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Beginnings - Dark Love 1

Chapter 2


The street around him was filthy, the buildings a crumbling shadows of their former usefulness. Michael had once hunted in such places. He looked around at the people; the ones that belonged here, the ones who were here of their own will, and the ones that came here because they had nowhere else to go. The number of the latter was frightening. So many lost, so many left out.

A car pulled up and the back door opened. A blond man, a boy really, fell from the car. Michael tuned his hearing to hear the driver's cruel laughter as he hurled money out the door, promising to see the boy again the following week.

He touched the boy's mind, feeling his despair, his needs. Yes, this one would accept him, would do anything to be free from the hell he was forced to subject himself to, for the pittance he made. "Him." His voice was a whisper to Azrael.

The Elder looked at the young man. Feeling what his Childe had felt; not only the fear, the pain, the desperate need that forced him to sell his body for the money he needed to live, but also a deep soul-tearing depression that had begun and would in the end kill this lovely youngling. "Yes, go. I seek my own. I shall return to my domain, later. See you there."

Michael knelt beside the boy, picking up one of the loose bills and presenting it to him.

Blue eyes, so clear, so bright, so full of pain and fear met his. They flicked from him down to the hand that held the twenty. The boy reached forward quickly to snatch it back.

"Relax." Spoken in a voice so soft the boy had to strain to hear it as Michael's will began to press, gently, down on his. "I won't harm you. I want to be your friend. How much?"

The vampire felt the boy's gaze change as he sized Michael up as a customer. "Depends what you want me to do." Michael smiled. The lad's voice was soft, traces of a Southern drawl still present. It was a beautiful sound.

"I want you in my bed." Michael leaned forward slowly, a touch more will, careful not to move too quickly. Fear was not what he wanted. This was not a kill; this was a hunt of a different kind. "Come home with me, pretty boy. I'll give you five hundred dollars and I promise, I won't do to you what the last did." He motioned to the bruises. "Five hundred dollars, and all you must do is give yourself to me."

The boy closed his eyes, fighting the fear that was only a heartbeat away. He had already turned three tonight, but this one was clean. If he had to be rammed again, at least this one was clean. "Five hundred dollars. I don't know, man, that's a lot of money. What do you want for that?"

Michael pressed again. This one could not get away. Already he wanted him so badly that it was almost a physical pain. "You, I want you, totally, no reservations. I want to feel you, have you, and own you completely. Come on, pretty one, and say yes. I offer a warm bed, food, and a shower. No back seats, no parks, no eyes, and no witnesses. I won't hurt you. I only want to love you. Say yes. Take the chance. If you please me half as much as I believe you will, I will be willing to come to you again."

Five hundred dollars, that was almost as much as he made some weeks. But it was too much; this man wanted something real bad to offer this. His soul was at war; the money was good, but he might not live to spend it.

In the end, the need for money won out over fear for his life. Without money, his sister would be taken from him, and would die alone. He pulled himself up, moving closer to Michael. "Is your place close?"

"Yes. Just around the corner a bit." Michael helped him to stand, wrapping an arm around his shoulder as he led him along. No one saw anything. He was never here. He pushed everyone's attention away. "Don't be afraid, precious. I promise, no harm will befall you."

They faded as they turned the corner. Michael returned to Azrael's home.

* * *

He had to hold the boy still as they materialized in Azrael's chamber. "Be still, boy." His will pressed down on the boy's mind, forcing his struggles to cease. "I gave you my word. I will not harm you. Trust me." His voice was soft, a silky compelling whisper that stole the younger man's ability to think.

A gasp from behind him had Michael swinging himself and the boy around. "Wh-Who are you?" A girl, maybe seventeen or eighteen by looks, with red shoulder length hair stood in the doorway. "Where is Azrael?" she demanded, voice rising as she went for the chain at her throat.

Michael recognized the charm. It was infused with Azrael's power, letting any of his, breed that saw this one, know that she was under his protection. Had he been any other than who he was, the power would have forced him to flee. But he knew that force, had worn one of those same charms for over a hundred years, still had it in his possession should he ever be outnumbered.

"I have no war with you." He held the boy tighter. "I am Michael. Azrael calls me Megel. He is my Sire. I am welcomed here." He let the force of the charm wash over him.

"Nikki!" Maria hissed, moving to cover the charm with her hand, blocking the flow of energy. "That's Azrael's first, the one I told you about."

