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Beginnings - Dark Love 1

Chapter 10


The floor was cold under Mark's hands and knees. He followed Azrael, fighting each movement. He could not refuse this new creature. Fighting was useless, but he couldn't give in. If he did, he knew he would lose his soul.

Azrael dropped Morgan off at her room. "Morgan, pet, I am going to leave you for a while. I have to deal with this one, but I will be back before sunrise to tuck you in. I am sorry. I had wanted to spend more time with you, but alas, there are times even I can not have my way."

She pouted playfully. "I guess I can't take all your time, can I?" She looked at Mark, on the floor. "Don't hurt him, Azrael. It's not his fault. He doesn't understand." She didn't understand why she was concerned about this man, but she was.

"I will not hurt him more than I have to." Her selfless request touched him. "I give you my word. Now, go curl up and get some rest. I will hurry with him."

"Good." Her laughter sounded through the hall as he hugged her and playfully nipped at her throat. She was such a sweet thing. "Hurry back." She kissed his cheek,

"I will, pet. Of that you can be sure."

* * *

Michael led his three into the dungeon. "My word," he exclaimed, looking around. Azrael had created a small dungeon--a real one. The bed resembled a rack, although he didn't see a winch. There were restraints on the posts, and odd devices hanging from the headboard. There were also chains on the walls, and a table equipped with restraints to hold a body in any number of positions. The only modern, and interesting, touch was the shower in the corner. There were restraints in the stall, and a hand-held showerhead. Michael chuckled. He knew the many uses of that one particular piece of equipment.

Amber held back her tears. It had been months since her last visit here. It had hurt so much last time. Would he make her suffer again? "Michael." She huddled close to him. "Master, please. Can I ask a question?"

"No, pet, I'm not going to torture you. I only want to play. I swear, precious, I won't hurt you, ever, without cause. I have none." He hugged her. "Like now, I am interested in this set-up. Tell me about it. Has Azrael ever

used this with you?"

Her voice sounded hollow as she answered. "Yes." She shuddered. "Please, Michael--Master--don't do this to me. I won't argue. I'll be good. Don't hurt me." Her voice was the tiniest of whispers as she pressed against him.

Michael put an arm around her, and smiled softly, making a conscious effort not to show his fangs. "Unless I prove to you that I won't hurt you, you'll continue to fear me. Pet, why can't you believe me? I punished you last night. Did I hurt you greatly? Were you left unsatisfied?"

"No." She knew he would use the shower on her. His interest was too great. "I-you were kind. Azrael would have punished me differently, but it would have been worse in the end." She was resigned to what he would do. "Do you want me to show you the attachments?"

"Will you do this freely, or must I order it?"

She stepped into his arms. "I will be good, but Megel, please, I trust you."

Michael turned to Joseph and Jason. "You two play as you will." To Joseph, "be careful how you toy with my Chosen. He has a taste for sweet pain. That can heighten the pleasure, but stay mindful of his limits. I will be cross with you indeed if you push him too far."

Joseph was no fool. This vampire, right now a gracious and generous host, was old. He had never met another of his kind, other than Sharra, that was as old as this one, and his master's new master. Cross Megel? Not on his best day, "my Sire gave me the name Cain. I offer it as assurance that I would never harm him. You obviously mean to make him a little brother. I'm no Renegade."

"Your master is young, but he trains well. Go enjoy, I will be with you later. Since you give your word that my precious one is safe, so I give mine that no harm will ever come to you in your time with me." He accepted the younger vampire's kiss, feeding it with his own hunger and power. "Have fun."

Jason wormed an arm around Joseph. "The bed, please," he whispered. He wanted to feel his new friend again. Michael was wonderful. No one had ever made him feel like that. He loved him, so much that it hurt. But Joseph was fun, almost like a pal.

Joseph cupped Jason's face between his hands. "You'll have to tell me what you want, baby. I've never done anything like this before. I don't want to hurt you, so you tell me."

Jason pulled him towards the bed. "It's okay, you don't have to do anything you don't want to do."

Joseph laughed. The boy was just too adorable. "Oh, that's not the problem, little brother. I want to do a lot, I'm just not sure what you want." Aggression was never easy for him. Maybe this was a good time to practice. It would please David to no end to see him take the initiative. "I saw your Master spank you earlier." His hand cupped Jason's balls. "Tell me, pretty boy, tell me you'd like that."

