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Beginnings - Dark Love 1

Chapter 3


Nicole walked silently before them. She did not know this one. She had no idea what punishment he would exact, but Azrael had been quite firm. Whatever the price, she had best be willing to pay. "Here, Master. This can be hisroom." She stood by the door. "There is a chain on the bed, and the door locks with a bolt from the outside."

"Wait here, I will be along shortly." He looked down at her. "Don't panic, Nikki, I understand, I'm not overly distraught with you." Michael brushed her cheek with his fingers before turning to lead Jason into the room.

"No, please." Jason pulled away when he saw the bed. "I won't fight you, I swear."

"Hush." He pulled the boy to him. "The rules are quite simple. Until the bond sets in fully, and your soul belongs to me as much as your body, you will sleep chained. There is only one that you must wear after I am gone. It has enough lead to allow you to move to the water closet there. I will make sure you are fed before I leave, and that the girls bring you food during the day until I rise." He pushed him towards the bed. "Take off you clothes, Jason."

Jason's movements were slow, not forced, but shy and fearful. He'd been rammed before. It didn't even hurt much anymore. But something warned him that this time would be different. Deep inside, he knew it would be the beginning of the end.

The boy was beautiful. Michael already knew the scent and feel of the long, pale hair had gazed into the clear, light blue eyes. A face so young so clean, with strong high cheekbones and a pleasing hint of budding maleness. He caressed the body with his eyes. Jason had kept himself in shape, but it wasn't the top-heavy masses of muscle that would mar the perfection. Just smooth, sleek lines, whispering of the youthful muscles beneath. Sweet buttocks that begged to be stroked matched by the beginnings of an erection in an equally lovely penis, such a beautiful prize.

Michael made soft fussing noises at the obvious marks of abuse on Jason's back, buttocks and thighs. "Poor pet, who hurt you so?" He touched the marks gently.

"A regular." Jason stood still under the feeling of hands on his body. Past experience had trained him not to move at this point. "Once a week, he gave me a hundred and fifty dollars to let him whip me. I was coming back when I met you," he whispered softly as Michael lifted him and laid him out on the bed. "I won't have to do that again, will I, Master?"

"No, I won't let him touch you again. Though I believe that under the right circumstances you would enjoy certain pains, a whipping is not one of them. I will only truly harm you as punishment." He began to undress. "Are you going to need that Jason? Will you continue to be as sweet as you have

been? Must I prove that I will hurt you?"

"No, I believe you," he babbled, as he fought and won over the urge to jump from the bed as Michael came close. "Master?"

"Call me Michael here, or Megel, as the rest do. We are alone, and I would much rather hear you call my name as you give into my passions. Up with you Jason. Go fetch a wet cloth. We will need it soon. Use the facilities if you must."

Jason obeyed, relieved that Michael would think of something as simple as that. He was well aware of how messy this sort of thing could get, and his master's calm, ease and preparations spoke volumes of his experience. He wasn't the first he'd had, and that added to his slowly growing feeling of security. He wasn't to be whipped. As long as he was good, there probably wouldn't be much pain. Maybe, just maybe, it would all be okay.

He jumped as Michael poked his head in. "I'm sorry, did I startle you? There should be a small brown jar in the cabinet there, bring it as well, I just remembered that you and I, will, need it. It is one of the few drawbacks of loving a man."

"What is it, Master?" He stopped. "I mean, Michael?"

"Cream, a lubricant. What, these beasts that have been using you never bothered to ease entry?" The thought was horrifying. No wonder the child was so fearful. How much pain had been forced on him?

"I didn't know." Jason relaxed even more. He was going to use a lubricant. "I used condoms most of the time. They came with their own." He blushed as Michael led him back into the bedroom.

Michael pushed him back on the bed, hushing the single whimper that escaped his pet as he lay down beside him. "Relax, Jason." He took the cloth and laid it with the jar on the nightstand. "Your body is beautiful. I will enjoy loving it and you." He smiled down brushing the hair from Jason's brow. "Open to me, pet. Let me love you."

He fought the urge to panic as whisper light lips brushed firs his forehead; then closed over his. He cried against Michael's lips, a mouth both, hot, and, delightful, on his throat. Kissing and biting gently. Was Michael going to bite him again? Would the intense heat and desire be there again? "Please." His hands caught Michael's head, fingers tangling in the dark tresses. "Oh, please."

Michael lifted his head to look down at his pet. "Ssshh, no, pet, I've taken all that I dare from you for now. You are weak. Too much would only weaken you more. Wait, I promise. Later I will grant you my hunger again."

