes the pain had been horrible, but his new master and even the old priestess had only found him to be sweet. Could it be that his shame wasn't a shame at all here? He was trying to work it out, but there were so many things that didn't make any sense to him that he was having a hard time at it. Like why he found what hurt so much to feel so good? Or, that his new master only praised him for it. His head was so full of questions as to why and how that it hurt.

Caytin returned a few moments later. "Good, I see you can keep things in order when you have too. Jaffrey will be here soon, and after that, I can take you back to your mistress. She will be very pleased to see you. And then you can point this Kerri out to me, and I will see to it that he is not allowed anywhere near you for the rest of your father's stay."

"Thank you Master." That was a relief. He had worried that now, with what he was, Kerri could do what he had been threatening for the last moon or so to do to him. "Master?"

"Yes, Rook?"

"If you won't let Kerri touch me again, what are you going to do to me?"

"Turn you over to my," he smiled. "Our mistress and then see if I can talk her into taking you as her third consort. I am her first, and, Fain you know him correct is, her second. But there is still one opening left. And I would much rather have you as a third consort than as a pleasure slave, any day."

He lifted himself up on his elbows to stare at Caytin. "I would be your consort too?"

"Yes Rook, I would be your consort too."

"But, I thought, you weren't going to let me be hurt like Kerri threatened to hurt me?"

Caytin opened his mouth to assure this youngster that there was a world of difference between what two men did together, when they were only seeking pleasure, and what this Kerri kept threatening him with. But the door opened and a girl dressed as all novices dressed, in white, came in. "We will talk about this later Rook." He stepped forward, blocking the girl's view of the naked man on the table. "I wish to extend my mistress's thanks Jaffrey. I know this cannot be easy for you." He kept his body in the way, blocking her view.

"Thank you, Caytin. But Mother Tara said you had a slave that has been pierced." The girl kept her eyes locked on Caytin, blushing.

"I would have waited for another, but they are all very busy at the moment with things more urgent that one sole pleasure slaves pain of his piercings. But I would rather he not have to continue as is. I have promised him that I would not let him be hurt, past what I could not prevent. You are very gracious to offer your help." He bent over her hand, kissing her fingers, the only place a, man, was allowed to touch a novice Healer in her cycle.

"You are the Head Consort, and the Chieftess Kaj's first. Anything I can do to help in any way, I will. Even if it means being a little uncomfortable. My discomfort cannot compare to your new slaves there."

"Thank you Jaffrey. Please, don't look at him. He would be horrified if he thought he had upset you in any way." He took her hands and lay them on Rooks new piercings.

"I am almost through my cycle Caytin. I think I can handle this without the discomfort that I had this time only twelve moons ago." She protested weakly.

"Be that as it may, I am the Head Slave of my people. It is my job and joy to see to it that you are shielded from all things that might upset you." He slowly pulled her hands down to the piercing in Rook's scrotum. "Look only at me, Jaffrey."

"Thank you for your, understanding, Caytin." She, pulled her hands away, Rook healed. "I only wish all men were so."

"What, do you mean?"

"Not all Healers are as lucky as Trinna. We don't all live in homes where our vow protects us from everything with all men."

"I don't understand, Jaffrey. Anel never struck me as an unfit consort. Are you telling me that he touched you? You, a novice in the middle of her vow?"

"No, but Anel isn't my father. My mother was pregnant with me before she took him as her consort. My father is one of the Temple breeders. She had wanted to increase her chances of giving birth to a Healer. So he has never felt like he was my father. And you know him, as men go, he is closer to a bedwarmer than a man. He has no control over the men in my mother's house, and she is not willing to see that her consort is weak. So I came here, as is any novices right during her vow." She looked down. "None of them did anything to me, other than be friendly, but I, when I first started this, I wasn't able to live among them comfortably."

"You should have come to me, sooner. I would have either had Trinna bespeak my mistress, and have you move in our home, where we know what it means for a novice to go through her cycle. Or I would have taken the time to go and talk to Anel. I know the man doesn't have much when it comes to balls, forgive my blunt speaking, but his lack of control over the men in his house, if it has gotten bad enough to have a training Healer being driven from it, is inexcusable. If, he, was not able to make them behave. I am Head Slave and Consort. I would have. I will speak to Kaj, and see if she will let you come and stay with her for the last two moons of your vow. I don't have the problems with my men that Anel does."

