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Beginnings - Dark Love 1

Chapter 7


Full of Chinese and still blushing from Azrael's flirtatious nature, Morgan entered the club on her master's arm. It was still difficult to believe that no one saw her, but as Azrael led her into the room, the bouncer's eyes simply moved over her and stopped on Michael and Jason, who were immediately carded.

"I'll be back in a moment." Michael needed to rid himself of the food he had eaten. "Jason, stay with Azrael."

"I still do not understand your love for the stuff," Azrael commented, shaking his head. He'd lost interest in food shortly after becoming a vampire.

"I just do, okay?" Michael smiled. The argument was an old one. Azrael had spent part of Michael's century of service trying to break him of eating food. It hadn't worked then, and it wasn't going to work now. He made a short bow and stepped away.

Morgan looked around. The club was a large room, with tables and chairs clustered around three sides of a stage-like dance-floor. Booths lined the walls, except for large double doors that led to the garden. There were a lot of men in the club, and they were all together. "We're in a gay club."

"Why, yes, I believe you are right." Azrael couldn't help but tease the girl. "You and I may be for all intents and purposes invisible, but Megel wants to flaunt his new pet. He wants others to look at him in lust and envy." He winked at Jason. "He is quite infatuated with your brother."

"Could I really attack him on the dance floor and no one notice?" Jason asked.

"No, not you. Megel wants people to notice you. Look around you, already men see you."

Jason looked around. Men were looking at him. Some were simply looking, warming up their pick-up lines, while a few had a cruel glint to their eye. They made him glad Michael returned at that moment. Oh, he wanted them to see him, his ego needed their admiration, but he wanted them to see him with his new love.

Michael was surprised in the strength in Jason's arms when he held him. "Shall we dance?" he asked, feeling Jason's fear, and deducing the cause.


It was wonderful, the song was slow, and Michael held him close as they slowly swayed to the music. They were together, so close. It was beautiful. He ignored the openly lustful looks of some men preferring to, lose, himself in the beauty. "Michael," he breathed.

"Yes." Michael opened his eyes and he looked down at Jason with a look of pure pleasure.

"I'm really going to live with you for one hundred and fifty years. That's a long time. You won't get tired of me, will you?"

"It's not a long time for one of my kind. We live for a very long time. We don't know how long our lives really are. Many of us have been killed, and some have committed suicide. The oldest one I know is almost sixteen thousand years old. She's a recluse, now, and too old to need a lot of blood. She might need to feed once a decade."

Jason didn't want to think how long that was. "Wow."

"Yes. Why are you asking, pet? Have I somehow made you feel that I would ever throw you out?"

"No." Jason moved closer. "It's just that--Azrael did. He gave you that girl. I was just wondering."

"You will never have to worry about that. Nicole was not compatible with my master. Their differences would have eventually made living together difficult. Yet he did not want to just cast her off to die, and she would, when the need for his blood came. He loved his pet, and there is no doubt to him or to me, she tried. But they just were not meant to be a pair. He gave her to me, knowing that I was far better suited to her. I will be more apt to come up with the correct ways to break her."

'Break her'. The words made his blood run cold. "You're going to hurt her, aren't you?"

"No, not really. I'm not Azrael. I happen to approve of, and enjoy, her quick temper. I like a good fight every now and then. But I will have her; she will be mine. Unlike you," Michael's smile made the world light up, "she will fight giving up her total self. Azrael is lenient in that. He's reached an age where eccentricity is expected, so his lightness of his hand is overlooked."

"I wouldn't worry about it." Jason said, grinning. "All you have to do is pin her to the bed for a few hours. She'll do anything to stay."

Michael laughed, bending to nip at his nose. "You are-" He froze, senses open.


Vampires, three of them, they had just arrived, and they stood not thirty feet away. They studied him, suspicious and curious.