"Later." It had to be later. He wanted to feel that again, because it made everything all right. His soul couldn't war against it. He needed to feel that again, the feeling of absolute powerlessness. To know that he had no say could not refuse. It eased the pain and guilt.

Michael was pleased by Jason's whole-hearted response to his advances. The cries of pleasure as he worked his way down the young body beneath him. No, frightened whimpers or shy responses, no, this boy knew what was happening. He was not a timid virgin, like he had been the first time Azrael had forced him to his bed.

Images ran through his mind as he felt hands on his flesh, that, were eager to return the caresses. The years faded like seconds and again he was a young mortal boy enslaved by his vampire master and forced to his bed and to his lusts. "You want this, don't you, Jason? Tell me you want this."

"Yes." His breath was a hiss. "God, yes, Michael, please." What was this? Was the game changing already? "Michael?"

"Oh, hush, pet." He captured his lips once again. "Now is not the time to balk." He reached for the small jar. "Here, let me feel your hands on me, Jason. I want you, and I must have you."

Trembling fingers encircled him, as Jason pressed up against him, mouth-begging attention as his hands worked, stroking shyly as the pale yellow cream coated him. "Now?" Jason had never wanted this before, but now the desire ate at him.

Michael moved slowly, lifting Jason's legs over his shoulders. "Have you been selling yourself for long, pet? Does entry still pain you?"

Jason cried softly as his muscles gave way to the intrusion. "No, oh, God." A wave of heat rose up from his groin to roll through his body as another crested with Michael's movements. Each thrust rubbing against his prostate brought another wave as intense and powerful as the one before, leaving him open and begging for more.

Michael fought himself. He had to watch his strength, be mindful that the boy beneath him was mortal. He could hurt him very badly. He looked down at him, opening his mind. "You are mine," he whispered as Jason's eyes met his and the boy felt Michael's full power, his will, crushing, and all thoughts of resistance. 'Yes' , he surrendered, he belonged to him, would do anything to please him.

"Say it," again the whisper. "Tell me that you are mine."

"Yes." He cried out as the waves of heat rose in frequency and strength as Michael's thrusts picked up speed and force. "I'm yours, please, Michael, Master." He stiffened as his orgasm blazed through him, leaving a feeling so pleasurable it almost hurt in its wake. He screamed Michael's name, reaching, needing to hold him.

Michael gave himself to this glorious surrender, his hips moving in hard fast thrusts as he joined his bedmate in the sea of ecstasy.

Jason attacked him as he pulled out, arms locking around his neck, mouth hot and demanding on his. "Yes," he chuckled, lying over the boy, pleased to see how much his attention had brought him. Tomorrow he would have to win the boy again, but for now, he was his completely.

Jason relaxed a little in his arms when he realized that Michael wasn't pulling away, but held him in the same desperate fashion that he attacked him. "Let me stay." He begged. "Please."

The vampire, who, was now his master chuckled. "Ssshh, yes, you're going to stay, pet. What reason do I have for letting you go?"

"Stay with me, please, Michael. Don't tie me up, yet. Stay with me just a little while."

Michael pulled away just a bit. "Take the cloth, clean me first, then give me your hand, pet. Let me chain you to the bed. I'll hold you until you fall asleep." Eyes met again as Jason felt his resistance fade. "You will not harm yourself, do you hear me? If you so much as think about it, I will chain you spread-eagle to the bed as punishment."

Jason moaned under the force. "I swear, I won't." He tried to pull away. "Please, Michael, I promise." It hurt this crushing force. "Please." He pushed against Michael's chest, trying to get away from those cold blue eyes and the terrible power of his will.

"Stop, Jason." Michael's hands locked around his wrists. "You must never fight me, understand? As long as you obey, bend to my desires, life will be good. But resistance stirs my darker nature. Remember what I am, always. Be ever mindful never to anger my Dark Self. I would grieve if I hurt you in a fit of anger."

"Please." Jason froze, fear winning again. It rose like a tide to drown him. "Please."

Michael released him. 'I've frightened him,' a twinge of, self-disgust. Breaking him was not as easy as he had thought. He wanted him, but he wouldn't have him as a lifeless blood donor. The thought of this one being nothing but a breathing blood bag sickened him. "I have frightened you badly, and that was never my intent. I only wanted to make sure that you do not do yourself grievous harm while I sleep." Coddle the boy for now. See if there was a way to repair the damage. "Be patient with me, Jason." He handed him the cool, wet cloth. "I have never done this before, so I am, of course, going to try my best to do it well."

