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Bound And Chained

Chapter 10


It had, been almost a moon of riding like demons were chasing them for Eric and Remus to make it home, but they had made it.

And no matter how much they wanted to do nothing but fall on their face. They had one last duty to perform, before they could finally fully believe that they had gotten out of this alive. They had to see their king.

'You would think, that he would want to hear about what happened.' Eric thought to himself, with more than just a little irritation at yet, another, delay.

Finally, "The King will see you now." A young guard, looked at them, a little worried. They were coming before their king, still filthy from the road. That couldn't be a good sign.

The two men moved into the audience chamber. To speak with their, Monarch and Queen. Both dreading what they were to say, but both also knowing the consequences of not getting to him as soon as they could.

The Monarch of the Merican's was a tired looking man. Who had seen so many horrors in the last twelve cycles that he didn't think he would ever, not even if the nightmare was over today, sleep without his dreams haunting him, ever again. "You both look like hell." His tone was worried. There were only two of the seven he had sent out, returning. That did not bode well for the mission. "Where is your commander, the rest of your company?"

Eric and Remus looked at each other, before Eric, the more assertive of the two, bowed his head. "Forgive me your Excellency," he turned to his Queen, "and you my Queen. We would kneel before you, but I am afraid if either of us did that, we couldn't be getting up again any time in the near future." Not wouldn't, but 'couldn't', they were that exhausted. "We have had to ride like devils were chasing us to get back as soon as we could."

The Monarch just dismissed the matter with a snort. "Eric, you have been one of my most staunch supporters for how long? I think we can dismiss with normal court behavior. What happened, where are the rest of those in your company?"

Again the two men looked at each other, trying to decide just how to tell their King what they were charged too. "It went badly, Sire." Eric said finally. "From the beginning, it had gone very badly."

"And the rest of those that went with you? Commander Jerrick, are they dead?" The Queen spoke up, a worried tone in her voice. A very valid question, seeing as those that they had gone to steal children from kept their men in chains. So death wasn't a given.

"No my Queen, or at least not all of them, and not at the time when they turned us loose." The man was none too happy with what he was going to have to do next. But he also knew that until he did, he could not consider his duty to his King served.

The Monarch briefly closed his eyes, a look of pain crossing his tired face. "Why don't you begin at the beginning."

So slowly, with halting words, the story began to take shape. It was a grim tale, and there was nothing they could do to lesson the grimness of it. When they reached the point of the Chieftesses son's death, the Queen covered her mouth in horror. She had lost a child too, and understood the pain the woman must have felt.

"Damn him." There was defeat in the Monarch's voice. "I sent you all there to 'steal' children. Not to kill them, if that fool was not probably dead by now, I would kill him myself." It had all been for nothing. It had been a desperate attempt to save them, but for what? All it had accomplished was getting an innocent boy killed, and four of his best soldiers put in chains. "So they let the two of you go?" He looked back to the two men before him. "How is it that you were able to get free when the others were not?"

Again the two men looked at each other. This was why they had been released, to carry back the leader of the Danes demands. And they, had rode like the wind to do just that but now that it was time, it wasn't easy. "The Chieftess of the Danes, sent a demand of you, Sire." Eric looked down, trying to find the words to lessen the blow. "As retribution for what we did, and for the death of her son. She has given you three moons from the night of the raid, to turn over one-half of the healthy young men of your Kingdom, between the ages of fifteen and thirty." He took a deep breath before continuing. "If you fail to meet her demands, the Danes will march on us, and she has given her word that she will have every man and woman over the age of fifteen killed."

The Monarch just stared at him, in shock. "Half my men? I can't afford to turn over half of what is left of my men. I might as well turn over my throne to those animals that have been at us the last twelve cycles. The Catimine's make a habit of keeping most of their population in chains as well."

"Sire," Remus finally spoke up. "The Chieftess sent word that if you complied willingly to her demands, that She would send a prison full of women who had committed, minor crimes, to help us with our needs. We went to steal girl children, so she will offer her help in that. That for the time of their sentence they will be sent here and serve as the beginnings of another generation."