He risked a look. The Sire was blond-haired, with gray eyes, about his own height. His Brood was an odd pair; a cute young man, who looked even more a boy than Jason

did. With mouse-brown hair, dusky skin, and a nose ring and a tall woman with long, flowing, brown hair. Lovely figure, *peace. * He sent to them, softly. *I am here to enjoy the club, nothing more. *

*Who are you? * The woman demanded. *You are not from here. *

*I am Megel. My Sire is Azrael. I am visiting. I will not poach on your territory. I am not moving in. * He moved off the dance floor slowly. Jason held tight to his body, away from the three.

*You're Azrael's? * The Sire asked, leading the other two over. "Good evening," he said aloud, bowing slightly when he reached Michael.

"I was not aware that there would be any Kin here, or I would have announced myself." Michael motioned for Jason to a chair. "I am called Michael."

"I'm David. This is Anna, my First-Born, and Joseph." When Azrael came over, he said with respect, "Hello, Elder."

Michael relaxed. These weren't rogues, the castoffs from careless blood. This Sire had been trained. It was doubly apparent in his acknowledgment of Jason and Morgan. "The two children, they have been marked. I assume they have been taken?"

"Yes," Azrael motioned for them to pull up chairs. "This is Morgan. She is mine. And that is Jason, Megel's Chosen."

David nodded to both mortals, smiling, his eyes locking with Jason's. "Hello, little brother." Then to Azrael, "Anna and Joseph are my Brood."

There was something familiar about the young Sire's energy. "Who was your Sire?"


"Ah," he nodded. Yes he knew that pattern. "And how is the old girl? I have not seen her in over 300 years."

"She lives in Canada now. She mentioned you when I moved here. She told me that this was your area, and that I wouldn't have any trouble from you as long as I left you alone."

"She was right. I do not hunt for food anymore, so I have no problem with you being here, as long as you are neat."

David chuckled. "I have never hunted. But we keep the riffraff out. I like this place and won't have trouble."

Looking at the young vampires, Azrael said, "You are quite young to have two Fledglings. You seem barely old enough to be out alone."

"I am one hundred and fifty-one," David said, straightening in his chair.

"I was with Sharra for almost sixteen years before she gave me the gift. I was an orphan. She was practically my mother before she changed me. I served my time well."

Michael laid a calming hand on David's arm. "Yes. You've been trained well. My master was not implying that you were incapable, just noticing that you were young."

"Excuse me." Anna said. This was going to be a long, boring talk on the politics of the Undead. "If you would like, these two can go with us and dance. Give the three of you time to catch up."

Michael and Azrael looked at David. "Let them play," the younger vampire said. "No harm will come to either. I'm nowhere near your league. I'm the least of your worries."

"Go on, you two," Azrael said, kissing the top of Morgan's head. "Have a good time. Adult talk always bores the young."

"Both of you, stay with them," Michael urged. "If you separate, the illusion could be lost."

"Don't take too long." Jason said, leaning over to kiss Michael. "Master."

Joseph chuckled. "I'm impressed. He's a sweet boy." He held out his hand. "Will you dance with me?"

"No, Joey." Anna pushed Morgan toward him. "This one is still very young. I think dancing with me would embarrass her."

"No, it wouldn't." Morgan blurted before she knew what she was saying. "I mean, if you don't mind, I don't." There was so much she wanted to explore.

Anna laughed, pulling her into her arms. She draped one over Morgan's shoulder before turning back to the table. "Elders," she said with a nod, to Azrael and Michael, "what liberties, if any, are permitted? If the song is slow, may we hold them and show our pleasure?"

"Oh, the lustiness of youth," Azrael's voice was low with soft amusement. "To be your age, again. My dear, just try not to bump into anyone or draw attention to your activities."

"And don't go any farther than they are comfortable," David warned, giving Joseph a meaningful glance. "We don't know how long their lords have held them. You might frighten them."

"Of course," Anna huffed, "Master." She bent and kissed him on the cheek. "This isn't the first pet we've held. You know that."

The sternness in David's face melted, and Michael could see how young this one really was. No wonder he struggled so to do everything by the book. Michael was certain that both Fledglings' training was extensive.