"Thank you, Caytin. Her slave is healed now. I need to go."

"Thank you again, Lady Healer." He smiled at her as she blushed. "I will see to it, soon."

After Jaffrey left, Caytin began to look very angry. "This is inexcusable." He helped Rook up.

"I tried Master, what did I do wrong?" Rook didn't understand. He had not done anything. Had tried to relax as Caytin had ordered.

"It's not you, Rook. It is Jaffrey. No girl in the midst of her vow should have to seek the Temple to house her during it, because the first consort of her mother's home has no control over the men in it. I have always knows Anel, he is nothing but a bedwarmer with fertile seed. And her mother, I am going to ask our mistress to speak to her. She should have never allowed her daughter to flee her home because of badly behaved men." He looked down at Rook, smiling. "Well now you are decorated and healed. Do you think you are up to a walk home?"

"Like this?" The blush never left him, just darkened on occasion, like now.

"Yes, pretty one, like that. If you thought you got appreciative looks coming here, wait. I am going to have to beat them off with a stick." He laughed as Rook's blush grew even hotter, and his cock began to rise. "Good boy, see, you can do this."

* * *

When Caytin finally got Rook home, he was close to busting a gut. He had been right. They were stopped and questioned four separate times, and the number of comments was so many that they were almost uncountable. Poor Rook had spent the entire walk a deep red as he was shocked, frightened and very turned on, all at once.

* * *

"Don't get me wrong Chieftess, I am sorry for your loss, but you took four of the men that were in the raiding party, and made them your slaves. You even took that little sweet-faced brother of mine. Wasn't that enough? Some of those men had families, others are little more than boys." A loud voice, as Caytin led Rook into what was obviously a heated argument.

"Because Kerri, had your father not obeyed my demands, I would have come at you, and would have killed you all, every man and woman over the age of thirteen. At least now, slaves they might be, but they will live. Would you expect your father to do any less to me if I had been foolish enough to break treaty with him like he did with me." Kaj was angry, she had been arguing with this fool for the last close to an hour. "Now sit down and shut up before I decide you should join your brother in chains."

Caytin led Rook in, trying to find a way to defuse the situation. "Here he is Mistress, as pretty as I knew he would be." Caytin pushed Rook towards her. "Crawl up into her lap Rook. Give her something to do with her hands, other than hitting someone." Caytin whispered in Rook's ear.

"Yes, Master." He wanted out of here. His father and sister could see him as he was, and what was worse, so could Kerri.

Kerri's bark of laughter was cruel. "See Miri, I told you that that little girl faced brother of mine would be just fine. Look at him, he is belled and hairless as any whore."

Rook turned his face into Kaj's shirt, whimpering.

"Is that Kerri, Rook?" Caytin glared at the man.

"Yes," he couldn't look up. Bad enough that his father and sister saw him and his shame, but not Kerri too.

"What's wrong Caytin?" Kaj looked down at Rook who huddled against her. "What's wrong sweety?"

"That, 'man', is what is wrong Mistress." Caytin's voice was low. "I am not sure exactly what he did to your new slave, but he has hurt the boy in some way."

Kaj looked at Kerri with death in her eyes. "Sit up here Rook, you have nothing to be afraid or ashamed of. He can't touch you again. I won't let him."

"Do you see him father, I have been telling you for ages that he was nothing more than a little Catamite. Maybe now, seeing him like that, you will believe me."

"Kerri, shut up." King Thalin growled at his son.

"Caytin, if Kerri is upsetting Rook this much. Maybe you should take him and see he is cared for until the he leaves."

"Yes, let the little slave go hide from his betters."

Caytin turned. "Your father has told you once, to shut up. If your say another word, if my mistress doesn't deal with you, I will." He warned him.

Kerri laughed at Caytin. "You, her glorified lapdog are going to deal with me?"

