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Strip Searching Rebecca

Part 3 Girl Sex and Ass Rape

Part 3-Girl Sex and Ass Rape

	Rebecca heard the sound of the door opening.  "Please, let me off of this,
my pussy hurts so bad, I will do anything, just let me off," the pain in her
voice making it tremble.  She had been riding the ridge for over an hour since
the Judge had left.  No matter how much she tried to stay still, her tender
pussy was continually rubbed raw on the sharp edge.

	The Commander walked into her view.  Rebecca was tied onto the pyramid, her
arms bound behind her back, her breasts thrust forward.  Sweat covered her body. 
He could see her pussy, now swollen and red, pushed tight against the board,
cutting into the tender flesh.  His cock got hard at the sight of this beautiful
young woman in pain.

	Rebecca trembled in fear as the Sheriff ran his hand down her back, moving
toward her ass.  Since she first arrived her body had been tortured and raped by
these men.  Each time they came into her cell, she had been physically and
sexually beaten and raped by time they left.  She feared what would be in store
for her this time.  His hand now reached her ass and moved toward her anus.  If
she moved, her pussy would be rubbed on the pyramid, so she forced herself to
stay still.

	"Stay perfectly still and it will not hurt so bad," his hands pushing into
the crack of her ass, his fingers searching for her tiny asshole.  One finger
found it and he opened her up, his finger pushing into her rectum, running over
her slick anal walls.  Rebecca tensed up, trying not to move, her asshole
tightening on the slick finger buried deep in her rectum.  "You are still
tight," and a second finger now joined the first, forcing a groan from Rebecca's
lips as her asshole was forced to open wider.  "I am going to fuck your asshole
again, but I'll have a little help this time."  He pulled his fingers from her
asshole, her sphincter muscle grabbing it tightly as it was removed.  He wiped
his fingers on her hips and began to untie the ropes from her arms and the
straps on her legs.  Soon, Rebecca was untied.  "You're going to have to get
down by yourself.  Just slide off, hah-hah," he laughed.

	Rebecca tried to get off the pyramid delicately, but ended up screaming in
pain as she was forced to rub her battered pussy on the pyramid one last time.

	"Take a shower and clean up, but hurry," he ordered.

	Rebecca stood in the open shower and let the warm water run over her
tortured flesh.  She washed the sweat and cum from her body and began to dry
off.  The Commander was still in her cell, watching her from the bed.  She
walked from the shower to the Commander.  As she reached him, she heard the cell
opening again and turned to see who was entering now.  She saw one of the other
guards entering and with him was another prisoner.  She was about Rebecca's age,
blonde hair, large breasts and a heart shaped ass.  Her arms were handcuffed
behind her back.  You could see the signs where she had been beaten with a whip
or other instrument. 

	"Bring her over her," motioning the guard.  "Rebecca, I want you to meet
Sara.  Sara is also one of our guests.  I want you two to get to know each other
better.  Uncuff Sara," the Commander ordered the guard.

	Rebecca could see the frightened look in Sara's eyes, she also felt the same
way.  They planned to do something bad to both of them and she was sure that it
would be painful.  She noticed that their cocks got hard when they punished and
tortured her.

	"I want you two to have girl sex while we watch.  After a while we will join
in and fuck you both as you fuck each other.  If you do not cooperate, the first
one will be put on the pyramid.  You will be fucked while on it and Rebecca can
tell you how much that hurts."

	Sara watched Rebecca's face as the Commander gave his order.  She knew that
Rebecca was like her, she had never had sex with another woman.  But she knew
that this fact would not stop the Commander from making them comply with his
twisted request.

	"Both of you on the bed now.  I want you to start kissing each other and
make sure that your tongue is deep in the others mouth.  Tits should be

	Rebecca reached for Sara, she had felt the pain of the pyramid and did not
want to again.  She would do whatever was necessary to avoid it.  She pushed her
lips onto Sara, forcing her tongue into her mouth.  Her breasts pushed against
Sara, feeling Sara's nipples harden as they touched.

	"Cooperate Sara, or you will be punished," the guard ordered.

	Sara began to rub her tongue against Rebecca, their lips mashing into each
other, tongues darting deep into each other's mouth.

	"Feel each other's tits and nipples.  Do it hard, I want to hear the other
in pain."