Jason moaned pressing closer. "Yes," Oh, 'God, yes' . When Michael had earlier, it had felt so bizarre. It had hurt, of course, but it made the blood in his vein's race, and driven home his desperate need for sex. "Please, Joey, Master, make me cry. Take me."

"You'll tell me when to stop. Promise me, when you've had enough, you'll tell me."

"If I don't cum all over you first." He wanted this so much. His only regret was he'd probably have to wait until tomorrow before he could be with Michael again. But as the old saying goes. 'Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and other parts harder' . "I trust you."

The young vampire laughed. "With a master as old as yours? Yeah, I bet you do. Well, come here baby, I plan to see how hot I can make you."

Michael chained Amber to the shower wall. She fought to keep from begging her master to stop. He had been kind. She had watched him all evening. He wasn't cruel. But, chained, she could only feel fear.

"You are beautiful, Amber." Michael pulled away to undress. "You will love our time together. I promise. You must learn to trust me. I know you derive no pleasure from pain. Why would I want to hurt you? I prefer my partners to be lost in the joys I give, not horrified."

"I'm trying, really I am." She cried softly. "Please, Megel, believe me."

He stepped closer, concerned. "Why my true name, pet? Are you so afraid of my touch that you feel the need to draw my full attention to it? I feel your fear, pet. Believe me, I will prove it to be groundless."

"I'm sorry." She moaned as his teeth sank into the tender flesh of her throat, feeding slowly, drawing her into the warm, pleasant haze of want all mortals felt after feeding

"Don't be." He licked her throat, waiting for the wounds to close. "I enjoy the sound of my name on your lips. Call me Megel, if you wish, for that is who I am." He reached for the showerhead, ignoring all the many attachments. "The water will be warm, pet." The water flowed. "Warm, but not hot. I want you to enjoy this." He stepped back for room, brought the showerhead down, and parted her lips so that the forceful stream would be more effective. "I will take you tonight, both in your delightful sex and anally." His lips hushed a whimper. "I won't hurt you, Amber. Trust me, I am strong. You will feel no pain." He kissed her again. "But for now, let me drive you wild."

It was too much. The feeding, her own desires mixed with the pressure of the water, drove her to climax almost immediately. She cried out as the waves of pleasure began to rock her body. This was her greatest fear, for the last time she had been here, Azrael had tormented her for hours, driving her to unconsciousness four times before he showed mercy. It felt so good. But she knew how quickly the pleasure could turn into pain. "Please," she moaned, leaning forward, her mouth seeking his. "Please, Megel."

"Ssshh. What is it, sweet?" He pressed the showerhead against her, listening to her cries. "You need me already, Amber? But we have only just begun."

"Please." She wanted him. Gods, how she wanted. She didn't care how he took her, the need for his body was great. "Now."

Michael unchained her, welcoming the press of her body as she held him. "Up, pet." He lifted her, bringing her down on him, impaling her on his need. She cried out, softly, wrapping her legs around his hips. He had freed her. He hadn't hurt her.

In the corner, on the bed, the spanking was rapidly becoming too much for Jason. Joseph had spanked him soundly. His ass burned with greater heat than ever before. "No more," he whimpered as another stinging slap fell. "Please." But his pleas were ignored. "Master."

"Ssshh." Joseph held him over his lap. "Don't cry, Jay." his hand stroked the heated flesh, enjoying the curve of Jason's buttocks. "I heard you." His tone became mildly scolding; "All this fuss over a little spanking?"

"It hurt." Jason winced as Joseph pulled him up to sit in his lap.

"Poor kid." Joseph laughed. "Beg a spanking, then complain. Make up you mind, kiddo, either you want to be hurt, or you don't."

Jason blushed. Joseph was right. And besides, after some of the perverts he'd sold his body to, the pain in his backside was nothing. Could, he, be spoiled by Michael already? "I'm sorry. I panicked."

"Why?" Joseph turned, laying him on his back. "I'm not going to do anything to you that you don't ask for. Your master would string me up by my balls, and then mine would skin me alive. You have no idea how safe you really are. One does not damage the Chosen of an Elder." His grinned, a comical, lopsided grin that Jason immediately liked. "At least, not if one wants to continue living. Or un-living, in our case."

