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Beginnings - Dark Love 1

Chapter 4


Nicole scampered to her feet as the door opened. She had begun to believe that he was going to spare her. But here he was, and it was only three. He had about four hours before the day would force him to sleep.

He chuckled at her thoughts. "I hope you didn't think that I had forgotten you. Why, Nikki, would I do that to you? Leave you to Azrael's displeasure?"

"I'm sorry, really I am. I didn't know who you were. I didn't connect what Maria had said to you. I didn't mean you any harm."

"I know, I approve of your quickness to protect Azrael's chamber and home. No, I am not upset with you." He stroked her cheek, "but unless I make at least a token gesture of discipline, my Sire will feel it necessary to deal with you."

She lowered her head. When would she learn? She was faithful to Azrael. He knew she was. She'd never hurt or betray him. But her rashness got her into more trouble than anyone her size should be able to get into. "If you follow me I will take you to the dungeon." A room Azrael had outfitted to punish them for their failure.

"No." He bent nibbling at her ear. "Your room, sweet. I need nothing to deal with you. Believe me, you will be handled well."

The house was quiet as she led him down the hall. Jenna and Valerie were out. Maria was with Azrael, damn her luck. So, alone, in a silent house, she led this one, her master's first, to her room. She was fully aware that, if he failed to deal with her to her master's satisfaction, she would see the dungeon yet. Was that how it was to be? Megel playing with her, but not sufficiently to satisfy her master? Was she to be punished twice this time? That would be her luck. She had to learn not to jump at everything.

"This is my room." She opened the door, stepping back to let him enter.

It was decorated in dark, woods, green, and burgundy. Good colors for her. Michael looked around. No, Azrael did not short his pets, from the stereo entertainment system to the computer and library. Everything that modern technology could offer to make a room comfortable.

Nicole dimmed the lights. "I know how light sensitive you must be," was her only explanation.

"I see Azrael has spared no expense."

"No, he is generous to us. I have no complaints." She stood looking at the floor, unsure what to do.

"Yes. I, too, was spoiled unbelievably when I belonged to him." He sat on the bed. "Go on, Nikki, prepare yourself for bed."

She moved to her dresser. "Do you wish me to dress for bed?" He nodded "What color would you prefer?"

"Black, I think." He watched as she began to disrobe. Yes, his old master had it made. Four, he couldn't believe it, 'four' sweet pets all at his beck and call. His eyes gleamed as the black silk chemise slid over her white skin. Soon he would feel that flawless flesh. But first, how was he to punish her? "Do you have a belt, Nicole?"

Her green eyes flashed with fear. "Yes." Would he beat her with her own belt?

"A thin one, pet?" He drank in her fear. It was sweet. She knew what could happen, and she stood there. He admired her bravery. "Fetch me a thin belt and remove your panties." She moved slowly, hating each step as she pulled a thin black belt from a drawer. "Bring it to me."

"Please." She handed him the belt. "Don't hurt me."

"Your panties, Nicole. Give them to me."

The thin cotton briefs slipped down her legs. She trembled so badly that she dropped them. She did not know this one, knew nothing of his intent. Perhaps she should have begged for Azrael to deal with her. At least with him she knew what would happen. His hand caught hers as she handed them to her. "Come closer, lay on the bed."

She lay face down, readying herself for the beating that she knew was coming. Would he cut her? The belt was so thin. "No, Nicole, on your back."

Her eyes widened. The tears that she had fought down for the last few hours brimmed. "Please, Megel, don't." She rolled over.

"Hush, Nicole." He parted her legs. "Open yourself for me, lift your gown past your breasts. Let me see you."

She cried as she obeyed and closed her eyes to his gaze, preparing herself for whatever torments he had planned.

"When I was younger," his voice was a soft whisper, "I, too, acted without thought. There were times I was sure I would either die or I would drive Azrael mad. So I am not surprised to see him with another. It is a challenge to break such a wild spirit."

He lay, by her, looking down. "Take your hands, pet, open yourself to me, let me see you." He turned her panties inside out, letting the crotch cover his fingers. "Before I begin, tell me; where might I find a scarf?"

"In the same drawer I keep my belts." She lay there, legs parted. Chemise hiked up to her chin, fingers exposing her private self. A scarf, would he blindfold her, tie her up? It wouldn't be so bad if she knew what was happening. But she had no clue.