His laughter died in his throat as Caytin was across the room and had yanked him up. "This glorified lapdog as you call me, is three times the man you are, and if you do not sit down, and shut up, I am going to prove it." He slammed Kerri back down into his chair. "I mean what I say. Rook is more a man than you will ever be."

"So, the Temple has spoken?"

"Yes, Mistress. Mother Anna sends word to you that you will get pretty babies from him. He is quite fertile."

"Good," she smiled at Rook. "Are you going to be okay, Rook? Your master has placed himself between you and that thing that scares you so. You have nothing to fear from him, ever, again." She stroked his cheek as it pressed against her. "You and I will talk soon Rook. Who knows, you might just have the last laugh after all." She smiled down at him. She didn't need a third consort. She was quite happy with Caytin and now with Fain. But if her first consort was as fond and protective of this boy as he apparently was. She could accept him.

"Kerri." King Thalin's voice was tight. "Get out. Go stay with the horses. If you can't control yourself, best you leave, you shame me."

"I shame you?" Kerri was stunned. "How dare you say that, with your youngest 'son'," the word was a sneer. "Curled up in a woman's lap naked and, look at him. And I shame you?" He stood. "So be it. Have our men, hell, have that she male in your lap. I never realized that the Danes were ruled by a bitch in heat."

No one had time to react. One moment Kerri was on his feet and the next. He looked up, his head swimming from the blow Caytin had landed. "That is 'my' mistress you are talking about. Open your mouth again, and I will shove your foul words down your throat."

"Thalin, best you send your son out of my city. If my consort kills him for his mouth, I will not punish him." Kaj held on to Rook very tightly. She had to, if she didn't, it wouldn't have been Caytin who had hit the fool, but her.

King Thalin moved grabbing his second son by the scruff of the shirt. "Get out. I am trying to undo the damage my foolishness had done. You are not helping matters. Take a horse and go." He then looked to two of his own guards. "Go with him, see he gets out of the land ruled by the Danes without causing anymore trouble." The two guards were all too happy to oblige. They were none too comfortable here anyway, and their Monarch was right, Kerri needed to be taken from here before he caused a war. A war both men knew the Merican's could not win. They flanked him on both sides and escorted him from the room.

"I am sorry, Chieftess. Kerri has always been something of a problem for me. I just never realized he was as stupid as he is."

"Would it surprise you, to know that that problem of yours has been abusing your youngest son?" Caytin went to stand by Kaj, who still held Rook. "I do not know to what extent, but much of the boys fear is because of that thing that just left here."

"Please, Master." Rook didn't want to talk about it. His twin was in the room.

The King of the Merican's just sat there, with a look of disgust on his face. "I had my suspicions but the boy never said anything. I can't force him to expose himself. He is my son, not my slave."

"Please, I'm begging, Mistress, not here." Rook was in tears.

Kaj stroked his hair, holding this close. "Ssshh, Rook, I will let it drop for now, but you will tell me later. Caytin and I need to know what we are up against if I am going to take you as my consort." She looked up at King Thalin. "You tell that fool, next time you see him. That this, bitch in heat, has had six children. Caytin, my first consort was the father of each of them. But I will see that changed soon enough. I have given my word to my first that together we will seek to fill the hole that Remmy's death has left in our hearts. And then I will bear children by both my second consort and my third. That his little brother, the one that he mocked so, has something he never will have. I am the Chieftess of my people. As my consort, even if he is only fourth, in the ranks of men, he will have more power than that fool will ever hope to have." Rook gasped at her. "That is right, pretty face, if you consent, I would be honored above all to have you as my mate. You are a Prince in your lands. So you will be here too."

"Mistress, would you permit me to visit my family? To show my sister any child your give me?"

"I will be connected to your family by marriage baby, of course. I do not believe in separating families. I will come with you, to see to it that he does not bother you. If he does, and nothing is done, then there will be war. No one touches one of the men of my house. Most certainly not one that I am wed too."

"On my oath Chieftess, there will be no problems. If I have to disown the boy, I will. I will not allow him to touch Rook, ever again."

"Thalin, call me Kaj. We are now family by marriage. And I am a woman of my word. If I say he will be my consort, then he is."

"Agreed." The tension left the room with that.

Review This Story || Author: Veronica Leigh Marquette
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