"Joseph--" Jason's mouth covered his. "No more talking, please." He wanted more. The spanking might have hurt, but it had driven home the need for more. "Let's fuck." He knew the difference between lovemaking and what he was offering. But he didn't love Joseph.

'God, to have a few like this', Joseph was amazed. "Jay," he asked, pulling the young man down with him, "have you ever taken a man, before?"


"Good. Let me be your first." Joseph smiled, reaching to touch him. "I much prefer the bottom."

Jason moaned as he pulled away. "Roll over, Master." Jason looked down at the waiting, ready Joseph. He would like this. How many times had he wondered about it, as his face was pressed into bedclothes or the vinyl of some guy's back seat. "Please, Master. I need you now."

Joseph chuckled, moving his hips invitingly. "Then Jay, be my friend. Let's enjoy this together."

* * *

Azrael stood over Mark, who lay motionless on the floor. "So, how shall I punish you?" He walked around his rebellious new pet, whose eyes fought to keep him in sight. "It should be horrifying enough to make you believe me, but not enough to destroy your mind, like that poor pet of Vincent's." He rubbed his chin, thoughtfully, before making his decision. "Rise, Mark. Remove your clothes. You do not deserve them."

This time, Mark didn't fight. It would be a waste of time. This beast wouldn't kill him. Not yet, anyway, so why bother? He was going to be tortured. He knew it. And there wasn't anything he could do about it. But even as he obeyed, he locked gazes with Azrael. Message, clear, in them, 'you might make me do anything, but I hate you, and I will never stop hating you' .

"What a fiery thing you are." Azrael snickered. "Go on, give me all the knife-filled looks you want. They will not hurt me. But after tonight, unless you want to suffer pain like you have never known, you will learn to look friendly. You might not feel it, but you will learn to make me believe you do." The smile on his face would terrify a mad dog. "If you do not, slave, I will make you wish you had."

Mark stood naked and defiant, not caring what this monster did to him. He would never let Azrael think he wanted him. *Go on you, bastard. * The thought was clear. He knew full well that the vampire could 'hear' him. *Do your worst, I will never welcome you. Remember that you will have to take what you want from me. I will never give it. *

The wall met his head with jarring force as Azrael's teeth sank into his throat. Yes! He rejoiced, 'kill me. Go right ahead, if you'll just kill me' ! It was the one nice thing about the vampires. If he had to choose a way to die, this would be it, his body reacting of its own accord, holding the ancient one to him. His body lost in the intense pleasure of the act. Yes, this was a wonderful way to die.

But Azrael had no intentions of killing this one. He would blood-bond with the incorrigible youth, force his will on the rebellious one in a, way, Mark would be unable to understand, or resist. "I told you, Mark," he said softly, with the tone of absolute supremacy, "I have no intention of taking your life." There was a tone of finality to it. "I want you, boy, and I will have you." He ran his hand down Mark's back, over his buttocks, tracing the line of his hip.

"NO!" Mark cried as a hand found him. "Damn you, why won't you kill me?"

"Because I find no pleasure in fucking a corpse." He chuckled at the horror on the young man's face. "Yes, Mark, now you know. Before long, I will take you. I will steal the only innocence you have left. And believe me, you will find it as painful and as horrifying as you fear. It will be a long night for you, your first in my bed. But for now," his fingers tightened on Mark's erection, capturing his balls, "we will go to the bed. I will give you my blood, and then." Pressure sudden, incredible pressure as he squeezed. Mark cried out in pain. "Feel it. Get used to it. Become acquainted with it. Because if you do not learn to give me what I order, it will be the only feeling you will have for a long time." Still gripping Mark's testicles, he headed for the bed, dragging Mark behind him.

There was no fighting, now, as Azrael pulled him towards the bed by his balls, crushing them in his grip. "Don't fall," Azrael advised. "If you fall, it will only be worse, for I will still drag you to the bed. Believe me, boy, you do not wish that."

Mark screamed at the twist of Azrael's wrist. He knees buckled, but he refused to fall. If he did, this mad thing would drag him by his balls. "Please." He cried now, pain the only thing he felt. "Stop, God, don't."