Michael stood over her, a long silver scarf in hand. He couldn't decide where to look first. The face, that was so fair, and so much in fearful pain? His gaze traveled down her smooth neck, caressing the curves of her creamy shoulders. Along her arms, watching as her trembling fingers strove to keep her open to his gaze. Oh, the things she could do with them.

Her breasts, then, firm rounded mouthfuls that needed no support. The curves of her chest, her tight abdomen, and no flaw anywhere just smooth, firm flesh.

The perfection of her sex, soft red curls crowning delicate pink flesh. Lovely, rounded hips, and a sweet bottom that lay hidden from him, but that he knew would fit well into his hands.

"Now, lift your hips, open yourself fully to me." He laid the crotch of her panties over, her, open gaping sex. "Tell me if I hurt you. I want to know how much pressure causes pain." He began to stroke her through the cotton, rubbing the material against her moist flesh. The touch started light and grew in force and exploration, thrusting his panty-clad fingers deep inside her, listening to her soft moans as the pressure grew.

"Master, please." He crushed the tender, sensitive flesh against her pelvic bone. Waves of agony coursed through her body.

"So, now it is painful. Good. I won't hurt you severely. I know where the level is and can alter." He pressed down a little more, listening to her agonized cry. He pulled back his strength, just a little, as he continued to molest her. "Do you know why I am giving you this?"

"No." Her hips rose against Michael's fingers, gyrating slightly.

"So that you will fully appreciate it when I whip your sex. I want you to feel it to the fullest."

She knew begging wouldn't help. Just as she knew no matter how afraid she was or how much she wanted not to let him have his desire, it would happen. Her body would respond to his caresses, even as her mind screamed 'No' . Even now, she could feel the pressure building as her juices flowed, wetting the cotton of her panties that rubbed against her.

Michael watched as she opened beneath his hand. Slowly, against her will, fighting it each step of the way, she went. Her cries were victories, for each was well fought for. The tremors in her body as the pleasure grew to release were hard earned, for she struggled with every ounce of her will not to give in. He bent to kiss her. "Is my touch pleasing, Nicole? Why struggle so? The sooner you give in to the inevitable, the sooner it is over." She moaned softly against his lips.

"Please, Master." She shyly reached to touch his face. "I'm sorry, please." She wanted to beg. To plead, for mercy, but her body stole control as again he brought her to release. "Oh--oh--yes."

"You are lovely." His mouth brushed one breast, then the other. "Your passion is sweet. I will enjoy giving you what you desire, but first let me take care of your discipline." His hand pulled away, drying her sex with the cotton of her panties. "Open your mouth, Nicole. I will gag you now."

She choked as the sopping material was forced into her mouth. 'No, oh no, please' . He couldn't mean to do this to her. But as he tied the gag in place with the scarf, she realized that yes. He would do this. Nothing Azrael had ever done had prepared her for this.

"Suck, Nicole, taste yourself. See how sweet you are." His voice was soft, commanding. Tears flowed down the sides of her face as she obeyed. "I'm going to whip you now. Only, ten, to fall on each breast and twenty on your opened sex. Be quiet, and I will end it there, but if you cry out or make a sound, I will double it." He pulled the black silk of her chemise over her face. "Remember, I have sharp ears, so you need to show a great deal of control." He lifted the belt. "Spread your lips wider for me. I don't want to miss."

Her whole body jumped with the first blow, the tongue of the belt landing squarely on her swollen pleasure point. There was no way she could take twenty, not and remain silent. But she knew the cost of failure. Her teeth clamped down of the material in her mouth in an effort to remain silent, body twitching as the blows fell fast and hard. Never, again, unless she knew for fact that it was an intruder, never again would she threaten one of the Vampyr.

"I am pleased with you, Nicole. See, you do know control if you only try." He lowered his mouth to tease her aching sex. She hurt so badly. Azrael had never hit her like this. There were no words to describe the pain. But as the cool lips touched her, tongue stroking the sensitive flesh, feelings so intense it took almost superhuman strength not to scream, flooded her groin, flowing out in a single rolling wave of heat to encompass her whole body.

Michael felt her give in, as muscles spasmed and her fingers tangled themselves in his hair, holding him there as she rode the wave out. He wanted her now, so badly. He would have to finish with her punishment quickly. He had to have her.

"Now, let's finish this." He cupped her right breast. "Soon. I feel your want. I burn, too. But let us finish with the necessities."