Eric took up the dialogue again. "Also that if you do this. That she will not leave your Kingdom unprotected. That until such time as our lands are able to stand on, their own again, she will see them protected." He looked down. 'She says you should have brought this to her before trying to raid her house for children."

The Monarch just looked to his Queen. "How much time do we have left? If I am going to have to send half the men of my Kingdom into slavery, I need to know how long I have to prepare them."

"Not long, Sire. It was an almost moon long ride, and we rode like the wind. So you have maybe a couple of weeks, a moon but no more. And if you take that long, you will meet her in mid course as her warrior's march against us. But hopefully, if she sees you are complying with her demands, our people will be spared." Eric was so tired. He hadn't done more that grab naps in the saddle for weeks, not daring to dismount for more than a moment to relieve himself. They had even eaten in the saddle as they raced home.

A grim faced Monarch nodded. "Thank you, now, please you both look like you are about to fall out. You have done your duty, go and get some rest, and let me do mine."

* * *

The days passed slowly. Tallin and Gabe had spent that first horrible night after Caytin had been punished so badly, spending it, trying to convince Ern that they did not hate him. He was new to this life, so of course, he couldn't be expected to know that he could never hide anything from his mistress, no matter how frightened he was. But eventually they did get him to believe them. True it had taken hours of talking, and more than one dose of a wine that again, was special made by Donnel for the slaves. But they did finally get through to him.

Fain had continued to see Mer, faithfully once a week. Either he would go, after the third time, alone to visit with Mer at Mer's new home, or Brom would bring Mer to visit him. But Brom wasn't quite ready to trust Mer to come and go freely yet. It was one thing, what with Fain being Kaj and Caytin's second consort and all, to trust the boy. But so far, Mer was still only a breeder. But he didn't seem to mind his trips to bring Mer every other week. If anything the man looked forward to it. Gave him an excuse to be out of the house for no reason. And as Aticka's first consort, that was something he didn't get often.

This week, however, Caytin had decided to accompany Fain on his visit. The raid had taken place almost three moons to the day. And all three men in his house were becoming very distressed. With the knowledge of what failure to comply to their mistresses demands hanging over them, the promise of death for so many of what had once been their people, it was not an easy time in his home. Ern, spoke less and less, and spent more and more of his time, if he was not with Marissa, his new mistress, in his room at the Men's Quarter's. Jerrick, who had become so very dear to him, brooded a lot, and poor Fain, the boy was almost frantic with worry. No it was becoming very difficult in his home. And he was becoming very concerned that if his mistress had to move against the Merican King, it would be a very hard time in his Men's Quarter's.

Today's visit with Mer had if not been for the fact that Fain needed his old lovers support as Fain had worried over the possible outcome, it would have been a waste of time. There was no desire to spend any time alone together.

"Caytin." The horror in Fain's voice had Caytin looking up, concerned. The sight before him, was all the explination he needed for the tone in Fain's voice.

Just beyond the gate to his city, were lines of men. Each coming forward, dropping their weapons, and then returning to their place in line, dropping to their knees with their hands going to clasp behind their heads "Great Mother, protect us." It was a ghastly sight. "Come on Fain, we need to get home." He had to get his second consort out of here, and away from the terrible sight before them. "You there. He looked around and caught sight of a young boy. "Run, quick to the Temple, tell the Priestesses that the Merican's have come, they will know what to do."

The house was in chaos as Caytin brought Fain home. "Go, the Men's Quarter's, love. This is something that you don't need to see. Tell Warrel I asked him to take care of you for now."

"Did you see, Cay? They are," the shock in his voice was painful to hear. Over the last three moons, he had come to peace with his new life. Had found happiness and love. But the reminder of what were his original fears was painful.

"I know, Fain, but you just go on, and let your mistress take care of this. Trust your faith in her to see this seen to." Caytin pulled the younger man close holding him, trying to sooth his trembling for a moment before letting him go. "Now, run do as I say. For now, I am not just your consort, but your master."

The worry in Fain's bright green eyes was disquieting to Caytin. "Yes, Master."

