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Beginnings - Dark Love 1

Chapter 6


The drive to Jason's house started quietly. Azrael drove. Michael sat in the back of the limousine. Jason pressed against him. He wanted to let the boy feel close to him. "Do you know where we are going?" He asked his Sire.

"Yes, I took the directions from your slave's mind." He turned onto a side street. "Do not take this wrong, Megel, but I think that changing Amber's name so soon was a mistake."

"Perhaps, but I felt she needed a new start. If it becomes obvious that it pains her greatly, I will retract it."


"Master." Jason laid his head on Michael's shoulder. "You 'will' let me tell her, won't you? Let me explain things?"

"Yes." The honesty in Jason's kisses was heady. "Tell her everything you feel she needs to know. I won't take that from you."

Jason leaned forward and faced Michael. He was still so stunned at Michael's gift that he was paying for it the only way he knew Michael would like. "I, Michael, let me . . . We've got a while before we get there." His

hand stroked Michael's crotch. "Please."

Michael looked at the space around him. It would be a bit cramped, but it could be dealt with. "It might be a little uncomfortable."

"Not for what I have in mind." Jason grinned at the lifted eyebrow. "Lay back, Megel, let me do you."

"Be free, love, anything your heart desires." The absolute willingness was the greatest aphrodisiac Michael had ever felt. Soft, gentle hands unzipped first his pants, then reached for his hardening cock. He moaned softly as warm, wet lips took him.

Azrael looked back at them through the mirror. "If this child is half as loving as her brother, then Jenna will have a soul sister," he commented, pleased with his Childe's good fortune.

Jason didn't bother to tell them that Jenny was much more emotional than he was. If she fell in love with Azrael, she would only be happy in his arms. Let him learn that all by himself.

Besides, to talk, he would have to stop doing what he was doing, and he didn't want to do that. Michael was his now. He didn't understand, but he loved this creature.

Michael tasted so good, clean and strong, with a soft, musky sent that made his manhood feel uncomfortably snug in his jeans.

Michael came, heard a soft cry of pleasure, felt the mouth on his throbbing erection sucking harder as fingers found his balls. Gods, this was heaven.

'Blood' , Jason thought. 'It tastes like blood' . His mind, his body, sang at the this and he came caught between the pleasure he felt at giving his master this, and the intense erotic joy that he felt every time he fed.

He gasped as Michael pulled him up, forcing him back against the seat, hands and mouth returning the glorious feelings. "Michael, oh, God." He came again at the touch of Michael's mouth on him, cried out and thrashed in sweet throes of passion. "Please, make love to me. Please, Master, I need you. I don't care if it hurts."

*Megel, there is a jar of lubricant in the side pocket of the door, * Azrael thought casually to him. *I will drive slowly. Shall I take another turn around the block? * He was glad of the limousine's tinted windows, which offered the two lovers privacy.

"Roll over." Michael reached for the lubricant with one hand while the other yanked the denim past Jason's hips. "I want to hear you cry out, pet. Let me feel your lusts." The slick feeling of lubrication coated him, but nothing compared to his entry. Jason was still tight. The boy's cry of fulfillment removed all reservation, as he began to thrust.

Jason could have screamed when Michael pulled back and almost out. He didn't want to be separated. His protests turned to whimpers as his lover teased him with light half movements, which only made him want more.

He did scream, as Michael thrust hard, burying himself deep in the warm recesses of his rectum. Some how, though Jason didn't understand how, Michael's powerful thrust struck his sensitive please gland hard. A hand locked on his straining erection as he pulled

away again, only to drive his power home again and again until Jason was sure he'd die. But, oh, what a way to go. "Please, yes, 'oh God yes' , harder, please, Michael, harder, make it hurt." He wanted it all, no restraints, no half gestures.

No words were needed as Michael fed the boy's lusts, listening to his sobs of pleasured pain. Oh, exploring this with him would prove to be a wonderful journey.

Jason came as Michael exploded, with feelings that ripped through him almost rendering him unconscious. It was wild, the pain, the pleasure, and the complete domination.

"Clean the seat, pet, lick all your traces away." Michael gently bit his ear. "Last night, had I known what you were giving me, I might have killed you in joy." He smiled as Jason bent to obey without hesitation. "But now, I have better plans for you."

"Please." He went up into Michael's lap. "Michael, I love you. Do anything, I don't care, just love me."

"You will be mine." Michael said. "A more fitting slave never lived. The things I will do to you! We will explore so many things together. You will come to live for my slightest smile, my touch will be more important than food or sleep." He kissed him hard. "Blow me, Jason. Clean me with your mouth. Show me how much you want to be mine. Be my slave. Let me see you grovel Lose yourself in this to me."

The taste was bitter as Jason licked and sucked his master, and he had to resist the urge to retch. But nothing mattered now. He would be like Michael one day, have his love for eternity. He saw how Michael was with Azrael knew what eternal love was like.