The girl blushed, looking flustered. "Oh, I did it again, didn't I?"

"You have to chill out. You almost scared twenty years off of me." Maria fussed. "Do you have any idea how angry our Master would have gotten if the charm worked on him like it does all the rest?"

Michael shook his head, shushing her. "No, she did right. Your first duty is to your Lord's domain. With a few exceptions to the rule, unless they come with Azrael's permission or at his request, with him here to greet them, they should not be here."

"Who's that?" Maria pointed to the boy, who was still held in Michael's arms. He was silent, but his eyes spoke of great fear. "Did Azrael take our request to heart already?"

"Yes, and no, pet. This one is mine. Azrael is still hunting." His words brought a whimper of fear from the boy.

"Master," Maria didn't even think of refusing him the title "let us talk to him, explain his new life. He is like Jenna was when Azrael brought her home, so afraid, so lost. It was Nikki and I who were able to explain it to her and ease her fears." She stepped close to him, unafraid to lay a hand on his arm "I know you can steal his fears from him, but my master found that it is easier on us if you let us lose them naturally."

Michael looked down at the boy in his arms. "What is your name?"

"J--Jason." That soft Southern drawl again, laced heavily with sweet fear. Michael closed his eyes, savoring the forbidden feeling. He had spent so much of his life trying not to frighten people, to protect himself. This new rush of fear, fear with no dangerous repercussions was an exotic thrill. His head moved slowly, downward, and he bared the boy's throat.

"No." Nicole stepped forward. "Take me, Master. Let us explain it to him. But if you take him now, you might as well go all the way. He won't ever be of any use, he will never give up his fear freely."

Michael's head came up at her words. "My, my, but aren't you the brave one? Thank you for reminding me. I promised him I wouldn't hurt him, and I won't." He pulled away, letting Jason stand-alone. "I thank you for your help. I will let the three of you talk." He stepped back into the shadows, there but not there.

Jason spun around, watching him pull away, fading to just a dim mark against the wall. "Where did he-?"

Maria and Nicole took him by the arms and led him to the couch. Both spoke softly. Reassuring him that there was no need to be afraid. That, they, were like him and couldn't hurt him.

"Where did he go?" He still glanced desperately around, eyes resting on the shadow. "Is that him? What is he?"

"Ssshh, it's okay. Yes, that's him. He's giving you breathing room for a few minutes. Relax, it's okay." Maria tried to soothe him.

"What is he?" Jason's eyes were wide. The guy couldn't be human. He had to be some sort of alien. If he were, what would happen? Was he here to do experiments on humans? The fear in his belly grew. Was he to die?

Maria pulled his head to her breast, stroking his hair gently. "You know what a vampire is?" She bit her lip, waiting for his response.

"He's . . ." the whites of his eyes stood out as he began to tremble more forcefully. 'He's a vampire, oh God, oh no'. He was going to die. He knew it. They thought they were vampires. They would kill him and drink his blood.

Both girls held him, preventing him from pulling away. "Relax, honey, you're safe. Wait, hear us out." Maria whispered, over and over again.

"What goes here?" Azrael had returned alone. "Maria, Nicole?"

"Not now, Azrael." Maria hushed him. "It's Megel's new one. We're explaining things to him." She spared him a look of beseechment. "Please, Master, a moment alone. Mercy."

Azrael nodded, looking to see where Michael was before heading to join him.

Jason was almost hyperventilating. "He-he just appeared."

"Yes, they all can do that. I think it's so they can annoy us by popping in at the worst possible moments." Maria smiled at him, trying to relax the situation. "My name is Maria, this is my friend Nicole, but we call her Nikki."

"Why?" He kept his eye on the spot where both vampires disappeared. "Why am I here, what does he want?" The sudden change in his face spoke of the sudden reminder of what vampires wanted. "Oh."

"Yes, 'oh'." Nicole laughed. "My reaction was a little like yours. It took me forever to get past that part of our arrangement."

"Yes, and Azrael was more patient with you during those first months than I could have ever been." Maria eyed her. "Now, did I hear you tell Megel that your name was Jason?"

Jason looked at her, then Nicole. He could run. Maybe get away before the two came back. He was a little weak, but they were only two girls, he could get by them. His eyes searched for the door.

"No, Jason." Michael appeared again. "You can't run. You are my guest here, and here you shall remain." He stood in front of the door.