Caytin waited only long enough for Fain to leave the front room, before going to find Kaj.

She met him coming into the room before he could take more than a couple of steps. "Have you seen Cay?" There was a worried look on her face.

"Yes Mistress, and so has Fain. He is very distraught."

She looked from the door to Caytin. "I don't have time to see to him right now, I have a much greater problem on my hands, the other men of my house will have to see to him for now. Let's go."

* * *

The sight that greeted her at the gate of her city was a chilling one. Row upon row of men, all kneeling, hands clasped behind their, bowed, heads, greeted her. "Goddess protect us." She was stunned. "Here now, get up." She started to pull the nearest men to their feet. "What is the meaning of this?" She was enraged. "Who is in charge here? Why are these men being made to be like this?" She demanded.

"I am Chieftess." A voice as a man rode up on a horse. "I am King Thalin. I have complied with your demands. Before you are half of the men of my city that are between the ages of fifteen and thirty." He dismounted.

"Why have you done this to them. I said I wanted them, but Good Goddess man, you have them presented here as if they are being sent to slaughter. Have you no mercy, or have those things that have taken so much from you, taken your humanity as well?"

The man looked up at her, anger and pain flashing in his dark eyes. "Mercy?" He spat at her. "Don't speak to me about mercy woman. There is not a parent of a man here that I do not understand their fear. But my fear and pain is much greater. They have at least some hope for their sons, I know mine is to die."

Kaj looked at him in shock and disbelief. "Die?" She looked out at the sea of kneeling men. "Which is your son?" 'Goddess, he thinks I would kill a man, just because he is his son.' The concept that she would do something that base was hard for her to grasp.

"Rook." He looked out at the men.

"Father?" A soft voice rose from among a knot of kneeling men, as a thin, frail looking almost boy, stood.

"This is my youngest son, Rook." There was pain in the man's eyes. "Your youngest was killed by one of my men, so to you, I offer mine." He was visibly fighting not to break. "May his life be enough to ease your thirst for vengeance. To spare the others that are here from it."

Kaj looked the boy over. He couldn't have been more that sixteen, seventeen at the most. Slender, tall enough to look Kaj in the eyes, if he looked up. And a face so lovely that she knew women who would do a lot to be as fair. And hair the color of a raven wing. "Oh, my," she reached out to lift his chin. Her deep moss green eyes meeting his. A deep, almost sapphire blue, "I take it you got your looks from your mother."

He blushed. "Am I to die now?" He had made this journey, knowing that he was to repay this woman for her son. Had insisted that his father let him come. It was only right. They had cost her, her, youngest. So why should he be allowed to live?

Kaj smiled at him. "No, pretty one. The sins of the father do not always fall upon the son. I am not the killer of innocent children. No amount of blood can ever be enough to replace my son. I won't take your life. But your seed, if you are fertile, now that I will." She patted him on the cheek. Before looking back up to his father. "You are a fool. Was it not enough that you broke treaty with me, but now you would throw your sons life away?" The fury in her face was intimidating. "Fine, I will take it. He will belong to my house, as a breeder, if he is fertile, as a bedwarmer if not."

A look of worry, and relief warred on the older man's face. "What, if I may ask, is his fate? I had come to terms with the fact that I was going to lose my son, but not quite this way."

"No, you had me killing a boy no older than my eldest son." She snapped at him. "He will live in my home. As a pleasure slave to begin with. But with his face, if he is fertile, I am sure that one of the women in it, will see to it that he is made her consort soon enough." She smiled at Caytin, who stood at her side. "Or, perhaps, seeing as he is your son, I might take him as my third, and final. Who knows, but for now, until such time as he is decided fertile or not, he is a pleasure slave of my home." She looked back at the frightened young man. "Rook, is it?"

"Yes, Chieftess," his voice was barely above a whisper.

"No, not chieftess, child. I am your mistress now. Will you go with my Head Consort and have him see to you?"

Rook looked at Caytin who stood there. "Sir?"

"He's a pleasure slave Cay. Tend to him as such."