He caught one ball, then the other, in his mouth, sucking and biting lightly before taking his master deep in his mouth, relaxing his throat so that he could take Michael to the base. It was the one thing he knew he could do. It was something that he had went out of his way to avoid, he almost never gave anyone, a full and complete blow.

Michael almost came off the seat. So few had ever been able to do this. He was almost ten inches from base to tip erect, and as big around as his wrist. Yet this child, his love, was doing just that. He cried out, letting the boy have him as the burning heat flooded from him to his love.

Azrael finished an, extra three turns around the block. He glanced in the rear-view mirror. Jason lay in Michael's arms, still half-dressed, with his jeans at his ankles. "Time to dress, love. We are here."

Michael helped Jason dress before struggling into his own pants. "Jay, will it be difficult for you? Shall we wait outside until you have her calm?"

"No, let me introduce you as my lover, first. Let her see that I am happy before I tell her all the truth."

Michael nodded, opening the door. "Let's go."

* * *

Jenny fretted. Jason hadn't come home last night. Would he ever return? What had happened? Where was he?

She went to the window for what seemed the millionth time. A black limousine pulled up, and a dark-haired man got out. Jason followed him.

"Jay!" she called as she ran out to meet him. She threw herself into his arms. "I was so worried."

He held her gently. "Why, baby?" He asked, kissing the top of her head. "I've stayed out all night before."

"But last night was that pervert's night. You didn't come home and I thought maybe he'd hurt you, or kidnapped you, or . . ."

"Well, he didn't." Jason walked her back to the door.

She looked at the man who followed. Another left the car. "Jason, who are they?"


In the living room, she clung to Jason and studied his escort. The one who'd come out of the car first was tall, maybe six feet, with blue-black hair and very blue eyes. She noticed how the sharpness of his jaw line seemed to contrast with the fullness of his mouth and the softness of his eyes.

The second was shorter, slim, with dark hair. She couldn't decide if it was black or a really dark brown, and brown eyes. A pointed chin and hollow cheeks gave him an almost elfin/androgynous look. Of the two, she thought him to be the best looking.

"Jenny, this is Michael." Jason said, reaching for the tall one's hand. "I, well, he's my lover. I brought him home because he wants to help you."

Jenny blushed. It was one thing to know what your brother did at night. But it was all together another thing to know who he did it with. "Your lover?"

"Yes, I, I fell in love, Sis. Michael is the greatest guy alive. He's come to--."

"He, and you-he's-you are--" she just knew she was turning redder every second.

"Yeah, we're doing that too." He smiled. "Don't look that way, honey. He's not like the others. I'm going to live with him. He's going to take care of us. He promised me."

She looked at both of them, a fear surfacing. No, he hadn't, he wouldn't, would he? "You sold yourself to him, didn't you? He gets to do things to you and in payment we get 'cared for' ." She rounded on Michael. "You bought him, didn't you?"

"No, little one, I did not." Michael caressed Jason's arm. "He's mine, yes, but by love and by other things that have little bearing on my willingness to help you. Your brother gave me his love. That means more to me than all the money in the world. You are his only family, the only other person who I know who shares him."

She might only be sixteen, but Jenny could interpret expressions. "Really?" she asked Jason. Tears started when he nodded. "Thank you." She hugged Michael. "Now when I die, he won't be alone."

"Come on, Sis, let's go talk. The hired help gone for the night?"

"Yes, I got tired of dealing with her, so I lied and told her that while she went to the store, you called and were on your way home, and she could leave."

"Well, let's talk." Then he stopped, turning to acknowledge Azrael. "Sorry, sir, I forgot, Jenny, that's Azrael, a friend of Michael's, and also of mine. He's real nice, Jenny, you'll like him."

They sat on the living-room sofa. "What's up, Jay?"

"I need to tell you something, but I'm not sure how to go about it." He looked at the ceiling, then down at his hands. "First, I want you to promise me you'll listen to everything I have to say. Please, let me finish before you ask any questions."

She had always been very close to Jason, in some ways closer than a brother and sister should be. She felt his discomfort and could see that something bothered him, a cold feeling began in her stomach. "Jason, are

you, is there something . . ." She paled. "Oh God, you got 'AIDS' !"

"No." Jason shook his head violently. "No, wait Jenny, it's nothing like that. Please, just promise me."

"Okay." She felt confused and a little scared.

"The creep had just dropped me off last night. Michael out, of, nowhere he helped me to gather the money that had been thrown at me. He asked me to spend time with him. He looked so concerned, so kind, that I accepted." He smiled at Michael. "There was just something about him made me say yes. I didn't know what I expected, but he was offering five hundred bucks." He nodded at Jenny's gasp. "Yeah, I know, I figured it would be ugly, but we needed the money."

He stopped trying to formulate his next words. "Jenny, I've never lied to you. You know that. So please, believe me when I tell you that everything I'm about to tell you, is the truth. Don't be afraid; don't worry; just believe me. Believe me when I tell you we are safe. No one will ever hurt you." He took her hand in his.