	 Rebecca knew that this was coming, they always loved to hurt them.  She
began to squeeze Sara's breasts, paying special attention to her nipples.  They
had become very hard so it was easy to grip them tightly.  As she did, she could
hear the muffled groans of pain coming from Sara.  Sara began to do the same
thing to Rebecca, also forcing groans of pain from her as they continued to
tongue fuck each other.  They both abused each other's breasts.
	"Stop kissing but hold onto each other's nipples tightly.  Yes, that's good. 
Now squeeze as tight as you can.  I want to hear you both scream."
	Rebecca and Sara tightened their grips on each other's nipples, tearing into
the flesh, screams ringing out in the room as they both competed to please the
Commander and escape his wrath.
	"That was good, now get into the sixty-nine position," the Commander ordered
both of the girls. " I want you to begin by licking each others cunt." 
	Sara and Rebecca both had never had sex with a female before.  It felt
strange when they began to kiss, their tongues in each other's mouth.  Not
necessarily unpleasant, but different.  It was much more tender than with a
male. It was not strange to feel each other's breast, not being much more
different than they would do when they would do to themselves when masturbating. 
It became difficult when they were instructed to abuses each other's nipples. 
They had both suffered under the abuse of the Commander, the Judge and other's
and knew what it felt like.  Now they were being forced to do it to another and
at the same time had it done to them.
	Rebecca turned around on the bed, crawling between the legs of Sara. 
"Spread your legs, it will go much easier if you cooperate with them.  They
intend to hurt us, don't make it any worse," she begged Sara.  Rebecca's pussy
was pushed up higher over Sara's head and began its descent onto her face. 
Rebecca ran her hands over Sara's inner thighs, toward her pussy, her legs
opening wide for her.  Rebecca could smell Sara's sex.  She did not know how she
was going to react to what they where forcing her to do.  While she had been
tongue fucked before, she had never had to do it to another.  She would not have
the choice.  Rebecca pushed her pussy into Sara's face, feeling the soft lips of
Sara touch her pussy. 
	Sara saw Rebecca's towering over her as her own legs were spread open by the
soft hands of Rebecca.  It moved lower, onto her face, temporarily smothering
her as Rebecca's pussy was forced onto her mouth and lips.  Sara moved her hands
up and pushed Rebecca higher so she could spread her open for the tongue.  Sara
stuck her tongue out, her fingers spreading Rebecca's pussy lips open, her
fingers feeling the wetness of Rebecca's pussy.  She pushed her tongue into
Rebecca tentatively, tasting her pussy.  It was slightly salty, not necessarily
unpleasant, but strange.  She began to push her tongue deeper into her pussy,
her fingers pushing back Rebecca's clit hood and her tongue swiping lightly over
her clit.  She could hear Rebecca moan in pleasure.  At the same time, fingers
and a tongue began the slow masturbation of her spread body.  She pushed her
hips up, raising her ass from the bed, straining to push her pussy harder into
the soft mouth of Rebecca.  They both let their bodies go, seemingly ignoring
that they were being watched and forced to have girl sex. 
	The Commander and the guard were watching as the girls begin to eat each
other's pussy, their cocks growing hard.  Even though they were being forced to
do this, they seem to being enjoying it.   Soon they would begin the rape of
these girls but they were content to watch.  They began to strip off their
clothes, stroking their hard cocks.
	The girls were suddenly brought back to reality by the booming voice of the
Commander.  "Put your tongue in each other's asshole.  Get it wet," he ordered,
his cock now rock hard, waiting until he could rape the asshole before him.  The
girls cringed at the order.  Neither had even had done this to them, never mind
having to do it to another. It was unclean to tongue an asshole, not knowing
whether it was clean or not.  But it was not an option.  They were being forced.
	Both girls moved higher up, spreading each other's legs open more, gaining
access to their unprotected anus.  They were tiny little stars, having shrunk
back down after the previous rapes.   Each girl shivered in excitement as a
warm, wet tongue began to circle their anus, bathing it, ready to push deeper
into their anal tract. 
	"Stiffen your tongue and push it into her anus, open each other up and bath
your assholes.  I want them wet for my surprise."
	The girls began to push their tongues into each other's anus, fearing what
the "surprise" was.  It felt strange, as their anus was forced open by a tongue. 
Their tongues plunged in and out, bathing their assholes, preparing for their
