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Sex Slave Mother

Chapter 1 Young Mother In Bondage



Thirteen-year-old Mark King and his twelve-year-old younger brother
Tommy have worked in their garage tirelessly for the last couple of
hours trying to get everything ready. While they hung ropes and
installed pulleys in the overhead beam of the garage, they talked
constantly about what they were going to do to their mother. Their
conversation kept both young boys' sexual excitement at a high pitch
constantly. Their young cocks stayed very hard and firm all this time.
What they have been planning for weeks now were some of the most
unimaginably depraved and unspeakably obscene acts to their own birth
mother. Tommy and Mark's junior high school closed for Easter vacation
starting today, they figure out a week without school should be plenty
of time to accomplish their diabolical objective. 

"Now, let's get our lovely mother out here Tommy!" 
Tommy opened the door of the garage peeking into the kitchen. "Mom,
Mark wants you in the garage." 
Susan king, Mark and Tommy's mother was a tall blonde in her early
thirties. She had lost none of her good looks, in fact, the young
blond mother was exceptionally beautiful. If not for her sexy
voluptuous body, she could be one of the world's most beautiful models
that grace the covers of the current popular women's fashion
magazines. However, with her drop-dead good looks, her high tilt full
breasts and a measurement of 38-24-36, she looks more like the
centerfolds of Playboy and Penthouse magazines. With her golden blond
hair swung about her shoulders, glittering from constant brushing, she
looked like she was only in her early twenties instead of a
thirty-two-year-old mature young mother of two adolescent boys.
Widowed for the past two years, Susan almost never dates, now she
lived only for her two young sons. With the income from her husband's
life insurance, she didn't have to work. She stayed at home and
concentrated on taking care of her boys. She was totally devoted to
them. However, Susan had a hard time with her two young sons. They
refused to obey her and they were running wild around the
neighborhood. She was afraid they would get into serious trouble some
day. She had no control over them anymore, not since losing their
father. Maybe she shouldn't spoil them so much by gave into their
every demand Susan thought. But how could she refuse her handsome boys
anything when she loves them so much. They were her life! The young
mother justified to herself. 

Tommy watched his mother's dress swirled about her long slim legs in a
most attractive manner. Her ample tits, still firm with up tilted
nipples, strained at the bodice of her low cut sundress made Tommy's
cock became even harder. 
Susan entered the garage, she felt a little apprehensive when she saw
the lust in Tommy's eyes just before he let the garage door closed
behind them. Immediately Tommy and Mark shoved a looped rope over
their mother's right hand. Susan gave a cry of surprise. They looped
another rope on her other wrist before she could recover, and they
pulled her hands behind her back. 

"What the hell are you doing?" she snapped, struggling. 

Susan's arms ached as her sons pulled her hands behind her and
upwards. They pulled their mother backwards, and tied her arms to the
wall of the garage. 

"Turn me loose, now! The two of you are going to get into serious
Susan struggled, but the more she writhed, the more pain she felt in
her shoulders. She stamped her feet in frustrated anger, glaring at
her young sons. 

Tommy and Mark stood back, looking at their mother as she twisted. The
look in their young eyes was frightening to her. How could she allow
two young boys tied her up? Mark was only thirteen years old and Tommy
has just turned twelve. What are they going to do to her? It must be
sexual in nature by the way they looked at her body with pure
unadulterated lust in their young eyes. Tommy and Mark were too young
for this, they were just little kids Susan thought, wondering where
and how they had gotten such ideas. 
"Let's take off Mom's panties." Tommy said. " Let's see her cunt. I
wanna see if she's really hairy on her cunt." 

"Tommy!" Susan snapped. 

"Ahhh… Mom," Mark said. "You might as well shut up. We ain't gonna let
you loose for a while. We are gonna have some fun with you first." 

Susan saw that his cock was standing up hard. So was Tommy's cock.
They were excited, she realized. None of her threats had affected
them. She was helpless. 

"Please," she said, thinking perhaps that pleading would help. "
Please, untie me. I'm your mother. We'll forget this if you'll untie
me now. My arms hurt." 