"Here, now?" Caytin was a little surprised, his mistress usually kept these little humiliations a little, less public.

"Yes, here and now. Let his father, who so foolishly thought to buy off my grief with his son, see his fate."

Caytin nodded. "Rook." He stepped closer to the terrified boy. "Pleasure slaves are not allowed clothes at any time, except the dead of winter," he looked around. "And it is spring. Remove them, you no longer allowed to wear them."

Rook stepped back, shocked. "Father," he looked to the King. Trying to find comfort and protection. He was prepared to die, but this. They couldn't mean to do this to him.

"Has no say in your life anymore, slave." Caytin felt badly for the boy. He knew it couldn't be easy to be forced to obey what he was going to order the child to do with this many around. "Now, either you strip willingly, or I will have to cut your clothes from you, and you do not want that." He never raised his voice. He didn't have to. The boy broke into tears as he struggled with his tunic.

"Please." They couldn't do this to him, here.

"Ssshh, come now child. It is warm enough. You have nothing to fear. No one is going to hurt you."

Rook stood there, looking at him. "I," he shook his head. "I can't, please, not here."

Caytin sighed, looking to his mistress who nodded to two of her guards to come and hold the boy. "I had warned you." He waited for the guards to take the boy by the arms, before taking the knife that Kaj offered him.

Rook began to struggle between the two women that held him. "Please, don't do this." He cried.

"Be still. I warned you of what refusing would mean. If you continue to struggle, I might cut you." He began to cut the clothing from the boys' slender frame.

The King of the Merican's stepped forward. "Why are you doing this to him here?" He demanded. "Isn't it enough that he is now your slave, must you see him humiliated too?"

"Why humiliated, man?" Kaj challenged him. "Look around you, he is not the only naked slave to be seen. He is my pleasure slave now. He will be stripped, decorated, and put on constant display. That is how we do things here, I will not allow him to be harmed in any way, as long as he obeys. But he will obey, or I will see that he is made to do so." Kaj snarled at him. "Who are you to question how we do things here. You who, sent, men to come like thieves in the night to steal from us. To, take our daughters and niece's. What right have you to say anything?" She turned to Caytin who was finishing his fast work of cutting everything the boy wore from him, leaving him standing there, naked in only his boots, sobbing. "Take him to the house, see him fed, before you take him to the Temple for his decorations." Then her tone softened. "Rook, this is Caytin. He is my first consort, and Head Slave of all the slaves of my people. He will take care of you. Mind him, and you have nothing to fear. But if you resist, he will be forced, like with your clothes to see to it you mind, even if that means punishing you." She looked the boy over. All in all, his body was as lovely as his face. "Cay, do teach him how to present himself properly. He is now one of the," she looked at the horrified face of the King of the Merican's as he watched his son treated so. "The only one, pleasure slaves of my house. See to it that he does not shame it."

*Mistress, must I? I agree with you, the King he needs to pay for what he did. But must his son suffer so? *

*Do, it. You can coddle the boy later, I am sure you are going too do that anyway. But yes, his father must see what his audacity costs him. Even if that means he must see his son humiliated before his eyes. * Kaj's mind was firm. Caytin just nodded. Knowing better than to try to argue with his mistress when she was like this. It would not go well for the boy if he did.

"No, please, don't." Rook began to struggle again as Caytin stepped forward and reached for him, gently touching him. "Please, oh God don't, do, this." His cries were near screams. He was past simple humiliation. This man was going to, like Kerri liked to do. "Please." He would be forced to display his shame. Kerri loved to do this to him, to humiliate him like this. That was one of the reasons he had insisted that his father bring him. He would rather die than continue to be abused like this. And he knew all too well what was going to happen next. His shame would be known, and then like so many times before, he would be mocked and hurt for it. "Please, Sir, I'm begging you." He sobbed as he felt his cock begin to harden. "Please."

"Ssshh, hush." Caytin leaned forward, trying to offer the poor boy some support. "I won't hurt you. This is merely how you are to present yourself, at all times. You are a pleasure slave now, Rook, and really, it is hard to see what you have to offer your mistresses and master's without it. You are in no danger. No one hurts a pleasure slave. To do so is against our very basic laws."