"He didn't want to hurt me, Jen. Michael, he's, well, he's a vampire. So is Azrael. Michael needed a," he blushed, "a pet, from which he could feed. He offered me a chance to live a long, healthy life, full of hope and love, in exchange for my freedom and blood."

Was he serious? Vampires were mythological creatures. They couldn't exist, could they? "Jason?"

"I know. It's a lot to swallow, but it's the truth. They've both bitten me. Michael, who is my master, he gave me some of his blood, twice so far." He decided not to mention the accidental feeding that came with the blowjobs. "I won't age, baby girl. I'll live to be one hundred and fifty years old, and I'll

look like this until age starts creeping in.

"I was real scared at first. I mean, he's a vampire. But when I told him about you, he offered to take care of you for me. That way you wouldn't end up locked away in some hospital dying among strangers." He looked down. "Jen, he promised that, at the end, when it got really bad, he'd come and end it for you. So then you'd go quietly and gently." He wanted to make her understand. "And he would, Jen. You wouldn't hurt a bit. It's the most wonderful, relaxing feeling you'll ever have."

Jenny blinked, startled. She tried not to get hysterical. Jason said he loved Michael, and that Michael was a vampire. The vampire now owned him, and had agreed to kill her. "Jason, is he gonna kill me now?" Her voice was tiny.

"No, Sis. Just wait. I'm not done." He turned looking for support. Michael came and sat behind him, wrapping an arm around his waist, offering it.

"I never wanted your life, Jenny." Michael said. "I only promised your brother that, when you could not bear the pain any longer, I would let you sleep quietly. Your brother had offered himself to me, and I was so touched that I would give him anything to show him how much I honored his gift."

"Which brings me to why I'm telling you this." Jason stopped long enough to kiss Michael. "The blood they have, the stuff in their veins, it can save you. It can cure your cancer and give you a hundred and fifty years of life, free of pain and ugliness. Azrael has offered to take you as his, protect you, care for you, and keep you safe."

"Take me?" She looked at Azrael. He looked like a handsome, distinguished gentleman in his mid-thirties. Could he possibly really be older?

"Yes, child." Azrael knelt in front of her. "I would take you for mine, become your master, as Megel, who Jason calls Michael, is his. Can you live with this proposal? Your brother is sweet, and neither Megel nor I want to see him in pain. So, will you come with me, give up yourself to me, give me your love, your body, and your blood? In return, I will see you well cared for and loved always. A life such as you have never known will be yours for the taking."

"Jason," she looked from him to Azrael and back, "really, they really are--?"

"It doesn't hurt. He won't hurt you, Sis, watch." He looked at Michael. "Master, may I show her?"

"Go on," Michael urged. "One little sip won't hurt you. Let her see that Azrael is kind."

Jenny gasped, then cried out in as Azrael bent Jason's neck back to sink his fangs into the tender flesh of his throat. "No, please." She reached to push him away.

"No, Jenny." Michael's voice was soft as he restrained her. "You can't. If you knock him off balance his fangs could rip out Jason's throat." He stroked her hair, trying to calm her with as little pressure as possible. "I care for my slave. He's in no danger. See, Azrael has already pulled away."

Jenny froze in his arms. They were vampires, real vampires, and they were here for her. Jason had met, and belonged to, a real vampire that had a friend who wanted to do the same to her. Her fear and surprise were blunted by the look of joy on her brother's face. "Jay?"

"I'm fine," he said, pulling away, his face a bit flushed his breathing shallow and rapid. "See? I told you; he's great. They won't hurt you as long as you are cool."

Azrael shushed him. "I do not think that is necessary. I am sure any punishment she receives will be light. She will probably never need more than a stern word or an occasional spanking. Do not frighten her more than she already is." He let Jason return to his master. "So, pet, is your fear so great? Your brother wants you to live and be happy. Will you allow him his wish?"

She bit her lip. It was like a dream come true. "If you bite me, then love me, give me some of your blood, will my headaches go away? Will I really not die in a few months?"

Azrael knew that she wanted this. "Give me your life, Jenny. Let me put you under my protection, call me 'master' and I will swear this. I will grant you its continuance. I will care for you, and you will never feel alone or unloved. Call me 'Master' , let me be such and the pain is over." He had refrained from using his power up until now, allowing the girl to make the first overture. Now he pressed down with his will, lightly and skillfully, turning her mind towards the decision he wished. Her desire to live made it easy. She would never suspect that she had not made the choice herself. "I know you are a virgin. For Jason's sake, Megel will take your maidenhood. After that, I will see you cared for and loved always."

"You can--," she squeaked in surprise, then blushed. "But I thought that, I mean, that vampires couldn't . . ."

He chuckled. "Of course we can, Jenny. We are a sensual and passionate people. We are sterile and immune to all illnesses, but blood flows to that part, and the pleasure is great." He reached for her hand. "Say 'yes' , Jenny. Come into my arms. Let me make you mine." She was a pretty little thing. "I will be gentle. You will not regret your trust."