eventual rape.
	The Commander threw two strange devices onto the bed.  They looked like a
finger splint attached to a wrist unit.  The splint would vibrate when the unit
was turned on.  "Put them on your fingers and wrists and turn them on high.  I
want them shoved high up into your assholes."
	Sara and Rebecca complied with the lewd command, forcing each other to
accept the vibrating finger in their ass.  The vibrators were quite enjoyable,
eliciting moans of pleasure from their lips as they continued to suck and lick
the pussy in front of them.  Rebecca was the first to take a clit between her
teeth, forcing Sara to breach high on the bed, straining to push her pussy and
asshole deeper into Rebecca's face.  Suddenly both girls began to have an
orgasm, their thighs trapping the others head tightly between their legs, their
pussy juice flowing.  The Commander watched in amusement as the girls thrashed
about the bed.
	Their heads began to emerge from between their thighs, their mouth and face
covered with girl cum.  "Don't wipe your mouth or face, I want you to remember
what each other tasted like," the Commander now throwing down a large double
dildo onto the bed.  I want you to girl fuck now.  Rebecca, you on top.  First
put the dildo into your cunt and than I want you to climb between her legs and
fuck her.  I want it hard and deep.  If she doesn't scream out in pain, you will
find yourself on the pyramid again.
	Rebecca saw the fear in Sara's eyes, but she could not do anything to help. 
She had to be the one to cause her the pain or she would have to suffer it.  She
rubbed the dildo along her slit, wetting it with her pussy juice.  She spread
her pussy lips open, the Commander watching her degrade herself, his cock
standing out hard and ready.  She began to slowly insert it in her vagina, her
pussy walls spreading out to accept it, pushing deeper into her body with each
subsequent stroke.  Sara would not have this luxury, she would have to take it
hard and sudden. Rebecca finally got half of it into her stretched pussy.  She
rose up from Sara and placed it on her pussy, rubbing it along her slit.  "I'm
sorry," she whispered to Sara as she pushed the dildo forcefully into Sara,
tearing into her pussy, not stopping until their bodies met. 
	"AAAGGGGHHH, that hurts so bad, not so hard, AAAGGGHHH," the dildo tearing
and raping into her tender body.
	"Fuck her hard, Rebecca, while we get ready for you.  I want her screaming."
	Rebecca continued to rape poor Sara, forcing her legs back, spreading her
open so she could elicit the screams necessary to keep the Commander happy and
hard.   Out of the corner of her eye, she caught the sight of the two men
putting French ticklers on their erect cocks.  She had never seen one before,
but she could guess their purpose.  It was a condom type covering, but on the
outside were ridges and protrusions.  They were meant to bring about pain when
forced into their tender bodies.  They would continually rub and irritate the
delicate linings of their pussy or assholes.  Not only would they be raped, but
also tortured.
	"Turn Sara on her side, we want access to your assholes.  You two have been
having too much fun, it is our turn now," pushing Rebecca over, the two of them
now laying on their sides, Rebecca between Sara's strained thighs, the dildo
pushed deep into her. 
	The girls could feel as the two men joined them on the bed, pushing up
against their naked asses, their hands spreading their cheeks, gaining access to
their unprotected anus.  Sara tried to push away as she felt the strange feeling
of the French tickler pushed between her cheeks, seeking her anus, but she only
succeeded in driving her pussy further onto the dildo raping her pussy.
	"Don't hurt me, not in my asshole, it is still sore from when I was raped
yesterday, she begged, tears flowing from her eyes.  Rebecca gave her a look of
sympathy, but she knew it would do no good.  These men enjoyed their pain.  The
louder the screams, the harder the cocks.
	Rebecca braced herself as she felt the Commander line his cock up to her
anus.  "You're going to love this, Rebecca, I am going to tear my cock into your
asshole as I rape it. It will feel like I am trying to push it out your mouth. 
The French tickler will also dull the senses somewhat so I will be able to fuck
your asshole for a long time.  The last time I did this, the girl would not
cooperate in fucking back and squeezing her asshole on my cock so I fucked her
for an hour.  When I got finished with her, she couldn't shit for a week without
bleeding.  If you want it to go quicker, squeeze my cock as I pull it out, it
will make me cum sooner, otherwise I will enjoy your asshole for a long time."
	Sara and Rebecca both screamed in pain as hard cocks forced their asshole to
open, stretching and tearing as they forced their way past their anus, into