Azrael released him so that he could fall onto the bed. "Begging already? Good." He smiled softly as he drew a knife from a drawer. Not a dagger as earlier, but a nasty, curved kukri that could make quick work of man or beast. "I love the sound of it. Beg me again slave. Beg me to make you mine, or I will cut your manhood from you." Mark's horrified gasp prompted another chuckle. "Yes. You would die from that, would you not? But I could prevent it. Remember, no-one bleeds to death around a vampire, unless the vampire wants it. I want you to live." He leaned forward forcing Mark to meet his gaze. "So, shall you be a man, or a eunuch?"

No force, for the first time since David had given him to this mad thing, there was, no, crush of will. He would have to do this freely, or as freely as anyone faced with the threat of emasculation can make a decision. "I hate you," he spat, wanting to fight this creature, and knowing he couldn't. "Take me.

I'll do it. But I hate you."

"Oh, come now." Azrael laughed and grabbed Mark's penis. He held the knife just inches from the base. "That is not a beg. Perhaps if I removed this unsightly affliction, you would loose some of your fight." The knife pressed against flesh, drawing blood.

"No." Mark dared not move. That blade could come farther down at any time. "Please. I'm sorry." He screamed. This beast was going to cut his dick off. "Master, please, take me. I'll do it, what ever you want, but please -- " He almost fainted as the blade moved. "I swear it! I want you! DON'T!"

Azrael pulled the knife away, gathered a few droplets of blood and mixed it with his saliva to heal the wound. "You want me?" He smiled, tasting the fear. "Say it again, dog. Make me believe you."

Mark swallowed, pushing all thoughts of resistance away. This wasn't David. David had been so easy to put off. This one didn't care if he hated him. The beast found it amusing. This one could do whatever he wanted. "Yes," he said, trying to convince, himself, as he spoke. "I want you. Please, Master, tell me what to do."

Azrael was amused by the sudden change of heart. "And you swore that there was nothing I could do to make you bend." He held up a finger, silencing Mark. "I would not, if I were you, my boy. Your capitulation is the only thing that is keeping your--what is the modern slang? -' Family Jewels' from being cut off at the base."

Mark lay on the bed, staring up at Azrael, shocked. The beast would make him obey by threatening him with emasculation. Would he do it? Could any man, alive or--like this creature--do that to another man? Rape, torture, and even kill--but emasculation?

He almost convinced himself that it was a bluff, almost, and then he looked up into Azrael's eyes. Old, ancient eyes 'my God, he'd do it' . He bit back a cry as the reality filled him. If he didn't do everything he was told, he'd be . . ..

"Yes. Now you understand your situation." Azrael motioned Mark to sit up, and sat beside him. "Oh, do not look so stunned. Only a fool would have not thought to use your own masculinity as a means to control you. And boy, best you learn now, I am many things, but I am not a fool."

"What--what do you want me to do?" For the moment, all thoughts of fighting, resistance had gone.

Azrael unbuttoned his shirt partway. "You will bond with me tonight. Nothing more, if you go freely to my control, I will only beat you. Resist and." He reached to touch him. "You know what will happen."

Mark swallowed back a plea. He had lost. He knew it. Once he drank from Azrael, he would be a mindless puppet like the rest. If he refused, he would be forced to do it anyway, and unmanned for his troubles. Perhaps, if he did this freely, he wouldn't end up completely brainless. "Okay, I'll do it."

The hand that stroked him became hard again, reaching to capture his balls. "You will do what?" Azrael's hand tightened.

Mark didn't scream, for that he was proud, but a moan of pain did slip past his lips. "I'm trying. I'll bond with you. I swear. I'll drink." He gritted his teeth. "Master."

"Good. See, that was not as hard as it seemed, was it?" Azrael's hand became gentle again. "If you please me further, I might even allow your deflowering to be pleasant. I reward good behavior just as quickly as I punish bad." He pulled away. "Come, drink." The blade cut, deep into his chest, blood welling.

Mark hesitated just a moment before obeying. A fleeting thought crossed his mind, as he let his mouth close over the wound; what 'would it taste like' ?

His head swam and his body burned, as the blood flowed into his mouth. Never before had he felt like this. The power, the force, the energy, ran through his veins, leaving him clutching at the creature whom held his life.

There was no going back, now, no reprieve. He would be owned for the rest of his life, however long or short that it might be. He would be broken, whether he fought or not, and he would, in the end, beg this man to do anything he asked. The end was here, and he couldn't stop it. He didn't want to.