After the young ones left, the three men shifted into relaxed, yet alert, states. "Now that the kids have gone off to play," David said, "greetings Elder and Sir. Forgive the challenge, I meant no disrespect."

Michael waved it away. "I was a stranger in your territory, a potential threat. You would have been unforgivably lax had you not. And please, forgo the formalities, we are out to have a good time. My master named me Megel."

David smiled and relaxed even more. "And mine gave me the name Vincent."

"It suits you better than David." Azrael commented.

"Thank you, but David was the name I was born with. Among mortals, it is less painful. Vincent is a name too close to my core for just anyone to use."

The Elder vampires nodded in complete understanding.

Azrael took up the conversation. "I wish I had known of you sooner. Perhaps I am getting odd in my old age, but I would have enjoyed running a covenstead. You must come and visit. Stay as long as you wish if you would like. Your pets could get to know mine."

Vincent had been taken aback by the open display of friendship. Sharra had taught him that their kind was mostly solitary, which was why they took pets and passed the blood for companionship and food. Yet, here was an Elder, a highly respected Elder, offering his home, offering to open a covenstead, a house for the Vampyr.

Reading his thoughts, Azrael waved a dismissive hand. "Oh, pooh. Sharra and I go way back. Our Sires had the same Sire. We were practically raised together. I would be craven indeed if I did not offer my hearth and help to her Fledglings. You are allowed to seek out other adults for aid you know, just not your Sire." He grinned. "Besides I have four female pets and three of them are complaining that they are not allowed to see enough of me to suit them. Morgan has just been taken, so I will be spending most of my time with her for a while."

David laughed. "Joseph and I will offer what assistance we can. I'm not sure if our pets are what you would consider suitable for your ladies' needs, but if you ask, I offer them."

Michael laughed. "Listen to the two of you. You are making plans to open a den of iniquity."

Both men turned to look at him. David's eyebrow raised. "And?'

"Where are you going with this, Megel?" Azrael finished.

"Nowhere, Jason will love it." He turned to seek out his Chosen.

Joseph smiled down at Jason. "You seem nervous. You haven't been dealing with our kind for long, have you?"

"No. Yesterday was my first time." He grinned back, glad that Joseph had noticed and seemed to understand his feelings.

"And your master lets you out of the house already? My, but you are good. Your master must be very talented."

Jason nodded grinning. "Sinfully so."

To Joseph's credit, he tried not to laugh, but he only ended up choking on his amusement. "I envy your master. You are a doll." He kissed Jason lightly, pulling back a bit to see if Jason would protest.

"Hey," Jason was a little startled by the quick kiss, but he recovered quickly. "Where are you going?" His hand reached up to pull Joseph's face to his. Okay, so maybe he 'was' gay.

Joseph added strength to the protective illusion around them. Now was 'not' the time to draw attention.

Jason moaned softly under the kiss. Joseph cupped his ass and ground his pelvis slowly against Jason's. "Would your master allow me to take you to the side? I won't hurt you."

Jason looked up catching Michael's eye. He wasn't surprised to see his, Master watching him. *Yes, pet, go on and enjoy. I know you are mine. I'm not jealous. *

"I'd like that. He doesn't mind." His arms wrapped around the vampire's neck as they kissed.

"Follow me." They went to the double doors.

* * *

Morgan watched them leave. "Where are they going?"

"Probably to a quiet corner. That boy is too much a temptation for Joey." She hugged her. "How old are you?"


"How long have you been with your master?" 'This girl is very young' , she thought. 'She must be new' .

"He did it a few hours ago. Jason is my brother. He talked Azrael into taking me. So I wouldn't die." She pointed to her bald scalp. "Brain tumor."

"Oh." Anna laughed with embarrassment. "And here I thought you'd done that to your hair because you liked it. You are so pretty like this. I never imagined that you were sick." She looked closely at Morgan. "Though now that you have told me, I can see the marks of the illness. Forgive me; I'm new to the Vampyr."

"You really think I'm pretty?"

"Yes. You're adorable. I like it." She lifted her chin. "Have you ever been kissed by a girl, honey?"