their rectum.  They could feel the bumps and protrusions scraping along their
tender anal tract.  They both tried to push away from the raping cocks, only to
force the dildo deeper into their cunt, pushing against their cervix, new pain
added to the pain they felt in their assholes.
	The two men now force-fed their cocks into their unwilling and screaming
partners, enjoying as they elicited a fresh batch of screams after a
particularly cruel and brutal stroke.  They watched as their cocks withdrew from
the stretched asshole, blood forming on the French ticklers.  "Fuck back or we
will fuck you all day you little whores," the Commander whispered to the
helpless two.
	The two girls began to squeeze their assholes onto the raping cocks.  It
increased their pain as the French ticklers brutalized their tightened anal
tract, but they had to get the rape over quickly or their assholes would never
be the same again.  The Commander and the guard enjoyed the girl's acceptance of
their rape and their willingness to fuck back.  They began to speed up the rape,
forcing their cocks deeper into the girls. 
	Sara and Rebecca continually screamed in pain, the stomachs cramping from
the brutal ass fuck.  Their anal tract was in constant pain as it felt like the
cocks were covered in sandpaper, scraping and gouging as they plunged in.  Their
anus was stretched tightly over the cocks, blood forming where it was torn from
the brutal attack.  They both felt stuffed, as the dildo and cock pushed deep
into them. 
	"Hurry, get it over with, it hurts so bad," cried Sara, straining to squeeze
the cock in her, hoping it would make him cum in her quicker.  She saw Rebecca's
face cringe in pain as she was forced to take a brutal stroke in her asshole, a
scream coming from her mouth.  "Oh, God, please no more, I can't take it,"
trying to escape, but trapped between her rapists.
	"Soon, you couple of cunts, keep fucking back, it will soon be over.  It
feels like you are to squeezing the blood out of my cock.  You make such good
little whores."   The Commander increased his pace, fucking harder.
	The men continued the rape until they plunged their cocks deep into the
girl's asshole one last time.  The girls could feel their anal tract forced
wider as the cocks began to cum, shooting the hot cum out of the holes in the
tips, filling the girl's colon with hot semen. 
	The girls could feel the cocks soften in their assholes, relieved at last
that continuing pain would be stopped, but their torn anal tracts would take
time to heal.
	"Take your cock out of my ass, you already came," begged Rebecca.
	"Not yet, lay still.  We are going to give you a piss enema first."  Both
girls groaned in pain as the two men began to piss into their colons, the hot
piss irritating their brutalized anal tract, new pain beginning.  Their stomachs
began to swell as they were filled with the hot urine.  The men knew they were
going to inflict this punishment on the girls and had drank large quantities of
liquids before.  They were ready with a long piss into them.  It was meant to be
painful to the girls. 
	"Squeeze your asshole tight as we pull out, if you lose any of our piss, it
is the pyramid for you."  The bloodied cocks were pulled from the assholes,
farts escaping as the pressure of the brutal rape was released.
	The girls felt rope attached to their wrist and legs as they were tied to
each other, their faces buried into the raped and bloodied asshole of the other. 
The men's cum was smeared on their faces, the taste of piss reaching their
	"We will be back in a hour to let you lose.  I hope you can hold the piss
and cum enema, otherwise someone is going to have to eat it."
	The girls cried, knowing that they would not be able to hold their assholes
shut for an hour, forcing the other to eat their shit, piss and cum.  Both tried
to hold out as long as they could, squeezing their brutalized anus tight, but
they could not wait that long.  Sara was the first, Rebecca forced to stare into
Sara's asshole as it shot the disgusting mess into her face, her eyes, some
shooting up her nose and a large portion shooting on her mouth.   Rebecca
coughed and gagged, vomiting as she was forced to swallow some of the mess shot
into her mouth and nose.  Unable to hold her own, Sara was also subject to the
same disgusting mess as Rebecca shit out the piss and cum in her colon.
	The girls were left to wait another half out, covered in shit, piss, cum and
vomit, the gagging and vomiting continuing the whole time, the stench
overpowering.  The guard that released them were just barely able to overcome
the smell as Sara and Rebecca was released and allowed to take a shower, once
again clean, ready for another rape or torture.

(To be continued)

Review This Story || Author: Powerone
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