"You mustn't do that," Maria hissed at Jason. "If you want to live, you had better listen to me." Her tone was threatening

Jason looked at her, his eyes betraying the almost mindless fear that gripped him. The guy had just appeared there, they could be anywhere. Deep in his soul came the chilling realization that they 'were' vampires. "Live?" He moistened his lips with the tip of his tongue. "I'm gonna die, aren't I?"

Maria shrugged. "That depends on you and how you act. Now, will you listen to me?" She patted his arm, trying to give him some of her strength.

He shook his head, trying to focus on her. "If I do, what's going to happen?"

"I'll tell you why you're here, and what it means. After that, it depends on you. If you behave, then I promise you it won't be bad. But if you fight, I can't swear he won't just kill you. They can do so quite easily."

Jason locked eyes with Michael, trying to gauge by the man's look how much danger he was really in. Michael's soft smile, displaying the tips of his fangs, did not do anything to help his peace of mind. "Okay, I'll listen," he said, defeated. He knew he was dead. When his actual end would be he didn't know, but he was dead.

Maria sighed in relief. "Good. Now first, I am going to get you something to drink. This will be easier to digest if your nerves aren't so tight." She caught his chin in her hand. "Please don't do anything while I'm gone." Her eyes locked with his. "Promise me."

"I--I'll stay, I promise." His soul reached out to her. She sounded so concerned for him. Like she was trying to help him come to terms with this. If it were true, maybe he would live.

Michael bit the inside of his lip as he worked delicately on the young mortal's mind. Just a touch, he dared no more. Let the boy think this was his idea, let him feel in control of his mind. But gently, slowly, and with almost an artist's touch he began to re-shape the new one's mind.

Maria drew his attention as she stopped before him. "Master, please, I know I have no right to ask anything of you. I'm Azrael's, but please, show pity. If he resists, do not hurt him. Give us a chance to make him understand." She held her head up, eyes meeting his. She might belong to Azrael, but she was not cowed.

Michael smiled down into her eyes. "I give you my word, I won't harm him, for now." He stepped aside allowing her into the hall. "I am not heartless to his fears. I'm never maliciously cruel."

Maria smiled back at him. "No, I guess you wouldn't be. I just couldn't see anyone Azrael loved being like that."

He touched her cheek, smiling. "You really do care for my old Sire, don't you? You're not here out of fear, are you?"

"Don't misunderstand me, Master. I am very afraid of what my master could do to me if I went against him. But I love Azrael. He saved my life, gave me hope. No man other than he has ever touched me and not made me want to die. I know that as long as I am here, and obey my Master always, my life is one full of love and plenty. I would die for Azrael, if it came down to it. Were he hurt or whatever, and he needed my blood, my life, to live, I'd bare my throat." She lowered her eyes. "I have no life without him. I am his always."

Michael sighed. Oh, to have this total devotion. She was more than he had ever dreamed possible. Now to have the boy, to one day command this much power.

"Go, pet, fetch what you must. I'll watch him until you return. I won't let him be harmed."

Maria hurried down the hall. Poor kid, this couldn't be easy on him. Azrael's friend, Megel, still wasn't altogether sane. She had heard what he had lived through. He was a live wire for now. It wasn't going to be easy on the boy. Maybe Azrael would let her see if she could let him work some of the past loneliness out on her. She didn't believe she would be in danger.

Azrael didn't keep much liquor in the house. None of them drank much. But there was one decanter, filled with deep red liquor that he had used often in the early part of her training. It was very potent, and helped to dull the senses quite a bit. It would take the fight out of Jason, and make his surrender less traumatic.

"So, you love me." A soft voice as arms wrapped themselves around her. "I heard what you said to Megel. Do you really feel so?" Azrael kissed the back of her neck, arms pulling her back against him tightly.

Maria squirmed a little until Azrael lightened his hold and she could turn around to face him. "My love." She smiled pulling his face to hers. "I didn't lie to him, you know I didn't. You are all we have. I think if you pushed us out now, we'd be totally lost. Jenna would probably die within a month, long before the wasting could begin. You wrought your magic well, Master. We are yours totally, and will freely admit it." His kisses were light and teasing, forcing her to lean closer, mouth seeking his, lips parting to beg for his tongue. She loved this, when he would hold her and love her. No man alive had ever made her feel the way he did. His mastery was soul lifting. In his arms she knew that she was safe, and that she was wanted.