For the first time in his life, he welcomed a man's kiss. Freely feeding on it, wanting it. Mouth opening to taste the warmth of the other's, his arms locked around Azrael's neck as the vampire pulled him close. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he knew he should resist, but he couldn't, he, was, trapped, now, by both fear and this new need.

Azrael wisely refrained from laughing at his triumph. He knew how fragile his control was right now. Although he had every intention of breaking this troublesome mortal, now was not the time. The battle would resume, soon enough. But for now, he allowed the boy to seek his mouth and hold him, a reward for his willingness.

Rational thought returned and Mark almost leaped away from Azrael. "What-- wait--what did you do to me?" he demanded, angry and confused.

"I made you mine. You belong to me, now. There is nothing you can do to escape, for without my blood, you will die." Azrael brushed a lock of dark hair from Mark's face. "Do you still wish for death? If so, you may have it. All I have to do is withhold my blood."

"Die?" Why now, what was this? He had begged and been refused so long, why now?

"Yes. But I warn you. It is not a pleasant death. It takes a month to six weeks for the blood to burn all the life out of you. That is what it is, a flame inside, burning you up. Do you wish this?" His voice was gentle. "Without nightly feedings from me, you will begin a slow, agonizing death. You will scream for release until the end."

Now, Mark jumped away, almost falling to the floor. "You're going to do that, aren't you?" he accused. "Killing me quick isn't good enough. You're gonna make me suffer."

"No. It is up to you. You will beg for my blood every day. Not to is to, consign, yourself to torment worse than any punishment I could devise. I leave it up to you. If you want to live, you shall ask. If you do not want to live, you will die. From now on, I will not force my blood on you." He opened his arms. "Come back into my arms, pet. It is safer here."

Mark looked from him to the knife. "No," he whispered.

"Yes, boy. Come here. If I have to retrieve you, you will not like what happens."

Mark moved slowly, hating himself for his fear more than he did the monster before him.

"Good boy." Azrael's arms tightened gently around him, holding him in his lap again. "Is there anything I can grant you before I punish you?"

"Grant me?"

"Yes," he smiled softly. "I am not completely immune your struggles. Bonding is not easy for one such as you. So I will grant you one small kindness before I deliver your beating." Again he reached down and touched Mark. "How long has it been since you were allowed pleasure? Vincent hated you so, I cannot see him seeing to your needs."

Mark stiffened in his arms. What he had most feared was about to happen. David had never done anything other than feed. 'This' one planned on making a damned pervert out of him. "No. I don't want anything from you," he hissed. "Just beat me and get it over with, Master."

"Now, now, do not be this way. You should snatch what grace I offer. If I thought that you did not want this--" His hands warmed Mark's skin, and his voice grew hard. "You do not want me to think you are resisting, do you?"

Mark wasn't stupid. He heard the warning in Azrael's voice. He either convinced this mad thing that he wanted this, or he'd end up with a quick sex change. "Why are you doing this?" he whispered. "Why make me ask for it? Just do what you want. I don't care, but making me beg." He looked away, and down. "If I beg, I die inside."

Azrael grinned. He was reaching the boy. Vincent just never gave him a chance. Soon he would be his, as much by his own admission as by fact. "Yes, boy, but better the little death than what will happen if I feel you are refusing me." He looked down at the erection in his hand. "Your body finds pleasure, even if your mind rejects it. Would

it not be easier to allow me this, to enjoy what kindness I grant?"

Mark was ashamed at his body's response. He didn't want this, didn't want to admit that anything this 'thing' did had an effect on him. But his body had a mind of its own. "What do you want me to do?" He closed his eyes as he gave in. The hunger, the need, ate at him.

Azrael stopped his play long enough to put away the knife. He had won for now. True, it had been with force and threats, but it would soon be freely given. "What do you want? I believe you mentioned a 'blow job' earlier. Would you like that? Or do you need my full attention? If you ask for it, I promise

I will not hurt you." He lay Mark on the bed and leaned over him. "Would you like that, pet? I will make it wonderful, but only if you allow it."

Allow it. He would have to allow it. Mark licked his lips. He wasn't a fool. He knew what was being asked. But could he do it? He'd always hated faggots. Any man who would let some guy do him up the ass was a sicko pervert. Now he was being forced to be one. It made him want to vomit, and yet, he wanted to submit. "Is that what you want?" His closed his eyes as he lay there. "I--I'll do it, but."