"Say, yes, Jen," Jason urged. "I'll call Dr. Ramon and tell him that you're going away with Michael and me, to spend the last months before it gets bad, living far away from the painful reminders. That you want to travel, or go into the woods to die. It happens all the time. He even suggested something like that, remember?" His voice was soft. "Don't be afraid. You won't be a virgin anymore. You won't die without knowing love."

"You won't hurt me?" She trembled and cried as Azrael pulled her close. "Please, I'll be good, just don't hurt me."

"Will you call me 'Master' ?" He asked, kissing her. "Give yourself to me, body and soul?"

"Yes," she whispered, giving in to the softness of his lips. She'd only been kissed once, and it was nothing like this; so warm, so sweet, just enough pressure to excite her without frightening her.

"Lift your head." His voice was soft and gentle. "It only hurts for a second." His smile was meant to reassure, as his fangs came down.

She felt his teeth on her neck, then gasped as he bit. She cried out once, and then--.

Masturbation had been out of the question for the past half a year or so. Her pain medication interfered with sensitivity. But even when she had, the feelings that she gave herself were nothing compared to this, and as he cupped a breast, gently stoking it with careful passion, she was lost.

He finished drinking, and licked the wound in her neck closed. She reached for him, but he opened his collar, and using his own nails, opened his jugular. "Drink," he urged.

She pressed her lips to his neck. How would it taste?

A bolt of exquisite pleasure shot through her as her mouth covered the wound. She had an orgasm as she held on to him, as she tasted his blood. The pleasure at once frightened her and awakened her.

Azrael let her drink. He pulled her head up only once, so that he could reopen the wound, allowing his wounded little one her full measure. "Enough now, precious, it's over."

She looked up first to Azrael then to Jason. He had watched her pleasure, her response she, blushed bright red.

Azrael smiled. "Do not be ashamed, pet. Your brother will never touch you, of course. But you will see each other from time to time in varying stages of dress, or lack thereof."

"You okay, Jenny?" Jason asked from where he leaned against Michael. There was no way for the vampires to know it, but seeing each other naked didn't bother them. Back before their parents died, they had belonged to a nudist colony.

"I won't die now?" She asked Azrael, confused but trusting. That had been fabulous.

"It will be some time before you will be healed. For about a year, you must feed from me nightly, as I feed from you. But the blood you have taken will begin to heal you." He stoked a breast through the thin cotton of her

T-shirt. "Did you enjoy it, pet, was it as delicious for you as it was for me?"

She moaned, "I--" It felt so good. She had been crushed to learn that she would, because of her illness, die a virgin. That hurt in a way she didn't understand.

"Then you will go with Megel and let him take your maidenhood?" He ripped her shirt easily, but slowly. The hand that moved slowly from her throat, down her chest found no bra, just nipples that grew hard under his tongue as he seduced her. "Say; 'Yes, Master'."

"Yes, Master." She cried under his touch. She wanted this so much. But, "please," she said, catching his hand. "You, please, let it be you."

"Jason?" Azrael looked up at him. "I gave my word, but she has asked. I will not hurt her. She is not my first virgin."

Jason had agreed earlier because he knew that Michael would be gentle. But it was obvious that Jenny wanted Azrael. No sense in beginning her new life all wrong. He shrugged. "It's her life, Master, and your business."

The Elder vampire smiled happily. "Where is your room, sweet? Before we leave here, let's finish this."

She pointed. "Down the hall." Her voice rose as his mouth returned to her breasts. "Please, oh, please." Her eyes closed as he slipped a hand into her pants, pulling them away, leaving her naked before them. "M-Master, not here."

"Jason, are you satisfied that she wants this?" Azrael let her pull closer, hiding her from all eyes. "I will take her aside and love her. Do you feel comfortable with that, or do you want to watch to know I will be gentle?"

Blushing, Jason shook his head. "No, I'd rather not. Her room is the one on the right." No, he didn't want to watch his baby sister have, sex. He understood the why and how, but he didn't want to see it. "If my Master doesn't mind, I'll call her doctor and tell him she's leaving for, oh, I don't know, Switzerland, that we're going on a European tour."

Azrael stood, holding the naked, frightened, but aroused girl in his arms. "One hour," he vowed.

Michael pulled him close as his Sire took Jenny away. "You won a point with my Master."

"Are you happy with it?" Jason felt safe. "May I call Dr. Ramon and tell him we are leaving?"

"Yes, go on, I'll be here for you when you are finished."

* * *

Azrael laid Jenny on the bed, leaning over, kissing her lightly as he undressed. "How many boyfriends have you had, pet? Or are you completely innocent?"

She smiled. "I sort of had one, once. I was fourteen, and he was a patient at the same cancer clinic." She blushed and looked away at his aroused state. "He kissed me once, but it wasn't anything like what you did."

He leaned over her, lips soft and coaxing, drawing a response. His tongue traced the contour of her lips before seeking entry to mingle with her sweet warmth. "So my kisses please you, or am I frightening you?"