Bad enough that he would whip her, but did he have to entice her first? Her nipple hardened under his gentle caress. Warmth and a strange feeling of joy coursed through her body. He would hurt her yes. She knew that. But afterwards, the promise--she needed this. It had been over two months since Azrael had done anything more than hold her as she drank from him

A pang of guilt; how could she want another? Her master was good to her. When he held her, there was no description of how much she loved him. But even though she ached with need for him, her body burned as a traitor to the manipulations of another. Tears welled in her eyes. Would he see this as a betrayal? She loved him, but was her love as strong as she though, how could he be her world if another made her mad with lust, too?

Suddenly, Azrael's presence surrounded her. She could feel his gentle amusement, his love. *I do not doubt your devotion, pretty one. *

*Master! * Her mind cried to him. He was listening in; he knew what she was going through.

*Of course I am listening in. Do you think I would let, him, or anyone, take one of mine and not keep tabs on the situation? Rest, relax, and enjoy yourself precious. Megel is one of my, blood, he is as much a part of my life as you are. Share his life with me, as I share yours with him. * His presence intensified for a moment, giving her the feeling of his arms around her, hugging her with carefully guarded strength, before fading.

"Is my Sire content that you are well?" She nodded not surprised at all that he knew. "Very well, we begin." And again the blows so, hard, that the stinging burned. Her mind went numb, arms locked between her legs, nails biting into her tender flesh as she fought the urge to scream. He had not hit her so hard before. He was pushing her, to see how much she could take, but would she fail? If it went on much longer, she would.

It ended as it became too much. The last blow fell with Nicole thanking God, for if he had hit her again she would have screamed.

There was no reprieve or rest. He pinched her left nipple, feeling the flesh tighten under his hand. Again, the blows, she had done well so far. He had really been expecting to have to keep his promise and double the whipping. But she had surprised him and took it well. "No more." He kissed one breast, then the other, rubbing gently. "Let me un-gag you. I return your voice, cry if you need to." The gown was pulled down as he reached for the scarf. She spat the material into his hand, glad to have it out of her mouth. The sobs came hard as she felt him pulling her closer, letting her curl against him and draw strength and comfort.

"Go on, let it out, it is over. We will not speak of it again."

She pulled his face to her throat. "Please, Master."

He had fed more today than he had in years, but that did not slow him as his fangs broke through the skin and sank into a vein. The ecstasy was absolute. With no real hunger to drive him, he was able to lose himself in the glory of the power.

*Enough, Megel, * Azrael's mind was soft on his. *I have let you gorge yourself enough. This is the fifth time you have fed today. *

*Fourth, * his mind reached in response as he licked the wounds closed. *The first does not count. It never did more than keep me alive. It never fed the power or the heat, it couldn't. Besides they keep offering themselves to me. Tell me, if you dare, that you too don't take advantage of the situation to bathe your soul in the excess. *

*Very well, but no more for a few days. You are going to bleed my girls dry. You need to see about finding one or two more, three, actually, since you are becoming such a glutton. It should be no hardship since that one you have now has proven to be the world's easiest conquest. I must say, Megel, I am impressed. *

Azrael's pleasure was all around him. He straightened his spine under it. *Even now, as he tries to sleep, he thinks of you. He is yours completely, no doubt. *

*Beginner's luck, * he pulled away from Nicole, regretting the need. He would have to hunt once more. Find a place where one mangled body would only be news for a short time. If he didn't put his dark side totally down again, he would end up harming either Jason, or one of Azrael's pets.

*Be careful, * was Azrael's only warning.

*I will. I won't make that mistake. I have no intention of getting on your bad side. Wars among our kind have been started for less. *

*Enjoy yourself, Childe. I will see you when the sun sets. *

He came back to himself with Nicole in his arms. She was warm and obviously pleased to be there. "Careful there, love," he chuckled as she bit at this throat. "I don't think Azrael would approve of my becoming your master full time."

"Oh, pooh," she kissed him. "As if I could bite you hard enough to draw blood. I tried to kill Azrael once, when I first came here, and could not even scratch him."

"You tried to kill Azrael?" He pulled away so that he could look down at her. "And you lived?"

"Well, of course I lived, my master wouldn't kill me. I was angry about Jenna." She blushed. "I used to have a jealous streak in me. Maria was his first, and Jenna the new one. I felt left out and hurt. After he finished with me, I was quiet about Valerie."