"But what, pet? Come tell me your fear. If you are afraid of the pain, I promise. I will not hurt you. Forget my earlier words. There will be almost no pain. But you must ask for it. I offer this just once. If you do not take it, I will not be so kind next time. Mark, it can hurt greatly at the beginning." He admired Mark's body. The young man was beautiful, as strong as he looked, his manhood tall and proud. Oh, the things he could do with such a darling pet.

The silence lasted far too long for Azrael's comfort. What was his pet thinking of, now? "But I'm not gay," Mark finally said, revulsion in his tone. "I'm not a faggot. I don't like it. The thought always makes me sick."

Oh, this was lovely. Not, only was the boy heterosexual, but a homophobe as well. It could not have been better if Azrael had planned it. "Were you sickened when I kissed you, pet? When I touch you now, like this, are you in danger of soiling the sheets?" There was more than just a hint of sarcasm tohis voice.

Mark almost assented, then stopped. A blush rose on his body as he realized that no, he was not sickened. He had gave himself to the kiss, had welcomed it, and now, if anything, he wanted to finish this. He needed it, more that he had ever needed a woman before. He didn't want to admit that he felt anything. "No," he whispered, not certain which question he answered.

"Poor pet, you have no idea what is going on, do you? Would you rather I made it easy for you? I can, you know. I can make you want this, take away the shame for now. Would that be better? All you have to do is ask me." Azrael's lips traced the line of Mark's jaw. "Tell me you want me to take your will. I promise, you will love it."

A break, Mark couldn't believe it. He was actually being offered an out. It would be easy, then. He could submit, and not be responsible for anything that happened. He knew that Azrael was telling the truth, that if he asked, Azrael could make it so he wanted it. He almost agreed. He wanted to so much, but again he stopped short. He didn't want to be a mindless puppet. That was what he hated most about all of this. He had always acted by his own decision. "No," he said sighing. "If I have to do this, I'd just as soon do it as me, and not one of your zombies."

"Are you asking me, pet?" This was more than Azrael had ever hoped for. There had been others, as rebellious as Mark, who had wanted the oblivion. This boy wasn't a coward. He was willing to go forward with his eyes open. "You are mine. Do you want me to prove it?"

Mark's fists clinched as he gathered himself. He either said 'yes' , gave in, or he'd end up being fucked anyway. But if he refused, Azrael would make him pay and pay big. "Yeah," he sighed, fuck it, he might as well get something out of it. "I'm asking."

Azrael threw his head back and laughed. "You sound like I am making you beg to be tortured." He stood and smiled down at his pet. "Come, slave, undress me. Show me you want this." He held out a hand as Mark sat up. "Let me feel your hands on my body. Join me in this."

Mark stared at him. He had been expecting to be fucked, plain and simple, not take an active part in it. But he should have known that it wouldn't be that easy. Not only did he have to bend over. He had to open his mouth.

"Having second thoughts?" Azrael's eyes and tone hardened. "Do not tease me, boy. It is all, or nothing. I am being over-generous right now, and I do not have time to be any more giving. Morning will be here soon, and I have yet to tuck in my sweet one. Come here. I will not ask again."

"Jeez," Mark commented as he obeyed. He wasn't ready to fight again. He'd lost the last round, and knew it, but couldn't yet accept that he had lost the war. "Gimme a break, will ya?" he muttered as he fumbled with the buttons on Azrael's shirt.

The slap knocked him back onto the bed. Azrael straddled him, holding him in place. "Give you a break?" His hand locked around Mark's throat. "You are a fool." Fingers tightened as he struggled. "You have no idea how much of a break I am giving you." His eyes bore into Mark's. "Can you possibly comprehend the power I command? With a thought, I could crush your mind and leave you a drooling simpleton. Or I could lock you in a hell from which there is no escape. You play a dangerous game, slave." His face was inches from Mark's. "I had so hoped that you would be wise. I could have taken you, you know that, instead I allow you to remain whole, and how do you thank me?" Again he slapped the young man. He struck again and again, knocking Mark's head side-to-side.

Mark tried to push Azrael away, but his efforts only further angered the vampire. "Don't," he got out, flinching as the hand pause over him. "Please," he begged, defeated and terrified. "Please, Master."

"What game do you play now?"