Jenny shook her head as she reached up and stroked his cheek. He was so incredibly good-looking, and he wanted her. Her, sick as she was. And after connecting as they had, she wanted him more than she had ever wanted anything in her life. She might be a virgin, and young, but there was no woman born of Eve who had ever mistaken this feeling.

"I--I know it will hurt," she said looking anywhere but at him. "Jason explained things to me. That girl's hurt the first time, but that it gets better. Just like when he lets guys do it to him; it hurt the first time, but now he's used to it."

"Jenny," he chuckled, kissing her again, "the pain will be brief, a flash, nothing more. Then there will be pleasure. Trust me." He took her left breast into his mouth, tongue playing with the ring in her nipple. Pretending surprise, he said, "My, but this is sweet. Where did it come from?"

"I saw a woman with one in one of Jason's magazines, and I liked it. Jason found a guy who would do mine on his signature as guardian." This felt so good. Words just couldn't describe it. She'd never dreamed that it would feel like this. "I wanted to get the right one done, but my doctor thought I was too sick and I might not heal right."

"I will have it done for you, precious. Promise." He turned his attention to her right breast as his hand parted her legs. "You are wonderful. I am glad I chose to take you."

Jenny lay beside him, not quite shy, but reserved. No one had ever touched her this way. The sensations that coursed through her body with each lazy, gentle, stroke were from her darkest fantasies. It was so hard to believe that she was here, and that the man who made her skin tingle and brought pleasured gasps was not only a vampire, but also now her master. But he was. She knew and accepted it. Tomorrow had meaning again. For the first time in over a year, tomorrow had meaning, and it was because of this man.

He kissed a line down from her chin, down her chest, teasing first one breast, then the other. He then moved down her stomach, relishing in the gentle swell of her belly and dip to her sex.

She almost sat up as his finger parted the folds of her femaleness and tongue stroked the tender flesh within. "Oh, my God," she moaned. Her fingers locked in his hair. This was too much, too intense. Nothing in his presentation had warned her of these feelings. "Please--I--what--God." What started out as a pleasant feeling soon grew into a pressure, a pressure from deep inside her womb that began to build. An ache that caused her to thrust forward, reaching, straining, nearing something that she didn't understand, but wanted. And as the building pressure broke through and her body became locked in an overload of sensations that left her sobbing mindlessly for release, Azrael moved forward slowly. She was ready for him. At this point one brief stab of pain could easily be overlooked. Later, tonight, in his own bed, he would teach her his body, but her gift of her innocence was enough for now.

The pain was sharp. She cried out against his lips as the mark of her virginity gave way, and he buried himself inside her. "I am sorry, love, but there was no way to ease it. Better a quick thrust than to prod and so prolong the pain." His mouth softly teased hers, trying to entice her again. "Better?"

"Yes." She gave into his kisses. He moved slowly, a wonderful, slow, gentle friction that sent electrical pulses all through her body. He might not be human, but he was better than any fantasy lover she had ever dreamed could hope to be.

Azrael continued to move slowly, until she was relaxed beneath him. "Are you ready for me precious? I want you now." He thrust hard, heard her gasp as she clung to him, and fed the flame.

* * *

"Thank you, Dr. Ramon." Jason tried not to choke at Dr. Ramon's sympathy. "No, she's already packed and waiting with my lover." He grinned at Ramon's renewed surprise. "He's a good guy, no we won't be back, or at least she won't." Again he almost cried as the doctor expressed sympathy. It had almost been real; a few months more, maybe a year was all that she had had. "You've been good to her, you'll never know what that means to us. She'll always think well of you, and I will spend the rest of my life, thankful." Again, the wait, "I'll give her your love. Thank you, Dr. Ramon, God be with you." He hung up the phone, turning to sob into Michael's chest. Less than five hours ago, his sister had been dying. Now, she, would live, God, what a relief.

Michael lifted him, moving towards the couch. "Go on pet, cry, it has been a soul-tearing time for you." He held him, rocking slowly.

* * *

Jenny stretched. It had been wonderful. She had always known that sex would be fun. Jason had explained things in detail to her, showing her a man's body and explaining how a woman responded, but somehow she didn't think he fully grasped the situation.

"Did I hurt you, child?" She was still weak. Azrael looked down at her, noticing for the first time how wan she looked. It would take time, but he would see her strength built up again.


He stroked her hair, and it moved. "What happened to your hair, love?" He asked, pulling off her wig. She was bald, with only a little wisp of hair along her former hairline.

"Chemo and radiation." He'd helped her to forget the wig, but now she couldn't face him. Her hair was gone. She turned away, ducking her head. "Please, don't look at me. I'm ugly."

"Nonsense," he said, meaning it. "You are not ugly. It will grow back, and until then, I will not have you wearing a wig. Be yourself."

"But--" She was ashamed of her looks. Women weren't supposed to be bald.