"We gotta see your cunt first, Mom," Mark said. 

"Don't say that!" Susan whimpered. "Don't say those words! I'm your

"We can say any fucking thing we wanna say." Tommy said. 

"And we see any fucking thing we wanna see." Mark replied, stroking
his throbbing cock though his pants. 

As they approached her, Susan was struggling and trying to keep them
from grabbing her feet, but they were fast. Her sons looped ropes
about her ankles, then pulled her feet apart, very wide. The ropes at
her ankles were secured to the wall of the garage. The boys work
together, until their mother was spread-eagled against the wall. Susan
felt so humiliated to be tied up this way. Tears were in her eyes. 

"Lift her dress,' Mark said, lets see Mom's panties." 

"Don't," Susan scream quickly. "Don't you dare!" 

On seeing the expression on her sons' faces, Susan softens her voice
and pleaded, "You shouldn't be doing this to your own mother, It's not
nice. Let me go now, and I won't ever say anything about this, never."

"It's too late, Mom, raise her fucking dress, Tommy!" 

"Oh, my God... please!" 

Susan began to sob softly as Tommy grabbed the hem of her dress,
lifting it up, exposing her creamy thighs. Their mother's sexy body
shook as tears streamed from her beautiful blue eyes. Susan felt the
hot flush of shame came over her cheeks, and she turned her head to
one side, as if trying to hide her shame from her sons' eyes. 

They gazed lustfully at their mother's sensuous creamy thighs, seeing
them stretched wide. Tommy lifted his mother's dress higher, and his
eyes went wide as her lace panties were exposed.

Susan wished she had worn another pair, not the tiny, flimsy lace
bikini that hugged her round ass tightly. They could even see the
shadow of her cunt hair, formed in a lovely triangle, through the thin
panties. The crotch was pulled tight, and her blond pubic hair curled
from the edges of it. 

"Looked at her cunt!" Tommy gasped. "She's sure got lots of fucking
golden hair on it. Our mother is a real blond." 

Tommy was more excited now. "Let's take her dress off. I wanna see

"Yeah, let's do that!" 

"Oh, please don't," Susan sobbed. "You've seen enough! Don't take my
dress off." 

Tommy got a knife and opened the top of his mother's dress, slicing
downward. Her dress was tearing all the way down the front, it hung
open, her bra showing, almost overflowing with her full creamy tits.
Susan felt naked before her young sons' lustful eyes. Waves upon waves
of shameful red color flush hotter than ever to her beautiful face. 

Tommy pulled the ruined dress from his mother's body. He stood back
with Mark, both of them staring at their mother with only bras and
panties on her sexy body. Their eyes glowed with awed excitement.
Their cocks stood up in throbbing hardness, quivering sticking out of
their open zippers. 

Susan glanced at her sons, and through the blur of her tears, she
could not help but see their hard cocks, surprisingly long and thick
for their young ages. A lurch went through her, a burning sensation.
Her mind cried out at what was happening to her. Her cunt, she
realized, was getting wet! Her cunt never got wet without being

"She's pretty!" Mark said in a low voice. 

"Beautiful, you mean, " Tommy corrected, looking at their mother's
almost nude sexy body while gripping his cock hard. 

"I think Mom is much better looking and even sexier then all of those
Playboy's centerfolds you hang in you room put together, bro." Tommy
commented to his older brother. "I agree with you there 100%!" Mark

Susan wanted to scream, to get free. She twisted and turned. Not
knowing that her movements turned her young sons on and made them even
more excited. 
Mark came closer, and she felt him running his hand over her large
lustrous creamy tits through the flimsy bra. She whimpered as he
squeezed one, then the other soft yet firm tits. Tommy had stepped to
her side, and she felt his nervous hand moving along her smooth flat
stomach, then it was between her legs, moving back and forth. Susan
felt her cunt twitches, sucking inward as her younger son's palm
rubbed the growing wetness through the lace panties. 
"Let's get her naked," Mark said, his voice sounding husky. "Let's
take everything off our mother." 