"No game," he swallowed blood. "I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to be a jerk. I don't know what to do, okay? I've never done this before." Slowly, knowing, the abuse could begin again, he reached for Azrael. His head ached. No one, not even his father, had ever hit him that hard before. "See." His fingers reached for the fastenings of Azrael's pants. "I'm trying, Master. Please help me."

Azrael watched with unconcealed curiosity as, Mark reached to pull his manhood from the restraints of his garments. "I see." And he did. He had lost his temper and lashed out, when his pet had done no more than reach out for help. The words were unfortunate, but only a common phrase that expressed his ignorance. Guilt, now, at the red marks that would become bruises, and the blood that trickled from Mark's lip. "My apologies, pet. But you must be more careful with what you say. I demand respect at all times."

Mark nodded. He wouldn't need another reminder. "I'll be careful."

The hardness in his hands was cool to Mark's touch. He'd noticed this, the few times that David had fed from him. A vampires body temperature was lower than a normal person's was. "May I ask you a question?"

Azrael moved off of him slowly, sat beside him, and caught his hand. He gently and reassuringly squeezed Mark's fingers. "What is it you wish to know?"

"What's your name, I--" Mark flinched at the frown. "Forget it, Master, I won't ask again."

"Why do you ask?"

Would the beating start again? "Never mind. It's not important. I only figured if I was going to, you know, do this, that it would be cool to know your name." He watched Azrael's hand, jumping back as it reached to stroke his cheek. "Please, don't. I won't ask again."

"Azrael." The vampire leaned forward to lick the blood from Mark's lip, then kissed him softly. "My name is Azrael. Would you prefer to use it? If you promise that you will be good, no fighting, I will allow you the freedoms I allow all my pets."

"I don't know if I can." Mark admitted. "Please, wait, I'm trying, but."

"Tell you what. I will punish you first, then take you. You will go to your rest with the memory of pleasure, instead pain. Your efforts are well received, pet. I will try to curb my anger at you while you learn."

'Punished' . The word chilled Mark's blood. He was to be punished. Azrael's attack had shown him how much force the vampire could command. "Do you have to? I'm sorry. I won't do it again. I might not go into this easily, but I won't cuss anyone, I swear. Please, Azrael. See, I'm begging."

"Hush, you 'will' be punished. If you regret your actions, then the punishment will be more effective. But I shall grant you one last kindness. It will be bare-handed, over my knee, instead of with a belt across your back." He laid a finger over Mark's lips. "Ssshh boy, any argument now will only worsen it."

Humiliating. He was to be spanked, like a bad boy. A beating would have been better. At least then he could have held on to what was left of his pride, but no, a spanking. "Okay." He bit his lip to keep form doing anything stupid. His balls were still aching from the earlier abuse. The knife was still too close for comfort. And he knew his master--yes face it, his master--would hurt him. Azrael had proven that. Abuse, emasculation, rape, but not death, he was ashamed at how much of a coward he had been, but he'd do anything to keep from getting fucked up again.

"Lay over my knees. Show me your willingness to obey." Azrael couldn't wait to get his hands on this one. To see him, cry with pleasure and shame. He knew that Mark, no matter how much, he tried, would hate every caress, despair at any kindness. It threw him into territory that he couldn't understand. Abuse he feared, and would fight to prevent, but pleasure- 'that' was where the true torment would lie. For Mark would enjoy it despite his aversion. "I will allow you to cry, but there will be no begging until it is over. Every word you utter will add five blows to the fifty you are promised. Show me that self-control you pride yourself on, or we might be here till dawn and you will miss your one opportunity for a painless deflowering."

Mark's obeyed, keeping his mouth shut. Accepting his fate.

His breath, was, knocked from him by the first brutal blow. 'Kindness' , his mind screamed. 'My God, he thinks this is a kindness' . He had never been beaten like this, each blow sounding into the quiet, the pain unlike any he had ever been forced to endure. It mingled with the horror and degradation of being spanked. But this was no spanking; this was a beating. He'd not do it again, he swore to himself, screaming as Azrael's hand reached under to ravage his manhood, squeezing his balls to the crushing point.

Azrael added strength to the blows as, Mark cried and squirmed, but the boy didn't pull away. "Be still, Mark, or I will have to hurt you more."