"Your appearance does not repulse me, sweet," he soothed, stroking her head. "We'll shave this little leftover hair off, and then it will grow back at the same time. You are still lovely to me. I want to see the real you. Time is all you need. Your hair will grow again. I will feed you and help you to regain your strength and looks." He knew how ashamed she was of her looks now. It was important to make her understand that it wasn't important to him. That she would be cared for and loved for herself, and that she was beautiful just the way she was.

She looked up at him, confused. He was so beautiful. How could he look at her now, skinny, no boobs, no hips, fish white and bald. "You--you don't care?" she sniffed.

"Of course I care, but not because you are bald, precious. It was not your fault. It is a mark of pride. You were willing to fight, to do whatever you had to do to live. Be proud of that. I know there are a great many who would have lain down and given up."

"Please," she begged. "Please, Azrael, let me have my wig back. I feel so ugly like this."

"Why? You have a nice shape to your skull, and your face is fine-boned. You are quite lovely without your hair. Perhaps we should tattoo your scalp. It may take many months before the blood fully heals all the damage and your hair starts to grow."

She looked up at him, trying to determine if he was telling the truth or just being nice. The thought of a vampire lying in bed with her, and trying to spare her feelings, was a wild one. "Please."

"No. Do not ask again pet. I have made up my mind. No wigs, no lies. I accept you as you are." He held her as she cried, stroking the soft, smooth skin of her scalp, planting playful kisses all over her head. "Now answer me sweet, did I hurt you badly? Will you welcome my touch again, or have I

frightened you?"

"Did I do all right?" She cuddled close, rubbing her cheek on his shoulder. "I mean it was great, but I don't know anything, was I horrible?"

Azrael chuckled. "No Jenny, you were not 'horrible' . You were honest in your response. You were wonderful. I will teach you how to return my affections later tonight. You have good instincts. You are as open and loving as your brother."

"Jason explained sex to me when I was fourteen, just after my parents died. I wasn't totally stupid. I knew where babies came from and all of that, but I didn't quite get what was so great about it. My grandmother lived here until last May, when she died, and she wouldn't answer my questions. She said it was better that I didn't know. I'd never have a husband, so what I didn't know I wouldn't miss. Jason argued the point. Well, to make a long story short, one day when she was out shopping he took me into his room and told me all about it." She blushed brightly. "Though I'm going to have to tell him, he doesn't know what he's talking about when it comes to how a woman likes it." The blush deepened as Azrael laughed. "He even showed me how to touch myself."

"Your brother is a sweet boy. Not many brothers could look at the situation you were faced with and get past all the social taboos placed on siblings to show you what you needed to learn."

"Like I said, I wasn't totally blind and stupid. I spent many summers, before I got sick, with my parents at a nudist colony. I knew what everything looked like, and theoretically how it all worked together. I just couldn't figure out what all the big deal was." A soft, girlish giggle, "now I feel real dumb. Had I known it would be like that, I'd have started jumping boys at twelve."

He felt her shudder as his mouth devoured hers. She was as loving as any pet could be. "Later, pet. Once we are at home, I will take up where your brother left off, and teach you all the things he never could." He felt himself

harden again as she pressed her slender body against his. She had gifted him her innocence. He was her first, and, with maybe the exception of Megel, and any other male pets, the only man. "Perhaps," he murmured, his mouth moving over her face, down her throat, "now is as good a time as any. I want you, Jenny. Is it too soon? Will you give yourself to me again now?"

"Can I touch you?" She wanted to so badly, she had been curious for so long. "Please."

Azrael lay back, pulling her with him. "Give me your hand, love." He kissed the palm. "I will lie here for you. Feel free. Ask any question. Touch any part of my body you wish. I am as much yours as you are mine." He wiped a stray tear from her cheek. "But first, let me gift you with this; a new name, to start your new life. Jenny died this night, and will never return. You are not the same, poor, little sick girl who was waiting to die."

"A new name?"

"Yes, I do not usually do this, but it is appropriate for you. I will call you, Morgan, the German for 'morning' , a new day." He smiled as she sat up.

"Do you like it, pet?"

"Morgan. I like it, Azrael. Thank you."

"You are welcome, sweet. Now go on. Touch me. I grow anxious to feel your hands on my body."

She giggled nervously and reached out to touch his cheek. He was gorgeous. She knew several of her friends who would kill to have him, and he was hers. For a century and a half, he was hers. The thought thrilled her. She was his, always, and he was nice. No asshole teenager, no abusive drunk, he held her life and he made her feel safe.

"I want you to kiss everything that you touch, Morgan. Let me feel your mouth as well as your hands." He caught the hand that rested on his cheek. "Kiss everything, pet. Learn my scent and my taste."

She turned a bright red. "You want me to blow you." She couldn't look him in the eyes.

"I hate that term, but yes, I want to feel your mouth on me. Touch and taste me." Move her on. "Tell me you love me, Morgan. Tell your master how much you love him."

She slowly leaned forward, cupping his face in her hands. "I love you." She spoke softly, and met his eyes. "I love you, Master. Do you love me?"