"No." Morgan shook her head. "Before tonight, I was a virgin. Too sick to be interested in guys." She was both excited and nervous. Would Anna do it; would she kiss her? What would it be like?

"Would it bother you if I did?" Anna asked. "Can I take you aside, like Joey did your brother?" She stroked Morgan's Cheek. "I'll show you something like you've never dreamed of."

Morgan bit her lip. Did she dare? Did Azrael want her to? It had seemed to her as though he'd given permission. If she refused, would she be disobedient? Or should she accept? She wanted to accept. "I--let me ask."

*Go on pet. * Azrael's mental laughter sprinkled across her mind at her surprise. *I have kept an ear out for you. I will be here for you if you need me. Go on and have a good time, you need to learn this, anyway. *

"And?" Anna urged. She recognized the look of communication. She'd worn it often during her first months with David.

"No one will see us?"

"Not a soul, pet." The girl was plainly intrigued. "The only ones who could see us are our masters. Not even the cameras will pick it up. So, will you come with me?"

Morgan smiled, nodded, felt a blush cover her cheeks. "I don't know anything," she warned.

Anna pulled her close as they headed for the garden. There, bushes and paths were arranged to make private little spots. With her illusion, they would be as alone as if they were in a bedroom.

A few couples were taking advantage of the privacy. They passed Joseph and Jason, who hadn't wasted time. Jason, naked, sat on Joseph's lap, impaled on his hardness.

"I see your little one is as friendly as my new friend," Anna remarked, gently squeezing Morgan.

"Yes," Joseph murmured, running his lips down Jason's spine. "The Elders sure know how to train their pets. I envy them this devotion."

"Well, maybe if our master makes nice, we'll have others of our kind to socialize with." She grinned as Joseph thrust up, causing Jason to cry out softly.

"I'm not hurting you, am I?" Joseph asked, concerned. "Were you a virgin last night?"

"No, God, no." Jason didn't want to start thinking how off 'that' question was. "Please." His whole body stiffened as a firm, cool hand found him and began to set up rhythm.

"See, your brother is fine," Anna said, seeing the expression on Morgan's face. "Joey would rather die than hurt him. If he did, David would probably see to it, personally." She led Morgan to a bench. "Will you sit with me, honey? I won't do anything to scare you. Just tell me if I move too fast."

Morgan let Anna pull her onto her lap. "You're gonna--you wanna do that--don't you?" Homosexuality had never really bothered her. Jason had carefully explained it to her, back when she first found out about his night job. But the reality was not what she'd expected. Anticipation, nervousness, and excitement mingled.

"Only if you say 'yes' . Would you like that? It's different, of course, but very nice." Anna didn't use her power. She tilted Morgan's chin so that she could kiss the girl lightly. "Say, 'yes' , Morgan. Let me make love to you."

Morgan opened her mouth to Anna's seeking tongue. One of the woman's cool hands reached under her blouse, reaching for the back of her bra. "It's in the front." She giggled, helping to unbutton her shirt.

"Let me." Anna caught her hands, kissing them. "Just lay here and let me. Promise that you'll tell me if you don't like something. Don't be afraid. I've already fed tonight. I won't hurt you."

Morgan froze. "You're a vampire?" She had misunderstood she thought that Anna was like her, a pet. She had been wrong.

"Yes. I thought I told you." Would there be a problem? She let Morgan sit up. "I'm David's Fledgling, I've only been a vampire for four years, but I am one. Does it matter?"

"Are you gonna bite me?"

"No!" She shook her head forcefully. "Your master would feast on my soul if I did, and rightly so. No, baby, I only want to hold you. Nothing more I won't, let anything bad happen to you. I promise."

Morgan sighed and relaxed. "Okay." She leaned back into Anna's arms. "I'm okay, now."

"You are so pretty." Anna finished unbuttoning her blouse. "Poor thing; you're skin and bones. I hope that master of yours plan on fattening you up."

"He says so." She looked down as Anna unfastened her bra. Fascinated by the hand that gently touched her. It felt different from when Azrael had touched her. Not better, not worse, just different. "Can I touch you, too?"