A movement from the side as a figure in a cloaked hood stepped forward. "Don't hurt my brother." A soft voice as the hood fell back and a girl, looking so much like Rook, in appearance and age, that there was no doubt that she was his twin.

"Miri!" King Thalin grabbed her arm, trying to pull her hood back up to hide her from view again.

"And who is this pretty thing?" Kaj raised an eyebrow.

King Thalin held her close, protectively. "My daughter. Rook is her twin, and she had to see what his fate was. I tried to talk her out of coming, but as you can see, I have very little control when it comes to her."

Kaj looked at the girl. "Hold Cay. I didn't ask for your son Thalin, you gave him to me, but her, I will take from you. It has been more cycles than I can recall since last we had a woman pleasure slave. But I think it is time we took one. It will be very hard to have her present her availability as Rook can, but I am sure that if her body is as sweet as her face, that will be all the announcement she will need."

King Thalin tightened his hold on his daughter. "No, you can't, she is my heir. Hate me, kill me if you wish, but do not touch my heir. It would not matter if you had done to me what I had you, I would not enslave your heir, to end your line." He was ready to fight if he had too, to die if need be, but as long as he stood, no one was going to touch her.

Kaj nodded. "Go on Caytin, take the boy and see to it that he is seen too. The King of the Merican's is right. I would never take his heir." Then she turned back to the frightened young woman. "Relax, dear, I know it seems cruel what is happening to him at the moment, but I assure you. He will be well cared for. I have placed him in my consort's care, and there is no place safer for him."

"With your permission, Mistress, I am going to go and see he is fed before I take him to the temple." Caytin stepped back, smiling at Rook's cock, which now was fully erect. "No," he batted Rook's hands away as the boy tried to cover himself. "You can't do that Rook."

"Can I say goodbye to my brother?" Miri pulled away from her father.

"Maybe later, but for right now, I think I have made my point with your father. He needs to go with Caytin. This can't be easy for him. I have been learning with the four I kept from the original raid, that what we think of as normal everyday life, is a little shocking to those that were not born to it." She looked one last time to Caytin. "Go on, take the boy and see he is taken care of."

"Yes Mistress." Caytin held out a hand. "Come on Rook, you heard your mistress, let's go see what I can dig up to feed you."

Rook looked to his father. "Father?" His eyes begged for help.

Thalin glanced at his son, standing there before him, naked with his manhood erect, before turning away uncomfortable. "Go on Rook, you heard your mistress."

Caytin led the sobbing young man away, trying to get him to calm down.

Kaj turned to look as the many Temple Priestesses were helping to gather the frightened new slaves. "Well, Thalin, perhaps you and I should go somewhere, our of the heat to finish our discussions."

* * *

Rook tried not to notice all the people around him. But it was impossible, and the more he saw, the greater his humiliation became. Which did nothing to lesson his shame. "They're looking at me." He whispered to Caytin.

Caytin only chuckled. "With as pretty as you are, I would be surprised if they weren't." He stepped away from Rook as the boy tried to hide behind him. "Hush." He fussed as Rook began to cry even harder. "Behave yourself. Goddess boy, you keep this up, and they are going to think I have hurt you." He reached out and took Rook's cock in his hand. "Well, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong here. That is one of the reasons that we first come up with the position of pleasure slave. So that those of us, who are like you, would get the attention you so crave." He stroked the boy. "I do think that once you are properly decorated, and denuded, you are going to make me a very busy man. I am going to have my hands full, with you, aren't I?"

"Please Sir, don't do this." Rook so wanted to make Caytin stop, but couldn't. As horrifying to him as this was, if also felt so good. So far, no one had hurt him. They didn't look upon his shame in disgust and mock him but seemed to encourage it. There was more than one wolf whistle and catcall from those around them.

"Don't do what? I am not hurting you Rook, am I?" Caytin's voice was soft in his ear. "You must find something about this all pleasing. If this thing were any harder, it would be able to break stone. Now come on. Your mistress is right, I need to see to it that you are fed before I take you to the Temple."