"Yes, pet. I am becoming quite fond of you, and will grow to love you dearly. Take my promise, I will always love you."

He was a little surprised at the passion that was present in her kiss. Her aggression was nearly wanton. He let her make the moves, opened his mouth to her tongue as it bravely sought entry. Oh, she was such a delight.

Gently, her hand trembling, she stroked his right nipple. "When you touched me like this, it felt great. Do you--does a guy like this?"

"Yes," he whispered as her mouth replaced her hand. It had been centuries since anyone moved him like this. Not even Jenna, who gave up her whole identity to him, had ever made him feel like this. She was so young, so innocent. Virginal, in so many ways, yet so eager, it took all his self-control to keep from throwing her down and taking her. "You do that well, precious. I long for your touch."

She went for his throat, kissing, licking, biting, and throwing shyness to the wind. Her hands stroked down his chest and abdomen, exploring every contour. Mouth and tongue followed. This man, this creature, saved her life, gave her so much that she would have lost. She'd do anything he asked of her.

Shyness returned when she wrapped her fingers around his erection. "It's so big," came, the classic virgin's awed remark. "I'm glad I didn't get a good look at it before we made love." 'Made love' . What a wonderful, phrase, it was. "I think I might have freaked out."

He chuckled. "Thank you for the praise, pet. But never be afraid of me like this. I will never hurt you with it, not intentionally."

"Master," she bent to kiss the tip. "Are you gonna, I mean a hundred and fifty years is a long time, are you gonna teach me things?"

"When it comes to our nights, Morgan, I will teach you to welcome my touch any way I choose to love you. I will teach you everything. We will explore many different types of pleasure. Some will be both joyful and frightening. Some may even hurt at the beginning, but never always. Time is on your side. You will come to love, and beg for, anything I grant you."

She was glad. Now that she had felt this, she wanted to explore anything two people could do to each other to bring pleasure. She stoked his penis, smiled as he groaned. "Yes, go on, pet. I need to feel your mouth on me."

His hands locked behind her head as her mouth took him. It was wonderful. She was so incredibly eager to please. It was so different from when he had first taken his girls. None of them had been innocent. They all had been forced to learn the ways of men at an early age. But his new sweet pet, this was all new to her. She had never touched a man before, so her innocent advances were delightful torment.

She pulled away, resting her head on his leg as she continued to play with him, watching it jump, hearing his gasp as she gently squeezed his balls. He liked this, she could tell, innocent though she was. He moaned and whispered words of encouragement as she continued to caress him.

She wondered what it would taste like, if he came, as his hands directed her to take him in her mouth again. Would it be gross or what, and if she really hated it, would she still have to do it?

"Yes, pet, you will please me with your hands and mouth at least once a day. But it is not like you think. Trust me, you will love it." He didn't laugh as she froze. "I read your mind, Morgan. Your thoughts are open to me." He couldn't stand it any longer. "Come here, you can finish this later."

Her legs opened freely as he pinned her to the bed. His first thrust caused stars to twinkle behind her eyes. God, this was great. He could do this every hour on the hour forever and she would welcome it.

Azrael froze inside her, buried deep, not moving. "Do you like my love, pet?" His mouth was almost brutal this time. "Beg me to take you. No, half effort, this time, no shyness, beg me to make you mine."

"Yes," she shifted her hips, trying to thrust up. It only buried him deeper. "Please--oh--God--Azrael, please!"

"Call me 'Master', Morgan. No shyness this time, tell me what you want from me."

"Please, Master." She could have screamed. "'Fuck me', please, oh, Master, now."

"No, pet." He kissed her cheek. "Do not use those words. I will never 'fuck' you. That is too cold, too heartless. I will love you, and always make love."

She broke down into tears. It was the last thing she had thought he'd say. "Master," she whispered, "please, make love to me. I'm begging, please I--I need you."

This time there was no holding back. He fed his love into her freely. Thrusting with a force that stunned them both.

* * *

Jason jumped at the scream. "Jenny!" He tried to rush to save her.

"No, pet," Michael caught him.


"That was a scream of passion. I feel no wrong." The vampire held Jason in a steel grip. "I swear it."

"You sure?"

"Yes. Listen. See, no more, just the one. Azrael can be quite talented when he wants to be. Your sister was a virgin, untouched. I'm sure he's going out of his way to make sure she thoroughly enjoys herself." Jason's protectiveness could be a problem. "Jason, you must let go. She is your sister, but she's no longer your responsibility. She belongs to Azrael now. To do with as he sees fit."

Jason looked down. "Yes, Master." This was going to be tough. 'I don't have any say with her, now' . Azrael could, and would, do whatever he wanted to Jenny. "I love you, I believe you, but--he really won't hurt her, will he?"

"Not without reason." They could hear the soft noises from the bedroom. Her voice rose occasionally, begging for more. "See, she is fine." The sounds had an erotic effect on him. His mind touched Jason's lightly, easing his fears.