"Wait. Let me finish my play, first. Then we will explore your new interests." She pulled at the ring gently. "This is pretty, too."

Morgan wanted to agree, but all she could do was moan and hold onto Anna's head, as a warm mouth opened to lick and nibble at her breasts. It was wonderful.

She lifted her hips freely as Anna struggled to remove her pants. "Stand up, baby. Let's get you undressed. I want to see you."

She looked around shyly. "No one?"

"Will see us, I assure you. Now come here. You're so pretty. I am glad that Azrael saved you. It would be such a waste of beauty to let you die." The girl really was quite lovely, in a delicate way. "You might want to ask your master if he would like you to shave this," she suggested, hand covering Morgan's sex. "I find that most men, be they mortal or no, find it to be very pleasing." Anna's kiss was light as she warmed the young mortal in her arms, her fingers seeking the sweet warmth as Morgan's thighs parted. "You have just become a woman?"

"Yes," Morgan moaned low, as soft, firm, cool fingers found her.

"Do you like it? Should I stop?" Anna thrust deep, her thumb zeroing in on Morgan's center of pleasure.

"Yes, it's, God, Anna." Morgan's arms wrapped around her, fingers twining in the woman's hair as she pulled her face down, kissing with hungry want. This was cool; in one night she had been saved; met and belonged to a vampire, a real one; lost her virginity; gained a hundred and fifty years, and now was getting to explore the other side, too. She'd have to tell Azrael how much she liked this, and thank him.

Anna wadded Morgan's clothes to make a pillow. "Straddle the bench, Morgan. Let me love you." She leaned down to kiss her, running her hands up and down her body. "I'm going to make love to you now, sweetie. Let me show you such wonderful things."

Morgan reached out to touch Anna's left breast. The woman wore no bra, and she could feel the cool flesh through the thin silk. The nipples hardened under her touch. "Hurry." She wanted to touch her. Azrael had shown her how much fun touching was. Her natural desire and curiosity grew stronger.

'Gods, she's a treasure' . Anna was amazed as she moved down Morgan's body, making love to the sweet girl's breasts, listening with growing pleasure to Morgan's soft whimpers of excitement. She would have to beg David to let her find herself a little pet like this.

She could taste the remnants of previous sex, but it only added to the moment. The child tasted sweet. Her responses were honest as she cried out, begging for more, no shyness, no restraint. Yes, she would have to have one of her own like this, sweet and innocent.

Morgan couldn't believe how if felt. It was so different, yet so much like when Azrael had done it. She loved it, but deep in her soul she wished it were Azrael making her feel like this, and not the new friend.

*Ssshh, * Azrael sent. *I will always make you feel wonderful. Enjoy your time for what it is. Do not worry about me. Have fun. *

Morgan gasped as every muscle in her body began to tense. She felt herself building for release, going higher and higher. She made a, soft, mewing sound in the back of her throat, as breathing became hard.

Her voice echoed through the night as the point broke and the ecstasy slammed back down into her body. Hands clutched at Anna's hair as her body throbbed and pulsated in wild abandon.

Anna held on, tongue flicking fast and hard against her clitorisorisoris, fingers thrusting with frantic rhythm. The child was so open her pleasure so incredibly complex. After she left tonight, she knew two men who were in serious danger of rape.

"Please--" The build and release came faster, one following hard on the other. The pleasure became sweet pain. She loved it, wanted it, but it was too much. "Oh, 'please' !"

Anna slowed, opening her mouth to capture the tender flesh with her teeth, refusing to just pull away. She could feel the little girl sobbing beneath her. "You are so sweet." She kissed her throbbing sex softly before moving up to kiss her. "Are you all right? Ssshh, why the tears? I didn't hurt you, did I?" She fussed. "Tell me. You should have told me. I would have stopped."

"No--oh--no." Morgan blushed. "It--it was wonderful. It just--there, at the end, I--I wanted to lose myself in it, but it was too much."