Mark was beyond thought, or reason. The pain had pushed him into a dark corner of his mind, one that he had hidden in as a child, when his drunken father would abuse his mother and him. His screams were reduced to mindless whimpers as Azrael delivered the final blow. He slid to the floor, curling up into a protective ball, arms locked over his head.

"Mark," Azrael knelt beside him. "Come here, pet. Let me hold you."

"No!" He struggled blindly as Azrael pulled him up. "Please, please Daddy, don't hit me again. I'm sorry, I won't do it no more, I promise, I'll be good." He was out of his mind.

Azrael went cold at the words. He should have known. No one grows to be so hate-filled without reason. "Ssshh, stop." His power pressed down just enough to break the resistance. "Mark, pet." He reached out to lift the young man's chin. "Come back. Your father is not here. The punishment is over. Come back to me."

Mark's eyes slowly lost the wild look. "Please." His voice was harsh from screaming. "Don't, please, I'll do it. Anything, fuck me. Anything you say. Just don't send me back there again."

"Look at me." Enough of this; he would not have a pet of his, not even this one, afraid of past haunts. "Listen to me, pet. No more, be good. Be sweet, no more." He silenced the sobs with a mental command, forcing quiet on the younger man. "There is no pain, other than what the spanking gave you. And that brings warmth to your groin, makes you need this even more. The rest is gone." For now, he had won. How long his victory would last was uncertain, but he was willing to bet that Mark would never fight him as he had fought Vincent.

Mark's arms moved of their own volition. They circled Azrael's neck as his mouth opened under the demanding lips. The agony in his groin was gone, leaving only a need, a need so great that it surpassed anything he had ever felt. No woman, no matter, how pretty or experienced, had ever made him feel like this. "Yes." He buried his face in the long silkiness of Azrael's hair, as again a hand found him.

"It is late, my sweet pet. If I stay with you any longer, I will not be able to tend to Morgan."

"But--" Mark froze. "Please, don't. I did what you said. I didn't say anything." Azrael would rape him, now. That had been the threat. But he hadn't broken the rule. Why was he being punished now? "What did I do?"

"Ssshh," arms tightened around him as he cradled the now-frightened boy. "Wait, let me finish."

Mark hardly breathed.

"Good. I have no intention of breaking my promise. I have to take you with me." Azrael waited, letting the new information sink in. "If I do this, pet, allow you near my new love, can I trust you? You will sleep with her. When I leave with the dawn, it will be to rest. If I allow this, can I count on you to be wise?"

It confused Mark. This man kept switching from kind too cruel and back again. He was lost in the switch. Not even his father had been like this. "Wise?"

"If I allow you near my little one, will you disappoint me? Can I trust you to be good? If you hurt her while I sleep, I would be very upset with you." The threat was there, clear and unmistakable.

"I--" Mark stopped and thought about it. If he behaved, he would at least not be alone. "I promise."

"You will like Morgan. She is a sweet and exceptionally loving girl. I would rather the two of you share the daylight hours, but only if I can trust you not to hurt her."

A little of his spunk returned as he sat up and pulled away. "Be serious, man. There is no way in hell I'm gonna do anything you don't like." He tried to smile. "I know what you can do, and I'd just as soon not live through that again."

"Good, then let us go. She probably thinks that I have forgotten her." He lifted Mark's chin. "Always remember, this; any time the two of you play, you be gentle with her. She is still very weak, recovering from cancer. I do not mind if the two of you choose to be close, only that you be careful." He stroked his cheek. "You can be gentle, can you not?"

"Yeah, I won't hurt nobody, I swear." Mark closed his eyes and pressed his face into Azrael's hand. He should feel humiliation, but at that moment, all he felt was glad to be alive.

"Good boy. Now down. You will still crawl." He shook his head at the hurt look. "Oh, I am pleased with you, never doubt that but let us be honest; you still hate me, and if you could get free, you would. We both know it. So until the last of your rebelliousness is gone, you will crawl everywhere. You will remain without clothes, and will obey anyone who speaks to you, Kin and kine alike."

"'Kine'?" He had never heard of that word before.

"Yes. It is what you, our pets, are. It is an old word for cattle."

'Wonderful' , "Master, do I have to obey everyone?" He knew that David hated him as much as he did him in return.

"Yes, pet, anyone. But do not be afraid, no one will hurt you. If you are bad, it is I who wields the whip." He pulled back. "Down pet, let us go."

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