"If he is half as good as you are, she's better than fine." Jason worked his fingers into Michael's hair. He loved feeling the long soft mane. It felt like silk in his fingers. "I can't stop touching you."

"Then don't, I love when you do." Would there be time? "I want you. Will you undress for me?"

Startled, Jason pulled back. "Anytime, always, but what if--"

"You and Jenny must get over that. You will never be asked to touch her or her you. But you will have to learn to accept it."

Jason stripped quickly. "Where do you want me, Master?" He dropped to his knees before him.

"On the kitchen table." Yes, he would have to explore this submissive side fully with his lover. The boy would learn to bend to his every desire.

* * *

Azrael helped Morgan pick out clothes, taking over her makeup as he teasingly flirted with her. "See, precious, you are quite lovely." She beamed at her reflection in the mirror, feeling beautiful for the first time in years.

* * *

They walked into the kitchen just as Michael took Jason. "I see that we were not the only two to take this time to share our affections," Azrael remarked in a tone that suggested that this was as common as talking about the weather. He smiled down at his new pet as she blushed. "He's not being hurt."

"You gonna do that to me?"

"Yes, eventually, but not until we've explored a bit more." He pulled her close. "Watch, pet. See that you are not the only one who is well loved. Watch your brother enjoy his master."

She felt like a Peeping Tom as she obeyed. Azrael moved her closer so that she could see every move, from Jason's shudders of pleasure, to Michael's hand as it stroked him in rhythm with his thrusts. Their mingled sounds of pleasure were exciting.

"Go get a washcloth, Morgan." Azrael whispered. "When Megel is finished, you will offer to wash him. Show him that you are helpful. Let them know that their request that I care for you was a good one."

Jason felt Michael cum as his release took him. He sobbed his pleasure. This man, his master and lover, would never deny him this, and it was wonderful.

Michael withdrew and pulled Jason into his arms. "I love you, pet. Remember that, if I forget to tell you enough."

Jason smiled up at him. "I know."

"You are both turning positively hedonistic," Azrael chided. "Let the boy be for a while, Megel. He is not going anywhere. You do not have to wear him out."

"Yes, I know I should go easy on him," Michael admitted, "but he drives me mad. I can't seem to get enough of him. Besides, I had to give him something to do to keep him from rushing in and disturbing you." He grinned. "When she screamed that once, you almost had an audience."

"Really? Jason, surely you do not think I would hurt her?" Jason mumbled something at his feet. Azrael patted him on the shoulder. "I understand, boy."

"Thank you, sir."

Morgan returned with the washcloth.

"Let her clean you up, Megel," Azrael suggested. "If he does, we will be here half the night."

She reached; out suddenly shy, to wash Michael's manhood. "Oh, thank you dear," he encouraged. Such wonderful hands she had. "You are such a sweet thing. Perhaps if Jay is ever successful and gets Azrael into the bed, you will spend time with me."

"I--uh," she looked from him to Azrael. What was she supposed to say?

"I wouldn't hurt you, Jenny. You would feel safe and loved in my arms."


"Excuse me?" He didn't understand.

"My name is Morgan. He, my master, he gave me a pretty new name to go with my new life." She pulled away, turning to Jason. "I love you." She broke down into tears as she threw herself into his arms, heedless of his lack of clothes. "He gave me a new name, say's he'll always love me." She looked up at her big brother, he that had always taken care of her. Sold his body to make sure she was kept up sold his soul for her life. "He made love to me. Me!" She thumped herself on the chest to emphasize. "He likes the way I look, I don't have to hide this." She pointed to her head. "Wants me like I am." She was almost hysterical as Jason rocked her gently in his arms letting her cry. "Thank you, thank you."

"I love you, squirt. You're my sister, my only baby sister. I've loved you since Mom and Dad brought you home from the hospital and laid you in my lap and told me that I was your big brother and it was my job to help take care of you. You'll be happy again, and for that I'd have sold my soul to the devil." He looked up a Michael. "We were just lucky and got angels instead."

Azrael came up beside them. "Are you all right, precious?" He didn't pull her away from her brother. He didn't have to. She turned to him freely, letting him hold her.

"I'm taking Jason." Michael strove to keep his tone light as he dressed. "He's starved, we're going to go and eat. Then maybe we'll go dancing. Do you want to come along? Or will you take the car and go home?"

"Morgan, do you want to come with me, or would you like to go dancing with Megel and Jason?"

"I'm not old enough for the places they can go. I can't get in."

"Yes, you can." Azrael loved breaking some of the more trivial rules of mortals. "Trust me. No one will stop you from doing anything you want. I could strip you naked and take you in the middle of the dance floor and no one would notice. I am a vampire, pet. I have powers that protect me and mine."

Morgan looked at her brother and Michael. "Do you mind?"

"Not at all." Michael said. "Say you'll come. Join us, Master, I've been missing life for so long."

"Very well." It was good to see Michael enjoying himself again. "Are you hungry, Morgan?"


"Then let's go."

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