"My, but you are the little spitfire, aren't you?" Jealous, she had been jealous. It was amusing. Who would have ever thought a mortal would be possessive of one of his kind?

Nicole leaned forward into his chest. "So, is my punishment over, or is this part of it, too?"

He looked down at her a slight frown of his face. "What do you mean? And quit shielding yourself from me."

A minx smile flashed across her face. "Are you going to throw me on the bed and ravish me or not?" Her mind opened freely, and her, desire washed over him like a tidal wave.

Put like that, how could he refuse? "You are going to pay," he laughed, moving quickly to pin her to the bed, hands pulling at his clothes, trying to remove the confining garments.

He entered her with no warning, but she was ready, her scream of fulfillment echoed through the room as she gave herself to the desire that had been building in her.

* * *

The room was dark as he appeared, but Michael could see clearly as he looked in on Jason. It was late. Soon he would have to retire to his bed. But the boy's misery clouded his mind. "Jay?"

The figure on the bed jumped at the noise. "Michael?" There was fear there, clear and defined.

"Who else would it be? Why are you not asleep? Lying here worrying about things you have no control over is foolish. You need your rest." He moved to sit on the bed. "It's almost dawn, pet, time to put your concerns to rest until night."

The chain rattled as Jason sat up. "I can't sleep." The soul-shattering pain that was in his voice was enough to bring tears to Michael's eyes. "What have you done to me? I can't stop thinking about you." He shuddered. "I'm not gay. I let guys fuck me, it was for the money, but why can't I see you like that? Why do I want you so much?"

"You want me?" The small smile and nod were true. He wasn't just posing. The thought that already the boy wanted him, without his coercion or insistence.

"Want you?" Jason almost cried. "I keep thinking about it, how it was, what happened. What tomorrow is going to be like? It runs around in my head." His words were accusing, as if he believed Michael had done this, planted the feelings in him. The thought was too close to the truth for Michael's comfort. He had to calm him.

"Come here." Michael held out a hand, letting his new pet seek refuge in his embrace. "I didn't know you would feel this way so soon. I knew that I had to drive home the reality, but your total acceptance was unforeseen. Does your wanting me bring you pain? Is it not better that, if you must belong to me, that you want it?"

"But I'm not a faggot, don't you see, you've made me into some sick queer who wants to. . . .." He hid his face in Michael's shirt. "I never liked it before. Why me? What is it about me?"

Michael stroked the boy's hair. It didn't matter how bone-weary he was. He would not leave him like this. "First, pet," he soothed, "you are not sick. There is nothing wrong or perverted about what we shared. It was beautiful. And to be truthful, I don't know if you will ever respond with desire to any male who is not a vampire, or at least not without my influence." It was a lie, the boy was quite 'gay' . But it was a lie that would stand for now. "It is our nature, and you are caught up in it. Second, I chose you because had I not. You probably would not have lived much longer. Remember that death is in our nature, and we can feel it as it nears. The first gentle brushes of its presence touched you. Boys like you die out in the street every day. Think about it. If you had died, who would care for your sister? Do you hate life so much that you would rather lose it than be here with me?" He cupped his chin. "If you seek death, pet, tell me. I need to know this so that I can steel myself against it until the urge passes." He wiped the tears away. "I do not want to hurt you, Jason, so let there be honesty between us."

Blue eyes full of confused pain stared up at him as Jason shook his head. "No, I don't wanna die."

"I am glad. You have given yourself to me, and I wish to keep you. Now what do you need? What is it that I have failed to say or give that will ease your pain?"

"You can't." That was the worst thing. He knew that for all that his new master was or did that there was nothing he could do to make this any easier. "I - I know you're being nice. I've been thinking and I can understand why you have to do this. Can't have bloodless corpses showing up all over the place. You've even been real nice about it, so it's up to me. I have to come to terms with how I feel." His voice a whisper, "Michael, I - I understand why, but what if I freak? I'm so messed up inside right now. You gonna kill me if I lose it?"

"'Kill you?'" Michael's voice was soft and gentle. "Jason, I will do anything in my power not to kill you. I understand that the beginning is never easy. I will be patient. As long as you try to overcome this, I will show you kindness. If I have to punish you, I will be merciful. But you must always be open with me, never close your mind or be afraid to talk to me. We will work through this together. You and I, along with any other I take. I promise you." He hugged him tighter. "Now you must sleep. I can't stay any longer. The sun is up, and I am fast going down. So it is time to put your fears aside. Lay down Jason, let me help you."