They worked feverishly, their hands shaking, removing their mother's
bras and then cutting their mother's panties off. 

Susan felt so ashamed as she became naked before her young sons' eyes.
Her creamy full breasts strained out, her nipples were hard and
arching upwards. 

She whimpered when her sons began to feel her naked tits. They
massaging and squeezing her firm white flesh. She felt a sharp pain
when her pink nipples were pinched and twisted. She felt wet heat on
one nipple, then she turned to look down. Tommy was sucking at her
tit, sucking vigorously, his tongue swirling as his lips pulled at his
own mother's hard pink nipple. 
Mark was watching his brother sucking their mother's tit, and then he,
too, began to suck on the other one. They felt their mother's nipples
begin to throb and getting harder and longer in their sucking mouths.
Susan felt the hardness of their cocks pressing against her thighs,
throbbing and dripping, leaving a wet spot of pre-come on each shapely
thigh near her hips. 

"Please, please." She begged. "Don't do this to me! I'm your mother!
You can't do this to your own mother... it's not right!" 

She felt hands on her naked ass cheeks, hands that stroked and
squeezed their smooth and round softness. They kept sucking at her
creamy tits, using their teeth now, biting hard on her expanded and
elongated rock hard nipples, making their mother cries out in pain.
They began to pinch the smooth cheeks of her ass cheeks brutally.
Fingers pulled at the blonde pubic hair of her cunt, sending a searing
pain through her crotch. She twisted and wiggled, but the ropes held
her secure in the obscene spread-eagled position. 

Mark and Tommy pulled back, looking at their mother's creamy quivering
tits with pure lust in their young eyes. Susan watched them step back,
then squat down. They looked up between their mother's wide spread
legs. Shame flooded Susan's face. Open from the way her legs were
stretched Susan knew her young sons were looking directly at her
obscenely displayed pussy. 

Mark and Tommy saw the pink lips of their mother's cunt slightly
opened like two rose petals fresh with morning dew, covered with fine
silky golden pussy hair. The young brothers also saw her slightly
swollen clit peeking out from its protective hood like a little shy
unopened flower bud. Their mother's cunt was the most beautiful thing
they have ever saw in their young lives. Mark can't resist and slip
his hand to his mother's beautiful blond pussy and cup it, squeezing
with a finger almost inside. 

Susan shook, her hips jerking back. 

"Don't!" she snapped. "Stop! Don't do that!" 
Mark laughed. "Why the fuck not Mom? What are you gonna do to me --
spank me?" 

He thrust his finger into his mother's cunt. 

"Ohhh, damn you!" Susan shouted, "Damn you! Damn you!" 

Mark began to plunge his finger in and out of his mother's cunt, and
to Susan's horror, she was becoming wet. She tried to will her cunt to
stop, but the more her son's finger thrust into her, the wetter she

There was tingle in her cunt that she had never felt before when
having sex with her husband in all their fourteen years of marriage.
Yet, the mere touch of her thirteen-year-old son's finger in her cunt
could induce such incredible feelings in her cunt was unbelievable.
Susan thought if her son kept finger fucking her, she would come. 

"Let me do it," she heard Tommy say. 
Mark pulled his finger out, coated with his mother's cunt juice, he
than put his moist finger tip in his mouth to taste his own mother's
vaginal secretions. 

"Wow, Mom's cunt juice surely tasty" as if to prove his point, he
proceeded to lick his finger until it's clean of his own mother's cunt
juice. Susan felt her younger son shoves his finger in her cunt a few
times and then also brings his cunt juice coated finger to his mouth,
"you are so right Mark, Mom's cunt sure is tasty, butter then honey."
Tommy said. They were taking turns finger fucking their mother's cunt.
The insides of Susan's thighs were slippery with her cunt juice as her
sons switched fingers. 