Jason stared at him. He was apologizing, admitting that he was wrong. "I . . .." What could he say? "I won't try anything, promise."

Michael smiled. "I found your response to be delightful. I did not touch you, yet you achieved release." Cool fingers stroked his belly as Jason hurried to finish with his task, moving downward. "Are you always so responsive?"

"No." Honesty, he never, not since he started selling himself, ever achieved orgasm, unless his trick worked with that goal in mind, which was almost never. "I--the guys that I did--they weren't--it wasn't like this. They gave me money. I did what they wanted. But I never--." He moaned, feeling himself harden again. It was so strange. Part of him wanted to bare his throat, give in to anything that this creature wanted. Only to see him smile and it frightened him. No one had ever touched him like that before. He had made sure of it. No emotions, no caring, not ever.

"How could anyone touch you and not want to see you like that?" Michael's voice soft in his ear. "Your passion is beautiful. It thrills me to see you beneath me, feel, your, life in my hands. I will always find this pleasing, and as you grow to know me, and grant me your trust, I will show you sweetness like you have never seen."

Tears came again. It hurt to be like this, wanting yet not. It would be so easy to just give in, let him have him. He didn't want to resist. He wanted to be anything that Michael wanted or desired, and that hurt. He had spent so many years fighting to be free, that now--. "I'm sorry." His voice broke.

"But please, don't do this."

Yes, he still fought. Michael was pleased. Surrender too soon was not what he wanted. He wanted the boy, but only after he had fought all his demons, lay the past to rest. "Don't do what?"

"I'll stay with you, I'll be good, but don't take my soul. Do anything else you want, but let me be me."

"Jason." He felt the boy's resistance melt under his kiss. "I must have you. Your essence, your life must be mine. I can never allow you your freedom without it. Don't fight the change so. It is not painful. Just open to me, let me do what I must." He tightened his grip as he caressed him. "Like now. Let me love you, open yourself to my lusts. You want it, I feel your desire as I feel you."

Yes, Jason's mind screamed as he moaned, hips rising in tempo with the firm hand. He wanted this again. Like this, in the moment of passion, he could forget what was really happening, and Michael became his lover and not his owner." Michael." The very sound of his name was arousing.

"Yes, precious? Is my touch pleasing? Be my love here, tell me what you enjoy." It took everything he had not to sink his teeth into the boy's sweet flesh, not to possess him totally.

"I--," Gods, it was hard to think with what Michael was doing with his hands and mouth. "Let me--I want to touch you. Do you feel this like I do?" He fought to keep his hands at his sides, when all he really wanted to do was attack his bedmate, to hear him sob with the wonderful feelings that a lover could give.

"Touch me, Jason. I enjoy the feeling of hands on my body as much, if not more, than any mortal alive does. Don't be shy. Shyness is not required. Be as wild, as wanton, as you wish. I will welcome your response always, never doubt that." He stopped his play to pull the boy close as he laid back.

"Do you--" he blushed. "I always heard that vampires couldn't."

Michael laughed. "I've made love to you once already, Jason. That question has already been answered. Yes, I gain great pleasure at the joining of bodies. We are a very sensual people."

"Do you--. Were you born like this?" His head felt good resting on Michael's shoulder. The arms around him were comforting.

"No Jay, once we become one of the Vampyr, all life is ceased. I have no seed. My release is like my tears, blood tinged. " His lips brushed the top of the boy's head as Jason's hand shyly reached down to touch him. "I became what I am a little over eleven hundred years ago. I was almost your age. Azrael took me to be his pet when I was fourteen. I became his Childe, at sixteen."

"Sixteen?" He sat up and looked down at this creature.

"Yes, but don't think that way. Remember sixteen meant a great deal more then. I was a man. Life expectancy, at least in the lower classes, was thirty-five." The boy looked good as he sat beside him, his hair a mass of waves around his face. "Come here, Jason. I liked you better in my arms."

"You don't look sixteen." He was having trouble understanding what all this fully meant. "I mean you don't look old or anything, but you, if you were one of my tricks, I'd take you to be twenty four or twenty five."

"We do mature slowly over the years, and I've led a difficult existence over the last thirty years or so. It is telling in my appearance. I will look a little younger as I grow stronger again." The boy couldn't keep his hands to himself. Even as he lay, listening to everything Michael said, his hands reached to touch, to feel, to entice. "If you keep this up, Jason, I must warn you, you will have to see it to its finish."