"Go to sleep." Again his will flowed over him, overpowering his little lost one. "You will rest until I come for you. Sleep precious, sleep."

It was like someone had switched the boy off. One moment he lay there full of questions, the next, his breathing was soft, his face fully relaxed for the first time this night as he slept. "Poor love, wait, we'll make everything right. Even if I have to dominate you and force the change myself." He was a little surprised as he bent to kiss him good night to feel a response. But it pleased him. "See you in a few Jay. Pleasant dreams."

* * *

Azrael looked up as he became aware of both Jenna's and Valerie's return. "It would seem that all in my home are now in it in truth." He smiled down at Maria, who lay curled up against him.

She nodded. She had been noticing that Jenna and Valerie, were, spending more and more time together. "They were out, on a date."

"Yes, I had assumed that was where they had gone. Do you mind, precious, if I call Nicole to us, or should we ask them to go and keep her company? She has been punished this night, and is alone."

Maria looked thoughtful. "Let Jenna and Val take care of her. I kind of like having you all to myself. I don't get this chance often, anymore."

Azrael chuckled, kissing her. "Greedy thing, that is what you are." But though he fussed at her, it pleased him that she wished to be with him like this, that after over fifty years she still longed to be exactly where she was.

She cuddled up closer to him as he reached out for Jenna. *Darling. *

*Az. * her response was immediate.

*Nikki is alone tonight, and I have had her punished. Could you and Valerie, see it in your heart to go to her? Maria is, with me and I am feeling, particularly, greedy tonight. *

*Of course, that was all Val and I had planned on doing tonight anyway. Sure, she can join us if she wants to. *

*Then I leave it in your hands dear. See that she is taken care of. * And with that seen to, he could now return to the woman in his bed.

* * *

Nicole looked up as her door opened. "Hi." Jenna followed by Valerie slipped in. "Az said you were spending the night alone. Want some company?"

Nicole smiled at both of them, gratitude in her eyes. "Yes, oh, hell, yes. I thought I was going to be forced to sleep alone tonight, what with Maria sleeping with Azrael."

Valerie began to pull Jenna's clothes from her. "Nah, we would have stopped by, even if Azrael hadn't asked, just to make sure you weren't alone."

Nicole moved from the bed, reaching to help Valerie with Jenna's garments. "You guys spoil me."

They both laughed. "Well in a house where we out number him four to one, we sort of have to look out for each other." Jenna pulled her close. "Azrael told me you got punished again, what for this time? And if he punished you, why didn't he see to you?"

Nicole sighed as familiar hands touched her in ways she had once never believed possible before she came here. "He didn't. Megel, his First-Born, he is here now. I did a stupid thing, I forgot that Maria had told me he had come home, so when I saw Megel, I used the charm against him. Thank God it didn't work, or our master would have been a whole lot more upset with me than he was. It was Megel who punished me. Azrael has been with Maria all night."

Valerie made a tisking noise in the back of her throat as she pushed them both, back, towards the bed. "High strung as ever."

Nicole tensed just slightly as Jenna's fingers parted her sex, reaching to arouse her. "What is it, honey?"

Nicole sighed, as the pain she had feared didn't come. "Nothing, he just whipped me and I was worried that I might still be sore."

"All better now, right?"

She nodded, welcoming her friends, sister, and lovers into her arms.

Valerie, who had always noticed how easily fair skin was marred, and in her discovery was ever glad of her dark skin, touched Nikki's left nipple lightly, cautious of the bruising there. This Megel had whipped her, but, good. She was glad that Azrael had never seen reason to do that to any of them. She lowered her mouth to take the place of her hand as she reminded her friend of some of the more pleasant things that could be done to her.

Nicole sighed as both her lovers attacked her body with the intent to bring joy, and nothing else, proving that they loved her in a way that transcended verbal speech. Without words, they began to love each other, lying on their sides, forming a circle of heated and pleasured flesh.

Nikki moaned as Valerie began her play, even as she began the delightful torture that she had planed for Jenna, and Jenna, moaning, moved to tease Val. Each was intent on giving more than they received, and in doing so, received far more than they thought they ever could.

Review This Story || Author: Veronica Leigh Marquette
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