The house was quiet, for that Rook was grateful. It had been enough that he had been marched through the town, naked, his terrible shame for all to see. Kerri was going to have a field day with this. His little brother, who was prettier than most of the women he knew, exposed like this. He would have such a good time making fun of him. He had spent the last week, taunting Rook with what would happen to him when he got here. Either in the way he would be killed or like this. He had told him over and over that when the Chieftess got a good look at him that she was going to do just what she did. And show the world what a little slut he really was, and he was, oh God, it was a horror that was beyond description. And his body loved it. His erection was all the proof anyone needed to know it.

"Why don't you sit there, and I'll so see what I can find for your to eat. It is past lunch and the kitchen slaves are busy worrying about dinner, but I am sure I can come up with something for you." Caytin eased him into a chair. "Don't be afraid of me, pretty one, I am the last person in the world you need fear." He bent and kissed Rook softly before heading to see what he could come up with for Rook to eat.

Rook sat there, stunned. The man had just kissed him. Kerri was right. They were Catamite's. He sat there, tears streaming down his face as he began to understand fully what his life was going to be like now. He was a pleasure slave. Everyone was his master and mistress. He would have to be willing to, 'oh God,' with everyone. He was so frightened, as he sat there, weeping softly.

Caytin came back with a plate, with a sandwich on it. "I'm sorry it took so long, but I was right, this is the best I could come up with, if you wish a hot meal, you will have to wait until dinner." He placed the cold plate before Rook, noticing how the boy pulled away from any chance of contact. "What?" He didn't understand. Then it hit him. This boy was Merican, and he had been working with the three that he had in his house for almost three moons now. "Oh, stop that. What did you expect? You are a very lovely boy, of course I responded. You are a pleasure slave, and I am your master, it is perfectly normal for me to do so."

Rook flinched at Caytin's tone. "I'm sorry," he whispered. "Master." He might as well get used to the word. It was one he was now going to be using a lot.

Caytin sat beside him. "Listen to me Rook. I am not mad at you. I know what your mistress did to you, seemed very cruel. But your Father sent men to steal from us our children. No, she, will not have you harmed in anyway for what the fool did, but what she did to you, in the open, was no punishment for you, but for him. We are beginning to understand at least a little of how he as a Merican might think. Tallin, my son, had to work hard to ease Ern into his place here. But it can be done. Ern is now no longer one of the breeders of the house, but a consort with a mistress all of his own. Oh I am sure that if he, were, called upon by another mistress, and his didn't mind, he would be asked to serve as a breeder for her. But he is more than just that now. And Jerrick, he is not only the Healer Trinna's consort, but my Lover as well. And, Fain well that dear boy is Kaj's and my second consort."

Rook looked up, a little surprised. "They are all alive Master? But Kerri said that your, I mean my mistress would have had them killed by now for what they did."

"No, Rook. Even the monster that killed her, my son, is still alive, or at least he is still breathing. I do not think what is happening to him right now, can be called living. But he still draws breath. Why would she kill them? All four are fertile and fine men. They were only obeying orders."

"But Kerri, he said." They were alive. Kerri had been wrong. Maybe not on everything, but on this he was wrong. It gave Rook hope that maybe. Just maybe he was wrong on other things too.

"And who is this Kerri?" Caytin pushed the plate towards him. "Eat."

"He is my older brother. He has went out of his way to tell me what my fate would be when I got here." He looked down at the food on his plate. "Told me that I would be," he broke down into tears again. "That you all would see me as I really am and then you would . . .." He couldn't finish.

"Then we would do what, Rook? Then we would see how sweet you looked and see to it that you were cared for? Well, so we have."

"You would see my," his voice dropped even lower. "My shame and use it against me." 'Like he did.' He stared at the food on his plate. "I'm sorry, Master, but I," he just sat there crying.