Jason couldn't help himself; he smiled. This was just too weird. Here he lay with a vampire, a 'vampire' , for Gods sake. A creature that had every intention of keeping him in chains for months, or however long it took until he was convinced that everything was the way he wanted it. It was so scary it made him want to scream, yet he smiled. "I don't want to sound like I'm telling you what to do or anything, but I'd like that."

A soft chuckle. "In this, my pet, you can be as demanding as you like. Always for good or no, I will never deny you this."

The feeling of safety, that seemed to surround him, allowed Jason to think of something beyond himself. He stopped, thinking of his sister. "Michael."

"Yes, Jay, what's wrong, what happened?" His eyes opened and focused on the young troubled, face beside him.

"Now, you know that I belong to you. Do I have to give up all of my life? Like my sister, will I ever be able to see her again?"

Michael shook his head. "No, Jason," his voice was soft. "Your past life is over. From now on, I am your family. Even when we go out and we will. I promise you, no one will ever recognize you. It's an illusion, glamour that my kind places on mortals. If we didn't, eventually some people might figure it out. I'm sorry, pet, but it has to be." He was prepared for a fight.

No, he couldn't do this. He couldn't let go yet. She depended on him. "Master," his voice was almost a whisper. "Please, I'll give in, I'll give you everything, no fight, but please don't tell me I can't see my sister. She's all the family I have. It won't matter. She'll never know."

"Years, my love, years will pass and you will not change. How can she not know? No, this is for the best. I know that it is painful. I, too, was faced with this loss."

Jason pulled away, pain on his face. "But you don't understand. Please, Michael, it's not for long. Jenny is dying. She has cancer. She won't live out a year." He had to make him understand. "Please Michael." He bent,

kissing him. "I'll do anything you say, I promise. I won't argue, ever. Please, let me see her, she's got no one else."

"What happened?" Could he insist the boy give this up? How could he demand loyalty freely given if he stole the girl's last months from him?

"Brain tumor. It's why I quit school and sold my body. I had to. The insurance paid for most of it, but there were still bills. If I leave now, she'll end up in a hospital somewhere, surrounded by strangers. There's no cure, no hope, but she can't go to a hospital, she wants to die with a little dignity." He nuzzled Michael's throat, planting soft kisses from his ear down along his jaw line.

"If I do this," Jason was damned distracting, the little sneak, "allow you to continue to see your sister, pay to keep her cared for, you will give yourself totally, no resistance ever?" Michael knew that if he gave in now, with as hard as the boy was working to sway him, that every time Jason wanted something, this was how he would choose to soften him up. He shouldn't let him

get away with this, but it was a small request, and the youngster was trying so very hard to seem eager and willing.

"Anything, I swear it, Michael." He trailed lips down his chest, seeking the taste of his skin. "Tell me, what do you want me to do?"

'Bravo' , Michael mentally applauded as soft, unbelievably warm lips found him. He would have to make the boy beg more often. "I will consider it. Show me how willing you, are, and I will see it done. I will make sure you never have to sell what belongs to me, and I will allow you to go visit her, as often as possible until her death. But you must always prove that you are mine, because if you fail, I can stop this immediately."

Jason pulled away, slightly, to kiss the head of the slick glistening shaft in his hands before looking up at Michael. "See where I am. I will always be here, or in any position you say. Forever, I swear it. Let me care for Jenny, keep her safe and I don't care what happens to me. You won't have to force it, I'll give myself to you."

"Then, yes, pet, I will allow it. I will call tomorrow evening after I rise to start the ball rolling. Maybe in a few days you can take me to meet your sister, so you can see her."

Jason nodded, bending his head, his mouth lowering again. "Thank you."

Michael lay there, letting the boy play havoc on his senses. Oh, he was a darling. Yes, he definitely would have to make sure that he had things to beg for often. Maybe he could make him beg every time he wanted to see her. "You just continue to show me this enthusiasm. Every time you do, I will consider giving you time with her."

Jason caught the implication of his request. He had been right in trying to sway him. Michael was not so different from some of the men he had known; he liked it when he begged. "Then we might as well move in with her, because I plan to keep showing you how enthusiastic I am." He smiled softly. "Master."

He moaned softly. It would only be right if he shared this prize with Azrael, at least once. His Sire would find this to be as pleasing as he did. Yes, this was indeed better than the thrill of the hunt. "Go on, Jay, let me feel you. Take advantage of what your efforts have bought."