"You should beg your master to tie you down and take you to the final point. I believe you would like that." Her skin was so soft. Anna really did envy the Elder this pet. "Thank you, sweetheart. I enjoyed myself greatly."

"But you didn't," how could she be satisfied now?

"Not yet. I hoped you would be willing to love me, too." Now they were in new territory. It was one thing to allow this to happen, but to actively take part?

"I'm not real good. I don't know how." Morgan pulled Anna's blouse from her skirt. "I've never--"

"Nonsense." Anna removed her blouse. "I found you quite marvelous. Honest desire is so much more important than skill, Morgan. Skill can be taught, but desire and want? That, my dear, must come naturally. Just do what you want, what you think would feel good. I have faith in you."

Morgan was fascinated by the size of Anna's nipples, by her breasts. She ran her hands over them, sucked hard, using her mouth and her jaw muscles. Azrael's nipples had been tiny, the breasts flat with muscle, but these were wonderfully huge. She could latch onto one and feel it harden in her mouth.

She was on fire. She wanted this, so badly. Her fingers fought with Anna's buckle as she finished undressing her new lover.

Anna cried out as Morgan's mouth covered hers. The girl was wild. She 'did' want this. There was no doubt in Anna's mind now, as she attacked her with one intent and one only; to see her taken down the same path that she had so recently been led.

It was unlike anything Morgan had ever thought. The scent was erotic, causing her groin to spasm again. The taste was without comparison. She licked greedily, sucking on the swollen pleasure point as her fingers slid in. She hoped that Azrael's other pets were into this. She would love to be able to explore this to its fullest.

Anna rode the waves out, lost in the wonderful feelings that had been gifted her. "Enough, baby." She pulled her away. "Come here."

"You liked it, didn't you?" She pinned her down, kissing her. "I heard you."

"Liked it, baby? Your master is indeed fortunate above any other. You were wonderful. I am honored that you gave yourself to me and were willing to gift me with your first. I strongly hope that it won't be our last."

"Me, too."

A rustle caught their attention. "Are you two finished?" Joseph asked as he and Jason stepped around the bend. Jason was still locked in his arms. "I haven't heard you respond like that in a while."

"I enjoyed myself immensely." She drew Morgan close. "As did you." Then she grinned at Joseph. "I seriously need a man right about now. I'm sure my sweet one here does too. Is the boy any good?"

"Is that so, sweetheart?" Joseph knelt in front of Morgan. "Do you want me to ease your needs, or do you plan to run to your master for that?" His smile was soft. "Or maybe you'd prefer Jason, you know him."

She shook her head. "He's my brother."

"Oops. Forget I suggested that. Do you want us to take you back, now?"

"I'm sorry, but..."

"It's okay, honey," Anna gave her another hug. "Here, let's get dressed. Naturally you want your master now. This is still all so new for you."

* * *

Azrael welcomed Morgan into his arms as she pulled close. "I felt your pleasure, pet. I enjoyed it." He kissed her. "Ssshh, it is all right, I'm here."

David looked at his two. "Azrael has offered us his house. He will open a covenstead. How do you two feel about that?"

"I'm for it, if he doesn't mind all of us." Joseph smiled at Jason. "I personally would like to see how they train. You should have seen this boy."

"Are you ready to go, pet?" Michael smiled down at Jason. "Or do you want to stay and dance some more?"

"Go home." He nuzzled Michael's neck. "Pin you to a bed and rape you."

"Oh, my. I've created a monster." Michael loved it. "Will you three ride with us? Once you know where it is, you can walk the Dark Paths to get your belongings."

"Are you sure of this, Elder? It is an honor for sure, but do you truly wish to open your lair?" David wanted to make sure.

"I offered it, did I not? I am of the age where there are damn few who would try to force anything on me. There is a small few that are older and more powerful. But, unlike foolish renegades, we avoid crossing each other."

"Well," David said, "they didn't cross my lines twice. Sharra lent me her strength when I first came here. I used it to clean up the lowlifes from my," he stammered a bit. "Your territory, I fed well for a while."

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