Caytin swore softly to himself. "Good Goddess, Rook." He stood. "Come on. The sooner I see to you, the sooner you can come to terms with the fact that this fool has no idea what he is talking about." He held out his hand again. "Perhaps by the time we get back, there will be something hot for you to eat, and once you know that I am not going to let you be hurt, you will be able to eat it."

* * *

Again, Caytin led him out into the city. And again the whistles and jokes all around him. His body was burning with embarrassment.

"Hey, Caytin. That boy you got there, is he free, or are you taking numbers?" One of the young women joked.

"He is my mistresses. You wish to borrow him, it, is to her you should talk, Mistress." Caytin smiled at her.

"He is a pleasure slave, right?"

"Yes Lady, he is, but show him pity. He is very new and very young." He placed an arm around Rook. "See what I meant, Rook?" He whispered to the horrified youth at his side. "You are going to be a trial for me."

Rook looked from her to him, worried. "Master, my mistress, she isn't going to, is she?"

Caytin just smiled. "You belong to her house. The young mistress knows that. Your mistress is not going to allow anyone outside of it to touch you. That is why I said you were going to be a trial for me. It is going to be my duty to see to it that no one touches you." He stopped, and looked down at the young man with him. "And with as pretty as you are. That is going to be a full time job for me."

Caytin stepped up to the Temple door to knock on it firmly. "With all the new men that came with you, it might take a little time for me to have you seen too." He smiled at the blushing youth. Reaching down to touch him. "Good, you will do nicely. I haven't had to help you to encourage this since I started it."

Rook battled with himself, to keep from pulling away. There were so many around, and they all had seen him. His need for protection, out weighed his aversion to this man. He stepped closer. "Help me Master. Please, like this, I am," he pressed his head against Caytin's chest.

Caytin stroked his hair as he trembled against him. "Ssshh, Rook, didn't you believe your mistress when she told you I would see you cared for?"

"But, like this, they all," he didn't look up, couldn't. He knew all the eyes that were on him.

"Yes, and they may look all they like. But this is a promise from me. And I am Head Slave here. In some ways even as a slave, my rank gives me more freedom than it does some of the Mistresses'. Unless, 'your', mistress allows it. I will not let anyone touch you."

"Thank you." He still didn't pull away. This man, was now his master, and as strange as it seemed. Had shown him more kindness in a single afternoon than his own father had shown him in cycles.

The door finally opened, and an aged woman in a dark blue gown stood there. "Ah, Caytin," she smiled. "And who is this darling boy you bring with you?"

Caytin bowed his head. "The Prince of the Merican's Mother Tara." Caytin did as all did when talking to one of the Priestesses of the Temple, and called her mother. "His father thought to buy my mistresses grief with the offer of his life. Like the taking of another child's life would ever replace what was stolen from her."

"They are just ignorant men Cay. What do they know of the Mother and her love for life?" She stepped back to allow Caytin to escort Rook into the cool, darkened, room out of the bright sunlight, and all the eyes. "So, he is to be a pleasure slave?"

"Yes Mother, and a breeder if he is fertile."

The Priestess looked him over. "Well, he will have to make due with a novice Healer. All the others, even the journeymen are tending to the new slaves. Warn him, there will be some pain. There is nothing that can be done about that."

Caytin nodded. "Any help would be greatly appreciated. I had feared that he would have to suffer with them for days before anyone had time to heal him."

"And that mess around his rod?"

"He is to be rendered as hairless as any slave here Mother." Caytin squeezed Rook's fingers gently as the boy looked at him in confusion.

"Well, I'm no Healer, so I can't tell you if he is more than just a pretty piece of flesh. But Anna is too old to leave the Temple now. So she will see to his piercings and his hair. And though she is too old to do any real work anymore. It should take her no effort at all to judge him fertile or not. And we have a few of the novice Healers here. Jaffrey is far enough along in her training that she should have no problem with such a little healing. But you do understand Caytin. She is still in her cycle's vow. So you are going to have to have him do something about that." She pointed to Rook's erection. Making him blush even more.

"If the piercings don't take care of it. I am sure I can, Mother." Caytin promised.

"Good, well come along then." She led them from the main room.

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