Susan felt so ashamed and her beautiful face turned all red as she
heard her sons smacking their lips as they suck her cunt juice off
their fingers and commented on how tasty her cunt juices were. She
could not resist looking down her naked body, watching them. They were
so absorbed in staring at her cunt and watching their fingers fuck
her, and than bring their cunt juice coated fingers to their mouths,
they didn't look up. Susan could see their cocks, thick and long and
very hard, pre-come was seeping from their piss holes. A shiver
rippled up and down her spine, and her cunt seemed to steam. 

She could hear them breathing faster and she began to hope it would
end soon. Maybe, she told herself, they would come fast, then untie
her. "Could they come, can a twelve-year-old boy come?" she wondered.
They were very young, and she didn't know at what age her boys started
to come. 
Susan began to whimper softly. There was that familiar tingle in her
cunt, and she could feel her clit swelling, distending into throbbing
hardness. She choked back a squeal, not wanting to come, not wanting
her sons to know that their mother was going to have an orgasm from
what they were doing to her. Nevertheless, she couldn't prevent it.
Her hips were thrusting now, moving back and forth, grinding within
the limits of the ropes. 

Susan clamped her mouth tight, her bottom lip between her teeth. She

"Hey, look at what Mom's cunt is doing!" Tommy said with excitement. 
"She's coming. Tommy!" Mark exclaimed. " Hey, we're making Mom come!" 

Mark plunged his finger in and out of his mother's cunt faster and
faster, feeling it suck and squeeze it. Her clit was throbbing
visibly, and Susan was crying with shame, yet with ecstasy, too. Her
cunt had betrayed her, and there was nothing she could do about it.
Her face was flaming with shame, and her hips thrust back and forth,
fucking on her oldest son's finger. 

"Look at Mom come!" Tommy shouted, gripping a cheek of his mother's
tightening ass. "She's really coming!" 

"Mom's fucking cunt is about to squeeze my finger off." Mark said. "
Look how wet mother's fucking cunt is!" 

The orgasm increased, and Susan cried out as she began to come a
second time. What's happening to me? I have never come like this
before! Susan thought to herself. 

"I gotta... gotta come, too!" Tommy shouted, gripping his cock in one
tight fist and his mother's creamy soft ass cheek with the other. 

Tommy shoved the head of cock to his mother's thigh and Susan felt the
hot, bubbling come juice of her twelve-year-old son spurt over her
smooth flesh. It seemed to scald her leg, and her orgasm increased
suddenly. She shot her hips forward, crying out again with unwanted

"I'm coming on mother's fucking leg!" Tommy shouted, pumping
frantically on his cock. 

Mark grunted, and his cock spewed suddenly on the garage floor between
his mother's wide spread feet, his finger still stabbing into his
mother wet, hairy cunt. 

Susan was wondering a moment ago that her young sons could come at
such young age, now she got her answer. But she could never imagine
that their young penis could eject so much sperm from their young
balls at only thirteen and twelve years of age! 

Susan, still spread-eagled, looked at her sons. They sat on the floor,
looking at her, cocks dangling between their legs. She felt drying
come juice still running down her thigh, and her cunt seemed to keep
on pulsating. Susan had never come like this before in her entire
life. As matter of fact, she never had an orgasm during sex with her
husband or any other man. The only times that she had ever come was
when she masturbates herself, even than it was only rarely that she
achieved orgasm. She didn't know what's happening to her. Susan was so
confused. Her mind was in turmoil. She ought to be mad at her young
sons, but she seemed still in a state of shock and didn't know what to
do. The ropes were cutting into her wrists and making her hands numb.
Her brain seemed to be numb as well. 

"Untie me now, please?" she said quietly. 
"You won't spank us, Mom?" Tommy asked. 

"No, I promise." Susan whispered. 

Mark and Tommy got to their feet and began to untie their mother. 
Every inch of her sexy creamy nude body seemed to blush when she
walked nakedly from the garage, feeling her young sons' lustful eyes
on her bouncing white ass cheeks. Just before Susan stepped into the
house with the garage door closing behind her, she heard Mark called
out to her. "Mom, we gonna play this game with you again soon!" 

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