"After tonight, I want you and the girls to make sure Megel is taken care of until his new one is able to give him his full devotion. I want him made to feel welcome. Will you do this for me?" He unbuttoned her blouse, exposing her breasts to his hands and mouth, tongue teasing a rosy nipple.

"Yes, Master," she moaned. She was spared having to ask, and between the four of them, they would be able to allow the boy time to get on his feet.

"What would I do without you?" He kissed her as his right hand slipped under the elastic of her skirt to part her lips softly. "Always thinking of ways to make my life easier, aren't you dearest?"

Her arms locked over his shoulders as she leaned forward into the power of his hand. "You--oh, Azrael, Master." It had been weeks. She didn't realize how much she missed his touch until now.

"Go, finish with the boy. But know this Maria, I want you. I have your scent, I have your taste, and soon I will have your body. Go about this knowing, feeling, my desire, and know that soon." He pressed her against the wall, thrusting his fingers deep inside her as his mouth closed on hers with almost brutal force.

Maria gasped as he pulled away, fading from sight. She trembled under the power he had flooded her with. Yes, she would be reminded of his mastery soon enough. She hurried a little wobble in her step.

* * *

Michael sat beside Jason, and smiled down at him. Taking in his looks, fully, for the first time. The soft blond hair, the blue eyes the country-boy good looks that were so charming. "I know that telling you to relax, that you have no reason to be this afraid is a waste of time, but I'm telling it to you, anyway. If all I had wanted was your death, I could have done that where you were. I want your life, Jason, your continued good health." He cupped his face, frowning when the youth jerked away. "Don't do that, Jason." Again he reached out and cupped his face. "Be still. You're not in danger."

"What--what are you gonna do? What do you want?" His voice cracked.

"I'm going to keep you with me. I want you. I did not lie when I said that. I want you to be mine. I will give you a comfortable life, money, a home, food, anything your heart desires. I am not a complete monster. If you are good, your life will be happy."

"Why?" He couldn't understand why. If this guy was a vampire, why did he want to keep him? Why didn't he just drain him and, it, be over?

Literally reading the boy's mind, Michael said, "Because hunting is dangerous. I need to feed to live. So I will trade you a life of comfort and safety, for your blood. I have not killed in over three hundred years. Thereis no need. I don't require that much."

Jason fought down his instinct to bolt away. This 'thing' was going to drink his blood. Was going to keep him like food stock, a walking diner. "No," he croaked.

"Yes, Jason." Again, just a touch as he pulled the boy to lean against him. "Don't do this. I won't hurt you or take much of your essence. You won't be weakened. Maria will return soon, but no matter how much you argue, the fact remains that you belong to me."

"Please," the word was torn from him. His freedom was being taken from him, his life stolen as he watched on helplessly.

"Master," Maria appeared at his shoulder. "Allow me, if I may."

He smiled up at her as he rose, pulling away. "What have we here?"

"It will help him. I swear it will make it easier. Azrael gave it to each of us in the beginning." She stepped closer to him. "After we have taken care of your new friend, may I speak to you?"

"Is there a problem, sweet?"

"No, not at all. I only want an opportunity to offer our help while he adapts. You cannot spend the time you want with him yet, his fears are too great."

"Are you offering yourself because you wish to, or because my master ordered it?" He parted her still open blouse to reach for her breasts.

"He did ask if we could do this, but I want to." She pressed into his caresses. "Nikki will come to you after the boy is put to bed. She owes you for her sassiness."

"Yes." He pinched her nipples lightly before releasing her. "I do have to tame that spitfire don't I? Thank you Maria. Go talk to him all you want. I'll stand out of the way."

Maria sat beside him, smiling. "See, he's not a bad sort if you're good." She held out the small glass. "Drink this, Jason. It will help you to relax."

"What is it?" He looked at the red liquid. It didn't look like anything he'd ever been served before.

"A liquor. It isn't going to hurt you. It just helps you to relax. Please, Jason, don't force the issue. Everything is going so well, let's not spoil it now."

He took the glass and drained it in three swallows. "Thank you."

She patted his arm. "Good boy. See it's not so hard. Did Nikki tell you anything while I was gone?"

"No, I didn't have a chance." Nikki smiled at him. "His master sat beside us and talked to him."

"What did he tell you, Jason?" She brushed the hair from his face.

"That he--he's going to keep me here so that he can feed off of me." He realized the totality of the situation as he explained it. Then it dawned on him. "He, you let him touch you." A vampire had been playing with her body.