Before now, Jason had hated fellatio. There were times he'd taken a money loss and let some guy fuck him just so he wouldn't have to use his mouth. But this time, he wanted it, needed it almost to the point of obsession. "Master?"

"What, now, Jason?" Would the boy never finish this?

"One more request, please. This one you'll like." He lipped his cock lightly. "Jenny -- they said there would be a lot of pain. There won't be a need for an autopsy; they know why she's dying. If I don't let them, they can't

know. If it, you know gets real bad . . ."

"I will send her to sleep softly. Yes that I will do gladly. I hate to see any poor creature suffering if I can ease the pain." He pulled Jason up into his arms. "You don't have to beg for that. That is a promise I give you. No matter what, when it is time, she'll go without pain."

There was nothing else that Michael could have done that would have sealed it like this. But the simple gesture, the promise that his sister would not go like they had warned, screaming or drugged to her teeth, marked Jason's soul sold as surely as any contract with the devil. He laid his head on Michael's chest, pulling back his hair to expose his throat. "I'm yours."

*Azrael! * Michael couldn't help himself; the absolute surrender drove him forward, his arms tightening as his teeth broke through and blood, sweet hot life, flowed into him.

*Again, tell that boy he is playing with fire. * Azrael's mental laughter echoed in Michael's head as he felt control return. *You must tell me what it is you did to bring him to this point so soon. *

*Nothing a simple kindness to a dying sib. * He shuddered as the wounds closed. *Thank you. *

*I am aware of your state. I will keep an ear out for now. Once you have reclaimed mastery of your hunger, I will back away, but for now, as long as this child you have taken for a pet continues to throw himself at you, I had best be ready to intervene, unless, of course, you decide, to try a, new, pet. *

*Be ever vigilant, Azrael. I have no desire to replace him. * He felt his masters presence fade. "You must be careful, pet. It has been a long time since I dealt with humans. You continue to show me your throat like that, I am afraid I might take your life quite by accident."

"I'm sorry." No, he didn't want to die. He would have to learn how to behave around this one. "I only wanted to show you . . ."

"I know, Jason, I know how much it meant to you to say it. Never doubt that. I accept your offer. Now, you were in the process of showing me how grateful you were."

Jason laughed, bending to kiss his new lover. He couldn't see him as an owner. It hurt so much that way, but, as, a lover, protector, and yes. He knew that he needed to come to terms with the reality of the permanence of his ownership, but not right now. It was enough that he knew it, and acknowledged it, without having to think about it.

Michael closed his eyes, shuddering in ecstasy. For over thirty years he had lived without a lover, mortal or Kin. The whole glorious brightness of the situation heated his soul. He would make this boy love him. And after him, two, maybe three others. And unlike Azrael, he would make certain that they never went without the fullness of his attentions.

* * *

Jason cried afterwards as the manacle locked around his wrist. For a few moments he had forgotten what belonging here meant. But now, the cold iron around his wrist drove home the reality. "Please." He clutched at Michael's arm. "Don't you believe me?"

Michael batted away his hands. "Ssshh, hush this silliness. It is too soon. What you mean now and believe, might change as you lay here. So, for now, we play by the rules of this game. Later will come soon enough."

"You're leaving now aren't you?" Fighting was useless. "Please, Michael, stay a little longer. Please, I--I'm afraid of this place."

"There is no one here who will harm you. You are safe. Now sleep. I will be with you as soon as dark descends. Food will be sent. You won't starve. I'll release you soon, and then, if you are good, I'll take you to dinner." He smiled waiting for the obvious question.

"But I thought you didn't." Dinner, going to dinner with a vampire. It was almost as weird as snake shoes.

"I don't. Oh, I can still consume food, but it only sits there until I rid myself of it. But I still enjoy the taste, the flavor. An all-liquid diet can be limiting, even if it is as sweet as your blood. Now sleep. I must go attend to a few things."

"What happens now?" Jason watched him dress. "I mean, I know I'll be here, or wherever, but what happens?"

"I fatten you up, and you become my lover, of course. We will paint the night red," he chuckled as Jason rolled his eyes. "So to speak. It has been over three decades since I was a part of the evening life around me. We will explore it together. Trust me, by the time I send you to bed at dawn, you'll be ready to sleep. The chains will only be a minor nuisance."

"So I get a vampire for a sugar daddy." This was just too much. "Who would have ever guessed?"

Michael leaned over him. "You are incorrigible. Kiss me good night and get some rest. Tomorrow is the start of a new life for you, and I want you to rested for it."

Review This Story || Author: Veronica Leigh Marquette
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