"Yes, they tend to do that, but look." She parted her blouse, showing her breasts. "There are no marks. He didn't hurt me."

"But he's a vampire." He was beginning to be afraid again. There was more to this than just the blood. "Vampires don't . . . do they?"

"Oh, yes." Maria laughed, totally charmed by his naiveté. "Azrael is wonderful."

"I'm gonna--" He stammered, shocked by his own stupidity. He'd come here to let the guy fuck him, but now that the truth was out he had lost sight of that possibility. "He's gonna keep me as a." He couldn't say the word.

"Slave?" She finished for him. "No, we're not slaves, or at least not to them. A slave is someone who was your equal that you have dominated. We're like dogs or cats to them, a cute pet. Good for food, and, amusement, nothing so formal as actual slavery, you're going to be his toy, his pet."

Nicole wrapped an arm around him. "Oh, don't look like that. It's not a bad life. You were a prostitute, weren't you? Selling your body to live. This isn't far from that in some ways. But the difference is you won't have to go back to the streets to live. We are all well cared for here. Food clothes, a home and freedom, as long as we do as we are told. Our life is great. I got to finish school; I shop, play tennis, get nights out, and I always have the things I need. I don't have to spread my legs to strangers to get it. Azrael cares for us, and we love him."

He listened to her words. A good life, no more tricks, bed, food, money and all he had to do was let his vampire master feed off of him and fuck him. How bad could it be? If he were going to die, he'd die. He wasn't stupid; it could happen quickly, and there was nothing he could do about it. But if he gave in, and let him do this, maybe he'd live for a while longer. "What happens?"

Maria sighed with relief. The boy was thinking. Either that, or Megel was better than she had thought. "For the first month or so, until you've proven that you're his totally, you won't be allowed to leave the house without him, and at dawn when he goes to bed, you will be chained to yours. It's only for a little while. You've got lots of time afterwards to make up for it. How old are you?"

"Nineteen." He looked at Michael, weighing his survival chances.

"So after you've proven you're his, you still have one hundred and fifty years or so to enjoy it."

"A hundred and fifty!" His attention snapped back to her.

"Yes." She grinned at him. "He will blood bond with you, give you some of his blood. It will change you a little. You get to live about another one hundred and fifty years. You'll look like you do right now, in the height of your good looks. You'll never be sick or old. It's really one of the best parts of this agreement." She laughed at the look on his face. "How old do you think I am Jason?"

He looked at her hard. "My age, maybe a year or two older."

She shook her head no. "Would you believe I'm almost fifty two? I've been with Azrael for over thirty years. Valerie is the youngest. She's only been here about twenty-five years, and she's almost forty-five. I'm telling the truth. I have a driver's license from when I was normal with my birth date on it. I was born in the fifties."

"What happens after a hundred and fifty years?" He couldn't think about this right now. It was too incredible.

"Then you begin to burn out. You age years in a matter of months. Azrael warned me it wasn't pretty. But if you are good and do what you have been told all your life, I'm sure Megel will do as Azrael plans and take you quickly."

"He'd kill me?" Again the cold fear.

"You should beg that he does. He's giving you over twice what you could dream of getting. In the height of your youth so you can enjoy it to the fullest. He deserves your life by then and you should be happy to give it." Maria's tone was firm, and her look grave.

She had a point. It really was intriguing. "Only for a month or so?"

"Or until he is satisfied that you are his." She lowered her voice. "Don't fight his will, Jason. Let it dominate you freely. To fight is hard and painful. You can't win. But if you just allow it to happen, it's wonderful. I can't see anyone my Master is linked to being cruel. He will make it well worth it."

"And if I don't agree?"

"Then it will be forced on you anyway. He could take your will and make you want it. Or he could kill you and get another." Her tone was flat. "I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound cold, but those are the hard facts. You either agree to do this freely and keep your mind and soul, or he takes them and you're never anything more than his puppet. Or he kills you. He can hurt you, Jason, please believe that. If you don't do what he wants, he can hurt you and hurt you badly." She looked at him, trying to see if he would go freely into this, or if they would have to watch him be reduced to nothing.

He looked at her, mouth trying to work, but nothing came out. It was too much. As it finally sank in he came to believe that he was hearing the truth and the tears finally came. He couldn't fight the reality any longer. He belonged to this man, this creature, whether he wanted to or not. "I don't wanna die." He cried into her shoulder. He wanted to live, but to live he would have to give up everything, even his life.

"Now is the time to talk to your master." She lifted his face. "Now, while he is in a compassionate mood due to your ignorance.

Ask him what he expects of you, now much length there is for your chain."

Jason turned his head, almost against his will, to where Michael stood. "I-I don't remember your name." The words were hollow sounding as he tried to figure out what this man would expect.

"Michael, or Megel, but for now call me 'Master'. Perhaps later in private, in my arms you may use my name, but until then, 'Master' or 'Milord' will do."

"Master." Oh, the horror in the word the boy spoke. The subtle resistance in the tone, almost as though his body was lost, but his soul rebelled. The boy might meekly bend his body to him, but the prize, his soul, was still to be gained.

"Can you walk, Jason?"

"Yes." He rose as Michael motioned.

"Yes, 'Master' , Jason. Do not forget. It is too soon to be forced to punish you."

"Yes, Master." He wiped the tears from his eyes as he came into Michael's reach.

"I love your voice, Jason, so sweet and Southern. Where did you come from, pet?"

" Here, Georgia--" a hint of a pause, "Master."

"Good. See? You can learn easily. I want you to listen to me, Jason. I have no intention of hurting you. I want you to be happy. Happy is good for both of us. If you are content with your life, then you will be more ready to respond to me." Michael pulled him close. "Like when I offered to spend the night with you and you pressed yourself against me."

"For five hundred dollars, I'd have been willing to do almost anything, Master." He trembled mostly from fear and confusion, but there was a small part that was excited.

"Yes, but now you're getting much more than just the five hundred dollars. I'm well off Jason, you'll never want for anything again." He looked to his Sire. "Will you watch over me, in case I lose control?"

"Yes, I will not let you go too far." Azrael appeared in the room again.

Michael stepped away, taking Jason's hand. "Come, let me taste your life, and give you a sample of mine. Be linked to me, Jason, bond with me by our blood." He led him to the bed in the corner of the room. "Sit, my pet."

Jason had no will. All he could do was look up into Michael's eyes as his knees gave out from under him. He couldn't pull away, couldn't cry out. His soul raged as his body leaned into his captor's arms, rubbing the span of his back as his mouth opened beneath Michael's cool lips, dueling with the silkiness of his tongue. "Please." His soul cried that word as his head lifted to expose the column of his throat to a seeking mouth. The kisses and the nuzzling made him ache with want and shame. His soul waged a losing battle as the first sharp pain of entry took him.

Michael felt him stiffen beneath him, but he only held on tighter, letting the power and the life that was his new pet flow into his mouth with his blood. He felt the boy's body tremble and, cling to his, but he also felt Jason's soul rage in rebellion, a losing, frightening battle that fed his dark side with joy.

As he pulled away, he felt Azrael's pleasure at his control. He took the little blade that his Sire held out to him. As he opened his shirt, he explained. "Listen to me, Jason. I will cut myself, and you will drink. Finish the connection with me. Belong to me body and soul." A red liquid line appeared as Michael cut himself deeply. "Now."

Jason's soul rose up to rage one last time as he resisted, but as Michael touched his face, pulling his head down to the cut, his life faded a little as his soul lost the battle. As the blood touched his lips and he began to draw on it, his innermost self screamed in agony.

Michael moaned low at the intense pleasure of the act. A hot mouth drawing his life. Yes, this was the answer. No more being alone, no more lifeless little bags. Oh, the heat, the passion. He wanted to feel Jason under him so badly that he ached with it.

"Enough." He forced Jason's head from him. "There is no more for now." He licked the blood off the boy's face. "You belong to me now, little man. Do you feel my power inside you? You are mine, for if you left now you would die, painfully, and there is nothing anyone could do to stop it unless I grant you more of my blood."

"Master," the boy cried clinging to him. His whole world was turned upside down. He--he needed something more now. He wanted this. The horror of the realization left him crazed, but he wanted him.

"Nicole," Azrael touched his second oldest pet on the arm. "Take Megel down to one of the rooms so that he can put his pet down for now. The when he is finished, take him to the back room so he can rest come daylight. I have no idea, for I have not looked, what, has, transpired while I was gone. But if you have been up to your old ways again, I expect you to make it up to Megel, before he sleeps, or you and I shall have a long talk."

"Yes, Master." She lowered her eyes.

"Go, Megel, get the boy somewhere so that you can enjoy his charms. I have faith that you will not harm him."

Michael stood, pulling Jason with him. "Come with me, pet, trust me."

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